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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House immediately after the Toronto Raptors beat the Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals to discuss what went wrong for the Warriors, what went right for the Raptors, Game 2 speculation, and more (3:00). Then Bill sits down with Mallory Rubin a week and a half removed from the end of 'Game of Thrones' to discuss the ending of the show one final time (35:45). Finally, Bill talks with David Shoemaker about AEW as a competitor to WWE, their successful 'Double or Nothing' PPV, poaching superstars, what a new weekly wrestling show could mean for the WWE, and more (1:12:38).

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also brought to you by Bmw, the on New Bmw, three serious, don't be driven by technology drive it away, What are the latest Bmw innovations, what you love about this vehicle cannot be listed or explained inwards and has to be felt on the road. Much like watching quite letter during this final Us Eeg watching tv, you can type it in person, the athleticism in the know. How really stands out hurrying to your local Bmw Centre today TEST drive the honor Bmw three series for yourself. Major by technology drive it Bmw, the ultimate driving machine and my personal favorite car, corroborated by Threerd. I come and the Ringer Podcast Network, where you can find a slew of awesome pieces features and pack has come up. We have Joe House, and I are gonna break down game one of the abyss, violence which has happened, and then we
Molly Reuben, talking about with a little distance game, thrones but the series man are, we gonna have another prestige tv show by that, where the people right around to be so upset about some of the events of season. Seven season, eight and then also with the future bench boat, is so yeah You can hear that as well as common up after that David Shoemaker, the Gray one where its wrestling, because we had a seismic moment in the wrestling resting annals this past week. The business feels like its changing there's been a new entrants, a p w is in and we were both light borne away by how good out of a job that than this month went. I wear what remains a dub, Adobe
That is all coming up. First, our friends from project I were tabled is a word of it before midnight and the east coast of fanatical West Coast gamely, and they find us in the books. Joel a long time aficionado of the. The final cease, am I sources. I think warm Where does the shock and game will we remember? This is the sack of series which you take away Remember the atmosphere is, but you know he had a great
game one against Philadelphia, and you know this is the thing with this Toronto team. They have established this identity of kind of taking turns around various of their kind of role, players stepping up and having big game. So he had theories again. No off, you didn't shoot great, but they had other guys fail then enable bird. You know they were the difference in the net there they want. Try games, can the rope wires and this erased. Of Toronto is thought to be. When you get you know when you you expect twenty four point or more out of my man, why? But you get double, did it at of Danny Green who had been dead all theories doubled. In that event, we get
twenty point out against all those that have been tabled recipe. Ready by well, then you had how many. Pull it out here. Sphincter, threes and weird chats did Toronto make every time it seemed like gold staves. Get over that. My dad meadows causes Humph Games Golden state just couldn't get over the harbor. Light they beat our three they began to down for by like that, and then all sense of the word would happen. The worst one was probably mecca I don't even know why he was out there. I was shocked to see him and then he made like a dagger three. I think it was the only three he made the whole game, but that one really hurt yellow silly three middle game and then that one the game was probably decided at that point, but the vin. Shot at the end, the circus double pump off the bat when that stuff starts going in you don't say, this is one of those that's where it was go and effort. Toronto.
So I was surprised because I thought I wanted this thinking. Their guys are a little at those roll guys are a little hit or miss. I thought the pressure, the finals, just just how different it is having the fires were, you have those in a two hour, for the game. You warming up, there's two hundred people in the court and it is different. It feels different, there's a different energy to it. I thought it would affect them and it was the opposite. I actually thought that that that was the best I've seen them play in a couple weeks. What was interesting quite wasn't good and he got to the freezer alarmed. But then it look like he was kind of plan, one legged half the after came all. I agree with that. It be didn't you
I used my mom. Are you ve got a lot you with a big group, a guys and there they were. You know a lot of questions about what you know. How hard is he yeah how hard it is quite well. He still played forty three minute getting into the land twelve times there again. My cousin where is it felt like, but I thought the words made attacked for mistake. They really saw that to start quietly and yet Their trap am saddened. Two guys in their economy even see outcome on account of forwards. The opposite of what would the bucks really dead? I thought I assume they would go into this game and try to tee. Got the role guys and make sure that the roll guys didn't beat them and of course I was gonna shoot thirty times. You know how to play that. The math on that, because he's been doing then Alfred stray rounds and at some point it felt like
He was gonna to out from that. He lived worn down tonight. I thought they made a mistake, sir. Turn out the way they did in the first half to try to shut him down. All I would have, I would have been much more worried about. Ah come Indiana Green, getting denigrating missed his first couple, but see outcomes. You just don't eat was really good. This is in and was in a fog, glasses and now I'd be very concerned to foes. Worse than anything that red tape a concern Larry lit a great game shooting why he shot through nine from the field. He ended up almost bailing out, but he whether it was a plus eleven lead inquired the best but might lie with dead. We took up good hedges, we're at any add it out nine. As this, though,
he played a pretty control gave no, he didn't shoot well, it will be his turn to have a good game at home. This is that this is the red with his wife You can't go out in a regular theater. I did wonder how the theories were line up is going to stay with starting off the theories withdrew home game. Very best scenario: Toronto, starting off with two straight on game. With with the momentum carrying over from all the good feeling, really what I think it like an identity for them, but they develop by kicking Milwaukee. That forestry gave rise more straight games, they D, they found themselves and they were able to just come right back home again and you will find that that comfortable place they were in whenever kicking out what is asked and everybody to step up. You ever see. We ve seen the flip side of this to light those six mavericks they kind of found themselves.
And that's purser's in the western in the western files. And then they win the first two games again. My and then they blow game three in full, you know as I had the fight yourself were yakking aching with fight back I'm with you, though, I believe the more that, whereas wives, did I just assume that some of the Toronto guys would the stage of yellow big for them, but they really did get some good. Game wraps as last again, and they have also guys like a saucepan and a million international games and stuff like that he's been in a conference. Quiet, Danny, greener viruses that a bunch stuff, Lowries, Bennets, Bigelow Brandy, as I have been a big games, but I think those last two rounds you're right, was an eye seasoning and then the other thing which we always this cow. What's fathers away for next year, they d the massive amounts arrest for the worse where yet it answers were talking about it
first half about how words the car was about he's getting the rhythm out some possible rub with practice. They looked way off in their first staff by that looked a little better in the second half, but I didn't really feel like defensive. We, they started a look like the warriors until the last six minutes of the game have that they had some really good defensive sequences down the stretch. I guess the x factor those eighty looked like he had heard again at the very end. Yet he got her he had heard on a lab and then on the next play, which is really there last gasp quite shoved. Bans on an offensive. Rebounded got it no car. Leave cars stupid crazy the answers, MR completely, and they showed no replay they're. Just like we're dead, we're good, approver rhythm of out for this. When it's nice, faced with ABC C that throughout as good a witness when we're good we're happy. But I am I
just felt like one of those games and avert their wearily. I felt like the kind of game that Pascal Yakima's is gonna go fourteen for seventeen. The line was really really fascinating. I ended up getting sucked into taking the warriors theory, even money line they were plus one and a half, but they were like minus two. Seventy five to win the series which does make a lot of sense, because now they gotta basely when for the next six way they did. You understand that I just don't understand: gambling lights. I have no idea what was going on there. I guess it was moving around a good bit over the course of time but look like it ended up with the Toronto minus one. Fifty Mary line, but all throughout the day it was the warriors getting line it with, even though they were buried, they were favoured the day before it just looks. Like you know, people
were pushing money, n n n. It was never really moved a time. I bet on the first tat I bet on gold day and even on when the first have you know that, theory you outlined on some of the Toronto guy showing up and feeling final payment at here That was the idea of it, but I was prepared to lose they. They they weren't tight. They came out boys. They came out with the exact same. You know, game six mentality against the bucks and they just wouldn't kick to have It did I'd heard this mentioned before this year- is that there is a little bit of two thousand for a pistol similarities the team out of nowhere that finds itself as the plans go along and then. Really turns it. I'm in the final version the team that is a little overrated. People had really including myself, had really sure
after the rent, injury, they can win without em because they, basically they want a game fixing it's used in against a team that come to find out in the subsequent weeks, was not getting along. It doesn't seem like an subject they weren't getting along during an at half time and after that game. So you have that the new, then they sweet, Portland, where lizard, was definitely wearing down and had broken. Had the broken Riverwood, every whatever gave to push cancer was just broke down. It says one kind of Kennicott that Portland team at the perfect time, maybe you and I and South, since public use the three of us all of us waged unawares. Maybe we over did those five winds by the worse. We think I don't know a game would like that in in Toronto. It. This is a classic kind alike.
Feel em out, and you have a bunch of colliding narrative here. Thou said around that amongst us about our great an stated on red, yet on it an historically teemed with that about a rat added done. Great doubts also share with others tat about good God, he's been in game wine, yet that night out stage on the road and for game one, and we reject it the confounded thing about Toronto is. Are you gonna get that performance from no role players in a way that they can they concern the game but have to gain to them. I get twenty from Lowery something bad. That's that's what that poorer minds. May therefore, pistons, though the fact that there is room, I thought they were
the most by really good defensive in that game, that a couple breakdowns, but they really made. The words were four shots thing that reminded me of that offer finals where they thing was just dollar oh attitudes on the web site that you like out that guy he's taken a big shot rather like Quint Cook, took a really big three at one point and I think it was to cut lead for maybe was like sixty three something that in the fourth quarter, master missed it and then the rafters came down. And they made a sign. It was like a five points on our six point swing, but there is a couple moments where directly I think one million made two cousins took one Having stated, though, in the lane, like it, he kept on remaining yourself like our either missing therein their missing that one extra guy that You really need here and it really was a lad of a lad of clay inquiry.
Every boy run and through them and in our died, this broke perfectly for K Day right does that has now it's like. We don't have to hear that narrative anymore and actually they need Katy. Now he can happen his white horse and rode through the rescue. The thing that was missing from this game was but tat the golden state run yeah. Will they never? They never got going. They never rip off below Diner eleven straight. They couldn't get thought they couldn't get consecutive stop. Against Corrado. They could get like one stop. They gotta turn over here and there and a bunch of time they posted. They closed like an eleven point, led the seven, but never got it like down to three and never made for seriously. You no concern there were two is that I don't remember when about. In effect, half were too I made shot. He just a job he made out
Three, overly in lunacy, Oggie rightness bait! You that's what I mean was one of those games where, where it, whether they're like twelve, Shots in a game that can kind of stars bring in one way or the other, and it felt like all when, for the rafters negative there was one near the end that did it. Where do any good, green was officially sternly heat up Yan. He had a really nice catch ensue from the right corner and it like a book parts of the Roman went out. But you know if Evanna rafters Van units, the outcome is good rate e, whether he the stage was a little big firm Lastra and who knows maybe was the way the bucks or planet, but you figured leg from an athletic point. He was gonna come around the part of the world. Part we just didn't know with them was whether Green was lost for the class you now cause. He was really. He was and a slump and he cried via the media. Should here yes or no data right so now
that now there have him back. I thought guess all was great tonight firstly in the further away, I thought how great the stuff he was doing defensively jumped out thirty feet from the Basque they were just bound and determined. Never let curry shooting open. Twenty four is really funny. It's funny to watch. They were. They were totally half of them have the floaters dried drive to the Basque I we are not give you open anything so the times that he got the shots. It was an accident but ass. I was a big part that I I thought his defences. Really really get, and that somebody has been a lot of big games. I didn't love that trade, but it is nice to have Marcus honour in a fire. Game verses found Shaughnessy. Now, did you feeling a guide. The van-
one thing is that this is really what this is. Where matters right now and again, state, ah, you know, have ties deficiency yet inside outside ability is nice like advance They can create a nice mismatch back, you create. What would you like to Siberia about your men? Would you do it? Also? The queen could play ten minutes left Ninety two, eighty seven he missed I'd open. Three loud rebound goes to see, I come see, makes it makes it too and suddenly at seven again, but there were moments site that strewn throughout the game when just felt like something? Good was gonna happen, and I am the map- and I would have it, but it's my big nuts for the world
register, I dont think I wouldn't it wouldn't play cousins. The I agree with that. I dont think how much time you explain it or a quarter. It was weird he doesn't he's, not at the speed of the way the speed and intensity of these last couple rounds. I I just don't think he has an aunt em if he asthma plan- and I echo about a paper deportations, be without a position could properly, and there was a couple place all sensible where he was just in the wrong spots. I would play loony way more than you play. Looney only played twenty eight year. He was alive, came in the in the last twenty minutes of the game. The cause. Berlin earlier and he had employed These many minutes is about even start, but George Bell play twelve MA am I think that when I would start loony we'll see, though, if a vigorous hurt.
They don't have a lot of options. You may see more smash, Larry House Swedish Larry may really gets a budget run here. I'm right or a good years, tat. Thirty, eight minute tonight, yeah. We realise that it didn't come up, didn't work out away, Oh, that was another thousand other ridiculous. Raptors pointed out. Will he play swedish law airplane perfectly fed somewhere? We in vain we did that double pomp whip off the backward lay up that when in November that yeah yeah they were. There is a bunch of this, so this book perfectly for doing it, and now we probably you can, probably get away to waiting until next Wednesday if he can play I still don't know if we see him in the series bag, I really think there's a chance ship is already sailed in there. Just that telling us. But you know you promise,
You don't pay of Sunday. You know you're gonna get incredible, rests on Sunday right, the one thing we know for sure, as they will get really get officiating on Sunday, on the words there'll be no more shut a good ol into the camera crew, with no class who Adobe getting those cars, but it thickens mass split and take that back to God, state for for the Wednesday game a below, but little bit. More feeling we have serious house. What do we do We go yes workers, but what do we do? I am slightly concerned for my warriors that right now, what Would you think of Sal's tax Cosette got my head to see, was basically like. This is the two thousand seventeen egos all over again. This is a disaster, and I was I got shit. What if it is, what if this injustice as ever the illegals again that thirteen
over that one gay, but with a budget of this topic, you know tat this next game. It is going to be telling interesting, but also remember, Milwaukee one. Their first to gain at home, but let me know whether the rest went off and one slash four straight, so we have to be patient with this. This my is this is my gut instinct. We just need to be paid EL the warriors? and all the rest. They shouted. Forty four percent of the electorate you were worried that I was worried about their ability to read out the out rebounded, the rafters, but the rafters shut over fifty percent. In almost everything was that you have had ravisher outrage at nearly forty percent for three. The turnovers really hurt the day you had the worst.
Is it a famously sloppy team? Sometimes tonight there's up sixteen turn over them and it felt the raptors were gunning for them there very handy I had a great point hands he raptors team, try and take charge is put in the latter in approach. Retouching and just cut all over the place. Trying to make things happen. And the work is obliged by light. I didn't leave I strategy with my wife. He asked. I do think that in that respect, this personally that's where there were the warriors rough like then not having gained, be kind, yeah. They tried a lot of pocket passes in the lane and stuff a lot of that stuff at where they have cutters coming from the weak side and the raptors got their hands on those balls over and over and over again Are you ready for the possibility of we talk about the two thousand
can Kawhi run like we talk about two thousand Levin Derek and suddenly there some guidelines, for I run the two thousand. I think aware they get like I do. Ten years from now, they are two that I think awhile was great two thousand in Dirk O three, again, member that, like to just this one man. Incur runs. Were somebody takes four stray rats, in point what you meant, Earlier, we need to find out how really how hurtful. Why is because golden State made a tactical mistake in overplaying Kauai in the first half and try not take him away. He was perfectly content to just bring the ball. He didn't even care about me I will keep. You were looking for a shouted Didn t like your mind, humanity of myself before retiring pick, a basque bar. He doesn't know a full run, an m, but he can pick his spots. That's where I was at the tail us
you can't know you have a good half irony and it seems like a cool who knows as good half ours is a third quarter turn on the jets here I come, but they should judge you throw away the first quarter of them. Also like if you remember it's gotta, be thirty five times great he's pretty incredible. You know fiscal and until tall to just carry the offence like that I'm so much worried about the other guys. I don't want any of the other guys to get going Kauai if you got to sixteen thousand four hundred and thirty whatever, but I ate ii Siakam fourteen percent,
in and beating them in transition. He did that word five times tonight, stat sprinted them down the court. That says that can happen, though let those guys get going. They gotta hold by job opportunity from the warriors. Myth is shocked and turning a ball over. That's shooting rounder forty four percent internal of all over sixteen by that, get the guy like the up and go and he got a roundabout gonna budget that, as you know, we gotta move where let me both team shot over thirty three terms, which I never never huge fan of, but. Did, you feel patriotic it either in this game, so important question patriotic yeah? Maybe I don't want the NBA. The large or branch out for you to go to Canada. We may never see it again. I don't trust I spent on it
where do you go about, we have to go through customs to get in their country that they can have the Lawrence a branch of those cup and want than the habit your bride yeah. We have to protect our home turf house. Since countries. I think that it, boy. This is us again I don't want to go to another country. We are saying I like to be in an Now I was joking embassies. Isn't it funny, though, that there's no patriotism rout the serious legal, so the going out. It's? U S! First area, that really U S! Person Why not because the rapporteur in the NBA for many years now. Listen all their fans were canadian there from another country, and may we gotta protect our turf house
Sars Tsar trade. I think you're trying to do it Eric I disagree and then a bit the attitude to you too late. You too too late back at the EU level to me? How did you know my bit? I got a call again Russians sort of thing right. Well, what about you know like Rocky for interrupting? You know politics is coming out to James Brown Living in America. Now, nothing ever yet again. Do you read in Oakland figure come and living in America? Maybe the where's need to think about us, the Americans, maybe they guy, maybe there's more at stake than just defending the championship. It's about then the flag ass. I am this whole Toronto thing, though, with the with the people outside all that stuff, I'm trying to think as the Brenner American equivalent to this not a basketball.
Have we had this event peeping now it is a thing of all the team that is still the good things like three or four years like there was forty five thousand people outside during the Stanley CUP in Washington last summer. Yeah. Why should the gains out in the street you saw Milwaukee now is to the credit of the rafters. They ve been doing this Jurassic park. Big furry feel like an ear them here, as long as they ve been good, my boy five or six years, and they think that they have a great outdoor pile before it would seem that I think it a great phenomena since it uses move there
leave this country. We only way watching go there with your friends and Canada will be great great boot diary bomb augury. You know, there's a Mamma ferko in Tirana it if it is the mobile focal yeah. Ok, there's a Mamma thuggery Mama for good Tirana Another reason: electoral, yes, Beacon, a Mamma, fuckers, talkative Chang tonight we're texting and Theirs Can we make out a summer league again and in Vegas and where to about about. You know whether one do another live shown with the theme would be- and I was There- about Chang David show. Oh Yang get leg basically the all asian package, live, shown cod Since what do think
insanity. Two thousand and eight in sin sanity cause it's in sin, city city. Their sins sanity and they just God they just do their thing. They talk about all things that they talk about when we go to our dinners and that our Asian at the dinner. But it's just that live, show an hour and a half since sanity, two thousand. They take no paper that I they had the other food. I think there would be food actually, then I'll, be there definitely absolutely be said, Chang and child by themselves that they share our long show me no offense thou be break now. Mother, wrinkled them red sharing and show tat. You will have. It then establish legendary rapport chose Joe with alive. Mike is probably not legal,
that definitely that can actually happen in this country might happen in nearly every country, Canada, but at an overlap with America. You'd, do you could hear you just want everybody? You say you're the fact that things are going to be bad yeah, maybe like the disclaimer jackass before that poor thing about don't try the stunts at the same time to fire, but anyway, www movies became still do an ashtray That is very true. Show. Is that can be worth a movie ck about that
Since sanity get your tickets there every part of decent work. You can do for work, The rigorous nine o is well whether he's that he be ready. Gotta get him either. It is definitely in this guy, I'm working on somebody workshop this more. I think sincerity I sent them there ass anything else.
U S Open come in a permanent weeks less than two weeks. It is wait. A minute birthday is exactly two weeks from today they will be paying off at Pebble Beach, coming up on its weak, fairly rule preparatory from the bachelor our right. Now, all those prejudice ease is little known, a an added golfer, any trade pebble Beach a thousand times it waded in every programme, really thought about it. We could go, don't want to hear about what kind of conditions that will be to their pockets right now with Johnny Miller, Real Gotha, which are developing our, but on the show he's a big we watch? Those family wants to come on, the relaunch was apparently he ate one. Every rigour should prepare. Maybe we have Chris Harrison Danish. Just down like a chess is and has a carbs is under threat,
his exertions barely because you get out, he could go between various became kid matter aid, it has do. What am I gonna lose more money and time if we were in general for this year's open Josh, I just burn the money on my backyard rather take it. I'm your backyard good at night, fire going back a hundred, but you keep it that brought about that. I made for our worries: amateur our worries, my worry that I worry that, unlike what I thought, the night Livesey Lighting causing Love Canada. So grass that congrats to you and Canadians, Canada, Canada, I loved and vanity. Hasta, always a pleasure. We look forward to hearing your fair way round this week
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this is the only dream. This is a new extreme. Even for you, you literally have not told me anything about what we are here to town. Game gave its runs counter to spend like ten days you you're successful Pakistan. Bird you're out hashtag tax returns. I didn't really talk about, hear them with fellow dumbass? like we're Siloam Cousin, Sound Eve had that occurring weekly presence that I now urge the listening pie allow people enjoy it. I wouldn't have a big picture conversation though about this. This chasm between the die, hard maniac fans and the people who just watch the show to watch it. Could bear their memory had people were who it seems like those people kind of enjoyed the last season in the last two seasons, whereas the die hard to relinquish. This thing happened this than app they rush. This is it
as one who enjoy that show, while also not been despite about, Yeah I mean I okay question for you yeah. I love game Assad's, so one of the most import my life sincerely, and so one of these I believe firmly, is the part of what makes the story and the community around its special there's no one railway to consume it later you and I relate to the story very different gas, for example. I remember character names such as one. I love the brothels, you don't like the brothels. I won't. I. Why is it that there are four reasons I got more sound whore anytime, you want is great brothel stuff, but- So I would say I guess and responses that I- and this is not a way to avoid your question, which I will engage with momentarily, but
to refrain about. Maybe I don't a surly think it's those two poles. I think it's a spectrum and I think that people fall all along that spectrum poker and I think It certainly may be people who have read the book said have been really immersed in the world the story for a long time and take it very seriously and have that actual full of anxiety about, because George our Martin has famously not finished the books. Whether this is maybe can be the only ending they ever get, which of course, exacerbates whatever existential you haven't you think about what happened. That's thereby so do you think there's a second ending potentially that could really screw with people's heads were now. I think the second ending is now the thing that you crave is like the life raft that you see in the dust. Book yeah. So you almost anything, there are people who just watch the show. I think we're also disappointed. Then there are people who read the books and an lot likes. The ending of the show a lot, and there are people who only watch the show and either liked it.
I think there are a million different responses to it and it's not necessarily totally contingent on how seriously you take it. I think it's probably contingent on what part of the story matter most you fair, can I throw this EU because relax the first four seasons. We met overrated at all, but I think it was Standing really fun show and it was fun to go in that world, but the show was always a little bit uneven. They went they weren't from perfect game. The first foresees instead, able moments in episodes that in a moment amazing. But then I think you remember them like the net the spoiler, but like NET Starks demise, things I season one episode, nine Beller and there is so much time between the seasons You start to remember them more and more finely and it gets every bit his expectations to this fever pitch that this is just gonna, be Sandy Colfax in the nineteen say six world Series in its Ike
Real life doesn't really work out. There were how many shows of actually done that has basically been breaking That is the only one that I remember, that is successfully pulled off the last season, where better like a great job. We enjoy that. Thank you other than it hasn't happened. I I I agree with you to the earlier she's in the shower, not perfect, and that has with anything else, that people love that is not only a cold but a sizeable court following builds up around there's a little bit of like idealising. The thing in your mind, that's I realize famous ones and for every season before the new season. I a costly and is dad damn guide, but bullocks, ok, so on the one hand, I think, still to this day the sea and I would rather last on the personal power rankings the cease fire if Nazis and seven or eight thinks he's in five- is the weakest season and shall agree. Conversely, my personal favorite season is season
six, which is when they are beyond the box. So I am, I am not actually wanted the book readers who subscribe sooner. And that the shone out. I don't see how things on thing I mean what didn't happen in season six, it's where their brothels are always brothels always brothels. You can only come Johns resurrection. Oh yeah, Johns Riddler, I don't you know, hold our holding the door winds of winter episode, the season for now. I may also favoured up soda television souci blowing up the sap. The John parentage reveal, etc, etc, etc. Danny heading West, at last that was agreed Susie's. This phenomenon, I think seasons, three and four, along with six, are in the top. Here I really like three. Through its fabulous, I mean the Jamie Bran Bathtub, seen inherent hall in kissed by fire. The same episode up somewhere on and famously fuck in the cave and iconic episode of two others. Surely, Canada, China, two hundred cave fucking, seeds, games? So you know the show is always had highs and lows. But again I think the difference is more about
He sing and plotting. You know the green moments in season seven and especially in season, because of obviously how closely word the endgame in that sense of euro that you knew you were running out of time to learn something new or to understand something that you just didn't. Have those moments I used to have to really fully understand why a character is making a choice. I think that's the different so like something like Danny and her decision to burn kings landing at her ultimate turn to queen of the ashes yeah I'm fine with that plot outcome, come like I'm, fine with brand being king, it's more about how we got there and the rushed nature of the journey in the final stages, like I've brought this upon visual before purchases. Think about this as a counterweight in season, three mance Rayder tells the wild things that he's gonna, like the biggest fire anyone's ever seen. It's like literally a season and a half until that happens. Here we have to see
with the Annie after she likes kings, landing on fire before she killed two scenes with one of the primary protagonists in the show between a choice and the consequences that choice a season and a half to light a fire like that is not the same nature of storytelling it its effects, mentally different challenges and seventy eight and now plenty to enjoy, but it's different year, my biggest and I noticed that when I watch the first four c, It's over again is the. As you said, the pacing was so effective to set up when something actually happened about the red wedding. When you now relaunch the show you return to that, there is in three every time he time. Allow, MR writing a letter you know now ass a viewer. What he's plotting yet? What he's planning you can What did you read in the fact that you have to witness the time and attention and care not only the characters in the world who are paying to the decisions of their making, but that the show was paying and things like that
stopped happening here. It's even I was right now. People wish. Been ten episodes, everything It had been one more than the big thing for me. Is it Danny, which I too I've totally? support every was so mad about the air, the he'll turn yeah actually was really into it- and I supported it- and it made sense to me because it tied into of her other experiences and she had a real fear about they like this guy more just last one dragons, I totally get it. I just wish there'd been a couple more scenes with you now. Maybe she what's up with Jon Snow again, and then he sleeping and she's just staring at him in but other things. Just at least point the seat My head more that the turns happening you. I think that turn made sense. I agree. I think that that outcome is completely justifiable. I think it's been heavily fortune the entire run of the show. Actually- and you know if you want like a two hour- forty minute exploration of how
why check out binge mode boy lines of dialogue, choices that she makes you in the past and interior actually won. One Tirana John, are having their conversation when John visit Syrian in his confinement. Tyrian is simultaneously trying to sell John why he needs to kill Danny and also basically reminding viewers of the decisions Danny's made in the past and what's different between the den in the now similarly heading in tapestry five, the bells, though the kings landing battle we have the. Smash- cut audio montage in the previously on where we get all the lines of dialogue or not all, but a numerous lines of dialogue where people in the past had expressed can see their concerns about the unease. Inclinations were about targeting ends and the danger of tolerance but of the house for its violent altered with that of the dangers that target Kyle's irony around via target areas, areas guys Kiley, like you know, every time at our Gary and is born the gods for coins every time. I see him,
I view that now as like a very effective reminder of what they had done and more as oh. They they didn't spend time in the show and recent episodes reminding us of these things. So there's this compulsion to do but in the previously on something that is, is just got, I think emblematic. I completely agree The ground was laid for Danny, but so that the most some of the most effective scenes seasons season. Eight things like signs are asking what what is a dragon eaten and dancing whenever they want their? That's actually as tariff that she thinks that that's ok right it whenever they want all people. This is a person who wants change two of her own dragons beneath the catacombs him Ryan. His drove on, killed, one kid and now it's whenever they want and I'm gonna burn a whole city Similarly, in the battle itself, just don't have it happen. After the bells ring in the city of surrendered like it's, it's such a simple choice: yeah, it's actually just mass murder at that point,
it really is half Searcy, be the person who is forced Danny to this terrible choice. I think his positioning Danny's character has a tragic figure who spent her entire life wines, get home wine to return to the place that she felt, like other people, to rob her and her family of working so hard to make a difference in the world. Finally, guess they're finally gets to the where she's heard all her life, the people who you need are waiting there and what is she find that those people, like someone else better test devastating and then on top and ass? She was sure she loses massage She loses radar, positioning somebody in that situation as author. He despondent and loss and broken and unclear of where the wine is any more but right and wrong how to navigate the divide between liberated
conqueror that she always sort of maintained but struggled to see the difference between had to have berossus enjoy on all of her advice is remind her. What was right, what was wrong, what her father did and why those people are out of her life now. So all of that I think, makes sense, but at the end of the day the bells wrong, the latter soldiers threw down their swords and Danny burned. The city That's that the nature of delivering that final reveals a tougher cell and then again we have one episode after that to grapple with the consequences, I still think of. If you lost Taylor I would burn every fire was killed. Enchanting another thing that could happen. Lamar Remember the merger control spiral anymore, I'll, give you good burn down a city potentially potential, again, I don't even know I dont objector the icy you burn our time you burning.
A city can happen as you'd be toward by the animals is. Surely the only person who could watch Chernobyl and get more of said about the animals than the human beings with the skin rolling off their faces? Episode may show absent for Chernobyl. Shook me to my current forever changed me for ITALY, as we will never be the same as ours, baby, whether to get my wife into the show? Just so I could in camera her for episode for its stop setting animal and tv Bogot about time, the close up of the sweet, little orange tat cats face. I just one close my eyes- and I say it was hunger games with pets of setting. I wanted to ask you about so we started binge bird was at it as sixteen. Seven heading into the heading into season: seven, a game authority of money roads and this pod
started again momentum and then it is. It just seemed like three times as many people were listened. This last season, but I didn't really understand why that was happen. Even ozone happening. Do you feel like with the streaming stuff? Just ever but he was caught up by this season. What was going on wages however, the audience for the show cause. I went back and I was looking at the first couple. Seasons in this is back when tv was supposed to have a bigger the incinerators now, and it's like one fourth of the audience for their premiers for stuff. Why did show so belatedly blossom like a dead. Is it because we didn't have a lot of other options for prestige to tv here is just the build up the streaming binging. Where was it? I think it's a common of multiple factor. As you know, we're in this era of at boundless choice you
So many things need to be watching at any given moment in time. There are new things on net flags and Amazon like Buddha. Crackle, if you want stuff, is everywhere HBO jobs in the EU, and will you paid back crackle for that now backer Justino Jason. I like to think what maybe one day a crack overcome: ask us to write the Harry Potter, tv adaptation. You know: oh ok, you're, icon, what's up crackle may withdraw the the mile coach the idea of game of thrones being this last piece of monoculture up there with like marvel them, see you in star wars as the only remaining things, and certainly anything on television that the bulk of the people in your life, who you know, might also want to talk to you about this thing. I think that became very real idea people's minds. Even if the numbers you know a joy, eleven are cherished colleagues, often like likes to point out that as massive as numbers arguments runs counter to the modern television landscape it so
nothing compared to say how much we watch man How many people watched this just listening to Juliet's interview with Chris Harrison, the first season of the bachelor rat? You know it's just a different I think the first survivor was light. The final is like forty million exactly so, it's just a different era of consumption, and so I think that heading into season, eight in particular, and because there was such a long wait. You know he had nearly two years people knew that this was our last chance to share in this thing together, and it does really feel like this the boy every week and you don't want to be the one person who can talk about the symbols. I think that's part of it. I do. The other thing is that again, like NIT picking storytelling choices and pacing and plot in season aid and seasoned seven, aside, give assurances of phenomenal achievement and something by international, and I think that a lot of the the Critiquing comes from a place of love. Actually, this is something that we all invested and so deeply in love so fully. That is something we want to put under them.
The scope and examine in a way that we would examine a great work of literature. You know so when you see other people who you trusting care about annual european initiatives such a thing, you know why you understand why, and I think people knew that this was our last chance to experience that in real time. It certainly wasn't happening like that and, like you said, like seasons, one or two or three, but I think the last couple seasons. The just became a different kind of beast I dont think. A lot of that is fair. I may I agree with everything he said Cheesacre. I saw somebody s made this point about the last. The movie right like a lot of shit in Avengers. That doesn't make sense, and you can pick apart. The people just like I'm in I'm going to enjoy this. It was like game of thrones, came, leubronn areas is being held today. Higher standard? Where was supposed to be the smartest
possible version of a television show or a content property and I'm not sure, that's fared for anybody. I I think that you're right, I guess the difference is that and I love, I love the marble movies I loved and game, aim. Game is being examined against the standard. That M see you and other comic book movies and comic book. Proper stories have set, which is and I think this is an endless sincerely, no shade a comic books which I love. I love comical source. I love superheroes choice. You don't Thirdly, we need to understand the physics and the full logic behind time travel to opt in. You pay five minutes of due diligence to pretending to explain something: and the people are with you. Are there not because they weren't off captain american Iron and make it out live? Not because you ve properly explained what happens if hawk gets the times too. You know So the kind of glossed over Lebaron yeah the difference is- and this is accurate.
Your point about whether those actually been a change in the quality. The show across reasons is that I think he returns did set that standard efforts off. I actually think it did. I think it's at the centre that it was going to produce something with a level of even if it wasn't perfect and some of those episodes are flawed, the level of care, any ambition that is uncommon and that that was in every respect in the cinematography in the direction in writing in the acting in the size of the cash. Just the scope of the ambition is something that we ve seen. So when that's a standard that you said and then parts of what you get live up to that, for example, the visual storytelling and sees need is a start it's like a titanic achievement that I can't believe, is real. I cannot believe we saw things that we saw on our television
are you going through after everything gets burned down per region? I know I went home and iron with the dust everywhere late that was fucking amazed when the how books up the staircase at the mountain Aragon flies over and then he passes and you see that the set eyes on fire mid unceasing aid. I wrote that someone has suffered greatly was, but I think it as so many things in life there's room for new wants. That would be my you know that's where you can appreciate and admire the spectacle and the scale I do and still ask questions about the story. I dont think that there is any reason you can't there do not usually like I can say that the shot of wriggling Over and above the clouds and long night is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen on television and also that I dont understand how the people standing in the dragon pit, who have advocated for John, never brought up the fact that he was the rightful heir when they were talking about who should be king,
both of those things can be true was rigour that withstand or Bob which turns out. There was the stronger one listen. The only thing that really was ridiculous and deserve to be nipping to the bitter end was tyrian with the handcuffs I'm telling everybody who the next king should be I think they meant that to be unwilling, almost kind of funny I think the scene was written either. The one guy stand up like there's real, there's a chance comedy in eight years pitch to be king is icon accurately. They just want to be kind of like? Oh, my god, this the wheels of come off but in a good way and that it was like the wheels cottages. Can I don't think so. I mean I think, that the moment of levity like Edna or making his page- you know I this. Does this due to his literally banana fuckin jail cell for years is like I'm of war, when you and I'm definitely the one that you should listen to. Even the
I have not been a part of this story in any meaningful way. Gmail Catapult, my baby across into the castle and then having a moment like SAM of but basically pitching democracy and everybody laughing and admiring arises. Should the dogs get emotion my horse get about that was funny, definitely and deliberately so I dont think anything Tyrian did was supposed to play as comedy. I think it was supposed to be the moment of fulfilment of redemption for a character who colossus fastball, and I was not clear. And basically anything the gases. People to that point. How great worm had military control over the city if he did why you didn't kill John, when he arrested him, why anybody was listening to him in the first place, why he then gave up the control that I don't how he had one. Anybody who other drugs Marianne, how Brian went from I dont want, I'm not really a person anymore to. Why do you think I came all the way. Signs are the only one. Rationally in that scene,
insisting on northern independence. Ok and then the prince of Doorn, who literally was I've been named, what dornbusch family he supposed to be a p o d, you're. A great joy to is the one character actually had a formal agreement with dangerous in place of the iron islands would get their independence. That was part of their pack Doorn all against the hard areas, for a century, have insisted on their independence across Western, see history. Those two people never say, wait a minute you're giving her the north. What about our kingdoms? They just not along, like Jason, said this like the forms and after the finale, I believe, said something like you know. What's gonna be the first thing that Brandon Tyrian have to deal with and Jason was like Walk rise. They also have asked for independent Ngos. That stuff was just inside, says you rushed sense. A kind of groundwater governor North Sancho IDA, plainer by the big winner,
season? I was starts the Wolf Nelson that Sophie Turner's everywhere the summer Sophie and Grey matter just incredible, she's, an icon. I have this email for your heads. Radio, at that level. Guy from Brain Garwood did the GEO ticket, predict CO, winning the fine us where we have to. Land personalities when the two most anticipated games of the summer think about it both unexpected forgot. Verses in major leg. Injuries, switch Tina, low, key great under pressure and came into league with fairly low expectations said I gotta here you'd reseller discusses, I think, you're better candidate lying and brand brand, the broken collide, broken I like this down start if they Toronto could win the fight us as interesting. I said this on desktop last week. I think that the ending a game? Thrones stark centric, you no ghost is
with John Maria out their exploring the sunset see brand, He says: I'm not a stark ruling. Six kingdoms signs are independent kingdom in the north. The end, the seventh block, initially Martin seriousness posts. We call the time for wolves. So a lot of the UN's heads are calling us a time from wolves. I think this predicts the rise of the timber wolves. That's that's the basketball compound guy wolves time. There are tasks that, since the towns regions dark, so how many times did you cried her in the season? Countless countless I mean was the biggest cry for the seas. Infidels Oh, I cried out been you about it. Watching John. I mean I could John and ghost. Oh my god. What answer the one I was in my sweet ghostly! Well of him, so much John writing. Off into the north. I mean to kill me. I feel that our feels very fitting. I wish TAT he had sent himself the north. I wish that he had abdicated his throne. I think all of the Mr M, in comparison,
so we got in the season, something like hearing pausing, Jenny Song, which has connection to Duncan Target area who advocated has thrown the rallies clues. The job was going, formerly renounce. Obviously he kept saying to Danny. I don't want it, but I think after she died having him say, no actually dont want, and I'm gonna send myself out into the wilderness. Given the importance of choice as a theme in the story, identity and the? U choosing your own course over. Someone else tat define your life for you. I think that would be a really powerful, but John heading off the The wall is you now the king beyond the wall? Is he gonna go and dessert debates watchin range out in the north, and you know Torme and set him when they parted at winter? Fallon episode for you, ve got to northern you the real north and assess that back killed me. Does it make it to the fourteen hundred You could also everything with Jamie Bran. I mean I win. Jamie native ran in the second episode. I was yours, I'm sorry, I was your age,
I was a rack that there are in the best sums scenes and united than he he needed her forget. Why did he ever good mating, couplets later, like my theory, that she was pregnant and they decided to cut it out? Right now, to my dream, I was excited hedge near. We have obviously the searching, souci pregnancy plot dilly reveal that she was pregnant. I was certain the Danny was gonna, be pregnant to seize and I so much so much check offs. I have a barren womb and can have baby here talk at it and seasons. Everyone has been dragging eggs in one fiery know your room is never the same after the there's a whole quickening womb plot in the fifth block. That indicates that her belief that she can have children is is Miss founded and wrong, and I thought about what happened in the in the show. I don't know what changed between seasons, but clearly some many things, change twenty seven and eight because, like the whole golden company thing in Ghana, synergies and I've seen a lot of time talking about this army is built up is
and that the article is bigger on them in the bin. The boxes cell, sword, army fable, never broken a contract and except they do once in them Smitten they get onto the show Harry strict land is introduces a show character in their obliterated inland twelve seconds pull leave. No wonder they didn't bring the elephants, it's not right. This e g, I suggest by the show standard of what's worth cgi with animals. Now, bizarre. So I have to assume that not having to any pregnant ultimately was just another change between seasons. Maybe they thought it was too dark, but Sir she died, while pregnant Teresa was stabbed in the stomach death threat wedding, while pragmatic silent, haven't done that, or some which your relationship mentally with Albania for wiser Anna they created something that is one of the most important things my life now before ever grateful? I wish that we have had a few results in season. Seventy eight, that's great answer, tragedy,
where's was your life the last year and a half just meaning people actually normally leave your house, but if you did was it a lot of people bring a game of France I think I have imposed. May it's ok. What do things could happen in season? Eight? As you know, I make Adam answer the door when persons are as yet from stock Lotta Harry Potter. Talk I get the occasional Joe flak o comments. You know from the sector itself of emerge accident like Canada throws. Barros Moura was going to be fine here before I believe it's gonna be a great he'll be fine, segregated get everyone are, I believe, he's regret. I believe in the office Hollywood Brown a first round drastic drafted a lot of speed at scale positions. Sign, marking, room or other home has lent. My Vance get in big boat is gonna, take a break for the bed, but then burn a comeback with something we are indeed gonna come If something were back in there in the landing room, but what the hell of all of this was the Baltimore son wrote a feature, value
and then it was in the newspaper in your Mama fifty copies, She she just mail and then just on a street corner handing them out to random people in Baltimore. She made me so many copies. She sent me a really adorable picture of her holding the paper, with a smile on her face those great. I love that she said a text message thread. I dont know who we're like seventy percent of the phone numbers on this threat. Are she then also send an email to? I think, almost everyone here alive she posted on Facebook, its precious London, my dad's, very excited. I got a text message grandma with all sorts of emerging is through the Baltimore contingent was was delighted. I was very sweet. Firstly, the parents get so they're about this stuff. My dad's ass, a Boston You walk and you go in the bathroom and there's like two different pictures of main Obama, and then you go into the bathroom and its four different framed that net, like the matter where you're paying
look around, I'm just staring at you in some farm animals like this, a psychotic like what's wrong with you and it's like oh understand your understand. One day does it have to be in the bathroom or pictures of me in the bathroom. Like he's a psycho bodies or you'll understand someday I was thinking to myself room or something you know maybe like the fourth floor of the bureau. Wherever dining nook for years, but whence it then becomes oppression, arrest or something. I m sure I have pictures them with their data be bout. You'll have them lining the trampling basketball, NATO Algeria articles. I had so we're back. We're back were plotting next big binge about they wear. That's it. I'm glad you're in a good they came in France as required by your allies. I wish I was saying: oh somebody was like the equivalent of the NBA just ended like if this was the last They may find us ever and I had to dislike
seven more games, potentially Toronto, go stay in that area too. What she and be again here's how processing Latvia on the one hand, suspend a monumental thing in my life, and this particular facet of it is over and that's devastatingly said to me and I fear empty and alone. However, member old man season wants- sitting by brands. Bedside stories. Ok old there were my favorite quotes in the box. Is old man saying too ran? The stories are like the stories are they exist and you can return them whenever you want. I shall always be there for us. The books Wally, though neither I nor us the phantom, always be there for us. I will always enjoy every watching rereading returning to the runaway. Maybe we'll get another book George. I believe in you really spin offs, who knows now the thought of her ass delirium, wherever the elaborate subjects in the mid nineties when the south takes forges rock bottom. To me, too,
best guys died when offer and would go out, the J bugging, I would Brenner my by nice, big bang at that plans. For our sake, smoking a lot pat, yes, smoke pat to inform you that sour kids and we Like an old bird basketball game. Words can go back in time back when the Celtics mattered disobeying gamma threats. I am a fan of all the things you mentioned specifically sour batch gets. Let's go at that: Jenny's I married for the people as things some ever known, who postmen ice cream idea? embarrassing out. I'm not ashamed, though, recently got a new order, some great season offerings or back shroud. About how many it's wonderful, the sweet tree with the biscuit in the peach jam, one of my favorites back on the menu put down into that, while watching the bachelor at the other night fell. Create great work What made you gonna get sued now!
I'm relaxing deadwood ray. I really want you d, a truly spectacular television at you. And I am all in Chernobyl. As you know, I gotta catch up on billions. Of course that's been hard Bob a hole in my life. I can't we too to learn who hard Bobby's. I miss wags miss everything about billions binge that I'll catch up. Hopefully, Antonio, now that leg legitimately personally that year, ten upsides behind its That's something I want to say actually physically hurts. I didn't choose the timing, a game authorities and billions. The world did that, I don't know rounded either care way to go. Upon billions when I'm excited by a lot of stuff. That's six! Since accession. Obviously love I'm really excited about good omens, strange things I had a similar eager eyes is daily getting allies reappear, can't we carry for big lit alive, the ringer, my love and
that further down the road, his dark materials they each we're. That's coming up. I assume some time in the following day at that those wishing to all time, favorite books, I quote about watch- was much more attention. Unexcited for watchman tale. I love the watchman kind. Then the big Cahoon away down the road, if they don't fuck it up, is Lord of the rings Amazon, the richest company in the world. I cannot wait so much money on it, and just that could be great for us, it's gonna be fine. Less common one of the producers and Game Thrones Rank Hog Man, the George Armor, called the third headed the dragon, along with bananas, oases consulting on the show. I think that the northern shows very special young airborne. Here we go what's duet biggest when you have this year's my son watching other Harry Potter movies. It's incredible here as well, Where did he met out on favour character, still Dhabi and Haggard yeah? Whoever- are very seriously. When will you read the books
above twenty learns how to read by five years without the aged sixty audio books. You kid that could be oh right from the audio books into the pot ghastly hundreds of hours of audio the mother jet you called. They need the queen of ash quality ashes queen of the ashes the mother Dragon hoping to become the queen of the ashes rather than thank you. Thank you. Well, when it comes to your underwear feeling cause pretty cool July, further looms cool zone fly boxer, brief you'll, be feeling both cool and call right. Now it's better than feel corn coca- I don't know nothin Adena, pheelum upgrade their cause backs, are brave by adding a ventilated mesh fly, ventilated mesh fly photos to promote airflow,
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so you Glenside speaking of the blues, I invited Jon Hamm die hard, St Louis Blues fan to come on the podcast, but he's traveling for a movie. If the series goes into the later games, we'll see if he has the courage to come on that John Him- I don't know, I told him he lost. He lost to the the Red Sox in twenty thirteen with his cardinals and he lost Ben Affleck at the end of the town. So he's lost his last two against Boston, not to mention super author, thirty six air Command Yonhap anyway, we're bringing now in David Shoemaker to tuck caressing area. I underline right right now, long time Your grantline colleague coast of the Mass man show on the Ringer pack has now work as well as the press box, which is, is keep it out, keep an eye on the press box over this couple weeks ef. I did all good things that bad things David shoemakers here, how I am doing great men doing great. Is it
big weak for four wrestling nerds. Like me, yeah I just reared Talkum for came out. I was like I hate doing the same topic on my I cast that you do on the mass man show cause you're going to do that with better people, but this was really really really important weak and I really feel like something sees make has happened and we ve seen now, a contender that was carefully put together carefully. Out and really well executed, make a real run at the Debbie for the first time. I think this century right behind yeah. I mean first of all, I want to say that I am glad aid it makes. It makes me feel good when you want to step on my part gas, because it validates the crazy with which I followed this stuff. You know it's easy to work myself into a shoot in the wrestling parlance about the seven convince myself did that sets Rawlins Promo is the biggest
That's ever happened in wrestling history, but this is one of those moments where, when you text me and dislike oh good, this is videos. I thought it was yes, so all elite rest a w just started up. They they gave, you know been enough for a little while they had their first paper view, although not under there, W banner awhile back called all in it was to suit. You know most supposedly one off event. Then they linked up dusty roads. The Bugs Kenya Maggotty three bait, these four big wrestlers go into business together, hook up with Tony Khan, the corner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they start this company. This past Saturday night was double Nothing. There first official paper view under the aid of Eu Banner and they have a tv time. Slot is voluntary and t there I'm gonna go head to head with everyday either. They repeat over and over again that they're not trying to be a sort of dubious he'd, have used our competition, but for wrestling fans thousand unjust, it yeah.
And this is a huge deal- I mean it's- it's not you don't have to go head to head on Monday nights of competition, especially not in the you know, over half era. This is another giant wrestling company with billion dollar backing, and it's a really really enormous thing for the industry. That is happening. Yet, if chasing a lineage of this stuff, the Monday worse famously like night, seven range really get to get this going. It's even starts ninety six, but ninety six. Ninety seven, ninety eight, is when wrestling and the internet collide in a big way for the first, and you have this whole community? Now that has all these mind, bodies to complain about stuff worth and talk about and angles, and rumours and gossip and adjust explodes in its awesome and array likes. Rest ages, reeling choices when one era, and then it becomes a lotta combined
and why do they do it this way? Why describe this angle? Why they scrub? That angle? Is this whole other era of the wrestling for the first actually kind of listening and wink winking some of this stuff that people are talking about online yeah, but the one and theme for those twenty years. Are man? Oh, be fine if somebody just challenge that Debbie correctly we don't like debonair, be it would just be fun. Have somebody that said all the care about it. Wrestling and have an awesome shows an I shouldn't have to watch all Japan and all these other places. I want, like my old school wrestling fix. Why do they have the three our raw. Why do they have to have. You know the terrible promos other stuff. How is just wrestling theirs? It there's an idea and the characters that got squandered over the years and people that we thought were really good that never really hit their strike. Debbie Debbie was winning, they are doing.
I love it. I went to Romania, my son is all in like it's not like we dont like them to be, but it was always. I give be fun of theirs. One more challenger- and now We have a David Shoemaker, it sure does I mean listen. We start the Monday night Wars era and how that was the era that all these wrestling fans love? It's not just us w W E loves that error to half of the content on the data we know it is in reminiscent of the Monday night wars and ensure part of most of its it. They won and their glorifying themselves in the process, but that count. Listen. There's two big things: it mark some of the greatest moments and wrestling history. One is technological leaps. You know and cable tv came mind at rest. That's when wrestling took the big jump on. There have been numerous examples over the years The other thing is competition data we have, you F would never have been Debbie. Have you F without the end of you, a you know going without trying to take over for the end of your way
they would have never been what they are today. If they didn't have Debbie see W going at them on Monday nights, and then they try to create their own competition by doing a brand split between IRAN smack down. Now they had the sort of in house competition from annex tee and they previously they had w, but they were there. Never gonna have competition like real competition and for years it was. There is the spectre of tea and arrest languish became impact wrestling which sort of took that spot and more than anything, I think just squatted on squatted on a tv time slot and made it, possible for anyone else to compete because they under a tree or that they were unable to achieve up to the level of Adobe, see w recycling and discouraged other competition. But now we finally had this other thing in your right and in part of its just real wrestling ray and part of it is, is school and we saw this at double or nothing. On Saturday night we saw Cody Rhodes, vs Dustin Rhodes, the two children of dusty, the the legend go head to head in the bloodiest grudge match. You could imagine if that, of course, spoiler alert ended with them. In bracing, embracing at the end of the matter. We are emotional,
school, emotional, invested wrestling and seventy five percent of the power of that was in these beautiful promos. They cut before the event on there were on you too. I mean that was illegal and then the other half it is. This very, I guess in resting terms, is kind of ultra. Modern style of sort of post, real impact post poster in O K, fave trying to make you believe it's real, the superfluity like all over the place, but really it has taken this this this of like pure athletic ballet. There is no throw suspension, disbelief out the window, its just amazing exercise. It means just this amazing spectacle and they do that to an end. If they I await a sort of bridge those two things and make it into a compelling weekly programme. Well, I mean they're gonna they're they're, going to really give We have a run for their money in competition and, as you said, is a good thing. It is he's not dead. He reasonable on their toes and made him. You know. Sometimes you get fat. You look at
anything that has kind of anybody that had a hugely their color fucked it up. You know just wrestling illegal exports illustrated witches I sold. I don't even really understand that sail you and I are gonna pressed back into a kind of a state. But not really in a sports, Austria. I lead on everybody and what happened, they never fear the internet and they never fear, podcasting and forget everything and, adventure. Videos caught up to them, yes to some degree in other, basically threw a three four years there this this decade, where they just cannot didn't, have their shit together with the streaming now belatedly, into it, rolling stone. You know they have this huge, huge foothold and they just kind of get old than they don't really realized have to reinvent themselves as pop culture and the internet. So this happens. I don't feel like this was dire straits for them
by any means have been allowed. Always two thousand eighteen was one of the best years in their history. The company had, you know, big stars. They had a monopoly that W B network did really well, but then I'll sentenced the foot near the end of the year, for a different reasons, one of which was not as many ours? Is they normally had? They made a big bed on on the woman side that It still unclear whether you know you can really have these main events with, with with the woman wrestlers that it's gonna resonate with people, we have we seen it yet No, I mean we saw Wrestle Maney. I think that was in unclear. I mean an unqualified success, but I think they think that match was well me, I'm not sure the macro and I thought the matches greater measured. The match was dead and I thank them More than anything that match suffered from going on at midnight, I mean if we had a right to fight our car dealers yeah longer that by. But I think that I think
with women's wrestling, its I think it's there is, lesson there that would that has been neglected on them inside to over the past decade, with every levy which is just you have to make matches matter and if matches matter like they sit like like the Becky wench angle, leading into wrestle mania did then that can be a main event, and that can be a big deal but challenges. You can't just wave the banner of women's wrestling and people and expect people to line up yet the storytelling aspect we just all over the place, which will talk about dynamic. Mrs pack, s you Chris Jerk and a second, but I think that's what they really. Ass. They had so much talent, bad, they could just say, hey I'm really going to get the women's wrestling side going, let's go and they had all these wrestlers and then half of them. The stories are just completely all over the place and then on the men's side you, You know you have it boy- injuries, the Roman insane they didn't expect right. Is there about ready to bring the shield back, but you know that there is also people they mismanaging, which leads us to a w again
Dean Ambrose. Who is somebody that I was? I was really good and they could never quite figure out His character was in all the same a bad guy again, and so what happened? Why see? Who angry about? Was he declared war People are understand it, but still. Somebody was a really good. Rest area is good at cell in the other guy and all the stuff you need to have like a real. You know a stalwart aid Ebby it takes them. And that somebody you can build party or business around. I think I think he can be one of the best for guys Day, w pretty cool We are living in a period when the best for guys endeavoured have. You may listen. You mentioned ESPN earlier, and maybe this is a tortured comparison, but we'd debit of you he's done. Basically, since it has tried to do basically sense. You know the rock left is make the brand more important than any of the names. The wrestlers radio outweighs that's a criticism that was level with demean legitimately idiots for a long time when they are letting their biggest name anchors walk if they became if they wanted to much money if they thought they were too big for sport centre or whatever
and Debbie is seeing a procession of potential big stars pat pass through and in a lot of more still there. But you know that There is a ceiling on someone like Daniel Brian can momentarily transcend the sport right, but there's only one John Siena in the past fifteen years or whatever The impact is going to be that guy, but then seeing punk disgruntled and he left re alien. There's there you can look at her. Seth Rawlins, glitter roman range they're, trying to make that guy, but in the environment, has become impossible and dean. Ambrose. Listen. Dna, is not the rock you know, but it is not stone. Cold, Steve, Austin, I've taken, you know some crap for comparing him to stone. Cold, Steve Austin in the past, but is dean. Ambrose is not a consistent, has not been a butt, really consist summer, but when he was the champion and he was standing in the middle of the w ring, the fans reacted to em, way. That's really really hard. To put words too, I mean aided. He is. He is a real charisma when he's put in that spot. They almost nobody else in the world.
When business has, and you wonder why there was this incomes and see you wonder why you never knew what he was doing. Well, he answers that. On the? U know, Jericho, Pakistan, that's because he invents had different or were different ideas of who this character was yeah. You know, and if you have, if someone's you know writing for you know, if you'd, if Kevin Heart in the rocks, which rolls and central intelligence, it doesn't make any sense. You know, because you you're writing for different put for a given Personal play their part is not going to work now in a w. He puffed up there at the end of the against whether alert at the did the show at the end of the main event, and when at Christianity, who's there now and Kenny Omega, who you know according to a lot of peoples, the best rest or in the world and who, by the way, resolutely entire main event MAC with a broken knows on Saturday, I like he when up there and immediately it immediately legitimizes the company. And it re legitimize is a guy who you know had his ups and downs in debutante. You eat,
It's also one of the old all this wrestling moves in the book to pull these sightly disgruntled never was used totally correctly guy from the other place, oh yeah Andrews get in just move. I your chips, Madame what's instinct to me about what's happening here and why I think it's different is there they're doing correctly? so I would ask that mean first by looks really good. It looks really professional I'd like a well thought out. It looks like they ve spent money, it's that, like the ear like something like Easy W, which I really enjoyed back in the day in the nineties, but it always found little bargain basement a yellow, cable access, e germ, everything about it, was cutting corners and I think that's mostly been will we ve had with contenders, except for that, turner around and and the end W W w like that, all world that the quality
they're from the behind the scenes standpoint and then the second thing is Tony Con, who I had talked to a couple times way back when really haven't talked to him in a couple years, but is the opposite of Vincent. And I would say in every conceivable way, but loves wrestling and really obviously cares about it and has put a lot of far into it networks and doesn't work sure enough. Can see it in the blueprint every move. Their bed has been smart and I think there is room for both. I mean it's for me, it's like them, wrestling, the better that's quality. I just look at how my son reacted to it. I was my Darwinism return soccer me and my son was at a baseball term with my wife, so we didn't see the paper view, but the next day find out about the Dean Ambrose thing in the morning, and so I faced them and as I hate to see what happened in the aid, everything last I watched all the clips and liquidity is very hard to hear that you are several twitter. He knew
gonna like David. Him he's eleven. So? He has doubly Debbie. He has aid Ebby India's Annex II, which he loves, which we shouldn't you know, glass over Annex II is basically become in a way where the rival to Debbie Debbie Other owned by the same thing. Now, a w, I would say that's their competition command, the gay right they had to be annexed, eat. First yeah, yes, think that's right media next he doesn't have a tv the on their some. There was some discussion that that might be part of a fox. You know package wherever they are making that. I don't think they, then he that's, meaning that it is just in the debate. Network? I may more for like from a coolness the peat, the real wrestling fan, type of people, yeah Have you got to steal that corner from the busy or Firma Annex III orally share it? I think I, Finally, I would have said without a doubt, a feud asked me a year ago that the biggest caught that the biggest problem is the biggest hurdle facing aid of was being better than in ecstasy. I think that in the past
here there has been a little bit of it down swing in in fan feelings about in sixty, and I'm really you know making a lot of assumptions here, but I think that the hype has gone down a little bit just because the biggest stars of annex ii have can Can you really been yeah police used on the main wrong tat under the main roster and then misuse there and it sort of hard to get your self are invested in you know, Adam Cole or whoever, when you just when you feel with great certainty that he's going to wind up, you know, jobbing out to to you, know, drew Mcintyre. Ever for five weeks on raw meat. It's it's! though, inequities a little bit, you know a little bit it it's a little bit harder of of a comparison now, but I do think that debate they do have to go ahead with the next. He with the perception of inequity, anything partly that's why you saw Cody roads or take a shower a triple age, the only way they really address W. We, besides the existence and dean, Ambrose RAG Age, John Moxley is was Coty taking a slight
hammer do a triple age style thrown before his So I think that there is a little bit of a there's gonna be a little bit of that I going on as we start, even if, as they continue to say there not competing with everyday yet I think it comes down to resting, always comes daddy. You need what seven eight people realistically at any time you can push. It's like a basque about him that's why, like an man, rotation, in wrestling. You need a people you need. The one reliable, superstar You need the one great he'll need the one up a and aims mix and match her, have bring new people that nobody know and put them against one of the established eight- and I think, sometimes Debbie, like it's just really hard at they. At the same time, they don't have the eight, but it's all so hard for people to crack. That eight see. If the
people there I thought were defiling in a crack at like Samoa Joe. I thought I was gonna be like a real star for them for sure, and it doesn't feel like that really happened. Or you know you mentioned the annex two guys, ricochet is amazing. Amy's av he's my son's favour. Wrestler. That guy is like in person is completely out of control. It succeeds in and their private and screw him. I upright ate like that. Somebody that this should become a should immediately be a topic I for them. He so freakin exciting, and I just don't see, there's it's almost like there's no road map for him to do that stupid Yeah, I mean that's. The problem I think, with W B right now is that they have difficulty. I mean in this part of his just it's a huge corporation with an enormous infrastructure that it always is insurmountable at times but its but its catching, in a bottle is really hard when your account, when you're a corporation of that size,
No, I mean it would be imagine trying to get NBA desktop off the ground that here for her. I mean Ramage, like its did there some things you can just do as a smaller companies be more fleet footed and in you know, direction. On the on the fly and W B, that's really difficult, and now we can get into the John Moxley Chris Jericho. You know interview yeah, but the most damning thing that he sat and has been a lot of time. Talking about it was just the the impenetrability of the of the creative process. Yeah, you know that just the way that he there was impossible talent? The wrestlers won't really like given much input into their own characters and were kind of costly position of like fighting off the worst impulses of Vincent Man in the writing. Staff, and you know, even if Even if that having a big writers room, the coming of the ideas is the right solution and having everything funneled to Vincent Man, you know made good content, you saw them
you still have a sameness issue or everything is being found through the same guy at the end of the day, and so it all yes very much the same, and you know resting fans can attest the fact that you feel, like you see a lot of things repeated week after week. That may be when just forget they did a month ago, or you know that the same finishes to match the same sort of the same vibe What a hero isn't one of what a villain is and also yet I mean what makes a professional rest for people who are wrestling fans sizzle in other, probably not so listening this by gas but have you are it's not just being able to go to drop and other off the top rope, grab your belt and say: oh yeah, you know it's the its having been the guys ending and from his mirror in a hotel room in Poughkeepsie. Coming up with that idea, gate. If the guy who says just raised his army that you're talkin about
here s a guy, it's it's a guy who watches of VHF Este above you know, japanese wrestling from ninety ninety three and sees a move and says: oh my gosh, that's the move, I'm gonna! Do you know it's a guy? It's it's! The guy who grows up in this day and age play Debbie that you have video games on Super Nintendo or on an ex boxes or whatever else and imagine themselves doing it and and makes an actual eyes, is that fifteen years later you know and orphaned, or it's my son on the trample in China Ricochet seven twenty by the way, that's a real thing! That's happening, analyse he's gonna die in the trampling of aerial ass. I hope best wishes to ban. It doesn't happen, but listen of all of the other. Of the were eleven year olds. I've ever met in the world been summoned, the highest upside for being a professional here, really that, as with the exception of maybe some kids on the, U S, gymnastics team that we have the annual Dobbins propaganda be much bigger than his whole. Life is like he's training for eight years from now to be they its
through a w, should just start scouting now, like where's, editor, well, two things by long ago pitch the idea to have a rest progressing summer camp for kids, bigot animated. I like the way, tumbling and cutting promos, who wouldn't cinder kids to that guy. Who said that aside for right now, but this is the point- is that been Simmons being told what being handed a script and told what to say even twenty. Four year old been Simmons is not gonna work, nay of all of the people who were made to do this. It your son, maybe one of them, and that process is not going work well and then the other thing is. Are we sure that should be the ass any more below it shouldn't. That's the point that I don't know. I don't know anybody whose I you know its awesome that Ross three hours- yes so site, I'm so sorry for the three hour rather coming up in. What's weird, is I got no love the debate? People I think they're, like exceptionally smart, a lot of stuff they ve done has been really savvy. I think what they did with annex in the training centre, in what they're doing
their ip and studios and all that stuff, like it's really smart way, I would I understand is how counterproductive three hours a week is how counterproductive the five hour Razumihin is like at some point they need a little kick in the ass to be like. Oh actually, we we have to care, little bit more about winning fans over we too weak, and this is the perfect way to do it. This is the aid w. Now is the super hot next door neighbor, who move then, whose by the poor every day and bikini and where the vacuity, and just like it when a dagger in kind of staring you over the bushes and you eat he's gotta be wary of a u have to, and the other thing is gonna, be wrestlers who aren't happen their current Debbie. Situation who are watching what just happened? Jha Moxley yet I demand that kid, I'm I'm I'm sure they got causes we great. There must have been what fifteen people that must call them behave in
Dave Meltzer says it's: it's enough people the count on two hands that have inquired people, you wouldn't expect, and so it will be really. I mean we know that there is some names out their sash of banks, a sort of sitting out right now, Luke Harper, right and sent home he's getting paid, but has basically been told they don't need him until his contracted out and then the ascension. I mean sorry the other revival, the tag team is it always as they formally rejected, so a very, very healthy contract, renewal extension with the exhibit the expectation that they'll be heading over at some point, but those are just a few of the names you look at Moxley and you have to think that there's got to be a year great career move. The Riyadh there's got em and even people that don't mean people that the name that keeps coming up and conversations is Randy. Orton, because he's out there on twitter, just being really sort of dismissive of data was career and he's kind of acting out a little bit. And you know he doesn't need the money and he doesn't ever seem like the guy that just like desperately wanted to be wrestling in Japan or anything like that. Just approves metal but like manna. Somebody like the if somebody like that can look at John Moxley and say
It looks like fun, then that's huge, you know. That's it really big deal. Samoa Joseph I mean we don't know what these contracts are from his pupil bud. Samoa Joe, is one to me that feels like you put him in a w as your lead villain and issues ribbon through people, and that could be something you know. I was thinking about aright, Scott HOLLAND and Kevin Ash when they jumped back how big a deal was that just for how talented they were red diesel was, the chief for, while Scott all eyes razor just you know, had some of the best matches of the mid nineties. They definitely big guys. They weren't lake these guys. They wasn't getting. You know, Charlotte those are bred hard. Basically, beware when they came over evolved today, to another level. What else out was that they were the first two guys they did it, and the third guy was the one to three kid yeah who became ex back now. I don't know: what's he like one
the top forty guys in the Debbie Debbie at that point, but by being the third guy he became a guy. You know and Wasn't he the third guy used the third one right? Yet While he was, he was the third crossover. Here's the third one that jack as it was meant. It was big show and then, but they were there. Yet million dollar man was weirdly Warner, and yet there are there. Are there, I think, being in that fight? wave of I jumped and I'm reinventing myself is a good career move fur. I would say about eight to ten guys on that on the one hand, there's gonna be a limit to how many there going assigned me. They ve said this in it and I think that a little it'll bear out that you know there is a limit. They can't be w e two point yeah, I mean if it's all, if it's all deputy we perceived to be deputy, cast off. Even if it's the cream of the crop at did, it's gonna be a hard perception to TAT. Can Well there's always that's a good storyline now is they sign like five of them and it becomes like that the old school
I don't like the new guys, like you just trying to glance on our success. Yet we did this with our you. We don't need you. This is our thing and then you can. You know that's what we love when real life spills into them. Yeah as lorries and that's what an inner it's gonna be remains to be seen. How much of a deal they're gonna make about that when they have. You know a weekly tv time slot to fill that the you you don't want to get too much in there. Territory of reality and initiative of straight up, like interviews or whatever but there, but they got it bit, walking that line figuring out. The right tone is that which is difficult, but that's what they're gonna have to do, that they have to be a modern wrestling. Come they have to address that stuff. We saw how many times has somebody been in this specific spot that therein now where people are just ain't on them and fired up to see where it goes and feel like finally somebody's here that represents me, which is by these right. You see w, but that was a mean fur later. A year and a half their, maybe
yeah me. No, no, you see W. I see that you had a good run of being that accompany a mean from word of mouth and the beginning of word of mouth to their sort of like peak on cave on tee. An or whatever, and then that bout, a creative PETE, their national, younger and more laid bare creative. Like the ninety seven. Ninety, I am sorry to have those paper views and another debate. They they had a long run a living a year and a half is probably probably less than than what they deserve it, but somewhere around their yellow media, they had a good run. I mean honestly, it's an it. I can't possibly be the same thing. But Debbie, W E, ever the debit of? U S are you, like you know, MIC Foley, famously one that being shape in the night when that pre tapes hangman they were they were they position themselves so much as the underdog that I remember as a wrestling fan feeling like gave in in the interview organically sort of getting tired and that felt like that Vince David every effort actually responding to the fans, and they were you know in a way that they, yet we get car. They were like
the Tamper Bay rays and W scenarios, the Yankees, yeah are these big contracts go and they were building round these younger people or these old established stewards. Everybody liked that they are given a moment to add a word fur. I don't know what they think of other third nineties. Then it gets dark in the two thousands, but I also hope that you can, under the tea anti bleacher. They cause they don't have a lot of new stuff go on from their end, and this is something you You know you see when they get behind something like as a highlights feed like I Mozilla there they don't have it like New IP, that they can be. Like hey look at this, we got the Champions League was, I bet for them. Think they're going to really get behind this, and you know you're looking at a world where you this Warner media combine all these assets and tea and coffee and tea bs entreaty
you're, going to be an au pair sand and HBO reporting. Eighteen teen. All these different things happening there. Philly headed to world warlike sports becomes like a vertical for them Bass Gal have March madness. They have with the baseball and a couple other things, and wrestling is fifty two weeks a year. If you do it correctly, it's a huge asset for them. If they can point so I'm sure they were I'm sure that promote the shit out of it. Yeah I mean it remains to be seen how much content- and maybe it's gonna, be fifty two weeks or worse, because you know the aid of use already been pushing back in terms of offering full timers health insurance is evident in the subtle ways in the little ways that the diehard wrestling fans who suggested that death Debbie to be change. I've been, I was out there early about their bed asking for an off season it for the sake of these wrestlers infer fans. Tudor recharge, but maybe it was. Maybe they'll do that. Maybe they lie in August
be they well. You know where these road give guys you know give give. This gives the performers rotating break vacations or whatever, but that That's a market inefficiency for them, the right light, that's away, you could still deeds from Dub Debbie pretty easily. Africa is around seven months here. Instead of the deputy, be basically this break wessner, that's it yak workers. Echo to I mean who is now part of a double yea, Erika kind of made the blaze that trail for himself, because he had the ability to say I'm gonna go play with my ban. You know me of their higher the ability to be like if I may, to keep doing this event for along I'm gonna have to be. I can't just do it every week and and that's what brand courtesies light than at the ringer fringes don't mess with them. He just kind of tells us what he's gonna down weed out. When I remember we in any want, he comes and had somebody with a chair and everybody goes grace, but yet
I think you're right about seventy. I think that there really gonna get behind it, and I think that there is. I think too, that one in a we ve talked about this. I ve talked about it at length, but you know it as as silly as it might sound wrestling, is cool now than it was ten years ago, it's cooler now than it was five years ago and there's a lot of reasons for at the part of it's just. You know I always say when I was young. People made fun of you for watching wrestling. The first thing they said was you know that steps vague, don't you, and now it's impossible for someone who go, who spends night a week watching the car dashi and to make that sort of common mean it for ever Everything has just gotten faker in everything, has gotten more ironic and it's ok to like silly stuff, like wrestling wrestling fans have known this all along, but I think We have you, he has really, and I dont and I'm not seeing your tongue them. What to do. I don't have any brilliant ideas. With W B, we has been behind the curve at exploiting that change. Right I mean they have not. They have not been able to make wrestling. Their brand of wrestling as irrelevant
as it could. It should be in the modern era where it's like. You know when I started When I start running my wrestling, people were people in you know. Professional writers were floor, that this was a thing that someone in Brooklyn would be willing to do right, and I was an end now. It's like we there's more people the right of a wrestling. Then there are the right about music. You I mean it's like it's, it's so much like toward the shifting so much on the ground It's so funny. I remembered trying to I'm a retelling. European, that one of the people were hurrying was a guy who was gonna, write wrestling for us and they were just visit, two thousand eleven take TAT John, whilst I guess we're gonna cover wrestling. This great writer said Rob small wrestling exist. They completely stupefied by we allow wrestling caught tat. Those first couple months, aggression, member I gave in road like two pieces, but we had made a tunnel. But yet now it by the end of this decade it's become a cottage industry and do you think melts
by the way is involved in this I ate up. You know I mean I don't I don't think he's financially involved in here. I don't, I think, Fit didn't like it consulted. I think I think that is really good friends with the people who were running the company, and I think that that inevitably he's gonna. You know how some conversations with people may there has always been a thing about melter New Japan about isn't his level of of dino investment. Their investment, metaphorically speaking in, and I think that he just you know he is a die hard wrestling, an old school wrestling old school resting fan, who enjoys you, know that stuff from Japan enjoys going to. India shows when he when he goes out to show we enjoys that sort of, like you know Peter B G content in a way they because it something the W B doesn't provide for, and I can speak from experience to that, like Debbie at ease awesome, but it oh, it does start to feel like a job at some point watching you know eight hours of content a week than paper views on the side
Yeah and- and I you can understand why you someone would would get excited about about. You- know a different kind of it at a different integration of of progressing. But nobody but melter is a mean. I've not talk to him in and don't mean don't nobody, but you you eat. It seems clear that is that on good terms with the young bucks with Cody Roads and with you know some other people who are involved with the with eighty w and- and I dont know how much the needle for him to be really invested in it, but it certainly seems like his discussions of aid, a view on his podcast and self I'd better or they are or what people are very, very interested in wrestling you look around my insane, Israel Hauser, yet I feel, like I think, he's, George Lyon Bob, because I think tony concepts like somebody who, probably
the Meltzer newsletter, since he was like nine years or sure air or in a lot of what this idea has been, as probably like what, if I had a week, how do we take all the stuff happened in Japan and have it here and how to implement aggressors and it's all set? and four Meltzer and expand and nine others he's not the only person out there on that be MIKE Johnson theirs. It there's a bunch of people who do this, but for for people who are the real reporters and the wrestling business this this is more exciting for them? Is it it than it is for US fans, because they get actually that report on people like on my contract situations again, and I mean they get- that that the business side is ways what a media and I've talked about. This too would w B as these two brands, they have they ve had drastic, zero, shake up, save everything else and I ve totally missed out on actually like doing with the demoted replicating the fun part of professional sports. These days Does the off season tree and now we have the off now we have
you know I mean that's gonna, be in its end and just like with four the seasons never ending cuz. All these contracts come up a different time, so you know that that's gonna be a real, really intriguing thing, and I don't mean to me and not just to make light of in terms of our enjoyment of it. But this is huge from four for the power of the wrestlers. Right for the for the bargaining power for them for their for their personal well being only they can go. We know in the contract comes up. It's not just. I signed whatever demands put in front of me. It's like I can go to them and say I got another offer, I'm I'm willing to entertain other offers, and that's it. That's a game changer, especially for people who see are to be signing billion dollars worth of tv, billions of dollars, tv contract and none of its trickling down or little of its trickling, and we decided at a really big deal. You left out one piece: guy who, as eight months left or the girl, who can
use that last eight months as levers like our eye. If you want me to stay like I'd like this this or this to happen, the that's not going to, and I'm not going stay. So just you know it's almost like it play player heading into the February trade deadline like in trade for some help- or this is just going to be mighty in the next five months out. It is alright. Well I'm going to leave that, but I think you know somebody ash banks who I agree today, one of the wasted talents of the last five years for what I thought her potential was with them. I don't know if you can waste a talent like that in the same way, because she can just leave and really come back to haunt aren't you which goes back to my initial point. I think this is weirdly good for the debate and needs get have common and I think it's good to have somebody keeping your toes. I totally agree endeavour to be once they mean lesson they like to position the Monday night wars as it kind of fight for further existential existence,
was you know, I mean it ends in financial ways and everything else, but but you know that if they can see past just the you know and that they need to destroy. You know, kill them equally w and its crammer. Whenever the name then than they do, I hopefully will come to the realization to the competition is good because they have been able to provide that for themselves. No matter how are they ve tried Where do you think my son ends up a w a debit obey? If you had to handicap or right now, you figure like, his name, is away now that he's twenty he's. Probably in here. I think it's I mean listen! It's your! Your son is your son. You know is gonna is grown up with. Is It contained a grub with some level of privilege in one of those is that he's been at better performance centre and if we make a phone call, he could probably show up with a performer.
Better to start training for like a. We are there, but, but so I mean in so that did the pipeline. The W B pipeline seems like the real likelihood, but that said, if he does anything else with his life, decided to start. You know India wrestling on the site or something like that and aid of a you could be if he, if he saw If you make him go to college starts, They training at Jim training at a wrestling Jim and night back in ITALY, w might might be the leader in the club ass. I don't know I'm sure fuss. He asked us to buy a wrestling ring fur his his birthday last remember an actual wrestling ring to put in on the basketball, modal, half basketball, Korea in the backyard, that is a legitimate, he pressed them. He looked, he looked him up. There's companies that make wrestling rings he's a good about it. One is that the big like not ironically, he's really, like none of this could fit. I did the measure fettes that happened.
If we buy them? We bought in this really cold trampoline that I've put a couple instagram videos on that as well, my hope and he's been on there all the time, and he really is turning into line Ray Mysterio on this trampling so atta? I don't know what to expect anymore he's off. Muscle now, and it's like all off his arm. Choices that he's making just point towards a wrestling lifestyle. So now a w, starts Gautier, you just gotta, keep him here, even we know then on the poorer wrestling as he gets older. You know I'm going to be some point where he gets more obsessed with girls are with baseball or whatever else any mean you gotta, give me a girl there and has now it does. Have to be number one right. To be there in the top five somewhere here have area. Yet then we're gonna, like is, I don't know he's doing. Perhaps now. Ok, what do you think? That's great you around the psychopath. I think more travelling time is
only needs more time to get some ropes and there in a makeshift ropes that we need. The funny thing is I remember watching the MRS real world season and he, if he really you know it. He like really want to be a wrestler and had this whole character- and I was like wow this guy's pretty good at this, but then he actually became sorry berries, I would say what are their best aid star so it's it's. While I thought that you know on the real world, I thought it was a joke. I I was watching in real time too. I was just like this guy's making a mockery of the sea sport that I love her hand for the first ten years of his career them is. Was that guy with them is? Was it a professor ressler buddy? Was you look like a guy was pretending to be a professional ressler and he is turn into. Yet one is legitimate top guys in the in the sport and in their business and end in, I think he's a real is he's a mile for people that the grub watching a bit listen.
The cool thing about four wrestling right now is that almost all the top stars are not football players who blew out there now Yes, you know they're they're, not they're, not you know bouncers, who were who some in a strictly bouncers who dusty road point out and said, come down to the office and I'll give you the singly their guys. You grew up guys, engrossed group watching wrestling and dreaming of four wrestlers everybody on the roster as a picture of imposing with you know, Jake the Snake Roberts when they are a little or whatever you know like if they were all fans and and there's nothing in in in really that, should that should amount to this great new glory day of wonderful are of pro wrestling with all of these fans and brilliant fines and instead you know- and it hasn't quite gone there. Yet maybe a w arrested, Amida arresting promotion, it's gonna, be you know, sort of like by the wrestlers for the wrestlers and also for fans to mate. Maybe maybe that'll be the platform for for people like that to really flourish. Well, they have three,
our paper views this summer. It looks like yeah me, then. I know this because my son look them up in there. You show them to me, there's three more coming yeah, nay. It looks like this. We show whatever reincarnation it, whether its weekly or by weak or whatever it is. It looks like that's, convene the far so we'll see and will see who jumps whose contracts I'm exam like you, I'm excited can be like July. First NBA where's can be rumours every week about this person, like other person, did to pick two. Despite my last question, we have to go to people that you think could jump who, with the two big that's really hard. I have no idea, I mean I have to go in and try to figure out when everybody's contract is mean social banks are the problem. Is I just signing a contract? not too long ago, and that's why she's in this really weird, this really other world right now that, like you, can't just walk away trailer you can't walk away, you can't walk away too to wrestle for somebody ass. I guess you could Rocco walk away from most other career path.
The man, I don't know I'm guessing. The revival is a done deal. You know in some, unlike Le Loup Harper, as I think another nine months or something they're gonna tag on some extra time to that due to his contract and- and and you know he but those are those the names that people have talked about a lot, and I think if you want to start speculating about people who would you know if, if everything, if everybody was a free agent, who you know who's, who hasn't reach their potential hook, be really great. Outside of deputy Samoa Joe you mentioned, I think fin valor is an aim that she half these combinations in an hour in you go down. Look at annex tee. Where there's you know, I mean that some of the biggest names at the biggest stars that have come through their has a legitimate like size disadvantage WWE and undisputed era. Is you know the undisputed areas cannot gonna going to not gonna. Look normal in Okinawa gonna. Look as big as they do in Annex II, when they get the main roster they would be, be cool additions. They w mean those guys are supremely talented nor ever in every way. By
I mean it in and the judges this laundry list of tag teams to that means. Ada he's really focusing on the stuff, but man in this look at them with their calling. The Viking experience now have been absent from tee. YE for three weeks over two weeks, or something like that. My son is so upset about this. This is one of his favorite annex II, people, the war. Yours annex II, as they were, they love the war chat and they came thither. De in what are they change day like three different types. Yet when were they were war machine on the Andes? They change them to them too, the war raiders in Annex II, in they when they got called up, they were the Viking experience and then, after that just summarily like last off the internet. They read to the Viking Raiders mincing Man apparently was very concerned that the people would have trouble discerning that these two guys with lake brave heart face paint. And horns, and you know it leather leather sing. I mean in leather loincloth theory the heat
can have troubled realising to be to be vikings. They change their names. The Viking experience it's always good to take Somebody that had a great gimmick that fans are responding to avenge is completely changed, a gimmick in the name, I get not an hour to get to do it. This way. That always goes over great people, love that yeah people ever things get change that yeah! I guess I hope I am at an end and that all goes back to two dean. Ambrose is a cage on marks, leaves you know, issues with deputy and endeavour to be creative, and in that sense they play in the restaurants weren't, given enough volition, another night at the chance to be creative and to be the star. Did they sort of made themselves into an end in a hopefully doubly? Maybe we will realise that that's not a problem that they need to fix it on their own and and and in a clearly eighty w is gonna, be giving people the opportunity to be their best selves release. For now it seems that way, while good hey Debbie, I loved the competition. Kevin Owens is another name, I think could be a get aid. He just signed
I've your deal so he had many heat meaning, and I think that he's you know it in out of ways: either he's really important. Cargan w B knows that I don't. I don't think that at that he would be. He would be a great. He knows that except he lost like a hundred eighty matches. Lester well yeah, you need the head who's, the one The wind loss records that did their coverlids is like infinity in one eighty, five efforts of the Sierra the bad records I rather skies yell run and another name to look at his Russa that guy's an increase. In again you mean like that. I could be a a conquered monster and all lead and New Japan. He could do add a thing of out of a guy that receive using the reins. Atavism really have the russian accent in real life. Why hasn't acts? It is just not the diversion Morrison Natasha Shoemaker so that this is wonderful. Good luck with the press bags keep it. I speak, Moving things, keep an eye on the press box, keep an eye
We're we're we're gonna, try some new stuff out gathered by have some the to stuff. With the press box. I could help us as well with the air with the famine, everything taxis in Turkey. A man thanks thanks to disowned, forget about Joshua this week and the big fight still time to get. He's got daisy and com sign up, get to ask some heavyweight title backs in this weekend. Thanks to fruitful and the loom Cool zone fly boxer. Briefs life is better with it's, especially in your underwear. They are designed with a ventilated mesh level as airflow wherever you need a most. She got food come to find your next pair used to go to bill an additional ten percent off their current promotion of twenty percent off the cool zone. Fly boxer, briefs that is fruit, dot, com, promo code Now we are back, maybe Sunday night haven't decided yet pence how good game
his car doesn't want us to be back and Senate, I'm affordable for dilemma, but maybe Craig would want to works, and I said I'm sleeping over on Saturday. I'll be there in his sleep, my god, we'll see how gave it was. You will see how we feel about the game too, but might be. There might be and the part on Sunday, night or minimise was cast us through this talk reanimate. During the week ended and next week one way.
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