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The Scarier Chiefs, Week 1 NFL Picks, Kyle “The Villain” Lowry, and Coach Steve Nash With Raja Bell


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons shares his thoughts on Lakers-Rockets and the NFL season opener in which the Chiefs rolled the Texans, before kicking off Million Dollar Picks for NFL Week 1 (3:35). Then Bill is joined by Raja Bell to discuss the Celtics-Raptors series, Game 6, the Raptors' effective defense, the Heat awaiting their opponent for the Eastern Conference Finals, Brooklyn Nets new head coach Steve Nash, and more (34:30).

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Work with for awhile Warren Sharp, whose become something of a thing in the NFL community. The last copying he's got incredible analytics intelligence, the whole thing on wednesdays him and Chris Verna Gonna break down. Basically, all the trends the week before stuff or notice, star little stats, TAT fire Super nerdy, awesome stuff that I love. That really helps me with that. With my getting and that on Friday, worn in my old friend Joe House, you ve heard about this pack asked a few times It's gonna be the Mega Ganley, preview and house, I'm honestly worried for a safety he so excited to work or sharpened, get all kinds of stuff from so you can look out for that subscribed to the ringer and fell showing you can hear everybody that we have. It's just loaded at this point also subscribe to the ringer famous for Bush and the Reseller pod cast, and why are they are ten questions with car branch, though gone on spot? If I make a big fuss every week, so that's all we got going.
On the NFL side coming up. I'm excited for this one. We're going to talk about she's, Texans and a little bit of the Lakers, and then I'm going to do million dollar pics at the very top, and then Raja Bell came on to break down the Celtics Raptors Series and how much I hate Kyle Lowry and whole bunch of other stuff, including Steve NASH, desiring so there you go good pack has come in a first reference approaches are mere tape. It s pale cheeks when by fourteen. More importantly, last second feel got thirty seconds left a covers. The over fifty three dramatic gambling is back. Football is back
It was every bit as chappie. Weird is awkward we expected, especially in the beginning, in the top, as the NFL pretended to care about social justice. We know they don't serve comment, and after another time it was nice to have full power back. I really enjoyed watch this game because, as I mentioned, a couple other paths, my son is now simple: bony, asthma homes and Clatter Edwards Flair, and he was reacting every first down are good things happen either. Those guys like it was seven, the world Series or something and we just fine too. We experienced the joy of fantasy football through a fresh twelve year old, who has had his guts ripped up. I fancy for by yet Texans let there in my car, France, my favorite themes, the patriots and they traded Hopkins. They got David jobs back. I think we are like there's a fancy guy, the sheer, but you are-
Germany and they just feel like a different team Hopkins. Was this big shadow that loomed over every Texans game and you played them you're just constantly thinking about him worrying about him and now he's not there. And now he is replaced by war, fuller, whose good, when his on the field, which is not as often as people back and brain and could see his head. I think five concussions and God only knows how terrible he's gonna be. This is, but it's just a different text. Instead, they made a ladder lives. They traded away a lot and I'm not sure they're better off than they were two years ago. They certainly look like they weren't in the same class of the chiefs. The chiefs, the big difference, obviously was Clyde. Edwards Helaire, the rookie, huge fantasy guy. I did a keeper league last night when he went for fifty nine bucks to put that in perspective Mccaffrey and tomorrow in four sixty two, so he was,
getting the respect of eat out. These proven stud high first round high auction guys, and then you watch the chief like. Oh that's. Why got the respect he he looks. Awesome he's like a combination of Maurice Jones, drew Brien, Westbrook and muggy bugs, and it just seems like is a possible attack. Texans deeper I don't know how many tackles they mess, but you made them look really bad a couple times. He really shredded them the chiefs. Just look like you know if they picked up where they left off last. I think the stat was only two of the last twenty five ships have repeated, and I normally hey picking a team to repeat that. I didn't see anything tonight that made me think that they're, not the team beat and that's that really saying they manage thing. But you know equally. There is some sort of that
God is good. Oh those guys left are all they lost. Those two for dinner just seems like they're running it back. That was the feeling I got it as a Pats fan. I was concerned. The rest were in midseason form. First touchdown of the game I've got dropped it and they caught it touched, and we had a five minute review. It was clear that he fumbled too early had to go through that all things like earlier football really is back home other that ordinary date, Michael's Chris COM, worth its edges. It fell out of a normal mouse. They can trace September. Tenth it's about these September eleventh six months ago March. Eleventh was the go back again. And the night I'll break loose on March, ten thousand Spotify closer offices, and we really started to think that pandemic was, you know, was gonna, be a force of of evil and its turn out to be the case, and then you fast for six months after you know
lifestyle, not normal meteor in California. Right now. The the air is as bad as it spent in a couple years that things are burning, left and right and the sky. This crazy car in it just said your friend nor the California, it looks like the world's ending. If you look up in the sky and obviously not the same, but today you had all for sports going at the same time, I'm pretty sure has never happened, baseball football, basketball players in a job where are happening simultaneously, so that was nuts. We think about like this to have three months stretch where we had no content to talk about and also made it it's that talk about Lakers beat the rackets. They took a three one led in the series another James Harden, just not a meltdown but you're. Also, not sure as your watching if he realized that. Basically, if you fall behind three one through the Lakers team, the series is over. There is a lack of urgency
assertion within that has just been this whole decade, and I think when we did the book a basketball podcast about it means Anglo. I urge you to listen to it if you have an early yet and we laid out the whole case fur this is one of the most humbly about careers of any offence. Aware, though we ve had nice forty years, but an I was gonna be the but with James Harden and he's never gonna shake it and he's never going to get for reasons like the last time last year somewhere. We saw today, you can't say like old man that I completely sector yet the free fur lined twenty times there doing a bunch of weird stuff too defensively, and I get it seems that that great, but he's also never had that moment either, and you know what I did that book. A basque more package was Zack Zack talked about now. The comparison for him wasn't George carbon, which is where I was going crazy. I think hard in his servant to point out in so many different ways. I laid out that case
I said now he's my firm alone he's the guard. Coreham alone he's gonna, put up this great statistical resume and it's gonna look awesome basque war. In Stockholm and, as the years pass, people weren't there are going to be like James hard through the best guard about time, see better than Jordan because they weren't there and that's why it's important for people? I guess who were there to die now? Actually, not somebody you a hundred percent, while the plasters just really not compared to all the other great players. Not sure this is the guy, what wouldn't be my first peck would be by second pick, would it be my eleventh picker by fifteen thicker by seventeen tech. She's. What it is. He never was able to throw them monkey off his back wasn't and now he's in his thirties and a whole decade is passed and I don't see the roadmap
there's another he's ever gonna have a better chance than he had the last three years. He certainly in a situation use the now where they mortgage the future and they're kind of stuck with the team that have, God only knows what happens to Westbrook these next couple years and an issue, really frustrating career in MILAN was frustrating to, and who is somebody I wrote about my book. He was you know, always good for twenty nine and eleven during the regular season. Twenty eight eleven twenty cent- in ten whatever in the play ass. He always I, like somebody, who's gonna get him, and that is the way in this way is clear when any really can even make the files until now seventy. Ninety eight, when the league was pretty diluted and are in decline, lucky breaks in the west with just where the talent shook out n a jazz team that really was passed its prime I didn't make it I was too straight years and having about as much success as they ever had there in the MILAN, sacrament, maybe thou happen, a hard and maybe at the tail end of whatever his
crime ends up being he'll, have some belated run like Malone dead, but but you look back and you think gets just. The latter would have said a lot of huge games. They didn't. Up as big as you want, an end to it a lot of what it s like Chris Paul game. Five heard his knee like what, if they had no case c together, one more year, all that stuff, but the reality is he played in Finally, when he was the six ban, any point five games, they'll ask for them and he has been back to the final sense, I'm not sure where it goes from here. He's gonna the coaches gonna leave, I'm not sure rabbits dare amorium. Whether these days are not the or by all accounts is, is exactly Rowan and though these days and it's gonna, be a fascinating off season story. They can somehow miraculously come back from three to one and he can completely foot the narrative. I don't see it happening. The Lakers look like thereabout as confident as they ve been really since March. They got Rondeau back. We talked about in the other part.
Asked the wanted. It is denied Crusoe's, look in as good as he's looked they again, alleys least something from kuzma their figuring out that they don't necessarily need the centres depending on the team. I think that's gonna be an important thing for the clippers. The next round They want to go smaller, and and we're headed for Lakers clippers read for the alarm get in Russia are gonna talk about the d, the raptor Celtic series when he comes out in a second. Stating for that. I wanted a million dollar picks. Did this last cup years had a lot of fun? Every week I met, I bet a million faked hours and and try to see how I do the NFL games and I can do teases? I can do parlays. I can do straight up picks all that when I go into week, one of us
when I try to go into it, I'd try to pick the play games that I think are gonna, be there a couple disappointment teams to look out for and then a couple just horrible teams and one of the strategy's I like to use it If I think, a teams gonna be just awful. I really want to jump on them better against them. The first couple weeks, because The lions never really totally adjust the way they shed until about weak three see you can make a lot of money and we want to meet you so you know I had my seven ABC play games. I've Casey is the one seat. I Pittsburgh when in their division, is the to cede. I've been Pittsburgh Scan, really good. The sharing that's somebody on the right is first couple weeks Bessie when in the south, as the three said, I have New England, surprising people in winning the AFC stand, not just cuz, I'm a homer, I'm just so tired of people sleeping on Belichick, and I really don't feel like the quarterback drop off from Brady to Kim is going to be significant.
If anything, cams could add new life and a new dimension to them through our cards, Baltimore Indianapolis I had Denver here's the seven seed, but now advised Miller and Cortlandt sudden got hurt, and yet there's a lot of bad omens with them now summit so they wanted and not Buffalo out make them the ABC disappointment team I knew. I had them, squeezing out like nine and seven as the seven said, which I guess would make clear when the ears deployment team in our Eastman this point about them, I'm going to regret it if Denver turns out to be fine and edges Buffalo out of pissed off just telling you now NFC playoffs. So I had New Orleans in this one spot. The whole time for for the USA and the more I looked at it, the more I thought about it, the clown trade that they tried to make,
really made me wonder what was going on with them, because that tells me they don't love their team. Yet there were, they spent their salary cap. A strange like it tastes somehow James Winston Andrew Breeze, wise, but not much money and one position Kevin Clark compared them to the plight of the big short the weather handed. This team breeze was on the fence of looking old last year. It seems too easy. My spidey senses are gone off. Everyone is again New Orleans, Superbowl team. Ominous Zagg a little bit, I'm going to Zach in a couple days. I have the rams as my one seed, for a variety of reasons. Once they went nine seven everybody's acting like they were three and thirteen. I think they have a lot of talent. They mortgage their future to be good. This year they don't have the kind of depth dude but they're pretty.
Act and I think office over there. We really good, I think defensively, weighed the guy right away, Philips and they founded offensive court. Actually repulse. So that's arson and I dont, know new stadium, easier schedule. The whole thing I just kind of like them. I can't explain it and Dallas seems too easy the one seed New Orleans seems too easy. As the once said, I have the rain as my one said- and I have Dallas as my two cede be mainly because their division look so goddamn easy and then tamper bay. As my three said, the more I look and read and talk to people edges, I think they are getting Continuity because I think they ve been secretly practicing all these months and I keep hearing about Tom Rating Oj Howard and the connection. They're gonna have an honest that for micro, how obviously they ve been doing some underground stuff but
like them, and that division over New Orleans I've Detroit when in the AIR Sea North? That's that's, basically make a crazy sleeper. I even if it's not much of a sleeper, their favorite However, this week New Orleans see out on Atlanta, as my three one and I have seemed to go out so San Francisco, The team that I'm gonna be nudging against first couple weeks, I think the other thing I've learned as you head into the first few weeks, you want to have an idea what you wanna do, who you want to go forward? you wanna go against an because again week, one we do. They don't really know how to set the lads and you can take advantage, but you also have met when you're wrong, and this is something I was made. Fun causes our about causes I'll get attached to these teams. Denver last year, and he just and it goes down with the cruise ship on it like. When you read those cruise ship stories were the sewage starts. It starts pouring out of the different toilets.
You know it just sounds like the worst thing ever site. Just get off the boat sour, just go down at the boat he'll be covered with sewage. There will be at a semi game. Losing stricken oh, be telling you that this is the weak. It turns around. I'm off the boat Peter meant well miss that one I'm going to the other way, and I think that something that took me a while to learn do where I was just so stubborn with these picks out before the season a MAC and be stubbornly that before I think I think who's going to play the rams in the super bowl and if they don't play the rams against me, Tampa dot Bay, but I think it's Casey against the Rams for Tampa Bay, and if I had to have another AFC team, if something weird happened to Casey, I would take Pittsburgh cuz. I like I like their coach. I, like the QB. I like all the stuff they've done. I think their offense is going to be really good so anyway week one is
can reflect kind of the way I'm leaning with the season in general and even though some make fun of me about with the NBA going on, I was an undue hallmark act, They do a lot of homework so they go. One thing about mind: our pixie share it sponsored by fanned or you we heard about vandals sports books, world class sports betting up? They make it easy to find a place. You better get the best answer find anywhere to leave and get your winnings in as little as twenty four hours. There's lotteries is try Fanduel Sportsbook right now, new users can place the first bet on Fanduel Sportsbook risk free, get up to one thousand. Back and say credit. If you dont want I'm gonna go over some of the best. I liked we're using fan those lines for million paste this year. So if you're ready to claim your risk free bet and you, like. These men and download the vandals sports but gap and be sure to set up with promo code bs? No, I say you that is vandals sports, but from a could be ass must be twenty one plus present in New Jersey
Pennsylvania and I was Virginia India or Colorado First, on land, real money wager only refund issued as non withdrawal say, credit that expires forty days. Restrictions apply, see full terms at sports, but that vandal dot com, ganley problem call when an android gambler was region. One thousand eight hundred Amazon that Indiana eight hundred and nine West Colorado, eight hundred five hundred and twenty two four thousand seven hundred so we're using fantail, adds a share from land, our picks and again the gimmick is I spent a million dollars in fake money every week and I actually have a gimmick to the gimmick guarantee at the end there I first games didn't make the cut, I stared long and hard at rams, plus two and a half on Sunday night long and hard. I, as I said, I really like the Ramstein and the two and a half for me off. Can I get the three if there is this Ngos, the three banging the rams. As I said, I pick them too
the number one seat in the annex ii. The only thing that scares me reason I'm staying away is I want to see Dallas play a game because I think ours has the highest upside of anyone there with the with. If city Lamb is really the must have received that receivers and Zeke and DAK with something improve. I just want to see it, I'm afraid the bet against them- and I know going to be kicking myself. The rams are going to win this game to my goddamn Aladdin about them, but but Dallas is a stay away from me and week, one until I see what their offense looks like. So that's that's one. The second one. The bills are my: six and a half against the jets, their minus three hundred to win the game, and it looks too easy As I said, I don't like the bills that much this year. I think too much hype, dont trust just and yet a kind of want to see it. And what worries me about this game? Is it such an obvious, teaser game.
He knows. The jets are, you know they last see J Mosey, they traded Jamal items. Levy abound, Adam gazed on like each other, above all, by energy, Has all the makings of you put the bills in the TZ teasing down to one slash two point, and then something terrible happens. So I don't know, I can't believe, I'm afraid to go against the jets. Would would it just Luke they even discuss, but something doesn't smell right with that came in a very low anything over the years when I dont, like the smell about speaking, smells my dog Willie his breath. We don't know what happened, but his breath has got worse and worse and were researching. Why it's bad? My daughter said it smelled like fish sticks. So then I decided it smelled like fish takes that had been less.
In the car, for like three days like you in the summer, you to you, you have your car, we haven't used it for a couple days in the car gets really hot, but somebody left like a piece of food in their something his cut. His breast was like fish sticks. If you left fish takes in your heart car for three So now we come fish sticks anyway, a minute, I'm the name, the jets bills. That's my fish sticks gaming, I don't like the smell of that game, some staying away, and then the other one that I looked out for a while, because I do like Atlanta this year as a frisky, put up points nine seven, his team that can just outscore teams from time to time. I love that they're getting points in a court, unquote home gaming and see out of their getting one and a half. I don't think Seattle pass rush at the get land is, can be throwing them an eight August wages down. The bedding and thrust a lesson so he's my wonder, the shared the I just don't want to bet against you guy. I just don't like betting as Russia, Wilson. I, like bedding,
when he's favoured by like nine at home, against Arizona and you As you know, at this house could be fall asleep the sea I dont like him in weak one until it going against him in weak one. As much as I like that game, I do like the Falcons Bam, the stairway being smart, the sheer milliner picks. I really want to end up with like twenty million dollars issue and no second app and budgets. Daughtry are weak, one million our backs drum roll place. Here we go for the bar, I have a tease barometer said that for the end of three games that I like straight up, first, as the lions it's three at home against the bears, love this one fervor Any reasons I think the lions with a healthy Stafford, they spruce step thirteen, the defence, the pass Russia was in great, but the secondary is gonna, be better. I really like their offence to have some weapons you probably drafted some of them in a fantasy league, that's that
who played really well last year until he got hurt, and I dont like that- division that much, I think, nine heaven they who the hell knows is gonna comment that division. More importantly, the bears are starting to risky and where, at the point where I am already getting nostalgic about when we hit a time when Tibiscus not distorting Kurt, started starting anymore and would like man, member whom used to be able to bet against MR risky thousand amazing? I love those days man. Then it gets Mitch. Just making money is Miss sucks. My point is it's a rare opportunity to make money gets mischievous cool, Marseille, I'm sure he's a great guy. I just don't think he should be started quarterback and National Balikh Lions by three. I just I'm so happy so delighted that all they have to do basically, it feel, go you push and they went by forebore any any common home sweet. So put two hundred thousand
that. The line is minus one o five, so children tend to win two hundred M alliance like came second one Tom Brady, TOP Bay they're getting three and a half points a neural And it's going to be an awesome game boxes made at the four hundred and twenty five p dot m ET game, Brady, vs Brees the whole thing, and I just feel like the bucks. Be ready for this one, and they have a lot of weapons. To the great thing is Evans. Has a hamstring quote? On quote a tweet that he might play, he might not play I'm okay either way, and I did I just I just feel like the bucks are going to win. I just
don't see Tom Brady. I don't see this going badly, at least in the first month and he's going to go powder that people think and I think people are going to look at us- go wow Tom Brady. How do we not see this coming? How do we not see somebody one of the worst collection of skill, guys in the league last year and now the team of awesome skull, skill guys and guess what he's way better men. We should have seen this coming. It feels like a three. Anthem, Az Me Weather Evans, how Evans, how healthy to gonna be or not feels like a three point, eight to me, and I think they can win it and I'm putting two hundred thousand dollars on. I think the bucks whither win it or come damned close, but three point game and in turn can now and then the titans are plain in Denver. Again I only like the Juju Denver, I don't know it's. GonNa them, they just so great that the bad omen team for this year there again a little better sleeper buzz and then couple
injuries here heading into on any into week. One first Miller, goes down Cortlandt sudden. We practice shoulder, I thought he was really good for them. I share I'm not sure I trust you lack came the season on Monday night and that Titans team was just you know. One of the four themes that could have won the Superbowl last year. And ran into a chief Juggernog, but that was a really good team that won a lot of games and and really had that done at eight. That's what I but animals they knew they were. I still feel, No, they are. They haven't changed that much. They kept the coaching staff intact and their country he's can't be understated, so I am in with them minus two and a half at them.
That living under three. I dont see that line being under the icy that line being three or over by the time we get to Sunday. Solemn grabbing at now are at last bet a teaser, so are you heard me say, was set I guess the lines that I really wanted to go against the jagged these first couple weeks in tell em they're just lines accordingly, I don't see a lot of hope for the Jack's I dont understand the case, for it is called theme was apply after him until percent got her tea. Why Helen got her in disguise on both sides of the bar they just, a run of injuries, and I really do feel like that was apply after him. They brought back rivers to replace preset day they Jonathan Taylor in there
Tell him on the back. Their running back soon be really get there can be able to control. The bar defence is probably the same as it was last year that have decent, not unbelievable, their favoured by seven Africans, Jacksonville and I wanted to use that I'm teasing down a one and a half six point: tease you get to tease it one more game, I'm doing the Steelers favoured by five and a half unfair over the giants. On Monday night, I think I can see that the eyes glowing game. I just don't see the Steelers loose, the first game of the year, the giants- sorry Deena Jones, no way. So I am teasing the colts last seven one slash two with the Steelers five one slash two all the Steelers have to do is either tire when all the colts have to do and by two and bidding four hundred thousand on this. If I lose others forger, forty thousand, so those are the big bats and then
adding a new thing. I need a sponsor for this when the long shot parlay the week every coming to put twenty five k, a longshot parlay that I just kind of like. I think The odds for these will always be eight thousand two hundred and nineteen to one hundred and ten and one hundred and eleven one hundred and twelve to want something like that. If I hit to during the season, I make money so I just have to get to over the course of seventeen weeks. Is that too? If I had three now I'm wrong, so this one is nine hundred and seventy on Fanduel 25k when you two hundred and forty two thousand dollars, here's what needs to happen. The cardinals need beat the Niners? I really like this one, because I think the cardinals can beat the Niners anyway, and I can I considered putting them in a straight out better,
Four million dollar pegs by Thou grew more more and put them here. They're plus two forty five to beat the forty nine hours Foine Anders banged up and abide receivers, the latter expectations, but little super hang over Kyler Mary run around the collar Murray things I'm getting a little, but as a possible worse to first kind of division, Champ team- I just like the spot- and I think it's one, those things Philly the get the marsh by the Niners or actually a game that they can win. So I have them, and I have the Washington Professional Football team, two hundred and ten, to beat Philadelphia who's already The injuries is the eagles fans. Already grumbling about the season hasn't even started yet and then washed and get some buzz, Inachus and buzz because the reprehensible orders that they have in the fact that the change your name, which I should do a couple years ago and two as big fuck, you too,
is that are just then the football team because he's a deck, that's like what a deck with due, which he is with the irony is run reverse the coach to potentially generational, defensible, is a running back that everybody seems to really like Antonia Gibson. They got rid of Petersen, so he could play Haskins. You know got with somebody that people liked as much as Daniel Jones last year, I'm not crazy banner, but who knows, and the entire Mcclaren who am, I thought was really good last year, but it's all right, they're they're, not the jail, Let put it that way and I would not be shocked if they be Philly. Here's us not shocked that would be remaining twenty five thousand. When two hundred and forty two thousand and eight washed and care cardinals money, partly saga, Million dollar picks recap: all these lines are on fanned or seven have teased.
Steelers, six minus six, four four hundred thousand hours, lions minus three overscored of two hundred thousand hours, bucks, one Africans New Orleans for two hundred thousand dollars and tightens minus two and a half over Denver for two hundred thousand hours and then the longshot parlay, the weak, washed and plus two ten cardinals puts to forty five together. This plus the seventies orbiting twenty five Kate to two hundred and forty two Kay Those are the million dollar picks, and if you want to enter our contest on fanned or go to handle dotcom, slash mega contacts, you can pick five games and double down. I wanted for free. Do it all year, all seas in top hundred advance the plants, twenty five thousand dollars and prizes and more awaiting there's? No reason not to do this: go defender, dot, com, mega, slash mega contest and yet to do so if a buzz back so excited lay feels normal Ganem infer a couple days, even though we know it's done Norma.
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calorie here he's the best Celtics villain in a long long time. I sports eight o my lord actually truly aid, and but you once upon a time where this guy on teams you're the guy who did The shit he's doing now and you drove the other fans crazy or were in heads. Are you pray out of Cairo. Worry, do you feel kinship with them or do you see might be my antipathy for him? I think I can appreciate both size. I mean I, I love What he's doing- and you don't offer for a team that lack a true real superstar call hours a great player.
Star year in and year out, but you you know, you would necessarily think of MRS superstar. Traditionally speaking and Pascal see, outcome was kind of supposed to be the kind of isn't living up to the hype and play off. And colleagues like look, I got this like. I will do it, which I mean a price, would give him a little bit more respect puts more respect on. His name was like in the star category, but I love I love Siena Guy be under skein, just hit all the big shot. Some people just have a knack for like air like being an irritant like its. We talk about it with my younger son he's just if he dies for loose boys can put like an elbowing, your throat, before he goes. Football matches shit like that. He I always appreciate that, but I also see your side of a man like it that stuff you guys should have this should be over with. It should be a done deal yeah. Well, you figure that it should have another five Was it a then. Yesterday I gotta give Toronto, so I have so much respect for that
the corollary little bullshit, stuff aside, the the heart that they ve shown. I think they have an inferior team. I just do aren't I think I've got nurse, would be options, options going a game six, whereas I keys now tried everything he's played his guards crazy minutes. He just doesn't have the prayers, Figures at this game, six Ranco, which was basically play algae and Adobe a ton, don't play a centre and then something I dont ever. Never seen before that, I feel like Phoenix. If they could go back in time would have done with you in two thousand six. They have collapsed. Buying an illegal zone in the Middle EAST, This guy, who like, if you drive through the basket, he's taking charge from you know, and I can't I can't remember ever seen that before and I can't believe it's working yeah. I definitely care, remember see in it. I mean there's. If you have a guy this willing to soccer
MRS Baldi they're not going to call you for the illegal decals. You ve mastered the ability to hop in and out of the lake restricted area I mean I can see. Why would work, because today's game is predicated on collapsing defences kicking out to shoot her. So if there is going to be a guy there, that, as you drive, is just going to step up and plug the whole with his body, the other problem is there not a tonne I really want to throw their body in front of that consistently over and over and over again, but I do think that's a one game thing right and I do. I gotta give Nick nurse alot accredit cause he's number one willing like and his staff like they. They have the means to come up with this type of stuff, like you saw what the box, in one like last year, like you know, they'll, come up with it number two like a lot of guys can scheme up stuff like that. Come up what they put. They don't necessarily have the balls to throw it out there in a game of that kind of magnitude. You know so like you, I gotta give them a lot of credit. For that. I do think that that's something that, when the subjects go back to the drawing board,
that they can answer that, like they'll, dealt, dig it out and have an answer and saw it becomes like whether Nick Nursing staff have something else to throw Adam. I They figured it out in the over times because what they started do as they were starting a role. Thyssen, the baseline and just sneaking by the use of Halliards stuff around the rim, and things like that in that, that's how you negate that, basically, because, if you're just not going to be able to protect the remedy, ah you kind of it From the sides, were you know why interesting, that's how guys not to cut you off, but that's old, school basketball like Now you play with without someone in the in the quota called dunker spot, the spot did you saw like ties playing was what you call it dunker. It's like that, like half way out to the point line on the baseline in your basically sitting in waiting for your man to help and then you're sneak into the front of the room. But today's game is so spread out. Did she rarely see a guy in a spot right so the south figure it out with they didn't figure out was how to stop the wrappers at the other end gender.
You know I was on a bunch of text threads, the last two days before the game trying to be like. We should win this game, but in your eyes I got what's a butt and it's like love. If they make eighteen thousand two hundred and twenty three s, that's how it for Anastasia getting and I'm going big eighteen thousand four hundred and forty seven or nineteen thousand four hundred and forty seven and they were tough threes. You no date. They got a couple. Easy ones like Robert Lambs just has not figured out the geometry basketball for some reason like Hague, that circle they could shoot behind it, and it's worth every point of Saint just as in quick to them yet. But Lowry made, I would say three. Twenty eight footers vainly made at least to twenty eight voters, and at some point you gonna take your hat, a gate. They mate, they scored six three times in a do or die double over
time with crazy minutes like crazy, but I'm also not sure how sustainable that is for game. Seven. You were in a situation, six where you didn't have them re. You basically had a six and a half man team. The playoffs is going on you're playing every other day and you and you guys kind of I thought were down as the plants went on to see that happening here. See. That's I don't know cuz. Both teams are burning. Those guys like they're they're, burning up there. They're minute, I think everyone is, is tiring at the same rate in this particular series, cuz there there. Just neither team is super deep and, and their main guys have to play a ton of minutes. We did burn out. I went up to him. I turned my Catholic in the Dallas Series and you're just add a bodies like you can't get it done. I think the bubble.
Because you're only getting that one day's rest, your you're, going to probably see I take the under, maybe in the next game, just because I I think it's especially in a double overtime game. I think you're right there. What if you're Boston, you're, probably a little conflicted today, because probably a bunch of things you could look out on film. It's a damn. We should one game, you don't owe me, but on the, website that you're like what how many games are we gonna win if we basically executed order it's a game plan and they're, making the shots that you're talking about in you. You allude. Kyle and fragrant leading audio nor be stepped up in and hit some big ones on the planet been Norman. Pow was hitting that going shot for shot with when you're in a game like that you're gonna Tipp, your hat, and at the same time you feel like you, you probably could it done some things to close it out. I was afraid a pound serious he's one of those sneaky guys. Like he's from another era, retailer pointed this out: lucky average. Sixteen points a game, the sharing you look at that you're like well sixteen points again
like twenty three minutes or whatever was he can just feel it. The problem for him is like they were basically had to choose between him and Og. If they're playing it and see how come I get basically two hundred and twenty three and then there were like fuck. It will just play all three of them and it worked. I do feel like the Celtics will be ready for that give me, but I look at it from the celtic side. My biggest fear with this team heading into this whole thing was you have two young guys who have had real player success already but have not been the favorites, and I think it's different when you had the expectation of we're supposed to witness. The pressure is on us. The other themes got that the law is there nothing to lose the year. They almost made the files in eighteen high regos our second, but we're not supposed to be here and then they keep winning and you can feed off that save these two guys. You ve never been in a spot of like holy shit, we're
post when things are going our way. How do we deal with that and then Campbell, whose really never been in the policies in an has played an important game, since you can basically in Congo, is terrible. Repeat, hair in the game. Yesterday, in the greater they did a box, and what are they love a little bit he got towards defensively and which is clearly inferior to Van we in Larry. Is that a bad game or is there the more going on there. Now. I think here I think, thereby game you know about bought in ones. Are designed to do that as much as they are to lake to I'm really have an effect on what you're doing offensively like you when someone bought in once. You start play mind games with you right, it's there to affect the person that your box, morning and I don't even mean necessarily just from like- Really a basketball standpoint you're in his head now like what am I gonna do like either in normal office, doesn't work here
I'm out of the game, you start press and a little bit, you shot a couple. You don't want to shew now you're, not now. Now your play online games. It yourself cause you feel like cold in someone else's but why should the ball more like there's a lot of stuff that goes into that too, I become a facilitator and I think it just played some games. Can buy. It took him out of what he wanted to do, but I've I've seen Campbell operate. In this series, I'm not worried about Campbell bouncing back and in games seven. I don't think that they have the the answer. For four Kimber necessarily by the Celtics, better hope that I'm right, because without Kimber they would have to have almost perfect games from from jail then you don't Aigner licensing identified games right, really Miss Heyward minutes each side, even we're talking about. I think he brought so many good things to the table and his fresh trading as he was. Sometimes he just knows how to play basketball and the ball moves and went around us,
something I in game six, where they're just like we're off small, though to be perfect for the South ex they would, they probably would have taken ties out just had Heyward warmed like where our five small guys are better than your small guys. Let's go, I think, with the the Campbell peace that our understanding of the box and one worked so well against him. Why wouldn't the South Ex use the head scholar if this is where you so our baby baby, adapted because everything turned is doing is coming through. Those two guards see outcome has been really really terrible, even as best game was in game for wasn't even now, go to the game and they ve. It seems that they feel at a handle em, it's the guards that they cannot Hannah. They cannot handle the little sticky pigs in
when do the guy they're shooting at twenty eight footer, you go over all the sudden, the girl in the basket. What would you do if you're, let's say, you're you're in the Marcus Smart spot, which I think is a nice comparison? Actually we take two thousand and six raja and you're just Marcus Smart, you do what be moves like out, I'm guarding I'm guarding calorie straight up you garden Lowry, and maybe a little van weed and you're also kind of roaming as a free safety a little bit yeah. That's that's! That's a good question! You know. I always like to start with with guys like that. Trying to keep the ball out of their hands like so, if I'm, if one of them is handling- and I and I can't pry pick you up ninety four feet, if I'm on the other one like a vamp, lead Scott and I'm trying to deny Kyle Lowry the like, I really believe in getting guys office spots. If I can get you off of the spot, you know so that's kind of where I start. I am a big.
Ever and we talked about this last time. I was on the pod as late as a defender of only as good as the hell you're going to give me ultimately end is NBA because they're going to be so many screen set right so late. Yet I can jam you like. I can try to be up in your shorts or I can play off of you, but there's there's a screen. Eventually, and so you know I'm a believer. What you seem like in some of the western conference series where they have just said. I we're gonna, throw a double team at Calais and it may not produce over the course of a serious but its screwed him up and game what was to lay out just cut him off garlic. I would like oh shit. When making do you seen them due to arm you seem do it'll to abroad. At times like use, you saw it happened in their Utah in Denver Series where like to make Kyle Lowery get off the ball and you gotta pick one cause. You can't do it. Of whom you can run around trap in both of those little guards, but I'm going to
We cannot allow me because I think, he's the engine that makes that didn't. Go, for example its great and he cried beat you himself, but I dont think that if you can subtract colic calories The equation like they're gonna, beat you more often than you'll beat them. I think TAT Yunita Larry. What he brings to the table, and so I'm going to chop that off if I can buy trap in the shit out of it every time you bring a ball screen to it. What do you see them doing Tatum, because Tatum was in this incredible zone for about six seven weeks before the pandemic, it where he was planned so freely, and he just wasn't thick game where I was no one he's. Not a hundred percent himself cause you can you can see the wheels turning its certain got his face, he can seem China figure stuff out verses when he's just him in jail and when they're just going, you can feel it the Toronto doing stuff to him and my just from watching it seems like the two things there do in our
anytime he's driving away in their diving at his feet, trying to make it when he puts them on the ground they're making it super uncomfortable for him. His handle is good, but not great, and I think Toronto stiff that out and then they're just being really physical with him, and he doesn't get the respect from the rafts that I feel like you know the superstars get. Maybe he shouldn't cuz he's what else are you seeing other than those two things? No, I think you took the words out of my mouth. You hate what I was you. I use the word like taking your space away like that's what I see them doing to him right and You know the reason why I couldn't employ a tactic like that when you asked me about Kyle areas, he's so little, I can't it underneath him. As a six five defender, I can't get under me like six foot, but as those too smaller guards and even normal power by Jason, Tito's what six seven six eight
he's a six eight half year, you're getting underneath him right, like you're on his feet like you're, taking away the you know, just to the little bit of like comfortable, miss that he has with the ball in effect in his rhythm. Without so that's number one number two is is that they are being more physical, but what I like this is part of his maturation as an offence player late. You can't let that affect you cause they're plenty of opportunities. Were there not touching him up and its in its affected and like it's almost like he's, waiting for the touch up like the really great ones and when he'll be there, he'll get there's the oil get there in games seven. But the point is like they're not worried about it. They know it's. They watch politely he's initiating the bump like cause. He just no, no it's coming so you initiate a New York. Ford already and if it doesn't come what, then that's just icing on the cake. I think he started to be affected by and you see I'm looking for it instead of just playing, but the part, it's really jakin, with
in my opinion, is then taken a space away their underneath his right yeah? Well, you know yet there dive and at a man this is spin move, which is favour, move the thing that they're doing that, I didn't think would work. We will you pointed out with having him being guided by much smaller guys and its in his head, because sometimes so heat when he turns his elbows up again reaches gonna lean into his elbow and then die back, and then it's like fell when he turns into his shoulder same thing. So he's now. Turning just to create space for himself, but he's afraid that he's gonna committed offensive FAO and once he crossed that he hasn't been the same yeah. That's that's interesting. The fat salt in arched, I teach kids like I go to high school and I'm trying to teach my your voice how to play- and I always like I was revert back to that like thinking about them, because I didn't play the way these guys play like I didn't, have the
as much as Jason Tatum had, and I have no doubt, but I regarded those guys so I know what they do when CO beheld the ball against me once he turned MIKE unless I got it really low with a low strip, but like Jane hidden, doesn't bring the ball that low once he turns and elevates onto fadeaway there's nothing. I can do Young, that's what I say by like he looks like he's being like too concerned with the defects. Your get. You have eight inches so, if the spanish, your move, once you get into that, and you don't feel somebody taken away like a true charge, just go up and shoot the ball oh, like don't worry, about a foul trusted that, like the that you fade away out is going to create enough space for the elbow not to hit him in the face and and just play like that, I think is preoccupied with like I saw in turn a couple times last night and it it's almost like a like Patrick as if someone ran a blocked the shot they're, not blocking yourself, just shoot it date. They figured out how to defend my getting in his head.
And the other piece of that is Lowery waiting for him and indeed the basket, as is one if thou and it's like fire just drive freely the basket. I got this little guy who's. The best in the leg had taken charges. It's funny. You mention coal, because I was thinking about him. They, I think they had a pretty good relationship and it was a running joke in Boston. Last year, when Tatum his offer, you know he was just shoot in twenty two further delay: our man- for the advice, cobia infilling that, but this is a situation where I think Coolby would be probably the best equipped in the world to tell data like all right, they're doing this here that reaching his Cobain. Jordan were the two out of anybody. We had that figured out had a master shit like this. Yet words I owe you do this may get my spot here.
I'm gonna end up doing what I want to do and I feel like a wise, weirdly moving into the head territory because quite plays it his speed. He doesn't care what you're doing it he's gonna get the exact shot he wants to get, which really reminds me a Cobain I've ever sees. That is gifted Kirby. I do wonder if Tatum is gonna get there for five years from now, but he so far away from being that guy and that they need your daddy. It's it's a great point Why has the most call be true, like nineteen late, ninety scoring vibe to him, where yeah that's the way they play a man like you work in a speeded up there, we're gonna, get you to a spot and they talk about it. Talk to Richard Hamilton was a good one mine, and he talked about. The way he was taught to game is, if he could get to a spot, then the shot he was. He was good to go, and so they worked off of like spot. I don't these guys now work off of like getting.
Their move like if they can get to their move like they feel good about. You know the shot, so it's not necessarily but despots, but to your point in this series, where they're up underneath feed, not gonna. Let you get into your back into your move, you can't get all the way to the rim, which is like your analytically. Those to the three in the end they lay up is what you want. Well, then it becomes about getting to a spot aspire before they help. Can get you're a spot where you're length really is your advantage, because there's nothing that small guard can do about it and I just don't you Jason. He has to mature internet, I think you know, and off season like obviously be really dope if he could still have called me to talk to him about that, but somebody or somebody will be in his ear. He'll understand like as yet all you do is watch why you know things just watching this series, it's hard not to think about spots, cause of the guys in the series has specific spats Colombo, who have gotten to watch all year,
they study and enjoy. He has that one move where he drives into the paint draws the big guy toward him, but then does the two step dropped back? Will fourteen forbearance caught him unstoppable and it's very similar to those to the Chris Paul move their Chris Paul mastered over the twelve years right where he drives left to right. Ends up darts backwards and takes that little shot at the top of the fallen on the right side, and it's just a shot in really well coach teams know about those spots, and I do feel it that's been a problem with Toronto. Toronto knows that move and their their literally playing and for it before he's even doing it, and that's right, I'm off too, but you are. That was like your favorite thing right to figure out These are the three spots and taking a three way yet so long logan- and I talk Monday on the NBA show about like film study and and at the pretend we.
How can a conversation was Robin a rust and an immediate go back to the drawing board, a figure out what's happening to him, but I was talking about what would happen from a from a film perspective, you went into a play, our theory. So if Bill Simmonds was match up my primary match up. I would get at the time they were, is now they just be like you know, videos of of white you do and where you like to be I would, though it would have been so easy for me. It's just like I did issued from twenty feet next week. So so I would that's just any right next to you running back, he figured beer, got it. What we mean so here we re going to each other. But no like that's! That's what you do it why seven game series it does become like like what coaches can make that adjustment? What player? you make that adjustment from game became because typically guys Erika which get done, which you want to get done, because I've China Film to know what you want to do and it becomes my job.
Over the course of how many games regarding the series to try to stop you from doing. I have two huge questions for you We're gonna get quick break a Jaguars one, the race to innovate with the twenty twenty all logic I pace that is just as electrifying drives, that is to watch Jaguar, has taken learning from the tracks of the formula e electric racing series and translate them into its first all, electric suv. The eye pace possesses shockingly good looks and reaches year to sixty and only four point. Five seconds was follicle speed limits was thoughts, pretty fast The eye pace provide zero emissions performance with power chain that delivers three. Ninety four, his power elegant advanced scene.
Silly integrated technologies that make it joined the features of the eye pace in your connected devices simple. Unsurprisingly, the Jaguar I pace is the most awarded electric, as you ve ever also a car that when people say Jai by their stop and look for like two seconds fetches, that's the JAG man, the Jackson Jackson, look nice since I've been alive always of mass. My mom had won in the eighties for like two years. That fleet nicely concur check a Jaguar USA that come to make this winning vehicle. Yours. Today back to Russia, our back here's, my huge question number one about Toronto: Boston: I've come to hate Nick nurse. You're, not unique, can be surprised to know their sports. Eight not actual edged, truly detest him and he does a bunch of shady shit. The sidelines
culminating during game six, where he goes all the way down to the court illegally and Tatum passes it to him, because guess what there's not supposed to be a coach standing on the bottom of the court now you're going to love this cuz nobody's ever mention this to I, like I like this or wrinkles at you, aid with somebody who is one of the three legendary decks as a coach time making it. Any move, but who has a move that is? doing fifteen plus years and has never got bad at it, when the other team is shooting a free, throw he waits. He stands near like the kind the hash marked near made court and as the guy's lining up all the sudden starts walking so he's in the eye vision of the guy in the right and then throws his hands. Pretending, he's yelling at the rough and he knew every game and nobody says Jack Shit about Did you know he was doing that when you paid for? I had no idea. I had no idea my home. I would resort to
oh my god, he's the words today. Dvd pulls all those tricks, but my cousins coaches admit that certain coaches do do shit like this. I salute Coachee cautious, have their their baggage, their baggage tricks. Do you like? Do you think Nick Nurse did that precisely? I think he I think, when he's on the court and the defence of em, like that its intention, I think everything that do does his intention, I think, is the best course of the week every single decision they make the way he works. The refs the way, even like they're, getting blown out by twenty nine and he's bugging work in the rest. Work in the rest, work of the rest any sort of charge. The fact that mean the rest. I thought Tony brothers yesterday and I was like now this is, I don't know who this is gonna, be bad for, but it's gonna be bad for somebody cause it's just as always so disjointed. When he's the rough No matter what I came down the stretch,
It was no attitude on an end we head, so in the first half, Larry really tries to hurt jail in Brown and if it's like a foregone ago, flagrant sin intend to ensure that stuff. It's like, I don't know how that started, intend to injure. We knew stick your leg in you undercuts somebody like that is at a hundred percent, an undercurrent. Yes, every review it yeah there's the inconsistency. What the NBA in what is a flagrant versus. What's not a free ride, you're talking RO guy or not. I have no. I think it's already use my opinion across the board on that is it's ridiculous all if we so wish. We were reviewing sit like there is one play Marcus he's, jumping forward to black families. Three ripe- right he's trying to contest the three any lands any leads straight. He doesn't land with his feet out. He literally he lands cause. He jumped humane straight, but when vain fleet landed his foot labour markets, which could happen at any point,
there is no intended- are a flagrant larry's. Do in five things a game there is a fair and there is not even a matter that add that that was crazy. But then you know the big thing with the rifts at the end of the game is Cambodia's and get that car can bigots hacked and that lay up with two seconds. I d get hacked your gate open about yeah and they just they decided to call it Stevens didn't challenges for whatever reason: what do they look? I think a rush job is to like you're there to manage way too many of them lake way too. Many of them think they're. The shell, like, I think, the best the best rafts have a game that goes off clean and once in your talking about the calls on you know Thursday, and nobody really knows where the rest we're right, but that rarely happens. I felt like they just lost control like they decided that they were going to swallow their whistle Laden again
tat an end, and it just turn into a turn into a wrestling match and a bunch of bad flops like everybody was like dive and all over the court, and I was a flop her so like when you have in hearsay. Jesus christ- man, like you guys like you would you're upset, go around rotten right, so I felt like they, they really did lose control and canvas play highlighted it was obvious. You know it was obvious and it was late enough, but with enough time clockwork. I felt like they should have made that call and gave gets run over a chance to get the ball back like you, you make that call. When you have a disjointed, poorly officiate, a game like that it favors Nick nurse cuz. He does every trick he's
work, it left right in Stevens who I love, but my big criticism of him would always be like he doesn't. He doesn't get mad about mad enough about the stuff. Sometimes I think he likes to have this com demeanor first team. I think his team handles itself a certain way which leads me to my second question. After we finish talking about what a cheat her neck nurses does Celtics team. Do you think they ve got knocked out of themselves with all the bullshit that has nothing to a basketball in this serious cause Toronto as playing every trick in the book, and Lowry has been the alpha dog? The serious now look at the South Ex Tatum young jail is one tough mother, Fucker Rhodesia Campbell has really better for as the nicest guy in the greatest guy in the league. Everybody raves about how awesome is in its really just smart, as like Canada, bad ass to fight back very Verona. Taking advantage of this.
Yeah? I think you could see, as the series went all like I've when boss and came out of the blocks they were, there were boss in they were playing Boston, basketball and it wasn't just because they they blew the Toronto output, They look like they were more true to themselves in the way they were planned style. They were playing the E Europe one guy really out there for Boston, but he D all the time and market smart liked. It was kind of engaging in the bullshit as series, gonna, let you see more people in engaging in in the bs re like more more. And more floppy and more stuff like that, and I think you did see- I come to a head at the end of the game and I'm I'm fine with two teams you know before and after the game and ITALY and tell her. I got no problem with that, but I think it gives you a little glimpse in the lake, the Celtic Spain, on a little private I don't buy. What's going on, you know what I mean like just not themselves is, as as you put it in the, but the Good NEWS is like in the NBA like dash. It's gone like we, but let's get back to business, will come
to the film. Let's, let's see what's happening to us, but to devise a game plan. Execute and will come out here. Didn't you know tomorrow night in and be ready to go, so I think they can get rid of that, but they have fallen in to playing a style, That is more conducive to Toronto, winning one hundred percent turnout of may more chaotic. They stole game three n, some. I stole the gay minister at the acts that they played better for the most part, but it feels like Dave Outwitted. The ethics in this is the fact that its three two three is ridiculous. To me, the serious should be overnight and I bet The cell takes more than more than almost any credit the rafters cause, even though I have so much respect for the raptors they're doing what they ve done for the last couple years and it feels in some ways like Boston, like them, blindsided by some the subsidy. Woe! What's this
Once again, this is play off basketball. It tells you how the fuck and fight for this- and I think that brings us to this game- seven, where it's like Boston, has a better team in Toronto, mentally tougher than I'm so far, and we ve seen this play out one or two ways: one as the mentally tough changes just state. That's it. Then they put food on deck and they finish it or you have this. This is, becomes a get over. The hump came to sell things get through this. They fought this great champ, they got tested, they got pushed to the screen extreme and I'm starting to think now. If they win this series, I think it really helps in the next two rounds. This is the best, and this is the best. It almost reminds me mega sugar, a letter, my favorite boxer he far beneath as when he won the tide owners of fifteen round.
Or in a got him like ready to fight Tommy earns at all the guys in fighting this feels like it could be that for Boston or could go the other way and it could be like holy shit. We're not as good as we thought we were in. Its is great reckoning, that's what I mean it's gonna come down to. You know whether or not you are your Jason items. You know. Look Marcus Mark happy like your most reliable score. Lamar, making it easier creator yet happy. He gave airily german mean like I love him, but a cavity, the guy that you're, so it's gonna come down to whether Boston can give Jason Tatum Campbell Walker, offensively in rhythm and producing, and whether Toronto can count
you two joke it up and just disrupt what they are trying to do and have at least three guys get pocket. I can't even ass. I at this point I can even ass. The outcome is short, but think of sea outcome. Worse. Really show up in a game boss and could be a real trouble, but they ve been getting a little bit of production from everybody. Callao revamp lead, you know Paoli, but if they can junk it up in Boston, falls into play. In that way, you know, I think you're gonna say that their champions for reason I Micaiah alkalies, not there, but the rest of those guys play huge roles, but I do believe Can you can buy in Jason, Tatum Cookin like in their their point fluidly office? and feeling good rhythm. I think they're too much for four to run. I think was the outcome addiction. This happening Anton Walker in their early two, thousands where celtics had a couple play our friends there in a tune Three, any Einstein was an Einstein was considered. What are the young up and coming star forwards and all that stuff and ran into the nets team two years in a row,
and the nets just solve him and he was just awful in both of the serious and I say his prayers never the same and in the freezer tuna gotten his head stuff like that, but the nets were doing stuff and that serious and used our throws, like oh you're, actually pretty limited with this. I can't this latin for there yet with Siakam, but the first six games, he just seems offense of a little bit limited that keep trying to establish him as a low post guy and run stuff through and as a Celtics fan on just like rate. Please can you please we are giving them. We can now saw him down. I don't know if he's having a bad series- or this is just two years- major be. Who is joint? Howard is another guy like this, where in the playoffs people unlocked just kind of had to stop him and then I'll send you become you shoot twenty four yours, you're, not really anything else. It's like well, that's great will take those everyday yeah, it's funny. It's funny. You say that I don't know that I have an opinion on it, but I have what I said to myself last night, I'm worried about Pascal,
not in this series, but in white I think he could have been and whether this deal reels that whether this is and that really stops him from from reaching potential there. Thought- and I don't know if I was right, but I thought he had a lot more to do three to go in his game and I thought he quitted each. You know like semi stardom by this one. If you know what watching and whilst I was watching his body languages watching some of the shots and he kept plug way, like it'll, a national baseline, fifteen footwear, and it was a big bucket at one point in the game. But some shots were barely drawing iron and he didn't look like he was really comfy and I was like day and that doesn't like a guy who who's a star unlikely. Me like, I hope it does. It really get in the way, become a what I hope we can become. He made. Like a loser, dang or you don't kind of in that mode, where it's like a nice guy,
have on your team, but I am with you especially the first six weeks of the season it was like. I meant this guy is became like kind of mini Mini Kauai and he's really struggled, but the thing the thing that such thing as the Celtics or just not double teaming him like a date date actually don't really respect them, and I think that would be the alarm thing for him going forward? Just like? I don't really know what he should add to his game. I don't love his low posts game and it seems like the three point aim would be the bigger advantage for him. So he's got you gotta is in a weird, were kind of between her. Where he's like, he can't be like your top scoring option, but he's he's overqualified to just sit in the corner. I don't really know how to unlock that. He has to sharpen up like if he wants to take the next step right right now he's a great transition player like he flourishes when you're out in the floors wide open and he can kind of unfolds
ran like Janius issue. If you will, you know, he's got good length any get down hill in, but the game really close down a player. You see it like you guessed. It slows down it not getting out on the brake that much, and so you have to really sharpen up your skill set to your point like their world, the chances last night for you to go one on one with someone who's, not big issue on the block height Otherwise you didn't capitalize within it a punishment down there and then you know you're not skilled enough with the ball in your hand, to really start off ants so like if you're gonna be in a half court to take the next step to stardom you have to produce like in the half court like you have to be able to get a bucket. No matter white, like guys, did colleague it's a bucket regardless you, you, don't give a damn, I'm getting a bucket yeah Bron Pocket James Harding Pocket. Like you, you know those guys to give cabin to ramp pocket, but their skills are sharp enough to get you a bucket. Whether you're in transition half court
can roll you know they do it all he's gotta sharpen up that skill set jail. It's a little bit like that too. I think jail and as more ways to impact a game or offensive wages. Cases such an incredible afraid is such a good, shooter and transition stuff like that, but when they try to post them up and stuff it there's similar results like he just doesn't. He hasn't figured out tat piece of his game raw before we wrap up this just talk about rhapsodes. I know your texting Larry just a minute to make. We learned a universal right, the ringer. Recently you jack. We join us like a month I want us to get past this cause. I feel like you're his Mr Biagi, where he's Dania side, for whatever you're you're his mentor, you're that came in you should do that when you drive and just grab his right arm. They will call it in a parliament with you and do a charging. I just know you're advising I'm just a minute I wish, Take credit for that matter, but I I love his game,
about you know I loved one of those sell tile of Marcus. Smart came to their one and the same like. I think how I a little better off We got a little a lot better offensively by like what they do, the two of them as era, hence, and just guys little take whatever you give em is priceless. Well, that's why standing Gandhi really made me mad the other night when he was criticising markets for flapping, but praising everything
allow me to say you have this both where they had one side or the other day. I got a couple their bubble things I just wanna had quickly. I sent you a tweet from timid, manatees paean about how jazz Vp Dennis Lindsey mention that lack of travel has led to an improved product and the bubble in he suggests the Lee tries to reduce travel and maybe do baseball style series. Once things go back to normal. He said the prayers feel better Franco. Needless and prayers. I just look at the game. We watch last night, the Toronto something's game six, which was a hardwood classics, incredible game. That, though, will be watching that an mba
The twenty years from now the shot making the ball movement out was so atypical from the shit we been watched, I'm in here they threw up a lotta threes, but there's movement in coaches trying to figure each other out. As we mentioned earlier, like the little time I suggest Bay was sent into the room and just as higher level of basque biologists thrilling to watch. Do you feel like the Babo had anything to do with that? Wasn't the bubble, but was clearly had an effect in a positive way on the product. I've I feel I don't have to. I can agree with that part of White Dennis Lindsey, sentenced and still tell you that I don't want to see, he's postal SIRI spite. I dont think you can disco how much it does for you to be able to leave a game hit. The locker room for fifteen or twenty minutes every takes thirty minutes and then be back in your hotel in fifteen, more minutes and be back at game planning or back at breaking down film or back at you know,
a dinner table and then in the bed. You know when you when you're travel and billing, yes, cultures are due film in breaking shit down on the plain that they're doing that, but its disjointed right, like you got it, you leave the floor. Then you got to hop in the locker room, big on top of the bus right, then you got to bring your laptop down. You got to get off the bus, then you got to go through security and I got to get on the plane. I can bring your laptop out yeah. Do that again over again when you get off the plane and they do it again like no one's going to be as focused as they could be. If you were just like our guys were back at the hotel, let's break or sit down right and not like in a league. Full of one percent or you're. Looking for whatever fraction of a percent, you can get to have an advantage, and I think it it's there. I think it's yours it unfold in front of you and from a players perspective being able to get nutrition, like real food in a real bad real treatment, get off your feet in a timely fashion, Like that huge for your ability to recover, I think the way they could do it because I thought of
I thought that was a really interesting idea by him. See guy got your plane in your conference, you're playing you playing the other conference once movements, thirty games, and near playing everybody in your own conference. Fifty two times that did you play your division four times because its closer? We Would it be a better league if it's like? Oh, we have two road games. South exact Toronto will lay them on a Friday and Sunday Celtics get in there and of Thursday, and they stay till Sunday night and instead of them flying for different cities, maybe just pair that up. So it's like, we know we had those two rogue is put other yeah. I mean it in theory? Yes, I what that does to me as a viewer, whose use to see in like a variety of different games, lake being able to see Miami play in Orlando. Monday night and then see em like in Texas on like vote on Wednesday.
Like I don't know what that does to me Ray like Otto. I just don't know cause I've watched the NBA for so long and you really see that back to Back Lake Utah versus Denver you don't you don't owe me like. It happens once in a while, but I don't know what that does it overall product when you ve got like multiple teams doing that, like all the same can you don't you think I M excited. What's let's go personal experience for its two thousand and six? You have two Lakers row games and they're gonna, be Friday, night, Sunday, night you have this now circle manners natural Eartha gone a little further in a lay great second, I got Kogi on a Friday night at eight o clock, in that I have Sunday a thirty year stated away all weekend gone Adam twice. You can't tell me that wouldn't be the one! You circle that your schedule. Oh, no! No, no, no, I mean look, but there was theirs.
More to that story than just like me, in fresh in n and one in a lake that there is a lot that goes into their right. There's a personal, that's a personal thing. I wanted those type a games personally, not just call me, but all the big ones like if you could have just eliminated some of the bed games on our schedules. I was for it because I like forehead begins, but I think there's something to it. And no I'm saying I certainly don't want like the long drawn out baseball series. I know I don't want that right if you compare up some of those like back to backs and we do too
I could try it. I just don't know if there's a basketball like pure is from when I was a young and if the viewing experience will be the same. For me, you know what I mean yeah. Well, I think there's a couple reasons plays better. I think, having the same shooting background for two straight months undeniably helpful on this early from forty eight hours into watching basketball on the bubble. The thing that jumped out to me the most was the no camera men into the basket, and I don't know if you and I have talked about this. Yet no how hard the guys were driving in the basket without the fear of breaking their leg, ribbon their acl or whatever crashing cameramen. I was like wow. This is actually an advantage for the teams that especially the deeds echo flying in the Basque.
You have to worry about. It now are also seeing like even an imbalance plays and stuff. We have more room, he could step back, most famous like a Larry did. There is a lot of stuff that's conducive to playing better offensively. I feel like I don't I don't know the guys would consciously feel like there was more room there to try harder like I'm, not going to tell you that. That's not a thing, but I don't. I don't know that. I would be thinking about that. You know what I mean like. I don't know that I'd be like damn. I can't attack this cup harder because I don't have to run into the front row I I've gotta adieu. Guy noticed it with was Tatum Yunkers. I do feel like Tatum cause. He would have. He is so much start to finish. Speed in fifteen feet span that there were tie a aegis, constantly terrified. He was gonna crash into the camera guys and now notice sees when he got the basket was gone. Sometimes he's going six feet pass the basket here. Man he's like run back into the play so that that that's one guy
I know it's up here. There's a look, there's a lot of stuff to the because and appoint a regular and be a game. This distracted, like they're, just distractions, amenity, it's a great MR play basketball and we're all condition to do it you for the most part, to an all the stuff out of it, white noise, but I mean all of that is as a distraction when you want the best product that when you tell a kid to study like like to really try to prepare, you don't tell me to go in there and do it in front of you. Ten thousand people screaming and yelling like that. You want a minute in it contain viruses, you a quiet you want, and so I think that when you put guys in Jim's minus distractions, when you and your couplet with all the other stuff. Like the rest, in the background and all that I think you're, you know you're gonna get a better product. We talked about me. A little bit. The last time is this. Who is more of a rash about tee my Amira Toronto, to create a great question down? Yet I think maybe I figured I'd he's wearing yeah they're, just some thirty,
I really get out in full disclosure, not heed Van like mean either I don't I don't have hated him for years. I do you grow up one even own for whammy, aided I never got to play for which was a slave, la sour about that, but they are really really find a wash. They play really hard and they got a bunch of due to I oppression because you witnessed surly, look at him and be like hey yeah he's he's tough and he can score it and he can do They got a bunch of guys out there. They could put it in the bucket and defend in their tough as nails. But this is ragged to brag about picking a picking cookers files. Did you really yeah really bubble, or
three bubble: plastic, Bob forty to one odds in case you wonder shit, that's a good out tough! I just like were and where they were and as they prove that the Weird Sears tough and talked about Giannis with Logan on Monday. So we don't need to do that. I my question for you as somebody who loves stuff, and especially a guy like Jimmy Butler who just carries himself, I was saying out, there is a tweet it about? How he's like jewels pop fiction with a kind of hence day that he will never be the guy in the the bad s mother fucker, while it right text me that he has. Can that actually be counterproductive, as the states kept getting higher here? Where he's? Basically? Is he the guy? You want the siding games for you offensively in round three and round for it.
Perfect world. I will, I would say no and I hate to do that is Jimmy's been fantastic, but in a perfect world I want like pure I'd I'd I'd. I'd want a pure scoring guy to be the decider, but they don't they don't play like that like he fits. What they do you know like is he needs a bucket. He gets it in tough enough where, if you can't get it he's gonna get to the free through line, but he also has a really good feel fur for, like. Being able to know when the other guys in his own, like a bug you appoint of scale. If you will, even, though, is not a true p d like he really is good about drawing defences in dignity, it guys and position. So I think is they get higher. The way this team is built, the style that they play Jimmy Spine. For it I mean, if you told me, I was building another type of tea.
I could have Jimmy, are coming to read the letter. I did Kevin rent, but I think Jimmy's good for this team and he has lost his cool, like I think the firing us The fuck you attitude that he's got only becomes a negative. If you see him start to like cross the line, I haven't seen across the line really, so I'm not really draken on yeah, it's weird it does. It make sense to me that he could be the number one guy and a title team. But yet, when I watch this team, he makes complete sense further guys they have and how they feed off em in the way he cares himself. And you know I do when I do they're gonna win them. Walk users was after game too, and they just kind of walked off the court regularly. Whatever they didn't game. One too, but I was like oh, this is interesting. Are they doing this cuz? It was only game one. They know it's a long series in game two same thing as like yeah, alright, see you guys see you guys for getting through and you
tell they knew they're gonna win, and I think that a lot of that comes from him. My question: is you go to these next two rounds? Nay, got Tatum in Brown in Boston, exit now you're a little quid pro quo battle with those guys, but then the round after that, now of the brain incur Ko Kwai waiting and the best and worst thing about Jimmy Butler. Is he really does think he's as good as those guys that's it. I love guys he really general. Hey I get to play with my peers appear quite lettered, In order to see you again haven't seen you since the gates we battled and like all its Eu Lebron James. I can't wait to go ahead with my peer and which is it Maisie thing but ultimately could be there downfall. I don't adequate plan. Well, I think, first of all, like you don't exist as Jimmy Butler. Without that
belief like the irrational covering irrational you would you have that you have to have it like I yell and then. Secondly, I can make a case. Delay of he's not Lebron, ad or kawhi. The rest of his team is better than I think the rest of the other teams, like telegraph, Not I mean to like a more accurate there more unpredictable. You just don't know then, as I, oh that's heroes, gonna run run their efforts in the last three minutes. This game all and their health. Consistent. Where, like the sea two weeks ago, I said they like the he could win. The user conference could not be the Lakers clippers right and then, a week ago I was like well like. Why can't they? Because neither one of those teams has been would like consistently put it on wax and the he have doing it every night. I want to talk quickly. Let's take a quick break, then we'll talk at
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retrial. When you read it aloud, she's choose the offer, be ass to save ten percent after first purchase of a website or demand that a square dot com, slash bs offer good. Be ass. You mention Lakers, so Rondeau saved them in game. Three with a classical around rhinos gotta, be one of your guys right, he's another guy S, great figures, here he is he's up the ship, the staff yes- and he was great and neck aim- was rackets up by one with ten minutes left and then Lakers get hot. They put the game. The broad has been awesome. The last two games not a surprise, Davis's got whatever his one and not a surprise. At the same time, the series is closer than I expected and even though the workers are up to one,
I don't feel the same way that I thought about the Cooper Series, whereas I got this, the cook procedures is over and it was over after game to or after after game one. In my opinion, this Lakers series. What are the Rockets have to do to beat them three out of four times in your opinion, is it as simple as James hard and just has to be the best parent three games? No, no. That would help, but he needs he needs help, he's gotta get they have to make shots like they gotta make threes. They have to open up the the lanes for James Harden and rushed to both be able to get down he'll have to. Right right now, like you ve seen at times the liquors are really collapse. Those really do a good job. A kind of up and James and getting out of his hands and your James does have to be the best players they like. What he does is.
Kind of bugs me out late games like I don't. I don't understand for guy that good to many justice happier receded into the background. I very minutes I've completely bugs me out by, but he so he's happy. Nobody needs guys to be able to make enough shots where they start doing their shit. We're there Are we gotta go play on its like awesome? Rivers like we always talk, he's a friend of show them, then, I'm on Monday with Logan, but you can't make shots broke, but you you gotta yeah, step operations, and so Joe coupling of James Hardened, in those guys making shots, and then I do think they ve gotta pick one of either a deer leubronn and try to stop that. Like cut cut the head offer that either by early double or commitment, double it whenever you can maybe it's easier on AIDS, because he gets it more often like an an area we could trap and by one of those who has to be taken out of the equation, make somebody else be me. I think it's pretty grim. I think they stay needed to win game three and they had it, and I dont think I they it's possible to beat the cyclist
three or four times a bright. I agree with you. I think it's, I think the series You get one more game. Ultimately, it's a rat, but that was it. The best others. Let's be honest, the league hasn't got involved in this year's, yet either wink wink Jerry. We react had the game in the Lakers shoot fifty five free throes of Christmas, twelve or fifteen from the line, as it really wait. Let's go around here. They want Lakers clippers and the racket said that made a lot of friends over the years and that the deck is stacked against them. I do think if they lose this series, I could see the coach and the GM leaving. That's here. That's tough. I mean I, I feel bad from Michael you. I can see a very easily like I'm I just feel bad for might, because I dont know what people expected him to do like with why these then a really good ass. You like
We have a lot of lotta castaways and that team, why did you want to build a balanced around Jeff, Greenspan? Nine themes? I know Was it very good on the last like stop like these haven't like a renaissance of of a career right now like I do so anyway? That's for me, but I could see a to immunity. I think they have some things a figure out there anyway. If this, if this doesn't work this year, you you probably is used in, have two got it kind of result for the deck, we really are we? How are we to write that clippers Danvers over here there things around, and then you take him Miami M over Boston or Toronto unless Boston shows something crazy game. Seven her but that I'm not I'm not I'm saying that could be a dogfight of a series. I gave my me a chance to get their eyes. I still think that of Boston is planned. Well, I take em over Toronto, but Boston is planned well and is, is gorgeous slated to come back. At all for next round here
you gave, order that actually jury had was bad Cosette Data. Actually, the nerve in his foot was little messed up and I think that's why it's taken so long minutes out career damage then, but it was a bad as bad of sprained echoes. You can get in others, degrees of this that sure our body, I think that they could beat them Barton at full strength. I think they d be the heat ultimately, but I can be a knock down. Drag our series to wars for that matter. They it get by Toronto. Then you got that tough ass Miami team waiting. Then the other thing maybe so many kryptonite guys for them. Now, I'm sure you had that when you played a different teams there there's certain teams that guy's just kill right. You know like did you? Have it we're just like our plane. These guys, I always do well, gets them the Cleveland Cavaliers love very likely the loved it
going to Cleveland, I loved. When they came to us. It was ass, yet it's it's so strange and infirm. Whenever is a mammoth feathers gets before we go now you talked about the NASH, hiring on the show Logan. I talked about it a little on my show and granted twenty slash. Twenty is a fucking insane year and all this stuff should be litigated the only piece I wanted to talk about that I didn't really go into yet which I really want to do with you, we're just how great a player Steve was an hour. I gotta say I was kind of shock that anybody was surprised that he would just get to be a head coach without putting the time is an assistant whatever first, while this is actually works as I've as I listed on Sundays Bud,
this twenty five examples of good, too great prayers who the moment they want to be a head coach. They become a head coach Edward. It becomes a little differently if you're, a role players that fight that may be to being a system for a few years, but you know I would use example like if Kobe Bryant, the last three years was, I think you know what I'd do said. Be an MBA head coach guess what would have happened. Somebody would have hired him as a big head coach and to me Dashie was one of the best for tea. Parties of all time was probably the most likely either him or Chauncey Billups. Have anyone from his era did Jason Kidd to? I would say, though, NASH, Phillips kid, those three when you're watching them play. You see what kind of leaders they were kind of teammates. They were hotspot phone syrebral, they were- and I got mad at this guy ever want to be a coach to be amazing. You played with Nashville
Here's where you shocked I mean granted. I know what kind of moment the countryside right now, but we are shocked that people kind of discounted that piece of this with the NASH part No I'm! I wasn't really shocked. I think only only big only because where we are as a country like, I think yet, people just that got lost in the in the higher rate. Like an end, I think like, if you heard these press conference yesterday, the guidance it also soundbites from it. He rarely you know em like he rarely gets defences and rarely like, tries to throw something in your face. Any didn't! Do it like if you listen to what it wasn't like out. Your face for everyone. You had to like no Steve to understand when he was saying you know I did. I did leapfrog people, but like
did lead a lot of good things like you get. You gave you resume. A steed doesn't give his resume like because it speaks for itself, but I thought it was interesting that he felt the need to go ahead and give you a resume to just illustrate why he would be qualified They have their job, so I think it out just because where we are and race relations and stuff, like that, just how good of a player he was got got lost in it. But Steve looked Steve was Steve, was ouch. I don't know if I can put at other Games Mercosur that thieves, the coach Army might not think anything from MIKE, but like they collaboratively like he was as involved in what was going on in play, calling in deciding how we were going to tax office. As anybody I mean he was cogent, talk we're the only surprise for me, said. He even wanted to coach, because energy now he had our family stuff, the first for five years it was like I played fer you no seventeen years. I want to build Kids, I've young kids I wanted,
in a different place, ya wanna may be produced have stuff like that but when he got the warriors, when he started kind of working with them,. Deep down. I was like. I know it is up to writing or you felt tat. I d Honneur presented. Ok, see he cares too much about this best by the same reason like I know, you're, not gonna, be it the ringer for ten years at some point running a t like you, you it's gonna happen when you when your life is at the point where you're like I'm ready to not do this grind and I feel like with Steve, I knew it was going to happen at some point. I guess the shocking thing for me was that it was Brooklyn because he's somebody who's played with a variety, and I just for the record. I have not talked to him about. Why did you want to coach the ranch
the air inquiries, that for that, but he somebody that's played with a variety of personalities, rate and year. Your sons team, which has talked about on their on this package from I'll pack ass, was a fascinating an eighty makes a personalities where you had a Mari who beloved teammate, but a little mercurial and then you had Sean who, on the man is the perfect. You know Pippin type player for a team that, but also has the people in his life, for his idea should be the best and the steam, you should be a superstar shorter, but by an you're. A NASH is navigating all of that, and I'm just surprised that this was the team he picked. His guests Let's get outta Brooklyn, navigating shit, what it's a good choice, that's a good and I hadn't really dug into it like that, I really had. I noticed you got an affinity for york here. You know he does his soccer games. There are like the charity games. He people
in New York for a while. So it made sense to me from that respect. I was a little surprised to just because you know he's got you he's got young kids and I'm in Steve Steve's and everything may, like he's, got a lot of interest. Are you to its real grind? Science? When he told me I was blown away, What's that got to even know he was into it. The last I had taught him about gold and stated was perfect ass. He could go go where he was there, sometimes in then it got to be Manhattan, Beach or everyone's lake. Doing this thing in also, but that's a really interesting way to look at that, and there is going to be some real navigating going on there like those are two really interesting, interesting personalities. Will you add that you also have, if some young guys right care subverts? Who is on the Arctic Sea to pay?
this week we should mention, but it's somebody like all man. This is good third piece and it's like what Caris Levert needs. The ball stand over there and shoot ya: hey Karis shut up, go to your corner, he going be happy, then you have Kyrie, who you know I a little bias cuz. I had to root farm for a couple years in Boston, but he's all over the place. You don't know week to week what you're getting which I think from how it's been described. To me, Sean was a little like that to where the end, I think, a beloved teammate. Much like Pippin was, But there will be times when you know he got a little moody and you got it, the right it out navigator right here. You have a minute, that's a good way to put shown shown to him a favor teammates every He said, beloved, teammate, even rounded up a moment's, but yeah like me,. There was a time when I made our defensive team and MIKE was my Tommy before practice, and he was here hey. Look man, we're gonna when I can announce it before practices will
somebody get upset like what do I, like. You. Also, there was some of those things that sir Happened: the difference between Sean Inquiry for me is Sean wasn't a follower, so I dont want to say it like that. But Sean could take leadership like when Steve led shore it's good to say you know, even if he felt like I am the all star and I'm the like, when it was time when push comes to shove, he follow Steve. You know, I mean Korea Times falls into a weird space of lake. You wants to lead, maybe the leadership style isn't like perfected, yet sometimes doesn't want to follow and so dont those kind of guys for me. Sometimes it's like what we got figure this out. Kp Gotti, one Gabby one or the other you're, either going to productively or you gotta follow you know, I really wants to lead and then for forestry days, won't talk to anybody,
literally anybody in the team and its I got that you were right, the leader, the team, its look, I think bill of sort also make a grey coach- and I think, he's known that for years at the keys flirted with it a bunch of times. I just think there's a type, that if you own an NBA team team, you're gonna be enchanted by Jason. Kid was no brainer because he was another guy who was a coach on the floor. Chauncey same thing like waiting for their own nine nuggets was incredible. I think that the other piece everybody Miss was with Steve because I gotta say I was surprised. I thought if he did it, I thought it Phoenix brothers, the moment when they got rid of their last coach before they hired a Monty Williams, are as I got in the back of my head. I'm like I wonder if this could be Steve cuz. You know that would make sense to me. The peace people are missing.
And I can't believe I missed it even never want to title yeah. You know how fuckin competitive Do this and you know how close that something was and like if you just computer simulated, o five throw away in quite a hundred times the sons are winning a couple titles during that stuff, stairs, maybe some injury that doesn't happen or whatever and even like two thousand ten, the d which you we you were started that arrive at that point. I was just originated Dudley and those guys Jacobi with the idea that Airbus and our task like just throws in the rebound- and you know he just came so close. I feel like that to be the biggest part of this, that he wants a ring. Look you can't escape in his he's on record, if, if I'm crime correct as saying that, like the one in golden state didn't fulfil like,
didn't. I feel we are ignoring me in your. There are sometimes unite, and so I could see tat like damage. It makes a lot of sense. Steve. I've talked to Steve about the job. Like I I look. I didn't say this already asked. I tell you re, like oh she's gone on our part, so you like Steve, would Steve got the job communist, if I'd, come work in Brooklyn with them like hee, hee hee? He wanted to have me on the staff. I wasn't at the point in my life right now with my kids, where I was ready to go back to them, right right, but we had a lot of conversations about what this look like some, I might Steve. You know that, like you, never coached and I've never echo itself by right, we're doing a lot of people who would coach- and his point was like the brow. I I that he was like an ongoing and hat in hand, understanding there's a lot of stuff that I don't know but fully. Knowing that I have a lot that I can give to like winning
ask a ball games and- and you know, I'm gonna kill me Kate, that I'm gonna be you know really humble about who I am in the equation and will combine all that experience with with what we got in of the know how and where can make it work, so there's definitely something it to the no championship like he's on a quest to try to get him went for sure, That was my other reaction when steep that higher by Brooklyn, I was where the difficulties Russia is a signal that the higher Roger having arrived at this said both just got here. I'm glad I'm glad you're gonna wait a year. At least I figure at some point. I know you're gonna go back to basketball at some point would be insane if you did it, but here with the with with the state thing like such a competitive dude, and I look at what is gonna actually succeed if you, coach and I think Chauncey has all the same qualities can be there. Are you, a leader, yeah one of check
were you in a bunch of important basketball situations that you learned lessons from Jack. Do you have a saree beryl understanding of basketball to checks which are energy and are you fucking competitive? And if you have, though four things you were going to succeed as a head coach. Now is why I remember being on countdown and two thousand fourteen when Steve Car was picking between God State in and the next, just like I would bet every dollar. I have that Steve Crew will being a coach, because I know him he's been in all these different situations. He's soaked up a bunch of different lessons. Road is put real thought into this. He worked for
NBA team and he is going to be one hundred percent prepared. I don't I don't know if I would bet every dollar and Steve NASH to be a good coach, but out of bed. I think the one thing that I don't know is how much thought and time you put into this cuz. I knew from Steve it has been years and years he's been thinking about it. I never had the conversation with Steve. What do you have? Do you have any insight on that? I don't I really don't and I don't think it was as long as Steve Kerr, but again I've never asked him. It's just a sense. I got thing, I think they did you left out and it may go without needing to be said because they were such good point guards. Alot of those is their ability to communicate and haven't away with like people and at not. Everyone has the same way with
Will they not revise a lovey hug ie can allay k combine by all of the really great ones can can communicate and and have their way with people were. People know to care about. People know that their invested in autumn and they can get the best out of them, and I think Steve Steve is one though, I would just like Chauncey to be a good point, our that's what you're doing anyway right like you're you're communicating with boy you're getting them to buy into lake. I've got your best interests at heart, and because got yours and you got mine, we're going to win. I think I think those guys do that Steve will do that. It's funny cuz I've spent time with both of them. Cuz, I did some tv with Chauncey there's a command of the room, with both guys that the only way I could explain it is like what you hear about really good quarterbacks and what point guards do there's a similar kind of demeanor that I can't really describe
I just know it when I see it in Chauncey, even though, like he barely knew what he was doing on tv, the way he fit in with us and how engage she was with everybody and all the little staffing you're like a man- and I know like Eiger became enamored recharging like I like Chauncey, is a agur mentors, Chauncey Bob anger that they headed Disney foregoing just because he was a disguise disguise got special qualities like I really like. He could do something important, and I do think like when you talk about coach like Steve Kerr. Has that Doc rivers has that certain attained you, I guess the surprise for me is that it Jason kid ended up not having it cause. I would have been anything on him right yet and I don't really know it happen without one that doesn't it that's an interesting, that's an interesting one, but I do know you talking about it at the coaching level. I talk about it like an on a plane, with parents a lot when they're saying to me like what their kiddies he's a point guard and unlike well just because
can dribble doesn't mean he's a point guard right or my son's a quarterback and I'm like. Well, you know I have a son, that's quarter just because he said that doesn't make you a court makes you a quarterback. Is your command like Kenya, like lead people to people follow when you say, let's go like in the face of some real shitstorm type of staff. Are you calm like? Are you that the beacon people are like yea, I got he's good will follow that and if you're in our kids, people don't have those qualities and it's hard for people to follow them. You know I mean but you're you're right like, and I have to see that all the time like point guards are like made their born. You know, committees. Coaches is a little different because you can learn that, but you have to
that like alpha. Like I got this, I will follow me. I got you that when, when labored ended up randomly coach in the papers that nowhere in the late nineties Andy ended up having a couple pretty good seasons and they finally made the finals but to have like a great player as your coach, there is some sort of confidence with when you're talkin about I who do who'd. You ultimately have to reach on your team. The two best guys right. If he's telling the rant something the going, gonna trust him in a way that is pretty uncle. And maybe I'll be the same for Chauncey chances of finals, BP, Doc rivers, who had been in a bunch of worse. He never went to ring, but there's a certain way. Then I think comes from certain guys. Maybe that's what Katy needs at this point in his career to you know I do I you mean- and I think that fact that Steve had that relationship with Katy one that wasn't like a head coach,
play a relationship just as a mentor yellow meet Lemme. Give me Jim inlets. Let's, let's kick it around a little bit. Let's see what we can figure. I think I think that goes a long way with Steve NASH, unable to say to Katie when it really matters Hammond. This is how I see it. This is what we need to do and Katie be like fucking right like: let's do it, you know, I think players really good are great. Players to coach are always going to have an advantage over the guys who who
coach, my MEG, in my opinion, the way the league is covered now and at which makes me like when submitting pop of age or Nick there, Sir Stevens, there, however, and there, but I get the same kind of respect- that's how you know that those guys are amazing coaches. If they can win the same respect rat. You know somebody like doc. Rivers can get who was in all these wars when he played you know those guys grub watchmen, though it's pretty so fascinating topic. I think he certainly has all the tools to be an awesome coachman and if he can, if he can get the best at Cairo, wouldn't accomplishment that would be. We all love. Watch inquiry play basketball, be nice to see Steve tap into it. You know, I think you know you know.
And I said this I've said this before. I thinks, if carries at a point, where he's going to be receptive to the style, and the leadership like the Steve has, I think, he's gonna be gold for Kyrie, like not just you know, not just in Brooklyn. Like Now, for the next four years on Steve's air, but I think he'll he'll learn things that he can take with him in and for the recipe career, you know, I think it's going to be really the educational for carry and end there's a lot of stuff. You know sky Rita. Naturally, this pride better than Steve, did as a player, but in terms of just the leadership perspective to the community should commit to your point communications in everything. That's an all! Yet I'm thing it's not when I feel like doing it. Taper thinks so, even when you feel shitty you're coming in the building talking to Bill talkative
talking to Kyle like that's what I got to do, even if I had to suck it up to do it and knows what you know: Steve's got that stuff mastered that'll, be good ship for Kyrie to see up close and personal. You know last thing on this deep leadership and then we'll go. It actually cost you the tide Because when he got knocked into the wall by Hori, I know that was guy news I gave heard, our leader gangs ran off your badge and get and that's it as it applies the serious but like I just There's a lot of guys who had that kind of Paul with their team. It's over the years? I? How many guys get knocked into thing like that? Were people literally lose their minds for a second and- and that was the case we made when we broke down that game in the book, a basque ballpark ass. You know you can't leave the bench
but you see your guy get knocked the thing and you can't leave your body for setting you just start walking toward them cause. This happened to me with my daughter plants, Accra last year, yeah she got crushed by the gully. If parents are exposed to go in the field- and I just started instinctive- we walk in the field because my kid was her right right events as I take it off the field, you know one of their parents and get your in the financing. Oh shit, I you know like four seconds passed at even I left my body right and I'm sure it was like that for you in a bar in the other guys right, you see him, we crumpled against it, and now it turns out he was selling it, but the act and he told me that he saw that like I, I thank you I want to kick his ass and what now what I thought you really are ready. It was. But yes, you can tell a lie from teammates reactions when a timid gets dropped or jacked up
until I get in a fight any while Antella hour after I'm glad we talked about this because I felt there is some additional perspective. We needed to learn The next thing you able to judge the idea will be great too, like I am all for a guy gone right into the fire with this stuff. If it was a guy who was kind of a pseudo coach when he played yeah? You don't, I think, that's the exception and with Europe. Russia will hear you on Mondays with Logan. Yes, if you leave the ringer to join Steve NASH staff, I'm gonna be my heart will be broken. I've had enough. I've had enough pain in two thousand, when you don't do that as well. You remember at least one year I lie. I love your men were good doors. I get gonna see,
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