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The New Era of Sports Media and the End of 'The Sports Reporters' (Ep. 210)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay and Ringer editor-at-large Bryan Curtis to discuss the end of ESPN's 'The Sports Reporters' (5:00), LaVar Ball's impact on Lonzo Ball's draft stock (15:00), ESPN's priorities in today's media landscape (24:00), ESPN's attachment to live sports (34:00), the future of ESPN2 (39:00), Adrian Wojnarowski's rivalry with ESPN (48:00), the ESPN news ticker (55:00), the value of good writing in any medium (1:02:00), and parting shots on The Players' Tribune (1:07:00).

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So carve out an hour on Thursday for something for an audio experience that you'll be waiting for. But you find out all the details tomorrow on Tuesday will not sit on the rigour and then that launches on Thursday come up on the tenth anniversary pad the ringers Brand Curtis the. Whilst journals, Jason, gay. Let's do it as private chase it's time under VS, Pakistan or the right I without a prior, when you will you worked at a different,
sport, the friar Paca, Yea Rankers, has been both your help task double duty, so the sports reporters. Let's start there. We will add to that. We have led in the agenda here this place. Reporters ended on Sunday and it was interesting. Are these he's paying people bemoaning the sports are per the, but in the shed did get cancelled is if it was the end of an era. Because they chose not to run the show anymore, but it did feel like the end of an era where it feel like for you breath when it was a great run rate? It fell, the german shampoos dad was the original yes tweeted at a picture of the original set yeah and had forgotten that there was like you knows, Golly and Jimmy Cannon emanate was yeah collar It's amazing museum piece, you up a member as a kid. It was most exciting thing in the world: the eighties, ninety sports Porthos, was amazed exotic. Oh, my God, there man in Philadelphia, who's got this huge beard, this guy,
man is sitting at almost the jack German hundred. Eighty degree angle, you know it's like overnight the bark lounger on this. He writes about sports and he's like its eye. It was like meeting someone from another planet, brow and you'd, never see sports writers altogether same place, yeah, really nice. It was great the three of us, her sports media nerds in sports, ready nerds, and this really was the first show you could see her in the same place. You watch the deregulation of course mean love, mannerisms of it, the ones they called the other a parting shot. You know when they would looked straight to the camera and kind. At each other's jokes. Here you know, I do wonder, You know: where will we go now to find a middle aged man talking about sports on television? There does not seem to be another avenue. I mean look, allow these guys
came in and out of jail, shower giant, saying, starting with Dick shout of course, and but just you know, it became very, very quickly, outmoded in this day and age, and there was something almost like watching. I dunno chamber music to watching this boards reporters and do those I haven't seventeen compared to what sports talk, has become it's tough, they just parachute and on Sunday mornings, abyla guy we have, we have takes that, are more profound and takes you ve just been digesting fountain. First rate, our right in the tone being completely the opposite of everything else. On ESPN, right sports, reporters, Junior, as a round the horn were there in a box and is like a game show reacted with its like. The Anti sports report is on the same network as a member from eighty nine is where it was like when you got on their you'd made it
I mean you were arrayed or you had been chosen. Ramsgate Bayliss gonna bring him down. Somebody was on sports reporters and he would talk about that on the radiance of ours. On sport supports with that was a huge deal. Yeah, they didn't mean you were just like big in a city. You were now national. You know you were a guy now anyone could be national near me anything it's locally. There were local versions of the sport supporters, different cities like Boston, had sports final, Pablo Bow and arrows always a low bow, then I see ah Brian and one other wild card, and it was basically the same format, but then the sports reporters was the national version of it, and I don't know part of me wonders some of the people, that we're on it, that made a great were probably overqualified, Deanna like corners and will by late, they clearly just deserve their own show and then once you have people who are properly qualified that probably hurts a tube it. Dick Jason, which you grew up. Europe manages that's what happened
another person from Massachusetts about labelling. Yes, I remember that the air, the sports Vienna, with and a low Bow Charlotte say, was a little Luther believe it with lime. Yes, It came on after the Sunday Eleven P M broadcast that correct, yes, and yet, if you know Bob Bob and and and a relic of another era. When these boards writers would become tightened. That I look at like what's boards reporters came to be: is there anything equivalent that felt and lobby as what the sports reporters was? I mean it was eight o Brien right that you had made it. If you got into one of these chairs and got to look down the barrel that camera and wasn't really conflict driven show either it was kind of like we are golf memberships, yea, it didn't feel like a sort of like you know, a place where all the problems of the fourth world and they came from Dick Chap
May, because he was so smooth and even on television in New York for such a long time before that ABC right yet, and also the it was dicks funny because he had on one end. He had legitimate literary bona fide days like he was rate rider. He will Herald Tribune Sport, instant replay read all his books, Red headed sport, but he was Also, some of that everybody liked you find any old sports. Are they all like did Shaq, because Dick was kind of games and the sports or border he gave a nice Simon and Sport or give Annesley contracted sport. You know he was sort of like literary godfather figure- I mean I don't know who that would be now, but it's sort of like he was he was, he was all cut. They were all kind of working for him in a way. You know, like this show when he was not in anymore. It just felt like a different show to me. I didn't he was always the appeal to me: first, my grown up of them, but the respect and reverence they had for him and if you like their take, it really felt like it meant something,
Romania, David Brinkley, you know when he had like glass, imbalance and cook your Albert and George Willard. They were the squabbling children and he was called the elder statesmen can keep everybody or Jim Achase another. Unlike we, our group, a gym again, I was like you now he was like booted the lip exporter and it just now more important than who is there, but I do that's a relic from another time. I wonder, Jason. Do you think they're guys either age range or a tiny bit older than have reached that status to younger people, because it feels like that slipping away. I don't like it. I think that you know and and and fairly he went over. Forty should be viewed with great suspicion and media. I mean another dynamic into sport. Reports do not let us forget that a generation of sport are many generations. Porters grew up thinking. There are way above television and thinking that tv was a domain of knuckle ads in and that they were gonna bring the kind of erudite
the airwaves add that was pervasive for a lot. The kind of television programme, now that dynamic is completely different. Using supporters everywhere. Have the three of us, of course, aspiring to television payment fortune, and that is the other, though the road map many people, I don't think that and Dick Diction era failed beauty exact same way. I think they kind of would like we're going to show these people how it's done we're going to show. My literary journalism is like on television Ireland is too, is appearing on television rather than a television personality who might once in awhile right a column right yeah. I I had it both ways kiss. Sometimes, if you do too much tv become hard to do the other stuff properly, but and Jason. You also you damn the tv thing about less were idea a whole bunch of different
tv things I would say the most fun era was pity. I could in that. Everybody says that it almost sensitive cliche, but there is something really fun about it and I don't really totally understand what it is, the structure of it. I guess make maybe take some pressure off its Lucy go back and forth. You you're really doing tat. But it doesn't seem like you are, but you really are other stuff the same like if you will, but I'm pity I he spat in just as many takes as anybody else, but it doesn't feel taking right air and issues that really slow they constructed shown. It's the only show that's been able to live outside this whole take world that we ve entered now because it yeah because you don't take themselves seriously read write. The whole thing is from the beginning Potass, but do you think is that, even if it takes himself seriously? Yes, I wonder sometimes he has a gleam in his eye. I think there's more tongue in cheek from the beginning, a pity I right look around
we have the show, oh, my God is intolerable and screen were were all than we have a show ya, gotta pack, Stephen I like two and a half years ago. Maybe- and I unchecked them if there is a lot there, I really had a good time well never have hung out with him at MBA things and staff, and the Non Tv Stephen is definitely a different person. The tv like a like a now personality of what he has, but there's a there's a lot of meat there. I think he just cease playing playing what he needs to Plato to ticket. Seen what you think is it? Do you think it's teachable? My question I mean: can you make somebody great on television or the quality that their board. Now I was on no America's favorite sport shows proud, goes wild, Diego beautiful nine month run, but at the opposite end of the spectrum. You had regions golden national treasure and then
national treasure, Katy, no one and they could not be more opposites in so many ways, but they both just incredible talent for a kind of connecting through that camera and ways that I dont think. If you You can really articulate and end. I was something that I clearly didn't deserve on screen and I dont know: if not the kind of data both go yeah would it beetle is another and has at saint some people just jump off. The green is screening and when Stephen upset about something ranting about something it's hard, not to watch. Oh yeah, it's you know whether armor brows in the car once again, I think I told you this story he was yelling about. It was right when the bulls were self combusting and he was just yelling at Jeremy Grant and that I didn't intend to have the radio show him. It was just on when I got in the car and he's just A J say two thousand about your job, regret Is it about any just
dear me, grant that of thick like what is going on, but I couldn't turn it off. It was great yeah. I wouldn't know how many people have you come across in your television experience, for the exact same person, camera they will run is exactly the same. Will ban is exactly the same in all situations that change. Does that change what he would say. I will who is very enviable magic magic was the opposite. When we did the magic magic would be great in the meetings and then on tv he would be very careful yeah. I will you don't wanna careful outside every play by plague I too, or just about that's pretty much them. You know you Ricky. I do a character for three hours ram and it's really really hard right. Now, l and a lot of them. We you talk to them. It's almost psyche, you, you started interviewing them, but you don't remember that it was your bag. How's. It going today well retire bill. When you wake up their breakfast everyday,
as for living its greatest SEC. Are we doing Atocha right now? There are a lot of them are late. That d- I've got my work that I have already tabled for about that you don't know how like the single voice does like a coward type and I've always. Why are the same thing? You know? How do you not talk yourself completely into not religion glee and beyond girls. At that I just I don't know. I can't even put my finger on it yeah I was watching masilo. He had his first.
After they guarantee any canal. Any just gave this I ten minute monologue about you know this causes is really good as it gets to be able to base. We give a verbal essay off. The cuff is really hard. I have trouble doing. I wasn't into on the package that we need to have somebody to play off of about a couple times are member near, like in March of two thousand fifteen. I remember doing it was the EAST Pienaar Coms, like fifteenth anniversary atonement, then sir, said remember doing a pod righteous. Who is just me for forty minutes there, the only time ever than that, and I thought it had a really good job of it, and then I listen to it, kept saying. Lake and, like you, really have to be comfortable with silence outside TAT, was Jim Rooms greater straight Jim Roman. At this point,. Pause. Then he would make the point. Beheading on the silence and is like the silences are the key that on negative yeah, but
Rogers up on television. Would you go back and review date? I did in basketball yeah Did you know you learn, stir the stuff you learn as if your fidgety, if, if you, if you have some take you didn't know, you were doing a member in basketball, the first that the first like five or six times it did the showers. Tapping my pen killer You know, as I do, and I just got his nervous. You just have a lot of energy. You must have noticed Anti registering like you. I am sure our little stupid and what you realize is you have to be frozen. You know I'll be making these points. The that when we are doing with that the first like few months, the ambition would I be making points a magic war by which is be calmly frozen. They staring at me as I made the points be talking going. They listening to me, but I realized what they are doing it because it looks terrible people, mad looks terrible and people. Like smiling in that smiling and dead? There is basically
the rolling over to help. You make your your point, but yeah yeah, the Pike S equip them as when you say right every ten seconds, railway icon you and illustrated of utopia. Neither persons are you, write, yea of somebody's on the farm because you're trying to prompt them. You know like these. Free man, I just the America to know that three man podcast with to impress the phone as hard as the poorest the phone never knows when a jump, unfortunate, Jason's, inexperience, professional hey you wrote about of our bar is two thousand seventeen most polarizing sport, figure? I enjoy their another side of it that arose at one side and we wonder candidate of our ball. I ain't doing I'm on the other side. Ok, I was doing my undisputed this morning and I thought it was fabulous met. I'm sorry, it was his great. It was
everyone knew it was a con yeah, but it was just great. It was fifteen minutes of wonderful radio tv through the radio. For me give the atlas. There's this analysis of what Europe is today, Jason. I mean, let's just another sample of how the media culture now work that a lot of noise room wins and we seen it all across the spectrum and of our ball, basically calling out every predisposition we have now. You know that being ridiculous being loud, easiest price for a pair about wealth, bakers and new manufacturing history that attention getting and though you know me like that, her play it both miles. People can't get enough of it, nor gonna keep keep putting them on the air and eight, I was funny way when he did first take when undisputed imperfectly.
Basically, like you, ve, been covered up for years. Tony Randall Clayton was deepening that it was hilarious. Yeah. It's like that. It's like at least earning what they show as its two people, ridiculously yelling at each other. The rabbit, that's the destiny of the sharp rise in this is this is good guy innocent. Yeah, I'm here by any about. Are the overarching worry here, though, that somehow stalking. Out of it, you know, and the millions of dollars potentially that he could be maybe even damaging our relationship with GM and a team, and some day might happen. I find that preposterous. The idea that about while he wouldn't drafter want in a generation town because the Dad television appearance but the money part there might be some true, I don't know, I wasn't in the room for what the Marquis de no kind of negotiations were in. How absurd I was an awful there's. Another part of them switches, rookies, don't get beguine should yield any more that
Syria thing that happens, and so I find it very hard to believe that if he comes back come down. As you know, a great refugees in or to let the companies I'm running out of hard, but do you violated? danger for longer, because of that I bring there's gotta be a point re, whereas you draft him and he's just trash her coach or GM. If he's on undisputed, all the time which, by Jason's list of like things he has form Loudon stuff is available. And he answers the telephone rent, There is a point where that becomes annoying right, I don't know, maybe that point as a way out and the point three months ago I listen. I'm telling you teams their teams out there that are afraid to take him because of this get going for you here for two reasons: one because, if you're in situ,
humor. That sons not gonna, play all the time right away and you have the crazy dad and the side go, and I don't know why my Sunday, airplane he's better in the back of by catch, is bad and that's it play that might actually happened here and then the second one is been so open about wanting a son to go to the Lakers. Even he lit. Let's say you, the South x ray you have this good ship lollipop routine gone right now, everybody's on the same page, things are going well, you made the SEC round the play officer enforcing a flame out in about two games, but but you you bring this kid in who's. Gonna have to take a big ego, hit his neck and play a lot the first year, and they have love our ball bitching about it and then for years he might go to the Lakers. You know a few if your draft, if is
in this draft words they probably the best draft and fourteen years I won't try his command the subjects for twelve years. I dont want somebody that I'm worried in three years. He might be jumping Lakers with his brother, you now, so I think it's I don't know if it's enough to drop him for spots, but I think if the right team is in the second, and they look at it and they way other like are, which is better off taken just Jackson, its conceivable and that's why? I think? What he's doing is smart he's cause. He wants to Cuba, the Lakers. If the layers of the third pick he might be able to nudge into that third Packer get the workers to trade up or whatever. That makes sense. Yes, it has got to you reportedly just got that no hills, coach fired right, bicycles, Roach, yeah, so wise, and he gonna do that lukewarm out. Half with you. Let me help me the coach yeah, I think, but he thinks he probably could write. I do think the Lakers would be the best in France because a magic- and I just love the magic Johnson, Slash la
A ball show tab to point out and managing doing the whole thing, and it would be the best for fun of other storylines weaken our great absolute Lamar Barretta The street from New Zealand has yet again next son. There you sail a play like aids, it would be the most fire, but it would also be Superfund if the Lakers didn't get to pick it up for you everybody s isn't hand over their. So Jason. Did you get feedback that you think he's gonna hurt is drastic. Now, then, back you know. A number of people have left around on the topic and they have not got a Gm and firm, but I believe that their adaptation about it, but I do by what you're saying in terms of relationally. If you haven't sitting behind somebody in Boston, certainly would be that kind of scenario. You know show restraint, and now I gotta be potentially a problem, but I again, and it would be crazy report, parent or maybe not, but there's a pretty
the history of sports parents being somewhat insane redraft, yellow which whims to meal is that's kind of I've, seen boggy compared to Richard Richard Whims and are now in this field. Or fund to me in more entrepreneurial and he's just it's like he's taken is swing. Richard waves was, there is always a creepy element to it and you could always kind of sea where thou and was gone. There was heading yeah. This is alot sillier them. This is much ciller in and ass. I think lines as can be really good and that's gonna solve all our problems. Psych he's gonna come in and shoot thirty two percent. The first hear anything like that. I like having wacky sports pair my life is wrong and we know why. Why do you weigh went way? The archway manning and worldwide is Jack away. You know we ve seen some big parent maneuvering Creetur. Getting guide. I forget about the archway meaning was, was look like a quieter the virus
dignified southern like we did. We never really got it therefore, why he was so afraid to have his kid play for the chargers. It's like the charges and where the Cleveland Browns and every like everybody loves losing agar quickly to talk about texture. How do we keep this past fresh? I read a tunnel stuff everyday, including a bunch magazines, and the texture out o Brien got excited. Texture gives me access the hundreds of magazines eyed the Atlantic near magazine, the new Yorker NASA on one place on my tab. It or phone dealer recommendations, exclusive, interactive features. Videos more texture makes it easy to find and enjoy the articles. I want to read it even search oblique market like check out back issues. We bonus content. It was like that is one of apples, TAT, two thousand sixteen Ipad ups
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lying to go to the new down before the flight by a stack of magazines and then put the money back to me. I never did you think before you thought, like you, yea fat, like you, these put in the effort, I made a statement. I wasn't there was enough, so we are talking about the take culture which ties in two years been laughs and which you he's p infer tat every talked about these been less on the pot, I am a bunch of thought, said, problem for the most part going to keep to myself. Cuz, I'm a little too close to it, but I do think you know reading that. Espn is done in reading that this is dad in. This is some turning point like clearly it's not. I think they It was an incredibly unbelievably successful company, probably the most successful media. Come
We remain in our endeavour ever and now it's that quite successful. But you know the hired a lot of people and they had a lotta access and they had every possible thing covered and now it seems like they're, making specific choices to try to decide to focus on which is what most successful businesses we do. On the other hand, there is a cold ass to how this played out, and especially with the air, with the NBA coverage that was very atypical free, his pen. What did you would you think, Brandon Can it from afar, where I think the first thing is we were sold, but it would be a big tv thing and then as manifested itself, it became a print thing. You know a reporter driven thing and I think for all of us, mostly printing people rat. That was pretty jarring.
I have a feeling with John Erin wrote this at some or maybe a lot of tv guys got the thing words had look we're going to cut your pay by sixty percent or whatever it is, and you get to keep your job right, and they said yes to that, so we never actually found out about some of the tv cuts that were made. You know that's all kind of behind this but the ones we found out about these brutal sort of guys. I hey you Ray Soccer column, goodbye around right about hockey gives you do a good you. You do a good job right, you're, not a bit onto a bad job but you're out here yet so that to me was initially most jarring thing. What about you? Jason? the way I went down to the nature of a just beneath the heads would pop up on closer media thing, like you know, listen daily called my number today and that sort of that drumbeat continuing for a couple of days is really odd and and and unsaddling in blood and its really impossible to find
Media organization today that I have not got through some version of less than what I find a little bit have to swallow. Is just people kind of wrapping up and kind of welfare being a gender cultural Damon about where European, either in adding and in other people's individual lives and livelihoods. And that's that's path. I do think the thing that I don't have it for is why and the wide this way I haven't yet ass. He ll get it get a real said before. If you're gonna make a God, why make the garden aversion there's no sort of clear line? It seems to me here out why they did they cut the people. Are they got? There were the ones who are specific vague? I know they made big terms, the baseball terms, the basketball and another. The element of withered origin advocate comes over Yahoo, but its hidden data within the ability of the other coming toward a thing like that either
priorities for the rest of us are gonna of yeah. It does seem like party issues. Their website changed their ability to this wait content changed. They can really only push a couple coms features whatever per day in a big way and other and that it is really hard to find stuff so, don't quite know. Like the you know, when you say website, yeah you're, not thinking. Ok, call med and get all here here. You know the Wall Street Journal is that the homepage? You know that, because of the last eleven eleven born every second, I mean people are experiencing our content. Through you know. Social media primarily are referencing it from other friends instead of the homepage, while still a factor
road traffic and- and I look at European whether Homepage now- and you know you're right of oversight of video undercutting awfully hard to find written articles. But he go deep, deep deep down, but is that the main purveyor of their content right now it woods it would seem like the written stuff has become less important. I know from our experience a grand and the experience Ravin out the Ringer, the homepage, the merest us, but I think I don't think that's typical. I think what we found is, if you have, if you build something that you're very carefully picking how much continue putting up and the content all complement each other and its overwhelming people still go to homepage my issue with ESPN and the reason I hadn't gone there as much the last year is that it was just really hard to find stuff, and it was just over the place, and they they ve, never really been able to solve that. I hate being the auto guys, I liked the bat better, the old
but we should each year to look at the site, the old way, especially in a desktop, and you can see ten eleven pieces at the same time. I think there's clean homepage is out there, but but they clearly they had too much mba content that he was really hard to keep track everything, and at some point they probably looked at it and said I it lets pick and choose what were putting our chips behind getting rid of hockey and soccer. Basically, in a lot of baseball, really shocking to me, because he has been the whole time as areas peons always like, we have to be everywhere. We have to be, we have to have something for everybody. We only global air and now they're saying we don't have to be everywhere, where we're gonna double down behind baseball basketball and football in college college and and and we're gonna have a vest, gave reporting and we'd have big features, and we have some comments that you know
we have some podcast bananas, many what kind of stripping it down and we don't have something for everybody, anymore, yeah and I think that's the through line. If you had to do anything that you're scaling back in patients right fifteen years ago, ESPN was going to go into every city and basically compete with or knock out, the local sports, yeah how's, he has been Allison Boston, analysed of no, we see like away they just don't have as ten years ago, and you see I have rockets beat redder and more because they're, just probably out of that business right, I think, to be writers of the next thing. That's probably gonna be put chipped away. You know just saying like do. We need gamers on
stuff. We must send people on the road right, that's what they were doing. You know they were literally going into matching we're in a match, the Mets right or in a match the Yankees right when a match the columnist in New York. When do all those things and then have the radio been all that stuff and I think they just gonna cut them. That's now they look at that and go well. That was ambitious lily. I ask for a time when we were making money at a totally different rate and night that that was. I saw a bad bad because their intention was tat. These local radio stations are competing with the local stations in Boston, Newark, Philly other shall get destroyed yeah I mean you're Talkin, like like in Boston aid, adapt to stations by the way to our sports stations and having both of them get like forty forty times, How much for forty times as many listeners says he's been rated us, so I think they realized over time that they just couldn't compete with a national radio show in cities where they just want to hear here in Boston. Now you just want to hear hey, what's what's wrong with it
oh god, what is in homerun, yet you know where this black hawk come back. They don't care about the warriors They just gonna hear about not attacks. And an inner with entirely respect to any individual who lost the job. I don't think it's a bad thing. I think it's great that there's some sort of Reno victory for regional here, and there is back that you know local, one I, whether it radio or newsprint newsprint God, but you know that that sort of dynamic and- and really. I think that's ok, yeah. I D. I also think there was a feeling in the mid two thousand said newspapers arena,
yes and that illegal LEO, your daddy is payments GPA scheme, it becomes Starbucks and a black, eyed and Boston. Your ideas came Boston. That's going to replace the Boston Globe, absolutely again. What what you ve seen is. The newspapers have found a way to tat kind of reinvigorating the washed imposed near times. Boston globe are them had only subscription models now, are going to enable us to stick around newspapers and reward the driver. Actually, I pick Globe Amelia, look at what other patriot covered on drafting only that that they're they're they're much more important the right one, article at the end of the day, that has all the news of the day and yet, in the years to come, along and working We're gonna have our football writer right, one article at the end of the day. That has all news of the day, and yet in the U S, and yet I can log and we're gonna write ten year and every little micro nugget is gonna, be a thing. He s been taught newspapers. I would say how to do that and his paper sort of figured it out. Eventual enough you look
really no difference, but when we went way that God has beats member in the seventies, the newspapers would have liked the three editions- oh yeah, like the hour the globe would have liked the night time. Dish and that would have some com that wouldn't even be in the next paper, goes hand in hand with justice appear guys got a cape cod. They re like Brian, like a pre game, how big car, or that the road is core to the Celtic, led by two points. As you do, like you know, scattered thoughts before the planned game. You need be read in their end in like Portland Maine,
because they were not to get others paper. Yes, I remember when I got it, you got no idea. Yes, I do think I think those part of it they made a huge, huge, expensive bet on taken rather local sites and gradually realise that that was in an work. But the part, that's fascinated to me, is that they now have to pick and choose what sports they're gonna really care by you know and like soccer, especially their job skipper, who I've so I know pretty well love. Socrates is favorite sport and was really really intent on. You know they made a great bid on the World CUP. They were kind of blowing up soccer. Domestically then Fox came flying in then Turner came flying and got the champions league and to me at sea. It seem like
page is carried through their chips in and said I had taken were out. We can't we can't win this, and I don't know man. You dont have Sakharov hockey the kind of stuck with baseball and it's been relaunched a note to read all these people blaming the full body on the bed in the Basque about their others. Like other rights deal the coroner they had been like that's partially true, they would do that I found the Abed deals again. You think they wouldn't want to have the Abuja right now that can be break. That was also fight to make as five years ago. What did we hear? What was that hunting everyone knew about cable. The only thing people watch is live sport. The only thing, that's dvr proof and made no, the case may be they overpaid, quoting quote in some way for these deals, but I'm like what he can do can be out of business with the NFL. We add a business the NBA. What's gonna be on what they know. Why you're gonna watch branded branded argument chosen sports centres and then she said over and over again and also if, if Fox gets the NBA, now you're really now creating a real competitive cause
look at the first one ratings. I turn Acta bird or in baseball their way up there, and then it comes down once for bonds. You give them basketball now you're legitimately, creating a second better. I think that the baseball deals- when they're really Arthur, because what I don't even understand exactly how it's about the work, though, is there some sort of like property sharing? What's gonna happen, what am I ll be? No, were they would set them? Four o clock used tension in shock. Yeah, that's the deal that was called the underrated shocking moment, stagger Milby it we're gonna, put an m l b network show on our air, yet I can add me without source shall cause you. You say like where these to the odious been we're. We're gonna cover the world working to cover every sport whenever everything, but also working our own version of everything right right and now We're going to or something to MLB network are baseball top prime real estate
a minute, just amazing to me. I remember a grant the last two years ago in when they were trying to get us through tv, more tv. We need anti view. Add sales more tv more to be do. Today we were looking at these pan to smile. I could could we do at an agreement, our what would a grandma and shall look like and he's been too, as I got real estate was just crowded and it was like there's no way that you could get in all right and now, now, three years later, Kevin, Millar and and Chris rose they're, just going to like simulcast to bet on MLB network show. That is. It seemed to me that state of the art buildings Bristol, where others was near, the big television and they have to add sources, show what was your reaction that Jason I crazy, but it also says to underline the point that the business
end of the entertainment business right and the relationship that they're going to have to cover just going to be there going to cover, principally the things that they're invested in him. Football and basketball are their top two investments and that's where they did the least amount of cutting it appears, and if you don't then they're going to reinvest it and Adrian and so on, and do all other stuff me. That's a pretty clear statement about where you are going in you know? Maybe it's sort of. If there is an error, then, and again I I I hesitate jump on that bandwagon, because virtually every organization has gone through some version of this. But if there is an error, then various man, it's kind of just intergalactic dominance. Now we are going to be the thought leader in every imaginable corner of sports and both the United States the Globe and that, if it does not
to be the case. Yeah. That's the real narrative years. There have been smaller pieces that they gave away baseball tonight twenty years ago. Is an institution sure it's one of the three or four months viable properties. They have they not thrown out the window. They have said baseball tonight's dead, we're just going to do and on Sunday It's basically is paean. Was this channel that there had really boost it up to the point that not only were their showing play games all these different things on it, but first take becomes more pop. Or becomes more highly rated going against ESPN one sport centre right now, they're throwing away as being too it feels to me. Yet it's a channel now It did this before right. They threw away as pay news they throw away as being classic wouldn't when I was there like two thousand ten thousand eleven ranch, we wanted a saviours paint Classic Connor, and I right now these memos about eight. We think this could be a sports movie channel. Here's what we're doing
these libraries games? We could basically make it like. I like the stars for sports movies, I got balls with a z, beheld exports movies. Thirty, four thirty library old games will blow it out and they are basically like. We don't care like people paid they at the distributors, pay free has been classic anyway getting paid on that, we don't need to spend money on something that we're getting a cheque for rape. So my already, and it was always writers for european channels. Raina August five Keziah spend two ports as a channel, and you're. Just throwing away is pioneers and he has been classic like those heaviest pain in their name. Why would you want to throw away channels? These didn't care neither throwing away as paean to it seems like to me. Am I wrong to think that throwing it away? It feels that they are. If you like, the second tier stuff, you ever feel end and some games in college, basically alive rates June, which is that's what's important area, we need it,
the place to stick that big ten game, yes area after yeah yeah, that's what I've got there are some analog to what newspapers when their agenda to go in this respect that we are trying to do two things at once. You have to mobilise mother, you possibly can in the closet, cable model, which listen still throws up. A German is about but at the same time you know all of us have seen our thirteen year old to a twenty five year old. Now be a protestant media there. Yet not traditional viewers anymore. You have to react strongly to add another simultaneously trying to migrate. All their programme across all forms and another tricky thing to do is hard to be two things and and- and I think that the real question for them- if they can do that dude about how basque about Twitter is ruined, highlights yes I mean that the basketball twitter worth much better at finding
Hell game the crazy things happen. You know, I didn't watch the warriors game, the other night, so I don't know if they called attention to the Durant stuff, but I certainly caught it and I'm talking about like coming out the mask until odd and just beautiful now get tell you a lot about what happens in a game of about individual player, personalities that you almost never see when you put a quote behind the scenes of the game, I always laugh when they show you the in the huddle can have any interesting piece of information ever reveal in the history of in order go inside out. Like our guide. Let go You know material to the game they are not allowed to. They actually have a screener for those Gina them.
Water and said that each to Africa, if it's an MBA represent ever somebody from each time and if Brad Stephen says like look, we gotta attack hell. You re that guy can't shoot like this optics represented there you're not keeping that That'S- why it's always reminded to intensity. Thirty, eight, its let's go, yeah This day and age, could you possibly have a feed of a game that was just a hot like on the cord catching all the player? Chatter I mean. Obviously, players would have a problem with that and probably will resolve like people toning down the dry dock, but it would be absolutely fascinating and incredibly popular from a job. I think yeah. I think so forget, there's no way yet sidelined the most regulated journalist zone and Sports University with football.
Actually right you be down their sideline reporter and in quoting in writing down and giving the audience what you heard him. If a bus highlighted we fabulous, you can't can't you can't do it does and must I then reporters they just don't know they need to know what to do that: job cassettes, job that has been so marginalized in diluted that it's not like. You can ask innovation. That's why I was like David ordered David hundreds as great sideline questions, his eyes why start listed a job? I started out for nine. How did you keep your confidence? What happened you know like? I will have to answer that, he's like well, you know Miss summarily lapse, I wanna keep shooting, but most people they go together and their jobs talk about what that with its rights. But what they mean to you is this witness to talk about come about. Big was going your head, what you want it's so stupid and then and then tat on top of it tat the coach interviews so yeah.
Like the EP, on the one hand, the tv network- the Abbe AIR there trying to get this inside here's what it, but it's not and then, Twitter actually has? It is like look, this demand just dropped enough bother. You tat s good, and I find that out and there in the game, But I think this is over arching thing here that I think we're in a high point for interrupting athletes, and we have a lot of guys are letting fanned by in the garden through the social media or something else and their funding, and there is a real up, but I do it. They connect with people. People who get there not robots will not just wanderers. In many ways a regular we have got up. We will now. Why not? You know, let people know a cabin dorette, really like on the core, why you know they be almost always over the year the mean everywhere. What about labour and the court, would like this hand, because I was we're close enough to uranium? He had to say, but it baby a completely appreciate a completely different way nowadays, you, but at the end,
like fifty you, your bowed. His head was passed. As my colleagues have rather have to answer the question, what a tenth anniversary present, but I think you extra question, which is they lead people behind the curtain very much on their own terms, rationale very highly in our highly sort of scripted kinds of things, even if it's called on scripted affectionately, scripted rain and the court is encrypted, and I don't want that in other areas. Harry. Oh you heard what I said to some guy in the court. I didn't mean that now we just say that on the court that doesn't have any meaning, literally every Kevin, Durrant Post Game Press conference right, but when given when you get scammed, ran in the right place, then he'll actually talk about it, but you can't, I think that would terrify them if everybody, times, but I mean I, I believe, a hunter Berlin. What you're saying that their data, very scripted, let you behind the scenes moment, but sometimes real person they went out at me like look at the Dionne waiters player
Serbia, the high point, Andrea the player Tribune, in my opinion, not entails and visible secular Europe a classic example of access journalism and yet worked, I feel, like I know the guy like the guy, even more yeah we invest journalist. I love it. I'd love to hear it all we should we should deploy, should call. And those with a dream that I appeared before the game, but I was gonna do it well, but that, like that, the re pack ass, I did the two, so says candid as anybody's ban his top five athlete in any sport in the last couple years, and you think when he's doing at his I'm way. What would be the repercussions of this ages didn't care and guess what nobody cared? I mean P tired. They love the interview that kind of stuff, but it wasn't like people spent the next four days. Picking all can you believe you said this commit their day, just appreciated that he was candid.
And that's what I don't understand about some of these guys like. Why are they so afraid to just be themselves, money earned terrified of em. You look a little nothing funny. They occurred, ran out Regan, most robotic Atley interview and baseball history. All of a sudden board as a true tallying television I mean it is worth pointing out. Never would have gotten a millionaire that you at work perfectly on television and bitter recanted voice, and yet here we are you, take quick break and then than I have some. I want to talk about the place to be a cause of that. That is a very important conversation. The following is not an offering of securities. Private investments are highly a liquid and risky and are not suitable for on festers. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Curiosity to credit investors due north capital, private securities member. If I and our aid slash essay pc
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For the most by reading together. What you're asking that you want to say that for your Jonathan three packing regions, which would have you want to do to meeting think it d watches woes. That's what I want to know. What made road road was that are really no he's a tremendous reporter and and and source in our material, but What made him the day? Several ass bunch of yours has been is kind of like you know sabotage of draft day and just heard of getting into the punch always and kind of like sticking it to the man and once he started to join the partner network, does it start take a little bit away from him he said this explicitly the draft as a tv event- and I have no stake. In you know, keeping spends on this made for tv event get underway
Imagine have like smoking a cigar ETA, the narrative of great about it may be more? U K previews of biological about in one. I don't work for European and and it's funny right, someone who's career, except for a small portion, has been basically in opposition to Ethiopia, yeah does I am in brokenly, so all of a sudden, reportedly, goes over two years behind enjoying this parade anomalies. I bought a site Well yeah, but I'm sing, like you know now, he's ever as ever pretended that another whereof sports court, of course report, but I think he's sort. Permission, is still matters and still be really funny. Right now having something in across the ticker debts as EU spends is the chapter. I think that for them getting today, information is still matters and still as collateral to them and having something going across the ticker debts. As EU spends out of chapter ports,
is still really valuable to them. Are enough Cooper Press on it for them to get there but cake by him for the last five years? The way they did, I think they're just like I was the price it really by how to fix it, really Bob talk to people in there and that was an absolute minimum that they had looked. They had a lot of reporters right, yes, Thai in Ramona. All these people to people broke a lot of stories. They hated the fact that there was this this this entity called woad. It was taking all the shifter style, scoops away from them or more emotional applying Mean were you turned out of your league changing skills, but a lot of images of their data day, information transactional information that happened about about nor any others before we have a kind of words type reporter, and it s a new job. I feel it
We really come into a done a lot like every four years, where the Kaiser, like less likely to your clad in the Journal of America, high frequency traders. They are people who are jet pumping information, instantaneously and second matter of funny kind of job and I think it as enormously high representative in social media and so on, but there wasn't any equivalent to that twenty years ago the Well Mcdonald and in a peep at ease and things like that. They currently broke good news and they are incredibly well source, but have the luxury of waiting time to release it. Yet, though, I think you would have been, I think, vs IE and in Mcdonough would have done this job if they had twitter you and I think that a therapy The Erika, I think the nugget was important and people on radio and they my broken some of that member. They were breaking some that stuff on the done. It was on the Sunday morning show the NFL in on the enfolded s So it is right and he was using that as an advantage over his print guys who had awakened was not a bad thing. I mean you know, Wilma Gun aid, you bleed.
If it becomes a creature? Twitter diameter robbed. You know very interesting and amusing, we'll make gonna call over the years of believing that language, but but, like you, don't think of the way there The role of a White House, correspondent has changed, mean gone gone, gone are the days of the White out correspondent who had taken information and process had read about the next day or the next week. Even now, everything ass to be isn't any. That job is just a monitor and sports job of change and very much the same way, and I dont think that message early, the net product is better. I agree with that by the kids. I think we ve created this kind of scoop, four creedmoor that's going to school, for it's like I'm, going to tell you something was going to happen at two minutes and because I have twitter, I can do that. It's going to happen. We announced the two minutes anyway and I'm gonna couldn't have bracer sailor back this up. This is the part it I'll get, and this is the part I have friends who cover these things. You know that I would talk to about this a bit like. Why did what does it matter that nobody else keeping score? Is there some scoreboard.
No about that. It's like, oh, my God, carnival acres, the Lakers sixty four, but by woes in it and it's like so does he get so that goes to his scorecard I'm gonna be ironed out anyway. That Moscow is going to the Lakers like when there's real stuff like woes breaking that boogie. Was in advance talks to go to New Orleans Overall STAR Sunday at the Astor. We read that what that was I, while this is wrong there's. This is now starting a three day discussion, but a lot of times it you stuff that was gonna be found at anyway, and that's a part that I dont get with this like four for what is paean, what their value in this their value in the basically the ticker
but washes tweeting all these scoops did. I like twitter account it's his twitter account. So how do you reconcile that? I am speaking to you from the noon or the Wall Street Journal where it out information like that, has absolute value of monetary value. On the story, girl you find out that I e o is getting can and you are able to get that the coop out there I mean dad is you know, a ledger altering kind of information, whereas you know I don't know if it's gonna see like what is the third of applied to getting this. You know seconds if not happened, competition day with the absurd as it creates. It makes the journalist into this huge swaggering figure. We also need the analogue, is Nick, you think with Hollywood, because she would about the stuff. For me, like I, don't know who this executive is I've never heard of this thing, but because she breaking something in it's dangerous information right
ass her this majesty, and I think, when a shifter and Wolden was gets, it's the same thing you ve created, you haven't you have really information you could arduous is small time. A lot of it would have been an agate type and newspapers like the twenty Eightth pick me NBA draft. What's fires right yeah, but it creates a great character. Oh won't, you know he's under my. You know, he's we'll just got all the scoops. He got the woods bombs and you know it's sort of built the character of the news breaker from Peter Vesey, who was big, but nothing like this into this guy who's, like the biggest guy in sports media, one of the biggest hands. First man, that's crazy to me Do you feel like Bessie was as big as us and when he was on a decision will have, but he also the near post like it that column com on Tuesdays and wednesdays on Fridays and I lived in Boston. I knew owes in it he now but the Let's compared. Let's do not always, let's just areas even with adjusted for inflation, good point bureaucrats who noted beloved yet Peter S, outta love this
Indeed, I didn't make it more. Potshots emerge idly words. Does a terrific job of work in the circular guy really respect how that dude works and how hard is worth to cultivate the sources and all that. But to me it's like I look at this, and I think this is mostly about his pain. China save face with the fact that he was taken there ass and that on the tour on their ticker had their China dad the costly read the vertical sage or withdraw ascii first reported blank, Ed AEGIS. You gonna start that Euro stop the hemorrhaging of that the partner don't get is this? Is an information play you care about being the one stop shop for all and Bay information, so you go get worse and his crew. So then, why did your remarks that Mark Cynosure
information you break stores other time. If you're making information play what I both didn't like each other apparently and illnesses either a I mean it's and its we're done, I'm in furious Vienna. Thank you look you say well were hiring the guy with this many scoops. Why do we want the other guy? With with with that many school? something like a Bay team of the sailor cap like we're going to get in it? You gotta, get pod georgette only J, cracker anymore and look at is a sovereign right, as we just found out at a European. Maybe that's not fair. Maybe it's stupid. Maybe it's about impressing Disney, but it is also regret. Yeah, you know style stand. I just I'm shocked bad. I mean I've seen by France on by us, but I got he did great work for them and broke lotta stories and was was a staple that website. This is the irony and adjacent agree with us which is yes. Paean was lauded for all its basketball journals. Rain
they had creative magazine stories, they had true hoop. They had funny strange writers, a lot of their local, be writers were beloved characters, including Strauss who just got laid off in this thing, whether people have huge things and now they are changing the very character of that NBA unit marks, dine and great guy, and I agree with every interaction with amazement, wonderful and not to mention that I mean the grant and by year, far girl in the NBA staff wearing a sense. Anger was outrageous. The most talent under one roof than any other rad. They looked at then said. We want to change completely the carriages, NBA staff and we're gone information and wisdom. Zack as com, this we have Ramona and whose, whose Blankenheim Ramona somebody s features, reported winners, yeah banana cup of couple of smaller, like quicker here, coms in that's our coverage and maybe some beer.
There's a couple: copper, the big cities yeah. Maybe that's idea really nerdy question What do you do if you're a twenty year old student, who wants to be a sportswriter into that authority when you watch them Take away you know bill, I'm in all that we grew up, probably in an era where we had better. They do you gotta, find a b find a home. You gotta find something that you know inside and out. You can't be a generalists, and now I think the new there's been a. Matic Pivot, where ranges everything and not just range across several subject matter, but also ability to do audio video in addition to print you can't just be one say, and if you get locked into hard tat of possibly be sometimes. I grew that I so here you be my counter that, because I've heard that, like PETE lay people cards like water, I do will first law
Writing is always gonna matter whether Euralia fer a website a magazine, his paper. Are you writing tv copy, like being a good writer stolen advantage, so you know read and write as much as possible. Can I don't think that's changed. I do think being able to know how to do a couple. Different things is a good thing you know, but can you have said that fifteen years ago I mean maybe just occurs more to people now that it's good to be true good to have a diversity of skills. I would argue that was always good to have it, but ever since, but they didn't give you a radio show when you were twenty two years old and I get podcast when you talk to yourself, so I think it's just the access is different. Yeah I mean it's it's a tough question I think would journal some funerals as we're having because we ve had last couple of weeks we all kind of it we're all very sincere and then we are lose our minds in the second half, and I was looking at the one I can't do this is want to
with a crucial part of this but Edward her was held up and appear, can comment, was showing Edward. Her story in its Saki for a modern I was like did were read him as a kid and Adele one is that these college students who are saying If Edward gets fired, gosh are laid off. What why do my edward spent seventeen years on television. Yeah mean that to me, that's enough I hate the weight into format and one an informant. That's a great success stories, business that we live in right man. If you college give you seventeen years on a giant television are, you did great ran. You did great. That's a success. The young soccer, commerce, the young, big, twelve guy, the got laid off- that's tough! You know that is a really tough one and that's the one where you know what am I, what am I prospects? Look like
and look at you know that the ringer here, where I think we have like seventy people that are working for us right now and it's that number's going to keep coming up. We're always looking for talent, and I don't think we're alone. I I think there's a bunch of different places, ranging from gigantic to medium to small that are always looking for people that are going to stand out and stand out in some way. Maybe maybe they're podcast stands out, maybe maybe the way they were on a certain maybe they did a cameo somewhere like everyone's lookin, for so I'm a method of the sky, the sky. Following that there's that could be jobs and more like there's more content stuff out there than ever before. Twenty years ago, people writing about sports than ever error mean they're. Just gonna be you're. The Lord of you know, God, king job, that we have become accustomed to re women,
and I was Talkin like the ninety nine, when a graduated grad school. Ninety three and I wanted to get a job in Boston. It was like the herald, the globe, boss, the Phoenix Boston, eggs, and I was it right for choices. I do think people people can stand out if there is something really did it's gonna, it's gonna be found. You know how many times have you seen on twitter, some peace from some website. You ve, never ever bog, never heard overlap. As pretty get in every day, so that that's a bonus. On the other hand, there so many people trying to stand out that it becomes harder still totally and that's the facts, doesn't make it easy for anybody just last job right now and if you're the one who lost just lost a job, we had a big but how great the new world is
and how the opportunity that the great opportunities you gonna have. Will you, like your severance, takes out of your bank account that sucks you know at at at at at at? I understand the area correctly, Ricky set up. Her allotted to have occurred at a contract that they have to make a choice at some point between either going to work for a new place and presumably almost surely take less money or not working being put on the bench and and collecting your ear salary and that other than the top one, and we don't I may we think that this will be the last man alive,
It has been re programme are also having to it's not like yeah, it's their stripping across the board like they may, even if they did these last, but then they are so just bought the vertical if business, if, if the two things that are hurting them, keep going the way which there's no reason and not right. People began a few subscribers sports rights fees let wake me when they go down. Maybe they will put waken. Couldn't tell me on the shoulder. When that happens, at avenue there stood there be private can have an economic problem. I mean this is just to products from the newspapers right you can start operating in the new still have a problem especially because you're here you're going to have new, more and more competition for those rights. I mean you're, going to have Amazon all of a sudden, just jumping in and throwing money around, and I was just a whole different dynamic.
Amazon and what their down with the washed imposed over the last couple years has been the most fascinating media story. For me, because you weave three four years ago, newspapers were dad was over That was it. Let's have the funeral, the only one left, as can be the New York Times I was asked of people are saying and now we are in this different era, where you could argue that Amazon's, the future everything, but especially like what they ve done with papers, is now a model that people following and Wall Street Journal, which I always make fun of our Jason and Ben Cohen. About that, I can't read there some other pieces, sometimes so that without a subscription, but but when did they go to the subscription, liquid for four or five years ago, weathered always, but it may well be laundered Europe. They want yet, but I mean this whenever they neared. The motto is: where you get some, you get some stuff,
I'm in the third quarter for leaky pay. Well, I think it's heat open, tightened up a few ratchet over the past couple years ago, idea of the way at work here that, if I put a on Twitter, Facebook. Anybody can read that and you can make a referral of a day which I think is actually pretty good way of doing it, because you're not cutting itself off from the world known writer, was to be read by fewer people. I mean this is absurd. You know what that ego driven business plays it until you want, as many people reading it as possible, but yeah you something at the gave in terms of the subscript. I agree with the Washington Post to mean the great story, but let's not forget their third of something at the core of it, which is their spending any other spending and something you know happened here at the Journal four years ago in terms just really my hair reinvestment journalism putting in a button chairs a really really key thing, it's awfully hard. When you see a news,
innovation in our lab upon two people and Thursday, we know we remain committed to journalists about ever made it that's. How could I possibly be a hundred percent? True we are we. Never I trailed off with the players should be thanked as lab. We can end than that. The use talking about the delawares been the highlight of the parish of we are grew up with tell our books that The guided, even writer, look right now. This is now website with interesting. Is I don't know anybody whose bent to the poorest Tribune homepage we'll talk? Bout like whether homepage matters by the person, who is an example of it, strictly get sent to you for Did you find it out on some blogs and be a red it or something? That's how you know about the waiters thing. Is this a business because it seems like now we have acted ip
they did. This is one of the destinies for the undefeated. I think it eventually becomes is peons kind of put version of the parish to them. Ass, told two kinds of yeah: I'm gonna make a May two thousand seventeen protection. I think he s, pen buys the players to Vienna combined with the interfere in next eighteen months. Lao yeah well, and I think they try to own that corner, which is a pretty smart corner. Try to own if your ESPN right, you get the athlete relationships, you're controlling the night at a lot of ways, but I do think this is something I don't know if it's a business for the players Tribune because from what I've heard, so many players own steaks in the players Tribune it's is nothing left than a month, Africa, but my regret. The editor in chief, Derek Dieter, you know I'll give the newsroom who got the morrow and Veal matter the city editor he's busy right. Now you might be more. Can you can you obviously it and still be what the players are going badly
I believe that he not forget you know in me. I think part of what has made them them is that they have been able to go out and create these relationships with these guys because they have no. Nutritional history. They don't have people feel like they're, burned, going to potentially going to get burned up and burned in the past by them, and that's how it's worked. So I don't know the various so wildly between articles replenished fat, fat, man, occasionally maybe I talked about some- the gray ones, but like Tiger its being mad Dan Jenkins, because they re fake interview would Tiger woods. You hear that the players Tribune Ten percent was I lavishes, yeah, there's stuff, like you know, David he's writing about Dan Shaughnessy. That's kind o Connor weirdly interesting, but it's like one sentence in an otherwise. I gotta check drought it now it was. I don't like it. I dont what, if what, if the ran wanted at the ramp executive at her ease their
he's the herald, ease the I think they promotion on. I found you less managing editor for what should be promoted. Say you d: don't they there's any growth in this? That it is what it is? Well, I think it. The growth is weird because it all depends on getting really good stuff and do players. If you go to places,
As I say, you d, don't think, there's any growth in this, that it is what it is. Well, I think it. The growth is weird because it all depends on getting really good stuff and do players. If you go to places who I get a book deals, anyone really do that are Agammemnon podcast thing right now. I think the other thing we're gonna see is the weirdness. The pledge to me was always at you could get all this under one roof as post ever both just like stiff grams gonna go start mouthing ray. I'm gonna do this. All this to my twitter account Artic amount Erika Mann players to be. My question is: why do you need the prayers to be an affair? Anybody like it so easy to get get whatever you now. I guess they have writers and editors that can craft the words a certain way, but it's
like we're heading to play were any athlete can just get their own message out. However, they want it with its on you to Facebook in Scotland and Emma Enemy Bear. The counter dollars is all while we're just complain about the players to be because the rendering us irrelevant like why or is it the Lockerbie doc? Anybody in our guide have their own channeled out, but I'd say the absurd: if you're a player is leubronn and legions right lies the brown goodly Jenkins to announce this thing, because it's a better vote me well, but it's a better The upside is a better written thing. Then maybe Lebruns Camp comes up with right. Does it it's rent? in such a way that makes people likely bronze of Hate Leubronn right now. That's part of it in the minutes. It's old fashion to you now grant demand print that made up. That's funny, part of that, in Germany, of course, yell abroad. The history would live, television and a little bit brought appears be properly a better platform. Perhaps labelling
as long as he's had a couple to exist. Champagne after a game, seven is a great interview with a key currently perhaps well. I went I had a whole bunch of other stuff. I wanna talk about their, but we're editor. That's it makes you feel better when at which an expert on the next episode of the sports report are you shot. We should why would a completely written what next I recall a sports reporters to point out. Maybe they, the single monthly Think party shall remain hilarious boots. They would have been delivered in the same kind of the way they do it in Minneapolis David Minneapolis this week and then going to further joke us. The courtesy laugh from the other to ban on the sentence
I also give a surprise Jason with some PD stuff cause, I know in any way as a huge cycling guide is probably had more pity cycling thoughts than anybody, but will save that continue to be continued Jason thanks. So much I'm glad I m glad you run this park has finally banquet bronchitis, thank you see soon I'll see you in the office. You got thanks to have ready at their ten years of pack asking for me hard.
If I have to tell the story, I am maybe on a different path cast about how this whole thing started and how it can evolve into it it above into, but thanks for this than tax for spread. The word we're back on Wednesday. Finally, Adam Corolla Break now fast, seven and fast. Eight. It's been two years in the making Anna and we take it. Take was a good tat, love that cobra, that's coherence come in. We with their probably look too much cobra in this package, but that's fine bearing a pathetic Tuesday night late, so be ready for that one.
At one p m Teasdale, thicker thanks was for the best.
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