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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Bryan Curtis and The Wall Street Journal's Jason Gay to discuss sportswriters of old, Twitter's role in changing the media landscape, unhappy players, James Dolan and other curious team owners, the college admissions scandal, the greatest sports books, and more.

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episode, especial fresh birds in the ninety special emphasis, yeah wily each one. You learn a lesson about life and things to do, and I do Shoemaker people are worried about him and two thousand eighteen new dad people were his pr was gonna go down, but his peers been solid. Key is surprisingly coherent, yeah I say that as a kind of an old that he is here rising late with a super is so feature: bronchitis and a surprisingly coherent David Shoemaker, the press backs and chain of thirty three, where we s of tea time now and free as which is around of new pack ass, and also this. Its work we watch was. We did that My pack asked earlier this week. The ring Irma be showed up today, shoemakers Batman feed is due in Romania. Thirty, I think from day and then a ringer enough on next week, niner Seahawks from two thousand and thirteen. So they go come out. The sports for products made brand Curtis, Jason, Gay, but first
Roger. I we're all here, sports or potter's. We haven't done this. I want it's been longer than I thought, maybe like MID December late December somewhere, and there were overdue last year, yet been one biggest thing: that's happy They Jenkins inside which Curtis word about and talked about in the press back, so I don't want to go into it in too much detail. It did the one thing I will say it. It is that the last of his old school sports raiders that we are kind of grew, a breeding about that you know day when I, when I get to be an adult sportswriter, albeit the masters Narva, Scotch and
the Jenkins I'll be there in a smoking- will blow cigarette smoke on each other in their registered deadline. It just feels it's a million years ago now in reading those stories that was my reaction, was your reaction Jason. I agree. Absolutely the air of already felt over, but his passing definitely closes it and I agree of either the lives that these guys led don't exist for anybody any more. There is no next generation of Dan Jenkins that door. Closed yeah- and I guess I got this conversation with somebody where I was like think we all love to imagine that the old guys naturally were that cool, the just being sports writer, the 60s. You know you were certain kind of suit right. You do a certain kind of way and I think that's all true, but I think the think move the secret is. I think learn that all stuff from the movies I use washing forties movies and he always just struck me as a guy who was like a movie star, pretending to be a sportswriter alleged,
Thank you now and he was like he was that idea. If you cast sportswear just where the guy always had the last line always said asked word new, The handle handles gush knew how to talk to a bartender the right way they now that was the enemy, the sort of dynamic is the idea of the writer just riding the peace and then putting the you know the magazine comes out. That's it that, and we all know that nowadays, just publication is kind of phase one of what it is to be a sports writer in twenty nineteen that that just heard of no fires up the engine and fires up the conversation and you're responding to people immediately and then to his secondary life. A story takes a lot of people. You know go out at you, go back at them and so on and just kind of having a separate sure from all that just feel so unusual. I also think you know anybody who became famous at sports illustrated. It was basically like ten famous
writers now I'll I'll kind of group together, because there were no national sports, back then, and that is really the only place you read, Sports Australia had sporty news. Men, sport magazine and for a few years there inside sports, but other? Your local newspaper was only the people that live in that city in the extended city that read it. So I thought all these Boston go guys. We're amazing yeah, Ah Brian and Lemme villain, Rayford, chaired by leg, kurdish. Every one of those dates there's no way, a common list of Mississippi made. This point he's like. If you grew up in that certain here and it's gonna area too, by the eye it was my generation, then I think how alleged out Eu Jason and seventy nine I voted for this year. So is somewhere between Curtis and me, and you are in the middle but yeah that was extended and if you heard like the best sports commerce in the world, are Red Smith, Jim Murray, and then you could have data for Us Loop,
whoever whoever the hot guys wearing 70s 80s Mitch Albom. Whenever you couldn't read those guys now, but Dan Jenkins and ass. I came to your mailboxes. What the Skype Mississippi was: writing had this huge advantage. You know the library and hope those guys wrote a collection or something like that. Oh yeah member, I remember being at some Bookstore Massachusetts when I was in college and Mitch Album it used to do these greatest heads books, cod, liver, the life I wasn't even the first one is live album two or three, and am I oh, this is big job. I've heard it, and I bought this book and read all the columns announced that this is really cool. Your Threed Maccallum and now we have internet archives? You know people who is that me: why have you done like a collection, everything's and I was like eight a guess I could, but why would privileges find them online like? Why would they have them in a book farm where they are caught his book.
I'm getting paid in cash, her I'm back from our cash yeah yeah there was Baldos, I wanna be leaving era is so so back the jagged just for a second like, I think, if you made there by Austria roster in European purged, especially in the seventies and the early mid eighties. You just had, much bigger impact than you would have had anywhere else if your boss, even if you're in the New York Times, I just don't, think it's the same audience job absolutely so that better feels like a it feels like with him. He was the last of that group, and now I dont know who's the who's, the who's, the dean now Curtis who's, the old guy nope, not the gaps in the. For a major theme cannot work who's, the guy
who's the links of the seventies and eighties, the guy who is right, there deadline or the typewriter and cigarette one hour in the seventies, eighty generation. So who is it? But most of those guys, like you know, Michael because, like the Daily NEWS is kind of dozen exist as a thing anymore, yeah them and Difference right is that those guys don't have their their publications anymore. I did so on our kind of on the nineties generation of guys who are still around. You know it's it's Shaughnessy ride me. He starts laid seventies, it's come on How about you ask me who is in the press room O Brien, but he's not even ran them much anymore. You know it's funny abba taken this tv is killed the din its successor generation? I was just about to say, because it highlights corn has earned Wilbur, but those guys don't write any work and round. That was that that's exactly right! That's the portal right! That's the move. You were to acquire a degree of fame and then you are going to move into television and get your big pay day and get your house an antique it, and that was that listen dies. I try.
It did not work back in the newspaper business. I wanna do it. Let me have they did Jack. It's just to end this conversation, but this will this pulse him into the present here's a secret of him. He was a huge sports nerd he was a giant nerd, he does not want to use our Jim Murray. Words like this is good comedy material for me, but I could also be doing showbiz or could be doing the business page. Whatever Dan was Hugh Sports nerd and he dragged people to college football and golf because he was so excited a private use. A great writer be was also like. I am so fucking excited to write about this into to be at this major and to be a Texas. Oh you that you person who's, not really interested. That would be excited to an that's people all the way through. That's you, yeah Zack low, that other people who have brine Phillips Antenna
who does this is so incredibly cool. You have two you have to read this year and that to me as like the thing that you can bridge him way way back to the fifty cent sixties and get all the way to today near Rhine. You just reap pressing matter from the press by armed without, like I have listening? I have like gods. The thing, though, is either he's probably the last guy that was instead in Vienna, multimedia wake is cause you think, like whatever the novels That's the thing he was the old school version of that his version, branching at the sports. Writing was like I'm going to read novels that I'm going to try to write screenplays, but that version of that now is I'm going to get a podcast. I'm going to try to go on tv, I'm going to try to be. Pardon interruption or whatever they people? I'm really thinking. I get maybe loop, because I guess doing that to his right: those young adult books you here but Jenkins, how many books they re.
Does a maybe double digits yeah. Do you also wrote a whole bunch of screenplays that we probably never saw you wrote Beverly Hills cop? Do the first draft! You know this is that you're in love? you gonna give another. Somehow they know about the earned, the and produce screenplay Beverly Hills. Cap too, to have alive. Reading of that. That was actually always carryings, undercover guy. He was at the royal gone very when other day there were led Jenkins. Go is just that one of my favorite things that you you brought up in one of the pieces you wrote. I came over the grandly feature. The recent one. He just decided he didn't like Tiger woods. He just didn't like the way Tiger Word said here that some things and she basics viewed with them, but wasn't even a few. Do is like you having kiss my ring so I'm not going to acknowledge you either in they had this kind of icy distance between them. And it's hard to imagine. I thought He's the last writer who could have done now that everybody going well, you
Huge. Do I'll give you what you re doing business where everybody say would then yeah there like how dare Tiger woods that kiss danger kids is ring in the way Dan told it to me was he went to Tiger when he was first renown blowing up, and he said I want to talk to Tiger and ask him some things, and I think people to ask me some things, meaning like what was been Hogan like Yasser. What would, though, what was it was like to be on the course at every major, with Arnie he'd like to ask me that word came back from tigers camp like no. He wouldn't he was not happy about that Tiger, was on shitless forever after that yeah, I think Gaffin boxing were the two most sportswriter II sports rate in the seventies eighties. Even the nineties and golf thou. We watch- God and people enjoy in the moment they tweet they put little gifts and they ate it
you you never thinking like. I can't wait to read the big think piece about this in this I three days from now invited the tournaments over and six hours later that I made here, but you know, did the headscarf Pakistan it, but something that boxing used to be the fight. Then the second part of the whole spectacle was, for five days later, the big awesome giant essay about it and that's gone too now. We just have Jason Gay writing a quickie, twelve hundred word or for the journal, and that and then I don't think about anymore yeah. That's it. Man did a Jenkins ever do the sports reporters by the way I don't know you learn to believe we didn't get ass stooped down. Does all his acolytes, we're on a loop occur corner answer those or his mother, his guys, he probably was like I'm flying at New York that nonsense Curtis our text in theirs is great. Sport spoke about the history sports, us
it and there's this part about Rick Riley, where its end its small, it's like a paragraph, but it's now, as he was really starting to hit a big it s eye. He was basically doing this bad Jenkins, impersonation of kind of drink it allowed in the golf club ass this one night, not on the page, but off the pay off the page. In the end, somebody was like it was like watching. The exaggerated bad did Jenkins impersonation, but people people are offended that he was trying to be the Jenkins off the page, which I think is good for the legs of the jacket and then was not cuddly Dan then made sure everybody knew what was going on there and they then was now, but his armor anima he's all right. Yeah he he. You know he was. He was a kind of guy. Who would forget it? Wouldn't you forget something like or other guys from that era. Versailles is the difference. Is that he's not alive anywhere else? Frank diver died, Jenkins died, yet more crime died,
Andrei. The guy is long gone, long long gun is there any left from their way enacted. That's right! That's another! Recent one spell on last year, the latter if order Jenkins all recently Jesus. I want to come back to this cause. I want to do this thing about that. I didn't tell you guys about about sports books at the end and biting let's hit some, let's hit some topical stuff. First, Jason, you want to start with this Antonio Brown he's going to Buffalo people, starting right pieces about it. Just because it started on twitter and then twenty as later turned out. He wasn't going to Buffalo. Would it did you? What have this mean in the big picture of how we cover sports? Do what is even better than that? I think a lot of people went to bed thinking. Antonio Brown was on the bells and then woke up and he wasn't on the bills. So, like a nightmare, you know you wake up and
only different thing, the next day, but its fight aside way for it to this from Jenkins, because I feel where celebrity is now in media is in these folks who are kind of the high frequency day, traders of sports media, the people who can give you the scoop on whose going where and when, whose breaking their contract, whose getting traded, whose signing with whom, whose getting drafted in obviously watch and ask, is the biggest of them all. But I think there are a lot of people shelters, probably right there alongside him. That's the big! That's that's how you get the Big Box and that's how you get real value at especially a big sports media company like he s piano and I believe it was rapporteur for and if our network was very good- and you know how bad information or
late information or someone was giving him. You know just just bad stuff and he went with Bryant the bills and it was a story- and I believe Brian correct me if I'm wrong- that the shifter corrected somewhat quickly or say that it was not happening, is that there were some sort of you know in Trego, almost immediately as to whether or not this was going to be a real thing. There was inside around inside or action which is out. There. The highlight of these things I want to share his wavering Bassa. We get the elevators his mother, a kind of matches up. Well, it's always did it should almost be it and it should be to have a name because there's a there's, a certain ploy were p. Completely undermine the other tweet, while not acknowledging it. So it We like bright, like Brian just said it was raining outside, and then I come in and I go.
Such a sunny day here, no aid today there is no sign of rain at all and other clearly times to the process. Reports clearly talking about you're, too ecology and yet a rear acknowledge each other data. They credit. He chose them too. I guess Chris hands during the whole coggan thing about hey siding with the Celtics cm towards re. Yet I was I was pretty much. There then they don't normally get that direct, and now they don't they, I'd, say it's raining. First reported by Brian Curtis, with rigour I would say, were curtains. First of all, I would say where they are aware. You trust one max two guys in every sport and everybody else. Feels like their batting two hundred like, everybody else feels like there, okay but especially on the big ones like the Antonia Brown they're, probably not gonna get that so it's like you know, shaft Glaser and then
kind of woe, Jim. You know Haines or get a couple, but it just it feels like this. Now that it's all agents it feels like there's, two or three guys have everything locked down some one else: This is kind of a kind of guests in carrying out their wrong running with rise offers an end all fundamentally, all these guys started. You know very good reporters, and you know getting information that people didn't want out there, but as you get more popular people start to give you information than you start to be in the information. Exchange business, and then you really achieve some sort of strain singularity where you yourself are a story by virtue of the fact that you're just paying attention to the fact that you have turned your eyes
and your your media gaze upon, you know someone's destination it makes it significant makes it real makes it in play. The biggest example of that, of course, is you know the way that you know the Anthony Davis stuff went down with Rodger ASCII, where he was. You know not just revealing this information, but this was obviously heard of the beginning of The process this was you know something that I had been. I don't know in barcode is the right word, but just, however, it work, they went to him totally get that information out there and it kicked off the all the crazy He kicked off on a Monday morning and amounting reorganise its outcome. We make. Can you get this out an hour before first take, but by the way does different than bad happens in any other sort of media business. We see it in order the Wall Street Journal. You know, corporations are like this. They gotta favoured reporters to be no break corporate news, often politics, vanity, fair yester
you know announcing better run for president. This stuff happens in an invention of virtually every format and it's usually no status of the reporter, you know the hire you up, our are up on the food chain, the more likely they're going to come to you with the good stuff. I guess my fear there is that. If people are relying on information for their success in either how high their salary can go and stuff like that, it reduces the chance that there can be super critical of anybody who might give them that information and that that enters a weird place. That I think has started to infect sports a little bit and is one of the reasons why the media coverage has been so player friendly, especially in basketball, where that the Basque about coverage now is so apologetic for the athletes. We ve talked about this on the pod before that this is not a new topic, let em
May it over and over again how people saw people, people who cover sports siding with the prayers over and over again verses. Some sort of balance are questioning at or even this whole abroad thing I felt like. No, I feel like I'm a Dick Zalm like this is bad, what they're doing with a bright enriched it t answered the young Eliza decision, bad behaviour but I think that I felt like I was kind of an island a little bit like what is theirs couple. Other people who were, but for the most part, thing why everybody can agree that this is a bad way to be the best way to ask about them. You know something Irving like, if you being a deck like it's, It say: hey that has been a deck. I think it's it's! It's shut it down Sheikh the idea that
have to just immediately make some sort of radical step to preserve you're value- and I went I despise about it- is that it is so binary the idea that, like, of course, I know him send, should ever play a second of college. Basketball again is a fool Matthew. Well, absolutely Zion Williams into the look after himself, and he should put his financially frozen his future ahead of anything else, certainly not Duke universally anybody else at the student population. But I'd really like to see him play in the tournament yet are wrong. Can. I want both of those things. Can I want Anthony Davis to be happy and play basketball community that he wants to plan, but also want to see him finish disease and for the pelicans I mean it makes a lot of us a shuttle around out for the rest of the year. But what about the people who have ticket to have produced tickets months in advance? It go see a Laker game. You know we have to think of those interests is wrong to think of those and sometimes there's no one and some right answer. I think I think there is new wants to stuff, and it's ok to admit that there is new wants to stuff, though its autonomy to admit to
you are right to. I just think that there were two things are wrong. Like the jazz van hoo hoo, said what every said the west broken guy Westbrook Offset, whatever the exam waiting was was obviously completely Adeline and Westbrook was airline to its with what he said back in him. He can say I would handle it exactly the same way. I think that's crazy. To say, we have had of that exactly the same way to say that you're gonna fuck ups, you, and your wife to like you shouldn't, say that sorry, we don't have to apologize for their linguistic should not say that period. I haven't a watch first take that morning. After that happen, which was a lively additional first take, but they think they actually got to that point. They got to both a wrong here. They were mainly focused on the fan, but they all said you can't threaten somebody, and you can't threaten his wife. Like you did. A video was kind of amazing cuz. It has the more that guy talk to you like someone describing like a UFO encounter like a jets, less and less believable with every sentence,
it was amazing one. Then it is tweet started disappearing and then his account got deleted. Amy! No farther reaction see a story like bad. Is it just a media they transfer to the larger picture about God? I hope Trump doesn't tweet about this tomorrow at seven in the morning for sure, and it really did say might that was in play for a little while, but yeah. I think this is a really weird time, specifically for basketball coverage. I think football seems to be where, where was for the most part, we saw my information guys and people breaking down stories right about teams, but in the basketball, though, the way these athletes thou Jake Jason a few months ago- and they said it was done by the parallel of celebrity journalism and vanity, fair and magazine compared to have these basque bagasse doing it and you, you can kind of town. They want to get
right narrative out there they'll run the same play by great they'll, go to a certain person that they know will give them the kind of anyway they want they make on a pack ass to make him Parker like this. If they feel like hey, I want to show somebody a thoughtful guy wanted shoot the ship for an hour and money here. Yet I have since it there's more to me than just basketball, but would, since it maybe just older, and I think about this stuff more, but it is funded is like, and what are the motivations wisest person doing this and I feel it gets more transparent than ever with some. These motivations are what easy brain Glasgow related question, do. We really believe in big players are less happy now than they were ten twenty years ago. This is a theme you ve been hidden Priscilla. You talked about that boys. I always Adam was the worst. A wifi item started it Cosette. When I was this, is that interview he goes? He was omitted
Jordan documented, coming owning a panic. As you know boy those teams you could just tell there was a certain come rod. Their teams, unlike wait a SEC. Yet I wasn't always talking about Michael Jordan yeah, who was the biggest ass all tat. His teammates saves got to buy that of Michael Jordan near my God that guy was an asshole and if you re the Jordan rules. Every single bull basically wanted off the team during the ninety one season all one off I'm just like They had twitter account and if they had the our that NBA players had now wooden. They have just done the same. Ninety one: are we really less happy? I look I'm not of that born on twitter generation, so I do understand this difference between people interact with the world. They interact certainly interact the online world differently than I did growing yeah. But do we really believe there what's happening now or do we just believe they have more power now that they can say screw this? I don't want to be dealt. I don't want to be in a party
giant trades ominous, speak up and I'm gonna control the exchange as much as I cant do not have to It's time on their hands. The season is too long. You no more days in between, and I feel like there's so much dead air now in the NBA season that a lot of these stories take on life. Because of that I have have a follow up to wages, Siberia, take regret a mite, you're the best time a year to be a sports fan spring training, wrapping a basque buses in heating up college Basque. Well, it is time for the madness that starts now. Speaking watch. I have a ritual Suzanne complained about whose out thirty hours, sports, fair free bracket, this that best Bracket and America's, where the one million dollars to win that million. You don't have to be perfect, just be the best after other nine quintillion possible combinations. That's a one followed by eighteen, zeros you're not going to have perfect Bracket
close as best bracket that somebody asked when might as well be you if you want to see some of the Americas most interesting, wasteful Bracken adheres radio you check out best. Bracket millionaire at Yahoo Sports no wrong way to fill, went out, except for not feeling one out at all best practice. Go to Yahoo sports sign up. Anyone I have to do is get ready for brackets coming out on Sunday, it's free and afternoon anyway, don't within the lose you just have a million dollars to possibly when I offer wages The answer is basque. Barbarism always been unhappy yes and better days unhappy, there's been books, written journalists are unhappy. Air there's been books written every single decades about unhappy Basque, about teams with copious amounts of evidence. That there is no there's been no nirvana in the past. Where was a man? foes only like ninety three were also happy that year very breaks it I just re read.
Exit the game and that in turn, book is about an unhappy basketball team in a way that is in doing that, while but then there's exit, INA theirs Section about how to see at us annex a really happy they just one the title that Dennis Johnson making everyone miserable and there's annex, about that, and then there is an anecdote about how Everybody was to put Karim for years and is this. This is what the league, as you put twelve deeds together. Only five of them can play. There are making bearing amounts of money, and it's gonna be really tough to catch everybody you know and the right level of happiness and when you see it, when you see the team that is happy, it's usually a team like Sacramento or Brooklyn that younger the money hasn't really come in yet but yeah. I bring that. I bring this up because I think it comes round we're timeout transactions yeah. When we went into transactions world as a space as a sports writing society, we started talking about these guys. Do
Why yes started talking about him ass, salaried dumps throw wins. Expired admirers and ambitions and they stop becoming basketball players to a certain extent. They just a lot of became strike monopoly gypsy pushed around the boar, pianos people literally say peace. And when I do when I do see these guys talk speaking up, I do wonders like what I wanna be talked about, that way by everybody liked that ever but he's a gm and the way they think of me. As this thing, that's fit in or not, and if as soon as you don't like it, you just dump it and I'm like if I'm gonna be dumped in ten seconds, because there's some deal that's better if camaraderie and teammates Why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't I reacted then be like if bills like you now We love Curtis great Guy in a great good writer, but in a way This trade with Yahoo were he's a great throwing. It makes the salaries match. I believe, fuck you, I don't radio allow. I want to go there now, my answer, big we're not discuss
current words or ascii carbon snatcher. Beyond what I mean, I just don't think I would want to be talked about like the one. That's how everybody especially like you look at the young guys and we have now. You know I've heard this other people over this people reported it like that profoundly affected. Those guys when yet Davis thing happened because it was rich, paw telling raspy and rich Paul is one of the Brons best friends and in what was an article in the dots. So I think this has been in. I think it's affected the south, Tatum has been turned into every Anthony Davis Day or even though they are not even allowed to train for it. It is a right it Stephanie affected either the golden state like the future that team, but there is good example of I forgot about this, but when we did, the sports we watch was when the Harrison Barnes was on that to those sixteen team in the directive FED started and in the ok see game that we did. He Plato gave it in the final ass. He really fell apart and, I will say,
part of that attitude. The fact that he knew that give you the and play while they might not want to keep em issues that will ensure a dynamic. That's that really that I don't feel like is that old? What were also talking about to bring it back to the beginning, the that that that this is metabolic rate rate that the sports media metabolic rate is faster than ever, like than you said something at the top about how something would happen, and you would wait a couple days because he can't wait to hear what Dan Jenkins a rebate Danton said about the masters or set about Michigan Ohio State and that's gone that whole notion, because everything has to be instantly process. Not just in terms of you know the person sitting at home watching the game
immediately, commenting it, but the athlete themselves going it's a locker room at half time yeah times and seeing their performance evaluated, there's jobs, status, evaluated on a day to day basis, not just by professionals, but everybody. Everybody has a voice now and there is really not in the digital world is not a great deal differentiation between sources, and I think it just makes people crazy. I mean this is being studied now the what Adams Overstock to you about it. Sloan is a condition that is not. You know specific to NBA superstars. It is far and wide added. It has a lot to do at the idea of just people being a isolated, but also just you know, feeling overwhelmed and feeling that they just do not have a life. Apart from that digital existence, I do agree with what bill said earlier about. We ve now over corrected a lot in sports writing seventies, eighties, Ninetys. There was a lot
finger, wagging old man, sportswriter going on about layers. Athletes are ruining this fan there. That's your selfish! It was for the animal passports of Bee sobered worthwhile fish to want a lot of money because one of the most famous people in the world. How dare you? How dare you brag about your last contract? And I think it's almost totally to the good that we created a lot of that because it we had, it was bad. You look up a lot of com, they don't they don't they don't play well today for just a lot of those are just inside the late. Ninety sir, but last serves to years ago. If you go back, Read a lot of the basque while stuff back then it's it's borderline, racist, its! I look at what are these black eyes doing? Is the underlying theme of a lot of the pieces. Why cant these guys be grateful for the money they have had. Their sins really leads unseemly, but I do think can be so sympathetic to one
stand the player that you do get to the point where you're like what, if that guy's just the problem. What, if he's Dick, that's ok to say I say any Mccullough comes baseball daily time say that's his eye. When do we get to the point? We just can't call a player out anymore in jail abroad, What is really find it because the one of the few people I saw just dig it in on that was built flashy at the allay times. He's just be an calmness like a communist has been four hundred is shears yeah he's like, wait. I am not feel any sympathy Lebron. I feel sympathy to the rich, Paul, Lebron entertainment experience, she's screwing up the Lakers, and so I'm going to write repeatedly that he's screwed up the Lakers, and this is a big disappointment. Yeah it'll be interesting with, as this goes with the Kobe fans to because there's that whole Kobe in fact it really resents the thing and yeah. I heard I can't take credit for this it somewhere else, but when the Brown passes Kobe four points in some, I can't member.
Said: there's somebody was like he's: gonna have to make sure he does it on the road, and I was thinking. That's absurd, and then I'm thinking leg he problem we'll make sure it s another road. If you want to do that day, but AIDS. You know the buddy buddy aspect of this stuff it like. I had the ran on six podcast, you know it's. It's a its ally gum. The ringer has been guilty some the stuff to buy, What are the result had a mind cuz. I was so interested by how candid he was being about everything it was like just as resource was. I don't know when it's going to end I want to, and by that last one I felt like he'd started, a kind of close. The fountain, in our view, is much more if you go back and listened to like them, the Mailbag pack has worded Letty and fly doesn't give a shit about it. Six one now at this next thing looming in all this stuff. I think he has to be a lot more careful, but in general I wonder like what
What? If the our test Malay happened right now, how would it be covered compared to how is covered in two thousand for because think about the attest manner? Eight fight settles down. Guy throws a beard. Our test hits our test. The beer and our test goes in the stance and our reaction was. I can't believe you did that. Why do you go stance now? I feel like people would be matter that the guy, through the bear them great, my my crazy, absolutely when I think Jason, first of all, just think of the way its process, because it would be processed in real time. The idea that you had to wait for sport centre or the next morning to see
clip of it on television I mean you didn't get it immediately mean the Westbrook thing was fascinating. Justice serve a similar. I mean that was not a similar situation at all, but that clipper Westbrook was released before we knew anything about the fan. What the fan said you know, tat sort of thing went around as I went back his first we're doing and then later, if we find out that the fan was acting contemptibly too and I just think that you everything will just happened so much more instantaneously m it'll be as toxic as you can imagine. I don't think it's going to be some sort of like you would be some sort of like more progressive reaction to it. I think that you would just be ass. Ugly, ass ever and you'd be watching it all just unfurl immediately. I saw disagree. I think we would. I think what you are saying is right. We would immediately, I think, that reflect the reflex for a lot of sports median. Now would be what made the play
do that. What are the person say at least put though ourselves in the parachute yeah? If you would you shut up and dribble documentary, so did so little that little part that where Bob cost us is confronted because he is worth thugs around, that incident mean imagine the first sportswriter sports media persons were thug in twenty eighteen describing played in that area would be dead when a close I'm getting their idea. The studio that night criticise the fans member writer,
the test, may they happen. The guys who were in the Bristol studio were like a camp with fans. Did that in those guys to keep the next day like why you blaming the fans, but now I think the guys would say that in the studio, but also like you know just to go back to a basic element of this, I just feel like what we describe as the media. Now, it's not like people sit around and wait for, like the five pashas, like mainstream sports journalism, two way and on something I feel like what the players think of as the media is. Everybody would twitter account everybody on instruments, everybody everybody has a say in all this and that those heard of like instant stream of invective and add is ugly and toxic and racist and brutal as anything you can imagine from any generation now too,
two thousand and nineteen, I don't think that players look at it like now it you don't notice as well. You know I saw the rotten tomatoes ratings of sports writers, and this is what they thought about. You know what happened in the mouth of the palace. I think the reaction would be really really ugly well We should mention that they don't have to read this stuff. I think that there is a difference between the guys in the seventies, your play basketball, and so sitting behind the bench yelling epithets it you for the entire game Eve choice? You have to hear it nowadays that guy's kicked out in five seconds and what people? when they talk about like such a great secular bill. I can't believe you just setting up like the thank you. The social media. Vitriol is ultimately you you, you can avoid it if you want to If there is some voluntary, you know Kevin there. Ain't doesn't have to go in his replies and read too
thousand people sanction things about it. He doesn't want it. So at an hour of James Dolan does not want to hear some sell, the basketball club he can have him permanently barred from the premises of Madison Square. This is a good site way would take, would break this, like the perfect time to talk about the hit Showtime Series Bailey ends staring at me? Word winners, Paul Gmos in Damien, Louis guess what everything changes? A season enemies become allies, locked hammer, us check, roads and Bobby acts. Rat are forced to work together to ply their way back on top the scheming and sabotage. Will we be guessing as they seek revenge on anyone? And everyone who stand? in their way. Maybe this hope from engine. Don't don't miss the new season
in starting Sunday bar seventeenth at nine p m to get free month, Showtime gotta show TAT, come enter code bs. This offer is for the first time subscribers only it expires March. Thirty first and check out the recapture balls are pack ass. Were re recap tv show. Sometimes we will have a recap packets of that first episode of billions. On Showtime March, seventeen senator yes, Sir James Darwin, are we waiting, for? That is the only way of great folks, Vienna, fast forward yards re here. So what so make? Ok, let's that dairy gets forty five minutes with James DAWN and a binder in gemstones has a bunch of crazy things. Michael K could have definitely nudged and some stuff and I thought kid glove did a little bit, but did a good job of nudging him in the right direction. It were some nudges. There were good judges
that's a really hard interview to do, because you have a crazy person. You want the crazy in a comeback. Another time on the show e he you're getting good site your winning with the thing, but on the other hand you can you can really knowledge and feared really nudge back. I feel like dollar Neuro gone off the rails. Cause is obviously very close. Like how interviewed and bright idea I also like the way that the words are just spilling out of James Stones mouth. Whenever an owner interviewed you realize we don't hear these guys talk that our reason there. I am therein our minds and in our stories all the time. But then you hear him Tom What are these people are bonkers? Yeah there are great and just the way he was how fast he was talking and just you know he would die like K. We get a quest only half second later Dolen just be just the words of fallen out of it. It was while he made every word. What word that you make up, I think it it's was telling me about, it was like Stute, it was a cross between stood still.
And tremendous. But he used it that, as an answer was like stimulation, it is unclear. Barely out about worry, you suggest a yell of now. About here bill. Let's go right to it. Are you in a conspiracy with Darrow Morey, loud break apart the New Europe, We think that was the GM right was I assume you is implying either Ange or more info. I've met like three times out of I went to age. Just because that's that's it! That's what I thought Dillon the linking the so we re. If more, I am legitimately friends, they have admitted it. I've talked about it and it's been a recurring theme for the last twelve years. He's balance back ass much times before This thing about what the group to really really superfine things, one was that Darrell Morey would be threatened by free agents, meaning the rat. I would say everybody s going to the next,
Furthermore, I would drive the ran to the airport if he left, the workers are the next over. They lay great literally the greatest thing that could ever happen to the rackets is the re leaving the warriors so that this funding and then the part about you, don't like that like there's, this can bear said destabilize the necks of these people, coming together and trying to make it seem like they're, not stay. What's a duty already done, you have done for twenty years. You are the motto, France, her eyes of this function in the stabilization. I don't have to do anything, so that's a SEC Then the third part is just like it. As such. Faint. I hope he owns the team and of two thousand eighty, I don't want him to sell the tape? I wanted to keep it please, your terrible this site clarify your saying, no you're, not in a conspiracy. What did they are more there was another denial I, what is it like to be either
the recipient of a of a major fourth wall break like that like when you heard that pulling with Kara calling you out. What do you think will this is? This was especially funny cuz. I played nine holes of golf that day and I just did I turn my phone off cuz I want. If I get the phone I get distracted and I got off the course and you didn't you turn your phone back on and especially when you would, we have ninety two people that work for a certain time. I turn the phone off after two hours, there's that was split second or you just like man. I hope nothing happened, and whether nothing happened could be something there was somebody that works so that certain sports story or is just something awful, and this was the case of the Odell Trade and Dolan, and it was just like I said all these tax and unlike what has happened in Dolan and people, are just texted me Dolan Excavation boiler, like what I did he Somebody went out and then I realized what it was
and then it was just so funny like ours, Demille amused and in so happy it's like really deny that courting offers is insane because so many people have the same story about their psyche. The rich guy circles cuz. They were immobilizing to try to put a bit for it. Well, if you look at the interview, you know he does these very choreograph interviews and he did what he s p n, a couple of months ago, where he talked at length about you, know the team and his ambitions and plans for the TIA and why the Knicks are different than the Rangers and he said a couple of things that seem to me to be very, very
lagging you don't make me an offer. Folks one was the fact that he named a price he deemed to praise, but secondly he talked about. You know how you know, and we all agree, that the business of the NBA is for entire evaluation right. Well, the Knicks are the most valuable franchise in the NBA shockingly, but they are because of where they are where they are and so on, and he sang like look. They they have single digit increases. Now this is not a business where I'm going to somehow you might do. My team is going to be ten years, whereas you be worth twice as much, it is now. I don't see it having that kind of thing, so that says you're talking about anything that that becomes an opportunity for a seller to sell those seem to be real indicators that you know if he was not explicitly in putting the team on the market that he would at least listen to a very substantial offer, but I think the big thing with the Knicks as an offer is that it's just a big price. That's a very big price. It's it's nazi!
two billion for the clippers. It's it's a much more expensive endeavour in there at that many people who can pony up for that. I've talked to a few people about this and what change about? How these add? These franchise prices had just gone through the roof. You know we'd take about like with the Philadelphia. Seventy six years were for sale, and this was this decade and I think they went for lay to sixty in some of it was dead assumption and that point, it's pretty easy to put together a group, a rich guys. You borrow some money. This guy puts in thirty this guy puts in a hundred this guy puts in fifteen good to go, and in this case, like, I think, a realistic price for this next team is, like would say, three point: seven billion it'll probably were two and a half and then there's the rich guy attack. So if I on the next I become the hatchet in New York, that's worth like another billion point to the problem is
it's really hard to cut a cheque for three point: seven billion dollars like there's only take two dozen Americans who could do that? Who probably care about sports? So if you you're saying like a one point: five billion or something that you still have no doubt be the majority interests you would still have to find all the southern money and the war. It is out in the street. Now minority honours its sacks yeah you're, putting there's money in your basically just getting courts. I'd tickets- in that said, you have no say in anything blow right right. Yet how would you like to put in one point two billion dollars and get parking slot number two. You know like that. Just as a big ask I had somebody tell me, I don't think I can create them, but it was a great idea. Our credit them in the next part of they say it's ok, that the way to do this to buy an expensive team would be a good say. It's let's say the next are three and a half billion you put in one point: five billion
here, the controlling owner, take the other two billion and you make a public. You go Green Bay, Packers, basically, and you just sell the interest, and now everybody owns at other part and now you're still the majority I dont total understand the economics of that, but I thought that was a really interesting idea Somebody buys it and this that other two billion I want the next fans to own it with me. Half the next cycle, come here or like the Lakers or whoever? It is late? The air, the Pittsburgh Steelers, whoever it is, as I come on in with me, will on this together. Let's save the next together and they do Thou Athens, ass cunning thing. I was going to the list of billionaires who could who could cut this check so businesses, one of em, they would have the leg sports as the things they. As Mr Crowley has a basketball team, so he's not he's had three teams, their other errors that is to say Waldner is a good step up to the plate. Like Michael Jordan got the Bob cats like Bob Johnson
so them he might be. The only person is lost money, an ability in the last thirty years, incredible enjoyed and probably put in a hundred million of his own money, and that's it occasionally when these guys, like Le Brian, about our own, an mba teams. Today, it's like you apartment ownership group like you're, not going to the amount of money it's going to take down an NBA team. I don't see it build you worried at all that you know James Dolan has kind of double down here and it's going to be so agitated at you that were somewhat to come to him with a check for three point: seven or five billion dollars that he would stare at. Like if I take this, I have to say that bill sermons was now. I dont really mad at bill sermons that I now tear this check up. I don't think I haven't to you do that, but I will say this: you might have given next fans another twenty years now I believe a dead dead dead is unhappy. Is Nick France would be about that scenario. I do think there there's a stubbornness with him that is
completely irrational that we saw the ASEAN Thomas thing, and this is something that is train payment dawns life of like you can a bully means doing blank and with the other, thing. It was a clear the move, as I keep getting rid of the sky we doing and at some point He dug his heels and he like you're, not gonna. Tell me to get rid of this guy I'll. Do everyone, I'm James, don't don't tell me what to do in that sphere site. That's now happening with How can a bully mean to sell you can bring your signs that I'll kick you out? There is no Europe. Is there another owner in the NBA or a sports in general? Who would have done the same thing? Can you think of anybody who had a vague had someone call a saw that aim and I want to have their goons remove them from the arena? I think we're Robert Sarver would do that. The sunshine he's good James Dolen with worse pr. They like he doesn't have the profile
Jamestown does but he's just as bad seems like a mess to Miasm where we can Jimmy I do actually doing here. What's weird is everything? time don't gives one of these interviews its clear at a really and noise in that the fans have so much say and sway with all this in it. It's really like a. How dare you? How dare you people, This is my team. This is in your team. It's my team Jerry, you always makes me and what makes me crazy about is just its sudden, so not New York coming thin skinned. Man like that's supposed to be something you share the minute you walk into the city, you're, not supposed to be the kind of person who has rabbit years work this is of women the whole. It's it's a fundamental right of living in this town that you can say what you think and were good tomorrow.
And the idea that someone is banning people permanently. You know for petty commentary, isn't it trumps from New York. Rain says it is a model for then scandal element here. Is this guy disdainful very Travis this the sultan, but yet is yet will first of all start here inherited the team. I think we forget this over and over again with sports owners. Is you have the the owners that are usually the best owners there, a couple of exceptions, but for the most part they usually self made people that are just incredible businessmen and are billionaires for a reason, and then they eventually turn their attention to this sports thing. There lay down and to do, do this to make this successful when,
but he's been handed a team. It's either because their husband died like the neurons Perkins, lady, Gale, Benson, or their dad died, or their dad got. Superadded gave them the team. This doesn't mean that you have credentials to run the team. Jimmy Bass who, at the inner, was then, in the business world for a while that show that means she should own the Lakers her dad dated at a great jobs, probably learn something We have no evidence should be a successful. We have no evidence James Dodge being on a kind of funny there. Another world like when my son turns twenty five he's not to take over the ringer. I guys is break while ears bed Sivas. He has submitted Isabel had a corporate fortnight into our its coverage fantasies. Gonna grab, a car, but we do have
Second, the route for the second generation scenario, which is view your time in that zone with Jonathan Craft right now of another four neuron. I found myself in the Stephen Jones, in others, the Stephen Jones Fashion, with the cowboys Is a regulated self made? Guy isn't a time for the self made. You know you might be honest and cursed, Simmons versus Dolan might just be a ruse till I take attention away from craft thing I think come I'm here, an old old widow command. Why wasn though the one way to do it, and this has had mixed success, but I do respect to an people these do. It is Jonathan Craft really did try to go up the ladder like as a real business person and have different experiences. I think Genie did to some degree. Kirk given the warriors, who really since he got out of college, and is that if the team has tried to work his way up the front office as a basketball guy and really put the time in, and I don't know
when people do that, I can't imagine James Dolin kind of put the two. Men as well as a potential owner is like Don grandmother Wash and post. Reporter and I wanna be a sub editor and I'm in allowing the business on the web yeah. The risk full air? What said that, a near times, publisher meant that guy recently jeez sulzberger yeah. This all partners. They you know that operate low, must like a monarchy and they, but they try to keep the terms in the family, but whoever as the next person up they have this. At the bottom and worked away up and experience experienced all these different parts of the newspaper for the Red dude Smart James though, and that is not happening but he's the funniest thing with with all of this is that he seems to think he's a good and it's like, I don't, interfere with my guys. I live in you everything you want here. I've spent money-
but he doesn't realised that hiring people as part of this and if you're Finally, a one out of ten f minus at hiring people that me You're bad owner. Does anybody think their bad owner ever his margin shot, think she was a bad owner. I think older Thank you MA am, I think they acknowledge it as they get deeper into the thing. I think they understand that they, you know we're rash and made bad cop. I think that any sort of wise owner would be hit. A note will aware alert to that you think I think they may not say it, though I think you're in such denial. At some point you you just trying to commit yourself what every area, is idea. You fail. Jackson, you ass fulfil Jackson. I gave you sixty million dollars worth of that. We have always been a success and business and its few to admit, and you probably making money off your terrible basketball team, idle and certainly is so you convince yourself I'm course him a good honor. He hasn't been a bad rangers owner, apparently cause he's here.
He's hired a little better and that side yeah the twentieth century or everybody, everybody in those of greater New York area to become massive fans of the GDP straight shot ban and just by so many records and to stream, so many song that they become such a global phenomenon and that they are on world tore constantly like the dead or something and no he's not able to attend to the team because it maybe just falls out of interest with it, because he is a full of full on rockstar mean that's the Irving ease off connection. Is it yeah and by the weather. As a incredibly successful in the music site. So it's I like you he's not a bozo as a business man he just hasn't, I understand that owning a sports team is different than owning. You know, did the immense g, music side of things or whatever else they have it's easy to be now buzz owing inherit a lot of stuff trip he got.
They just because a thousand don't do anything you not about dollar dames. Don't could literally fix the New York City Subway build like self handling. It just overwhelms everything. I agree. There are business enterprises that he's involved another while these asshole, but what is new thing as outweighs everything? This thing this showdown with this lawsuit Misty Steve Bomber, though it's basically dawn and ease off against the bomber, who wants to build. A Basque, Marina right next to the new Rams arena, that's coming out an right they're trying to block it. They're they're, trying to block back because they really don't want it to happen, because they want the form to be the exclusive place that anyone hear music there or they want to get cut into it. Neither messing with somebody who has made a ton of money in his own time, who is extreme, as justice
Where does those guys are? And it really has the chance to be one of its it's like a billion season, it sort of billions episode. This is like season five of billions, this conflict would Genie bus getting brought in like acts as the only person missing, bows, incredible part of the story. They wanted the Lakers to move back to the forum back to essentially to pre empt the cliff yours and she's calling bomber balls emails. I, like the re civilian mercury, go my carry putting this Stephanie male your thing under the Lakers you're you're, putting like Lego huge plan in their yea it this whole thing this week as I've been thinking a lot about owners and just what we want owners, and I actually think that this kind of owners. What the Celtic said before this latest ownership group, where they had the gas stance and they had Paul Gaston son, who is a legacy kid I didn't want to spend money didn't want to
Lydia cattle over anything was wet with Paul was DAWN son, who is poor, Gaston yeah, I was down gas answer, spend money, didn't want be accountable for anything they made decisions that made the team worse to safer, million bucks anyway. Just like the worst case scenario like I guess, if you Do silver linings with dawn like at least he spends money? I guess like at least Phil Jackson like that came from a decent place like this guy's, a legend will bring them back to New York people work site that's a time, but I'll get some like sovereign, unlike while everything you ve done has been everything's terrible, yeah you ve, actually you're, hurting. That's a great basketball city in those fans now actually are started, did not like basketball, because in that's you probably the worst set as a catalyst for I'm in the we have one thing in twenty years, but Jerry Joan wildly accountable, he's the most
veil, was in the universe out of a person we more available than often of Lyman, AEGIS reaches like this, I gotta go. About an hour. Let's do it Brian. Let me ask you a question about Dolen, which is that like, if you are like his media strategy, yeah a position, we don't know whether or not that exists in all things I don't think you say that I did not press. It just keeps resigning data the job right. So what is the move? I mean, I think the move, as you know, total isolation and never do an interview ever again, but if in lieu of that, what would the strategy for abolishing up his am, I don't know shit now the interviews hurt him do we think they actually heard him at this point I don't. I link asserted toxic assets. I think there's no, there's no does no downside. It's like the date that at this point he can say anything in second and change any
I mean you're in you're in the city, with with back pages. They just want to tell you apart every single day I do feel like they sell. Their team thing is going to get momentum and in a way that its it's been and Jason, probably is the best fuel This at anyone causes in the art, but it's been percolating fur. Two years now and it feels like it's gonna hit some sort of tipping point. If they don't get this, as the summer that may Katy doesn't come guys. As income and now it's ok, we got Jimmy Butler that data we spent six years taking for Jimmy Butler and the fourth pick in the draft. Kim Reddish Jimmy Butler everybody. We did it it's AGRICOLA stuff. I may mavericks win the championship there. Now without looking it very. You could argue that it is definitely leg, color swagger these days or Jimmy Day right.
As I am the owner. There exists grade Pieper, J, the maybe he knows he's getting Katy and that's. Why he's feeling himself that thought occur? how's that thought has none lunar. These ease acted little, rational confidence, d and waiters e with some of some the proclamations It makes me wonder, Minister team, that the best free agent theyve sign in the last fifty years was Amar Starmer, who had no new cartilage left and they pay undermine our some. So it's outlay babes regions have been. You know that in the next away its tampering, irrational confidence, yeah secular this. Who is your favorite crazy honour about I'm just out of curiosity from. Four merrier, be anybody anybody's. You ve been alive God, my favorite crazy owner our data? Barber say our cause he's on Twitter, those dimmer say
Jim, oh Jim, I would bob as the moving trucks we're Talkin about Jim Jim Jim was sadder, though barber saves pretty James Gallagher some major issues. Dont Carter, the mavericks when I was growing up speaking the Jordan Roses, this great scene or he's, is like a member who is trying to sign off the bulls, but has his whole speech about? Do you believe in God? An end and other stuff what he's tried assigned to free agent contract? It's like, like your interview with Televangelist before you get the big free agent deal. If you are a cowboy hat at court side, he unlike my dear, he was, he was that he was a good one legal happier in our just time. You're Marge at such a tough ending man couple years I mean think about it. Thirty years ago, people being horrified by something somebody said, can you imagine margin two thousand, and I really like the whole country region ever ran. We regrouped It's time render, I actually think has become underrated here. We, the amount of
media that he generated just day after day after day, but I think the last guy for this is Charlie, officially nays guy from the Seventys, and I think, there's one good book about them, but the amount of crazy shit that guy did and just how off his rocker, he was culminating in and they won and they want. They want all these world series, but then he gets the team in this. Just bad shape way. He just basically cells all his players in nineteen, seventy six it be like if Dolan sold pausing s firm, billion dollars, but then also sold Kevin knock and sold their lottery, paying you got a hundred billion dollars and was just like five year has generally fairly silence. That was at the keys by sleeper. I agree with you that stuff we could play people for Guy Railway, my old stuff. I guess it's just imagine that happen today, though, where would you put a victory? I am. That was brief, brief goodbye.
If we did like a bad behaviour by owners podcast, the Victor Cairum episode to be strong if you were played by Philharmonic up citizen life, that's true that those areas satellite, so how many orders had been played by an odour by it s about character, only a number as Jerry, Lisbon, unless it, I think, maybe you should have ass it out big Jerry Jones, a character Steinbrenner. Definitely Victor Kyar. Stamper hard ass, you know mark you, but I feel like has been made fast, I'm better honest, no somber hosted posted incredible
that is a major donor hosted. I feel Steinbrenner is kind of a missing link in terms of when people talk about the president. They talk about his style and his sort of like year just admit. Tat, though just the way he works, I feel like tromp was very much inspired and awe struck by George Steinbrenner question. Think of like trump coming of age in the sort of Peak Yankee era of George, being maximum George, then being exiled from this board, then triumphantly returning. I see all these kinds of parallels there very blustery. You think Trump would have paid somebody off Forbad information about one of his best adsense get suspended for that actually happen, cabriolet windshield story, yeah now deals in play, eyelid signal maverick,
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just some a website or domain at a square space, tat com site B s offer code. Bs ok, so we're gonna move to another great story. The at the college shading scandal that included glory, laugh loyal, offered a Becky and felicity have been an seems like it has the potential to be a domino their boots in the college sports. For like the next ten years, I read them Pat Forty Dan wets or peace yesterday about there's two names in that story. That is, are like two famous behalf: the scenes, couch, basketball people and I wonder if this is the start of seven years of stories we took care the press box everywhere Twitter joke in a week in my five seconds, with the ambiguity and wake up sandwiches jokes from you'll. Have it if we really are back your trouble, MR, where America actually also wagging their finger. I had two absolutely favorite details from the: U S, a part of this
number one was one of the fake women's basketball players that with sign. She, of course, was not playing went best well for you, I see and some He came up and said what's wrong, why does she on the team thinking, there's a religious baseball players and that the excuse, the eighty came up with his osiers planner for shyness, so as a society reads out ass, a thing TIM Duncan had no no question. I am work last year camps, hunger, that wherever shadows, we just assume that air members appointed three years. That was amazing, the second one as they actually got a fake football recruit, was involved- and I was thinking like this amazing because called for both its no who all these guys are they don't. There are no like mystery fabric they have video, they just everything, and then I fear that oh, it was a kicker, and that's like that a black hole of college football, recruiting media static as you get these gases like, I was nine fifteen in his high school career, but he had a fifty irony was graded, a camp answer. Your leg
sounds great gotta, be the next Ex great kicker, my school, but that's how they stuck in those are. My two does my right at least one in the last positions where you have these kind of like natural, like Pino finds like oh, you know he played as yours football and we found him at a circus and like all kind of staff and like yeah, he's not known quantity in the same way that a quarter backwards. It wasn't the kid also from a school. I didn't have a high school football team There was that somebody try to get into a sport that, U S he didn't have boisil across the Atlantic. Or would they don't actually have across would have to pick another fake sport real? She said the crass, so you know like question here is that we have
children among us bill has the ones that are closest to college, but still a ways away. This feels like a story that has all kinds of elements of wealth and privilege, but also just super two thousand and nineteen crazy parenting, and you see parallels here between the lengths to which parents will go to get a kid into school and the kinds of stuff you observe, and you know With sports and just parents and travelled teams and all the naughtiness there- yes, ok next segment, I just out with it. My daughter was appliances closer for ninth grade in, and you know, there's only so many spots in so many schools and as this How did this happen after we found our, but he was going and I was thinking the story. I'm sure this must have happened with at least one of the schools. Right is apparent promising, but if you let her aunt on I'll, do this got me thinking now? I should start doing this. Ringer internships rate
but people on worker? In our view, the greatest say in the world not allowed US we don't have led internships. I I I'd ordinary Joe, you say random parents come in you were willing to be bribed here. The rare in Ghana and internships, poor Kyle, like a cow, even in turn, now utility is Jack, he's he's a dvd bad and it is very, very bad sports, but he's gonna, be your new in turn ever produced upon gas, rising all didn't have a casting breaking microphones. As you said, the man is a lot. We can't touch Jack he's here, that's it's! This is all part of the same based his parents, becoming competitive, other parents and one in the best for their kids to appoint that and also wanted
impress people in their lives right that year about like trying to get you're kidding the pain is its neighbourly school now you're paying off people pan, because you wanna tell your kid you're here, and at York again everything score, I feel the urgency. A part of this is just a complete stalemate. The holy and see a thing- and this goes design and ask us to everything else- yeah. We basically the media, has decided that amateurism as fraud and a con and wrong in etc, etc. But nothing is happening so kind of like every time. Nothing ever will happen so that sometimes you every time a case comes up. Everybody gets really mad and you'd, like you were saved, pointed designing. I have finally, we ve hit it. This is the moment the damn breaks, but the damn doesn't break it will never break and so we're all just kind of there's nothing to do at this point from just Roma. However, the column perspective, just nothing's gonna. Have you want a bit? We all want to be there at the moment. The damp breaks, that's as a journalist, any damn breaks celtics when a title
they amateurism dies. Baseball goes out of business, whatever it is, but it doesn't happen, and so we just kind of juniper energy and then kind of guy. Well, Norman Mps, seem to be undertaking that it's actually really fun. To pick out basque Ma Titus- and I talked about this last week in the package- is like science havin. A great time is a duke is without these deeds he's play. Friend, were packed house he's being idolized he's. There is never any of these experiences before this. Isn't a bad thing
anyway, I make a lot of money. Yeah I mean, I think, not the sun. The Gloucester Journal COM this, but I think the market will solve this before the unsuitable ever does yet. Is that what you're gonna have happened? Here is leagues. You know it's g or somebody else, steps in another sport. These leaks are created in their content, and people will watch them, not the numbers that they would watch. You know heart be no high level professional sports, but the watch low level, professional sports cars as young an interesting, and these are people you can follow, and then college ports can go off and be college sports, and you have the regional resuming the excitement in this affair and stuff, and I don't, I don't think it's essential the college sports to have the best of the best of the best. I truly I don't think you're like sitting at you know of national championship. In saying I have to see one of the greatest you know running backs in the country right now, we're, whereas we're not getting the best of the best. Now we're going
people that are like unfinished products for a year in basketball players in Asia. In football, it's a little more finished. Had stolen, get three years and entered your pretty you're pretty much there right I mean, but what Jason said I think is that point, and I brought this to Adam. He didn't take it and run with it, which made me feel. That was the one timing out, I don't say dodgy, but I think the G League is what solves all this at least four basque, but there's no answer from football, but I think, if they poor real money into the G league and have a thirty team league that has like a twenty five million salary cap n play, is they stagger it so that maybe it starts in like July, I in goes all the way through to leg January and then those people. It is fifty game, season and then they can join the big team at the end. There is a way do this where they can just make money from it and when I happens, college is done here, not
maybe a dialogue on as like a place to seize on websites and uncannily. It's good better for college to be that it is better because you don't have the headaches. You don't have the problem of having to police your talk to your talent, you know from getting income, it's ridiculous, but I think that you know that what they are frightened of is like what is that, due to the television product of it, if it at all, like a rose, the audience you know, is the gravy train, slowing and and that's the issue for that would think about their size, renewed breaks of the game which is set and seventy nine eighty and I'd forgotten this. The CBS has the NBA contract, but then the year before That's him, then, eighty season they go all in a college basketball for the first time and there's this real fear that they talk about in the book with the NBA people at college basketball going to surpass us well and what are we going to do it and they're showing all these college basketball games are tape delay in the NBA Games, and this is less than forty years ago, and now it now we're looking at college basketball going wow this kid
really just be. The embryo s basically compared to the Premier League of the G League in ten years. I really think that's conceivable, and I also think you're gonna see and and there's no reason legally. This could not happen that if you're going to create the Julian you're going to create an avenue for young people to not go to college and professionalized, while you can also do that for people who are in high school. There's no problem. May we have it in soccer, it exists. We have at the academy, rang exotic, and I don't think that there is anything in preventing teams like you will see. Players entered the Houston Rockets system. Players enter the Sacramento king system. You know, there's no, nothing standing in the way that legally dont judges rise. I think it is a fine example of how this work Sunday, because he was a pro names. Sixteen, as an eighteen year old, when he would have been in college buying at thirty game season he played in
five game season or something for Real Madrid and was planning its the best prose overseas and he turned out fine. So he was making money from age sixteen on versus and will examine whose only making under the table money the share and then we'll make real money next year, but maybe that's. It I sought to think that I agree with Jason the sense it like it. Something's called the University of Taxes Longhorns for Bob Basketball. I will watch them if at some of these people, people off, to a privilege, it still the euro unifying and by the way, as as NBA tap the brakes guy. Officially, here, rigour in the eternal met in the ASEAN is going to be. The biggest thing in the world versus e g league adjust just and correction for the further the foreseeable Future Agri Island. I can carry the way with the jelly like who don T mind. I get that literally. Nobody is watching the chilly gradients eight term as a billion billion dollar,
but the g, if the your cad, your top ten prospects every year in the basically, if they had the top thirty players who were freshmen is there can be a crazy sixty fourteen turn starting in March with modern Ross Amendment that having running at that later, I'm just saying I caught basketball gigantic right now, even though we're peel enough players there and when you are that this building at huge business, even if you remove the top thirty prayers, I still feel at college basque by March. Madness that would have more fun. Maybe holy Maybe we will thereby is schanz too, is a way to get the right now in and fires would stay longer. You develop relationships with them that are in a more lost, long lasting. But you know too, I'm tap on the brakes right there with your brain, but the other thing that happened is your private reasons I desire is that there is this whole sort of backlog of fan, excitement about him going back for five
years as his school kid career. There are video again. You know that, certainly all that stuff and that's really knew- and I think that that those players getting funneled into some sort of semi professionalized system or low level professionalized system, I think you know, will have more life because of that, because people are more alert than ever of all that stuff and that, as a whole, other media conversation that show the wild west of like high school highlights and all these people, like defying, you know another set of young people who are getting any kind of compensation here. That's only getting worse and worse too, I am fascinated by the Imo S and I think that's a good parallel to what we're talking about here. Emma S game, I ceases tickets, we went on Sunday and it was really fun an awesome time. There were a couple goodbye
I need steam that were like world class guys and then some other guys who you know it would be the equivalent of. I guess the G League in the in the NBA. But the point is the experience was still an a list experience. It's a great stadium, they've created these traditions and fans all stuff. We talked about on the spot before and I think I think college hoops few just remove the best twenty prayers. I still think you still have all that you multiplied by a hundred because of the college, the Lord the coaches, who are really the stars. The tournament regional story. I conferences are that stuff like I really. I don't think you do. Acted other than you'd be were you'd, be removing the one thing that people like me really watch college basketball for her to have a team is who are the best guys issue and no one you used get interested in the second tier prospects. I probably would
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The office at a town better at all birds. New Zealand Marino will require six percent less energy to produce than typical synthetic materials used than she is feel good about. Wearing them, Albert's wall, safe and seek you certified would seek you certified mean car. Why'd you do that which means its grown at sustainable farms where they treat the sheep. Well, all birds believes that comfort, sound sustainability, done it mutually exclusive, had you all birds that come to get your own very special, soft and cozy pair of war runners ion, I did this skyping with J and is northwestern class today and. Got one question that I thought would be fun to talk about for ten minutes. Cuz. I get this. Obviously that's the question I get the most, I'm sure it's a question you guys get the most to. How do I do what you do give me some advice. How do I get into this in one of the things I would say is
if you want to be a writer, and you want to write about sports we'd, which sounds really stupid and cliched. But it's not. Because over and over again I'm shocked by you know. There's this whole. We have sixty seventy years. A great sports books of this point re, including some of the autumn classics that had been written in the last forty pussy ears and the three of us have rid of this sometimes many many times, and I think when you tell somebody under twenty five, can t you know well Gimme some advice and tell him I have you read all the books and Al Qaeda. Look at you sometimes like. Oh really, should do. That should be the books which got which got me thinking. What do you think are the best books to recommend for people would say, there's a seventeen year old, listen this run our twenty or twenty two year old and you had to tell them fibre
to go red right now? That will help them understand. Writing better journalism better. Why we do this for a living? Why we love writing? Why we care about the shit? What five books would you pick would jump off your head and I did not prep you guys for this, because I thought you'd better. If it was like an authentic off the top of my head who yeah big subject, Ghana, I as a kid on that shelf and reading about that age was was Friday, night lights for me, and I think it's a it's a great book, but also shows you how you can take something someone, so I could have say about Jenkins early and just make people think it's. The coolest thing in the world, because you just invest summit energy in your right so well about it like the whole to me, the whole myth of Texas High School football. Now it's dinner with operation, varsity blues is created there. It's just
Those games exercise go for vital for bus Gooden, California, too, but that method quality that there's somehow it's much more matters words like bigger here. The sun sets differently in Texas. So that's my name Olympic. What's yours, Jason me and I'll just go from in O Otto biographical experience. I have at some point my father, who was not a big sports guy and actually forbade me from reading the sport section so in the great tradition of kids, who turn into things that their parents don't want them to be, but he gave me a Roger angels, the summer game and five season, which is really a funny book, especially fives he's, if you think about it, was just like essays about, like baseball, gave that at the time that I was reading, this were already ten years old and it was just you knows obviously super illiterate, and I was a way of looking at the game that I had never seen in a sports page, but also just felt the what a great loss
I feel, like you know, not to bring it back again. The Jenkins, but, like the great writers kind of also just took you there and made you feel you are part of it and made you feel you were in on this amazing sort of world in secret and they weren't just like kind of like conveying facts and information. They were developing a whole world like in a way the great novelist would an angel is as good as it gets. Obviously, and I think that was his real secret. Was he created worlds? For you, I mean it was presenting worlds was creating anything they still still alive by the way and still alive at nine may be the last one of those Asian, deliver and and and one that I would say is bill. Rustles autobiography, which is as great athlete Biographia Autobiography as there is it was written in his career, would tell a ranch to react, and- and you know it's just a means for a million differ reasons incredibly impact, for I think you need.
True telling player bio and there may be Jim Bounden Aggressor Asher? I think you need one big MAC, raking ugly piece of investigation. I quit The Jordan rules is a good. The nineties had a bunch of em member the book about Notre Dame got under the tarnish dome gal, the bookstore to grab that one season on the brink. Yes on the brakes, eliminate him, that's a little more high tone, but that's just there, which is that, like good muck, raking ones, that's a good one. I think I made a little owls. I've made a little starter Lester you guys, Hookah, take the bounce off you guys that may be people could listen to violate. These are essential sports books, but also Burgstead. Each one brought something a little different to the table, so breaks of the game, which I still think is the best one. Just because of the belief that a captures compared to what the whigs like now, but also leg, is like twelve fourteen page just deep dives, unlike Billy Rebates, and since its Maurice Lucas sailor, the access that
Yet so those guys just could never happen anymore. So far, a bunch of different, so good that wait till next year's ethic is fun. We talked about the pod before we go and and make lucre exchanging essays about this year near exports at frightening lights, bringing the heat by Mark Boden, nursing, We spent a year the Eagles, and there was the early night These were really the last time you could spend a year with a team and actually get real access. It's the fischler, water, where the journalist isn't on that be right in any other. Well, how does this work- and So he went on to do a whole bunch of great things, bringing the he I'm. Sorry I play for keeps. Was these sequel to break through the guy, That was Halberstam with a Jordan's last, both him and that's a really good, book and he didn't have the access and actually that's a better book than I think people remember money back, Michael Louis picture, I would say, is the most influential sports book of this century. Twenty first had to become incredibly rich and famous, for
sport book, unbelievable and think of other stuff that lead to music. Clearly, the most important China get business people to read your smorgasbord zagging, all right, it's it's Thea! What are they call that an filmmaking the acts of the acts like that's the money ball of the acts like they are out of us until pitch for any book. By the way I haven't the I've listed now, six books and all of them are must reads like you really honour at about sport Sunday, it's a! U have to read those six books, the city game by PETE acts down, but again it's it's fifty years old. At this point it is it's about that first, the exchange title, but I think it's more pronoun is what happened to the next. I like a bug. Near basketball, but also like the next are finally going to win the title now it's like, while I was seven years ago, the last shot by Darcy FRY, beautiful, ah great you could do a whole New York, bow primer, do have it as a playground
A trailer beds lashed out my favorite above those things, and I think the last shot came out like stirred Marbury had just gotten Georgia, the second night greater, but he's later in the Berger and Darcy is driving around yeah right and taken as a whole. By that, when it came out, be good, I think both ass it did it come out as a New York Times. Peace, I think, originate me maybe our harbours maybe magazine peace, and then it became the book but like that was just complete investment and that's an alarm buggy there that yes, I e plaster that today's loose pause. Is my favorite, our history book in the matter maybe a in the stories are great and we ve got her stories now, but if you're twenty five you might not have that leg was insane. That's the kind of forgotten place book. You go back to this place. That was awesome and has now forgot one. Now it's a documentary. I think people are more prone to just make a documented
our history ghosts of Manila by Mark CRAM, interesting choice about Frazier and was the first time I remember somebody challenging the myth of Ali, unlike laxity back rate of a gap, has seen basically tried to destroy Joe freezers, life and turn into an uncle Tom them and Uncle Tom and NGO Frazier is still it or about it all. These years later, it's really interesting. We read life on the run bill Bradley your choice. An athlete writing really thoughtfully about basketball, whose also playing basketball does that. Phil often is Jackson Maverick, but I think this books, better sees them Bobby Night for sure John Feinstein unfortunate John. Behaviour. The last thirty years has made people s. Parents like this book is just as cross prospect. Seven unflattering wherever the latter people, this books awesome untouchable book and just
night is so raw and crazy and profane, and a maniac in this, like you re really like. Oh my guy got everything this guy was in car gal coach in ages had everything right now. He did six things a week. That would force a resignation in two thousand. Ninety yeah agonies book open at big, is probably the most influential book of history. And then I really like pride, still mattered, though Vincent, but I fear that I thought that one in their richer bank Kramer one about Joad. Imagine at that were my to favour a kind of bright. So matters is mariners. Yeah, yeah lady thing: any sport bookie. That's another, and then Colfax offers them Colfax, Jane that Jane Levy Kovacs did those three anybody foreleg diving into an autobiography of sports figure. I think those are probably my three faiths and then after that, there's a bunch of random once when they have mention now give very thin ice.
By Larry Slow men about a year with the New York Rangers. No, the hockey team near Rangers, pretty it's it's like state fifty four cocaine era a year. It's like it the crazy I think it's out of print. Maybe fur is it's the perfect title for that. If their academic dimension, the can write a book now think was our common efforts at them as a famous one, I'm no rather the game. I forget. I was alone, forgot can die, that's the best IQ book ever and he was the goal for the Canadians in their big long run and just is also like. Like a great writer whose writing about in a key the floor what makes Gila flirt tack Can you imagine what it would be like a fire, Andrea with dollar just wrote a book about the warriors, and there was this incredibly well written a book about this site of eight, though those are fifty. Then? I would start with you have to read all fifteen, but the point is there's a lot of great book says at home,
and every time I think I've read all of them. Then I find like ten where they have rules and our shit. That's gonna, Michel forever. It I've, never read that. You know it's funny to reread that you love like Friday, night lights, I'm getting together with your old friends, think be miles. I missed him, but we were back, spend some pages together s, mayor Jason. What's the best cycling book ever well, I think most cycling fans would agree that it's the rider by guy named him Crab Crabby Crab, but I have a secret favorite, which is a book called dog and a hat by a guy named Joe Parkin, and it's like all great sports books are written by the people. Who were you know low level right. You know the people who work the superstars to people that were in the trenches. This is a book about just you know the dark days of belgian, Muddy Kerr Mass racing and is just as you guys,
no, I mean argue as opposed to the golden age of that type of its great and it's just there's so much skulduggery needs a really good writer and really funny. So I recommend daguna hat by Jo Park it. But I have a question for Curtis, which is that, what's the best cowboys book. Oh, but I really like the german book. I love That was a good right, so I'm I'm I'm in the Bayliss trilogy yeah way you gotta get mean that's speaker, the muck raking, nine o, my God, a book about a book about Tom Landry cuts- goats. That was the muck raking book about Landry yeah, for that landed in our faces, allows a story. Now he was a radio paisley say news out to lunch. Like the last time, I got all the players to tell it. They're emanates yeah, it's excruciating! That's a great book they just want to add, like the player who dropped out book, who just felt like the sports. Isn't it me I'm out of here in these other bitter, about smoking dope or whenever, like day Maggie,
the elderly. Everyone is a great one about you, t cold meat on the hoof by Guy the Darrell Royal Ut. Football factory was like I hate this. This is these. Coaches are tyrants and we've had that. That's a great, but like those books where you realize it sports has this just people there like I want. I don't like that. They affect this. We'll wilt will Chamberlains autobiography, which I wrote about in my book. Was it as this, cover of justice closer but well versed. I commend the first. What yeah? It's well, not just your average, because the ten thousand women one as the one, the attention which is an inferior book. This was nineteen. Seventy three I beg you level no here and it's you he urged in world at all they didn't want. Neither must read again, I saw I enjoyed please Basque above TAT is, but I think I ve every basketball book. That's ever come out, and what's where it is Coming out anywhere,
the internet has just kind of swore a basque bucks. I'm not really sure where that happen. At any moment, horse has a big leubronn, but coming out likes her like that you're, the bronze second chapter, nay, icing goes company. There are books about Katy staff, curry books, Leubronn, books, gonna come out, but if telling the big kind of like unexpected work of reportage, of what a lot of these are in a very low to say go right. That or somethin rat book has not come out in a while of easing like what. If somebody wrote a book or wanted to write a book about Le Brian, his buddies in this whole empire, they built but it was gonna be like, and that this is in any case has become raining. Everything I think could be hard to read a book like that, because I think they have so much influence that they would just shut out who that person could talk to cuz. We saw this happened with the Michael Leahy Book about Michael Jordan.
Where Jordan decided at like any of this book and that got do get frozen out for a year and the resulting boat was that that good, because he was so bitter about the lack access he had, but also like books are just reverse engineer. Now its party is partly a function of the business. Now they ve they start with. The idea of who can get on television who can get out there in promoting people are gonna. About, and so, if you have access to an athlete having Leubronn Maverick Carter run around and talk about the book on national television, which obviously they would do it visible, adding tat right so that their being you know, their involvement is central to it is the most important thing and and and who writes it and how good it the secondary. Did you forget the live? Album three lava, my love, I would allow bomb. I wonder, Flake Jackie! Does these infomercial documentaries that everybody is making have replaced the book everybody's got accrue following them? Film in them, for some documentary here's what it was like when now, when I came back from me search, I feel that
and I feel I last year the reality show replaced the magazine. Peace like ice truckers The great magazine that he's a good turn into like Malta seasons of a reality show, and then you right in the sports, Doc conscious you you, You might have merged the sports book. I mean it's like you once because once its authority for thirty maximum Giovanni Black, once I give you the thirty four thirty s amused gonna, let that be that fight years ago. That would happen in the zone of somebody. Can go right that book and ran somebody was there and can go, talked everybody and get our Dickerson odd stuff. But I do feel like went to see the thirty four thirty or thirty come I'm satisfied I forgot to mention that fab five, but that Michabo dead, which I have complicated failings on because I know jail inside of the story with it. Nevertheless, periscope save us a pre in pre. We found out a lot I without a lot after, but in the moment that was a pretty meaningful book, because I hadn't really read somebody. You spend time with college athletes
who were having their jersey, solid, Fer, a hundred bucks, while they, you know, had barely enough money to buy two big back Siena with such that somebody comes at a moment's a I'm glad that bug exist. I'd I'd, there's still a ton of sports books being written cause. They get married tomorrow, all the time and they only nasal industry. They there's based public's coming out. Left and right, nothing, I think there is an audience for them because they wouldn't keep making them. If you know I look at what book is out there? What book de wish she could read brain. I have not written in which do. You wish somebody was working on it gets. Back to where we were with the eye and be plaything, but if but if Kevin Durrant started to write the real book. Sure Audrey, that with a ghostwriting, I think here their. He wrote the wilt book now and just laid it out.
You read that whose everybody about that, whose our best person or at the work as a key he has the color, is carry now. It's gotta be cabbie, bets gotta be bigger than tat. He's gotta be Katy. Ok, here's IDA, I just don't think you'd be candid as what was an epoch as their repercussions back the use of a blood as all story about areas. First, classing blown by the lady next to him in that I get overheard may guess he saw you believed going gave no facts and I think I think Katy would have to get out of here. As like. What's the name of this book like he gave all the facts, can we put those I can take a book is kind of our mentioned on. This was always Ivan cut the adduced they wrote yeah amid was wanted. A came on everybody's, like you big liar, and then it was alive. Basically all true and it is a kind wildly entertaining, but because he does go into the lives of earth It's the eight minutes. Wait I'll get sued boy,
Have a show is right for Jesu by reverie up a marrow here? If you're a publisher and your boss gave you ten million bucks and said you can have any contemporary after they still have to be active, you can have the autobiography who'd. You want The honest to get the wilt bought a biography version of them might think of you. I know you have to consider their has with liability and whether or not they will give you that kind of thing. I think you have to consider that I'm gonna like like a tiger would be a death rate weed I agree with the report's. I guess exactly alike just got it in factories and need Tiger for having its Serena Williams. I think that, like she has remarkable life. I think she has an incredible story to tell, and I think she has a wildly huge audience and I think they would It is my view that is, I feel extracted, did that with the doc you serious little bit irony went behind the curtain with her little boy. It would probably for me there's no basketball player. Therefore, popular.
You're saying: there's no basketball player wide eyed Miller, who has a good book in them circuit? know. Everything about the basque work by Richard Sherman could write a great book which Germans but could be good. I mean it's done on a regional level, but cigarette great book. No quarterback or no no, he be I've. Gotta answer I'm coming clean by Feel Mickelson. The film Mickelson zero folks book would be the end of the scene. I don't care here. All my worry is that I am thy we ever and here is here, but this is the way to think about the basketball book, though, like think of a guy who has been on a whole bunch of teams who wasn't a star who was just kind of a great person, I, like you, know
is it like big, Andrea who dollar Channing fry Lickety? There's somebody who, I think, a great book and Richard Jefferson, richer, Jefferson, Sunrise he's now these guys do pack has Vince Carter. That's Carter's tools. Are these stores, I can only reiterate dressing. We were aiming at us. No would know. Imagine the sacred hoops thinker which former secretary of such action I'm gonna. Did you read that I read on bathrobe exaggerating I read every fell Jackson Book, the thinking. One is the one he rode after he left the Lakers in the mid two thousands when he just assassinate Kogi. Over and over again, an old higher back. What was his courageous name was Charlie, whereas if my former page to colleagues forget about we're not put in the sports port is coming to a close were bright, Arabs are Jason is going to do a parting shot, Take this needs. Jason right! Well, gentlemen, in
Endlessly stimulating world of professional sports media, there is a secret mysterious force out there that holds more power and more influence than any other entity. No I'm not talking about all Simmons and Danny Ainge and Darrow Morey, everyone who everyone knows or co conspiring to drag down this border basketball and the great city of New York I am talking about the critics and what the critics are saying not a day goes by, world sportswear reporter, doesn't lean into some hockey player or basketball player Football STAR and tell them what the critics say. Critic say: You don't wanna, be here, critic, say you're a disruptive force and best of all. What do you say to your critics? These critics have a lot to say, and yet somehow they remain, namely
we never get a precise idea on who they, on its possible there very real people. It's also possible that critics are a convenient straw, man, a somewhat sheepish journalistic device to insulate the questioner from the criticism. By the way, this devices abundant and all forms of journalism from business to politics some. I listen about media podcast featuring a homogenous panel of similarly minded middle age, Whiteman Brian. What do you say to critics who say you're too fixated on print journalism fashion hasn't been relevant since the late nineteenth. Why not guilty and bill? What do you say to credit Claim you don't talk enough about the Boston, Celtics Ethic, Critics finally realise that reporters are stealing their questions. They are going to be angry. They might even get really mad. But to these
critics. I have only one question: what do you have to say to the critic well well, that was that was almost too good to get you something to pay that that's gonna appear in the Wall Street Journal magazine weeks, just press does Sandia. He really had an active train ride rate in that I found I may have had too much coffee at through, as does the kid when We think what a way to end many Bethink really makes you think maybe thoroughly makes you think what a productive, what a productive upset the sports are primarily great party. Shall we saw basketball, we recommended twenty five sports books. What are the headlines that are gonna be pulled from this about the Nixon bill? Summons, that's that's! How companies down, so unhappy mixed bands of my life. I really bad at me that I agree with you. You don't realize what you did you did this and they didn't do anything
they do. Is they do? I think, they're onto something I think you have sent internally. I have but one in five years. I apologize. I like them, expense some gay. What can we read remunerated? The Wall Street Journal, I'm goin on vacation. You can read nothing gradually read my colleagues there, alot, smarter and better than I brand Curtis Press boxing couple surprises at a military about when the mice go off here, o K. Wait redoubt, awesome thanks guys and enjoy the weak and everybody we back on Monday, Post, march madness with the UN that could have gets a neighbor. Listen when shining pike ask as will be written down the the March madness bracket so see on Monday. I taxes We advocate the gutters, appeared a concise bs. Thanks to all birds, they make stylish comfortable footwear designed for lives every day ventures, the all birds wool runners which are made from well. They look great design, super simple, perfect friend and out on the town. In the office, Sir, in my case at my daughter, said
game minutes muddy and cold, and I need nice. Warm wall hit all birds that continent from very pair your very own pair of soft and cozy will so yeah. Oh and billions thanks then it's launching again I'd show time marked seventeenth, nine o clock the seasonal, everything changes, enemies, become allies, hours become enemies, Emmy Word winners, podgy minded Damien, Louis or on hand as Czech and acts Don't miss the new season, a billion Sunday March. Seventy nine pm online Showtime. Listen to our recap. A package were recap that apps after Duffy at about one shall pass this weekend if you're ready for the madness There will be going tonight actually, after our summer account. You can say and then they're doing the bracket up said Sunday, the heavy covered they have cow covered, say Patrick stay, you believe it said
they'd Saint Patrick stay bracket? Shall do you believe that doesn't mean you can drink it imagine beleaguered when I get it's about fine about. Might it not warranted? Aha, enjoy that we get back amendment ways.
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