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The Smashmouth Pats, NBA Chatter, and ‘Succession’ Predictions With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the Patriots' narrow victory over the Bills in Buffalo on 'Monday Night Football' as well as the AFC playoff picture (1:53). Then they talk about Scottie Pippen's recent criticism of Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant and the Nets, the Lakers' continued struggles, the complete Bulls, and more (23:22). Finally, Ryen and Bill discuss the most recent episode of HBO's 'Succession' [SPOILERS] (1:11:21).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Ryen Russillo

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Hey. I popped out a bunch. A ringer pack, Ashley's lay just wanna, give a heads up when a layer will more show what Dave Chang chauffeurs to injure fiftieth anniversary when at sports cards nonsense. Last Thursday, when our real ones, with Logan and Raj on Monday, to talk about sons, workers in a whole bunch other stuff, he ain't. You got all thus pack ass on the Ringer podcast Network, the bill seventh podcast is presented by fanned or sports book. He would be his back, there's no better placed, but the action than unfeigned all sports book, this basketball season. Look they had the best. That's what I like is there not scared of game? grown on. You know it they'll keep the division adds up, though keep the conference adds up for MBA. They made him keep them. Vp adds up they're, not scared by what might happen from game to feel in the urge you watch unwares game steps going nuts to save your such no. I'm Puttin Panella, Stephan, VP money, it'll, probably be their plus. You can combine multiple bets from the same game, you're about to actions,
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To my mind, the shop drive and by a new Nissan entirely from home, the livered direct from dealer to driveway, while thrills starts here, services may very apt to Spain. They were subject to applicable law, see dealer for details, reciprocity by fanned all sports book, where I will have another same game parlay for you and be a related on Wednesday, go to de facto sports, but gap and you can find out what they are not sure what the game as yet, but it will be there on wednesdays, go check it out. We boost him up for you and I, and you get better, adds three watch, a buzz being Jimmy Kimmel. Did Saturday night fever went up Monday night and you can check that out. It certainly a film change pop culture. It changed the way movies were made. It ties to the Music box documentary that we did about Robert Stick with cod. Mr Saturday night that premiers Thursday night a pm, it's the fifth film of Arby's backstairs, it is directed,
the great John measure, and I m really enjoy it, Not only do the research was pod with Jimmy about a movie that really felt like one of the most five famous movies of my shouted, but also how ties into the film it did so together, we watch was check out the music box a pm Thursday night, if you, MR first, for you, can check all of them on HBO Max's, well cut up Reimer. So I wouldn't talk repass bills, little mba and a little succession. First, our friend,
from projects were taken, as it is eight thirty Tuesday morning, Pacific time ran, Marcel Assyrian got together, allow this lock on. I will start pats bills, all school game backyards three passes pats when I I boys made this point about ballot check and I'm gonna make it
I think he cares about the history way more than a lot of people realize, and I think he looks at opportunities like yesterday is like what's the difference between, if we do for more play actions, what if we just run the ball down their throats the whole game, we proved our toughness and pass as little as we possibly can, and there will be something memorable about this game that just passed Oracle e before our team that we went into Buffalo we'd even have to throw. We just ran it down their throats. We prove you're tougher. We dealt with the elements and we once I do feel like he cares about I've been with this guy for twenty one years. At this point, I do think he thinks that way with the stuff. Is that crazy to you? No, not at all. I think you're right on point with him and appreciate me, history and I think, for all the times were access or just him, opening up anybody with such a a challenge. Yet then he totally turns it on once you talk about access for him is doric plate like the stuff to do with NFL Network was to kind of
don't even think it was like a selfish thing. I think it was allowing us to realize who he is and then also being part of history, because that should be document and I'm not comparing the George Washington but George Washington New to keep his papers around like he was constantly boxing up all of his correspondence with everybody, because he had this idea. This vision, that he was at the forefront of being one of them. Maybe the man who would who would navigate the beginning of this country and its really weird whenever you really about watching it again. I'm not saying Bela check is George Washington, but I think Bela check. Not only his appreciation of history. I think a big part him opening up and doing some. These really cool projects has been because he's like in. I should let people get it
yes to lead in here and see what this is all about, because this is an unprecedented brought so specific to last night they get all plays in, and I think it's also galvanizing thing. I think it's a kind of thing were match. Adam had a tweet, you know I used to play for the Patsy was a great tweet use. This is the kind of plane ride home where the beer star flying in its galvanizing thing. We're like free, just, went in there and ran down your fuckin throats for three hours, David Andrews. said. I had a quote: no press game conference. That was like that to use that that was the most memorable game of my career break the thick. If you're not fits of lavender, that's it you're, just so giddy. Here the ballot checking this goes back the last decade. This goes back to the two thousand secular David Halberstam Farm. Around first season, you Michael Holly, right to behind the scenes books. He led I think it? Oh nine or two thousand ten led NFL foams. Far him around four documentary than there is a second one or two thousand fifteen. Do your job right. He even
with their NFL one hundred or whatever he fruits of its value is like a paneless. So I do think he cares about the history stuff. I think people, judging by the boring press conferences, but that's been the point for two decades. He doesn't want to say anything in a press conference. Second incite the other team offend them yet ass. I watched have you seen men in the radio which have actually enjoy that that the first two parts, a really good third part, was all right but Bela check. I forgot. I forgot some stuff Khazars, but somebody gives this point Bela check before the Eagle Superbowl patriots are favoured and theirs. I think audio of him just reading the team, the Super Bowl parade cuz it leaked out that the Eagles could win their super bowl parade and he's just monotone reading it to them and take a right and we're going to go down down Holly Street and
any just reading for five minutes trend, motivate them somewhere. I think he cares about other stuff. I think he saw last night as an opportunity to prove to the team how tough they were that they were the toughest team in the area of, say: that's what they did. You catch any the Brady stuff. I've I've realise do this in the last five plus years that one of my least favoured verse, of content is actually produced content about themselves on the same, let its its brutal most So even if somebody that I want the accuracy rooted for Brady I've brady more than I refer the patriots at this stage, my life and yet I've I've sat through too many documentaries. I've watched you, many basketball features and too many different guys, and I go you guys were light, hey it's our turn into a dark, so I haven't got do it yet. I would push back
me a little odd that the way you phrase the Belgic part were it's all strategic. I think, what's frustrating about the times when he opens up and how great it is as how petty and I think he puts more energy and being petty at times which can doesn't man, it's it's not part of the evaluation here has nothing to do with being the greatest coach ever and continually inventing this team all the time even with Brady and now without. Ah, he deserves all credit, but yet mean, as somebody who's consumed from the media side of it, which no fans will ever care about, and I totally understand that villagers times where the energy is like, where are you going out of your way to be petty about this causes seems fuckin stupid to this it would be that big of a waste of energy as it would be for the other stuff, which I think is again you see this one version that insignificant it doesn't matter, and then you see the great version when he's excited to be a part of something where you like you couldn't have been any of that you could have ever been that guy and still just beat everybody. But again it's just it's always the thing with Bella check it. It's kind of like Lebron in a way where there's little bit.
things that I could point out what you're in the public eye for twenty plus years, but at the end of the day like how would I start talking about Leubronn? I talk about him. Is that one of the two greatest pleasure? the scene in the guy was guaranteed, bring your team to victory and that's it thing I would do it. Bela checks will arrive at a little stuff, doesn't really ever matter. It's the sites are big thing with them in a lot of the great people we ve had in sports. The sites in taking some perceived site are a real site and drawing some sort of crazy competitive energy from it seems to be the recurrent theme over and over again just how much vaunted you have the how much funded you have our bad. How matter you at the second pass attempt, like. It must have been irony. I once more, I just one of them: the win the game at that. Guy all really aware, we were just like the play action at some point. Buffalo had ten guys in the box rate and remind you had
play two hundred and seventy eight yards. I think I've ever seen in my life, every every yard was against TED guys. Everything like it at some point. You just think, oh it specially. If you're on the left, hash mark of the right, poshmark any of Head Hunter Henry on the side and he's got fixed a one on one, with two thirds of the field. On a play, action that just seems like the easiest ten yard pass ever, but they just were messed around. They don't turn the ball over. That's what made it so crazy than a Kill Harry thing that I've never seen him back on a punt return and then be. Why is it go near? The bottom then see it somehow it's his helmet and that was their only fuck up. They clearly wanted. for the game. No turnovers, let's get out of here we're tougher than these guys. I knew gone in the game. There are tougher than the question to me was back back in since Monday and bowed check was the second removing that a murmur moving that concern for you he's a rookie callback will not be about that he's gonna hand. Often that's it you're, going to kill things job, and I know you believe what is young back there. I am not a fan of trying to find it
blame somebody other than whose fault it is. I'm going to kill, get away from the ball, then your professional receiver- and you know it's not like it hasn't bad enough in d, dot c shit, shit out everybody blocking last night. What are you doing? A ceiling that edge so that was more poor, except that that lead to some points it seriously, the other feel go on the Josh Alan flag. I mean these flags is so ridiculous at the out of bounds, thing, I think, is worse in the queue be hits or even the taunting, because a strictly to related, which side did you get pushed out on you got picked. You got pushed out in your home, sign that get seventeen strengthen, conditioning, guys and khakis, and Pegasus freaking out asking for flag and inhuman natures that rough, We speaks out than throws the flags that wasn't even close, Elena in bounds reaching a gets pushed out as a defence of play. So now, you're thickened weight to the bills get ten points out of this on a bad penalty. Again they sought to make were, plays and make the chicken those conditions, but the new keel. Seven. You think this is a gift and what's been otherwise perfect, but I ask you this about Alan. Just remember
lay off game. True early, I love you you go we're Alan scramble around forever and it was like what are you doing whose again Stan. Wasn't it receives Houston bustle? I think I love it. I want yeah, I think about talking. I find it. Ok, it was just one of those plays were your kind of like a whence has a little of it in him has had in him. You don't borough who I love has a little of it. I'm too, where you're kind of, like you, gotta figure out when they get rid of the ball here or window kind of give up on this play, even though physically your capable doing really stuck things at Alan is more physically gifted deny those guys and Alan on the third downplay, I'm thinkin, I and this one they turned over on doubts, busied out of the game, am, I guess, he's gotta. Think too downs he's gotta, think throwing underneath the software. here and then he's gonna be about the twelve looking at a quick throw
the answer, because I thought once Mcdermott: let him throw it a little bit more. It was kind of scary for pedestrians below Maybe they should have done this a little bit. More is Alan's arm in those conditions. Did conditions that a matter it was. It was kind of scary it and also on top of it. Should you ve done this a little bit more and instead Alan almost get sack twice. He still makes a six road Adasa Knox, it's broken up in the end zone, but that was the third down throw words like ok will now you have to make a twenty ard plus throw in these conditions, because you didn't take the free yardage, knowing it was to doubt situation anyway, and I think there is still a part of Alan that he's gotta will evolve. Pass that at that buffaloes game PAN plan was atrocious. They have terrible run. acts and they they were like. Oh yeah workplace, a powerful both through the patriots, were like great bring it out if they had spread the field with. Air receivers in their tied ends and use down as the runner I did. They would be this. I really do,
avowed. If I'm a buffalo fanned I'm I'm waken up, data. My cat is our not have like twenty one runs a deck in how how is it not just spread the fields he's either quick passing to the outside world wherever, like the winds that going or just taken off him, and shoulder down and shiny at three four yards he's a better runner than anyone they have, and I just thought that was a bizarre game plan. Conversely, the Pats one that incredible drive that went all the way to the end of it. I think it was the end of third quarter. Where was like fifteen point is it just remind J over and over again and at some point, the play action was sit there and they add at this point. They were just two committed to it, but it was a very strangely coach game kill her thing was probably the weirdest part. I wouldn't let anyone back on the points, but in general, like the paths are like in the all time, driver C in the conference now, because their their conference,
record, is so far better than anyone else that, even if there, in a tie with whoever there still gonna get a once it they have for conference games left there now, before the seventy one in the conference, everybody else has three wins or more that she sat for conference losses. Baltimore is for conference losses. Buffalo is five conference losses. Tennessee is three conference losses, so the pathway, I think they could go to into and somehow so maybe get a one seat. If the other teams, though, do our bit, if there are three in one they're getting the once it so in their buffalo back in New England, the next couple weeks, and one of these I like about this team is, I think they can win any kind away. They can win powerful ball but ass. I think that if they had to throw, I think they could do that too. I think it's a really gets him at the really good and to watch them line up. I'm will stop. You know, I know a couple. It was his poor urine. Hide
eyes from Buffalo that were ass straight up in the way they were ass would hear you embarrassed that they just landed up and you guys configured and they're gonna like they would give a fourteen fucking points I yeah, and at that point I didn't love the way. The question was that I wasn't sure if they were content just mad, which happens- I mean yes, dear and physical, combat for three plus hours and have somebody s your question if you're humiliated personally by raising the greatest time but having they did only give a fourteen poisonous thing so Mcdermott was was spicy after as well You are the only only at you really think the packet when a shoot out you take it when a shoot out in the plans. I dont know if it that, like a shoot out like a thirty, eight thirty five, but I think they can win like a thirty twenty seven, thirty one, twenty seven type a game. The thing about the sea, though, is
there's no team. That's going to have that game with them. Really the only one is the chargers and the chargers they could put up. Forty four inside because the chargers defense isn't good, but you got on the line like Casey, is totally evolved into this kind of defense ball control team, which was what was so weird about Sunday night with Denver where Denver that mode like they're playing the chiefs two years ago hours. I we gotta get touchdowns gotta get such funds are not really just get. Some points like the chiefs are gonna to be around twenty to twenty four points like you need get points, keep the ball, with them. Tennessee I think Indianapolis is another bar control theme, the hence I don't even think will be there in the answer will matter in the bills. Like I dont know, if there's the shoot out team, I think they're gonna see as the shoot out Thebes like the box. You might have a really score some points to compete with that. They have other guys back right that the bucks could be like a thirty eight thirty, five type play off game
A boy or could be any of those dealing. Arizona can put up a ton of points yeah and they costly feel like their overworked him the numbers that you have with Green Bay. When you take out the Jordan love start right, still, some of the best passing office of numbers it you're, seeing in the seas of the season in league, I'm with the kind of the Tennessee thing like Tennessee, sit here too to see bill and I'm goin are not enough. in there just a completely different team with all the injuries and their dvd without Henry you they're not getting back suppose the receivers Baltimore, it's been a really bad month, then you factor in all injuries gonna catch up to them. Lamar kind of getting into this wrought, I'm not with aiming at a large say they last Humphrey, their lustre corny, Did you ever get secondary anywhere? They lost their there. Really there only guy, the battered so I'd, I think, they're across off. For me Baltimore, I'm not really! I don't know if I go that far with it, but it's just it feels like between Kansas City, the charges and sincerity. I like the three team
behind the two in threes he'd patter of my like the two and three seed at this point, and it go to Jesse laws or larger part of Mars at Cleveland Home Green Bay at since he home Rams Home Pittsburgh, as we really tough. That could be two and three for them. I think since II, since he San Francisco at Denver home it's my home, Casey, actually Cleveland, and there only game back. I don't. I think they could potentially job there, but yet the tales of doing they go a blockade finish in Tennessee thing. About just quickly Lebanon, if Henry comes back and weak, seventeen in that's like aforesaid, that's kind of a nightmare cause, I think Tennessee might be the it's either the second or third best team with with that with Henry. If they get the receivers back, that's candidate team out be afraid of Dallas Louse, open the password and get them
because there is a possibility that get the five seed you're going to Tennessee and round one Henry's back Aj Brown's back, and that's a really hard thing to play. It's you know they're not going to make mistakes but match up well with the past. In the past and Rapaport said yesterday, I guess that there's still a sense that Henry returns In December, but we'll see I'm not ready to just say the chiefs of this team that is gonna try to border control you to death, I'm just not I'm just not well that under the idea of those fine, but I'm I'm just not of the belief that the chief you're never gonna, look like the chiefs again this year. At some point I thought I watch our landscape. First, take a stance that he made a good point like every week. They drop. These big pass is right. The chiefs, there's between two and seven drops a game we are like. Ah you know, and sometimes they go off their heads in their interceptions.
and he's like at some point. You are who you are and if you just drop in passes every week, maybe that's the office, you have it's not like ours, could only get rid of those drops. It's like. Maybe that's your team, maybe you're trying to be this Balkan, a thing, but over and over again you have Pringle over the metal drop and said that you have Mccall Harbin on a wide receivers, gain he's drop in it hill has had the absolve year, like maybe that's your team, and it is hard for me to write off a group that we seen look as impress as impressive is in office. We ve ever seen it again so now, because you know a match up with Denver where it's another game of Mahometan, though touchdowns in a pic. I just do you really think you get through a version of this, an official without one major shoot out and as much as a match on stories. Incredible. It Jerry, you might have something here for a really long time, his poison footwork a lot of stuff, it's hard to figure out who is actually doing on US
is this team equipped with the guys in the outside, his greatest born has been the way the office of latticework. Are they equipped to win that gonna shoot out, and I still think it's a completely fair question and I think it's a major assumption to be like I it'll be fine with that. I agree with the cases the team, I'm afraid I've been watching them pretty carefully. The last few weeks there date back, like they can rush to pasture I think I have a lot of confidence. I felt his turn it on here ass, a lot about it, I think quite ordered Solaris, since he came back it's the best of everything and work and I'm scared him a homes that I'm always gonna be completely terrified him in a flash games like I'm there. I'm never get to feel great about going to get some thou, be the team quickly on the on. The document shows thing that you're talkin about about athlete content,
I'm with you, and that is why didn't want unwashed Brady thing and then I was told by a bunch of people like hey fear, Pats Van legislation, Falada good video, there's a lot of good behind the scenes stuff. I actually did learn a lot of stuff where things that its very very, very positive about Belgium, and one of things is about the early years of Brady. How I'm Tuesday's him and Belichick would watch tape and they would watch the other team's defense that they're about to play and it would be like she basically be like you do Bella check with my professor. He just taught me about the defenses I to watch and he You know that those Tuesday sessions with them early in my career or like the most viable in the habit of map in my career. I had this guy who knew everything about everything. Just walking me through what a defense was doing in teaching me this man
I have had to think how to attack had to be prepared every week and is, I think, there's this Brady Bela check right reconciliation thing. I don't even think they ve had a fall out, but I think over the next few years it's gonna be very favourable on both sides Cosette they now that the both guys are removed from it. I think I I think they both appreciate the experience you had this amazing thing. We were the great coaches about I'm, probably the greatest and one of the great football powers while time and they just happened is spent decades together and I think, as the years passed, I think I think the above lean into that verses lean away from it verses. I count. Scotty Pippin has handled the the day after the eyes of rights. Of fifteen shortened approach is what I have just ass. We were friends. Georgia was decker, they think they're going now, I think he's got. No love
I make no one figure that out Scotty ever at any point, I'm sure whatever Brady like. I think we both agree that Brady towards Yanza great. You were really doing this come really out of here, a fucking kidding me, because if you think of all the little things that happened along the way and in the information that you and I are able to pick up posts that ill, Brady, went out of his way. To basically have Robert prep distance from the decision gives me hope they felt like crap and be like in. Do me a solid here, so everybody in town doesn't hate me and say that I had nothing to do with this and it's basically what Brady did for him. When Brady went back, Goshen table the story goes that their liquidity thing. Everybody made you and offers. What are you Talkin about and they are like yeah they offer from last year, Fiallan Year left like that's it That's how you gonna handle this with me and said I'm sure. Brady he's always been pretty good,
never been wander like tell anybody to fuck off. He needs to his very whatever. Brand is its combative in a way that some. Hard ever tell how combative years, because he doesn't really call anybody out. But another user recall bail out, but I'm sure winning a super bowl the first year. You leave his Bobby mellowed any of that acts. As topic, we get something done about the ultimate walk off to go on fine, but you want to go in another direction. Cool. Are you guys? You can't do it? I just want a suitable so made it's easier to be nicer about now, while the same thing for ballot check. If he hadn't been able to rebuild this ass, a contender maybe he's a little start here about the whole thing, but since he was able to build a team now now they're, both in a good place and make it look at a low marge actively. I I want to talk about the piper thing. Boats, a break. This observe the Bosnians back ass. His You buy Nissan at home. There's that further you get when you order something online for yourself in
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Barford, nobody tenets of after you make a run at the twenty six which favours in you, save some room for nachos burgers in same just. Don't forget that all the great bears on tap to again don't forget about the war tvs don't worry about what it's like, especially the early games, get aid, I'm gonna need different tvs, you're, never gonna, miss anything. You always, though, is gonna get to a buffalo rings near you or order from Buffalo out Wings Deca. I followed this Pippin stuff. I think it's so bizarre that MBA where's Ex NBA prayers are turning into like the old rational wrestlers, whereas like we have an interview with the ultimate warrior and he just starts taking shots at hull coke. Anything like what is this real is this: is this fake what's happening? This is happening all the time now, guys used to play in the league work. I don't know whether at so wait a it's a way for them to get attention again or if they think maybe it's his.
cast world where Thou, where everybody is getting interviewed, left and right. I don't understand it, but there seems like there's more animal. City between the old guys in the four years. It was always the new the guys who are currently playing kind of getting caught a bum doubt that the Exchequer Asian was crispy at them right. Why? Don't you get way as more supportive of us were carried the torture you now? It's just ex guys going at each other, and I dont understand it. But why is basque about certain professional wrestling with retired? Worse, when use a rustling analogy, I'm ready to cringe, but this is perfect. It really is cause it's just but has been going on for years. Okay, where there was Oscar Robertson came on with us in making like when I filled in, and we asked him how stuff what I've been handled in his era? And he was a slight pick him up full court, you dont, registered gratitude. That figure has just pick him up for core and decided on in any way
you guys ready at sight. You don't remember Tom Tom, Louis but Tom, could shoot too when you were like no I'm making up a neighbor. That's really, did you got it, You guys are fighting over Steph curry. You remember Tommy Lewis, that was like I don't I don't know I looked up again, that's not who's. The name was that already had forgotten. I looked a guy up like you had a couple decent seasons, and it's not just that. It's the tea anti crew, which we all love the show wheel of Charles at shacks, evolve into something really cool and they dump on the like. That's there that's their stick as they dump on ass. We get older
that those peaks step stuff and then everybody dissent or whatever this would work back in the day. Back in the day, it was just a very weird deal that you had a full generation of nineties players at all had outlets in a great he's on tv, the jug at a bunch of these guys on it he'll countdown rotated, a bunch of different players are all of the same generation that decided the guy's play in the last five years. All sucked in it was the only form of of human testing were somehow we are led to believe the science was going reverse in basketball, but going going forward with everything else, geyser throwing faster the running faster. All these other elements of life, is pushing the limits more more signal, basketballs, actually that we
in ninety seven and now or on the other side of it, and we're a lot like. So I it's been happening for a while. I do think that Pippin takes it to another level in that you ve just feel so slighted by the whole thing, when I felt like the last dance bill, we did that stuff. I feel a history looks back on Tipp in an almost props him up a little bit more, where I felt like in the moment- and I did this rant- I think, a month or so ago, people was never too about, like hey, is Pippin these single best player in a league right now. We never did that during the time and if Thou o is about does they belong on the top level? With some of the other guys are not was the argument, it was never as he, the basque I was is one of the best case was a real conversation yet, but it was never left. Were there was a single season, were you went Pippins the best player, and I thought it that's how it's been caught remembered, at least that's what I thought. The last answer look at their I it's clear, hang in Jordan with that that much like it would just it hazy. The shit out Eu Mentally and Pippin is the one
I don't know just doesn't want to hear anymore, but when you start saying like you're better than him, he told we had a guy in production hideous. Who treated it out, because I worked on an NBA wrapped show in the pre show meeting when we're going over topics. Pippins said to me: are you know, was better than George threat. This ordeal with I dont eight. So I think there's things going on. I think Georgia made a lot of money from the last stance. Pippin probity and make any money right gives his big interview. He thinks it's about the ninety eight season. There is basically a whole half of an episode about why he didn't come back into the game is a bigger part of the document or anything that gives this interview only upon him to first contracts. We aim lies the sought to watch years later yeah. I think he was sensitive about that stuff. If it's not dissimilar from Wag Chris Weber, ultimately one being the fat five document are humans up, but the time out again, you know that date, the you get. It come up with a hundred reasons in him versus German. All that someone has really like he'd want to believe that stuff,
got bogged down by this one, though, because as somebody who really loves the stuff like watching peeping in Jordan in person, we talked about it. When we did some of the. I would recall. Those, though, would we Japan, where they re ratchet balls watching Jordan and Pippin in person after Jordan came back from baseball, is like one of the great basketball joys of my life. I had never seen two guys united, like that, and I got to watch Bird Maccallum Parish Fer. You know their entire run that Georgia Pippen, was different. They were so to together. It reminds me a little of the Beatles and Chuck. I talked about this, a tiny bit last Thursday, watching the incredible beetle stock and how Mccartney and Lenin
if anything jumps out of that dark. Frayed hours it's like, while these guys had something like really special. You know it. It there's no way that these guys stopped being a ban because they didn't like play music with each other, because you could see it. I felt that way, Watchin and enjoyed in those. Last couple years, like I just felt like Jordan, had built Pippin, you know hoops iq, ozmosis competitiveness, stuff he kind of created this perfect sidekick for himself, you known when you'd watch him together. They owed had these moments where you odyssey file, If they needed a steel. Those two guys we're just cross with court. Go wishes, go get, the ball is take. The bought from the boy card was or that nobody's nobody's, getting lay upon us for this entire quarter. Nobody would an edge kind of a bummer that his fear so shitty about it. Now, I'm up on that for him he ate up
and make as much money as you probably should have. He feels are key to get the historic, all kind of love that baby. He thinks he deserves and he's just way more bitter than somebody should be. Who you know one sixty ass. A newspaper said was the best he made ever had like. I think the people that played with a really loved him, so I feel bad form. Well, if you do what you get attention for the book, then maybe we can feel bad for him. I think historically, these held up really well and back on him, far more fun. To put the Jordan saying, I mean it's just this one of those things were so. Can I roll at the dinner table or you just go? I don't even like what am I supposed to do, You thought I was, as you know this one I mean even people in Chicago. You know who who love this guy, who he brought them some of the greatest joys. There lies a howling. Why and it's such a great city to like empty the thing I d worried about his work. I'm still such a big deal in a city like he should be in Chicago
They do. I really gonna start going around taken shots at the single most important battle. He nets, these amazing history, I gotta know that's that's the best move on a guy. He just by this goes back to the wrestling thing. He just seems like the better old wrestler who never got a chance to win. The Debbie Debbie have Title Caskoden, kept being in his way now aegis, lab and shots at him. The whole partnership thing with basketball, which I remember back on my fingers, were writing about a few times you saw it was shocking Kogi where that hit the point. Where pages they just absolutely hate each other in one of them had to leave. He saw with the broad wade, which I think
we started as an equal partnership and then Wade's body started break down a little on the branches descended and which is clearly better. The best buy the team in the week and they had to figure out that recalibration and the broad eventually ditches. I'm a ghost Cleveland. Now we're saying that with a couple, different teams did the rant hard and, I think is the most interesting partnership right now, because the red, I think, is by the best arrived seeing the rent play better. I just think you so not so meta. You tweet the other day that I just disagreed with where you were like: hey John, it's the best western world whatever, and I just go on out I've now I'm not even after the title. I'm not gonna, let myself say somebody's better, ask Mallingham and ran his right now, because I still think clear out you ve got to get it done this game really is about what a yellow and nothing else works. There's no answer Can anyone as much? I love you honest.
They talked on one side out or once out of the court that yeah, but it's not like the rats. Defence, isn't good, dress. Defence he's he's the one holding this thing together, hardens gotten better since a disastrous started. This whole thing, but it just it's very weird how bad and be a players are at it. I don't know I'm in this case for direct maximizing peak years, for who you hit your wagon. To I mean we thought Tiree was the one that didn't make any sense and harden who depends on? What are the argument to believe that always just slow from the hamstring? I mean this is had been when the most severe answering injuries in the history of hamstringing, because, let's face it, in hard. Just dismiss a cat guides Kevin Johnson, the savages. It had a four year have strategic, even if things have got better for harden and there's some stats. That will tell you that they are there's. Just though a lack of of giving shit from him, which is only going to get worse. I would imagine, as he gets older and then you ve got your other injures Mean Harris's, Miss time and a kind of peace. This whole thing together, but you'd have to re at go into,
situation were like a cat wanna play with these guys and again, the Cairo thing was me up a little bit boring and also be so what's going on with Lakers right now, we're gonna talk lakers at some point, I think the best thing is to have an open minded beef, fair, considering all the different sup they try to put together, but think about. I mean Leubronn metals, Russell Westbrook and was like yeah. Let's do this. I now, as I do not have leaked, pass like what. What are you so back to the dread thing Europe. As you know, my fingers don't work anymore about a month ago. How still writing coms that would have been com, I would have written the the exact point you just said was December seventh, our probably second week, another member, just it, the red like his own worst enemy for his career rate. He had first lie. He was in a great situation, gone state that I get all the reasons that burned out there right, he at some point realised that was deaf city. We ve talked about this a million times. He want his own thing. He wanted to be the centre piece of it.
To put it together. I get it, but man he's in his prime. I think off that's the way. This is the best I've ever seen him lurk in that dates back to last playoffs, any Hitches Wagoner Tiree, who there were red flags galore, any all of them and then harden who just seems like one. Those guys that, as he hits, is early mid third, is easy. care off the court to the point where now you can't do with young legs and just Jeanne all that stuff. When you hate you early bid, thirties and basketball. Now it's like a work ethic thing now is conditioning thing now it is. I have to keep adding because my body started Here I ll bet you gotta get thinner too. I mean that's. How drunken had that? Second run or third run Duncan got thinner and he were like men. I thought this guy might have been done five or six years ago, any salvaged it and was still amazing, because he goes I gotta get smaller,
or NASH Nash is another. One NASH was able to basically go until two thousand ten when he had a fucked up back because of the other stuff. He was doing corbies another one copy from oh eight to two thousand and twelve, which is not where he basically should have peaked as in all our best but where, but he did athletic early? He picked early, two thousands and if you look at an early date, be served out. That's it three! It's like ridiculous. He was never the same athletic laughter that, but he kept adding any any, after all the way, and I feel the flip side about Davis and out I've talked about this and the pod words, like Davis decided. He just wants to be this giant centre now, and I think it's a mistake. I think he should have gone the Duncan, where I would have gone sleeker faster verses like just trying to turn yourself in thirty two thousand to shack. I don't get it all up to David,
I think he got really sick of hearing about how Softy was- and I think, if your young guy, which will lead to some other entity Davis, don't listen, anybody do it specified risk as some people care and some people, dull and Davis, is clearly a guy who cares. He could see and hear about like to remember this goes back to that Phoenix Series in him playing when it looked like. He should have it out there and then I think people that were plugged in Cotonou, that was Davis just sick. Just check should Ottoman tee in tee, so they want to go out and play so ill. All of us that want to pretend we never about what anybody else thinks most of us are full of shit even with ourselves about it. In a most of us have some part of us. They do care about what other people think. and there's a lot of people that care about everything that really says about him and then he Davis assembly the care, that's where I think he just goes. Alright, I'm soft fuck, this I'm gonna get huge and strong and now he's pudding.
One of the worst seasons, even though some of the other weird stats for eighty tell you in pretty good this year and I'm not writing off a d or whatever, but it has been a really brutal couple months was shot selection and then the lack a shot make. and the way he moves on a basketball core, and I haven't seen him in person yet which I really want to go to a Laker game. At some point, I want to see it in person but in my view, the Red, Sox, daddy and your Bennet ten day, who is this really athletic good defensive square? decent hitter, and then one year he came any put on twenty pounds and all of a sudden he lost. He couldn't get her out of fashion,
pause anymore. I couldn't run conceal bases anymore it over the after the same made at some point Cora the manager, the manager got mad about us of the of feel like he changed when he's good. He basically and the Davis thing I and the Davis thing I don't know why, like it's almost like Duncan, need like column dude, you got it. You know you may cagey CUP of us like what the reasons we were good was cause We were so athletic, but we were malleable. We could run the floor and why do you why you went to he's got away like two hundred and seventy two hundred eighty pounds now not an ice huge, but I knew we had. We had a text going back and forth all first team on the floor a further aim high on the form, the Very Carter authors yeah cause I don't know who I had I had had now allows towns is Uptown Davis, our towns Davis, this, I believe is money goes down. I'm I'm constantly afloat like women goes down? I know it's gonna get right back up every checks, VIC blood, I
so Jane Router. That was another J crowd or a quarterly. Firstly, by you'll, when you go to J crawlers basketball preference, he was seven times steam all on the floor, write his. He has a basketball, can't wait. Teaches people had around into the basket for five minutes try to get a flagrant of yet those towns is hollerin, goodwill, Reggie, crowded, great J crowded like I'm getting out of here, I think that chain started because we were watching whatever would have so is gaining a golden state, probably the magic I address out, yeah back to the drafting its just such a bummer
that this is who he went all in on and where I think, he's the tenth best player of all time, and I think there's if it they can make the finals again and, however, that plays out he has a chance to move into the top nine. For me, it's just a bummer that he's had two chances now to really determine. Where am I going to be and who am I playing with first time, he did it perfectly, but for him it didn't, but I'm not I'm not I'm not killing him. I wanted to not stay calm and stay cuz. I think he got what he wanted to get out of it. It's three great years there they could have went three titles, but then this adoration of it where he goes to this weird that steam and then now there this team, or they have two guys- bunch of minimum guys and the really relying on the markets are judged in a crazy way in,
don't really have a way to get better. So it in some ways he's like what Lebron is kind of forced himself in the corner to the Lakers, where there's no outs with the team, I don't know what the outside with the nets like, I guess you could try to trade Joe Harris and put can't promise there, but if they actually wanted improved the steam, it's got to be the Kyrie peace and who was Kyrie You know who's who's training for Kyrie. At this point, I just try to think today, I'll let you know if it was true scoop Robinson was talking about it was I saw Don Hoopshype but have Tyrese the happiest he's been in years. Do we know if Kyrie even wants to play basketball? So he said multiple times that he does and that no basketball,
captain and all these different things he doing a really bad job of convincing us that he does wanna play basketball but yeah, I'm Durrant button. You know it man, I mean you and I caught all this shit all those years when carry was still on Boston. It was at last miserable year and then he left after he said he was gonna leave, which again I watch those games. I didn't care they left because I just in an inn in again tat. If you care more than I do, but we always get all this shit because we would highlight give you a clue into what the vibe was around Kyrie without going all the way, because, as we have always said, more people, people that were probably worried about, whereas head was at than it right there. Actually mad at him, ran to have all this play out. This way, where it's basically wasting Durrant. I get my left, no simmered Cisco. He he should have gone there if he thought that it was gonna, be his team and not steps and is cut back. Your whole Cobain Shack thing. I coolby couldn't stand shacks work ethic as nobody had the code.
work ethic and shacks like aid. The recent winning titles back in that area is me not you and copies like fuck, this guy and they what would Kobe so even if it works for, while even if everybody gets along Steph, why think is probably greatest. T mate of this NBA generation. That still was like now, Durant's like I'm gonna, go Amerika this category in the hard part of it like again, that's baked into occasions of getting traded their later on. Ah, I'm with you that I'd I'd hate to think that the ranch when done winning championships, because even if you don't like the right, which is a lot of you, but I don't like direct as the gold stay part of it if you're so ass. I d rather than I guess, you're gonna get your wish, because if you we're wasting a lot of prime years here with the the around, and that was supposed to be a lot better. Obviously I think he candor demanded the love just how deep the roots wherewith warriors fans and the bad and stuff. I think he thought he was going to do awesome team and he didn't realize that its
some order. What corbies like can allay where'd you second steps down, that's it and I think after I know cause we spend time with them. That summer is really a few parts of them. I think after he went totally, showed the brown that first time they won the title. he just was like this. Is it I've done it all the best for the weak come come. Give me my ego, he'd, be my props and then they then it was the same stuff. It was a well you only one cause listen and it was just flight site sites. Witches were drove him to want to start is. Do you think I think he looks at the Golan stating as like That's why I went to law school. You know three years I got my degree now now the real world that have. I is doing incredible on the business side, but
You know he he went on and on hard an inquiry and the hearted thing is salvageable, because that's that's a conditioning thing right. I don't feel like ease in good shape, yet you know, but I wouldn't ever say that he plays like he looks like he's in great shape the events tat, sir, arguably the worse since the early Oklahoma City years, when he wasn't stat games, the three point shoot he is here he's acting, not in neighbourhood of of the high three point shoot shooting guide like he's. Never thirty! Six is a really good number, but he's not like ever touching forty. I would tell you this, though the freely throughout the reads as our way down their down but they're, starting in Crete. Back up here, the stone They had fifteen the other night against Minnesota and its some of that shit that people are fallen for, but you can see him still little frustrated by it.
Can see when he takes threes in this is what was always annoying about the three point: attempts for anybody searching that foul out so you're not even trying to make the shot anymore and he'll still kind of turned his body where he hopes to brush and you a little but he's not going to fall down as much as he hasn't gotten that call a ton. His passing is still terrific. I'm still stuffy doesn't just passing that. I'm I'm just really really impressed with, but they're actually record wise. I think every time you looking at me like oh wait, they're pretty good. Still. something we quickly forget. I mean your tie with balls right now. Just percentage points it had. We wee wee by myself. We both by samples game- and it was kind of shocking, had both took it to them in the fourth quarter- is ever did nets for trying if it was one of those are they took the nets by surprise of as they now that the nets felt, like thousands, was game in the bulls, still kind of search we took them apart in the fourth quarter. I
I remember like a month ago talking about how funny Guy report's english trade would be where that ie. I just hate, watch Dallas Taluses, almost no watched for me at this point. I no kidding yeah, I can't do it died all I didn't expect to hear that yet another especially Luke has been heard, he's been at a shape and I just don't like the team they put around him. I can't watch posing ass, a Luke anymore, and I just think like just even having anybody who could create, as the second person next to him would help. That seems so much
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Game in the free freezer start going down and you can look at somebody's career for ten twelve. However many years it is eighty Jesse that points per game aren't going down like it has with harden it's, usually a terrible red flag. Now you could say as different situation whatever, but He has kind of the perfect dark that like if you gotta get out, I ever since basketball reference words like he's in the thirties than he's in the high twenties and ditches it's done by that's the German.
Clearly there's more going on there. This isn't more old school somebody who's, just not at the peak of his powers anymore and you think of all the stuff they gave for him. I think they're expecting somebody who could at least be one of the best type of person a week for next couple years now if he goes to Philly and it's Simmons in a bunch of pics last year and is with Embiid, is it a better version of hardened or is it the same? How do you think it plays out alternate universe season Philly last year. Ah, I don't I get hurt, you know he got hurt so now I just these automatically healthy in Philadelphia. That's that's a big assumption in Durrant. But not even terrorist ACL pull the Sami Like eight months ago. So you're saying harden right now with Philadelphia yeah. I'm saying I wonder if part of it is the situation.
Now, where ran so easy to play with, I think the rat bales these guys out about possessions all the time. I don't clearly need made you feeling hardens impeding any the rats doing. I think everybody around trying to play it out like so do we think this just happens wherever he goes hard, yeah yeah. Do I dont know why that be a much better version him with Philadelphia when he's playing with the best off as a player other than you know depends on what you want with stuff or to rent. But I still think if you need a bucket at the end of a play off game, you still feel better seven four with a handle. Then you do somebody stuff size, so I dont know
Have you seen your mother, but give me your version of it, then that and I'm saying you're wrong, but get me your philosophy on like what it would be with Embiid and why it might be different or a higher ceiling, heart cuz! That's where I'm confused, I think phillies all around team is better and I think it's a better spot for hearted, where there's no, oh, who should take it this time and then obviously he's going to defer. Randal out of these times, because the reds, the best scoring for forty Radner lives on the Philly team, its imminent bead, but that the combo makes more sense to me in my head- and I may be wrong maybe it makes more, she might be right over during my you know, then you have a big guard. Next to Maxie of a bigger next occur. just like that you're going for him better Adam, don't think you would adds play point guard as much like he's. Basically point point guard for the for the nets which I think at this point of his crowd enough. That's awesome either
you know what exactly been appoint our now forget it and and should be fair to maybe max your courier bottom, one, the trade in illegal and out. Maybe it's an easier slot to kind of feel right in, but women, whether its clacks, not playing blazed up plain Joe Harrison plan they got camp. miss out there looking from Alice you, I mean that in value added like needed him that we created shock at second shocked by that the boss game- I am, I dont know what their rights are, but a monk guessing the Joe Harris contractor that carry would be if they're, trying to get there but this is also a team that could have signed Dinwiddie last year right they could. I just kept him there. but the number to give it a much, I shall leave it at some point. What do you care about the numbers of fear if your numbers already insane- and it didn't seem like they care about the money back
videos and ask that they gave away the gateway Jared Allen as an asset which kind of turned it to a low twenties pick, and they really were pot committed to Deandre Jordan. For some reason, even though he's been done for three years speaker that lakers- I just don't- think it's a bunch of on people- are, they usually occurs like What about you? Maybe I'd like routers lanyard S. Second was definitely true. What are the border sports eight, the Lakers right? What we ve been doing here is I've been gotta prepping for my position on. However, when a counter you on this one- and that is why don't you just go ahead- do all your Lakers stuff then I'll I'll follow it up. I don't have any Lakers dub, I think they're. There are slightly above five hundred team. Did, though, the prayers together make no sense that it makes sense as there are being put together and they don't make sense when you
and I don't really know what the outside, then you look at like their spot track and you look at all the site at the salaries and it's like what are their moves? It's basically, there moves come down, do as somebody gonna take Westbrook and I don't think I'll admit defeat on the Westbrook thing. I actually think you know we ve seen the Braga pretty cut for it with teammates You didn't two thousand and eighteen with Wade was like Wade, reunions and then in three months cuz. I got to go back to Miami, so maybe he would get cutthroat and Westbrook. I don't know, but they have no outs, and this is a team that is going to be in the plan there be in that seven thousand two hundred and ten red I think I think that's where we're headed, because we haven't even had the Davis Injury yet and he's going to get injured with the weighted caring. I don't. I just don't think he's going to play. He's he's caring too much weight. of all the things to get right and wrong with your are plenty on both sides of this. Before we get rid of the preview of season in the bulls would be good example, get something wrong
the one thing that I thought I was as on anything was you saw the final signings of all of these guys and I just go vocals fucked logos fucked, because you just signed a bunch, you guys who art just like expect, but they have real personal regiments like there's no pride fulness with this group. We're gonna have to end up telling a few of these guys: hey you're, not starting and you're, not gonna, be on the group during the closing minutes. and you might even gets indian peas, so it was gonna, be top like I was hearing some Lakers article the other days ago, still were still not ready because they haven't got none an arena back jet black weight. Are you serious if not on a razor he's more washed up than Jordan is at so they just bench, Jordan and Bradley were broadly had some defensive moments. I thought at times, but the spacing with those two doesnt work. So now it's Dwight, whose back and then Horton Tucker, starting with the west
Part of this to be fair. I was like, maybe in the regular season when they need an emotional lift, when the other guys are costing, when the other guys are missing, games and makes sense, is that can make any sense of class that was being too nice and I hope, Lakers fancy. That's like this is why you, when I talk about this, the way that it is it isn't just about to triple doubles it's the freelancing on defence that is more costly than just a add shop. If you want to miss the three alright, whatever you guys do that when you just decide, I'm going to just kind of go over here for no apparent reason. I defense that you blow these assign over and over and over again, which is something he's always done. It's a real problem and its most makes you unplayable, but you can't do that with Westbrook and then there's the leubronn peace this their seventy five with them doubting him is, is basically a career decision, because it is a failure for your crew. yeah, but there are numbers which you and I have talked about that are alarming. Here, he's up to eight and a half three point: attempts brigades
he's. Usually the sixes I three lines up for free thrust out. Is that a good recipe for him exactly rebound? Second lowest since a rookie season? Five point: seven free, throw attempts! Four point: eight! That's the career, low, he's he's hidden three! Is it just over thirty three percent? That's the lowest in five years, and that's with him playing almost thirty seven minutes a game which, most in the last five sees its yeah I'd say he has never played ably four consecutive games in a row. The season so again is Bron benefit of the doubt open mind. Let's see everybody actually play, let's evoldo get a rotation here in January, we heard some feelings, but there are little hints that that he has finally become Older basque up, when I tell you there's even moments in a game, I thought in that clippers game we had a place centre, which is always tough on care who you are
we defend the driver and then also worry about the big man where he did look a little all, but that could be just conditioning the fact that he hasn't got the steady, Pat at all. So, there's a lot of alarming things about this Lakers thing. There took to write off its two guys, but you're right there not could be had a Phoenix gold state with clay back. You talk, like those seems, are all lock, seeding, wise. phoenix ago and state are levitating above everybody else, and then I think you tat Wild Canada, Amazon, Logan Roger Show yesterday Mitchell had some moments. That makes me wonder if there's a jump for him to have as this season goes along, like a little mid, two thousands wade s shadow. We made that comparison before, but he does have some no matter who's the court, where he has some of these two minute stretches where he's just the best basketball porn, Court doesn't seem no matter who else is, and I do I do value that, especially as regards the playoffs, because in it and that's why
neither Russia. China cannot leubronn cause. The broncho have thus Bowman's too. when an, albeit carers and the other team, the brine is gonna, be a big. So the ram- if you really wants- and he can make he did at these- like crazy, twenty eight foot stepped back said he seems he's making a little more than you do. I start don't love it and I don't think autonomy a farmer Laker, fanned those aren't the shots. I would be banking on to try to win play off serious, but that the bigger the bigger thing to me is just how bad Davis's looked. You know that some of the Davis Stats now that real sample size is just how bad of a jump sure he is. The sheer and it's like, gets out of five game stretched out like a twenty game stretch where he's just like the worst shooter and the lead from eighteen feet. That wasn't a guy from four years ago, and I think there are some really concerning field get him now versus looking at some of those pelican peaks. He just looks like a different player for years ago. They might, even though I know the stats of rotom somewhere, I'm just saying what I see with my
yeah if you go with some of that raw stuff. Here we like what's the problem, guys twenty five ten again couple of sissies got you a couple blocks and all that, but then Kirk Goldsberry had to stuff on charting as shot attempts, and I mean. I don't think this is an exaggeration, but was he like last of ninety, while a fires, yes or no age, and arrange that he's living it yeah? When what made him special to me was his him from sixteen to aid, combined with how he could get to the basket but yeah. It's it's rap, now watch their plane, the south extend I'm sure. They're gonna probably beat the Celtics by fifteen other respects. Fatima Ets, but I don't think they have a lot of doubts and, more importantly, I just think the Suns and warriors the upside of those two teams and what we've already seen from them. We talked about this in the past when you're rolling off, like eighteen in a row, that's a different level that there's a consistency, talent thing going on and I know it's regular season, but I think both
themes had the ability to rebuffed sixteen eighteen arriving blockages to unlock is how big it. I could see me are you going on a big big run now? What Even let that happen when they start resting guys they conserving guys guys do? You know, put on a lot lot of miles in themselves last year, but I think those three teams, the ceiling of those three teams- is really high and in that, after that, for me, a drops off in the balls are probably the one kind of wildcard team for me that could they a ceiling that gets into that group because you're a mute. I text about the flat, I think, we're both kinds done by how good their execution is in the fourth quarter stats. But that's the amazing thing to me is that thing I feel like going to close game. I just I just like everything they do. I like their shots. I like how they're able to defend the perimeter. I like the guys they play and it feels like there's some upside cuz. They haven't gotten boots going. Yet where do you
balls. I can take picture in your head. It was hard for me when it's new and that's why you know, I think, when you looked at a normal east going in the east have been better. I think we just realize it's deeper now, do you like, okay, which of the 18th or they going to go ahead and replace? And you know every single day of the week I take Chicago over boss at this point. Atlanta has really struggled offensively after kind of feeling like they righted the ship and were passable enough defensively last year. next or mass? So you know it just happens every year. In answer to have these teams, Washington is not the team that we thought you. I think I thought they were that when they had that really good record them slipping, I think is a little bit more predictable, looking like there to be a top for seed, so now Chicago knows exactly where they are almost every night. Even with you do not occur, Situation where they had to play Giovanni, Green and some tough defensive match up, because it in a pattern billions. But what I read about it all is, I think you know, there's something to be said of of teams that have had players that have done stuff in
individually and now you're gonna. Get that point your career. Were you gonna? Let you guys you swore play ball influence blog names here, and there is something to be said of guys being collectively over. It were Zack. Levine is a terrific player. he's a gifted. Is anyone athletic me right now, the league, but the shot selection decisionmaking? All of it was steadily moving, but not necessarily where you want to have a now. Levine knows I've got to other guys. I can trust with the ball, nor has either make a shot or drive as well. The rose in his advanced numbers have gone up for street years from ages. Twenty nine to thirty two, the passing always got better San Antonio now he's making shots, which seems weird, I still am love a three year. There were eighty two, eighty five million ordeal for him at the time, but I think Chicago's like hey what we just go, get a guy. We know we can plugin for twenty and in law so who just a really great compliment with everybody else, and so no voodoo defensive. These gonna scare, the hell out of me, the rebounding, maybe in a tough bigger series, is gonna scare me a little bit, but this is a time when I watch him and Crusoe's out an offer
but here where I watched them defensively and who they are with eight looks like a guard group in their first year, twenty plus games this, where they all trust, other. I love them. When I knew I Tirana Bulls game, I'm pretty sure. I know what I'm gonna get in its good I've, so bad. Both thanks from the last couple months, under the gun alone, I did did they begin defensively, they are, I didn't, think sack and the rose and would bash like they have they did that the recent things which they now I hear the contacts. I don't really understand it. I still might by the way, but I've been wrong about what it would be for the sheer will now there's two years laughed, so you know you can I get there. I stress the expiring inside. I think it's a win for them. It's already those over. You know it s, because I may day, as you know, I make them less just to try to get my head, the perspective of where guys rank and things like that. So few, her set
ere, I say I'm only trading day, I'm only trading Simmons for one of the best, thirty guys, the league cigarette. What's atlas, look like in the new you make them less than its Nego of none of those thirty geyser getting trade for bed submits to every every time the team says that so you are, you make those less ok, we can I just interruption if you did your hypothetical list of thirty guys, the desert, the team on the other and would say no thirty times yet you just you just making the little its egg dame lower than were Mitchell state of Devin, Booker Job Ranch on Youtube, all the sudden you're, a thirteen or like right, which which teams go no cool. What's take Ben Simmons, the guy who will play basketball for the stop thirty asset, but when the boys get to Rosen and they have the Veen and that boost of it if you're, just making a list of who are the top? Fifty where's the weak. Those three guys are on it. So in a way, it's like its second fantasy salaries. Does this sound would spend sixty dollars and dare can re and sixty five dollars,
however, commissioner, I wow that's dummylike, so much money left and then you look and he has leg three of the top twenty guys in full. The same then oh yeah, that his themes eight for he just pay AEGIS kind of figured out the fringes when all on these three guys, that's kind of the balls thing right, a big Gooch, even though he has paid while the share. I think if you make it less he still probably one of the fifty best personally Levine in the roads that are in the top. Thirty at this point, the weather plan, and then
also as like the perfect. Fourth, guy perfect doesn't care how many points his course. I did their coaches really getting. You know if they can get waves back that'll be the big x factor for that, but the tea makes way more sense. I thought I also think I think the bull Spain's really like this team there, some energy behind the whole situation, where you think right. They spent seven eight years of just kind of depressing basketball and depressing situations and guys trying to get out and to better thing and now she's a guide. Here's a fun team free Gus enjoy here this I'm glad you so that you could. I think, that's where you look at it arose: ok, cool font, rocket and MAX guys. Like me, Mister bridges used up in kind us here to cargo what we must do, this like will pay and you're. Probably more teams competing, maybe get that number up to where it was it fell. Weird of time has just were hearing that much about him or anything, and then you're like what you did to assign a trade and give up. I need you to do three.
On this guy to eighty five and thirty, two years old, like that, what like how many other teams are in the mix with you on this? But I just think that we we dont do a good of a job. Even the were aware of it of reminding ourselves or certain franchises just go our fine cool. I take to be minus guy. You know right that will take to be mighty sky. And then it should have done that there is a world where the next just have Lando in the rose in his their backward and instead they try to spread money around. I think the next hour away, where spot than there were six months ago. You just gone down the line with those contracts like rose for thirteen, come before eight neurons, the wealth for thirteen Burke's for ten, and it's like they didn't get. There's nobody on that top sixty less that at those guys the cottages given the rose in three years. Eighty five, that even done assigning trade for that- and I wish to have the murderers- and you know I saw it. I think it was bad he's, goin away, you ve got,
The way to the other side of this rethink teams of castration just brought to rose in India from what we ve seen. This is all I can say, and I'm the one who the direct contact with my least favoured afraid say, but a retrospective here next fan in your watch, the way the resin plays, and you also have Randal, who is a little old school in the same way right. It's like two point baskets in the last five minutes and again might just execution and the Rosen's like one of the best people in the week at that and verses what you end up with and that kinda thing becomes a thing. May, wonder like: do you guys I've scouts by just ask anyone who followed the subjects the last two years, if it's a good idea to think about this point when he's really just as no lift anywhere so the next thing is a tough one, because there now gravitating toward. the panic trade and I think they have to be considered in any damn thing, but the way Rj kind of take a step back this year. I don't think you could be the centerpiece of it, so I don't even
there are the mixed for that. I think I think I think Dame get traded next six weeks. I think there's a lot of tea leaves being dropped out. You now go there I am. I haven't done enough work on that one specifically, so I like to answer. I just need to live with the way it's gone in the fact that you ve had these ugly losses already. Maybe Maccallum will be the first thing in the other. Some account of today were aegis. I feel bad reading accuses the good guys, but on this package right now he's just in the trade machine for tax fur for weeks on end bird, just like that would suck badger. That's you professional life. You put all this time and care, though it's your craft, your teams that plane that well now you and trade regime or tax. That is where you are, and every day as a new fake trade anew.
Rumour that just what your life is until it happens, the army. He thought it was bad for you get on your case more trade me all the time. Said argue he dared visa. You set it out this park. Ass, you were back is waiting for me about it, but yeah I mean I could be like a legitimate blown up. no, but I think that the league is now really rallying round Damon in others that I wouldn't rule out a bunch of themes. I dont want start that I don't want to get the aggregator fires guy, but I think there's more teams in a dame kind of sweepstakes thing that I think people realize
What are you just lean into the auditors on this one? Go near the top five team, some here in France, a lizard matched to see, I'm that do it's not worth it anymore, it's fun to do that were if it. If it was, I mean you have been the thing that sucks about the impact of fear. Just hang out shoot the shit, which is what we try to do in upon now. Sometimes you can't do that, because things get blown out. You know which I get a mean. This is a public broadcasting. I get it, but I certainly have some including, on some ideas, but I'm afraid to throw them out because everybody so crazy. Now, why aren't you do this? Because I know you We get real antsy. You sent me attacks the other day I fuckin bored with starts of traits of what do you think is not based on information you ve heard but work. What do you think the market is redeem? I just wonder if they'll tell Dame they're gonna do everything he wants is going to bring in a new listen, basketball, ops, that Philips is aligned with the lizard signs off on the ownership on and on and on and that lizard, because he does like his situation in port
when the yachting situation that it's his team all these things, but they can change em in hell abroad like being in charge Cleveland the two times a he ran. The franchise Let me things: can you arrange a situation? Everything about that situation is change except the city he plays. but you change the GM shaping the coach. The owners changed. Allow the guys in the team is James, like really really believe anything more about the situation is he's piracy, Jim column in Turkish. I guess would be the only the only concepts and the uniforms in their terrible on defence again, oh. You know whatever it is this thing they try to fix it around them the margins in it. It just never work. in the report. Would you if you're the GM? Would you go fringes there? We go dame shakes. I would actually, nor can it be the first one for me I would. I would try to do a smaller scale, nourish move First thing I do, I said they what he wants to do and hope. I get an honest answer out of it and I'll see you do a Dame Lodge, oh yeah yeah! That's real
do desire allege is that much is little more low pressure. But dinner is more. This is how much you made Maybe it's got a really nice place. Get the back room was what fuck Margo you watch. The tea was again I'll. Go I'll make time for dinner with me I'll come pick, and anybody up so I think you have to you, have to go into that. Ask him and hope you get an honest answer. What what're you gonna do cause if your leaning towards you wanna go now we're enforce way out here than let's work together on this, but I would be making sure as the new GM that I had no choice, that I didn't show up going hey, let's get rid the dame because still having dame whatever you think, here is a smaller guard as he ages and some of the terrible shooting number three softened season, whatever you think, you still have a very important piece to a franchise. That's a marketable peace, peering contention, you know it's not championship. Driven
Ernie those things, but it still like yours somewhat relevant here. Yeah is somewhat isn't even being nice enough. You're very relevant still is just a guy childish game tonight in all these different things. So if he still on board of of whoever is in charge again of trying to figure this thing out and seen heaving be a part of the future. I think that's your first move. Anybody that I think goes in their aggressively like obstinate reset button, because we know defend enough to keep losing the plants without realising were day head is that with this I think would be a mistake. So would you grandma column fur summits from a calm yeah? I would have thought that deal I would have done that deal with older management, the entire time. That's that's the deal they wanted to do a deal that Macedonia does. That seems that psych fillies worst case scenario deal. While the argument from Portland side, I believe, would have been ok right Ben, maybe
you know your ranking players won through our far down the list you want to go. People would have Simmons across league rank higher than see J, but look at how sieges with fit with the group that you have versus how Simmonds is fit with the group that you have in their argument was never good enough to convince sterile, so got Daryl. It was like a boy brought about demonstrates that in the summer, what's that our small? How much more time do? How can we talk about succession really quick? I could talk about succession for the rest of the day, but forty minutes will do I would take a break toxic session. I'm really proud of ourselves. Windsor conferred seventy minutes. Neither of us took a step victory lap. I feel like way If step was the Soho House, we would have been the to see. I see our continent during parties, a holiday extravaganzas. Are you a member in your bags cards? I remember the steadfast.
You don't have that we never gave up on that. Guy were allowed to go to the Malibu Staff House. You remember that We have access to all the steadfastness succession self were taken this on a Tuesday. This will be the last part of the park ass. If you dont want succession- or you haven't seen Sundays absurd for whatever reason feel free to turn it off come back later or just turn it off, and I see on Thursday this back Ass Nicholas Resource, but do you think handle is dead? I job ok, make the case you want to make the case. You want me to make a case. I want you to make the case why you don't think he's dead well, yet we could argue. The t go to show needs some sort shake up here, but I feel like the foundation of the show some verse father
and I dont know that we ve gotten the full pay off. Although the dinner got very aggressive, with Logan going candle and lighting up up, we can do more dinner dinner. Lured later, like they finally had to head to head referencing the kid dying back in England you where all of us are waiting on that part of it, so that reference- maybe hint at hey, maybe candles dead here, but I just think that shows foundation. Not these guys are doing. Amazing java would not doubt Jesse our stronger anybody Bob show, but I think it would sit near a significantly alter the foundation of what this shows, but about Joanna Robinson wrote an incredible peace this week about the show and about all that imagery and kind of tips for candle headed toward this way and done a good job, both the drowning and then him jumping off buildings right there's been
over and over again he's out a balcony looking over. There is in the safe from absorbs. Is my favorite episode Becky. It starts with him on the balcony Qana looking out of the city and then the show ends and all of a sudden. Theirs is protected. Up in the same spot that he was in its always about this guy there falling are drowning for three years right and then they fly. they just said fuck it I mean he was even in a car as somebody Austrian, and then this week they said fuck it did it with the poor. I my guess is they're gonna too, as either he's just dead in the last episode, and nobody knows because no, the schooners have leaked out either he's just dead in the last episodes them dealing with this or it may be cynical But maybe it isn't I gotta go in it. You haven't see. Nobody. It has set out somebody else who would have the juice to know asked me the exact same question, because we were texting about to show he does you think candles dead and I were I just can't. Imagine them altering
I dont think I still think there's some meat on that bone of the candle and Logan. Also, I would bet the more I'm thinkin about it. I would bet on he get saved. Be there's some sort of scare. Maybe he read it snaps him out of it and he realized this. Yes to confess to being in the car accident because what is the only way that he can trump his dad at this point, his dad's defeated him. His dad's checkmated em they as this big dinner showdown with him that he's all excited about any. Does the switch to plate deigned to get into his dad said about? Oh my god, oh my group getting poison his dad just sniffs out all that defeats and every step of the way the only pc has left. his actual real thou of a crime that is dad committed, which he also committed because he killed this waiter in the car crash and then his dad covered it up for, and so they play the seed in that lasted.
So, with hay, somebody's working on a park ass by when I was a ringer package that were said, shouted us out the fall of the rifle we narrative parkers at that it would be a perfect rigour, part, but a point that seed and he's so they in the waiter. Back then the dad points, the seed again he shot. He throws the waiter and his face. This is his remove move left or right yeah, I killed a guide, you covered it up and that's how he takes it down. I could see that in this house finale that maybe because your father rises, Son premise, yet you know that show is so good that this really, Michelle that would say yeah, we know there still meat left on the bone and that's why we're going to kill him now we're not going to run it to the point where it's not fun anymore. It was funny in that scene, and I normally wouldn't do that. I thought there was a really good chance to for Logan to call out Kendell on his kind of you know. Activism play where it was going to be.
activist, which was never really very believable and bright, and really develop at all that much. I think they poked fun. It is more than that it could have, and I thought Logan you could probably have I urge you and there were he sang out. So what are you like? Some fuckin hero? Now his rifle on Twitter, like you you're, so full of shit like look at this villa private asked it's me. It's always been me and you're gonna fight the thing that made you you, which is even a fuckin real person, ideology, going to get into that cuz he's going to call him out, but I'll stupid wasn't kind kind of legists everybody on the same page. But then it was like, while, if you're gonna sit there and say here, you queer you trying to fuck the waiter that you killed it's like our care, we're gonna go a little harder, yeah learning red, haired and ed. Yes, so gods airports. So maybe the fake activists me by Kendall isn't, is important- and I think the theory on it is great men. Maybe the show is that
I love the show. I love the showed away. I've never liked to show there's episodes at or about absolutely nothing. It's all dialogue driven- and I love every part of it and I've gone back watch episodes again while watching these, which is Larry cause. I really just how good they are planning stuff they I've plant things in. Very, believable ways like ok, here's the set up, here's the disruption, part of it and here's the pay off and all these different parts storyline all connect there at the dead thing is just making the right. since I do what has the show your word, the New Yorker Profile as one of the reasons people thought that maybe he's dead, because the timing of it when it comes up, but it almost seems like here's our profile germ- is strong right before his last episode, then there's quotes in there that are quotes on that. The first person to make this
quotes and therefore Brian Cox in curing cocaine and the show runner better the kind of things you say when you don't have to work with somebody again they like first MA. stribling profiles of red in Awhile- and I know you loved it too. It was rare to have that kind of candid. That's both from the person who's, the subject of the profile and the people who have to work with him, and it was just clear like this is a really difficult guy. Who has this whole process, and I watch the I watch the show after I read the profile because I watched it, then I watched it again after the profile and that dinner thing with him and Brian Cox is totally different. When you hear about all the inside stuff with that scene and how
methods are different and Cox's catalogs? I had enough of this method. Stuff be fuckin actor to show up, learn your lines play off made, that's what acting as Germany's drawings gotta. Do this all if by characters going down a pit, I have to also get out a pit they talk, but how he was sobbing after the scene, kazoo, so boaster firm and you can tell from the peace Bracken, this guy, this photographic like how he had arrived, disguise it reinvented, acting like I'm pretty sure, acting as this, but it's such a fascinating scenery watch because the real stuff, the real life stuff, is kind of in this and a little bit. Did you notice that yeah the shaved head, which they bring up in the profile again this profile so great? Just because a profiles, Michael showman, just came, I want to get into one of the thing with a little bit later, but in others I ve had the rebirth and then he says you know I just did it, but then I needed to do it again and my own to reinvent myself
still, I got there's another clue yet be it the brain Cox part of it worries. You know an english God theatrical background in short like the traditional english actor, I guess- and they too story about a dozen heart was unsettles moving the seventies with his other, like legendary guy and Hoffman rules on the sector's looks like shit milk. What's wrong with you like. Well, this characters really stretched burn out tired. So I stayed up and party for, like three straight nights, a minute: a bender and the other guy goes to happen like having just trying to act. How are you do that dad? Like that's what we're all doing here and you're right? What I love about these profiles, not really taking any stock but too many times now it's a go. Take somebody has they- look who's gonna cover somebody core, they're gonna, try because the person or we're gonna take total hit peace on this person, because my own personal, she,
and this was just hey- we're going to do this thing of Jeremy, strong, where it's pretty clear he's not the greatest time to work with and the other thing is it like you're, all she just playing Kendall DOT Roy. If this isn't These other rolls were you thinking about Dicaprio in the president or something which has even funnier, because they talk about strong and how he would basically were these unbelievable relationships any became Edina day Louis like dinner, they Lula comes as mentor yeah you're, the guy his assistant yeah. He just like wrote letters and we ve got his way like promised him for doing that, and I have to you It because I was just dying laughing all day: yes should think about it, last Mohicans it shot and canadian wilderness. I believe Kennedy Louis gets there earlier is a guy who making cabins once go so there's like real construction people on the site backing these cabins at people who the energy Lois goes to hang a fucking window and screw it up now. Lord I met.
you hanging a window in the frame is the hardest thing to do, but you do gonna have to know the steps and Imagine anybody was let him do finnish carpet around the stay, because trim work is an entirely different thing. Those guys are artists and it's very, very art and data. They look, just take a wide lose this last summer he can sky, we probably installs windows, he made his own canoe bed is optional and they see the window but he puts it in their like what we just put out a dining room table Daniel. Is that ok, like you so as much as I appreciate these method actors, things just gotta, be so many people in the world around them, they're like he actually dont need to do this. Surely all this shit in four role like this, where he's great is, can Roy, like ok, there's so many clues in that peace in Europe. what I think you'd agree, there's a lot of guys that were like it's not always the best time. It's not the best. I doesn't want to rehearse, and you know Jeremy Strong, who is the actor says you know I want to see the bear. I want to be scared by the bear by seeing it
and they're just like art can. We were heard a couple lines though, like now can't what answers the question right? The writer went into that peace going. Why did it take this line for great actor to find the right Rome any answers it? That's what the pieces about it's like, oh because this gives cause kind of a baby s method actor, and sometimes you have to find the right part at the rapporteur clearly knows its report. I said when the house- and I did that- are twenty five favorite succession characters for the prestige, but, as I said, I thought it was the best performance on an age be our show since Ganda fini fur stronger performance as Kendall, I think, is the best
as seen on cable prestige tv in fifteen years, like I think, he's back yet. I think the nuance and the stuff that he's done- and it makes sense that so let the lion seem a little blurred for him in real life versus Kendall. Like he's immersed in that character, I must I read that piece, and I wondered that. Can he come out of this with his next role? Is she just going to be? You know a da and some junk book as it has an expert. I don't know how he comes out of this. I think he's just gonna be Kendall, we really hard to come out of it. I guess, but doing the answers and the peace him is it one part were there at some where they place overseas, were his wife is from yet and there is some seaside little villa- and these guys recognise from a guy Richie Film that heeded like in their like hey, you know from wherever he was ago and in the guy doing peace. Show me says: information
you wanna, get into reset it and enjoy the movie, and you can just see candle going like. Why did you like the movie? Well, it was a mean it was. It was a movie, but it was just it was a movie. They will get relieved that meat, that is to be an acute care culture like labs. A couple like harmless grenades Adam, but they are grenades. Hell you proud, because you think the heart she now you got me thinking about this. I love the way you do that. You are very good at that slightly there, because we had a access to criticisms of him from covert because they know he's dead and then I have to work with him anymore conspiracy, bill at all this. Levin right, that is not the only one with that conspiracy were corkins, basically saying yes, we have
one thing where he kept doing this speech and then the third time the lady who plays shit shit, Sir snuck in character, was like shut up candle as he started, making you put stuff like that. You took a writer stuff like that. not be somebody here, you're still working with a year from now may be raised by hackers up. I listen. I fancied. I talk about this all the time like if somebody's do in a magazine profile both the conceit of the writer and what the person whose being interviewed what side of that profile. There's another really good example to add to make a profile that vanity, fair did and in that profile, all the sudden he goes into his whole fallout with Will Ferrell, who is like his best friend of his business partner. Now they don't talk and volunteers. This information that I thought was really surprising that he talked about. He basically said you know they had
a falling out, was go great. They're gonna dissolved the company. At the same time, he's doing this Lakers show and will wanna play Jerry Bus, any cash I'd see Riley their friend for jet for Jerry Bus could see. Was you know it's just that will Pharaoh's could be Miss cast, and that was the blow out some weird time. I suffer Matt Balcony. Who has this some? Who read for part through desert It's a really good newsletter item: Ballenach gonna break it down. The story was totally true because they cast Michael, Shannon First and that got announced so he cast Michael, Shannon, Overwork Pharaoh. They decided Michael shaded, didn't work is as Jerry Bus and then they got John Riley and so far I was mad at some point of the process, but just to lay that all this is his best friend. This is like, if me in house, suddenly, when
talking anymore, and then I gave a magazine profile. Just gave my side of the story about why house and I no longer talk like very odd. So I was wondering like: did the writer pull this out of him or did Mckay want this out there because obviously in his life for a couple years. A lot of people in his life like hey, would happily the will and there's pro a well side and an atom side for why they broke up and Matt Bologna did a good job of breaking down the two sides, but I wonder, like how does that end up in a peace because it should have you shouldn't have talked about? I don't think you should have, but why does it get in there and what did it mean upside Adam? Ok to have that out there. I read it differently. I thought it words here it maybe Mackay cause he was explaining, like I thought, the part where he explained in detail. Reach out to him? I've sent some emails right and I just haven't heard a hang. I thought it was a friend trotted, take another chance, it being friends still,
revealing a story about how you didn't cast your buddy far apart and these but heard about it. How is that going to help you guys reconcile that support really been done. I mean if that was the reason why, if that's true- the reason why the rat? This point has been their friendship. When I was reading about like some of its I don't know, I guess I got a red like if I had somebody my life was really important. I still cared about we'd. Had this massive blow up and nothing else at work to reconcile the relationship, maybe would be more motivated to share it, not because I want my side out, because I want my friend, maybe see how I felt that I still care. So that's a glass half full version. The glass had ass, yet that's guys that there is less me I'll, have a glass half empty as on promoting a booby. This will get attention for it. They ve, been identical version that I didn't you. yeah. No, I don't. I don't, but I do know the answer that I bring it up. I have no idea what the motivation was, because the other thing is Joe Higgins, really getting getting people to say stuff they might
that have no they're, gonna, say right. So, like an hour later at fuck, I can't believe I told him about the Lakers thing. I was never in a talk about that, but I just felt comfortable and then I said it now. It's out there. You know I don't know yet. I don't know what I'd have to hear. I love the way my work on this I don't think I should think you think he's dead. You think he's dead, because his co workers were like he's, not the greatest work with. No. I think I think this is the kind of show that would have the balls to kill him off. They fell right. That character had run its course. I think the way they they usually like, the the big big big ash in the greatest shows about five. It's that second, alas, show the season are like the really memorable shelves so that its that profile, the characters run its course like they. Basically, they beat the life out of
Then the dinner scene was the last version of just destroying him. So big sites like this is we took him ass, far ass, he could go, and maybe the show becomes more interesting with candle drowning in a poor or He almost strands in its an epiphany, and now he realizes undergo get mad at either way. I don't think he's gonna be as above than the show next year. I think this shows the show steers toward the other characters in the time ship thing and Roman and Jerry and whatever the sexual harassment lawsuit that you know come over that all thing, but I thought that was one of the funniest things. I've ever seen on a tv show that they pick section near the head. I was I was howling with that. I just thought everything about that coke and realising his dad gotta, unlike his spine, just
from both at the table is just as it were, the girl everything about. It was just so great that such a good show there is an unbelievable seem when winter, when cock and looks at it Brian cards, it the headache the conference table like hates my dad, and that I believe this is a bad. This is why in some shows I don't know, I don't know they just Bobby. You know it's not like the hardest thing you would say have a thing word Kendall or are not Kendall Roman sends a dick pick, Tuesday, they object and then they have a meeting about it immediately after, like all right, let's go covered. What's up with you, you weird
all right. If it's just it's like a joy to save my company, I've gotta these moving pieces, let's get down to you and then it's like having a sun explained who is dead. My dick picks aren't a big deal with the past because that's probably how would be handled, although you know different one Irish here, thank us right to the ship, Jerry Scene, and yet here just turned into you could argue the most able person on the show, diner evolution and she's. Just like a cool. This is finally my chance and Jerry who you know she was the one receiving the deck packer was likes you asking for an she realizes is awaited. Grover, Jerry, she's, pretty beer in, and she also you know they do lead again. Here's here's! What so good is that they do very believable. Plantings of these evolution swear, shift, decide. She's gonna go full,
Five by the had being out ITALY and talking with her mother, who sucks and the mother saying it's good that you're, not a mother, you know I You have been a mother tat scene with incredible. Russia had the odds So many good lies in art, trying to be good lines to that's the other thing that's great about to show you can see in other shows the writers finally show off and How- They show the show shows off in its writing by not even trying they ve got sheepcot her mom they their outside the mobs walking to say oh good, scary Poppins is here like the surveillance escape, happens greatly in the writers Room village. I got one what's car scary Poppins are bid that good, bye, good, bye, high, five ah yet fit this show
when it's really good it'll have like three or four since they could just watch like ten times, but that scene was shaven the mob tat dinner scene and that the entire Dick picks conference room that whole thing. I like three that better stretches in the shows history and there are the same upset. Are you team Tom? I loved him. I love him. I mean it's deter predictable. What happens with this? actual pivot here were he's, he's basically playing what would be the stereotypical female emotional live wagons. lives masculine. Line but Tom when he has the meet up Logan Midway through the season? and he's actually like welcoming to Kendall, but then he sits there and goes. You know I just
Go with you because my senses you're gonna get is Logan, never gets fucked and it was. It was perfect. Great show can't wait for the season. Finale Do you wanna come on bs after being salad Sunday to do the succession reaction. Yeah, please I mean twenty five minutes. I watch I re watch the episodes in a way that I haven't consumed, show like this I don't! Even now, I dont know what it is and a wide as I went back and watch him the first season stuff again and like all, that's all while that, with such a good job that you it's almost in the moment, you give the shown of credit for some stuff that its people, But again the reason I like it is that the chosen I like it no. Why with this show even thought of risk of episodes of the seasonal work out? What are we doing? What whence it gonna go? And yet then, like the Birthday Party episode, it just kind of went not like. I get our reasons and what they were doing. The pot line mats in Go Jonah stuff, but I was I'm just enjoying hanging out with this group for an hour without any real.
Even if there's not a significant development, I'm just into it right, they do a good job of when they have to move stuff along, though just have a giant everybody in a room with lots of people and moving p. Since then, they'll just figure had a play: everybody against each other and incredible shop, reseller Have you have your own pack ass? You can be doing Yellowstone with Chris Ryan on the prestige to be used to do that every week right yet every week we must work as a thanks giving in your current her street on Wednesday, for my great so good to see you as always, this package was produced by the man, the myth legend was very drunk and happy less than half Creighton Grievous, see you on this package Panthers
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