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The Setting Suns, a Bucks-Nets Mega-Battle, and Winslet’s Great Career With Rob Mahoney, Kyle Mann and Wesley Morris


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Kyle Mann and Rob Mahoney to discuss the Lakers’ Game 3 win over the Suns, the Nuggets’ win over the Trail Blazers bringing the series to 2-1, another Bucks blowout win over the Heat, a look ahead to the possible Round 2 Bucks-Nets matchup, and more (3:10). Then Bill talks with Wesley Morris of The New York Times about being in Madison Square Garden for Knicks-Hawks Game 1, before discussing HBO’s limited series ‘Mare of East Town’, Kate Winslet’s stellar performance, and her career as a whole (53:00). Finally Bill’s daughter, Zoe Simmons and her best friend Ella discuss Olivia Rodrigo’s album ‘Sour’ (1:49:00).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Kyle Mann, Rob Mahoney, and Wesley Morris

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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hot radios and download the how I wrap in book beyond your wife, This means all bookings final, whereas by the ringer dot com, as was the Ringer podcast network to newish pact asked that we launched recently flank coach season two with p trigger and shine mcbay. You can find that on the Ringer NFL show as well. They had a jets coach and packers coach together on the pattern, For my part, it was great and then we also have no skips wishes. Toronto Jenks, their breaking down. Some of the iconic hip hop albums of all time. Miss Eliot got her turn this week. If you like, music back as by the way, sixty songs explain the nineties. They did a thread actually peppers bridge recently, robber build that are great, that doesn't Exxon pack asked if you love nineties music check out blacker some book, but Daniel Psmith as well coming up on this path, asked how man and rubber from the ringer, we did a late night session because we knew that
report linen Lakers son, some stuff was gonna happen, so we we stayed up late and we're gonna break out. The story. Lies we like from that and then mild, was more as from the Grantline days now, the New York Times. And what it was like to be added? Next came a nix play ass game. What s g was like cause, he was, Therefore, one of those, then we broke down Kate, whence it square, because the seas of now of marital status can end up great, shout and then finally ass. My daughter's, though, in her best friend, Ella too, by the Libya Rodrigo phenomenon Tass, so they're gonna do that Thailand. If you don't want to listen that you don't have to listen, you don't wanna hear. Wasn't I talk about where we stand. We really down. It's really wins, let's centric, but their gods stack toward the answer you can escape anytime. You want fund pack ass though
I think we have to bring in our friends project. We are taken, as it is ten away, civic time Rob Maharanees here for the ringer he's on the West Coast, Kyle man. These coasts, Dana Blade, had some coffee he's very Taku. So this we're in talk Lakers, said no and nuggets plays. It just happened when such Lakers sons first Rob is this addition. there is of Chris Paul s out there. We look at the same result, re now to turn to an Lakers. I think it's definite, friend and you can tell just by how much of a rock fight this is for the sons of in that second quarter, for both teams was pretty bro.
You know we ve seen some really high powered offices knees ploughed so far. That was some, donate shit. We saw from the Lakers in the sand and you get the vibe when they're going through these long laws. They just need a little more guidance. They need a steady hand like Chris Paul and you can tell I mean- look far one minute of juice from campaign got them in the statement. Fret. Imagine you got another fifteen minutes of core of good Chris Paul, I think, retirement at very different series- a counter that Cairo is that it seems likely abroad. Has decided he's only going to play hard for a half and every playoff game and the other half he's just on cruise control. This start in the golden state game the playing game in first half he was so kind of detached people that could be hurt. What's going on is he said his father time caught up in the second half you flip. The switch did the same thing tonight is this, just what he's gonna do until we get through the finals yeah I mean we ve just seen.
Recently gone further and further in this direction. I mean we ve gone from here kind, of course, through part of a regular season and then turned it on in the play off now he's just waiting longer longer, but I mean like our body: None of the charge has said this abundant times that, like you, know, lobby it is like a weight in kind of sea, the board type person. My keys famous for taken a bead and I think that that's like his One of his I mean his gun. strength. Is that he's sixty nine and has incredible vision and all that stuff, but I mean like, I think, what really really puts him like ahead of the pack is is that ability is that ability to see the board and make adjustments in real time. You're him. He. There like a micro macro thing about him, making adjustments words a key can make them a game? He can make them within a series and has made them within his career, and I think that's what makes him so special, but I think, robbed right, like four phoenix. This has been the thing been going on with them for a few years. Here's where they really really needed more
creation around Devon Booker. You know they brought Ricky Rubio last year to supplement him and to take some pressure offer of a burger. and see me three is just like a supermax version of that, like a soup version that a better version- and I think that these him getting it out. I think, is good for their morale, but I dont know that the outcomes would be different. I think that the sun's would be a lot more coherent, competent butter, add another. The outcomes will be different. I think the outcome is the same. The difference would be how much the brain had to exert himself. You know it's like the old saying about Milborough. I found pulling out just enough to win a penis. for the air for the young relations at their, but Lebruns been, I think, he's just in that mood. I think he sees files, and it just seems like any time he wants to put the switch. At the same time, I feel bad for Chris Paul.
I was looking at us trying to figure out what was legitimate about his play off history with the end is what wasn't so two thousand fourteen when they blew that Oklahoma City Series, he wasn't hurt He wasn't healthy either. That was the first time he was a little grumpy, two thousand fifteen. He was hurt. He made the shot against his spurs and game seven on one leg and played like that all the men Levison two Games in Houston Series came back played to that. Sixteen broke his wrist, two thousand eighteen, famously the huge Hammy agreed at the worst possible time as their take control. The series and then the shoulder injury this year. I am accuracy injury Brown, but I must say, is a small guy, and this is what happens Rob when, when your bank and on you know, somebody is sixty tall, there's, not a stir the history of this. This is your main guy he's, not them. Guy in the steam, but I think is the most important guy, and this is where it gets
I see when he's a free agent this year, if he wants to be, and if you're like that, naxian pay him. Forty million a year when I just listed five posts seasons that he was gonna break, during your phoenix d, feel great about that. What would you do? I think Phoenix is kind of drawn themselves into. corner. With this in a good way, I mean they're they're in such a positive places, an organization- and I think so much of that has to do with that. Factionalism that paw and Money Williams have brought their together yank eyes a crime in their there's other additions to, but I think a kind of have to keep him for the trajectory of their franchise but you're. actually writing cow touched on this in his video to yet layers of size and the need to stay healthy? I mean they have to make adjustments to their diet. They have to make dramatic changes to their career, just to make sure they can stay on the floor for the games that matter the most and then, if you're Chris Paul, you get breaks like this, and I think this needle this was by far the healthiest we ve seen
since this injury, like his mid range, shot, look about as normal that first half as we have seen so far. He still wanted absolutely no part of taking a three he's. You know it was so passing out of situations that we would normally see him. I so bigs, or do that rock back step into the corner to hit us three. These classic Chris Paul moves, He just doesn't have that right now and that I mean that has to scare you fear the sons in your talking about like long term prospects, but he so important, I think too where that team is mentally culturally right. Now that you're, just gonna, the bullet on it yeah. He came and up into his shot like he. He like, you definitely could see a dick between him being like flat foot and just powering up into his shot in him like wheeling up into it, like with momentum you know like, and I was even notice. I was really really paying attention to what he was doing like in terms of his I like how you know, which handy was doing things with. There was even one time where he like, through an imbalance with his left hand underhanded. It seem like just one
It is, in his right hand Ike. He was passed in the ball like across his body a lot. I think the ultimately there. The question is: does it I mean morale wise, it's nice to see that your hero is still appears to be that You know it's like seeing him again and stuff like, I guess it's good for their resolve, but does it ultimately hurt them? Rob you wrote about this earlier in the week like the Lakers, are done they, they went back and watch that game and they realize that they overplayed him and that game it sort of the Willis Reed thing or the Scottie Pippen decoy thing or is just like. They have some time to think about this now. So it's like does. It ultimately hurt that that the sun go with him if, if they're gonna kill them arms were like shrewder played like all the way up. Did you do that? There was a plain. The second half or shrewder came like all the way up to Booker. Almost too they bother wanna Booker's, big weaknesses, which is
passing over extra help when it coms- and I think that's a big problem for the signs. I wondered, if maybe he should have just rested. If there was any chance if he could get back to seventy four you know I I'm glad you about that. I would have sat him tonight. I don't they. And when the game anyway, the Lakers were seven point favorites using and the serious flips and goes back to the to the other team for game. Three, that's usually the game. They win. I just what it put all my eggs in the game for basket and then the second he's that you know China If there's some Ewing, very potentially for one game where you kids, you know hey campaign here, the carcase buddy that knock it dead. Don't don't they have Javan Carter yeah. What's, let's just him off which about get ready were used for twenty minutes today, like let's go what's it would see what we got and if we lose than we have an excuse I to me this is
worst case scenario, blankets, Chris Paul he's somewhere between fifty five and sixty four percent- that's Abbe Lakers But- and I think I think you guys Bossi. What I see that the Lakers, though they have the serious, though society. Maybe it's a little different, but now the Lakers rob this is the second straight year. This vicious lined up for it now they get to play the winner that Portland Ember game. I just watch. Neither those teams are western finals teams, we'll see how much lined up for them, because even in this game they were met, double injury scares with HIV with contain scholar, Pope agenda shrewder appearing to turn and ankle too, and that on top LE and his kind of Vienna, where whatever you make of his situation and whether he is voting the jets on offer. Not I mean that it's a long road between now and whoever makes out of the east, and those teams are gonna, be really good. I think for the sun's I just
going back to the end of game to TAT was kind of their shot. Those last couple minutes the game was tied or right there in there in their grasp, and they just could not generate offence. Running high pickin Booker and aided with eighty blow it up and out in August They're gone out of the game to, oh god, I think conversation about resting. Chris Paul becomes a much easier one. Do you have a little more latitude in doing something like that? But with the way things broke out, I just don't feel like them. They must not have felt comfortable and that's unfortunate further ultimate. In the series. Davis was really good today I'm creating new staff for you guys the Anthony Davis Triple double when he has a theory at least there points at least ten rebates and at least two injuries scarce Ets, he's the only what is at issue here. An injury scare need chaff. I I think that might be the averages the web there two times I got my god he's out eternal higher for for his whole career of every single game that mention going on, since he was here. Man like you,
down and you think him and could Gilchrist both you. They tell you said Joe gives like it looks like they ve been shot. I mean all down. Sometimes we back is he dead. I don't like he could be dead, just this just mangled I'll lambs go down all the time? He was a little guys when shredder went flying in the last bit it. If that had been Davis, I think you'd still be. There said they'd be picking up pieces, but he was really get today, and this is why I thought the legs of everyone says, because this Davis mismatch they really. The sons They have one guy to really throw them. Am I a son for feeling more impressed with Anthony Davis when he comes back from the knee injury scare and install awesome like em. I just falling for basically pretty much I guess I it's almost like a soccer per year. You know when the straight, when swore, as is rolling around like he's, been shot, and then two minutes later is fine. I think it is part of the package with them
yet you be a game feels increasingly like it's like go in that direction of Saki off air, about that that, like it's, just constant disconcert consequences fallen down, get calls for that. I don't like pick on them for that, but it is all about. but eighty had a shot. When he really got going in that third quarter. He had a runner against Aden, play pretty good position on events several different times, and it just goes to show you that, like like eighty hit one and he was fully extended over the top of the Andrea aid, and aid has like a seventh for He is like out there in the seven's, wingspan he's a long beard and he was all over him and it's just the lake. Did this to Miami last year to where they get into somebody's match. Ups and the fact that abroad is able to create at his size just allows them to do this, where they d, like the one seed and like the incidental, I turn em coming up against, like the OECD, Champs or somethin like the size difference like there's just lobster larger lava, you're dislike aids.
measure to be hard not to feel a little bit daunted into me. It felt like be towards the internet. You know like there were some. You know agents goin on I'd, say at the end of the game. Leubronn was haven't pretty goddamn, it felt like they were kind of like trying to take Phoenix his heart tonight, a little bit like the internet games. they get. This is something that the bride added starting in his second Cleveland stent. This bully ball aspect when he got when he added that physicality in the two thousand. Sixteen seventeen range and he can really punish you once he really got comfortable down there. There's The crowd Rostov going on that dates back to Cleveland or really dates back to the Boston cleave answers, but then they make the trade crowded goes too. Wine and has a really unhappy couple months of them, then up sentient packing? And I thank you, They'll been bitter about it. Socratic thinks there's this rivalry with Brian, the brine provided. Does they remember playing with them when I there's, always a chest: puffed out, let's go, let's go time and finally, the broad and the four
Cora guy, raising our I did. I'm just gonna become fully by new and took over days around. This is why the brain is still the broad ma. is this your next book, you think Leubronn versus crowd or the rivalry like three like a board mackerel type. A thing I mean: that's, not one book, that's it! the book deal right it s. An ethical could be good book cover a have less sense point. The address was too six of his first twenty nine in the series maybe a is. He is stark risen for you, or is he exactly who you thought he was because what we are seeing is a guy who's, gonna shoot. Sixty five percent protect the rim, he's gonna botch a couple days: He passes but he's gonna try really hard and I think he's it s it. Oh it it's risen. Genuine. We have reached the point in the series where I genuinely think one of the sons problems is. They can't play the Andrea forty eight minutes, that's crazy! That's crazy!
A b. A young big would put himself in that kind of position and I think not me as his stock, rising for people like us, but if you work in the league if you're a code of James, wise men or women Carter rising steward these young it's true you're trying to figure ok, where they fit in the model and be a game. What is that template? Look like it so a lot like either either what aidance doing or what units found shoelaces doing so, like those are kind of the models for more traditional bigs being effective in the playoffs right now, aid netting just bought into his role. So perfectly he's picking his spots, he's really patient. Even on the catches when he knows he's got lots of big around him. I've been super impressed with justice finishing ability and he d. Yes, he will miss him. a couple of those passes, a game and in close quarters nets tough, but for a player of his experience level to do ever against this kind of match up, I
think there's a lot of precedent for outside of superstar level. Bigs Kyle yeah. I'd, I thought nuke Look I'm not going in that spot. I've thought was egregious, but I thought that it was at least defensible. Does it seem like eight and had a chance to be a very good centre, maybe even all star- and I was like I get it- I get why they did it. I personally would have taken LUCA hundred times out of a hundred because I think perimeter guys when titles, but I get it back one I didn't get and I thought it was absurd requests and then the hawks tray on this file is just as bad, but eight in the LUCA think could have hung on him right there anymore does that were passed that I feel like this guy now is a top twenty five trade. I said I don't know Kyle man. Video at some point is that it could be lurking down the road just like in the next year. I've done
Google videos about him, one of em, piss sons, vans offered again and then the at well. I was just like critical of him. I feel like we ve gone through price, as with him, where he's had some sort of self realisation, that's gone on mouse speculate, maybe that's been money Williamson and Chris Paul there were. There were quotes from I'm coming out of Arizona coming out of high school, where he was stuck in my house, he wanted to play. Or and all this stuff and move is kind of everybody just kind of looked around the room like what are you talking about, and it's like your five did. You have an opportunity here, but I mean gone away from this obsession with, like I have to shoot threes and he's really embraced his role. Defensibly. improved. He still runs. He's wearing a MAC suit? I think, but he like defensively he's, got a whole lot better. I would I would turn the day down just a little bit. I mean I know people like really really excited and I've been pleased with his like poise, finishing positioning, defensibly he's been great, like they can't take him off work. They don't have any back a big stick
They support and keep a continuity, but, like I've been there that little thing that would make me even more impressed if he could just comp Lee. Like thirty five percent of the time attack situation where he has an advantage where he could leverage his size, because there had been a few cause, a because Phoenix desperately needs, to do that in this to serious. They need someone to create and generate some office. He showed he can skip Patsy shown that he can kick it out, but there are a few times deny where it was just like he could should be able to take his man and he just I didn't even want to look at the basket he does. I got rid of it immediately and an ambitious aim to when he had the lay up and he didn't realize they kicked it out in the whole sons, benches yelling and then he ate was pointed ears head like any time a clear points there had em away, I always become dubious. That's always Larry Bird was never pointing at his head back alternatives there, like. Oh, that's my bad points, my head and I think the absence of
I think, what we ve seen is that you know Phoenix was constructed to opera. They they ve been won This execution seemed all year. They went from like one of the worst sidelined abounds out, abounds teams to one of the best that the sound of their execution but like when you take away their just like a galaxy where you took it. Go away the planet in the centre there. All these things were orbiting that that plan and that are now being relied on too heavily like campaign. I'm sure he's like you know, to talk the mining Williams on the plains and chaotic these wraps rhetoric that that's not that's, not gonna put human the position, and you know it's really make an Booker pay the price a little bit too because benefited a lot from that whenever they run those sort of weak side pinned down where he'd come around with momentum and go into his shot, those things aren't there is much disease, get doubled and I think that Paul going down really hurts eighty two, but therein opposition, your magic as it seems
Elaine got momentum now and at another can have to really pull some smoke and mirrors stuff. I think too well known it leg, allay as more than momentum. They get to play the winner of that nuggets. Blazers series that we just watch game three of can't say either team that myself have you look at the nuggets state. Really really needed. It asked rivers he checked for get out of this. One threat asked rivers wasn't at a team for ten weeks. Have you look import linen it's like nurtured, fowls out. There is no plan b, They have. No bench other than Carmelo does seem like their coats tress, and it seems hard to fathom either of these teams being in the final, for what do you think? Will Look at either of them. They just don't look like teams with options, as you laid out once once you take nourish off the floor at either canter, which they figure. This game is not very viable against lotta play. opponents or you're going very, very small with Rhonda House
efforts in Iraq coming tenant that can get you so far, but against Nikolay Yoke. It's not so far turns out and another Look exactly like attained its missing several of their lead guards. You know you can squint at game in particular at some of those Austin Rivers threes and see a little bit Jamal Mary. That's about as close the comparison is you're gonna get there is. There is a point which I think is Four minutes left when this game is still very much up for grabs. Were rivers looked off yokel posting up at the nail and took a three I am most animals. Gas stomach ouch guided the I always I mean a balls. I hid iron six Thebes means also why he has the Austin Rivers Game and helps them when this one. You know it's. It's both sides of that at once, but just the gall to look off the envy p in that kind of moment I mean need a little bit of that, but I do know that they're getting nearly enough of everything else in terms of guard play too, to be competitive in the long term situation. Novel idea
at that up, I loved it died after I got to watch him go Cooper Games and was just always shocked by the amount of confidence he had at all points, even when things could be going where see. Just ages seem like here this innate feeling that he the guy in its Thank yous play with Chris Paul by Griffin. Deeds did murder is like Ireland. I did it, I would say he you could like hook, astern rivers up to alight, attacked or test can be like. Are you? Are you better than Jamal Murray and either yes? And it would like now the register at all baby like but rejects out yet that's truthful, not be deceptive, now like rivers, that's just Yes, I mean Cagey told those stories about him. Like being you know, really competitive in practising didn't, you know pissed off when he lost NBA players is like a sixteen year old kid. It's just do it I think I like it too.
Desgas. I love geyser rationally coffin like that, but it's like you need. You need a little bit of that in a play off SIRI. Sometimes, when you had these lulls and you have to kind of disquiet patchwork these off into performances together whenever things I click, and that's that I mean some- best teams ever have that kind of stuff. Like you, you'll have a game. We're like oh MIKE Miller, hit the reason this game and we want the title. Does that like eat? You need stuff like that at that they get it. It's hilarious like this this matter to me as funny, and it's gonna continue to be like this, because Portland strength that is like wanting to like dribble shoot in the pig enroll directly conflict with with like some Danvers weaknesses like they, they tat, compositing yoke, it's just relentlessly and this year, so it every game is in my opinion, is gonna, be like this be proven wrong on that, but it's it's a really fun match up. For that reason, in my opinion, I thought Here's was over after game. One gauge you see, my Portland Back court was so
far superior to Denver. It seemed insurmountable. Eight cents I don't know what to think abject regains, but I think you're right. It's like two teams that their strength as the others wait, there's and there is clearly a seven, the two series that are clearly guy: having games, or this one and next hawks just feels destined to go seven, I would say just for when I did not want to be the case of it'll, be a have a game and you, you just won't believe the hawks that let this go to seven, whereas at your way better than fix. How did you guys let this happen rather than show? but it does feel like it. There's no other way your browser, another series. I could go seven, those relating to right, I mean if the clue dig their way out. I guess that would be one scenario, but otherwise I think these tyrannising in these two If you like their earmarked for seven, I will, I will say this in Denver defence. I dont. Have you guys had this experience watching this game. but as I'm watching Yoke Ich, he was gonna play with this.
Food with somebody's like small by match up? There are moments when those countries fear what he's doing. Why he's no deferring too positive or rivers in this particular way in certain moments. At any time you just realized that he's having a layer- unquote underwhelming game in some ways and he just a megawatt talent who still produces at an off the charts level in those games. Yeah I don't, I don't even know the we ve gotten the the knock out yoke its game yet These have been kind of slow and steady My spots play with the defence, is giving me kind of games for the most part from him if he clicks into that gear for apple games at a time. I could see this thing being wrapped up sooner than later and maybe that's how you have the nuggets do have a way to really contend with some of these other western teams and in future rounds. It's gotta be something like that formula. I texted both of you in the fourth quarter, said yoke, it seems a little bit off tonight. He finished with a thirty six eleven five
I don't mind single mom like what's wrong with the ok. She does. It totally hits it'd be out his gave that I agree with you. He hasn't had the monster game than the other one. You know, Willard was thirty said, When some anybody, you know his fifteen for thirty one, it wasn't it where to say this, but it wasn't an awesome. Thirty seven. I think if you take it over thirty shots and sixteen threes third, the bar, I think, is forty. At that point, Mccallum hasn't let it up either, but Collins going to have one game out of the next three right to have the game when he has like four very just lights. It up, but I don't know they do with this. This ban situation which they through to first round eggs and a lot of money at this. last summer. In it it doesn't seem like it really paid off. Then, on the flip side Gordon every time he does something in the series it's like Gordon's. On this theme. I totally forgot. I I guess we have our.
Today said about air and Gordon right. We always wonder they. I was one, it is a self explain. Why would it what would happen if different situation better teammates it? This might be? Who he is when you get up it was an. I did have that gonna realisation tonight to, and he did a few things. I was sick. A weed literally never seen this from him in a play. Our series- I was actually a significant moment just now, like heat well yeah guess he did get some with that summarily round mattress, but he's never been on, like a team that, like was competitive like this, I, interesting because he's providing I'm gonna go overlooked. I guess just because their guard situation has fallen off so much. You know that lighted did their defence says really help the aggregate Yeah I mean he's coming up there at the point of attack when he can, but it's just I just keep aiming from him, because there are so many other areas to go. I really like computers, Oh I like just how on bothered he seems by
the match up he's he's a pretty fun player to watch baby. You brought a composite behind AEGIS, lit up like a Christmas tree I just I love every slow motion, replay interaction we get between Damon Composite enough, I mean Dame is about as flammable guys you'll find in the NBA. She does not seem to be having fun. He is. She is over that shit think of Pazos. Exactly that kind of player in all the best ways of Superfund to watch. Mean if only he could make a lay up in traffic, I think than hook. It's really has something going in the serious, but in terms of the pocket passing the pesky defends. A visa is a perfect play off character, Fox impossible, as some I'm glad he's getting his moment in the sun. Even if some of that moment is Dame drop, it numbers over his head on his way to as yours, I got a thirty seven dead, I mean kill for and not so spectacular, thirty, seven and losing effort. It seems like a pretty good night, but for Dame the bar is just that high, sometimes yeah comply
so Caruso and round to maybe yeah and be a cold war. We never knew he knew. I don't know it's with wood. by the way you know the coopers have taken a beating I'd like to think that the charge by pointing out this one of the first pointing out what cowards they were to avoid the Lakers after two years of shit They inadvertently allow the Lakers to play the winter. The series when the Lakers get by the sons- and you know it exists it signed up for Lakers. I would take a break when you come back. have a very important question. Vs a faint sports book has a final offer that you don't want to mister in the NBA finals. New users get thirty one odds and ends of the bucks of the sun's to win their next game. You can win one hundred and fifty dollars on a five dollars bet. I would recommend the bucks at home, Wocket Milwaukee game. Three, maybe do that one! Well,
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scary, bad it was. They Raymond even play that well, they didn't shoot that well, they won by twenty nine. I realized tat I watching it. The Laker fans are to like this box. Nets might be the final, We might have the final around here and I went back and I looked up. When was the last time this happened, and really the last time this happened was two thousand seven son spurs the Robert shoved that whole series where it was like it was clear at some point whoever was gonna win. That series is gonna win the FAO, Let us now, this time around, you have the bride, Davis you have the bigger lakers, I'm not I'm that can in them out, but I just did the bucks in the heat of the books in the nets are the two best teams right now and I've seen everything I wanted a seat in the bucks. I I thought there going away
I waited on them. I expected them to win, but there they ve demolish the heat. The holiday thing is so important. Rob would spend the thing that's jumped out to you in this. In these first again, I love it. I basking in the glow of all the box, respect on the spot right now. This is a view I feel like it. I do like it. I mean I for me the collision course between the nets. The box in the Sixers was always the most interesting thing all throughout the season leading into the plan is what I was looking forward to his these two rounds and how those three teams and applying each other, I think, we'll was which most interesting about it match up. Tactically is just the way the bucks have completely flipped the young. Wall against Bam, and they have complete We neutralize him away, where I almost think last year the bucks didn't fully oppression, how good bam was, or at least eight, in fully appreciate what made him so good. And now they they ve.
attacked in on his strengths and weaknesses. They put their really playing him about as effectively as anyone can and when I knew the heat we're in trouble in this particular game is when Bam had Bobby Portas on the baseline, but fifteen feet from the basket and Bobby porters just backed all the way up. in Bam, had nothing to do. You know where to go. That is a gigantic problem, a yoke. Heaven hundred at a great video about this for the ringer today a kind of outlining what bans next steps can be, as that's gotta, be a huge part of the heats formula going forward but the reality. Is the bucks have the three best players in the series so far, yeah there's no for the heatwave, that's gonna, that's gonna be the case, and I think it that was kind of lurking in the a round of all the noise going on with Milwaukee all season. That was a team that they, injuries, they had not your holiday. I with the health and safety protocols. They were trying all this new step with their defence in their office, trying to figure themselves out the sum of the players on the team felt the confidence with the way they ended up in
the standing in the wind loss in their note, some of the bigger metrics, given everything that has been going on saying if thou was the noise of our she's. No, we still ended up doing pretty well. What is it? Gonna look like when all the numbers, all the experience with drew and as in yonder on the floor said, his team is really freaking good and now and without looks like when those guys in trade, often and at the same time, just completely lock the up defensively, which I think is the most important part of that game, is bucks. That's the files for you, Kyle. I won't there was another when you ve got in there to what twenty eight team warriors rockets was pretty. Was that the over twenty seven game? The one? That's? U outlet is so that less conference fine us next year was round tune. We felt like that can be the files, but then did rant, never came back and right click on it
in the finals, but in the moment it was like wow round to this is the finals and then Toronto its title. So that's that's the rub with this question, but it does feel like this coup. be considered retroactively in September like what, back. I am bucks, that's that was it. I mean it's gonna, be an incredible I again, I can't wait. I'm gonna just gonna echo what Rob said in that. You asked him what stood out Rob said. I love it. That was his idea out myself Edith. I love distort hidden his head yet so I yeah it's that that that's We must see tv internal but like bass by if you're, if you're, just a hard core basketball fan, regardless of a Europe forming the Lakers painter gonna, take umbrage with with Europe with their question, I think for shirk as its GDP. It occurs as ah, yes, when I said yet, I wasn't agree with that. You guys I let it go anyway, so I know
I think it's a case of Milwaukee Walkie is its two things at once. Milwaukee is going a hard for this direction in a positive direction in Miami, like the fact that when you take away that appeal. Gravity of like coming up to guard bam like their whole office, was predicated on that. It's like literally just like Kali, my written reaching in Nepal in their heart out, like nothing, nothing is going to function if you can't get there sure uphill to discard ban like because a lot of three main game was Bam, comes up and sets a screen in the big eyes up. Well, when Lopez hangs back those three man genes, are just rolling down hill, like a like a Greece trap into like into into the whole matter. but into into Lopez and he's just walled up standing there and that just negates it. And I think that on the other whips. Out of that is that no walkie is just much more but balanced, and this was like the simple thing that like that's what a secondary play maker does for. Somebody like like pianist is that, like their whole
I was like just aiming downhill, relentless pressure down hill in the end in kicking shooters, while watching man. Their office was so fluid. There always like once, which away from having like a great player, drive to the basket that can create, and they didn't have that last year, because whenever blue The aid I had like older, shooters out there that couldn't attack when you're watching them play Miami like they throw it. Everybody would just catch it. Standing fly, put it in like they were never guinea separation and it's like tonight. I was watching him, I think every shot they took in the first order was in rhythm and if they didn't hit it, they got the rebound and then they got another one. Miami just looks loss couldn't generate the off answer, guys the guys that would orbit Bam in the sense that we were talking about. They look less confident like you're talkin about agenda. Are they just really really struggled to score and it was it was I opening it wasn't asking all out asking my subjects: Buddy Pinch text, a man half and was just so upset about at that point, dragons
Robson hero and then J Crowd or in the first half of the later game there combined, eight four thirty five and he was like where the fuck resist in these two fires last year, when our these guys were just unconscious, and I Let's feel like it. We're going to look back at that bubble run they had where it was like Dragich, that's the best he's looked, and I don't know five years something like that: Robinson and an hero, we're both have these moments and they really miss crowded later the crowd or to a reason, without a job offers by massive. But I'm out, Actually getting retroactively moribund out about that South exert hero. Has that crazy game hake with dollar has game than the latter. Could she gave me it's five threes like use, go back in Bam, who weak FIFA has found that a whole series of Milwaukee Saudi in five minutes.
In the end now now Bam has to go back to the drawing board the Kazi, but on the video I got retroactively burned out about it. We review the heat. What what are you first, while teeth like you, miss the opportunity to trade. somebody who was in all the depot like shit you have gone on for Lowry, because I kind of feel like this is ok I were. I would rather have not made that shit. I don't mind the old, deeper trade. I dont think I gone all in cuz. I don't think it was going to make a difference anyway, then working to be Morrakka this year. What would you have done rob? Will they might still get Lowry and there's there's all, especially with Miami in particular and the way they work as a fridge and destination? There is always a longer game in play and there a team that is. normally has been able to move salary whenever they need to move it to get whoever they need to get in those situations, so I wouldn't count them out of any kind of big picture plants in terms of whose available, but the deal,
The thing was not going to move the needle in this year's. I was actually thing, but that during this game, if you have a deep catching in some of these situations, that hero or Robinson or maybe the one spot would be if you could take Trevor Rees off of Laura little more and have someone or dynamic in that position, because having Aris out there is really what it's. What allowed Milwaukee too high I'd their worst offenders in a Lotta Casey ass. You know they got to sneak Bryn Forbes on the floor to run taken role with the honest that inverted Bryn, Forbes Yon is taken, role is just brutal to guard and the way you can do it is. You have to attack Brent forms, and I couldn't do it. That's one thing: the nets will do relentlessly and that's gonna be The difference in that kind of match up is with these roll players on the box. If there is then, able to kind of pick and choose who they want to attack a little bit more and go out those guys with three of the best. Isolate and players in basketball can bring forward stay on the floor Dante dimensions and holed up in a series. I have no idea, but out of big Yoda, made a difference when aware another, what my
Did they weren't? They were getting out against a buckskin. This defending like this, the reason It's funny cause it's almost like an actor You see a movie that in your head is younger, but then you realise, as they are, that guy's fifty one now it's like, if you saw the friends relying on HBO Max as I am that Le Black is now Now a middle aged guy and has been fifties where that's where I just saw my Netflix every day and he was young- raises thirty five, just in the last four years he played for Houston fee. Eggs washed in Portland Sacramento. My aim is suggesting the less since the two thousand eighteen season, He has made good in two years, but at an end, It should have been a much bigger red flag that heading into these play ass. He was playing thirty minutes a game, but it's like out Trevor region he's veteran he's been around like him: the dollar, like you against a team that says, love athletic as the boxer, that's sewers
the play those guys the maritime their plant agency and they had no plan b and you know a weird where this probably works out. Ok for them, but it's it's funny. How lucky goes for this dramatic bubble, ass. to now they eat the sweep lock down that, like that, not only with a sweet, but I could see that in the twenty four came Kyle they they won. The last nine quarters more dating back to the hotel game on every quarter. They want. This has been a demolition yeah. They they seems like they have really taken this. Personally, where I was. I like I like to watch the Lee kind of like, where it goes, you know cause you don't want to live. they haven't even let like they have any Let my Emmy git moral victories like they. They like won't, even let the league get down to twenty day, just kept, pushing it out and out now and in like a packing, and what really struck me about this game is that
They have some really like legit shock creators. I mean like on this team. Like I mean Middleton probably still does get enough. I credit for how great a shock creator he is yeah and you know holiday. I think you should just he sees fantastic, but what really show me is that, like throughout this game, they were to run in their office like they have some Gaza can go, get you lay clock buckets and they are often so on bothered that they? Never it never even came to that. So I like it just shows me that, like They have another gear, potentially that they could go to. In some of these better team that they're gonna face and the breadth and things interesting because you know yeah, they're, gonna brooklands gonna be able to pick on some of the things that they do, but Milwaukee offensively is playing so well because they're so dynamic is they have creators at like there once they know, they're, two hundred and thirty four spots that they're going to they're going to Forestbrook guard them. I mean you know that for sure Am Laddie
politics is ours. The final question forego there had for you guys to holiday underrated for years. The go to guy further that guy, so underrated example, the advancement community loved him. More than I think the average fan player performances What else body it was always a questionable few. So good, why? Why didn't have anything Davis translated title? I think just we ve seen this season, even just in the series I think we can afford. They said. Drought is properly raven and ignorance. while your heart is fuckin awesome, so I think we have to retire Rob who is now the new champion of I can't breathe. how underrated that guy's people understand how good he is. Who takes the torch, see out
if I'm moving on until be really get the courses of people from the streets. Chanting drew holidays fucking. Also when that area dwell, whether we feel him they shut down Irian round to for a game and then that an officially when it happens, this is exit yeah. We need the quarter, the full internet quorum when he shuts down inquiry that that'll be the moment but are winning guards heart. an inquiry and back to back games shuts down hardening game to carrying game. Three he's gonna happen his possessions to wear their like screening for each other and he's guarding. Whoever has the ball for the full twenty four seconds between those two guys, anything unbelievable. I he he. He might have the best player in the series so far I raised in some of it is There the moments were, I might come back. Not Eric blood, so moments with your head, you eat. The ball, swings to him and it's cool This is his moment to do something in a position where Bledsoe would have not that's issues great and delivered in those been a great play, make her great driver. But for me it's all the other stuff.
the times when you're not really paying attention to draw it is doing, and then he veers in and cuts off a fast break ins completely saves a possession or he digs out a loose ball or he just fly and all over the place can reach. You would expect him to read if the unexpected stuff. That's really for me- and I dont know that he could be much better through these couple game. So far, rather answer. My question so kindly I was gonna: do who's the new guy who's, who gets the torch from drew? I was Say Pneumonia Bellied, Sir, that's it. I was not here, came out in Milton burly deity and others. The fourth for I am a dead, a hee hee that everybody now, if I played by the serious, would be a lot different. He I'd be averaging forty five minutes, yeah. I don't know where the new under eight a guy is eight. It might be Somebody like, like eight eat like What is found shoes
begin Buzz lightly, like finding is resonates the under eight Caribbean, like hey man. Nobody ever talks about me what's going on here, but if that Yasser goes longer and longer on one s land. My calmly made us all star game like we can't even put him on the list anyway, my ground they gave it. The torch to duality is true Savona, who it is. If the if people send Cen cow, Rob tweets, I don't feel like twitter. send those guys tweets if you have dominated for who the next are under way to go before we go? Are we gonna have a clip funeral tomorrow, night or rejuvenation somewhere in between. We'll go we're gonna, limp into another day on it. Now big guy, you wanted ETA settings as win tomorrow night they're gonna win, but not in particularly inspiring fashion. Yeah just mean. I actually think that I think the maps
LUCA at home, with fifteen thousand people in a play, a game with fans for the first time in his life cannot be discounted as a monkey wrench for tomorrow night. it's gonna, be going for it. For sure I mean what the Robin our talking about this earlier, that, like the clippers offensively, I was like looking at some of their they ve generated. What was it like this Most open threes date, the auto nobly I've been fun building a whose, whose generated the fewest opened the reason the playoffs. Could you take a guess who is it the boss ethics. The added value should know that Little stray therefore pay. I I I'm gonna be really curious to see. If we can do this light because he's having kind of the series, as really open my eyes, and he it's really amazing, because I was stream believer in him and for him to compete like continue. Till I defy in,
believer even like the post game stuff that he's added I've ever like. I might rider mega video about this. Just like the adding, the oh game at twenty, two is bonkers. I mean it's just bonkers like is that, like twenty nine I don't know man he's very, don't really like what happened in those first took up. Her games related had no correlation too pretty much Then that's happened in the lake yeah that that's just creation was so unusual and so fuckin bizarre Sorry, I I couldn't get over it because the cliffs fully expected when the game they pay. The choir was like we're winning tonight. Here's my thirty point. First, half look as I could He didn't even budge, go ahead of guess. I just think he's adapted to the cadence of play. basketball about a seamlessly, as anyone we ve ever seen in Syria and in terms of modern placing the as your sympathy level of sophistication and control over a game. This isn't
I coming in employing a good energy minutes having like one great night and then he gonna tapers off every game. every possession is completely unsolvable the against the best wing defenders out there. I don't know. I don't know that there is now much precedent for applause. Like that, because even the crazy you know by dominating play makers we ve seen in the past. They have some growing paints. The James horns, even the LA bronze, have growing pains in a way that we just haven't seen LUCA have yet. Maybe those are reserved for later rounds and tougher opponents crazy, I'm saying four opponents when their plane the clippers right now, but that's the real quality of the echelon that LUCA puts them absent. While he did. Something really truly extraordinary game to heap made poison gas seem happy and excited to be there, which I didn't think was possible. There is a smile and energy if he could rejuvenate posing ass the fuckin skies. The limit for the mavericks rate
He's doing good vibes, extremely good vibes come now to the mats right now she noticed ex prisoners. Was I congratulating teammates. He had good body language jago, you better save forsake. S is more impressive than the actual, but that was right. You can read rob on the ringleader com you can check out. Kyle was that when you put to us today. Today we did it. We did a really really timely thing about Chris Paul's durability and longevity. There was a subject that out these guys around the Ringer ABS show as well, which is crank and during the playoffs, we're gonna be reacting and that show pretty much every night and we ask of the mismatch with Casey as well good to see you guys thanks for Stanhope late, they say my pleasure today that has brought about nor light summers here. That means grab in every opportunity, beers with friends,
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I was more to share my friend from Greenland is at the New York Times: thou and we're gonna talk about Kate whence it, but you went to next game wine. You're get em ass. She with fifteen thousand people at a very fast as that, they lost that when they one game too, but you are with you with people again. What was it like? It was. It was really something, no I mean I will say as a Philadelphia and who, has no fealty. What's ever to the New York Knicks, I'm big fan of of Dino nineteen nineties aeronautics yeah, just truly ray. I dont even know I mean I guess I saw some important play off games, but I don't know what was going on with the next and ninety nine. The ninety nine is, but just you know I went with my friend Gregg, who is, Nix Fanny wars. Next, he sure in everything we do, you know it was.
Just it was one of those things were like. I definitely felt like I was in a foreign country, even though I live live in the city for almost eight years. I you know the class of men that I'm like intimately familiar with, but just being Dell used with all of them at the same time and just the expert just a hope that was that was that they exist It was so strong going in there and dumb it was really. It was really special. This high five and strangers gettin beer spilled on me, because keyboard really excited you know but he was wearing a mask in that felt great, because the assumption that you couldn't get it if you weren't, you didn't have a vaccination card or proof of fascination somehow. But you know my only downside. Besides the actual laws- and there was that moment, where dared rose its he tied the game they lead
game one and if they did, it was like for like one for two for two points: for like ten seconds, buddy grows. I think he either tied it up or he got them ahead for a second with like thirty seconds to go. If maybe hide it betided up given, You know that last shot yet ties it up. Everybody crazy, but not quite out of their minds, because I think they knew which re, yet they knew was they knew they probably we're gonna win, so I would have much rather traded in game one for game too, because the energy the energy that night I mean the dip was so deep, but the climb out of that reservoir of of of just you know, despondency was so much with so much greater. I'm glad you're here to talk about the specific subject. As we related said next, I guess basically most famous fan. They have been
outside for thirty years, but always all right. His little long in the tooth he still celebrating, he's a thirty year old guy, but I'm not worried he's going to get hurt, he's trying to jump up and down, but he is only getting one inch off the ground. I feel like she might pull an Achilles. I think for next year, at the mixer to make a longer run. think we gotta go personal trainer trainer yoga polite is maybe some working in the sand to build up like his calves when he's so, you can get a reservation and not look like he's gonna teeter over I'm just a concerned, I'm concerned about his welfare in Spain, We need you stay healthy and bill. Her used by you got no get her. I don't don't lay blow out an Achilles ivy. I dont, despite our you, finish with the Viagra musical is my question like? Should you be? Do you have time I mean look, I think spitefully would definitely just go for permanent life altering injury to
at the Knicks a championship at this point right, don't you think you had better I'm just worried, I don't wanna, get her and then like be on crutches. in his seat, like a sad old guy, you know during a playoff game. That's it he's just pace yourself, Spike Lee, don't jump all the time baby. Do one jump a game just I I'm just worried about him. What can I ask a question cuz? This is like. Let's say that I mean, let's just let you we'll play out two scenarios. Let's say the Knicks actually get out around one. I would hand I just for the record. I would be surprised if that happens. I think Atlanta has a better to him, but the day the next, if they can just get it game, seven the credible when they came for them yeah, I'm I'm agreeing with you, but let's say that dinner. The letter we lose,
in round one likely to happen? I'm does the team stay together and if they do say together, I feel like. I just feel like this cannot. This has to be something that last and can be built. On, because I just just don't say it like that thing- anything terribly deep too. anybody who is it fan and listens to you talk about playoffs, but I, having witnessed what I witnessed ah on Sunday afternoon and evening, I think that that team those those people, those fans so much that they Have never I've been through a lot of sporting events? I was in Toronto when they be golden State that title and the place was leg it earlier
The place was shaking the stadium was rocket. Even that night does not compare to just the depth of of hope and like it. It meant just for this to have happened at all the gratitude and I just I just feel like this is a city that's been so fucked by in the management of that team and they deserve so much better than they get, and the idea that you're just going to play If that I don't know, I don't know, what's going to happen, but like selling breaking that team apart and selling it four parts is just that to me would be unconscionable. We will talk about this and John just shrimps keys. We, I did locker room of the Mai, said from the New York near pattern were talking about how long we give people in that crowd right, there's a difference. There's a gratefulness that goes to the fair base
they just haven't even had a good game to go to, and now it's like. You know you have somebody who took their son when their son was six hundred and seventy two Carmelo Laugh game, and it was not even that great and now the kids in high school and as I never really never been to a good next laugh game where you have somebody who's twenty five years, those who has no memory of even like the ninety nine finals or any that's him. So there's there's this. As you said, gratefulness crossed with anxious euphoria, yeah. You start your work, your at the game. They Oh my god, I'm out again next play a game and you can watch you make those in early May holy mother of God. What did I do to deserve this now? I will also say bill that these are the same people- who, when the game is over or outside scrutinise everybody, but like in pockets, I heard a lot. A tray is gay,
now. I heard a lotta trays gay and it was one of those things are like I was. I was leaving with Gregg and They drag. What do we do? He's like you, gotta keep walking, You just gotta you gotta, we just gotta go home, I'm gonna go to my place. You're gonna go to your place, but I turned around. I was like you know. I've thought about just being like you guys thought what, if trade is gay It's two thousand and twenty one who cares? If that's a blur, that's a meaningful slurry remy, but I let it go. I didn't I didn't pursue it, I'm not going to defend that. I will say it if it feels like and we start with the popcorn spread, it feels like the fans, are almost learning how to behave in public again. all that for a fifteen months, it's like they did meaner public. There there's things you just can't do You know your house anymore, like on a message board that you, the we're all human beings again like. Let's go figure
without you. I didn't hear it in the stadiums so that in here during the games, so there's that there's that now you know you talked about. You asked me about whether they could break up the necks and like what the plan is that just quickly. I do think they. They feel like as an organisation that Dave stumbled on a blueprint that works where it's like they're going after specific types of people, hard working culture, guys who just want to be a good teens and want to put it rather work that don't have you know and attitude, don't have these crimes expectations, don't have an entourage, don't have an agency. You know. And a force somebody's hand, people that are just as they did that just kind of get it. They just get the concept of egg on your part of something put in the work, and I think those are the guys are going to go. after, like I don't think this is gonna, be a situation where they trade, R J bear this summer. For some, you know.
Sometimes unhappy superstar, who on paper makes you better not now bring out his baggage with them. You, I think they're gonna be really careful how they do this and try to keep it open so that he saw Leubronn tweet last night about how great the crowd was, which was ironic as its, it could have been his craft, he had gathered in his hands to does it then decided we gotTa Miami, but the fit the prayers. I saw that crowd and their get in at some point. There's gonna be a really good player here's a free agent or last year, is there who would be like I want to be part of. I would be part of that atmosphere, so they ve been able to put the door narrative in basically a year yeah where the next seem like a fund plays the play again any view a diver drink. I re becoming fragrances. Summer guess They will go there. We go to the next now. Would you want those guys are now I don't know what does that mean? I guess ok keep keep what you got an dough
that thing relate. You know my favorite analogy for anything. That's too much in the world is the tea bone stake that gets brought over the first Flintstones conflicts. The whole thing over during the closing credit to the Flintstones: don't don't Tiburon stake it either right leg it to your point. They get the right people, I don't exactly. I don't know you know better than I do who the right people are, but I got it here's. Your lie possibilities there. Oh likewise, now it's just like if the Cooper thing go, south he's afraid and you just by destiny about. Where do I go? And yes, I know I'm here down through the next: that's straight up excited I will say when you did when you in David Toby, we're talking the other day about oh how nobody knew your cares about the nets relative to the next year. That is real That is a real thing and it's so crazy, but that's how deep the next thing is, and I was it is a new jersey, friends who were like do.
You guys. What do you do- and I was talking to my friend- bring about this- you like? What do you do? You do New Jersey, people and further the loyalty and the passion do not go into the next. Obviously so I guess there nets fans, but it's just such a difference in terms of like I lived down the street or at least an ivy, yet do experience like traffic nightmares. I mean people are the games, obviously, but just the energy is so different when you go to leg depend station. energy is. I am afraid this is why it is wiser, gettin, seventy five years yet again, generations great my great grandfather was an expanded. Shall I tell you can compete with that black? If there is a second baseball team in Boston, they would have no chance that subsequently examined been successful, but that doesn't mean they're not like beloved, and that in its also the biggest city we have in America, they have the most basketball fans. David
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and right now beyond meat is offering listers a coupon for two hours after next purchase by heading two beyond me that calm slash bill. Since I come back so you and I both love Murphy's down. An HBO, and we could do some spoiler alerts for that. For that showed the end, and if people have I need a boiler because I'm one behind, I have not seen I'm I've seen the first five. I have not seen episode six obvious and I, Nobody seems ok away, I'm not a huge fan of guessing what happens on a tv show them through later the show happens in bread. Ride rather talk bouquet wins it. So we were texting and I was wondering and near the right person to answer this. Is this the best
for the last thirty years old. I thought as to shit that takes us to yet I was. I was kept this in my pocket. I wanted to spend this money so that takes us back to ninety ninety one. So we have the following people in play: man we have the commitment we have cape went yet we have France's make dormant. We have like first ten years of work, we already happened going close and then we have first fifteen years of her career happen there. Strip a movie magistrate, because mass rape is the greatest actor or actress about them yet take close in ST our different areas? I wanna keep. Need for me. It's an era thing right. You might even have to go thirty years right. So, let's go. Let's say I was thinkin mid nineties. So thirty men is around them
but she comes in she come forward. Heavenly creatures comes out, perfect, okay, so we'll save from mid 90s on so just for the people listening who don't know the Kate week cuz, we don't talk about movies like we talked about sports. She has for best actress, nominations and three best supporting domination. She won won best actress, but it all starts and ninety four ninety four, ninety six just heavenly creature, sense sensibility hamlet. And then Titanic and blows up you and I think, what so fascinating about her career, and I know the reason you love the most is titanic happens, that's a fork in the road. Your career can go one of two ways, she turns down shakespearian love, she turns down in the king. She has hidden kinky in holy smoke is one two of them are in fact that movies she could possibly packed and she's. Just like, I am pointing my flag. This is who I am, and this has been her career ever since that specific
is says everything, but when you think about how we could talk about her versus the other actions, but just to sum up like what she's bed the lad since the MID 90s, I mean what I mean she, the fork in the road is a really interesting. What force about technique re she's got she's, got Blake, secretly good technique, but mostly what you get is a kind of sensuousness, at least in the beginning rate, I say heavenly creatures. all the way through maybe little children in two thousand six in holiday, perhaps no the reader, oh my god the way through the reader So ninety four to two thousand eight when she makes the reader and revolutionary road. revolutionary road? Not a comedy. But even without a writer, neither has done is neither was the reader Kate winds. Lids thing is
this combination of Sensuality and intelligence, and for a lot of the of that. Fourteen years, she he was a body actress, meaning physicality was incredibly important to the role or she I mean not to the role is written but like to her conception of what the role was gonna be She. I remember I had a sort of intellect contest with myself about like who more who is more bodega bay in terms of like the way their body was used in movies, her or Jennifer Lopez, who also became a huge star like before you know, like a rat, the during the Kate Winslet run, but where a body was important to the thing as as as anything else and nobody
thinks about it. Like you watch him would be like holy smoke or a movie like hideous kinky or even titanic. Her physical, or Jude, which is like this. The adaptation of the Thomas Hearty book nodded movie, not a great adaptation of a great great book but she's really good at it. Senses sensibility there is so much about What she's doing in these movies that are that about the people in these desiring her, but also her sort of owning the looking Buller doing at her and she just she is a very sexy person and you know for them. fourteen years, the way that those parts work weren't, you know that after the characters. sexuality is incredibly important to the role itself and the characters you know, like fig two in inland literal nudity,
is really important in these parts to which in the big know about our play back she's completely unafraid. Yes, you yes do whatever it takes in a movie and out of everyone we ve had in the last thirty years, she's the one she said ten out of ten on whatever that contest is well, let's put her in the classroom ass. A kid men who you mentioned, Griffith Paltrow Mary the courtyard and I'm missing, and raise another dormant and then there's some other ones that should be in there but leg there biodiversity is discussed. I just didn't have the parts until the last seven years, but I feel I could have been yes in negative. has not enough of a career of great roles yet right. I think that the You know Kidman Kidman, true Winslow. Haughty are
we have our big are big mess. With this case raised she'd, she went the other direction. She could it had it, and she didn't want to read. Complicated feelings about didn't, want it, but you'd, but but far purposes yes did one, but there the another person who is really obvious totally missing. Who is this? Age, is like the all. These women are basically the same venture blackjack there we go. You mentioned her right. Ok, that's the person whose, like now we're done, we can win. That's all that's arrival right. If you're gonna look like this generation, they they basically the same nominations you you could have put them in in parts out of them and I think she treats her career a lot like eight once a dead where she, just like I'm picking, move, in rows that appeared on that? China be a commercial actress rate, but I think the difference between Blanche, and an Winslet is dead. The perception of cable
That is the she's like she's, a very serious actress yet, and I To kind of by into that idea, a little bit when I see her in something like Thor, Ragnarok and I'm late, wait what she's amiss we're here, whereas Kate Winslet? I mean I would be surprised to see her and that movie too, but I also would have seen her in you know: hideous kinky, Is it really and I dont know I feel, like all Jean campaign is kind of underrated. At this point, he's sorry holy. Some holy smoke hallways holy smoke is like The rate of gene champion of the movie is kind of goes off the rails, but it basically as her versus Harvey COD in, like a spiritual death match like a fight for four that care for those Kate, Winslet Character, soul essentially- and I just think that Kate Blanchett during the
period is like following a much more classical mould like there's a path that exists for a person like Cape Planchet, at least until the Bob Dylan Movie and she like she does the bed the tiny hands on on that their movie and there notes on a scandal. Oh my did you foresee, notably scandal, yeah. Ok, I think, when Cape Kay Blanchett like kind. It goes a little trashy which and the scandal of no one listening has seen this movie treat yourself, but I Winslet was always down to be whatever the movie needed. In addition, slightly greedy, your way than K planchet, and we don't think of Cape Lunch the Uk Winslet in the same sort of with a saint tony ness like as an air like a moral street, for instance, we don't think a runaway, whereas cape wench.
We do in writing a lot of blood out of the reason, for that is because the parts kind of warranted she played Catherine Hepburn. She wanted Oscar for playing Catherine Hepburn, you know she played. Blue Jasmine, which basically, that character characterise essentially Vivian Lee character. when a Tennessee Williams play sites. You know I mean Uk Winslet is also mean. Blanche had is going forward in a different way than in ok is cape. Escaped and yet making the holiday. I don't know what that that's. What's so weird about her careers like other, she does are those choices, late, the gene campaign movies and things like that. But then Is this later a career? Obviously she's she had stopped. Acting further come back, but just keep when she would not have made the mountain between us with the euro. Is that how you well, Maybe to stay with urges Alber for a little bit at the cape. Legit might have done that. You think so. such a weird movie
planchet doesn't have any fine in her work, but yeah I mean would you guys are illiterate or too little more strategic? She has this ran said the titanic thing happens. She has the fork and what that movie did to her. LEO was pretty fast. They rank as LEO does not for a couple years than is in the beach and he bade it takes them, six years to regroup before he starts rip off. That next run a great movies any makes she makes she makes you know always motion, whales and to thousands of well then in o four or sex she ribs fraternal. answer and finding overland little children in the holiday in three years, and that was when she came to restate the flag, as I'm here two thousand eight the reader revolutionary road, so that the five year run is better than I think Cape Wench added. Yet his fur variety
the holiday. I just don't think a blank cheque would about her and that move in the same way that I think has turned out to be. If you didn't twenty first century rom coms that are probably the most beloved, at least for my work, often people early and late men enjoy lemon, like that. I think that is an oji, probably that probably the favourite and the fires, you don't want it for Roma may re, Myers wines again, good! Lord, ok, fine! I accept I accept that that is a beloved movie. It is, I know it's funny. It was. It was blood at the time, but it is really grown Israel. It's gone leaps and bounds over its initial popularity. So then, this decade she had some kids, Ed, Mildred Pearson TV wanted Emmy, did contagion. What she's really good in that's, really fascinating caverns of farmers. Then this deck and I hold you for one second yeah there is a sub cattle.
Story of Kate Winslet Movies, in which case Winslet Flank, takes one for the team in the movie like how many movies Kate Winslet died, sacrificial ed. Oh yeah at least five yeah. I need it Winslet dying as such, it is is also, I think, in the movies anyway, continue with teeth. As fourteen seventeen, it goes off the resolute, override, Steve Jobs, divergent collateral, beauty mount between us and start in this is that she's, but she's movie in her forties, this happens with axes. The parts change. This is why I feel like I met these town is sound because she's gonna win an enemy for like I'm, just a cat, I'm calling it ass. She doesn't when the aim is for this I'd, be I'd, be stunned, but oh wait, but you know. Can I wake? You know work, petitions gonna be who, because this is a limited series rate, Yahoo is its can be heard, he'll call from
minister, I may destroy you dad and to be rough because Mikhail call, that's the best bees acting. I saw last year period period period, buried beer as tough as Kate Cates, already one yet right, maybe maybe that barriers to call if she's nominated, there's also a scenario in which neither these women gets nominated. But I don't want to live in a world where I think what was cool about this row. First love her as a former high school basketball, where'd you get the latent meta, no she's married, maybe get rid of the Shepherd shipbuilding shot. She's the cap in the last person introduced its whole back story of what can we get the cable Let the twenty fifth anniversary reunion game. Can we see Kate like just run up down the floor like Julius Randal, really feel like she would do that and learn how to play basketball over the coroner. Busby reminders. The point- and I really I heard you say it I was like I agree. I one see that footage, because she would definitely do it. It might be
this, but turn physicality, which goes back to your point about how she's or bad- and I totally agree with her and jailer as as the two that kind of figured it out most Christina Hendricks would be the other way through. I forget his name down excellent point, but with her in this it's it's this middle aged woman. You could tell you she feels like sheep, physically twenty years before and she's be hearing at the moment. She, yes, yes, and then they injurer so now, she's got the ankle injuries now she's, limp and around His shape shapes probably has worked out in twenty years. She got all this damage. She's got the back story with with her son name the divorce, and it's just like the perfect ones. Apart. Just a shitload of baggage, she's, gotta. gate, stuff. She still there's a sexuality lurking inside her that you got to figure. Guy Pearce is trying to unlock a little bit there, but it's really it's she's playing she's playing all the hits of big Kate, Winslet,
I mean just the fact that You find out an episode one that she was a former basketball star. I just like my eyes welter because well I mean because it makes it makes her. I mean sometimes cast a play: police officers and they're they're playing the the belt. You know that utility belt the cops where only ever but the one of those on bill. but I have, and they re about forty pounds. A very heavy into where that all day. Is it just it's your blue, colonel on a lot of stuff and but that is not and should not a beat cops or she doesn't have to deal with the utility bell, but she made she may once have been won But what she's carrying around is all that leg. Ass, like like a like a lot,
go and athletes like beached body basically rate where like, so much of her carriage is lake in her. If look in her power like her posture is really interesting to me in this performance, and Lady Ashton is currently like in the lower half of her body. She had a torn ac out twenty years ago and she's never got a fixed and was really was late again with women. Would take that for the team in order to like not have to have. I don't know what highschool basketball is like in in the ongoing task. goes like, unlike you know, that part of white filling Who knows that rabbit the girls bad hyena in in the mid nineties, by which I mean my sister, It won't know she did not play back. Well, that's why my knees plead Basque. While I sit around track but like it is competitive, it is It is not a joke, but I just
like I like that. The lead in for at least for a person familiar with thicket Winslet experience is is her physicality in some way, and you know when she goes on that foot she's in the first episode and n n N can't quite do it she's, like a lost a step. but she still committed to chasing down. You know I don't have that guy's, we call him a poor, but yeah. You know. I think that there is something how her understanding when it is released, lay Craig Sobol who, who who's responsible in part for this, are like directed at right angles b. true decided to cast her my bread yeah. I feel like, they know some like she knows they know what what is it? What a thing special about her, that she can do that really. Nobody else can
and one of those things is, is the way her physical self functions and ass that'll big deal. That leads me to the second piece of this one's a conversation I think what makes her career so it seemed to me Then all the obvious reasons, and why Think she was the best actors from midnight is basically the best post marrow Streep actors. We ve had you can kind of put her in anything like I'd, be hard pressed to think about movies that it would by now. she's wrong for Thou and they give him some electrical Kidman, who I think you're about his high on as anybody just as an actress in you re a man, they had all bill you, you would not have bought her as a former you not about her as a former high school basque, about shan't. Now as a cop and pensive
I just work. It would have been ridiculous when there's no way, let's just pause, that for one second, because I think Nicole, kid amicably, Frederick, Douglass, but ok affair. Now. What do I want to see her do there? I do not yet, but I do Then, if you had given her this role, the problem would not have been the the washed up. Basketball start turn police detective. It would have been the accent yeah. Nicole, kid means you know, but back then history. She, this I ve been a really hard thing for her to do an like look, we're watching the show on from I'm from Philadelphia. I've got look do their lot of Philadelphia and in your life bill with stronger accents than others. Mine is mediocre compared
you know, like Chris Ryan, for instance, he's got he's, got an exit yeah and you know it's all its only after Baltimore, I think Baltimore, then Philadelphia are America's to hardest accents and You may I learnt its actions for an actor to master. I mean hardest accents yeah I mean for one thing to start there, and I think there are just two of the there too, the tricky accents understand, when you're like deep in the territory to wrap while road islands number one just for the record, Rhode Island, Ireland is an island in the magazine you right yet the Massachusetts acts that, after nine drinks, it's almost copper, However, I never heard that before his literary there for thirteen years. Ok, it's a fact. So I do think that nickel
can we have a hard time that access- and you know, Nicole, given how many for how many points do eyes spot her? for just not carrying that. She does not sound like any of the places these characters or from I just kind of Sometimes I just don't care. You know with the Oscar nominations and all that stuff and granted the Oscars have gone sideways, but they're at least the best reflection we have. I wrote a column freeze, Pane Magazine way back when probably two thousand and seven eight range trying to prove that Meryl Streep was the best actor or actress of all time, just based on nominations and wins in the categories that came up with this whole point system and she was by far and away had the highest number she's up to four.
we're seventeen best actors, nominations, inform best supporting she's, also one. I think at least for something like that. She's got three three here: ok make Dormann as bad, but just for career Hepburn had twelve twelve best actors, no supporting, and I think she one like for maybe three. If you want the boy. Yes, yes, for Windsor bloodshed, both have the foreign three. First, in total, plus they reach one once Jane, Fonda had best sickly Angeles Obama. Dorette do yeah. Fonder was six best actors, one supporting and she won't waste, Dane Judy has the five and to make dormant as the three and three but she's one three times and closest forward for for best.
Just for by supporting she's one zero she's at eight knives and then Eddie, Davis, ten best actors, domination, zero, Spain, but my point as I that's our entire list of seven nominations are more if you thrones the page foreign for I am drawing the three four five six, seven, eight nine ten actresses. companies are exhausted. Her that's right at TAT, Geraldine Page, oh yeah. I forgot about that tripped accountable she's. Got in the movie, but that was what these asker sorry to hate, to spoil a fourth there's some crimes from eighty nine seven were eighty to ninety four thirds. Most of the Asker biggest Asker traversed is ever happened in liquid.
arranged her every every year with a concrete outrage: she's go year by year. It's just something something at least one thing happen that was off putting but use. Why bring this up k once it's only forty five yeah there's a lot of time left here and I think, as we saw in this tv, show she's not going to be afraid to explore what middle ages like what what is it like when your body changes? What is it like when you had fifty I'm just kind? I feel like there's another twenty years here for her, oh yeah, but here's the thing that and I hate deserted every time we talk, I feel like I bring this up as its, but it's really important and you can't paper over there. Now you or you mentioned earlier when things How did it go a little sideways for Kate, Winslet yeah and you know Some of that might have been leg, personal choices, but around
the time that she makes. I mean, let's say that the last like good, maybe two thousand eleven flash, two thousand thirteen she wasn't labour day, but ones start showing up his leg is see the president or the like. The leader of the colony and divergent anode she's got someone like I'm letting rob that's right, I'm getting divorced. That needs a cash. You check right so once she shows up in the divergent movies, and they she plays he's got that part and in Steve Jobs, which she does get an Oscar nomination for interesting. Women's by the way, because you don't show that a fan I gotta say that was hardly my least favoured K. Ones are proof. I dont get an alibi. I've got some other least favoured. But I hear you on that: I've, no defence for it, but that's the point at which The movies are their dying right. There cheat their deadly chain,
right they're, moving into some other version of of of themselves and their art sheet. I mean it. Isn't just did that she's, None of these parts is Belize. Movies is good. None of the parts, This gives you did a Woody Allen moves you wonder wheel, not a woman and her for this. They now because that mean that you could argue the same thing happened: a Jane Fonda well, who ok so or it. Let's just play the south who is taking Lake Kate, wins lids parts after two thousand and four he like who who is taking over the other guys like the scarlet generation right leg, k whence I would have been in marriage story, but she was too old.
and that that would have been like B. I mean she basically made barristers revolutionary words that Cambodia, as late as marriage story with leg, like you, know that the Burundi dark see. I think so. It's two things here. We always talk about. You need to find your muse you. She needs a couple directors to specifically say I am re movie or I have. This part will be perfect for K is something that I ain't. Gonna need to hit the latter with that a couple times Bear Street at a point. Where is just like he embarrassed creep in your movie, you she's, you know and choice. Every time shall have a double. Where's Prada moment at some point. You know, probably seventy years from now right shall have some pop culture part where she just looks different and she's older, but
It's like a signature, oh shit over at this stage of her career now. So at that I feel like there's going to be some stages down the road. I thought this was a good stage, so I just don't think there are enough people to be off Are these parts like where it wait where they coming from? The re don't get dark on me. Don't start don't worry, I'm sorry enough movies tell writing them all these prestige. Tv right I mean which is fine I felt like when she did Mildred peers. That was a real. I mean she was ahead of it. I mean other great actors have have done, You know limited series television, obviously like she's, not the first person to do it- when she chose to do that. Would here was that, with that fifteen two thousand it noted peers. Two thousand eleven array, so that was like an interesting like bellwether rake ass. She was still at the top of her.
still near the top right. That was a thing she does after she wins the asker, though that's the thing she does Mildred Pierce and I felt leg. Ok, I'm not going to turn down a bomb k, winds and I'm not gonna turn down a chance to try to do. then the novel, the two to be able to do a more faithful to the novel version of Mildred pierced with Todd, Haines and Guy Pierce. What get your luxuriate in the envy absurd tragedy of this novel, but at the same time. You know nothing is quite right. After that- and I think that that's the moment- Is this period? Were the movies are changing and I just don't see who is taking these parts from this from his woman like theirs? It there not there's not a lot to go around, so that might be a little bit of it. but there are anyway bigger agent for a second. Call your age, Myers, yeah, ok, yeah, I'm
David Kelly and be like hey. If you have another shown development with housewives holding glasses, a sharp At six o clock at night, you hate their husband well known as the script. If they, if there's anybody on deck, looking out on some great ocean view, wondering what happened there. Life retreats Cates ready. She could do it she's ready. I would also I would like to see her just what is her mainstream? What's her? What's her like? What's her version of the way back with Africa, oh wow, isn't it this show what it might be said as a movie, I guess you're right. Maybe that is this show, but what could she do? One of those things where she's battling some personal demon
she is trying to work away out of it. Then it falls apart. She has an area like some, maybe like a rehab tat movie. Yeah I mean by that I mean. I think, that there is a thing where at some point, your PA. I kind of kicks in there just a thing. You don't really want to be doing which his leg, you know, drug addicted, your way: alcohol edges. She I dont know she'd, never really I mean she's played. I mean, I think that I think mare sheen is drunk rate. This ban is probably an alcoholic, but to show in about her drinking. It's about all this others have now. I've got some issue. With where the show is like what the show was trying to do, for poor mare, but I think that she is now Stooping to conquer on that show that performance is not about leg, pulling out all the stops. It's about leaving enough stopped in to make this woman really interesting and the other interesting about like where things are is last year: she'd
Do one of these legs so called Oscar movies. He was caught Ammonites and it was her in future, Ronan Bang. In I mean it wasn't bad sexy They were playing to women in love and he cared not like it did It I mean it's not a great movie, whether when we start to anybody who has a pandemic programming rate, I just feel like and also she's playing a bread is the others. It's such a weird, like the fact that movie got no traction. Alas,. here when everybody was stuck in their houses and leg, everybody- a fierce Ronan? Everybody loves Kate Winslet, but nobody wants to see them leg up in a period. Peace I'll, be out ascendancy it either I mean you, nobody would you have seen k went out in the queen. Would you wanted that like season for Kate was apparent so that queen
yeah I've been to await the queen or the crown the crab among the crowd. Yeah sure I mean she couldn't, could she have been a better thanks, then then Gillian, Listen, I don't know I haven't gotten. A Fergie could should be further put a red wegatta, oh God, yeah we're out I'll, be Gimme. Your case was about rush mark, as we gotta go, see him again, Caitlin RO, so here's my whole. Ok, you go first titanic little children which I really want to do it for the real Archibald. Without that every watch about that movies, fuckin amazing, actually leave it. Are you really going to be the case? It should one the asker. They
best picture titanic the holiday little children is it. Is it too weird to to put hideous? Kinky is the fourth cuz that movie's so fucking crazy. It is not. It is not I'm not going to put it as my fourth, I don't have a fork, yet I'm going to leave by fourth playing fur, okay, I'll, put mare of Easttown US by force for now, but I feel like there's a fourth that will go, but I think I'll those three movies specifically because I think it's the whole Kate experience. Ok, I think it's incredible that hurriedly our entire panic, when you could argue that those were to the best five actors of the last thirty years they, just in those where their break out rules like just what are the odds of that low, not exhilarated do they go abroad and LUCA just randomly being rookies and the same thing it s the other. How did this happen?
and then going off and yeah exactly in doing. These are like winning a chat room, winning an anti doubly championship together and then going off in doing extracts, really the fab five of J Linen see where became too the best, whereas last barriers, I withdrew. My rushmore It's gotta be on it. Does it does it, though, does it come on? Don't be a party pooper listen. You don't have to have titanic Irene, auto bunker. Ok, so scented sensibility holy smoke, Holly's book somebody's gotta watch holy smoke rapierlike. Why did those guys do this today, but she's so great? That is the apotheosis of the cave. when's leagues, except when Winslet experience right there just be careful people out there TAT letter picture their heads. I got in the play pen ten feet away.
It's from now on gene campaign during peak kite tell and in beginning of peak Winslet. I feel like I've seen cartels cock as bunches of almost say my own at this point, Charles Clarke is how many times was caught in a movie like five times, not enough bill, not enough. What else index they inspire showed Scott Kindness, cock, assisted it's a limited Sears, keep it keep. It come in, I sense a sensibility holy smoke. You got two more ah little children. Maisie Movie, and I'm I'm gonna go italic inheres and here's. Why? Because I think that, like as well time to fork in the road, but I also think that just a great example of
These start acting by a person who is convinced, she's playing a character. As we don't know, Kate Winslet, as this at this point, yet again she. You know I am not a big fan. Despite what I said about not caring about Nicole convinced, bad american accents and a lot of things, I do care, air about. I do want british people to play ball People and the universe, joy is deeply Australians every once in a while. Why, on that's a big flout back with black hat, which, which could have been a contender but hands, were just had on the Australian? Why are you giving among Bronx ACT? I dont, would you do I give undermining or a movie with an item as it may come, come from Fuckin Melbourne? Who cares? I don't understand just it, but I think for actors. I think a kind of is a challenge and also I wonder if it's like at some point,
it's like being a major league baseball player and then plain whistle ball with your kids and it just message your swing up, right, I don't know, I'm not an actor and I dont do accents, but I think you got stay in the mode as often as you papa you, like Nancy, stayed in the mote in Titanic. I think that she was she she's, creating the move that she'd never really lap. She rarely left it she mostly plays american people and the occasional German, but mostly Americans, on Thursday, the readers great. I guess that's a movie. I don't want to. I don't see that that Green really really get net. What a track with that This is a moral catastrophe is just appalled, It is a movie. Do built, tell people what this is about and C C see. If you can do without changing your mind about how good the movie it I can every care she's she's unbelievable and it that's why I like the moment she will embody. She is
She is good in the movie. You know what they met the thing about the movie that takes me out every time I think about it is dates. DE market her as a supporting actress so the day she could get the or she could get the double nomination for revolutionary road. Even that is why, like everything, yes nor is one of the rare times or academy. Voters are like. Are you fucking kidding us with this shit? This woman is an almost Racine, it is maybe who she's supporting right since wind up winning you know for that movie and not the other one. The idle. The reader. The reader is just an abomination. I can't I can't buy them, I can see? I mean I love that woman. She is very good at it, but I can't I can't conscience any choice that gets made with, with within that movie, it is just it it's a shocking, talking to me the way all the corners, because, unlike what was actually happened, those concentration camps and lay out the idea of it just the thing it.
we need the information, the movie pivots on ah disgusting. I can't do it so titanic sure, for I too, I'm gonna Tuesday. You. You gotta, made me think about it, because I just would like skipped right, overwritten gone with contagion or something, but like I think that is really getting cottage. I think she's. I thought The titanic is a really good performance by an first, we didn't really no giving a movie star performance and I just loved, I love that was survives. The incredibly bad choice to have rose sort of China commits side, but not really, should get any on the deck event LEO save Sir, and then she kind of let's will hang out to dry instead of just being leg. Yeah got too close to the thing in this. I actually lost my balance. This guy say: may she just kind of looking at him, scared yeah, they arrest them and she said I get through that and I'm still Rudy
or in its I. I should have an outright there. You'll out appoints a damn. Mobutu's should be out on roads, but she kind of saves it, but just to say, like I think me he's town is a really I mean I just either I think it's just a real. I love the first three or four episodes I dont like due to their turning this care of their legal they're. Just so determined to redeem her in the most leg. Stereo tip we'll redemption oriented sort away for a cop yeah love at the show, with about policing initially about policing that you don't normally see don't need and others cop show. I don't need another like a cop role, show you mean, like Lake, get up like the bad that the good cop to make some bad choices. It ultimately due to ultimately do the right thing, fuck that I am tired of it, but I think this thing is so well made.
and all of the acting on the show is good. I mean they're, probably people if you dont, like in the performance. I just think all the acting everybody trying to go for an accent, not everybody get in there. I dont know why there's not more sports on this show, though, I'm curious about why Larry one time, there's that I have only seen Avonlea noticed one scene of people watch sports- maybe I missed one- I like how enter a world like Movie where a minute world like I don't know this world. This is great. Tell me more, I'm from world and that the world is that as a black Philadelphia, and you just don't go and I'm here anyway, I just think she's Good on that show- and I think this shows it is remarkable- that episode five, the law twenty minutes of it was spoiled. Four people have seen it, but it is. It did something that I wasn't expecting and I was surprised, How into it? I was because usually I'm free force watching these, as I'm also like you know, on Ebay.
There's something in that that when I was just like completely riveted, which yeah I mean I I knew at this, I was trying to do with that last bit and I was assembled obviously in deep suspends, but also like. Oh, I know what's happening here. Let me not with both the plot, but just with the character, I know what's happening here, the end they probably o Jonathan them. some real desire was going to say you're thousands of alarm throughout China. Now that it's a cholera, no Bosh liquor Libya ride Regos in homage to Taylor, Swift and waterways. Yet right Wesley we can listen to still processing with the agenda. Are you taking me we're dined. We just ended. We just did a whole thing about before I go. You can listen of old episodes near load management is a lot like Hawaii Leonards with was still processing. Don't think you were, you know you you'll take a week off for take a month off than you come back. It's always put it
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about pop culture, influence or culture. Let's have all the time. I was fascinated by this Libya Rodrigo thing normally. So you just come out and talk to me, but I shall be more finance. She just talked about it, the new came out. People love it and they're gonna explain everything that's going on for us, so I throwing it to my daughter I'm so excited against this podcast, because our idleness move your Rodrigo dropped. Her do out so it is an incredible guy, one single got a new single week before in the whole, Album drops a couple days ago, and I was bored bored, that's a good, that's in a perfect word to describe it. So first, we'll just cover the singles that came out right before good for you, which came out about a week before the album drop this this song just absolutely at first. You know I wasn't totally into it. I was like this isn't typical Olivia Rodrigo. This is kind of rocking pumpion. This is like this is not drive,
since girl that we saw crying over another girl taking her man. This was like angrier, live your Audrey go and I didn't know how to handle it at first, but now I listened to the song in the shower in the car, while working out whenever I love it. What do you think I? I love it. I mean in the music for neither aspire. She was the popular girl in the in the truly in costume, and I was recite while like I'm so here for this. This is your typical Tina thanks and I couldn't be more happy that Libya was kind of taking on the wrong kind of choice. link some alone is more set. Vibes like I then we really floored the entire like generation when she dropped. You ought to know, and just was like everyone's like what of what is this like she's like this? Is angry girl lose like angry at this guy and that's what I was I was getting those via from Miss Olivia, definitely soda got about a week ago right before the album came out, and then we got the album.
Friday. It came out, we all listen to it. I mean everyone, I know has listened to it and we have we start with brutal, which is very similar to good for you. It was my first impression go ahead and then I'll give you my thought. It scared me. I listen to it and I was like what is happening and then I was like. Then I was like. Why is Olivia Rodriguez so insecure, and then I was like this is a good song. I wasn t, lay early. I dont like wrong. You like brutal its brutal favor. Now it's just comparison with all the other songs on the album. This was my like an no thanks. Really mine was jealousy jealousy all same. I don't like that song either. That was kind of.
It was similar to brutal, unlike the trying to be rock song, but it didn't quite hid it like good for you dead in my lips. Quivered are top. There is ok, my top salaries, and this is non order. These are just mine, my my ones trader. First sure this all out only like. Oh, I just from the first time I heard it chills all the way down my this was like a driver's license buys, but s clear that I wished to you were at dinner. You were at dinner and heard album has just come out and I am not hiding. You know like trader near Gonna, like trader, and I call them in its Sogo, such as those on just its. It hits every single thing that I've wanted to hit me sad song in a song that could also just make me scream and the car like for whenever emotion, I'm feeling
Water is a good song, then my next one would be favorite crime song. Oh my god, also chills down my back of my neck that did not come out read about but chose Absolute chose. The song also like kind of a driver's license vibe, but it's different it's, it's not exactly. You know, I'm always injures driver has driver's licence was her first single right, so you are assuming that the overall Bible kind of connected song bits and pieces. I have very incredible bridges and choruses and catchy ness and that's what she did Sudan's, just like props heard for making a cohesive, album yeah but for my topsy we only one in similar, which is all you get. My third? No! You said, oh no, I only said too Oh my life: what's good, for you can't go ahead, really yeah
My job one step forward three steps back, not because it was just sample from New year's day disputed the direction the bridge and everything is so good and it just like as like. That's my son, like the cover our two on Spotify is a conversion like that is my shoe and so Amelia was sending always tik Tok. Since this is your song and she made me very feeling very special anyways beer. Do you like? that song, I just. I think there is any other songs. It's like no happier is incredibly adds its a good song, which is, I don't know it, doesn't invoke the emotions and me that the other three prevention there until the honest- and I like one step forward three steps back, but it lay kinder reminded me of a nursery rhyme in libraries. I love the lyrics issues,
If we listen to New year's day by Taylor, Swift on right now, ok, then maybe you should listen. I don't I don't have it. I believe nobody, here's the thing. I I realise how much I love favorite crime knows it dear Miss Saunders amazing, like I feel that crack listen, this I've never done criminal, but it feels like what I would imagine cracked a few. Thanks for bananas. Exactly I was like why why is this song like hitting me so hard, but I also feel like this fills familiar like I know this, and then I realized this song sounds painfully similar to feeling Whitney by post him alone. I just as it does not ices Normie owing shaded Bolivia at all, oh just like way, while this song sound so similar to another song, live really deep, rooted love for like this is why I love this song. So much
Yeah I mean, and she obviously like any orders does takes from other artists and variation like you need a lesson in new year's day, because once a farewell we sit back is sampling from near state has the same track a piano. which is obviously like Libya loves to us so much that she wrote rendition two new year's day and she loved ones that for three subjects. So much that you put an album and Jack had nothing Taylor such a credit it. So it's not like she stole it, but I can definitely see so many Billy influences Conan Gray. Taylor. Swift is it. Is it get me by a feeling when he was interesting? I never heard that before yeah I mean I, I am in no way like upset about how the song sound somewhere and how she takes
Frazier from other artists, Khazars or there's only so many melodies out there and it's good to take inspiration and to make it your own and she didn't copy these people. She she was right in their work and taking inspiration, anyways, okay, so a big question throughout the media. Is this going to be the year of live your Audrey go and I'd go. I think it is. I mean she's already than taking it over she's sheetrock driver's license a few months ago in this took the internet by a storm, like literally everyone freaked out. This is all over Tik Tok, just everyone, social media. This song was all over it and then she dropped her single deja vu and then good for you and then this album and she just progressing and our famous only getting bigger and she's becoming more of a well known person for better or for worse
also people hay and that's that's just a thing that happens in its normal when you're such big star, but I do think that this is the year of live your Audrey go. What do you mean? I? I can we re more. I mean she's killing it already and you wanna hear my little like girls go see. He has any idea, so we have sour right. This is her album. It's a thirty form, an album, it's all along its compared to other artists. It's not long so sire think and all these all these under our break up some. Certainly she sat right but she's postage. You saw me unruly song that she just posted little impotent and together than a happy than are about like being in love right. I think there's been me another albums soon, sooner than anything called sweet, and you want to know why you think this cause. She collaborated with wavered hatch canned goods and was there slogan sorrow and sweet la. I know I'm gonna credit age have without was frantic talks.
her by, I made some of those connections myself, ok. Well, I am completely interested in this. Take Masilo plays out because this seems like its everything she would do. She's trying to take these little, like you know, little hands from what Taylor swift it in her pass and she might be injecting enters often by the way like collaborating with our patch kids unexpected, but such a good move, I logic and move and rebellion
We saw that the New York Store and they were twenty five dollars. So I was like really into buying them, but then I did a clearer great flavoured too ill. I am that's that of admiral. I hostile musical musical serious is that her next step to take over c on, I mean Watchin, the storyline Bryce, when these, whom the musical the series we need as a short and that we need an acronym fanaticism, full guy we're gonna talk about it a little bit more by honestly. I think she's really wants to transition from acting
to music? And I think this is the way she's doing it. I dont know if high school musicals gonna be re nude for a third season, but they're all senior, so it doesn't really makes sense than be renewed unless they want the showed a kind of just go downhill which isn't the smartest idea arms. I think she might take a little break from acting and really focus on her music, which I think would be the best next step for her. I you know I would. I could not agree more because she has she's been in the spotlight and she's ban on the media and in film for a long time she was on some Disney Channel shows Neches. It's been something that was really relevant in her life. For a long time, and, like you said it's usually the move with these stars chicken from like these acting gigs to becoming a big musician, and I think it smart that the way she's doing it is by acting in a shawl. That's all revolved around singing which might grabbed the attention of younger viewers. You don't know her music as well and bring them into her outside of high school musical miserable
SIRI's life. I don't know. I didn't especially, I think she's going to start. She wrote the music for high school musical, the musical the series in the first season, and we could possibly be seeing that more in the second season. But after this I don't know really what she's going to do. But I'm curious to see if she's going to just oaks more music, which I feel like would be the same- smooth for her and the one I would enjoy as much as I love her acting her singing heads the park so kind of did peeled off of this topic. I guess what still a manager for a day so say that we had a levy on Roger Ego newly signed to us. We were her managers. We got to control every move that she made in the media, considering her position right now. What would our first move be to make alive you, Roger Ego, even bigger in the media, I think connecting with funds is
so in poor, so I dont know exactly what I would do, but I would make sure there were not necessarily something as cliche as I'm eating agree, but I will make sure Olivier has the ability to around with their fans, unlike it's a casual level. Just so she knows that big. She cares about them and also I don't know, I love the way Olivia adopted the idea of Easter eggs from Taylor Swift, so I'd love to leg. Just like released we should insist on post all with the secret meaning the like, I'm the one, creating that secret message- and I am just watch all dance figure that out like. I always think, whenever too earlier release. Like an interim picture like with Easter eggs, a you know, there's Easter eggs visits to Certainly we go and I would love to be amended. Situation or their managers, just watching the fans on like Twitter and Tik Tok, trying to figure out what's coming next, I feel like they ve get so much
Joy from that that that's definitely what I would do have you know what you know and I would think would be fucking round- grew groundbreaking. Why, having a club, a duet between Miss Bolivia Rodrigo ends, in a carpet. Oh god, I thought you were in the sale of your address. Go into their swerved. No see eye to eye would be exciting, but I think the drama that would be provided from a collapse between Sabrina Carpenter and alive you Rodrigo, would actually break the internet ok, we will definitely be different managers because I don't want her to be like nor, like that man, I don't think it would be. I dont think would be the greatest idea for her future per year as getting to be a manager for one day. I can only make moves for one day only have control over this girl for two.
four hours. I would want to make that the craziest fucking twenty four hours. I could make a lunch. I would want to just put her on blouse and see what would happen to imagine a match what people would do if they heard that Bolivia and her so called, me, serene a carpenter were coming out with this Irish, Cynthia had already been deemed a publicity stunt. I already have all people in high level. I would totally slipping Olivia Roger go on home nineteen. Eighty nine tailors virgin olive oil wildest dreams. Maybe little style like background vocals do I am because that would break the internet too, you saying clear her head thanks to you, as though you dollar, four breakin, that down for us thanks to rob Bologna and common thanks to friend Wesley Morris, we'll be back on Sunday night and to do this.
Gimmick with Marcello on sending aid that we did last week to partner will put up part one problem. after the late afternoon, game Then we'll do part two after the late game, I will see you nay it Muslim, where they we can enjoy the three day weekend, laugh some concept for answer and I take it ways.
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