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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo 30 minutes before the NBA trade deadline to discuss the trades that have already happened as well as the one coming through at the eleventh hour. They point out desperate trades, teams who didn’t do enough, and more (2:08). They finish up by discussing the Red Sox's trade of Mookie Betts to the Dodgers (1:53:10).

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Freeze up so the business Pakistan the Ringer Pack has now work is brought to you by super cruder, zip recruiter. They work hard and they were smart. Unlike some of the teams in this and be a trade than they were about to talk about their tools. To make our more efficient, effective, some say it's, the smartest with higher the power for technology scans does resonates. Five people were experience for your job. The Tec doesn't stop their superior, so effective. Forty five imports of persons of crew, quite candid, through save them first day. Try it for free at Super Dekom slash be ass. I didn't we watch was this week about once upon a time, and you already did it. How did it already is? One of my fair removes the last five years I dunno with the whip. Should I say, ten years, it's unbelievable. I love that freedom of ETA window and best picture the favourite the parasite. Now, nineteen seventeen is the family. It is it's good there, so much parasite this week. So we did everyone
was the big picture is break down. All the Oscars adds that stuff. We also data did book a basketball, packets, but Kobe this week you had a couple cast this week. Rousillon our move, we're moving were basically go once a week. Nba all the way through the second week of July, your cutting down to probably to pack has weakened feed, probably one that serves the rigour. Next, I guess what I ran away the air. By do you need to and the third one with me right right By the way are we have, we got adds lobby coming back, I don't like watching it had to me it's it's on. Go and we wanted to give a shadow two mile, Grantline timid, any green Maud, he'd yeah wrote tv for us forever. And now he is the showrunner of a show called Briarpatch which premieres on USA network tonight watch it. If only for grantland coming up, Ryen Russillo and I are going to break down the tree,
my first, our friends from protein irritating alive trade, thereby ass, my name's persons who did this last year? I can't remember their work last year. Yeah I went away, leaving ran trades was the most fund trade last year. I think that was the wish that the georgian concentrate our chance to feeding let's go through the trades, the ones that have happened. The biggest one golden state takes a flyer Wiggans they get a top three protected. Twenty twenty pick Minnesota gets the angel Russell a start with Minnesota. This is it just a complete panic trade by Minnesota because
towns is so unhappy. He's lost a hundred games in a row. He starting this and our fears around the league that I'm aware of that she's bonds. He doesn't want to stay there, and I think Wiggans was a part of that and it was one of those luck you gotta do something. Do you think it is? directly, you got to get Wiggins out of here, or was it? Do you got to do something? I think it's? I think it's both good know when you, when you look at like tanking, announcing everybody tanks the same way, but this was kind of the version of it. Where you go hey it actually is working for these guys get like these guys are getting picked out. Granted the Wiggans Pick was the Cleveland thing would love, but in a whenever you tank for a few years, you hope to have these two pieces kind like right now at Memphis. You hope with jaw insurance actually alone. Ok, we'll get these two things are being
build on and you have to go to for two with those highlighted. Absolutely I mean in even Philly, probably whipped on two of the four right, but they ended up with two guys that we still know belittling there less likely be able play with each other. That was very early. We get a similar problem now that was the drinking game. People there shall Minnesota was. I think we got look at this by we ve got to think a wing guy who had the very worst. They twenty points, games Play lockdown defence and honestly, like he gets one, a game doesn't play great defence and then towns, you two years ago, The emperor was the number one choice, a who you'd want to start your franchise, where's, maize and now you're like look at these numbers and they keep losing all the time of the worst record since attending a star in the NBA. So Were you named him to your? Are miserable and being hammered out half way my cat than the average Bradley Bill? I just heard from some third parties was upset. He wasn't the captain. He vowed to up the stake.
With the affair was his girlfriend observant everybody there were but tat the last week or so really started. They look like he actually had like appendicitis or something on the court like it actually lose faith. There's something medically rotten just had crazy. You watch it and you know- oh my god, like this guy's, absolutely miserable, but Neither the irony of this is is that is the end Russell to fix here and I'm not meeting fix like hey you're, not contending the titles I'm talking about like if talent is this good and Wiggins was a disappointment and you think Russell like a perception of Russell now. Is that he's a much better player than Wiggins? I think that's something we can even talk about. Rustles completely revamped. Her I do know is that I would say the redemption of his career started last year were two years ago. I thought it was. A sort of a high usage can like up almost a pig rally
and then last year is I. This is gonna work. We know I golden state. Did it to have an asset instead of zero assets, it will get to their side of it, but this. Reeks of panic and all the other moves around it CS an outbreak I don't know what it means for them. As a team I give their. If this is really like. Some things was work. They should be a lot play off team throbbing too late this year, but never go backwards. Gonna stay gets Russell in the direct trade. They really smart. Actually our thoughts and teams there, because there are like in this situation, they realized, ran slaving and they go there anyway to savage. This Russell seems, like he's heading two Minnesota. We all know the broken gonna renounce rustle of psychiatry, Arkady, which then allow Minnesota just sign Russell goes. They gets proactive, they grab Russell a borderline. All STAR
guy who two thousand three hundred and twenty three and night and kind of fits in with where the least play now golden state just got a free looking in four hundred and fifty games and their like we're good. We'll get rid of this guy Frazier Wiggans. I look at that and in Minnesota my. Why are they so anxious to trade? This guy is more intriguing, think to me and look we can. We can talk. I really liked Russell Abstract. She thought it made more sense for broken and keep him than do the Cairo thing because of Crack Korea, the baggage stuff. They brings Russell ties into this problem on having with basketball general right now, where he can do these specific things really well, but that's all
do you consider my screen and he's really good at you can run narrow, little hop or whatever or you can do low. I so he's always twenty five feet from the basket he doesn't get to the free for line at all. I think he's a good guy to having your team and seems a good good character. Guy now, I'm not sure he'd be that fund a play with, and they obviously assess this and said disguised as an fit with clan staff. So that's a really good point, because you know when you watch Angelo and he's in college, I think the great thing with some stuff that he decisions he made with the basketball like it wasn't just hey. Let's run this screen role, as do all these things, and when you get two years ago here this straight real, like this is like almost borderline Westbrook level, yes edge in you're, not as productive as Westbrook and any plays a little bit like when hardened used to playing a lot. I pick unroll stuff and it's a kind, ask why we hate it. Is it
like our own food from the basket. You guys all stand here, I'm reduced have its productive, but I think for them and psych worry what is this? Ultimately, when staff and click on back? This isn't how we want a letter You think it's a good question, because I did talk to somebody earlier in the week or, unlike what do you think, on site trying to do here and when I first heard like, Wiggans and by the way, the peace they move out here, I'm assuming they got under that repeater tax there moving out Evans, anymore experiment in this deal too so gone state wanted the tax. Leave, although I dont believe was a mandate based on people that I talk to you that there are still going to be okay going into this summer with there Pick a runaway thou tat was bullshit. They want to get in no, I know they wanted to. They try to trade murky bats and they realized. He was another thing. Do you think the movie? Its thing is just a Hulu ad is there any chance? I just just Jaeger where the movie beds download it later zombie. So this is the
that I think like its guilt because like, when the warriors do at that, their smart but nobody, everybody. The basket. Community was collectively off of Wiggans yeah, but I really think from just a basketball fit position only based on people. I talk to that goal and state liked Wiggans with that back court better than the Angela Cutaway same staff, He's also twenty three and eight that be a really sneaky. I give you did of all right now, who's Whereby General Russell forget. It said the flaring glare beard, the stats you like wait. They have this same stats, he's Only how old is eight? Ninety, ninety five, twenty four. I think he did Let's rock it yourself, it awakens right now that I'm not because I think he gives them more flexibility when playing curry come back there and if our own state, that's what they believe so that you just guessing its true yeah. So if you're gonna stay, you look
new guy. We just got a fifty game sample size, a rustle, here's Wiggans. When clay inquiry come back, we have dream and what kind of person do we want in that third spot? Next to those guys, we want a guy who's, a wing whose interchange I want a small for unpaid defense. He can play.
As a small for asylum, hundreds defences, but were passing more- I mean you know, but if you're, but if you're gonna stay, you look at Minnesota and you're like this- is a top three team. You'd want to trade for a town togae from this guy said how many coaches he had tebbs. He had the guy before Tipsy as Saunders Phillips, carry on that. That right is all about and dysfunctional team town, certainly not the guy who could be the best poorer in a really good team. I dont think just based on his personality and you're, like you fact, this is a distressed asset that your grabbing put him in your gone state system. You have without the shooting coaches he's, got the best locker room he's around guys who play their ass off everyday, Le Currie and dream on a click real prose, and you put someday like that with those guys, and it's like embarrassing if you're not working as hard as though it's embarrassing. If you don't give a shit during the game because those guys really give
So I should think it's a good bet. I think it's the one team he could have gone to that. Maybe he can be salvaged as a real impact back and they get minimal protection, top three protection and twenty twenty one and pick they get the second round or so they are getting extra in here. There's also warriors back. That's why you you added! Russell, you add in all these different pieces. You know they ve revamped alot of a second half of their rotation. With all these other secondary deals, are they ve done outside of his big one other Covington deal and then the other Memphis deal which came through by well they're, probably looking at me like hey, you guys, are still to be bad in this respect and say now, if scythe tat bright, and so why could have to top five packs? And the other thing is you: you need a big contract. If you,
make a trade and that's all awaiting this could be a peace where you're like will give you one of these first round packs with Wiggans, now give us somebody who's actually better than Wiggins and your back a business. They had no flexibility, in my opinion, if the rat leaves- and they get nothing so the way they have played this this. Agenda stack they built it's pretty good did not only ignores all right. I with Wiggans Wiggans is tradable. Somebody has to take a chance on him, but he might actually be good for them. Yeah that that's how everything in this deal has to be looked at. As that. The dumb organizations, got me lost her aunt right, we'll see what happens now. Let's, let's kick the tires and whose left over in two weeks we or does the really dumb organizations on June thirtieth would have been saying.
I don't know rich rich climb and said: he'd call us it three. You never know we make changes by. That's like the really Denmark advising on the border with the next. By raising reviewing David FUCK D, they knew they knew. This was going and I think the fact that they proactively were able to get an answer I was really impressive, rustles good I'd like Russell. I just don't know for that team. If you make sense, this is his destiny with towns, where team in our net twenty two years ago. Now it's us two guys who can put up thirty in any game. They'll be more find, the energy will change. They'll start Killin wagons in those are leaking stuff right. But I do think they have to leak stuff from, and you can watch wigand zone for years and go pay there We need a little bit more out of you. Man like you, can't be the invisible man. We tread art bad Napier straight for George Mccrae Soul, I couldn't get him get Wurzel about laboratory.
Jabez Napier, so it out and they drafted in any left more trades. We gotta go through slippers, got Marcus Morris, Knick knacks got heartless and a first That is really the first, as somebody who has Cooper season tickets and was really room for them to get to the files. I hate this trade for them. I watch Marcus Moors on the subjects for three years. I think on the right team. He has a purpose and as real value, he is a ball stopper. The bar goes to him in it stops and, if Whatcha Coopers, really carefully Georgia's Abbas stopper in a lot of ass, quite a boss, stopper, although he is why. Blue Williams, give the bottom house at the pic: that's a ball stopper, it's a team or nobody's moving ever and now you're riding a guy who's, basically statue, and if you're throwing the ball, he's going to take seven seconds to decide what to do so. Now I have Kawhi Paul George
Harold WEBS all standing indifferent spots, while Marcus Morris's deciding what to do- and you know the votes thereby while he's a good open, three point shooter, he was never comfortable than Boston she wanted to The problem with having I lay Marcus Morris's with a minute left down one game? Several of the western conference finals he'll think he should shoot. Yeah he'll be guy. Actually, quite let me take this, that's where you can have a guy like that. I don't like the truth. I can't believe it there we agree in you had such a bad time. Morrissey you had an extra years, Boston Run. It was only there to you. These three I my way I felt like three. Ah, he was a really nice car. Practice in Boston had em. I she thought it was kind of like a low key. Like all that's gonna smart deal cuz. You know this guys in rotation. You know that he can play. He is shooting the cover off. The ball is forty four percent from three right now and six attend,
again in a blunder gambler, I mean nothing now he's getting a ton of touches. I get it. It's twenty times catches, but he looks right now, like the best version of him yeah, but I do think it's a by product of like what that team has. So the next get back this first round her It probably, as we learn more about that's, probably one of the hardest things during this real time as I. Oh, it's. Actually, this kind of protection, although this is actually The deal is for our. It is. It's probably the twenty fourth pick in what might be the worse draft in twenty years. Yes, They were getting ready so that all remember tools like you do next. I want to trade and because it feels like a neck, it feels like Oakley feels like mace any Physic ok. You d believe one inch of battle I didn't, but the language, even I rode, never chairs God made so much said to me: that's like you're putting them on the black yeah not a lot of teams like when the cliff or maybe linked to some other people in you're. Gonna can move lander sham it and I like Landy Shamming, like the sisters, would love to have landed sham it still for for what he is, but like sometimes
like our hopes, are how hire you rating the seventh eighth Gaudy avenue team, more or less nor eleven forty five year, so we haven't or other trades? Yet to me like, green, is a guy like that I don't have the workers are traded or not, but, as I know, the country, Danny Green is greatest they'll trade, Dana Green Thou Trade, whoever they can get if they feel they can get a third star but laid out there, Lakers rumours with Morris's, okay, it starts with Kuchma, and now we have it and Uruguay me. Why would you want more ass, more than Kuchma Hidell? Now, I've always aware. Why would you want to try to Gaza? Two million dollar contract for a guy he's afraid too makes fifteen yeah. I honestly, like I think, What is really talented if you keep shooting like this it'll be worth? It is not going to put up the same kind of production, but the biggest problem maybe it's more more chief but mark has had in Moldova to activists to me is facing it.
It's not shoving another guy when you're down twenty and you lost and found those guys had watched it enough. Maybe it's more marquis when he was with the wizards, but it just go. You know, I know you guys are big, tough guy, your physical, but but being mad is not always being tough and in their betimes your light. Can you just uses taking the cheap shouted someday right now? Is the games already lost like we need you to be tough in the first quarter? I actually that Denver was the team that made the most sense for him, and I I do like more us on the right team. I'm just saying he's on the right in the Coopers, where he's gonna really have to take a step back and be a compliment around thing. He wants to do that, but if your Denver, where that team is gonna, ebb and flow in a play officers,
any on whether Jamal Murray's feeling in Iraq, as is our last any desire me, a twenty eight through three core ass nice ass. You did yesterday in your language. I get it. I only the path to Deborah women inside out and others that they're doing then yoke it's down the stretch, but I wish they had a third guy who, when worried as inhabit game for the second round in their point somewhere in yoga chest refers. You can indeed that guy's like I got it I'll, take some shots and now is the best markers Morris clouded legacy Kyrie went out that you're doing the playoff run. They were games when, like Tatum and Deer in the headlights, brown head deer in the headlights, Rochere can't make anything in Morris is like. I got this guy and he'll actually make some shots. I don't think that's what the clippers needed. I actually thought if I was gonna use, that heartless thing in a pack I wanted to ask you that improving the hero spot cause. I don't think they're big enough in a Laker series. I just don't know about:
beating him out and previously out improve the shame at spot, because that was the one words like. I want a better version, the shame it who is it is it a J, J Erratic type, the survey Virginia going anywhere doesn't luxurious going anywhere. Dinwiddie name was all over the place last couple days, so I know what that is, then we could add aimed at all miserable team, as is the starting point guard, because as soon as the Cairo stuff in and out, you ve just see it like a this way more fun. When I'm doing this, we are winning aims was only, but maybe you, trade for a guy who's got a contract next year too, because here the clippers, you have no way to improve next year's team either you have all these contracts that are packed assert way and you have heroism free agent and you don't have really the ability to grab anybody, but if you grab somebody who's make in fifteen a year for next year you now have this. Other assets is a problem, the Celtics, a bad, the Escobar years, where. They don't have that one tradable contracts and they're not these trade, because I don't have it they? Never.
No over. Where our next year we have the Georgie Dang contract he's fine. The inexhaustible when again Georgie George George could occur. No it's a times one. I screwed up all the time. You know I have pronunciation dyslexia. What what's going on with the princess bride? Look at it! You I'd go for the same. I knew I had a big straight, thereby thing. I want to know where I had look at one of the three musketeers I was didn't change into something nice. So you sums up our thundered last verdict thumbs up her thumbs down from Arcas Morrison covers, To me, it's a man like I'm, not I'm not so much. It's a math, yeah yeah, there's times right. The clippers. I got light as slew Williams, thing, always gonna work and the playoffs. I got all these. Rose always gonna work. Images were Montrose. Energy level is so high that he's like already at play of energy levels on early worry about him. Would you, rather than that or zoo batch heartless and a number one for Tristan Thompson who could actually play for me and crushed? I am against
hackers Tristan still moves really. Well, I guess it's it's something we just ignore it and I watched calves games. Ah, yeah, because otherwise you watch is actually unplayable surplus match. Absorbency that I love that David there, like he's an asset look, the status p are starting to make. You are for big, they don't play eyes, always you're, not you're, angry repay him in the fourth quarter of the really important laughed, and he will not be in the five actually really like your Denmark. As the mill sap thing like eating play last night milk, they had a really short rotation and of getting a really nice, It's a jazz team that you're gonna the judgment when this game like they're up again, they have another run, and then they ran all this to man stuff with just I mean they always run Most of us you're, gettin married, but last night was so exaggerated, where it was like hey you three guys were seen over there. They had no Porter Junior so tender really has a chance of coming out of the west. I would have loved to add a score or light more oh yeah. I completely agree with that about what a better fate would be, but everywhere, these tradesmen like hey. Would you rather done this? Instead, I do think we make that mistake
as you like. Oh I don't like this. Trade is ok, but what else do we know? There was actually even obtainable right and I think we made a mistake alot while so with correct either for a second year. The kindly thing knock it. I know my way I had some pointedly it was good, but it was so bad defensively. I always thought he is pretty frisky pensive way in music about as those grizzlies teams in two thousand twelve thirteen fourteen, bring him Antonio and in the ILO. Is that, like its pre high level perimeter day, what we saw last, I was alarming and the fact that Denver was basically torturing him in there like. Where is he? Let's go get em an offence? If I'm a? U tough, Anum alarmed and.
I was wondering if he was a possible trade target today where he like. If they went over my city there like will give you kindly for Chris Paul and will take that extra Chris Paul you're off your hands were thrown are two thousand twenty two. First, any you tat say: that's a ladder Chris Paul get you can too. Years after this forty four million both play a great this time as big as one of the best twenty two personally quite early, is that when Paul showed up there, globally and arrest. You were to do this. You know we want to end a brisk pause. I pay your whole rest plan. Now, I'm not doing it. He's a good man. I'm finally had a normal basketball for the fertilizers idea they were like theirs is worrying, mapped out, form and bows, like you have that right except I loved hearing that story and its work there. But that's so when you talk
I like. Let's give call me a little bit more time before ready, write em off, but it was so bad that they actually switch it up where they put Ingles on Murray and then Denver was really small. Because then they ran Morris off some like wings screen where they ended up with Morrison calmly, and then he worked em and I was like a man like this is this: is bad and I was really really impressive. Denver did last night to close that gap. It was a little like it was like a playground thing where everybody's throwing the bothers the one kid in the middle and they're throwing the ball over his head and playing keep away with where it's just a guy at this is cruel guys. Can you just stop your torch? fortunate! That's how I felt for kindly yesterday were just that. He was at this specific point of his career, which allowed NBA per head really gone back. I now,
I'm out, I know is I have to say that the nickel back on the play off team that just every play is being run. Are you really my tweets were content? I said he looks like a coronet was called from the practice. Guided me, thou idea, that's our even busy Can we give commonly like another couple weeks before rate asthma retire. How hurt do you think he's still is. He was really good on often yes, I've actually, like he's gotta, be ninety plus percent healthy here with Sir, where I was. U time ever probably get across pass in the first two rounds and I'd be alarmed. If our then you know, I did the classic, like observation, verse prediction things and go back early Duncan autumn, yet Duncan on catch, and then you go yoke achieved this absurd stepped back there
for him, you like wait a minute. Are you bored and you took that shot or did you just go? I want to see if this goes in and then he likes thirty twenty ten triple double so Where does year of any good player? This isn't it? here's a grandma's by the coroner your leg is this guy he heard is about these surgery and then you watch. Another creature like eyes are the best they pose the league. Eighty just really depends on the coroner any has like five or six goofy moments, every game we're like if he touches the ball when he was a stu of all right? Here's a question for you, though, do you think that, during the course of his his game, his arms gets so read from just all the all the interior play that is passes become hearted attack because the balls the same skin color as his red arms
as everybody else. The hot pointed this out. It is like he is in the hall of Fame of a rare treat your trade. Ok, so that the three team are now desire, Thomas going through the Coopers mix reviews at him, monsieur yeah wait, wait anytime. You talk about ASEAN summit like are nevertheless yet is so. There is a tweet. The cell takes basically chief Smith at key Psmith NBA. He said one of the themes heavily engaged: Ronald Reagan, trade taxes, the Boston Celtics, not However, I was told that there was a terrible anger whose Morey Special on that one city
Imagine running a team where you're, just like sitting in your office having lunch at one thousand two hundred and thirty and then some sweet comes out, you're heavily engaged in talks with Clint Capela. Next, Darrell DEC, as I do, that I reject well you, because you know what happened like the deal was closed. The fourteen deal with capella and then my favorite capella Doubt was you see the lowest rank player to ever be somebody classified as we need, and this kind of the other conference Who's been less talent, I kind of like click, capellan certain spells say as I concur powered. I think there The problem is going to come back to hide them. I think click compel, as should be the floor of we gotta get. If you move this guy is no fuckin way. We can go through him I am more red blotches on their body Larry, Baroness Nicholson, luggage. In their frank, YO, kids. I think I'll go lapse self a little bit. It looks like he's, had a
physical, where his head blood drawn Brian. He acts only fell down the stairs. So when you watch yoke each night and I've I've done this com before, like he looks like disorder, heavier kid that doesn't have any friends at recess, likened fifth or sixth grade and he's You then everybody, but the cork. It still pick on him and then he said secondary, says, he's absolutely had and starts. Beating the hell out of four kids at the same time is ready as burgers coming down as now chinese outwork hands about one of the fight. Video cast a cow follows yeah right. There's still already thirty. Second fights the bad guy. I think playground broadband thirty second fights. That's definitely one of the things that you get over there you go check here. I can't watch this. I follow at these five of those accounts and I actually think I have a better sense of what works and what does it work now if you're fighting somebody outside I like your better fighter, just based on Taipei like yeah, but if it ever happens, I I know what you don't want to go backwards. You don't want to keep your heads up like this. You want to be forward and and fast right
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On live weight, we talk about were used in, did sash on you, Houston, traded, clink, Capella and Chris Paul in two first round picks for Russell Westbrook Robber Covington in Georgia, in a gorilla Jordan Bill, If you look at those two traits together, I think Chris pause the best part in the trade. I'd rather have him than Westbrook the wake response. By this year. They basically got the second and fourth best person the trade trade. I think cupolas more viable than come at them. So they are. The four percent got thing at the second and fourth best where's the season and give up to first round picks, and now they have no size.
Please idiotic. I dont understand it. I dont know if the owners telling dare to do this, that this step is so those traits are so uncharacteristic of out there all his boat that teams, it's o six we're just thrown away. First Pompey Darrow hoarded, first round pacts like the fuckin uncut gemstone that cagey had he never wanted to trade first Round picks, and this was a shitty one. He certainly did now protections on them at all this shit they did. He was a guy. There was coming up like middle protection. Take terror was inventing yeah. He was in better light. I get burned, derives from PIG and Covington. When a Celtic Sixers plasters two years ago was one of the few peace for the Celtics, because it was a can you I really hope Covington should this time in the bodies and go to the guys who were the good, often suppliers, and then he turns into this alleged massive asset which agrees good defensively. But that seems like a sideways moved me worse. I don't care Ok, I don't think there's any one who
Darrell and he'll, never admit it could see. Worst were people, but he's never told me. That's like, as I joke about sniper that close S, atmosphere, a borderline food. There would never be any one that will convince me that he wanted to trade for Russell Westbrook and that contract it just doesn't make any sense. I hate Who do you want? You know who I'm really looking forward to adding to the seam? Is somebody that's like a massive like historic, high usage guy, that's getting less efficient, who can't shoot when everything is about shooting now in my old rosters, about shooting, I want a guy that can shoot and we can talk about off, ball cuts and other stuff, but Harden Westbrook or to the least interested off ball players that are really good that ever seen like once they're off the boss. I don't want to do this, so I don't think that was a general call at all. I think you said all the right things: That's my educated guess and then, with this I'm sure, they're still another thing to drop here for Houston to add some kind of big depth: Post Capella.
Back, but I imagine that they just thought he was gonna. Keep spreading this whole thing out, but I do think it's a fair question to ask his coming to become kind overrated through all this, a hundred percent right hunters, but he was going watched a fairly boss dancers two years ago. He was a detriment to their team was as timely he runaway you'd. Almost thirty is twenty nine. Yet it's kind of feels a little like Gerald Wallace, but Gerald Wallace was like filthy at one point of soldiers that view tweeted that I was stolen out for the package and pretend it seemed to her ass. A really good one. Can I ask you: this is another trade, all Georgie, dang, Georgie, gonna Memphis for James Johnson, James Johnson, on another time like that Georgie dang, I thought he was a guy. I was kind of secretly hoping the Celtics would get, and I confirm the contractors
like that he's an expiry next year, but his that's bad. This. Your actually thought he played half these in the next two tents. Yet he's been mad Minnesota for a long time I get. Can we talk about the Dave, Jacobus Trust triangle for a second? What it is you copy? Scrape theories about I'm sure of stone liberally there's three people and they know each other really well at some point to the people's loyalties, is gonna surpass the third person? Okay, so let's take me jail and inextricably, for example, of very close to both of those guys, that's a tough on, because I think we all kind of trust in each other.
Let's take like me, you and Kyle. Ok, that's actually related around my marriage. I trust triangle. If you tell Kyle something odds, are he's gonna tell me you. I knew that, but you know that, but some people you might overpower you Ebay, empower Kyle bag. He don't tell bill this, but he still gonna tell me cause. I win the trust triangle between the three of US trust triangle, Darrow, Murray,. Tell me for Tita James Hearted, derogatory, whose third, if hard in, is telling the owner we gotta get Westbrook.
When she data, which he did and then the two of them right, overpowered, thereon, trust, tranquil and his eye you gotta do this. This is James Watt, says, is very important to me. We may James happy. I think we should really go get Russia Westbrook in Darras, like all right, I'll talk to SAM, maybe they'll do a straight up and SAM's like I want some picks, there's a war that do that goes back to the trust triangle, and I know you didn't you missed. Instead, we we want Russia, Westbrook and now he's giving up to first aren't picks and that there are one of the things he did say, though, that just a theory right which was just a absent friends there, but he I've never talked about that. I swear I, my kids, you I don't mean. Are you during the very end, scuttle butter, Emily that maybe he'd who want to make their trade or because he, I dont, think that he did. I don't I don't feel like. I have to hear from him directly that he was. I accept,
want to make that trade in part of being a good employ would be never admitting it to u his friend anyway, yet but we summon begging with common, seem pretty pessimistic as I now What do you mean? I told them? They were gonna Trade Cross Party, so we're not yeah. Any aid was like just almost feet: the best team in the leg and we ve won. We went sixty five games two years ago. I would I trade Chris Polly had all think and by the way the Westbrook deal you you had to give up picks because Westbrook was considered the better player, Paul's injury history was Brooks. Never I mean look, he's had injuries but, like you feel like was pursuing a hold up. Although his declining athleticism scares me at least we saw this year but to be fair to Westbrook I ever since it looked just abysmal, he has played better he's had like a nice scoring run here
All of this is real. I don't you talked about on those two guys, the players, but he's he's thirty. Nine million forty one million forty four million and then a player option for forty seven million, so he's got that extra year as the extra. Yet he has the issue and you gave up first, but what Darrell one nice thing Darrell did site. I thought pod, the luxury that's borough. Now now my dear girl was like one thing you ve been saying when I dont think makes utility Priscilla was he does your whole thing, unlike how overrated the last like the back end back third of the first Pixar. So that something you're just seeing, I find my twenty seven yea by GM love going. All we only have to first coming in here, like ok, be drafting a kid from my Virginia tat book. It aside tax dead three first last year that
play more than twelve minutes ago, yet they had multiple years with these three picks and just go on as it is great and speaking to South Ex Adam him back pearly sources. The subjects did not make a trade before that. But oh five minutes past. Yes, I value in its past. Seems a good temper break, let's take a right to talk about our friend Chris Long who about the that guy at what a victory lab for him after an incredible stretch of money, is on. You are Podcast America into it? I miss it besides, there's going sweet, know you and no Chris one. I know I feel like I got to come out of the gates on Monday. Would like a big guest couple things in the works? No, don't worry about it. I'll be right. After Oscar Sunday, though she never know, I've been invited out. Corset tops was the co host this week we get hurt, best friend pod yeah, and I know I know how people felt about she could storyteller Great Story Fox, but she invited me to some Oscar stuff the Sunday, so who knows why
into. Without that carry oughta, be, I might add, but Chris on yes, Baddingham Jock media, he didn't disappear, he is still sharp media. You can check it out there you to channel he s eyes up his own pack asked what she's gonna continue do right. Yeah, you don't know what I have on buzz, thereby failing spirit that he's never asked me the early media, Jack Media. I can arrange that immediate light. You feel like it should come from him. I don't want a middle man, he oddly enough for Chris on that's. Finally, I guarantee is the opposite of that. It's him not thinking you would do it so go to Youtube channels. Gottschalk media the radio interviews like his errand Donald thing when he sits down with him, they start chat and its awesome like this. Their first minute talking line technique. Keener Donald when I watch out, like oh, my God Assembly so gets up check it out, Chalk media Chris on great job. We love to have the Ringer, let's get back to the, but we're back to talk about what the let's get
we're chives trader, LAD, Everley yeah, pistons trade without our cap crap, you John hence, and forty four, gee. I don't know where our these, I think wasn't here. He on the Louisville team with perverts. Allison is ignored, Carolina guy, but only replacing it with the other North Carolina table, Rashid boss of its Carter, go back them up. I am They have no idea how long is banned in the week he's been around He has a weird like young face with old hairline two thousand and fourteen calves game in Boston over the Holidays- and I saw it as I was headset you're telling me doing here ever have a moment, your life and this guy just get more touches for I hid it. Could be the very thought manager string being centres? Are gonna come around so pistons get a bunch of crap calves get Andre Drummond. In a Germany other Kevin love. It basically try to break the brain of any
and who's ever believed that any sort of matter- basketball, so Drummond this one. This is all speculation here. Ok he's a twenty eight point, seven player option for next year, but we know not all free agents. There's not many cap teams of cap space, and you just play the bad team and I get a little worse one. I'm during this- is one of the deals where front office has targeted age. They go hey. You know what you want to do. Ok! Well, how are you do this? How are you in you get another year, Drummond still young enough. I watched the whole Drummond. Game. Last night. I want to watch the innate in energy. So I did do that. I was gonna, get ready. You go another level, the may we are like eating Augustine says I have not yet you're looking sunk years. Warmly changes like twenty zero, his airplane, the saga lagoon Rubio is great for eight and eighty cuts hard says it right there
What's it, like German puts up these absurd numbers, like I just going through a seven straight years, a newborn off its remaining colonel league, he's up to be the number one rebounding player for the fifth straight year. He's been number one in defensive, win shares twice three years of one thousand seven hundred and sixteen and is free, throws are gone for, like thirty percent to sixty percent and yet you watch it and you go. He carried his guest of all. And he looks around if you don't like it We have thought this. Guy was awesome in the nineties, because this tree, is, lay out a German. I do want em and honestly the peasants got enough. Four minutes only that one year there has to be some understanding coolby. All men in the agent here with German, going like what do you think your plans gonna be, and maybe we'll figure it out. This is where I am glad I'm here, because this is one of the few things I'm really good at is
tying in the universe is tying useless. Mba history for the past fifty early to occur and where there is always a centre like this. That puts up statue nowhere with them and you go back to like, while fellow man than I think, sixty suicide bomb, a man you look at those stats man, but a big numbers, and that there is this I put the summer book. Theirs is rendered George Peseta. Who is like the legendary. He was like that the work of the nineteen sixties no kidding, and he said. Ah, he said while Bellamy was the skeleton of the twenty thousand point Club was won his lines about him because everyone does the sixties as I go about fucking guy you're, not wearing them. As I give chamber, lady of rustle of others, that's like I've. While Bellamy teams are taken chances item, I think the next traded him fur add the butcher and then end up going on there all run, but he's like so you go through the the decades in its I get in the aid
it was Joe Barry. Karel de Witt wearily eighties ride, Benoit Belgium. But no Benjamin years ago, then maybe look Benoit per thirty six anyhow I through him outside your German, I think he's a bad guy. Just don't think you can actually when basketball games. If he's on your team as one three pies begets felony scored, it is yours as well are you thirty and twenty is year right? Sixty one sixty two, the Chicago Packers share, bless. He was using Indiana guy thirty one in twenty as a record, twenty eight and sixteen twenty seven
having seen the rebounding numbers, though, when you go back to that area, as you know how to act like this, the shot attempts how quickly they brought it down like paces deftly picked back up, and I want to go back and a person that stuff but anytime. I look at rebuilding numbers from that era. You go out. I was just it's completely away, but the drama thing I just don't know if he's gonna be expensive, there's no recipe to him, helping O actual passed him like a real team. Has a chance to go comrades. If he's eight billion dollars a year of his mantra ceremony, if he's like in the zoo batch spot, making seven million here for three years gray, but though the problem with these guises he's not gonna make that could somebody's gonna be dumb enough to go around seventy five. Three yeah up, and where are you going to do that? In no way is today's to man. I mean I look at it and go like woody work on eighteen, like woody work.
The twenty seven millions, a totally different thing, but would he would he be a plus, like you run down that resume, as I was looking at last that, like they're, so many great think if you're the GM in your introducing him, you have that whole thing rehearsed. You can't wait to say all those things that was like Chris Wallis when the treaty VIN Baker and he goes against east. He was a twenty one in twelve guy and immediately I go home, barely had internet that worked and I went through it now that was against sixteen teams are so pissed as you do you miss let us Chris Wars and forces twenty one bears and twelve shots. He added stature thea no trades for the Indiana paces. No trades for the Oklahoma City Thunder should mention that the US almost anything support, because a lot of people thought my amuse getting gown era when I want to talk about them are one. Second, we have to Miami Violets Woods. Do that would put a bow and calves, though I just don't, know this cobia urban, remembering at higher than it, was like a lot of great higher twitter with those with the writers. I just think he's been bad
really agree with all the other gave me dialogue over another Gilbert spent in the hospital Bryce nine months. I don't know how, above these anywhere, see many Reimer reason. The team there pulling together these two guards that aren't they complain together. I don't blame them drafting when they did with the two guys in digging like hey. We have two guys you probably create their own and get a shot go on in their both athletic, but there I get bad duplication. The lady love contract, which I defended at the time. Why don't you take the loss on it? You have is like what they hear that you didn't he are you don't want to get out of it, but it's like what they can foot that at some they'll be able to trade, and this has been one of the biggest disconnects in a league. If you talk to guys it's like waiting, I didn't know we're. Giving like we're. Hoping you up by taking loves com fact forever. Even like was like, I want my favorite things. I heard this summer like a bee line system. Like love, you get a lot for him. I got people forget even on the team. Now I had south expanse of my life texted me
You think we can get love for Heyward. I wouldn't mind you. I wouldn't do that in ten million years, where they wars covered, Kevin Love or Zena, plays a and b the five as he and I think, there's these guys that just have trouble fitting in with the way basketballs being played now and he's one of em drummonds another one and they basically double down her legs. But like a really good example of some of these guys. Are we absolutely adore because of the stats and euro cable was happening? Here I am actually knows you're bad guy right, you're, not winning ever in his numbers were inside. Gary Bounding numbers than he still searching the floor. I mean he was at an end. Ramblas Erasmus in the beginning Remo they did within like ok, that's great! You scoring always point you have always rebounds, but you don't defend and we're not closing the game with you there. Yet given the extra year. I mean we're doing a Kevin love bile pick here, but ah
but I think it's interesting that he wanted to illustrate a death. Two months ago, and they literally could not trying to get people were like no we're doing you a favor like you're, not treating us an asset. We are taking this off. So I dance I, I heard that I listened to our friends Windhorst and Zach couple days ago and when horse was talking about their shopping love like will take a first inspiring and teams were telling them know. You'll give us the first. If we're taking that we're not taking that, and let you give us something, and I thought that's that's a pretty. Last fairer for cabin love. Ok, let's talk about! Why do I just I don't you think it's worth mentioning like his Kevin love? The next two years is thirty. One point two, twenty nine in saying like were facilities,
two million plus. I know what you're saying away you're saying as Yanks. That's a hey! Look, restaurant fully, kids info! It's a trade! It's a trade peace that, like Michael Jordan, peak terrible Michael Jordan, trade would have been they are we'll take on skid have at some expiring form of Verona, first protected top five reading of up to much. Now you have this guy's, basically, nepotism, clogging about it. It's too bad, and I don't think this is necessarily cabin loves far, but sometimes when you that expensive, you basically priced yourself out of being on a good team, because any good team is gonna, wanna be paying twenty nine million dollars for a top three that actually help someone the title anything back to one of the most interesting I think fork in the road moments in the decade last decade was gone. Stay with the clay Thompson have enough
humbly. Alright, it's a ye ask do documentary about it sets up the next five years will be history and house put people were not just like publicly. I thought this was done it, but internally, where you had these two groups, and you had one side saying, do not show quite Thomson him and staff together. This is where basketballs going and the other side by arc of love. Twenty five in thirteen put and was deaf picked Ross yeah? Now we need a front core. We have debonnair, you remember. Clay is much like this, the outcome stories, amazing, obviously janius and another level. Like Butler inquire, like I always feel like guys at a great re right away, but we ve had a nice handful of players who, like some of those persons game where you go, it took a lot longer for these guys developments not normally how it works out here, but clay to a lesser granting. So looked in his improvement because he had had a stretch, their re look like he could not actually dribble. Every thing was very yet.
In everything he got was dependent upon somebody else getting him set up now he got better at handling, but I think one of things- and I know that I made a mistake with on him- was that you know amazing. That is that you can score thirty in trouble. Seven times some of these numbers that he's had over his career tat. He had forty and eleven rebels like what he thinks. It's insane What did he have? Sixteen three quarters are physically. One in three quarters ended by sent a tweet about how about I was when I mention Miami. It seems I there only ending up with justice. Ones are afraid of dollar seems like Jackson is arise at how this netted out really now coming. Costner Kevin concentrated about it, so they wanted to recycle
for an extra year didn't happen. I was shocked when I saw this trade for a couple reasons and then I'll send. I realise what happened. Somebody walk through that process, really quick, don't take, will take a long time to denominator. Quick. I think a good hour is at a really dangerous stage of his career physically, and I thought he broke down the last two seasons and I don't think he's the asset. People seem to think he is a big as a Greek I have. He certainly not submit our trade justice ones or for the counter with ones those that he has trouble stand on the court there. Just for whatever reason you can't keep up together, fray buds Ike. I thought it was incredible deal from emphasis where you have this guide as Wanna, be there anyway. I've much rather have a guarantee guy under a good contract there
in the twenty second pig in the draft or whatever you being offered. I didn't understand my mammy did this and that I understood so short term rally thanks David chance, maybe to sneak out of east and if it were dollar, is resembling the Oda who dollar great that's gonna, be a better asset for them, Windsor. More importantly, in the peace that on that, young people have hammered enough, he gets out of third year winces deal. I think Miami has been thinking about summer, two thousand twenty one, this whole time they want to get into that twenty one. When she bothers deal under contract, that's it is, you may make in thirty five thirty, six thirty eight million- I remember less. I think they want to go for yacht us as they want to go for a deeper those happy by my top to pigs for them and whoever asses available to it since only one, but I think this is about Janius about knowing that if you're gonna try to get your ass, he needs to be with a second guy, whoever that is
is already power. Who were there the fragrance of about twenty twenty one of them? There some gray runs, but she get your ass. You need him to have his buddy, his buddy cop guy. That goes with them in your area butler and place, and when making thirteen million dollars that summer is a problem and they could have gotten rid of that contract. Now cuz, I'm more flexible to the whole thing. So I think that's what they were thinking I played eleven games this year and the Time is ever really looks or of unlocked is only played point guard last year that has been the best stretch, a numbers I've seen from him they weave all fell in love with light what Winslow could be but yo if we do a part, two of that imbue support group thing like Winslow, be a candidate for somebody being like. Maybe it's time for me to give up here. So I know the smart teams are on him yeah, but because there's some advanced metric share with them and in how he fits in with the other guys that I think, is actually really positive frame like when he's playing when he's out there.
Do you think he's I do think is an asset, but all your eye and in George, can opt out Gordon Edwards up to kindly I mean it, I'm going through some of these guys, others, Anthony Davis thing, depending on how the data extension in all the depot. It was good to see him back last night in an epoch collapse against Toronto. People can understand. I hate Toronto gonna play their asses off those last couple minutes and oppress you, but you gotta put in some anti press stuff like Roger watch a college game you like did you guys never practice against the press, and it sounds funny that had happened. And be a guide. Yes, but it's the whole zone thing. If you played zone all the time you get killed. Eventually, you would. But when Do it you just screw somebody up if it really is out of care of your twenty five, 27in bunch of years in the league, it messes you up like okay, don't dribble to the corner, you know throw it back middle, throw it back or swing to the other side and like the pacers
down. I love. I want to see all the depot get back to what he was wearing. These had some shooting stretches here where they have been great, I'm not necessarily holding out against him but strange fit. With him and all those other guys will Dave. They really established a nice offensive chemistry without him. There really I don't why I think the way Brockden runs a team with the last time we were here together. I picked them for the Astor team yeah and then bonus in an you look it he's always idle red spires, but watching them. Last night thinking, they're gonna get that went against Toronto. Toronto goes in eleven run to close the game. I'm thinking this is a nice win from this group. Man, then really nice whenever granted, that nor piles out, but then Terence Davis steps up and what I want to talk about. Indiana second, Whenever we are none about Jack all its eyes lay I mean, I don't think it matters from Miami, because, due to the fact that duncan- MRS who he is watch a guy cut off the ball like there's Highschool coaches in Indiana right now,
cancel borne up rendered like I'm in a watch this and for their searching for him and Duncan ravages in that country. None is a little bit like Lou Williams. Is my hero? Ok, I little of non will I put the fact that he is that is insane and then the fact that hero who kind of like the odd man out early on the head have added. If you include butler and bands improvement, bans. Young from my hey nice little guided. I can't believe the decisions that he makes as a guy playing the five in this game. That's like five new duties that all this team out right now and that's where I think they look at Winslow going yes, but your ego dollar concerns, probably fair to buy, think dab, say decided once I wouldn't be playing crunching for them afghan. No chance I mean he's not play a now. They Ecuador gives them the veteran. The potential lacked our guy. I'm just really dubious that he's gonna help them. I think he first thirty, six years old, I'm gonna miles- I am, I think, he's got like what he's got like over
seven hundred regulars isn't games, and over a hundred and forty or hundred fifty Plath camps and those play Afghans, count as I one and a half every plant game counts as one and a half games there so intense. I started to think too and yet now it was happened last couple years and I'll go through the the game. Logs legislating, that's a tough position to keep going at a high level one year when you're. Third, sex with other shit that he's gone through in the various injuries add to expect answers. Swain up to play authorised for use seems a little river I feel like I'm somebody who, like as a three point, she read how congratulations chair within their Carson who, more guys who think they should play on the lake. Alison blacked out better, been out there, where there was
the clear precise I spent bad Toronto stuff, look. I know basketball really well, I did not see the Rondeau second half of his career, just turning into that kind of not really an asset stay happening. Yet we remember what he has a rival, though I know in New Orleans and your legitimate. Kind of the random things. Are you think everybody's critical of you? You just proved- how much you mail in at times I mean he's got his whereabouts was like an aeroplane events last couple years, yet it granted it. You would just admitted it. Thought physically. He was moving around really well the beginning of the year watchmakers games. Unlike look at this guy he's, not he lay guard Re Hibbert where the Lee just moved against him, and this really dramatic way and reduced this guy and two thousand ten was the best practices with the broad James and back to back and be Pierre. He out played Lebron James and applied
says and sent him our backing regime Rhonda remember lives only hearing, ledges good right and he was also areas also for that. Yes, unbelieving about two thousand twelve like he was the best plan that team that seem almost made the files I dont understand it. I mean I understand it, because another bath is moved a third way who knows, but Where did it since the knee injury was never really able to recapture where he was was something that is always like. Like us Marty's the costs Marty, as I mean he was somebody last year that just to become so defiant again allows. Probably one of the smartest guys are probably does the most with the least more often than not. Yet I very look back to the mass record lasher. Might how the hell did that team when that many games and other people to go? Look Rick's riksdag good, an rondeau, completely checked out on him in the last year was like a mutiny against Luke and then he sits down. Rhonda, sits down the stands and then eat like a pissed at everybody for peace.
Out got that's kind of a beat move like. Why are you doing that, like you're, clearly showing him up he in this legal long time when it goes all the way back to Kentucky that is tat. His Rhonda was he was summit. It was always a little difficult to get along with so now, when you see the decline and play I'm I had a moment the beginning this year. I thought. Okay, this makes sense in the bronze always liked them. Like neurons. We want to play with him always liked him. A lot so I think on my ass. He does that flame on a couple. Those role guys that aren't could be like a camp. We won't play with the broad James right right, though their cell phone, a visa that buggies kind of like that, but also face Timey hammered again, which AIR Smith,
just like that. They could be hang it at three in the morning, adjustment could look elaborate, a black eyes vein of something I feel like. I was every bit as good as you were. There would be serious, yet is I you know I I I just feel like. I should get more credit for two that sixty like. He would honestly believe that, but you guys wanna watch my Mcdonald's high school I was fucking great in high school. Is Mcdonald's game is one of the other farmers the Miami thing I don't. They did enough I thought they were on the fringes if they could have pulled out the gown our thing, and I think it's really interesting- that they will agree to an extension with them, because that goes back to my honest theory I believe all rating Olenin Yadda, I look. Maybe the Winslow thing works in Memphis, no pressure, your way from all that stuff, but whose I'd Wenzel is gonna, have a bonds hands a Tom son with Jaw they clear that the money off of that they change the way they did the contract structure. Whither you dollar I think they want a guy. That's a bit more of a warrior, even though either it would all became kind of like a marginal close out guy.
Yeah. They were warriors worth before that you got to make sure you get a hand in his face, and sometimes you like all right, maybe we'll. Let him take a couple of kind of see where he's at tonight. He should be rested. He should be good to go and if it protects her future, and these are often J Crowd or who I feel like everybody's, like we got J, crowded, in a navy, doesn't work out a little Marcus Morrissey where he asked when you have a meagre is good, can realise, and then he takes the biggest shouted the game with forty seconds. I've really what the fuck is that Now he take that wins, always wasn't gonna play in this rotation. So it's a deep team. I like what Miami did and yet I would if these biogas, we get really excited about it. Like remembered Damon, start admire towards in sight. The spurs got em. So biogas had this eyes a list
Reggie Jack's impassable, he's done right. He's german Thomson Tristram would be like I've always been the biggest trust and fan, but I'm I'm tellin. You like I'm still so impressed the waiter moves around Reggie Railway. When I went to that southern game as AIDS is exactly the kind of guy would be awesome in the subjects he rebounds any rose to the Romans hands up and which is basically what does do yeah, but I lost guide accede on the subjects like which bigs can you keep on the floor in certain play off match up spoken he swore. On a small guys who usually let it again frightened he are, he's out, I I Three, I don't know, I think, he's he's a guy that can put up some numbers, but I don't know these ever been the issue better. The chances of victory that, on from three terrible overall yeah I've been saying for four months that truest and top summons of bio candidate. They keep getting emails
ass, forensic fuck, you you get around here, that's bullshit, while now they just traded for our german and they probably sign up to an extension guess who's getting bought out at the end of February, Tristan Thompson, they'll save money though they dump him and he's gonna become Easily the most important by a guy- I wonder, if he's still with clutch right he's got to be. I mean I have to come up with that incredible deal. I'm just thinking hooked them up as one way to put it Ah, here is what I'm asking now covers. Now, that's a man that repartees cosmic french time five for the hoodie. What do they were upon the clippers to devise a broad I'd? I mean if he wants to play and crushed I'm, he should go this office. Thou be my advice that touches the times. I want to see it just for another lame. Canter tweet.
Pretending he's happy with it, but yet he we find out in minute forty eight on his back ass. That he's got about that. Like anybody, that's ever watch any salt is games goes I didn't need another big like they just need MIKE Tyson, a nice player. Kanner has his moments. Can I can I pushed back on that? You think they're good now it out, because I look bear better than the six years is bad. You, like the cantered ties combo. I think they need a third guy is a word but injury and I'm worried about foul trouble. I built like cancer time. Somebody says like they need help up front light acts like it's this. You know actively she's. Personally, I cited by us like. Ok, I get it. I would like to see them get another person, so we don't Miami did enough. Do we think filleted? Now they added a Alec and big dog Junior gave up. Copper second renders got gone state some tax relief out out
just good. This year I was like I'm really surprised gone, stating keep him out Berkshire. Somebody that you give her a couple weeks you like, while I would get this guy he's amazing. He has been on three teams now, in a very short time, I think they are desperate. I think their desperate dad any kind of scoring the weird thing is it like. Sometimes, I think that they do have depth, but we know the biggest issue and I would draw the numbers now: whatever the offensive thing is like there, putting up simmonds and be more now, it's always we're tracking those minutes, because indeed, MRS Time, so it's like what percentage of Simmons minutes or by himself when it beats hell, the witch percentages it well. I lay, but now like they went from every or the numbers like their per one hundred procession three years ago, was pretty good with the two of my the floor. Yet then it got worse and now it's like almost below average offensively and then there's hoffered. Indeed, pairing numbers, that are brutally left out of the part that their suddenly like a lotta shake mountain? Well, that's good Richardson spin out
I don't want any games. I say: maybe I would have wished it. Maybe I just felt like May and maybe Burke'S- maybe they think he can kind of b. The pseudo point guard spot with Simmonds is the actual point guard, but I don't know that that team seems pretty flood when their bad. It's so are we really know this with them, but would you pick them? I would you prefer celtics against emphasis, three match up now, as I wouldn't have been filling my talent, but that the frustrating part is immortality more talent, or is it just that it's just more high ceiling? What happened in the last game in Boston was great neck game defensively with waited a leading to combat guys they, France, the fat, but I think the tragedy of this is that they were so much fun when a bit was there and it like unlocks, emits adviser GM. You think, in the summer of that, if this becomes panic time, one of these guys has to go kind of stuff advice as it gives it. I could. Could I build a high powered off at around this guy
I think the answer is yes, and I said it before in a previous battery, did it's a little Lamar Jackson? Ain't like you have to construct an offense that fits what he does, but I think, if you did it he's going to score twenty and get twelve and thirteen every night. Basically with the right team and the right kind of usage of the heat game was bad and then we'll see he came was like kind of this to me- and we get that's a team that they destroyed earlier in the season two pretty big game. You guys back here to get a better on a Saturday night and you get your ass kids by Miami yeah, they tat game is over in the second quarter.
There's a little lemon, there's always a little bit of a run now, but that they are doing some to man stuff where they were attacking like an bead Simmons switch ammunition with a couple times, and I saw it on my man, like my Emmi, so crisp everything they do is Chris purpose. Shell and I felt that way about the pictures looked at last night but unlike Philly just go, What like Philly would be trying to figure out what the switch was aware was going or with the hand off laws, and it was like before you guys even recognize what the hell is going on. The shot was up. Well, that's that's a good conversation teams that just because, where fifty games now this is where you you didn't you pretty much all you are at this point, especially our trade, and that two teams that just when you watch them- earlier. There get Toronto Indiana run a big deriving Miami most nights you remind me that are a little, we are on the road not as bad as Philly. What's Philly, like nineteen eighteen million emphasis, not just that
I know who they are and night tonight. They're gonna do what they do the Dallas when dodges healthy, it's a team that knows what it is and you gotta down the line. There's a lot of them- and I mention this because. When Philly has other guys, I don't feel it, they know they are. I don't think they know it first, while the first check by a check mark on the boxes is indeed feel it tonight all right. What's our plan b, how much is eating double like he had to do, and I know it's the hand a little bit, but he needs to do a better job
and he was always so good at this- like the thing that I thought made him specials opposed player- is like he had good awareness to skip it. Everything but he'll have these moments where she lay and that's gonna, knock against him beadlike. Should you give all these touches? Will you should get is really good, but how well does he do against some of these doubles. Staggered double like hey all, I'm not gonna w on the catchment, a w on the trouble you now and it's like our it scares me up and then, if you dont, have shooting around it like what am I doing passing it back, I've been Simmons. My favorite fake trade was kindly for Tibet, There's you tell wins. A trade Philly gets out of that hairs, contract and hopes colonies. Rejuvenated as the real point guard is too biased tall, Willie, Barton, Willie, yeah, I got really article unwilling Barton debating, are if you can drop fifty, you name should be well. Can you read Tobias Harris's contract to our audience? I would die, I would hate to fulfil a fence.
You I did it. You know I do. Who else did I want to compare him too? I sent you a text on this together. Taller Willie, Barton or more expensive J cracker. Naturally, look at all these text from jams made this job. It's actually been built up too much now, so we're gonna we're gonna pass the goddess. Jos, frontier jams. Now now I just I had a taller, Willie, Barton or more expensive somebody else. So I think there is a cop. There said I'm doing two things at once. I'm an audible. I look in the sub item. I personally don't think. Thankfully dinner, but their job or I don't know what you're gonna do. I'm unity in its trade Orford
we talk about Atlanta, getting click Capella and doing Edmund Collins eager big. What's the purpose by the way to buys harrassed, thirty five million than thirty six next year, thirty, seven point six and then an almost forty million. Ah, that's twenty three twenty four. And I remember viruses like work at my school here. Take this figured out later devices like he's getting red than ours is a forty year for forty total. All forty four If I say yes right now, they can't back our and remember like Eden. He was gonna. Take like those with those extensions words like wall You take. It now remain away. More later on, I went on yeah. They cling capella enduing dead men who has two more years at his contract after this one and whose just demonstrably unhappy he vine he tried to make, Ah miserable first team is about to crowded. We made him a backup policies to him, but I
ass, though I don't let alone is doing. I don't know what to make of anything there doing accept further trade husband play really well for them shot at him. Can, I add, is mighty night after night after night is of fuckin head, for I saw one don't you get so legs replant ten years? It's unbelievable! I can't believe the costly and others that the tray announcing odds there. The tray did just come up with that. I just did right. That's good at a tray, threw back his bill, Simmons back Fuckin back there, I just got ready for me, I'm feeling great, so the traitors yeah, that's good should make a shirt, Third survey that a shared get other guys I'm gonna get off. Why hoodie kids are gonna love it off. Why was used as a basis for its great, the coopers went for it,
I just a minute: does awesome LA clippers sweatshirts bent my Ben Simmons has the clippers sweatshirt that he wears not cuz. I, like the clippers clippers cuz. It's a cool sweatshirt want to make that clear. Do you think that bends well ass longer within bead, or your Benson Simmons, the last longer, with who's gonna play more years of them going forward at its I feel you have a longer term dealing with your Ben I eat out with this summons families, though routes for fairly betterments. Do we do That surprises, who is weird for about a year that he might be the next Lebron James, and that would be weird for my son, but now it's in a great spot. He just has the same name as a frustratingly town. Did you guys I'd like a juvenile twitter thing going out when we dad? I was forever I didn't like when he laid over the less you Susan. I don't think he really did that kind of you, but if you have that many rebounds you're, not you're, not some guy, that's not putting an effort. I thought it was like
we're guys at all thought. There were the guy that were all these wings, the coaching wasn't traffic, but I have an incredibly important question Alice. You recap for yours: you think you could hold this pipe cast a load for three minutes. While I go pay yeah, you have again this great guys we're making history right now receive us solo. I'm still trying to find this, I'm still trying to find that that joked, it's just to be funny enough to go ahead and do it. So I guess that's. It suggests that sit for the trades. I just wanted to do a quick recap on the movie bats trade, so its size who plays vertue, goes whose just one guy any time you can sign or tray for a reliever. Ways to seventy plus, as already had a blown out elbow for two plus years. You obviously have to go ahead and make that trade.
This is the murky segment that for all the baseball riders out there, there far smarter than I am about this, because you remind us all the time if the best can do as were do go at a prospect was already blown. It is about there's a really good chance. You can do that well again, during the last hour break, and that was talking baseball. I want to talk celtics when bill. Isn't here, just a ball amount. Little bit me like our. What did I miss? Do I need something that was not the wizard. Now done Burton's is not so they just give away I'd heard. Philly was hot on him fill it in really have allowed trade assets outside of their main guys and and a lot like like filial, this thing where I guess you could still. And a whole thou hope that, if everybody's playing together all the same diamond, you figure out these rotations. Look I picked him to come out of the east. Philadelphia
is easily the most disappointing team in the NBA. I don't really know how that's even debatable. I guess you could say Houston a little bit, but obviously you guys know that I'm not the biggest Rockets guy in California, but the cell Fix this rotation, this turnover of guys, never remember when one whew Tang toward with rage against the machine, I think it was in the late nineties. I don't need any this for sharing and remember that, but at one point route playing enraged toward together and what happening was way saw, booting you didn't know who is going to show up like rooting, would would you know I'm comparing them the Boston Celtics too, hang when they talk of rage against the machine, so I've always like they can't. I think they ended up cancelling this whole tore dna. Seven, because I remember that causes Europe. I was supposed to graduate end.
They were like Ireland not because like looting was ten deep, thirteen deep and they thought like look if six of his show up that still sort of like getting rooting yeah and yet the Celtics feel a little bit like that. I'd like to see a twenty gain stretch. All those guys play together my Tatum ceiling was revisited probably a month, ago were idea. Tat Tatum did that believers, and even I waiver last year. It's so you think it's good! Now you it's like he's dead, no more thou of Tatum is allowed I'm just going to say I have to finish this part. There is tat I think it was he's like hey his longest stretch ever of twenty plus points per game, six games doubling his previous longest stretch, and I go that's. Eight, but isn't that a little weird that is third year. He had never had
and three aims, Rama twenty points, so thats. What I feel good about, I think this is it is turned the corner. I think he is elevated his ability to finish from eight feet in which was the flawed his game. You either lose the bar lashers like his boy, and there was a great or he'd make like the perfect move and the bulk of the backward worry to roll it out. Twont Idas he's here it's starting to happen, I'm just telling you it was going to have this. Is it so he is going to be there in the face of a franchise on a good team, sometimes on. He would drive in the basket it was. I could never happen in his life. For the way you reenacted go little to faster, like now, there's like a calm about him when he's doing some of this stuff. That start no look a little tea, Macintosh yeah yeah he's ate my big thing:
Amazon visas, never gonna, be able to finish. You're, never gonna be a great score either what we're starting a serious in o waging he shouldn't be able affinity, she he's got and he can go left or right. He's got long, asked, spiders, Spiderman arms the imo, some bad news, the Coopers will not be keeping as Thomas. Remember the icy Thomas thing that look: if you do a quick revisit of the ASEAN Thomas Timeline, what he did with four Boston was incredible. I still think people have to understand, like the second best off its apparent the teams Avery Bradley, so everything was set at present at every single possession ice cream. But he did it produced and they beat that was her. Seem that the evaluation of beaten I mean I was like it when you look at that. Was it nigger, you guys are just mentally, not tough enough, I'm not saying like curios mentally soft, but close to it, tennis reference, and so whenever my favorite male tennis bar, are you serious? I'm always
It's like watching. Somebody walk on the third rail, the subway. Were your big Mcenroe guy right number it right. Now they get the guy like watching those, this curious of just rooting for him to put it together and though he never well yeah. I do maybe she's gonna melt down in a match at some point knew each time. I want to make this in time he second about that. You have any master right, though, because there's like ok, that's the point: you lost an alien embrace, I'm not gonna yell and as every now and then the neglect eleven points anything that sucks about tendencies of your mentally soft. You can't hide now, like there's guys playing games all the time that we don't really get. The notice, like ochres footballers million news out their basketball basketball little bit here there I dare to by the way he bogey fifteen.
I really I shot for the last three halls. The guy had a baby are the Red Sox in oh three, after the fact when they had a Yankee, Sir, as we all know the game, the boon walk off, the trade would be best served by the way he was like. I would sit there and pray. The ball was hit me. You would have been a major Leir like a good one. You like I just want to buy a maniac estate, him we're ending the password Luke. You bet. I have a tweet read from here from Andrei German. To me: you just did the street to the world. Oh, if there's one thing, I learned about the NBA there's no friends or loyalty, so that was a good clubhouse I've, given my heart and soul, to the pistons and to be have. This happened typo to be had this. But with no heads up, makes me realize even more that this is just a business exclamation point. I love you too trade that that that, while some notion of thirty four thirty- maybe what have I done
you a guy was traded, did Andrew not have the internet. I have more badness weeks or says we know by four trysted tasks that in Cleveland. So just twenty minutes ago, guarantee to buy out there that then oh shit, we're taken this fuck. Why wouldn't thereby mad at understands that posturing thirsty? I will you say like two and a half million bucks. He's going to do is help you have a better record so you're the worst draft pick. Why would you get rid of them. Yeah. I don't know they go twin towers, Laguna zagged, the ultimate Zag Thompson Drummond. That would be funny if elbows double help would like
Toby augments got his guys in his war room. Is it gets habit idea, so everyone shining is shooting what about rebounds. We win the rebounded battle every night, it thirty rebalancing between German and love without looking one of our new thing is boxing out. They Missis Shaw the other team. We must share, we miss a tunnel shots. Will you have a lot of sense? Rebalancing two guys pattern. The board's back old school bring back the eightys. We have talked about this Houston. Fourteen trade that happen. I dont know how to make a billina. What was weird to me is Bates D up was one of those guys when you actually pass any go with, which ones cover and which ones it's the which was together drafting, I feel it took almost expected. Timber was like uniforms. At times of you, like men, covers moving pretty girls wagons,
when I spoke in view of the high Cameron, gotta know what the hell was other wing guys and both teams, but basically up my legs endeavour just kind of sneaks him into the trade and is used to throw in people. You know is going to happen, but I actually feel like he could play in apply officers from them. I came over say that yeah I don't know I just liked him. His is a classical driving all in that deal here like we were. They got a Rockets. First, that's why but, as I am a team that invades the app for. Basically, they gave up the leak busily who they can assign anyway, as is their search Frazier believe he had made good forever. They couldn't work that thing out and I should be duly became a little alright, it involves a bet that fourteen trade was really where hazardous going was. Does this again, it seemed like the forging aims were at a hotel barred three thirty in the morning and had too much should you just want to trade? Suddenly everybody got. Can I get paid
sure extra carry is no texter legal text. You got that like ten seconds later guys you didn't get traded, so I have a list. Guys I've done a terrible job of throwing the graphics the bar had other affix the Soviet growl my bag. I got excited. I had a list of the Basel II trade Assets year, pausing s team. Russell drew Howdy Victor or the depot add on that list, AIR Gordon MILES Turner. Those were like the six guys were mad. They found through their balls in the table without one Russell did get traded out of those other guys I guess holiday was thrown. Stuff on the world's the ways I adds playing. We should talk about Zion, not trading gerardi,
drew out a a in anger, Mozilla Zion leaves and wooden wherever and all the others that from that that trading away people, if anything, I'm gonna try to acquire people. I was surprised he was in. Traits that damage the guy that I thought was gonna go was backed out of it. I thought- and I thought that Was- can be, demonstrate target I was out exactly does likewise everything about you, how they would never can be bogged down ravage, but then what Sacramento made that Dwayne dead men deal? It was clear that there are clearing space for Baghdad image for the summer, so that wasn't it happened, but did you think there is any chance? I thought I was gonna, get traded, decided that the price tag I heard on it was was massive while there are things like love. Is yes that, since the end that I think in this game, you don't. I know as much as I I look at some is often suppliers and I This happens. The Toronto Alot, where, if you're
If you're not warning people off of your off arm is often supplier, if not shocking people on the ground, with your offhand than you're doing wrong What you're allowed to do now, if you're off farm is, is ridiculous. It needs IRA, not handshaking defensively. Your basically allowed a hand shock and see outcome has it where he warned you off, I'm in unison and carrying the ball doing stuff Why Kauai a lot of that shoulder but, like doesn't look like he's doing it? Lowry Durable Straight India, was running back right. But what I do like about allowing one is not complaining. The entire game is that he does a great job of them of cod. Why you run it all run it were. That can be problematic for how to find other one. That's good at it. Now there so good at it in Toronto, and that's what I think you get when you get a drew holiday because he's had, you or lawns, though we know, is good defensively and your work and reserve yeah- I just took a passing- you forget, came back your talk about the width ankle.
It was great I was. Where did I would? If I just come back, do ok we're done with a deadline we're doing nineties relational? She set her you just sitting here like this, like I did, I get nervous, it goes I did that once is be a news bob. We have these two minute bumps yeah and they are always it all and you I haven T want to do for tv. We look at each other black. Where we do not, we will review and it was never never as good as you want May I go I'm just gonna, I'm in a freeze like Scott was gone. He forgot to come back the I forgot to come back for it, so I just want to snap receive. Unlike hey, I'm in a freeze on. We pretend I'm so nervous cause I'm in here by myself. Cares: let's do it. How's like ah get Iberia produce, as you like What's he doing didn't see the humor and when I didn't care than we had those twenty second breaks during the game where they come at a commercial psych in Philadelphia, Benson said thirty, two points in it. It's gotta be twenty seconds exactly at an end to it,
let's go back the hue in March Jones and would do it you would voice it always. The air was me well by jail in a magic maginnis. Do it right? Wilburn was either at its at his desk. C, mere jail and so jailer. We do a lot of it, but then I was like. I really want to start doing these. I want to help out it I'll do them, and I can't I'm competent nervous. It's actually hard you, those with the fighting hard to do by the attitude in the twenty second. Yet I would be like either too soon when using two it's the war. I regret I bet into it. I forget who has further game to it back to you guys, It's really hard because a couple analysts are good at it. Yeah then, would have like the industry will go, hey, not really cause the analysts distortion a break now. So, let's, let's do, And I read highlights: I just was bad at it, but it's harder to do than you think. I got that by the end of the first season. Host. The show I could bring you in I can introduce people I could set up by could drive it away
was the highlights were like my kryptonite, go to my enemy, so we used to do we used to call sheets were Abu call, my sports, in a trap for these stupid tv segments it we did their advance pellets like an anchor man right, rascality, a special rights a day and a day you my hope, was as screw that ability, word gnats copies. You know MAC Joys cast for a ride was gone. I just started like doing all these stupid, God, damn it will go away. Go home alone and I boom anyone. Can we go buzzy trade assets, cheaper, guest, Alice Mark, a smart didn't go anywhere, did you can I ask you to If there was a nice player that they like a big it made sense, would you be in the camp of you can't trade mark a smart at all because of what he means spiritually to the Celtics? I wouldn't trade.
From our Turner thousand the table Gemini if it was miles Turner and Arid holiday together for smart, whatever one of the pact's? What at whatever Lambert and what is the Lange for untouchable and she seem seem last night and watch a tunnel last night's game. I do like lank for day I mean I don't feel like a lot of people are in touch upon the South Ex, except for Tatum Brown Encumber, I would say, there's three untouchable people dynasty with deep Tatum in Brown above everything, yeah. That's what this league is eligible position, wings man. The thing was smart in case he and I were done a lot of texting about it. I really like marker, smart- and, I think, is an awesome, Celtic and he's a guy that when he retires there'll be a night for him and if you play soccer, loves number tired, that seems a number retired, or if he's there for seventeen years or something I kids, I could see like maybe a complete overreaction flip, at least a long video. He asked
under than longer than the Joint Howard Hughes to Rockets, returned tribute video, the problem is when everybody's back, he kind of, has to be out there because his mark a smart and he's got this kind of hold over everybody. But you know you piling Cuba. That means I can only play too of Brown and Tatum Heyward and I need a big or I could go small. I just don't think he's one of their best vipers or I guess I should say one of their breast for players. If you assume the need a big, I always want than the play the free wings together in the last seven minutes of a game. I know other stuff Marcus does, but I think the advantage that this affects seem, as is the interchange ability of those three guys at the way, the fact that all of them can create their shot all them.
Play slashing kick and he put markets and there he is not as good as it often suppliers as guys he's not. He can have streaks. He can make eleventh reason a game. He took what twenty two three and four may not yet have already lost, and it's one of the eight hour or two, but for when he's We better in his usage rate, is up actually think that's in a bad place for the subtle. My dream game for him is to four four with: like eight says nine rebounds in three stages. That's what I want from him, but he's he's one of those guys he's kind of overqualified to be that guy- and I don't know I just think- for the destiny that team as those three wings on the court at the same time with Cambodia bag and that's when they're the hardest to play. I hit the wrong tab on market smart here. Do you want?
what his total fines paid for suspensions and technical and everything is that it's amazing yet love to guess hundred and thirty, two thousand to eighty, oh, my god, I had really do, but you get fifty grand for the ambitious thing last year he got. The bembry fight was thirty five grand fight strong. It's a strong right right, but I've seen gesture turn the Chicago play of day. I couldn't believe the wrong tab and, like all my guys, like every technical, two grand No, I don't. I vas. Each data sets out to grant aid via the nets I wanted. Shaded Dinwiddie cause, I think, ultimately, if you're gonna keep cooperate, Tiree and Katy together, I dont know where Dinwiddie place he's not a complimentary guy. I think he wants to be a real guy and a thousand extended in trade
I wish I had been fleet on this list just because he's got a year laughed and it's the kind of weird bossy beside move require they traded. They really want them the title, but then, when in the trade, by the way, are the supplier option, but to have tat. The Dinwiddie thing I just want to double check that contract. As it's a nice now got a couple years. I was a good extension, but it isn't. He has only has the the player option going into. You know I think, Dinwiddie at his production at eleven point five for another year, wait. You're, not in a hurry. Ransom citing appoint Joe Harris is a free agent.
I was wondering if they just packed it in this year. Did somebody get him through the valley thing again GSM and ask you? Would you rather keep Lowery or family life to pay vaguely yap avenging in Japan? I wouldn't I, if our Toronto into anything, I think they still have a chance to win the east. I don't think this twelve game when he strikes a fluke its workers were. We talked about with teams that just look crisp know they are let him those who they are tat, love neck nurse to man been regimes and they managed. We talked about this last time we did apart, they managed to replace the choir stats. And then the sea outcomes that's from last year with CM basically replace and requires that sending you place more and then all those other guys replacing with the outcome gave them the math just has worked with what they did, which I think is. I wasn't prepared for that. You would have thought, although definitely be worse, without
Why and urges for regular sees the rainy season. Laszlo viewers, let's see for regular season not because when you look back at the outcomes, game laws, the pleasure God I was better than I remembered it, but watching it I felt like, whereas a game seven failing which we didn't we watch- was that whole game ugly those and I thought Harrow was the other one that that, if I was the clippers. And I'm just now staring at three seven game series Around the west, far by the fires, can I in the title apparel is my crunch time five, or is he somebody that should be a match up guy? I thought it was something that they were very like that's a front office. I respect the lot and that they may have thought. Is there a way to flip this
we feel like were different, but at the same level, but we like where we are next year instead of worrying about the Montrose thing, but that's a harder. That's a harder black hole, the thread man it just is they got it? You know those that's a clear example of ok, fine! You want to do that. Then. What are we talking about Nook in Toronto, their second defence right now to finally Milwaukee? so far as everybody else, but the Toronto number. To that point you made about how these em they fight when they're down to know just certain teams added diving. Third, Stephen, whoever he sat on the south eggs you, after their down seven with forty two seconds laughed in his diagram place at a time out doing little many presses and things like that. Certain teams are just gonna, keep fighting for the game's over. I didn't expect your honor to be one of those tapes. This you know they won the title. Asher you'd have told Anderson if it was a guy. We want the title Cool union in origin, back up as you do that you know. Doesn't look like that. It's Philly! Will you
what does that favours the clippers and covers a very well quite employed, this got empire. That's why I collateral urgency with them is really weird. I think it's. I think it's a real fast Nowhere we unite you wanna, be a pack has every week as to the way- and I know we're gonna die Said- represent Leslie endlessly. You're acting like a teen, though, when the title they ve, never one jack shit there having like the shape it Chapin overseas and it's like it's a hangover, the fact that you just sign these two guys and gave way seven hundred draft go fuck and when something I dont like what I he from them, but really getting this guy s weak. I just he gave us night, though, see that that was like one of those things are down your Miami, so down again Jimmy ended up leaving the game debt, but they came out like everybody had shots in the third quarter and there's like see you know like were good here, but for my emulous Jimmy's different fur
I dont like Nebraska. I dont like having an hour of button when I've never done anything as a team, now, quite as their sovereign offer, but the other guys don't Paul George. I can promise you that vessels interesting of now about what is legal, we usually have one or two teams that you by default believe in a little bit because of something we have done before and it's why look I've gone off in the Milwaukee thing, but, like hey, guess what no ocular you lost four in a row after being up to. Oh, I never thought Kauai was hurt. You haven't done anything, it's scary, to see how good you are right now, even without Brogden, like the stuff that they're doing and Honest is unaware way like this. This taller harden, who I am can't shoot like hard, but it's all set up around him, but I just like a little bit more. It doesn't seem like so I so heavy in unison seem is disengage at times and he's not involved, and yet they haven't done. Anything Denver has never done anything with this group. This Lakers Europe has never done anything. The clippers group has never done anything. Philly can
it out of the second round. This Boston group hasn't young. I lay the painters thing, that's a nice story. Toronto outcry. We don't know what it is an ill. It is very ill similar like when Memphis was up to a long golden state, because that goal and stating that only beaten, Denver team that had a bunch of wines- and I lost a saint John NEO. It was it like. This is in space, effective Denver or Milwaukee or Toronto last year and is just how we operate its non crusher until you ve done something that we can bank on We have a hard time believing in you it's just so to go ahead exercise that two years ago, exactly like hey, you ve, never done it, but I'm all. And you're gonna win a title or even just come out of your conference and beyond in gold state with the, it's it's even more. So now the east was new last year, but it was a cry. You still her golden stay before all those injuries. Now it's just a free for all of teams that
going. I don't know what you're gonna be like and that's why I think the Lakers throughout all of this, in the cool thing, never really make any sense for all the pieces. You'd have to use his contract. That's why they there's still a default part of believing in this version of Leubronn going. I know you ve lost clippers a couple times, but in the play house like, I could see everybody picking them. There's a physicality that they're gonna have in the past said, I think, is the x factor and found the clippers them on the most care that the two guys physically, what they're gonna be able to do. When everything slows down when the raft cigarette be deciding every game by how much contact there, you know louvres with their knocker, laugh what what like Davis and James can do in a gay, but if I'm than the clippers the corona
I hate you ominously, the quite eight from Usher Right, so I'm lookin I caught at the market stats Gazelle. I mention this to their point differentials the best in history so far right, while these are worth their forty, three and seven, and if they win an a seven more games in their fifty seven any start. Thinking about the seventy three nine and all the shady teams are playing in the east and the stretches I six good teams in the east. Everybody also be doing whatever that site. What if this team only loses two more times it is there or what? If this seems in the conversation for seventy winds and look at their status in the advanced team staff and all the demon saw the three points shooting but like that, if you were jealous shooting fifty one percent from three me said that guy, I can't believe you're doing this with browsing. I felt the same way that we and by the way, though, like attitudes that have your thirty in two to tie it habitat teams
got on twenty nine in two streaks, though its conceivable, but they were able to replace everybody. So obsessed with rested, there will be remedied place to brag been thing with this Weird George Hill was the Matthews setter Bledsoe in better bites up like otherwise the Matthews was done as it were, as reasonable definite answer, I think, is worth manager. Wesley Matthews things seem like it when he was headed toward the end of his career, George Hale was available for anybody last trade, thereby anybody could have. Whenever they I Georgia is not good anymore me wise member Hill couldn't get it on the floor, I didn't get a cab series couple years ago. What aren't you isn't it like we have here is a link free found, the jail time. Ok, yeah bulgarian gunny was well known plan,
I have to go back and look at so he can come into being so he's playing. George has playing twenty one minutes. A game right Brogdon was probably around two thousand eight hundred and twenty nine to twenty one minutes he's playing are as good as the twenty eight minutes Brogdon was given them but the other seven, but yeah, I'm with you that the rest thing might not may mean that. Maybe doesn't happen, but sometimes these guys are just killing people at some point. You gotta think like as thirty into a realistic. I had some last thoughts. We had the blow it up trade pieces list. If the team was like fuck it. I have Chris Paul Gordon Heyward Orford, the Marcus outrage, Stephen Arabs in Ghana, Those guys aren't okay, see if OKC was just like fuck it actually like that. They didn't do that. I wish they'd gone the other way and trade it for a wing guy cuz. I have this collection of, like wings were
do they had lose out again. That is weird wrinkle with them. Nowhere, if the pick the pic is won through twenty protected, otherwise somebody gets it can't. Member who is one of the treaty. So it's in there is Miami one that they wanted unprotected re area. So they wanted to change a language on that. No, that was the pic. I think my aim is sending them down the road there as well Oklahoma City PIC is going somewhere, maybe Philly Phil Damn Rwanda sittings Jackson find this out find our own commissaries pic is going to, but it's one through twenty protected. So if they play themselves in the top ten, then they lose their I ran out of that's a factor for them, but the one that it shouldn't be because there's God, man, the stockpiling of first round. Now how many preceded the one that surprises me? Don't you
there's torpor, I'm not sure, there's nobody! I work started protection, not lose it outright. We're talking about it then just being kicked out for if it's one through twenty, they keep it right, but if their twenty one there, Is it loose ogre visa regime that want to junior Fellowmen segment, but we are like our our thirty seven, the one that surprises me is if I thought San Antonio is gonna secretly trade outrage That was one of my eye. Every year, there's one ran away. Nobody knows is available to us and is another team. He makes twenty six million here, but they gave him a guarantee for next year again. His gun conjecture, but I'm just San twenty four twenty five, twenty five twenty four million year, thirty five years old, if you're the spur
where's. Why are you running this back? You can read it back gnashing and pay fifty seven million fifty fibre, whatever for the rose and now judges or to best guys, you're, not a blast him. Why why? Where was the incentive for them to just say giving their guide: let's roll in order Papa, he was nothing to do with like hell. We really need a tear this down. We really need to see. We have jaunty news, it you think Derek White would be considered a better player. If you change up his look when he made a whenever I see his hair beard, combo sides, I'm like, if you just tightening up like think I a be like hey. You know what I want to go there dirty white teacher but every single handedly won't like insane and some others nuggets games. Read you guys. Can areas two points again. There are twenty two and twenty eight
yet are not good, and we knew last year like that team making the playoffs last year- and it was one of the biggest sly like this- is even a knock on San Antonio Gerda. Eventually, let your twenty this had to happen, but defensively they slipped and with ads that before they still make the plows, they still scared ember a little bit, which you scared me off Denver. But my question to twenty and twenty eight neurons has twenty once Phoenix S, twenty one sacramentos nineteen whence Minnesota, trade of arrests of their savings ban. The between us, there's thirty Tyrian Orleans six games out neurons is too is tune. Afghans behind Saint Antonia now, but I'm talking over the eighth out a million euro, its ears Memphis, is twenty six and twenty five. So everybody's is within striking Ranger Memphis. Potentially funds
San Antonio, I would have actually may be treated, did make the move. Hope you far backwards now you're, unlike the top eight. Now I don't have to worry about Aldridge and Derozan next year. I don't know why I thought it was weird that they just feel like we're good we're just going to be depressing, as, though is the sole overdue for this franchised actually have the moment of Malays and trying to figure out no man's land. But you know then De Rosen is not easy player option this summer. At twenty seven point: eight, he probably picks it up. Fucking yeah he's never automatic honest, like anybody that goes hey needed trade rules, and this is selfishness that the lines that you watch listing, I when you're
eating for the rose and all your dream for as a bill and a guy, that's proven, despite the offensive stuff that you can see at times in the consistently hey look at these numbers agrees numbers it never works, it doesn't ever seemed add up and in people tat historically over the years, the plus minus, with with the rose and you go away. So like your worse, every time he's out there. I wonder what the grizzlies their eighty right now, they, basically the tuna fleet over to an afghan made over everybody, including Portland Portland? Dame is I'd, finds a shooting out of his visit a happy day. This is where the great runs of all time forgot. His he average age trick aims forty five a game as from the guard position, which is like here now. In addition, strategy that was gonna golden state game. When you die Rhodesia, Russell the basket, we don't really like words. Agent enjoy working to set for versions of a high strange when one side then meet Jack up a thirty foot here and there,
Dame was like ok, but I am also to do it and make every single rate and in just completely cut the harder than their team, but MRS traded crowded day in day out. They got Windsor back in the deal, but he's, as you said, he's point eleven games and crowd or if you watch Memphis was where the important em like he was playing crunched I'm and he was doing stuff how they re always ain't, one guy, the least pretends he's gonna fight real or not. I think every teen needs a mat bar I thought he was important for them for what the team that they had become. That was a really fun. They passed him no action there. Now they lost him, they really replace them unless Windsor comes back. My point is I think the Orleans of Portland is probably a catch Memphis at us. In this Memphis thing, continuing again just in general my a lot, the fact that they were like fourteen in five over the last eighteen that they're not back, I'd better, if I went through, took as like, when you talk was turning this thing around there was, are
cool finally winning games and you went through it and you were like the only time you had a good win for this whole thing was, I think there was a clippers win in there, but it may have been without one of the two gave money to a non pause. Your father was a non Paul, George one talk about FAT Zion at a later date, and I call him that affectionately because I think there's some serious barquey shit going on. It's a really reminds me lad amid Eighties Barkley, where It doesn't really matter what he looks like player of all time, my god. He I mean his athletic. Really all that stuff- and you know last week, was all about cobia, and rightly so, but science out their put up twenty in ten in these games he had played our seas in the end, is a common mismatch because everybody is area that now it was like. I won't do it gets against manual. I know you, don't you understand what does he idee biggest man? It's there, some Leubronn late to thousands kind of shit where issues like out he's just more of a specimen than anybody whose guarding them and the thing I've learned gesture six aims as you can play him.
The five you can well, I was really only out of bed like you know, my Schmidt somebody give credit for the European Draft guy Like you I'm going through, and I would very much have liked- I think I'm, U right arm of this five thing. May I point five: and he would he went out and get up and he sat down- and it was like at three x NBA players and like rainy and light years, you know my Schmidt's with his notebook. He's a gay should be a centre and all the NBA eyes their analysed laugh either the opposite. It was like, when I said Dodge reminds me a hard. Not a tv show. An ex player was like all my God is Idiot right and you just go like first Y know, I put way more work in it than you have yet, but whatever let you played, I didn't you like sorry, Damon Jones but but he was like anybody that Watch Zion was like if this league is smaller then why? Wouldn't you got widely? Who cares about Jackson, Haze, shot out, live? Who write? Ah, in not inoculate use other guys, like the best versions I release right now is the five because he's gonna,
work the hell out of anybody else. It is on a shorter when he posts up whether they put him out like the FAO after the lower black, the extra size it has just for being adult, maybe there's a baby fat on their whatever it's like. If he does, this and plants himself he's getting the bar yeah you're, not you can any reaching around his feet in the second jump. The second jump leaves everybody in like a. Why he's already obvious jump, looks like some matrix shit right now, Therefore, when I give you just job you're jumping again, I just was watching your first job. Ok, but then there's never been anybody. I think I've ever seen that every time he sub down, I'm like as he hurt when he's like I'd Show- exactly like meteors out what what is going on and now he has these moves where it looks like somebody's fast forwarding him Levine had that were. Has it still, oh, my god, brightly Westbrook at it within the times. Levine you're, like oh, my god-
if your rhetoric as the people, the job is done really wow Zion was heard in there they were all I am. He knows I had actually said it with a day. You know now is I barking exile again when it was FAT Zion, the first four minutes when he was fat, shame and New Gregg Odin and it was like everybody was like this guy's, a fat giddies these her and then Marge Ashen was like shit, eight minutes into the first pillar, I would take a job like like duped conflict. This kid Is anyone sweating yeah you and I never wavered? I thought he was one of I think people made fun of us for being, like, oh dear, no thanks. Captain obviously, is it because I feel it there's a lot of people that didn't, I get here. I remember I went in France as is shown. I thought I said something like he's, one of the biggest the three biggest shore things of the past. Like thirty years. Of all the guys draft diverges something tat was just like the guy's, a sure thing the.
They now heard him ass if he gets injured, but by the way Watch Memphis watch, all the crazy fuck it should job does. I think Jaws, just as big of an injury risk by setting up does not pay up a job as a look like he lunacy, elbowed out jaws, going horizontal sideways, getting undercut somehow landing perfectly every time bitter it scares me like I just order, all the college's like being landing. But he ordinary worrier, less Gordon here I thought blew out his knee helping somebody up. The other was like. Oh no, this again Diane is absolutely jaw droppingly. The incredible awash and what did I say my weak around one of the few guys that When you're watching him, you just gotta, go, I don't know what they what they're gonna do when he really figures this out what's what he was right to point out to him, she makes the perfect pass. But that's it s part of his game.
Think is well, it isn't. The best is the physical part of what he can do. What is new about the exactly is passing blown away by the passing is ours? Watch cod are even watch like when you watch You're gonna win can transition exhaust yeah he's a fucking. Often ass it even though like he is three point numbers work great, but oddly better, like Rj Barrett, better than reddish at Duke. He would use a better three point shooter than his teammates, who couldn't make any shots at the end of the year or for him to hit those and the fourth one you never make it when you're like. Should I shoot, I'm not going to shoot a shoot and then it goes in and I've just at home laughing as it was. It was such a Ray one. Eighty, because you knew what was going to happen. It was gonna, be a bunch due to do do in line to be the first guy that next morning, after that spurs game to be like, I don't see it and you just go well he's too fat too much weight. Does he want
down, as you did in fact, first saw his body is, unlike any anybody us his body ever, and I don't know what it's supposed to look like a never seen a body like this, except for Barkley Barkie, was forged a shorter than he S. Barkley was actually are they didn't walk around like you lose her out, as I'm I'm worried about like when I think of Odin agonies arguments outside my friends like Owens Abbas like busts, like Dragoned benders a bust. I ain't debate is about this. Debates a bust Reagan was gonna be awesome, yet he was able when it started clicking and company law games on Youtube. The national title game he's playing with a broken rest than is the second dominating or and never any any, showing he's going always three my eye and I mean guys Obama, they had a Portland run relay okay, this ziyadi awesome and then he was her and they didn't trust anybody, and we, or her than we thought I just I don't want look. Obviously we all I wanna hear like if science her, I just don't think a bust as if you hurt that's my role,
we're going to leave boat. I want to do Mookie Betts for two minutes: hey we're taking a break today about Briar patch. That is a new show on the USA network that launches tonight, ten p, DOT M USA Network. Did you see, this anti we'll gonna meet that number like when you work with immigration without a runner. Here he was writing about tv. It never occurred to me. I realized I, like he's a writer yeah. I won't you not he's. I went to. I think it might have been HBO. I'm sorry that I met with them but they are they they'd send somebody Haiti knowing any at all, and I was like nodded you. Nobody really cross Basque, as he was out here. They're like you know, we had the sceptical years ago. We read it may also looked at each other. Like he's really good at this Yankee store to manage your motivate people. Well, he created zone shouts, got back. Patch? He did it with SAM is me about from Mr Robot, who is kind of his very godfather.
The whole thing and really believed them and pushed him and Stars Reserve Dawson it is set in Texas is based on a book He asked me about right and J Ferguson's in a whole bunch of people, but we're really proud of any value, and we go it's a great success stories, obey that was one of our original writers back in the day, so Briarpatch, USA Network, ten p m. I know in Africa and watch you, sir? You boys I presented ass. It thanks for your entire life. Rundown yeah but the Red Sox who make five hundred plus Milly Darcy a revenue who have to undermine our jobs, united and still still, they still are. Whatever their salary is they're making money. Every year I just gotta burn their Saturday trade Muky bets.
I'm sure they're going to lake, I got we never could have kept them. He was going to leave you wanted for Germany and all that and said well. He should get four hundred million because that's what it cost to have one of the best outfielders the last twenty years Is the best position for they've had since TED Williams? He really helped them win the twenty eighteen world Series in ways beyond just him being awesome, as it make sure we were texting about it, who sang the throw that he made to throw out Tony Kemp in the Houston series he said. Was the greatest stories ever seen. His life actually agree. He had a huge dodgers was just the guy I like.
If you're trying to win the world Series, it you he's the guy, your trading for not the guy, your training and I'm just stupefied by the whole thing. I don't understand it. I didn't understand, as is happening, the trade wasn't that good. I dont understand the point of of saving luxury tax money for next year. So then you can go to try to get a guy almost as good look bats and then, on top of it like, I just thought he should have been a meaningful guy in the city. You know, I think, he's just a really good guy. Who is different than a ladder, rats exports and a lot ways who's that certainly the best black baseball poor. They ve ever had in tat matters for a variety of reasons and I just
What's that again honestly makes me not? I know I'll talk myself into the season, yet I know start watching it cuz, that's the habit of baseball, but this is the first thing they've done since I was like a kid that made me kind of not want to throw myself into the and I have that I've just have not read Maharajah. I just can't believe they did this, so I would start with us like a movie deep down, didn't wanna play here. I don't know the answer that demands that bastard I use a movie, Wanna stay in Bahrain and Anna, I believe generous. I wanted. I want to believe that and when I went through it, and I didn't I'm Ipod. My there's been nineteen contracts, north of two hundred million in baseball history. We just started like to get some serious numbers. I would argue, considering a rod sign for and fifty two million in two thousand one that maybe some of these bigger contracts for long overdue. Yet if you look at some of the revenue split stuff and the percentage of revenue going to the major leap
there's an owners argue about on. We have to pay for all the minor league stuff to which I do understand here. It's not a bad split, but is going down his daughters, daylight hours. Some of these contracts happening. How was it almost a mania Ramirez to her million dollar contract happening era chief, those twenty years? How is that happening twenty years ago? And now we only had seventeen other once since then I ve been Hallo yard Was it not happening with the team? That paid of all day, basically like a tip, Deanna, the letter, a wedding. They EMA sixty million a contract and then no more. Later, like our man, the tax. Yet it's for your sake eight million delighted, but no one complain about it because of what it did in the eating has also assume there are going to spend money reorganising the fucker met, Saxon, it's their cash cow, they ve. All the deal was in great. The sale deal seem to be premature, but the price deals one that actually drive me crazy. They are you played on when they offer theories. Fifty one million more than the next best off right there in Germany and the fancy for a guy that didn't wanna play there ever yet ever
the planned Boston is miserable whole time he gets kind of that J D drew pass. What have the world series bubbling over the years and a right, but they they didn't like price. The whole thing was a bad deal. He was the third highest paid play baseball the year he was silencers, champ, whatever two thousand eighty I'll jail. Those deals like whenever fans go. Who cares? If not my money, Neuro that deal what you pay, Zat drinking money. You paid Clayton Kirshner money for David Price effort, it anymore, like being in the city and that set these things in motion? So now, all of a sudden you gotta be cheap of Muky bats, and then the other party didn't whether poor, it's like the all time, poor planning of seven different things leading to aid equally too a decision, I've seen all of these things were it's like: ok, well, he owed to the union. Who cares? Ok, he's gonna get paid. Oh he arm. He. This allows a red Sox, almost
flexibility. What to go, get somebody who's, not as good as him rat. That's a terrible, terrible hormones, Muky bets out there. Then it gets back to address your look at ever, do go who is a one season guy who might not be back as butcher pretty good the bad back, but misled two months neck and back pain, and then the attitude problem in the greater all whose blown out elbow missed all sixty seems like about how red seventeen and I loved bossin globes like facts about him signs autographs until everybody is don't you're like ok. What about the party may well tuned in seven pounds, a twenty here's, a lax about him. His elbow ligament is made out of his hamstring the whole like. Oh, you couldn't go into the season Amu. Who gives a shit? These are pro athletes, and I know it's not great to be in the trade. Where's, but like every single NBA player, thinks he's getting traded the whole time, while the only who can handle a trade rumours, Jamal Adams, so is movie bats like has to go in and like its unsettled, then let it be unsettled if the best that you're doing is it we No. If Verde
everyday outfielder, end a guy. That's had this injury. Who's out of shape. If that's the best you can do, you can definitely do that before the trade deadline, this up? So that is my added the thing that doesn't make it anybody that says you how to do this now, because it was the best. Do you gonna get if this is the best deal in your bloom and everybody thinks maybe Freeman worked you because you used to work for him and table which may become, The unfair, if I'm bloom, I go hey, you know what most of us get fired this job anyway, I'm doing that. How do the Dodgers not give up a prospect in this deal? get my ada when you get Muky bats lie clean, spyware. You know you're gonna resign, him! That's what you heard about vigilant, no I'm not doing this. I dont care, I'm not doing this unless we're getting one garage planter, coggeshall, two thousand eight one of the reason to as yet to designate One of the reasons everyone was so upset about that deal other than nobody knew who's on the black was they did it to two is further trade deadline?
it was to say why related there won't take it that you also sitting there two weeks later guess what did the Lakers. How can a guy you know, I'm on second thought: Kwame Brown Gerard created in the thirtieth pick and paths us fat brother, it's too rich, far bloodbath. Progress or not. We want. We ve got people off the realise. Like democracy, there wasn't one guy that I try using four hundred and twenty has were so mad because there are like this. Is a Memphis jury. Wes thing it was. It was a total with golf again one hundred percent of his your whistling. So the thing with the murky thing can have argued red Sox fans about this era that well start the season. Whether me can't trade em- and am I Ok, I guess what guess who we could train of four Where do you go and this fuckin guy in the treaty whose hamstring is his elbow ligament and is a medical risk. Already I'm positive Trade was still sit there in July to know dry,
It's so fresh air? It's really prosecuting. I now and I now I know that people outside of possibilities- let me get this straight. You losers, bringing more rosy red you and eighty plus years. Without this you wouldn't you would have sold relatives to get one. This ownership who comes in and gets four in less than twenty years and now you're, so mad that you think, like you, dont like this, ship. Here's hats, apart from the outside right, think all those put like they don't get it like. That should have a way to look at this. This ownership group is buying up every piece of property around that part. To the point where I think, like the city had ability as needed shill a little on the day they ve killed. Every sort of traditional, that's been around there to build their whole mega casare, Caroline socks. You know it sucks and, like there's, there's a lot of red Sox into your address, like names for the rings, but this, but then to do this like this reminds me of the,
security in the inferiority of being a ninety red Sox fan like this is what it was. It was like a we're gonna do the stupid shit. I get it with the Yankees. Ever. Do this in two thousand twenty four, the Red Sox, to do something that the EC delegation It should be like others, this minor, cheering that, like all this reminds me when you guys were idiots right good job. Yet, despite the fact that sensible More rings, therefore, ears by constantly not told all the twenty seven we got. It he's my counter, the forward serious thing that once they want to know for its house money for the rest of our lives, I just really wanted to win them once I never think about the fundamental progress in it. I did when it The ones were awesome, their great sports experiences for eighteen. One with such I tired to really was. I honestly, care more in baseball specifically, and especially about having guy that I love for twenty years. That matters to be me.
The Magyar, we want in two thousand and thirteen that doesn't it was year and a half. I can barely remember what happened that plasters anymore, but for six to eight months, baseball's fucking boring I still like a cause, I'm an old. Why, guy on the audience, I liked to put it on, I like to watch Reds ice games and have them in the background is doing other thing. And one of the certainties ahead in life was, I love bookie bats. I like davers, I like Bogart, and I like Ben intended somewhat. Enough guys that I like watching, I was like this is great these guys. My life every summer until further rested decade. I may have these three guys: I'm going rebook arts them at a bats, especially Fuck is now why we follow sports and it so rare, like in baseball to go Gonna have this guy who's? Basically, second to my trial, who's gonna go down,
great as yet layers areas. It is my trousers. I fuckin Mickey man right to go. I mean this suggests. Isn't I just think the right side of the road sort of ships link if they get it. I don't think I like hey. We wonder for raising capital is thing. I wanted my theory with their piling up assets to bounce. This thing or the pudding other money to soccer. I think so. I think I didn't want to pay the luxury the share everybody I grow so that Nigeria's idea is everything they wanted out of this branch in morsel, binding, they're, gonna sell. I do I don't I don't know that it would make sense, but no what you should do then do it like. Who cares that than Muky be on someone else's tab? She cover the luxury taxes or power in August, and then with the backers, you like, I normally so I need to get into the tax. This is
the revised always that he was always like that Israel is, as you did me, there's a tax. There's no other explanation for this trade. This trade is so stupid. It makes me think they're selling the team, because in the other thing they're so tone deaf, they fucking lit. They live in the city for too long on origin is getting less how this stuff is received, his as happened a couple times where they shank Terry Frank honour than the gold piece comes out a couple days later, murdering eminent psych. Yet this looks bad. You guys did this increase. The way they handled Theo. Mother, your wine isn't get. Is a city is mine blowing, but I always thought the Theo thing was very, very common thing that happens day and torment lighting, and there is something that cannot share when you pick Theo, you like look, we we looked out for you and entails, like I'm good at this, I'm out of here frank on us, the best manager I've ever seen. And I mean that is like a day to day thing. I got macro seizure, Sanderson other managers they, but until you watch it I every day for years it's when you like this guy can assign S. Team was landed,
in Britain was artists, quirky esteem ever any managed. I don't really like Frank or a private use, a great manager so that one euro is awesome and eighteen, I didn't have as much of a problem with some of the Franco criticism. I had massive problems of the Theo criticism because a lot of it was ages them to think if he had been forty I've never been like hey will give you whatever you want like they. They brought in MIKE Port to like hold his hand, I gotta you gotta, get a guy, that's gonna change the way we look at GM sitting right here. He doesn't need his hand beheld though Billy being thing that fell apart and then afterwards, like he has acknowledged about that. I'm I'm good. I do think this ownership thing is just like it. It feel so stupid no, I what's wrong with these guys when they tend so successful, but isn't that what are their attitude? Thou words like we brought you for real, serious deficiencies, IVO, that's exactly what I will do. What we want are they writer Aurettes Austrians are, I think, tat
that we had up until them were so atrocious and we all saw their potential in the city in the franchise for how much people are based on two may could figure at the park in the surrounding things. Put that revenue back and they beg we all news me: cash cow. It was like, though, the worst house on the best black ass, a man a semi by that house and makes a nice as committee twelve behind our ass, that's where they had they did it. I dont either the only owners that could have done that there are a lot of their owners and share its like liquor with the words they were Joe Lake up his Joe Lego by no is light years ahead of us Mary Beth as they will see that good, or was he just not the terrible shitty owners they had before and with the red Sox owners as a disguise are obviously really smart. They ve leverage the land in the fan base in seven million economic ways that have been beneficial. They put a lot of back in the team. Why draw the line at Muky bats?
s position where we ve had in sixty years. Why would this be the guy rear that guy that Seneca Bait and here's the problem? Much like I remember they did some sort of stupid, poor those they would arrest. Actions like it was a good players stars. So they spent way too much money, a car Crawford who hated it Jack, lackey? Who Cotta has a little bit of that David price thing for the most part. I wasn't that great, but he was part of that thirteen run yeah, but he forgets about it doesn't care, but This team will, I started looking at two thousand and twenty one free agents new like who are they going to spend like a hundred fifty million on this guy, like a hundred twenty million on this picture like who going to be the to b guys they sign for a ton of money. Thinking like hey everybody pay attention was. The difference is when the Yankees had their They didn't screw around like we're. Not gonna size grow their core eyes. We are like who's. The best pictures it MIKE Messina. Ok, what will they do? We want hammering Pat rap cause, Pat wrapped sheep, yeah as they now, let's just go, get Messina and considering who the red Sox have become.
For all those years in the nineties being told that there, amid marketing being caught by distrust in danger cat who Was a great town evaluate her, but was was kind of alike. I'm getting along with used to come on our show all the time but like his his end was like this out here, was a direct right. Is it just didn't you didn't? You can sell it the right way it was like kinky being forced to talk was due care. You know as well in Boston, and so like what is what is up with this guy, even though he was again really good at valuing baseball players, but we were just tricked too, like think less of ourselves. You don't have saying like. Don't think you could ever be there. I was like a damage, relationship yeah and then it happened, but you made the key point. The egg is, what are the edges of the red? They kept burning, aims and Peter in reverse. Socks made an offer to Bernie Williams, and then he went back to the exit of back tadeusz like I was really impressed by a presentation and pure like five when you You think burning Williams is really gonna. Leave the Yankees inside with red.
Finally, I just feel like bats Debars Beauregard's. I don't care who us is on the team. The next ten years I get through for those three eyes. That's the foundation you spend around. You make smart decision. You're, always gonna, be good, but also Millay movies. Gonna go the Dodgers, Jersey being credible and people watch him Dodger Stadium without huge field in him, and Bellinger, basically patrolling this fuckin complex that bad there, it's so spacious and so wide and those guys you meet chase. Now everything he's been in every big spot. He can handle, matches Boston but play baseball and he's a fucking, legitimate superstar. These twenty seven Ben Limber grow for us said this traded, no press, in the history of baseball, nobody's ever traded this specific player at this age and it's a bummer, and it really makes me wonder if I'm going to care about this red Sox season. I know I will go around, but it just real I was surprised. I get that fifty it so careful spoke
Then I'd heard my Sunday evening, her like I touched you on Sunday and I was like hey. I'm heard it's done and you're like yeah me too, and there were just try to figure out If you knew I was inevitable forever. Wasn't it wasn't just enact like becomes a case, a thing done, some gaps that is done in their waiting to announce it for budgetary reasons, but. Yeah, honestly, like Boston, should not be in the category of city. Nobody wants to hear Boston fans whine about it, but is it just? It's me: it's not just about the titles it's about having somebody in your life beginning middle end of their careers. I thought he was going to be one of those guys like we grew up with Yaz. It has to be one thousand nine hundred and eighty three meant something to me. He was in my life for the fur. Fourteen years our desire smoking cigarettes in the press conferences. I was U related, but when spoken I was eight but yeah. I think that should mean something I think it means something Ortiz finish with the Red Sox in what he meant to the city, and I think Muky was gonna, be there guy and they said. No, we have to go.
Dont expert in this trade. They trade, the vampire for around reserved thanks to the crew. Thanks Kyle, we will see you and in it I thanked resell. It don't worry about the evolving worlds of grant. I've thought on nine read that online, a record brig holiday season, more players in ever to celebrate rockstar games, offering huge bonuses, prayers, budgetary line, a red, then I'm I'm Fort sturdy, genuine thirtieth, which a pretty sure happened like a week ago, general Third, those Latvia cash bonus up. The two million cheated hours by playing one week before February twelve. There can actually win that much money yeah you can get Gunjay gunslingers shout eating money going to buy anything, get the bounty hunters kid. Hassler, there's never been a better tat page. Gee I mind in red dead, Santos raises unbelievable thing. I this entire neighborhoods can be our pink thanks.
Pepsi, with the near officially haired ever and restrict resolutions. Pepsi wants to usher in the new decade head a bit differently by encouraging everyone to unapologetically. Do you enjoy, even in the face of others, judgment we're Ceylon I enjoy. Turning on the team that one is for world series. Titles because they all right I've ever player. I love those division, titles. Eighty six, eighty eight, ninety good was refund in my body or the ages steamroller us. While we We are not afraid to criticise the owners that brought us forward serious titles. Pepsi, that's what I like we're us about. To buy a red, Sox, dot, com or Muky bets jerseys are now fifty percent. Are they really has we ripped your hearts out? Now? They probably should be that everyone at the first rats I stayed Chauvelin with judges I gave you the Johnny Cueto Jersey next summer extra do their thinking season
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