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The Resurgent Knicks and NFL Playoff Picks With Mike Breen and Peter Schrager


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by broadcaster Mike Breen to talk about an optimistic start to the Knicks season, tales from the broadcast booth, and more (3:30). Then Bill talks with Peter Schrager of Fox Sports and NFL Network about Bill’s NFL Playoff Gambling Manifesto and to preview all the wild-card games, before Bill gives out his Million Dollar NFL Picks (44:00).

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Plaster coming and we have covered on the ringer, not just on this package on Sunday night following the little game on Saturday night and the final game, suddenly the Ringer NFL show be going alive. Make sheaves subscribe to the ringers Youtube Channel that that Youtube com slash the ringer. Following the sun at Ringer fell on Twitter Saturday night Kevin Clark, Rhine, reseller, coming on right after Temple, washed in and then send it. I have a clerk nor Prince Yadda coming on right after viewers, browns and mainsail, becoming on Sunday night as well stated, today's up, so the bill Simmons passed his bride, you buy chase freedom, Chase freedom acts as a new credit card from chase. Give you new ways to earn cash back. You'll always get five cent. Cash back and travel purchase through Chase in your answer and five percent on quarterly bonus categories, like gas stations in department stores, learn, more add, chaise dotcom, slash the Ringer quarterly bone
category spending limit supply and you have to activate each quarter. It's our issued by J, P, Morgan Chaise Bank, any member if the icy restrictions and limitations apply offers subject to change this episode. Roger by the all new twenty twenty one, Nissan Rogue with the ability to get up and go moment's notice. The drive to explore new ideas never ends with fire. Have available Dr Modes you'll be sure to find your next adventure so well. Others may contemplate the next to venture you're halfway there. the smile on your face, so Gay there and get going, go rogue in the fiercely re imagined all new twenty twenty one, Nissan Rogue when life go rogue this Nissan USA Dhaka to learn more work. write to you by the ringer package? That word where I did to other package this week, one, We watch about bridesmaids did that
many times and malware Reuben and then Ringer Dish David Cupboard. I brought than upset four of the challenge: Double agents were doing that everyone's tonight. If you like the channel speaking a ringer pack ass, the real ones on the ringer, Asia, Logan, Murdoch and Roger Bear. They got TIM Duncan as a guess this week ever been more jealous of another Ringer podcast Kinda do interviews. While they item It's really good go check it out. Check about on the radiation than ringer fouche. Others figures mentioned the top the gone live after the games on site. ray and Sunday coming up. Words to me bringing about the resurgence, necks and what it's like to broadcast games during a pandemic. we're. Gonna talk to Peter Shrink areas. Gonna help me do milliner pigs for ran when, at the end of our planet's what we are not going to end this back as to talk about Trump. If you wanna hear tromp stuff gotta higher learning go. Do the press backs goodbye sellers?
I cast other did great jobs this week, Yesterday was a new low for a guy It was repeatedly given us new laws, yesterday's when the darkest days in american history and ah I'm still gonna reeling from it and I have nothing at all and you say about it: other than that we just got to get to the finish line and and try to move on and try to figure out how to rebuild all the stuff that's been and over the last four years. So that's it.
pearl. Jim I'd, make razor voice at the teeth. Ass sweating, like Eastern Champion near collapse, if you're calling for final staggered skinned alive good I mean I might have some that if it goes to a six or seven game, but there's no way to obligations play the crazy last ten months for you as a broadcaster, I'm guessing things that you weren't expecting out of all the things that you did expect last ten months where the next to be as good as the nets through the first three weeks of the seas.
This makes datasets new. I really felt in be improved just because of the coaching change to stop there, but I am so ion, but not like this to the boy, So I guess they did. I looked. Vibration They are the year and I said who are these nix? It's it's unbelievable. It so much fun It is also so sad because, as you know, I've been Nick fans, nippers oils any fan base in any sport and for them to I only have a good team and not be able to go to the garden. I am praying that at some point this they'll be able to go and watching playing person and its patenting. They would like. Is it just a bunch of hard work? It did sue who gave a ship, which is, I think, intentionally put together. You know they brought in the arose in and worldwide Wes and Tabs, and they see might they're pretty devoted to build in a culture, they didn't go chase free agents, Gordon Hayward was the only one they really went out there and then that the price went way out of whack on that,
They are just like. You know what we like the guys we have here, there's guys with good patent. We re in China built around these guys and add people, play really hard even subject rivers whose bounced around has been a big games and has a real swagger to him, but This team makes sense to me when I watch it. When did it makes sense to you as your watch. It was just you could see, even in the precision guys that I've watched before play differently. Many like an enormous jumps out the screen at you, but you could see they were playing different and I mean you notice so often in terms of when you acquire players or get players, what time of their career you getting them because they are not ready. Sometimes to do certain things are Isaiah Thomas had one of the group lines years ago. The hall of Fame is its arms when he said young players. find their games by how many points they school and that's so true, and to this day there still is obviously exceptions, but for so many people
they want to establish themselves and and really hit the heat about as you go later on in your career, you establish your game or establish your name. By how many wins your team has ended. This look at you guys, like Julius Randal and everything. Ok, if you Nick fans last year. Who did you guys they wandered off the team? They may have been wanting to, but these guys the one of them had ever been to the policies. Now you get a coat, true comes in who so demanding and has another pet arena track record. All of us your your agenda is. Changed you dont why're, you know score twenty five points and I even home painful. Is you wanna, win basketball? and so much of it is about the timing of when you acquire a where they had pedigree. Guys terrain and that's why. As I I've been fascinated, I've watched a lot of their last five games. Cause I've been fascinated by random, who I really liked in college, who I thought, you know it was indeed and wagons. That indeed, was the most talented, guided the draft that year, but other Randall
going to be a reliable two thousand and ten guy- and I remember the Celtics there was basically between smart ran over that pic and I thought he breaks his leg with the Lakers he's on those weird leg hurt and she starts bouncing around and then eventually I kind of gave up on him. I just thought he was a black hole who had without a bunch of bad teams of the bunch of of mediocre, the worst coaches and now it's too late, but as it turns out not too late, I never saw the passing from him. I mean that the thing that shocking and I'm sure you feel the same, as your announcing like the all round game for him this year. I don't know where it came from. Where do they came from speech tremendous- and I agree with you that the wreck was starting to be Geico, put up empty stats for any poor team young, but you still to score. we pointed out you get what you pay for. You have to have some real ability. And now, when you, when you bring into the coach that demand,
that you made the right decision, you make the pass, and it's not you it's not just telling them He is drilling that into him. I see the game away offered. Painting was telling a story the other day out. If, if he's running a drill- running in the same place and he doesn't I can tell him out there, but he doesn't like the way it's right. He will run it a hundred consecutive time until the per head, so they haven't had up why I've heard the word demanding from every player on the roster multiple times when you're being interviewed and again not every every play wants to be coach that way and coaches like players, a lot of it is fit right now, with this team. With this rostrum, he's the perfect because he's an elite coach. If he has those guys, want to follow. One will want to do what he says was so he's got Randal who he's unlocked, bear it, who I never gave up on eco. He comes it as a rookie. The teams got a million point guards terrible
duration than the bubble they're, not in it obviously the pandemic. Hence the season early. He doesn't even get that last twenty games to try to get. You know his staff it is sea legs a little bit, but you know, I'm NASH is close to home and nationals always told me that kid's gonna make a. He really gives a shit like he's going whatever his deficiencies are in his game hooking. Work and work and work van, and I think what were seen this year is a guy who love games when he just can't make a shot, but he's gonna play hard. He's gonna do stuff, he's gonna fact things on both sides. I just he's a keeper. I really liked it. I do too, I don't know if he, if he's going to be a perennial all star or three slash four time also. I don't know that if, but he is used to turn The word I use warm because, yes, he's got that work ethic last year be played a team that had horrible point Europe like an zero perimeter impossible for him to succeed. Plus he had a Julius Randal who cut up, did the same thing
He did. It was almost impossible, friendly, succeed, less you this You just see a different, more confident player, stolen twenty years. Old yeah is he's, gonna be fine. The shot is better still has to cut down on us on the one for ten three point nights a boy he's gotta get better because he's got that he's got the determination to do it and it feels like Dave, unlocked Robin Sinhala better, who, I think everybody liked. But you know he falls in the draft, because people are unsure about his maturity. Things like that. I've heard good things about him, the last couple years, but you see him. He somebody that complaint in in crunch time as a back in five against good teams, and he can down in traffic, he can protect the rim, he can do little screen arose and things like that. So when you watch them in crush time, the team actually make sense, especially if, like in the case yesterday were rivers comes in and just as he check in the fourth quarter, I feel like they're, not gonna really tinker too much with this,
and I said this before when it when it didn't work out for them in the offseason- that is a hidden expense. This is actually good for you, you're, not getting these free agents, you're, not getting the bark you do whatever you got to build like in a build from the ground up, you got to build a culture. You got to build around a coach and you got to, kind of rejuvenate. These dudes that have pedigree overlap, constantly hoping Carl Anthony towns is gonna, be available. maybe Devon, Booker like you gotta, get out of that, and it feels like they finally stepped out of her right to me that the number one priority, the sheer we'll get to a point. Are you win more games? Ass number one you had to win mortgage can have another sees away when twenty two games were twenty five games, eighty two games is so you win more games. You start to show ok, distinct competes when you go play them. There are tough came to be you're, always gonna, be in a fight for now. Opposing players now start to say, ok franchises in the right direction and just as importantly,
agents are now seeing it and hearing from their players. Now the message gets up over the next four on the right path and exert their pretty good place to go because regardless. What anybody says and I Norma a lifetime New Yorker, so I might not be completely objectives but that is still the number one venue for players on the road to go plan. Its yeah means both planet. Falling and eventually when you build it back to a point where it is a destination that you have a chance me on a really good team, I think they got a chance to really take off again. The reason I think this
is slide the weather doing. There is why I think it can work. I sought happen. You know I love to bring everything back to Boston him. I saw this happen with the Celtics in two thousand and fourteen and fifteen, and sixteen where they make that trade for all the broken packs. They basically got the team that get rid of Barnett and in Pierce they trade Rondeau and its ago are it's time to tank here we go, but they also had Brad Stephen sues. You know, he's gonna build a culture he's gonna get guys to over achieve, and they re started put something together and they had certain types of players and he had the ability to take somebody like Jake prouder, who seem like justice added dude and Miranda Trade. All the sudden he's a valuable dude, Evan Turner, a guy, much like a Julius Randal Type, now like a high battery pick great pedigree who hadn't really made it Alison. He comes, and he looks pretty good and so on and so on, and they built a tea
that over achieved and became a place that other play other people in Palestine we get our Orford and two thousand. Sixteen we inside of free agent, What years did you get there? Those inquiry? The next year's I cool, guy, retrain, Gordon Heyward, coming at any start used are getting people, and I think what you what you said. That's the key. That's the thing. Most teams messes, I build the culture start winning start over achieving, and then people want to come to that. But but to do that I mean you bring a breath Stevens and that's exactly what was was the key same thing with the little bitch just it makes a difference. I remember years ago, Billy Packer was being to be a one year, Billy Pack, of course the great cause basketball analysed. He worked NBA games for the planned pcbs and repair them on a talk show, and I asked him what is what was the biggest. Rise from the NBA game, and he told me that the importance of coaching
I had no idea how much more important coaches and NBA than it isn't college. He said which in the NBA makes more decisions in one game that a college coach would make in probably two weeks worth of game. in terms of been game, decisions and adjustments and I'll never forget that, and I have always felt that throughout this is now my twin You're gonna be a games not saying that at that a great coach can take a talentless team and win a title. That's not going to happen in an average coach can take as a team loaded with talent to a title that can't happen. But when you have a great coach, that's gonna, maximize your teams, ability and maximize potential. It's all difference in the world, and I really believe at them at all. Then it is only Gulch yeah, it's funny. I I loved him in Chicago. I thought, year after year, some stuff he dared, especially with how they were afraid to spend money in some of the deceased financial decisions.
Made with their roster, which really undermine them, and they had a lot of bad luck that their gross thing was. Just terrific luck, you know goes to Minnesota and for that one year at least he turn them into of successful team. And now, as a team, you look back now. It's like I don't know of towns is a real franchise, we certainly have our answer the Wiggans butlers on their, but for the most are, you could argue that emerges, but when he went to the next I just was issued his style work anymore, because the league is changed so much the last seven years. You know- and you think like even that, that when we were in the Amy Indiana says that we both worked and how important were Hibbert was seven years ago you now and being able to play, worry Hibbert and David West together, and things like that, and now the league is just different and it so much more about spacing in threes an offence I didn't know if you'd be able to adjust to it, but it seems like
his style still works. That's my take away from the first through its work. His stylus still preaching play together. Share share the ball held out children, not still you'll, still the most beautiful time to watch basket is when five guys working together and I just kick in the bottle dip. because their ability to work together. People always asked me about: what's the favoured a championship or which favoured files? but I've called it is always the games. Seven and I'll. Never forget the first game I didn't twenty twenty sixty Noah's game, seven or phenomenal. Two thousand and thirteen with a spurs in the heat. But one of my favorite teams of all time was that two thousand and fourteen first that came back the next I just I mean sliced, stop the Miami keep in those files. That was the best passing exhibition. I've ever seen it
lawyers watch a basketball and when you share the ball, when you got five guys working together, if it did it just narrowly looks beautiful, but it's so effective, but the key this year for them like a? They started all six last couple I was once a roman six now Wonderin, but when you start and gain some victories and now Would he say it works that trust factor just skyrockets end. It makes all the difference in the world and I think what then there could be really careful about is to not always Have stories being leaked about hey? They might be interested in this guy. What this guy, I think, they're going be really really careful about these are our guys are sure where we have no illusions: we're going to try to make the playoffs with this group and we'll worry about next summer when it happens, but I I think that's a trap. That's some of the
market teams have fallen into over and over again where it's constantly there's some apple being dangled far away that you end up concentrating on that versus just this is how I feel at the Celtics right now. It's like. I just want to refer Tatum and Brown for the next ten years. Can you sign me up for that? I don't want to hear stop sending me. James Hard and trade. Rumours like I have two guys. I love running for or awesome guys on and off the court. That's it just sit there off the table, people don't think that that has an impact on a players head? An end is performed they're out of their minds and in getting to do because the real keeps play like this and say top incomes and he starts to play well, there's gotta be ruined had been dealt all the time, and that has an image Don't players, we look, look like, happen over just as in the past couple years, how we could destroy destroy teams in terms of the AL guys? It there's no question some guys can deal with it, but a lot of guys you can me
the human nature. This is stolen to tired so many times when you see your name in a in a trade rumor and you think, okay, I'm I'm living in la and play for the Lakers I might be going here and that plays with your head couldn't agree more, and I think they did why patients they have learned from that because freely on rose its first time doing his job. Was it not talk of very much so there's gotta be leaks from from it offers coming on stuff, like that. Those guys aren't talking at all and I think, a it seems like they're trying to replicate a little what color Perry did in Kentucky right. They gave him brought Kenny Pain overs when the coaches- I forget the name of the other assistant coach that they brought they only one giant rat. They spent real money on two guys, because you know, I think I think part of what they're trying to do is just build a basketball team there trying to develop people they're trying to develop personalities that I think one of these. It's always impressed
with that Kentucky thing over the years, as those guys are only therefore year most times that their good right. But what will you say it's a very close knit group regardless, and it really does feel like a culture that car Perry Bill the China, both the next any bringing you bring infidel, whose tough demanding coach. So you have to know that the players you bring in are gonna be ok and we only do it Kentucky Jack I bury is a tough demanding coach, there's no bs, the girl, I mean egos Adam, but he also treated like men, so you know these guys that they can do with caliber. They can deal with it. without something like an orgy baron microcephaly for a smooth as he is, and in Europe it is great reputation- is a tough demanding couch, so our Jaber he's gonna, be here
deal with a guy like trying to develop because they had a before and those guys, wanna be coach and they want to be coach hard if it means that their good gonna win Basque about pigs. But what a time for near exports right now you, the Mets swinging, the big Lindore Carrasco Trade, the average owners finally spend money, looks like the jets are gonna end up with the quarterback the giants have a little momentum. Brooklyn is interesting, even though I ate you can attest to this. I was going to ask you this anyway. There's a little buzz about all the Brooklyn ratings have been better than Nick's ratings for the first week. It's like it's in it's the next town. The nets are never taken New York, it's never happened and there's too many next, second there not switching, not the growing that the people of its is always one team like I'm a huge met, fanned crazy. I was almost gonna. I was after the tray came up. I was gonna gonna cancel my parents think as I needed to celebrate iron up about my math. But even as a lifelong method. It's a Yankee town. I mean that's a great and advanced
the mats and window where the cities a bus, but it's a Yankee town. and the same always be an account now the nets they are found, a watch and those two players theirs. All of that is an office of dual as the legal base, and that includes the Brown and I d anecdotes, any of those guys. It's. Amazing what they can do, and it's going to be fascinating to me either one of the real fascinating teams to watch the, because how is that going to play out during the course of a year with these two guys who were both alpha dog You know it and then the rest of the team of Afghanistan or on a watch can they incorporate, avoids it's gonna, be a great watch and eight. They should be one of the printer teams in late, but the law we always
bummer for what you do for a living is you can pick up on some of this when you there? You know like that, like the broken step, the Cairo Katy thing, though, which bench guys are unhappy using court side, you can actually get a vibe for some of this stuff. I think when you, when you're doing a remotely your basically you're in the same situation. I am at this point you just guessing on tv. I that's the part I really messed about and we can talk about the bubble after the break, but man the bubble was so great, but not being there, I really miss that divide us some things. I really were secular gonna, some of those games, and I know you're behind, like Europe in Plexiglas, in a hit a bubble, whoever your Brok has run, but at least you were at a somewhat of a vibe theirs. So much you miss it's it's incredible and I've I've learned very quickly. Don't somebody's games at all it I've! Always people ask me around the draft time. And what do you think is play waiting? I flags- and I would say
I've never seen him in person. So I'm not gonna. Even a guy. Wait till you see a guy in person, and you see his body and what did you see how hard you place a bid for me, possible evaluate and it's it's been a challenge trying to call games of a minor because so much normally you pick up it. That's just not there. Yet you ve this, you ve had a couple were You thought the bow and Anne, but it it. It was an error by that hits the net there's. There is key to realize happened to see how you know you're sweating, to monitor- as we were removed out? It's there was a Rockets game and the the corner. We will look at it with his right, like in a corner with a plexiglas attached and arrogant, takes the three- and I confidently say Gordon for three: it's good record from town like a second silence. I just gotta use mine. It was an error, all right. Only those Solaris car, feelers
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needs his. What shall I do check out Petsmart that com for more details? They got a pretty picture. Murph up there come up at smart, so a couple find things have happened to make brain broadcaster over the last six seven years. One is that basque biologist. I think it feels just bigger, but it's also being captured in these little soundbites in you, two clips and Tik Tok sudden Instagram quips things like that's a lot of your cause seem to have the shelf life. You know like us. They thought, though my favorite might bring. However, when curry had their forty four to win the game, you you gave it the double bang, which I think I don't know how many double bangs you ve, given its real. It's really your bestowing double bang, how many of their bent their three over the other two! Well, one we're just in the the bubble? Look advantage at the sharp oh yeah, yeah Rina, blouse
and the other on believing that was was an error court one. It was a game against the Lakers. It was just one of those games that Even though is a regular season, game they were thrown haymakers at each other, and it was such a big game for both important are the Rockets were trailing Gordon hit a three point or like at a nowhere with a shock, and it wasn't I again at those are ending. I planned it. She was like you get caught up, it's the accumulation of a thrilling game, anathema rape, women three were so see, living on with that's death, but now my son, whose thirteen has been playing to Kay, really saved him during the pandemic, he's really into it and for some reason, has to say
added to as he's playing these games. It's it's like it's! U, but like with a dash of more Rinaldo. Just a dash show his so who make the three big: Bang- Bang La God- bang it it's like you more productive said, but that the bang really translates in the video game generation, and always friends are doing it, but it did. When did you first start doing the banks, it was out like at the beginning, urge you added mid career nor I started it when I was in college forum that the college radio station I started yelling it when I was afforded Van understands when afford employer would have liked, all games. Here's my school soap afforded play had a long distance shot and there were three back then I would I win The old bang is a fan, and then I started use a little bit on the air for him, and then I was doing these high school games of the weak first for radio station, the Gipsy yet in sport, I gotta- I would use in it and then I stopped
for. While I didn't overworked- and then I went back to it again, but as you know, I'm not the first one to use, it Johnny most used it now. I didn't know that at the time and I started using it- the one you're I'm doing something- aim- and I get word through how we singer was the long time producer director for the next on. Amnesty is just one of the great problems in the business how he thought he was frenzy. Jamie most Johnny and Jane. He told them and how he told me passer by so the next play a game when I set free for herself a grave. I pay tribute to Johnny the oldest Johnny, most used to say that as well. So he did it to a couple of other guys see Palmen. The hawks announcer has used to Jay Howard, a former spurs and answers used it, but the day when I started using it, you never heard of any Local announces they didn't have that back then saw something in its original turns out wasn't, but it is you know it's but certainly fairly. Well, the starting point must be all the sun was not twenty. Nine you're walking up
there's room, and I hear many like do in fact play by playing a game. I walked in a city, Let me hear, let me hear some of it no doubt on what to do, and I shall now just just let me you're one call so his claws Alan used was amended at the time you use Alan Johnston. What's up the three es girl, the next next when she filled the gods thoroughly. You know you said the journey was bank thing each triggered like a weird memory. Repress memory of listeners sought the games. He didn't do it with the gusto you daddy more like a bird for three bang right guys like the Loki Monotone Bang, but you have excited bang right exactly save it, for the annual part of it is from. For me, bill is
At the end of the game, with the crowd, when the crowds they're going crazy, you can have your voice way up here for a long call that very few voices can do that. I don't have one of those deep baritone voices that, Do it so the big moments to me, the more concise call, the better because want to bring in the crowd sound. I think that always enhances the great call. So banks and one syllable word. You were get more concise tonight. So to me it worked in a big moment because of of being able to be short and quick and then let the crowds ago so the greatest game you ve done is still game. Six percy, two thousand thirteen right and it s the best. That's the best non Boston, basketball game ever better I would say that and in the game, seven and twenty. Sixteen because what it meant to Cleveland yet You know that city that was so desperate again agenda series was free, on golden state was up and then all of a sudden it turns solar
oh steward are doubly up there. All you got to call the black in the teeth as sixteen game they needed, incredible, Ray Allen Shot, which I think we all knew it was going in like a second half at, even as he was getting ready to launch his like. Oh my god, this is going to go in and it was. It was the weirdest thing. Collectively everybody kind of felt like it was going in. I am you have headphones on. You probably don't but I just felt like it was going in while the beauty of it for years, whether replayed Seattle, a walkie, Boston Miami. We go to the rain. I was always couldn't even really early two and a half to three hours before the game, yet one game that he played in but when I got to be read it, he was already on the court shooting and in that spot often sought. There is anybody that was capable. talk about muscle memory. He must have taken a hundred thousand shots. He
progress that shot practice. The backpedal corner three right. It's, so it was not a surprise that he was able to do it. But the thing is, though, and still to this day You go stand in that corner there, so there's just no room and so many players when they catch take that step back before they go that's. Why there's somebody out about calls young players I'm on the sidelines, and it's it's more now than it than it. It seems from from the talent and when you get up there and its ability to just plain to speak, it was almost a member so in the bubble- the people that I knew that rat at some of these games, especially in the last couple rounds, said they were incredible and it's a weird thing to talk about bill. I go my god. You won't believe it aside, because it's a kind of sad that we have played a bubble. There's a million things, go out the country and its that something people want to brag about. This was an incredible experience, but at the same time, the basketball in the
Hence it out of it and the way the benches were locked in almost like final force, style and kind of trying to repair the energy and not having fans there. They really did feel like there was something special about what we you remember now that its benefits of neither where a few months away from it, like that all experience will firstly, is like five minutes before the game. and this includes a finals game, you're sitting ready to call an MBA files game. So quiet you just your guys, woman up that was just so strange, so surreal and it was the same thing afterwards, except when the Lakers one at the end of a final and of a final game, anybody play off gay gay man's buzzer sounds guys high five. That silence is nobody, It just it was so weird, but once the ball went up- and I think one of the reasons the work so well was because the games mattered so much. I think if you hadn't
all regular season, you know the ceding games. If you remember the ceding games, there were some bizarre results, ya mean obviously there are getting acclimated, but the It means I say just gonna try and get condition. There were some awful games. Interceding games once a plaster immense something there, was something wrong about how high they ve gone at each other and it just me. Do you think of why these guys? This is why they fell in love with the game so much because of the competition, you know the desired beat your body in the in the park was almost like the same thing. It reminds me a little bit about when you down to the party, say that again, redbird guys we're just gonna each other. There were no other distractions, nothing else except the game. It's all matter I couldn't believe how well the brandyball Some good wants to play off started again on even before, but so good when it started and my concern for me,
they was. Are you gonna have the same energy without a crowd? There was no problem doing it, though those games in the bow Will you have the headset on anyway? If anything you trying to do now the crowd? Sometimes it's. I don't think people realise how hard it is to hear when you guys. that's in those games when it gets really really loud that you, you can barely here the person next to you through the headset enough, its hidden certain p. Level so from that from that aspect, it's probably like a distraction. That's taken away, although I like sometimes to do you know you have to sit on and said it makes on the side I like to take the head set off on one year and yet, if about what the building sounds like when you call him again, because you do that it drowns them in headsets, now either unbelievable away, cancel the noise, the authority. I don't feel just how the places if you remove one one, sided, sir, it gives you still to the summit the long time bill? And I still get yours? I'm done
games when the places going crazy, but there's nothing like it. Absolutely nothing like especially you made that key point about the final say. I think, and I was like you I I love to get there earlier I loved watching the guy's warm up, and you know, there's hundreds of people on the court or in the first few rose and they're watching these Davidson. There's people from different countries and there's EDA spanish broadcasters broadcasters from France in Japan, and it just feels big. It feels like an event. It's like we are in the final you now and I think the Superbowl can do that a little bit too, but where it is, it is kind of feels bigger things slow. The pace of the games there from the half times longer, where it it doesn't feel like a typical game at that would have was always struck me that finals
gee you get an especially before like a game, six or games, seven wayward up. Oh my add my first finals, you no six. I remember walking out of court and see all these people I was overwhelmed by my nerve shadow when I was nervous enough going in sleep tonight before and now you see with people, and you realize the magnitude- and I was nervous- early in the game, and I had gotten up. One of the executives who told me Listen, you call it a files game now, it's differently than you're the game. You gonna have a lot of casual fans and you have to you have to make sure that their understanding what's going on and unlike little understand all you gotta make sure you might have to explain things more so now this in my head and prayed him. Nor of the crowd is there so I still had the game and I'm thinkin about casual fans and not I might be exaggerating here, but I think it is only those families gonna he's not going to go to the free
How long will it take to shots without any defender? You know something so so stupid in terms of obvious and you'll be I was doing it gave you that year he could sense that I was so nervous and after the first time out no forget this. He grabbed my arm and he says a kid just just just call again like you always do right, you'll be fine,
and that completely settled me down there right after that, I went and I just started calling again, but either way he grabbed and the way you like he was coaching me. This is one of the coolest memories. I have what was what was the most intense. Was it that, like the last two minutes of that two thousand and sixteen game, seven, just from an intensity, you could hear the fear and apprehension in the crowd. Cuz, that's another piece of some of these big games and that that warriors game seven is so fast and re watch cuz. It's really terrible. The last five minutes terribly played, but incredibly traumatic. Nobody can make a shot. It's actually there's like too much pressure and you could feel it and sense it. But can you sense it when singers or too much goin out. Oh no such a great point. It is so true and it's impossible to put into words. I mean you know that the attention he could feel so palpable how you could feel attention. You can feel oppression in those.
That meant twenty. Sixteen gave. Seven was like that. Like the last five minutes. Twenty thirteen game six was the same thing yet It did. There was so much going on in terms of the Brons, desperate it to to get back to back championships and Antonia, not that there were celebrating, but they had the bag was soon other robes come out. The whole thing was so many things just was we had the fans who left who were now come back in it just without the ropes they're, bringing the ropes out right right. So I just you know those moments it as you do. You you get goose bumps and from my standpoint, you dont want to get so over heights wages. Your hyper ventilate when you make in the courts, and that takes that takes a couple of times, are going through a before. You know. I I think the first place I recall that went down to the wire five. My voice was far away. Appear. You just get suit you
prevent the late, then you get overwhelmed by the emotion and slowly, but surely you gonna get used to the big moment and yellow accountable, but that feeling that that your heart pounding that never goes away you before we go. I think in vain. Gandhi really need to push the envelope this year on the instant replay, obvious fact: their atta control, I don't Oh, why they're doing it? I Jeff every year goes ten percent further with his discuss for them, but man. I just don't get it. I don't know, I don't understand the the risk reward for it where sometimes these games have such a great groove and then they just stopped for five minutes as we're trying to decide whether something was a block or charge for you know, and in super duper, slow motion. It's like at some point. What's what's the point of this and then you guys have to fill time the whole time
at the whole thing is just weird, I don't make it as a fan it's taken on a life of its own. I understand you know what sometimes you can be important, but that's the most important time of the game it can play stop the momentum and that's the most beautiful time for fanned ass, the most exciting time. It's like you watched at the end of it. Stanley CUP play off during the last few minutes. It's just even if you're, not a big fan, you're on the edge of you see and you I got an mba game in your on the edge of your seat. None all of a sudden review. Ok, ok, then the next for another review, and it just shows the momentum self. I know they're trying to tweak it. I know they're they're, worried about it might be too much so hopefully, they'll come up with something to make it a little bit easier to. Look at those ended games because it's in I know each calls important, but the game is: is poached laden reft by human beings who make mistakes come on it's
I'm going to kill everyone. I'd really noticed it when we the first three months of the pandemic and then the last dance was happening, reared shining get content, so we don't pike ass about old, Michael games- and I was watching a lot of the nineties Balls games and the flow of the last five minutes is better is was, and it really at it really built to staff in the tension really grew in the only thing that was really stopping. It was the time out and that didn't mystery, pervious and there are only a couple times in those games or there is even a all that you would go probably would have switched at one. But you know if it's foot on the three point line or if it's that shot went in after the shot clock expired, I get it. You could have to review that really quick. When we start litigating weather somebody's body had completely stopped as he was taking a charge,
any other. I hope they fix it brought. The one problem is gonna. Be is that you know something that say they haven't place in his reply. A huge flout game and maybe a seventh game of the series or even a finals. don't go to it and its clear and if they would have gone to it, then you gonna have the rob because its ahead. We have the technology not to do it. We have to do it. So I see both sides book a more leaning towards the more we go along. We can add any more to it. We got it, I think, maybe take back because it does hurt. The momentum of the games will make brain. I really hope get to see you in round three around for this year. I hope I helped belief has become normal enough by July that I can point to you on this
and one of these games and wicked despairing holy shit, we made it is life as normal. Again diving, there's like a twenty percent chance or maybe even get to shake hands after we see the elbow bob, I pray every night. The bill every because I have always you know the fans are boys understood guy had a line about a month ago, a cure member who was then he said, fans are the oxygen of sport It is so true. I boys Appreciate them, but not as much as I can and their absence has shown me just how important they are to what we do and are enjoying of sports, where you can feel it there and these regular seizing games Cosette theirs. I think the blow out, Sir, it's twenty five percent of the games or blow out with this. This kind of empty arena thing where a team can just check out with no repercussions. Right, though, is
watch it anyway. I got shit, we're down twenty aren't than any. In years, seen teams check out and second half in ways that I dont really feel actually seen it before and you know answer, hold your account, but one way or another fates are good. I'm still profits, it fixed then mix of come back from eighteen and fifteen point deficits. Second half an hour later nobly, but there are exceptions to rain that you tat game at the fact that was going to be a grim one and then I'll send you look in its eighty five, eighty or whatever was right. So I'll, see you round three, the pandemic I'll, be over Celtics Dicks conference finals, it'll be great, Wait thanks for extra covers good to see you Billy grievously you thanks deception. Is broadly by the all new twenty twenty one, Nissan Rogue with five I will drive muds you're sure to find your next family adventure, because your family is anything but ordinary get out there get going. I'm ready writing again.
I'm ready for my daughter to have another big soccer chip soccer has been shut down lately in the way cost, but as soon as it as soon as its happen, and I'm ready, I M ready to go to San Diego Vegas Arizona, you name it nothing better than a long road trip at my daughter traps in the car. I could find out things better lie, fantastic, go Ugh in the fiercely re. Imagine all new twenty twenty one Nissan rogue and adventurous car for adventurous families like mine, visit Nissan USA Dhaka to learn more ip. Shhh rigorous here from good morning football on the NFL network, as was the fox coverage of the football laughs which start this weekend. Every time you ve come on, I've done pretty well the pact's. So that was really the have the biggest deciding factors like we did well last week were indeed again wanted to go through some gambling manifesto.
With you. Before we get to the six games. We ve six games the go use debate ago. Eleven against spread thou, its thirteen it out, which feels unrealistic, but we're in try anyway, the plants Ganley Manifesto last time outdated. It was three years ago a grab. The couple rules, rule number: three: don't talk yourself into a nobody believes in esteem. I haven't. I know the team while acknowledging that be careful of the nobody believes in this factor cause we saw. It happened last year at Tennessee. but you can't talk yourself into it. It has to organically happened, so do have an idea that he might be yes and I M a Catania on the record that the coach has already referred to as him as a RON, rivers leaning into it saying what are the experts know? No one given us a shot more the x, No, that is you. Nobody and they're, so young and they're all buying in the whole thing is no one wants to win the fill all the experts. What this never get it always right. So Rivera is wholly fully lean
to the nobody believes in US mantra. I feel like he's here: big on that before a panther season in years past. So he understands the power our seven eight one one year and I know it- I think it was either Skelter Linley. They played the play of game, but they were an under five hundred team and they want to play off came a few years back with the Panthers, and it was all about nobody believes enough. Well, that's a great example of rule number three: don't talk yourself there. Nobody believes this team. I will not be talking myself and washed it cause. Accidents can't move Cleveland and Chicago, where the other two candidates creeping cup in a second rule. Number five! Beware of the everybody believes in esteem, which unfortunately The team I like the most right now the thing we talked about extensively last week, the Buffalo bills. Absolutely everyone's believe in them. That feels like there's. No doubt the only thing with them is that it's an early Saturday noon start the first
it had a home play games and ninety ninety six, he almost one is make sure they come out fired up, ago. It's one of these deals where it's like our economic up on time early game is goes another guy fans, it needs. It seems like it's right away. Here we go in the right, you have you deal with little them. Stick stranded in about an hour and we spent ass ever fox, and what are you for all you are do here that this is your aid. Do you understand what this tells us get right. The apparent corner for you right here. This is a Brooklyn apartment. We ve got to parents came from home. We ve got a four year old working on remote learning and training and quite due to two of pod cast with a legend like yourself, an ambitious wanting to football picks suffer I'm not worried about the Buffalo Betty believes in us yet, but I am worried about it next week. Is I've been taking a look at this week? Rule number six is don't pay an underdog unless you genuinely believe it can win. That leaves us with Chicago Ashton. Indy mark those down. Ok,
And another on right, there's another one which one is it: now, most Angeles do we believe that they might be able and are the other guy. There are eight there three now. Ok, that's that's. Attainable rule number. Eight is beware of any and all aging q bees in cold weather, unless they subscribe to the tv twelve method at all. Here- is rivers and Roth Asperger to old Q bees and its can be called this. Get freezing in both locales right. Ok, not put it down mark that down rule number ten when in doubt gravitate towards one pick that, with a screw over the most gamblers, that experts and be with definitely go against a single where's gambler. You know, so I think one of those picks would be India winning outright
I think everybody, including myself later in this podcast, is going to put Buffalo Knit tees Indy winning outright with screw that over. But I think the bigger one is the saints I just want to flag the saints, because they're in a lot of people have them in pieces and parlays it's a later in the week end from people start chasing money and start trying to chase the easy safer bets and I feel like the saints be the inner be like out your briski, he suck he's never gonna win! That's the fifth game the day, it's right when people really starting to chase- and I do feel like that, could be a screw over to where he lives look, I wanna go into that game in more depth. Thirty one is generated without ever Indiana one. Second, There's a whole theory on the thank this is is all nothing for them
and I was wondering if they put too much pressure on making it or not this week. But let's get going rule number eleven is don't ever talk yourself into a terrible Kubi ever for any reason we planetary, Wikipedia media risky. Whoever is going to keep me. The Rams out Smith rule number, thirteen, its or you wage entity make sure Marty I am are not above term Edwards Wade, Philips, North Turner, Andy, red legacies, now offer rule number thirty meteorites zero a year. They Quinn, ok, John Fox Jason, Garret, anyone they make anyone described as injuries, ball in any one. With the last name, Maura Mixture, any of those people are not their head coach. I think we're ok, you're, good there's an amazing connection here nor Turner Son Scott Turner is the offensive coordinator in Washington Marty. and Marty Sean Emerson, Son Brian Sean Eimer, is the authentic coordinator in Seattle. Is their genetics involved, so
Let me get busy, I feel like it should transfer generations, because I have yeah. I think that could be. Maybe they will naturally what a great thing. I'm going against both those people will never fifteen don't try to be. just try to win money. That's a very important lesson: don't try to be a hero, just bang out with just just your baseball player. Just go two hundred and forty four just got out of base rule number sixty and take one last look at the quarterbacks and rule number seventeen. This is an important one is plenty of time to bet against any qbr coach. This is the Blake Bortles theory. If Blake Bortles that one year who's in the playoffs save your bet against them said you know, you're gonna, have you chance? It's gonna happen either doesn't have to be this round. Is they ve been so in this case with, like Jerry Golfer? The broken thumb you'd have to rush to bet on this week if he has a
the story like they might win. Then you might get him next week. So just just be careful planning on game, any any other rules before we get to the texts are those I send it to you now The only thing is the fans, verses, no fans in a play off situation. Does that play a role in some of these stadiums? Have em some of em? Don't you home bill matters on field, does an end You know the Superdome is Superdome. Supernova, no fans is not the Superdome, so I did. Those things cannot work and you know I used to be you. ever want to play a game there. Well, the last two times they hosted play games they lost, and this year there is a four work on a Sunday and there's no vans, so two things, a vote of image just lessons from the year. It seems like the attitude battered adding their a couple times on teens went to Denver and it did seem. I get affected them or same thing where it's like eighty five degrees and they start will
when their inform our Tennessee things, and when I can have to worry about that from from, like, though cow standpoint, I think it would matter fits ter afraid if you ever since I can get the chief son turf, that's a good thing for the chief success fast teams, adding buffalo would be really good. Turn friendly under view, but that's really it at each other and that I don't think the fans on whether they won't play a been other twelve in Seattle play such a huge role in the past. Pierre never lost a home play off game with Seattle, but again fans. Not there, what does that mean for what they mean it. It's all stuff. You can play tricks in your head because it affects the other team to wild. That's a good one to two mentioned because of it. The rams going to Seattle.
anyway, there had injure Jared Golf or John Wilfers, going against the twelve man in the noise and deal with all the stuff that comes with being a huge play off game and allowed, though cow I'd, be way more nervous to take them that I would be just that. Take them in a neutral, say: we're going through other games will doom in order, and I were started. Buffalo Indy, Buffaloes been the hottest team in the league for ten weeks number one and waited DV away. Dave, scored three hundred and three points in their last ache similarly some point nine points again. They forth the diva. Debbie away over in these tenth the Indy thing so I'd I'd. I really The tyres on this cause. There's a lot of India. As all that. Too high, and I think it probably is too high because they know a lot of people like Buffalo. So maybe the line should be for four and one slash two. I think it's an extra two points, because
they know, people I buffer there right after I had time to defend the Vatican thing to India, only played three top twelve defences issue. They scored five touchdowns total in those games, their points of the second half Chicago six points. They scored, Baltimore, zero, Baltimore him Pittsburgh, three, those are the three top toward the offences they paid. Buffalo is the twelve defence. I think I got better as a went along Natura Cold Weather rivers. It's gonna be somewhere, thirty, six, thirty, seven degrees and Saturday Rivers, one in three in the past, when it's cold. I dont like rivers anyway, I e it would be really by me out the taught myself in a cold six and a half and lying on and then fell. Rivers does forever staff and then you're going against a buffalo thing that I think we both feel like is the best men who have been on them.
I guess twice a season- I've got that was really excited, like with thirteen and last week, I'll write a jump, their Walter them couple. Injury updates again, where recording the summit there is, I think, digs goes yeah I dont know if CALL Beazley goes, and another the huge deal calls important to them. The aims on he was the basic idea of the field to deal also been in the play off and on those veteran guys, Bognor on Indianapolis, very good player. Disruptor has in practice much I think, he's going to do. But out, and he will play so. You keep the and consideration at to me. It's all just is, is gonna, be the year for Buffalo. They can just come out of the gates and do what they ve done every game and that first quarter inch has put their foot to the paddle they'll. Be fine, though they'll be ok, it's weather! the jitters come out and I don't think I mean they ve been doing on twice a day.
If they beat Miami last week when people are like are they gonna Novi evidently propounded on and then the biggest game was the Pittsburgh game on the the Sunday night or Monday night when they play them and they absolutely house MIKE. I dont sooner jitters, I feel like the fans it's this was the quota, which was kind of like cheesy, but slight I loved it, and I think I might even say, like these fans, haven't you stevia and then the response is all this team hasn't seen these fans, yet it all like they're about to go nuts like this thing is so bottled up, and they are so excited to see this two thousand and twelve flow bills, team that that momentum might be, even if its seventh like three, great I gotta three hundred and sixty seven hundred might as well be fifty thousand from some
that's how allowed these guys are gonna, be in that they just raw on Saturday. One thing I like is that I think, if you think of them, as the best team native see- which I think they are right now, this would be like ay either. The best team would get a by this to be around to home game. The ran to home games tend to be more blow out. He yeah you know, and I am just like it at lake. If we really think this is the best team in the first game there it's usually like eight. Thirty, eight to twenty eight forty, four two hundred and seventeen that kind of stuff. I also really like rivers if, if the bills are up like ten one thousand four hundred and seventeen I dont think indies like a come from behind garbage time touched Anti, because that is six. They have. You start worrying about buffaloes up thirteen, but rivers gets such are the main laugh. I don't know I'm not worried about that this. Only with that, you feel rivers at all, and this is no insult to him in what everyone is about his career and its history. Jonathan
tuner fifty yards on the ground last week and quit. Nelson might be the best offensive Lyman in Football and Kelly UP front, and not like there awesome up front. So if you're in a one score, gamer feel go game. It can grind it out, keep Josh on the bench. That's why you're Buffalo, Get out early and I think they will, I think of- was going to roll and I don't think it'll be a problem, but this team can run the football and they can eat clock and that's the problem right and that's the thing with the coats that we know the recipe right. It's it's cold come out forty seconds to play a run. The ball Josh Allen's out on the field, He comes in three now Andy another seven minute, DR it's ten, the three two minutes at the second quarter, where this buffalo, I ever they really miss. No other ways it's gonna go. I just come back to play off manifesto
so the cold war games. Do you consider that, but that win that he had as the cold weather one in Baltimore underlings? I was at the game. It wasn't like. It was frigid temperatures on picturing, the other ones were river just as a shell of himself, but there was one there is one where he beat Cincinnati in the playoffs like six years it's true, though it you're alive Craig you I've got my back so rule number six, don't pick an underdog. Unless you genuinely believe that a comment I dont think indeed can win, and I'm just not taking a team in the play off with seven points are less if I don't think they come in. I don't think they're good enough, and I think I think Record and some of the stuff they did this year is a little little shifted by just the scheduling where the Baltimore game: what was the twenty? Fourth, game that was really lemonade again. This cord the first touched on the couldn't criminal law that couldn't move it, and there was one where there is the former the picking and rivers got got jumped over like it was bad, and then this is their defence. A coordinator met
We're fleeces interviewing for all these jobs. Like he's a hot name, I couldn't I couldn't I bottom other, then his resume. What people say about him alike, this is one of those games have met. Uber flues can somehow stop the Buffalo bill, your head coach that others go and after that you are a head coach. If he doesn't. It's, probably in iron I've if a defensive coat is gonna, get it after losing in the wild card around its that important for a head coach candidacy like- and this could be that game- I dont know if they ve got or they can scheme a boy to stop. This amazing amazing buffalo offers no basis here's my little bed, I don't feel it will see him though he might he might. does he hasn't racked, as he has been out there, and it is a fear that there will be no Beazley but that there really good? nothing even where it take a break. The way did the other to ask.
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the weekend is the one that I have had. The toughest one trying to figure out RAM Seahawks Rams are a three and a half point underdogs. In Seattle, Seattle was v in Dvoa, but 16th defensively, the rams- or I think they were ninth. They were tenth offense or defense. Thirty eight special teams mark that went down ramp since week, six averaging less than twenty points a game. You could make an argument that they have a crap to be in a trap, special teams, which is a recipe for disaster in the playoffs week. Ten, these two teams played rams. One hundred and twenty three. steam weak sixteen, they played again Seahawks one twenty nine, the last six quarters less six quarters RAM Seattle, the ribs of scored fifteen points dull and with all that, said not even knowing that the quarterback gonna be. I feel like this is a three point game and I, like
in the half point ethics- I think the rams defence can keep a close. I think they just match up. Well was Seattle. They can take out MECCA. Half, though, play the to save these back. They're gonna put jailer Ramsay wherever men of course, he's gonna go they're gonna make Seattle run the bottom thing, Seattle ragged running team, and I think that hang around and then I know what happens, but they Mcveigh is very capable of creating a game plan that make sure the office doesn't lose the game, which is what we did last week executed last week, here here is how I look at it. They lost to the Seahawks two weeks ago. They had early led bad interception, they had forego opportunities in the second half got stopped and then things I had it Role, I got you look at that. Well, of course, I how goes at football, but they dont have any lack of confidence that they can stop this Seahawks team. They said Russia was an eleven times this year. Historically, Mc Baby,
PETE Carroll is only lost twice to him. It was this game in the Thursday night game last year, where's our line should have made a field goal and the Walford Golfing and this again others there they offered starts. I do I think, golf can go. Maybe you see him in there as well, but I think Waterford their writing. This thing they are hot and their only worried about this game. There not worry about off season storylines in. What's it mean if you start Watford over Guy, they are so dialed into this week that I think they're, believing Waterford and thanked he came at half the less to tie. sees play jail and Ramsay for catches. Forty three yards, like I dont, think they scared met calf. I dont think they're scared of Russia Wilson and I think no fans riding a little bit of momentum with Wofford. I think they might when this one outright. With Seattle as their offence after that, first four weeks, just hasn't been the same. An hasn't in it does seem like defences have changed, they buy them. They just
wanna get beat D by Wilson. I don't I read it it s, nothing to last big game they had was against Arizona, though, when they lost thirty, seven, thirty four, which is a crazy shoot out of, and I was the Buddha Baker Game where he came out of it. I do my lads wants. The place is gonna play like if you got torn labour, which I don't know at the serious injury for a hard hitting safety. These are low. Things that you don't think that on the game starching, likewise Jamal Adams playing like and he's not running all over the place being fearless. Maybe he has fearless I could be occur, altering injury if he gets hurt again on it is a lie. signs pointing towards don't count out make and these rams, and even if it is well for he had a third in ten last week where we shift, the aim of the chain to summon the JAG off simply cannot and that red option
they are running with him, is something that just does not exist on film and it's nothing to see how I could ever prepared for and it's a whole other wrinkle. I don't know he's not even in the same stratosphere as Russell Wilson, but I tell you that one game with Mcveigh scheming it up. I wouldn't doubt it. The manifesto would say what the are you doing you're cry you doing their screen going at Java worsen with John Warfare? The case for would be he's not any Gough is just as big of a disaster in most of these big games. Way, and at least he can move around scramble. They'll have one should play in them. almost more worried about some of the special teams issues they ve had then well for making the worst plan the planet I do think that will be able to run the ball or a bit and I'm just not sullenness Seahawks. I dont think they ve looked at good. Twelve. An hour I know it's a twelve and for that nobody, so good about, and I now think that seahawks fence I got accused- and I mean it-
ha your New York based or EAST Coast buys I want every Seahawks. Can I just say: don't I solemnly to the giants and other blood, the jet I know they one last week, but it felt like the forty nine hours with nothing to play for took him to the wire like they haven't been. Can mincing twelve and for that you ve seen from Seahawks teams in the past. I, like the extra half point. If this line was too a half I'd be a lot more nervous. There's also Rams money line under parlay, the under forty two and a half. Then I can plus three thirty one. I don't think they're gonna score on a point. Like I was looking at year. This feels like aware seventeen sixty add. I seen the seventeen twenty three, sixteen, maybe a leg. I I don't think either teams look escort tunnel points. I think, of course, Seahawks would love to report on their does not merely number one in a league number one scoring deepens the league best offensive player in the leg and Donald and Ramsay owns, Coffee has historically so its weak points from its aid. It might take a picture x, it might take them illegal.
But that's what the rams the last week I next one box washed and we have to spend time a time and this one Gibson. Is it a hundred percent healthy camp as the second offence? I dont think I don't think they ve solved anything. I think they have at least figured out. We have to make the couple explosive, every game there. I think this will never be the offence Brady wanted where it's just date, he's thirty five for forty two and they get thirty. First stands and that this is in the office, but it's an offence that can make for forty plus yard plays in a game potentially in that I think they're kind of embracing that I'll write you looked. Him got unfair on some really bad teams the last few weeks and that's ok and I think Brady finished a season with some insane numbers. If, in a forty five hundred yards and forty touchdowns at forty three in that's fine that the Washington, team comes in here, hobbled banged up you and cousin South talked about Alex Maples. I could barely walk on Sunday night
I think he goes it. Snowing Alex like he'll go, but I don't know I would be shocked if we saw Heinicke at some point. It's just it's going to be a huge huge huge challenge for them to score points Washington, I think they can get. Brady in its the method that you know you know big great defensive line hit him around by it I just don't know where Washington is scoring points in this month, Alex Smith's last five games back, but he threw for one hundred and sixty two yards last week the week before fifty seven thousand two hundred and ninety six one hundred and forty nine one hundred and sixty six is Qbr week by week going backwards. Thirty one point, one, seven point: nine thirty, eight point: seven, twenty four point: seven and thirty: three point: five he's been sacked and those games, fifty seven thousand eight hundred and eleven time
he doesn't scramble. No, that's the thing it's like, so you have this quarterback who's, not mobile, but also isn't really known for, like you know, still in the ball around. I just think the Bucs defense is a front runner defense. It's a it's a defense that on the right fantasy, we could have the seven sacks in the pick six and the three interceptions and shit like that. It's a front runner defense that I think if Washington falls from behind, I don't know how they move the ball. They could. They only scored twenty points. Last week against a Philly defence. It sucks third string, the the the camp but the whole storyline this week has been chase young and monitors swear in care again and they're. Gonna do exactly what J p P and o c and tuck dead and they're gonna get to the correct, exactly what Philly didn't brain and gram like that's how you be Brady or you're, not rising is like Devon White amazing that my background buccaneer Shack bear its awesome sue he p Levant. They David like there's a very proud fronts, eminent taboo:
he's gonna attack Alex Smith, is he may be less mobile, then Tom Brady MIKE can t you is in the broadcasts. Booth, tony dungeon, calling Tom Brady's play off game. How do you see that going? I'm just trying to my brother we'd be toned down, Jane Uclaf, damp can't remember those double figures or not I'm not worried about that piece to me. This is the easiest game of the week. I don't. I don't see how Washington gets the thirteen points, they would need a defensive touchdown and I don't see how to Tampa scores less than twenty they're going to get a couple. Big plays the MIKE Evans thing that's the only red flag Keziah. He. Finally, then, I went and pay think he's gonna play. I think I know I do I think I'll play the initial report that I'm hearing our lot better than what you saw on Sunday, their dialogue and I dont think somebody's gonna, lose in the first round again that was last year the different storyline I think they're dialed in its no insult to Washington, very good stute season, great story, all due respect,
I don't see the often scoring enough points and if you look at the history of the lousy play off team kind of upsetting the apple cart in really only got a seventy. Nine just wanna play him all that stuff, it usually a team that can move the bar offensive. They re Madhouse back the baseball game, they scored forty one points in that game: they they actually could move the ball. Sure washing can't move the bar and that's the difference washed in his neck and be able to move about, this game. In my opinion, it's hard to really legitimately rally around Washington. After what you saw Sunday night, must win game against a team that are openly tanking and had guys who do want be their Sunday o before. So. Those three on Saturday Buffalo Indy RAM, Seahawks Bucks, Washington. I was like when I look in the plan I like to look at everything
There's usually one chalk, gay there's one chalk day and then there's one wacky day. I don't think this is the wacky dad think, though accurate could happen on Sunday ran updating. Is you only the more conventional was beating. Seahawks would be what I think table Turner for hobby lobby like holy crap Wolford just beat Russell Wilson, but you're, saying you're, not taking that game, you're saying to be less than three and one slash two, I'm saying even like it, those Panera them winning it's not crazy, wouldn't be something that would be like shock people it if they, when they came in just be an ugly game, it'll be seventy nine twelve it'll be while the son of a kind of shock to watch. you're right, but you gotta these Sunday games and we are about to our tendency we ve saints, Travis, Gay and then Cleveland Pittsburgh until I would add, a coach staff that feels like the crazy day to fund their ok, Syria that Sunday Baltimore Tennessee, which I can't believe this is the first game that should have been the third game.
width, Steelers Brands with this game. I don't know why would they do that? so good, I don't know why they haven't. Yet, if I can flex out, I guess, because the networks are different, this one's the only ESPN Abc game. It's already been assigned an alley. Risk are going on the Sunday night. They couldn't like flex it Baltimore savoured battery, latterly intensely in Tennessee. Baltimore. Seventh deviate. Tennessee is fourteen day of the fourth off at the twenty nine defence terraces. Given up thirty plus points eight times,
it can be called there. It will be round forty degrees. These teams played last year in the place. You matter you bet, River Tennessee beat him up, they played and weak, eleven Tennessee beat them in overtime. Beat him up. The narrative is Tennesseeans Baltimore. I'm gonna pick that apart from one second here, so that we can have a game. I watched it bottom. I had a Pittsburgh game looming on Thanksgiving four days later I think that's a really tough, that Sunday game when the other team is about to play when the teams going to play. Four days later, I always kind of mark that went down with a grain of salt because it's hard, those guys are like it's a huge came. They may have another username for days later they had no class Campbell, no brain away,
No John Brown does Brian actually like caught passes. Raven set ravens had a twenty one, ten led in the third quarter. They had a first and go on the last two minutes to in the game and they caught some shity plays, but they get. They should have ended the game it should have been over. They lose the coin. Flip Tennessee comes down, Tennessee wins in Ot. I think it's going to be different. This time, couple things. They were up twenty one to ten and Lamar were terrible interception terror in it. In the entire again, you said Joe, Monument Hollywood branded find a huge difference maker for this one like a cannot ease he about my bad. I got my brown, but knowing the aggregator as you call them, we would be hearing about her for six weeks if it in addressing the the the deal that he has right as it and then Lamar say what you want
done a lot of work on Lamar the last few weeks because they played these terrible teams. They won three games, arrogance in the run up. He had Corbett nineteen. He was in bad shape. They they played clean, and he runs to the bathroom. Everyone thinks he's crap in his pants. Whatever the truth was he had severe cramps he was betting bearing the corona via the fluid em up comes out, their completes, their past Baker comes on the web, they go and get the winning over overtime or the under regulation. Whatever it is, he's been lights out since and they think in Baltimore like out like a clicked, and this is a business. not everything is look like he finally himself again any is playing care, free and assist the Lamar, x and we saw a new that its very best last year. If you remember first time they played the season. They had that weird thing or the Titans were warming up on the ravens logo. Before the game Dan Harbaugh came over. It was like it after this and then Frabill played Frabill, tough guy and was like no you get out of here. Then, after the game, there was a handshake
I'm not handshake. These seem to hate each other and there and the ravens have such vitriol towards the tightens. The way that I, in the gloom over them, think the ravens are going to come out a little differently this time and they did the pastor I like when a good offence goes against a bad defence tendencies. Defence is awful. Its offer. So, if you're worried about Lamar Lamar's in the greatest possible situation in this game, where you know- He should play well he's on good momentum in everybody's, like he couldn't myself divine blade bad themes, the Tennessee one half of their team is bad. That's the team that he's playing it's that their country Ryan, ten, O J Brown, that's a defence as to worry about that their defences better than it was in week. Eleven. It is dead it is there flying around the eye mean again it was Cincinnati, so it's hard to do a gauge on it. Cincinnati want to straight games and think
brain now and when one for eleven on third down at a zero quarterback rating, like they destroyed them last week in their plan said confidence in their playing with such a Jews. They want This game really battling owes money with Lamar's legacy and if he loses, then he suddenly Owen three in the play off like again when we get a time they hate the titans They want to beat the Titans, and I don't know if the Titans can stop him. I think it says I actually think Baltimore could win this game by ten plus, and I think it sets up next week them being becoming playoff manifesto. The beware of the looked a little too good to previous round two. Because I'm still not sure they're good, they would have to go to Kansas City. where the Mars figure that than Casey beaten by seventy, but about out of it. Now I feel like their role in right now in the ravens is a weird year. This could be the written everyone crown them last year and then they got to smacked around by them.
This could be the year where, a year later it was actually. This is what they needed. They should have one seven weeks ago, their defences, healthier bet Then it was seven weeks ago in Lemars playing better than just seven weeks out. Here's the other thing we did mention. I just want to mention this quick. I think J K Dobbins is really good. I don't think that's a controversial opinion. They were very careful with how they use them at one hundred and thirty. Four carriage this year for eight hundred and five yards, his last six games where he was this or his carries per game, one thousand five hundred and eleven one thousand three hundred and fourteen one thousand one hundred and thirteen. He still averaged for yard, seven thousand and seventy one five thousand three hundred and sixty four seven thousand seven hundred and sixty last week It is like between five and eight yards per carry an it passes. The I test to his condom, unstoppable, and I wonder, like I do think teams think about this work. You're running backs say one them the peak now, the right time and criminal very like a twenty five carry game from
cuz. I think it's conceivable yeah and Mark Ingram, who we love and it's a great personality and a good leader in locker was a healthy scratch. A few of these games like this is now the passing of the torch, Dobbins Gus Edward when the ball and their offensive, and is a bunch of angry guys like they move the line. I am with you. I in I don't know if they can win. If it's gonna be Lamar having to go blow for blow thirty five, Thirty five lemoore here we go, I don't know, I honestly don't he did it against Cleveland, and that was really the only opportunity I had to shut someone with critics up. I don't have to get to that. I honestly think Baltimore takes care of business. No crowd is helpful to in the fact that it's cold, I'd I'd think is now also thinking on the road might help them in there was so much pressure. Last year like I know these volume, looks like they were already booking tickets to the super bowl. They were like this was the team that was one more of the great ride and it was such a letdown that Saturday night feel like they're the Hunter
are there not the hunted and the fact that down the road, a could actually be good for them. I can take one more breakdown. At last to where it is one of the day, Sites are up to nine and a half against the bears. The saints finished here, first and David, a Chicago's, fifteenth, twenty fifth offensively, which seems like I would guess? Thirty, eight, even those only thirty two teams, besides have seven double digit Windsor, So if somebody's favorite byline that high, I would like to see that double digit winning number be a tiny bit higher than seven, but whatever I do think they bumped this line. Three three three and one slash two points. Cuz of Mitch. The line should be six six and one slash. Two Vegas is like all about nine and a half ago had better match. We dare you, dare you also know Roquat Psmith. First cargo looks like huge huge costs.
Only chases, camera and Vienna felled and do them any favours with this, but it kind of worked out in their favour. I reported last week that we know with it Patrick and with camera and cup, the NFL told me and sources in a high up, there were like or not edge, willing games based on covered nineteen, so the saints could very well play on Saturday and American play because of the cuban nineteen stuff, they're playing Sunday, so he hits the ten day marking he'll be fine as long as he passes all these tests. Here's the deal with it. My fear Chicago and Nag IE is a good man and a good coat. They were all in last week, The pep talk all week in the motivation of like Aaron Rodgers does not come into our building does not beat us. We need to winning it and we're not relying on the rams. We're taking care of business were de in the bag, and they lost one
thirty five to like fourteen or somethin. So I did that now. Can you get back up this week and we like area, but this is the play off and is one of the matters more than that one, like it's very hard for me to see how in six these are suddenly going totally changed, then go back to that well and get these guys re to go, beat the saints. Yet green bad, killed them twice, a baby, the motivations Gluck. We can't be Green Bay, but every keep the sleepy. We ve got these guys. The best thing to have four motivation. Is these teams played and weak eight. Twenty six twenty three New Orleans wanna know tee. They didn't have time ass. They had ever Meno Sanders. falls was quarterback. They fumbled three times got all three fumbles back and it was just like, relatively close gave. I remember watching a good. I think I had the bears money line and I felt the teams were like not even better and like a mismatch will tighten up points both eyewash.
I personally was on falls at a drive it into the fourth quarter. In my got them in the field of arranging. They hid it in they got over time than the saints. When that's what it is the saints it's like super bowl or bust, and every year we say it like. I really think this is this. Is it and go back in time, like I don't know of the saints thought drew breeze was coming. I think there is actually some thoughts, and maybe Tom Brady would be their quarterback. This year is passed off season problem, comes around and breathe as I can come back and I guess the saint regarding as you're coming back and there It is our goal in the season and they have a thirty second most salary cap space going into the off season they lose tree Dixon who had thirteen and have sex the free agent Jared cooks, a free asian and loans of free agent. Pd like it's one of those feels where I feel like they are not as all in black they're all in on this season and these policies and end gosh to lose again at the Superdome through
time in a row to end the season in a play off came to the Bears Inter Biscuit, it would be an epic ethic loss care Patrick, at nfl dot com. Has this audited bit about the bears mere nagging his cod play action virtue biscuit a thirty five point, two percent rate higher than the NFL Pertinax chance. That's the saints have allowed eleven tvs and play action passes a season tie for six most than there fell. They allow a hundred point six passer operating with a compared to seventy seven point: eight without wax. he's making the case the bears play action, the shit out of this game. Maybe they get some anathema counter. That would be its mixture biscuit There is a lot of momentum going from too risky up until last week and then a kind I went for punk and you know he again that they are not dealing with contract until after the season. I would it MR risky, like I did last week and say this: is your career body like what what are they gonna be in no fan
the stands so much pressure in the same state on this year and Surely this is the true true House money team like no one's picking the bears this week? That's what they ve gone for them and now it's a hey Mitch, just relax this graph on and see what we can do. I just don't know if I see it. If they had it. They had Smith in this game what you feel better about it yet He could at least try. Many such are based on trying to cover mark has dealt a scaling last week and Rogers waited one extra second, had I don't know how you chase Camaro around without without rope on Psmith, it's funny this like such an easy pact, respect, stop over think it S. Just take the saints their home. It's true biscuit and something about it scares me. I can't explain it, but I guess we'll have to go back to it. I advocate not taken sure biscuit? I just don't feel tired sense at all tore at all ass a last? Your cousins was Travis
Bi Rite comes in there and beat them in a playoff game and you're like that, but I think that Vikings team was significantly better than this bears team. I guess my question is: let's talk this out for a second, it's cuz. I would think it would be the garbage time cover that's what's frustrating about. This is the bears, winning the bears losing thirty three two hundred and twenty six, and they cover thirty three, two hundred and twenty four some stupid thing. What is the garbage time potential the bears their dance they're down fifteen right that they have to go. Eighty arts and it's that number eleven Mooney who makes like one great play every game with her and though I have no he's going to be even available to play it. An amazing cat against the bankers- and I share his status right now, but they dont have like is at the core Darrell path. send out of the back feel for the nine hundred time. I don't know I got set out Robinson Pack in rags, right and, as I got out, I'm afraid I don't see it in Libya
they now where it may take in the sciences. Just the oh, my god, you're breeze, look so old game well he's indoors, though it's like friendly, on fines. I I would fear picking him on the road and Lambeau or even in Seattle, but you know if they win. The next two games are a new Orleans that I don't fear him at home. In New Orleans This is one of those where you nervous about it. Then you take em and then the saints go up. Seven, like how this is awesome. A multitude of points when last one is Cleveland. Pittsburgh Cleveland is getting five points in Pittsburgh. Pit finished year, eight the diva cleaver, was eighteenth. Twenty fifth defensively can be forty degrees. There's some amazing Pittsburgh stats. Now that we have this season over, they were thirty second and rushing out at sea. They ran as a team for thirteen urgent. Fifty one rushing earth three point: six yards precarious thirty seconds
Second, no three hundred and twenty two first doubts total that's twenty six. They had eighty one rushing first stance that was thirty. First, against play off team since weak seven, they beat Tennessee by three people to my by four b Baltimore by five lost washed by six lost a buffalo by eleven beat Andy by four lost the Cleveland by two last week. Other that was aware gave me I'm not confident that they are seven points better than any of supply after him and as derby says I have about taking Cleveland plus five and a half, and I dont know whose coach in them- and I have the Back Baker Mayfield and this seems like a pretty bad match up for them in Pittsburgh. Owns Cleveland there's a million reasons that to take them, the five and a half is pretty enticing cause. I do feel like this is a three point game let's unpack it a little bit from the other side of it, the browns likely one
practicing at all in person. It's gonna be on zoom. The whole week are at their head Given the fancy can talk to them and zoom is not out of any contact with them on Sunday game. They can have any contact as far as pep talk or half time can be involved in any communication, as offensive Lyman Job Antonio, not playing Cordero Hodge is an important partner orphans, not playing an headquarters. He might prefer whose special teams coach, what areas great sign special teams Monsieur he's, Mabel make half time adjustments and the fancy car the plays the guy in bakers, ear and he's not available to do that either can be Alex Manpower. I just feel like it's just you're, asking too much from a team that has no play off experience and it's been a great ride. I do I don't see how muster up the ability to keep this close it we can spend in Tomlin as bad as a russian game is as bad as they look. I did it's just such an uphill climb and it's nothing of shame to them. It's just the timing? What this whole thing is, I don't know how
this works. Where Baker says I dont need my play collar. I dont need head coach at half time organ, a role with Alex Manpower and we're gonna be just fine, so as to fancy had created such a great blueprint. Fur beg our game, the game really eliminating all the stuff that he's bad at. I guess the counter could be if you're, just gonna, try to run the Bonn, the Steelers and slow the game down, control the clock and then on defence ages. Just go hip and office burner. Just hit him just check just try to make a plague eyes like how come Katy. Does this game plan have to be anything Pittsburgh that complicated a play? They can't run the bar the care on the ball in Cincinnati two weeks ago. Read this not animal rights here, like we did we I mean coaches gray, but we still have our players and we can still do it. It is Tomlin Brothels, Burger I am an essay came. Heyward is up in their conversations, just like veteran guy t J. Why? I just I don't know-
this one being one where there by their nails late. I care I just coach matters in this legal with him and not there, and I even experts with the legal like. Is there a way in outdoor dining in New York? You can sit or you can maybe communicate Vernon Elect. Now it's not fair because we ve had our rules were not changing our rules. There will be no Kerensky communication, but can't he purple here the whole week. Thou yes, absolutely said, you're getting one. Ninety percent of it, though you get, you get the first fifteen place for sure, and then what happens in the second half of the need to make adjustments and beggars lookin for his guy, I mean again. Van pelt might be able to step up in this Real, nitty gritty like what happens in a locker room, but its defence he's the one in his ear other times. Defence he's the play collar is not just the head coach. I feel like it such a big deal. then not have em out there as a blanket of security, especially in big
firstly of game in Pittsburgh at night. So are you telling me you? You honestly believes the fancies that could be texting the offensive for an editor in this game. You really believe that I am a purist, Ireland, lloyd by the shield. I dont think there be any violation. I'll Howard, How would knave and no other That thing with more of a couple years ago, when he was on a cell phone, they found. I dont think these guys are checking their cell phone. Game and I honestly don't think the league would stand for it. So I had the great hall I honestly was questioning omega. There's gotta be some simple ability some leeway, the brow of the last seventeen years, it's covered by aid there trying their hardest here then do they want, but the league is not gonna bet on it, cause. I don't know man, that's when monitoring as the pocket of Alexander Hell. I don't know it does increase the nobody believes in US factor with our allies. its massive, no Olivier Vernon, either by the way, who is there defensive later so yeah there's there's literally nobody believes in them and only with Brownsville. My fear is that the brown till I got
it's been a nice right leg is is this? Is that's been good? Let's go. Let's look towards next year about the fact that the Steelers trailed in the last five games in always even the game. They want their around twenty four seven. I now know that, you're, not great you're, not great. I just think it's the other way. I think it's too big a mountain for the other team. Okay, alright, we're going to take one more break, we're going to come back with the million dollar pigs for round with a football fans gets perfectly to make plans even more exciting we get caught the same game, parlay bet they're only available on Fender Sport spoke the lake by multiple bats, from a single game for an even bigger, when during wildcard round, can combine the money line, the over underwear, perhaps on one parlay best, while fenders letting you place a say, in game. Parlay bet risk free, often do a customizing get up to ten hours back in your bet. If you don't win
so many wastewater vandalism register. Easy deposit is finally bet fast withdraws when you win array your betting options, player, props futures find would ever bet you look for final has often they even have the highest scoring team and lowest going team at the weekend, which is one of my favorite bets. But it's easy to place. Your bet faster. Any game, if see trendy, like a specific think like you watch washed in in the x for five minutes as well as the Russians are gonna score. If you haven't they download the fender sports but gap side up to get started used by promo code bs at sign. A promo code bs had signed up your current customer Eurostat. Go check, same game Parlez only available on vandals sports but come and give you undermine. Our picks must be twenty one plus President depends very own eye. West Virginia Indiana Collar, I would Tennessee Refund, is does not the job of say, credit that expires in seven days MAX refund ten dollars terms of play. Sports book that followed outcome for Details gaming, promptly, two hundred five to do for a merger in Colorado. Eight hundred, but
I've, no eight hundred nine with Indiana it don't you gave her in. Depends. What unites. Eight hundred eighty nine nine suddenly damaging fee. Teenage again, but I met in West Ver Junior are it before we do millions. Our picks. Fantail has high scoring team and lowest scoring team who, unlike it of round one, which I think is really fun so highest going team. We got Baltimore plus four. Seventy is, as the favourite relay buffaloes five to one saints five to an Tampa. Seventy one Tennessee nine one Pittsburgh plus eight fifty and then it starts gang goofy here, Baltimore plus four. Seventy if we think and shoot out, there's a reason there, the favourite, but I kind of like Buffalo five to one, because I don't see how Indy stops them
I don't know how easily could book could be a problem, but Buffalo just seems like a guaranteed thirty five points against any decent or less defence, I think, was a warrant sharp on your packets said there. They have the most first downs ever in history than upon aunt stuff like if you will in Buffalo. You gotta keep your phone, the paddle. I agree, and I don't know I don't know what the ravens, if they the Gonna shoot out. If they want to score a lot of points, if they want to milk the clock with Lamar and Dobbins, I think that buffaloes, the better pick there Well, that's of the ravens could have those scenarios where they thought they're going to score a touchdown. They had to settle for a field goal lowest scoring team. Four hundred and eighty the bears are five hundred and twenty one browser. Six hundred and fifty rams. Six hundred and fifty indies, eight hundred and fifty Seattle's nine hundred and fifty I don't think anyone would happen washed and plus for it. I was kind of shock by those adds not because they gonna, I don't see how they get, is thirteen points
it's gonna be tough to muster appoints and if its Alex Smith, he can't move while very well and if its Heineken Tyler Carnegie, I look at Look at that that Seattle team- now I don't know it seems like value wise, there's a chance. They don't blood for many points in it, devalue number amateur regret Socio scandal, one yet great sign it. When Russia, Wilson, both five touchdown, passes budgets value alone. If I'm saying that, I think the reins defence locks up met calf. certainly a value that that's plus that fifty my bet well Alex Smith and Heineken? It seems like a once in a lifetime situations. The dreamer, ok, the million dollar pick so we're gonna. Do when do you a couple bigger bets and then we're going to pick every team in the eternal quest to finish under faded for the play off such gonna have for me I've come close. I think the fact that they added to ran one games is gonna, make it almost impossible.
First, one million dollar pigs. By the way we are down nine hundred thirty thousand hours, one for Eighty last week, forty nine thousand- I will be in the positive, but in his place. first one we're going to do when do a tease and it's a little. You know it's a little easy on paper. It worries me that people like your house, will be doing this piece, but I'm still doing it where to put five hundred and fifty thousand to win five hundred on the Buffalo bills. Peasedown from six one slash two to one slash, two point against Indianapolis with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, teas from eight one, slash two down to two and a half: both teams have to cover the spread. Buffalo just has to win by point Tampa wind by a field goal five. Fifty two and five hundred anything that love it. Let's go above it next one we're going to parlay Baltimore, I'm not gonna. Do it at minus three, though eminent
the line down to minus two and a half love it, which is minus one. Thirty account parlay that with New Orleans, the money lines. To win the game, which right now is minus five hundred for New Orleans. Ok, we're parlay those together, Baltimore Ass, the wind by three points are more neurons. Just has to win the game. That is plus one of three. Do you wanna get greedy, I feel like New Orleans. Doesn't it have to win the game. I feel ignore once given by a few points, are right that such stuff try to tell em to try to get them. Try but he's all avenues. Doyle is just ass. The beach or bisque. Ok, just a way of trying to kid, up here? I'm gonna put three hundred on that at plus one of three ok, I like it. Then we are going to put fifty K Buffalo to be the highest guarantee five to one washing and be the lowest going
He met plus four eighty and then we have to bear a hundred. Can each game so here this buffalo minus six and a half rams, plus three and a half later cow bucks, minus eight and a half Baltimore minus three saints might that and have sadly gotta. Do it and then we're here to disagree and the last one can we encourage other Cleveland plus five and a half? I'm not scared, buys covets to fancy and Olivier Vernon and Baker. I think they can run the ball and I think Pittsburgh plays down their competence, whoever they're competing against its free points in the fourth quarter. I'm not sold in Pittsburgh at all, and even if they're up double figures, they can't run the ball to protect the lead. Do you think you can go for it it might prefer head coach. Genuine beginner hang in there less than five and have an
ass one is, we can't do rams money with the underwrite for a tiny parlay through Little one like as like a sprinkling, we could just a little like a touch like a sprinkling. I will put thirty three: can the Rams money line with the under forty two and a half at plus, three thirty one if it goes down just like ourselves, I'm gonna get. You will for Jersey, aware it next week and you'll be rockin that Watford nine everywhere so, the one that worries years there is the branch. The Brown one is concerning, and then I don't know if I'm just drink in the cool laid on John Wilfred in the rams- and I don't want to leave you down a bad path that one who knows Russell was a pretty good quarterback. We don't have its honour that when I meet a shame, look forward to seeing you are you covered? Any these games are no no I'll be watching them and enjoying in commenting on them all Monday morning, NFL network, Great Great Sears, though, as I hope we do well in the million dollar picks thanks for the help Tax India Tax Bill- I that's it
Pike S thanks to my green thanks to Peter trigger, enjoy the football games. Please stay safe I must see what Senator ways.
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