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The Suggs Game, Bad Lakers Omens, Rookie of the Year Sadness, and Post-Vaccine Life With Ryen Russillo


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss Stanford beating Arizona in the women’s NCAA championship, Jalen Suggs’s dagger 3-point shot to defeat UCLA in the men's Final Four, a great year for college basketball, NCAA changing transfer rules, Gonzaga vs. Baylor, and more (2:50). They also take a hard look at Rookie of the Year candidates, potential playoff seeding for the Lakers, Eastern Conference sleepers, and more (38:10). Finally they discuss Ryen’s trip to Mexico, and more non-sports-related stuff (1:37:00).

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and I going to talk about a pretty fun march. Madness, as well as some NBA stuff, as we head into the stretch run here. It's all next, first world ship, all right, taping, this five hundred and thirty Pacific time Sunday night just watch the women's championship. Stanford beat Arizona and the coach for Stanford had in one in twenty nine years. I wanted more tears from her. I wanted to be more upset, but Briscilla March madness. It feels like it's back. I can't tell if it's covid, I can't tell if we're just desperate for anything. I can't tell if we've been hold up too much, but that game last night that Gonzaga UCLA Game felt like
a water cooler college basketball game of which they were really not been since the villain over Unc Title game five years ago, but this is the kind of basketball. I grew up with huge awesome. Momentous well played college basketball games, big stars stars you could in in the NBA and then incredibly dramatic ending, I was fired up, I loved it. I want to more with a woman's turning, because I think, I know that you were locked into the final. I I want Romeo Lange for plated. I saw admit a Mamma ambiguity: reviewer tagline between the south extant. And there's I'll get a job done here. Then a bay. Why? Because I like their point, our humanity of Williams. She was like a little, I say, atomism against you, catch a kind of one may I was hoping she using that you're gonna say she remind me of you- are wholly crossing a pickup because I was not at all even stop the pop into it. I regard my- I really do you want you with your daughter, because I imagine that's kind of the stage she's playing it on the sports or you just do it by yourself. No, I really like
the drama of the women's final four and I was actually ready To come in here, if that you know before we Gonzaga Game was incredible just being like, What is happening here with women's college, basketball versus men's college basketball. For me personally, just cuz, I, like the drama of it. I like the fact that the players are on the same team for a couple years, that the coaches don't seem to change. There's a stability to it that I feel like would men's. College basketball has really gone sideways over the last ten fifteen years, and especially now that we have this transfer Lynn, but but the flip side of that it's what type of Gonzaga this year where they have the traditional old school. You know college team, one of the best parts of twenty two have an awesome. Freshman recruit is probably wanted done, but going for the undefeated season, the coach, it's been there forever and they're the type of thing that I grew up with those you know those iconic college, basketball programs, we're just kind of makes sense
Some guys stay for a couple of years, other guys just come and go yeah. I definitely think to this tournament. Both of them have been awesome and to not have it for a year because, as we sit here- and we look at like the battle for the audience, at least in the United States, right the battle for the audience and try to figure out like how it work, I've always thought the NFL was just going to hve multiple games on uring the week, and I think at one point, it'll probably get there, because it just expands. The business platform. I think they'll be something maybe five ten years from now where, whereas like oh wait, we have Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday, like I just don't think, if ever gonna care, because in the past it was so. You can have Friday games because high school for boys camp. There is because, as I just don't know, does are ever going to care and on another anybody running any of these businesses is gonna, worry about things other than growing there. I mean it. Did you see the bottom dollar, but just ok. What's what's our market Sherman Fidel's entire salary is based, Hey revenues will be at this number here. These projections so for baseball, Ok, how do you hang on his national audience there in big time trouble, but they know they still have the
called the regional stuff when you ve taken all those numbers like ok. Maybe this is who we are, and we have our play off moment and for college basketball. Who- and I used to split. The weak. On my mba, my college, viewing and now with just how my career is gone. I just don't really have the time to do both and then I catch back up a college for two months prior to the draft, which is weird but to own the tournament to own those three weeks. At least they have that and I think post of everything that happened in the last year, that's what it felt like again, especially being on the West Coast. Now for the first time of the tournament, where you're like wheat, the games round. When and it's just it's it's- it's usually those first for games or my favorite time. This dear, but this was just a register reminder how awesome the whole thing can be because of look it look at last night with within,
you're like how the hell is usually in the plane game playing potentially for the national championship and came. You know three point three seconds that did you fuck? It was common, a double overtime, eyed, the defender. It's funny cause you don't want to commit the FAO and the the forty foot heave right, but on the other hand, on the other hand, it felt, like you know, they're, so paralyzed. The worst case scenario of all time would be. I filed this guy, but he did kind of give him a free look right. There was a middle ground where he could have gotten in his way it signed a bit more. I felt like when Sug let that go. He was trying to bank it and he felt like it was going in everything that he did with his reaction gathers the knives in saying that I loved him before this game and I'm ready to have the Cape Cunningham versus Suggs argument with you. Now God, let's do it, but when I loved ones when Judah makes to the follow up to tie it and sausages kind of moving
the way he moves just in general, but especially in that moment is just a guy. Who's always been awesome at sports. This whole life right. There was no he's not painted glancing at the scoreboard. Anything he's used at the top of the key when the ball goes in he drifts over. He knows what he's going to do. He gets it like. He already had his plan. He knew pretty much exactly where he was going to shoot it from, and I just think that guy special I hate the way it is to a ability is competitiveness. I know he's like either third or fourth in these mock drafts- and I know by the time we get to the draft will be third or fourth maybe v, but that got him is a lock what he does on both ends. That is going to translate that the worst case scenario to me is like he's another halbrent
or just like an awesome guy to have in your team. Maybe he's not spectacular, but can do everything doesn't necessarily need the ball to have an impact, and you kind of want them out there when it matters- and you know here the block to you last night, I just love watching the block and then pass in transition. The best plays the entire tournament. Freshmen is gonna. Do that and you could debate may be, was a foul in one of the replace almond then touching the now but just at the moment the recovery to make the play, contain the basketball and then immediately out of the break in and see all that stuff. He impacts the game in a way it oh it's funny, because we spend so much time talking about during its never been easier scorn. The NBA there's all sorts of guy certain I'd sure like what the hell's going on here is how many shots Scott taken a game and when we are looking at guys in the league succeeding. I just think that its
or misleading. Never before, like oh, that guy's pretty good you're like his ears. He just scoring a lot and Suggs is the antithesis of that because he's going to get buckets just because of his energy in his understanding, but he's in acting games in ways that are winning ways and that's what I think is the sales job on such a viewing a front office in your sitting. There you're debating all these guys, that's the sales job, the problem I have with this, I would say to you, I'm still Cunningham over Suggs, still of yet more work to do on it because, I think often Thirdly, sucks appears, you know, even as a freshman, more limited than what Cunningham could be and that's why they Cunningham's to win the argument and then, of course, the size. Yet that thing with Saxony sought a couple times even last night, when you have somebody's draped Allah room, it is little bit hard for him. They create a shot, but I do think he's such a get athlete Cassie had this in his draft our case,
did the top fifteen and I know he's got another thing coming and I'm sure Mitchell's brother is going to be. There has to be some tweaks, but he mentioned in that draft guide like the two ways for Suggs to go up a level in the probe, which seemed conceivable are the three point shooting just getting better, which I think I don't want to pencil it in, but I think it's really likely that he will become a better and better. Three point shootout next five six years and then some of that Steve NASH, footwork stuff, you know: can he be a guy because he's such a good athlete? Can you be a guy that becomes a shoot off different feet? You know off balance in traffic. Floaters Kenny. Add that stuff to his game, the same way when you, when you see like how good Lilly his gun at some others, quirky stuff to just being a great score as a point guard as a little guy. The stuff is added to his game year after year after year, compared to where he was when he came in the leg. I think like it, it's just unbelievable.
Like he has figured out a way to navigate tall guys all the time sucks has more size in him, and I think it is a bigger do than him, and I just might, that would be an Suggs. I think he's so competitive that whatever hole what we're seeing now, I just think he'll add to them every year and that's why I think this is such a tough one, because I get it with Cunningham six foot. Eight, we talked about him. A couple weeks ago, he's gonna be a forty percent. Three point shoot he might be a spectacular three point shooter and you talk about that kind of size who can run a team could shoot threes. You don't want that to come back to haunt you, but I do think there's a potential that hugs becomes the best guy in this draft. I would not like I talked to every team, because I was working something for my podcast. Were you know it had some front office people in different levels. Were there it's the NBA advanced guys in a bit just got in VA or young in college and we're doing some different things. It's just kind of hard to get that information is off as I wanted you to the audience, but I had been working on something we're I'd say:
sixteen chimed in its pretty consistent that it's a five person to your draft. Unless think of it. It is illegal to major and a major drop after five right people. Like your six, your kind of fact, I think it's just because there is less certainty of order. I don't know that I'm ready and again this is so before. I done all my own reports yet which I just due to do, but like Davy on Mitchell for Beller, who I can't wait to watch matched up in this game. Ah, he single handedly turn that villain over game with balls. You know he just went. Eight, you know what like, Some guys me shoot her better than me and by the way, the way Davy I can get to the cup in Finnish on either side, but he's twenty two's junior, but is three point shooting gone from like twenty percent in Orange and MID Thirty's, timid, forties now and there's that sucks fact of know how we fall in love with the six nine six, ten guys and the good stroke, but like why
invisible again in a big moment now, some of the times it's just straight up age and you're, like look he's so young and we're drafting your upside, you can get it if there was one way to do it. Then everybody would do a right would have less mistakes, but there is yet, but the pro Mitchell and some stuff that I I'm not going to be here until you're, wrong on is that if there's stuff going on with these guys were there's an edge to him where I know it fucking matters, and I know that some of the biggest mistakes that I've made is that you fall in love with the measurables and some of the stuff. That's for the solo, workout screw up everybody, Where here like man, this guy's, unbelievably talented but you're like a cable, where's where's that edge and if your arm for such in the room, you don't have to convince anybody because they ve already seen it all your long, but it has been. Cunningham one mostly from USC, probably to some. Look a jail and greens athleticism one of the two g kids in commissioner who, in all other people, say now. He might be the guy a success early behind most of them. I am not saying
every new Demetriou team Phobia Teen, it looks a success is to or whatever, but such it's been closer five. The teams that I've talked to you than has been closer one. Did you see the football stuff Might I know about this? He looked soda yeah. I saw somebody sent me. Some quip, like some is best fiscal. His Mr Minnesota Bennett oh, so, you ve always been the best and they get every point of view. If you you're one of those guys, I do wonder leg data. I D got Edwards, as I said, to the government Meditech the number of Anthony Edwards, where he was legit. This amazing athlete who just eventually settled on basketball, but sometimes you know, I do think when you think about worst case scenarios for players like four subjects. Like he's such a good athlete he's so competitive, and I do think he just makes when he plays that if he falls to five, I'm happy. Whoever is five
that could be like ok, see like I beg you put him and ass. She ate a gather up. I don't want to get us up. Ok sees rhythm right, J Hulu, yet reached out to way from Baku. Saying was the other one who I know he's writing in continuum always left handed or was left in it, but reminded me, Mademoiselle Cathedral Motorway. He was like great handed like that. His game kind of this kind of freaky release on his three. That teams were always kind of surprised when he's taking it and then his ability to traffic over and over again with these little like fling shots runner stuff right that he wasn't even in cases top fifteen. I wonder if he played himself into at least the top after the first shock that did clutch buckets all that stuff. On the other hand, we ve been seduced by March bad disguise like that before, but I loved everything as often as german or he had both he had NBA level shots. You know drivel stop, turn
around fade away. In actually like looks good, not just hey, I'm gonna take a turn around Fayaway look school and I never make em. He was the acronym and then that corner three late and he answered because it oh that felt like an mba game It felt like NBA play ass game because it was more about our. I hear our best guy gonna, go at your guy and we're gonna see what happens now, gonzalvo had more options, then than you does and that's why Ginza has been so much fun to watch because it feels like different mean Isper wasn't even that great towards the end. I think he missed like four shots in his last few posession. You got touches. They felt like they went away from them a little bit but you're. Then came over from Kentucky use a freshman who didn't play a tie didn't shoot it well Calipari was like look, we had other guys ahead of him and then his reason for transferring I mean you think of it. You're a freshman you're at Kentucky you're from California and Covid hits and you're like you know what I just want to be closer to home a few more looks- I don't think it's hard to under.
Why he would want bounce and move on from there, but rested a lottery, whether its crisper, the kid from Tennessee. You know that the movie from Arkansas, who didn't really have a great tournaments who just felt like he was invisible at times, but I dont know that it's such a drop out. I just think that that Our group is far out of order in comparison to the top five. It seems pretty consistent when he talked to teams. I loved having, so in the mix you neither. I I like having at least one long time impact programme that has generations offence. I personally know a few you, so I feds team stuck up on all of them, and then it was one of the all time kicked in the crotch losses at the end where he misses and oh he made it. Oh we're going to double wow that went in, but it was interesting. I actually went on twitter, I don't go on twitter that much anymore, but I did go on to see what some of the reactions were and predictably it was like greatest. Aim of our time. All that stuff I do feel like these games happen in the aid
the nineties pretty much every year and part of it was you know, party were made last night special Barkley in those guys we talk about after was there is a real shot making. You know there is a high level basque by that it. This look like and be a basketball but condensed into college kind of other things. We love Bow College, but with the ambitious shot making, and this is kind of why we love
best, Bonn, revered it so much in the Eightys and Ninetys in you know, for whatever reason it was able to get captured last night, but I mean I wrote down: I've made a list of just like twelve games off the top of my head. Thou were awesome. I did the recently by us with some of this stuff is that I think this game now deserves to be remembered along with those other ones, but to say like greatest ever where they think I'm just gonna always rebelled against that. But I do think like was one of the fifteen best college basketball games, aerosol like it might have been hiding top fifteen, it's probably safe boy. Best of all time, you look would mean that the Christians villain over game was off the charts. I mean that was, and that was for the title and if you watch and see State Euston, I remember my father doing some work in a house that he was building
he jumped off the ladder like he jumped off the ladder freaking out like while that happened. You know the Villanova Georgetown game doesn't have the moment, necessarily that some of these other games that we're talking about, but that upset, is unbelievable, that that ever happened so wrote. Recency bias is not new. You could argue. My entire career was started by a recency bias segment. I was solo on radio, two thousand eight. I think- and we had a stretch of about sixteen months and sports were I'd heard like was the greatest Superbowl greatest NBA finals, game greatest golf tournament, major finish ever and I just went through. I was like there's no way we're. This lucky no way rise, lucky that we ve had fifteen of the greatest moments ever like a sixteen months stretch. So I dont look. I don't know if I'm comfortable sing, that's the best college password games, but you know I think it's great for because college basketballs really struck.
Whether to transfers, whether its guys leaving early, although isn't necessarily new, mean guys we're leaving early for a long time, but I think there's also such an anti and see a thing which is their own fault. Some certainly not sitting here, sticking up for the interior, there's there's just a vibe around college athletics. That's far more critical, more aware and at times accurate, but just overall, more negative and it's completely off the radar until the tournaments starts so at least for the tournament the college basketball side, the insane say: hey, we ve got, we ve got to products with a men's and women's tournament we had. A million of these moments were in oh, it's better than nothing ever cap. Bring the american audience here for a couple days in with big moments like this. That's far better than those down times reveals it. We're compete with football. Nobody knows that we're even twenty games in the season. I wrote down a list. The best time ever saw in my life was ninety two Kentucky. I remember where I watched it. It was
incredibly high level play. There were great players in the game. It was unbelievable, dramatic. It still holds up by, Ninety one do you wanna be was amazing, Duke Univee. I doubt whether the right now finally rat not saying it off the top, because when you wanted to story lines in the perfect Hollywood script going into something in my lifetime at another meeting tops that and it's funny cause people eventually turned on Duke, but at the time there is a little since our story. I still have a lot of people that we enter at system used in Nova, Georgetown Thea, the Indiana Syracuse Game, key Smart Arizona, Kentucky and ninety seven was awesome, and I think his guy, my it. That was the game that I think people like me right, Simon Pencil men. Fifteen years, fifteen Hira MBA creates gonna happen. I
I come out of a draft an early loud and him, we owed argued about in Boston, Kansas Benefice was awesome. Misconceived, ah, was awesome. You and see. George one eighty, two, the Jordan game. You mentioned the jackets game, Duke Butler, two thousand ten and Kansas Oklahoma, the dainty man again, that would be my thou, be kind of my short less than what s interesting about. It is dupe. Others, two thousand ten, the jackets game was sixteen. This is really those are the only two from the last twelve years counting last night, and that goes to your point of by Catch Basque Buchanan needed this, because I you know what we'll talk about after the break there. Some there, some other bigger picture issues go out of college basque one. I don't know that it's gonna make a better way.
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people are potentially my transferred people say. I was one of the reasons why whims decided that he wants to set down who knows, and though you know, if you go wanted to, as there is the one side that site this is great. The player should have the ability to control their own destiny and then The other side was I just going ruins college basketball. Now, how do you coach a freshman? What, if did you recruit? This guide is get quite enough minutes. He just the aegis, skipped town goes the next time I I've been pretty pretty set on this one. For the last twenty four long, I've about a platform. I never understood why the coaches could switch teams in the players couldn't
and nobody was ever able to come up with a good answer, a good counter on that, one that the Syracuse got like Jimbay Hime could be the Syracuse coach. You like cool, I'm in that coach. Kentucky I'll see you guys later, but if the players, two players basically had to stay there, two years before they left and that just never made sense to me. So fundamentally, I actually like this transfer rule thing. I like that you could only do it once and I think it's going to actually make the sport worst thing and it's and it's an interesting opportunity for my school Holy Cross and be kind of french schools that don't really have a chance to ever get some now. Maybe they can grab the disgruntled seventh man on Duke and make them the focal point, so I can kind of like it. On the other hand, it feels like college basketball is now a snow globe that were just shaking and it's just complete chaos. The snowflakes battle it'll be a five month season. Everything will be different saddle and next days and everything will be different again and I could see why some people are frightened by it. But I pray
like it, what do you think I brutally gives any can make them is different. This is basically just making go. What's already being done. If you look at the transfer, mortal numbers over the last few years. There are absurd and most guys, if you find the right lawyer Are you make the right argument? The answer does not want to argue against publicly you get that the weight period just basin. They wave and anyway so yeah. I dont think it's gonna be the free for all that everybody expects to be because its or a kind of a free for all. I have no problem, the transfer rule I think when I was younger, I was kind of maybe I was just more in line. Maybe I was more of a company guy where I was like yeah when you're younger guess what the guy in charge has options that you don't have
but as soon as you start going down that road, you like that guy gets paid, and then this guy doesn't I- and I am convinced that the answer is slight. Look we're gonna put this off as long as we possibly can. We probably should figure out a way to pay revenue generating players. I would not argue for non revenue generating players to make any money, so good luck figuring out one out via the insane just like looking hey. Just a matter what we do, I remember I was on git up once bill in it. I need Jalen and Green yeah. It was good. We cleared three hundred thousand viewers on that episode. There is a place to get track of it, and so we We were on and they had a new thing where I was basically like hey
you go into the draft and then now you come out. You still going to be eligible because college basketball forever was being controlled by these coaches. That, of course, they were voting against anything that made their job tougher. All right, you make a lot of money, it isn't money, it's a tough job, and it's really tough to get to that point, but I mean it wasn't surprising that people were voting for something in their own self interest and they used to have these absurd rules, the the NBA withdrawal date. Was a different date than the college one and the college one was like. We need you back a month before the NBA One and the NBA is like whatever we're just doing this differently. So then college is like hey look. We can make this a little bit better or if a guy doesn't land somewhere, and he hasn't done some of these things he can come back. So I remember being on the show going: hey, that's actually pretty good and you would have thought that I was arguing that players should have to pay for their own flights to gates like jam, was looking at me being like. How can you say that this is good? I was like. Do you agree that the thing before was bad and now this is better and Green's like
oh. You know, J Billy said and I'm like John Jay businesses, amazing, but he fuckin Hypnotize. All of you guys to the point we're like you can't ever even admit that something that the NCA did actually was like. Maybe good and greeny got pissed at me on the show, and it was hilarious because the producers I've never seen Greeny get pissed, like literally the fill out staff at another person on the show like he did. He get so frustrated with you. He was mad at you. I've never seen him do that. Twenty years and I realize I know I felt grin there are like we're gonna. He can you come back tomorrow, and so I was like guys. They did something that you think is better and you still you turn it into something else that you don't like, so I understand what you're saying I think what they're doing is reclassifying something. That's already been happening, pretty pretty extensively and people hate. The answer I think as much
anything in sports- and he could tell you- said the title at enough: if he kept track of the championship belt, the spigot video break up the shape and ship out of just the single most sacred thing for sports fans. I think- and I had it for like three years, but the answer has had a intermittences like basically when whole Coggan would have the w title they wouldn't have it. Then we get it back again, though there there always gonna, be a contender for it, and they represent a lot of things that people just fundamentally hate and the whole thing about students should get put paid to play basketball that stuff, but football they're getting taken advantage. That's just a thing! I mind that you can't even argue by the way. I agree they probably should get something, but I think people make it seem like it's a lot easier than maybe it. You know that it actually would be in practicality. Where are you paying? How many, how many football scholarships other like? Seventy five per mourner wordier?
eighty, I mean how you figure. I have an idea but yeah whatever people hate. The NCA I think what's interesting, is that women's college basketball? I think people really like- and I think people root for and a positivity toward it in a lot of different ways that I think has been one of the reasons the profiles risen ass. I think, like gone of Friday and Sundays, kind of getting the two Saturday Monday I forget when they switch that I don't feel like. That was something that was happening like when I was in college that that's switched at some point in the nineties, maybe when they are basically leg We want to own this Friday night, we wanna on the Sunday and now it does feel I get site this forty event of both sports in it and it works. So back to the paying, though, is, as you said it it's, it's certainly really complicated, because there's I'm not an essay anarchists, you know, I think that there is still valid.
You in in a scholarship for most of the guys to devalue aviation's foggy aspects of this name. Each image like this thing is long overdue and it's been incredibly stupid. I've read stuff that is like vomit inducing so so biased that I'm, Do you not even making any sense? I remember reading one that the ultimate one that I always go back to is their illegal Texas makes this much for the football teams. That means that every players make five thousand dollars like now at the third string. Guard should not make five thousand dollars like discussion of each are cutting him a cheque. But when I look at the buy out, stuff in the amount of money that college football waste on coaches waste on buyouts, and then people try to our There's no money as it gives you guys are spending it all your spending it and ways you ve never spent before. That's like what biggest issues. I think we should all have with different people that are in charge. It's you can t
me you having more money. More resources is going to solve all sorts of things, but ultimately, what it usually leads to is just spend more wise tuition up all over the place. Why have the tuition spikes been like on fire, the real estate market before the bubble in the early two? Thousands is because they ve higher More administrators everywhere, like look at some of the numbers, intuition prices and then got ok, but how many people are being stopped at some of these universities, like ok, so you're just like Twitter is up because it's up at its also up, because you like hey, let's higher more people and then we can say we're awesome, we have these. People should like you to start creating step, and the same thing is happening with college sports, where it's like Oh shit, this guy's buyouts, twenty five million. Well, are another GB deals from in pretty good and get a couple boosters to kick in two and no right to check in the hold this.
So it's like our way by the way, we're out of money again like will be corrected because you guys spend it on everything else. Like hey, there's a football approach, we ve got a slide. Gotta barbershop men check out this new Daulby five point: one I'm kidding that's old school surround sound people know what I'm talking about and you just go right. So, yes, it is going to spend all the money to say they are broke so late site this summer. To that sixteen MBA Caps Bank said the cap's up got that we spend it. There are seventy five unheard of fifty million. No at high twenty million I'd say we got, can Zaga Beller in the Tail game, Kansas China and defeated, and I could feel this being a sports tv topic. Dickens AG is undefeated season. Does it have an asteroid?
because it was a covert season which I'm sure you'll have like a tiny bit of an asterisk. But at the same time I do feel like this is really memorable college Pask about them. Then I enjoyed and I think, multiple guys from the team will go on to have at least some sort of professional identity. I think there is a really good counterparts for them. You said I mean on your back as much time as this is the game everybody's wanted for how many months now. So, what What do you think as much as I love what bail or can do, whether its running their offence or just having four guys that can be off the trouble I mean even Joe Dirt there can hand a little bit, Davon has that NBA gene of a shock clock late. Alright, I'm going to back it up, I'm going to go at you again and davian. Has this you think we're he finishes in a way. The rim, it no one's Cairo
no one on illegal ever because three, but he has a way of finishing it in the air the release of the ball to the rim is where you're not expecting it to be an he'll get off on the wrong foot. He's got just the way. Some of these guards now throw a high off the glass knees angles even taken taken shots twenty years ago. He's great will all that stuff, but I've, just I loved it inside and go to Timmy in the posting, can finish with either hand when he needs to Pittsburgh hurt ye. Probably the best shooter in the entire tournament has a Musilli workout that we stat wise, but he's been awesome all season long and then you got the backcourt likes three guards with Gonzaga. That can all come to do the wrong thing a time. So you know nothing crazy there, but I like I, like the zags, even though I'm incredibly impressed by Bill
I, like the zags. I was surprised by the latvian, only foreign half offender. I thought it would be like seven, seven ass, a by bad at it. There's a ladder. Respect for Belarus. Could I ask you what NBA port is crisper remind you? I don't want to say is this is just gonna get turned into some stupid, so, whatever welcome welcome already, it reminds Look of a clash thing when clay was in college. Nomes remember go back like clay was like hell, you know they worry. You knows the good shooters at Calais Thomson, kid he's. He kissed her huge he's good enough athlete he's not gonna, be the individual defender clay as but he's a good team defender? His release is quick and the other I bring it up, as I hate cops, I hate him. I lobbies he's a limited, dribble, efficient, offensive player work.
A member in the beginning. You are like everything of his art. Offensively is usually set up by somebody else in any finishes it with the shop, then clay fear, How to handle and get his own and could do all sorts things. I just think there's something there between and have to double very much and can hurt you because you can pull up so quickly. So there you have a tiny mise me like a smaller pits, novel without the range and you like either Mitchell ends up in the top ten. Yeah I do, but it always older, maybe twenty three at the start, the NBA season I mean he's like a little Wesley Lazy Johnson at us, he's got with he's got a little bit more ah little bit member that whether justifies like he's twenty daily negative is twenty three right hours were, as is being drafted what kind of a red five, but then you don't. I love it. Always lizard was twenty two and he got trapped in. That was fun. I always love. The age thing were well you're, the guy who's.
Older actually does all right, and then gas Billikin auto understand this, like what you do. You know what you ve gotten the skies better, the more mature understands these things, and you know it's: why don't you came in here like you want to go over all the other guys that we're all the tin worked out right now. So yeah we look, it's not it's! That is twenty two right now, so I'm rounding up, but I just you know his draft age will be twenty two between through the season starts. Let's go to the woods are about to the MBA. I haven't fun. Topic frame, somebody's gonna have to win the rikiu the year word to have two handed out
I checked they ve had one every year they haven't, they haven't said pass and I read out: Edwards is the favourite ETA unfeigned, always minus one ten. I think there's a case that he could be the worst. This could be the worst Ricky the if he anyone said if he adds up Winnie unless he picked it up just because his team is horrific. His goes Gordon Seventeen that Gaddafi scorn seventeen a game for a three says: he's a thirty nine percent, shooter percent thirty one percent from three his pr as eleven point nine. His team is twelve thirty, seven heading into Sundays Games and, for some reason, he's the favourite. How burn is the number to his thirteen three and five he's almost fifty forty? Ninety guy percentage wise forty, eight forty to eighty seven spent thirty minutes ago-
the point I pr seems twenty and twenty eight I test Halbert is the best Ricky I've seen this year. I can't, I can't believe Edwards is the favourite, but I think it speaks to this we're generation where now it's like and have tee one for one, video clips and dogs on twitter and to K and how they kind of organs by a no go areas had thirty eight points, either ain't. Nobody realises took thirty two shots this this kind of culture. We have I'm not positive people actually watching basketball? I don't understand how anyone could watch basketball and think Edwards is a better rookie. This isn't the Tyrese Haliburton. I don't get it it's confusing to me. How burnt the winning player like we talked about was I know it's going to come around. I know he's getting out of winter the rest of year, but I am kind of appalled that Edwards is the favorite. What's your take
Vince, no one watches anything after I listened people talk about the buy out nets for about a week, which I know we're gonna get you a little bit later, as we ve talked about in this box ass. I have done so my own when you take stimulate Edwards One and you're. Not sure right is you only get that one year, Georgia, the teams donkey, took a million badge, arts, but he physically was doing some things and he can do some things physically. On Dr Weir doesn't look like he's trying and he's got the angle and the size and the quickness, and he can cut up. He was doing some stuff that He was retirement savings Mitchell like he had some. I watch that fulfilling Minnesota gain last night and he really has these moments real. Is really not much. You can do with this guy, so those are all positive in its great rare. I agree and the dogs the ninety head that sick dunk against dumb the raptors. And you know, then people were mad when we were pointing out there is having another awful shooting I am like hey. I wanna be that guy. That dunk was incredible. That's not what the moment was about. I don't care about the rest, the shooting stuff, but you're. Actually right.
When you talk about rookie year. Ok, do you realize if you go like the last fifty I like sorting every now and then last fifteen games, Anthony Edwards is taking the third most shots per game in the NBA. All right is that true, yeah, that's not true, and since the start of March he's averaging twenty one shots a game which, for the c, would be second to only Bradley Bell. Bell leads the league in shot attempts for game at twenty two Anthony Edwards for March. To now his average about twenty, one and if you do it by the way, I do want to turn this into Edwards bash session. I think this is what the team once and do I did. They want the Ricky where I was. Teammates would argue against that evidence. Events, I remember
in in Boston, Anton walkers work a year when ML car decided Antoine should try to win the rock of the year and their point of at center and you're just playing forty three minutes: a game and hogging the ball and the whole thing. And it's like yeah. You can do that. You can try to win somebody, the rock of the year I just don't know how somebody votes for that. You know and I think he's in a bad situation. I think they're asking too much from him and the whole stats versus Are you running player, not he's, not learning anything about being when in prayer and that in the weather, using arena and Albert, I know the stats aren't spectacular, but he's a winning prayer. She helped
did you know he doesn't? He doesn't necessarily care if he takes twenty shots so for Halbert? Actually, when the Ricky, the heirs gonna take at least a few people like us to point out that trashy watching the games is a better basketball player at this point in his career than anything, Edwards N T just take a lot of shots and a team that is on paste ago. Twenty and sixty two and in eighty two game season should happy rickety are now you can quit. You could say art there's been a couple times over the years where we have given the work, the right, Michael
Williams in two thousand and fourteen, I did not vote for him. Who did you vote for that year? Wasn't him- and I didn't vote for very passionate about this, and I definitely wasn't him. I think I voted for Wiggins was that Wiggins or who's the next year? No, no, no, maybe a column. I can't remember. I did not vote for Michael Carter Williams, because his agent called me and was mad about it. Seventeen, six and six free, throw or field goal percentage and his team stunk, but he had the ball a lot and they were trying to get in the Rick of the year and alright, well, I'm not going to go for that. Brogden wanted two thousand and seventeen only averaged ten points, a game. There was no one, I mean that's when people block Embiid might get it with thirty games, and you were like I don't know if you can do. That So that was no one sees entirely governs, put up, the twenty five and six for a terrible kings came, and he wanted that year. Now, at least, is that's, are better than Edwards debts. He all time. No one!
though, happened in the last twenty years. Do you remember what it was? It was not Michael Carter Williams. It was not brogdon. I don't remember MIKE Miller, one rookie of the year in two thousand and one eleven point: nine points per game on a Crappy Orlando team. That was, that legendary bad two thousand draft. There was just no nobody had a good season. They're like all right MIKE Miller, you shop, forty percent for three: here's your rookie the year trophy. So I think this is a no one season, but I do like Haliburton. I think he's played well for them and I don't feel like that's the same way with Brogdon, where Brogdon was actually useful in that Milwaukee team, his stats weren't great, but at least he was playing like a winning player. I just feel like that's what we should do with the Rick of the year. Maybe I'm crazy.
I also think the rookie year at another. We should turning to the same standards that we have the envy p either. When I look at the empty p, that's a more important award. This award is say who impress you the most rather the rookie year things, so I don't. I don't really want to get caught up in winds and losses caused one of my sister. It really excited cause you're, fuckin, ten seed and in the other teams of fourteen seed in a conference in not in so in always that really make a ton of sense. I think Haliburton, Steadier its clear. This isn't forced. I dont know the Minnesota necessarily trying to have Anthony Edwards when the rookie or when I watch Anthony Edwards now with the tables this last month. As I pointed out the stats, I see the kids, I saw Georgia tons of shots tonnes, a bad ones, moments where he's easily the most impressive physical specimen on the core, but no one ever cares about the other little thing
like in that Philly Game, he had two places that stood out where I was like. Okay, he doesn't get it right. Now they had to buy is Harris going up into Carl Anton towns and he turned to post them and then Anthony Edwards leads to double where Harris has no advantage whatsoever size at that point. Dana Green leaves in green to double, were towns already hat and then another They were Dana greens in the corner. He leaves him the corner, weak side, the balls. Obviously, on the other side, He goes to linger around Twight Howard, as if Dwight Howard needs to be doubled in the paint when he doesn't even have the basketball and then completely loses green and then green runs baseline and would have had an offensive rebound had the play happen a different way. Now you can sit there say you're young, but also argue like what so what it? Twenty seven you learn to pay attention, you're gonna box out. That seems wherever that, before there are countless countless losing plays with with so many these guys. We look, I ever he's gonna think it's because of the pre drafting will a mellow, but I meant
Helen. You other podcast, Rosa, hey, he's gonna, be out there screwed up my honor. They are, they ve gone five and too without Luella, with losses the Phoenix in overtime I'm in the nets. So the one seed, the ISA to seat in the west. Now without Heyward, and you know, and monk no monk, theirs they're gonna start losing a million games that are up to the foreseen and one about these games out now I would still- four lamellous rookie year, if he were still healthy- and maybe I still would you heard- I mean because I dont think the award- I don't have- that we should get really caught up with some of the sea. With some of these guys, even though, for the most part, some of the high volume guys like Edward, is going to have the best stats overall, I'm in somebody votes for him. I don't know what I'm going to get mad about it, Lamelo's two slash ten on Fanduel, but he's you put forty one games he's going to miss thirty one, and I don't even sixteen and six by sixteen six and six. I know I don't think it's going to be enough. Thing brings up the question. I asked you, which I can't remember if we talked about in a podcast,
how many guys in the league could score twenty points, a game if they were on a team where they got enough shots, and I said to you- I thought at least seventy five guys could do it there's. I think, four hundred guys in the league, four hundred and fifty plus four hundred and eighty players like that four hundred and fifty so that would be about one hundred and seventy two. The week tomorrow watch. I think I might actually be higher. I think my number might be like. Eighty five to ninety, I think could do it the first time you said this, you said a hundred and just classic opinion. Guy who's been doing this as long have you just whatever. The reaction is now aware that stupid right then like wait, wait your low at a hundred, I'm serious with this season? If you said, hey, go get twenty that numbers over a hundred dude, it's it's over a hundred, it's just about shots like whose allowed to take the shots.
And look I look at it. Somebody's games like I had. I had a number the other day built, so I always gonna keep track of it. How many guys are taking seventeen or more shots per day? in the NBA right now right, there's thirty nine players taking seventeen or more shots again in a league, the season it was less than half of that ten years ago. Jesus, while the reason this came up initially was. Could Jeremy Grant was averaging like twenty to twenty three points, a game and there are no running plays. At the end of games where he was like their closer. Basically and people are like wow Jeremy Grant breakout season and I'm watching it gone. Yeah That's. I can do little more offensive with an unexpected, but Do wonder how many guys could be put in this exact spot as a swing man on a terrible Detroit team were basically somebody's gotta run the off or run it through them at the end of a game. How many guys could do that? So it's pick. What's pick a random,
by the way. Let me clean up that stat, so twenty nine guys in the league, twenty nine- I say- thirty nine. I think I might have said Thirty- nine. Twenty nine players in the league are taking seventeen or more shots per game. Five years ago it was fifteen. Ten years ago, twelve players average seventeen or more shot of test or game this season, again, it's twenty nine. So yeah I mean, if you just want to go through it, I mean I'm thirty. Okay, I'll, give you the papers right now. Brockton is averaging twenty one point two, although with the way Karis Lavert, you know that must be the worst thing ever is trying to incorporate a young dude who's thinking about the next contract who's, like I'm, the big time score, like cares, is so talented, but all the stuff that worries me about him. It's all happening immediately were now if you're on the page,
She likes await this guy. Just gonna take eighteen, fuckin shots a game and we gotta. I saw him at the end of every day like ok, this is fun got their team. Chemistry's credit will averts another once a bonus t J one could do it. That's for Turner could get twenty a game. If you wanted to run your office return sets five. Could it mean it was on the pistons and their leg. Dog you're, a guy at any games, could get the twenty. I think you could do that six and then I think we're done unless you
I want to make a Jeremy Land case? I don't think it's impossible, so I just gave you six guys on a team. That is, I think, nineteen and twenty two and twenty six six of their guys. We think, could score twenty points of game if they were the focus of an mba team which brings me back to my Edwards point. Yeah he's probably going to end the season like one thousand eight hundred and nineteen points again, but his team's losing and they don't it's him easily in towns unless Russell comes back as scores,
very, very, very bizarre, Ricky the race, alright, we're going to take a quick break. Come back to Mr Nba. This episode of Bill, Simmons Podcast, is brought to you by Mccain, Quick Cook, fries, try not to flip out but New Mccain, quick Cook, fries, cooking, half the flippin time at traditional, Mccain, fries, half and guess what else? There's no flipping! You can cook an entire flipping bag of these delicious crispy, real potatoes and half the flip in timers, their traditional fries, making meal time less flip and difficult, it's unflip and believable. So please do yourself a favor head to your favorite stores, freezer I'll grab yourself, a bag of Mccain, quick Cook, fries they're fast to prepare easy to share, and you flip and deserve that. Let's talk about seating,
A few excited about the possible acres could follow a succeed, but we should go through the ramifications. Wanna start there go. What? Why are you so fascinated by this? Lakers right now. This is not I'm worried about the Lakers. They look terrible against the clippers. That's to be expected, no Lebron ad. The ad thing is weird because it just seems to be like it's almost like the Durant thing like hey no time table no timetable and then Leubronn tweeted about how much you miss basketball, so I was covered in then. You know four to six weeks out time tabled spiky were say. Like my come back a little bit earlier. They they ve, been really good still defensively, but it's not unrealistic that there are six seed and they play the clippers as a three seed. In the first round, and then what Phoenix in the second round- and then you taught in in the western Conference finals- the funny thing is
Leubronn, is absolutely right about the combat against golden state being one of the most difficult championships ever to win. When you look at who golden state was that year, no question and to say to the previous title, because the bottle was the toughest I am about that the opponents, but this run of opponents were Lakers team. That year, you still want to give the If it were the doubt too, especially after the way to turn around half the bubble last year, but that's a pretty ridiculous run of teams. You'd have to go through just to get out of the west. Now All right now so, these down. I don't know if we had games that changes, but Utah and Phoenix seem like they're, relatively locked into the one too, unless Phoenix goes into a tailspin which could happen like Chris Paul could get hurt whatever, but you toss thirty eight eleven phoenix, thirty, four and fourteen clippers are thirty three, Lakers thirty one and nineteen Denver, three thousand and eighteen Portland, three thousand and nineteen that's going to be our three thousand four hundred and fifty six in some order: clippers, Lakers, Denver Portland
but Portland is only a half game behind the Lakers. Now, there's no sign of Lebron coming back, there's no sign of Davis coming back and I think you're right, especially with what Gordon I think we all were hoping. Gordon could look like you know a rich man's millsap in that spot and for what we've seen so far. It's been a nice addition and it made them deeper. It gave them thirty minutes of somebody else which I think they really needed, and I think the Lakers are going to be the succeed. I think this is how this plays out. Dallas is the seven seed. Dallas is starting to come on a little bit. Two things are fascinating here. For me, one is that the one seat is like incredibly important because if you're the two s you have to play Dallas and round one, I don't want to play Dallas. I don't want to have LUCA in a series like fuck that if you're the one seed, your plan, you know see Antonio myth is gone.
State Sacramento in New Orleans, which is great. You also get to have the Lakers if you end up playing them in a playoff round game sevens in Utah. Utah is undefeated this season. By the way at home, Now they're, not they're, not defeated there, they lost their first to so they won all. I d, rather than how many If they want to row, is it is a twenty two? Twenty Twenty one. I think they lost their first two at home, so Phoenix, who is like man, we're rad and high. This is awesome and then it's like cool. We get LUCA in round one as two seed which just sucks and then, if you're the clippers. I think I would want the Lakers in round one. I think my best chance to beat them is round one with, like you know, we're only
two hundred and twenty three games away from the playoffs right now right, it's going to the end of may so we're six seven weeks away. I would want to catch the Lakers right as like people are still getting used to each other. Lebron and Drummond of only had a couple weeks and Davis is in the hundred percent healthy. I want to get them right away and then the other piece would be the four slash five. It seems like we're headed for Denver. Portland again, and where can jump clippers, but Denver Portland, you know would be another epic one. So I don't I get up when she mentioned the cities to me and I started the in the match up. I got fired up about it. You love you item. No wonder I love that. I think this West one's gonna be really good cause at seven teams are really fun watch I think Dallas his back. I don't Gascon when the title, but I think they're there at least to be taken seriously in a player frown. Can we back up to some? You said, though, because when you said the clippers would want the Lakers in Rome
one you don't you mean that is what the best time to get the Lakers, because you can't possibly argue you'd rather play the Lakers in the trailblazers. In the three six match up, if you're the right. I'm saying I would rather, if I have to play the Lakers in round one two or three I'd rather play them in round one. I would rather just play Portland and then I'll see whoever I see in the second round come on dude well you're saying here. I know I know what you mean as swirls vulnerability and in getting this started laugh, but as far as I could we face first on the clippers and all that history in this city Now, it's time you ever been able in Berlin Davis is like eighty five percent still plan his way back. I think I'd rather take em. I disagree, you know? I love the show the challenge? Never really I've. Always I've always been of the theory like just
I have to go through these guys anyway, I'm strong CT and now in the first episode. Second episode: let's just go: let's go down in the elimination. Now I'd rather get you when you're you're, just getting your legs back. Just whatever I'd rather play you early. Don't know who you are. I don't think I think this Lakers teams gonna take a while to figure out What they are, how healthy they are, what their rotations are. Things like that wait is that with the mid yeah he's not on it anymore, he graduated I met him, didn't go well, didn't let it to faster. Now he was a prick. He was a total prick and I was like alright, we got it cool, so the seatings could be, let's say, San Antonio advances. Utah San Antonio Phoenix does Clips Portland Lakers Denver many go to the east. Philly broken work here, the top three and some order, then the food
is going to be Charlotte Miami or Atlanta. I think Charlotte's done. I watched them against the cells today. They've lost the Heyward thing here. Going out for four weeks, I think is a way bigger injury for them than the they don't have anybody who replaced the same they'd Rihanna loud the offense through him, he's playing really well as a twenty points again guy. They don't really have a backup for him that does any of the stuff that he did for them and now they're, just a bunch of guards checking up shots. I could see them falling all the way into the plan. I think that's great for Miami. So then you have the next Boston, Indiana and Chicago kind of in that waiting for any of those 14th to wake up. Who would you pick two? as a as a waiting to wake up team. New York, Boston, Indiana Indiana, I think Boston is probably the safest bet. They're. The most talented this team is is disappointing. That win today against the and its means nothing. I may look. The hornets had a guy in their from Nova, Scotia,
They had another guy, never heard of I mean we know how hard it is. How rare it is this guy I'm like. I don't know who that is and he's in the game I mean, that's a weird Romeo labor was playing. They took Romeo Lange for shouted out a garbage time and in Carson Edwards is like he's like. I don't. I don't wanna watch adult films. I get in agenda. Thirty point games like Eureka, discarded Edwards when your play with him and you're, trying to rack the ball like? Are you taking them out? Does he just start smashing the cue ball in like as you're trying to set up and you go Carson? Can you just stop for a second and let me rack the balls and then you can hit them anyway for sure
they had one twenty and they had one Martin to an end, and then he came out the other minds when replaced them. Has some half its grim? Here's rotated Martin threads. This has got the ugly Celtics. I don't I don't like him. I dont like them, but I mean talent wise between them and the next are you kidding, and I wonder if there's this next thing, this balancing things out like the first have the season is our great stat somebody here, that was going around where there the percentage of opposing threes unlike uncontested threes, was off the charts low and it was just one of those things. It didn't mean anything. I just hate people missed more open threes against you made at the lowest level of anyone in a league, so look for that to balance things out. You know I could look at projected schedule, strength and Austin. But do this is gonna get really ugly. I mean I was going to last Saturday. You do ass. She gazed on Saturday. Ngos are another all star break that I didn't know about that. Like select thirty guys to sit, hey we're out we're not planned tonight, so even they give you start doing
a match up to the end of the year, be lay hey. They were. They were too and therefore against them or whatever I'm going to be like. I don't know how much that's going to matter, because when did you get them, did you get them with a bunch of games in a row all these games, where I feel like whoever wins the, First one and in the twenty four forty eight hour turn around? They always lose the second one. I feel that I may not be right about it, but that pass thing that we mentioned. I think they're having a really hard time with lavert deal boot. Just put up some nice numbers, but it hasn't necessarily worked for Chicago. They got their first win against the nets, who are sitting a bunch of guys other than Kairi so yeah, I think through it all, unless maybe Atlanta is a better call, because other guys are making shots, and you know they fixed their defense here, a little bit, I would say Atlanta or Boston, and the only one is because of Boston's talent. Despite the fact fifty games in, I don't really like
at the Boston thing is grim, but there's signs of hope that they finally have all their guys together time, Lord starting to play more for a starting to I mean you saw it today, grand they're playing Charlotte, but for a comes in he scores twelve point In fifteen minutes there was or minutes our being man by a semi osier ledge about the green outlets. Up just he's worth a couple points again that trade was really important for them.
There's some sort of weird energy with them that I can't put my finger on where there's a lack. We were talking a couple of weeks ago about soft. I don't even know if soft the right word like there's a lack of pride in some of these games with them, but then I watch other games in league pass. It feels like we have a disproportionate amount of twenty five point blow outs right last night. It felt like every game was not close. Last night was a special right. You would have thought some kid was screwing around with dot com or something like There's no way this team's up, forty already like what the hell is going on, but I actually think it's ugly. As it's been at times it's going to get uglier. I want to throw this to you, though I was told during the celtic struggles without Marcus Smart. I was told by the Marcus Smart militia that this is why he deserves everything and him coming back. I don't
What I just would pose the question to how come everything wasn't fix when he came back. Some question he's not playing well, there's no other way to way to play to set. I saw an ad today watching today watching on the terrible clippers Lakers poor ABC is gonna hammered out. These Sunday gives Thea Coopers Lakers, they Rina add for the playing games, which are may eighteenth April. Fourth, that less than six weeks aware get excited playing games believable either. You think like saying the east, where we could have like Boston, could be the seven It could be like Boston, New York, Chicago Indie, something like that. There teams that I like watching Chicago Chicago, is in a playing game. I would be excited I like their nine I've enjoyed Patrick Williams. I like seeing boots the early returns, see my old friend Daniel Tis, who drove me crazy. Now he's on another team, I get to reform, but
I don't know, I'm an enjoy the playing games. The west is a little more grim. Other than New Orleans when you get it San Antonio members Memphis to stay. Gaunt state looks like D make us sideways where they lose by like fish fifty three, the other eight or signatory. They you're down sixty something and they lost by fifty three. And then you have New Orleans at twenty one and twenty seven, who is probably the worst coach team in the whig. All things considered out of other teams that are actually counted that do dumb
over and over again, and yet their best guy is averaging sixty two percent from files and it's completely unstoppable and I just would not want to play them in a playing game. I'm sorry! If they're, the ten state I'd be bummed out, you're Dallas you're, like cool we'll get in there, we'll get the seven seed we'll play Phoenix, and then it's like well wait a second. You got to play this team that their best guy makes of his shots, or you have to fail. That's going to be your opponent for the playing game. Good luck! What if it's Jj, Reddick revenge game if the Pelican get that seven tat our ears. The thing, though I would, if I play the pelicans in the play, a game. I would if I coach Dallas of our Carlyle,
Just tell one of the guys, I'm like every time, brain and Ingram you are on Ingram, be like man, they don't run enough shit for you. They got to get you the ball more, like. I can't believe all this ion stuff, like you're better than he is right and then just be like this is going to be perfect. But honestly I don't I didn't Dallas is I'm with you you're, not picking doubts to come out of the west you're just saying a the early stuff. And feeling better about him and having a few more options. We're just feels that a central casting their like taken. We add one more really long. On a white guy, that's uprooted black jack. We get sick. Melly's, one of those dudes he's like an actor who's, just been in a series of terrible movies, but you kind of wanted to see. You then see him in this movie, where he's basically Maxi Kleber expanded, Maxie spot. So it's a joy password right, so I was watching the fugitive on a flight the other day and they show up to the train scene.
Where people didn't realize, like hey this Tommy Lee Jones performance, get used to it because you're going to see this one for about twenty years. Now
not that he was an amazingly did some other things, but he just nail that were like aren't. You are so good at the train scene or put you in front of a volcano, but joy pants gets out of things like it's a circus. I really thought you did you think Emily Yak, as I think you could call it the mellow award, but I do want to change your bid. You it's your shall re watches was years. I just get it in by Cyprus stepping stone. Let me give you, let me give you three teams in you tell me if their better off just drawing where these ass twenty games and gone for at TAT time, Peck, not that they well, because I did, the playing games has properly incentivize the latter. These themes Indiana, but it better
saying. Yeah this season, sucked Tj Warren got hurt. We had this weird old depot situation. We kind of outsmarted ourselves. We brought Laverton he's a terrible fit with what we have, and maybe we just punt on this season. I know they won't. I know they can't. They have health, you guys it's not like they can, but I'm just saying in a perfect world, if you're the pacers, do you really care? If you make the plan I'm probably going to say no to almost all these, so I don't want to ruin your segment, so maybe I should just just pass it right back to you on it, but I'll, into the pacers one with I kind of like what the roster could be. So I would rather not be in the playing game and get like lucky in the later, because I don't know that you're going to be sticking at the top of the lottery anytime soon, because I do like the team when it's normal and yeah it could be
too many guys and it looks like there's times are: Brogdon was like what are we doing here and I know he's missed some games. I don't know how many of the top of my head here and e to us probably looked at the avert thing being like we had some nice rhythm here offensively, but at least lavert is still talented and maybe a piece and the way the contract and the control. So I'm not necessarily like. I know I've sounded anti lavert here. But let me go back to you. Why don't you make the argument for it because I just think there's so many times, Young teams are like out at play of experience. It so valuable. You like really getting your ass check in a one. Eight you just gonna grow from that. Emotionally, I don't know that. That's really true for the pacers I would be I would want to be in the playing and I would talk myself into reality- of these guys just need a job. We have talent bragged, its opponents are good Phuket. Let's see what happens next, he now Toronto, too
that's a pun, that's one where you go to Larry and you go hey man, big free agency, coming up for you last big contract, there's a lot of money out there. This might be our best chance to get like a top eight I know your knees bother you. I know your foots. Whatever whatever is bothering, I know something on your body is bothering you but she's called quit. I know they won't do this. Cuz Nick nurse has already come out and he said I want to make the playoffs we are not attacking. I hate thinking, I'm just saying in the perfect world, if you're raptor spin you going with this team yeah, maybe could win a playing game but you're not winning around one you're, so close to actually being able to get a top a pick, and you can write this. This year's a write off this year's the sun cost. You had the Tampa thing. You had your two big guys leave so write off. I know they can't do it because it's basketball, but to me that's the team that should be thinking about.
Had a weasel out of this I would agree. I might agree almost all these. I think the only time that you're gonna hear and argued against it would be so Lana makes it now there, the six. You know what, if they had a rough spat in reply, again here and there in the planned game whenever there is no version them tanking Orang like that, but you could see them saying us being able to come out of this year's at play off. Aim means something, and I think that the latter has to go for it right right in that they are so I mean I'm just I'm simply saying of any these teams. This is that this is the group that you make the arm for, I think Chicago. Hey like hey another Levin. We Levine the made the we trade. We want to be able to say playoff team. Now I think these are these are short term wines that can be really overstated in the big picture. Dont really mean anything that just because you got any stuck in it doesn't mean you always grow. Alright, some people get remember everyone. Detroit made
and they had that one a match up with Cleveland and it was like you know what look out for Detroit next year, Stanley Johnson usually did against Leubronn intellect and they get swept. You know like what did they really? You know what I mean like. I think we overstate that a lot, so I don't know if any of it has any real value. I like it when it's a young team, I think it really the Celtics to get in there, and that one thousand six hundred and seventeen ranch with some of those young guys. I think it helped Memphis last year just to be in that playing game and just have a taste of what it's like to have a real game, with real steaks and real pro and things like that so Atlanta to me as a no brainer, a golden state is a fascinating one. Does you could They had the year from Hell. Wiseman, I think, is more of a project than You know maybe we anticipated. Maybe this is his red shirt season dream. I can't score anymore curve
has an incredible amount of pressure on him in these games, not that Dame lower doesn't by the way. But you know the fact that they're, twenty three and twenty six kind of seems like a miracle. It doesn't feel like a lot of things have gone right for them. So let's say that Minnesota pick is like fourth or fifth, and let's say that go and stay pick is like and- and you have coming coming back, we went in the title this year without claim now fundamentally they're, probably better off, not even being in the playing game, but I know that I know that organizations that to go for that. No, it doesn't sound like that was a whole reason why they did the Ubre deal and again some of these trades things like some of the things didn't happen, because it was just tougher to figure out like gold state couldn't take more salary back. The Lakers was really hard for them to take a deal back where they were taking on more money, even if they thought they were close on some stuff. I think the biggest thing for golden state is looking at their own pick now.
Minnesota Pick, and then your wise man, I think, is in a tough spot because of wise men were on one of these horrible teams, with no winning pedigree without like real guys were curry, was arguably like in the end BP conversation with the study was doing. A wise man tell do different standard soon. He screws up its work where, if he were with some of these other organizations, be like hey, you know who got twenty and twelve again the other night Wiseman. You know he's awesome and it might be worse for him. Longterm for his career, so maybe these bumps are good for him early on, but you know a healthy curry in a playoff game is kind of exciting, but it really should be about packaging, those picks for the next mad superstar. That goes I'm going to play with the best back court of all time. That is, a team in a playing game. People would not be fired up to see to go and state thing we got to do this quickly. There was weird the is recruiting Currie story that just make sure boredom from the media I dont aware was coming from. I dont know
why anybody, whose follow curries cleared any point we think a never leave golden state B he would water like jump on the Le Brown Bandwagon, in fact, be the brand sidekick at the whole thing was bizarre to me, though I don't think it's, but the tightest relate above the tourism, should they go on better than ever. They used to be, but I thought that was one The weird are fake stories that we ve had. If he was going to go anywhere. The only place that makes sense is Charlotte. Go home where his dad is and the place that he grew up as a kid and he was ever going to leave someday to finish his career somewhere. It's going to be Charlotte, it's not going to be to be Lebron lack, it's not happening. Well, wind horse brought it up and I believe the part of Lebron thinking he's recruiting staff.
Because it was odd. I say: wait a minute you you like steps, because Lebron completely resented the idea that Steph was considered the best player in the world, and you know what Lebron proved that it was an accurate stiff, had better seasons Leubronn during those years he had better, and an season so back to back ftp seasons like that steps should not have been the, but then it turns. Then it steps in ok, steps of exploiting workers using better seasons. Lebron is like yeah, actually, there's stuff. I can do in a playoff game that he can't do all right and as much as I love step, the biggest step lover has to admit that and Lebron resented it, but Lebron is so powerful arguing the most powerful individual athlete of our lifetime. Far as team sports, a concern that he is thinking of these angles, and so I thought it was weird when I see some of the interactions during all star weekend where I was like wait, so we he picked him and then he
talking them up and you're, like Motherfucker, had a corpse it is your Halloween party that you walked over on the way in so look Lebron when he took Yanas in the first draft. That was a way of now. This is, I think, a comical waste of time, the yawning would be a free agent, be like you know. What Leubronn did take me first, all wrong that first, all star draft fuck it but silence him. Let's do this, you know like Currie going. It was really complimentary. Me all star weekend and twenty twenty one yeah, I'm going to sign with the Lakers now that was I was really now he was always saying good stuff about me, so I think I'll go do that. Courage goes home and in his website has asked, are weak and he's like you're, not gonna, believe this the brown was talk in me. The whole time I feel like he wants people,
with him that was the vibe- I was getting- he kept saying like how great la was and how cool it would be if we could play together and it was just so exciting. I just feel like I'm ready to leave gold state. He must have forgotten that I've already won three rings without their whitakers. I would former break this absolutely bill. Summons pack asked his bride. You buy fresh pat, fresh pet is real pet food freshmen the fridge, the reason its captain fridges, simple, fresh, all ingredients, gently steam, cooked without preservatives, so the mill meals have to be refrigerated, just like all their meets its all natural locally source parents. When you switch to feeding fresh the first thing you ll notice is increased and You know type more zoomies higher verticals when they jump happy pets just live in the dream: eating recipes they really enjoy in the weeks that follow you'll, see a softer, shinier coat you'll see improve digestion
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are so if it's like they're its eight million dollars of his salary would be these Laker games that should count towards a tax. Maybe that's the way to do it. Then I was reading some other stuff talking. People like you and everybody had the same attitude, which is basically why the fuk you would care about these buyout guys. None of them actually help teams. You are you planning your flag on this island, make the case that we should just never talk about this. I use a deal there's a few guys. You wanna play exception game here. You can argue the exception. You can argue the Pga Brown Boris D out not only help the spurs became, became a piece of it which should have set us up for the template for Nick the swindle as well, because it's been better the clippers. But if you go through the buy outs last fifteen years or so I remember worrying about Damon, start admire, going gotta help to sell their should amount to sell the shit and those on the tv broadcasts for the pre haven't post back then
and a month or so went by. He ends up with dispersed three points, a game. We waited on Marbury decision for every and is up in Boston Enough in China. Pretty quick after that. If you go through these, there is. The high level of buyouts going to just major markets all the time, it's a little bit more split. Woe was great writing a piece about this. Looking at it saying hey, if you look at the last thirty nine buyouts and how many guys actually contributed in playoffs it's minimal and how many guys are going to big market versus small market, it's actually pretty. Even the point is this: it's again, it's a recency bias thing that get you really excited it's hard enough to trade in this league, I'm pro by out adding another piece. Getting excited drum is probably going to fit great with the Lakers if he's healthy, because you're going to play off Lebron in the lobs and add some size there, but it's a big waste of time being worried about it, because it's usually that players last move before we realize he's done playing Chris. I understand in two thousand
It was another one. Miami and those were special circumstances right. He had had some real issues. He was a little bit younger for the most part. I mailed you that somebody laid out ten years assigning a couple of years ago on the internet, James Herbert shout out to James James, but he had list and I was dying reading these old ones like two thousand and eight, the Piston Sine Theor ATLAS, two thousand and nine Steph Marbury, the Celtics Joe Smith, to the calves. Oh no, the sun's cats drama swift. Now, when I liars got you get it. Two thousand ten I'd like to say, to my mind, the south excited make a friendly the bucks I Jerry Stock House, two thousand eleven was some classics that was Jason Waves, tat the grizzlies, the South Excite Tray Murphy MIKE
today the heat member other make baby pieces. By the way. There is a standing ovation for baby when he was introduced his first he came yeah my baby mavericks Corey Brewer. Theirs they did he and playing for them. I feel like you got the key: do they want the title? Did he pay so that might have been a good one South San Carlos you go to two thousand twelve. Oh, this is a great one. The grizzly sign Kubert, Rita yep. That was the nicks on Kenyan Martin in two thousand thirteen Derek Fisher to the thunder was have these: when other, you could argue, he actually paid too many minutes for them. They are going through some classics. I forgot about this one. The painters nature bind him. I remember doing countdown segments that year talking about whether, by what kind of impact buying and was going to happen, that pacer steam little did widow is careers over mavericks amongst our stuff,
are too that's. Fifteen calves Kindred Perkins, two thousand fifteen on and on and on leading to your favorite Thea Daring, lambs and Andrew Bogot Combo for the calves that year. That is that that was the values it that is the pinnacle, that was a pig's bowed Forbad by outsiders, quick brewer update before we get back to that. You played three minutes: twenty five seconds, eight minutes one minute for minutes and then four minutes, and then we didn't see him in the finals during that MAS playoff yeah, so actually not no, so he did play, but he barely played for him. I think he, thirteen games or rather regular season, the calves adding bogot for possession in Daring Williams for essentially nothing I'll, never forget when it first started dawning on me. I should have learned the lesson after the Damon Sodomy or wasting a month on that watch, because that's what we did every night on that Celtic broadcast you'd be like oh Damon sodomy. How would he fit in as a cell? What number do you think I'll wear in case we would retire here
remember regresses name, but a very prominent national talk show host said once the casket Bogot Williams, a power had shifted away from golden state back to Cleveland was after you were like wait. What do you Those two guys, like all bogus, can have all the answers. You fear they out again. Bogey got her immediately in the first game and I make a small counter. Yeah, the salaries are so I now that the buyer, the quality of the buyer guys may be getting better just because it's impossible to trade somebody's making thirty million dollars year. The Kevin love might be a bad guy next year and his career will not be over visa. So I Bulgaria, it's like it's not a question of. What do we do about these biogas? Is at its to me it's more of a question of what do you do the trade rules? Why do we have the same rules that we had before? Why can't we switch it so that its only fifty percent of the salary that you can trade first renders
in four straight years like it like. Let's make it easier to trade, and then we won't have these dumb situations where Andre Drummond just goes to Lakers for free. I think he's at a different level, then Blake in the market, because there's very strong cases that bacon the markets will fit answer. List of all the guys. I just read, year by year, of the Gilbert Arenas type guys that might just not have a lot left the tank. I think Blake has a better chance just because of his defense to maybe in a back for them, but german might actually really help the Lakers. You know- and I do think if they made the trade rules a little different. It would have been easier for the Cavaliers to trade in and get something for him first issues by an amount. And that's what they should fix. So that's why I've never had a problem with the buy out part of it and part of the suggestion was: maybe you have to buy out before, because the other dirty secret of the whole thing. It's not a secret really, but it's just something worth mentioning again is if the agents can control it and then scare everybody off
to trade for him by saying hey, my guy is going to get a buyout and I want him to get a buyout so that he can go to the team that he wants to go to, and it may not even be just a winning situation since we know we want him bought out here. So he can go and play here and get more minutes because he's going to be free agent he's going to be up, but then the buyout thing you start getting so excited when you're a fan, because it's like cool, I get to add somebody else. I remember there was a proposal and we'll just piece for somebody. We should have the buy out market expiration first and then the trade deadline after it, but it's just kind of like the NFL NBA and be a free. What draft or what does everybody seemed to say about all time like when that within the Unifil draft happens? As you know, the draft before free agency, we draft who we want and then fill the holes in free agency and people like yeah, that makes a ton sense and then in the NBA. It's like man it'd be great. If we had free agency before the draft, because then we'd be able to see who we could get on the open market and then, if we don't get who we want, then we can go ahead and draft somebody else, so, no matter which way it's set up in order. People are going to complain about it,
because the league, I agree with you, it so hard to pull off the trades, although it's been a little easier than what it used to be on the trade on the money for- is that a move around, but with the salaries going up in the apron and in some of these restrictions? I'm ok, goodbye out in their massively overrated, and that brings us back to my final thought of the nets. Piece of this bill is that this is where the coverage, where yeah I'm just gonna, say it like. I just look at so many of our colleagues and I think, Do you want to tell the truth right now or do you want a lot of the audits? Because, when you put up a graphic of carries all star resume, hardens all star resonate Durant's all star resonate, that's an incredible resonate, but when you put Lamarck a soldier dissolve Appearance is next to Blake, Griffin's, all star game, appearance in Adam all up and try to sell me some bullshit. It means you either are purposely disingenuous or you just it's so addicted to the graphic, looking cool when it's not what it is and that's why Blake Griffin is great whenever he talks, because Blake was way I sucked for months. People are making fun of me every fucking gay
every like you watch watch League pass the new announcers on the opposing and be like Blake Griffin. What it used to be. And now he's an all timer whose awesome right now and the weird thing argument about all the all appearances. Now appearances now net that nets roster, is that one there, probably better playing than Claxton Lamarcus Aldridge in the first place, so buying out Aldridge and then bring him in screw up a nice piece that you found that was already on your bench, because everybody should be able to produce offensively being the other two guys outside of those three when they have things going ship, even when it's just carry in harden but it it then mute. Into this other argument that isn't about the all star appearances, it's hey, I'm a guy? So I found a way to make a pro Lebron argument about the nets, because that that'll be an awesome argument. Where now I get to say, look what the nets had to do: stop Lebron and you're. Like wait
I saw a bunch of people do this and he go this isn't even about the net. It's not even about buyouts. You created some Stack of all star games that make. You feel better about your pro argument, like your pro
Lebron position like what are we even doing like I lost track five minutes into it. Can we talk about the pop here in yes? So it's like a little past eight o'clock pacific time now. Does he last the week at ESPN? What happens? This is a pretty rare case by the way I have no inside info. I don't think you do probably either. This is a pretty rare case where a talent who's on the air for them on a signature show, I would say, he's a borderline signature guy for them. He just kind of said fuck it and did this instagram live and there's strippers in the background and they're throwing chips of the strippers, he seems it seems. We've been to turkeys, not sober. I don't know it was.
I don't know how does he get suspended or fired? What would be your pick? I think in the moment everybody kind of loses their minds about punishment and it's like all my gosh. You know like this guy's, never ever gonna and I think you and I probably have better insight from our time there, specifically me understanding punishment. Me you'd, but I also understand punishment. You haven't you got punished because you were you were you were poking. The bear yeah eyes are punished because you know I'm Bears myself. I embarrass the company because my room key worked on the wrong door hotel and then you know once everybody figured out the next day. So, the civic me when I got to trouble. I was like ok well, this is what happened in they go K. We know you not lying, but you still did something bad senior due to be punished, and I was again I agree a macro among funny on it like I agree and then
did you go but my I always I don't know enough about Paul, but usually if they want to get rid of somebody it'd be a combination of things so of everybody's coon ball, and they think you just made a mistake. I don't think he deserves a good fire MIKE. I see it as a we're spot to be ended, My guess would be that he wouldn't be even though it's a bad look enjoys, have to remember you Workin for Disney no liking. Reminded of that quite a bit when you're, at least on campus, and that's why, was resent it all. You guys it and have to walk around Bristol. For a decade plus because you Billy boy, I know what it's like lignite: don't not the hallway every day, five days a week for Paul ways and cafeterias That makes it easy to you it does I yet get I enough fired, because I think, for the most part, I think he's a light guy. So it's like I was this really just a one really them
stake should be a Mamma again on this, so maybe be his Margaret. I will say this definitely one of the top five or six weirdest mba social media stars having ever Like her, I just couldn't or the lovely since he buys, I just couldn't believe it. It's a kind of mistake. People made with the internet and with social medium like two thousand eight two thousand nine before people realised ramifications for things. How things quickly. Nobody makes mistakes like this anymore and social media in which leads me to like. Maybe he didn't even think it was a mistake. I really try to shy away from a lot of these media stories, because I just don't care this one. I'm actually really interested to see how it unfolds over the next couple of days like. What's he going to say, is he going to go on the jump? The next two days? Are they going to talk about it? Are they going to address it, because the way to really do correct is just to address it be up front about it? Make light of?
You move out of people forget, but they're gonna have to do that on Monday and Tuesday and on a shower unless you get suspended when you got suspended was there ever like a did. You get suspended from Twitter once a day I think that think twice how silly that punishment is now. I'm like. Okay, like oh no. That's where the eight it Turkey as we die from it. I wish I tried, I think he is feared. It took them a long time to realise that sometimes the punishment causes more news coverage than the initial story, and I they take thou, unlocked and figured it out because you're too, I don't think pierce there's another part of the story. That's my favorite part that we haven't even touched on, yet he tweeted at eight o clock Pacific time last night good morning. Right,
And after that, but I want to buy his jersey because I don't think he thought he was making a mistake. I think he's like look, I'm I d lives and I think we both understand this really well. When you are a you know, it's like Pearson is no cobia or something like that When you're at that level- and you have a media job, you'll look at it, the same way is: Eighty nine percent of us feel I I you know like yeah, I'm on tv, a chop it up for a little bit. This teams good this one isn't what's up a year on your right now, you're wrong and. I'm an mba guy who's worth millions in my home town and if you're in L a come through an eminent posted, because this is what we do in. If he's, if people are cool with him and they like him- and I don't
Oh that they are, are I've never heard that they are and again I've worked or in a year and a half. I always think when people look at punishment, the worst time to figure out how some these can be punished is immediately after the act and give it a few days and say
okay cuz he twenty four hours later, he didn't seem too bummed out about it at all and I'm sure somebody had to have reached out to him at that point. Now, I'm sure it's being discussed right now, Jay Jay, Reddick, traded from the pockets of the mavericks and then complain about a podcast that they are the pelicans broke their word time, so they're going to either send them close to home or whatever felt, like Griffin, basically lied to call them out and then their next day. It was interesting that, even on the jump like Robert Horry- and I forget who the other player was the both of them kind of laid into her cuz, I can't manage the business. You don't get to pick where you play. That's what that's what the checks are for. I was actually surprised that he complained enough through the pelicans cool.
We will try to will try to accommodate you, but also my they're, going to do its best for the team and he's gonna do what's best for him. Cause he's cashing big paychecks every year. In the same way he went from fill it in New Orleans. I was what was best for him. I was, I was just surprised. Has I think, he's really? Smart athletes have surprised, she didn't see the peace that it's hard to complain when you're, making that kind of money and in turn to just by him out verses what Orleans was was able to get out of the trade, which is just better than a. Of course they were going to do that. Yeah Chris job is stand pointed out. Your first obligation is to the franchise, but there was something Jj said that was so specific that I tend to believe Jj, that judges argument was when I signed the to your deal, a good money at that age. That I was told you know, will do this
but we'll get you where you need to go, you know so is Jj telling like it's such a specific thing like whenever I think somebody's lying I'll be like. Are you being vague or you being specific and when it's really specific I the think the now is lying version of the story. Like hey, we told him. We work with him in his agent agent. We didn't promise anything or is tell us the truth. Is I don't know they were so specific about it. That's why took the deal in the first place inside down there and and move on, but I mean in that spot as a gm when you're looking at getting back something economy like I did you always gonna rule that way. But I bet would doubtless many little Dallas yellow at that. Those weird went to by the way the pelicans just pass the rackets as were taken this the Falcons, we're gonna lose to the rackets, but I think the rackets
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the part of the package where we get weird, oh man, I ya. I love this stuff. I I wanted to loom. Finally, so there was a real thing you actually did go. Yeah people thought I was just screwing around an instrument. So it's the first time that I have taken off since August nineteen, and I'm just gonna, tell you on the way back. It was. It was a little reminder were like oh, this is why traveling out of the country, especially during Covet protocol, like isn't the easiest deal, so you got to get a test, the day of which I got to test on the way out. I got to test on the way back, but then the guys yeah. You get your test results here and I'm like no. I came here because the results are quicker. Like my flights in a few hours and he's like no, I go dude. There's a chance. You're gonna, be in a two hour cab ride from the resort back to can't Kuhn and
I'm going to find out like our forty, that I have covid and I can't get on the flight. I was like the hotel set up disappointment based on what my needs were and he was like yeah, we'll figure it out man. I was just like okay, so I get the test. I hang out for a bit try to get the most the rest of the day in you know. I went to a couple: art festivals. I actually did a spoken word thing myself at this yoga studio, but there'll be a video while probably later and. Once I got to the airport, this guy immediately just grabs my bags he's like I got you Migo. I was like all right, first class service. Let's go! Obviously you wanted to tip the whole deal, so I tip them pretty well cause! That's! The thing is like when you're in like this and you don't really know. What's going on find somebody who does and just tip them- and I can't emphasize how much better your life is- gonna be for a very small investment and just navigating all of it. So it gets me right up to the front of the line the whole deal and I bought it through delta and
The woman by the collar, barely speech in English and she's, like you still owe us money, what you mean. I owe you money she's, like you only paid for half the ticket, and I was like now. I got there's no version of an app purchase on a phone where they're just magically charging me for like half when you pictured resignation and then the destination like I bought tickets before for a plane ride like that's, there's no way. This is the way it works and she's, like I'm holding on your connection, had to connect and I'm holding on your baggage claim. Reject your bag and I'm not giving it to you and to you, pay the rest of the bill, and I was like this is insane. So I have to gain solution right, then I have to go to like a main desk. And I'm over there, the guy's a gap because you know YO is two hundred and sixty dollars or whatever you know any disease in Spanish, I'm not been able, you're like what are you try and he writes it down. He's like yo owe us two hundred and sixty dollars more and I'm like this is crazy but you're. You look at your watch and you're going alright. What's the deal, I've got my app open. I've got my paperwork.
Passport is sounds like this broke down. Palace too. This is like the first fifteen minutes of it you six dollars more all set you're in a jail and Talon. I, like my chances of breaking out of jail in Talum, not Mexico City, that's just a vibe by gut that's a vibe that I got but I think I may have been in the pre quota unhinged with Russell Crow, where he plays a bare give yet either that yet
you didn't see it. You Russel! Yes, of course I did. You watched it yeah, which the rustle pro the road rage movie, yeah yeah what'd, you say, give me quick it. I liked it. First of all I've seen every movie, second of all, I'm so fascinated by this stage of Russell Crow career. Where he's just not the proof of life guy anymore, but he's kind of embraced it and he's just playing like these crazy middle age. Parts like he's playing Roger Ailes, he's playing crazy road rage, guys can't really describe a common theme other than he's entering a Nick cage zone. It seems like I'm worried, I'm really worried lost it and you're like wow. Nick cage is in that movie and then there was like five and then it's like. Oh, this is just too nice. I feel like Russell Crow is inching that way. I watched it on the flight. And I got tell you it felt like Leubronn, demanding a trader the wizards cause. When I look,
that everybody else in the movie. Nothing against them, but Russell crows, where the great actors or our lifetime and he's he's great in the role and he's up to two. Eighty to ninety he's a mass yeah human being in this movie in its gross. I didn't love it you liked it more than I but I was I've ever had a groat rage movies. They always even light that Africa. Road Ridge Bubu has saved Jackson Lock now changing lanes, my bed I needed to know more about the movie when I got home and I started researching it and then I was I love. I love actors. Explaining movies. Am I just love it has any was like. I just think you know in two days time, understanding in the western hemisphere that rage and the struggle of man. But yet and I was like yeah yeah, you just drove right in to five million bucks yeah, you got divorced in the movie and he had a truck and you started smashing industry.
Like, I don't know that the western hemisphere needs to be used to describe anything of that. Eighty minute movie that I just watched so the lady comes over says my mistake after the hustle send me the rest of my stuff and I go okay, so I'm good to go and she's like yes and I go okay, which flight and she's like oh wrong terminal. So now I get brought to the right terminal. As soon as I get off there, a cab drivers like you're at the wrong terminal, twenty dollars to go to the right terminal, and I'm like so wait a minute. I go. There's four terminals here at this airport, and I've somehow managed to go to all three of the wrong ones. I was like some seems off here. I grabbed a security guard. I show my ticket and then he points. The stairwell. To my gay. I look at the cab driver as a guest. See we're just like Dr Asshole shirts on today like I can't, I can't figure it out and you know, look there's there's some more aggressive american looks into loom than anything that I was rocking. I was in short, so sweatshirt. So then you ve got to have all your coat.
Stuff ready to you can show to everybody, and then I do this weird thing where, when I go through security line, I pick somebody else that has to make the decision at the split and then I'm in a competition with them. The rest of his security line and that's my nose. It yeah go run. Eight months ago, Russell crowded, hinge, drawbridge, think kind, because if I lose it puts move for about an hour. I was like you picked wrong and that guy smoked you by like seven people, does that guy know that you picked him. Is he aware that there's a competition in the words? No, he doesn't know he never knows. Whoever it is sometimes is a woman yeah It doesn't matter it doesn't matter I'll, just be like okay. I think I have the angle here I'll try to like rapid count like a fire clerk or something like that, yeah whatever I'm a Meda,
I would say to loom good good, hang very quiet, very lay back vacation didn't and do much b, plus just getting out of Manhattan Beach for the first time in a year was was gonna weird his like you sat near by yourself, almost solo, the entire time that was that was a long time even from when you talk about taking stuff. Personally, like when in lines or getting like weirdly competitive for no reason at all yeah all the time. So that's probably one of my biggest character faults as a driver because
I I don't have you know this, but I'm one of the world's greatest drivers. I really am. I not rise like you'd. I load does any tonight that way. I'm the guy you on the guy. You want I'll, be back from biggest away so, but my daughter set out these soccer games all over the place like Arizona Vegas who had we did Vegas twenty four hours back and forth. You know four hours each way and I've tried. Calm down and not be that guy anymore, but then people will just kind of annoy me on the road where its I'll make you a great driver. First of all, the ILO, whenever any of you guys say the stuff, I'm always immediately skeptical. What makes you so great bill building a go at a high level speed, but but it seems like you it's a smooth right. It's not like. I hurt you jerky, changing that you know like stop and start hit the break. I like on those long road trips.
The person who's in the passenger seat, not even to realize that we're going really fast or that we're just flying or whatever it's just like part of it should You just gliding along go. In fact. I think that there is a great difficulty on the long road trips where issues you going fast, but nobody in the car zebra realising it but then sometimes you'll, see these people who were like they're trying to be the cool weaving through the lanes and it's just like they're bad at it, and they are going there trying to beat somebody down the right lane, not realizing that that truck is actually going a little bit too salty, slam on the brakes like that go around, and I just hate those people and then I take it personally and I end up like kind of pseudo racing with them. A little bit That's my character for fair in the partners. So what I ve learned is because I was thinking in unhinged. I went you, you don't be a fun and somebody's probably already done this before
where you would review a movie on twitter and just one post and get it wrong on purpose. It be like woman who has trouble with punctuality and holding down job gradually a noise fellow driver if you'd like now that's really what the movies. But when I heard you say you're, what I'm learning here is that that's why you like unhinge cause you agreed with Russell Cross Character, despite nine did adequate protection the latter courtesy down, it's not bill. I just take one Europe. Already a board. You start looking for little challenges right, like the guy who goes by and kind of gives. You luck is like a really you, ok, going now, we're gonna drive, we rejected see. Who can we through lanes faster for next and then my daughters, now go dad dad, don't know. This is why I said is a character for do. You think is
vanity ringer plate with a dollar sign on that green flair? And you have where you and we would very deeply? Would you get Would you had? I been, I bid the smoking. The in addition, Festival fire burst with this past week, I'm totally serious. I bid on it and then, when I lost I was like you know. I just avoided a pretty big hassle there, but I was gonna, get bandits on a vanity plate. And listen David Lee Roth, not Van Helen, but solo. Really Roth, eat smile and drive around minute beach and just be, like you, guys, think you're cool in your broncos, like I am doing this all summer when things open up, and I may even start smoking well, when I moved to LA, I was shocked by the amount of vanity plate. I've never had our have you weigh more than in Massachusetts.
Well Massachusetts. That's just another thing to get punched for, so that's why they don't have them there, not guys fair. Before we go, you want to hear about drunk Kyle. Yes, everybody does Kyle is his approval rating on my podcast is through the roof on the life advice, stuff people, people actually don't wan. To hear from me at the end of the pod that much anymore yes, Kyle's dad step, mom and little brother came up to visit, for my father and mother and thus sixtieth wedding adversary last weekend was so that their altogether Kyle and the families together he starts fast. Drinking he's is easy to see so happy and excited e becomes like fast drinking Kyle and it's my favorite Kyle, its unanimous approval in the summits, family fur happy fast, shrinking Kyle
Is our fair? It gets a little loud, but not too loud. She forgive me, I mean a great drunk cross, but like a little Edward man tonight show that he really cells. Your jokes, you feel great, you feel as funny as you were, ran a hub ready to go ready to drink, ready to drink you're drink, to ready to make having just having time shout out the drunk Kile Kyle. You want to follow up here. Thanks. No, I love being drunk Kyle and I'm glad you love drunk. Do Kyle has really been a victim of the pandemic, because it's not that much fun to be drunk Kyle and you're, just stuck in your apartment with your girlfriend and that's it. That's a Kyle yeah, that's drunk and sad Kyle, which nobody likes. What people like our post pandemic. The bars are back drunk Isle is back, that's where we need to get to it's one of the many reasons we're waiting for vaccines. We still has no comments.
No, I don't. I want a drink with Kyle at some point, but I mean. I haven't. Had I'm an I'm like go ahead. Are you a subscriber to as soon as we're past all this stuff? It's going to be basically like what we read about in the 19th set late 1970s when all hell broke loose for for years I don't over twenty three years, but anybody any time somebody says like I'm, worried about small venue, clubs of adult. Oh I'm worried about some of these, but it is going to be on hinged. It's gonna be peak, People going like hey, you know what it was. It was awful for a lot of people. It was a challenge for most people. I tried To complain, I hope I didn't throughout at all, because I really have a debt bad in comparison to so many other people, but I think that we are by default. Social people.
And we want to be around other people. I think most of us do. I'm may not want to be. I think it's going to be one of the most excited groups of people going and the younger generation is going to try to make up for this year plus in a way that we haven't seen now we're too old for that which is probably good. But Whenever I hear from somebody around my age is a God. I think it's can be kind of a slow. Unlike now it isn't one there Isolation numbers are higher, it's gonna be a free for all will that I mean Mass thing is the biggest piece of this ray. You can't, even like think about facial queues and smiles and instant attractions, anxious making somebody laugh and seen their reaction, and I give you everyone's where the fuck a mask it's like watching hockey,
not knowing what what prayers? What was your I made some rain or regular sees that again, I kind of like it Alex. I started going Ban Danner like cowboy thing I might. I may keep it I like how it looked. Even he might keep it long term, just yet a God. Damn your tactics, viruses seriously when our this weird zone, where some people have been vaccinated. So if you see somebody who doesn't have a mask on you think, well maybe that person had the vaccine, but yet they should still probably have the mask on that's what everybody says, but now it's just before it was pretty clear. Like wait, you don't have a mask on like you're doing some power walk and some joggers just jogging right by you, and you know they don't have mass kind like alright what the fuck did. Show little respect now. Now it's hard to gauge with this stuff when you're not wearing a weird tween or time yeah, you don't, but the very beginning. We talk about this in this ended up being more
beer and longer term than that. I never thought at the beginning, but I like everything I have hard time with anybody. There would be an expert about something new, but yet, if Uncertainty was hasty inside and where a mask, whenever you go out like us on a hard thing to do, you know they're just wasn't a hard thing to do, but I do wonder in the long term. I will look at this and if it's just a different, hey, there's different strains of this and that's why certain things happen. This way we didn't know this Dan, or maybe this is something we did. We didn't have do, but This was a sacrifice. It wasn't that big of a deal to be asked to wear a mask all the time and I think people that
we're policing at are probably get really mad about about you know: do you also one of your position we screaming at somebody has been vaccinated and then there would have been vaccinated and then how do you feel so yeah? I get the sacrifice people made with all this, but I think it's it's. It's really hard man cause people still so worked up about certain elements of this that I would just keep it on until we feel like we're in the clear cause. I don't think it's that big of a deal to keep it on also was gonna tweet to everybody every fuckin day in the beginning of this saying where a molecular ask where a mask, because not really! My role like you want to hear about me talking about Romeo Lankford, not not to tell you what you need to do
because now a virus expert after a week. One benefit of it is I've known. As does my parents are vaccinated now you think date day. Just are acting differently. I think no kidding like how is my mom is a lot happier. My dad seems a little more relaxed as well, but I think my mom was really worried, like he had covered dead dialogue of my kind of like do. Nobody would know you know in I've just noticed like a totally different kind of energy from her.
I think, when you're over seventy, this thing is like Covid would look at you and you're done right us living with that every day whether people were talking about it or not. I think there was real object. Fear, like my dad, wasn't leaving the house. He wasn't really going anywhere and then finally, we got him to flat across countries basically wearing a hazmat suit to come, see us this was like what five six months ago, just because he was like alright. So I'm in my early seventy sir I'm just not going to see my grandkids anymore. This is be the rest. My life, like I'm, not gonna, see my family. I think there. I think there is a lot of internal struggles with the mortality of it, with not being able to see people that. Loved when there's like a time limit on how long you could see them, how many years yet left with whoever and and the vaccine seems to have removed some of that smile. I armchair key betake. Now, that's not an sure you'll be that's. That's really well said, because I'm buying
Self, so much sometimes it's easier for me to not think about that parliament. I know the sound of my father's voice actors first vaccine shop, where he calls Risa K and of the union ok, you write his I left from. My father was in the hospital for something going back to last year, which is fine. You know it wasn't is fine. I didn't leave at all for you know a year plus and then I went back one time I took a test before I left. I took a test, my landed because I was like I and then I'll quarantine for a couple days, just to make sure, and my father was still a little bit like. Hey. You know if you come by, maybe we'll eat outside or something like that and yeah. You know I like you and even if your father's healthier my lucky have our dad's around stoner lives that part to go. The end for me. I got be wasting too much more time here because I'm sure, once you start getting into your you start
thinking about things in a different way were like. I want to make the most of this and then your basically, the end of your life was put on pause. You didn't know what I was gonna beat. You know when you play against, so I don't think that's our church, you being at all who gets a reality of it was really well set. So you know what I shared an office with Sal and used to torture me when I have to read jokes- and you just ask me these weird, abstract questions that I would have to answer. And I remember one time we were sitting there and I was working on something he was just like bugging me and he was like hey. Do you ever think, like your dad's in Boston and I'm like yeah, he's like how many more times do you think you'll see him like thirty seven times? I think we've talked about this. I think told the story and I was like will now see more than that is not how do the math and now how much lay off
and now I'm like wait a second all right. So if I see choice a year go through, I'm like you motherfucker. Why did you get me to think about this, but yeah? I think I think when you get older, you think a lot about that stuff. I'm thinking about it now, with my kids, like my daughter's about to finish grade like she's, going to be in college in two and a half years, and it's like that's it, the relationship will at that point she goes on. You just won't see them as much they're not going to be somebody that has been in my house since two thousand five every week, and then you now I hear but think about this and the reverse side of everything we just talk to one spectrum about covered the other side. Is the ECB
of the young kids that are like all right. We had plenty of time during Covet, I'm out of here yeah, I'm good, I'm good. All right we're gonna wrap up, because my air pods are dying again, so we should mention. You did an awesome, two part series with the ABA stores. Oh thanks that ran on the feed last week. If you missed it, if you love the ABA, I talked about it on the last spot. I did but check that out and then you have two more this week and then I guess we're going to go every other week, probably until we hit that play in game weekend and then we'll go every Sunday after that, the rest of the way. So that's going to be, I guess the third week of may know. I have a lot of Basque, my hope. Its high calibre anyway reseller good to see you guys. You may lead to limp right. That's over the past. I have two more common free this week. Don't forget New York, your genius trim ski it's up. The package has launched, it is gone, force
and we watch was lethal weapon coming Monday night seen it one way.
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