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The Super Bowl Mega-Preview, Million Dollar Picks, and Kobe’s Defining Quality With Peter Schrager, Cousin Sal, and Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by NFL Network’s Peter Schrager to discuss the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Chiefs and the 49ers; they talk about Jimmy “nobody believes in me” Garoppolo, possible Super Bowl MVPs, Kelce vs. Kittle, Super Bowl story lines, and more (2:33). Then Bill talks with Cousin Sal, who is on the ground in Miami, about some fun Super Bowl prop bets (36:10). Finally Bill calls up Joe House to briefly discuss Luka vs. Zion and share some memories of Kobe Bryant (57:30) before making some Million Dollar NFL Picks (1:22:29).

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Today, special Superbowl Preview on the bill, summits, Pakistan, the the Ringer Podcast network, is brought to you by Super Krueger. Here's the resume working hard and working smart working hard? You may take the chiefs in the supermarket working smart. Like me, you go the other way you taken the Niner, Zip corazza tools to me more efficient, effective smartest where higher power for technologies canst as Erasmus find people their experience for job the text as it is that there are even learns what kind of game It's you like about more to apply right now. My listeners contrive zip code for free at our at Zapruder. Dotcom, slash, be asked, whereas a ready by the ringer dot com or with Adsum some pieces this week. I would encourage you check out the pieces. Bribe Philips and chase around a robot Kobe Bryant last couple days, as was all of our Superbowl coverage and if you follow us
on the ringers, twitter or the ringers Youtube Channel, which is over two hundred thousand subscribers. We double their number subscribers and two thousand and nineteen you can check out a slow Newsday with Kevin Clark he's been. In a bunch of Superbowl shows from their ran. Resell has had some Superbowl previous from there as well on his podcast, which I hope you listen against all odds. I went on and talked about. Props cousin sow and we just have a whole bunch of stuff going on you like to book. A basketball, the was gracious enough to. Let me run the Grantline Basque by our that I did with copyright in jail in rows in two thousand fifteen right after Kobe, tore his rotate or cuff, and restoring to be the end of the road Frahm as a basketball player and also like a really to a season for the League new team, is the warriors were taken off that year, Dread Westbrook restarting by
father stuff was going on and we just had an hour long, basically, a pipe castle. There is a bad and he's gray net and I thought fitting to run that on the book, a Basque by two point: OPEC as this week. It's a really nice snapshot how smart he was about basketball. So you can check that out. Come up, we'll talk to Peter Schwaiger Cost Sal and Joe House about the super bowl and some others, the first, our friends from programme. Peter sugars, better good luck, gas threat, quite ass? You can see my good morning for everyday and he in Miami right now staying at a luxurious hotel here, how I great there's, a barefoot man in the lobby. Dom biology
my everyday lives bill. What is What's a vibe their the Kobe thing was obviously a somber way to start the week, to say the least: does it feel like people are moving more toward thoughtful, bother, yeah, and you know we weren't here Monday Tuesday, but I was watching all the shows from Monday and it's only appropriate to start every show, football or basketball or any show on television with Kobe talk and then take Tuesday. It still going on. Obviously now we're doing this our union on Thursday, and you feel like it now, focusing towards the game of course, cobia looming large in every conversational yeah and the dead our night, that Lakers Game is gonna, be historic, NBA that- and you know it's it's it's weird to have, a super bowl weak get overshadowed, but I think that speaks to both have famously a popular in and now impact for. This whole thing was
Another thing I got to thinking. I mean the podcast that it be emergency body Daily Chris Ryan, from audience like. I think we all needed that on Monday morning, looking for some sort of a big picture on this new guidelines, then of course you and J. I thought they were great off. Thank you. We're still still trying to figure this out. And sift through in an hour understanding and re everyone's got a copy story like it's amazing. We had my color on the actor on our shouted. Any pulled me aside and you'd, like I'm still show, could shake They call me my earlier from Philadelphia like now after whiplash, we reached out to me and was like that's the mob mentality that character you played up like you, behind behind closed doors, being in finding mild Keller and talking about flash and how that drumming movie connected with him your hearing them more morn, but a bit about with o thou with a bunch of the fund guys last night and it's like little every person,
Men are you wouldn't know copy has reached out you in some way or did reach out. You never got their own personal story Toby right, which is all the more amazing because in open this week: we know that stuff, yellow it's true and there's not a allow superstars light back, as I think Barkley. Would be another one that has just kind of cross the past with all types of people at some You know what I'm sure, everybody, probably as a Barkley story, but it's Pretty rare. I don't think it's the case for like Leubronn, maybe the for sure I don't know, but it's prima, what about the website where the game this looks It's gonna end with either Casey favoured by one or maybe even even odds, and it seems like there's two camps of the poor, oh, who are break in this game down. One is that San Francisco is just a better over our team. There, faster they're gonna presented ton of
problems for some very Casey's defence, but you'll be able to control the ball. Defensive way, they're going to be able to rush mahomes and four people and do all this stuff was zone defense and rent and coming out of it. Angles and there's a whole case for that, and then the case Casey is just mobs is incredible. Why Is this super ball not if similar of the Carolina Denver Superbowl that we had a few years ago, score of the New England, New York, one or the Denver Seattle on every time. You want to think that the offense that just throws the ball around the yard is going to win. The other team finds a way. Using me. A blunt force, defense in a running game and the more that we get closer to the game like I came out of the gate after Sunday and I'd like to take the cheese I think that you are gonna air out. Alpenglow arms can be stopped in you put that in an outdoor state I'm incriminating, create they're gonna run eighty Arta. Sixty hour runs another the kind of things were going to wear out at night if data, but the closer we.
To the game, the more people I speak to you like the feeling in this city right now, be minor, have the edge that those five first round back, but they ve got come on in the front door. Gonna give that a friend of mine and my hotel and is too many times, like you said on Miller stripping. Can new in or Tom Brady getting knocked around by austrian talk or in other fora, not with a game Peyton Manning having a safety over his head, all that kind of stuff that woman large talking to men yesterday. Could he would already meeting with the king many chiefs. Talk about. You know what the cheetah ain't like this to clash of style, because this could go one of two way they will know early on whose dictating the two style, but this is speed versus Trend- and it's almost like the most sure, pure you were born match up with two completely different philosophies and I've got a clash of undue with alive speed on the chief sad that could make up fur
any sort of advantages. The manners ass. They could be doing this perfectly fur fifteen stray pleasant now and then on the sixteenth by hard man goes down the left sidelined for day yards or whatever, and that's why such a fun games, bad argue about I'll I've spent the law. Ten days, leaning toward the matters that I think I'm there but I'm so scared of her hopes that I'm scared of the chair, speed and I'm a little scared of of Jimmy G in the big stage your feelings and Jimmy Junior, talk to the nine or die than they are like hell bent on this, not being a story like that that that's not fair me that, where only one up, acting Jimmy, we'll just very well aware that we could beat the Viking the way we did and we could be the Packard way dead end back our best opportunity with the gate, but when the game for battered, maybe Jimmy to bring them back. They were down thirteen enough
staff to New Orleans in New Orleans and grapple up through for about three hundred. Fifty their game. Then they went to Seattle. They needed to do they got it. Those shoes, third and long term, Saturday night came against the ramp Jimmy completed the passes the day. They are held there, that they are not present Jimmy and issues in a trap door for situations that there's gonna let the deed This led the way and injured not make mistakes. If the game was to be a out or have to get that way? I don't think it's lip service I believe in Jimmy grapple. They just haven't, had to win that way. It's with one deals with husband: four days of media availability and I think it's starting to bother them I got a little bit and if anything, it's motivating them say. Ok, just wait if you need to do wake up. You can do it, but that said Amy I am looking to favourable posters in it. The homes are one sided Kittle on the other. You know it's not my arms round, her uploaded to it. My home first kill the anatomy told me of Noah this quarterback. If not only does the same.
So you're saying your hypothesized thing, there's a little but he believes in a search imaging just the geography, a candle The nobody believes in a theory because they want player. Nobody believed that I think that's what it is it. What it was like a maniac offenders are like angry at the media session. Like you keep on challenging Jimmy eat, our guy, like ok, you believe in don't even have which I like that nobody believed him theory. This is great. You know I love there is. If you had to, I did some superbowl props. In South podcast ass against I'd yesterday and he's coming on mine to give his annual gear Russell Pick after we're done with you I had to and the that I like it, and of the props that are Looking at goes along the same theme of of I think you have to bed. I you think big is gonna go at the props, so one of them Nick Bowser,
VP is twenty to one end of the day a working theory for this fine, as if, if you feel like it's gonna, be airline endeavour, if you feel like it's gonna, be see out, Amber and in that kind of a super bowl where the great team, and especially the really fast awesome defence, just kind of overpowers the great offence dad Mahomes is going to be on his heels all game, to be going backwards, he's going to have a split second list to throw then he thought he did and the defense is going to be doing stuff, which leads me to Nick Bosa at twenty to one. Is could you see, like the the three sack one strip, sack Nick both performance on Sunday, air, like the VON Miller per? warm interest have been made, but I can't do it I'll tell you: why did I I'm sure this murder are hungry for off line torch, Eric Fisher. The left tackled. Damn good- and am I I dont of both gonna- be able to do much better
now. Think about Jack he's these protected Mahomet Glass two years. You never seem my under direction any of the game, the other and Mitchell Shore to the right, tackle that whoever they line up there were their beef border to forest partner or when they sometimes when they move aircars that outside I dont see coming from me. I shall I don't you this being mom getting fat guy, steel mousing under pressure, the run game being completely? Ireland by these guys and homes run around and up the bank plays a speed. But I do not see my home getting factory time by anybody. That's good at both this, not because he can't get off at dawn interest that fishermen we must tackle loud and Chris on an Priscilla had a really good pack ass this week or Christian was talking about the concept of unit. Rushing a quarter back in by having a play roles and do different things and how you know you have cows, and the chiefs, where may be part of the game,
Is your shipping him coming off the lion, and if you doing that, that means the ends are again either the same. Production aid huge again any gets frustrating after a while, because you try do the union coordination every playing a role be just have to stick to that role. The whole time and the moment, the answered, trot really go for the sack and color on the side than Mahomet steps up and running in, and he was I can tell the diner stick to their plan will be the key Agape added. He had to be disciplined and then here part of it. The most frustrating thing that all these guys say when you play the chief. I fucked up you in a culture that apply them here. It's you think you ve got more homes in your groups in any throws aid literally a one yard screen past the Damien Williams and there they won't blocker that he got fifteen yards. Yes, Joe there, the masters of the screen, where Mahomet all due to the very last second, whether each day Liam Doran, I dont know if Shady Mccoy Gonna play, but who knows, I would not be shot if were watching you
one often Machine Mccoy, seventy five yards. I one of those people often reader, know how they're gonna kill you methought last game, where it was all Kelsey Entire reckon. You didn't when we're gonna get the time, in its day me Williams, and if anyone could have so many different weapon and like you two earlier it could just be got Hartman Sixty hour bomb, which we ve seen up you time to see that also chop it. Yes, you need to be disciplined other unit, I keep on going back to that patriot, giant Superbowl, where it wasn't just me: Australia they would J, Alford and gave tollison and the giant hedges, waved and waved defending end in the bank to tackle constantly press? during Tom Brady by when the fourth quarter came around I do get knocked around it was like aren't take a deep breath. You that's what it's gonna take united it's gonna, be one of the fields where we're mom. Eleven times in the game really thanks for bringing up Superbowl in detail, and I can I can. I really really show that caused by the kind of guy or something
storyline storyline nine hundred today for walking around the media. There's west welcome coach of the forty nine or he might get it Oh Jesus well, and then you have the Ford trying to let the chiefs yet again for only the Superbowl after succeeding last year by being off sides for the game, ending interception. Here there are some good there's some good, us. Our first of all, if you know but my share ahead as Kardashian heads dad I've done what the air, while that's apply. Where does he rank on the sportsman add super ball shots of the luxury sweet pantheon. For you I mean they went to him to be asked no shortage of my Shanahan shot, I'm wondering director the guy Richard, till? I was gonna, get him three or four times in the first out. Two things are going well. He said have some other famous dads and their legs dad's frontier. Maybe yeah, but some people from sitcoms
no stay alive. Carl Winslow Carl Winslow from family matters, Ba Reginald be Johnson yeah. I want any pre summit, but dad. What do you think Debo Samuel at twenty five to one firm VP. Oh, oh I like it People will ask you if the men who spend it had no catch last week and what we most hyped up- guy, always the last year with the men will spend it had no catch last week and would be most hyped up guy all week this week about how much he loved they know catches are getting. There were blocking the guy. I know Kyle loved him at the receiver, and I have a feeling which convey to prepare this might be Manual foundered, they're, not the peoples in he's fifty one Carl, and I like it, look at both matters or savers and just get sad because Debo literally the most perfect patriot of our time, I understand, does everything where's, Bilbil Jack, I'm so glad he's better in my life, I would
de I, wouldn't change anything about the last twenty years. I D. Understand how he could work with Brady for this long and not be able to to strategically tar. What type of receiver works for Brady you go back and you read the draft stuff from Samuel on its side over achiever the guy just insanely competitive he's, gonna do whatever it takes great blocker and use guided psych. While this is like every checklist of a receiver whose succeeds with Brady his idea bridge crossed rejoice and with more size and a little more speed. It's like how do they? I realise this is. I would After all, my receivers for Brady under the hypothesis is this is unlikely to flatter go on hours notice, because Brady want somebody to throw due for today's debate. We will be like
it made me. Are you in Zimbabwe I'll, be there? I'm happy reflate a flight right now. I just please drove the bar for ten minutes and I miss on that here the here, though the thing would be about which is co author of the nine years or so last year, the big coached, the sheep. About a worse two teams, newly typically coach, this noble the Niners and did at last year and Debo family with the team that Karl Shanahan unravelled shower our all these guys on the phone and they fell in love with them. They were so intimate We're thinking about potentially even moving up in the draft were to go, get him in the game in the second round. Now here's the a wrinkle with what the Niners asked the boy I could tell you on the record that there were many many conversation internally about. Do we go during Tonia Brown all season and across the board, John Lennon. And how should I know a little before Antonio Brown became what he is now. It is back when Antonio Brownish brush off the bit burst over there. Like. Doesn't.
In our locker. Only done the work that you can't work and you can get along with my Tomlin STAR player. You certainly are gonna, be in art, use them then the o Dell Trade happened, tell you, I know very well, I used to be his time on a border at foxy, go back a long way behind but a little managed that they ve got a woman, that trade before there is a chance that we discussed. Ok, how we work something out: the original pocket, a giant Niners. What the second over I'll pick Minneapolis? four Odell is that possible and there are better they weren't given about picture that begin without much chance. The count The brown trading denounced and no Antonio, no Odell and the forty nine peoples are just find me. Why did you hear. Supposedly Sanders was going to the Niners without really being shot through the patriots who also urge that in it because of a whole Denver Patriots, Genoa thing was the rumour I heard at enough. It's true
not sure, but I know that they were that from what I hear the patriot were all in our Mohammed to New Joe. I don't even think about a manual say nothing got to that boy, Niners or just fine young manual. Sanderson again. How could he wins? Six superboss be so bad in evaluating receives the three heads I buried. Her Achilles heel, Josh Boy, Chad, Jack Cerebral, Tompkinsville, all judge active, blotted out you're worried about the second giant Superbowl. We had shattered your signal by himself on the right side of the field and single coverage because they left the shaded safety over. He was so cooked. It is wholly and last year he was running Corp. It's unbelievable hanging. Those days are behind. In last year s tough, it was done What other storylines are remission woody woody? in Canada and not enough attention Not only that much attention to me, though, that the chief gathered Guy Frank,
who has been running his mouth to always in a way that is so beautiful and shown that twenty, twenty and retract it. Basically out everybody and try and bring it in any, I'm gonna be my job you're gonna love. This might just a formality they like you not only as a like the old, Shannon, sharp ball or whoever would a would you want to stay like he'd made this week more interesting up, seeing the forty nine of the eight different times when he was the she ox. They know him, they ve blocked against him. I don't think they're, exactly scared of Flint Clark and yet How can this huge game and add a little entry to the men, and the other thing is just that. I think chief spam I mean the way that the chief spanned rallied around this time. You ve done therefore, the Red Sox listing the cards I've seen enough. I think that the football equipped I guess they well. What about the trader Cleveland, like the chief so close so many times, and if this ban they can actually get over the harp, and when one of these things
you can be equally under estimate, our overestimated. Just how big a deal that in four that Bambi I just want to say on behalf of the Viking stance. I thieves, are in the number to spot. For this conversation. And the lions checking the lions are lazy, pay bills and Viking have been there for times. Insuperable haven't one right, but vikings you're talking just the said the one run that was jeered at her story glee brutal the vikings just decade after decades, but things are given aid for some reason. I was watching the Saints Vikings game ten years ago. Ok, it's I'm outta here, there's a fifteen minute kindness, what kind of that game it is, the label, the Vikings didn't when their game it's not just to the horrific farm interception, but they had first down, unlike the thirty eight Peterson, two terrible runs far horrific intersect
but then it goes into o t And they got home by at least three terrible cos, while they leave, I believe Reggie Bush fumbled and gave them of all very close to a score that encounter there's some somebody goodbye there is no way they were better than they say it's a year, and I have no idea how that it went, but you you think I just all the checkpoint said that team If I look at the lions, because the lions probably really do have the case for most torture, just because they have, memories at all, but nothing. I look at them there like a home old, Kate and Pennsylvania, who doesn't even know what their missing like. I have in fact any pay, because they're just home every day in there. Just watching tv, in that they don't. Stand. There's this whole world of painting. I have not got into the now even out there and I'm wifi theirs who were of pain that they don't even understand what about feel like, whereas the Vikings Fans Dave Guy,
so close so many different times and just got kicked in the nuts. Their nets have come off everywhere That's a ruptured leg. There are very aware movement. Not. I would think that achieved have an argument for the fact of being lost. All those gained an arrow at half past two decades like drew dishonesty, at the door in the division around the earth. They go down. Twenty four, nothing like chicks are one and eight and last home play off game here, a gay. He tried American, Have some some a cup tough ones in the nineties end. Last year. There Pats game the deed, or play? That's the kind of shit that what happened to the Red Sox before two thousand forwards, like all we would have won. If that had not happened, that's pretty bad yeah! I think You have the chiefs one. The Casey fans want a couple years ago. The royals, nl you over the win one fur when one for anything that like, of course, you do now cause. I think if I you know
Think when you play the scenarios of what could happen in this game, anything I'll win team. Blank win what what will be the outcome- and I can see this whole chiefs unit- where aid is crying day day. Eight people, just reaching out left and right? Thank God. What a great guy he's an ambassador he's been a whole family this all time he didn't need a super turn Superbowl to vindicate the credit career he's had, but now here and do now a thing combined with the more homes is the guy this power in the world. Why did we ever well? everyone has an affair. Lamar, we're so stupid. Moms Alex see that whole story lad, but I cannot I see You know the Niner storyline, where it's like team is always gonna be prior period. Why do we always forget this every year so that That's all there is such a good Superbowl. You can really see the pass for each starlight
perfect clash philosophy. We did it analytics debate All the time then a Linux matter or stuff like this. The bay it do you go about running game and say it. You could win the same way you when so many years ago, in the don't worry that all that stop at it, you don't running scheme or his destiny, What about what you do to hire a bunch of really fast receivers and find a quarter back with a huge arm and you're, not a cool stuff prisoner. I get a great great clash. In fact. Ready so cosmic ginger so differently, matched up for so unique and awaited there on the spectrum in the other fellows for how they approach. But I dont off my chest: imagining it's pretty coin everyone here today. Will any read this master like are like Shanahan Antonia here they want this. Guy she's been- and I know tat to two years, because I these guys that, like add, Mcveigh was getting all of this, but the only way would be increased. Under the next guy and other stuff, like the guy used
were pushing ahead like you would understand a hand in Washington and you would understand handed paper, and I know that Kyle Said- has been had been shimmering like just give me a chance, Gimme guys at that. And go out there and do those in their state healthy enough, and now it happened. Tat moment I dropped his proper sounds back ass. One of your thoughts, For some reason, tavern commons, rushing attempts are made. Nine and a half as the over under the Anders matters one fifty five to bet on that its technical, many we're gonna play this week- he's hurt, I think so, gets hit areas. I think he might I think you might look? They might go to Jeff Wilson Junior days, they have the running back and we might not be most like date. I think, having got injured they were by enough and they should. I cannot do it, but I would be shocked if then call members can play around with channel. Using must even a minute having em and just when you want to focus on
started when he goes, and output scrap and it'll be agreed on a common game when one my harms fur total completions over twenty five and a half I'm assuming the now we are going to do the defensive game plan where they try to keep everything in front of them. Don't get beat ape just may make him dick Doug making go short. China have drives then hope that you'll get that one sack that makes it like third and fifteen or second and nineteen whatever you dont like them, that's gonna be Kelsey. Yeah, that's gonna, be in a machine Mccoy Churchyard Damon, William Blake, ban number, eighty one for a couple yard, like neighbour fine, winning that way too in that's how Andy used to and gave the Philadelphia Joe. I think twenty five completion this very minute there you're down by a time slowing down the path of their winning. I think they're gonna win back pocket a guy on the rock just now they do it. Going to be one of these games where she running back
thirty carry them to my favorite Superbowl, prop Duke Dodge. Minus four and a half against the total Chiefs points, LUCA playing. In Atlanta, an atrocious defensive team and a team that could it picked them. Jeff. Instead, that rights, so figure he's the thirty five to forty range, and that, some time unless this is a shoot up. That's my favorite prob and here I thought it would be for revenge game on Sunday noticed a book revenge get betray. My rights- or maybe I should highlight that should be deferred- is very different Eighty aid, one won it every pay. Maybe I just parlay those two products are labelled, you revenged agri. Ever I would go your mom, my home, ok, any last predictions for rigour like
Think they're gonna be an ancient. You gonna hear a lot of Venice, quash guitar and you maybe one of those names for boys in their five years, for the niners- and this is the guy they're gonna- try to pick on because what they do, they're gonna kill you all day with a little stuff. What of tat? Little stop amended the irish bomb or if the hardline bomb or Denmark, as Robinson Bob and it's gonna, be under quasi charged to make played a good or bad, but I have a feeling, we're gonna hear his name, a bunch in this game that you may be, because you are getting burn deep or making a big play these just such a difficult time. For me to pick, and yet I can already see certain it's happening, and I know mom together at least go for deep, three or four times. He is that I'm I envy Piazza list just for the latchkey tar. Stan attitude did didn't make the cut. If you had to go fifteen to one or Kelsey fifteen one firm bp. What would you do kid? All my! I think the miners win gonna be there
the ball and tailor made a couple they place if the chiefs, when it gets mom just my bankers, would you would you why chip? both of those guys. This is my new family supply. The weakest tripping over chipping did the people talking about this. The blind play in shaping the tide ends the knock them off balance by your sacrifice in the past or I M really at her. Conversely, I get a lot of strategy. Talk, some chipping grant the different give killers. The kettle play in the long run, much one, the boy if by this thing on the wide Cathy, either first ops a game really so yeah I mean to say kind of player, but with healthy, I don't know the thing No about healthy energy, defensive corner, like you can't really defend him, because he is good in the one game blocking. But then he and my home had this crazy, almost like hello, kinetic connection where he can just nowhere. Moms gonna go and negative dance around like it in the text and game.
Like a wide receiver or better yet like appoint guarding the power forward. They had this connection job. Thirdly, it away to stop Kelsey with a chair, because that is what they do. They want you to him when he out and get them through your game and then go for fifteen years after the cat the chief swear, I genuinely afraid of calcium off season. I think I think it is look there. Drugs. Kind of raspberry have work any really respects it. Any looks at something like the grand crews and says I wonder at the next level of the grand crews. Is I want to be there put my name on it. I don't know. He's capable of he had a reality dating sherry's before anyone know what it's like catching Kelsey, one by one. They INA Ort not on cheese dot com. It was on IE and later No one knew he was at the time other than a nice tightened in Vienna. Vouch he's one of the biggest personal reviews. Money is clever, any ignored.
Album swearing on tv and made available. I am I'm all about the Kelsey off, even if they went I am also all about the anti red off they went, I feel I gave you can change your pretty well, let's go This causes athlete funny his that actually funny Mary athlete. Funny is fine, it's respectable, but he's really funny I'll get. You want Blake ribbon really funny I can have the row selling or ethnic body. I think breaker. It is now legitimately funny. He liked the comedy clause, huge areas. I am our air lodgers really funny or he's athletes money there. These gaps on our show and light. They show little personality obsolete, falling out of a chair laughing at my watch it back with them. I do this scare, I wrote a calm about this. God knows how many years ago- and it was this of one to ten and Barkley was a ten year as as legit funny
and then a kind of descent down, but I think Blake Griffin might be like a nine now. I was really impressed by him at the I worry that Latin arose was rose. Tremendous awesome. I feel like it it's funny, because he when he got drafted, they would put the these dumb facts after every draft pick and for him it was like his. His dream was to host SNL Sunday, and I think I made fun of it. As I know the answer that or two hundred thousand one but I see J, J Watts hosting said it. I love whose Not even athlete funny he's just funny so that Happens, I think by gryffons, actually imply that the figure of traffic- like I remove Tommy like you'd like to come, we shall in New York and I are like the whatever it. Is it a comedy, stolen away like play Griffin Bomb like the regular list. You, like you know after
Andrew soaring Keno, it's gonna be gotta, be bleak referred to extend up like you literally want to do stand up, yes to me, like the effort it I got real as far as Funny like there are some guy, like Blake, All genuinely funny like eating a guy than their ground I've got a little bit too. The fox duff- and it's not on a day like what a great one liner grants to securing Grunge further did in his lap and really do you re like this can't be real and twenty when you did under your thee, being already spiking legos, like I don't know What did I do that? I could not get letters hilarious, just help ajar and how awkward uncover working away like a good one yeah drugs funny in the way that dude on your floor and college, whose cousin, get it three in the morning, and I gather Kashgar is he I love that guy is the easy. There is now a witty funny,
this is a poor gimme, a pic, I think cheap I think I think, at the end of the day, soon again dream everyone I'm telling you that it is streamed down here, like everyone is picking. Niner adds a guy that history says Niners, but I just I can't you to kill me. I don't care when it matters most, he has been. Flammable, and I just existence individual and offer my money, I'm an artist muttered right, ok, Peter your work in the game right, I'm doing pre and post game for far away illegal tat are better than their thanks for coming here demanded I recall a sound one. Second chances are you ve heard a sales force, but if you like a lot of people, you know exactly what sales force does other than one of my best friends from high schools. The bishop work there well this.
Where's that sales force brings companies and customers together. How does it work well with cells for different employees across you're different apartments? Like Stephen sales, Mary mark being Katy and customer service even I added I t the I'll get a single shared three hundred sixty degree view of each year, customers. That means whenever your customers talk with any less people, just mention they'll feel like there haven't relationship with one United Company that a series of disconnected departments which is important. Second, even important, it means Steve and Mary and Kayden died in an it everything they needed to make your customers happy and not just a little happy happy like wow. I love this company. They really me, I'm never going anywhere else happy that can happen when your customers of that happy everyone is happy. That's how sales force brings companies and customers together make sense, I hope, so to learn more visit sales force. Dotcom, slash, learn more with
five cousin Sal a ring. Ok, I went on his pack ass yesterday against all odds and we tackled a slew of superbowl props, but we saved it should that I think started at the outset, Steelers Cardinal Superbowl South. Unveiled on the pod with a super props bad unveiled. The dairy Russell Prop was the proper remagen, It was of was eleven years ago, two thousand nine yeah Jerry Russell Memorial, obscure player losing profit of the year I had the bed was that he would not score touchdown. Now he was back up to fast Willie Parker and only had like two touchdowns all year. Yet, and not only did he score touchdown, but he scored. He got two calls inside the five yards and scored their first touch down the stairs. First touch them yet so not only did he get the proper wrong, there is act,
it totally different air Russell Prop. You could have done that was really lucrative. They knew at the complete out away and that's it. Their tradition, I think who's the guy the giants, the full back her now hankering ASCII Will Henry Henry High. Now you re, Henry. I lousy I've had whose patriots tight, I might human Ahwahnee had him. Fuzzy would occur Ferrari panthers that one actually want, but a good, quick back story to the Gary Russell. Bang labelling is a wish among reach out and tell us tat the most updated. A form of the story, but someone email you a couple a few months later and said they were at a party, a suitable party when Gary Russell scored the guy laughed and looked across the room and the woman laughed woman. He had met before they discussed it and they talked about it and they were laughing about the same thing. My dumb prop. He ends up getting engaged and married to this woman. We have
idea what the failures from there, but we bring people together. So this problem has actually lead to marriage and maybe even kids for our Weena, the exactly No, I like to know that somebody actually lost money on this more than I do. Gods were speaking marriage. I already won my prop. I was over under zero point five people doing ports media this week, Miami who brought their wives in and I had a cause. You brought your way, so I won't let one prop up this is like earlier. What does she in the hotel for large issues at the beach she's eleven alive gonna know bow at night, while I'm trying to track down players poorer, a pre game birds language. Yeah she's says it an amateur. She sees She's phenomenon, I love ass. She does it what a great would agree. Ready to go to.
A minor desires. I like it, have you been here a lot. I've been here two days out of my life before this week, but a really enjoy it I went there for two superboss and I will they're more importantly, for when at the two years doing countdown were glorious because the heat were involved. So We spend an incredible amount of time in Miami and I think it's an amazing city. It's like one of the most funds. It is ever gonna visit ye. I think with disgust, but I m O. I almost feel it should be on a three city rotation as yet all giving young New Orleans, and maybe Vegas now will they do vague. As I know they haven't. I deal wherever. If a city opens a new stadium, they have to give him the Superbowl. Eventually, that's part of the deal, but other than that but the three cities yeah is this another reseller pad and Chris I was talking about when the supervisors in Miami for egos pats and had there
nothing, you do and the guys we're just walk around them all of America. Every day I promise you that's not as far as the Superbowl Miami, I'm with you. I think right one hour this, however, for football stadium, so it seems like if you really to maximize just the fun value? You would do a road, so my aim in New Orleans, LOS Angeles in Vegas, And then everybody's, just winning every year is just like the hits every it's fun, go the Superbowl versus the add these reign of cities. I never understood the hall if you build a stadium, get a super Molly there. That is a little strange. What ass just an incentive thing. I said play don't want to know why I don't like when the Olympics are in LA today. Is enough traffic, but you come here on your own. We don't need to know me to giant sporting. See. I go the other way I feel like when stuff happened. You know everybody wants to get the FAO and then it actually there's out in theirs less people, because people are so member, it
the greatest driving day of all time was Karma gettin weekend member that now right, that's when they're, like them fixing this thing on the four or five stay off the highways and I think I was the only time I've ever got a hundred and twenty on the eye tat. It was so excited, there's nobody there down another nail. Their car. There is greater what I want to those people who gets the F out so clearly What what storylines in bad at around inside Peter Miami about this game? Well, I feel like Jimmy G is taking a beating because of his performance against the packers in out that he attempted eight passes and everyone's, oh God can he do it? Does he have enough to get it done? But you know there's a guy who beat the packers twice. He beat the saints he beat. The vikings big winds on there's been a lot of those are road winds and
I wonder if Shanahan like what and what happens. If you have a game plan where you don't really need your quarterback to do anything you can you can real off six or seven yards per carry because of the blocking schemes just so much better on San Francisco side of the ball. Do you do you have to give Jimmy G confidence you have to throw in that first drive, or does he have to have one or two touchdown passes or you stray from a winning? now formula. Just a given confidence, it's gonna be interesting. This it Peter Schwaiger was on right before you and he was saying, there's a nobody believes in me, sub theory of them. But he believes in acid she's Jimmy J, nobody waves, Jimmy J thrive, maybe maybe It's a reason to believe in and we talked in your pack asked three two one of Em Bp, he's only plus zero point, five touchdowns against my homes, and then I think him throwing three touchdowns is five to one.
So you know we always talk about floor touchdowns too, for touch on three times a year. I think three touchdowns twice is he's capable of it for sure, but I really do it reminds me of someone who's Unfortunately, in most cases, a woman who want to be known for her brains like I'm, not just I candy you know I like really is like. I need to be seen and heard, and so do I I don't know, what's going to happen, that does he busted out or the end to their detriment, because we know it throws three up for grabs and maybe The chief come down with one of them. So like Nicole kid men in days of thunder right that setting. Smoking hot brain surgeon. She them just be known for being smoking hot. He's like I'm, actually doing good work here and preventing concussions with NASCAR drivers. That's it You say that I got: let's forget all the crap. You heard it on her about Debo Samuel for twenty five to of GDP.
Have you ever look ass, an airing it now, and I said that on my podcast with you, I think he's that there's no such thing really is a sharp prop bad because the shops or stay away from projects, but if there is its Debo Samuel to score the first touchdown to score any touchdown to have, I think, over fifty five and a half yards receiving, you have him, as envy pays twenty four and twenty five toward his fun. I think it's funny here that you and I do all the bedstead Sharps just really urgent and poor people to stay away from. We do properly we love teases. We let them far less way. Making all the mistakes put that in your book. That should be a chapter. We know pizzas because I've had some good runs in see certain superber games. If you really believe in a certain way again is gonna play out, and it's not just about. I liked the Niners. I think there ball games, if you really believe in a certain way. A game is gonna play out and its logic.
About. I, like the Niners, I think they're gonna cover, but I think this will happen in this and this in this, and then you stack all the proper to court. Lay you could actually clean up I'll. Never forget the ray men's superbowl against. I was at the giants The re Louis Superior, where I'd I hit like report. By did I had this specific angle. I was. I had the field for first touch down and all everything's averages. I think they're going to completely overpower the giants and run them off the field Now the props and I think this game, reminds me of that because love the Niners angle? There are these different prop. She can do and maybe even put the Jimmy G thing in and if you love the Chiefs thing, it's gonna be my home. They're, not gonna win because Damien Williams ran thirty times for honey, in writing yards like mates, can be behoves doing the homestead, So if you think they're going win, you should bet on him
hey better him for tv is being over two now hurry. I wore out Slash four is like blackjack when you splitting three is against a six and you just keep getting three the kind of terms, let me keep splitting it raised. This is my path to glory here, but when a hope that you bust you, I agree with the other mahometans aloft, fairer chiefs and may be. The only thing could be weird is like I'm, a coal harmony or retiree kill with some return touchdowns in addition to like research receiving touchdown forget weird, but otherwise you have to give it to my home homes of the chiefs. When I looked at heart- and he was seventy five to one it as China- the fashion, it would actually be a kick returns day, probably one other big return in that think he would have to go like three. Four ninety receive being- and I looked at his that's the last few weeks like he's, really data receiver for them at all, he is one that is it is a game, but maybe this
debate. That argument and lead the that's a case where the ads are pretty good. Seventy five to obey- you could say the roadmap would be he can the bomb from arms his for ninety and that an he breaks one for a tv he has another, like seventy yard run, that sets up a touch down on special the aims in that maybe would be enough. It would also allow homes would have to have two or fewer touchdowns total right like yesterday and pants gets the three it's almost impossible about Gibbethon, and probably a pact too, I'll get it like a like moms would have to have a more homesite game. Do you think there DAS Andy Red with gator aid. If the chief think, as he is The Andes, overweight, like I, would actually worry about him having a cold water on him at, like nine thirty eight, the Jaguar yeah, though I could see it,
and a boyfriend, and it was such a pain in the ass. With this gatorade he's convinced it's going to be red because the Niners are red. The chiefs are red, red is two hundred and twenty one she's driving me nuts with it. It has been in somewhere, but we could use my letter to me What does it matter that the red you know to learn is explaining? It was great grazing is not he really is. He really is that there are I think that if you look back, there are instances of the team collar factoring in to the gate, red dump, but also it could be water. There are several instances where they just went off, I'm Feelin Gatorade. We did discuss this day. I think they have the same. This thing right menaces huge if they want to push a purchaser. Color, the naked eye they could force had been birds, like others, gambling and Debbie Debbie. Then, when they have the royal rumble all set in the Charlotte flare. I'd start dropping out, what's going on here and then Charlotte flared up winning
around matters, the Charlotte flared this week, What any other crazy props day, you ve been concentrating on. Since we did our past, I'm trying to think not them. Really. I'm just on just stand that the Jimmy G that you could get em for envy pay it plus three. Fifty in some spots and India Peckham game. It's a pick, em game, and you know in a game word nine of the last thirteen super bowl and be peace have been quarterbacks and you can get the slight underdog quarterback four plus three, forty plus three. Fifty and like we said he has to make a name for himself it is coming off and eight past performance. I think those are really good odds. I'm looking at. So airmen one last year, Miller and two thousand sixteen Malcolm smell for the sea hawks. Antonio homes Sinfonia, I'm so quarterback branch in Word DEC Jackson,
Ray Louis. What are you for Re Louis, the suit disappeared, anyone the VP trophy Davis, Desmond, Howard Larry Brown. And then there's a run, a quarterbacks but yeah you're right I mean it Have we really hard to win defensively you you would need be the defence just completely dominating yeah you're writing of things disappearing. I thought it was cool to see that Brady texted Jimmy J, good luck and I imagine that the same phone that went missing. During the flight gate was able to relocate, I'm just saying I am happy that he should put out a called every biology. I found my phone years later. You know how to vacate led to this right and we walk through other points on that. The air we don't after it's out of the lead to, but even Jimmy J B and on the night of the fleet. Eight one of the biggest railroad jobs in the history of sports, which
There is still no evidence. Everything has been. Bob did it matter, braiding suspended for for games. Jimmy G place, three them both the stock become something never plays in those games. We have no idea if he's good, they're, just reciting to some. You know posts rookie contract for peanuts in his on the patriots for, like a where's our does anyone have down. He was good, so that happens then they take our first from pick pretty sure we can use that at some point over the last five years, I'm still mad Roger you now I it's time. It's time for the Garrison Memorial Superbowl prop at. Let's do it. Let me give you one more real work inside Iraq, forty nine
when by seven the ten is eight to one eyed chiefs to win by seven to ten plus seven. Fifty those are key numbers, those four key numbers in their boats, Evans Boltons. We ve seen teams when by eight and nine in this game, and I just think it could come down the one score it you. Can it you're gonna like arm you know, but when you buy squares, but your your kind of like picking which one you have here, if you have the apple teams winning by those key number, so that's how to get off my chest and I'm ready way before I got to get something off my chest. Do you want to know our superbowl food plan? It's just me and Cairo and my degenerates and Ben Timmins, and in one of his friends We are getting barbecue from APL he's got a super bowl barbecue package and there's can be allowed a brisk gets in ribs. So know what kind of state cars gonna be an murmur tape in the pot. I know
going to be sleepy either there's going to be a point there in the game when he falls asleep, I'm guessing, but then the second plate will rejuvenate them and then hopefully, hopefully the pod will be edited correctly. Lot of work on apparent corner would be that at the season finale apparent corner and Ben Simmons performs a heimlich on cash. Here we carry team. The hat with a deeper several superbowl reappeared. Parlay, that I've ever guy I'll take that is really time now the gear rest of memorial Superbowl prop is here. It is Kansas City, cheats, tied in Blake Bell the all. Those are first reception over one and a half yards minus one thirty. This is a winner. I feel so so confident. This fourth round pick.
Oh bloom of actual backup, quarterback Landry Jones, tighten now local kid from Wichita Kansas Select did by the forty Niners and then traded. You gotta revenge factor here subsequently went on a play for the Vikings and jaguars. Now is a Kansas City chief, obviously Kelsey, as their guy revenge factor, get me the ball. I scored against attack since my first career touchdown in the play off. I did it. I could do it again. Three of the last for games he's had at least two receptions he's had a reception and seven of the last twelve games feel good story. Local kid makes team the trap that him eat crow. This is the story no one's talking about, and probably rightfully so, but that is my pick. Blake Bell, first reception over one slash two half receiving yards: this is a story nobody's talking about, and there are one hundred reasons why
we're talking about it now because he is the winner- is the guarantor of the borough brought. This is a grey when I really like this, because figure- there's gonna be some to Thailand situations, maybe even threatened some thirty once Maybe- the goal line and everybody's gonna, be concentrating palsied nobody's, could because Strychnia Blake Bow and I can also hear the Joe Back- the that's a little the boy Bow Battle, a thing like that surprise in his voice, so he just two yards. He just needs to yards in that first reception with the craziness. I didn't get fewer than two yards out. I mean, I guess, we'll see on Sunday how you get two or three more than two yards. But yes, it's to further your point. If you believe that the 49ers will create pressure and they do so without blitzing, Patrick Mahomes is going to have to go to his like third or fourth option, and some of these you know and there's a good that you got the belt
there will be opened, probably second quarter, one up the way to get. It then, is the belt. Those are you're, nickname forever that actually his dick them now, I read it somewhere, Well those there. What do you think that one Kyle ravings agree saves cows? Out of it is just think a brisker texting is barbecue Please make sure that we have different sources for the work you so we are going to talk Sunday night posts, game, yeah, the lad part of the year. I it's also. Favorite part of the year, because we get to talk about the great game, go through bad, we won and lost and probably lost and lots more and then Some point there in the past in the last third of it. Targeting sad. Instead king about right, you know, STAR Gambia, STAR Game Gov, some hockey
maybe some somewhere tennis beds, college bass, sad that the australian open is overdue. I'm in a double whammy, fracture at that merits. Our joy Miami sadder body for us will talk to had said. Thank you watch watched pregame show I'll be on doing a bit with the Sean Payton, then I'll, give you a hint. This give me a lot of lot of gatorade spill on Sunday. Oh exciting. Looking forward to that, I take issue customer job. I E. I will call house three million dollar pick one second, first with the new year. Officially, here never endowing to restrict resolutions. Pepsi one Usher in the new decade a bit differently by encouraging ever unto unapologetically. Do you enjoy, even in the face of others judgment Pepsi encourages you d, let loose be yourself. Live your life like nobody's, watch, you know it's gimme letting this week nephew Kyle.
Really you love the Superbowl yeah. You love, barbecue, love! Barbecue! You love for by I do you're gonna be sad because the patriots aren't gonna be involved with spoiled as pats fans that we were in their three times and for years he's gonna get used to it. I know Pats team for us, I'm let loose on Sundays. Now, really what it comes down to you'll, be Danny Brisket you'll, be making Pepsi YAP you'll be lottery. Learn water had had maybe a cup waters to the two up, digesting water guy here and guess what I'm never going to judge you no matter, no matter how many points you have no matter how We be wiser, as you did in the pilot. Ok, I think you and the rest of the country will soon is re Darwin, but I want you to do what you enjoy doing Pepsi. That's what I like. I let's go you asked another guy legs eating. I Joe House is on the line where
do millions, our banks for the Superbowl. We have repeated sugar and cousin south earlier, since we take those look at that. Heard his ankle might have re aggravated. The old spraying. Now is my favorite prop. I was already do Luke advantage. Minus foreign have points against the Atlanta Hawks over the total points of the chiefs of so fired up to do. It now looks like that that has vanished into thin air jobs, but there's plenty of bets, there's plenty of stuff for us to do. There's even so Cross sport Parlez with golf and football two of your three favorite. In so doing eating. Illegal massages does to your five favorite things she could better and that other times, if you pull the Bob Craft, I don't know what you're talking about.
With one of those categories food everything else is accurate. I have a great affinity for food. I dearly love golf footballs at the top of my list. I dont know what else the other stuff Not if I can't help you with. I do want to America to hijack the pod. You mention LUCA Dodge. I had a fantastic conversation today. This isn't it wouldn't be a humble brag. If I say that my pals name, I have lunch once a month with a writer for the New York Times more. Of its use here in Washington DC you all we do is sit down at the palm and each from cocktail and make fun of people here should tents. When my favorite things, we had a great lunch and he asked me a question that I hadn't really started to suppress but the great question and something for another conversation. He said to me: you're starting a franchise who you gonna, take LUCA ores
I oh, my god and even a question. Definitely LUCA. Oh, my god, Are you kidding me on my Zion signed there? Still there percent chance that physically, he might just have problems for his entire career, its It's ok, though it thing of Lucca why Would you dismissed that possibility with LUCA because spread, although young he know, but look there. There is a desire has had are attributable to how young he is he's a child he's not in his adult body. It he's probably for years from being in his adult body. My so I think he's gonna be two hundred sixty five pounds for most of his NBA career what are some pounds heavier than that? I love Zion EM, all Hence I am I been on for a year, I'm just saying, if you give me the choice, I feel like there is no risk Zion, I dont Know-
where his body ends up when he's like aged twenty said what kind of weight muscle he's carrying it so the way he runs that that one Youtube video out there about his running style and then the Falcon talking about how they have to wean him in chit chat. The pressure he puts on his knees and other stuff would worry me if it was the choice just between those two guys, that's fine. I don't. We can I don't mean to hijack the pod? I dont think LUCA is exactly the an exemplary physical specimen. He doesn't move like like like the freak. Now, that's not fair, but you know how move with the with all the grace of a gazelle, and one of the distinguishing factors for me is now Lukas. Super super smart, his basketball, I q is this spot so, as am, and I think that is going to prove to be an incredible defensive,
Ere I addressed to me is the thing that that makes me feel like. If I have to now, it is a very real conversation there are alot away. I we should all day data now this could be a whole package, say that again, I haven't said this on a partnership, but I was saying it when I was in Sunday this weekend I mean fat Zion, I actually I'd like to register Wade I didn't minded, I think when they post them up and he's got his care in the extra tendencies, but not losing any the explosive. This short term. He said Physically dominant, like if he's posting up you're just he's getting the ball, would you do you get a leg sit here? from off spot. Are you gonna go around him and intercept the linkages getting the ball wherever he wants any such a good passer, but somehow he kept them. Both of these two and I, he's. One of those guys are now well, I didn't Rick,
I think, he's one of those guys that if he got skinny it would actually be detrimental to. So things I like about him. I just worry like that kind await. I dont know what what that does to his knees, especially is running style, I'm still all in a minor reset it. He he's not ever going to be skinny, his frame is not going to permit him to be skinny but he's carrying around so much sort of youth, fat and two exactly your point. The fact that he has explosives. You said somehow we still about explosive. That's exactly the point. Wait until he becomes a young adult and that fat is muscle I mean there's. Why is there a ceiling on the explosive news? Now I understand concern out there about impact on ankles and knees and joint at all, I kind of stuff I'm saying is far too yours now we ve been watching somebody who shows at a level of athleticism that is visually, sir.
On again here believe our eyes when we see as athleticism- and so anyway we again we'll lazy in the whole podcast for another time, his first game when he turned the switch on and there is at rebounding traffic the wagon and the spurs is gonna, get it in Zaire. Basically, just leap sideways over him took from her sake, God. I started like any one in the history of the league, who would have got their rebounded. I came up here it in every sir. Some stance that is over the back. He left so high tat over Jago Purnell, yet sanity all he had to do with slightly lean and he snatched a rebound that now nine point. Nine percent of the time otherwise is over the back, but it was not an over the back because he was way far up above. Where aware pearl could get to hear most glorious. Isn't it unimaginable?
What I've seen so far, he can definitely be used as the dream on Green five and offensively whoever he's on he can still handle the contact and get the ball on the spot. City wants and neither post up her face and then defensively his recovery is just so absurd and his his second jump ability and all those little stupid phrases that way. J Belarus has given us, and I love Jabez, beat them grateful that we have the phrases is that is his stuff that he can do to make it For being in the wrong spot or being a little under sized, I just think he's a five that's. Where he's gonna end up, and I think he's gonna be incredible. Really sincerely hope that that was the last injury Frahm quickly. You and you're me both. Favorite Kobe Bryant Memory ever wow
you're, not gonna like it. I think that he single handedly willed his team in the fourth quarter of the two thousand and ten finals in a game in which he was having a terrible offensive game. Yet sheer force of will help. I mean that the three that met a world peace made that won the Lakers the game. I believe was a direct effect of probably like a whole careers worth of code, Brian tutelage and goading, and in trying to bring the very best out of him some money to me as the fourth quarter of that of that finals I talked about this a little bit on his back ass, an amateur repeat myself. I agree with, for embryos purposes. I think that was his greatest moment because for
about what he gets out a gazelle and that game where, two years ago. Guess I'll just gets his asked by the south and just pushed error and rolled over basically and in two thousand ten he was the tough guy and that came out of all like the big eyes and really took It's a KGB in Rashid and everybody they are put out, I'm he just kind of dominate the paint and it was good Toby had kind of willed him to be that way over the course of two plus years and then secret part of game there, up to with, I too, have said, lastly, the inbound, the bar their double teeming Kobe, so we can get it but the Lakers actually run the imbalances Sasha Voyaging, who ices the to freedom. Then makes the cobia underbid face. After an tat was kind of like who was one of his little disciples. That was like one of his little dragons. He was now good, but he really carried himself like this
foreign bad ass. He was wont to cope his henchmen, and, ah I that those two, but then there this other plan there- that, I think is one of the best places career were somebody, MRS and the ball, gets credit tipped out the free for airline? There's forty five seconds left. And all the bodies are under the basket and co begets that rebound engines those barreling back into the bodies. In his absence, FAO in just the same, play J, a adande and I talked about a little bit, but it's been kind of play that Michael Jordan would have made ten years twelve years before in that Pacers Series but you're right from a sheer will standpoint. I think that's the game. I, this I think my favour one now. Is there a way, God The more that I read out the stories and see how the highlighted while him here who is on the cord out there like Carmelo, is not even on the court, and like a young by shoes. Guy he's got the dreads it
the brine, who wants no part of being the crunch time guide that point of his career Wade's out. Their dare lambs is out there followed by Chris Pause in the bench, and therein kind of look at each other, the fourth quarter and Kobe. Does she EEG? He basically takes over the game and is also minute at, and that was a classic. I got this threat that that set up the next couple of years his career. So does Michael D. You know that. That's it it's a great point. He has wee wee over the years. Had you know, a love hate relationship, which is to say, we love to hate on Kobe. Yeah lot lot lots of times we were critical or curious year, depending on what mood we might be in about his leadership style, and you know that part of the universal, a claim that I think is Served was becoming lionize come his impact on the game. Now is what would a tremendous leader
he was. He wasn't always a great leader for an hour, incidents is where his force of will sheer You know, sort of mental stamina and and and just refusal to to bend had said, an impact on all the guys around him in both of the games that we just talked about fit that paradigm. That's he's up he's a perfect leader guys are not sure when there were one certainly creeps in, were guys, want to be led now he's not every guy who he came in contact with over his entire career at the Lakers wanted to be led. That way, I think that he did Dwight Howard at the service. Yet I mean we. We we the occasion for your book of basketball, there will be a Dwight Howard treatment. Think there could have been a scenario where Kogi could have been a mentor did Whitey could have taught Dwight to get out of the juvenile stupor. That Dwight was was occupying
back at that time of his career and Dwight could have been an incredible acre and whatever Reason can be made up his mind very quickly about Dwight and that didn't happen, but that that doesn't undermine copies overall effectiveness as a leader right yeah. I think he was this. A lot of about workers are like this. The right situation for him was the right situation for the team, and you kind of had to The players around him accordingly. So, like one Deb, Steve NASH, Dwight our show at that sees images within ten games. We knew I got mad. This isn't this. Gonna work he has done, and I ain't gonna work you know. His leadership was deafening up down over the years. I would describe it, as you know, in a high school team you have liked the awesome senior the best kind of thing for him would be like awesome, freshmen, sophomore,
unlike one good junior, who is like the dumb rebounded buckshot sky, his pretty close to being a finished product and be just carrying everything and and telling her very. What to do and that's kind what those nine in two thousand ten Lakers right right. Our test was yes, I test. As the high school senior, who was twenty two years old, who shed transferred seven times This is the last chance to state I school at he's got a list that everybody in Gaza was like. The sophomore who is gonna. It's gonna be his team Sunday, but he would have no idea how to lead the team himself and yeah I mean his is leadership style and his thoughts about it. We're the reason that I started talking to him and two thousand and twelve, which I think I'm going to tell that story in the book: a basketball at some point but- You should adopt this weekend, not. This isn't a plug for the golf podcast, but
I really I had a great conversation with Jason Sobol. The action that work here about the parallels between Tiger woods and cold and I loved Kevin Clarks Peace this week about the impact of Kogi and his approach to the game and again I think this does fit into leadership style. What impact that had on the. What are both football teams that she said, the forty they're all sort of university say we're we're Kobe Guy, we were raised with Cobby as an example of what you what you are capable of. If you just focus to the exclusion image, else the Mama mentality is. There is a thing and you know had him very meaningful impact on a ton of of athletes for this generation, and the same is true of really of of Tiger and the parallels were were great, but that all that also contributes to the proper recognition to me of Kobe as a great leader, a leader of the of of men and women
And he's dead, he was the most polarizing just MBA persons well a new, and I had a pretty. Per capita relationship as fans watching him because and where, where land completely- and this is one of the reasons were friends- we just like a certain brain, a basketball- and He always judge these guys by with this person, be fun to play with, and the answer call me for a long time was probably not, but I think see got older and as he learned some tracks, and especially that second prime, first name in and oh eight nine ten eleven. Where stuck in his ways and locked away, but I think he had learned how to share battered led better, and I think he had just put put what in general about what kind of team Eddie was here, gonna take a lot of shots. He was still get the biggest peace had chicken a dinner, but I think he had a better sense of team, and I think both of us
really add at the same pace. Learn learn to backed and appreciate him verses gonna, be like our heat. I hate that version of Basque, about you don't mean yeah yeah. Of course I am absolutely without hesitation or reservation, will declare my admiration for Cobby as a basketball player. He was the second greatest score. I've ever seen behind M J that that's that's pretty great praise yeah and his he he also brought it on the other and before I know everybody keeps talking about his incredible defence. It deserves to be talked about, but other hand. You know I didn't love for the reasons you just mentioned. Fifty shots to score. Sixty point in his last game, like that was to me maddeningly frustratingly the kind of epitome of of Cobby, his very let's game as a professional. Fifty shots discourse, sixty four
the Utah jazz, basically lay down in the fourth quarter, yeah on come on he's one of those guys who is always on brand at every point of his basketball career. You know, like I, can't it's so Oh came tearing his achilles. And the way he reacted to it compared to the way every other person who has ever had that injury reacted and then him deciding to shoot the two free throws and making both of them before he lifts off with the next year of his. But wherever basically that was was on bread. He was always on bread, with whatever he was doing. The legendary stuff, the sons, game, seven, when he was so mad at his team that he just stop shooting also on bread, let's be honest, I'm bread, that's right being leg. I fucking hate this team and you know what before you go out of flames, these guys can fuck you it fuck these guys and he just throwing them really hard passed her kind
fun I'd love to relaunch that game. I know they're they're, rewriting all the the highlight you know games, but there the games out there he's the most memorable leg or ever and not sure he was the greatest grabber, but I think he was the most memorable and woods. I read a lot of the stuff the last few days, and The law in some cases reinforced other things that I felt, but I think the one the one point: really resonates with me about what he meant to allay? Is the fact He gave a shit all the time and you know either There is a misnomer about LOS Angeles and have certainly guilty about living in Boston in Connecticut, when we were in West. Are gonna go unjust, assuming away. Fans were certain thing: re used there just like the do she actors. Celebrities. They leave the games early. All that stuff.
And the reality is away as the biggest melting pot city we have Other than May New York City- and it's a lot of different types of people and it's a lot of us actually hard working, Bob and that's one of the reasons exactly you can't get anywhere any time of the day you people drive and work. O clock in the morning five in the morning the work ethic of this city is it's a pretty legitimate and I think Kobe tap into something that, where here is this guy. They could be January, gaming and Charlotte in their favoured by seventeen points, and he could take this game off and he just wouldn't. He never did and I think that really matter to the people here, above all the other stuff above the titles above you know, though, the M J stuff. I think the fact that he just showed up game after game after game. You heard that What about with the Orioles Ripken right, where
Part of the reason he was revered was because he was fucking bad ass. He was there every game in you always got the best that of cal, even though the last five, it's yours is careers in two fifty. But to do that, MR game. He was, he is an icon and I think that's what Dad Ultimo is why everybody loved him the most. That's why his last game, so emotional, Kazoo who's, this guy he's punch the clock. Dynamic says you did not only does it make sense,
To me, it is the single greatest testament to why he he deserves his place and in the pantheon of you, now top tat, ten all time, NBA players and helps explain the I'm glad that you may that that link with correct and just like Cow Ripken Kobe Bryant played every single professional basketball game of his entire career, for LOS Angeles cow played every one of those baseball games for Baltimore, yet Cobby in, and this is that that I'm glad it deserves. Amplification LOS Angeles is a blue collar town because it is enormous it's so vast. This is part of my own experience in over. Then you, since you moved out there in two thousand three yeah
my head around just the the did. The there's not like a down is on a city. You know it's just a vast place, but it is in. It is a huge mix of colors. Both in terms of what you see with your eyes in in the in the way of the environment, but also the human beings that you come in. Contact with rat, and so many humans of those people are on the hustle. It's a it's a place, that's constantly on the hustle. That's your point about the traffic is on point. Everybody is out there. And that's why I think Cobby resonated the thing that he showed as his the dominant trait for all of his professional contribution. During that time was, The hustle that Mama mentality will not be distracted from the goal and that's wisely beloved, I'm glad you made the point and that it deserves amplification. I weren't and take a break
and they were demeanor packs. A fan do as the official sports but partner, the ringer. If you're thinking doing any of the wagers there were about to talk about. On a certain game. That's about to happen again. If you're, not in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia were fond of sports, because you're variable feel like Sandoz, really rubbing it in when they take how you can place. Your first bet risk bringing it up to five hundred bucks, inside credit, Joanne Faint. I feel terrible about all that. Fact evaluate, be able to place bets on vandals ports, but all over this great nation. Great nation, that Legalise gambling of these states command hurry up, but until that happy day comes No can't stand the idea of fancy like you missing out a big game. Props action there, making their free became props contest, about. Even if but isn't online state. Yet here is I love this big games. Prob
pick on that's what it's called really easy to play. Everyone gets same. Fifteen props, Quinton Gator occurred. Rushing, etc. I need you pick the right answers. Having got twelve out of fifteen, you want a hundred bucks, coffee, dean out of fifteen you and fifteen grand best by its one hundred percent free to play God offended outcome, slash props to make pex and if your new defender will be sure to use promo code bs, so they know that I sent you fanduel dot com, props, promo code, BS must be twenty. One plus locations New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West, Virginia Indiana claim your risk free bet on vandals sports, but visits sports, but that vanderdyke com for applicable terms, distance gamma from car when it under gambler or in Indiana, whenever nine with it or West Virginia visit. There would never do that. Then we D W W W that eighteen,
de gambler that that ok just one for a couple props, I ask that a golf related though. No, if you ve seen these looks captcha fourth round birdies at the saudi international peace one and a half against George Kiddo Receptions, there's one second one June. Stan Johnson's, fourth round score, plus two and a half Travis Kelsey receiving arts and then the third. One is tired: kill receiving yards minus three and a half Patrick reads forth round score you how's, fair way rolling for us. You have a better feel for what's gonna happen in a guy tournament than anyone. I now do any of them a barrier.
You're not gonna like this and apologies and advanced a child because he he might have to edit this. I won't touch any of those props, because those guys kept good, dj and read, are playing in Saudi Arabia, because Saudi Arabia, is the place that that sanction the that the killing. An american journalist of saudi descent August Yogi, the Washington Post reporter and I think the sports washing now the idea that Saudi Arabia is putting on a golf tournament and paying those great players to come, what it shows about character of those players, not Tiger and Rory both said. Thank you. No thank you too to it to accept it the millions of dollars in appearance fees that that's all
Radio was offering, but you know, I think you do players that are their using their cachet late? Let lending that cachet to a regime that oppressive to women that practices Sharia law you know and is directly responsible for the death of an american journalist- shows what matters most to those guys at its money, so fuck those products So you don't have a comment on filmmaker since fourth round bogies or worse plus two and a half against high Rico receptions. U S and unlike thou and it's a fuck, both props com, it ok, I appreciate and respect your comments so who didn't go Rory and Tiger? That's right. How do I reconcile sounded the brook the Brooks kept thing? That's my guy.
He likes money more than then. He cares about Socio GEO politics, so you don't wanna do alive ass. A house of cards are alive. Farewell IRAN from Saudi Arabia. In twelve months, Guy was really the coward pact. You sure I'm good yeah more set. Ok, you up. Can we talk about your feelings about this chiefs matters game? I would I love to talk about those feelings. They don't involves Saudi Arabia S. I feel great about them, what do you mean later San Francisco me too, with such a bad sign for the Niners. Renewing our alliance, am I got married Iders, so Have I die about this with sound the pied? I have the three plus three seven five diner, superbowl bat and I've been debating for the last two weeks, whether the hedgerows rat and I
have decided that I think the diners are gonna win the game, but I'm not gonna hedge it and it almost guarantee. He's gator had been dumped and Andy read at about nine o clock. On Sunday I mean the air it is. I feel like with the Superbowl trying to keep. It simple. Is that the best way to approach it and over the last I don't know decades, fifteen years, the single factor, look at as I try and look at a match up is just which team to, I think, has a better defence and that has produced pretty regularly the winner of the game over again, like the last ten to fifteen years, are a couple of aberrations out there. Maybe, like maybe Philadelphia, defence wasn't better than New England's. You know couple years ago, but
corridor certainly was back at a huge cock. I mean that is really what the difference is, that I'll try, pray, cock, to try to create a dynamic force. Maybe that helps, but for on on As you know, we ve seen as a couple times the Denver, Caroline a game. Folks thought you know, cam might kind of sway the outcome, their endeavours. Defense was just too good. The Seattle Denver game a few years go Seattle, be the crap out of Denver yeah share and I we share, and I went over a cup of these examples earlier. So I'm with you on that point I feel like this is a great. Great team and especially great defence is one way to go. The other way to go is, I think, perhaps a special, and I don't care who is playing he's been insuperable. Yeah. That's an you only get that usually when we have that battle between those two things the team beats per se.
Great- and the problem is this- is why people in a bearing on the prayer, is cause you don't wanna bet against the player and its cycle I know I know I should be doing this, but I just wanna go gets. My house that's when you end up going the right things, Where light he's my point, I'm with you, the Niners. I do think it can be a closer game. I don't think to be like that Carolina Deborah gave you know I do two teams, all metrics, advanced and otherwise show that there are very close. It's a thin margin that that that distinguishes the too, and I hope that means when we get a great game this- is the way it is professor who have more points right. Monmouth in Saint Peters.
Jersey, scores plain that day versus forty manners and chiefs. Rushing arts combined who sits in IRAN. Then comes up at that the two of us. Both I've ganley problems. Neither of us whatever leg that went around for two days. Man. I mean that it is our motto: money from New Jersey. I don't want to stay. Thing bad about New Jersey, cumbersome, there's, incredibly great food up there. The diner seen especially rabbit that somebody the New Jersey background trying to make some mischief? For us, there is a rule and pay cash. You can insult Saudi Arabia and New Jersey and the same podcast. I think the F c c actually rule than that a couple years ago. Lotta people realize great. So I he is ram, leaning after discussing it with the right of people. By the way we should mention millions are picks conference championships. We are we lost fourteen thousand
Somehow to Isabel was ok about even earlier ash year, so it basically, we lost a little vague sum up to her twenty one thousand hours heading into the Superbowl, not terrible. Eight could be worse. I wish in real life I was at that I am looking at some deep Samuel, that's, ok, I think depots, gonna have a big game. I was looking at him, maybe first first touchdown at twelve to one you like better. Now I share told the one is fun: why not that's worth twenty bucks. I was Thinkin Niners, sacks plus two and a half as plus one of five. Three sack summer homes. Let me together put a hand on em.
So you don't let it out its speed again speed, though about a deep idle. He I don't like that when you don't like found deeper over fifteen and a half rushing arts minus one I just have two carries for like nineteen years had they announced having comments status, yet it seems like he's playing, but I think the deeds hurt. His rushing attempts was nine and a half Sounds wearing my homes like completions twenty five and have maybe we just don't bother props and just go with her. She spent the game. Yet there was I I like to build now, you you think I'm I'm! I wouldn't catch this, but I listened to the Cousin South Podcast. I heard you guys try and slander me a little for being lousy agenda you now this is
We want to build the uncut jams, counter intuitive, barely legal parlay of the year yet cause you. You know I love to. I like to walk the line there, a little bit like to build something. That's a little bit current to it. A problem. Many books might refused to accept the action where you put some some plays together. That dont really make sense. It worked up rate in the San Francisco Green Bay game. The annex II conference Championship game that we took this M Francisco money line under garage hello fur yards to forty two and a half, and over forty seven points, just because my thesis was simply to discuss gonna win the game check. Mark Sampson gonna win the game by rushing the football, so they don't need grapple o, throwing for to utter forty five yards check Mark but
Having said all of that, I think the San Francisco was gonna score. Thirty points and I loved you know Green Bay, Gettin, a couple garbage touchdowns down this stretch and that's what came to pay That was a big fat winter. So you like the over it sounds like I there is some counter intelligence on the over, but I you know I I both teams are among the top for in in scoring right. What's what's happened, that in front of me here, forty nine averaging thirty point to point a game chiefs averaging twenty nine point, seven points a game I mean you know both in hand and Andy, read as offensive by the guys you're looking for ways to the defeat of defence? Yes, You know the the over many over is what the squares bat and sometimes you know the square bet wince. So
Matters are our even to win the game there, plus one and a half for ganley purposes. That's minus one about both. I think it in my report: I myself Irene. More sense to grab the point: a half inches, the manager and ten. Why not? is by one who thou does. I think the game goes like this. I didn't deniers and be able to run the bar. I think that Debo and Sanderson Kiddo, Are going to be able to make plays, especially in like those third and seven hundred and thirty eight type situations which they might not have a lot of the difference between San Francisco and Tennessee, where Tennessee was just so determined to write it. They could stack the lad and do the engage aid all that stuff. I dont think you can do that again, San Francisco, because the kiddo and because of Samuel and even even born who kind of emerged in the playoffs, but I just feel like they can throw it. I did they have an awesome coach
and if you just go and storylines and plain about my head. What would be the storylines after their sorry, the Niners win wow John Land showed a great hiring. Oh my I shall end there is. We thought it was John Mcveigh and it's been Shannon along the bow, Sir gonna, be the next guy, the Jimmy Gee Trade wow. What a steel thou as Holy Shit daily, gave up a second round or form and in an end now is a super when it can't quarterback the Niners are back The new ownership group, which took a lot of shit. I can see all these beats and with the chief it would basically be Mohammed, is the best in the world Andrew finally got his do and the chiefs the monkey after back. Finally- and I just think it- leave the Niners narrative more. If you hear others laid out, what do you think I'm for eighty read just as a starting point.
What he did to you in the markets barrier to play a game, you're ready for aid, read, I can give him yeah. I really admire him for nine months. Just have make the mighty back for that. That was not now. Not a bad nine months. Let me tell you that that has asked how many kids out there that's swell you work it out there. They should all be his handsome, as I am yeah you? I love, ordered sperm bag donor in the card cause. You talk is six for three handsome guy college educated. I think you premium. I think I'm too old. Here is an age thing I believe. So I don't. I don't think you can be fifty an end here's supposed. Have you a r p card and and shop the Sperm Bank this is that ruins by Friday night. I guess, you're you're you're, paying me
Ask me for this podcast about me. That's burn back money anymore, so yeah you for that. That's great my eye, casement because my dad famously used to give blood all the time for money in college is made addresses broke. Through college and used to go, get his blood drawn like Twitter, like twice a month, because it was like fifteen dollars each time and I was I do sperm banks he's like we didn't have those back that I would have Oh, my half brothers and sisters out there have been great they were to change everything for you as an only child, but I would add, Let us out tickets, I would add the share that have actually right near let loose I'm get it do the Niners. I liked the Niners narrative, I'm with you on it. Reseller made this joke. I watch slow Newsday with him and Kevin Clark. I love cash in hand as the first flat brimmed hat guy in the history of the little people. Let's get crazy, they create mark.
And I have a pretty good counter into barely legal part. The years is by my uncut gems I lay the year, I those and I haven't. I have calculated the odds yet, but but I want to stack four things here there I want to stack the San Francisco money. I add at even call that I'm gonna have to do this on the website. Great ok go what. Secondly, I like Jimmy G under two thirty, nine and a half yards, and that minus one fifteen, I even modest with one fifteen and an excellent. The wreck we of this game. You know who it is. Is it somebody that fact over the patriots, nobody did fuck over the saints yeah it's bill,
then? A bitch yeah, a few, a few traits whip with bill. He under tender, occur when he wrote, ease the head referee and There is a the over under for penalties called in the game, is twelve and a half and that's a minus one. Fifteen I like the under on penalties called in the game, because both the chiefs and the forty Niners rank in the top half of the league of average penalties per gained the season. So I like under twelve and a half benefits, has average eleven points.
Call penalties per game, so little value twelve and one slash two under that. That's one hundred and fifteen okay, so we're at like six to one right now. It says parlay great. I have what one more angle for you and it is. This is a counter intuitive part I want to. I want to talk to me over I just like worrying for overs time an asshole, I'm a square, I'm an idiot. I still think my sperm would go great at the Sperm Bank let that be over for a juicy what does that minus one ten on over fifty three and a half two okay? So that's basically of fourteen parlay. What's a fourteen parlay like twelve to one. Maybe they just decided, then you yeah, why, like the here and now you are, who you have you, have that House has a dog made: tab
For that, I just wanted to give it out their fur for everybody all the everyday, looking for a little return on investment, theirs by uncut, gems, Kanner, intuitive, barely legal partly of the year, words great about that is not a single person will take your advice and Alan, How will one day soon into that below account as I reserve the letter people listen, I think I better get. I can assure you, I'm betting it. What do you think about James G? three two one when the soup peace hours a compelling case, bad basically its quarterbacks seventy five percent of the time, I'm betting, it I love it. It fits exactly the narrative. Can you Our lay Jimmy G as this Roy envy, he and the Niners to win the game or that stacking as that already limited, uncut gems parlour. That look second uncut gems, dammit area
figure out how I love thou in its fatality over the safety brothers. Only their people Except that- she had three two one. Yeah, it's good. I like it, I'm gonna aka, here's a remedy to do cuz. I have two hundred and twenty one thousand dollars to play with. As well. Go back we'll go one point: five million. I'm just doing the Niners to undo Niners even sure screw the vague, though what are the odds are the point coming back on me. My hope- is that now where it will supervise ended with a team whereby point. Some say one thing five million and the Niners to win the Superbowl I'm going to put.
One hundred and fifty k on Jimmy G is Super Bowl Mvp, three, two one and I'm going to put a hundred candy bow to win the super bowl at twenty five to add to win the Super bowl Mvp at twenty thousand five hundred and twenty one. We think of that Super Bowl, Mvp twenty five to one set too low, it's pretty good prettier, I'm doing those too. And I'm also going to put fifty K Debo to score the first touchdown at twelve to one I like that offer and I'm gonna put five It went five hundred on the Niners plus one and a half. We are now in House Phyllis. And I'm I'm down basically two million for the year, while that of F
money, plus your real money that you're not gonna hedge, it's a year, so data? That's what we're doing house I look forward to. Any pictures of the appeal barbecue are that we made for Sunday you son, of a bitch just don't send me any pictures. Saudi Arabia have thanks recover at asked our allies. Pleasure, I thanked the Zapruder thanks to Pepsi within are officially here and ever and balance to restrict the resolutions. Pepsi wants to usher in the new decade, a bit differently by encouraging ever and unapologetically do you enjoy, even in the face of others, judgement. I now hear that having to be joining on Sunday night Hedging that diners game everyone says hedge. It just split the difference. Just take money, just bank you here in the driver's seat. Now you know what I enjoy. They ride Pepsi, that's what I like We will see you and send it out because until then.
One way.
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