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The NBA's Wackiest Decade, the CP3 Conundrum, Boston Falls Apart, and Fantasy Baseball Sucks With Bryan Curtis and Kevin Hench | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Bryan Curtis to discuss the changes in the NBA from 2010 to 2019, starting with "The Decision," Twitter, media access, player movement, and more (4:10). Then Bill sits down with his old friend and fantasy baseball team co-owner Kevin Hench to discuss Kyrie Irving "ghosting" the Celtics, the Chris Paul trade-request rumor, the Stanley Cup Final, fantasy baseball misery, Patriots 2019-20 predictions, and more (44:30).

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at Ringer or Hashtag Rear MBA, and they will be reacting to the draft as it happens and it seems like the just gonna get pretty funky the share these from the fourth pick on, so do that watch. Big little lives are big little eyes after show. Hashtag big little live that is with Mina comes from me as PAN and amended Dobbins from the ringer presented by Buick. It's a really good show guesses. On this third one car me I've been booked nice, I'm going to be giving parent advice to the fore that once a thou be Sunday night and then three or Pakistan work. We have a whole bunch of great stuff going on there as well, including where you can follow up and get all your draft that mean there's so much draft stuff going on right now on someone's fridge, this stuff we're to talk about it in a second, with Brian Curtis, from the ringer and then coming up a little bit later. My friend Hitch Kevin hedge.
The new Netflix Series coming out and is also just losing his mind over sports as usual, so going to talk about the NBA summer, we're going to talk about why people hate Boston fans just going to be some hockey talk you make at that and a whole bunch of other stuff to how much we love, Rob, Gronkowski, etc, etc. First, our friends from programme. I would encourage some one second, so I'm taken this late late Tuesday afternoon, there's been some Celtics news and it seems our four coming back? That's him to be the word on the street day. He acted out of his contract. I think the subjects thought that they are going
reassign him for a three or four. Your deal for a little less money that would help them out the cap, and now it looks like he's leaving. I don't know where he's going by the time you hear this, the team might have emerged, but this Celtics season, which started out so promising Lee eight months ago, with the over under of fifty nine and one slash, two went to Vegas. I thought they're going to win sixty seven, it seemed like they were heavy heavy heavy contender and not just for for the season, but for the next ten years they would have been the team like if I could have any assets, money team, Boston and now less than a year later, you'd take new Orleans in that argument, then the Celtics are looking at Jason, Tatum Jailer Brown.
Gordon Hayward, Sonam, lottery, picks and the Memphis Pick and most of the ensign cap space. So if our Fridley is holy mackerel, I was actually talking myself into AL. Horford could stay, maybe there's a way we can figure out. Some crazy Chris Paul trade MIKE Conley and all the sudden you know Toronto Kawhi goes to the clippers to Sixers fall apart, Milwaukee still not ready. Maybe we can sneak in there now it's like. Why should we just rebuilt. I don't know what to tell you that we're going to talk about basketball with a little bit later right now, Prankers Brian Curtis, is here one of the co hosts of the press box, which we have expanded to two times a week. Talking about, ah the media stuff, that's going on each week turns I have not tax for two shows a week we were worried yeah. I wasn't where Europe has had. He just do all these pod care. So do you I know, but I'm it's another very first world from a lot of talking it's a lot of talking to finish what are
combating firmer more topic, is divided over word twitter schoeffer for Thursday, then you realises that she keeps happening it. Does you no, like just your g years? Stuff concentrates on the media by the union, have the debates for the next eighteen months and in the media business just general is both better and worse. Some had always at the same time take the sports illustrated that happen, which I know your cover in the press box, but they got sold and now it looks like they ve been sold again in ya, but that's our and talk about we're gonna talk about. It is getting very close to free agency period, two thousand nineteen for the NBA yeah, and it struck me that this whole decade now we have now for decades
it's time to reflect on something's happened decade, the process of being an mba fan and honour of covering the league and how we consume it, and what people want has changed as dramatically is anything I could remember from two thousand ten where the decision was kind. Neil Armstrong of this whole thing. I don't even remember and I M really member an mba summer before the decision it these guys were free agents in two thousand seven we had the Duncan Mcgreevy Summer in two thousand and inside this had happened, though Egg Shack, the shack summer to the lake, the we ve had these but Two thousand and ten is when it shifted, where I remember, writing multiple columns, even before he decided and everybody was just kind of waiting and then when it happened, we got to experience it in twitter on real time. Dan Gilbert sent the letter out and all the sudden it was this kind of three day event that we dissected now we're here in twenty nineteen. Is this better or worse?
more content, is probably better for a website like the ringer with that's for sure, can see yeah- gives us tons of stuff to cover. I just think everything comes out of that moment. The decision- and it's so interesting to read now to think about yeah, because it was Le Bron and Jim Gray and Math Carter, proving or figuring out the idea that summer free agency in the NBA could be content and away yet it was gonna be and that it can be just as big as almost any the games airplane that it could survive on its. That was the day. They declared that a siesta during a tv special well known, we had weighed and Bashwood gaining film by crews. At the time thinking about
doing their own documentaries and it does Phyllite that was the first summer when players looked at themselves as content. Now Shack was doing stuff like Shack was wrapping and he was in movies and but as a very old media Cook Kobe was due in the same way, guys doing it. This was different. This was like. Not only do I boot do Basque while, but I can also be interested in this way also meant to be the producer yeah. It's hard. It's my special, it's my ip. I think so many things come out of that summer. Free agency is content, was one big thing, yet players kind of trying to take the means of production, away from the old gatekeepers player, empowerment, any at least in its in
a version has gotta come out of that law. Broad moment player, saying I'm gonna go where I want. I want to say I wanna salmon to go where one and I don't care what everybody's telling me to do and though he did care as it turned out, it did, but we can trace back to that. He was the pioneer the Neil Armstrong of saying. You know what just causes team drafted me. I won't go play. My army took, as is my hometown, workplace earning, but prayers had done that I dont think players had done that you know we ve been we'd, had prayers, leave cities and go to new teams. This was this felt different, though I agree with you that it loosened up. It loosened up thanks because sportswriter dome and even after the decision was like you can't. How dare you do this? You can't do that. I have one of those pieces
I wanna spaces, but it was like. I feel that everybody can I got that other system and away, and it was easier for people to leave. After that see, I think that they never guiding. So I do. I think that thing that's got lost about the decision that still remains unfair is that he did it to Cleveland now, Cravens one a title, and I think it's easier. Our perception of the fan base. Things are happy there. They got bigger mayfields things are ed in two thousand and ten. It seemed kind of unnecessarily mean to me, and I still feel that way it is fan base that had just gone kicked in the bar since nineteen sixty four in error and this one guy they had, who felt are too had a chance to be the next door to basically and they rode out, and they came so close to any entitled to stray yours for him with him he's like a mad here, I'm going to Miami. Allow it
like the adding insult to injury. It's like going to Miami cuz, I get to live in Florida and it's beautiful there, but it was a tv special part of it that felt like a particular kickin it yes! So if he cleaning out on live tv that your girlfriend broke up with you, when you ve had other baggage that the clear Vance added still it still raffer mean but think about how crazy the response was. Woozy Scott Rabbit, yeah, the horror of Akron TAT Magic, that's I'd, have they now to those Nathan, I think went, might want back. I felt like he should want. Back at the title. What's our what's our alternative plan for the broad, if you think going on tv was a kid, nuts I'm trying to get in the insider time. Machine guns and, like I gotta reorient, my brain was called David Eldridge into that's whose who's your cause is in your mind. If he call somebody and said I'm going to Miami. I see, I think you only do that special if you know you're staying
but you ve really ultimately know you're. Staying. That's what you do. It's a feel good, it's a feel good though they think. Of course everybody was gonna get bad. And I think he underestimated really what sports means to fancy. Something like the like. I have argued about a multiple, a multiple podcasts like what why do fans care? When I do it's my life and I think sometimes that connection gets lost, but that's been one of the things that has been, I think, as the decade is gone along, has been little numbed cause now, is used to remove the movement makes sense now. But I and I think Leubronn listen up. He did it was so Spectre. John Brown was the Anima that led the hours of gems out easy. Now doesn't it. There is a reading of the decision, though that Leubronn,
player and his associates said we're gonna, we're gonna. Do this special we're gonna make ourselves into news in the off season. Yeah and all of US journalist looked at that we got mad but then our solution was that we're just gonna put on the specials ourselves in the off, so The heart of it was that he, as you say in a left Cleveland, went to Miami the other part of it was oh, you don't get to do that. We Get to create that we get to throw the off season Party and we're here. With it. If we throw the party, but there's something about you, throwing the party that we don't like. I ain't that somewhere in the sub beyond our territory. I think that someone the psyche of this year, I guess we're throwing apart now you and I daily part a ringer. We threw him after a long time, but now I mean every this is banned now like to are the wrestling analogy every year the delay match the latter's in the latter match seem to be vigour. Ladders. Now these are thirty. Four ladders were jumping off of it. This summer's the summers-
guys are now moving in MID June. Uniting letter allegedly talk the teams until July. No career and go to Brooklyn already and is the whole eat up a restarted advertising his summer in December January. When was that when he first started so that making a lot of noise yeah, it's all lead up. Remember I wrote for you in twenty fourteen summer, twenty forty, I think I got the date, write a piece called them. It's called. Trade rumour era. We all realised- and I said something is happening here yet where summer is now more interesting than the actual India files you re. I was twenty fourteen. What was going on and twenty four I guess outline the brows when the Branford yeah, it was right before they happen. Like a member you- and I talking about that- we said it just like with the media world has changed that we care about this so much and so much more widely. In some cases, as this final says, I should very exciting. I think people pre locked in what I ate heads gist,
leave both in game. Storylines like the ran clay going down in battle about games was just one of those things happening would have been a top ten most memorable final moment, I think, but for sure, for both I'm gonna. I look at as this decade is gone if you just looking at it from the standpoint of what did we not happen to them and ten that we have now. I dont think Twitter Twitter was around, but people were still kind of figuring out, whereas in the same- and we also didn't really know who to follow, as a whole world. Back then, where reporters were allowed to tweet staff they had to like save it for the newspaper we're still kind of in that who earn marks was really handicapped by that for a few years, because he had to send stuff into the desk wages at Yahoo. Just you know, put stuff out we didn't have was back then was. Was this pretty angry guy Yahoo is had kind of declared worthiest beatin in wrote. Some we really harsh pieces about Lebron James and was kind of them
and again pirate. She wouldn't be part, worldwide later he's, gonna get it scoops his own way. Now nine years later is the biggest guide the world had later fur for rumours and stuff yeah. He was kind of thing at that time. Far member designer I com you they wanna games just talking to players after games a very it was like he was really in kind of a recognisable what we used to recognise like an MBA Lee Greater, yet not just now, where those guys moved into like I'm just do a noose just to an items. That's it. Podcast have changed to pack cast existed in two thousand ten, but now it's like there's a bunch of basque ballpark has lots of people when each other's back ass, if the media in general is a laugh friendlier that firm from a basketball standpoint You resign if I'd buy that media basketball game that had a lot of people in there, but it seems I is that as much people China to beat each other in the sun is cut throat. I don't feel like, as it was last decade, NBA media yeah,
it's weird, because the NBA media in the last decade has become such a much better job in the in the old sports page hierarchy yeah, it was last among major sports third was an easy third place, and maybe, if you were in like a southern papers, I fourth buying college football. It's true if a power for the end to the concept of an mba jabbing, more valuable than in NFL job fifteen years ago, would have been symbolic, more desirable. Fourth, I mean it was it. He has a solid forth and still be fourth, maybe third out, but its. It was definitely forth at the time and the ideas. So what you're saying this funny, though, because so many more people started covering the NBA, it became a big beat became what she wanted to cover, but then it became nice. You figured, I should be the way that everybody would come in and then it would turn into like you know, gangs in New York or something like that
other than those in the commission to present our stairs a lot more about you. I mean I always, and I was always really respect that opinion is. It is way too. Nice is way too, but we are in the final, like you used to everything that the people of Canada and the people have to, on all these issues and great peep only on NBA Twitter. Do you just like come and then, of course, there may be other cheer. Durant's Andrea was now. What did we? What have we done? Whorehouse failed us guess what they have: people that are like Yankee, Red Sox, Anti Akerana, the act I believe that who have liked him insanity for ten seconds and cheer, Durant's, injury and and guy about about gather. That's another outcome of this decade. Is the painter culture? Just these carefully constructed tweets just that nobody is gonna go against because you just seem like a deck, but there also crafted in ways that you just pandering by. No one has ever baseball. The Bognor was a twitter, pandering guy watermark. It really was
You people require amateur mountain, I'm gum season, the high ground people who written columns like making fun of them and then we're out I should have been defined by one play. Is that wasn't you have this in the archives? As you know, it's how awful as this is the first sentence and is a bitch. Where would you think we're gonna be paragraph six ray You know one of the most violent way spot by ever. I dont want always bill bugger bad things, but that was a kind of a big playing in baseball is you missed by men were watching the kit. That was a double by anyone. Yes, there is, thing, an MBA twitter where yeah you are, but it's weird, it's a nice off, isn't it who can who can understand the Ballade Times's? Who can understand the players? It's that nice? If your talk you wanna one people, then the vote times are out there there is petty, is ever his their public. There is big as well as any other journalist
it's all nice entourage, wealthier forget how his insolence us packet yeah. I found this finals and maybe you agree, maybe disagree. The after the fact pieces in this fight were pre incredible, like Ramona right after game. Six had all this clearly like put no book out. She had you know like Michael Thomson included a pop did a popular on the knee and all the stuff, and was it dream on Argos, Kevin, Durrant, calling Clay Thompson right after the F B, I am six and then the one eyed timid man there the day on the Rockets agent, like all the stuff of village, everybody with Airbus prepping their policies in these states but another trend that has happened over the course of this decade is that people waiting and then dropping the belated here's action everything I know and a juicy there after the season answer after the player leaves Gazeta, but another tell us
the now they tell it yeah that happened last year with the other leubronn pieces. Member and another clear by another the ears and then this happen. But I know what's going on carry he's. Gonna leave and somebody's gonna write a piece and there's gonna be ten stories in their public. Oh my god but it's not gonna happen until they know he's not coming back and the Celtic Tiger you can use this evening. Those values that actor, but let me give his lemme give you three more while we're at year end in the in the kind of I guess last decade, but especially two decades ago, the newspaper people just read about this stuff in the moment idea. I think part of the thing that change with the twitter and re tweets and stuff like that is once thefts out there if it gets taken the wrong way. You become like the nearest on the dragon just like holding out for dear life. Isn't this thing you wrote it she's getting NEA Lated, left and right. I think people are really careful now the arrow
they don't wanna be ended, dragon fallen off, nobody wants, then. Now nobody wants a very quick big just to talk about are live: MBA draft shell, seven fifteen Thursday night at Ringer on our twitter account or ignored. Tag: Ringer NBA Kevin, O Connor, Danny Chow, John Gonzalez, breaking down the draft. It happens, you can listen. The Ringer NBA show that night, the podcast. You can listen to my podcast at night, breaking down everything and we will have the NBA draft covered and by the way, do you want to read about the draft. If you want some expert analysis, r NBA draft Guide has it's just fantastic and has been all over this draft in a lot of different ways, and some of the some of the opinions have been born out. I think, as we get closer, The draft aware we have guys rank and things like that. So make sure you check that out, spend the NBA drafter, thus at ringer I backed Kurds. It feels like we have more.
Writers who have access to athletes and can find out stuff that aren't in the same cities as those athletes- and I think that's cause a demon text but that's a big Jameson last decade. I know that. Would it works the same way you, like my style, when he was carrying. I've talked about this with them on the podcast he's covered the Mavericks and NASH and Dirk foreigners lap right he's the guy for those two guys here he's there with them all the time he has the relationship with them. Nobody, S was gonna trump that but now in two thousand nineteen somewhere could have really easily have a relationship with those guys, absolutely send them a damn, hey man like your piece, and I also feel- and you see them like once ear when they come to your city- maybe. He'll live in an attempt to go wherever you are a body and then I think the other private that is
People are a lot more hesitant to just the Nile it somebody in a peace gazette the Athens can see it. You know, and as the old thing with the reports by guy they dont with the internet writers, their first waved their common, though through come in the locker room, You have to face these guys now too, weird where everybody has to face these guys because they will fire back. You know if you read a piece about Leubronn and new crush him. He Kind of fire back and unleash the Leubronn have on you. And now you feel in the dragon flames a little bit. Katy might be the better example here, but yeah right, but yeah, that's true! and I think this that's kind of a funny change in the last decade because it seem like every who's gonna be at home, nobody would have any on ability yet may ever Dan Shaughnessy, just rail and some off about the seal. Their get member thing works of show someone somewhere in law.
We'll cable hell even still mad about this, be it sought to buy a waiter packaging knows. Why am I here the waiter, while packages of what they were staggered arrow care we still talking about this year? But I think that was the argument in two thousand to does ninety. Doesn't it every and be home blocking they'll be no accountability right, every disease can be mean, but how to play it. It's a twitter account, and you know you. There is accountability of a sort, also feel it just like things turned toward reporting and maybe that's should be an air quotes, but this became like I think, if you looked at the meat, the sports media, two thousand and two thousand ten Yoda thought it's gonna really swing towards sit woman right great shit yeah, but it actually swung another way. It swung toward insider them a little bit swung towards Zack low kind of pieces, yeah it swung toward, and maybe that's just cause those guys were so big and so
good bye, remember at Grantline figuring as we had Zack rate as he was really coming into his own, but the last piece for him was the connections and you know. We were just sent him to ask: are weakened and town, that's right, like we just wine made as many people as possible and now he's at the point where you can go to anybody you now and get whatever quoting AIDS and that took a whole decade friend and be able to get there. Were you read some of this stuff? You run the fine us at that. He did some really good stuff and he just I gotta talk to clay talks about us, and he said this and that's the last piece and that's it art where it has pursued the younger people and we, you know we have a lot of young people here. It's it's the people that could have talked to three people first or but they talked a nine or could have just talk to these two people,
that's it, but instead they just said on call these other eight or I'm gonna go up to the other six unlock round. Those are always the ones that are gonna better stores. I think absolutely, but it's funny how many people don't do that to us of them. We should probably say the insider became the biggest job and sports waiting lists in years and their different another. We were to set up to that summer to them. Ten. In the same way, I don't think you would have said the NBA insider would be the most violent kaliko vaunted job in the NBA, I think you would have funding for their how in baseball they hire Jefferson to basically be- baseball worse in their many transparent about it. There are there. We now want to baseball words like they were at the car dealership, giant,
here, like I'm, really doing my Porsche would like another fast car with Elsie Guy. Wouldn't you have that's how you our area, we have a jet Poseidon he's got some scoops, but but that's a template yet- and I think that was I think that was created in the last decade- are really it was those got Peter vessels ran for a long time, but that that job became the big job in the last decade. In sports. Writing, like the big we get the big European deal with Big Yahoo deal right. We have your own show you you have to go on tv and we have to go on tv but you're, the guy. That was, I don't. I think if we got the time machine went back summer to them and I dont think that would be the I think I'm way true. I think the multimedia aspect of these guys is another but another than that change because again, Alot Arap see now let s see some big winners. Winners good on tv is, and it took you know most of the decade friendly get every saddle.
A tv remsen ladder pack s wraps and now he just seems super comfortable. There's all these different ways to get reps now, especially our pockets, and they passive really helped a lot of people in that respect. But I would say my big take away it's more fun. Now! Yes, oh yes, I am the stout check for and look I'm part of this tale, like I've done a bunch of passports with players, I'm a little on the statute for the distance that used to exist between the media and prayers, because I think that I think that territory it now is becoming more and more blurred. The accesses almost too good now for people
It's it's about two good, but it's not good enough. Somebody can get get to Clay Thomson. He might. They may not be able to use it, but they can at least quite have some might know who they who they are to make sense like there's, no there's not much mystery to me, as I think their use So why has mystery your eyes shut everybody out and that's actually kind of fine? I wish there was more mystery. I guess in general with the stars. What we think we note much about all this Yeah, there's a lot of good islamic cosiness and a lot of mystery, but there are more powerful now
and the media is weaker than it than it was in those days. I think it is fair to say comparable to the players. Anyway, you know examined on twitter counts. They have their own brands of their own thing. They make lots and lots more money answer they need us less. So it almost feels like that. If you detached or wrote those roasted, unlike you, you're talkin about you, they would just be like I'm done with the other major anymore, quick episode of the re read of us. Oh, I wrote this in two thousand and eight. The summer of two thousand ten quickly turned into polarizing topic since its two years away, and some fans are rightly making the quote. Can't we just concentrate on this season, and how is this good for freshness sport? That a team is storing way to solid seasons for something that might happen. My counter, the NBA is off court. Sub plots of many ways had become just this fund is anything happening on the court
as the internet sports, radio team blogs, better team, bugs better information, guys everything ass, the whole trade Jaffrey Age American is practically evolved into its own sport to follow we love reading my traps, making a fake trades argue about GM mistakes, specialist moves and everything else that's become part of being a host fan the summer of twenty ten Prizzi's. It sounds like a blockbuster movie, as everything we love about that goofy underbelly into one need package, and then I keep going do I read that in two thousand, You were team blogs away from a perfect game. I've gotta go there is a double the law itself. For some reason thousand eight, I think, might have been actual starting point, and I think it is because I was when the Leubronn to the next I've started in ours first we're just going way in the future like hey this might happen, and people are talking. And radios foregoing o cool. When I talk about this
people call and they want to be my show. So really this banner eleven year attitude and I think it crystallized in two thousand and you were cited as a your browsing, I was excited right that bears a bright and a basketball families. You love that because I had- thing for you, as I still love it. The season wasn't enough for you. Now you had you had more like capacity for basketball, and you figured that may be. Fans would also have more capacity. Four basket, but I don't know if I was right in two thousand eight, but I think I'm room, I think that's turned out to be right, but I'll take this. I remember when I was in countdown I really wanted and back and like two thousand thirteen, when I had a lot of sway at that point, and I really thought we should have a daily show like we could do that ambition. I think I've sent like a mock thing fora and like yours order, would look like half hour. You others, mba people
should do it either in our New York. We can get though whatever's in their attitude is always there's no way sanatorium on sport, they would have it and I better behave. Nfl live on us is look at that's the NFL. Nobody follows the NBA like this and I was like. I actually think I think I don't think you're right. I feel like the NBA is heading this way, but now you look six years later I mean I never expected. What's happened to happen, it's a three hundred and sixty five day sport and it's it's even in those three hundred and sixty five days. Things are moving four times in the day like just take this on a Tuesday. The Chris Paul story happened, the Cairo goes to the South Ex happened and then our apparently might not come back to the Celtics. Happen in three hours, for people like and carried a LOS Angeles was that today that we today Kyra focusing our lesson I pray that happens.
Science like life or the lack of Zion Unequipped Bernajoux collide. That's it. I know it's kind of a many people do that without was got, but I was kind of a moment today, yeah I my questions. Did we the media create space and fans brains for the stuff, but we just convinced people collectively. You should be interested in this. This is gonna. Be great. This whole basketball season, you didn't know existed, will be really really fun. Now. Here's my third some! If I'm right, I think it's a combination of phones and an twitter and just how we how we get entertain value out of our funds where it's like people, you mean Starbucks and uses a grander resulting therefrom. Southern haven't so
I haven't, had a wonderful happen. So that happened, somebody check again get his axe, it's my mom, suburban, oh boy, and that's just kind of what we do their funds and the NBA, like just the rumor mill, fits in that perfectly, especially like a month like right. Now, I'm checking my phone, so I don't know what's going to happen, so you think of all the things that we've had like Twitter Slack Instagram the worries, and then these Basque, while preserving our lives, are the time you follow them on all these different platforms in there just the part of our day. So so just I feel like the technology has made. It happened that the media- it was the league of all they were talking about the decision, carriers, evolving and then technology laughing. At the same time you grade that thesis. I think that's where you at in the media, but the media of being they're, ready and willing to to dive in with them
where they have as base to do it, because it's like you know the fact that ESPN is in on the NBA during this period has been rainest timeline. Because if they didn't have the NBA rights, if it was still the NBA. On NBC or Fax, are fox in a maybe skin is diving and with both feet and quite the same way, and maybe the whole thing still happens, but it's just a little more muted or something like that. Maybe we get like seventy percent of your asses. I don't. I think he s been being mixed up in those probably important, and I also think basketball. I've talked about this a million times, but the basketball, and hip hop cultures and other personalities in them. The way they just collide constantly like personified by Draken throughout two thousand and like that's the apex of this, but her more than ordinary. Serbia's when one reality by or maybe but but tat, TAT, she's kind of culture. Now you now and I think
top is the dominant form of music. We have in basketball, isn't the dominant rating sport, but I think it's become the the day to day most kind of interesting in the one that in the players and all that stuff, so just seems like everything's headed to certain way. I thought it was crazy that one the Lakers gonna do was. I was like a major storyline during the final. Absolutely tat part is weird to me that people get distracted from like that when the championship is be decided, seems like the championship. Should always be the most important part of whatever doing that at this time, the power, the Lakers too, just as terrible and irrelevant, if they as they ve, been aware, sit here and allay to cut through constantly is amazing how much damage lakers content? Has there been this year after year, the Lakers misapply? I remember the first eight year I did countdown they were, would make us lead with the Lakers out just like
Flash the hand ass. I got hurt the FARC thickly that they're not even relevant. What are we doing here is a second, but if you put that around made the Lakers, thereby It was always like. What's wrong with the Lakers Kobe, turning it around these generic wake, your top, how many of those that we read this year Maria. How many was wrong? The Lakers, All these and we ve got all these moments. I mean magic, obviously quitting game that is most insane, but now back by the way they're back in the a block. You talked about that in the press box when Steve, and I had magic on same day that that piece that piece went out that was fire into magic now and then Stephen, I basically, I guess, criticized the peace. I also saying what a good reporter the guy was. It was
I didn't he mocked at, I would say the marked it, but I was telling us what a good reporter Baxter homes or as an didn't, really understand what was going on. Then magic was mocking at but was also calling people call people a backstabber. I asked her what the hell is going on. That was a really weird moment for ESPN dot. Nfl, like it really was, there is is a scenario where you say magic, either going to talk to Baxter Holmes, who's, try to get ahold of you for this peace and love. You talk to you or you can go, you are you or you can't go on and on with Steven A and state your case and call back strong together, we are at you know. Espn is calling you to talk to the story, but obviously there were two people colleague: and those are just two completely separate entities that felt like a story that happens this decade and not last decade, no way yeah. I just can't imagine what the last decade version without B. I think that's the other thing
stephen- is probably his own category in this last ten years. He's tv right. He is cause he's beloved in last step. I felt like I eat, basically got driven off of ESPN, because so many people were against them. I don't think we would have called Steven a the most powerful person in ESPN in twenty ten. Now and now is there any question you know for on air talent? The know the judge. S bag can so and so get away with this, and it seems like he can get away with the most rate can get away with not not confusing players, not no employers names on television. I certainly always able to get away with stuff for a while that it kind of third, also that is public reaction to Stephen Age- is limited swing. It swung all over the place got it now. You know we all kind of really loves DNA he's committed to the bed he's all in and then and then you know he can a lighter extra little bed in Calcutta mistakes. Nearby
The magic database can swing in the other way like our way. We don't likes even a as a society I felt keys in. I think he's a thank you still. I think he's in that you know. I can the mad dog in New York, twelve, years ago, where people, like them and when they screw up people get bad, but then they forget them. It's part of the chart. Heat aegis instead of New York had seen carnation just like. Why should he also create new jobs? is not only my opinion guarantee, but actually talk to a lot of players. I still have enough contacts. There can be no, maybe they're like people like magic, but I still am plugged into the NBA in a big way. So I'm kind of half opinion guy and half like conduit have information right and I think that's demi. What would we have pointed out like that ten years ago? The idea, the other thing that's happened in Them- will wrap it up as the air.
It's the owl. I have a peace to be written about me and I'm going to decide who writes it and, whereas now and I'm in applying, this are very carefully leg. I am Jake John. How are the big movie coming out? That did not exist ten years and one of the strangest developments must be called it. The celebrity journalism is occasion of the ambient here, it's very silent, rich Paul and sports. Austria. Recently, this force profile became a rich. We can get the cover. Read this peace in our dead they're, going to mention a couple of things, but it won't be their bad and go for it. In a lotta cases you now the question is now: can we get somebody who, from the agency that represents the player? Can we find a journalist who is also represented by the agency? To maybe two may right. The profile would that be interesting that have I'll. I don't know. I don't know you know you never know about these things. So what if they were interested in you now you had acquired from
Sir major Agency and you had journalist who was profile. Environments are major age may between those two up now be nice, but that's it. I think those machinations were pretty unknown to the sports profile until fairly. Recently there always Hollywood was always sort of highly rocard, and I think sports profiles became they brokered and now we may be kind of like posts Profile Mohammed. These are you, you know how many they had the one about Blake Griffin, I think of his s eye that keep again aside, but TAT was when the Baker Food- and it has been a paragraph on him punch in the equipment manager who thanked is big. Finally bigger. If it's good, the negative and then every punch equip managers they wake and we go back Kubes, a burglary brokers and other seas and puts new competitors in that one of the Great Lake sports profile genres so and
I was happy in exile, yeah and when we were kids and Tony door said in the Bronx Jersey was on the front of, as I have waited, we're broke out. No you're, not you're, not happy and exiles. Like one of my favorite, my favorite sports basis, it is never true. Are we playing in LOS Angeles? Comes there, isn't there take your sin and the Indianapolis calls that was a staple sports Elster to cover you guys really happy to be here: new team, Anna Maria. I am, I think we had everything for the decade write to me. Where's, the media. Is there any other thing we missed? I don't think so I'm sure there is still can't figure out cat Say it's the severed allocated the cat that cast his jeopardy again with their news item about that of a summit that never never read the piece about. Maybe it's the producers or the way, the way that their due in the shower, and maybe we should rethink that verses. Just musical chairs with the house. You throne,
ideas. Here, I don't who deserve to be musical chairs with those in Need anti show still unassailable. I just rolls along, I mean that's, suspend that's why the craziest success stories and sports Meda I just I just did it to me- is that in any event, I don't pay much much attention, but instead that called for showing us beyond the thing suggests people decided laid out. You know you are going down the road and they lie in its all about people rise not been information. Is that those shows do. ITALY have College Game Day. The signs I feel like our big pilot gather crowd, though right energy of the crowd illegally helps it. But I think people at some level, though, shows they just decide they liked the hosts and they decide they light. They think the whole like each other, that's important that the host like each other and that they have a relationship that a person's it and home can understand right and that that is cut the key to television at some level, that's
I'm gonna have that girl number gather the divide, and here is the foremost overwhelming the press box. You can hear brand. Talk about other stuff and allow a lot more quality topics with David Shoemaker, your lifetime friend, nay, nay, United Union vibes. He left us is in New York, but you still get the talked him twice a week about all kinds of stuff. This abyss vesper my weak, minus. The wife and kids stuff car they dared ten second press box book. I can't wait to hear what with these these debates, because I definitely not going to be able to watch them by pass at it makes him- me smarter, were skies caused senior year by court about yes, but oh, my guides me smart, and I think that the nice thing about ever set about US bankers thanking Sybil. I forget my buddy hatch, some One change can make all the difference in your confidence. Hair. Cub knows this. That's why they're in in you to see how get
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says that two hundred fifty dollars savings and any qualifying her cup service after initial consultation, hair cut back sash since I we're gonna bring enhance- and we talk about Chris Paul on this path, the Interior and there have been reports it has for a trade, Darrow, Morey friend of the programme has now gone on. The record repeated repeatedly sank, responds not ask for a trade so who thou knows what's happening with that behind the scenes we talk about that and my apologies Investor Chris Park, essential, because after I notice I, my body Kevin hatches here throughout the summer we're gonna, be carried out. Our one hundred twenty five favour patriots wines. Seventy one wrong, apparently that was that was the most despised pike ass. They were
put out. People are just so angered, finalize evil level. Superboss you forget what year you at its heart, it signed a joint XIX when he gets when he it is six Superbowl season. Stuff starts blending in less so in basketball, because one of our least favoured where's is in the news that the ten that talk about him as a person just the player himself, it's been a fresh radie, run from Chris BAR all this stuff in Houston today are coming out of yesterday that him, James hard in they weren't talking the last couple months. His debate the trade, which is already said, was true. The problem is, I lifted his contracting and had now horrific figure- was thirty- eight million next year, all hope That that forty one million thereafter and then the player option for forty four million, that sounds about right for a five ten off guard who can't offend anybody.
Sounds good. I should warn people have no answer tomorrow. Hedges come in hot, be prepared There is going to go into the hall as possibly the most overrated pullao. Now my I come on my god. Those though the when he favoured on the clippers against the thunder and rockets. Those play off layouts suspects by the way? How can you have a feud with James our knees and envy p you're. Like this point, a seventh man, now come on he's like Fourthly, as you may know, that sequence, when they ass to the depleted warriors and Mckinney got Mackay like three. Orphans of rebalancing is crazy sequence, where the war kept missing and kept getting orphans rebounds and every guy got the offensive rebound was curse, Paul's responsibility and Chris Paul was playing zone in the middle of the lane taking it taking like ten
second break from complaining about the officiating. The other He does so well with its great. Are you sure that was a career being in the boxers? Eared smiling transmits that took good riddance, so I dont so to toe piling Chris Paul. The second best part of the state farm commercials your Nunez, you can see on Mr Iglesias prior knife. I shall ride with regard to those guy now I know it's a really nice transition. Thea to Chris Paul thing I don't remember a situation like this before was somebody who was an injured cause. You bad people Let thy jam on injured. What are they gonna do what they can do anything you can't trade him. Here's correspond Is still one of the best I rather no fifty personally, maybe thirty, four and thirty five steer. If anyone in the world could name fifty players off the top of his head, that he'd rather
it. Wouldn't you say you can wrap if you went roster by roster you'd get to eighty. I maybe we'd want Chris Paul yeah mailing old. He short, he doesn't defend any complaints. Otherwise I love the guy. He did relatively close to being the warriors two years ago, and he was the second best by others. How I was sure he's not becoming under age, because the contract there I mean. Obviously we are taxed thing when Durrant went down here and I I was certain the rock. We're gonna win like they're gonna, win that game for sure and then closed them out, and it was like wow while you desert you're, just there's something wrong with that team, and I am of the mind that a lot of it is Chris Paul, but the other thing philosophically, by the way I love it. When d in tone he gets coach of the month like what does he do? Hey James Dribble for twenty seconds and then do something, but I do think- and this gets to the Cairo against them-
to their something so totally demoralising about one guy occupying the ball for fifteen to twenty seconds during every possession that your other guys just don't come through. When you need them well and ass, it seems like that's when the that essential started piecing together. The different reports date. They start out badly Chris Paul gets hurt, it becomes the James Hard and show, and he goes and that incredible run the heart. And then Chris Paul comes back like four January and I think around then is when Chris Paul had think relatively rightful attitude of weight. We're not really gonna play like this. There season right, well because of these efforts, is it. Try to imagine how old Chris Paul was when he became the I'll dominant player on his pee daylight. He was five, yes Ben all dominant player for many decades, and now it's like hey you in peace, Tucker gonna go spot up, really
got a pretty good handle. Could I maybe I could take a little pressure off guy. Maybe I can kick it to him that I won't need. The flip side is and this was happening westbrook- to win, win hard and widespread that Bob. I, when they're not involved in the play when it's like after I've been around, I readily guys, I one and then they're just that doing anything for defeat for the battery Andy MOSS. One is not primarily as a kind of running a yard and begged so ate. It does give me faith as somebody who, the basque bars of the mental Life Ass, a view. Yet somebody you love, love, lotta, you a wonderful pick up ass about work evidence by the way. It does get me faith that this whole strategy. Only I get the better. I was everyone stand around and watch me this offences is gonna. Work actually doesn't work. I feel reinvigorated. I mean Going back to the bird Dominique show downs. Like you know, those were like there were tears,
We can't stop. This guy were to lose the series, and then it's like Randy Women's gonna miss when he has to take that one shot in the fourth quarter, yeah, because he hasn't touch the ball as opposed to bird who kept everyone involved. While he was dropping, ready on gay. You go back and look at the usage rates, the guys in the eighties compared to the guy's an hour from like thirty, two percent to thirty nine percent, Romania to the Whisper card thing and birth. Second, the twenties like bird has years where his leg twenty to twenty three same with magic. Because they never would have wanted to be a situation where they are taking thirty shots in a game like that would have been a disaster. The ran to his credit. They always doesn't want to I think he's one of the few modern guys that is like now that it be crazy. If I took thirty one shots tonight so Curie, I actually thinking when he came back and in it and we end it was happening and it was like own he's. Gonna bet, they're, gonna
he's dropping threes and there, the unbeatable team. Again it's gonna happen. We at some distance with it. Now We saw more mob. He was thinking he came out his first train in second three and look pretty agile and it was like. Oh maybe, the calf did here within the cap. The playing him. I am. I thought it was a red flag in the moment I didn't really understand what will where we went from this guy couldn't play for a month to there's no minute restrictions, as I have said it happened at Lake- is where we are watching the hockey, and you know what lucky they never tire whose injured till after the season and then its egg nature had a broke, a jog as they they yet where especial backfire, but then that this is an emergency yeah pulled by grants for your answer,
there's, just no Burgess punctured lung in two thousand and are highly residing at my thumbs, fuck that you and I can tell anyone enormous amputated December when I want to say anything because there is this article is like eight Bruins injuries, but with with basketball. You know everything, that's right with the guys and with the rain it was, it was cast The ice pack seem low, but it was a guy. I guess it was a calf and then I'll sunny asserting it well the non contact injury when it happened. We are texting each other, that's that's the hat and there are like day to day What are you talking about glancing backwards at your leg? Books ever gets out. It's also a fair for all guys after they turn about thirty eight, when you still play sports that it's gonna, be you. I've been around several of them and it hasn't been me. Yet I'm trying to slow down to the point, can't happen. There's a surreal osity, where you're, if you're slow enough well that they may be
Rapid should sign you spot of trees baby. We want me to stay a happy to stand and running order, coils corridor so back to Chris Paul for a second, I just don't know what they do and in were makes the situation so unique is They were pretty close to making the files to stray years. Here you know, in the words are now out of the equation. We thought with the Lakers in the second, what the hell they're going to do, but this still is like the the nuke seventeen that has been really super successful and I don't know what the move is for them. I could take a trade for Andrew Wiggans right, that's as bad of a contract. My seventh in the conference there is down the urgent. I think those clothes Thea. Windows, closed clorox gets the andean Tony. I dont think it works. I just don't think it works. I don't know it's
is to demand reseller. I talk on the part about the difference in regular seas and basque, bow and play basketball and how its become more pronounced every year. In these I kind of like gimmicks, at these. These things that work in January just are not going to work in May as well. It's a weird thing in really and in most sports, where you know yes, every he's trying in the regular season. I mean you know it's not isn't like the Bob Maggotty These guys are actually not trying for most of the game, like guys, do try, but in in baseball and hockey for sure, which I think was part of the past her neck martian dilemma was like when everybody takes it today, next level and there's no there's no space. You have no time yeah, because you're getting closed out. I mean in in the initial play us every time marked Marcia under Pastern. I've made a drop pass. It was intercept
by a back checking forward who back checks in the plague. Who is going a hundred thousand our idea adopting it in February, so it is interesting it didn't didn't really. Work was Utah right that started playing behind Arden but it was an interesting philosophy actually get behind him. The inner we girl up learning stay between your man in the basket, but the three pointers changed it to the point where, better off making him drive into that two point: floater area. I sat on like that this I dont? He thought I don't have to tell us is driving I technology, who, probably in November I don't want to watch a league. Were burglar, has a shooting, twelve three pointers and again, while an end in a game six when they actually need him to post up- and he has mismatches he's just- can
finish twenty five footers, these guys were alike there, APEC Lopez guys we probably have right now the same thing without around our used Marcus. All everyone thereby oh yeah. You can get a free for jump up when you what, I don't think it's worth five good. It is what we have to realise that they work, because when you play pick up at the gym, you're like hey, we got the big guy in the year. Like oh he's, never gonna go inside this report. Like anybody, could you go Reba, because if you go rebound, maybe like rebates. Yes, I don't know what happens of used to, but I don't know what happens with the league and the more I look at this stuff. I mean, as I made this list of freedom is trade just trying to figure out which ones I lay in theirs. It's like sixty dude could be a plan for you. Now at all. These teams have cap space and theirs,
just stars, and I dont know who the point guards are for nineteen teams in you back as a danger Russell who I really like, whose only twenty three next year, who made the asked our team in you, can finish games and I don't know a team is gonna be out, I would remain frozen please help me. I wouldn't really mine either come to Boston danger. We don't care. Very snapchat issues gives it the ball. Dominance does seem to like you you think about what you need, your like? Well, who's gonna be running the orphans and and watching the Lakers sock last year, which was awesome. I was system in a cell phone by you're why I really am torn thy love. O Brien, like a guy, has just completely grown on me. I I just think he's an amazing institution. He probably I probably M gonna end up letting go my ever been better the giant nothing's ever set out and no one will ever be Jordan, but why
him. Try to coach guys up on the core, trying to make guys better during the course of play like trying to get guys shots. He he does one have the ball and and should because he said you re passer. So when I'm talking about a point guard for that team, it's like well, you want a point guard. Who is not a point of order? actually who who can shoot its actual howdah yet is somebody like there's a guy exactly, but I also think about cause. Lebaron, obviously is hard to play as hard as he usually plays at times last year on but there are so many miles on their snow, tyres, crazy and so on
see the eighty thing go down. I'm like are we going to see some slippage for Lebaron? Like is Leubronn a good? Is he a plus defender at this point? His career? Is I mean, I think could could be Implant says, but but but it's funny it's funny. You bring this up because actually looking at the minutes, I think the lake, your fans, of course dead. Now it's been it's like them against the world. They did the same thing with Kobe Post trial words just like that's our guy fuck everybody s. I get it as we did the same thing with the patriots I get it at birth. There there, like anybody hates his trade is crazy. We have to the best hampers the league. We should be the favorites.
We'll figure this out their discounting that they have probably the worse for an office in the week and they start five specify the thing that everybody is this county is the minutes and I don't think we can talk about enough. It's it's. I made this, so I looked up and basque by reference. Dirk has played the most minutes, but he's retiring The brown is paid more minutes than anybody in the league. Regular season he's the he is the active leader over guys. Like Vince Carter, Joe Johnson Power saw Jabbar Crawford's, not Sony, Parker COM, allow Ecuador and they are fully three thousand minutes. There super physical minutes there, like he's involved in everything he doesn't take possessions, often stand in. Oh he's, not a spot of shooter who just can walk around, and I know he sleeps in our chamber something. But at some point I just feel like it. It's gonna affect him, and while we are on that, then because you gotta play off minutes,
the only guy, ever who's played more than eight thousand minutes in the playoffs and nine thousand ten thousand cuz he's at ten thousand and forty nine. The next guy is Tony Parker at seven thousand, seven hundred and fifty eight wade that sixty six is active, so he's play combined already over fifty six thousand minutes, and if you go all time, it's basically five guys ever it's it's! You know. Karl Malone played almost fifty five thousand minutes in eight thousand minutes in the playoffs. If you just talk about guys to be add up to sixty thousand minutes, so maybe we saw the first sign last getting here that this is what's gonna happen South Korea, its chrome alone, sixty thousand men a guy's. Now I will say this: it's just as I am calm alone. That's it I say: teeter on the verge of relenting, Anne and calling Leubronn, but
the co great lawyer, I will never lady locate warrior in fancy based Bobby earners, related hard of why I am prepared to do it leubronn Dwayne, Wade's kids are going to my daughter's school next year earlier that canyon. So we are hanging in the bleachers with Leubronn. I want to be on. The record is going Simmons, Dick Random, talking to. The behaviour of our last year, the gross firewall time. You know you'd have Pippen whose kid also goes to my door. School. I didn't know by the way when wits, when, when Sophie got accepted, the Sierra Canyon, that I was going to the Marvin Baggily? Can you Junior Bron, Bron Factory, gonna be going icicle basketball game next year. I do. I am stettin the chip. It
game was on last year, unlike the lobbyists station haunts Ebay Lira by twenty, and they had their bench in their bench was dumping and doing our lives. These were ninth and tenth valuable thing, and I am quite confident after watching that terrible and see a tournament this year that the Desir Canyon, Trailblazers team next year will be better than the covers. So with the minute thing, I just think, does he have to more elite years in him, I'm not sure it can. He be a top five guy anymore for a regular seas, and probably not could you be the plants yes could happen next year. Probably Two years now are pushing it if too, to expect us to be more than two years. I think, with the minutes you don't we We were for Tom Brady Tom Brady is doing stuff, we know that could be with you, but they are such
The rules as he was playing, I felt gotten harder and and being a football Cuba's guy actually easier were also his pliability, like their things that his position allow him to do in his regiment. He doesn't have to be explosive yeah does at least most of it all. He never has to do an explosive thing. Leubronn has to explode constantly. Over and over and over again or you're hurt any answer deeds and don't you think, resell an article by the Senate. I think basketball is the hardest its ever been to play when I watch these guys. The files that you look at even by gay six, the written terrain, clay go down, cavern loony had his arm is hanging off his body coercion. One leg for basically the last two rounds. We talk about a cause he was able to produce, but he saw some of them judge of him after they won the championship. Uneasy limping like now a little lamp like a limp? These guys? It is. I just think it's really hard to play. Basketball
it's not even heard of exciting. No- and I know you ve told me already work wise ending up, I don't I don't you get it charge of tampering. I want you to get five is gonna Cooper here, so we just great great as labour haters mean he might change his mind the day before. But I think everybody's expect blowing his game go the cook and what will be nice going into an NBA season? Is a team not being minus one thousand When the title you know anyway, so it's been so brutal, Gaffer five years to be like well, I guess we need someone to get hurt or dry Monday, get suspended for its aim in nine years because they had been since the first by me here, where we have had a gun, prohibitive, favorite right, so that this could be actually interesting. All your long were, except for us Do you want to actually what's take a quick break, and then I want to talk about careering
hey, let's take a break to talk about the ringers newest move show the reaction was ninety. Ninety nine, our spin off series only available on luminary we're breaking down some of our favorite. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine movies, with a classic year in film, same rewatchable style, same categories all that stuff with the matrix come in this week. We've done some some all timers from that year over previous weeks and couldn't have zero dollars and six cents and cruel intentions american pie.
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yeah, maybe like top seven fear so check that out subscribe to the re watch was NGO. Fine, we watch was nineteen Annabel, but only on luminary back to hatch. Ok, we're wearily to five minutes of this. Just it seems like re nearly is gone, but there is no work on the Boston GO today about how he goes to the subjects which is a term the young people use sanch when, I'm really ngos you a girl in a bar. Ok, you tax thing, and then she said that she just pretence doing the ghosts in whatever just explain Guy Spain, the concept that goes through other you never go down. The aisle explain it from the perspective of experience that don't worry, someone is going in the right girl notice that she was hot Fatima. Second of all its you never heard from again. You know the end. You don't give any sort of inkling that you're not gonna, be heard from it
I once called: what's the double ghost: what's it called when neither entity Elisha Hamburger Loud ever seeing the other person in a win win idea, of course, like it's like, oh, my god, Cairo ease, incommunicado Danny. Have you try to get in touch with them? Now Do you care? Where is just Billina in Boston for them goes thing when we were in college, reaches didn't cargoes thing, we goes. Did the whip right, Kyle, the ghost does right. Whip does not threaten nice, yet a carry thing. It's it's been headed this way for a while. It looks like he's in Brooklyn species already recruiting, which I think is aware. As always, his line that bear the greatest. Please leave posts came interview line where he goes he's fine for twenty two, and I guess I should assure thirty. Two yeah. That was your take awaiting shewed enough. Ok, ok enjoy enjoy medicines.
Finally, it was funny sharing his last. Carry the last carry season with you because he offended I think, every rule you have in basketball at some point. There is that stretch in that in the bucks game when they just got off rebounds over and over again the annual zero acres Paul in Burundi, which is kind of a just war, change? There are four please get away about. You you're just send me the clip you're like. What's he doing just explain to me what he's doing this, but hey guys here guys unless one of you gets a fucking rebound? How am I gonna dribble for twenty seconds and then take a bad job? I need one. Are you guys get advance? Every bans like to do the form part of the game and thence action, taken more shots. Good luck, Brooklyn good Luck, get there good luck, You know I'm unarmed of war, and I and I don't want to get any Kate mail to your site. But I do think red meat is important for health
and between vitamin, because this great Ethel Jeffrey you worry about any anxiety. I you know, I think areas agile. I think he has many problems and I don't think he the physically sound player that I wouldn't want to invest a lot of money or a lot of possessions, and I just don't think I think he's an incredible. Skilled, shooter and dribble, and I think his net effect, no pun intended on the outcome of the game, is over it is a weak. Both of us really enjoyed watching him for an ivory, a break guys. Ankles EU were testing like all my god. I love it. Every day. One of the buck series I was out of sight. I know you're no right, then she's been posting on purpose, the second term, Jan of its Rockets team, working to do it. It's the reverse of when the Red Sox engage in two thousand and seven in every dodger fan we knew was was emailing us in making fun of us there.
Look I seriously grit and we're leg await his his o. Bp is like there were nine hundred the guy you're, a hives grants lad, thought Vasco. Colonel revision, vanishes earned is money with who, in this way to really diagram, say it, but it was the same thing where we get this guy and I feel like it's gotta, be that way for the debts were the net strains get carry their great. This is great in the Boston. Feds are discovered, good luck. Well, I mean my theory is just like this Kyrie Irving's your best player you're, not gonna, win anything. Obviously, if he's your number two as he was when he won something that that's pretty good, but he wanted to be the guy, but it was that was so perfect because if if he was the guy, he would have known that he was in a great situation, but he's not the guy and he was right where he belongs, and so then he went and prove to the world. I'm not the guy, and now I'm gonna go proof.
Somewhere else. Flip side is the what we saw from Korea Leonard I am I go back, I'm still. I am in agreement with the fill it with game, seven fairly game when nobody, s and esteem could scoring had to take thirty nine shots any if we now hundred percent and then is about, I was a big became winter, but just the way he carried their game I really want to watch a gaming and I really feel like they probably should allow SEC aim and he just wouldn't let them lose their. There are so many moments in the play off. I mean that guy he so quiet and like weird but back eyes. The legend like cause. That's a situation. When you are the guy right, then those other guys become better players cause they're like oh, we got the guy what we gotta galleries right there, the killers there. So you know Van Fleet can bank industry point her. Sir, you know like in and see outcome doesn't have to be the guy and
why he was so measured. I loved the stories that we would hear about Nick Nursing. We gotta go in and and and get a split in Oakland and he was like fuck that rage from forward. Those games are ok and then walking out of for in Oakland, there were was like, he wasn't smiling finding anybody you like this, exactly what I thought was gonna happen, though we're gonna come in Oakland win both these games I beat the broader and they find us yet a garden in the whole time. I think one we're good that it was very like sad to look out at denotes the millions of people, half of whom are holding signs. That said, stay you like just into just GNP in the moment. Don't think they're get it remember when we want to know forward the Red Sox Pedro left, that winter and Can you imagine how better we would have been without death if he had left and we had an when the title, but we had one and it was like we should have
even JANET Ayman left some. Actually, some fans were bad about the JANET Amy how it is because I went to the Yankees, but I remember us talking about when we want to know for leg. Just if we can win this one time of forgive anything that If anything in their future, there were happen. Ever seen you wanna give us like ages? I now tell me what we need to do in nets internet to be curtailing. Well that but then the leaders of current Czech, then you find yourself doing in games seven in the Stanley CUP finals. You're like ok! Ok, if you can just also Give me this. Yes, if you see me three straight Chebec, listen, I don't ask for much, but if we get another job, but there is one three story than ever gonna, nothing and that no one has rightly think just water cooperate for China and the broken jaw and border on and that it is speaking of which I know I don't really know you know the html. That was an official
Apocalypse all play off long, like literally oblast long years learning as you watch now the pumpkin totally go. The netting and then come back into play. In whack it into the net and that girl stand like no puts out a play there. No mechanism head at hand pass in over I'm at the sharks. Are you can't review it? Hey prevail, ski that wasn't really a penalty yeah, there's nothing. We can do and then obviously five after Berulle chastises the officials and they justice, we're swallowing our whistles we're just now. Call anything so son, had HANS Crook, no call Sancho S holds crook, no call crazy ass to make a saving the goal. Barbershop head, hunt, Johannsen, so bad he gets suspended. What was the call in the game? Major minor, nope, nothing and then a chary gets this new foot from Tyler Balzac. That leads to deciding goal of game five costs us the Stanley CUP, and I want Kelly, Sutherland, ok
Junk injure he's been waiting to do this, for we know we know there's a chapter in the corrections called more he thought about at the angrier he got. That's me with this non call on another charge so on both act so We know what happened when Don Jenkins your costs, the cardinals the World Series. He thought George orders foot beat time we're s foot to the bag like it's a bang bang play in. Brain perceived it incorrectly. What the fuck was Kelly Southern explanation for hound, no chary shot backwards and hit his own head on the ice. What happened? We are standing there you're in the frame, and you saw the entire play. What did you brain say happened. It is that what happened? Is your choking on your fucking whistle at a critical moment, the fine officiating Apocalypse Bit ass. It was any job lay out miss the part where the guide started. Kind of
eradicating this case about it's unbelievable and then the adage like I don't know why the biggest nights get an apology which they deserved. They completely deserved an apology, hey sorry, we cost you your whole season, Europe, three zip in in mid way through the third period against the sharks. We blew it and then like that burns get nothing they're like, and Judgment call Miley that to defend them, but I think he was so confused because it was actually to penalty city. No, for now. The slithered comrade shrimp, lag heads it's always had a kind good chance. I was apparent yet I was rough. I actually think them I'd tat. The blues played better I think it is more a more consistent. Lastly, we blew them out and nevertheless, the blues or up one nothing had fade just fell at you will now ass. He got out on that. He right you dominate sixteen minutes, you're gonna! If you don't,
really get defensively tat. Their problem is really very high lines. Unbelievable now the boys deserved it, but you know Kelly. Sutherland deserves eternal damnation. That thing that heard for us was John Hammond. And they getting when very present last and weary person, we take them in a cup. World series calling out Boston in the victory prayed. Like he's he's, yet we beat those guys in their place. We live. It turns our hateful. We we made fun of Uncas. He lost ass, like at the end of the town. He thus to or Series Sheila Soup thirty six heavily, I'm really sorry. We had had the least his rams that already goes to him for this year, six supermarket already lost the team entirely wow shots at him, yeah. I had a rough life, the kid lifting the funny like they we're running out of team said, have not
the title and the fans. It's the happiest moments. Like the what we said the blues, we just said Toronto We then yeah patriots when in their sex that, unlike the was boring superber but the last who were fun and then Gary Woodland ruining the bricks, captcha trifecta Kafka. Get the number like kept is gonna, be like the warriors. The way his number is bedding number is going to her contact. Uncas you're, like yeah, he's gotta being contention on Sunday, so I did I bet on him, ninety one before the open and it was the most fund, even though I did at the losing. Tragically, it was so much funded. Have a guy like that who, even when he wasn't play, was still felt like. I was in it and I think, he's the kind I'm trying to think for sure- and let us know, I'm not even safer Gov, I'm saying I can be the guy right now, I'm talkin about across the sports. His brain is gonna, be forty two
in basketball who the guys in baseball, like whatever, in hockey. There's this guy, like captain, might actually be the guy there's no boxing guy the tennis guys around. When I wake up soundbites, I mean I don't like that, which is. Guy. You assume is going to be in the max Well, something important is happening like he's kind of behind I figure in his the Gray Schuyler you have to get through this guy to get to where you want to go no eye when they through this that I couldn't believe it first all, but he so he became the first. The second player ever to wind to majors in back to bed, years it was a crazy started. His last six majors Nicholas, never did it outside wow. He was. I think he was like one thirty nine one to one too in his last six agency, talking about golf with mine chose primarily on Friday. What do you mean it of Man come on. What are you talking about the protest camp? I do why,
I do. I do find myself Sunday getting suck did too I leave you usually appreciate. Greatness lie do know. Well, you know what was interesting about. Obviously we were gone crazy during tigers that that was bananas. That was, I, There was one thing that happened measure and we were superber and then so, of course condemn them. The betting on Tiger is always so irrational right. Yet so then he was the favourite in the Pga. The betting favourite and cap goes below. Kind of considerably like almost two hundred dollars per hundred below him and activities. Isaac O kept as a much better bath Eiger some much better golfer than Tiger Woods. Photography gets the public money now a little like when I like the Lakers or plus two fifty two, the title right now? That's course I nobody out better than like plus five fifty they have. The brandy
caused by nobody ass. Well, I almost went back several months. It would have taken, because I know when they odds came out. I sent you a text that I was like Toronto plus twelve hundred is the best the best number on this list. You just sent me here and then I might add that I pay self. On the back end up, hey Pussy, why don't you actually put three hundred dollars on your great idea? The, with the right of those. They always played this ethics. Well, I think I've I assumed your tainted by that would have a mega ask as you get tainted by the bus. Well. What I was a little tainted by was this theory, and you, for I heard it. You might have invented it that Tehran, always an amazing town. Yet so there Regular seasons are always disproportionate to their actual talent, because in the regular sees in every team that blow, in Toronto out all night F and then
there's a regular she's in game and could give a shit but come playoffs teams, obey curfew and the rafters gets wept We're waiting did you would want to be walking out after curfew past collide if he was here at the hotel door. Yeah. You gotta be going back to we're here to talk. Your shown when second fight up. I just want to go through the our legal doorstep. We ass. She says, I'm sorry to do this to back a bit I think every year you have to commander in the summer after we ve just been let down and assaulted, by I'm standing right team of randomly, but these They have no random connection, we just we, we bought them at auctions. I think one sentence reviews of some of these guys What's there with Jose Ramirez, we traded to first round picks for. Jose, regenerate who first round minor league bow, I God Jose Ramirez an VP candidate
last year last year, just larger than at top three m VP candidate was a top five player in baseball power, speed and power. I mean a perfect roto player, lots of power, lots of steals. He becomes a split He's a splinter is on our team, where our teams, the Frozen Rowan's winners. Suddenly he can't hit fuck into like he has gone above and below the Mendoza line, six times the season and every time he goes perform like he's turning it around and then I'll desires. Do they think I'm ok, Indians, one thirteen for emigrants Boxcar, because I bet three bombs: three: onshore America! Oh, oh two by Mr Carlos Antenna over five four hundred years- great great great, so that he's he's it is wanting plug. It is eighty two of to afford to data base hundred, hey doc. Therefore, rovers last year, Lester thirty
no more than a hundred five hour by a beautiful. So so thanks to him, so he destroyed him. The notch on our belt that we spend. How much do we spend a day in your pocket? We spent eight dollars and Daniel Palka with twenty seven homers last year. He started at the season, one for thirty five. Fifteen strike out seceding zero, twenty nine they send out signals set its visit whereby builders Saddest satisfy exchanges between us are when you you send me links to like Burma, am barons again. The Charlotte minor league affiliate leave parliament remembrances later some forty or other jelly other brutal thing right. So we, it was a straight binary choice because we were hang on Jose Obray, oh yeah, any we basically chose we said
let's get gurry out an Tyler White, you Gloria end Tyler. Why? Instead of a brave you're, gonna get like three fifty more chances for those two gas. So as it turns out Uli entire White and tony camp, we have three Astro We have a third of the nightly line up of the best theme in the American. We better garbage Everyday Tyler. Why can't reach the warning track? So our friend medicine is the MR my he sent us his test. This information Tyler wait. Thirty one hour, bats runners in school position. Sixteen case three granted double plays one x, they said sixty one percent of the time is either cater headed. Double play, Tat he was projected. Have twenty two home runs analyse how got a great year last year when we talk about another one of our stars, errand judge. Who has so much muscle is obligatory
I'm flying off his body. He is in constant risk of of permanent injury, What is this? Has a? U get air, judging it, the red flag, does his name. Erin judge had the great cause. He also got her first last year, costs should have been a red flag cost us dear last year, Beth Errand G hygiene, as as we hopefully go to the website, like hey any any news on air judge. It is the first time either. I had heard this phrase he's taking soft dry. Swear. You don't give me any more sure in the swings yet because you so delicate but he's taking softer. I swear. That sounds like he's. Gonna play this weekend softer ice wings. Were there is theirs? swear. They said he couldn't swing. So what's he doing crazy? Just sat up swear tat. His next week is open
swing another one who killed Us Malik Smith, whose we kept for sixteen hours last year, really good year for Malik's tooth had to seventy five. Thirty, nine steals only fourteen caught stealing nine homers, like really seem like his career, was career its way up now now a key was hitting like one sixty and they sent him down. The common good because there were just get the comment. All the sudden, it's like a box might have found a swing again brought him back up, the sector given now he's actually category rivalries allows I've saved us too. I send you some Alex three exclamation point: tax, Angelo and ten day we ve had his entire career since redrafted him, I feel, like we ve, actually ruined his career arc, because this was somebody could have been of forty.
What a guy and really if we had and passed through his life just turns out that he's tied Bensinger, like he's not he's just, doesn't have that much speed or power. Like you just doesn't I mean he's a nice player and he's excellent defensively is excellent events in and out. We won the world series of that of right that that catch off brakeman and that in the final out awesome defender, but he's fine he's a fine player by My guess is that he's gonna add power when he twenty leave after a zero. Is that our team anymore, so that I should mention We had Daniel Robertson Attemper every year, these other guys and our fear and in fantasy. You know yet like these random do an tamper, whatever team say: oh, my God, there haven't the year their life campers entirely. Of those guys and somehow If the one guy at two hundred dinner operates well, could assure him what we were sitting right here doing the draft you know cause when you get it
Daniel Robertson portion of the draft. You know worth scurrying looking computers and in a way, kids, we don't you know it's needs. We don't know all these guys staff from last year more but like three. Seventy three o b b, this guy's awesome this he's got a little Palestine. This Liefer YO is labour that it's like no there, but the reason you two had heard of him he's fucking terrible, enjoy, and hopefully hood. Third it we had. I done botaniates is for ten ten hours to his guy will one day three hours ago, just had the Yankees down pretences yet to resume. Throwing too, there are experiencing symptoms of his low grade last strain. The best thing about having a fancy baseball team. Is you just learn all these entry terms? He married life trained megabit. What's goin on hedge keys, were I little railway to soft dry throws the last of day
car Mchugh who was one of like our best keepers, like eight box, he was projected dig up fifteen and six with a hundred eighty seven case. He has six hour for air ay and his head about trouble and make it shut down for the season. So curious good as war that experience worse then to patents. I mean early worse for us than a guy who didn't play it all, there's more, but it's it just hasn't been fun and I'm starting to wonder if it's us not the not the face Bessie Fairytale baseball team. We build, as you heard, I pathetically keep saying each other. I like our deep ray. I like our car. Eighth, wireless g S, words but all these Yankee injuries as they disappear, were the horizon away from the Red Sox cuban healthy that's our problem caused in the early days. We refuse to take Yankees and then we won the world Series and we saw for that pass it because it was I one that we have the upper hand
Emily one for World Series. They won one the century. So now we have all these Yankees and we really haven't once said it's crazy, though the Yankees have had twenty straight games with homer. And are now adding judge, Stanton and cornerstone legates. Think about that get anchored ass. You had no last for nothing the aid they gave up their thirty. That prospect for that kind of wood elected by the Red Sox yeah, maybe ribby closer, not well, we'll Smith from the giants is the rumour of breathing navigator, will you give up for him? You don't want to watch our bullpen bloomer saves the nightly hey, it's your turn and a high leverage situation where I can't believe you blew it other save with random reliever guy talk about you, so really quick. So it's called Mr Iglesias mares Friday night, Flag June, twenty first on Netflix proud of it, Gabriel, Iglesias, better known as fluffy,
is the char just an incredible human being to work with, and my thing, I do for a living, as I take really town to people, and I try to get their horse power to the wheels you know, and so this is a guy that puts twenty thousand people in staple centre and cells. In Australia and Saudi Arabia and Norway any is just like one of the biggest stand, ups of all time and so an end, but he does it with this incredible humanity, like he's a really good guy, Nelega Boston, Dick, like us, he's out he's a sweetheart, and he and I'm like I went to humanity in the sky, is the key to the character, and so he as a teacher whose fighting for the at risk, kids, and even though it wasn't top of mine when I was doing it as I was editing it as like. This really does is above in homage to welcome
I d like it is it's funny they gave in and gay gave Catalans gave Catalan, but it has that feeling of the sweat, hogs and cool teacher and a funny you're and so on. These are mainly the sweat hogs were available very cameos. You should learn about the next year and then Sherry Shepherd places his principal his boss, she's amazing, Oscar Nunez from the office and the state farm commercials. Where he's much better than Chris Paul much like nine of the Rockets were in the ass. He he's amazing and Jacob Vargas is incredible as his best friend the castle mazes. The kids are amazing and everyone's nice and, like I'm just at a point, in my life, where I want to walk into work and like everybody, I see that, like this nephew of yours, How'd you, like our famous debased by our ITALY, the opposite of logic and our great or small, to read of disaster Ito gave shares the same world view which is like no assholes, so
Where were you walk on our show, whether you're in the writers room the bull pan or the sound stage? Anyone you see is like I like that person every department in oh, and so it was a dream, and so there's ten episodes on Netflix starting Friday and very hopeful and confident that there will be more obviously been spoiled by last man standing which enter season eight on fast, easy decay and Its various a little funny and my two worlds colliding that Friday then do you know they who NEO Friday June twenty first, Mr Glacis, premiers, Netflix and toy story for work comes out at the mega, excess. So, but if you have a choice, lots of people going so sorry for what watch my show. I think this Netflix thing is catching ethnic, where they are promoting So I appreciate that talent. I we get there. How are your kids are five and eleven
and we just as the eleven Euro like out of sailor now said he hasn't MIKE, is MAC Love, Adam Sandler, and we we watched the new Adam in their movie, missed murder, mystery and they ran away again. They just like all the movies. They don't really care what the plot, as they just trust them completely. She favorite actor. She did like. I did take her to the kids Choice wards one year and he had done Numb hotel Transylvania. Italy's avoid even voice and he presented and she did she did like him. The fun thing that has happened to me would you ve probably already gone through. We were We never been Hawaii yeah, so we went on vacation two, quite the the most remote beautiful island that has to be experienced by helicopter, and I'm not great at with heights of one of my men things in my closet, volume, arrivals and then, a lot of things. I do I'm like I'm my things like look, I'm not gonna. Let my fears limit the enjoyment of my girls Mighty AIDS,
have a big full life, even though I'm chicken shit about everything so except Kelly, Sutherland who I'll kick his ass, it rises the limit of our self size hockey rough. So so, unlike you know, what I'm overcome my fears overcome and I've to fears. One fears heights, and the second fear, is that its three hundred dollars per person for forty five minutes and helicopter yes, so it's twelve dollars for forty five minutes that that's much that much. More expensive than the organs of Asia. Anything out you could be doing at those at does rates, but so, unlike I'm, an oversight of crafty, Mr Craft em, they're free that air for you brother, you relax, you ve earned it
working in this helicopter and I'm white knuckling it, but I'm getting it for my daughters, so I'm going to drop the one thousand two hundred bucks and I'm going to drop my fear of height. For my children. This is MRS Dad heroism We're half way into the right between the million year old volcanoes they dropped down into the corner. These. These were formed a million years ago with lava so the most spectacular experience of your life. I look over selfies honour phone, so they just don't like I'm like I mean to throw you out of this fuckin how local what is killing, I put honey, honey, and that's when I realized it s like. Oh there's nothing as goods that phone there's, not There will never be anything as as not even a job, you know volcano as the dope, the dopamine drip of that fund, like that, just like she's, like yeah, we ve been up your fifteen minutes. I think I get it
Data is shared and around a million years after the mounds or air God, ass, a lavish comes out of a lilac. Just said something about Snapchat. Do its grip, the yeah. I admit it That, sir, just wait till they get a little older Now your Zoe is so is Florian stud, dried, she's, ok, she's she's, for real and, like I do feel. Obviously we we ve. I felt your pain, many sport events when I've been like. Can you believe what just happened in you're like well believe it if I wasn't attic girl, soccer game gear and then I always keg like Sophie is not in she's, not in sports, and I have that you ve changed. My time but she's had every opportunity. The soccer goals were set up in the yard: Gavel core basketball court at my house like it's like it's, you could be you can do whatever you want to be by ashes, wanna be a jack, and so then I hear your stories and unlike our thank God, because the furthest broken hearted about it, as, like all others, really. My shirts,
You know, we worry we're gonna do this together, get some great Santini, fun, fun, father, daughter time and and it's like a lot of time it so the memorial day wicked, just gonna. Is it is fun to root for your kids? So it's not all bad, but they travel baseball is the one. That's the one where your kid can two and a half hour game. Your kid could potentially bat like two or three times and have one by hit them at their base and that's two and a half hours every life. There's that above I marry you semi game footage of the lucky save the teams Golly made on a panel on my daughter. Don't you believe? Well, billiard, nine hundred yards away and you're it's your phone, so I can't really see patriots prediction for we go. I so funny
because, even though I think you can its has knowingly as long as you have that these these crazy duck bo parades have cared a lot of my knee jerk pessimism and negativity bowed beg to differ a curse palm. I beg to differ too, because other went, but I do think like when grog you know how like way coaches, I build dynasties and then fail to acting, as I think I'm like their these moments where the eat. You see me you're, and I know you and I feel the same way about Brok like that guy is such a. Change area volume we why TIM when he wasn't on the field. We watch them, try to move the ball when he was on the field, but so I felt like between the forty two years old, qb that they all can only reliable weapon. I just felt, like I know, Vegas they'll saying eleven eleven
they were minus five fifty do and they have seized me like I like. I know I don't We believe in aid those Cuba's in our division yet, but I like, I do think this might be the ninety seven. I kind of fear I'd love to shrink the great great traces. Are you done all your tray flowers like a cigarette, so many pieces of just kind of been pulled off pulled away. So this to me this means the patriot season is officially begun. Hatches talked himself into, dangerous outcome. Nine guidelines were close or close to where we need to be. I had I was thinking about it, the what's today's date, it's like June June, eighteenth NATO, eighteen Elsie. I can figure it out. Because Fridays June, twenty first, the premier, Mr Gloria, they went out there like twenty nine good fine. I want- and I greatly regret that you know grasp retires
to win the Superbowl you're, the Superbowl High, that staff and a good good for him is get now. But now it's like MID June, the combo of I don't know, I can't name any of our tied ends. I've seen the deaf chart- and it's like none of those guys are aimed at names- are in every story is always a guy related Larry though Larry. So it's like one of those guys are gonna, get to forty catches, much less eighty and then so. I thought that and then just like. I just really loved drug use. What am I my favorite athletes ever it was like. I came to grips with the fact that there is no football with rock anymore I took the side, but it may really generally they miss Hale at eight. I love that guy, it's a perfect career it really was her from her. I gotta get out. I use them in a mess of, and then, when you hear
Firstly, the the worst thing is to love a guy's. Much as we love grog, and then you just hear all the stories like bad guy in every story is life. Is that the opposite? He'll stay late for the kid it kid. You know the kids in surgery he was promised. He was gonna, meet a patriot and so he's gonna stay. Let you know like every story is growing set, is teammates event, grants gonna, be there grants gonna take a picture with every kid, and so the fact it is a great guy that is like okay, your your you survived. Your not going to. He also had to eat, took some of the worst hits of any patriot and a couple where's, cheap shots that I can remember of any page it if, if Jack Tatum was ten out of ten crack, I took in hires every time they went low for the last seven. He heard sure yeah this bread. T J word started my career, confident your ear, laugh at my nine and seven while lamenting, are more
on my way. I liked the draft I think Bela check, I just he's gonna have to seventy the game care rather than by how does Trumpery now seventy four of them from everybody out. Seventy four he's getting to get to whatever age group has re now before it said to lose confidence. In fact, he's got five years after, like high level. I'm smarter there! Everybody else! Why? What's your theory for why his coaching tree socks based on me, like you know that that they never do anything that you know. I don't have a theory Where does it make sense? You would have thought there would be like two or three. My theory has yet also you haven't very well because it's like you know, Romeo Canal,
asked, Miss Daniels Patricia Bill, O Brien, like they all go in and rebel like they're, fine, sometimes their embarrassment, and they come limping back to Fox Bureau, but that you know, but as why does wise or none of these guys, the heir apparent- and I do think it I'm going back to reading this article about his economics background, and this is something you could not transfer to a disciple. You could not teach an assistant. This thing, Bela check, watches yes and goes back as a six million dollar player he's not an eight million dollar player any just like he's a reality too. Be right on guys on Thursday, like he's like the day, their worth less like, because we ve been, we ve been through it. You know the names we go: Laura Lloyd, La David Givens, yeah yeah. I know we begin Astina each other. They seem Oriana Branch and AIDS is on and on and on and on, and I just think he has a supercomputer there.
Has that economic mind where he goes back. I still very good player, but not at any price I am also comments. He found the secrets us of just finding smart guys who could adjust on the fly two different situations, so you get like choice, brown, nickel, back you're late date. I mean they define and play that last Superbowl jeopardy hated, but we could of the Bonn the Rams, and then he goes with jumbo light up and you just have to have guys at least smart enough to say, oh, I know I'm a full, but thirteen has spread be wide please play is that I'm going to know what to do. Cuz, I'm smart and they're, and their best cover corner is going to guard me and I'm and I'm two hundred and eighty lb. So I can't run like the I q it always it always seems like the other team, is the one that's doing the dumbest thing or that made the one play. The one regretful during our discussions have been there? They dropped their sir defaults all sides in the pats I just in over again. Aren't the ones doing that now
happened over the past buddy We wish to Lhasa Chiefs. I thought of this game a lot, if issues back eighteen inches, it's the same played in effect, the play Brady just throws a pack, we lose the game's over. That's it. So there's some lack, but also, I believe, emotional. Well, I mean, I guess you know it's funny prior to care sutherlands debacle and the cost of ruins the Stanley CUP I was tat. I D, the worst officiating costing us a championship was the hope that the giant holding every guy on the Patriot tax back of whether that, like nine holds on one play, none of them are called it actually was helmet, cadres different stages of holes. In the same way, there is in fact, the first wave of horse when I breaks with that there is a whole new wave of holds so so you know I
day. My always you know, if you ve Ford, was gave us plus one. Then yet the sailors cares. I you know, I really are we at the right, a number superbowl championships. I agree with that. Never get over the six game. I don't know what I don't know what the football to that is against the colts twenty thousand one hundred and thirty, two many men in the huddle, so I stole that. That's the one out of all rumours is: how do we then we're gonna win a super bowl with Roget Caldwell in Jabbar, the Casey one I don't know where their ranks, but if we did that list again it's in light, the top eight o, my God, Catholics. That's the orchard, Spargo craftily, double that listen, I sit on. The paths are now there like a fucking patriots. Why why Journey Kyle? I love it. Casey. Why matter know where their ranks? But if we did that list again it's in light, the top eight o, my God, Catholics. That's the orchard, spar game, craftily double that starts
There are two more innovation: if you're gonna do a promo, reputable companies get the name right a razor starts out there. And the esoteric day? If you make a wish foundation for billionaires, I want to start my did I say that I share that. I have seen championship. I said unapplied last, but veritable about our losing a rigidity and then kill in the lead. Wait locker offered by that Bob draft that, although it got to cabinet good luck with their Netflix chef, baggy very much, it's gonna pop on Friday, so check it out thanks to disown, don't forget to go to the asian dot com thanks to brand Curtis, don't forget to listen to the press, backs an awesome pack ass thanks to Kevin. Hence don't forget about his new Netflix show. Thanks to her
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It's happened completely fallen apart, pray for me c on Thursday.
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