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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons talks about Celtics-Clippers (2:27) before sitting down with Mallory Rubin to talk NFL QBs, including Philip Rivers, Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, and Tom Brady (20:42), before Mallory’s Most Intriguing, in which she shares her top five story lines of the week, including this weekend’s NFC playoff implications, Chase Young’s return to Ohio State football, Astros SpyGate, and more (34:45). Then Bill and Mallory run through some Million Dollar Picks (1:02:35). Finally, Bill is joined by Amanda Dobbins to discuss the Apple+ flagship show, ‘The Morning Show’ (1:18:52).

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Far worse jet, I found order available now on Xbox, one p m for, and pc raided t, fourteen speaking of star wars, binge mode STAR Wars. That's the name of a park ass. We do at the Ringer Mallory when Jane Holy Shit. They ve done fourteen episodes. Already there diving throughout the star wars, movies and of the culture surrounded and they're doing a little man delorean as well. Call you tat, you re love that show so you love it. So it's like a nine out of ten for your appointment tv in their breakin that damned speaking to break it said the book. A basque about two point: five cast put up to on Tuesday both relate into James Hard and one was a pyramid podcast with Zack low. My and from rail and the other one was a reward troubles of the last three games of the teeth. Ass, twelve western fires mean Joe
who has broke down a surprisingly emotional and a poignant games. Specially with that with ok, see finishing off San Antonio, it seem like a passing the guard and then it was it. So you can listen to the book about what you put up ass, an apple Spotify, Google sticker. Where we ate your PA cast coming out. We have a whole but things happen in first, our friends were broken. I take place on Thursday afternoon pity last I went to clips Celtics it away. It's been a tradition of mine. It's actually seventeen years since I moved to LOS Angeles this week.
I moved here on November, sixty two thousand two. It was eighty degrees I There were four Jimmy Kimmel. Shall I rented a car at the airport at all my stuff? In it I drove to see him at his office was greeted by Corolla the sun was shining, I don't know what the hell is going on. I lived on the EAST coast, my whole life and obviously a big part of my life and Boston have been the Celtics. I had been going to sell the game. Since I was four years old, I wrote about the semi book my dad bought one season ticket when I was four years old is four dollars a game. The games from the seventy three seventy four season when the tale their year and moving tell I one of the hardest things for me was not going to solve the games. I went Million of them saw the entire bird era, saw the terrible Patino Emma Car the combat air with peers in and
It was just a huge part of my life and the South Ex Coopers games. I think I've been to every single one of them, except one is one I missed for work reasons, maybe three or four years ago unfortunate. But I been two sixteen and two seventeen since I moved here. And it was a really important thing for me- the first few years I moved there because I'd never lived in a place wasn't obviously new England. I never really not been around Boston Fence and except for- when I went to high school in Connecticut, and even then there was the vizir is always boss. Events ever move to allay their Boston transplants here, but you could do Celtics Cooper Games. Who was when they would come out because Celtics Lakes whose impossibly a Laker tickets clippers, especially two thousand two three four, their range very easily get tickets very available in this is before secondary markets, but the First South Cooper game. I went to
I was shocked by how many south expensive there, and it really was kind of emotional- was a holy shit like this. Green jerseys that fella goes home and I'm getting coopers season tickets does afore and it became a say game for me. I want to go every year and it just reminded me of you know thirty, two years in the EAST coast, for him with that, are so never expected that the clippers would become a contender, much less the best team in the league, which I think they are, and they have major major starpower, and I kept these tickets and kept and my time my friend who I share the tickets were those can give them up in o waiter, or it just seemed like the biggest ways to many of our time could not give them away to anybody. I mean literally anybody like the gardener, wouldn't take them. And then by Griffin showed I've got a little more fine. Chris Paul showed up at least they
relevant. There wasn't very funny Yes, but it was, they were competitive and there are some flash games that fight that then they choose Blake and it looks like they're going to rebuild and we are now. The secondary market are at where it's so easy to get clipper tickets, and then we start seriously thinking about you. We give these up again. Well, you know what happens next, they get Kawhi, they get Paul George, and Similarly, I think so. Yesterday I had a chance thanks to our friends at seeking to sit next to the subjects bench and I took my son. He had the seat next to the last guy on the bench. This is the first I might ever sat next to the parasite that I've I've sat court side before.
And it's a really weird experience, because you can hear every everyday there's amazing part, so you can hear everything that's within. I would say twenty feet, you you get a real fear. Further physicality is what really jumps out. I was lucky enough to say court side for a couple. The where's calves finals game. And talked about it. For the pod, but you see Le Brown on TV, verses, Leubronn in person and especially Leubronn twenty feet away from you, bang and into deeds. And he was to ensure Lady Patsy six foot, nine an intense and you just think, holy shit like that, these guys, I'm sure football the same way if he sought at a fair game viewer. You knows at the sidelines for Aims ravens on Monday night, their running a sweep dear dear side and supplies getting getting dilated and you'd, be like. Oh, my god, that's what it's like. See basque boner, that close with some of these deeds.
So the highlight of the game for a man from sit next to south expense other than when my son successfully pulled off an incredible handshake which, about a grain of their room, were proud of a terrible car get South x. It was a paw George. Basically, barrels in their dignity still call it pushes Africa. Member Dana task us find mocha come back. It leads to a three by the clippers comes back down Stevens two years like acquire boy, never gets mad follows the wrath from report all the way down to the baseline rain front of us any as hey neck. You thought that up and nectarines turns dragons Amity right for my son, and my son was like that was also discussed. Things could sore so yeah. So
Yeah we laughed and we went to get sushi and then, on the way home he was just imitating. Brad Stephen, so is great, but a great experience last date sounds clippers, felt like a playoff game and was incredibly intense and incredibly physical, and hit a point where I think both teams kind of realized. There was LISA Punchers chance they might be seeing each other again in June. I think the east is really wide open, and I think the ethics team is really good and whether they need to me trade or not is up for debate. I personally am not sure they need to make it chadian if their, if there's a spot, to improve its probably the Brad Wanna make her spot the backup point guard not on the positive. I would Similar plans series neither that's a pretty easy spot to improve their consensus that they need a big guy. Not really sure. That's true, because Daniel Ties is healthy. This year has been excellent.
No that's a weird thing here. I'm just tell you he's been really good and in her is a real handful for the coopers last night by way of second year, where he's pretty good he's is, at least you can. Why? I'm in a game like that and then can't there has been a bunch big games postmark. The point is the subjects are at deeper than people realize, even without Heyward, there really athletic, and they know what they're doing They can switch on defence. There really well coached. The shooting down of three he's in the hard to play this slashing kicks stuff there really really really relentless they brought out. I thought the best in the cookers and what we saw last night with the cookers departure Kauai thing we talked about on the paper, co the best money per in the league right now for the get the one guy you on the plants at least Paul George was attacked. Ten guy last year was an Mvp p candidate, even furlough bit
and we knew what it would be like when they were together that oh yeah, that's gonna incredible these two guys who can create their own shot and then guard wings and the other team at the highest possible level. There. That's gonna be ridiculous what we saw. Last night we saw you know, I've Tatum Brown on one end, who a talked about loaded on Tuesday. I think have been a revelation. This season. Jonathan sharks word about them on the Ringer day are really really really good. Two pairs already Tatum as somebody who can create its own shot and has had streets like a less. They were thinking like nineteen in the third quarter, seventeen and eighteen ankles Take over again jail and brown can't do that, but has a lot of similarities to work, or why was the first couple years of his career offensively like his death and getting better and better three point: shooters, better crash in the pain and again to the real all that stuff, but they're going it's Calliope George and
Co. Why? I would say: I've seen him person, four times got a real, close look at last night and I would say, he's eighty five percent. Eighty percent I don't think his legs Andrew except percent- maybe it never will be. I don't think it matters. I made the point. The day that he's kind of late night his balls, Michael Jordan S now where he understands his body what he can and cannot do he's playing at pace he's doing What he wants to do in a game at the speed that he wants to do it again Does it really matter that is eighty five percent Paul George looks great heating shit, that, while ass night, but but as to a whereas those guys are the standard fur wings so you had, this really should dynamic last they were, you have Tatum Brown who are still scratch the surface tat was, I think, what they can be and then Calliope
George or fully realise products and in their primes and was a little like watching. You know the the 12th graders on a high school team, going against the two awesome, tenth graders, who two years from now, are going to be running the high school, but right now or still have to get by the 12th graders. So you that dynamic. You had Patrick Beverly on one side of market smarter than the other, which was jesting outstanding, and Those guys were all over the place Beverly, really seem to take the Campbell Walker thing. Personally, there was a problem at all Why can we not have again, but around the third quarter, this game gods, Precompetitive, because both sides need nobody shower. The subjects missed out, say sixteen straight threes in the first quarter for first half third quartered started. It was odd. Tatum started cookin, clippers, and everybody adam- doesn't matter he's, making shots, clipper, stark and on the other side and Alice, and it became a game seven whose
incredibly intense, and it was really fun sitting on the badge watch. Listening to the guys who work plans interacting with the game and really lock Dan and want to make play well and the team the legs automakers their yellin incurred, a damn, Marcus all that stuff? And at one point: smart it now greatly have said a great Pickford. I kept my brow. Who got an open, jumper corporate time. And, as you said, the pic Marcus Wired is grim. That's a great back great yeah earth screen of so great great great great great screening stands up. Is young grades in a great waves and the team was really cough and I believe that they could win and then the Coopers Beverly just starts making threes, which they give us he never eat is been a brick ass this year, but he was awesome yesterday and
you see why the coopers are gonna, be so terrifying when we get to the plans of the keep everyone healthy because they put out. Paul George quite Herald. The new webs, so they have a screen. Well game with heroin lambs, which is probably the best screen all right out of anyone in the leg. Unless it's look at that church with fill in the back, you have but then you us quite who can get his shot now anytime. You want at the speedy once you have Paul George Shoes, average Torreon puts a game. Last year it's almost like an embarrassment, riches offensively and then defensive. We in switch with anybody, and they have to hide the waves or a bed. But the but quite impossible and even hair or so good at it running around in covering four people that that, in a matter in the south, in the last four minutes, just kidding get a good shot. They got
little bit swallowed up and now, as this is where the Heyward thing really comes in because Heyward was, in the best at anyone. The theme offensively forget her in a game like that, I think they would have run the offence through Heyward. Use combine off packs, try to post up Tatum and if you have If you have catered heyward and and Brown out there. At the same time do waves has the guard one of those three people and now would have been the mismatch, but they didn't have it they. Instead, they mark a smart out there. The point is this: one a way higher level of a basketball game than you normally it again in MID November. This felt like a game. Who had seen April or May. I am really bullish on the south. I think they have a chance to win he's tonight. I say that
not as a homer, just as somebody who's watched all these basketball games, I'm always the scattered about when the Celtics don't have. I think this team is really good really dangerous and really hard to play and Importantly on defence, they can get stops, and even last night the clips really had to make a couple of shots just to keep that game go in their way, around her side. We are now looking at a situation where Coopers Lakers in the play off. If everyone can stay healthy, which is a big if I still have real doubts about Davis being able to stay healthy for eight months, but the key immigration Davidson, the briar right now overpowering they ve been just to really really physics. Guys who know what the fuck there do it and the supporting does, is not great, but whatever I dont odyssey. Dont know if it's gonna matter, because you're gonna see in the play apps games like the one we watch last state where you have to.
Teams that know how to defend that. No every single play the other teams gonna run, and it comes down to actually physic physicality talent, knowhow, savvy and the Lakers this is gonna, be absolutely incredible. A really has a chance to be the best plaster in a few years, I I thought rock warriors as dramatic as this is where I never really file it felt like those two teams brought the best out of each other. I think the best series of this decade- and we talked about this in the book of Basque, what back as from just a pure basque boss, Point was spurs in Oklahoma City just I'm, a pure all people on the four who could score and player. Each other and the defence, I was being played them, let us examine the contrast of the old school, spurs against this nuth, a new type of thunder team was really great. I think clips Lakers could be
He really really really great. If everybody can stay healthy and then you look at the east, these is going really fine, because failure Chile is a really goofy roster asthma. Goddamn, Balzac, loaded areas, paean, that has so much tat, you have to take them seriously, not sure they're well coast. I don't think they are, but they still to be taken. So they have indeed- and if you Adam Bede and again, my glass that nobody in the coopers would have been of a garden. There would advise you back. The box. Have the honest thing: but Watchin the coopers and how they could play defence last night. I just think they would ino if the box, add to the final did against the clippers. I just think they would be able to take out your address and make it really hard for him to do what he does. Toronto knows what they're gonna do, but I think they're really good in has been and I'll be guy and then my aim is as a trade to make and Boston Heyward come back,
They have only lost three games and really shouldn't have lost through them. I felt like they should one. Last night, the referees richest terrific they had their chances and it was a fifty fifty game either team could one they're gonna be in the max so but I thought it was certainly the best clippers ethics game. I've seen added seventeen years that I've been Albania from from a talent standpoint from an intensity standpoint. It was just really great, it really was and it was great said they're my son got into it is where the Celtic Jersey soon five of the couple, the players, and the really cool experience, but I do Would it be shocked if the these teams play one more time Abbas than I would not be shocked if this ended up being the files we'll take a break
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Last week we had, we had A with my wife was above the now and actually so few Jones we watch was the holiday and sky far both up there. Now why we're gonna, bring it out the mother dragon? Syria, I Mallory his hair. She does marries most intriguing just about every week here in the last absurd of each week, allow heading into the NFL weekend bad news for you. What it's a Lamar Free zone this week, you now to mention. One week would know them. I must again that's it. I dont need to mention them. Get bigger. He's are always at my heart. Yet in me the mind your emotional lush, you brought him up. I just said never mention the other. He does have became yesterday
snap Manila. You fear the worst for if you had to rank the queue bees that you would feel bad for sure, Briski Jared Gaff, Philip Rivers, just in general. Who do you feel bad for this as a human being? Who has empathy? or any of them would be. The top umbrella sets topic Eli, I think Eli yeah. This is great. It's just. Would you want to know how bad sign you wanna go out? You know so occurs when, when you said rivers and sort of made me think about not being able to maybe stage the graceful exit that you want at the end, and I dont know if it's the end for Philip Rivers, but but the point in the season multiple picks, not laying, while not able to lead the final, DR, where you have to lease wonder and then
think about the guy, who hasn't even been able to make it this far into the year, his eternal peer and Comp Eli Manning but TAT, and then ruthless, sugar I'd, be. I will not tell me, I will never say, go bad verbally. I'm saying what I am saying that draft suggests a class just got ended the wall. You know we were in the era of the the eternal quarter Bacchus as as Kevin Clark likes to say, you know the idea of sort of the ageless wonder at the most important position and sports and that still true in some ways. Obviously your boy Tom Brady out there forever breeze just the tv, twelve diet and nothing else, keeping them strong, nothing else, nothing else. It all seemed to lose your life, but the movement is upon US citizen can. Let's talk about the all time Q bees who were accused of having pities meant that there has to their wife's name
because he's down on that list. Well for twenty, your favourites bar stories, isn't it Phil Rivers, second in passing, arts, sure Phil, Rivers, fifteen touchdowns, Phil Rivers, fourteen pact here, You watch last couple games. Some of the worst throws. They dad that past had ended: I was going that's on Monday night cause. I was going, it's kinda down a fantasy need one more point: there going down the field, I lose my mind suffrage, Gimme, the king, now crossing rap for the tv, so each struck a right to the chiefs. It was supposed to be one of those corner laughed pass away. No laughed just right through the guy. There are too many thrust him. The last couple weeks, where it's much easier to tell which defenders in the proximity of the ball than which often supplier on his own team, would be the intended tart
So I still say of the names you throughout that I guess I would pick biscuit. I do feel for biscuit. Who should not be a starting quarterback in the fell? Really sad, though, it's crazy about that rivers and the last one was Winston through the eggs, that same interception, brain and the exact I am sorry, the fields in the exam same way, but make Evans was the guy and MIKE was so mad after I've. Actually that I was getting bigger story. He like had attention after you screaming at reference what're you doing, we throw that. We had no chance at it. It seems I gets done for rivers that I wonder like if it had been the rivers for from two years ago had different their record would be because this has been multiple times that this is part of the two. Is you look ahead to what the future is trying to draw fans heading into a new stadium, trying to establish a footprint in the city to good luck for good luck, sure, but also knew the easiest path to being able to do that? As a young quarterback deplore excited about, so that's at some point and it does have to be
Then they start to think about, especially you know. Obviously, the quarterback losses. What can I give you less than it was before the two ends? You're, obviously, which is that of setting thing, but you're still heading into a couple consecutive elite, quarterback classes and the draft. Can I give you this above all rivers place? I have said this before I'm still in wild point. She retires at the end of this year, which I will never tell anyone orator if he does huge went for us as football fans from a television analyst standpoint, I think he could immediately be good interesting. I thought you were gonna say something completely different. I thought you were gonna say say: the NFL needs its version of Braun and what I mean by that, obviously not a skill. Cobb I'd stick around long enough for one of your children to join you, though it amended now and farmers has enough children. I wasn't errand boy, it's possible, you know one of them as a chance.
You would be a great broadcaster. I think he has Roma potential. I think their different than the Roma's, probably funnier, but forever This kind of what without five would have had a chance to be before we realise five I think, had taken too many heads. The key difference between Roma, just the charm factor again, is eminently likeable and charming. I think I'll l, a silver is fine. And has had an extraordinary and if all career, but I don't think he's somebody that a lot of people like but here's. Why date? Because of stuff? He does on the field yeah, and when he gets mad it Ralph, Sir others receivers or whenever you don't think he would bring that same brownrigg. No nine to the booth cause he's a really get interview anything if you're really good anyway, you're gonna be a get analyse, seemingly never dull. Let's try yeah he's he's always has good soundbites he's, always thoughtful, and I think he could be really good at. I think the best thing about him in a booth, in addition to justify Q, is that he'd be completely on afraid to ever piss anybody.
A flag right, not to care if a judgmental thing that he says about a coaches, game plan or some he says about the officials or even in a player- is good- maybe make its way back to that person and then causes shitstorm firm. He shouts those things to people's faces right now routinely, including isn't it makes about that of feeling. I agree with you if you flip them for Bradshaw right now, that's a better show! I mean the boy sure thing is just cause. You got about a up that you mean Bradshaw, gave up. Two weeks ago I was watching the ended. Their thing has made any picked it up bad just getting. He picked a tea, I am against another team, but they weren't playing each other out.
This is like the only part of the segment. All you do is remembers pick. You didn't have any empathy as somebody who can never remember where game is being played now now you guys, like that's my kin right. There is very freely the liquor. The guerrillas rubber, whose play a home Patrick, were homes for em VP. Are you trying to piss me off immediately now? You know that my answer is that large accidents lay the envy of the national for Bali. I know he is, and I would like to mention him, so he, I guess I'll have to say the only to pull Voldemort national. No, I'm just doing this. You must not be name you, Oh who Lamar, everyone has now decided the Mars envy paeonies natural, but we ve six weeks left or five weeks to buy books, five except you. This is we twelve year, twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen. Sixteen seventeen
weeks left Lamar is minus one ten. So, basically about a hundred you better genuine hundred, even that CAT Russell Wilson, plus one eighty MA homes as plus a thousand ten to one tat Land groundwork out about Watson, what's in it, fifteen one Rogers fifteen one Prescott, twenty one. Nobody else is every bit, as is the case. Mom's she's, actually having a really good statistical sees it. I think he's nineteen tidies into pixies. In shouting distance of urban from yardage that team is probably has a chance to win their probably a ten when team, but there's a door open where he just gets hot down the stretch, and they went straight any ends up and at some point three weeks from now people go hey. I can't Panama homes when the big. As you know, it's all about the narrative,
So could he get hot? Yes, he could get hired. He is, I think, a victim new brought up the idea of the narrative, the ftp. I think that this actually look at similar to a college. Football come to Heisman Voting former home, specifically because I think that interlock, when he was putting up astonishing numbers at Stanford was in college is safety. Sandra lucky on his mind, ass yet get his. He did the council out a good bye return of certain amendments of money out of it at some point, you set the bar so high through the sheer force of your own achievement.
They are not actually measured against. Your competitors are measured against your self and your own history Lebron James vent their yeah, and so that's that's what my homes vows, what walk the the hurdle that he couldn't clear and ways hawk about the idea of a repeat heightened when are obviously locked did not win, but guys who managed to win. We swung to seeing sophomores win, we used to be impossible. Wrench freshmen can nay, then get another one. There always measure against what they did the year that they won and it becomes basically impossible. So the homes shatter all these records last year establish a template for what he is able to do and that's the thing he's gonna be measuring, hasn't he's not gonna meet he's not gonna come close to meeting those,
worse, five games left home for opened win at New England potential like they win, thirty eight to thirty or something, and he has an awesome game and that's when the narrative would start home for Humphrey at Ashikaga home for the chargers, their seven in for. Twelve is not like unrealistic. Try, I'm just trying to figure out soon. We will be in the makes, if I think of other people fall off. Was only last week at a world in which Lamar does, when everything is here's the Mars lass law. A couple. A few really tough games come out right. Furthermore, as the Rams Niners Bills Ministry and have my favorites in Allay Montana Football Home San Francisco.
A buffalo and then home jets actually went home Pittsburgh, which last three a little easier, but he's got six left the next three games or against strong differences so that a huge task if he comes out of that stretch still as the leader, I think it is and if he'd stumbles, I think it will be in these Ex three weeks. The think the difference the biggest ever Smee between this Raven seem Andy prior, even stands, obviously actual biggest differences that Lamar some most electrifying player in sport up, but the other differences that you have confidence going into the games that they when that they will win them running away, which was not true. Even for Plath teams under Flacket was always maybe I'll make an even earlier. The season was into the brown right. So I look at the end of the season. I don't have quite the terror that I typically would around those division games. Next week's it I can't leave mighty morn way, wanted a switch and nurse. However, I am not doing that was nuts
Out raising just push, this is fucking bullshit. It's a why it's not true, and I won't let you or anyone else I just I read it on the internet. Tear this ravens, A brilliant everyone on the internet, a shrill get her out of here the deal many Tom Brady concerns as. Not as somebody in the ravens whose hoping that he's washed up, but as somebody a neutral server wondering why the patriots are better. I will only arrive at that point. If he's playing this way in the play off until then, I have no concerns. I just don't think it's. It's a healthy mental exercise to delude yourself into believing that Tom Brady might actually be at the point of decline as a fan of imposing team you that that way,
madness and heart ache. I won't do it, I won't do it would take a break. Think about Mars. You demonstrate Pepsi takes all NFL celebrations. The next level, it's a hail, married touchdown and offensive stop on the Golan or a super bowl win when it's time to celebrate its time to crack open a Pepsi as I mentioned many times in this back ass, my favorite celebrate or ever was Billy white shoes. Johnson, who invented the hold the ball up. His head and wiggle his legs back and forth after scored fashion as a little kid? I was dying to see this any time they broke into a game bite you Things arouse locate were that. The alley passes the Hare Eric Armrests. What you know that his those wide receivers? Six eight and it was regional la pass into the corner, but it actually work has guy was afoot tower than other offensive backs and it was like brilliant and those who are too.
Everything's outlived watch anyway, God Buzz Billy. What use Johnson Pepsi the official sponsor of the NFL, reminds you to hours, be selling Ok, we got lots and I said why actually, Inter number five this week, which is a college football in Madrid, state on, and also a shame on the inside, a item chase young men return for Ohio state this weekend after his criminally absurd suspension chase young for anyone doesnt know, including so the person during this past with island. We know that chasing story, he's back getting yards? The austrian defensive
and four Ohio state, I think in terms of talent, just pure talent, so the difference between a big born in a mock draft cheetah number one player in the draft that doesn't mean you will go number one, because I think it's safe to assume the Joe borrow, whichever quarterback ends up being top of the quarterback class, will grow number one to the mangles, but provided that things play out as they are currently playing out and in a cuban class. This loaded, and with this many times tanking and needing to reset it quarterback heresy, court, Ratko Atop. The draft think there's really really good chance. Situation goes number two. Certainly that he's can be the first fire taken other than a quarter of an hour or two would be the Redskins, while women plenty of time for another team to get in there on vat teams, but will say or offer, whichever teaming up a tutor trip back the most likely the team training up one quarterback he this is the game to tune in a watch. Him Ohio, state, Penn, state battle of two top ten.
James, big Ten showdown college football play off implications or house. It is currently ranks second, in the top for in the play off MAX chase. Young was suspended on this actually the same day that initially James Weissmann from Memphis before he ended up, saying fuck, I'm playing and then was leader subsequently deemed ineligible. They were initially deemed an eligible under the same day, and it was just this moment, whereas a college or Spaniards say how is it possible that we're still here that the anti exists in this fashion is why I don't care about college anything. It's it becomes very challenging. It becomes harder Young guy in trouble for a family friend giving him money so that he could buy his girlfriend a plane ticket to watch him play in the rose bowl last season. That's what this was about. He paid the money back still had to sit to
it's ridiculous, some other than watching him to support him and show your disdain for the interior and the continued mishandling of amateurism witches. A blight on our supporting society He is one of the most talented cultural players baby in the history of time, and I It sounds like, but it's true, so you could just look at it from the house. They perspective as a starting spot, who were the last couple: a high state, defence events. You got your actual high, the poster brothers right, Joey and then neck he's acting is better. Both of them he's just somebody bottle. Actually written answer those a brother to yourself to a few minutes. The size speed come now. I fear I've seen Penn State by the sheer there you go. I watched a game there. Us while they're gonna Oda they're gonna, have a that's right? Oh my god, by phrase ratings user will be so delighted to hear that we watch it as an Ebay, Fleck Fan, Penn State almost came back. The quarterback wasn't quite good enough. That's cracked chase young is gonna, be
That's my college lance exactly right Bell. I got news for you, your own, addressed by the prince. They call regular rivers, they move your honor Clifford you're on it immediately. I think the pensioners can have an immensely challenging time, and I think also this is gonna, be a statement game for chase young worries coming back and think is the thing is he. Actually in here was having a tire, Matthew, honey, badger and data, can sue kind of defensive player cultural policies and were so so dominant that he'd actually made its way into the highest control. Conversation wishes, you know by unusually, might seem irrelevant, but really dot is a testament to what your achieving ass, a defensive player and There was a moment I believe you are three. We shows a few weeks ago aware Pierre Fasts, MIKE Runner, known also on this package as the final one on the bachelor s. Wrote a piece about how, in the entire history of Pierre fast tracking cultural players, they never had so upgraded as high as chase young. He was actually breaking their metrics like using short.
I shall in great start scouting much of CHE defensive talents. It'll be great, Overmatch PS, you quarterback, financing, return of psychosis them anywhere it would lose their kosher. What do you do and James Franklin Come on you can either ends is either and see their proper paternal corpse Gibbs. Mercifully they were the chart with each awkward merciful tuna cupboard before yeah asterisk bag. It yeah this. Just an unbelievable thing. I've been I've been following in ITALY, and I and there there's a new update, Rob Manfred does go. Look at the last reasons. One limiting this ago great two doesn't seventeen ninety thousand nineteen cheaters, but with my managers about why?
marriage or started it. This is one of the things about the story that makes it really worth tracking of your invested in baseball at all the the net CAS. Pretty far you know you have your involvement cause people leave every year in baseball, like MIKE fears was one of the one that's where he went on the record. Fireside inadequate tyres are yeah and what it could Carlos Beltran in his introductory press conferences, mats manager happy answer questions about this. You know I hate tv sets out loud, but my Orioles you're. My Goliath was a member of this asteroid run as well as this decade to be involved in some sort of cheating scandal. What what are you talking about The best thing that happened, loyal mistakes, the best thing that happened to the Orioles this decade wasn't having the best record and fuckin baseball for five years. Now. When was that what are you talking of have years, how many preference enough
I sometimes in the military realisable staring into the distance thinking about sweeping the tigers. You swept the tigers Remember that congrats sake, It is great one day- you know time you wanted to spend three hours talking to me about the Orioles beating you Darwish in the air wildcard game. I'd be high, be delighted to what members still the best boarding experience my life bill. So asters thing would be like if we retain the ringer package that work- and we were just completely cheating and downloads, and other producers in the host do. But then people are leaving for different, jobs at some point it's gonna come out and with this baseball thing, so many People are involved what the fuck thinking, how did they not think this was gonna, come to the analogy, even further to account for the bald faced nature of it, because the way that so there was the camera pointing at the capture the trash
broadcasting to feed into the way behind the dugout and then saw if someone watch not monitor, saw that in Austria picturesquely they wouldn't being the trash can lead so the equivalent of download analogy would be like Kyle say. Hang on MIKE T other blanket intact in here this how member that yeah, I mean it's just the audacity of what they were doing. We just had a in the players into. Doesn't it in the egg? Is manager got air booger testy with the US, and then they were like we ve settled at add a mean anything by a but clearly the Mps were obsessed with this during their series. While it's it's been, it's been pretty pervasive for the Ashraf last year's mean. Obviously the guy who was
kicked out of the camera well yeah against the socks. This was those last policies in, and you know even things like the number of pitchers who they face. This pussies in class now is one example. Who was they ve tipping the pitches and Ragman pleasantly Ashura. Where were you could see clearly how they are communicating about now? That is obviously different. That falls under basically acceptable, sanctioned that son of a spy crafted that pointed to your ability to capitalize on a mistake that year you're competitors making right it's within the bounds of the band. A camera and centre feel less about better relaying through real, but has not advanced gates were that's that legal, it's against its against rule. Implementing a lot of Caesar and could they stripped. The title of this
That is really bad. I dont think that that can be amazing passport. The Ringer baseball crew editors, writers are actually talking about this today. I don't think, there's a verse manner now, but I don't think there's a version of this road get any kind of com for like U S using the title, Reggie Bush losing Iceman. I don't see anything like that happening, but I think the fines are definitely coming. I think the real Russia as well. They lose draft picks. You know what is the cause of the finest suspicions or currency shit. What I mean when we talk about is everything. Apologies of anyone else mentioned this. You're, the anniversary of the day connecting blackjacks- and this is probably the biggest baseball team scandal that actually affected when in losses we ve had. I dont know I long time. I dont think that this will come close to approaching how people feel about the stair IRA. You know
but everyone was doing the stare at air wall. I guess one of the questions are everything has deal you know and that's. That is one of the things that I think is facing Manfred and one. One of the reasons that he may be will be more inclined to make some sort of example. Out of them. You know if, if the concern is that there is some sort of creep with these practices, because again completely are understood to fall within the confines of acceptable sportsmanship in practice, if you're runner and second base- and you see what sign the catchers putting down and get off your batter- that's part of it, but when you bring electronics into a when you bring tack into it, when you violate an actual rule decision, I want to do those things it's beyond the pale at that point, and then the thing with the ash rose I mean this is obviously this is completely completely different. Actually, dont want to make the comparison to what happened during the post season. We their assistant, GM, who was eventually fired at young animals for that's different, but all of you kind of can't help but say it. Does she, like every few weeks are few months there? Some new story with the ashes and others
this pal. You know hanging over the organization and then you have something like this week with the owner meetings going on and didn't Jim crane the ashes owner. Refusing to answer questions about this and report surfacing virtual, but he's Pino using a police escort to get past or scrap of reporters? And if the reporters feel at the hotel management is threatening to take them out of the hotel there there to cover their do their jobs, you don't certain points like we're, whereas the accountability for any of it and that I think, almost more than the transgression itself becomes the thing that people rightly focused on, whereas the accountability, The counter grave cut clip this one Kyle. Could this is long gone rights of Pakistan and this point, while calling your shot like Babe Ruth, I kind of like it. We needed a villain. I hate the asteroids there any sooner clubhouse thing in this cheating thing. Now, it's like I just
I'm glad we have villain back. I hate the Yankees, The Yankees are leg the roster they ve ambled vows drilling I hate, Aaron Judge. It is hard to get it. Really hard to hate Torres leg. I hate it because the way uniform, but I dont disliked the there's they have. You noticed like the players on the ashes either I may do there actually enters a man a man's asters. I think this is fun. I think baseball is so freaking boring unless you're really into it die hard or fancier whenever, but nobody is about other teams based biologist care by granting and now I care about the asked rose and them going down. They become the patriots. Of measures will be needed.
A really good piece about that Michael Batman, furthering our recently. The idea that part of, if you again, if you're, not in Ashraf Fan Euro invested in their success in any way part of what is so galling about this is the greed ray It's like the hubris aspect of it and there's so they're, so ready and willing to kind of boast and peacock and puff their chests about how smart they re were better it this than you, and so there is a lot of money by no more what it was. I want God, Astro BAR he had been writer but yeah. There is something satisfying about seeing that kind of smog approach come back and white. I agree with that by the end of their love watching baseball, I love watching George Springer and whose out to Bay and bred man in Korea Berliner I'd I'd thy love washing
Peter and Cheater machinery and the other cheater cheater you're, just angry- that the Red Sox are going to train Muky bats handling your dismay wherever it again. Oh, I dont support wholesale cheating. You do you think it's a good thing. You know, I think it's a good thing that we have a villain yeah. I, like that, there's bad guys back by Miss after having a bad guy baseball. Now it's like every time we can make me you to do is get to flip all this. That people did with the pats, never proved by the way, my god I mean is that about one guy now that one year nature is found and be saying. One game broke rule paid the press reports prostate. That first just gave no seven Sorry about that here. Our first run pick one game: asters did it for three straight years: garbage cans. Paint chipper of was the garbage. Getting is really unbelievable.
There are some great in anybody hasn't seen it. There's some great clips. Google S go online people who spliced together footage from the games where this is happening and you'll have you know the left pan of the video will be the pitcher you'll, see that the change job or some sort of Oscar pitches coming and you will hear as the catch is putting down the sign in the battery is getting ready. You will hear this banging its there's nothing sallow, and that is all for summer. Three number three were behind schedule that I'm sorry it's my fault shy of fire, but our number three. Would this disc move very quick one pop culture, one the watchman really enough secure now? Are you watching for the number two? While I give you ten second sales pitch their? You should be watching because it is, I think, a really also season the season clause, which so far really remarkable example of the way to continue revisiting IP
Finding that connective tissue to a thing that exists already the people, love and also establishing a totally new footprint in a totally new thing, and I think that I love this on the show. I think that's me way through the seas and in particular, and lost the writing team, just Jensen which, if your loss fan it's like so cool, to see him making something his loss. Columns were like part of how I got into all of this. In the first place. Court Jefferson really interesting writers room the ability to say this, isn't just a remake of the movie. It's not just or the faithful adaptation of the comic we're gonna connect back to those things he already invested in and then build this whole new world and put a modern span with the issues and themes of the day, the matter to you as a person watching it. Now I think it's Some really really smart and really well done in the world is completely immersive check it out those in ten seconds unless you're gonna. Until you watch the affair, I will watch this it's all my dvr of that the billing purse- I've taught by their further
a mob Mozilla. There were seized, it encounters everywhere. Riyadh demanded island, is coming up in a second words are by the morning showed the second Mars season of tv I watched while- and we are now entering the phase of peak bad tv cause those too were I conical awful. The affair is a spoke about and I can't wait for you to watch texted me all weekend with the photos from the shall be lived texting you may updates. As I watch I recently was going through my camera. Actually, I saw I came across the like eighty five pictures of cabin Costner. My realisable, transfer for love and the game you're not doing any member to deal. Will the pass interference replay.
Continue to be one of the defining things of the seas and in the worst possible way like its easily read the boy with it, where there's absolutely no chance that it gets better. There are now saying that we have the same problem. The added these just challenges, and it just made the sport more confusing. There's one the sought, the coop again must ass. They sucked fucked it up, and it's like Now we're delay the game even more we're not even getting this right when we do it right. So, what's really the thing with the pass interference situation somehow, instead of facing the problem, they convey compounded in and made it worse still not getting the calls right in the first place, but now that you're not getting them right on review, which you now we're all people sitting there watching the replayed sixteen times at home. At that point- and there is absolutely no justification for not get in the car to the point where we ve kind of end-
third mass conspiracy culture with this, as yet as football fans. Where does God of hard, not a wonder if the rapture doing this as a deliberate fuck you for the policy being introduced in the first place or if they kill Jeffrey Epstein? You know every now and then scroll through your twitter and like one of the villages, for my personal exercises like how many tweets between each other into it way? Will it be more than six? What's the over under on how far I have to scroll to get to the next? What was my first tweets since substance? The incomes of recent, an upstanding, like two days together. Even a guy he's still alive, isn't like buckskin guy up, I mean murdered. Maybe I'm gonna. I fully support the Epstein conspiracy culture, but go ahead with the past interference thing in the morning. Humphrey Hopkins play.
Was the big one from last weekend that really lead to. Would you up, nor due to beat them by twenty five? Twenty seven, no step is exhausting pie. It was passer variants, guess so s pretty much. Every body whose interviewed about this, which speaks in a sternest way possible about how broke in the system is, and it should become, a complete embarrassment for the spot, where the credibility is on the line in every minute role. It back. You know, where is the one your trial is ended. Early doesn't seem like is any maize and Clark we're talking about this on the rifle show earlier in the week? There's no, it doesn't seem like there's a way forward, so let's just concede defeating go backwards right, so here's the problem. There's no commissioner Roger DO, though, is basically like a ghost ship. How many times have even heard his name in the past year or two
where's, he stays out. Everything now will use his whole job is to intervene with stuff like this. He supposed to protect the good of the game for both sides right administered. But he works for the owners, but he supposed to protect both sides This is something that is, as you said, everybody's like this broken. So where is it? While you know he was an advocate for the real change in the first place, the leader of the charge were champagne, and obviously because the all of this stems on one hand and the ram since game last year, because he wanted to reflect the fact that they should fucking won the game anyway, blue at nine other ways. But thirty one and thirty two voted in favour of thing at it. At that actually makes it more remarkable is just more notable that we ve swung back quickly and that fully to the point where, whether its Hopkins sending the tweet that he sent after the game, you know I will let's see what it is,
he said as a leader in the end, a foul, we need someone new in New York deciding calls like. That's. That is pretty intends thing to say. Any coach whose interviewed, even you know, kings very, was one of the rare coated with one one of the issues, and He was he was stunned and when, when when he was asked about it after the game, he was desi like. I can't believe that actually worked. Is that the point where it's the rule is actually? implemented in a way that leads to the crack outcome. Is astonishing to people I dont know helping got there, it's there's no leadership at all. It was poorly thought out and they haven't stuck with it and it's a huge waste the time and it seems like a spare see they have worked commercials interesting conspiracy to have more. I just think that
the games to be longer than he is in their interest at the gratings dont go down when the games or longer and all these sports are trying to figure out ways to make the games go longer. Prove me wrong and you out ok What's funny about this, whose, like the Cooper something scammers, so they must win five challenges. You know have fucking boring. It is when you're at the game, pace of life, suicide disaster. There was one thing: was seven minutes and they're just plain music and at one point the fence started booing Susan Awesome Erin really. Can we please see ya some game again. The difference there with the end, if L is that, I think most fans are in favour because of the way that replay has long been used in the sport of being able to review things if it actually,
leads to getting the call right like nobody was like. Oh I'm old enough to remember all my grandpa before your time. You were born yet Houston Pittsburgh or there should be Pittsburgh that year they get screwed up. My grand fro incompletely was touchdown ran and that's when this tat was the genesis above, this is actually swung, swung the Superbowl that that you know what that that's. The other thing like we ve been so honest for Bob Hand, football fans in this just sort of constant existential dread over one is a catch yeah and adding more aspects of the game into that bucket, where one alleyway, what is pass interference, as is not something that we should be questioning, there's always gonna, be a bit of subjectivity, of course, that the nature of the sport,
will not actually setting robots out there to call balls and strikes or to officially a games. That's now, there's not currently a sensor, the Tipp of the ball for football. Maybe the role why, while human errors are part of the game, there some degree as a fan of of accepting at, if not embraced, here's the stiffer because you're you are reviewing it you're, sending it to other people to say, get this right and are not doing it. The funniest thing about this is there so meticulous about this part, and then you watch how they do first downs and there stood if I did it and making ten right in these guys. I think it was here that put the ball down and ignore the Bahamas. There was six sixty back it's stupid anyway. Next one last month, Trance very bad number, one huge weekend for the and F plan pecking order, Yeah we had illegals is
the milliner pact. We had handful against Packers Niners there. Suddenly football, certainly one of the gains of the day, Cowboys pats. Obviously, that's a good one for the cowboys, because the eagles are while they are struggling. They are not out of it yet in the Cowboys to continue to try to separate the division. Word of other concur that through the milliner pics, yes, I figured you lose The airline ethics and a half years it should be like three enough: that's the tested a season so far for Jack you now, as he creeps into the unviable. Conversely, trilogy secondary chasing that camp that that contract he's from playing sure Nerli well, Riley Maxie run a grey peace for the ringer about how he's the analytics darling of the season. I pay the passing the path second areas, but the pet secondary has Nedda face a team that had three risk where's playing while at the same time might this for as long as Cobb is gonna stand the field. I liked your suggestion on Sunday about just putting carbon ice until you need em. Keep me Jesse
yes sending him away. I like that yeah right, I'm Randal COM is one of my needs. This person and fantasy base is a horizontal year. I just can't resist. There's gotta be weeks. I caught him Reggie in the first three years of the BS back ass back, it has been agreed, is kept calling Reggie for some reason. Just cause you weren't want Kentucky Games around and when he was in college football turn you into enthusiastic cultural ball consumer one of these days, I'm gonna throw me the greatest, even in my life we need with the see. We need somebody to lose a dumb game, so we don't. You know the six pack teams, Arcas rain outside the five plus right
ruins between Thou Scibili more you had done last soon, the rams against the Ravens, the eagles against the Seahawks, even like the Panthers and their game. You have a lot of teams right now that are still in it, but really need wins, can't afford to many more losses, and so those games are insisting to wash one of the things that I am really intrigues by with e packers. Niners game is, as you know, I think all of us have spent all seas and talking about the vikings as the wildcard team, but that's the papers drop this game right. They were it's completely within the realm of possibility that the Viking can still take the division in the packers could fall down to the wild Carter. I think also just see the play collar match up and I came with low floor and Shanahan is just supervision. This will give honoured. I was under the pact or scheduled thinking same thought. I could actually far the plan. Could this be a spiral their next year at the Giants home
washed in and then their home for Chicago, yet they have a favourable slate fattening soda at the trade, so there get in that's happened there yeah, but it's it's still a question of of whether they could find the wild card. Yet potentially, but I was, I think it more like. I wonder if they could actually farther class but doesn't happen. We're. Gonna, do million our pace right after the break Ok, everyone loves a gift that they can feel good in and good about all birds, stylish comfortable sustainably. You can't go wrong, streamlined design, Birstall. You know you look great. Any time you lay some up becoming a wide range cars. Inspired by nature, a variety of silhouettes. Keep you look in your best and would ever situation find yourself in the solid season Ladys the tree. Razors. I knew go to fats, they'll have you feel at the ballot box the holiday Party. Meanwhile, the wool runners which are made from Zeke you, Sir five marina well, we'll be stay. Warm weather
in connection with puddle guard, who have be stay prepared through winters unpredictable, whether you know not only are these comfortable as Hell but I love that they ve created all these new words puddle guarded missile, yeah, to all birds group, just adding stuff dictionary? What a brand all birds, the perfect give to make the holidays little more comfortable forever and on your list, give the gift of comfort, saudi season or get a pair for yourself at all birds, ok So we d military tax barriers can join for this one. Last, I was down like one point: seven million that's a bad luck with two big bets friend, as often happens of gambling. Did the hail Marian Pats money lie on three April Three, nine. When one point seven five, once again,
recurring theme of the last two decades me examining the patriots bailed be out. It should continue to do it. I'm happy for you back to even a cat cited for the stretcher and have some really nice that's flutter pressure. I don't think I've ever once. Given you good gambling do not he's gonna bounced of Africa mentioned, even though people wool, so this big task right people here this until late tonight. The court's game were to happen. I love the colts tonight. Ok, Bob I already got Annapolis calls three and a half your adopted tee. I liked the kid webs so people this is now the laugh if he has sixteen Russia's for ten yards, but I think I think they're gonna be fine. I think they could be viewed. Half waiver pecking one, my legs and I picked him up. There was good. He was good last. We actually need to make sure right now ass, we're talking that he's a my line up yonder,
I'm not doing anything with the paths as weak. As I said earlier, the line is the line is too high? Ok, there's six, thereby favorites I dont totally get at the office. Does not look good I think those can rush. Radio bet should be able to run with Zeke empowered on the Patsy to control the game. I think this is a really winnable game for Thou ass. I did the cope with pats went but ah, but I'd this scares me for allotted for reasons ass. I think boy. This makes me nervous to say this. It hurts my soul. I think there's gonna be some cowboy feds there. Oh interesting now We must make sense. I prefer the secondary market too. These there's a ladder like Dallas Giants, fans Dallas never plays in New England and highlight There's gonna be like fifteen thousand douse Vance Arabic fifteen thousand ideal having to be like twenty percent
the only spread around, but they'll be there. Why health questions monitor for the cowboys renown bite? It seems, like that's all trending in their favorite CN media reports to certainly change in the back after the week here, but it seems like it seems, like mine, Cooper De Marcus, Laurens Collins or all probably gonna be fit enough to play. So I like the cowboys I like them too, and that putting the mink Ozanna bedding and supports the main topics, so we're not we're staying away from that. Here's who, like fairer for wheat twelve, can it's it's nice to be back by the way with no pressure of being down first, one yeah. I just think Seattle. This scares me because it's too obvious I dont like that the line at Seattle plus one- I don't understand- why see out, does not a three point favoured in this game?
can't imagine anybody betting on filling in this game from what we see in the last couple weeks, while making a face wore I'm just particularly confounded by it with the sea hawks coming off by so you have that Fillies receivers are just awful yeah terror mean offer today the last couple, couple quarters that game they whence had nobody throw do other than decorative just double teams accurate. I dont Lanes I assume, is coming back, but the numbers of when he disappears are alarming. Yes and just don't think they're that good honestly, I really doubt and didn't the paths played while last week and they still you no one, not convincingly by
They want on the road that they gave up ten points, so levels are home and the Seahawks have been involved in ITALY are close games. That's the explanation here. I think so. From a dvd, a giveaway standpoint, the advance metrics Sierras AIDS. Phyllis tenth and I do think there is a time and Debbie away didn't factor into the lions, but now they do- and I do think people look at that, but what we'll get is it says filling has the eleven ranked outfits which I'm sure they do, but I dont think if you just the ranking offices right now. They would not be in the top ass. Well I mean it's a lot of earlier production. There probably skews, though, loss to shun Jackson's. The injury, Jeffreys Bang DAB Aguilar hasn't pass regular at USC shouldn't play. I feel bad for him. I thought you said when he was in college Just then, if he's looking caveats, cholera, Pope over of of the US and Jeffrey
either he's not going to player if he does play he's gonna, just bead limping around like Fred Sanford, you don't really. I do see arrows gate and if you look at Seattle week by week, they ve just pulled out close game over and over and over again, I like the idea, I guess eagles often there's been a little bit of YO inverse correlation between the path, the receiver, health and production. Dipping butter running backs figuring out a little bit. Yeah Mack Ass last couple weeks has been through effect, Wilson Stone the imperious that that that's gonna. In fact, there are two trends. The other thing is, talked earlier about the inner see it doesn't, need the game now then, either there Arms race was San Francisco seems to discuss playing green bad, actually like green vacuum that can bet on them. They have a chance to leap Frog too
the number one spot if they win their yeah. I mean we talked about the same thing. That's true for the Packers and Vikings is also true for the Sea Hawks Niners and then look at the rest. There schedule at menace I'm sorry home from an assault on his Monday night at the rams. And then at Carolina Home, Arizona, home San Francisco. There's like a thirteen three season in play for this team, which is crazy, again of their games have been closed, but they just shown a knack for pointing out the other thing for the Seahawks that I think is really encouraging a clown. He seems to be figuring it Yes, there is really a lighter, pretty thrilling lawyer, They really only played one bad game: the season against your raven saran. That was there and I
I think that was they didn't really expect. What was Gunnar was the potential. What might happen there, but anyway I am putting four hundred thousand dollars and Sierra plus one guy next game. Denver continues to be the best value team in the League K Day week by week. They lose to the raiders by them I came time they lose the bears by to game, they thoroughly chopped lose them indeed by eleven there in that game as well. Mr Jacksonville bite. You should have one be bad: chargers beat Tennessee get killed by Casey that someone baggage loosening an by two game. They could even be Cleveland Blue, at twenty point led to Minnesota now stuff. Let let me say, as someone who was married to a Broncos Van yeah, difficult few hours, yeah tougher Duff want there, the best bad team and their pay
buffalo who I think is the worst good team, interesting nuts run, Buffalo Buffalo, for in Buffalo to Denver, and I think that we can win the game. I like the points that its at Buffalo yeah, you're, still asking Brandon Alan's, go against that bills. Defect and lecture ask him to do anything. I'm just asking him said: not turn the ball over and our region the bills, the offences that good by the way, we're sure we're sure that it is. Last week they gave up twenty to Miami nineteen Cleaver. Nine washed in Phillip thirty one of them there was a game. Now we share their good defensibly, but are they the away dv away by the way they are twenty fifth fourteenth defensively there, twenty third offence away.
Is actually eight spots higher than DV. Okay, now read the diva sample size. Words like we have seven weeks of staff to look at so I don't know. I just think it's neither our and I'm taking them refer three educate. I like a wide about what the Broncos are doing on office right out. The scale position guys can have your boy Sutton among them fat, clicking finding an identity suddenly excellent. His great did his pass last week with, and they were they double kingdom. Basically, the entire, the game dry. Take them out. I think that, as is so often the case with the Broncos in recent years, under away you arrive at a crisis point about identity and planning, though like Britain now is not the future at quarterback he's, but he's fine fine. At some point become our number three and now another three that's a society's me is drew lock going to get into a full body,
This is now he had to the latter two weeks. But why not see I wholly something if you ever do it do it. I still think they're verges alien. They haven't allows healthy enough to play. He needs to be out there because, obviously, it's not flack, oh and it's not gonna, be Alan. You need fear. I viewed ration quarterback or of lock is the future you, you haven't. You been obligated to figure that out and there are already blowing in, and I think that that is the kind of thing Think of the play, while the other trees a real thing, but at a certain point it's you having see right, you gotta get heard and see, and now and fans YO saying? Oh, it's not it's not imperative that he plays the season. I find that alarming and I think it's gonna be the kind of thing that starts to dominate the discussion around that now, maybe right they go on the road they went in Buffalo Suddenly there semi competitive, you have a little bit of like our falcons. Ask her surgery. I used archers back them of dangerous falcon. Then you can justify continuing to keep out there, but I don't know you
a guy who grew his hands ahead of the draft in their over someone you drafted in the second round, I'm putting three hundred them plus for you met was the team. You just mentioned other falcons yeah. So there, your favour team, their homepage, If everything the temper, big bucks sub seem more snaps of the bucks than any non bucks fan. I think your obsession with the boxes alarming to me that game. Boxer, plus one seventy seven and when our right guy over under fifty one and a half. If you do bucks and the over yeah, I would definitely take the over their parlay together pause for twenty nine. That's appealing, I'm gonna put a hundred care and that just that a principle: ok bugs
over my man JANUS Who is guys so through to the other team he's fund a watch. Put a hundred on that and then, finally, last but not least, I you're Ravens Haliae, in LOS Angeles bill, your ravens laying three nine points against the right and to the life has just been beaten out of them by Jerry Graff Natural. They are back in the rain. Now you just saying this crazy that China to reversing the raven come off a big when they are still alive: I've only on the big where there was a sad is aware that the matter a wine is awaiting the leisure all available us and they this game bill and I'm you know I'm among I'm on edge a little bed because they need the game and a desperate team is always a little scared to face you now. Well, I need to add this is the position I need to operate.
As a fan, the Good NEWS is on removing the money. Learn for your guy moving their spread and doing the money line, which is minus one. Seventy five guy. Parlay that with New Orleans, which is my- this five hundred aroma, gets Caroline. All they have to do is when Carolinas in freefall, yeah and neurons displaying quietly those two together, it's almost even its minus one. Thirteen I'm going to be putting four hundred and that so, if I lose others forfeits, if I went to one four hundred Baltimore New Orleans All they have to do is win and both have to win when foreign join that so the pay we nervous- Baltimore neurons minus one, the parlay four hundred k, Seattle plus one foreign decay, Danver, plus four, three hundred camp on the over both at the over fifty one and a half as to when I write plus Twenty nine does my millions our backs for wheat. Twelve come off
biggest when we have ever had last week now ribbon. I wish you luck Bell. I can, you said I wasn't allowed to bring up Lamar Marilla. You mentioned the ravens like sixty seven times One of our main for two seconds hell. Yeah spoiler warning we gained as I just that a plus, a minus eight was rejected character. Shan't name and so as not to spoil it for the the audience the show is the cutest a bargain thing. I've ever seen in my life protect at all gone. I would die this character. I would gladly lay down my lifestyle knows what I am talking about questions about the time one I clone ochre, a minus. April. I made this evening to end its appointments: Ebay, I'm waiting they having great star wars, communities beside it sets Vince. It's been great. I've really. You really was Darwin S, that's cool! It's off its funding, Disney plus verses Apple pie.
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again borne West Virginia visit when in eighteen hundred gambling at or in Indiana, when eight hundred nine with it should also mention, the Ringer Dish podcast, which amended MRS bad commanders frequently and there's room. For now. For two weeks, yes, he's been lad. Attacks there's been conversations Oh really. This is a really fun Bacchus beloved celebrity culture in all that stuff, I would have the requisite. Here's Amanda! Ok! So I finish. In this manner, Dobbins it I've been circling each other down for two weeks. Yes, he's been allowed attacks. There's been conversations. We ran into each other in the street in the corner of Gower and Sunset and ended up at it. So Minute morning. Show conversation is almost people circled us we're very animated outside of Dennys yeah. I think people thought we were everything that it always go out with us. This show, I'm obsessed with how weird and bad it is its
the morning, show if you been seen yet believe we were can a spoil much. You should listen to this anyway, because this is more of an appreciation of a lot of money for a television show, goes wrong and yet we're enchanted cast up annually at it goes right. Yeah yeah see the morning show is apple Plus, is apple. Tv places, like quote flat ship shall which is important to know in the sense of these people really believe they had something they put a lot of money and marketing behind it. They hire Jennifer, Addison, Reese, Witherspoon, Steve Corral. Those are the people and adds its. I got a big tv Three hundred million bucks. It's been two and a half, years. They ve been workin out. I start into that seventeen. It was always supposed to be the flagship show as off. Happens in ITALY, where there were rumours people we're coming and going writing staffs are being changed. There is a lot of red flags that we ve learned to obey over the years,
Miller came out, Reese Witherspoons hair, which we think is a wig. I do, but it's a reasonably shirts aware: yeah Willow Ask enslaved said that she thought the part was moving, the other vampa. So yeah, that's usually assignments also its at one point. She just shows up with it totally different lengths and having its she got a haircut. You know it's not wild, that their character would get a haircut never mention it. It's just kind of like. Oh now, your hair is a different texture. You definitely guns and highlights, and you ve cut it, and it's never mentioned again. Well like a lot of things, show that have the episodes or versus episode to and just things are different, the most fascinating slash. Weird thing about the show is the meeting happens or the me too. I guess, but Sir Edward Ski thereof, yes, the movements are era, whatever it starts right after
It already bought the reds to brands daughters morning show book, and now they have a completely different show. Yes, because all of the information that matter our comes out, I believe, after they buy the rights this book, and it's not, None of that is in the book itself. In after Steve, Corral has yes already signed up and checks are cashing. Yes, Sir Kay Steve, so you have changed the character a little bit. Yes, Sir it's a meter show is Steve Corral we're JANET. I understand and then Reese Witherspoon is in their plane, the young upstart and, unfortunately she's only maybe four, five years younger than generation, and they don't really seem any any different age wise but to be like a Bree Larsson that kind of late twenties. I would Would have been the character ideally, the way they are pitting each other pit. Putting them
each other which they are, even though you know not specifically, that ought to amend but There is a kind of de jure France in Character names Alex Libyan. She is the the established mooring show how she's been there for fifteen years and after their spoon is the new woman on the scene who has different. I is that how it's going to be done for new women and the scene? Who has been the scene for twenty area is going local news by the surmise yeah fifteen years, just toilet away local dues, but she always was gonna, be a star. Can we talk about how she gets discovered yoga? though she is a local like field reporter and she is doing as segment on a protest. It of mine in West Virginia she's from West Virginia, and she just has a total psychotic. Down on air? She just start with. Apparently yesterday she started yelling at a protester and it turns into a quote viral video.
And is actually her best acting she's really good screaming so who's trying she's trying, but real Witherspoon ACT We can't do like aggressive angry red women. And this one is honestly just like she is Finally, a horror movie here and Joan, and this is all they also, thereby creating a viral video and then it is. It becomes such a sensation that they have her on the morning show, and then she becomes a figure but very funny to watch old school traditional tv programmes. Try like recreate the internet and recreate viral videos and a number of times they save viral video and she went viral and have you seen the have you seen the views on this, yet it SAM it's early sign of some things to come in terms of how they handle media. So then you have stand whose playing a character
it has no parallel on television. I don't even know who this person supposed to be beer bead, a piece of its not any. Hey I've ever seen anyway, she's not warm now she's that funny she not that the ball but she's an institution, apparently allegedly I have no idea how she became an institution. She doesn't seem very smart. Like she's, I dont know what what is the hook? say like what's out is best skill. I have no idea, I think it's a glaring pants suits did you know that she does not very good. Her hair looks great in every episode, though I have some questions about her routine, which they show and she's blowdryer for three thirty year budget blowdryer hair before she goes ahead and make up. I just don't think that's realistic. Anyway, it seems like she decided that this show is worth doing. This carriages were laying because she was really fascinated by man and must be stopped.
To get up that early. How do you keep your skin looking great, and how does your face that puffy in man. Can you imagine? How would you work out may be tough to be in that treadmill That was the whole sir motivation to. I think the other thing, and now with the well a task in peace that you mentioned, gets at this well is that this show, if she's, based on anyone of Alex Libya's based on anyone, it's based on Jennifer Essen, an agenda for Amazon wasn't is involved producer on the show, and you can see her trying to make this America's sweetheart character. A bow her relationship to America over the past twenty years, and yet and I We know that there are always doing it well, because her relationship is Alex Levy to the public changes every Upso because Alex leaving changes every episode. I really honestly think some of it is,
some things out of order, some things out of order and then changed. The writer exam characters is behaving completely different than they did the previous right there's something with that was originally episode to is now an episode, five and eight as and wine, and who really knows- but I think she gives this board room speech wishes. If I mean I know you just made a face, and I feel that way as well. It's because hello, it's supposed to be her sort of big Sorkin Monologue and it's supposed to be about women taking charge of their lives and their time for men is over and it just feels like Scam is yeah, so the scheme is a guy. They railway link colleague Deirdre words for the habitat they kind of right it for women, and sometimes the news is not presented, is
intellectually, as you, my watch right and a kind of feels like they took a girl power speech and then just dumb did down as much as possible so that they just had Jennifer Anderson screaming America. May he doesn't banging her hand on the Basque. It's like shit. His watch. So many bad courtroom dramas in is just screaming about how America loves her, but I genuinely think the Jen for an instant thinks that that's her talking to the public to her people about like her life I wanted to ten with, and people are gonna see Charlie's angel because western banks directed at you, you made the key point. It was supposed to be her big errand, Sorkin speech, yeah Any time that sentences said it's gonna go bad, they yeah. If you have people, guns. So this is supposed to be bigger, encircled speech, sex tat. No doubt don't don't do it don't try. It turns out that Aaron Sorkin is one of the most gifts
great writers of our generation, which we already knew guys by anyone who is trying to do it it just it's it's hard. Looks easy, but no basketball for a second. I know you can ride. With this kazakh baron watches allows Sixers games. He ended in your house that certain people browser does he took terrible shots, but he made them and it was part of his thing he took a lot of shots. She took he made places the maid, but then other people would be like. Oh that, then I'll do that and they would be terrible at it. Encircles like that, the Hebrew he broke, a lotta convention arose. He did things that made no sense, but work is easier and Sorkin is almost sounds. We were right, but then you end up with the morning show in the boardroom speech in Afghanistan pounded the table. I mean I've heard more conversations about how we did not appreciate the newsroom or even see us. When we had it yeah after watching the morning show, which is what happens when they stuff goes really wrong. I think
Lydia sixties. One of the big winners of the show now is a much maligned show and I was like twenty times better than the sharp yeah. So what's about things we love about their show. I love. Recent Anna Stan seeming the same age, even though young upstart thing- and I am convinced amnesty was like there's no way bring every Larsson in air, he isn't happening. It's gotta, be somebody at least these coasts round them, getting blow out the screen by a young person. It has to be raised, but it's it's the major flood the show, because you can't be the young people, Yes, America's finding out about this person upstart on television like this, we knew that age. You would have happened. That's true, extremely like this precocious NBA? Where is forty one and dick airdrops as a true
menace amount of baggage that they introduce in episode one and then also in set aside yeah, and then they came to decide. But if you know anything about people who are on morning shows or have that level of fame. It's like, if you have sex with a bartender in the back room, but you went over there now. No words showdown Bianti, M C b. You can't behave that way and I ve been doing this for fifteen years. Reese kind of flips out an absurd five and decides to go get drunk goes the bar good lookin bartender earlier critic of the Cambodian he's great. Does three shots around thirty seconds. If you ever seen that your life in thirty seconds three shots around next seen there in the back where they keep the liquor their standing up having sex in sheep, one leg, canna up, I dont the geometry of it doesn't work at all and she's good with like one they kind of residents like how you guys, who thought
it was a good idea. If there were sexting I've ever see ever. I cannot how its shot their performance is. The geometry motivation. I have no idea how this happened. Recent assessment is smart person how, you wearing yourself like good, have that a further along without being like her. I think something's off here, I think, he's just having sex with the red hip There is some new formulae and it's was to be the sexy blaze let loose and instead it's one of the worst since I've ever seen in my life- and I just can't believe I can't believe it made the final cut tacked on. They could have luck. They just
cut it off. She gets Hagen the three shots in a row very quickly and in your like, oh now, and taken a long look at the bartender unwinnable. Hang our we know now. I do not need to see its also like motions moving is often that scene for some reason the way they wit it. It just looks like it's from a different. It's like from a bad if PBS did sexy and that's what it looks like this, but this goes back to the apple point there trying to create this streaming service, but they ve been. Clear leg. We're not break and bad word. We're doing the Deuce right leg, where we have to be a little bit family friendly their category four peachy thirteen he asked, and this is the most peachy there in sixteen about that. I'd feel comfortable with any six year old, watching the Saxon back. What's that was where are they?
it seemed like back as it does the exact figure I'm not comfortable with it on the record. My picture that are, moreover, aid, but also I dont think six year olds deserve the nightmares they go and give their buccaneer wouldn't. Even though, as set out in the desert Saxons, you wanna give them positive examples in our recent Witherspoon in their back with bad geometry. Oh my god. It's a bad! So just feel bad fur and the show yeah is that the right feeling, I think, she's, horribly miss cast. I don't think she's that good. I dont really fully understand her character. I don't know why the characters they Bradley. I think that's just fucking crazy, why they didn't switch that I have no idea, I mean speculation that it was originally written for a man and then know just what kind of doing like the gender France has in this change. It she's
her foil care be named Bradley. I know I actually think it's kind of funny, but I have to assume that someone recognize it that similarity at some point. Let it go because this issue seems like so noted that there is no May that didn't happen, and then she has so we started by Billy Credit. I can't believe it taken us this. I'm talking about boycott of the performance of the air. In my Well, will I had the best I ever I'm so jealous of it. There's been a couple things lay. They were other people have said staff and I'm just become so jealous that filling I'm slipping. I've book, by which I come over, that She was saying how he's in a different show entirely that that they don't shout whenever show he's in Austria I want to, I am- is like he's galaxy breaking with the scrap tease like I see all these words and this the right. In particular there just like a lot of buzzwords, it's very clear that the meat you thing happened, and so the writers room was like that in a while. We need to know the writers and was like we're going to address this head on its our responsibility to be brave and like talk through
he too, and they leave. I didn't know what to do. What you do so you Lynette with scenes are Steve. Corral is just like in a totally different set in a law. This room just screaming morality, clause over and over again re. Remember that and yes, that, like reality clause, morality cries like that's literally what happens so this script? Is it a lot of like ideas, and I really fleshed out and a lot of things like viral video and me to morality, clause in all this and like woke twitter, which is something that Billy Credit has to say. But, where everyone else gets freaked out by those words Billy Credit is like I've, seen God And I just I know how to say this, and I know but you do to make this ridiculous and fine- and I am just going to be an agent of chaos. Finally, the ugly If ever movies ever is almost famous keys, basically Russell him and in the scene where he drops asset and goes to the high school party. Yeah.
He's just walk around that crazy. Look at his face. He find that combined was playing their character combined with spyware character when he is there really skeezer lawyer or whenever yeah combine those do there because Corey his character, who is like he sees the network president, is that right. I had so stop talking about this he's the network. President. Ok he's insane makes rash moves in decisions, and walks around with this delirious grid, at his face, like a crazy person and is making like pot ever so. This is a serious show. Yeah, there's not a lot of fun happening in the sherry solemn thing, he's criminalizing import edge and he's bacon pop culture jokes in No, let's go again. It feels. Like he's add living off is dialogue. I fully support it. I think it's the performance of the year at one point he just
health care, is the new cocaine and which they make the title of the episode. I wonder whether that was the title of the episode before he decided to give this very inspired line. Reading of it by its that's a summary. Clearly when we talk about human Jennifer listen performance. Vincent have sunk, I never said five. I lost my mind. Honestly, I was watching it alone in my in a room because my husband does not care about the morning. Show bad move he came in to be like? Are you ok, because if this sounds that I was making of? Oh my god? Oh my god. I cannot believe that this happened. It is like what being a train wreck and also some on winning the super bowl in real time. I was just like this is amazing it's a shame that age be Odin run the show, because I feel like I don't know how many people have apple pass. My guess is that guy you done about before
anybody or age willing to pay five dollars a month. Wrap up us there's a bit of every avenue by apple tvs. They adding I have the five dollar three up. I will give. It has actually demonic ass. You wouldn't like this, but I dont. You're like a lot of people, are watching the show They were the Stevens Thine own thing. I fight that would dominated national discussion for thirty six hours. It sober also starts it for a while, and she crept up front. Let's talk about this set of its at a party that Jennifer Innocence character is hosting. That, I think, is some sort of Broadway gala. Yes, so you can pay a thousand dollars to perform a broadway song with it. P. S too is there in the room, and people are actually doing mass, and so it starts with Billy. Crime is trying to make a point to Jennifer Artisans character lets you he's start singing and he also he he's a Broadway actor.
Has allotted stage experience singing just what you said is insane can say because the point he's making he makes this very clear with us. What's a song which Sabinian Song, where his eye on things get army outs from Sweeney, tie singing it right to Jan France, in which who is allegedly like the biggest Morningstar in America. This feels like this would be a thing in the room language going on. He wisely staring at her. They are they fucking like right? What what's? Why is there? weird intensity, but now and then the heat, a verse and then I didn't know that it was a do add. I am not. I had forgotten so we started singing. Have you and my guys? It's like. I can't believe that this is happening and my wife was gone, but my wife finally got corrupted. It's a couple upsets where my wife was going she's that in this, our boy, she's and then there's a moment. Words like it is she's having thing get. Oh she's, no dubbing here.
Would I like the fact that their Justin, Either of them. Are you know fantastic singers there? it chose another pass, will so so a creepy me to aspire to Billy credit. Absolutely where there's when seen when he goes into it and dresser many just kind of behind her really weird? sitting in a chair. His standing behind her and it's a little bit like Trump Hillary Clinton, They when tromp was kind of a little too close yeah at it. So then You watch any you go so where they play seed for something or as Billy Credit just continue to be another. Shall we don't have sir. They haven't seen, upsets narrow fear because they did go shopping together. They no two Barneys and she's wherein the pan suit and they bond, and that's when he gives its speech about how his mother, Martha was a community organizer, because dishevelled just
randomly has people give speeches about biographical detail that have nothing to do with any re it's going on, but she also tells him after she sections sex with Barton, she's hammered yet in the town is, like I just said section the bartender, which you wouldn't do. If you wanted to have sex with somebody, you wouldn't tell them. I just had sex or the bartender. I think we're many believe that Bradley Jackson just might do that she's about she's a quote but she's a mass bell. That is, I mean she's the best to the Hamas, that's their teaching. How did she make it? Five episodes before she just said sex of the stranger they shouldn't As you say, the protesters in the coal mine. Do we didn't even talk about the camera rather its episode of three or four, but it's her first day on the morning, show you where, within six minutes of the morning show start. They turn it into a pro choice. Pro life debate She just immediately drops it in and then suddenly it's like a whole whole segment.
That abortion rates at America in the middle of Weird morning show and in light of what are you are allowed to sail on air actually what The main you do, the funds that we went, seventeen minutes without bringing that tells you ever illegally, but the burka it comes out of nowhere. It son nobody would ever say I live to be ever at all, and then it becomes the focal point of one episode, but then whenever the earth with a show just goes away? Also, the abortion and promote pro choice activist, are no longer outside the building it for a week a brief settled. Abortion is anxious, Oh astonishing every episode, the things that they come up with and the just the lack of development you think Psych South Park, or they just filling every episode, is a self contained episode that doesn't have to match any That happened in the last episode.
The same characters different situation. I they think that I think that's it like a great piece of criticism, three, whose who's. The lady I like beyond the limits are the matter out. We had so, but that you haven't seen the most recent episodes, so I episodes let's take one of the most likeable younger should we have and give her the worse for all possible she's dead, she's, the Booker Frahm on issues sister, it's her job to shop at people's homes me like what I think you should do is come on. This national mourning show tomorrow at seven a m. I that's a tough job that requires a certain amount of and ass in being in the centre of people's tragic? Is so your harried most of them? He added she again soon.
She's on a completely different yo. Then everybody else, but it's not a great shout, there's one scene which are we can even talk about how they have, as it did Steve growl character. We in becomes a sexual harasser and he is fired because of me to related concern we're supposed to like him for faith. They present him as a sympathetic care, Tiber, dining, really egg. I don't know their goal is either. I don't either. I think, they're trying to work through it. They're like it's complicated, I think they're, a thesis is it's complicated to an observer. It doesn't seem as complex ed, as seems pretty uncle again exactly, but so he is fired from the shall that's what brings Bradley Jackson a restore their spoon into the environment and at some point they decide that one of his accusers is agreeing who worked at the morning show agrees to come back on air
but that's because Google goes and recruits her in one of the most aggressive and upsetting the fake hotel room scenes. I've ever seen its back as totally very weird! It's just colleague! Everyone is a different energy level on this show. You know it's funny if Google had just been the Bradley Jack. Character would have solved allotted for problems. That's very true, though, think was it. We don't need Reese Witherspoon at all in the show and I'd feel sad to say. You know about love recently do it is just a misfire. It happens. Sometimes people in a producer, so bad in the soft by movie. Is this her fault, or is it just that they have no idea what to do with her Andy shoehorn, her into a character instead of writing the character to her? It goes back to the basic fundamental Brown with Greece. In my opinion, No, I love recite. You know you love, U Water, as I'd be in the marry miracle. Sweetheart Ironically, she could have been the out sleepy children, fantastic.
You want and they cruel intentions, the really good since you shouldn't far for this guy wrong, you don't wanna like bang our tender after three shots shit. That's that I've never seen her that character even in big little eyes, being the one having the affair was just seemed. I add that, wouldn't when the character would pick for her she's, so Taipei that you can imagine her. Even extreme drunkenness, letting it fly in this way, otherwise, I think a bit closer, because the affair was presented as like a lapse in her control and trying to control everything are so much that you cannot. She loses at this you just flail and all around the place, and it's like no. This is Tracy Flight from election. This person is on her shit. She reads: like eight books are weak in real life. I don't know That's if we feel that way, cuz, that's our history with Reese as an actress or but it's just an obstacle, and then we did mention they were short on. My favorite people on the tough,
bring him in as like the most loathsome me to guy. Ever he got Steve Corral and steep her. Over the course of them. Having opposed tennis drink becomes horrified by him, confronted with this would never happen. They don't have anything to do with Steve Grab occurs he's been fired because of the meat you staff, believing keep him on the shouts supplies they give him is that he wants to start like a podcast like where men who have been accused of harassment and sex misconduct like talking through it in real time we worst talking to them for rare progress? Is this the two it the idea of gas to her new series. Many basically goes to pitch. Martin short on this means that we could talk about our experiences and humanity, try and get ads for that like us, I refer, for instance, to get ads, for Pakistan are terrible, yet there
we'll see and admire, ensure Marshall. It's actually really good in the sea of its use, completely unrealistic. And then we should talk about poor, a box plus whose I think, he's religiously Miss closed Missus Gaster everywhere I dont even know had a while the most votes cast his innocence, foreign would work she's must both be fraud. Is pretty regime gaze? Is I'm not clear? Have sexual relations, so I am in. No episode six, some of Jennifer understands details of the relationship that person are clarified, but it s not until episode sex that I understand what her relationship to this work. Is he husband? Is he an Ex husband and certainly not visit around yet defined their desired. Episodes of we don't know if they're married if they have sex and if he lives in her ass yeah literally he dreams of Thebes all of the time they do Clara that in sex by it, I'd still
do not know? I guess they had. They have a child together. So we know that because the child shows up very occasionally for it, forever had once I get so yet. That's all it takes to carry carry, was like my wife said is this relationship is the answer to, in my best friends, wedding, actually Robertson. Rupert ever had ended up together his suit of better echo with their location, but they I give to calm down near so thereafter awful the d, the meteor thing which crass the big piece comes out which actually can away like everybody worrying about this peace coming on maritime reign in their eyes. Looking at their I altogether funds, I would like apron, I apout yet so, but leads to Steve just deciding to show up at the station so uncomfortable and give a speech to everybody about how they were all family. In its like this now
never happen. I think he would go to jail. Yes, yes, because he forced out of their and there's probably not allowed back at work. I mean how does security? Let him in the building is a real question that I have, I feel the worse for him. I'm thinking about that this is, bad show, for him to be such a bad part sessions on Windsor such an bad in it. No, I just bad form, I think he's playing Steve Corral yeah, I don't think he's bad and I think he's doing the best with the absolute drags of what they're giving him. I mean we have even talked about how he had Jennifer Addison Dislike, driver I'm listening to Steely Dan and seem to have like a semi chemistry and is implied at some point that they did how they had befallen appear we have imagine how funny it is her pretending to be an anchor JANET?
and did not did that get enough coaching on the whole, there are supposed to be bad. I think, like part, I think at this well to show needs to be saved. Great. That's one of the major narratives decides that the whole Steve Corrals NASH, character, its colleague the show is, is stale. So that's why they bring an Bradley, even big them dancing bad at morning. She be there so bad a morning. Television me that that was astir. Sixty Florida sketches were bad their morning. Shots Ok Bradley will coming up that states. I give if you and I tried to do More- to show right now to be as good how many more besides other, I believe there are five more their target. Coming back at the after. This is evident I can't way away. This is the only thing I like talking about buglers zoom in on the ringer dish, yet my favorite, Parker. Thank you. We appreciate ancestor whole bunch, other things that thanks man, I think you are at thanks to Mallory Amanda thanks to state farm thanks to Pepsi there taken it
our celebrations to the next level, but there's a hammer, touch an offensive, stop and going and are Superbowl when, when Santa celebrate it's time to crack open the delicious Pepsi Pepsi, the officials, answer, then, if our mind you to always be celebrating and thanks to all words all stylish comfortable sustainable, they come in a wide range of colours as Barbie nature. A variety of silhouettes keep you look in your best in whatever situation himself in this holiday season, the perfect gift the holidays, a little more comfortable forever. Ninety burn list, the gift of comfort, the sound season or pay for yourself at all, it's that calm seas sending
one way,.
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