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The Surging Red Sox and Floundering Mets, the Rise of Esports, and Loving 'Succession' With Mike Francesa and Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 394)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by New York radio legend Mike Francesa to discuss the Yankees and Red Sox before the upcoming four-game series, They discuss the disappointing Mets, modernizing baseball, the fall of the traditional newspaper, and the rise of esports (2:13), before Bill talks to his buddy Joe House about their new favorite show, 'Succession' (50:00).

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Canada has an mba piece about the dark courses to win the there is NFL peace As for Danny Kelly, Kevin Clark, there's a real good piece by Lindsays, all adds about watching taxi driver forty two years later in the current, world that we live in, which I recommend tomorrow, on the ringer dot com are big. Tee blow out. Your best episodes of the twenty first century. It's happening ladder fights caused by this one. This could be ladder, ringer content check out the recaptured. Speed as well, because we re capping a couple iconic episodes from that. We posted on the ring? Recap was actually we did. Accession. Recap of the penultimate episode which you can get right now on the recast of us, so check all that out check out the ringer dot com.
Common upwards ought to make France s Eye and Joe Ass Talkin about succession a couple of things, but first our friends from project Monday morning, Pacific time noon. Eastern time make France s eye on the line. The egg is a real and the Red Sox. Look like the twenty seven Yankees. What's going on my part, Dylan. Ok, I mean you gotta, be all miles this morning. Light good right now, but based policy have our hearts. Returning the reality. Don't there. This is
best you have on a Monday morning to dump water army is baseball, has a harsh reality and accompanied by all ok to steal it. Coming. I made your writing, so I you guys get your state. I haven't got a cape cod. They don't even The groundwater waited order anywhere his likeness floating in the ocean, breeze waiting for the website when another game every day, but again always say back here is: ah you, the Red Sox ever lose. I may do they ever that now that the actual amount to the Red Sox ever guph than the answer is right now know they never lose so now yanks up to go up there and show coal cold reality. Have you ever seen a team that has the top three Mvp candidates before Keziah really feels really special the wind everywhere very where they see the sea guys play that. Well, I mean it's almost all manner of certain nineteen pics.
One. If I wanna get sacrilege back and daily they're going get all day, I really do want an incredible job or saw him to be a big that guy always I've been eaten. Unbelievable Blair WWW a terrific play. One of my favorites is a matter of fact. I'm a watch and because I can't do anything without absolutely by what say, those things that some issues still no judge vetches. But in a shawl year empty at a lot about as much of a hit is it normally would be because he's had such an atrocious season? Judges, a big yet no question about it very big. It there's only three indispensable. Every day Judge, speedy and Torres at the only ones that are indispensable and judge is the biggest of all of them towards a common quickly, though, and is the toughest out a big spotted you'll find out, but the Yankees help themselves immeasurably last week they got a very good reliable and they have
that's bullpen by a mile in baseball, and they got a guy that I wanted to get the whole time and have either. I never thought they were gonna get upon gone long. I do they want in the glass I love without either, but I knew that They get. Anybody like that have will help them. They'll be efficient, built, be stable, like you was yesterday, and right now, sickening, who told, and because their pen is just otherworldly, it could be that once it once Britain spill settled in the end will be other worldly and that's what you have dream about if your yeah Japan is that your pen is anything but otherwise everyone has to find out what Europe and is really about. I think that's, what's been crazy about the red Sox season there, seventy four and thirty three. I do I trust a single set up guy. They have, with the possible exception of Map Barnes, whose statistically lights out I still want to see him in September or October, and you know that it's probably the eighth ending guy.
Which worries me and they saw materials may against, but that Europeans back up like a team, has been so good. It ass. A man and even matter here. Let's be honest, the Yankees have been mediocre for a month and if you go back, they really since the first part straight after the first twelve games or so but the obey took off lay mid April too late April and then through June. First, they will kill him. I mean they beat everybody, they were great in the clouds and since then they have been just came at the bottom of IRAN is with a hidden within the Squire position Paper, a terrible clutched game and fight wait for the last month they ve been a very, very ordinary team. I think they're about they hit a good cycle. I owe you wish judge was playing, is not no excuses and ideologies are ready for the serious, and I think the one thing that you have to weigh up the right now is never Reno has really hit a rough patch eat him they need
the people it is, alas, poor spot he has gotten hit and had hot yeah you. I came on your shoe. I think, three weeks ago, before the whenever the last time the Yankees rents explaining we were talking about the the, onto the Yankees offence, Actually, I haven't really gotten going it for what it was all they hadn't had like that three week, crazy had streak you can injuries, it seem, like judge broke his wrist a couple days ago, so they probably dodged. With that that it was in his bad, but the savary Thing has been the big they nets, add to me in July, as he was the only less authority you had advocates that bitching well, you know, they brought up early on. Burma a couple the others pitched well, whereas couple around the got, hurt what didn't pitch? Well, they needed to go, get a half that really gave him stability. He will give them stability, which is well against you guys. I think he will do a good job
her pen. You look at it from green written for Rapid Cinemas, the swing guy, but Panthers Chapman. That can be a nasty boys that can be an all party and that could be a ninety six gang, and that can be an all time now for the Yankee me to get there, they need to get the lineup going again Torres without the lineup. You don't get when you got playing, they don't win when applying beneath him to get going. Babies got it back going after a war, what measures will be said has been a nightmare all people in every way he hasn't hustle hidden one, eighty emitted a hard one. Eighty spoke out a bunch of almost all the earth, but he could. Why was the great it was headed, terrible year, gonna night, as you know, before they put him back in the early, didn't hustle, twice minutes away after a passport across up by several Reno didn't run down.
Baseline data in the gay I made so it was a nightmare. They really need to go up there and play well, let's be honest, Yankees have what they want an age and realise that the step that the Red Sox can push them off the cliff this common weekend. Unless the Red Sox go belly up against the Phillies, they are gonna, be in a position to really take it up. Yankees apart, they could basically pushed the Yankees over the cliff Yankees, the play like that and have to go up there when three out of war against the Red Sox. Oh, it's crazy, you're, still, thirty game's over five hundred, despite all the steps you mentioned you mention, has cc his stern, a teeter it's only half receives submitted his teetering it hot and cold. I never trust them to be honest with you. I don't need one given the yankee. The last couple of years, when we have to offer, is getting in big games. I never
Firstly, I never expected you to pitch well anyhow as well a lot more than I expect. I never expect anything problem. The guy I expect something from is in a big spot. I expect cannot get a bit of a game. Many half bigots ever Reno going. I liked the knocking the big game, which really willing to play off last year, is not great day in day out what he rises to the occasion, and you know in the Europe we like guys will rise to the occasion and he rises to the occasion. I trust them. I don't trust any other slaughter against several reno and cannot go, but I do trust tat now and then three and that's enough to get by, but the Yankees are going to have to start it in the clutch they're going to have to start playing really well again, and they have been a mediocre team now for a month
Would you trade Sanchez? I wouldn't right now, because basically, a trade and fifty cents on the dollar, but if he was great again and had another killer year, this is a guy. Remember dispersed the colored about. It would be premature to catch her. Ok.
In the same stuff, what we saw them him, twenty, always a daughter back, let's get thirty three, almost four hundred eighty at bath having this guy was gonna, be put ditches. He has been a nightmare and he hasn't hustle ease lazy to begin with the Harrison connected this these and a lot of people are familiar rooms. You know, like other stars came in, I don't buy that. I just think he's a peculiar kid whose hard to get in touch with an while George does everything right everything every day in every way, from the media to handling teammates battling the club out the playing the playing defend. The running the basest judge. Does everything right? This year's answers about everything all absolutely everything Torres you'd been great? Not failure. Torres is
going to be a star he's going to be better than canal and right now, that's the guy. You don't want up with the game on the line. Cuz, I'm telling you he will beat you. We had a piece on the ringer last week about whether the Astros should trade for Bryce Harper or not feel like the asked rose. Even as loaded as they are as much talent they have on that percent afraid of their line up and there send like that. One extra guy this year that I got back as coming up- and I do wonder, could now a brace Harper spot. I don't like it up here No, I don't like being in hospitals with team. I trust the reason why washed it has been an embarrassment why they have onto it. You got any team in the last decade, can't what a big game can't when a play off game. That theme is far out of it as they are this year is a disgrace, and I know what offers a guy who wins hormone. Derbyshire he's gotta show me that it would play off series.
I don't trust them and they could ruin him. You think he's the blade Griffin of the imo be, I think the absolutely could be finally got by women. Anywhere near a winning the want of anywhere near it You had your add Germanic returned to the fan and than others these policies in pretty lively from a extend point- is the Yankees. You know they have the stars. They been good. There I'm pace to an hundred games. They have the blood fire at the Red Sox, the Mets
the men had a train rang through one of its an immense good wrote a one off. You know what I mean is basically, as they grew up a one off your old. They are the most while the Yankees do everything right. Yeah is a perfect example. Owen has got to go where the Sanchez after the other night, what are they do? They put him on? The Elsie was heard, get him to come out the next day in days hurt at what they do. They take what would have been a five day story and turned into nothing yeah. Let's turn nothing. In the ten day stories, the Yankee strengthen these stories in the nothing. That's the difference. The Yankees do everything right. The Mets do every possible thing wrong. They have handled from sets witness to the manager to the merger between, on the one hand, not knowing what the others doing today manager lying to me,
it has been an absolute train wreck of the highest proportion. You can't be more messed up to the net, so have you felt like in two thousand eating on your show people was passionate about baseball and the New York areas, they were twenty years ago. Yes, they. I think they absolutely can't wait for this race Now I ll tell you what I got last week that really surprised me. The Yankee fans were really bail and on his race they ve been rejected by how good the red Sox are, and they ve been upset that the Yankees if people are complaining, you would think the Yankees were five hundred. If you listen to the clock, rather look at their record, the Yankee record as great as you know, the just and fair behind a juggernaut there behind a runaway freight train
but you can't you don't get that right now the Yankee Ban is actually almost resign. I will I got on and last week that I said: do you guys are resign? The good awhile caught and though we give you the well, I don't think the wild card should be one game. I sit nonsense. I think it should be one game. I think you look you have that gave anyway you get in if you dont, when you division, you're lucky you playing. I like the way it is now was what I hate bill. Is this two teams of going to play off, not caring about playing each other once the temper? I want those games, BP, plug beauty, can be if the races close enough. I want the Yankees rhetoric, be killing each other, because neither one want any part of the wild card game and you should want any well go again because the idle or open could beat you one game.
Need any body, one game. They put up the beat anybody one game, and you know what the accuser reflects a really good themes. The asked was a really good themes. The Indians are a good team. This has got to be a weight of season and you know what you can't wine, if you dont want the vision when you're division- and I don't think this race is over- but I'll pay you this. This is an enormous theories and boom the anxious when, with their eyes open- and they haven't, they rested there- players too much. They haven't acted like they needed games and ask, and I think that all the New York this week. I admit it you're walking into a serious. You have to win. If you want this to be a better rights and the other thing with the world again, the Red Sox Yankees had the same problem. You don't want away, sale or savareen own that game bingo do you. Now you played a puff game and you don't have any already gained great yeah, so already and you're in big trouble at its heart. The wine that theories against the team like Cleveland JUICE than or force them. So the bottom line is it's gonna be
You ought to get to a world series and I've heard a little bit of pull back from the aggregates where we live. Well suited to see about that. This theme in the last year, the way less German was built to go, but a world there is. I don't like the spent pick up. I put it on balance. The theme I like balance theme, the Yankees to top heavy smoking wise and the two top heavy right here that I don't like that are built that way, so I'm not in love with the up and they never have been paid is now open is light out, and I want to see if this team has would it take to go up there and do what great Yankee team do, and that is the weapon. What the posted in August and September, and down a red Sox and that's what Yankees teams that are great. Do they go up there make the red, but milk in August and September, left the abyss this Yankees team? Will you also have to go you let's play Houston? If you in the wildcard game, it looks like Cleveland. Well, the most dramatic right now,
you never know. Clemens ten games beyond Houston so or China has a lot of. Why does anyone have any better be good, though any one of the themes developing with lips and they're all but themed weevils equality theme and they picked up people back if they get Miller back, they could be very good news. The legitimate theme you guys are legit obviously legitimate the this for a really good themes, and you know what Seattle in open our bad themes, but the Yankees play with some urgency this week. That's what I want to see. Don't act like oh well, it's not that important! Then it's August, your behind the juggernaut, somebody's got to knock them off the rails and it's got to be now and the Yankees are the ones that have to go there, we can do it. I dont mind Seattle. I think Seattle could be a little frisky one. Gamer it's not that I don't know. What's in the rates of pay them, I was scared of like for their guys thy bigger good team up against the garlic accident, a big game it or what you get beat yeah. No. I don't want that
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I bet I asked you about the baseball two thousand eighteen. The attendance is down. We talked about this little went when you are on a while ago, Just this all mindset of this hundred sixty two game season. It for fun when your team is good. What's it like formats fan to live through this and then also to be worried that thereabout to trade, the grounds for yet another rebuilding project when it seems like it's. A good idea to rebuild around somebody has one of the best young pictures in baseball where do you see the Mets fan base re now mentally away? It always is what have you done to me lately. Never expecting anything good, always expecting
should a drop always the way it is expecting them to screw it up and knowing now that, basically, they have to wait for them to find a general manager who can rebuild this and hopefully they given the ability to do that. The matter has been a disaster. He's been an utter is ass. The principle has been an overhead. Secondly, the step he put together was ridiculous than the waning about the national league. The guy has been a terrible magic. Maybe we spitting out, but he was a case been a terrible manager and it has media badly. He fail everything badly managed games badly, but if that is all that, if you were Miller, Huggins Conny Matthew aren't gonna win with this team. They ve had too many injuries. They don't win. What says but doesn't play.
And he has played all share everything surrounding isn't. Reach was an absolute boss and everything's been wrong. They put uzbek authorities com as last year, rather than a thing this year, phase out about a thing that she can Porto until the last week to week has had a terrible year. So every one of these guys of tobacco is now on the Phillies you know has had nightmarish. These in the ground has been so well. That is almost resign now and again expect the go round, the Lutheran, unexpected seven buildings and lose I made have been it's been that terrible, but you make a good point in his the point and you always like such big picture things and you and your right you hit on something that really true about baseball twofold one: are we in a world now that doesn't want it long gated, regular seasons wants passionate.
Oh seasons, along the dramatic PO seasons like you have now in other sports, where the policies and become such an incredible part of everything you do and everything is Europe, but that drama or a couple, a bond Is that the way the model should be now rather than maybe get through driver in September or who September to Vienna fell? And then I hope that the great October, so I think back to the other part bill is this, and this is something baseball's gotta come to grips with. It has become a strike at home. On game is no action. You don't feel fear double up the gap. You don't see a triple you, don't see it hit and run you don't think about somebody's great I'll feel arm. He taught the other day about how good proudly was in great red Sox than a field. Is there isn't enough talk about that's enough anymore? It's always now strike out
on strike out all right. Look at how many games don't have allowed a hidden them anymore. You don't have any action in baseball and strike out any idea. Why did he get everybody twenty with before any that eating a home on walking a striking out? That's all I care about is a power game and a power swing game and there's no do wants or ought to the game anymore and this line of action in the games anymore, and I think that something we'll have to be very scared of yellows the thing Tom for duty. He eats said? There is like action every three. And a half minutes something's actually happening in baseball the share. Are you dated some study crazy? How many games begot doing nothing happened? Leave your soul all wrong and you see a billion strike out. She told me a lot of action. You thought the allotted it's: maybe they have
But what a legal defence and make it where you can only make a leaf and was eyes, went around the shift algorithms shift tomorrow I hate the shameful. That said, I think they should build when illegal people got you when the ball is catch, you have to have poor guy, not counting the bitch I'll catch. You can have more than four guys on one side of the second Bates that he has a role that will make it the rule. And now, when I met with the commissioner- and he did my show, he said I think I'll hit, as will they care. It is naturally they haven't. No, they haven't because they get and taking it home run and they get paid the walk and yet no one's. All I care about is opium till they care about how many times they get the first base of man. Are you get there so putting out the way down? And- and you know it is not enough debate like you brought up the other night and that is about who is the greatest sent a field of defence
we know. What that's the kind of debate you wanna haven't baseball. You wanna talk about a, I thought you might be a soul and I actually it is three years, although we all know was a great offence, was gonna feel there. I actually a nineteen sixty three, the Yankees will play in the washing and said it is in a game in September of MC email is banning leader does he was trying to chase peoples with a battering Keitel. Have you ever look at bath? Really bad at leader of the egg is at a ready, quench, the pen it and my mom got tickets and Jimmy PS. All. Let me try on his glove before the game. We understand that was hanging over trying to get a ball. Would you be pierced looking over? Let me try and his big outfielders twelve when it was plans for the Senate is, and he wasn't worth outfielder people taken land routes as well as the red back. Twenty point. Five game spoke but read, thought buried, but he was a very good defence is beneficial to all. Was ready when would put Bradley? Is a brilliant defensive then feel that absolutely
he's dead in a free land, but he sure they had proposed that appeal that you really oh yes, I mean for anyone. Was my first centre. Fyodor ever wide stand there anyone find among catches. He was gay. My camera we had four- I forget a year to my camera- was a very good said appeal to my government was he was a underrated, very underrated. Xenophilia might think about that. I feel this is I liked the play shallow, take away it and be able, go back and get the ball. Allow pool where thereby allowing layer married as popular as the first like that was that was the guys in the seventies are quite right behind second bait you're, not absolutely nothing. What over here, I am of events that are still I had close. Remo pack has cowboy scum we're talking about his boss arguments and how you know In this I am pro statistics- Provence metrics all that stuff, but I
think it's her baseball in the sense that every argument can be solved, whereas when you see the NBA you I can argue by Russia Westbrook for a month whether you can the title was the west, but there's no way to solve that. So we can argue about that, but in baseball It's probably some metric that will prove that Jackie Bradley is the best defensive center fielder. The red Sox have had in the last forty years, and we don't even have to argue it
and I do wonder if that's hurt baseball little bit. I really do think it's hurt. Just a little I think Wales is hurt, is exactly what you saw where the way Manfred handle the trout thing, blaming trout for not being for the sport not being able to promote its greatest player, blaming trout for it. The angel came out and said: I don't blame all player. For this I mean the bottom line is here is just shows you how good the end game players have become. I come out with the NBA has become at promoting its bars. The NBA is the model now at promoting its flaws. It goes a better job of promoting its powers than any other league. And the other week the jealous of it look at that permit, but the come out and asked me not shroud, because he doesn't want to be part of the machine. I mean just shows you how screwed up baseball, right now and how much they are hurting and not connecting, and I can tell you I have
eleven year old and I have a thirteen year old, ok and one loves trout, a fake limpid, a game. I got him proud. Spot is an enormous fact going to pay what my own kid up on a brief need good, any one of these guys from eyes had a big entry. Big entry for these goods Well, then, social media is the third component. What's funny elsewhere, what do you look get somebody like Collide Leonard, who is firstly a corpse. We know nothing about him. He doesn't speak even he's a brand. He doesn't say anything he does tweet, he does demonstrate living as he does reacting rhetoric or at a global level using ray Why don't you have I got when you look at people in the NBA who aren't even like the top fifteen guys and those guys still brands like the NBA last week, siege the column covered the Red do apart cast Can people get two days, a continent of attack that just couldn't? who have based bothers no sooner many people where they lay could pick bet that of a lineup.
That's interesting legacy walked into a restaurant. Nobody, nobody would know When I was the bad, though, is the big thing with Ortiz in as many as they were actually recognisable personalities. They all questions of transgenic maize, birthing that baseball missing that and that's the thing they had. They had it in the era with big poppy, they had transcendence thought for all the stuff tat made them bang their head against the war with IRAN, Iraq, is a transparent in store for them. Every body in America do era by sea, gossip column cared about Iraq and they don't have those guys by about gene Barnes I may jail judge, I think is about everything you want from central casting furrier here of the Yankees that was still a guy was really low key and trout. So is greater magic, yes, but They had a. We don't have any,
a lot early at got him on a got him into the everybody's living room and is everybody's prime. And every way became a standard of excellent, and that became his image open, and that is that this is an evil paint. Manning brings that calm. Radie brings that the quarterback at a big teams is always gonna, bring that but baseball's hurting, because people don't see trout, they hear about his exploits, they don't see em they don't they don't watch him. They don't know much about a day. You know so that an that's really hurting baseball, so base was clearly getting hurt, and this is a perfect weak. Beware should be baseball at its best Yankees Red Sox, Auguste Pennant race. Then away pocket billing get any better than this does not get any better than this and baseball has trouble celebrate right now have on you know: ESPN people have talked over and over again about what went wrong with it. What should they have done differently to me, the a bad deal?
the root of of any kind. There's two things. Actually, the baseball they're, all these based by hours, they're paying for when people really just one unwatched watch their and not that interest and where there are baseball tonight, every night, it's just on Sunday night, there's not that night tonight, interest anymore baseball is one problem and then the other problem, they did that but there were then again games You could argue, I don't know how many billion dollars their spending for those two things, but do not really gotten any bang for their back and were moving towards this world where people care about the british home. For four days, the World CUP for two fix the baseball players for four weeks if you're, not in that makes the data.
The grind the hours just doesn't seem to matter is no question absolutely at what sold baseball was the day to day of picking up and box score and reading about it in a newspaper and baseball doesn't want to go the way the newspaper, and that is exactly what happened at the time. It's a different era. It's a different feel, and that is what I talked about with the idea of accentuating a pope season, rather than a regular season, but the other problem, this just think about just think about the inner fell and how much it is in their national brand and how much each game isn't there shall game in an important game and baseball is a local sport ya get as a regional. Sport is a local sport. It's a local sport, except for a couple of weeks, the ear when everything happens in October, but it'll
sport and how it is and as a basque Miser nationals are too bad basketball, isn't national sport now listen, you're gonna may be promote best, What someone else will ok to learn best buy now? What do you think they ask? It boils made great strides: they got a great job. You have to be better than they ve got a brilliant job at changing the way people think about thereafter. They built a brilliant job in that regard and it has become more beneficial gave, and they all knows titles spring and baseball's war losing their nights in October, and the irregular season is very limited and local with him Will Europe be argued, a huge blow, question Boston and I've been doing what the Red Sox a huge, but you know what everybody else now they're waiting for college football, you gonna himself. They don't give a damn about the Yankees odor red Thoughts, Rodya Schroeder, what's going on in Cleveland by traffic care about Alabama Yemen Adders acquired mainly Machado two weeks ago, and
even ten years ago, when they got mania, mirrors I was living here that was, there was all You have talked about for a week and have here like all we got Machado Lake Its use, that is, that the same and I was gone back. I was talking to somebody who word for me: who's a young, young person twenties. I was told them about the eighteen? Eighty one strike one based just went away from that I refer here to fifty days democratic terror. That was it was I just member, I was like eleven or twelve, and I just member leg does the worse than that ever happened to me. I have no baseball flash, there's, no Basque or hers, there's nothing to do with How is God if that happened, we'd be fine. In the end, our kids year eleven and thirteen zero, my ten year olds they'd be fine they are just play video games, they would go on the internet, they ve gone. You two dated eight hundred million deaths is completely different whenever focused, as you know, is so onto the.
Aims on the internet and every that's going on on social media. It's it's a whole different world now and you have to be part of that world as you ever listen, you ve done a better job for media standpoint of mining. That then, probably anybody. So we know that, and you know you were in full that way you bet. It's been very good, bulow question and everyone had a jump into that way because that's weight on the way the world went gap the go where the world goes and that's where the world went and baseball has got to do a better job. They have to examine the game on the feel they have to examine their play off structure and they have examined modernizing this. What prompted scheduled, if they don't, they will win they did in five or ten years what about when you grow up with? Where It was just one team from each leg, one the penny, and then they play the World Series and there is no easy there, though you plastic. Thank you d, have a team up twenty games in August
and that was it every other team was out of it. There's no chance. Everybody was cool with that because you don't want. They didn't have the competition they have now. The sports didn't overlap, and there wasn't nine thousand things to do that. You had, then you had, it was baseball season and then went baseball ended. It was football season and then, if you will, get off, you know which we usually warrant. New York, tab click, basketball team, which you always had in Boston. You are able to have that season, especially in the spring.
I went there, so you know and then obviously, where hockey's important when it when it turns around, but they baseball, had such a commanding position. But you look look, look at the way, go back and look trace it from the last century and see. What's what have we seen from popularity from where horse racing was a one point aware boxing was the one point with beef war was we're polish before was how loading NFL was the ascendancy in the Sixtys and Seventys Do they get a bill to a position of dominance and what's goin on sent that you see that it changes that it always changes, then as sport, you have to do with it, because it will change, and I think baseball's dealing some of that right now. But this is when baseball puts it. That's foot forward, because what they will fail in Boston before days is pure magic when you have here, if you are involved in it, if your man
So the over watch finals they eat sports was at Barclays this week and they sold out too Can I did you, kids wanna go to this with either they mention it to you. You know what they are, they did mention it and here's the thing I told someone ass if I was this. If I was fifteen to twenty years younger, I would by any sport franchise I'd, sell everything by want because they will be worth so much money. The future of that where you can have the world involved to the level of forty and fifty billion people with no expense is mind. Boggling, it is a licence, the print money. I would and that's why you see smart guy, it's what's buying into those people, can see all these eastwards franchise yeah. You know what they know it's the future. It is a licence to print money If I was fourteen years old, I would have my house by any
What do you know they showed in any European this weekend in the rain. Things, were absolutely atrocious. It got killed mad, doesn't matter because they start have the in the video, but no, how it translates to conventional sports. So what were you stay? Where are the Emma be right for the assent of Elsie S? Failure this matter, mine, America, when you have a final of that competition and fifty million people live up to see what happens here. You can't match that you can't match it, there's nothing that will match it and the stadiums it'll cost anything. The stadiums that you at an the stadiums created out of arab social metrics, will basically their free Toby expensive, so low and the view a ship is So I went to prize money reaches it. It's gonna be bigger than anybody.
Ever had an idea for and the will be incalculable, how much money they will be paid us. I wish you had gone cause. I would have loved your report from I would like to add a maybe the next, so this is a renaissance for you, and this is America that was good if I did hear that adequate, That was why you're there farewell show here. That was given any outcome out August twenty. What will be ready to launch the Austrian says is yet like someone will launch August, twenty four excellent. Although quick break quit break every bs, Pakistan knows that I love frame bridge. They make it supervising affordable accustomed frame. Your favorite things from our prince and posters to the photos on your phone go to framebridge dot com, upload your photo from your computer or directly from your instagram feed for them to print they can do it fits of physical, Adam light. Its tabs, our principal sectors that provide secure prepaid packaging. She can mountain for free, the expertise,
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somebody that we have used over and over again their fantastic check it out, frame bridged outcome, promo code bs. I want to ask about the near Daily NEWS: how big of a story was that in New York City, just a little background from my end, you know parents. Divorce moved it Connecticut in nineteen, eighty two to go to school and eighth grade daily. Is near post every day it is the ultimate? I guess The three newspaper said yesterday that Times is caught him in its own stratosphere and then the course of the last twenty five years. People start worrying about both of those papers fit the guy the rich guys. So the daily NEWS for our
years ago I was probably bedside, but now we're looking at an era when the daily NEWS might not even exist. How big a deal is a scenario signorina not as big as you think. For this reason it's been coming. It's already happened, but this is like the last wave the we had had waves about the guy's leave before they got rid of a lot of their high price guys before so. This has been happening a bill. What happens is that everybody has got their dues that a different way than those papers though it don't exist anymore, are the ones that are successful, just online, whether they exist anywhere else, the ones who have made the transfer
Should the online are the ones that, though, what they're doing it's a different world? It's a date. They pay surveyed the kitten college and asking where they get the induce from less than one percent of newspapers that was at those five years ago that death knell. Then you should have seen it then coming the world has moved away from the expense, the union's the expense. Everyone has got. That happened it's a different day, a different world and other than other possible business. Have the watch that, because that is a poor telling us things that will go the way, the dinosaur, if you watch it and if you dont bother eyes. If you don't mind I move along, then you will, you will be gone. You will cease to exist That will be true of other things to go and always baby radio one day goes that same way. The way we do it as far as we know it, there will always be spoken word and people will listen to it, but now you know absent part,
as our voting become law, as well as radio stations that everything else. That's going on top of that all this, but so is a completely different world at the expense of running a paper and the way I bet I think, has moved and where it has put to just change the world, and I think everyone do what was happening and I think the boy drew back. I'm with those papers was long ago. I dont think any newspaper now going down this bill of fare. Do it for a lot of people who grew up with it, but it hasn't been the same for a while. Now yeah I was telling somebody about in nineteen. Seventy seven with Dick Young basically got Tom Seaver traded cuz. They this feud and needs papers had so much power that they could literally effect that destiny of other player in a team, and now
No for forty years Aigner, nobody has power to save. What look look now, what we started! Look at the position was talk, show host, held in a certain down and look what they hold out. Thirty years later, from what I thought you know, you were in a big player in the town when you first broke in thirty years ago. That's all changed now. If change in every town in this country a lot of towns now the transmitter is the guy who has the biggest was both show that held different its change. That you're the column is that you do when each city, those guys are a thing of the past. That mean that it is all change. Now I mean so much to the guys who were in you know was still writing alright, somewhere on you, don't want anything at all. I made so because that's where the money was, they went where the money was and that's what always everybody will do in the business. Don't know where the money it I feel like you in dog were the first people who who foot that
as for your desires, are always the most powerful kindness in New York and then all of a sudden, you guys became the most powerful people New York. I agree with that and I think that was the thought of it and I think that one of the legacy that we add that's why I think that we change and that something that that that I am proud of his, that we did change that and people go to school, to be it do the job that we did and it wasn't always that where they used to think a guys who were sports talk eyes as guys who had a bell in a whisper come on at nine o clock at night would kazoo. When ring a bell. They stage I mean those they changed dramatically. It has changed it just the way the world goes and you follow the money it's the way it is. We, then I may look at what you doin with social media things you ve been able to do. It has just change, it just continues to change and you have to go with it and in your lifetime you'll be doing this work still lobbyists at your lifetime. It will change again
before it's over yet does feeling from a radio standpoint. I do wonder. Radio stations are still doing really well itself. The ratings have gone down significantly inside the admiral. Many what idea, but I think but you're not dare not. Is there not do what is well as they did because the appetites of the computer- radio has had a poet time, burying itself the digital and understand what potter Digital they should be part of and how much of their contents should they give awaited Digital and that's where they have had a big problem and its a fight. I've had with many years, and I think they fought a losing battle in that regard. I think it's harder, that's where they have declared themselves, because the content is king and how you now the little That's what we do. That's what you do, that's what I thought we deliver content, how we deliver it and the two mediums were used to deliver it or the important parts. The contents got to be there. Good content will always be valuable and fortunately that's that's. Why
like us do yeah now that the right now that the digital subs getting the cars and You re a load up any pie caused by touching a touch screen in two by yea, your PA, eventually there's gonna be a world where, if I live in Houston, There's going to be some digital service in my car and I go and all of a sudden I'm listening to live on your radio station. I think absolute. I think it's better for radio than it was with these papers. I've told story before, but when I had my own but a website in Boston the day a page, our God, traded to the Red Sox, which was in awe I guess it was then the ninety seven idea care members twenty years ago that happen, In the late morning, I wrote a column about it, no went up and the didn't react for another like eighteen hours, because the newspaper income at the next day they were not mine and that's what I like, while the ditch I'm in the spot digital gonna win coms already up I'll, get need bales about it, and I have a eighteen months. Eighteen, our head start in the newspaper.
I think radios, gotta figure out this podcast. Just in general, has become such a big business and it so easy in its radio on demand. Radio has to figure out how to be conventional. Radio has to figure out how to become convention radio. I demand a little easier. They made headway by. It is good that good content and immediate content. It is the key and that's what that's what my plan is a period. That is the case. So we'll talk more about that, but I think that the key of period conquered and obedient combat the immediacy you can bring is the that's really the unique ought, as the immediacy you can bring. A lot of the outlets can't bring immediately that you can bring. If you do it right here, we sound like the collide trade happened. Get a Pakistan as fast as I can. That's a huge trade I'd happen overnight. Let's go, let's do it Hey. Are you idiocy? Are you gonna congratulate me on my branch of the Lakers? I tried to tell you for a year and one on your show.
About an hour ran out. Is there I you do deserve our congratulations. Congratulations Are you surprised that he went to the Lakers with nobody else? No, no! I I! I didn't think it was anywhere else from the go to be honest with you. I think if we had had an ever you that they set their really didn't seem to be anywhere else to go beyond that, couldn't find anywhere else that made sense. The only one I made them- and I think he's gonna happen this year out and comes a real terms, but that will be the worst thing in the world. You, it seems like their plane is too kind a wait and see get get again. There's gonna be an incredible amount of excitement. The crowd the home crowds are going to be awesome, he's got a bunch of young guys. It's a different type of team, then he's played with before he'll, be energize by the celebrities. He'll, be energize by just the Lakers being relevant again, and carry them for about three months and then yet the mid January. You can decide our I do make a run for this year. Are we just too far away from God State so
I asked a lot I like other club, that kept their flexibility. I didn't love some of the guys they signed to say the wizard I, but I think I think, they're all disposal, which is a court of appeal before early I gotta run one thing yet how many gave the Red Sox when this weekend. It afore gamer, three or gamer We go through in one three and one yeah yeah. I don't think I'll take three and on the other way I had lunch, Yes, absolutely I make France s eye you other. We got round back a bill, I'm I'm on vacation. I thought I'd take it. I mean it's up to Joe how someone second first, let's talk about Belvedere produced in one of the world's longest running distilleries. Bulgaria as the world's finest all natural vodka, crafted by a collective of after the stores Belvedere, has banned with Non GM. Our polish rye, pure water, no additives recognised for crime,
a belvidera was named. The I S see world back a producer of the year and two thousand fifteen two thousand six. In two thousand seventeen governors, unparalleled quality reminds me of a there being rains had in the mid nineties, which I tweeted about. Yesterday, Bing Rams yeah not somebody that really headlines movies, but somebody who, for a while had the most incredible taste movies check this out from nineteen. Ninety three, eighteen. Ninety, eight blood and blood out Dave Pope Fiction, kiss of death mission, impossible e rosewood baby. A common air and at a site thing regime's. That's of quality, No, it us as quality Belvedere vodka in June, the wishes cocktail. Barbara racket today remember to always drink responsible. You, nine above water back his great skid nephew Kyle won't,
he won't spring for the Belvidera, it's too great to Precis Sunday, nephew Kyle someday. Check it out. I sectors I Joe houses on the line where about our favorite Joe succession, so. I love billions on that. I don't feel like I'm cheating on billions or our friend brand. Upham in any this It is a little on the billions corner. So few like three percent. See that I like succession as much as I do would say thing is the first episodes is almost the entire time. Do I bail what's going on, I don't like any of these people. Why? Why is the guy who plays Kendall? Why isn't he like a morphine? this better act there waiting. Go. Why do we have a shower? I don't really like any character. What's being here. Episode forges took off
it's been a glorious run. I love the show. I watch it twice. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Bachelor party was old school for you and me because we use try to save for the pad I called you after the Bachelor Party absurd day after and you just data we did on posted part about it. She's talking about it, fifteen minutes ass. She put back in my mouth. It was hot. It was just it just incredible. Television at two Addison when a ten had related. Are you by the ship? It it's a full, well Hermes and- and I think you better than a couple times and in the run up to this a big part of why I love it. So much is cause. I simultaneously love and hate every one of the care have you know things that make them completely irredeemable
They all have attributes that. I, like hey, that make sense to me. I get that the only one I have a hard time with really is poor Tom like com is after a bit is one step too far towards parity, but I love I like the idea of trying to think about it in terms of billions. I'd be they are they they occupy entirely different corners. I feel, like succession is slightly self aware and has just a tinge more camp to it. You know what I mean yeah like I'd I'd. There is a self awareness. You see a glint in the eye of of ship, especially, I think some of her you, both relationships in the most recent most recent episode we spoiler yeah we're doing people can stop, listen right after not caught up or come back when their caught up here,
when she laying out her the back stabbing plan and end, you know, is the Miss Missy on top, I I both enjoyed it and thought this is you know it's just a little as a spit far but I loved it. So billions is pretty easy to explain. You have Paul D, Amato, verse, Damien Louis you versus Chuck and that's it. Every single piece I shall come from that rivalry in those two people in and how they interact and the little competition the ship this one its base, like the dad might be dying, he may be gone crazy. Everybody's tried to take over I why, questions. I wonder how long they can sustain that. I wonder if that's more than two seasons you you'd like
How does it show evolve into a six season? Show I don't really see a path. It almost seems like it's a two seasons, and now I'm right there with you, I'm in Europe but locks up. I found myself having this experience. Last night, realising that last night shows the penultimate episode of the season yeah. It feels like we're. Gonna get the for to the king of the throne, and I still I mean I love that, but that there are by this- I don't know if their various out or not yet, but I thought that the book had posted some odd, I mean that's my body on Logan until the series is over, but they could kill her. That's too. I my money on the daughter I don't I don't know why. But I just I feel like she. She wins in the end cuz. This is such a male dominated show, but all the men are so deeply flawed that, It's. The woman who oppose it out in the end would see what your future.
Exactly clean hands around. So now I mean literally unclean have, if you think about the car, see eye to eye I'm super attached to the characters, though leg and when it seem like she might have an hour with with Tom last night, when he can granted or about the affair that she's having an and then she was like. No, no, it's fine, both my wife and I were that car. Why not just tell me the truth like it like? She was one of our friends and I don't know why, because there's that really anything redeemable batter, but I found myself attached, which is where I feel about everybody in the show theirs, thing redeemable about any of these people and am yet attached to the them. Now they did it. Guided it's been brilliant. You really set the stage for those first three episode: they took such a chance by Now you know most of most of the unlike a boar attributes and traits of
the entire cats, but all of those traits tat they they put on the platter. Forests have come in very handy as even have evolved. I am now at the point where I, to go back and re watch the first three epithets, I'm with you, were I'm really watching I've seen every episode, four five, six, seven and nine then last night, all the way through twice, but I I haven't done that about one two and three I wanna go back. I think I feel like it'll be rich, should be very fond of me. Watch one two and three: now he agreement increase, ran, talked about this and the large thy sweet Chris Ryan's. I got out of his mind with the show. I've never seen him really more excited about anything ever, except for maybe those win, the Superbowl and who is comparing how they set up Eps foreign on too Leubronn sees the chessboard on the cord. Oh yeah, hey. Maybe he needed a big helping of settle down juice, but she It is really interesting specifically how they set up candle in those
three episodes. Words like what is gone. What is this character? Why am I rooting for your guy? How is this the horror of the show this? Is this? Idiotic and then at all made sense key there, so for which is when the show took off. When he's trying to do the boardroom could attack any can't pull it off and stuck in traffic and I thought that twenty twenty five minute stretch was really great. I was really into ever take again outside wearily breath, as I owe this paying off of it and I, and then for him to they got there, retreat. He stopped the bar, the sparkling water they get, they gave him
shit for all. Seventy. Seventy double via can three, since leaders do crystal Meth that my gas from america- and now he is like this- is coated he's like where in fancy sneakers listenin to wrap any like Super agro, an end and that it makes sense they said. Ass. First, three, not a lot of issues, maybe a hero, Maybe a year of ours Christianity made this point that in the era of we don't know if we're getting more than one year or the show that kind of stack the share with their best stuff, and this showed did not do that and it may she think man I wish more shows played it this way where there were, Actually, along game and a real pay off. You know, I became a game of thrones is a good example, the wires a good example that compared succession. Those two from like a quality standpoint, but
concerns in the wire put in time before stuff started happening. I began to caution by observing that neither one of us can really figure out where it would go beyond reason too. But obviously they must have a plan. Amy, I dont see I don't see how this is more than twenty episodes like they still have some cards to play right. We, still have. Heading into the season for now I would we're gonna happen with Kendall Scooter You know the wedding something horrible gonna happen at the wedding, and I don't know what I just know that I am. Urging the EAST those version of it, so I can enjoy the spoilers after the fact on twitter and staff, Ultimately, the long game of the dad's gonna die at some point or at best the gray. One of my question for you
maybe we can get betting odds on this. Who do you think will be the first to die on the shock of I dont think it'll be the dead, oh interesting? Who do you think? Then Tom Cousin growl Have you Gregg Poor, covered Gregg can concentrate on your lap, a couple people, Imagine a nephew Kyle. They mentioned a nephew Kyle, causing great comparison. You said that the identity of so much more competently Gregg. This is bullshit ringer staff who do not like this. We live there. Now he is a moron you're, not a moron, procure a successful podcast producer, don't four lines: Didn't I tell anybody about here, so the the ah that's interesting, so you don't think that's the first one to die now. Important too much stuff thing. Is it I'll and he's Heath Epping killing it a guy? I
everything that he then is so enjoyable. I loved how that at the last night, up without with basically like the two thousand and not even today, a team like two thousand twenty version of down Abbe yeah. I know what I mean it was beautiful. It was, it was physically beautiful assuring that the way was shot was very artistic, and Human beings are all walking around with giant knives thinking of them. At this time we think Emma Dad's take down of Britain as ever. Ever you know capital fucking leech Capitalism, I just thought it was Epping really I mean, is the live at least through most of them next season, my how I pray it almost seems like he's a lack to win best supporting actor for the Emmy Renault whenever these eligible. For that easy,
he's so good in the show and he's one of those guys he he was at that guy for a while, and then he became Brian cracks He's been around for a long time and has always been good, but this feels, like you know that the speech that he gave a freedom episode now as it was in. I guess it was the end of episode three that was at that actually was probably when the show started taken off when he insisted on giving the speech at the charity dinner- kind of saw candles. Data coming, even if those are more good natured could, at that point, and he gave this age and he could barely stand up. I thought he was great. That he's been it all season- but that was a really great actor moment and it's a great actor raw and it's probably the only. RO on their show that if they had the wrong after the show falls apart, rang like I could not agree more and that part of the charm of everybody else also, I can't
Jim anybody else playing the characters than happening like your word. Roman is unbelievable that the gym Mr Kok him yeah off. Last job. I, u, what were the odds movie adds after home alone, one that Kirin is a clear and worry worry Coke and I think, if Karen, and I get a look it up? Where were the ads that he might have the better career, the MC, caully, cocaine and like ninety three Euro couldn't get us off the birds. The boy to base That was when, like my colleague, cocoanut so much power like his siblings, just got to be on whatever project who is doing, which led to his daughter, his sister being in the good son who's, the West, actors of all time other than basically a cobbler, but look at this up. I think it's worry. Never cry like this up, which coconuts in succession problem
a bad bad sign for him that we care remember which, when, as I think it's worry though, Ben Gray. I think of Karen is occurring. Nephew cousin, Greg's or Canada. It's it's cattle! So he's been great, he in the bachelor party at the third world, a tour de force, listen there's doing a thing on the ringer, this sweet, the greatest TB episodes of all time, which is guaranteed to enrage both of us. I tried to stay out of it. Are you and me, part of it is it's only one episode pursue, which I think I think we should have made at I think they should have, like seven or eight shows that were allowed to have two But I remember like the tea watershed. All time calling you immediately after an episode of a show.
There were two examples that I remember: one is when the ata bc- rape, the guy who he he knocked out in us, and he put headphones on thou was only about two minutes. I've ever seen on television that plans at what just happened in that crazy eyes, killin and permanent is yes curve and curb included in the treaty treatment. Freak. It is but the only one episode when arguably you could put six in there, which is which is the problem but crazy as killer. We talk for like an hour in ten minutes after that episode, something like that. They really have been Part of our in are our friendship. Twenty fifteen years of crazy I've killer without it. Join together and then a funk hazards, his sister Pacific Island, as he pleases me dead, maybe I shouldn't have but the Bachelor Party episode Irene
Yo Bang, the help we can build a deal that has encumber so pullet tabasco on there. But the Bachelor Party episode just just otherworldly. I don't know how many times I'm going to end up watching it, but it will be a lot I ain't my unload is pretty had the merit spit LE hither, they're waiting for the car, her J Euro Mode I can handle it was so good. A whole episode was sailing everywhere. Were I'm stop, I'm still processing cow America. Bring still there. So many uses it so rich. So great idea just wait a minute. Bird Buddy at my life is getting that text at least once this week, when it woozy underwent a minute sword, fight with a dildo may that of american cheese the first five minutes so yeah
I'm married aired bugojno fur being in billions, but then also being in succession. It feels like add form. Man had propitious to provoke the learner, pick a team to be. Teaching. A bit succession is like that the most bitter postmodern Dallas mean postponing stallions trigger drama prove it can't be somebody here. What are your predictions for absurd? Ten. The season are now. I I don't know I mean I think, we're going to see our first date, That's why it s prediction. I think we're going to see a death at though at them at the wedding. Sure terms that gay could be, of course, about we're not sure of anything. I don't want to die, even though I feel accused the most one note character,
they try to give him a little bit of death with this whole revelation in the theme, the route, but he needs to live if, if Gregg lives, if if Gregg is alive and then Tommy's, my biggest timing. Gregg is my favorite relationship on the show. Yeah. It almost could be spun off. They won't, but it could be spun off into its own half our deep type, HBO show it's an incredible dumb dumber. We should also mention. We have mentioned yet somehow Alan Rock, who plays Connie, with the hooker who's that a hooker, but it just is so fucked up and somebody differ ways, and paid off with the the family therapy that old thing when the dad just started going off and anyway and everyone else there talking in some is whether you get a hooker and then turn to our rex. Golfers, I'd, no offense. Kill me, but but I who's right has been around for a
time couple, rock facts because I went and I You know for years and years he was fares, barriers, Buddy Cameron, that's how we know I know I know in the red clearly makes a brilliant in this role in the Redwings Jersey. He was, thirty years old when he did Ferris viewer yeah yeah he's in his sixties there. Well, he said all these incarnations. He was in Spain City. He was in speed he was one of those got he was for a while. I was like I was Cameron from Ferris Bueller and then some of them when I became out on rock and he's really get in this too. Figure out how to look back good enough in our sixties. Like you know what we were at the stage of life where work work closer to see that we are to thirty five. You marry hook our looked at good. You marry NATO not inherit over, like fifty two fifty three near what a run ban its
such a rear passed so Kendall, who plays in German, strong is like a feeder actor. And there is this article that our beloved the ring beloved Katy bags, put our tv slack in in with him, where he just seems very intense and one of things he had was Brian Cox. Doesn't really like that. Much cause you won't rehearse. He likes Next, the intensity of gone model, a model right away and brand Cox. Like all brag, has I heard a fuck? Is this guy? Well any rehearse, so he sounds like good prize, but but been really gonna shut, that what makes a lot of sense, the dynamic between them and yet I believe that they love each other. I believe that their father and son, how you compare, the family in succession to Dick Ass and the three has for others and
how can bear to hear their brothers be nephew Gregg. In this scenario, the everybody. All of us are nephew Craig westward three bumbling stumbling. You know it for our mark. The house, the half brother, that's what makes us lovable what there is no big deal, health rules with a very soft glove is if a velvet glove at the velvet touch category so one episode laughter is this in a plus for you in a plus plus earned a plus plus plus its only in a pot plus and their next week. I just have to see what what were capable of me. They ve set the bar, so high curse straight weeks, calamari cock ring and had a closed clothes, closed systems. Whatever was tell a parent carrier aiding is at your fantasy Tunisia, Kalama Patrick what pressure and the other one is the whatever you to describe the Tom Come soup
one day before you go just cause. This happened recently in I've been Pissy battle on Twitter Atlanta. AIDS, danish shrewder? Two ok see Return gets Carmel Ask contract and the latter protected pick and two thousand twenty two from ok see then, today they paid off Carmelo to buy em out for twenty five point: five million dollars so they did this because as trade needs his own team. Then that have shorter there and I fear it back its that's why Bear it that one of the most incredible incidents you to be so good tat, just gotta, run rookie year and will the problem is you can't really pick on at any Atlantic fans because
they all know. They've already lived through it, the fund, it's not fun. To pick on Atlanta fans like we need to call up Robert and give him a hard time crazy is people dead, kinky, has almost ruined all basketball kind of got check Just this is stupid because you give it while you another, thereby either creating calf space of building assets, and this is what I think he did. There's just stupid find out like what one of the dumbest summers I've ever seen. A team have the date. For the whole year to be able to get a potential French as per the draft, and then the franchise poor, fellow them a number three and they traded of look at that starting point to the Euro, Atlanta hawks the two thousand and nineteen at last year. And I thought I thought again- we gotta get rid of Schroeder because that will allow us to have an even worse pick next year. So we- the top three pick again and fuck it up. I don't
the great the idea of getting ready, Schroeder, em and really by any means necessary heat it with its incredible he enjoyed our played on the same basketball team. Two guys that combined played hard for less than ten games He has his entire about twenty five years ago. At my shower, go see again he's twenty four years old. He average almost twenty game last year has played in the bunch of plants games. He can create a zone shot he's Luanda it's out loud that now I just follow. You know what I think he made me the Erika, if either shape it had. I think you know we in and change of name he went from demonstrate Danny yeah. I think you get there that there is a redemption. There were soon, and I talked about Westbrook off the ball. They share a little bit more and then we Laughed I was about to burst out laughing and there was why I wonder
If there is a world where they spend the entire chain in camp teaching and had a like set a peck and run off a screen? Brother went back it might be too late. What does he? Twenty eight twenty, seven or twenty eight right? I don't know that hawks managed. I will say this, though, if the US my plan is sneaky kind, a move to move at land at the Seattle to base grudges, plainly murder, professional basque bonnet land and then just can escape at a time and go to the two billion dollar Seattle market. Well, then, because you're finally re use- F, they laid the groundwork eve antagonize So the fan- and now you ve all the pressure on a tray on who, if fees good right away and if he doesn't show enough signs right away and died It is really getting down which is going to be. This is catastrophe. I don't mind
Many think what you just said by the way, if it has proven its a great verbosity yeah, it's a great it's fine baseball city, they moved the veto, the amount to where they think they can get fancy turning it into a lesson in the thought and the soccer team unbelievable. Yet incredible. That's enough, though Buzzer three sports that that the people that level of people it. Let did not love hockey and it left, and it doesn't seem like was standing in out of the great tradition of of meek, which has now five years ago. Thirty years ago, tomahawks laughed, whose crying who in Atlanta's cried appears rubber, crying about wave. I feel like he's already resigned to them being dead did they just kind of a basketball corpse even when the even when the hawks when was gone really, while for them they said, like, did in a hundred percent. Totally love that team.
They were then sixty when team, when Corver went off, You think they loved it, though, and they're never going to forgive delivered over from four bustin quarters. They love the eighty eight him I love eighty eight, eighty seven, eighty eight that hawks actual meek and others deeds. I love the idea. They love that sixty one fear there was a great great run ones you went to animal s game. I dad the Dc United, yes after they are now Wait wait already. We have all the facts superstars here. Wait till you see out of action, the field who is taking a Jaguar again port bonds at moments for good DC or now, if a fat off yet again port by asking Schaeffer an extra port belly fights inside. Do we have did we have an answer for what happened to a Jaguar every one of those pictures
terrible. If you go look, some people have graciously been putting up this to take the lead, the spotlight off of poor John LAW yeah there there's four or five guys by Griffin. Looked her end, as I can remember those third bunch, a guy that the dialogue a martyr rose in my life. I love. I lay off I'd, been awake, searching the way you defending this wizards everybody FAT Jaguar, Crazy, Dwight Howard. This is great. Does give me this. We re found, I think, who you have four Pga turnover for us in two weeks. Still looking at Tommy Fleetwood, here's one interesting thing: I'm going to shared by here on the beach podcast. I haven't broken if the shack, yet we ve had this really interesting phenomena with the major winners, thus far the season there, all guys that where'd Nike they're all guys that had that don't wear the funky Nike, though they don't know not only Brooks kept, go where
like the former fitting, like Hamley kind of stuff, yeah, Patrick Greed and an Frankie Molinari, both where'd Nike with colors. The other thing I interesting about these three guys one there they're kind of mixed bag. Mixed ball guys dared not a hundred percent. Then I have a hundred percent allegiance to any one may, factual or so I'm trying to find a guided bits that profile. I haven't come up with them, yet there are a few candidates that are still better Nike guys they were Nike clothes, They the play the driver of one manufacturer in the eyes of another manufacturing above another manufacturer that that's that's something I just don't know how or why that those are the traits, but that's that's the guy, I'm looking for and it might be, Tommy Fleetwood tommy her my feelings at the british open. He was right there, my even a half of being the half a tie inside me was accepted the daytime, when the other, I was really hurt by Tommy Fluid the Italian just banging our parts
drive down a fair way. Second, chance, the green to pat next. So boom boom. Next I'd, thirty seven consecutive hold without a buggy at their open championship, cardinals after it was suddenly without. There was some like high level dad Gov, and it worked right, you're right, that's what wines was like a half hour. There were where it see. My tiger was gonna ruin the British Open and it was the most exciting thing that happened all your best. And then all the centenary meant it was a great on underlie the twenty third two thousand and eighteen there were there were Tiger, the Tiger Meteor, was back in all eyes were on for a Sunday afternoon, the middle of July. All eyes were on the television. The ratings went through the roof. My phone was gone crazy and I was breathless and until he hit the ball, ah, the table on twelve Tommy, fully with twenty five to one.
Our dear John ROM, twenty five to one. It's gonna happen during the campaign breakthrough Happen for him at some point. It is absolutely not guy. I'm telling I'm looking for a nice guy check out the Shack House package presented by Karl away whence it s, wishes, have one come up this week, the preview babies you Bridgestone Tiger TIA up again at Firestone. This will be the last time at Firestone, so that would make make for a nice story for Tiger W and propel off into the g h or two weeks away from. Why haven't you invite a man ass, a carbs, you wait wait. The blow out NBA City rankings. There would be really engendered a ton of yeah. Terry and an input from folks I figure do we need it in an equally special occasion to have you back on. I want to talk about green barbecue. I went to place a Chang on seven and eight
However, I will add a cream barbecue thoughts and ass. I have a lot of thoughts on off the menu cause I went, off the men? Had here's looking at you and creates an I'm frightened at the double temporary posts that I may Instagram, good God it was cheeseburger not made out of real beef, but beef brisket. It was our Sharif Breschia Cheeseburger with wait. American cheese and a thousand island type adjusting, but then the bun clung to the Berger. In a really really germanic special heartwarming way, and you can learn a lot we'll have about it near. I have to do to get an invite to this place. The come to country Los Angeles you're coming cause we're gonna play the Riviera with Peter Bennydeck a great deal of people here, he's he's. GonNA is going to bring us to Riviera an ominous shoot. A one await its can be great
great I'll, be right back following clubs when I rode drive around and to be able to be killing people or walk around the sides and left and right has The pleasure tat is a good time thanks so much to zip recruiter. Dump your check them adds. Uprooted outcome, Slash be ass. To Joe has thanks to the Pope, like France, Sesar Starbucks Starbucks Double shot, starts with Bold Starbucks, coffee blended with me for a smooth, creamy delicious flavour, it's in here? with ginseng Guarana, be vitamins, Starbucks double shot. Look man, you never know an ear to need a little. I will will pick me up putting your fridge. Energy to do the things you actually do find it in your local. Convenient star we're back Wednesday, we're back Friday we're heading towards the four hundred episode, yellow treat free and that one four hundred bs packages
How many I is Penn got me near like thousand total knows the math figure that out anyway, whence they Friday morning, when you get and I can see them ways.
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