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The Stanton Trade Swindle With JackO (Ep. 300)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his old buddy JackO to discuss the Yankees trading for slugger Giancarlo Stanton (5:00), Derek Jeter's secret agent status (12:00), the state of the Miami Marlins (17:00), the renewal of the Red Sox–Yankees rivalry (21:00), Shohei Ohtani signing with the Angels (27:00), Mike Francesa's farewell (35:00), and the chance Holy Cross changes its mascot's name (42:00).

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as for the last twenty five months or so so all them around there. Go on Monday Bloomberg broke a story about a lawsuit filed by a former and a phone network employee that alleged sexual harassment against a number of her coworkers. At the end of that work, one of the names was Eric Limburger. Now the president of Bs Mg. Someone has been on this package before here's the statement that the ringer gave on Monday night after the story broke. We said these are very serious and disturbing allegations that we were made aware of. Today. We are placing Erika leave indefinitely until we have a better understanding of what transpired during his time at the ineffective, and we will conduct are
an internal investigation. Unfortunately, that's all we can say publicly right now. I just wanted to mention that here just in case some it it was a story that was covered pretty extensively. In our statement I think, was in Muslim, but just in case you miss that that was. What we said, one of those weeks where you know if we make content as a as a website and it's a company- and it's got to keep going then and that's all we can do- is keep going so we're going to call my buddy Jacqueline talk about a bunch of stuff that happened in the sports world today, and just keep going here. While we're taken this on a Wednesday and theirs lotta storylines, going on right now that directly affect my buddy Jacko longtime member memorabilia bs report once upon a time, Bs Pack has now
I don't even know where to begin, but I think we should probably begin with the return of the evil empire, which is not not star wars coming back, but the Yankees, the Yankees Yak get walk us through your reactions this weekend, madrigals the most wonderful per year, and I got a wonderful Christmas. Whether it was the I've been for? I woke up right. I am working on the internet and dinner those reports that doing Carlo had dinner at declined to go to Saint Louis and or San Francisco, I sit down and talk with them that he wouldn't waivers no trade. Could I haven't? They had the list of the four key in this May I give included the other fourteen that river HTML Elsie Elsie S last year, and so you did your mind start to think about it. A little bed
I don't really need concrete measures that would be like an a wonderful luxury to have, but it wasn't high on our list of priorities in the season. So I'm like this will in no way this was gonna happen together at the part with limited prospects and now the point were, unlike in love, this prospect that are on a par with that at the meeting that I have come to be one of those guys, but I am one of those guys now, so I can't let you start to get hopeful and your reading like John him in now can Rosen. God are the usual baseball setbacks, hearing these rumours and things, and then I was at a refreshing twitter parts. You frequently it I've tried it out myself out of economic. This isn't gonna happen. Wake up on Saturday, twitter and I do they have a deal in place and I was just absolutely incredulous. It was so exciting it and the possibilities. Next, our thinking about, obviously Stanton and Jug batting. You know next to each other back to back until it evaluates junk joined with the like, my god. What will later be credible at the fact that
You know they gave up Darwin Castro, go I like a lot and so her lower, lay having to say about Albania have observed I have to say about a sterling Castro. You'll be fine, but it didn't really hurt that launched the party with the most exciting. It must have heard to give up your seventh best prospect and somebody his nightmare type. One hundred that must have been painful it. What is hurtful- but I mean values- part was after the trade abbot like get out obviously include Yankees were allegedly on is the one on a list of approved kids. It look like it. You can add that target it, but I've got him all excited talking to my followed it. So I said to my wife and my lobbying has made a big trade for this. Guy was at eleven p m. We can only talk, run to elucidate Chagos, dopey, achingly pitcher, how
You know how the ball incredible ITALY and see she really out. She put up may live near the she's not like really under which she did now that pitching was more of a priority than Jane Carlos out, but the faded may little bed, but then, of course, I moved out You know when you read things like the last came with the most home run, that the guy with the most abroad on paper it got traded in your mind, starts to go crazy with possibilities, though it was exciting with it was great. I might come back to came out of nowhere and been huge first and then commanded nowhere, because he put you seek. Age implant combined of Marla fright he bought a part of it. I look I would mention had brought with them. They had agreed earlier below their dieter of a capital. Disgraced as part of that play an obviously work betrayed him to the to the cardinal defender of the giants first and then have to reject that yelp part of our nefarious plan.
Yeah. He should ye shall shot them or add the teams that stand didn't wanna play for before. Racquets arriving at at the egg, the team that I'm here he's one of the most famous Yankees of our time is the cap, and here he goes to Florida they buy the Marlins for one point: one billion dollars for some reason reasons there remain occur, he's afraid his a four percent stake, which right comes out to like forty five million of his of his own money. He becomes the front facing person let the guy behind the scenes is somebody use as Michael Bouwman. Roy about in the ring on Saturday. Has a history of just getting things so they buy this team. Stadiums already pay our because they swindled the fence Geats comes the as I can hear, or one of the great Yankees he's gonna teach us all about how to win and comes in a beautiful.
As a bunch a long time and poise and axes that their dramatically cut in the budget. Gets into a stair down with their best, where in one of the best home run the last twenty years shops of around, and it just doesn't look it's gonna work out and then miraculously who comes to save him. The newer game, he's, while at least the egg is gave up along the trade on other, don't give up anything. You gave up nothing. I, I don't understand we're just sign, makes it for the two sixty five these do for the next ten years or so there would have been a great signing and you didn't have to give up anything. I just don't understand how this trade happens and, more importantly, why would you want to buy a baseball team and then ruin it, especially if your job their children. You had this awesome career people like you, you leave with respect, he move you, you you'd start the prayers Tribune which,
You know, I have mixed feelings about the prayers Tribune of least it's point the something and then Does this, I dont understand, what's in it for him, this allegedly competitive guy? Why are you doing this? Well, things are confused me. Isn't this whole thing is that Junior keeps getting all the heat for these banks like in a back in October, the Marlins got rid of the scout. While he was in the hospital. Recovered camps are surgery or chemotherapy. You guys know the team forever and they get the man they get rid of Jack Codeine, whose apparently beloved Florida Marlins. You know let border Marla legacy that beloved and they get rid of him. Jerome we only four percent of the time. How much say that you haven't? You wouldn't understand it. If he is, if you call the shots, is one thing and appear and has been horrible that you think that, after an amazing pr camp, Pierre career in New York, or he never had a blemish on him that he would know better how to
the media and prevent these things are the better way re or is not calling the shots, and you just being put out there the scapegoat, which is like light. Would you pay a forty five million dollars to bear the scapegoat? Why I think it will be awful, but we ve seen this happen before it hasn't happened as much recently, because the rich guys kind of figured it out where either they had put together. These guys wanna buy a team right to famous people feel. You're, famous athletes, and it's like all by the team- all put up four percent of the money you put up the rest and I'll run it, and these rich gathering- oh my god, they're cheaters, calling me the fund, this is great I'll. Do it and then they realize they gave away all the executive power to this person who owns Forbes percent of team over the course of the last ten years have been rich people realised its really idiotic for me to own a team and then give somebody else, the car keys, So we have seen it as much in this case, I think the guy
His name is Bruce Sherman that guy's name dear Bruce and looking at the marshlands as like this entity that he can, he's looking at it like like a car that, just as all these parts and the parts, the sum of the whole of the parts is not worth as much as the parts so now it's my guide, stripped down the car and get down the debt pay everything off and then the parts are actually pretty good cause. You have this really good park in a big city that shit on the fans now three different times over the last twenty years, but ultimately, ten years from now. If you keep the budget way way down, an you try to rebuild. Maybe this is an asset without a the tv money and live sports and everything picked up. The part I don't get is how you talk eater into this hey, tucked energy while being like you get to owners, but here's the deal problem you're going to have
destroy baseball Miami for the next seven years I mean dear, is a hyper competitive guy is either most competitive guards with George tight, sending I've decided upon my settled down. Taken that moderate yourself. Fraser does, however, temperatures, defend he's nodding in and approvingly erupting a lot better. Caroline, I beg of you better than anybody Gerda jarred, but he now even competitive, now takes a classic even have a team in North Carolina. So just pick the best him is he just could the standing says I couldn't out. The areas is occurs on top least today need a baseball team. Is a hybrid competitive guy. He was to be an honour. This opportunity promised that presented itself. He lives in Florida, and maybe he looks at it like it. Like a housekeeper like you by the Dogma house, that's riddled with problems
you gonna suffer through the renovation of it all those things and not get out things you have built up in five or ten, maybe five to ten years when they have ordered prospects, ran they become like the Astro or the Cubs or the eighties, and always prospect that now blossom superstars than your hero in Miami is you're. The guy brought baseball back. He suffered through the lean years and hopefully now you're on top Ellie competitive, if not dominate re playing as bad as I don't understand why you would be illegal murdered in the press. Now am I getting where two thousand cleaning up the front office? Ocular people? You know the things they think the master forward, a million dollars tat. Somehow then contact contract they couldn't paid his thin and they can't put anybody around them tat. They can spend that money and then each soup
there is a very popular player in Miami she's, the only another big day paid franchise. Yet they can only reason ago the parrot right they get rid of them over the weekend of day for the franchise and then the policeman. We are meeting star and Junior allowed all these reports that I was reading. What common thing at year to give it show up in our land over the winds, repeated new phase of the franchise beliefs to explain things, give offence and hope that I'm watching the pitch it up and get him on Monday night is kinda shown and then a luxury bugs watching the dolphin Jim Yeah exempted Undergraduate Prijedor terrible marketing gotta, be better than that do no light is traded this guy I'm alive we're running this baseball team now and I'm watching a buck. Winter meeting what, Spain is how he didn't get one of the top three prospects I have on that's any get Torres, but maybe it the number three guy and then reading about the trade over the last couple days. You know not only
Did the egg is not have to give up any there big prospects, but then add the Marlins to commit to this thirty million our payment, if Danton ops into his contract, two thousand twenty in and then you re articles that enough? The Yankees are just bluffing, because I don't wanna make dieter look bad but they're like you know. We talked, internally. We went back and forth. Is it what the fuck did? You guys go back and forth did make Briefly, now hundreds less these twenty years old, we didn't know how to talk to judge and see if he was ok, sick, fuck you course. You were doing this red fertilizers. Giancarlo colony Calm. Whenever you know what he's in the eighties, our common and Roma can make for there s near Jim, Carlos you an make liberal. I think he had the Marlins completely over a barrel. He was gone off shots. He has this contract that they pay and he refers to the hotel.
But but for the four areas where more than ever go back the dodgers work, but I gather that we know that the Baker and they won t I wanna- do before you keep guy. I want to point out. One thing is it's really important makes Danton into them. In fourteen there's a chance like one of the great geniuses ever play baseball that contract he oh she added credit right. He he basically the Marlins. I hear you. We wait to stay in his leg. Enough. I trust you what, if we do the contract this way and again and out after six years and I'll take less money these first couple and will back loaded and argued you a chance to be competitive these first couple years. And I want to know you here and I want to know trade cause the entire time and thereby what about half the times. I know these are by three conditions, so he does it and it was like that one of the art,
Those car set were saying he was agnostic dynamics. Nostradamus Stan cause. He basically right smell out exactly was gonna happen and then, when they when it came time to get the team in trade em, he could side where he wanted to go and what the situation was, and it was kind of incredible like he really not only of the owner two thousand fourteen but add dieter we're a barrel. So do I keep on with the teams? I mean you know that, apparently the Dodgers didn't wanna take on all. For they were tried out there trying to give better prospect and in order to have the Marlins eat them of the contract. Yandah Marlins couldn't eat the contract. Amid the Marlins a bit like to leave, the house ran, they can't pay their mortgage and they have like a five thousand dollar leather couch kid. They kept paper that either and political mom I'll give you five hundred bucks for that couch Randal Bit o you bought the pit five grand for it, but you can't pay your borders and get pay. The couch still face too. If you say no yours but painful.
You ve been here is that the way to second, though these guys it's only the owner had the team for the last seven years, a these guys bought the team. Knowing this was gonna. Have no that's apart. I don't get. It sank. What's funny about any tendency, and I will try to look at it like the owner. It's like what's funny about doing this through so many different things you can buy what what? Why is? It is vital for deeper rich behaviour. Super duper, rich hedge fund guy, you could buy all the Ferrari is not a cost of that you want. There is only so many professional sports teams We are at the country club, you know you're what's bomber and he owns a key human mark cuban under human. You don't own a theme. At least you can say you all want now. You believe this guy obey but hold that thought yeah. You can say that, but near like the guy who's, the guy with. Worst asset in the room. What team do an eye on the morrow and seen the team that just got gutted like you? Look like you're loser the hopeless
in ITALY is the major events, such as the new figures in a good and a few years. Do you give your ride not the rough years and then You can watch some swaggered of years. It still ego purchase you by sports teams. Totally it's you, you basically swinging democratically in thy Gama, rich guy, here's my in I have a yacht, and I have this. Fourth, giant houses and ass? I was sports team near sports to him, so you doing that The sports team is, is it out like the right of the litter, ed at you. Just shouted the rice pray for nothing it's ago. So what you around the Marlins yeah we just took twenty cents on the dollar four makes. Then the compromise means that only the rough are gonna be easily. Obviously, gonna gave it you're the owner, understood either a luxury but others ten other people, this baby. What either painting. In your continuing to bleed money, I mean that's what you d rather be other, do and say a thing like look. We have yellow.
Build around em and we're going to have some prospects or resume what were they built around back great, but she has now so I ll go to remove these kids. You gotta watch these kids the next five years. I ve been a struggle. Myrna blossom, it's gonna be, like you know the Cubs.
Chris pride or the Yankees were charge that ever if there were some super start taking time and what nobody could gather, you know how that money to be up there do amount quick bait to talk by go. Ninety from my friend Peter Bird, the creator, frightening lights comes Q, be won a series that takes him inside the lives of nations, topical quarterbacks. This is the true story of high school for Bond America Leg Jake from before he was the break out your freshmen leading Georgia to the conference championship he's one of the great Highschool quarterbacks in Georgia. History keep you went, takes you inside his journey to stardom, follow Jake along with tape, Martell Entry and Table bowers as they tackle the most important season of their lives on an off the field. Is the true story of high school for bond market told through the eyes
nations top quarterbacks watch Cubey one every episode streaming online just go, do go. Ninety Dat show sash bs. This all thing reminds me I'll, get closer, look at what you will get the job of answers to those making. Yet you go up. There is right. The public debt covered up it is. That is maybe that's just what they should do before every game to show on the jumbotron waving offer ranks. We have the court's everybody: five, that fact is the five, I don't really count on here. I don't count on nine. You cheated Did she remembered how my God, how many leaders on the average I've enjoying the same level from you, because it means you're, totally broke it stay culture has broken aspect. Is the ball of hay Britain, bitterness that I couldn't be out there when you change for make. I was really upset I'll, be honest, rigid, Sweden! Now
I will say that all the better, because we would like the number one guy that may not get back an early. Wasn't that media we were never in a real word about people were call you put it. No to put up with you, have clearly demonstrate forgets we're fine up that's about it all the better, the egg you didn't even leader, display in getting a fifth tired or car, then I say have another tire, but really need it and then run the red so desperately need them have no part whatsoever. I heard all summer with IE I about how they should trade everybody in the world for June Carlo, and then these is already the Yankees lap, fantastic additives, they could be able to handle a big market. I'm glad we voted
too much pressure ever pay the big baseball game in his life. Twenty eight is out, I think, he's gonna fold like a piano with. I believe that now know where that this later you care about, you will live. I'm out what this been bound, the deed or doing this to the Marlins fans reminds me of our hero nor Mcdonald, when he asked As the now- and he did this thing- that the candy Chris, Savage Cagey as a Christmas Daban come out. Birthday, Jesus HOPI, like crap, you didn't did I joke within three years That's that this reserve happy birthday? Marlon stands. Hope you, like crap, there comes a edge for three hours there. It's kind of like by one take. You should get three great, I'm gonna make it really part a two dollar for years now we have this company buzz is judged dancing. First of all, I have to do
luggers, who might not of peat dead is Sluggards is pretty incredible. He's a hundred right homers combined last year. They might actually together gopher more than that firm I'm a bench clearing brow standpoint, it's this areas. Combination of guys, I think we ve ever had. I murmured think the Yankee team that one awesome fight you had with Benita is I value that wasn't every year, the completely insane barrister strawberry And then you had a gram, Lloyd, district, Crazy Australian, who, I think was like six hundred and thirty or six for and then somebody else big was on that team. Who was who else was on that the third act. Jeff Nelson, but the big guy new was Chile is still in the team. Now he was run another did, but this is the combo abstained and Judge Judge seems like a super nice guy, but you know if it
it ever if it ever really goes down. It's nice to have a six foot said again, sixty six guy. You know I was. I was thinking that last year watching the eight used out through them like opening day when they locked up and judges six, seven, eight ten, This is six eight oh yeah Chapman is situated in a thick sticks in the back is like six weeks are six seven you have it entirely want to screw with the Yankee The problem, a chap it is cause, he's a hundred forty years old, the any can't run by the time he had by the time he got out of the bull pen, the fight so I take it, take three hours to get from the book at the edges, man, let the float yeah. Well, I think the robbery. My pen, I had a judge that the area So our move is my shadows. Kind of out there right he's is Panama that really available, but he's a little bit available as much in sport centre last. I think her chin was on their knees, talkin about.
There are thinking about moving the shortstop but is also kind of available, and I would I would die Andy Foger to the airport I'd help of attack contrary to our favoured it out. Pretty incredible, though I would, our farmers into progress there, but I do I do think You know he was hurt last year I do think he's an asset and I think if the Red Sox were thinking about an upgrade trade in and it starts at Bogart, and then he put a couple other pieces in their the interesting part be like, if Machado, probably the delay favorite opposing player that Red Sox fans have right now, special he took out. Our beloved destined for Georgia and ruined his Caesar. I brought tat part would be interesting bed, you know of Machado gonna, be out there. I think there's only a couple that makes sense, I'm not sure the Orioles or trade him to the Red Sox. But if that my point is
If we're gonna bring the rivalry over, you couldn't have read about it and they let you they want an italian woody back. Don't you do that Andrew Beckett, the most handsome baseball player in the planet Andrew and Japan attending now, I wouldn't do that. You're, a man Mathilda, contrary Jimmy grappling age or been attended in the same year that one of the women of austerity do heartbreaking. I think for the ravelry to really come back in its in its toward their out enough will ever be like it was in oh two or three give boon? Managing the red Sox now, who is, is things back PTSD for every red Sox and every every time I heard his voice doing any is paying game return, they see his face, it just brings. We know dark place, you have him yet these two suckers. You have the fact that gender.
Is there a secret agent who delivered this for you and have worked out and shadow? Who, who am? I shall be honest, I think the Yankee France are afraid of. Gotta. Think he's had a lot of good Since I am not afraid of him not afraid at least guy many. We ve had success with the day. Many here that part of this excites me. I hope there, where back because there is really no reason care about regular season baseball other than your own. There really. Is it now who's on anything. I just watch the rats ethics Harold. We can't like a tiny went to the angel. I didn't know who I was on my team other make trout. Well what about your fancy weight. There are real other where's, but I don't I don't
it's weird. I know other individual players there, but I have no idea how they fall into the larger context of success or failure. Lester plain the red Sox thing I knew. I know the answer was the Yankees ever No really the edges of the deadliest- might have some toy seven. Yet youth and they're gonna be a charter not for the next five to ten years, but we really need them great help. There every comes back, who back, who bats third and who bets forth by the way where we want talk about what they would that judge. Second, because they want to break up. The writing is but up to my country, and I want to see those two guys back at back to back. I would it judged. Third and fourth day, I don't care ready, lefty, I want those later you know who's Garrick Metal, merest. I want them back to back from your judge Denton as a non yankee fan from a tv flipping channel standpoint. If there were three foreign, some order just where those are the two three four.
I done mainly in five hundred per year and then, if you add together even talk about that Gary Fincher, through thirty five plus among last year and Mr Mother, the seas and has over the past hundred sixty games and light could be something homerun Can I can t said that Bulgaria Sanchez sure I can. I can get him out whenever one for any good time. I'm getting him out. You know Mister rivers, recorder, you know it's true. Believers recording area Sanchez at Gay Sanchez. Guys at their second to ass, ever the right pitcher, the innings over mark is not right that the save it save. I like wherever is back. We will remain a red Sox, Yankees Pike. S issue cooperate to talk about
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So the angels right I was fastened, by this story, because from what I heard from my inside sources, somehow I'm inside sources- and this one- and I think, he's even though said this publicly- he wanted to be the only japanese player in the team. He really. I do not know about yeah so that rule that just that could help us on that one yeah. I think you did I think he wanted to be in the West Coast cause you liked warm weather yeah not sure he's bent to Anaheim, which is basically Worcester with amusement Park, it slightly better whether but in shock me if it came out that one of the three biggest reasons was that he really enjoys Disneyland. Prepared unprepared for this to go in all kinds of directions. This two, so tiny sent. Firstly, he's hurt. That seems, import right, he's got
like a sort of removing the teams, knew that and then came the new that apparently before they all went like made their presentation but you're, not that would like coming out after the fact, but there were where you got it at over behaves like well together, It's an added the sorrel nerve, it usually type of injury that leads to Time John Surgery, but he should be ok flat, so that was change is all value that he throws a hundred and two or whatever the pitcher does all value, and I guess you can hit too, but I believe I say it with the Good NEWS is no japanese pictures have ever comments immediately baseball then immediately and our problem. So there's no time recorded on the surface Thea, the thought of somebody pitching then being the did she other days. I dont think I ever been more excited by non red Sox and it's phenomenal story fantasy baseball implications of this it is the most
exciting thing that ever happened when the history fantasy sports cars there's two scenarios. One way faint these poor, especially baseball like the crazily gammon you just get. The pitch stats or the heading stats so right when my EL pitchers in three Games Series and Wrigley. I dont get his stats when he goes over four and converse end. The status of its homer, I don't the of Muky bets pitches, the ninth anything I don't get those don't count as pitching stats. The door's been historically divided scenario, Tawny, and the question is: do you count him. Does account is one person which, if he did, Most makes any snake draft unfair because you taken with the first pick and you're getting potentially match Pincher editing you get into two top notch prayers. If you an auction. What's he worth Could he be where seventy five dollars? Would you pay like you're, paying a premium for where's or
split him up and make him two different entirely. Human two different human beings in what is a tiny pitcher and a tiny, the header more goods only already that it is weak, they had discussions and that's what they're and do they're going to treat them as to separate players with when people have accommodated the age and one tat could have atomic picture. I think that's crazy. I think I think he should count is the same idea like when is a summary of the happily. I just want to know what its leg and I love the fact that fairytale fair. Hell. Baseball is currently used to call it that having like serious discussions about this. Like like it's like, I lay a like that the senatorial decision affair. Can I see your things bathrooms or something let's hear him drunk Tommy Jug Tommy, what awaited US data this support for cohesion drafted, so that price can be fun, though not fun.
Artisan the angels when a depressing to see they ve had the best wherein the league for five straight years. It's like you, know, eager angels, red. Exclaimed: there's fifteen thousand bits expensive at it. Now I think the island you gonna be about my prediction, proud to say that they give you didn't gotta, get you out treating out things about out. Chair when they have a you know, all the height, but I was never really a believer everyone due note. I came with her at such a bit. Ok, but you, like, I say anything like he was like Roger Clemens, science has denounced Andy, cope backdrop into one an arrow ball, any Percinet Highschool tournaments, neither national hero, national treasure break but I think the way there's no way to still be able to push ahead with the Major League Burma, because the basic nowhere know how and if he does it'll, be one of the most incredible things we ve ever seen. We
listen, I write it out. It is good. I read in the mere opposed, but it didn t make with former Yankees Prospect, Brandon, layered and I'll eat branded Laird was singing his criticisms. Kid thing about, like baseball, is commit violent phenomenon. The pearl hundred tat, whatever minutes, had Brendan, learn what the Japanese, like an old man with a street. So, as I said at your dominantly, were brilliant Laird bump leader, I don't think they're making your bustin coopers tapped it s. True, one or two allegedly funds gory its head base will be finally yeah baseball's gonna be super fun and I'm just gonna watch the red Sox TAT hit it. Maybe but over the ETA that work for the JAG stand Carbo every once in a while, which which will be under the immensely entertaining I, I was reading friend to go to the mariners for some reason. My dream scenario I kind of wanted.
We are arguing about in the Ringer slack. I really wanted Stainton go to the San Francisco giants because that as a team that is successful, but just incredibly boring all the time and but I really right about that reaching home runs go out of their ballpark and I feel like it should be a rule in baseball that you have to have a home, run hitter at an inn in that, whatever the giants It was called there there. To be a home run, hitter, whose capable of heading five hundred farmers into the water, the guy had to swim in the boats after it, like I just that I miss, it admits that about the bonds experience I wish he'd gone there, but my favorite stadium of the one, but I have been great ball migration and everything your car is incredible, guys over the lay out, perfect yeah yeah and it's fun for a highly. Said it's fun when they're in the play, I ask as a decisive stadium, but what about kayak back and all that is true.
About that he would have been legendary. There had been allowed into the back that relate to other topics for us. First, one make France S, release on Friday. It's over. He had the the Walter did a lot interviews unclear what he's doing your axed we we'd nobody's going, something we did eat eat seems. He wants to do right things. I offered him a chance to keep his NFL picks alive for the next six weeks, either this part cast a rude, create especial six episode. Pack has what every wanted me. Your browser, if you do of me and I posted on Friday, as he is considering that I can. I can say that publicly, but I was hoping that maybe like for my. Maybe for my birthday tell me it is the third man just like a cameo parents, just once I'm here with you in France thither I'm not imprint. There is talk about the Yankees
Madeline. Do does not need to be your birthday for that to happen now, and I planning by planting doing that I was gonna. Have you do it and immediately start doing harm your mad dog impersonation I just see how does it see how confused we could make Freds ESA role I was born, deploy it make a vague with, let's outlets, let's hash? How would say? Do you like a raid, the trade that their home against Hey Nick Forces and you might get what they would ever be so confused. It's it's weird terms: just a thought that he's not going to be the guy anymore than their replacing them? With this three headed? Cuba, one of which is barred Scott, who doesn't even really have any New York ties, which I couldn't write
If they're gonna go get her like a minute, I just sat, there are going to go with us the name of one of their midmorning shows, but I just that they're gonna promote those guys cause New Yorkers one here, New Yorkers. You know there was a girl. I think that's what about that. That's what the problem of the fat have before the hard might in a mad dog. Is they have these guys that we're not in New York, yet? There was trying to do with national show nobody in your cared about PETE Franklin and I think it out exactly P, Franklin and useful. And he hated and bans aided him, and it was a disaster. You know they get a problem that their morning show on the radio producer, but on Monday, I'm Dr Network and, unlike our by others, Yankees trade for standing over the weekend. I turn on the morning show and because boomer size in the leading pagoda they're doing like a football break down about like the Eagles Ramsgate yeah. I'm quite sure you know it you gotta be doing. We wonder the elevators get traded through the Marquis french cities in Europe,
you're breaking down the Eagles Rams Game fan miracles, don't want that. France has succeeded, variety reasons. One was that He could go anywhere in any topic, so stand was getting traded, Monday shows can be about stand. He's fully prepared to talk about. That, of course, is that pigeonhole passport? To is that he had the new Yorker DNA thought like a nerd fan. Hit the same kind of angles and questions and fears and all other stuff that goes with being a fan. He understood it and one of the reasons he worked so well would die which we discuss before is due. Was the outsider, who actually didn't like New York in that kind of natural right to be angry right, but everything with MIKE is he even to the around, like he did his homework, he's the watches sports and I think that that something as we have seen different sportsmen,
people get older, whether their com, this feature writers, are radio. Sir TV anchored TV, whatever if you stop doing the homework and you stop actually watching the games like you used to bid the people get to notice you now we ve seen that in fact, a lot of people careers, especially late like I think that was the biggest issue with Rick Riley last decade, where he is in this kind of glib, eight hundred where com this. It was clear that he didn't really like sports anymore in people. Young people could sense it and they stuff use gravitating toward wasn There would then seemed to be a passion behind it, and I think Frances, kept that passion to the end you now to thirty Eight years have cares what the most amazing,
You let him, as is recall of sports to, like you could say, remember, gave five and seventy three serious he'll be like. He could tell you what the count was evidently on the third hitter out and credible. A guy called yesterday that I met you, it superbowl twenty two on radio row, and now you as one of the first was there than princess pursue. They go through like like the super balls from the early Ninetys and what the radio present like an radio record, you can remember all the place of the two women the word. What who was there and radio rout incredible membrane any in you know, it's really pressure that it as you get older. What's that there's just smart. You know your brains like a garage and eat keep putting more and more stuff in the garage and eventually, like stuff, starts tipping over things start breaking you just can't you get yet years can be used. I saw a really good memory on its not nearly as good as it was
ten years ago. Your memory with especial stuff that happen with us in college is still amazing to me, I will raise Douglas differences when fitted thirteen years older than us, and still like yeah. That's like Eighty three when feel sims had that rub stretch when they went own five in history, for research into adult touchdowns isn't grow, worried about omen, yeah. I think it's gonna, be really send a sea just as a city? you work as a sports city, who kind of feels that void that that he's gonna leave who is going to be easy, it Boomer assassin, see become the voice in here. Sports. Is it some writer that are made aware of it. Ok, I would say, Michael case may be the ITALY and Drive guy, is the voice of the ancient you're gonna like up already. I think, but I dont know what our numbers that show that like when he liked its benched, who is the go to waste
In other words, for about an hour but I'll pay? You won't be. You won't be births, got ya, think I think it's got less than Elinor yeah. I don't know. I don't think you can't be outside or, in its view, an outsider. You the play, a certain role like dog dead, and you have to be such a character that you can pull it off right, but that's anyway, Can we want more break and then come back last break the talk about movement? Holiday shopping can be tough, but thanks to movement, all that give giving anxiety can disappear at the press of a button with movement. You can skip the crowds and skip standing and crazy lines, find a gift. Thou love at prices that beat department stores Move, the watches start edges ninety five dollars by selling online. They are able to cut out the middlemen and retail markup, providing a price. That's four to five times less than you'd, find it department stores what a wonderful, how they give to class a design. Quite
its construction stab minimalism over one million watches Solon over a hundred. Sixty countries get fifteen percent off today with free shipping. Free returns, I have to do, is go to envy empty dotcom, slash bill, it's a watch for the queen design. That makes a great fashion statement step up. Your watch, him go to envy, emptied icon, sash bill join the movement I at last topic, all across my change, its name. We have not talked about this yet its apparently been going on for the last few months. And from the realise the recent I've done. It's it's stem from some students at the school and maybe some other people, and I didn't really get. Excited about it or what too bad a until Tommy Heights and got involved. I thought that was a bad sign. Eighty three or autonomy heighten was upset about it on that
stage of my life, for I don't want anything to upset Tommy, I want them to live for as long as possible. There are last linked to any sports glory with wholly grass there, two of our national treasures, the causes. Ninety at this point occurs when on the required and he was against a dance odyssey, wrote a prettier com. Actually, about. I did I read it really very near the pros and cons about it and basically wholly crosses. Is the Holy Cross Crusaders Rights, the law the aim of the sports team, which, whether that matters are not Tate? How much would you care change North Carolina terriers tabled careless, so It matters, but ultimately called North Carolina you and see we can't wholly cross Hc, but we also said cedars in Denmark. Crusader centres was a part of our college experience. The newspaper was called the crusader Thea, the comedy true, that people got selected for
did all the sketches at the end of the year that I think that's like them, foreign, I'm still bitter thirty years later, twenty five years later, that was called the Crusaders and its she's been part of which is part of the college. So now they're talking about changing it because It's an obvious. I'm reading from the internet, the Crusaders, a figure gleam. From the bloody mediaeval conflict, were christian, sad to expel Muslims from the holy land which happened literally The word literally remedies at their literally had happened in medieval times, right Tommy Heights and said this. Political correctness run amok. Then the Sesar I have. This thing is beyond the pale: get a life
Ghana rife William and then I was started. I would personally stand out, as does that, that you have all newspapers which used to be, or the report called the crusader. Yet after the name for the sportsmen, and somebody learned that apparently the cook clan has a newspaper which is incredible itself does, I would beg many clansmen are illiterate and they have a newspaper in that newspapers called the crusader yet so that everybody got outrage like a big o, my god, we have the same name of the clan newspaper. The crusader of Holy Cross was called the crusader for years and years before the clan develop a newspaper and before they named the crusader. Yet for the notion that somehow tied in with the clan is ridiculous yet and in so that we do,
I think we have to re examine what the crusader mean. The crew stayed in, our christian nights went to the holy Land and in other with them there was some war crimes, as we understand them now that were taken and on the other. Muslims are treated horribly by the Crusaders and I'm sure there was crusaders that, after that were treated hopefully by the Muslims, but the notion mobile the Holy Cross Crusaders. The colleague cross Crusaders that about Bobby underfoot gimme that we're anyway celebrating bat or or you re living. That is ridiculous, but the most ridiculous thing I ever saw within the student newspaper was didn't newspaper. An editorial said that the name should be changed if it offend even one person, if even one for one person is offended by something that you can change it, I'm offended by twenty things a day manner, respectively, the go and change things. I've been offended by three things
copycat, like your college girl of the life of science common. I landed in March and outrage this correct, but the notion that you could ever have a name or anything in the world but doesn't send on person stowed naive It's been laughable. Well, we're going back on here is how get the commission money back? If you have a spotlight will guide a thousand years which affair years is a long time. I'm pretty sure everything was offensive a thousand years ago. I can't imagine there was one nine offensive, think that was going on in a thousand years, but of course accorded my eleven minutes and internet research about this saves began and in the year thousand. Ninety five, one zero nine five a bit, christian Emperor was having with muslim armies in the east in front and the Pope COD for Roman Catholics in Europe to help him free. The holy land from the Muslims to war
is sanctioned by the Pope occurred several times over the next couple of hundred years on them. These days by the more and more modern term crusade. Now We went there from nineteen eighty eight to maintain ended to right. I thought sailor? Was just a deed and night with sword and the horse was that when they, when it came up with this nickname and that really meant hundred by Bobby, it was obviously in other, like will have a light, the nights. Are they thought of something tat like a bit of the christian faith? Yet just call him through the night, the leg will make it more created, more called the crusade. And after the Crusades, because you can have a night with a cross on the shoulder on it on his armor and and it wasn't meant to be like a little be good because it will really bring back the tears of slaughtering muslim no look application that it was all about it. It was all about the bravery or the perceived bravery where the perceived gallon three of the Crusaders of Medieval might well have analysed
we would have been a total vikings. Minnesota Viking doesn't mean that you now they're going to wait until it Europe, will it also you're going back to when they created this name it to em it was horrible and a hundred different ways. It's not like you know they had all the wisdom that we might have in twenty seventeen, but you're also talked about a school that didn't even let women in until one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. You know it's it's not like the school has has the same kind of I don't know, woke me That doesn't that seventeen- it is part of the history of this work, it's crazy that they didn't let in women, it's crazy, that my add, had the nickname suitcase, because, every Friday afternoon, and he got a pact, a suitcase and went to ever college girls that was the cries of fifty years ago, but here's what's really crazy crusader was the one who is said to take the cross crusaders
a cross on their chest. They raptured east to free. From a christian point of view, the land where Jesus suffered and died on across a meeting this from an article on the internet, which I forgot to ask, I can't remember what the source was Ipod as but the suggests facts, they believe that Jesus had made atonement for their sins by his death on across at their best day dedicated their land, to Jesus by embracing his cross. So it's dangerous there. The crusaders schools name, is wholly crass now with TAT. I suppose, if this goes on a slippery slope here, because there are people who don't think the cross is wholly, don't like they don't like the cross. A symbol of of christianity- is a symbol of oppression through the years yes reared a slippery slope here to get rid of crusader, because next thing, you're gonna be the purple school. A poster with that That's the thing if you're getting rid of the Crusaders, then by that you should also get rid of Holy Cross
Everything should go and they just called the Whisper hills you're gonna get married then well, actually in the aid, hundreds people get appeared on the hills and we can have that either. Can we called the mister Eyre AIR has an offended anyone over the years. We check the link I don't know where this is. After all, there is named after tat. In London. The England have impressed the irish three years. I would be personally offended if they never after Worcester with anklets wits acquits. Take this of. Let's take this a full level. Here we were playing Harvard and football and work the crass an Harvard has juice bans in the in the in the audience, Sir, what if one of the expands was offended by that. Why replay school caught wholly cross, that doesn't Closing off you know
religious style? But what about my religion and like where does this end is my point saying that this would be a total slippery slope and eat itself and there's no way you can ever do anything in life that door, not one per one person will find the defendant, and I want to go out of my way to offend anybody. Would I can you were of any kind of display, but but there is no way that you didn't do you can have it? name of a school or name a nickname, Amass got about sports came and not be offensive. The somebody you couldn't end and the only cause, butterflies and somebody got it by that. May I think I have been pretty What about this? I better. It's crazy that we call the washed and Redskins the western woods gets that right, and I think this evening you glottal an equivalent Indians and took out the guarantee peace. Ridiculous is because the on had ever a gross caricature. That's I think of it. Different shouldn't here. These are different conversations talking about this. It's like I just unaware it ends in here.
Is the lasting, are saying, and I have to go through- always ways to spend your time than this. This This ban would everywhere has been well first years we ve ever had as a country. You know you see what happened in the album raise this week. I This rather see young people use used. Energies for stuff, like that facilitate I'm with you talk with you, Tommy Einstein, Bonkers adventure. On one side, and it is that only one decision to make their guns fallible force I have written upward, go crusaders Janni, I wish the opposite of congratulations for mixed in back you I'm in a calm, MIKE you're. The reason I live in a Europe where the nurses made by you and burn coming off. Just an electric European Brad
ask career can't wait to see what he's capable of with the Yankees as Yankees manager, really one of the greats I'm really going to miss his student houses during this Sunday baseball games I d remunerated rate Prieta you're, the ethiopian people suck up to him, even if it is a bad job. Abu yeah, really Buddhists do what it had another eighteen and twenty four As far as and last but not least, I get back to good there to one of our favorites make France ESA the last couple of days away, Janni Oliver Thanks for coming, nobody, nobody practising anytime Bubba, but that's it for the pact yesterday download the seeking gaffer right to seek to come and make your first seeking purchasing twenty hours. You first seeking purchase an mba tickets to seek thanks
Listen today will be back on Friday within one way.
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