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The Undefeated Fantasy Quest, So Long 'Ballers,' Minshanity, and Million-Dollar Picks With Matthew Berry, Mallory Rubin, and Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN’s Matthew Berry to talk fantasy football (2:09). Then he sits down with Mallory Rubin for Mallory’s Most Intriguing, in which she shares her five most intriguing story lines of the week, including the return of Melvin Gordon and Golden Tate to their respective teams (39:43). Finally, Bill calls up Joe House to give out some Million-Dollar Picks (1:17:55).

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Hey we gotta get for Papa S. For you, they accede about it. It's brassy by recruiter hiring could be asleep says cockfield tourists, you don't miss graduates needed. Herr director coffee went the Zapruder posters job found the best person for oranges few days. That's a visitors secures technology finds people the red expanse, invite send to plan your job, no wonder fortify. Employers opposed unzip cruelty aquatic candidate within the first day right now. He disappeared for free at web address zip that comes slash. Bs, zip code is the smartest way to a higher higher to hire reciprocity. A couple page ass, the road taken brain Pike ass from us about life on the road from a couple of guys vampire weekend very excited this one. This is a really call back ass with a bow to stake, which is available exclusively on Spotify, just wrap it up. We three four there
it s a thing, but the jets on there and whence they ran resource, passes rapid, a boy weak for ya. Return of scuff impel family Friday morning Holy Shit S, BP, Then, finally, last but not least, sonic boom, our new package about how the annex were stolen from Seattle. That is available only on luminary. We can get first, two months of access to their premium country free. If you sign up at luminary that link Slash Simmons after that seven and per month, cancel anytime terms, apply, come up, Matthew Bury we're talk about first team can go and fitted manner. His most intriguing baseball laughs at at other latest, robust enough and then million our picks. We were scared. Last week we didn't like last week we scaled back, it was the right move. I love weak five zero,
but now Joe Ass, that's outcome, and at first I France for projects on the line right now. Matthew bury this is great, because not only do I get a guest for the top of the Thursday, the S back ass, bad ass, I get to brag about my father, sitting. I feel like we ve done this. Podcast before we probably have, but Do it again, my fantasy team is for now it's ridiculous. They loaded I have five hundred and nine points through for games impressive What do you have a question for you, but you have some questions for you. So, first up it's obvious the only reason I'm making a repeat appearance in the B S report, I'm usually like I'm, usually I want to
guessed it, I'm usually one episode a year re over. That's my mistake. You should be like three or four episodes here. That's my fault you're gonna, appreciate that I'm always available to you as you know, but I feel like I'm and come back me up if I'm from cracked in this, I feel like the entire reason I'm on today show is literally so you have an excuse to talk about your foreign or fantasy No, that's one of the reasons, but also an attack fantasy, but ok We did this nine ten years ago, and I don't remember where we landed, so I just want to do. It again motion can avail him go undefeated. Does this happen it? Yes, if it happens, it's not it's not often it's obvious, hard to do it's easier to do in leagues, in which people really that, whether as people who don't really know what they're doing what it is absolutely happened. It's happened many times my favorite undefeated store. Of all time, is- and I wrote about this in my book, but there was a big where, after the first week. A guy in the league died he passed away.
Was a long time we cheese obvious everyone shocked it's awful, it's a horrible story, and so they, but they too, honour the guy there like well, let's play out the league and their liking, and what will do is no one's gonna make any more pick. Ups, we're all disk. You know what sort of plate with whoever we drafted and for the four there are our league or who passed away work owing to set his line up just on whatever the projected points are we're just so you know do it honest and we'll just try to whatever whenever the projection points on the website say is best possible. Annabelle does do that and that team went undefeated, but the season and won the weak. Oh, my cat, that's like a sports movie right, but evidence they sent me all the screen shots in dumb Amelia? just an amazing story, and then you know is a very sweet story and, unlike you know, Funeral, like you know that while the winnings in a league to the you to the to the parents You didn't even know he was in this league. Is you know some college kids and with the stories off about the bad, the guy dying, but them
a way. So, yes, that's a long way of saying it does happen, but my question for you bill yeah is, do you believe due credit, your undefeated start your foreign o start to to kind of Do you think your team had a like? Nobody believed us kind of man mantra here now I actually did homework for the first time in many years since with the planned, including reading out the coms, you wrote lady and say that I did. I asked really really studied for the year cause. I was like I'm just tired, losing, I myself fantasy. I did a whole how to state that we did at this other progress. We have about how see actually just makes me feel bad about myself. I do I do it do it. I would realise that, by the way I don't know what I realized is cheating myself. To look in the mirror Matthew Bear had to say what am I doing wrong? Maybe I need to stop blaming all these players that I pick the concept of fair,
if a bomb- maybe it's me maybe some of this- is my fault, and I made myself better person. I, like it I like the responsibility like the the self evaluation looking in the mirror. I wish I wish my Redskins would do that so did something that you have advocated for years and years in this draft, which is, if you like somebody get the person. Dead, scared off because the price gets. I I was situation with that new job Everybody emerged draft knew that I loved I'd right about him on the podcast. As with you and nature comes, and I just decided to make a joke about like out Here- is here's my guy and goes into the love thirties and two other people are just like now, we're been them up, and it's like thirty six thirty Seven. Thirty eight and I'm I'm just I'm getting a matter, no, you guys are doing, but I'm getting him. It goes to forty eight o, my god yeah and I'm like.
I'm getting. Am I dont care? Fine, it was twelve dollars worth it. I will repay he's on team fuck our view and they Nick Running, like a d in the wilderness last week. Dancing around, it was wonderful. I loved and rushing yeah. I love nature. Those things I bet it was just like. Stick to your gun it's going to the draft with things that you liked I wanted to, hamper receivers at that they're, throw the boss LAB Godwin, Evan I really want a net job. I love Marilla MAC from last year. I know I wanted the MAR Jackson. I wanted think multiple court I saw him in Baker and is just down the line. I really one of the bears defence. I really wanted Evan Ingram so I went into the whole thing with the strategy of I want these. I'm getting them, which I think is the right way to do this right. Yet look look because if you do an auction format, which is that which is within you have talked about this many times it so much better than doing a snake trap,
people. Do that, the more part we do it. You know I do adoption draft cousin cause my testicles dropped. That's why made some some people, they haven't job that I would make fun of that, but might have- So I do- and I should judge. They are not top in that desk I will just merely say I'll, move off of that and say yet look. Not in value its all about its all about you know, market value in and, ultimately you know players. Value is what somebody's willing to pay for men and, honestly, like any, I both been an options with John Wash. That is entirely with John, while John, whilst won't take a cheat or any kind of auction value into an auction. I've been in many. I've been based on football with him and he will just like he wants. We want it does care. He doesn't care about price or value, and sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn't, but the truth is that as soon as the first game plays all those
all those values are out the window and to appoint. I've always said that, like people like I really want this guy, but is it around too early? Is it? Is it five bucks too much what I'm just like it doesn't like, it's your team, you're, the one who have to live with it. You ve studied it Your team in your ruling, your league setting, certainly much more than I for anyone else that puts out rankings or values and so get the guys You want and right up. Flee like so Evan Ingram going in was highly fourth or fifth tight and in terms of price and whatever auction she used is then a more united and ass. He right now. Nick job was Polly running back twelve easy. What top five guy right, guys like the signatory got heat as we got closer the draught she became like sexy. And I'll ride out, because I like them that the concern on Nick what there was two concerns: ethnic job, a three actually all of which at least two of which have been unfounded so far number. One is the concerns of the office of wine, and, while that's hurt the passing game of the brown it has, it hurt the run game. The number two was his
passing game usage people like eyes, you just really just a two down back and is actually been used more in the pay out him not significantly, but he's been used more than I think people thought there the concern, is what happens when Cream hunt comes back but when you're running the way Nick Job is running like I dont know that they all this they like islets dial it back with us. I think your room hunt on your team I would want, if I had Nick Nick Job, I would want. Hunt on my team is a hand cup, but the way Chubbs running, I don't away how it comes off the field we talked about. On this package, and I was like I'm not scared by cream her, because I think after eight weeks there just gonna billing jobs are, did the other guy. I really wanted, and I gotta- address. I'm not sure I would have done this if, unless I actually did homework but I just became convinced Lamar Jackson was gonna, be awesome, and now in this became you either on one side of the fence or the other. But that's the thing that convinced me, which is something I remember go for going forward. Is they really did,
to build this offence for him specifically that including the players that they drafted last shared all these different things. They were just like all it on the large action. This wasn't leg we have this guy or trying to fit him into this other off, and so we have. This is like this is our it's for the Jackson, and I have little concerned about him long term, the season just because I think defences start to realize they should just puts the shit out of them and you know basically, and their receivers being inexperienced stuff, but for the most part, accident, he gets to twenty points a week. The terrible we can still get twenty. I mean the rushing obviously keeps his floor. Hi I'm and we talked about I don't think anyone expected this. You know top three fantasy quarterback, but, like I look at some of us there he go. You should have my genoa I'd. I didn't expect it. I mean this is like way beyond anything. Anyone could have imagined, but we talked about this through the precision
I do a calm in the middle of the preceding called like ten attend ten. Where do a bunch of less than one of the things were? The list is like stuff: buying. You know, precision species Of that I am buying in one of my narratives was like, like I'm, buying the fact that this not going to be a run heavy orphans in Baltimore that they're going to open up, I'm buying that now John Harbour said I think our offense is going to revolutionize football and, unlike easy, John, I don't think it's going to do that, but it does tell me that they're going to open it up and it's not going to be the the crazy run heavy often said it was last year under Jackson, and we heard that they really wanted that they wanted speed right to your point about, if you just what, the moves they made right, ended in drafting Marquise Brown in drafting miles. In drafting Justice Hill right that that they wanted just a lot of speed, and they were gonna open it up in a in a big way, and so in an if I had Jackson gun, though on the loveliest as well, and so like he was ass. He was a trendy sleeper for a lot of people, Mcmanus community. It wasn't just me, but you
but I'd be lying? If I said like, I thought would do well. I didn't think you would do three european unity. While he was still a late, rounder or like in my actually went for six box, and yours is a key league right, that's the way. Now I wish I'd now I will doubtless that's our baseball and I world asses we talk damaged, it's a big keeper everything I don't really know how to do it, because, like the sheriff Lamar had sex next year. He's you know, he's bays, potentially triple cadre. Will that, but I would have merited that's a huge advantage exactly, but that's the great thing about a keeper. We write it so that it would like. So you took it, answer Lamar Jackson, when its value is an all time low, you're, getting him for six box like you, ve earned that right to its own, to me, People keep religious, so much fun, dynasty, leagues, hyperlinks are so much fun because number one is the same thing I guess you go into the draft next year and you ve got a top five quarterback for six box for well below market value, which is great but
the other bargain throughout the Writing- Polly thrown back Nick Chopper, forty eight, but they'll be other bargain throughout the league, and the other thing is what it does is. It makes the league a year round event because now secondary season sometimes have fallen out of it, but if it's a keeper league and somebody to you, this is not a great but but they're like hey I'll, give you my homes for accent, rounded jobs, thus yeah right. So then you you dont rebuilding, stop and then you there's off season. Trades is well and so, or there were the hour baseball leg. That may in hand shown the team that we ve had the league doors. Yeah and we have a minor league Jackson that- and you know, like we drafted movie bets and we had movie bets relax. Four and a half years, and then his contract finally ended, it was like emotional by working. This is really not much fun when I'm really like our guy in every way, right, of course, as you like you'd,
draft and we as a minor league earlier. We think there's earning yeah right, outing, ermine and it comes up any blows up and then you're like this is our guy. Yes, I think that with football with him. I don't know how you do with these dynasties, but it seemed like you would have to add what five now ten dollars a year, maybe five dollars. I've seen it all way, so I'm in a diner, I'm in two different dynasty leagues, but I'm in one. That's like it's crazy, deep, it's twelve teams, thirty three main rosters and you keep all thirty three. Every year, linkage Just and so will you do a full around Ricky Draft every year and that it like? That's your team, your team, is your team, like you, do a start of drought I'm I'm in another league, my my longest league, which is a semi dynasty link with a bunch of kids. I went to college with since no one on twenty odd years that we ve been in this league and we It's a eighty, twelve team League eighteen man, rosters, have point pr and we keep thirteen and but there's no penalty. Just keep whatever thirteen you want to live like I've had Todd Girly its ensues
Ok, I'm in a forest career. I've had filled rivers, his entire career in that league, and so like you just you keep it as long as you want can only keep thirteen but I've seen other ones where you like you. Can like it with a large accident. Six like these, the Old Rotisserie League baseball, like can be played by the book like the people that road by the book, you would have Lamar Jackson for six box at two years. You can keep him next year for six box and then he goes into third year. His final contractor- and so two things you can either say you know what I'm not going extend em he six box for here again again, I'm super cheap, but at the end of the third year you have two thrown back yet or you can extend em for five bucks a year. So, if used like I wanted soured, be eleven box value. Four year, three in your four at eleven box, that's all we do in our baseball. So really like movies. Five bucks is minor league are third year. We could have for two more years of fifteen or one more year, ten and its it can and, like you know, we picked age.
And ten day he he will could I M for two more years at fifteen or one more year, ten, we were like great two murders of fifteen an hour stuck with them next year. This is correct out of a fine, we're gonna work it out. But but to me that's like you know, I mean that the whole point is wrong: sort of playing general manager. The whole point is wrong sort of playing general manager when it makes its it's more strongly she more longer term like it. You have to really think about it. Like you know some yet you signed a guy to a bad contracting you're stuck with it like just like real general. Did have to do. The trades is the best part like lad like this year, MIKE Management my friend when League adored, the reason he won the biggest reason other than he had very lander and coal, which is a register last year he had a shady team and was doing building thing and shaded his best guy for outspread men who damn going into this air was, I think, like ten bucks or fifteen bucks. Airing became like this
boy of his team and that trade and winning the two thousand eight in title, basically sound, I, like those things. I I wouldn't say that without the how a keeper league should work right, so he heat, he knew it wasn't a season, so we traded some. You know he traded some assets to rebuild and, like we see, in sports all the time. We know that the ass why I mean right, but rather so one other thing. I did when I step as I, as I told you, I had to look in the mirror, there's some good stats now and there's that sad are exceptionally useful for fantasy use them on your show. We use it on our Denisov football package where I now Agnes. I can now know how many steps Many plays every game. I had the area game. Is fucking quarterback gonna get the Bob he's openly open every game is fuckin quarterback couldn't get the Bob he's open, like just believe in the process of theirs the next gents that I think are really interesting and can tell people
will you not they're getting all that stuff or if somebody if a quarterback is high, it's basically like barbarians. I've been in in baseball where you can Canada somebody's over achieving yeah It's not realistic verses, whether maybe this is for real and I don't know I just like other information, the next gents. That's, you must love. This is great for you. Yet no, it's it's awesome and we use a lot here. I mean it's really come a long way it still not as statistical e significant as as well, Bob ass? Well, there's much more data. This you know much better analytics in basque mom baseball, but for gas. Finally, starting to catch You know in so right. I love a lover Barnwell. I love reading Aaron shots like you know. We we ve got a bunch of guys What you guys out there that do really good work. You ve got a couple, a great guys over there, the ringer. By the way, I forgot to mention that that crazy, twelve team, thirty three man
dynasty league than a man where we Danny Kelly's in that way our job as well, he's gray with this stuff Well, we don't know, what's iguana, to plug a couple pike ass, the hottest take us I defy, we are finishing up weak three I had one about. The jets had saved the jets. You can listen to that only on Spotify, just father? How to take we have new pack has come the road taken with couple empire Weekend guys the first one is that now you can subscribe to that on apple spot. If I were, we want, and then Sir boom our new package, but how the side effects Stolen stolen from Seattle is available. Now on luminary, you get two months of access to lumineers premium content for free to sign up at lemonade at link Simmons. After that, only seven hundred and ninety nine per month cancel anytime terms to apply, acting at it. So here the obstacles, foregoing undefeated yeah,.
The by we rightly podcast a national parliament that I wanted them. The English jinx yourself now. I already did that, because on on Monday, after at the Bower somebody else and went to for now, I sent an email to the group that re that red like this, it's it first of all, it said this: Teddy was going forward which has really proud of yeah. I know put together, probably the best fantasy football team ever, but that's it The you guys for making moves every week in China stay competitive. Try to carry yourself with pride and dignity these next few weeks. I know this is tough, but it's gonna be, how for to look back some. I know you didn't do your best. As we pray that so I do my son I may as well. I tried I honor with the park as yet but I have I have weak six at all. Buys and that's why I saw her to go in the freezer, because you're gonna have the week where for you guys, aren't by weak, and now you just have to get lucky. Basically, yet
it's a little bit about its playing the waiver wire and you gonna stay healthy to that's the other thing I like the red flags right. He wrote hey the no one thought, listen and like looks like he's. Gonna come back sooner than we thought, but, like you have the pick you know and you drafted when Barkley no one's going like while I was an injury risk or do you think about sake, one eight and then out, you know he's after four weeks it's funny. I actually was afraid of him because I thought he was just can be running in eight men against eight men, France, all year and at that didn't concerned, But like I would say, if you're in a say which top five guy, as the best chance get injured you and pick them. No you ve Mccaffrey, giving cause he's five before get em in any usages insane. Yet he would have made he would have made me nervous. I mean honestly, like I actually viewed ass, asked me, which top five guy would be innovative. Yeah well, I did
I believe, in both the top five guy, but he was going as a top five guy and he has penetrated a number of people that I I know, and then she did have Miss a top five guy. We live whilst played all sixteen games once it is enough occur in that was twenty fourteen November have been my pick for top five guy, most likely to get injured, but it would have been Barkley whose, like you know, I don't know how guys built from the same dna. I am because I like he's like this, they massive human blood legs are like they did you ever landing like it now, the only him I'm just like. How are you- and I are the same species like mine, ass, like I'm sorry, I'm tired of hearing it to bury its IE eight cannot be brought up where he's just like is just got this body that resembles no other body. You know, I think gone dvd. You have to get lucky a couple times and Rihanna already happened to me week, one a little bit where I had like ten eleven point lead, but, as is James Connor against a Patsy, I hate my end. This is it
if he gets to look it up. If you gonna, like thirteen points I live, Right and Zeus farm the end zone or not only easygoing, it's my favorite team, but now I'm rooting against the James Conor touchdown it. When you have three hours on the Sunday night, where it site there. Here's this one guy I, Africa is of me, I having a heart attack and plus he's kind of hard to tell apart from jail and Samuel, is concepts of some whereby types rice, a half the time you weren't, even going at once thirty one thirty, eight re three lay the number or saw half the time, I'm freaking out is that even in the game I guess I really enjoyed, it was great. I was, and pins and needles in a variety of ways that times whether it son my game or the money, a game, but when you're clinging to a narrow lead led, after dawn and the other guy that you're playing the other person you're playing has one guy laughed like that. Is that as a sweat like no other, where you're just you know like you're sitting there,
like the other Monday night in the end, the league here I was down, I think think it was. I think us play more, but weren't summit like I was down eight points and I Jane Connor who had stuck the entire like. I think I should be ok but like who knows you like, and I had a friend Other wiggys, like I just need like ten points out a Tyler boy, I'm ok, you should be fine and didn't get it yet, like you didn't he you didn't get it allowed receivers, just cannot be trusted ever and any the tracing hey before it. Cause you're busy man get Gimme, three people, that I should believe in that people have kind of cooled off on. We re monies and yet three people that you feel that could be had if I, if I kids had sneaking and try to steal somebody from from their Tina, my leg or whatever three people, well I'll. Give you one at that made my loveless. Oh I'll, give you me I'm trying to think of the of the third.
Oh you go. I got I got three I kept first off Kyler number has been found. The problem is that the more Jackson has been what we thought, Kylam, where he was going to be yet, but I will look When will we start to run the last two weeks? He, I believe, and another stats in front of me, but I'm pretty sure he still leads the NFL and drop backs in terms of total dry. Back to mean they're thrown a tonnage crappy defence. And so I just I believe I think, the kid special just in general, from NFL terms, I think, ultimately, the kids gonna be special colleague this, what polymerized I am special yeah China. We go cow that regular and ass. They come on you answer. If behind sensitive Dorcas made Susie now he loves the steps you write so Kyler kind of Maria somebody that I actually think has a big rest. The season innocent geyser that are coming up. I will, I think,
Jones, is really interesting like I think it's only a matter of time. If we take that type of job over at last week, he had some really good moments. In that any add, some yards pulled back to yeah it's Here's the thing about Ronald Jones. We talk about this on the on the fantasy, focused podcast, that the field and I do every day, which is that pain, barbers. Just a guy right people forget DOW Jones was a second round pick had a high pedigree coming out of college, like no one looked at the buccaneers like why Ronald Jones, you take an act. I like he was highly thought of coming out of college and Peyton barber notice, respect is sorted just a guy, so it seems like it's taken longer than it should have four to kick infernal Jones, but yeah, there's elite talent there. That finally seems to be, merging sort of leaving him will you also have they have two of them? ten receivers and the league. Now, yes and defensive, you could feel at last week in that Ramsgate. Might they just couldn't stop their child? at evans- and they just couldn't. Both of them at the same time, never open everything us up here anyway.
About Arians and you know, sort of his offices and so Jones, who strikes me as a polish better Pascal than Peyton Barber like just seems to fit that angry but better and is also really get it does sneaky inside runs which You know, then, set up the play action and I think he's a benefit. I'm with you. So do Michelle your patriot. Now pets yes sign. I just make me mad. No, I I know he's been brutal so far this year the plenary and I that's an insult to things that are less brutal. Jesus he's more than brutal he's been off, he's been leg, Shawshank Andy in the hole for two months: brutal yeah he's been bad, but here visit. This is why I am still encouraged by Sony Michel, and I reckon you could get him for a song right that gas gimmick. So he made my loveless this week is back on track and it's my Redskins.
I would further, I wouldn't you still say by Redskins, decided by the guy. Now I shall I should have its own, so awful it so awful and by the way bill. I hope your patriots I hope you guys kill us, I hope, a guy. I hope you put a sixty burger up on us like honestly, because until Brazil has gone yet when I was this is Bruce Salads far lotta owner, whose only the terrible alien erudite look. I know, but I'm just think of like what's fixable writer, yes, oh it's! It's Daniel cited that he has enabled and kept bruise on as long as he has. But timidly, like most nighters, a guy who writes the Czechs and trusts Bruce Alan entrusted football staff. To do you know to make smart decisions- and Brazilian he's been there since two thousand ten is winning percentages just over forty percent, it's the fifth worse in the NFL since he took over and
fight at one time in their own for they're gonna, be Owen. Five and what's more important than this is that lake. So I was on this too. Somebody like are the Redskins, the worst franchise in the NFL, because here's the thing about Miami at least amy- has a direction yet you and me, my aim is like were selling our assets were stockpiling picks were we're getting younger players. We're getting people that are buy into the system like like it's gonna take em a couple years, but Miami has a plan of attack like what are the Redskins amid the Redskins, the Redskins are gonna are with a deal with wine and Collins. In the end, they still owe Alex Smith, a ton of money like they're, so capped out, and they're gonna be Owen. Five and it's you know, there's no! hope in sight. You just don't understand and like they ve led the NFL in players on the injured reserve each last two years and their well on the way this year they can't get their own left tackle into the building like this. Just anyway it's pretty grim. We beat the Redskins fifty nine to nothing in two thousand seven. I think I will I am fairly sure that admin yeah I did
and it'll be worse this time. His wits worse as an addition to you know, it could potentially be fifty nine and nothing or sixty five to nothing. In addition to that, it's gonna, be Half empty stadium and the people that are there all can be wearing patriots, colors, that It's the wickedness, as those people are gonna, be totally client and respectful right, I'm sure exactly because I hope was an. I hope they are complete and total masses right. I hope they live up to that end. It because honestly that's the only way. I think that's the only way that Snyder makes a change is that that at the Redskins have to hit complete and total rock bottom. If they lose sixty monopoly to the patriots in front of an entire patriots crowd at Fedex Field, a half empty hat vaccine. How'd. You know I mean it. I remember the Redskins used to have like a twenty five year, waiting list for season tickets, and now it's like hey You want to three game package yeah with by the legal appealed, Gary
Satellite alyosha our just say the patriots. Eighty five points as a fantasy defects through for they ve been rigged. Been redeeming. That's what's the record fer a fantasy, it's getting a tougher for them. Second, after the season, but others there took edge will still. Pretty good, pretty get the next cut next. Three weeks, I guess it fantasy defence gotten a two hundred points I think a lot. Yes, I'm I'm sure. I'm sure like this. I wonder what the record is. I have to them. I'll find out. Another big idea is to be good, for I'm afraid you ve now on Sunday, as he has been to vanish, people now to reach. It tell you later and I watched every Sunday. I don't know I don't like once filled the AIDS uses, your nicknames, though it I can fuck off your neck tabs at your neck, dab sky now to use those he's doing it entirely to troll me yeah, that's bullshit, with total. Thank you, yeah people, because here's the thing I feel Yait by the way, you'll gate a
huge ringer fan a huge blow and your podcast every equally is listening. Now not everyday help. China. However, he loves it. He um. He came in he came in the other day I was packing up. Is what any goes he's like similar this thing with he's, like you, just have to hear this and he played me. He played me. The parent corner, bout. How Ben is damning Instagram celebrities area? That is true Riah that happened and so does the so He loves the show Butterfield to get his undig Bibbs. I makes this a Porsche. I'm gonna, just anatomic bill, told me bill, told me he's never coming on the on the bill, summits, podcast, you're banned from the shot, while at least forty six months until we know that he's got this area system in terms of both the games so you're right on Sunday, Michel having a huge weak and fifty nine, nothing, that's when I am lost, I think so shall gets into the end here. Here's my argument for why I think things will get better personae. Michel he's out at least fifteen cares, and three out of four games is here
as you just mentioned, is an amazing defence. Rightly initiating carries by God. I guess, but it, but the volume is their bill tat. The boy Was there did you know? Sony Michel actually leads the NFL in terms of Russia's inside the ten yards. He has eleven of them through four weeks. This is Again you just as you time I thought, of underlying stats another. These are like super deep underlying stats, but just in terms of like what is fantasy town, we talked with this. The precision fantasy success comes from talent, opportunity! Look! So do we shall do all the sun become a bad running back there's a guy. There was a star in college, was star last year, like he's had a couple, a bad guy, but you do not with sudden turn into like a guy that isn't any good. Now what happen is, as you guys, loss James dabbling. You ve had some injuries on the office of line. You guys are shuffling, and this happens every year, like the Patriots Office of wine struggle, struggles, then they figured out another dominant and so the fact that they haven't gone away from so show that he still getting the kind of volume that he's gonna. He's getting the kind of volume that you would love when they getting close, remember the pay, Its are one of the most run, heaviest teams in
Five, our line of the last five years like when they get it. When they run in so so I believe only Michel who everyone's is like we're down on look think about what I really isn't that you're gonna have we got. Through for games, he has one target guys a receiver. Last year, eleven targets as receiver and caught seven boss he's not part of the past. The problem is solely Michel, and I must say that since last year is that when he is in the game, all they do is run and if I know that guess. Who else does that the others? Thirty one and I fell, teams from the ball and that's why time. He runs it it's against seven and eight guys. Everybody knows barbadoes around the ball them. It's Friday rating But whether doing it that way, well, I'm not gonna go Josh Daniels, Rabotchaya question around a guy, just question and right now the most most
asshole thing ever way we have most entitled now is also in Africa, but this I wonder whether the two yards in our room for your way he's he's a guy that I think you can get dirt cheap, that I like a lot and people are panicking on the Agri Hopkins, his wide receiver, thirty nine on the and obviously he's gonna be just that may I wasn't identical or as a big this week by low big weak, and in doing so beyond the air We should mention this lasting and then we have to get the other than the plug your stuff. Now he viewed fantasy, show on these people us every day get a super weird! Yes, please your our project. This is like this is your Sundance kind of fantasy is what this is. My my we don't have footage yeah, We don't have footage, we don't have. We don't have a lot of budget, so you know what screw we're just gonna make ourselves laugh The entire show is like nor be said to me
when it comes to show is like my only rule is: do whatever you want. It just can't look like anything else. On yes piano, I said gun randomly. No what you can get away with United, both stern fans, like, I always think back like you, know, Jackie Puppet Gary PUP back in the day, I think about Avenue, Q and a decent You can get away with a lot more stuff with puppets, I found say: do they really is pan and then Sunday, as I give comic book? This is your marvel franchise? Yes, you guys are shooting fantasy information out like it sent a t, shirt gun pumping. It left and right in calling for a vote, which is why I, like I hears my last question. Yet here's my family, Can you tell me if you think this thinking going to fit it arrived Lamar with bakers, Backup, Nick Job Marilla MAC with Devon Single hurry to recall and enjoyed and Wilkins behind the Jordan woke address my little hanker yeah. Now you need that. Has a MAC at banged up last week in this practice yesterday, so yet I governs Chris Godwin ouch. Jeffrey.
With Jarvis, Landry, Kurdish Samuel and pressed. It might not. Look belong, formatting Williams, I'd want to improve Preston Williams, I'm not they took a firearm, give fair enough, I'm not the biggest Jarvis It is landed. Somebody that I would try to deal among guided re. Yamlang assured bears the offence. The cowboys defences tobacco cause. You know I like having defences, are no gap and my Joey Sly, the best kicker infertile fantasy. Oh my ride. Fifty five yards every week I am going to read it from what you have just heard: undefeated who's, your title own. You have everyone diner, aesthetic, that's a really good! It's a twelve team league yeah tat, tat, ten t! Ok, That's a really good team. Yes, if you stay healthy, it's got a shot. An absolutely has about here that guy I got a shot. You get Ambler Bike. You should find like different way. As long as like I love the email you sent, you should find just different ways to troll patrol them.
What are you that is legally? The stakes are: if I win, which everyone in twelve years, I get the vote. Somebody out power or nine months. They also that's that's this lad. Zadig was Sal, enhanced damage egg, Jan him I'll. Ask us, oh my god, so they got. Amazing. What you should threaten what you should threaten them with, as you said, say, listen if this team go at this team runs the tea. I'm call my old pal Conon we're doing a thirty four thirty on this thing for an interview. Are you guys, yeah eleven years later? We'll worry you. Whenever you feel the AIDS right, people still think tanks per hour, for proper. I don't feel the aid. Still you nicknames good luck on Irish as and I promise about we gave let's make a date for we gate weak eight after me, eight heading into week by heading into ignite. It's a date, but you- and I just as long as I guess I just want to mention this one last thing yeah you and I may need to start a petition campaign to save nine o to know
I know I can hear it on a bubble up. What's on the bubble, I'm worried round was heard at nine. I've come back. The ratings forget it'll, be back the rating. We're getting. Then they dropped off a little bit. Did you did? You like the whole run. I love the Huron. I thought actually got better. I liked it yeah I enjoyed it. Really did. That did a good job. I like the matter, was that it was good That was really clever and smart. How they did it and I will be legitimately disappointed if it doesn't come back well, if, if the day comes, will have to do it. Very pleasure as always talk decent thanks, I bring in a do matters most intriguing fur, weak. Five first was stung by square They made that led away rigour that helps tons of businesses take payments. Here's thing people are now so much more so much more so much more than just the car reader. They have tools like They'll for restaurants, redounds Lance easy to build website.
In voices. You consent from anywhere false, was payroll? cause. You know he directs a produces bypass either indirect area something I like I Tom, connect, We re now possess swear swearing again, will attend our tip. I came in get a beer for you and a on me cuz. I really like the that square designs and builds all their hardware in house, so it hours together smoothly with their software Growing business takes a lot of work. As you know, last work into other work. You can help with a laugh, more than you think see how square could take a business from square. Two whatever's next at square dotcom slash, go slash, bs, that squared outcomes, Moscow, Slash, Bs Mather Ribbon is here allow Mallory, most intriguing. We do it every week. This is time and your very special time. The wildcard games just happen to have baseball laughs, coming here
talking to house a little bit later by the EU and their potential of the net and he's like they require fibrous our pursuit of just spoiler, that's it! and everybody just thy Gasters Dodgers. This is happening. Does I wouldn't It is the way that house assesses whether Harper is a traitor, hinges on house himself being a trader who abandoned his lifelong allegiance to the Baltimore oil. To who you're in order Spanish should understand that anyway com, you haven't, you got a writer die for life. What is this? That's I see. Thing? Is I either be a widow with your team, be sports widow or rider rapid houses thing was this team played about tomorrow. Dealing reserved for them was because I didn't have another option. I had no option and then a team
literally moved into my city and call themselves Washington, which is my city in the city. I care about and the Baltimore understandable and that's. Why did that's fine? I wish him nothing but misery love. You house, I do not have a baseline for you today. I want to keep you in your so surprised I figure will do. For sure the next couple weeks heading into the championship serious rounds in the world series. Do we want five weeks in a row of baseball talk, I would love that. Is that what you want, I'm not so sure I did not like any of the workers lives, so I'm off to a bad start with a baseball players. The many an oil cargan was an absolute threaten. The gnats crowd was accurately repulsing too many baseball crowds that behaved in that way was awesome to watch world CUP feel to it. It really did. I think I think national sojers has a chance. We really really good ends. The ash rose in June
are all I just- cannot what weight to watch that team in October it strategy an embryo is control the pitching mash up Spheare Ashura Razor incredible. Can we really any how many add domestic violence people on the Yankees roster had. Would we set on man while we have a suspension well he's out, so it's just Chapman Z. Only when it has a history men, if you run at a recent survey for the acts, the press I, as you know, my favorite team in the baseball players is always the team going at sea. I fear twins Van Matter, We remain Schuster. Did you re, exact, cramps, read all the Huns live, twins, quiet but astounding play off course how is Byron, buyer and gonna get hurt there in the series? Is the really the ultimate question? I mean to say, and I wish him health. These are running into a wily any really. This whole extension now on a dive in the outfield trying to make a spectacular play, probably making
spectacular play, but when there are crumbling to the ground entering himself in the process. I have one email for free before you. Your five surmise accounts can help I could not agree more and your MEG traumatic take. Who cares if he's best whereby time statistically, but has never made an impact play when accounts, would Actually, the narrative here every year, whose consistently incredible while road rail surround him was terrible. Wow compelling stuff enjoy baseball for an individual's performance and a terrible team is the most mass budgetary thing I can think of. Is sports enjoying a thing in total isolation from the rest of sport sincerely Isaac Collins, Isaac, HOLLAND's, I just wanna- may harm that name so that I can always effectively I fire burner accounts as a future. That really was a deeper I've. Just got Cuba that people understand you can't be the only appear to seventy two in him.
In this year in Like dungeon Joggins fantasy world, where some things that happen so again I was out of the team sport accommodating outspoken deserving envy p. Great baby using his he's at bats, in a line up, surrounded by other and calibre players actually matter more than what might try can do for team. That desperately needs- and you is disqualifying and make my child my charge had doubts. I want to be clear I could have gone out of this he's. I now saw me for ten, more years of meaning setback had at the Helsinki. This is great. I won't nine every piece Selby, a fellow pressure. He will be a fairly at some point he well. I know it is clear again that this is not an argument against pregnant or someone on a winning team. That's not the point. It's an argument that trout should not be disk qualified for playing on budgets? Think we need a third a word. Let's give it that the to word for best individual performance at a team that just
it happens that vacuum you got that God. What's your intuition tat five December five, I gotta we're Doin for Africa, five, nor any like we're We're heading into the final two episodes the little show called bars. Are they really say successor such I've watched every bowers, I've, no idea what's going on, and not just at this season, officio abolish blah time. This is it dollars. This is it. Is it bill we're heading into the final two weeks of borrowers ever the rock From this last seen where his driving a car that was clearly felt like outside this house now in driving a car but sitting alone in a room, doing voiceover interview that he's not in scenes of any other people at any moment in time and you get out of their unlike eighteen hours flat is like. I can only found this from eight thirty, two, nine thirty. On Thursday, it's it's it's incredible. There was in the most recent episode. He was in both a board room, see.
I saw a funeral seen and I was astounded that they were able to get him and scenes with that. Many other people, probably at the build the fake fear thing in, like his office might already worrying screen. They can't say for sure you think they're greeds hurting leave one seat empty and a funeral pew right, maybe to patch it in after stick em I've never seen a show that has more scenes of somebody in their car phone Sacho many Sarge dollar season. Five, as you said, rocket his car phone, its income, So this is what we are now getting into the files you upset. I described the showed what separates the answers. Type shirt now help Russia and, while the final Sue episodes of borrowers be because I think they're watching this season has been a really fascinating consumer experience in ripped from there? tripped from the perspective to that seems,
You have shifted from just ripped from the headlines to merely feeling like it is predicting the current state of football. Now am I saying dollars? Is a good television show bill? I am not, but if we quickly go through the list of some of the things that have happened and some of the people who have been central figures, think of the eighteen Games Schedule plot right, vote around that and health care for veteran players. This is gonna, be a thing heading in to the court. The actual real world see Ba. We saw last week. Oh, you know the test balloon about, will what if he was seventeen years, this is happening now o Dell will be J come in for a eat, you see a real and if a player abolish you think it's gonna be like a cameo recurring raw right back on Asia, Healy and what's it around lifestyle brand
I've been happening with him on the field. Not only has he does, he have his very, very, very dope, Custom Nike shoes, seven, twenty line, not sure if you ve seen the desert or color. I highly recommend checking out, if not great, shoe counter, I'm talking about cows, pointing it may the watches right all the stuff about his wife. She's out on the field and how many hundreds of thousands of dollars to the watch that you don't? I didn't. I never noticed the watch so put oh, no way they met four hundred curve, Zaparos. Clearly how they're paying over the through this watch says about all happening here was and Gordon on the field? The first few weeks? This isn't. He was not a guess where he was bell. He was on borrowers hosting Ricky as poor. On and on the anomalous goes Spencer because on her hand she M of the Chiefs and what the children fix. I rely on us that Canada I mean obviously like like two years ago, the guy was having fertility problems and that was an entire still store inside for them, and now he's
the chief have an older than about team? Now, there's a moment in the most recent episode where he took a swayed from his pain bottle yeah, oh my god they just behind them. What was a major plot point abandoned to the whole season, revolver and fertility and painkillers? What about last season ass thinking about this, and they did feature believe me. You know those the previously on package that led into the season five premier the whole Oh and see a plot, Lorraine you're, trying to tear down the answer in the thing about the elite recruited and fondling money, in trying to change the power structure in the landscape becomes issues that's gone. It its unclear. How the show it first of all happened like do. They have writers meeting sketching out the storylines in making this are set
falling apart, not complaining about our rules. This feels like a harbinger, because I was just getting potsherd. Muslims is jersey, just fell off our wall here and the other big plot point, is the Mahomet contract negotiating them homes? Contract? Can you be? The two hundred million our man, I always find moments like that. I'm dollars delightful. Similarly, like the Charles and the rams on the show trying to lower Camorra readin slake. What if your t, J yelled in and you know, Melvin Gordon's haven't pull parties on the show Mmm homes is talk about? Is the guy who's gonna shatter what the contracts structure and guaranteed structural looks like and then you're the one they bring up just to say, like I, dont want to settle firm, mediocre guy. How does that feel Tough, fine Gael, South Sudan. Bowers is like a triple answer. It seems like you legal? The show is Every show has to end with some sort of party where they can do the wide pan of all the people just seeming super happy in Miami yeah and out of theirs?
the girl accidents it reaches one go How are we going to end on the party shot or are we getting? There is another man, sir, looking contemplating the future looking, the one that was how every enter our show into EDGAR ended free ears. It was the guy's looking out on either a skyline or the ocean yeah, especially their fear of water. I think we're right, there's one they say. That's of that's a prerequisite. Hey Glaser Ass, to be just crammed into every episode and if he can be put sing outside of his own unbreakable forever May studio. Even better J Glaser is probably has the third most minutes any character on the show the seas, it's unbelievable. They do that no observe the show. Is them just gonna be firing? Oh those watches from a t, shirt, cannon, gun at J, geysers, unbreakable studio, that's good appeared lack the people party and their firing them from Ricky's radio show studio
Yes, that's another! The very latest rape and player, empowerment, slash players, traded, become media people and it's all kind of all, something I people like it. Well, it's a real. Fascinating thing, we're all of the topics feel like just right and then they'll do something like have Spencer's character say that the only real needn't Lucy scholarship when he was at my army was because of professor advocated for amateurs lake now that there are ever did not have in Athens to Morrow proceedings, are all there don't get up. Car was this on your rater noble. When the show came out, it was the glove where's that associate Romulus shots the rocks on the show, you may say forty million dollars a movie I now and yet its clearly. He feels back. He did want to do the showing where there please one worth easy, gelatinous wrap it up in his eye, only five Half the scenes from a car? I will only film scenes with Canvas and Bosman Rib, etc.
So a number for number four hour, so one of the characters who was played a meaningful role on Belarus, as we just noted Melvin, Gordon yeah he's Melvin, Gordon also in play meaningful role in the chargers starting this week back. Can he help themself hold out ended last week he was back with the team. He was technically active and week for didn't play and feeling it said it was going to be. You know, in case of emergency, only well now, heading into week, five heading into a matchup against the woeful Owen for Broncos? Yet what sort of usage are we gonna see from Alvin Gordon? What does the fantasy implication of after Austin Hackler owners and for people who drafted Gordon Untenable waiting to see who knows what I was good also has been excellent,
we're hundred ninety total yards. I think six touchdowns is, I think, a lot there's like advance that stuff with him words like he's, actually the most productive running back in the league right now for what his chances word and how we handle them. So one of the things that makes this situation intriguing is obviously just though the broader chargers macro narrative with them. You know always in funky game situations. Can they get it again her in time by specifically with what you just mentioned, will act learn his usage, I mean Gordon, is one of the best running maximally he's not going to see his standing as our be wanting, but it also does it make sense to remove Aguilar from that often, given how productive he's been, I'm wondering if the volume of injuries on that team specifically and there are but a both sides of the ball.
You talked about german jams and now look I'm unpack asked, but receivers wide overseer injuries right now so are they gonna be changing the personnel packages that they tend to feature to build around? Two Arby's sets more often and shift to at least temporarily until my glamour is healthy traps, Benjamin's back out there and often we're both of those guys can be featured in meaningful fashion again, both from a fancy perspective and in a way that makes that often Tom everyone said you know it's going to ease Gordon back into it. So I don't think I'll be like a hundred percent capacity this week, but there are also going it's the Broncos who just made Leonard format last week, look like he was back in,
unless you I'm trucking, omits defenders yeah in highlight real difficult fashion and caught a little lump recurrent Dnc forget I love that and also lost Bradley job, one of em in the second best defender afterburners. One of the best defenders in the league, so is that events can be able I thought you were going first vial of what teams played two good running backs together. Nobody ever does that. There's got to be real reasons for a put it. I always feel like it's dangerous, and I want the bears to do this with color. Montgomery ages out there at the same time same back further, I think regarding, would they fly? Melvin, Gordon right now to account under that is not happy with the right back. What it doesnt cylinders market for that, based on the facts,
allowed him to and who knows how? Much of it issues. Posturing when we hold out in a contract is viewed, but they allowed him to pursue a trade and, judging by the fact that he is currently on the charges and ended his hold out of his own volition, no didn't fire trade partner. Now that doesn't mean that the team can now try to do that on its own terms. By it. I was thinking of a certain team that you might I'm glad you get. I like not getting a lot, but I don't think the dvd mediocre mark now with their I'm, the ravens have the best fumble. This week he did. The fumble was brutal, say three fumbles. The funding is the fumbles brutal, but I will say until the fumbling look to create the Ingram Gus Edwards. Eventually, when he's a little more comfortable in a little more ready to plant, read it read an annex all scheme, justice hell and then obviously not trees. You ve heard of him, but Lamar Jackson, that's pretty good!
I like that less than those for players. Rind of I shall that, so you ought to see two running backs, but more important Think, there's Shanahan possibility here were both guys get ruin from a fantasy stay. Put Well, nobody totally happy with either guy it devilish, allspice viper, I'm hoping that. That's not the case. I am personally invests in this because I have drafted Gordon here at the moment in a draft for I felt like I couldn't. I could justify the risk and I couldn't justify letting him sit there any longer and for the first few weeks of the season, I deeply regretted it and I would not call the fantasy team that I have and that particularly in that particular league success or productive, so I need him to be good. I really need him to be good. I know my strategy ha that's in fancy. Draftsman, I don't want any part of it in a way not worth it. Let it be someone else's problem. I want my guys to report to make,
I took him to show. I remember the only time I ever did it never enjoy Galloway, who held out a million years ago, as a humming Adam is can be great, he's gonna come back and he just was like riding fish in my fridge four months just and then you have to hold on you, can cut the cord and now Any really hurts has. Not only did you spend like an asset whether to pantries but money, but then there chewing way. Your team, I just didn't, feel like I. I took him in the sixth round and unfailing. I can pass on the potential at that point and specifically now of the yards, but just the touchdowns year, the touchdowns according gets. You are so valuable. I also think that you know the we eclairs yardage right now is pretty evenly split between his Russia has receding sore, has touchdowns right down the middle. He can still play a meaningful role in that office, even if he's not getting the bulk of the rushing care
Is this grass eighty twice? Ok out, let's take a break in that would do number three. I now it's time for this state farm, safe, better, the weak yeah! That's where you can counter. Ok, like football life can be unpredictable. That's why stay firm ages there to help over nineteen thousand ages agents sure is a local stay, for damage can be just around the black, with italian person by phone or through the EP stay firm. Is there go with the one? such an agency for counter, like I count on this person, red hair malware ribbon credible, EDGAR, officially editor in chief of the Shell Psmith. It's true e, I say as this week who can we count on? I say Panama homes, fantasy asset yeah. I think he, the runaway choice for the Mvp unless, unless the Ravens defensive, yellow, better or unless gardener Mitch, cools off. Who knows Who would I know
Canada them this mustache. Yet from the Abbe homes that a very good week last week they still score thirty. Four. Amazing, how in a game where he didn't throw his not only his typical amount of touchdowns but throw a touch down the street ended. You know, you're a momentary allowed yourself to believe that maybe the lions could do a bee, never really doubt moms and the cheese and this week son and I for Paul football against your Indianapolis called grower. T read our favorite t coming up a million dollar picks later primetime physical farms is gonna bounced back with thirty, first defence, quite a showing its. Terrified, Travis Kelsey, double team, Leslie they're trying to unlock him a little about the gymnastics from Kelsey with the increased all hooking ladder mid air. Still maneuvers sports movie S, fun, side and lights. Ask following a college football game. I enjoyed it if Baltimore COD, Kansas City and said
could be the straight from arms you do it would. I would I get rid of my own child without question course year with Lamar for life there till the end, Tillier, my home as your MA homey for the segment bananas right in autumn. I had tried Lamar wherever the MAR forever here think. Well. Stay firm: you can also cannot stay farm talk to an age it today time for number. Three number three share passion of ours and everyone here at the Ringer Danny Dimes, but this isn't about any gaps, ass, one plan with any dimes golden date back from the bead these as they're out of a system. What can old and tat makes dollars. King, it would have been a great bars because his extreme arose. Excuse, don't rule it out. We have two episodes of fertility fertility, Tria Iraq or the scientists, fertility and painkiller treatments,
not in an episode aegis. We just assume and half of them are battling the injustice in the NBA system right before about the chiefs, can never sure like this. Can they do a show by like a digital, Martha media company were shit like this happens every week there is a small pardon, you watch hyper followers. They thought the Eu Sports plot was like. Are they gonna go with a spin fear quietly stay. I, when the east, or was it he sports thing plain them cause. You can't ever trust, bothers every cameo fears late there, some sort of financial egg or for the producers. I mean great recurring, look here for legal engines, no dire, so filled in bothers five years from everything. It's amazing how Miss and I really well it's terrible. I watch every episode. Spinner, I hope, becomes as type or now you
this is your cyber higher ideas to others? Is the aggregated earth the feet of the aggregate enters the aggregated, they're gonna have broken for your save and takes so the giants hosts of aging survey kings right now they could be their own thirty minute discussion there, the best the cousin situations, a masculine saying we need to be able to pass. Some point digs not eat of rolling out that maybe there were some mummers over trade, even though he studied didn't ask for on and on the other side we have a team or everything seems to be click info now, yes, sake on Barkley. Still, of course, that's a big deal. I think we see him this rigour. What did you say he? Is he really dont robia waves, the guy's legs I have its outcome. Their gigantic, its head
ruling out like, whereas the Grand Canyon, the dagger falls like he's. One of the eight wonders that wouldn't be in ridable. If sake on came back back quickly and we got the return of golden tat sank on back in the office, we gonna want really good. Sweet pride of Clemson, someone tell delicate for dimes, some picked up dimes in my leg and nobody made fun of them. I mean gotta, be a second stepping dimes he's a good guy to view of jealousy, though, you have diabetes, not one of the eighty quarterbacks. Now I'm down a clear Austria and then the two: what Lamar's by
I I needed a show Lamar that I believe that a bakers is back up. That said, I'm loyalty and love it incredible that got married by Miguel years, though my guy go into it. The giants guy has not played for the giants. Obviously, if you'll call the bizarre nature of him joining the New York Football Giants, it was basically felt like seconds after they traded Odell. Ria day later they sang orientated. He suspended has played yet, and the team that he is rejoining is just, radically different from the one that he thought he was going to be part of any hasn't been able to practise Tyler you sick nerves, sneeze I am pleased at the ringer are at a higher. I feel like I've started it patients are our noses sentences, but anyway, I think the golden
whether here shepherd as the ultimate one eye in the office remains to be seen, and maybe that's gonna be anger. Ahmed seems Likin hidden, dimes have agreed connection, but that kind of player Golden paid is huge for young quarterback because deserted eight Tarja answer and he's a yak machine. No one in football is better at generating hours after the catch, literally no on then Golden Tate. So for Daniel Johns. In a moment of desperation, indecision to be able to just say I gotta shortly out here to my do. Golden Tate and he's gonna make there asked happen that just shows the kind of thing that could help him really elevate, has confidence in his game even further and, as our colleague any hope, it's noted on Danny see this week. The thing that really stands out about down Johns isn't anything. He does exceptionally the absence of things that he does. Exceptionally poorly and gay doesn't have like those Matt Ryan rolling out
he laughed and suddenly it just looks like he does. It have coordination in his body. Started scientific merit to say that I drafted Melvin Garden on by the way have Marian dies debacle. This is we but times is just like coordinated point here, as Europe's around in a very legs fluid way. The vikings events is obviously a huge task. Everything that was said about the mayor, masses, specific to the office and the omens here, the deed plan, and often the defence and particularly the defensive actual, is exceptional so having to face. You know Harrison Smith's, Xavier, that's a real challenge, highway, game, again, yeah and so having paid back for that aim in particular could be huge sedatives it it's funny, though, if
Tyrrell of Terrell Owens once back in the day, was complaining about Mc Nabbs than ever. As I got a fucking deck bad teammate by the way was about to make But oh my god, you don't do that in Feelin lighted, basically, the same thing: with her cousin, Sousa in so many words his leg, open. The sacks like this guy blows at some point you gotta be. I was bad for yards and he missed me fifty ardor leg, I just did myself and fantasy and I'm getting killed. This is bullshit immense, defined Eggs was basically goin. If there are trade rumours, they re, there's some truth tat, maybe there's some truth. Good thousand vows tough. I now they know those two guys know her wash Redskins fans transfer for four years and we have Redskins get in our universe of whom were leg, I'll drive in the airport,
Please go grates headway and number two yeah like just keep moving here. Let's do it. How did you watch o does Jager and survived the weekend, so I think they would I would like to be talking about. I think they would have fired him last weekend, but they knew the fifty two nothing beaten was coming so they'll. Do it after the scant right who were they playing our east at the pats they're coming up a behind our backs are play the feeling on patriots the russian authorities have not want a football game the season and are a complete mess and they have a chance to lose this game in mortifying fashion. Going it's the best events no egg when they have the this combat belated offensive awake the injuries
compounding the total lack of anything resembling a cohesive plan. Now, last week we talked about the Dwayne Haskins case, gingham conundrum. I found it made sense to put Haskins and I still think it was the right call. That's that's wended up happening, even though he played poorly does not look they are still the author. I call you have nothing to lose if your Jager it and other than games in your job, both of which are gonna, lose any right. Put him out. There see what you have you ever. I wouldn't play him in the scheme you're. The paths defence could have fifty fantasy points in this game. If you post I'm on time at the rational putting than last year. I agree Latvia, putting about this. We could be I didn't like doing allows with you there, because if you wanna play implant, don't be like. If his kingdom sex again then I'll put him.
Because the ads our case Canaan was gonna. Saki had no weapons right. The thing with will reign, Clarence Maclarens. Adrian Petersen is Adrian Petersen. I mean come on but you said no, they nobody. I picked up that guy Paul Richardson in one of my fantasy leagues and the guy I'd like to catches for six yards I think, there's a nobody. The thing that they also dont have those anything again resembling like a strategy because when gardens ass this week- or he will what's the plan, what did he say said? We don't have one right now, like you can't say that out but if you're the handkerchief about him and then, if I just can't house was in on this from the gecko, because when travelling, how thou and it became clear that there is gonna just stare at em still holding out by, though I am houses, I can feel that get to play there. Drawing where the season this is basically their way of thinking right. They should a traded. I'm good gone were using offered type fur. Tanzania gave up for tussle I dont think they would again that much Khazars like a five year, age difference but
I think somebody would open up a first round. Pitfall certainly could have gotten a get a good return for their getting nothing froze holding out absolute idiotic. The weight of the franchises run has obviously been utterly confounding for many. Many many delays to you, while you now, I as a life railroad against Washington teams, re certainly true, but if you think I flashed year similar the compliment, you Jackson and it was just ass. The boys, every minute of your anger was leading up to the conclusion of his tenure, and that was October, twenty ninth, so we're still weeks away from what would feel like the moment in time. It was possible for a coach to be severed, but it just feels lake things are so bleak in Washington that the end this year was so next week they are playing the dolphins.
Ray in Miami early, tangible well, but that's also a case of interchange, coaches, you under their you might actually, when that give favourable circumstances heading into the dolphins, getting ass anger to talk about the nets. Redskins thing we do milliner picks, but Every wash hinges cares about the the nationals right now, especially, They take a little lady answer. Dodgers. That's when you fire coach Legrand. What are the red section there? One of the Red Sox fired Brodsky the weekend. That's gotTA, Antonio Brand, there, like brand Sunday night midnight by the way we did the rest in nobody cares the age, If an Alan quote from a couple weeks ago, and again, these really gotten worse, since they not better was there ain't, no magic sauce to get this thing turned around and that's exactly right. There's no magic sauce at some point. You just actually have to make a meaningful change. It's it's amazing how a hunch hatred and has been there really is move on and again typically are not waiting for anybody to lose the job ever, but he's just re around those inevitability go
knowing the raiders work with your brow right, I think, will be fast easy who the Redskins elevated to interim, given the people who are on that staff is gonna. Be tough challenge, gimme that cabin all. What what are you to see and you get a more bill Callaghan? He was terrible. I mean he's he's assistant, tabby, grey however, for that, allow me also asinine would go number one number one or several Cisco. Forty nine is legitimate, I think this is the weak, where we need to start really asking these questions are hosting the brown on Monday night football coming off a by their three now and are one my three remaining undefeated teams. You know who the other two are there the chiefs in them? I know that you do people talk about the chief in the papers all time we're not talking mother Niners in that same compensation when we're not, we haven't been, and I think this is the way that determines whether we should be Andrew, while a semi, an email, Jimmy Jeez, torn to one for envy? P?
Is there a world in which the Niners go twelve and for he has four thousand plus yards passing thirty five plus yards tedious? and, if so, wouldn't have been the conversation, especially because this, last year that interesting I mean I, they Mahomet Zambia, people boat, the way that, if one in three chance of a quarterback getting hurt Who knows you mispronounced Lamar those weird, but I think boil he's right now, starting to omit to me interceptions too. I don't leave a year later, ok, you're saying here I mean completely: seventy percent of its passes. He is a microcosm for the entire team, which is to say their highly. Doctor and generally pretty impressive, but every now and then, but following so, sloppy and others of their leading Lee again. Turnovers lost their schedule, so they gotta keep on this week at the rams. That's tough. At washed, in home, Carolina at Arizona, homesick,
at Arizona. So it's like Zoe, boy, like really tough ones in there, and I think this I'm with you like this is, I think, for both of these teams totally but does like we're gonna, come out of this game, specifically in black. Ok now you know there's a compounding effect there and how they inform each other right, because the brows coming off to destroying a thing that happened. We don't it go into a destroying relay again. I will sluts not live in the passage in the future, but the brows, how the result that they had last week and now remedies back in and the brown type that machinist churning again. So if the Niners continue to win and perform well now that people are again looking favourably on the grounds that then helps generate more niners hype moving forward, and then you know, you'll get something specific, I'm in their defence of wanting to exceptional and kid all. I think people think he's having a bad years just because he has magenta in Ghana, see points at the level the people grow, custom to us
Your buyer he's Pierre thefts highest graded player period like she's, not any position, I mean he's doing incredible things on the football field. The way that is blocking it. On game the way thither deploying him in various respects is You touch stands a week when they go call bad bad debts. Are people keep track of that state? Now, like yards and tedious called back, like the guy Round Jones on the buck said the same thing. He had a couple callback glass. We tell us Catalans and weak one more word. I think our people drafted him. Unlike the second round and more like what the fuck also he had big celebrations for each one. He's really as us on this we find out and we're looking right now then of sea on the haunting, whose, like the coups d team, whose daily team is it the census of the cowboys, is the pack Yours could be the rams if you know jargon, stops well, there's a lot of writers, there's a lot of beef esteems and their one of many possible,
really love anybody in the USA to you. I think we need a few more weeks to see everyone's gotta all right. What part of it is just when breeze comes back to the saints, what game shape he's end with the thumb, injury and what they look like with him back and in though the saints cows gay was really interesting, because it follows the cadmium or the winner was gonna sort of that kind. And even if those just temporary first game, where you kind of doubted some of the calendar. For me. Pick a bed and I think again, ashes growing, pains and figuring out. I think that you know whole continued to call really smart plays and use Dac into play him effectively. I saw you highlight the Packers I too Packers in the rams, are the two that I'm kind of I banya because think that Ramsgate, my sweet might have been weird. They might have just taken it seriously. We see this in football some time they their huge favorites
The home game were created, arm or figured out, and then they're, just the bug surges go nuts bucks happen to have to the best receivers and the league of both playing well- and I just made about one of those games- do not want to give up on them. Yet do MIKE Evans and Chris Godwin have anything to do with the fact that paragraph has hence the size of a child's doll. Well, he had, a bad place by then there's a case. You could also make them like since girly, whatever the folks go out them since I started late last year, favours not sent it and he was awesome fur half years, where we all thought he was the best part. The league made October last year, yeah were not very far from his massive contract extension. The Mcveigh mastermind thing is also.
You know conversation that is in motion, because the thing that you came to expect from him and that's not knotted- indicate any doubt about his his prowess play collar. It's more you come to expect constant innovation. An evolution from a coach like that. But that's the irony is he's. They don't really do that better kind of like saying this is what we do right. You can't stop it in that. So like. Actually, we figured out a couple waste at least make it difficult for you in there Haven't done that next adoration. I finally got off contract discussion, particularly fascinate into the idea that, in a spot, where everyone agrees that the one thing you
kind of never regret as a correct contract. So I will this be the one that changes at him and even if you look at a situation in Jackson, avail where, if men shoe continues to play this while and the false contract is on the box with the dead cap hate that it carries in cutting him, is not realistic and not playing and is not realistic given hit, they could still treat him no training, trimmed the bears right. Any number of teams. We're gonna need a quarter, the Rams or Jared gas team for a year. This is what sound I talked about on Sunday that if they dont given that car backed he's actually a fascinating shade peace, because they might just decide and weak Saxo this venom era, but. Good. When some games a sick now enjoy the baseball play ass enjoy football in Jakarta, Papa enjoy watching Jimmy G enjoy bottlers. I don't know how you couldn't enjoy watching Jumanji joy succession. I will talk to send out to the EU
gee. I Joe Houses, every two billion dollar picks last week, weak for we lost for the first week, but the Good NEWS. If there was good news, is we stick it out? We did not like the week we scaled back big time. We did two plus one. Fifty three team Parlez for only two hundred thousand a peace that would have one if the rams hadn't decided to take a big fat dump in the college, but we came. Damn clause only lost four hundred k, still eight hundred and sixty thousand for the season House and we both like weak five. Are you excited yeah? I am excited. I want to commend you on a couple of very nice set ups that you presented there in the first Place, you talked about us being unable to sniff something out, and then you followed up with the fact that the Rams laid great big dump last week was the uncle Ricky Weak
and we use a hop a couple of his good guidance. His observations to really frame the week. We knew to be cautious the one adage, the one instruction that Uncle Ricky gave us, never trust a farm bill, Simmons right so and we we try. To avoid the farts, but the forts goddess yeah. So I'd talked about on caricatures, advice for turning fifty, which he gave me in the late ninety nine days. It was wrong because I turn fifty last week where he said never pass bathroom without going in never leave a hard out attended. So I sent him the link and I was like hey- I gave you a shout in the potty- got to listen to it. Listen to it to me back, you forgot number three, never to fort, and we we didn't trust. The far last week we scaled back Arguably, we should just that better anything, but that's not fun, but the Good NEWS is within those that much and now we really like the sweep of four we get into this week,
what dimension our nationals, your favorite baseball him waiting the wild, hard now heading into the ale d, the youth very committee has been looking at them all year. They and studying the application, since a brace Harper media created superstars never actually want anything. He leaves it might be better off. There's a major Ewing fairy case in less than a minute. Can you describe your feelings on this year and in fact it's not, we might be better off. We are better off wants sorrow, is better than Bryce Harper, that's not even a hot. Take, that's the take one Soto is better than Bryce Harper right now. Twenty year old and this gnats team has been extreme we endearing after correcting course they started off their first fifty game. Nineteen and thirty one because of a historically bad bullpen which hasn't really been saved, but it in
honestly likeable group of guys I've enjoyed rooting for this team. I believe the high water mark season was that from behind, went against the brewers that really capture the entire spirit of the team. This whole season, they managed to score three runs on a hit Men are Ryan. Zimmermann, the Oji Euro broke breaking a bad blue bout into just over the second his head and then our young stud super duper. Super super duper Darwin Soto, ripping a single downright field that scared, the right hazardous, outmoded a minute. He let the Borgo by this gnats teams, and they're gonna lose to the Dodgers, while you're here I have to wonder when the independent that seems low fares- you should be like. I know one right it, ten, the one I would step in five, the one: that's not enough juice g. That's why I was happy for you. I know how much wine Soto mean here. You bid on it from the Gatt go. He's Europe again, for you, baseball team
you have no of for your basketball team. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find you want and you basketball team. I knew it goes a basketball team. Very definitely don't have your revenge kid further football team which leads me to weak. Five I was speaking of far tat. We miss out on the giants and indebted dimes up against the stink task, dick dead skins. Well, something I am very proud of how his hand a million dollar picture. We ve they putting money a bad things, and we ride. We have definitely avoided bad team, verses, bad team, just the strategy we have not put bad Cuba's in and argue be, arguably some could argue JAG as back you be. He did four five hundred yards in that game, bad made five terrible for. You could also argue. Their defense was a bigger problem neck in the chair Goff. I thought thereby terrible, but the Redskins our inaction this week there playing the patriots of doing good
The game in the game is in washed in again I'm an essay Betty buried. Like the livid earlier, he was added by the way earlier, who is also the baskets he thoughts Matthew. He thought this game had fifty nine to nothing better. So much like twelve years ago in the patriots beat the Redskins fifty nothing, fifty nine, nothing. I think they did. He was saying half stadium with mostly mass halls, Boston TRAIN, plants living in DC getting tickets from people they now urge is buying a man. You see However, the last minute and and He was saying this has the potential to be a massacre. So my question: for you: the paths are fair. By fifteen and a half weeks. He's than down a nine and a half so other have to do is when, by ten tat double figures, they beat the Redskins by figures recover thou on and then we really
the teaser basket, and try to find our second team. Why wouldn't we do that? We have to do that. That is an absolute must burst. The sage Matthew Bury is on point once again. If Fedex, this half full. I it'll be a miracle every one of those human beings safer than that Ten remaining dead skin aficionados are gonna, be mass holes. Our mutual POW Kevin Brady is here in D C I've heard from all week our people from doing there are coming into town to go out to the FED Ex Joint prying pizza, you're, not you ve, just brokered a rapid. I need a drink of water. Seems like a comment. I reg drink what we value their threats. Kids, they're, gonna, kill you I was gonna, ask Kyle, I could take a break, but I forgot.
Public markets that are going to do that. It is good tickets, deeper, water and air Well, there's one other fun Rick offer this Redskins game. It starts at at once. Gunnar. It starts Ed It says I want a cock use custom. I was hoping the nationals game would go head to head just so that the difference The indifference of washed in sports fans would be a hundred percent instead of ninety percent unfortunate, That game is not until seven forty five year time so conceivably, somebody could go to the Redskins game leave. And then go to the gnats game. Cause. That's gonna, be game, three against dodgers. My guess is nobody's going to do that and people are to avoid the Redskins game just watch the nationals gamer go to it, but I do like that wrinkle of cattle, it's kind of a before and after picture there so the Redskins game as the before picture, where the person stringent eighty pants and then the new.
Stars. Game is the that person must He got down and when a day and is in great shame business great. This is like a challenge. It feels like you're just throw down the Gauntlet Dan Steinberg mean this is right, his DC sport bog, oh god above well just gettin. Those pictures and put up side by side mean this that that is, laying the owner. That's going on solidarity and break any again you're late, It is now a baby, I'm sure he would welcome that the challenge, so here's the thing the Dodgers just so you know the Dodger fans are, are definitely wounded. They they they ve had a rough decade. Their guard is up This is a team that, if you can go in there and when game one game too,. Their fans are gonna to get really nervous and if can come back to Washington, one one or even up to nothing by some miracle that that the Dagger fair base will be freaking. The fuck out such
get that been a lot of. I would certainly a joy that lady homage, so I mean this. This nasty nothing to lose, as this is a great position are rare position for a wash didn t, no expectations. What whoever so just let it lying out, then your kids, they don't give basic big, zero apps The case against the Pats is that their pretty banged up, in the fact that we have a new Hugo Kicker desk ASCII. The run is finally over after a million years of had two takers in my life. Since Eighteen, ninety six, when I was an unemployed, bartender living in charge them ass, she sits in you come to visit me that's a long ways, both add more more girlfriends than that here we have We had been married for a long time, yet I was years away from me to my wife. You were that close to be your wife, either not close This was a long time ago. I've had to cares and now be my third kicker bet. I think
defence wines is gained by itself. I don't know what the Redskins do: offensively Haskins, through in last week, and it was, predictable nightmare. He could not a lot worse. I don't know why they did it. And now nobody, even those who their Cuba is gonna, be, but either way it can be bad. And I did- the defence covers ten points by itself- much less whatever the pets up at. So the question is: who is our teaser team who, put them with their the nominal dominates. Our and your candidature behaviour can eliminate all that, I'm in a reach into the teaser basket. Ok, good, ok, I've just pulled out the Vikings, minus five at the near football giants and throwing their back no Somehow not aunties arise, get no. No thank you that better cousins go, I never know are not doing it. He can't talk me into it. The next one will be teasing the falcons Sore plus five in Houston,
and then two plus eleven say these are two Calloway bad teams that can't totally stare their own way. Houston can't black and I just screws up in railways. This feels like in anything, can happen, aim and thrown out back, is why I don't trust, bat Ryan and adjust the falcons. Not going here, thou at the third one. You have any kind of that ran sarcastic Moran come up for a keeper, and no I mean DEN Riot and Jake rooted in the excess fell. Superbowl is gonna, be terrific Dame queen, you mean what did I say then I like the riot and then ran about be bad to and could be as efficient as is often coordinator teaser. Ask number three Wes, say cap, Is this not on MIKE? This is it. This is a glimpse into our future. When we're just seventy all guys forget your kind guys around names, a coffee, the mic
Probably we are saying that make away. Ok, third, one chargers at all minus six against Denver. I'm thrown this back for a variety of reasons, including it looks too easy paper I dont, as the chargers no Denver is hung around in their games, even though they have their own forwards, it's slightly deceiving own for pack Van GEO just needed a month again, as is his very packing the right position yet on haven't worried about. I don't have a feeling either way, but I will tell you that still be a lot of Denver fans at that game, and I don't like that yeah, so That leaves us with the bear of Chicago LAW, in five and a half points in the If a country of England in London plain the raiders its enticing for a couple reasons One is that. Mr Busk, is not playing
in Chase Daniel idea. Old school I like when my quarterback him for a power in a straight line to the person China catch it sort of my we're courts. So I like that I think Oakland its. This evening, because they look good last week against India that ended came was really banged up the courts a minute to us, we ve been through them parlay last week just add a respect that of all the money. Let us just. I was a respectful move and threats. That's pretty good the courts, they the thirty first defect, Davy away. Now they ve had injuries, dont, really ever rush It started no I'm starting to get worried about my courts, but I like it because its help this line, because I did the bears Heaven. Awesome, defects and go from playing its What's the offence for man there, Carlos Good this week, and looking to get rid of the ball Jas Jacobs to this bears defence, which, along with the
agents. Defences are really like a plus defences out there, and I just Did the raiders are gonna, be able to move the bar so chase Daniel and and and whatever run again, they get out of it. The Leningrad all that stuff, that's fine, but I didn't defence ones this one to what are your thoughts? I'm right there with you. First of all shouts Chase Daniel one time dead skin. I always loved him I wondered why you even see more of him he's a he's, a perfect backup, but you know a lot of backups get quasi starter jobs. I feel very comfortable with chase behind the ball, but the point you may just the right one. This is a defense that the Chicago bears. Defense has the reason to be excited about the bears. There are a couple trends here also that I'm going to mention, but Coolio MAC Revenge game. This is Coolio MAC again we liked we like that yeah underground.
Group and the raiders r o in five against the spread. Coming off a win. We like that. That's a good trend. My good buddy big I'll, make Morty sent me this nugget ETA fell teams. This is the raiders third consecutive game away from home. Oh, not a very good trend for that. One fell teams in that spot. Our like seventy six and a hundred and twenty five. I don't think that's a good, number- and I say this as somebody who's gone from allied to London or cattle When you're from London eleven hours away its long and you don't feel right for like three days he's cosy six hours Right West Coast. It's eleven it's that fire is It's a really long long ride in you don't feel right for a while so turn that there too.
One, that's another one, a shout out to my boy. I shall do my last week. Argue I r J White from my CBS sports he's. He makes this point. Teams from the West are going to London, where one in five against spread, allow lion against a team from the central or eastern times. There you go, there's that covers the bill. Simmons angle, great, so reliable I love the bears the bears or my five star play this week. In fact, so do, bears pats, tease and filled eight about that and if, if you're, not so beloved it's gonna screw that up, I'm gonna be mad at everybody there or underdogs, that I like this week, which makes me happy to know and because I know that it's a good week for me when their underdogs that I like- and I have four No, you have a couple to what your final list of underdogs you like just I don't know. Teams. Just what number is how many I
three that I like. Ok, let's go through them. First, the jaguars still here the undervalued in we understand that they are getting three and a half points, Carolina this week, Carolina had a lot of trouble in the bar last week against Houston. Houston, like an awesome defence, but they really struggle the end, their very, very Mccaffrey Centric. Actually, there's a chance. The jagged judges undervalued in general, the jailer Ramsay thing through them off through through betters, often they had a weird vibe device. Thursday night NICE from behind when last week importantly our Mangi Menchu, which we were there for them normative stage is a g way back when and we were together washed in DC, watching G coming through and now I feel like this is now a thing,
people are now compare this to lend sanity they're calling admit men shanty things like that. I don't like that I gotta say I'm all in. I think he's logic good. I think you the reasons that he became good quarterback or a good draft peg sleeper, would ever actually make sense. This isn't like this. Somebody who you know like it: I'll bowler became good in your five or something. Maybe they were that's weird. We kind of decided on him Somebody who you draft in the fourth round ages gotta know isn't good railway may, like fits magic like Ryan Fitzpatrick. What was there ever suggests he was going to yeah yeah it's if it's going to. If it's going to be an out of nowhere guy, it's usually somebody with a really weird story: it's Kurt Warner, you know They can actually work in a ninety five job for two years been an arena football guide. It shit like that. And this guy has a weird stories, late bloomer here,
ever really had a chance, but he cares itself like a kubi ivy absolute on the road. I like the fact that these Caroline Jackson, lower close to each other. Just for proximity standpoint. I don't feel like theirs, of a home for managing Carolina, by the way, a phrase is gonna be mad at you by saying that drum hurry, bang that drum before they can take that German go. Stick it in You know I just think they can go in there and win and, as we ve seen this year, especially in football home, filled matters less than ever me that the home, though, The teams are something like twenty five refitting game's over five hundred further share. So I like that one where you thought I like it as well and one aspect of a demon shoe phenomena that I've particularly enjoyed of late is the uncle Ray the reintroduction of my uncle Rico into our lives from Napoleon Dynamite quarterback. Now he
throw the ball over mountain and I absolutely believe the same is true of g men. I'm, calling him uncle. Rico meant, and I don't care. I can't come up, The reason we all we ve done since he's peered on the scene is bet the jagged and all they do is cover every week. As long as Jeez got the ball in his hands, so let's keep doing that. Let's keep doing that thing, Simmons road teams are thirty, nine, twenty one. Twenty wanting to spread against the spread. That's pretty crazy and pretty I I I just did that, have have a better time. That's round linear that went so, let's find out when I going put some action on that one, I believe in the jail events actually, and I think they got- echoing last week, people been waiting for this forever. You believe him for that I mean it's it's the right is clearly a guy that need the circumstances
to build. Could he just runs down early only runs one way there they ve Dave finally seem to have you know. I mean against a Denver defence that you would have expected would be good again the rhine- and this is part of the puzzling thing with Fanny pack fanciers they eat? ran straight down hill all game long. They couldn't stop him and Bradley Joe got heard there in that game. You know I got her, cause. I could only be one job nature took his merger thieves, icon, Chad. Now you the job anymore, so badly job gets hurt. You said you have two hundred underdogs, give me one of your two underdogs I wanna see for matches. My do you want me to say the bed team, the gave we may say, give me one underdog in their points, but that you, like, I, like the green, packers getting their cowboys on my list. A main speaking of wet farts last week,
and you know we had a long discussion about Dallas against the New Orleans and I watched all of that New Orleans game. I like Dallas, was in a different class. It was a class. Game. As far as I was concerned, and and doubtless within their and got their asses pushed all over the place on both sides of the ball. The new Orleans. After giving up over five hundred yards of orphans the previous week to the Seattle Islam supersonic now because of you have that great podcast years going yeah, but I but the hawks came in and just oh The line one, the football game without scoring touchdown, which tells you all you did no doubt with our it shows what did I say they now here, I was just fixing an area Siam, but but so
oh it's, you go back and you say all the euro that the three douse Windsor garbage. Now they beat the Owen for dead skins. BT too two giants when they had Eli yeah they the hour for whom I forgetting David, how bad things we ape. They beat all bad teams. So The other thing that stuck out in that aim was it felt like there Outcoached coached felt like they were. I give you thought especially the saints defence, some others that they were doing and it the saints step ahead of them all game, and that's why one of them, since I like the Packers, because, the reality, the Packers is there a blue- that fill game Thursday night you know, Adams got hurt, heading now when he was just killing the Eagles, then they had the ball,
no inside the red sound and just did some weird shit and ended up with that. I thought there inside a game. In their game Devos by really well cried to them, but you know it's the packers easily could be, and if undefeated still and I do think there better than Dallas did the catches, their Randy has not been good this year and everybody is on the fact of douse issues. Pansy pound pound pound pound and this has the makings of like a two hundred yards Zeke Amory word about that. Oh sure in, and he just had his worst game, possibly as a professional last week against the saints. The other thing that concerning for Green Bay to injury is developed. They Parker, maybe out with turf toe and more concerning divides. Davante Adams, God damn it. This is just going to be this way is this? Does the shelf this is why, at this point, I really
I didn't realize how sick this is the first time I've talked to an adult all data they are so far. I dont have been speaking with, Child, my niner. Yet so it's not surprising that my capture of the facts as a little suspects are afforded. I think we're gonna see him but yeah. That's, I think, that's what that's at least the reason why this line is endowed by three that this is where you get in the extra have point, because people. It is a bigger blow to me they're saying Adams is blogger No they're saying Adams is probably not playing. I think we're gonna see him that that's, I think, that's what that's at least the reason why this line is endowed by three that this is where you get in the extra half point, because people they saw the Packers Offensive, foreign after Adams. And minimal. Word, sir figure.
That's definitely reasonably scale back on the bed. I have two minded eyes always you're there underdog. I wonder if it's the same when I have given one second here: oh it's, the colts and and its it's just out of continued respect for the courts and and really respect for Frank Reich after kitten. There asked kicked last week by the raiders. I like the idea what well they get their escape, but they also had a chance to win the game. It was an amazing hang around performance where they just I kept clawing back and then, finally, finally, they succumbed, but then quit neck aim, which I liked yeah that. The reason I like the cult in this position, getting eleven is what I think it is yes is, is simply that game plan Weis Marlon Mack, is going to get five hundred, and seventy three touches that I say his name right is that his name is that
the name of my them out. I got it now that I got the name right. Unbelievable. The chiefs have the worst run the events in the league, and so that's how this can be something less than I mean you could still win the bed and and lose by ten points. So at this stage to feel slightly disrespectful to how spunky the courts have been and we An extra handful of points out of it because of what the court's just did against the raiders so obvious. I gravitated to this line like Martha flame and here's. What worries me, the chief have the best offence in the leg and am now In short, close their number one idea away even this week, where really felt the lions had their number and allowed lot of different ways. They still get the thirty four points in. Have had more of a rosy red and got up potential almost touched on get punched out of his. You know pushed out of his hand? They settle for showed that by in these got the thirty first thee
its and Debbie away that includes the two starters that they lost two weeks ago Leonard and Hooker. I'm not sure that device Was that great anyway? What was it? What alarming last week about them, as they just gonna get pressure on car right, and They don't get pressure on my homes, which don't think they will. I just don't is scenario where that chief stone put up forty points in this game. If anything, you could talk me into You knew the college, you almost one. Do you like courts with the over something that the over for this game is fifty six and got it feels like that? These are good for forty. That I'd be surprised if, if they didn't put up a big big big game, especially come I think the lions, where that my homes was in great that game they really had to get it out and now, this game. Egg You know it's a Sunday night or to the homes
making his empty pecans say. So I, I'm staying away from this one ass as much as I love the courts, I think I think just for this week were pressing the pause button on them. Ok, I've just down you yes, before my other underdog, I know I'd I'd and I really thought about it and considered it in I wanted it. I love the courts. The share to us back a practice to tee His back, I don't know what do we trust that do, not trust that now have two eyes back me. They could just match points with them. That's interesting! Could they could? This be like a forty eight to forty that game. Maybe the move is: maybe do courts Maybe we could do a little on courts in the over as a parlay. That's fine! just like a little behind our respects. Little tiny one! so we could also do courts with the over witches plus nine. Fifty basically worse,
in ten to one chance, the courts when an absolute shoot out may be worth well, son. Possibly other respect. Combat will come back to that will come back to that later before he's gone, wanted dimension. Fans we're teaming up offender to give you a chance by financing for bugging me sound the trifecta, the best part the winner gets too fast, for rigour to be our official correspond. Offenders, world fantasy championship, live finals, ah expense, paid for days worth of events in Regan Gloody Exclusive Beach, Afterpart lab from its by ludicrous But offended outcome sash rigour to enter and draft it. We five fantasy team for the games kick off on Sunday. Is it to mention that they're, probably some Colson said my light up. Put that out there you could say are Mr Holmes looks enticing, as always are the knack, while I'm back like surprising return, Did you? I tried
his courtesy coming up in double team thou gaming, its alliance, he might bear the lineup as well, sir. He had that as well. To Morrow to monitor dogs alone. Imagine Tampa is getting through. In New Orleans, from a dvd, a standpoint this is a bargain, because tamper re now tenth off and sixty fence, it's early for DV away, but we do have enough of a sample size that we ask our. Taking a low but seriously pressure. They were getting on golf last week was unreal and I don't know what the Shaq Baron. I don't know what the hell happened with this guy was endeavour. The last couple years he now looks keys lords Taylor. They were all over the place, their defence to tat, balls and deed out. Mixing the boots is bacon staff and they're, just very, very, very frisky, Andy and then offensive, wig God, when an eminent site, that's probably the best Super combo right now, both those guys who, of course after me, am I finished, the Damn James
I'm going in this it's a kind of say leg, I just think Teddy Bridgewater Good. I feel bad saying it, but I I thought the should have when that came by twenty points on Sunday, and he just can do anything He's really limited: what do you think we're out here? absolutely right about that, but they have now be two teams that you knows you sort of sit down and look at the season coming in. Are the sea hawks in the cowboys on this short list of a potential play off teams? Yes, you say that and drew Reese didn't play once nap in either. One of those games ran. They went into Seattle, beat that teams, but and then came home and held serve against Dallas there. There, there very out, just was so impressed by how they control the line scrimmage on both of the ball say this manage their ways into winds are like a really smart franchise. Good, head, coach and their managing them they're they're there their way to wines.
Stevie away eighteenth offensively twenty fourth defensively by the way you wanna take anyone from this game. I would encourage, Evans and Governor Yu Gun. You out alternate this year as having awesome things but you're playing its me sound the trifecta in the ring They certainly got Vander. Does If you miss last Sunday and maybe take on top prize, this book seemed ringer to enter right. Now. I believe this bucks team, I can't believe I'm saying it, but I think they're deceiving to now, and I actually think the rams are a little better than maybe people thought in the box made them, worse than they probably are on Sunday, and maybe we should start taken this buck seemed scarcely. I say this knowing that James could throw five pacts on Sunday. I am just not sold on the saints offensive way, and I think Tampa can do enough Lastly, one other thing that this game ass member last year table in
Forty two forty become early. Confidence go in there because they just one in their year. Guy owes like when the team. As you know, The division arrive aware too has gone in there in one learn much in them. Last but not least, is more bet against. The ravens, still is plus three and a half in Bali, more divisional game baltimores, the third rank outfits, the twenty ninth Rank defence and they looked a formidable acid. Pittsburgh pretty run of the mill Twentieth eventually nineteenth defensively. Fifty inspection teams db away. They look at last against a bad bangles team. But I guess my thing with this: one is just I don't trust, Baltimores defence and I'm not sure they might not be date. The counter is, as John from New Jersey emailed me
Are we sure the ravens aren't just this year's good bad team were he's the Mars afflatus beat up on bad teams like the dolphins cardinals, but they struggle against teams with good players like You know the rams and that side the chiefs in the branch. What are your thoughts and Stuart Ravens? I agree with this. I actually like Baltimore in this position. I think that you did the esteem observation by John. Is that, though, the reader list yet Jan in New Jersey, Johnny Jersey is is, is absolutely on point this. This showing by Baltimore underwhelming, showing the last two weeks. I I think we're gonna look back and say those are kind of forgivable losses. They were in most of that game against the chiefs. They just you know,
couldn't get at one more stop when they needed it, but they were they. It wasn't just a flat out blow out against the chiefs and that of the brown. This is a thing like we ve been very suspicious properly of the Cleveland Browns, because I still haven't in a really built the institutional, the culture yet of winning their but boy did they haven't up of fuck kind of town. That's my technical analysis, yeah, I! What kind of town I looked at them, long and hard against the Niners plus three and a half on Monday night, and I just I don't trust I hadn't dress suit kitchens and fortunately so I'm going to stay away from the Steelers cuz. I don't know if I trust the qb. I don't like that they're coming off an easy win. I grew. The Baltimore could just win this game by themselves. Offensive but I there's gonna be a time for us to bet against Baltimore, and it's probably not this week. Furthermore, I don't think so. I put them in their Sunday were bedding and she basket
So here's where we landed bears pats, tease jack's plus three and a half hour you. Man, Temple plus three or now. I am. I'm kind of there with you. You know what interesting thing with the saints to they have a bad home record against the spread over the like of recent vintage like there to seven and one or something gets a spread. I think I saw somewhere at home, which is really really weird. They can't score so it's it's going to have to be Jameis, making a contribution to the good people of neurons tat her to produce it, and we know that New Orleans I mean. We know that Tampa Bay can score. So I mean I'm, I'm fine with it. I'm not gonna talk yard, Ok! So here's what we're doing bears Patriots tee
we're putting half of our million dollars this week. On that five hundred we lose, we lose five fifty but were gone. Four five hundred bears. There's just basically have to win patriots Have to win by ten or more, we would when both of them after we're doing that. We're betting Angie Menchu Jack. Plus three and a half and Carolina waiting to If there are three hundred on that, we could go. Three hundred three hundred and jagged austrian ass. We're gonna go one fifty and fifty on three year, and then we left a little fifty four, the colts so we can either do occur. Plus eleven with the over parlay. For fifty k we can do
The plus nine fifty colts wind and the game goes over fifty six. We think. That's, let's be shrewd. Let's just take the points there sitting around the table, but it take the point and in any over put those two together. That's what that's gotta be like you know: a decent return right courts plus eleven with the over plus fifty six yeah. That's the parlay, I'm I'm the guy! That's pussy! Sixty! That's a good! That's a good low ethic! little return. You want to throw out the packers in there now, given so Abed, fifty plus two six,
on courts, plus eleven with the over fifty six, so ricotta bears patriots, tease, five undercut jack's Pastrana, free and Uk Tampa, plus three hundred fifty k and then courts plus eleven with the over course, cheese she's game at fifty six. Fifty two, where one thirty k network in Europe sixty four the ear house. Good luck with the nationals! Worse, the left with the Redskins thought decent shit. Don't you that Fart Texas Zip Code of good to go to ziprecruiter dot com, bs thanks the luminary for running sonic boom, as well as we watchables one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, which we also have up there. The hajj maps out right of all the best genetic nine movies that we couldn't fit into the actual series Thaxton Square more than a little way credit card reader, it's a whole system at all,
bill to run and grow any kind of business for point a sound on payroll, and voices in our mind, stores Can we actually get you a square her? Yet? Why not? I think, they'll be cool. We just had one must do it deftly its normal people, get a square yeah, absolutely goods This square said nephew, Kyler aware and out, there can go squared outcome. Slash go such bs to see other ways. You could take your business from square went to whatever sex you can't you is there. Nobody has hijacked ran through to bar. Somebody may want to buy you a beer photos. We back Senate, I mean the cuz like afforded to them.
One way.
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