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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons sits down with Ryen Russillo at the end of another wild NBA regular season to hand out the MVP award and make their picks for All-NBA teams, playoff upsets, gambling odds, and more!

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No, not all our products are required to listen ingredients. That was news to me, but they change in the game. They believe served. No, our beers ingredients they put in Greece. Sabre read in their packaging. We should put an ingredient slave. One for this package has said People are gonna, be attacked, promoted. There is no standard here I mean negative to start feels bad yeah, but thy brood hops, barley, water, raised no corn, say no preservatives coarser have no coarser, no artificial flavors, I would agree in your beer, but they enjoy responsibly Ross abroad. By the Ringer DEC on the world's greatest website, where nobody is better game, a throne in us, nobody that not one media entity we own it are concerned, we have them The best high end written content. We had the best pack ass, binge boat, which comes back and you can listen to their previous week, Mallon Jason. We did twenty five best payments are a moment's Franz moments,
with Mallory Jason, that's on our twitter thing puss abroad. Waiter, videos and if the french Senate, right after game thrones, the first episode go to at Ringer or hashtag talk the turns on twitter and, if you'd miss at last, you can go back and watch as well come out. Grammar sell us here This is the biggest pack ass. We ve got all year we Did you end the NBA words? We have to talk about all the crazy crap that happen again seasons of gossip we fared and then we're going to play a previous as well cuz. The odds are basically out at this point. All that is coming up. First, our friends from Prague
you kidding around Marcello do threat on his spear Pakistan, while, more importantly, a hell of an active agents Circling him now, after is dramatic appearance and unbiased workgroup people compared himself across the Jason state them an end. At an objective of an analyst an MBA, analysed Sarah Zack, low and Zack low Crossroad, Jason's data- maybe Fatima Have you no doubt brooding a brooding intensity from you. You all. I wrote it so I knew the character so that helped at an advantage. I you never got it
because you love, Jeff Great right and a few people did job being like? I can't believe out of a job you did in this? Did you actually want? I don't like you know. Look too said everybody in a calm, the city down here, yeah up there and I don't I'm not going to act. There should be no acting future, for maybe it wasn't a huge departure, annoyed Helen he saw him it was in you know, wasn't playing Dicaprio here and in the They come my guy would have been. If I was in there will you be Titus and then you cancelled, which I totally innocent. I had a thing I just came in a reprimand represented Boston with a bad bus that exploit the tightest stories sterical, because York Kyle was going to do it in Cairo was like I'm out. Yes, he couldn't understand he was like. I don't know. The motivation is this character? Yasser then Yuri Edison saw the? U masters a man and you had a thing. That's a real! Ninety! Ninety six, you masters who, by the way my lack what was that
was it money money, MAC Jersey now that heavy caravans only want gale, mighty macros lay? That is so then, you are, then we were like because there was a weird parts or might? How are we gonna do this and in Gallagher, whose so good, with the stop directing all think he's like was called Kevin Clark Clark. Doesn't his phone having lunch with Titus, then too, is this phone rings heat, and indeed I saw how ass I do you can you come over and the thing is his boss action was atrocious. The whole time, but I put in a good way, worked in a kind of reset the absurdity, just in case we asked ourselves to seriously in the skin. I thought Titus was kind of a low key. You're, like a d on waiters. Some guy, my time, guy, firmer from the twenty four centuries had came work. I believed that here the or end he's playing in China, I'm still a while a fee for feeling for answer eighteen, but that was my guide. That debate was that everybody,
their guy, that they're just convinced there may somebody's gonna happen, because the Jeff Green thing for me was was true and then I got off of it fairly early were vindicated because he was do when game seven other conference fires endgame six too, because he plays what those two games. Last year, Cleveland yeah it's actually kind of engendered rain vindication review mention a thing, but what would happen is every time he got a new fan base that fan base would see like a glimpse of Jeff Green. And go like when he threw down a donk on the opposing team in the pay. I mean it drive from the three point line drivel two steps: facial yeah: go. Oh my god. Look at this inability to second happen again for three weeks right, so memory, Tommy Tommy. She could figure it out at some points would compare him to James where they like, not ironically
yup you remind me of James Worthy and he wasn't getting any any candidate, reminding James where they, when he was playing well, but then he would have two points. Next Tommy is always gonna, be supportive of the new guy gadgets. He had. It was tough for him with Marcus banks for a while when it was just like I never bought in America. Space not either I got it right. I t this. The best guy for this support group gimmick coming into the draft is, can became reddish to me camera she's gonna, take everything we thought we had with Jeff Green and push it to a whole. Above all, we have really worry. Aren't you guys just over three I'll, be with you? maybe it'll be really weird radishes into that slot, like I did, have a draft. Think I'm looking at a certain phasing out. There's a lot of players. Were the war. As for the lottery guys. You just go intimate disguising the lottery this now. You start talking yourself out a guys. It's almost like doing college football rankings, yeah everybody bitches about the top twenty five, have you ever sat down after watching aims on Saturday in written down to
five times in a row. Do it because I had for two years, the at it sucks in its way harder. You, like I'm running out of teams for that's Helena, as they do in a fantasy draft where you go were you actually just write down other guys, you want in your team, like all the pictures like, oh wow, we're out of starters. I have only listed seven guys. I just did a baseball one where I did it purposely on the West Coast to start at midnight, because I figured out yeah. How much action can we really have here yeah and it's it's one of the worst dresser had because I just in there you have it all planned out. Do you want me to do yes, sing you know I'm like. Can I get that great kid from Colorado? He is Eve, veiled. Will now you, maybe my eighth so anyway, back there point of the lottery stuff when you go through this lottery, for this draft went again, will do more on this law later on. You can start knocking all these players. Why are you doing combating reddish whoa, I think he'll worked out really well, our cats are gonna, be great for him and I could see him going his eyes like fourth people, they were incredible. Athlete
after watching him and aims to do where you forgot. He was out there yeah, that's my rule. If I forgot you therefore, two quarters they. I went to a game, a Minnesota. I think Laker Game early in the air and weakens just was gone for two quarters and then he So there is a major wiggans he's back, but here Not there the whole time. I just see we just kind of running up and down the court great ruin and so simple, because it happens all the time and Wiggans weakens honestly. If we ever do the support group thing again, Wiggans might be the headlines I think, Wiggans those actually offended. He wasn't in it. What's that we're gonna do awards having given up on him yet we're doing towards words. First, ok, I was, five to forty eight janius heading into the last couple days of the season, I thought that game he had against Philly
last week, he needed a game way that, because I don't feel a people realise how good practices she's not on all the time you place in Milwaukee, and there has been so many other storylines at its worst since people now he's gay, but I'm that positive there, that is what I'm not sure how many people have seen him in person and things like that that Philly game he played where not only was the best part in the court easily. It was the total Yannick Display and he really took it to ban salmon in a way that you almost had to re, evaluate like wow events. And can even be in the same conversation with this guy, that's really bad fulfilled, for the next ten years, not just like right now, but if, if he can go to total told him a little, this is bad. So ass. Fifty two forty eight and then hard on Tuesday, eight, which is the biggest moment of the season. In my opinion, they have a chance to get the two speed Europe for twenty five
concerning cousin, sow house that I have a bet: Houston, minus two parlay with hard in over thirty five points is thirty. Six cycle just close the search I cover. Westboro comes up. He's grubbing up, the court in King he's gonna do one of these fuckin terrible Westbrook threes, where his feet he's kicking his he's off balance and it's a long drive and it's gonna good, You know I had half cord, it's gonna happen. He does it. His body is going in different ways, just flings it in Harding its power. Makes wanted to missus the free, throw, ok, see Fox out, though, whatever joy in the corner, makes it Houston comes The time out two seconds left somehow gets the proof shop for James Harden's made the shot seven hundred times this year, top of the cake. Twenty six footer for the game misses it and they go from the to see to the four seat and itches crystallized the Mvp. For me I was like you know what, if I'm going
kick against Janius a fuckin transcendent Jana season. I need hardly know when their game with with second seat. On the line, basically, neither for another for the worse ran, reduce, and I feel good about yacht us. Your take on that, are you fucking kidding may have figured you'd be annoyed so you're gonna size up his entire raised this whole season. These You guys yeah, because so you add harden. Is your VP after the sixty one point Saturday go I dns the address it was like fifty two forty eight heading into these final two days and I was like hard incomes. When this for me, but he's got? It is said that it is too much recent see it's too much. Recently, here's an area had I point I already had yeah I've changed my mind not by the day, but by the our thinking about this. As I know, deep down, there's a lot of stuff with hard man annoys me. Ok, you're, more than anything the way he's officiated and that it consistently mass and then I'm always cut it. A
anticipating that sort of wake up play off officiating of hard. Where you go. I know there's free, throw stats, there's not that there's not that much. I don't like I've watched Portland Series, their words equity when I'm not getting all these calls for on this driver the hoop. So I wonder you know if you have a team it plays against hard in some games in a row now, hey guess what we flicks, you away with his right arm, and it's never office of I like that stuff to bothers me. It really by the way that case a really good point over the course of time, weeks, it doesn't feel is weird play Houston. It doesn't it and you're, just looking at the same offence over and over and over and over again and you're gonna pick up subjects. That's what I usually see in an that's why series are so great because you gotta wait a minute. This is what they're doing. Then you see the coaches. That aren't is good. Ok, you're, never gonna change. Anything is not. We are. We are vague You got your five came death. I would take hard,
I really it's. I love and we disagree. Sliver close. This is not a fortune happened is every time. These arguments are closed. People try to make their point stronger by axing act, acting as if it isn't close in Europe. This is insanely close. So I can't sit here and tell you. The vote for Janusz is wrong. I think you're reasoning for Emphasizes so much in the last we have article is no, I had it. I was there going to write. I needed a hard and do something crazy to make be changed my mind any did it. I think The thing I'm asking credit for here is a haven't even like the hardest thing near and I'd still vote form, because even in the moments were, was just ridiculous. Like seventeen threes, a game and watching and not even liking it. By necessity, and they a good record during that whole time when it felt like the entire team was hurt, and
I understand the usage in all these different things. I understand the minutes in the poorer. Thirty. Six, but like a Venus is planned. Thirty one minute's authorities, that's not hardens fall even though I haven't loved the whole harden thing from this year. I just look at the higher season and think of how he carried him think close, they word even getting the to cede when it looked like they were totally written off emotional hang over, then all the injuries and see where the at now and they feel like there- the real threat to the warriors in the West there that's what I would do, and I'm not I'm not even saying I love it, but I feel like I had to do it that way. If I had a vote, I can I try to change a bundle of that. I have some. You probably can antimatter things, because I have to say I were the more looked at it. I really did some deep dives tat, stuff I just thought about it. A lot, and now I'm like seventy thirty four years of the defence nominee, give you a couple there were hard has been pretty good defensively this year, for him
you ever hear the liability anymore. He's not janius no earlier than the biggest thing will hardon. Is that if you get him chase people around he's, not gonna, give you crazy effort, but the other post stuff his hands. So a couple things against hard. But before I say them, I just want to mention. I think these were two of them The five or six best envy P seasons anyone's had a decade, so just a unique situation where. There's no loser almost where hard, I think, hardened was, is number two it's the best. Produces in anyone's had a decade. You could that this hard and season would have won the envy p m. Basically, I went back and looked up suffused got through the decade right the bran wins in two thousand ten. I think he probably wins again. Causes lasted leubronn. Cleveland seasons were ridiculous. There's no way there. Rose, beats harden into. Does eleven the brand
in two thousand twelve initiative and I think Le Brown probably winds in thirteen on. Miami teams Katy? two thousand fourteen heart improbably beats him than ours. Really good KD season, but I think hard and seas better. He deathly bids current fifteen. What about the second currencies second crises and beat them three whence I do want to interrupt you. So and then westward definitely beads, and this year's hearted season was better than last year's urgencies, and so it's one of the best six seasons anyone's had this decade and his doctor whenever they, just, though, to emphasise this part of it, zombie. People are not saying for you, but because its writers, and because writers, like the story, is their storytellers themselves, I'm not even anti the writer having a vote yet more often than not as much as I really like to dumping on the media. Part of this, like of this vote, is due importance. We all see what happens and players have evolved and me out it's a joke so
the story of each season, though it's easy to go back and just Compass stats to whatever the guy who wanted that year. But the story is such a big part of Derek rose was a story it last Oh, my gosh. Everybody gets carry out my vote there. That year, I say I feels right in the year staff because this transcended influential by influential player like TAT was that moment that way, that's why I think hard and even being this close, is it to him because of how bad play our stories. He hasn't. I thought he would never ever win of envy p again. I gotta next forever winterbourne again after they blew they three one leading the finals. I think writers hold that stuff against guys and hardened. Has what like three? What play off moments? Were you Oh it's missing a million shots last year like glass, he is his last read the San Antonio lad. Add to what about developers when they're dead twenty in his bed, she's on the bench and they come back so hard and has a handful of these plants moments. You ok, wait a minute. That's not
the guy I want to buy into again, meaning it might not be a guy. I want to vote for the Mvp and the fact that he could very well. This thing again after the exits like that's one also inherited was the narrative last year was they came so close. That was, it this- would they were never to that close again. They give this Jan Chris Paul contractors. You know it's gonna get her and there was a man so close, but rather back even though there are the forces which is a disaster for them, but there is still the best chance to be going to stay I mean day they already know they can beat them. They This year's away last year with other trees, they missed angolan states, now read more vulnerable, which will get into the here's the other case against hearted who again, I think he had won the five or six best seasons of decades. He was there when they were eight fourteen. I think that has to matter. When you talk about Em Bp, it's not like he was her.
Came back and then put the team on his back. They cry where'd he was there and he was the best guy, and I feel like that. Has read: may that still one fourth of the season you know Chris Paul, I missed A couple games are hard a mystery games, but they were pretty they Carmelo is in their late? They gonna get the team right, but he was rescuing them from a situation that he was therefore the entire time. So I think that matters yacht us from day, one the bucks or the esteem in the week they over that for what their town was, they got number overall which they had through. They took their business. And he was grateful season, actually got better as the season when alone, and I feel like went up Well, after the all star break? in the last hour game. Where was, I think, people? Thus they behaved as a battle. We are definitely does what it was like coalition.
This guy, like you docking ducking over everybody, says like Shack. So Those are two case against our here's. The case for Europe S the game. Experience of seeing and play rivals for me seeing shack in the late night is seeing Leubronn during those to Cleveland years, when it just went to another level- and I was like- oh my god- disguise like one of the greatest athletes have ever seen in my life, Janius is just is set on foot Scotty. And with long arms who is putting up shacks box scores every night with more says the town grab him. I don't have a counter to that in the thing is I don't want to counter it, because it's not your fault that's the thing, there's no loser in this argument, but I mean so he finished twenty eight thirteen in six fifty eight percent shooting, if you back like the greatest shack season ever Shack,
in two thousand when when he went We twenty seven and twelve three assess fifty seven percent, shooting worse free, throw than guy. Then then, yes, was David Robinson that iconic ninety forces in the ad wishes, like this advanced metrics, wet dream centre season. Thirty eleven in five yet is basically the same state. Fifty per cent shooting now he had more steal, some blacks, it four hundred and four star, stay here, instills puss, blacks. I figured it out yeah. This point to nine for wine shares per forty minutes, which is like a historic, that's top like six, our time per thirty. Six. Thirty! Fourteen seven but the thing is sick, but Doesn't that also speak to how they were able
to look at Milton's numbers like they ve done a really good job learning to everybody's minutes and by the way I do want to hear at any point. The bucks got tired this year because they should never be tired, while they were very much easier. Half France, which is the case against China, and they had so many blow out so part of that, like this approach as part of it, where you go get rid of it, so we had the more. I think that the most him point winds or more in the league. But we also have the history of curry had low minutes per game in he's one of those embassies. It's where he was. I get thirty three minutes. He was under the revised. I'm not. I don't care about that. I just think like you don't want to. Spats you're gonna be able to make in these first two rounds of the plants, as are the over four yacht, ask as he's doc and weeping thirty two minutes ago. And this is something that can out in the play every game put up thirty, fifteen thirty, five fourteen thirty for sixteen, whatever the other big case for him ass, a vote of firm for defensive where here, and I want to hear a k, a counter that I can't come now.
They give it like this guy all four hundred fifty poisoned league. Name me in the history, the league, who else? Could you have said that about Kevin Garnett or the bronze which arose in the game? What are my many players in the history of the we could guide every single parent league successfully, every all of them or not? I'm cool my play in November last year. Can It's right now and I had been played by giving great after I mean I mean when Pippen play, we had real centres that doesn't count. I think it's gonna. Mabel Garnett was Prime Garnett. We know we could guard centres he, switch on everybody. Smallest player and Stan front front of a mini was insane so I think, are is, and I saw the other day with the address, is the fucking competitive This night after night, they D guide slippers. In the past. I never saw him ever not trying hard and being totally invested and just fucking out there
yeah, that's right load about affiliate Barak as we knew because we saw before and it was like a salary matinee, Philly Milwaukee Was a sight was a good day game right, yeah and it was, I think, when he called Simmons a baby right yeah, and that was for the previous rightly, and I was like man and then am I don't care really well yeah, I wanna watch how he goes it Ben Simmons again and yes, sixers fans. We know that Simmons is younger, but when you're the same body type in a way like when Ben Simmons, the biggest thing about you is that you're, six hundred and ten and you you have this massive frame. The angel, honest looks it you like it said: company, lunch game where the guy who can plays defended by he's almost have guided theology. You slept with my wife, and I can you know the post the that's how yonder looked at him in the most insane thing about most recently as if that's how he went and beat The gay? Wouldn't it be in a way that I don't know that I've seen any other player attack at him beat so so bad.
This is like this is the thing I don't really know. I don't know how you make this vote unless it's it's a that close it really is that close on not offended by any argument for either guy. I just didn't, but what you just said is an important part of this and be boat. He so failures his biggest rabble notches for this season in theory ripe where the deck it right- and he really took a personally and by end of the regular season had established dominance over that team wear if you're failure like fuck. We have no answer for this guy. Now this it have an answer, for this got over some for three centre have a six point. Nine two hundred fifty pound point guard flash forward? Who can see big pay for positions and should be able to handle the honest and youngest marched him?
Harold Hydrogen Butler supposed to be a defensive guy, but butlers to any of you. If Simmons is strong in a forum, Boston Boston has no answer firm at all. They dont know what they're eighteen thing where they're just gonna trotted this, but they'd that worked kids back in order to share and Toronto How can a wide defend him he's got. Forty pounds I was doing what's defending him, What I don't universal into twenty five. You know that, They scary within this year, especially Second half of the year was there's a sense out of it during the core, so the game. Where he's like? Oh this time, I do this Oh you're gonna. Do this I'm doing this? Oh you back I'm posting him up. Oh you, you print this guy may spread out, I'm gonna take this guy twenty five in the basket, topped the key Becky theirs.
An awareness that he has now that I do not feel like he had last year in the crazy thing about him. Is he still can't really shoot? You know, and it's like there's still room surrounding a better, so I so the reason I pay other than all the other stuff we mention is. I just feel like he's gonna, be the games next great where any ideas, but this is wherein the same spot with him that we were the then the decade were was clearly going to become. Ron generation and I. History has shown enough now that I feel it that's gonna happen them. I rather Secondly, the files- but this was his year where that happened. Do things because Milwaukee them and we ask that he should how about Durrant feeling, like I'm about to become the number one guy and the way this happens as so many different players, you starting a calm and have my run. This unjust shall in my time now to three or run, and it may not be
because he's never getting the love and golden stay. Even if they went another title you get one another omby amby NBA Finals, BP and he is now to be given the credit he's not gonna get the love that he seeks and because New York, who knows I mean that what did they say another case for him to go to New York, so he can go at Vienna. Make that one last run now the re it might be, the one guy who can actually handle Janius his same imaginary, yet that's our Durrant Young Amazing, the amazing the case for hard and quit. Many people know it already, but there's a couple things going on that I wanted to mention. Actually how many minutes is twenty four? What celebrate? Let's talk about seeking our old friends getting tickets online can be far too complicated with hundreds of sites and bearing loves a reliability are noted. Trust, that's why Seton Geek is way to go. I just went there two weeks ago,
my whole families in Europe. My wife wanted to take my daughter to go, see, mean girls. I went and seek. I looked at their color coded map. I bought nice dark green tickets. That were close to the stage and they were perfect their dead centre, and it was an awesome seeking by experience. As usual there designed to make your ticket banks fancies are never they search multiple ticket sites. Every take a based on value. They merely again. By the best seeds, that figure budget when I bought the main girls tickets seeking said a ten out of ten for a purchase for the price and where this to our says, like cannot attend I'm step in and I have happened on my phone. You should have it to my listers get
and hours after first seeking purchase just download the cd gap in a promo code bs today, from a code bs ten hours off your first seeking purchase, see Geek life's an event. We have the tickets, just some stuff, hearted dead, quickly. Thirty six point club: he made it it's well: Jordan, Cobain Pardon thirty six points. Again. Matters broke twenty eight hundred points for the season, which was insane. That's all well Jordan, Cobby Mackadoo Karim and seventy two Mackadoo hardier backdate love underrated, He created the seven hundred three fifty club, seven hundred free throughout history and fifty made threes. He creates. The one thousand eight hundred club for attempts for three and an Africa taps factor over a thousand, trees over eight hundred free, throw you always waiting for this clever do exist, did no one can ever going to exist any took over that three social never happen again fit
still yearning anyone's everything. A thousand trees course somebody's going to and they, when weren't ones going three point, think it'll slow down. It's only going get more ridiculous. I need to really think about this. It's hard for me to imagine anyone taking more threes than he did this season cause you really have to be the whole affair, have to revolve around you like it did with him. You would have to be this incredible. I software and you'd have to be really really great event. One Walker play today. He could do catch twenty two percent, so thirty, six, seven and eight he broke thirty four Pierre eleven freezer as a game, That's the way that they read the Jason Tatum would like to point to the three, the free, throw argument I mean that's. That would be my argument against him. I just feel like when
The thing was a mess that team should have completely folded up. They get off to the bad start than they have the injuries and yea took a million shots and yeah. I know, as I said at the very end, but he carried this team that looked like it was emotionally damaged, and probably should have been. It may be wasn't in the year and up to me with a bunch of cast off seek enemy who, in their sittin emulate we finally get Daniel House back. You know will you be watching those games going on. I got to like you know, Darryl, probably like sweet. I got Kenneth Faried like weed. We actually need them. And it was just a lodging ever yet. Keep us keep us going find a way to keep us a flow and now- looking at them is serious challenges. The golden state, like that's my heart, an argument Note the numbers radar and of all but that's mine, and why he did when their season was was. I was creating that, like my phone
stretch rages. I'm not let this happen was the most viable thing. Anyone did all year. But he was also one of the reasons are greater than the first but rice outlook, iron matters from up from a bias, fanned the things I route for things. I ruled against that. We I have, and I try to keep him in Czech I'd rather vote for Yon yeah. I was almost therewith harden and the more I thought about it and then that fill game happen, and I know that's recently by us, but there is some some of them. Picture stuff. He was doing like taking control of the conference with the brought out the fact that, he's been better in big games against the right teams? Idea matters I mean I seriously can't wait to see him in this. It is great as he is, there needs to be cut.
National wake up, call thing for everybody and him playing in the NBA finals, if Giannis, where to get there or taking out Philly, or you know, let's not forget about what Toronto could be a full squad, no rest ready to go Toronto. No, that's not an easy out by any means, but if you're honest is going toe to toe with the rant and they're actually competing with the warriors. If it's the warriors, I assume I love that I just love story? of how hard he worked on his game. I love that he just doesn't give a shit about an amber basketball, which I note like everybody's there on human being, but he's locked in the way that I would want the next guy after my Brown to be locked in, like he's just like, I want to welcome in the title, so I was thinking this summer and proposes to you so Remember when Leubronn left the first time now to Miami and then Durrant sign is extension. Would Oklahoma City into
had made the point that five years did the whole thing right and remember big reason why anybody would have one sign extension back then, as we had all this uncertainty about CBS. Yes, a lot like hey whatever the extensions are just taken him. We, its were were flying blind here, but D. It was like embraced just as the NBA world turn Leubronn. It was like Durrant get it there it yeah? Oh, that was a whole narrative for a week for a guy gets we like in a while. I want my superstar to be like Durrant near and now we see what happens and I remember the beginning of this. I explosion. I remove egg is anywhere when people don't like curry, be like when you talk. We're not gonna, like curry, Curs, like the most likeable guys smaller play, resemble like he's different everyone's gonna love, em, we're guess what people turned on him. I think there was a All the time I turn occurring no, but I think curries, automotive scurry. I love him I think, we're way he's gonna, most disrespected stars and sports, because it's gonna like I am issue much threes, but in writing.
When, when your team doesn't do in the playoffs cuz you're hurt now I, like maybe wise, but I wonder when or what step that would, because Europe is being talked about in the way that Durrant was talked about when he did his first extension, when Leubronn had left being like that's what a superstar should be like all you care like when he turned on space GM to people like man by the way, guy great move by him to do What that's a gang Linda have out there. Everybody goes back. Are you get in here that guy gets it? That's what my reaction was? Yes, gets it cable. I mean he gets like who actually gets to be the guy who gets it his whole career? I get you it doesn't work being in the spotlight that long eventually it'll be a Navy one name Larry Joe Bird she's, gotta one scattered the whole whole career start to finish did. The right thing gave is pay check back. We couldn't play the best their job,
I love your highness now we talk about it like theirs like all waiting to see on as anyone who actually follows: vascular I'll, try everything our person on the internet. We know you about yadda sort. Where that's you know I'm saying he hasn't gotten the point and the Bahamas at this point you further well MA am my wife- has no idea how good yeah this is my dad They had seen him play in a you know a few times ass. The Nazi knows he's great, but hasn't. Isn't a league pass stand there. There's a whole section, the country that I am fully aware how good the honest as yet that like this is the next guy it's over without it might be Anthony Davis last year member there is that moment, whereas I might be Anthony Davis, you're sitting there. The internet portal series going, you know, are in an area like he's the best plurilateral. This kind may be better. Tim Duncan Otis and unless he gets, hurt his neck sky, and this is a rap and its
Could it be Joanne Bid is asking to be anything, but it has to always be happy Milwaukee bill. He has to offer be cool annihilation, z,. It doesn't matter where he plays it, didn't matter La Brown was in Cleveland. Did it they really matter? Did you need? like he was in Cleveland Miami. The first fifteen year this created here that are one guy, but I'm just telling you Eric Bledsoe increase Middleton if they know it Lose say they lose in the second round, never despite this broken or for them. Now. But I'm just what if he doesn't get out of the east, ok and then next year, some happens and just looking around going. You know what I don't want to be the smoothie guy who turned down space jam two. I want to come up with my own thing: Universe JAM. You know like the the story has been told of university, and I'm so just you know it happens like It starts to happen like this whole league is basically the G.
The position is waiting to see who the next pissed off guy is every six months I had a great I'd. Take for you by the way garbage you the perfect person. To give this Why is? I hate it? now you're gonna love it. You re like I'd say it's more came! Comes out with those deuces emeralds ran like our great take. I love how much you love. Ok, I like that This will throw it out there who put it on the table. I hears my integrity yeah. Are we sure space Jim too, is going to be good? What's our evidence I've never seen our avatar Aslan first about what Sequels are good. Let's start there. What remake seek was good. I don't know What is the brine and maverick and those guys know about making movies to have made? One read: there's like we got an cougar rank. Ogres like a producer is not directing it. They Cancun the players they wanted it. It's gonna be compared to the old one
This is not these guys aren't like pumping out hits left and re will correct. Our mild has got moved to Saturday. Its outside. These guys are like the New Walt Disney like what why everybody think this move is going to be good. I'm just asking people love the first wants. I never watched it I never saw the first one is gonna, make it so hard for the second went to potentially even be good considerably every big big. I love this doesn't feel like a heart ache. But every raising our space to him and said Why? Why are we excited for this, but you vice hey. Indiana Jones there met there. You know it's come back and it's gonna be was Shiela buffs gonna be Indiana Jones people back thought that didn't they do maybe they didn't actually did exactly people like fuck that at that actually okay for shy and worker is ip, warlike, fuck that for sure So why are we do that suspicion? Two? I never you're asking me as if I've been fuckin pumped about
let's hope. So I, Are you ok, like these guys, doing something that has a brand in our presence and They are hoping that it's gonna kill it. My expectations for this are low because space. Gm too has it nothing to do with anybody involved with it. I say I would put it at seventy. Thirty train wreck verses, it's gonna be good and I think there's no one between train wreck. It actually be surprising. They get and there's no between anyway, What do I get a bird fly around like this- is about that? Ah, oh and BP, just didn't know the top five I had as one hearted to Yoke, it's three case for your courage to seed
Now draw off from no number two guy is on his own team they. They have no other all stars and their team. It's a bunch. It's him in a bunch of rope. Where's. I like a couple them. I dont think any who's. The best bet. Even be in all star Sunday. At that time other than tomorrow, Maria So what would your third pick to make it? start team on their team, I mean: do I really have Harris Junior in its debts. It. I think, what he's done and what he means to that team and how its built around what he does and if you just were moved him for twenty games at team would be in trouble so he's there. I have lowered forth over curry. Yeah this is envy pay. Is that ought to be a right, but it's over. This is the Yoke Ich argument for Lily good day me large is good
Look, I'm image breaks his leg, its I get fired Davy lured maccallum- mrs twenty games, as they were glad we got Damien lowered, that's another team that has no all stars Justin aside, let Portland scenario and what they try to do run in six players out there and Anthony Simons goes for thirty seven hilarious k in its like one, alas, games of last night of the seas and the hilarious the whole last few things in their they're trying to tank and then Sacramentos like now. We got this were alike Zat Collins is on. The bench acted like a twenty year: vat cheering guys yeah and I also saw things did that to their China. Take the wizards game I need the wizards to wind and all their guys got her. It's my Haiti, I seriously like the last fifteen years. Games. I don't like it if it really socks and after we do all NBA, we should do in all bullshit season. First team of like looking guys Stats
What happens to people like there will be somebody who's, a respected in me, a person that would be like and look. I watched him forty Simon Stuff Draft get ready for. Similarly go. There's something to build on like note that game was fake now have all these fate game, fake results, all look at games and go. Do I want to watch and I believe I have three games right now, or one teams almost have forty and were in the third quarter by what what the hell's I, the end of the NBA regular season is, I would say, the second half of the abysses infer about aid teams Ike you're my son's fans. Devon Booker, like great, is put up stats. That team loses every night he sucks defensively. He sacks good up, it's socks defensively, tray on worse defensive play now we in the league this year, but is unlikely. All time, conversation for one of the biggest sieves by very we, it's going to jail maybe really get often software but
Great story like from worry that story when I come back as always great to point out like devices, but let us not get carried away with a tray on current sexton like putting up stats on bad teams and then giving up those same stats at the other end in the teams losing my text. Instead, we should be celebrating awesome. Ok, so I can say that the positive there, those you go, K trains, your play for a long time in her learn, he'll get better at last sexes. That could be this disastrous lottery pick, and you know what can be pretty doubt and it was a weird argument were vats and young guys know think, but the overall point here that fantasy. I answer fancy starts. They don't translate to anything at its. This whole stretch, Although the couple NICE Marcie Games, like it's great, that we got the Milwaukee Philadelphia match up, I felt like I could watch that and learn something go away and gender is great rock. I was a game of the week and then you have your that regained that we were all excited about last week and I knew I just knew. Am I gonna stay? I really inherent screwed up thing. I go. I expect on state to smash him, but if then ruins opera,
still be stubborn golden steak. I go out whatever in the plans will mean some different, but that was a reminder like that's right. That's why watch these games? As I like to pick out little things about this might mean something new percent of what I've just watch to end. The season means nothing. The aggregate People can say all the schedules too long. I think the same what would happen if you want to seventy games cousin, guys we're gonna, look at where the plow sitting eyes and the whole thing these are taken up again. It's all we're getting worse, and I honestly like as much as I love this league and the whole thing it's kind of a it can be kind of a Sukhi partnership at it. Because it s why this year describing why this is and should be, seventy games in that AIDS. Are you sure, though, that this is what would happen if you just had a shorter season. Credit to silver of trying to figure it out, but it just part of it kind makes me a little bit? It's always at the moment we always selfish deep down, but the selfishness of the player who likes the extra caps base in the money. The coach who likes
Stop it. Then they act like well whatever. Like my goal, is my team screw you guys and I'm sit in home watching for five games. I have no interest in I didn't even ah Irene Watch ass well ass, tat other there. No second after rough louder, ass, pretty cool. I would always screening. Are you do I was just like fuck this. These games are all be awful and done. I don't blame you just was Homozygote stuff, for that now exists normally online game. Eighty two I'm in a narrow to law whereby way. Last unbelievable the guy's. A hundred and thirty years of these still crank in it have sole two guys really up side. Yogurt, lowered forth and one thing and lowered there are really fast. And this is the lowered versus carried about security was twenty five and five dame was twenty six five and seven, basically debt even
who is forty, seven, four thousand four hundred and ninety two sweats famous forty five, three thousand seven hundred and ninety one, so curry made seven more three pointers per every hundred, all the PA around the same day, made more when shares, creates more threes game played, I think, twelve more games he's going to be second team on the air, all NBA, not first but Danes ass for years, twenty, six, five and seven. So let's games can t mob aid for the share of first, seconds and a third last four years kind of like easy building case now, like he's definite how famer now That means anything anymore in this stage of our family, about like definitely one of the one of the best tend to eleven players in the decade. I think here, for It is probably spent a good jugglers. Greer feel like I'm
Orlando area over going gonna hate it now granted every tops. Darn is leagues, had some sort add campaign built around how is overlooked and theirs to me. Haters out there. But limited always felt kind of right. Body when they do. You want to put your head a curry, going to do that. You want me to put you had a guest harden with Romania, Rita I'll, never put carry over lowered and also like that sound corny about it at some point, but I was wrong hasn't, Strip city feels like somebody who would actually. Like start the sounds yet I try re more starfishes career there. I just like him, glowed in and I think what he I think it's important. And I did the same goes for Westbrook when best guy wants to be their embraces. Situation and just gives a shit every night Westbrook you can. We can pick em apart Emily ways like I fucking gives a shit
and is actually become a little under now, and that's why I have him for. Secondly, Mombi over carry because fur equally the reasons that rackets game where their downfall I'm scared that he is the boss. He's a thirty percent. Three point: zero. I still feel, he's gonna, make it if there's rebound, he's can be done without was proposing to make. It really did was scared had money, and he says fuck whispers gonna make little is done theories, but there's loose power, rebound he's getting his hand on it. That did we ve come under a rest out with the envy, although it occurs, we don't we don't under eight. We under eight is competitive. They don't know what that means. Data death is every. One of us is afraid that once we good start going down that road of criticising Westbrook, it's as if we have to do, is qualifiers with them. Yes, he plays harder than he started. I think over really that matters is nobody does matter it just matter, but the parts of its where we're it's like you, I looked back and think
No, how demo we think he was gonna. Leave. Ok, see he loves a situation. Yet they are thing. Is Greece for him? Ok, you to let him get. You read the redoubt you have you have. I understand that your boxing ass a matter of heading three bounds and when he's not- Our chaser he's the biggest tat chaser in the game and care that you're chasing stats, but stop acting like you don't and what comes. Its pissing me off most about Westbrook and he's doing this. This look he's it's been a confrontational guy, but now unnecessarily, confrontational, come selfish game. Eighty two, I'm watching them against the box gay. Sterling Brown had the audacity to come out and defend him straight up. Would you like you know it looked like it still It still again on basketball game. I fancy Sterling Brown, yet I thought a game or against the hawks, and I want to defend swim right into him and initiated all of it Russia is the one that fell down like sterling caught a bump them and then Roscoe
the indian strolling browser. What are you doing math and then rushed turns to him like he insulted his family and honestly, I'm fuckin I am so sick of it. Does he? Does it look to anyone YO package actually didn't really blame, because your kids look like you, try to triple and then Westbrook just by check to Managua down that the beat wanted a pity. Tat, Pga Tucker thing this week it took her said a higher and then Westbrook went got him back and technical rules, and but that would that one's okay and the hard screen stuff like if I want to go to screen me like I like it when guys go, I'm gonna make you think about the next Emerson, Marcus Marthas at when Adam Bede tried and not kill him in that thing, couple months ago, and then he gets up so yeah that part of it a toughness and there's an edge and an almost I'm all for all of that stuff, but with him, I'm sick of it. I actually agree with you. I concede all those points
I gave you a lot has changed. I ever my. Secondly, you know I think you'd be really frustrating to play with you think, and yet the guy's a fucking warrior and knocked down. And not taken away from it that he is. He is the most. It the thing I rode all those years ago about the ninety ten guys with the ninety percent. You, like the ten percent. You know like in got his way higher than ten percent. His ten percent feels like fifty, but Only ten thing is is one of the smartest things you ever is like. Let's not focus on the tent, like I started doing that memorable around here. That's for a few years, whereas the most over it saturated every every contact thing like an odyssey, it became too tiring as he got older to keep the act up fiasco just stop doing it right here. I guess, exhausting embellishing every little physical contacts we have within you-
Am I really gonna? Let that bother me so much that I'm not gonna Joyce? Oh yes, I the warrior thing I do. I do but every confrontation to then act so like how ere you, how dare you should write a block, touches the attitude that he so I don't know adopted now it does bother me. I think that his party, who Like that's, how he gets fired, then gets in whatever weird zoning gets into my fifth choice: firm BP, do you think I'd pay PAL Georgia, stuff, curry? I think you're gonna pick stuff because of Paul fallen off a little bit. I pick project. I know you so well. What happened to your aunt as you had stuff like three at one point: does not enough games I'd I'd report, did him with first him on beer. I really what Paul George did this is. I was thinking as he made the biggest shine that hissing Emma Tuesday, but it got me thinking like how
times I watched over the season where they pulled a game out of their ass because of something you did in the last two minutes. I don't. The number is, but it was at least ten or eleven I think the thunder were that were involved in more fun and games, probably another team in the early this year and he just rose to the occasion over and over again, not to mention the defence and you never had a lot of those games emerald. Those games to sunlight, What would you have for? Who would have been your thirty four envy p? Yet I still can't do Anthony Davis could replace existing there is, there is, get two or three months in or am I do understand how much better this guy became yeah it this whole Anthony Davis, things totally Bamell and by the way,
Do I feel like what are they gonna? My only this. Can we do this? The meal aired pick first yoke it. I really don't think you can argue the kitchen, ok it. So let me just do my top three cause. I that's why I want to do the allowance because I've occur. I tweeted about the Davis thing yesterday, where he he's IKEA no regrets. He said in a rat's. It's like this didn't work out, but I would say Basically I would still do the salary as they used to a year of your career. I go go talk to Chris However, in penny hard away and all the people who thought they were invincible, go talk to him, Howard, who thought he was going to be doing twenty and fifteen for fifteen years like this, goes fast. You don't throw away years in your prime for no reason. By the way, maybe you could have been apply after him. I've never realized like. I knew love people. Listen to this, but it astonishing to see how often something that will discuss than becomes like a talking point for a call.
CS I like to join our thing really picked up. I know he's going to be all of famer. I know I'm not are you I just I would do. It is clear that the identity of his thing. I think the t sure thing means law. I really do me ten, eight. So when you're on the last day, ass, all if you do that, when you walk around in yours, you're wearing a teacher says that's all folks, and then you defended by saying I don't pick up my own office. Do you just dumb ass at that point I don't you think we got all the answers that we needed there about him is that I dont Look, I know a little bit of of the north thing. You know, because I have a ton of friends that are down there. They are going down there for ever because the Alice you thing more than anything in in New Orleans, but. I've never heard he's a bad guy ever everybody's gig. When you start looking at age, is a guy's, especially ass. We get older used. Our realizing how young you are, but the differences
like: whenever this is a war, you like a twenty five or college kids. Does some right or hey, I gotta get it, but the differences is no one cares what I was doing ok, you know I was another Heisman Watch list or I wasn't at twenty five. I wasn't supposedly the leader of a billion dollar company ran in that Unfortunately, what you have to deal with when you're twenty five, even if you're, not mature enough for you now heels, outweigh always said that on the shap that's right here, see you and that's the kind of stuff on the shop it bothers me when it's like I'll see what happens they turn on. In turn on your we like, why do you think they turned. You for no reason the New Orleans didn't wake up on Tuesday. Geoghegan always do just should Oliver Anthony Davis Atone for no reason it was mode by something was motivated by something that you have to take ownership of I'll be my dream addition to the shop where everyone for twenty minutes and then the camera just cut. You knew just be like really really I'm telling you, I still think there's in Essen else get where
they do the shop and then they introduce a white guy. Like today's this week's petrified head, he just sits very just nods, any stars eastern seo at the right anyway. Snake you think, like Dios see, was a better wrapper than anybody from individual he's gonna nods. I think a great skill, a few bad there for the three day, but I would ask my shit: where'd, you billing, Anthony one wait till the end of the season. Why? Now Why shit on the fans you started chance, but the plan Senor yet paid thirty five billion dollars a year wherever you're making one? deal with this season first and then try to get as they thought they had to go nuclear to get out. Like that's the point that I've always go to the Lakers right. There were like look. We going to hit the button we're going to make this nasty, and
do it and the problem is always bad. It's not just as easy as that when you're dealing with a team that sort of was for sale and now, apparently isn't for sale, and if you want to buy the team and movie you can't move it died having there's all sorts of weird things going on with which you see what entries which one. Designated up now. He said add trade request led to the most. Toxic outcome for two teams anything he seen in the league and the thirty one years he's been in the leg. He said: had muzzle heartsick situation for two teams that he's ever seen and it's true it destroyed the later, and I mean it's it's it's got a body count. I also like is what I don't get a few Davis, and I know it's like you're you're on C o Anthony. We get it. We had a year in charge. You there's no to the players so why she slowly fence I've heard all the rhetoric
but you can't do that. You played for those people for seven years and they went to your games and you lived in this city and there is a way to leave that you can still leave and not have those people think you're, an asshole which is how this played out She seems avoidable. Law an oral answer, my deck as an ass. I can't leave a router for looking at it. I think these incredibly impressionable near and I dont know how many voices he listens to cause I'll, never think he's a bad guy as bad as this is gone now, don't matter, I don't these back. I don't think he's an asshole, you dont tells it also, but I love you I mean I don't know. I think the way here this made it seem like he was it s all unease that and that's the frustrated thing it's like you did. This You have to pay out this way, no in, Who is in your life when you're, the famous guy who's, who thinks you, I can see la saying by Haven. When they turn on you, but.
Looking back on it, it was bullshit the way, the world reaction when the broad just decided to go to become a member. The Miami heat O Connor economy was like I view the edges, we disagree and now what He was supposed to what not do a tv show now, because it. The way he has season ended how we, Those last couple subjects games were we to lie with the aims rightly still unex by. We still have no answer at all for what happened there. The way he took the Jersey and it just seemed like he had one foot out the door that all series and then does the tv show gives We even know heads up and just rams it right. To them. I I don't think that was defensible. Cared There is the only way to do that, but this is almost like your now. He Tanzania right, but this is almost like you're. Ninety ten theory on the player, the the sure transaction itself. Are you mad about the way he looked checked out against Boston, okay and he's He's done this now we ve now seen since that two thousand ten like when he sees a situation that that's not go, his way he room
whose himself from it it's like a virus like a subtle, detached right like if you were to high school party anywhere high school age, kid Yan. Why use friendly Our quarterback and they lost their rivals. He'd stand at the other side of the party got just feeling that's kind of what he does and easily done it with his Lakers team colonies. Hobbes due so those guy and a lot of like this isn't going well, I'm going down in flames and fuck everybody. So back to that shot. The origin of that. I can see where the Braun and I could see him kind of get no path where he's right or I would agree with and be like, as is bullshit they once everybody turns on you and then this What you have brought them? try. So like spin there in the Anthony Davis stories, if they're the same story and Davis's now go going. Yeah yeah right. Yours, like wait a minute like now, so that was Canada. You just shaken your had a biologist, I love you. Did he Davis last year. I really felt like he was the best power for potentially about time, and it is hard for me to believe that he threw a season away and I can't Epps
Is it maybe I'm sets of this, because I spent three years afraid in this book about everybody's careers and all the different ways occur You can go wrong. I don't it's being sensitive. I don't use you putting it into perspective. If you do what you know you can't, years for granted in same with championship windows and The same way like go about bringing up the hard and trade again, the thin made me mad about the heart and traders like this. Does happened like when you have these guys on this team. Like you can't fuck this up, and you don't know what it's gonna end you gotta hold onto it. I think, South exerting a situation now these assets have where they can have that aside doing after I d do korea. This it's like the window is like, can I go after it or do you just keep rolling over these assets at some point? just gotta play the cards and the crazy, they now too is. We think we know the gene. Gonna, be a new Orleans for were still not sure like what. If what if they don't get it
offer we're failure. The Lakers package go, we don't know who any these guys are right. Now. What if the Celtic say, you know what we're action, Knocker included, Tatum, because we don't we know, can we just lost Cairo? We can I say to you in a year I say it weird. I set a maximum dear pod. I think the Lakers had the fourth best offer. Edna really do. I think the clippers had the best offer at anybody right now They can do gallon area, they can do Shea. They can do harrow and negative. That Miami two thousand turning back that trumps, everybody, including the Sufis Chaise, the most important piece of work, If they put that on the table for Davis, ignore allowance has to do that and if get Kawhi and Davis, and then you just figure out the rest, like you gotta. Do that the coopers? That's the best offer for anybody get out get out, downer expiring, have Shea was building back heralds a really good above average centre and a fucking awesome traffic nobody's beating that
I just always arbed and I would like their crappy pecksy share and Jason Tatum. Who, as you know, is a you would take shea overtake him like you have you know? I think that package over anything the south excuse, because the Miami PIC is gonna, be I will write the out, be like here's, the package you have the beat you basically had but tat a man brown in it possible tax or an hour, we're not talking, and if the net get like the second pic. I can't be looking This one is imo Tatum, I can't possibly be that offer from yet like you seriously would rather have like a view entity Davis. We thought he would be the best power forward ever last year. The keystone an amazing asset, but like the at the next you didn't. Or to pick you can do others other topics. They are from Dallas, like it's better in the Lakers big. Who is the who is the Lakers Trump card in their offer. No, that's what I do. I just always look at the first like what's the headlines, your blue paper there there are blue chip, Right now
I'm not always been an engram guy. Why you ve? No idea when he's lying. We have no idea what I can't be the black rubber. Let's take a look It would do all the Annan plan. Let's talk about another one of our old friends, the procurator as the NBA class approach, having healthy team to mean the difference between a championship run. In early exit, where you knew the play our particular but later when we talk about the health of some, these teams taken Joel, I'm bead in this Sixers and round one and turns He's that healthy and I are Bobo plant thirty five minutes again and are now, would you said the Sixers understaffed or not playing a lot about. That's really or whether Bob unfair, listen, don't get stuck understaffed at a crucial time. And keep your raster strong all year was a bitter. Their power technologies thousands. Erasmus, five people, the right experience for your job tat. Does the stuff Eric. Even there is what kind of candidates you like invites Moreau by. So effective aid upset him. Importers opposed and zip code. We get aquatic in it.
The in just one day, my listers contrived for free, good, zip code, BS, zip code, it outcome, sash, B as similar is the smartest way too. I will be. I have ye honest, George and Bead Currie in heart, and I put beat. First him obey Oreo courage. Even I played like thirteen less games, but men invaders. Twenty eight fourteen. This isn't an awe, and this is purely a performance. Same, doesn't have any available valuable part net avenue, actually flip it unjustly good thing. Ok, I was fifty one. Forty nine members are really hard and you know if you do in the first timbers Bp argument, I'm with the unkind like buying into what. What did you have
we have to do, but even the analytics stuff for Jokic is in his favor, even though I know that defensively he's not, but I know I feel like you'll catch cuz. It kind of guy was like his score. Even more wanted to sell sire. I wait that in did the defensive, metrics Rendita control, which is funny is sometimes I watch him and I feel, like anybody, can just take a terminator ghetto, a floured score, but his room protection stature attic they're. So me down the right way to go about his gaze like he's got and then his recovery or his last, like hell. You thought you had a window there. Now you didn't, It still matters that he's some for three and if I'm playing guard on the other team and I'm driving ask it I'm thinking about him the whole time and that think about your courage. Second team on beer, I have draining away yoke edge. Lily aired, and then I did Westbrook and the reason is
just carry Kyrie with incredibly efficient like his. That's all. That's twenty four five and seven he was almost fifty four. The ninety guy. Twenty four point: three, We are almost sixty percent. True shooting westward Twenty three one thousand one hundred and eleven four thousand three hundred and twenty nine sixty six percent, terrible like what he normally does below fifty percent. True shooting only twenty one pr to me. It's like just and intensity competitiveness, teammate thing- and I was really it I thought all the drama that the subjects had this year career Kyrie was responsible for a lot of it, and I did not feel right about voting for him for second team, all NBA and obviously he's not my favorite team. So I put some real thought into it, but I watch the whole season and the team was off the whole time
But I had him off all three teams. We did at the first time. So ah, I'm with the unwilling, Westbrook, ok and then thirteen. The biggest question for me was so I go there. Will they had towns he's out? Did they go? Bears that? the deep dive in a psycho bears Utah winning. I decided I was going to put anybody with losing record on my three lb at ten, so I stuck with that you always done that. You have to contradict sometimes right, yeah, but this year was like some guys were, seemed easier to reward the winning guys go back. I've gotTa Mitchell met their attempt to no criteria. I thought, though, I thought his fifty games were fantastic. You know there is a legit crunched, I'm guy that they were twenty one and twenty one. Then I did a deep dive undergo bear stuff to, and then I go there record since then make nobody ever talks about TAT five ten year and admit has been obliged closer for them.
Really carries himself like a closer and I don't think that's a great team. It's like J crackers at their crunched or other closures. Now it's terrible a guy ouch him sometimes like her. You know it's funny for Mitchell. Is that its new because it so exciting, and we like the personality, the anchors and all the stout rooting. For that and he there's a lot of like a Westbrook horribly. Is aware, or man's Westbrook guy. That was a terrible idea, but he is removing the seven guys apathy and I started get worried about because they go of more people are watching this amazed, Martinez starting. Ah, you know Mitchell, you know cause that's my whole boys, like people turn the page on these. Yeah between several examined, all the different negative things about it. But you have no one else, that he can do it with, and then you look at the records and staining it, and then I did the gobert thing too, because towns numbers offensively. I've been so ridiculous since the all star break, like I don't. Girls are meaningless. I didn't understand the go, bear
is the screen assist numbers? Did you look into those are all that very red protection, the right so there's like five different numbers dammit. I thought I was gonna, have a third and be like Hampton go bear on third and you they'll have towns by bump once it turn that rule and do it. Big thing was to get Leubronn off. I just couldn't. Do it there's two guys ever who played fifty five games or less for losing team and Meda Ba one Woods, peep originated seventy eight. I think everyone was on cocaine. That year prove was voting cause. It's ludicrous makes no sense. It's it's unconscionable. I could not vote for the bran hit him turn games, the team didn't win and the trade request by Davis, which was clearly driving by rich bows, the bronze body and the brain Basically, the time the whole year never really seem like he owned. I'm alive, here these are my guys, always had did like what we talked about. Our largest seemed like he was. The other, corner of the room in the party?
Then the trade request in what it did to that team. I can vote for him and I know it make it anyway. I don't want my name that sorry, so The question was see outcome. I just went abroad yeah. I mean, what's the losing record thing in it, and I get all those points but but I guess I running at eight, nay. I get Cairo back on their third gas register, there's too much worse all the things I agree with you. By watching all time, though there wasn't, I testimony was incredible. Mystically. If you look at it like ok, I can't keep ourselves. I probably the top three. Sir this over a cap chambre. Eighty two games no one, can name their second leading score. I can do it today. I just felt like the east, with so much worse than the west, easy those numbers we, where the West, like trance these this year. So if you went through
it gave to the east. It's like winning twenty nine in the west. So that's, basically what Charlotte was sure those I get twenty nineteen that got to play in these no man I just up. I can get off a gamble you tell me I'm wrong, you tell me, that's that's ridiculous. I I don't think there is a right answer for this on Mitchell, Cambodia's O Bradley, be I can do so much. Oh you when over Beale encumber encumber anyhow mockery side picked out, for the other forward spot and it's a slate sheet because he played pretty much apes, anytime, etc, but I have no idea has seen its own amid the plants, I'm not even sure that get either there not tackled. I think they're very biddable around one, and it was basically just him and erosion and a bunch of fuckin role players and they lost their pay. Before the season. The guy was good pay. Thirty five minutes ago for their Marie
yeah I'll exerted over these other random gear. They threw in these other reign of deeds. It's like I'd, more Patty mouse now, not noticing that makes me use Google more the beginning of the year, the Senator NEO Siam Bob. Times. You can't, given that it was a good guy out. Really gets. I felt much better about giving in that spot in the brain. So there we go. When did some gossip afforded class? Why? I think this would be a good trail, Jimmie Dale legitimately the disappointing team, the all disappointed in Youtube or Well Anthony Davis. Yeah Ben Siemens. Definitely I'm dead, pointed a bed segments where you better Ben summits, Why isn't anything better is? It is what I would How are you better? A year ago Iraq is a newer and you're like, oh, my god, look at this guy like you to be, and then he doesn't improve.
How is it in the last five minutes of a close game? It's like your Ben Wallace offensively. What happened you doing hand I've screens, that's that's your game. Now, his name look you think about this. The perception or against his exact same player this year It was last year he's not better at anything. If anything my call these worthy stuff, these more fidgety panicky he's these sixty percent free, throw fifty six last year as always a little better there, I'm region here, but what did all the alley advanced of he's not he's any better. That's probably the first year, were willing to give you a collective passive. Like imagine what this year, dear when you're awesome and its exciting any stadia agony candle in a vision like the good parts about Vince a really really fought, but when we're, Being that moment were that excited about you. It's because we're trying to figure out what you're gonna be in five years, and now it's like
Boston series knocked back. Boston figured out how to plan something happened. Any really has been the same sets and that's what's so funny. That serious enough. The facts like Boston is missing. All these guys. It's a first and second year guide, leading them. Yet, as I will, hoarfrost always been great entails a top three peck and people start like pointed out the picture in a brown one. Third now come on guys tons of talent on this team. You like there's no way they should be beating Philly. Now, if those two There is good, as we think they are. They should be fully as that. Those are my tattoo disappointments, here I would also throw in I just understand how Leubronn played this year. The way he did. And why he was so detached of all time. Why I even sign with the Lakers it never seemed like he was that fired up to be there. Beyond the team I added stone. I thought I'd really understand it. Other disappointments, a big enough tat, my head,
that's really it had only. I can't even get to five. I thought the league actually enjoyed the weak the year in a lot of ways. I guess John Wall, I don't even know that that was. They had signed the hard to be disappointed, but it just kind of Obama that he's just been crossed off thou as a five hour upper out. The ship it sailed in him a while ago, Carmelo. Maybe the fact that is good and in that way I can't believe this is what happened in watching sky net away and animal here, crew yeah, that's nice! His career ended format. We didn't really fully realise it do Lakers cause. I talked to her workers two days ago. What was your taken off at the press conference? I start there. Ok, I have a little bit of an ego and I don't even know that I did anything that great. So I can't imagine the eagle I would have IRA magic Johnson Johnson has a massive ego is much deserved, your task that I've noticed I picked it up in summer league is
certain guys and magic does it. Is they wait till the balls chaplain? They give it about fifty seconds a minute, and then they decide to walk to their courts. I'd see once everyone's focus on what is happening on the floor and magic loves that move You know started doing that after Leubronn themselves to re everybody gives you standing ovation and you just take your courts, I see so Magics ego is a big part of this and again I'm not I'm not acting like how does it but for you to decide that everybody the Tuesday night, I'm just around. I'm going quit my job here. At that time. I bought it, but I am also not to lose my sister allegedly gap and its obvious that there things that you want to do, others fire, Lukoil and get rid of Polenka and it she said, no to similar case. So why do we have this job? And that's fine like if you about Romania, like? I don't need this a magic Johnson, but he needed to kind of asserts authority on the way out till I remain
everybody, and I just found that so odd. The tweeting thing is stupid. Corsican sin tweets. If you want to send tweets the tampering thing They got beat up on that early on withdrawal. George thing he's a legend airily bad twitter, which is the other funny part about the tweets Yet everyone was really. Finally, the irony of I can't go back to Sweden. Anybody else exciting for game of thrones. While I so I went to bed the first year and then he was away and something happened lightweight our God, traded as something happened. And he was away and the person that ran his twitter feeders away and his guideline com is ok, need. We need. You need to do a couple tweets on your account for magic cause. Magic can't get into his cap is this summer to does it there's out from your account you're gonna, be quoting magic. Yeah like hey MAGIC, hasn't tweets, unlike guys amazing
a badge language. This is my love. I love magic. I still level Absolutely what so, I'm thinking like where these are gonna be some bombshells. So it takes me the tweets in there Good luck to Dwight Howard at his next stop there the Lakers will be good, but I have just like this is he's at it. Education is the tweets their God. I gotta get the content ass our every day it there is It was this, however, it wasn't my salary thy, yes, always gonna be back in the content is, and I like magic. Where his cowardly bay is a great guy whenever are doing the hierarchy of players and all these things Blake, I feel, like he's, somehow gets overlooked in all this stuff. When we are talking about these grunted, the side as far as the nine years in the finals at twelve I'm stupid, but first he made ever He we knew when he got the gig and initiating like when the Lakers kink in an odd will Lamarck is all judge.
Big okay well, how do we fix? This? Is lolicon college football programs? Okay, we're in this lowly wanted to spread guy then we went with the guy. Was the NFL background guy? You know we need as we need a guy gets us. We need a guy who gets Us Nebraska fancy convinced, as they have got frost I'll, go figure out as he's one of them, and they can brace him and a lot of times all it does is catch another year before your fire, so acres are going. If we're the light there's a we can't get an audience with these free agents of some of these guys are, like level be free agents. How do we solve it? Let's go back to what we know. We gostar power, that's the whole deal. We need somebody who can work in a room and on the route, and we have that instant credibility. Gas from that standpoint, like yeah magic, was gonna, be out scouting. All time I don't know how true or not true that thing is it herself Bay facilitated, never even had an office there. Have you read that one and in ITALY No Bogart haven't stuff come out the night of when it happened. Moreover, like workers, Unloading thee,
Well, I've been known around the league magic wasn't always easily by entirely allowing new these. We set us on the package for waste paper. Fuck you guys starting shit. We said it, we site, I have leaked. Doesn't these not out there he's that burden the kid or about their heads? He s like three other job rather than he had the commission. Can statehood yawns than people got pistres because he was at some the term games or I should think he may have been at the game. We said I don t even be it there, but I mean point was we already knew. We were right about this and I remember when you got the job. I did this segment, doesn't even trashing and it was just what's the higher is dead. Higher grinder you hire face. They can be the closer. So, if he's not grinding so Polenka was allegedly the grander, but the problem of Polenka was you going to go agent, I'm all for anybody having a non traditional background. Getting these gigs. Okay, I'm never going to say all that stupid. That guy doesn't have any experience when you're around enough. You can kind of figure some stuff out, even if it's not the perfect entry into it, the proper plank. Is it just a lot?
agents as much as the agents are gonna hate each other. It seem like they sort of extra didn't like Polenka yet, and I think that hurt them think he was the most disliked agent. So in her rebuke her recently, bang in one magic, Chick D'Angelo Russell on the way out by saying you know, we liked him as a player, we needed a leader. I can go to the timeline, all the trades and tell you the things I thought were stupid and I can tell you the things that aren't that everybody's acting like every single one of them was terrible and like when you want to give Michael Beasley a few million, but you can't give it to Brook Lopez like what you guys doing or when Casey pay two years in a row when his average yeah. You know look if that was about closing Le Braun, but you know what there's prig change have not paid Casey Peeler, Brahms, Dogan, Cumbered Baghdad a year to after you got abroad. That or you know Ok, Randal! You want to clear the books because you want to have all his cap space. It's open! That's fine, but then he ran his money to Rondeau you're, so it felt like
Whatever the plan was is clear: the decks scaredy our way we get Leubronn. We had all these other pieces, then it just was a mess and the resident make any sense. They had a million different rotations in all these different guys. It's just, I can't believe bad. It is dated eight now that I live here and I see what a mess it is like. I can't believe this organisations ever one because I can- and I I know I'm taking too long. So let me just one now I was enjoying it. I undressed and the reasoning behind a lot of stuff that this Lakers organization is done, but is anybody really surprised that this bunch of a mess of your after this whole thing at with the roster that he signed after Lebron, knowing what magic role was or wasn't what he was going to do, the Pelinka relations, ran. A league heat He had a moment his press conference. There is talk about the angel Russia. Did you see that part, and he said
He was like you know, you know he's I'm really proud of the player that he's matured into, but he wasn't thou with eyes, is pretty immaturity, reset The other this is- and this is right now this is two days ago. Oh he did that again. She talked about rider right, but he was again ass, a proper when is with us united, pretty a mature whenever set him say yeah. It was twenty one years old. They come on magic. Yours prize, that Angel Russell has matured into it all started at age. Twenty to return Three. Whenever you like, this is the least you ve been in the league for forty years guy. Our immature and then they become mature and they get a work ethic and is dead. That was. I don't get. It believed that yes Bucharest. She had said in reference to that of the recent one. I thought it was known before where he was like the old guys run leak took notice. Maybe Bucharest reference, because I think he was afraid he did it twice when I traded on me eat kicked him, so people do
players readily were like manner as close to gonna layer thinking about it, but now what he did it in the rustle no way and honestly dude, I'm tellin. You, like you watching Angel Russell when you're out her this whole time, like I liked him coming out of a draft, but then, when I watched it echoed this guy he's, like he's, got the Westbrook approach, without even half the game, and I he evolve like he became better, but they didn't. I don't element when they traded. Am I didn't. Do members bunch people freaking out about them Training, the angel Russ, I think what they're doing there is actually unfair as much as there's a million things you can ripple Lakers for the thing is if the Cosmo Pick didn't work out and they just taken some schmuck at twenty seven, I did the vat that coups by worked out made that trade a little more. Audible, but I am never fan of of making a mistake giving up a major asset to fix the mistake, because
future of the hope of rabies. Something might happen when they created this caps is that data abusing on Casey be so I feel that trade is there a year later years, though, Maybe they're trade, the Russell to give it a mosque contract a year from now, because nets are still gonna wanna. Do a trade laid out with you because you're giving them the number two picking the draft from two years, so you still had enough hope for Russell that you're a light was given another year, and I just I thought they at that soured on him because of the Nick young thing, not because a his talent in the nickel thing was stupid and he was nineteen when it happened. I don't think that's a good reason to give up. I see, but I was even done for night an eye is Damn it wasn't greater. Maybe they felt they had the trader and that he urges you know they had Jesse fucked up his ally thing beyond repair, but I don't know how to ride. If I M, I t my broken, I'm always looking for trade site that I owe you
Give me a top three lottery pack. I threw us. Take this contract. Great get Brooklyn, did a great job figure in this. Out without really any assets in the Moscow deal when you look back and airline haze or any other any. Are basically they go extinct in today's gaining give sixty four million bucks, but I got a few for that. A young woman like night. I just why think you have to ask this question throughout at all. It's kind of funny we had him brought it up. We then we'll bronze had is that right now that it was here that he went away its final game over doing a press conference. But also tied into the way he's treated. This whole season, like he kind of words for Lakers, doesn't give a shit right. I gap for Lakers on that really Laker. Oh, it's Wade's ice game. That's more important! That's my family to innovate! But no accountability, it are we never really. From him on the magic thing it. Ah, you go back and read the quotes I wish I had thought of this when I did the pod the other night with MAX one of the like too.
Three biggest reasons he came here was caused magic. I want to learn how to be Imago, who better to learn from them him the skies, my mentor, their magic quits. Barely since the brain and the press conference and the brand as saying that they either so what happened, I don't know, I don't know of magic, those weird yeah, something that you didn't have anything to do with it. So that's you think of is just happening anyway. You can come in here, and it sounds good if it's nice, like it's a really good quote to say Things, you just said, I just wonder as we went through the Lakers assets, if they don't get Davis and you can already sense it. Jimmy Butler was in on the wish list and about two months. Guide said some about it. Where it was, I ain't Jimmy, but there would be a bad thing because it's the reality is setting in here that Iraq. Dwayne Wade, Bosh Combo common to fix this
and Leubronn fix those guys more. They fixed amateur, save the clippers ready to completely upstage you this summer, because it's a way better destination for everybody, and I could totally seek why you and you know what I do want to mess with- that. I want to go to the pursuit of a guy. You beat, You mean when he already said that three months in our then they outsiders, ethnic, ah it'll, Kimber or Jimmy Butler, and that kind of stuff I just I'm already kind of excited about world bronze heads gonna be out in twenty twenty were, if he says people could sit there and say on only came out here for movies is always openings. I just have a high I'm believing that the broad and his mid thirties is just gonna, be happy having this be the end of his basket, story. Will you know is funny you part of them. Of his egg in magic, even said it. You know we were we're forcing many her other people like their twenty four team for magic inheritance yeah! You know my magic at her full abroad
design bravely we're gonna magic, deafening Gunnar said you know, the brown at her. These put fifty sixty the minutes already, and your banking at this I was in year seventeen of his career to have to play all eighty two games. Freedom, eighth play out with no other. Stars and his team. That's why you get hurt like this, happens when you get out, you start getting hurt cigar man of coal. Had blown out as a cohesive like yeah. He paid fifty five thousand minutes and was play forty eight minutes over and over again and its Achilles blew up guess what not a coincidence. Right, there's a reason why Dirk makes fund of himself and the was his line where he said something about his retirement he's like I know you guys, probably figured there is no way I was knowing plague and after watch me run around this Your rank as I knew there were moments a season. I hated it so yeah that is a german man that wizards come back if, if only his knees and held up tat, he paid
every single game for from ninety six through ninety eight e three hundred and ten games in three years. I always think I did that was going to hurt his knees. Should we just do this because it should just be a yearly reminder I did this mask about poorest, are getting hurt. Now, that's that this is good stuff. That think like this, I guess what whenever I got hurt, can you imagine I mean unto shit guys at play, pick up take a few years off, it's the worst thing ever Jordan, quits the second time at thirty. Four, doesn't play at thirty five. Thirty, six thirty! I know you're in all the stuff tat comes and whenever anybody says like in other ways, ending kind of tarnish it. No way. We reject a banner was amazing, like not that you needed any more proof that the ankle Jordan was the man, but that he can. And then was pissed about his thirty eight world season, replayed sixty games. He plays eighty two scores. Twenty
again against it. Only in a really good year for the league, where there's like a lot of good young players, he's gotta gets Vincent Pierce and T Mac. Already nine years old? There is like buck them, kids any scores. When you get placed all eighty two and played thirty seven minutes again and people like that should tarnish Rep. Now is amazing that I think it should be said. Once a year yeah, I growth. I let's take a bite, do plants. Let's take one hour break a talk about some of the ringer stuff. We have gone I right now. I mention talk the France that is going to prepare right. After the actual with thrones absurd on HBO on Sunday night you can watch the show, Mallory, benches Concepcion and Chris Ryan. We have the best game, thrones caught that I'm sorry, and this is the best post games. And you can go to tat, ring and watch it. You can do hashtag talk the thrones, you can watch it. There check that
we're Ceylon I'll come back Sunday night. We are doing our pad breaking down all the other basketball again and even a low masters as well. We are the Ringer NBA Chicago. In that night there going to be do reacting to everything they saw. The Ringer NBA shows ramping up as we headed for the playoffs right. When I sent me some bells and whistles come for you as well for that and then fair way wrong, Joe Ass, if you love the masters check that out, gonna have a reaction podcast that night, the stuff you did this week was really getting whereas winners- and I still can't get in but all that stuff knew from listen to his reaction part. So, hopefully Sunday, early Monday morning a lot of our not listening options. Chekhov it out. Threerd outcome in the rear. Gas network couple more words hinges quick, dodge every young we re now transfers forty gains are pretty abominable:
yet. The fact that its even a question is a credit to train young nodded starch at Bagley is my third pick for our four Ricky, I you never quit on him at an and I've, never a and never bought into aid actually I but first my balloon. Second back rivers. Third, I can't really put Nate Mcmillan in there, but I don't want to leave off back rivers that people think I'm still being addicted doc. Rivers It was a kind of amazing what they trade, Tobias, heiress and some have studied the plants that has got him a credible. If you doing the the home. Argument: Heroes, all radio silence Reed have like seven different markets call in getting we're doing this for three or four markets at the NBA everybody's argument is really really good, but I would go with one ulcer, it's one of the first time we have had for great choices for coach of the year. However, there is a common concern limit mill and didn't even make my top three that team lost all the depot. Thirty games, aided still gotta five, see how great is the name of Milon thing, because when he
as we see at all, and I thought he was drawing no yea day out. Then he goes to Portland like this is great and then he's off the grid yet and I'm through, There is a stretch there. I thought, like neat, was one of the best coaches, the NBA, but then all the analytic skies dumped all over him because of ACE in all things in the Ribs city fans hated, enter in. So when he comes back, it's like such a terrible choice like look at his track record. Look at all the stuff like this! How he wants the game played its outdated. None of the stuff is gonna work. He was often this year, but I think the overall when you look at the overall improvements, What the books were like it so stupid like hey, we were fifteen leave this year, our first. We are twenty eighth in this now, our first, where this this this. It limits the minutes. The system around I have indicated, as we are watching last year, like why this team is so poorly coach. Where are they doing it? This way? One of the this is and then booting there came in Burundi at a different start. Let's guys
artist, but Goodbye comes any just like we if we just surrender Europe with three point: shooters and played with pace and just create space for him all the time they think our work seriously, but was it fills the only legal ever feel like you can go herschelian riot transform yeah yeah we're bringing this coach really do things this way and allow our actually good or were competitive without a complete overhaul of the roster, really
You think evidence, and only with all that profound beyond us, you what but did as he did in and it fell thing would then be. Eighty yeah you're right you're calculate that one symbolic checking in play of previous. We voted against, allowing that does it through some of this. I actually don't think it's really worth talking about the one eight to several match up for that long. Unless you have a strong opinions marketed trade, I dont be the odds for market a trader to be somewhere around in a more accurate dads and forcing are not yet for us, but they think and be private favorites Blake prevents hurt. That series is actually disaster, Yellow Blake part of that it's really bomber yeah, and I was watching under german finish up decision today. How do you think we will talk about him in a like the mid delete nineties? We would all of them what it? What would? What has gone state to have? If
the tray caused them and says german for dream on right. Now you ve ten minutes to decide the boat. We don't need the ten minutes. I just don't think that would be me there's! No, where you can put Roman dream on is somebody you not, leaving just I'm trying to figure out if they wanted to move away from dream on this last year for really goes badly in the policies it with their options. Are I never think the I don't think that ever want to get away from what their system is an even if dream on is ignored perimeter guy, you can see it out there. I think they also hang up, but I just want to make sure that's a bummer that that serious point out that way the other are. The two seven is terrain, Orlando there too too for the season. I action like looking at this season series- and I think, like theirs, times, especially Lasher Neurons Portland Werner
It had real success against Portland away at all. Can it chose to ignore that the right There were two no against Orlando. When cool I played, I went. Let it out discourse that thing, because I'd I'd done that one before to Toronto really tricky whenever you in the season serious, because you gotta think about who actually played it. Collaborated in Miss twenty two games. I they respect to what our Lando did their record. You look at what was it like the last thirty games or something they won the best like five or six records in the week. I just think Toronto is a really good Toronto. Defense, chemistry, ball movement, really get home crowd when cool. Why plays there really good and I would be shocked if I would say four or five maybe Orlando Endgame Game, three material
take a team even when they stink team gets up to our like these guys think we ve got this in an email at Anna Game, three at the first home game, for they obtain their ways, are energized Gordon state clippers? It's fine there's some there's some buys about the cubs being a sleeper. I don't see it. Iris murder was the buzz, whereas this coming from there's somebody there's a buzz the ringer earlier slack, thirty people like the Williams, a gallery like their clubs like their under over reverse could catch by surprise, I think the series is gonna be an absolute disaster because now golden state going, kill them and as way more talent and the cliffs really six. It have guys like you get used to it.
And seventy nine you're talkin about exuberant Wilson, jailers corpse in all these people that you should have been oppressors, but now game three, which is Thursday next week in the end in allay, is gonna, be have ten thousand gods. They were as France, so. There are actually better off playing in gold state than they are at home. In my opinion, there is in me so many workers, friends at those Cooper Games- and there could be- really loud and the worst like that they like when they are on the road, the people rooting for them this is a sweep. I saw some projection looking at some of the intellect staff when it gave the clippers an eleven percent chance. I can believe that high, I lay there idiots web site There's there were match up to our ok with the clippers. This is not one of the members. Antonio I'd I'd! Also don't This is going to be a serious, a you and I are aligned. I don't think San Antonio, very good, I think Denver.
Is actually you know their teams. I can beat him but beat them, but this is a nice match up for them and Yoke edge You know you can play outrage at centre, but Yoke edge against age is gonna, be a problem for the spurs the way he can. You know you think of big centres as like these posts that deeds, but the way they can use and twenty five feet from the basket, is a problem for the spurs, and I just think they're just more out even though you know the nuggets talent thing is always been the thing all season long, while watch him and watch him on the good nights and I go mana steam so much fun and look at all these different guys and then there's other nights like whenever you get back to our rule of D. Forget about guys sometimes like the nuggets feel like they have a bunch of guys who, like oh he's, planted Oh he's the kind it's gonna going a little a little, but I always in the nuggets in me comparing them to the top of the conference and not the bottom of it. There's some spurs upset buzz that I dont see it's because of their respect for the infrastructure
and pop in the row guys and laugh- they split one one and now goes back to San Antonio gain through them How do we create a legacy of the arguments? I edges right now so think anyway, San Antonio goes on, thereby massive road trim and its one in eight in their disaster than they come back and they saving their season, but what ever it was, it was incredible. They beat some really good teams to turn that stretch, so Our semi, the cell semi, what the lack in what they thought, the odds are gonna, be these artificial, but Denver was on. Three two one win: the series are two hundred and seventy, which I'm stupefied by I'd, be shocked. If they didn't win the series, I don't I don't see it so we talked about Houston blowing their chance to be the two seed, Friend of mine mentioned this, that I thought it was an amazing point. One of
these four teams is going to be in the western conference. Fireless. There's no way I can happen, Denver San Antonio Portland, Oklahoma City, one of those four teams will be in the western conference, find us it's weird to think about that. But that's a fact cause to seven in three sex. They pay each other. The winner plays the winter of one for so out of those four Denver, San Antonio Portland, Oklahoma City, huge barrier, lifer, Denver, Portland San Antonio Oklahoma City, one of those four will be in the western, find us man. I can't believe I'm
in this Europe of almost every year. If my life is depending on it now my cool my going down down in flames worth if this doesn't work out, I'm picking Paul Georgian and Russ can't believe. I'm doing that. I now I don't want to do. I don't know I done in a month ago. I'm not doing it was an Antonio. Ah said earlier that we're about our trust in the mouth. I saw how it ended: Denver, poor, Leno, guys, here's the thing I think Oklahoma City can be Portland. Even if I don't love Oklahoma City right now, that's not an act against Portland. That's that's! Just recognising reality here. So they're season. Series Oklahoma City should be so happy about what has happened at the end of at the end of this regulation.
Do you know it's our seas and seriousness of Goma, sitting, Portland and other for or against him? Not a good sign. You know it s. This is a bad lizard match up. His Westbrook is West breaks a bad match up for a cup of the finance point guards just because of the just the pressure he puts how just just strong, strong is and or get is like, I think, get fifty one and one of the gains of share, but if you're Westbrook, surely this is great amateur run a markedly sir. You that's the not against all with lower love that we have here an and yet When win, when curry is off of the other really good point cars because they have clay allotted time, some Portland does it is because they just can't live with lizard on some of these other guy Yes, now Westboro Skinner either Guard Lilla, but my guess Be that, though, throw out there, I say men, deeds, item,
or Schroeder if YE place. I'm sure whenever their dinner do off, the screen is they're gonna keep to lower and though it fine- and the problem too is like as much as the decanter thing feels great against. You know, insurance against the thing you have a turkish watching him yet worked defensively play off. Series is humiliating. The only other teams are just like we get to do this. We should do a section on the part where we do dad takes my dad. Is upset about the inner cancer thing that the south extent together. Especially when my dad's got subjects dad. Let this last roster spot and it was a ok we ve signed in your and whereas Anner was sitting there, we could have had him. Two months ago, you were played, we suppose post up So here is my fear without Casey, among with the fact, Russia self distracted in every single person that is played in fact get us. Isn't it
This isn't just every year his is he How is it up to allow Well, that is, is just he's too frenetic. Think of it. This way, it's John Cow Parian, the Kentucky sabots multiplied by twenty. If you gave a baby Rubik's cube to solve the baby would start eating it in drawing on it. Yet other people may say. Like okay, orange, oh wait a minute. I flip this around the green stays here I feel like Westbrook. Sometimes the way he tries to figure out how to win a playoff game is like the baby that just starts eating the toy. Fail now, in this affair, I'm an amateur pick Denver there. Even though I like I liked it matches We're gonna get that I think the match. Ups, the match up, sir! So
like Denver to make the western finals. Let's play this out, cuz, we think Denver so ok, say just for the record. That would be there would be an upset from an ad standpoint. Then that I'm picking basically Denver against Oklahoma City, so Denver the twenty seven B, Antonio Oklahoma City, so your two three match up instead of Portland as you two six match up, that means you get to pick Oklahoma City against Enver or a thing is man Is it doesn't seem at colleague when there is that weak window there for the Celtics, Reg, ok paces of finally fallen back to earth? Where thought they would, Milwaukee, has all these injuries, but significant injuries, man could the self sent back in? These are governs finals after thinking that they were this massive disappointment and as much as I've been off of Oklahoma City of as you and I've kind talk them up the whole time
they get Portland. We did. We know about George, so we know that as players in that Syria is there to best play it is in that says, will perform really well. Georgian Westboro. They play really wagons Portland. Unless partridges hurt would be by one red flag, the other one is there's been a ladder shrewder anymore. Really up and down the Atlantic. The one the Atlantic traded away, the winner and trades away was eggs. What happened in both sides, so you love on because he's fearless by you also? He could see you out of a serious crisis, fearless, so thou Wert meter Adams is going can be a problem if even ninety percent, how they, which you down this. I would say that you bring in general and the city of policy. It feels AMOS Iran, I must say with everybody, but I already, I feel bad about saying that it for
I got, it would be the natural conclusion. Fur Durrant in the western conference would be due to have one last ok seek on state full. Circle there most season. I thought I was gonna, be in the second round. Ok see the for seed got this far. Really weird here at the really did it in anyway, I didn't like cuz, you know, then you have Houston Utah and I feel bad for you Todd because I do feel like Utah's, probably like one of the five or six best teams in the week, and I think they're going to lose and run. I dont think about this to write about our earlier. There are twenty one to anyone to into in their serious. He used to analyze it. So they Utah was twenty one, so that means they ve gone twenty nine and eleven yeah, which they did last year to think I had done. The stretcher high place,
play will leave it at that. Maybe maybe that is hard. It was to three months ago now that there actually policing their fair baby love it. I still. I can't get past the fact that democratic place crunched out for them. Ok, but there is one involved man Well, jangle juice, its that'd be little that jingle juice, slow, Bawler Jack warrior at your face, pull their jack put this If hard and lost the series they take back the I'm, they take back the number two. Now it just. I just don't see him going down in the series but see just. Do it go air too? If he goes down in this series, man, they just have to be sanctions, passbook aftershave. Yet you have to sign with a view. So his historical dapper gang, or that Bulgaria is George Urban. Forty years ago, Germany, this five year stretch much like harden thirty points. A game best
the best going to get in the way of the stuff there always around the fringes and could now it over there than are made. The fires came super close Blue three when they do the bullets and seventy nine up late up. Two and a half minutes left and game. Seven George disappeared: did they win didn't score unless committed Bobby dangers takes over and when I was doing my book. That was the biggest blackmail got his razumihin is like this was the year Seventy nine! You could bend the guy you could, when the title and would have been like a George govern frenzy. Hard and obviously is not as anonymous as George Herbert was forty years. George Herbert forty years ago, he was on tv once a year came through your time once a year. They had never saw George german parts on every day, but there's guys this every generation that Iverson written was ideas, but he actually do get to a final hours. English out sickness,
just trying to think of like nothing guiding guards guys that scored regards guards. Ok, I guess I'm just thinking of like hey. You knows You go that perennial guidance in that town and it doesn't look like the georgian urban thing. For me, that's a little before my time by so Toby last decade was this guy but actually did make the final spheres around went to looking you ever imagine a world where your kids in twenty years ago and has a poster this guy harden at the gas enter, accuses Nike poster We seem really could hear. Kane resisted this guy Moses Sierra came. I was town somebody recently This government is in Boston once a year CBS, no games at all and was tape the Lange Games and that shines staff and so some day they may live in Boston who love George Erin, probably some total, like five hours a year, no internet. Was watching his basket. Saigu germinate forty seven lasted, but it's it's the just a box car. What has
rebounds in the fuel goes made. Fourteen Theo goes back. Eight nine rebounds for seven points together, which is only with there's. No sport centre, no idea what happened but ass, they Virginia the same kind of thing like. Can you win if your best as is scoring guard histories, as are the Michael Jordan, not really that it, it rears its head in the end. So you're, not counting corbies second to titles, as the best pillar during our saw an odour? Might those things are really get. Will the guy announcing yeah. But still I mean come on those enlightened firm for that generation. Where you look at every team, really only have they two or three good guys that team was preluded. Now you think they're just another team, every team, as for a really good guys, except for dinner at Alec dinners, besides it you're picking Utah
now I dont have. I can't do it. I want it so bad. I wanted to, but I had the Houston when, in those last two and some of the checks have, I really think hard great. I don't see him going down to you. Tat ran when I really doubt and if anything- So I didn t this. I bet on Houston a couple days ago. Eighty one to win the title didn't jump and this is what I thought there will be there seed, but here's the thing tat we're gone state anyway. Would you there had them round to around phase three. I think I would rather have them round two, because I normally have Chris by healthy thing get out. It s areas in five or six, and I can keep everyone intact. Other take my swing early before Chris Paul has his, and you really think that this could be a five year. Seriousness jazz. I'm soundings. I would want to get out and five. I think that it is six or seven boys over. So if I gave you over under six and a half games
you go over under? I think it's some names here, because I really think that I liked Alec rackets and six would be my pick there are. A guy I'm just really excited to see how go bears gonna have to handle this How much are they? Let him show How much are they going to say? You know we were okay with you trying to figure it out and play in between Jeta Capella dives and you staying up. I mean they can't make him to have him getting two switches against harden. That's going to wear us out he's going to get a ton of files on them I know it's gonna, be the my favorite thing about this areas other than how the hell goobers kind of how that plays out is, I think, responses have to guard down of a Mitchell attaining these games now there, is a world in which may be asked. Rivers place crunch time and he goddamn image, or I still I've always did biased rivers as an offence agree. I think he's a good defensible, but I
of how they guard down a Mitchell, these games and whether Chris Paul wants to take that on or not, and whether at this point in his career has five. Go here. I got this stare my way, I don't know fees that guy anymore. No, but the good thing about, therefore Houston is There's always gonna, be a guy, whether its crowded but they angles is involving a lot. Is that they do, but you can pay There is no ask around minutes: they break down anxious eyes about damage. You can find somebody to hide a guy. You can totally for leg of the answer. Your truck Chris Paul do the thing. There. He is live in these areas. Where he's like not only my guiding I'm fucking with this guy, the whole game a minute, I'm it'd, be fiscal with Merlin they're gonna stop calling first round series promptly. Maybe it is winning first part. First response, in Indiana and the other side I just, did the India has just limping to the finish line and here's my heart
Marcus Marty? You know I love this Boston. Was always kind of injury away from figuring out the rotation, and I think this weirdly solves a couple. Problems. They don't need him for the series anyway,. The soft some issues with now Heyward can play thirty four minutes a game, and now Tatum isn't. In thirty two minutes now: jailing complaint, thirties and terrorism can get his twenty five. Are these guys plain the right amount of minutes now and for this series. That's a good thing. I don't see any world were the basis think they can as bad as the Boston thing is better times, there's no way they're losing Miss weathers. At the real problem, with the series for them carry they. They just have no answer the keys own Derek Alison, his entire career and scenario,
Corey Joseph and AIR, and how the aunt em right. There's no answer for him and carries can be blackmailed and I should need this could be salts and five and the is the Pesos even after the old depot thing of like White ever happened. When you watch him a little bit, you know you know, someone is really good. Players can be good play for a long time is above in southern Europe. Donovan Chad, moments, Turner, who I think it's some point. You We're like a little disappointed in Ghana, like that Benson seem really put him in a concerted, like you like why're, you better wouldn't get at. I like him more now that I thought he'd been better, but this is- and this is one of those things worth it feels more like it's one, eight basin who the teams are at the end of the season, and I think this ethics for a really good. With this, the four five batch up: it's tough to win in the plan. With below average guards and they have downcast and encourage Joseph. Unfortunately, I think yeah, I wouldn't want you- have a chance anymore with those guys is not
even flattery, let em but like if you don't have the same case of San Antonio, it's like you have below average guards at some point. This is gonna matter, so That brings us to the lessons we have not talked about talk me out of me wanted Adam Brooklyn his eye on this for months. I think this is a great match up for them and by the way There's been signs of a carrot, liver delivered a science. A couple scarce cares. The liberty sense, he has shown flashes. There are already in a games, there's no way they know Wade. Indeed, within a with like a legitimate, nay injury, it seems like that. He's they don't know iron, that's that's different. He might have a game one
No, it's what I was worried. I always get worries me. Is the calm down he's not that bad or we'll just tell everybody. It's not. A big deal is a game wine and within beat. I always more about I'm always worried about, but he's Ms three seasons: Gaza natures. Have you seen like the good versions of Philly yeah, still include somebody sucking of the group. I think I'd really figure. This out a month ago, I go you stop hoping it's all perfect. The balance on paper they have is historic and others that link the number I saw. The additives is no teen. Its ever had seventeen points or more for five different guys and that's what they. I don't want that in the past, but it doesn't seem like that's what they have and in what it is. It means some guys go off in another other guys. They don't need all those guys. They don't need that. There's no way! No way. I'm sorry like for all
I'm sure I think really looks screwed up what, if is what, if, indeed is not healthy in this year's, then Simmonds gonna play better. I was sure yeah, I think Simmons Adam Bede, unfortunately, is you're, making great points. He is my counter. It is that even Russia, this Philly. Seems like its dying a roll over to somebody, This is as it were, and some Sixers black. No doubt no doubt I mean it's definitely going to be a first about the only one. Fifty games That's one of the most dramatic under achievements that we have had. They got a full and bid season they traded for Jimmy twenty games into the season they had Harris at the Ostler Break why was this team? Basically five hundred down the dove for the last thirty games, they were like sixteen and forty, for the last thirty games and went out
I've seen it fell. I day they were already not off switch team like dead one. Three titles butter, this comes in and out he's trying. One quarter is completely this feared another quarter. I don't trust a coach it all. I don't they just okochee there. I just there's no real evidence that he's a good coach, not saying is attacked What coach has no evidence is a really good coach, the seminary is bizarre, especially Dana these games, and if you tell me it's game too, and they're down one three minutes left in rustles feeling it, I just want to see how plays out ass if they d have anyone and their team to guard the Cairo now whether they, whether butler, can shut down Russell now, and that whenever I try to look at the seas a serious here, it's let's do it to where the other it's it's. I mean they played one game since December. Twelve, to one against them was Butler right, yeah, but death
things like. Sometimes it's easy like one did you guys play each other like I was looking to the Utah one. The other day I might go wow, that's impressive and I go okay to the fourth game was January. So what it? What am I actually looking at here? so every year, there's always a series where we're like. While I can't believe that happened, so, what's up it's bad for they had eight. I mean attitude, What should I you outta and that's not so much about the four five That's the resurgence! That's the hard wired eying. While I'm gone down. If he loses in the first round magic Philly losers in the first round. What's, were fast and everybody is waiting for the moves in the first round, including two thirds of armies waiting from losing the second yet, which will happen so afraid of it, Let's do this is this? Is a good this'll be huge for first take a fresh. What would be a bigger like nuclear fallout? First round exit harden losing the jazz or Philly illusion now I know the easiest thing is you like it? We would have it uses a four five year close enough.
I think that only leaves in Brooklyn is a bigger. Do like there's. No even there. Caught by harden yeah. I keeping our high is ass. Good goes off, yet you toss better. You love the nets, though nobody likes in nets as much as you know, I don't I was right out immediately. But I immediately can we talk, there's a bothers, probably gone. But even resign. The resigning and then they stood, they call everybody about Simmons. Would it be that is a others, some costs, but the claiming their not taken the COS We utterly lesser. Eight people call us, nor do we were to answer the following so because the three cellphones eat, the same way about Philly, that I do bygone stay and obviously Boston, because this is the way people should feel from a chemistry competitiveness make up standpoint. If things go wrong
things are going south. A basketball team can either come together or go either way- and he saw last year gone stay beginning the Houston series problems it had all the up and down season, they ve had game say, their way down game seven their way down and they came together I dont know if the workers will do that this year. I think, if there's a moment when it could go south. Sometimes a basketball team go south here. Some examples: two thousand fourteen Miami in the same series easily could one won the finals. They got punched a couple times too but Hey makers couple things in another way down: eighteen, teen, aright and it just kind of splintered and fell apart. Two thousand ten calves last year, the Cavaliers against the workers after the Jacksmith Game, for is your site and it splintered, and
I join as they dont think the jar Psmith thing, though, like they won that game. I don't think that's a long series of golden State. It am I not by you knew, is done at that point. The brown played the greatest. I've ever seen anyone plan person that came in this the last and after that you can come back from that, but Philly and gone state. Specifically, I think if, if you put enough pressure on them, I think they were splinter in these playoffs now. Can somebody do? That is the question and it's probably not broken it's definitely clippers, but if they hit that same moment, they had a year ago from what I've seen from a chemistry standpoint, I think this winter I'll tell you the story. Back to go and state last year there already these weird dysfunctional stories I would hear about this team like have a date or didn't get along now, and they usually as an ever out into a clear staff. It's it's
other guys, and it's in I don't know about this team- I don't know about the steam. I don't know about this team and then the Houston thing is like up here they go and then they figure it out and if golden state is proving anything isn't that is an incredibly mentally tough group over the soul run like them. I'm going down two one to Memphis and figure out, not garden Tony Allen, butt. Rewind Oklahoma City and come back, and I know nobody ever want him credit for that, because what happened in the the finals? That's fine, but you very really tough to be able to figure out how to do that, and then they did it again last year and that, with the direct version of it, there's nothing from Philly like I have To go on with Chile and that's why I've been dismissive of Boston like I'll I'll, give a team the benefit of the doubt. During it out, even though one it looks bad right here stuff. That sounds like there's turmoil when I know there's a track worker view getting past it before to end and fill it at an objective view has been in look last year: the first real version of this facility guy, that's the last years. The first version of it.
A case for Philly is basically Joel. Embiid is one of the three best players in the league. Now, if he's running all cylinders and first three rounds, he could just go out run amok, which, I actually believe to Asia, but now that he's banged up. I gotta want him to do right by, I want to see it like, I actually here the essential that we want to see. We want to see that Yon ascension. I also want to see it from indeed a little better. We're gonna see it when he had had that against the South Celtics and Philly it really for the first time as I man. He might actually just do this for a free rats. It get through the plastic this now that, as short, because I dont like any though any of them, stop and now there's been this backlash against. If that keeps up he's fine, this is bulshit people making too big of a deal of this. I don't know he played six thousand four hundred and sixty five I and we have no idea of his healthy. I any he's already just been hurt this year so that any of the push back and the indeed like we're going to have a more than just a more of a fragile.
With with him. So at last I fucking hard it's it's a forty in a play. A game has a different level of intensity and physicality the regular seizing period and if you're doing this, every time aids for six weeks. A first is more spread out, but when she had around too you know it's hot. Did he go? Was gas last year in the Boston, Sears member, fourth quarters use a dragon yacht us will not be dragging so I would say I've been broken, is the best bet for a what fuck upset, I think I'll go home city is the best bed for a reasonable upset. I would not be shocked the view TAT one other than that. I think it's chalk pretty easily and think, Houston, not getting the to cede. Tuesday night was the biggest moment of the season, because there is such a dramatic difference between play. San Antonio ran one having home quarter around too, and she is being able to go on a golden state.
Guns blazing verses. You know now your base, Hey, you don't have Encore the last three rounds and you look at it the fine, the winter seeds every year every year it goes back to. I think the Rockets with Turkey in the second season may have been the maybe the lasting him other than the next turn the lock out year. We raise our can t morleys six there like a four or five or six or something the ninety nine next turn the lack of a year, but for the most part it's the one or the to sit, and that's how gets so. I'm just remember how absurd was because it by Barkley searched here, yeah yeah now I'm just I'm just doesn't, which your finals there I wanted, has doubled What they were that year, as I think it was, they met a man. A six year was sixty sixty two sixty, oh Red is rapid up the past. I had the ads, they finally came out. Seventies.
There's minus seven hundred. Why plus five hundred I'm just saying, raptors minus thirty uninjured magic, plus eight hundred nuggets minus two, twenty five spurs. That, when ninety, what am I missing met this ass, a thing- that's gonna, be all, but it is national doubt about Denver and sent in Tokyo breadth of infrastructure, so that psycho patriots type thing yeah sake. Let it wasn't. There was no number we are talking about last week. Was it a tiger numbers ridiculous ass, like one of those those are always different, as they have to pay to set him for all the monies? south minus six hundred paces pause for fifty blazers plus one, twenty thunder minus one, forty thunder favoured as sixty while pistons plus two hundred two thousand, he gets the bucks minus ten thousand, and then I.
Rackets, minus four hundred jazz plus three twenty those other, although skewed to judge should be closer than buying arbitrary. I wouldn't buy that plus three twenties tasty The best bet on that whole borders, Brooklyn, plus five hundred those ads, are great. You you ate one game, Philly win game on I've just so promptly. You have like this one like when we do this on Sunday right we're doing this inevitably like what the fuck was. I thinking with broken Well, I'm going watching with an entirely different level of anticipation. Why? Because just going to be riding out this Simmons roller coaster. What that serious? It you have to bet Brooklyn. Now, I'm asking you to tell me to it. It is like the chemistry, I'm not telling you you're, like it's the camera. Refiners, though it's a team that has incredible chemistry. And sat down it. I better call and a better courage. It's a coach and chemistry series and a family that'll be like so into it, verses.
Team that we don't have injured. A beat is by others. One thing that look ever meet these her her as a classic upset feeling even beads hurt her all its doesn't table he's healthy when you go, like how many, how many sixers would you pick before you pick your first net dead, the best as the serious baby, so you it Russell after Tobias Harris, Sir actually Progresso. Third, I love Russell by I believe it would you pick Russell over seventh. We just spent all his chunk of his back as Direct Simmons, an average magically placing an arab everybody here s. What we ve been doing for such a long time and in you watch email agreement for these play. Ass, this is such a qualified you gonna take Russia. Are you taking Russell Second, after an bead and then the restless exercise I think I'd take bud.
Second Russell Third do. We know it's indeed over Journal Allen. Do this caveat yeah and being inserted valleys healthy, don't stay away snow bet, women. I thought that was gonna, hear all premise: it was chemistry, it was it was you even why fans land I sign up for its lined up. But if you need me better than our army at an and unhealthy indeed, bb. This be if shouldn't, if going to. If this is the team that all the Philly fans scream all the time then go smashed. The nets It's, like other, beat the nets beat than that say that This is the J J erratic commuters. Get a phone covers. Only immediately was like he bought one of our penthouses. As a great I don't know They are right again travels to fill in that no at the home. The road games will be home. Games from the ringers outrage, Erech. So
I would say most realistic, upset Unita. And then I don't even feel like it's going to be that big of an upset. It's just going to be hard enough. You go four thousand and fifteen and ten, and if he loses it's going to be this I fell for it again thing if you're right, it's in your most scared for Chris Pause, hamstring injury that hasn't happened, it ray what are your predicting a hamstring Polynesia site if I'm rackets, faint I'm just. How can I get through next two months with Chris Paul being on the floor point thirty three minutes ago: do the Rockets have the widest variants of magazine? Listening you talk yeah.
The immediate, I think them unfairly had the biggest cause. I don't they Boston has any chance of the title of the accused and in Philly could at least make the files and if their J, it could come together for them in a row I could have the final say: let's go thou warriors and I picked the rafters the beginning. Season, which was weird software, is rafters legal worries raptors. I just wanna. Do some definite everybody was doing golden stay. Boston saws like I'm, I'm deserve credit for I go and stay lucky I want that one more than I want anything else, but there is a part of me that looks at the rafters and how many guys they played, and I got they played everybody all season longer than one seat. I have used in Milwaukee two days ago. Are you serious? I really did I told you, I bet the Rockets to win the title, know I'd that's, but that's cause. You got the great odds
and I really thought here's was. Is gonna win the title and now that it's a fucking gauntlet to do you don't have game seven at home for three rounds in a row that. It's really hard. You need one of the all time re placed for that off. Houston had a came many years ago. Spoken are just think what port liming this disagree with endless, offering Portland wanted. Utah talk, get them and could Sacramento anyway I call city or leg. These guys wanted no part of us abrogated them anyway. It was Two in the regular saw, my guy tried a tank. You couldn't pull that off and you got us end. You're hurt.
So we won't have no Jim Corner no reread above other gimmicks, regional body, that son and I will come back Senate. I had taken a late, so you had that on Ura New Pact S box on Monday morning sounds good, ran Risa pleasure as always. Listen to you and to a threat in areas. Pamparsan, that's right! Dual throbbing part! Three in power for the backup kubi stories come up front door yeah and Josh MC great thanks. I thank to disown don't forget to sign up, create an account download the disown up in the upper Andrade. Appstore start watching other great content across nearly any of your devices D, a z and don't forget about tat. The friends the Sunday night and the Ringer on Twitter, feed or hashtag talk the firms just go to a train or whatever you want to go to my Youtube Channel watch all the great game of Thrones stuff that we put up youtube dot. Com
I dont forget about other stuff. We have come in Sunday night, notches game thrones, but this package come back later. I remember, show and fair way wrong which thou hast react in the masters and, if you, MR, we Abbas, we did a major league- and I was man, member Brown- and it was a barrel. Alas, really good bye I feel the James coming next week for four three watch was ass. Well, so the weak and enjoy the great television and draw the great sports and see you answer me: one way.
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