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The Unlucky Warriors, Harden’s Next Move and the Semi-Resurgent Pats With Kevin O’Connor and Nora Princiotti


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin O'Connor to discuss Klay Thompson's season-ending injury, an open NBA investigation involving the Bucks-Kings trade, Gordon Hayward opting out of his contract with the Celtics, post–NBA draft thoughts, Harden trade rumors, and more. (2:00). Then Bill talks with Nora Princiotti about salvaging this Patriots season, Tua Tagovailoa, the superb coaching of Miami head coach Brian Flores, Coach of the Year candidates, and more (56:00) before Bill gives out his Million-Dollar Picks for NFL Week 11 (1:15:00).

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and be a billion, our picks. Let's do it projects capital is here. I will start with the satisfies the day with a percolating out. They felt like it was common. My sniper quite absent after the year torn achilles- I think, probably has the The prove a rating of any of the ape where I was of the concept of a perverted. Every basketball failed, loves clay, Thompson say. If, if you were, I don't know, hang out and Sub is advocate, hey Clay Topsy Billig were. I would like that person. Yet no difference the way: you're bad evil. Human being. I really think that this is a really bad.
injury when you combine it with the torn Asia and the other leg that I just feel like. I hate the I hate to be either such a pessimist, but it's really made believe he's gonna, be the same after this. You know think he's gonna be able to come back and be an amazing sure. No doubt about that. Still still gonna be able to attack close out your score. The rim but defensively defensively, I'm not so sure. That's ever gonna be the salmon I know was reported the others confidence he could get back with by the nature of the here. I mean you hear that about guys who get hurt over time. That's always, therefore, right after we will able to get back with clay. The defensive aspect is the concern also with Katy coming back I think Katie's gonna be able to still be a dominant off into force. But what will he looked like on defence and it's gonna be same question with clay and I thought gone state was gonna, be right, again, it may championship contender this year and now
plays out and now that we don't know what he's gonna look like when he's gap when he gets back. If you're gonna stay that window very possibly might have closed, it maybe just closed and early and they may be another made move or call you re, but that doesn't move the needle in it shows the aid say this all the time and again, saying it, but it just shows you. You gotta respect the window, not that the worst hit but man you just never. Now you know the warriors we're right in high therefrom. Two thousand thirteen through would Katy on damage as nineteen and you You just need a lot of luck with the stuff. You need injury luck. I think that's what I'm things has made the bronze career, so astounding, and a lot of it itself reduce frightened. He takes care of his body better, than anyone in history, the weak and the hidden
of humanity in an area that history humanity, but he there is no leubronn season. Where you can look back and say, Madame Lebrun had been hurt that year or when the Brown broke this earlier. Ensure that he's been completely indestructible. The only injury luck is ever had has been with thy Dwayne Wade's thee in one of the main fires are like. And Kevin Love got hurt. inquiry had his. The issue has always been other guys. It's really hard to stay healthy, and I look at that. That's five year stretched. They basically had Starting when you, when you yeah, I guess you could started in twenty fourteen, but really fifteen and you go fifty and sixty and seventy in nineteen in their pain, a hundred gave seasons five to eight straight years. The wear and tear from that we saw with the Red He broke down. He was only part of for those year. You know first one without Casey in three stages and then the clay- and it's like maybe maybe,
were asking too much with with the workload as some of stuff and it makes animation rethink, are the seas is too long if it's a bad thing for a contender due to compete like tat for five straight years, and we just had these examples over and over again engages break out at the end of them. Maybe we're not doing. This yeah, you know it not even just guys at supper major injury but somebody I dream on green, his fallen off his anywhere near the same caliber defensive player that he was during that those amazing files runs for gold state and is a big question of whether help and we're going to get close to back too bad, and they need get back to that in order to have a shot in the files to be able to stop anything Davis who did eat a pretty good job had in the past cases, so that now knots sure. I'm sure a lot of that is a by product of those long, animals runs year in year out, which you know, as you said earlier, makes all the more amazing that Lebron James has been able to do what is done. Despite me, Cuba, finals,
seemingly an of his career because part Isn't he learned how to treat the regular season a certain way right, but I mean yeah. I look at the south eggs in the MID Eighties Bird Maccallum perish them wherever the same after the four years, were there just by a hundred games every year, and then he got into the pistons ice. Just completely breaks. and right at the end of that sort of land, beer, the Bulls M, J, smart enough to take a little sabbatical right in the the middle for a year and a half in at least I get his legs back somewhat. the Lakers in oh, for they just stack, goes right off the cliff and Shack is You know really never is dominant as he was ever gonna be after a three or four had some blunders were not the same day that the aim at the same level look at the sons and those NASH teams than it. Maybe they employ the same level games. But I just say it's really I too have runs for more than four or five years and then to also check all the injury boxes, I'm bomb, because I thought that were soon was
able to piece it piece as together as a container know of they're gonna beat the Lakers, but the staff. Curry thing I think they're gonna get some stuff Wiggans, I think Wiseman was. Can it really be twenty five minutes ago? around the rim stuff, I think I'd energy yeah enemy has alleging that about. Pascoe could read a nightmare. I think they would have found a vat guy and I took them seriously. as did you write to me, was Lakers Denver and then probably gone a third and it's a bummer n. I love quite Thompson, so yeah see he is he's a basketball junk. I interviewed him back in twenty eighteen now forest. and the ringer. Do you know what I mean when he first came walked over to me. He was clearly tired after practice is exhausted. Here seem like you didn't be there. I was thinking to myself. I know, there's gonna be a bribe interview pulled out my laptop to watch film. Whatever is anything, but what are we doing? My oh, it's gonna ports, a video views that colleagues are all video my words. We watch video together per dried up, Super Santa
filmy explained in total detail about what he was doing in the cord and the things that he did a train to do that, like he's a basketball junkie, an ally as a player. I feel bad for him as a person that, after fighting back after the twenties here now, if we deal with this, to get it back again on the court. I'm sure I can imagine you know how crushing this is, for him through that, knowing how much this do just loves- loves, loves basketball on everything that comes with it as a proud beloved teammate and I've done package with the rat with curry remind me, Steve CARE and at some point in all those packages. Clay came up and they would up every time, and they would have to tell some clay story like really like the most beloved guy around a franchise so, hopefully comes back. I would think quit bacon. about the rest, the stuff at Bloomberg that
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stop figuring, there's gonna be stuff happening during the day. We waited, we waited where they go I'll. Do it for now nothing's happened and now marks time reported that the league is investigating this kings books, aborted sign it. trade that is turning a complete fiasco and has led them to say: hey, wait a second fridge these coming. Can you guys not do These deals especially infrastructure fragrance. Before freed, she actually starts out by data which has a team. He is not going to the bucks he's going elsewhere, but are we gonna- be delayed here for twenty four hours, which it what you take. Oh, I think we're gonna get some type of delay would Bardon dimension. Like you said it won't be the box. I'm not who will be- and you know, it's a shame for him that this happened. The way it did. that deal blew up for a? However, it did with some sort of We go wherever Gonzalez spread like wildfire that night.
Nobody would be a shame. Is it a shame same for him for him as a person the same for everybody else involved, I mean not really, is it your hammer? Did they tell him he a certain amount of money, and then there is another team that said, hey will actually give me this amount of money and his agents, ok, wait. A second he's lie. Awake mate: may more money over there. My Anderson is originally the. the concept of the silent rate between the box and the kings, which was just the concept disgust Why else would have been all Bledsoe, which would have allowed Bogdanov it to get more money more comparable to? What have we, what he would have received from Hattie State, kings or had he sighed would say the hawks yeah, but instead once they traded Bledsoe and once they also traded first round draft pigs, Suddenly they were able to be able to give as much money and that deal blew up before there was actually sums
of an agreement with the player and the king, so. Something happened here with somebody jumping the gun I'm probably one of the themes. And by the way thing up in their face. The kings are is the number one draft pig for if there's got to be some sort of fiasco, invite an aborted trade or some sort of rule interpretation that got screwed up. I would say that kings are the number and traffic who'd you have over them anybody. I mean that number one period a historically. They also have a brand new foreign office there too, with what had been there from Houston, and I like the draft that they had, they had a very smart draft. They re so you may maybe things are changing their hands Romano, and maybe it was Milwaukee that Canada, the gun here and with super excited with their big day and the possible we have been able to get the oddest asylum. That dotted line for a big extension could have been the box here too
or anything about that, like any runways of how this happened, and why did this happen widely from? I think there is a blatant switch at some point and at some point by David, was making as much money as may be the people who were facilitating the different thought he's gonna make, and you also have a couple teams that have cap space, which leads us to the gourd Heyward peace. This, but we know a lane as aggressive and once a wing, I think, they're a candidate, no the next hour aggressive and they went away. I think their candidate Charlotte has some money to spend the penny and how generous, they can get other team skin. You know renounce guys things like that, but there are is there's no wings in this market. You look at free agency. Anything like Dallas doubts as the for mid level exception. Dallas is both of us think of content, a real contender,
still maybe one day, I'll away, at least from really seriously s thinking there twenty three to one on fanned odor above a connection as our great odds, Braille. Well, you see leg could I get a wing thou they'll get somebody awesome You look at the wings and theirs buddy awesome improbably, though the best guys J cracker by default about I mean, does Joe Harris count as a wing. Are you considering? I might just her a guard, but I just he's gonna go far more than the midnight oil go familiar middle more than the mid level, and what s interesting is the nets trading for lander sham it is that indicator that perhaps there a little bit worried Johannes, might be out of our price range. Air is just not gonna, be worth keeping him cause all along our even boarded a couple weeks back that seem he's gonna go back to Brooklyn. All indications were, but then they trade for sham it either they wanted another guy who can handle the rock and fan amino shoot for you, or this is kind of Joe Harris Insurance. For
I am, then he can go somewhere else gets he's a good player and he can help a lotta themes yet, but if he thinks he can get fifteen sixteen million somebody in the supermarket again, there's that that many themes that the cap space, but the Heyward thing has been bizarre, though ask about this- and here I think it's pretty clear. As you know, one of my fears with this stuff is known outside of a contract, a basketball unless they have another contract waiting. Even when you see somebody like you, Michael Green, whose like yeah five and I'm in a hot it out it out. In its ago tobacco somebody's gotta page, a Baker Green who apparently didn't watch him. Try to guard the color of the highway hang he's walking away from thirty four million and initially when we were thinking about this talking very think like oh, maybe he could get for
is eighty from somebody, something like that and you taken a paper that first share but you'll make it up after I actually think teams are so desperate for wings that that number is is in the high twenties and for the southern keep em. I would ban the high twenties, I think, for a team like the next. We know the next sir. I thought everyone knew the next one Heyward, but our remit it does next week, on that side of the hornets to pay. Yes, fast I'm looking at like minimum. If it's a four year deal, it's going to be, you know, probably a hundred billion for four it's a three year deal. Maybe it's something like eight hundred and eighty five range for three something like with the Celtics offered Horford last year if he were really that gives them. The numbers were thrown out. There's he wore a fat for those teams in like a paces like a hornets like the kitten and makes is worth or for those terms. I do not think he's worth for the south tax as anything other than an asset, that's protected,
that you they're getting wet. He gives you or you can forget it eventually That's a lot of money, especially with the way revenue is going and the fact that they had to cheat thieving keep the cap where it is, I think, a fear, either, you and I are probably the highest end of an opinion, unnecessary watch shit load Heyward. You could talk yourself in any situation right. You could talk yourself into hey, go back and watch the first five weeks of games. Lasses tat. I was awesome. He wasn't born right all star and that's what you pay for an yet at guys we're twenty seven million the guy who just seem stake bit with injuries and who I thought really slip defensively. firstly, in the bubble now he's playing at a bad will for some of that, but I thought he was better defender, new tab and he's been in Boston, therefore it is often the most idea Diane really drawn falls getting to the rainbow. Yet why doesn't it proved? Yeah is
and I think he's got a little bit better this past season, but still night by the same guy that we sign. I wonder how much of that, though, is the fact that in Utah he did did have Rudy go bear often as guy screening for him or as somebody who is a constant lobbed threat on those drives. The ram defences, respect bad, and maybe that influenced his ability to get the basket as well as our perception of his ability to get bascombe. You never had bad Boston, but I would add, a mountain, that's part of the equation for him. There's there was a recklessness that he had a new time good way, and that is as let us ism that's never really come back since the injury in and by the way, Toto sense after you have an injury like that, you're never going to be fully reckless. I think the bummer for me, as I felt like he had kind of got ninety ninety five percent back there, those first five weeks and then he broke his hand and in
never came back and then the bubbling got, hurt five minutes and see how bad you go back go. I would encourage people go on Youtube and watch some of the? U tossed up with them. My key he played like a superfluous go above, the for him kind of athletes, sometimes eight eighty six, eight and he got drunk on people bounce off people on almost more like a pop up where our member on the rigour that year, I believe, just a barrier gave in article. I wrote about where the headline Gordon Heyward Superstar, hiding in plain sight, all about him ahead of his free agency that year as just this dude who wasn't respect the player, but it was really somebody like Justino in Vienna, who would watch led pass new good. He was another scandal detailing his game and all about that. It did touch on exactly what you just said. The ability the basket- and I gotta go bear aspect them shore did help him out, but the rock the recklessness indeed the real, just determination to get their regardless of who is in front of him. That's not there quite
much anymore, I'm sure. That's partially a mental thing worrying about I heard gives us not just the major injury he had in Cleveland that opening opening night. It's everything else, it's followed for him and I'm sure the popular laid apart Paul George got over it. Yes, so I thought Hayward. It was like every time you get momentum me to get hurt again, and I think you know I don't think he was that happy in Boston as a fourth option. That has never been a fourth option, is whole life and he's a fourth option going forward. This brown and Tatum income borrow is gonna, be above him in the pecking order must somewhere like Indiana. I may then, maybe he's see no long term effect more guys or to write my father Nix would be another night, I think that's it seems are he could be a first or second option which is probably what he wants in the thing. I'd worry about for him with a fair, Gordon Heyward. Am? U sign with what you say the Knicks, if Avenue opportunity to sign a big name star at some point that star wanted differ player with him. Hey what's wrong with that
Larry there, including in a trace together a guy. You know I do he could sign in place, but there's no guarantee of staying there cause he's just not that level of guy anymore. We like he's a keeper yeah, you know what year and yet there is this twenty five percent chance in the right situation. You could totally the combat season is like the out like a forty, seven, four, eighty eight kind of percentage, splits guy in like nineteen, the game and stuff like that eats he's the one things I did like about him and he frustrating prayer for a lot of reasons, but he really could fit in whoever is on the Korean. Didn't NASA We need the bar to have an impact. I keep good bye, Indiana and whatever it is same, wait wait. You ve probably heard again like by the time people here this you might have already decided, but basically the feedback was. He has this did he knew he wanted, opt out and he's taken about what he wants to do and he's gonna enjoy free agency, so there's sign in trade so that they can have. I still think Indiana makes more sense.
four million different reasons with than ever, He paused and inspiring miles Turner husband. every trade peace. A million years and initially was I gotta, be Heyward FEAR for Turner. But if hey Salary now has drifted into the mid, the high twenties for that first year it can't be Turner, We would have to be like Turner and Dublin it something I'd die for her words, but the thing is: if they wanted to start a contract within at, like thirty would say they said, hey will do three four ninety sign and trade, and now maybe all depot comes back, and I imagine that you were attacked. in about it were like all. The depot is the stealth kind of class weird out, Danny Ainge move where you live all the depot they get him four year. Why did you now and then you could you start talking yourself into to it. As I got he'd be six man, scamper insurance, maybe he's asset, they could football. Maybe you end up keeping them in
you can get even more ambitious ago what if it was Turner and Allah Debo Anna, Heyward an enormous and you can start building this begging. For I don't know, what's gonna happen, but I do like fit with him in Indiana and you think about him. Brockden, Sir Bonus the holidays like they do hey guys that no had a leg play basketball move around a move that bother teacher warrens kind of cut the only kind of new school score? above just gimme. The ball get out of my way guy. But do you like that fate with in Indiana yeah If you are in the end, I would love to be able to give up all the depot in that they are considering. He wants out man that he probably leave after the season anyway, and also you don't know what he's gonna be like he'd animals like the same after he came back, the season didn't have the same explosive desert burst. He does wasn't the same guy. sucks when one before that injury was one of the forest fires in league, and you know if your name or maybe it's time to pull the plug on that. My question would be: is of your Boston? Do you want for?
people here on the one year, rental see how it goes off. do you rather have miles Turner, eighteen million dollars annually for three more years Turner, a good player nodded player, he has as issues on defence against those banks that you would like for to actually be effective against a joy, Ella, bead police. Him really Bodies have around, and if you have miles Turner and your bank two million dollars, and he doesn't get that done, he's not worth it and he has more than for any era in then you don't work with it and then your stuff, with it at me. Like a tradable, contrary Zile whore forget dumped and it was really a diet, but their trade. A first round pick without, they debtors. Two more years after this year for Turner, I hears the key thing for me. If I'm the subjects, I first thought not getting anything for Heyward him go into the next is a catastrophe for them, because now there just is in the asset outright I need if they can get somebody back who either I can play for them or be, is a tradable contract. The thing
this rosters by missing for three years, is that guy in the seventeen and twenty two range, who any time some superstar becomes available now you can just stop throwing pegs and money in whatever else you need with that one anchor and inadequate Thou assessment tomorrow, You knew this year for sharing to be able to if they want to take that contract gives some sort of future. Something is harder for them to trade. Their packs Azeri empty by the way, but it is something maybe maybe it's one of the guys they just drafted and try to go after some sort of bigger gun, it's on the south angles in the South Ex haven't had that opportunity really fer to three years that that tramping complaining it's been a good run, but if it's kind of weird like how they dont have any, though salaries, my middle, except for Mark a smart at twelve million, but they don't have anybody in that you now twelve plaster twenty million dollar range, which is really the sweet spot Furlano. Those deals talking about so Turner orally
now already about makes a boy of twenty million this coming season, yonder at torn Eighteen, so either guys could work and fit that profile. If your boss, then you you do have to that into the equation, but I think I mean a little bit towards Turner I'm into a new situation and maybe something clicks for him. He still a talented, a big who can shoot threes who can protect the ring He might not be great on the post against a bead, but he's pretty good against almost every other match up like it might only hurt you against Philly enough. the wage, and maybe you change defence events philosophy what what you're gonna do. Maybe you double more often to account for that, and maybe it's ok, that's what's gonna make fill it. for the sheer there more shooters around a bead, but we're gonna head would talk, apply off mad jobs, but for boss I lean Turner occurs with already, but I do fear
about major knee injury. They just knock going to be able to get back right. I'm with you. I think Boston was too small. Last year. It almost got them in Toronto, He then it. How did they get them? I am even though my any wasn't exactly a gigantic Timmy there, but you still get where the league is now you ve gotta, get through Yoke edge and Bead Davis and number on. Those are three teams that are probably gonna, be at some point, if you're trying to- I guess, Denver or LOS Angeles, but I dont think its realistic to when attack with a small ball light up anywhere that you can do it in certain situations, but Thyssen the reliance on ties. The FAO trouble the fact that he could Just kind of overwhelmed sometimes causes that a gigantic guy, and if indeed, is motivated this year, they're just going to need another big body- can drop the back end by the way for five million, which I think actually it helps them, but it also kind of hurts them because it just pushes there
luxury tax bill higher and higher. You know if they'd re sign Hey were they would have gotten crushed that much with taxes. I think they're willing to do it by all accounts. there is a guy could flip, though it seems that you so you can use a military potential, is out work out in the end, the, but it's hard to know, what's going on and therewith Heyward, my hunches that he wants Indiana and I've been told they say, preference Ultimately, it doesn't mean he's gonna get what he wants here cause by, some Indiana after our greatest something for that to happen or any and it's gotta clean salary out. Mrs that's an unrealistic thats, not a path for him to get there either on that. At the point of the driver to the airport, that I was with Kyrie. This is more like a I'd actually probably get him a gift. I'd probably give him a hug. Thank him for everything. just me, hey man, I don't know what, and this one was just snake bit from the first game. I wish you the best man, but it's as AIDS. I like as nobody Henshaws. I got
if I could watch them short arm. Another lay up in a big black game am again here in Canada, Ok, you got it right I wish him luck in our he ever he go next thing. You know he's gonna get paid a lot of these wings whom pay like. If you heard lit up everywhere, people tell you what Davis, Burton's Endemic de Mello Gala get paid without heard like teams, yeah well, either ranch, possibly even talk. for now in our there's a lot of money out there, the sixteenth of cap space now a lot of money and you there's gonna, be a lot of guys get paid, one aim, I wanted to bring a few first item. I say Chris Vernon, Dr Lecter. A further reason I want I wanted to bring out, was christian? Would the patents? having a big man at number. Sixteen would, I think, is one of those guys and under its creation,
Do you think about him now far, maybe the mid level of or a little bit more than that for certain teams to me, like Mention Turner, the appeal for Boston, if he's a middle we're gonna make it more than that. But if he's mid level to me, if I'm Boston as somebody I'd want to go after two made less than of a trade, even I'm not your boss, I must add: more prayers were given. They opted in semi isolated. They just have a lotta deeds. I dont think Day day. If anything, they need less buyers. They need to make like a too for one three, four one. Something like that. You know. That's why you think like if it was Heyward with Robert, lambs and two more guys and you get like Turner Depot back already INA. Those kind of failure for four too I mean I really love makes the next to liked. I wonder how much of this is gonna be in a free agent, musical chairs of you know. If they were juices Indiana, does that mean New York turned their attention to some of those other guys at a Christian? Would I mean, because there are more common space available?
It is a lot is not off into the cap. Now I ve been here- is the doughty. If the next horsemen they're doing were pressed his dying. Presty as like, I am. I am your way station. Send your contacts here, give me a pack and I will hold out for them that had been saying this. For ever I've been waiting for teams to do their suppressed, he's really gonna. Do it he's gonna be like for two years. I will, I will be your way station for the outdoor for contracts, and and they tell you break your where whatever in can I read you something my dad texted me last night? Yes, We are both kind of stand by air needs with a kind of started talk by winter. When I saw the interviewer them in the highlights is I will maybe his photo he'll get to that stage pretty quickly. For me, my dad text me after gaining age interview camp
have thought as sees the guy he wanted. We wanted all along had him in the top five and our job board, we're afraid someone ahead of us would take em, and I was like wow. That was, I totally believed age said. That was dad just making up a database that that's Helma daily ages. Better life is a GM. My dad perfectly captured set. They did he would have said, and I really believe that that they had no sweat than the in the top five. But but it does seem like you hold up, Hopefully you was fourteen from their board seriously. We take a break and come back talk about more things this episode, broadly by gator aid for over fifty years. Gator aid is viewed the best athletes to rise to the occasion during their biggest moments. Amene M J hard, not to think about abject when you think about Gaitered, but think about the new guys. Ruhmer lay Jason Tatum,
who is now abandoned to conference. Fine us he's gonna Gator AIDS or there, yet once, but you think oh, I see the key guy container for their assistance. You can even see it my son starting to click, basketball cards and Tatum rookie cards. People are in Tatum a couple other ones, but he is on that short list of just people feel like he's one of the next one that's, that's the kind of guy gateway goes and gets from young athletes just starting to turn heads to some of the best that they too ever play their gains. Gatorade shows there the proven few of the best then down forever. Nothing beats Gaitered serve at twenty four hours. this draft and what we thought of it in you and me and Resell Roger did a whole thing about it. I've been looking at this Halliburton thing, trying to figure out what the fuck happened. It does seem like he eyesight.
some teams that he didn't want to go to and that top ten. That one seems like it happen. This was a kid who is pretty confident you looked at the at the dark, boring and said I think, Sacramento and a couple other ones like New Orleans, like he kind of wanting to go a little bit later. He didn't care about about sacrificing a couple million bucks, basically that the more I think about I feel even more strongly than were about what I said last night. I don't love jail in space gonna be he's gonna going to be, and I'm sure it makes sense for Phoenix in whatever way, I think its criminal that they took him at ten instead of a Halliburton or be gave just get Celtics the pigs or whoever do the Dallas trader whenever it Dallas his offer, an eighteen and thirty one SEC, grandparents and money in everything like I just don't think that pick was worth it attain
think they should taken Halliburton and you look at Booker Chris Paul how burn in Hell. the ability to play a role but off the bar to in his I q and just putting him with Chris Paul it such an amazing combination. Ironically, the late nineties, they had Kevin Johnson, Steve and Jason kid on the same theme in NASH has been pretty open about. How is the most amazing experience of his career? He was basically like on to getting his bastards and how to play point out with those guys for fifty games. I think That was a huge, huge, huge mistake. We twenty hours later. What are your thoughts on just that move. I mean the more you hear about the potential teams are offering to get the ten or eleven or twelve four Halliburton, the more I do think Phoenix made a mistake. tearing down. Do I think John Smith was necessarily their own pick now for the same reasons, we talked about with Ryan and Roger diving attitude,
Places are being for you, the shooting ability, the energy he brings. I think he's gonna be a solid I'd, be a player, potentially a really really giving me a player, and that makes sense. However, you pay we could have gotten him at fourteen. You probably could have gone him, even though I feel you know, I mean He was a guy who is projected on some people's boards and people. I talked runaway. His is possibly going into the Tories. in taking him at ten, that's a spot where some people thought maybe precious occur. There is a lot a lottery height for him and for Phoenix. They. There may have been amazed that missed opportunity there to get more assets out of fear that somebody else would take there I do wonder maybe they could have been right because of number sixteen. The person's did take Isaiah. Do with their trading with the Rockets took to get that pig, maybe they would have to like them at that point of the draft, but other than that, every other team drafted after them, San Antonio, wouldn't, have done it
Romano, I don't think so. Neurons, I'm pretty sure, was locked in figure a Louis fourteen boss. Maybe they were the team it moved up, they could whirling. Happily was no arms was celebrating the care Louis Pick, an Arab, that's a thing to be sure, and I think Phoenix his front office is pretty inexperienced. You got a red, the route that point it's like, whose after us saying Tonia they're not taken up. You need them taken Devon. That is like a the issue that was happening, Kneader taken Hammer, the other wing about what he's another guy that I think Phoenix should have taken. I wanted of Jack and jails, I'm fine with the PIG Devon for cell or tired, a burden to me where the guys I should have picked hallowing icon again you know you just turn for Chris Paul, I get them Bucker United you ball hammers. There would have been nice to have him, but the way their building their team is by having bunch of wings that surround eight in the now Smith and then the guards Booker and Chris Paul bunch of which about
fires, adding salaries. Caliber here's the thing Cassie Chris paused can be thirty set us kids can be playing for twelve years said he I didn't next guy who could take over for him and that's. Why would have taken? However, without a button? I don't blame them for the logic there. I don't think it was an awful big. I knock them hard for their pick of came Johnson last year. I thought it was a dumb pick and I was proven. about that can draw has been a pretty good I'm gonna later. Maybe they could have got him later to and Navy. That's what we're here to look back at with Phoenix here. We might. came jobs or we might look at John Smith and say a more pliers, but they should a trade down look at what I find it hard to believe that Boston wouldn't have given fourteen twenty six and thirty four number ten yeah when ten by an there they would have taken how burner wassail. I don't know, but they were clearly as always with the south, with these picks there her tube to pigs too late and they never want to trade up and- and
they, but anyway I thought that was one that stuck with me and then I started thinking about how Berne and Fox and whether they way together here, just like our I could they put it. I went back Some more halberd numb you two clips of that kind of stuff. He defiling can play off the ball and black people, and this is a two ball hand. they now anyway. So you know the thing with them: if they can get by, ugly unleashed in awe and keep him on the floor and keep him healthy. I think how burn could have a dramatic impact and another piece for them, as it does opened the door for them the shop there Dear Fox, at one point of halberds like awesome, then you're just like wow. This is an embarrassment riches. What's shy! Foxfire away any look around at Isoude trade machine. They re trying to figure out like alright. Let's say they do just love how burn em like you know how we could probably trade therein Fox. It's actually harder to find a man then you would think because so many teams have good point guards are committed to
however, they have that the right kind of trade he still, Cheap salary evaluate the aggregated, saying the kings are obvious like just like I'm curious, wonder how it I am. I talking hypothetically just dream trade you could put them into a wing who would be, and I can find the way Well, what you are saying is, let's say Helen Burns like the leading rookie, eighty or Canada he's awesome farce of aside his greatest yet were a girl. I got him you're talking, combining Harrison. Barnes dared Fox to get a star. That's all you're talkin about like TAT, tat or re or even a couple years after Fox resides and maybe in things he's landscape changes in a star becomes available and suddenly and this alter universe, the kings, our destination, regular Renard at time could come or like even just fox, on somebody who's making seventy year that good said jailer ran in two thousand and seventeen.
Some awesome wing whose making leg seven million, who hasn't even hit his first Ricky big contracting you're like what's flip our awesome point guard for this awesome wing. and put him without burn. So I don't know. I just think it gives them I'd to me. The big winners in the draft to get the guy had twelve is ridiculous. Robber wooded in the second round. My twentieth, rent prospect forgot him in the forties too. Bewildered is one important, more underrated guys and this year's draft classic six, eight six, seven with it with me, this body long arms just really really versatile offender in a great kid can hit spot up these four you another guy that makes sense to have around those two guards. They're gonna be handling the ball. I bear kings, they came our invasion ass. They got him to sell they were a Lisbon that the treaty of other nerdy regulates are very safe and visually. No lack of.
I love. You lose the usual liquor barely a year later. They got here either, but for you I think you know it's the first time you're kings fan that maybe you won't look past look adages thing. Try to move forward almost like a horrible acts. It like it. We like, when there's a horrible accident net characters, just try to regroup Henry their life. What I pass from that lets party you're gonna get you'd. Everyone has their, but at least now maybe there's daylight, and you could move toward this universe where it's like an echo in five vps. Given that we got that Albert, you know Sunday kings, maverick mavericks player, you're Rihanna Fleet over, spring has those when you were a little kid
There we have some good ones, are the true no three there when they had some battles to their very hazy. My memory carry out there, but I do know of limited Ba history out. and I really like that. One and I know killing his as you did, but I I they found the trade that'll be a bad one. If, however, and turns out to be the king S, guy, maybe will look back years well say what a smart decision was yet we face around I mean today everybody sand. While they pass on our burden, whose power is clearly more, like a sure thing, he's gonna, be cut out right away and contribute to make a positive impact. Is a rookie, but he's long term to me is gonna, be the best player in the draft. the other one. I was taken with Charlotte with this LE mellow thing, which I just think there's an incredibly high bus potential here, the inner reserves,
they learn your flag with the mellow could be a bust. Oh yeah, for copper reasons. This is a bad draft and, as a couple people said to me who worked for teams like you know, it's tough, precise amount. This is a normal draft. You would been like the eighth ninth pick. People talked about. How great is passing is that's great. He Nobody, those passing more than me, but, as we talked by last night on the on the post, show we did when Bela said that thing about his, A good shooter any doesn't play defence and he's gotta work on those two things in that those two default scare me And in general, like I just think, there's more to basket Then this guy look good if he was a video game character and I have a lot of questions about the potential. people seem to see when they look at him. I knew too verses all the things that it takes to become a really good MBA, where the support system
haven't Charlotte, which has not had over the past twenty years, really any track record of developing. A really raw young player, like that. Just point me to the one point that they have developed. The guy doesn't exist and I think a lot of pressure and he's a guy. That's gonna, look really bad. Some nights, Ray you're gonna, be watched him only pass against whoever Miami I he's. Gonna have eight turnovers and twenty five minutes and pupil back wow. This guy sucks the handle that, when that happens, for the first time so I don't know, I I I think they're. I hope I'm wrong, because it would be fun. I have a really good past but I really think there is high bus potential with this. You know, I appreciate a J bill is being honest about that non. The broadcasts with some of the shortcomings in his game. It out with you now the fact, as an average impregnated with the fact is applied defence, because it's true those areas that he needs to improve and with a mellow, your bedding that the passing as an elite
oil and elite scale. The passing is something that he all his other skills continue to grow too does he majorities, never really been coached everything's been built around him. We were he's been, whether as Lithuania or Australia or whether it was your playing and GINO Hills when he was even younger. It's always been built around him and now he's being fed into. situation where he's gonna have to do things that he hasn't been asked to do consistently before and hopefully Burrito Charles had coach is able to put that pressure on him and get that out of em cause, you know people it's hard to get good Intel on him in terms of like people, really understanding him as a person and I've had a handful of conversations about him and people say, he's a good kid in all his team. Its do seem to like him might be on it and I let insinuating other as I join a quiet and shared a kid, and I have to say that, because you know with here,
Maybe being in the NBA is something that could promote that grow to maturity on the court. I don't know if we're going to see that he's gotta go a long way. I mean just put on the highlands him and take see him taking pull up floaters from me. elbow instead of attacking the lane when he has an opportunity to maybe put his body into a guy leaned his elbow and draw contact there. So many technical things he doesn't do there is gonna have to do in order to be a great player. Now I see potential for him to be like the fortieth must player, I believe But if you keep adding more and more to his game, all feel better about what he can be with his up. That's why I don't have a ring number one ahead of three which is still high, but Many have any Edwards behind killing he's with Edwards. Did you see in charge the story tat? I now hear that he reported that Minnesota said he's grown, he's now, six. What, sir, two thousand and six for ten weeks ran, so he's grown an inch since he was measured,
One inch is the going to change the equation dramatically, but we are talking about young kid who apparently, is still growing and obviously has a lot of skill enough to go number one that's intriguing to me, while the other thing that words in you I mean guy, as we all had way more than enough time to read about this. Did the football background from him. I dont really remember another prospect like that who was incredible: another sport and then play today was, I guess, I think I'm going to focus on basketball and then became as good immediately as he did. That is pretty unusual, usually see somebody playing football and basketball same time at a high level. Things like that, but in this case, by all accounts it was, I can be a football where and then there is which- and that was some of this stuff from people NIT. Picking on that there were, they keep ways like a guy who has had a lot of the same disease years after years of wraps. I think I was thinking about why go and stay was so quiet
who they're gonna take and then afterwards I got hoes be watching all the time which I had actually was pretty confident, but I like if they want to Minnesota take Edwards because they knew how rye is they have their pick next year, top three protected and, as I said last, When we did our shall I actually thought the smarter move for them would have been a take Wiseman and just seen within the wise men look just. I just want to see it. Is otherwise. Funds can be played forty minutes again next year anyway, but see it. It gives you towns, protection in case anything weird happens with towns. You don't have to play them together. All the time you know you could only prepare them together. Six minutes a half inches sport split the rest of the time, but I think they were pretty happy that Minnesota took a project like Edward first. I think I've worked out for bullfighting. Both teams took the guys I should have taken with Minnesota. I am also encouraged by the idea of them habit.
and wise men having two bags, because those guys are theoretically could work together. Towns is like a wing in oral, even like a card with the way he play the perimeter insured threes, I mean I feel, like I've Minnesota's ever good people, organ appreciate how talented he is offensively yet the way, I'm not so sure that whatever work in for me, sir, I'm sure that foreign office looked down that path and was like. There's a limited upside here and at some point, even if it fine and exciting: a nice, nice, young team some point it would come to a point where you got to go: eyes that are begs making over twenty million dollars, taking up a lotta, your cat and there's limited upside because of the inability of either towns or of wise and defended the permanent. Whereas Edwards gathers concerns decision making with the inconsistencies on defense, with the shooting ability and so on and so forth, but he's also six foot six of the six hundred and ten wingspan and is the type of guy who can get to the basket and draw falls for you who can still create off the dribble and that
Russell a lot better as well as towns. Could now your adding a potentially versatile weighing my concerns related to that article you're, talking about wherein there Talking about loving football, not you know what a watch. Basketball is the quote from Tom Cream later in that story he kind of express town in what he Fears for him in the NBA is that he needs be coached so closely here. Mentor is around him and am paraphrasing I'm here, but I look at Minnesota and it aside from Ricky Rubio who four guys, my locker room and who is that person who's gonna really help him along if that, if things go poorly there, if they're losing games, we could be as a young team that doesn't have much defence on it. What happens if they're, like you know that the worst team in the West second worst team in the West effort most of the seas, and would only think that how it's gonna play out. I think they are workers who s the second okay, so be the worse. The algorithm
we the worse yet. You know me the second worst in very possible, and so it things are going wrong when things are going wrong in on a long road trip. That's what I worry about for him in Minnesota without like, if, if you with gold state I'd, feel good YO granted clay got hurt, but, like you stop dream on still upstairs the Sea person a winning in culture there after we his ears of wanting together with Minnesota, I do worry about that aspect. That clean was alluding to yeah and has consistently been brought up by everybody, have talked in the NBA Minnesota needs to get that right with finding the right veterans for him last thing. I've second- and I am convinced that is going to trade for hard, and I add that there were lad. A tea leaves drop that the draft last night with You just get the moves they made where
I love. What more we did last night was, so they get rid of Richardson horrified. Thirty, eight point: four million. They bring back Danny Green Currie, Ferguson, twenty seven point one. So he chopped. eleven point, three off their payroll right away, plus the tire the Maxie PIC, I just at the heart, and they now being like our eye if their make a move for harden in a Ben Simmons package, and then you put you to Maxie in there entire Smet's in as many person swaps as it takes to get it done. I dunno what that exact number would be. You bring hard in, and now it's hard in with set curry and bead Dana in just a bunch of shooters in whatever that makes sense to me. I don't know if that's the plan, but that
that the hoard for thing and I actually tat Presty, made a bad deal there, because I think it was worth two first round pick seed take on. However, not so I was all right for data for one, the sure that car drivers are fully guaranteed still a bad deal so I'd contract track. I be an taken. Fifty fifty million exe and payroll to just get a first round. I that's worth it. I would have wanted to pigs that this might sound stupid, but what a forefront good, I'm ok see him able to turn him around its right of way. Bummed. Maybe they maybe they. Well, maybe that horror intention I mean what for he looked better in situations in which he was the five and there is no immediate and there is no Benson ends in the foreign. Sometimes you bet better with a b, the same is at the four with him, so maybe there value and horrified that can be revived, I'm sure he gonna be doing everything possible to play well to get out of air. Yet in order to play for content
where he doesn't want to be stuck there for the remainder is so get. I think he's gonna get spun even before that egg I taking a shower and the next to it, but anyway that the road is being for hard, and then you think about, I thought existing Maxie was a clutch client cynicism, Clutch choir, it maybe Houston, becomes a kind of clutch south Maybe they eat you do that trade than they signed cod, while Pope with the mid level exception stuff like that Sean draft Ex. Would you give up Ben servants? But what are you comfortable with I've honestly feel, like that's, eighty five percent value hard and considering the age range. The fact that he's under along contract, all of us want to see him with his own team, and if you, five years for sermons only to four harden right. He thrown Ferguson, a man say, he's cheaper to is making ten billion less than harden Heathrow. Ferguson Maxie
you do like one first and then to pick swaps and car today, and I think that's enough. I would not sent in Brooklyn. I think it is outrageous that they think that by any one would think you gonna get hard and fur like a bunch of times in court. This is not happening. You gotta get a black pepper back. I will be really surprised that Brooklyn Deal happened. What it may be, that happens. I can twenty twenty one. If there's nothing else out there in teams are reluctant to offer for James Hard him, but I don't even see it can infer that point of James hoardings on the market. Somebody's gonna pay his value, he's a envy, p caliber candidate therein, that's gonna, get a great heard in for use the maybe that will come from Billy, if your Morey having I'm sorry, I'm of joy and be demanded today a bitterly, become the championship favorites in the east, from profits against you guys Anna supporting pieces, I think they too. I don't don't think that means I'll make the final spurt. I
they had a baby. The team that that taken the mercy- posterity is great. I just adding eighth, ninth and tenth meant that soya odyssey his best go as a GM. In my opinion, he over and over again confined specific role, pyres forward ever team, as has that can just come in and You say, oh my God, Austin first really ok asked the rivers and he's done that for fifteen years in our to feel afraid of big, Miss Batch show, for you to Morrow, hopefully will have some more ambition is by then, and I get to see results about extra Hermia support. This package comes from pizza hut by Far pizza gave me a pair of the night air with the latest movies tv show, impinging pizza, make easier than ever with the new ten, our tastemaker from Pizza Hut get a large pizza tapped your way with up to three topics for just ten hours.
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it's over Tom Brady Resellers, doing the legacy rankings every week on his pack as bridges runaway number one every week and then thou checks as hold my beer crack comes fine in the architect. of a shocking Sunday went over the Ravens Pats fans are now by naming Harris Jerseys by called Duggar jerseys. Looking at the schedule thick there be over five hundred soon trying to figure out a path to the eight seed cause, Rita Probate Placid It's gotta be electric therein in the Boston area Ray now. It is not electric at all. In a coma nautilus hook, here, herds glide. This is nice that advocates the Ravens You will know this better than anybody else. The number of
all of fires that have to be attached to that is just like astronomical and one of them. That is probably the top one is like harbours. A good coach hiding the ravens are really well run organization. Many of you want to make the rankings of staffs that look across the field and see ballot check on the opposing sideline and just like. Lose it get up there right. Well, that's a creditable Belgium the legend, the greatest coach for by history not willing to roll over and have a losing season. Look when he brought them, soon it I thought that was the best thing you did. I like people, don't realize bout check it. while the whether when you really needs it, he brings the hurricane. Read it the time Lamar asked to go. Eighty yards airs, greatcoats injure yeah, he's crazy Gallagher, Fifteen Marin, rain shower and boss,
and I d made about a little bit longer, but it really seemed very concentrated around the Gillette Stadium area. Very very curious what was going on there, but the thing about the the ongoing Brady Belgic Rankings is that I don't think they're playing the same game. Brady's always going to be at this weird disadvantage, because he cares about longevity so much but he's if they're going against each other. If we're going to play up that narrative he's going against a coach who doesn't have to step on a field and play a physical game every week and it's all that is such a losing battle to me that at almost the caviar being, if the bucks win the Superbowl, then the story, changes the little bed, but he's attached so what he wants for his legacy and who he is a player to just playing for a really really really long time. But the like It is always gonna be the Bela Jack is gonna, be swinging in trying to come up with new ways to have competitive teams after rabies.
on playing or if he's a shallow himself- that I just think there's a long game going on here. That's really different from this season were clearly like the patriots who cares if they make the wild card round, but come on come on the third heat up for gaining steam. I'm just I'm doing all this for Kyle, because car was texted me during the Baltimore game like let's go back his he still in the two thousand and fifteen mindset. Here's the thing with Brady and Belichick, though they'll check, control the Weather Brady has the ability to regenerate his own hair. I have it change where's your two year now he's got that full full mop, even in bad weather, just looks great. His arm strength is, in a lot o is probably better than it's been in five years like he is in overthrowing guys sometimes things like that on the flip side, he's gotta, Mr Belet, check order of,
just how the patriots operate in how they can sing of everybody, the lack of penalties the week to week execution, which is in Tampa it's just all over the map week to week, you have no idea what bucks team is going to be. You know my dad calls me every week and it's like he must be. This must be so surprising to him: he's not used to them finding ways to lose and all the battle days and while leg you just what a rubber and that the team you like a smarter than other teams, but it's true there is something that I think that the Armstrong point is a good one. He's had no issues of philosophy. He is the quarterback of a certain age trade that he shows is just press sensitive Eddie and they ve been good enough situations that usually and haven't hurt him. But if he gets knocked off knocked I've killed, her need has never clean pocket. Then that's what things get lucky yeah and you think about the breeze there was was instructive.
Say, gray, breeze physically, has been kind to hang out for wound his arm strength as the Clyde. But you know I think what happens it happen of five and two thousand ten. a couple, hits go the wrong way. The older you get, it just becomes harder shake them off. I think that's going to be a problem for Roethlisberger to who's. Taking a couple really big hits this year couple bad one look thank season Anders, but I think that something watches the decision goes like, as I still feel like that. One Vikings year, probably. You are now mattress go at the time. Five goes. There There really good- and it was One of the last Ganz before the rule is change in his bounty Gay Gregg waves, others of their just hitting the shit out of far that whole game and by end of it. He was like a punch, struck boxer and that's when he had the famous reception when it was like third obtained from the thirty seven whatever it is, you could work
down. Those duties are being. I know, if that's the case anymore, without without forepaws played, but these guy braided has taken some hits. We're gonna talk about Rams Box later it to be. The rams are a bad match up for him with, though the one thing we know they can do is they can get pressure with four guys. They have good cover, guys and they're. Gonna put licks on item you known as it gets a little cold earn the weather to turn. Here. I can't imagine his excited for that yeah. That goes both ways, though, because the weight of bacon disguise their blood cells, probably there's some badgered growth potential and that game too, but who there there at least, can acted in a way where they don't need all that much from him by If they are truly counting on radio when games for them, then I think it does come down to if they can keep him clean
I think what you really want him in their certain quarterbacks like this. When he's up seven up ten he's devastating, you know like when he's in control the game, and they can do play action and do all that stuff. That's when he's at his best, but I think, like a lot of these guys, the way by gas, I fellow about Lamar Jackson. he got through the whig, there's, probably ten q bees. When, when you downtown you start again, I don't know what they other team ass, do that's where alone nervous, you know what I should have done. I should just our dad's come on. Let's talk about the Patriots, because my dad's all into he's. Ok, people keep count about check out to plays we'd, be WP. Sixty three is the actual quote dad we're to pave the way for ethics three, but is that why should I don't think I'll give anybody this the ox game?
with what we know about the seahawks defense. At this point like come on, you can miss me with that. I do give people the bills game cuz. That was just you got to hang on to the ball. That was ridiculous. I can buy that argument. Two plays away from six hundred and twenty three technically like. If we're in a court of law and you're like here with it If I can get says they beat Seattle and have came, holds on the bar here there might be buffets, it's fair! I love where your dad. As with that, though, because where my dad is is trying to be smart, thought fall, dispassionate fan, and oh well, Belgic hasn't hamstring, the team for the turn in all these different ways and its organs
workout and you just have to be patient, and some of these young guys haven't had the chances that they need and blah blah blah blah blah mean while he'll just get these little digs in, like he loves to listen to the bucks, beat up he's all on like he doesn't like the bucks, broadcasting team or whatever, and I'm like you're walking around like listening to the radio, their aim higher despite thing with the Boston fans- that's almost like guy, like we're a bunch of night, greater sues boyfriend, your girlfriend, dumped us and then you're, just kind of fine them unfair look at him attitude, they date data bases its turn, the pseudo bunch a fourteen year old. Yet so he's in that I don't care, I dont care stage in its very funny. He could do it every what's, I'm happy for. Finally, it's great goat go test the waters. Yet now it's it's very fun, while the most funding for the end of our would be if he could at least go copper rounds in the boy asked
and totally, you know compared to some of the other chances choices we have a though I heard you with Mallory last week, and I it's amazing- fired from the ringer for now not drink it to a coup laid at that. That was one of the prerequisites in the contracts we for they say with the riders Bengal, expend whose, like you do, whose eye to his dad or like his older brother, something just driving the two obey wagon, but now to add one more game since did that package? Are you believe her yet? I m- I am a believer in two as potential in my heart of hearts, eyes open, there are funds would be better right now ran Fitzpatrick was button, quarterback, ah really arrogance. But he was playing really well like built into
because my feelings about that that's going to do is absolutely the right call. Was the history of Ryan Fitzpatrick that he's just gonna off a cliff at some point during the season, which is fair, like history teaches us that this is something that happens, but it hasn't happened yet. Well, I thought too, I did some of that stuff. He does. I remember Ambrady came in in two thousand and one when you're, probably nursery school. Any end we had Bledsoe is big, lumbering, six foot sexier cannon. He was one of those guys if he was about to hand off you always do it. You know he could barely get the ball to the running back and then Brady came in here so crisp, and we run play actions with him or these roll out said it was a man. This guy's really really got it.
To reminded me that on Sunday cause, I really watch that whole game summer. Some of those fake hand off quick passes that he was doing. He looked like he was like a seven year, VAT, that that to me was the one thing or, as I well, he definitely doesn't look. I got a rookie here and it kind of vinegar what Mallory Lexman in some other people we have at the ringer who rely too is like the greatest college, quarterback I've ever seen so I mean I I'm in M and that it's all headed through that weak seventeen showdown they're gonna have a buffalo which is probably can be further division unless, let's Belichick configure control the weather every week by it, it sounds like you like Buffalo more. I know so Actually, the Miami I would Miami to escape with the division. But the thing is, I just think that they're getting a defensive touched on or a special teams, touchdown, basically every game. So all of this is like a voice
a delicate brew between what's happening right now and what the future as, but I do think that the infrastructure, I think their schedules, little friendlier than buff those because every day when the bills are off, if the dolphins, when thirty weak there tide yet and then there bracelet cover it. When we do that dolphins gambit their basically gonna be nine and three, unless they massively fuck up one of these games there, looking at nine and three heading into weak fourteen rate in there always need their coaching staff is so good. Their defences really good they're, always gonna, have in some way, though that more of a margin for error in those little areas, it's it's the Sri Lankan away, whereas the bells programme air ceiling right now, just because of some of the things that we ve seen Josh Alan do in an how good the receivers are, but there is also more disaster potential so because of Georgia, I loved you. but that's always and be the higher variants option, but just looking at who they have left a play like. I would go dolphins,
Sal and I we did a whole thing on the pod sunday about Heart Attack Cuba's Josh out stuff way up there. It in both ways right is if you're betting on him you're nervous all time. If you Betty against him, you're ass so nervous, I won't talk about Florida, so you covered yeah two years ago, and that the defence of coordinator position with the path was over the last twenty. as always, wireless positions where You did well, everybody just assumed those bowed check. If the defence didn't look good, it was the defensive corridors fought like basically the guide and when either way floor, as was the first they had in their in awhile were during the season. You just the quotes and urge the pieces. People writing in the quotes from the prayers, where it was clear that this guy, different disguise can be had codes and then it all common, aided with the game play any through together, against the rams. What was it like to cover of them and were you
Could you see the seeds of this when he was the dizzy? like the answer to that is totally, and that's not that I could predict exactly what's going on, but he you can talk to him for food five minutes- and you will immediately feel like this- is just a competent person. Who knows what they're doing at above really anything else he's just confident leg, there's always so much extra staff that culture is and players have to deal with their in terms of how they interact with report. and the thing with four, as was that he always- and this is actually really rare- he just wasn't scared. He didn't talk to you like. He was terrified that he was going to say something wrong just like I'm, not an idiot, so I'm just gonna have a normal conversation with the human being and it'll be fine, and I was totally like that with players. Obviously, there is a different dynamic there, but he's a super strong people person.
He's just easy going. He doesn't get tripped up by weird nonsense like not its confidence, but it's not ego, and then you would also start to You talk to people and talked of players and other coaches and just hear stuff about this dynamic where like Patricia was getting had. Coaching interviews was sort of always in that candidate pool. And it was a little bit inevitable that he was gonna. Get a shot somewhere ends Oh, there were more than resort was counted them, but Cuba Shore, but that was how people thought about and there was more support in a way for someone like me, where it was just kind of inevitable in terms of
Are you do an interview and hears you know, will catch up to get one of these jobs with where floor, as was it was so different because it was just like you? Don't you don't even have this title you're on your own, like. If you can get one of these jobs, fine go get a, but we're not gonna help. You hurt us by leaving and then he went there and he knocked his interview out of the park and the rest is kind of history. But if you look at that in hindsight and just recognise that of these people. Did it really without any handholding from the inside? vision, which obviously has a lot of a lot of Paul on the league in terms of recommending candidates and talking to owners and talk in other other
managers and stuff like that, he just went out and did it and that feels very much a part of his whole story. So he's just you would meet him and go. This is an impressive person almost immediately So there is very little about him running a team really well bad seem surprising to me. They don't allow us. Bet on culture the right now. I think it's almost a lack that he gets it. If the rest of this may MRS impose out the way, I think it's gonna play a banana alone and that I guess Tom on would be the other candidate, but Pittsburgh Schedule is Ben, ridiculously easy kudos to them for being undefeated at this point, but Do you think the schedules, a big piece of that, whereas, like with this, my anything given where they were even halfway through last season, where it was just a complete overhaul fire sale
we're gonna try to go and sixteen all that stuff to where they finished last season, with some real momentum, which is that set that I'm passion about with the NBA, where I do feel like finish in the season matters and gone boss, the wall and trying to make the playoffs and stuff I davers suggests thrown stuff away learning losing habits. Again, all that's. I've never been a huge taking guy. I get it when it's like hopeless, but when you have Young as in their already, I think I think winning that last patriots game was he was kind of set up everything. That's happening this year. When you have the character to do that and basically end the Brady me era cause it ended the next week as they didn't get the by. I don't know, I respect that. Guy, I think, is I watch for by every week. My aim is one I like that Christmas teams you know remain. They just seem like a well oiled machine who else would be in that category four year in terms
the well known as a young teams will normally pats right. In some ways: it's the don't beat themselves teams who else is crest or the pats are a good example cuz. The pats are just like banning off. We will need a continent not letting our quarterback further, such as any more we're we're heading off for Sundown the game returns of forty minutes. It actually think the Steelers are impressive in that way, because they do a really good job of identifying what their opponent weaknesses, are men just attacking those- and I think that's just a smart way to go about playing football, that a shocking number of coaches, just don't do right, Give Tomlin wins coach of the year. It'll be a little like he's done, a very good coaching job this year, but it'll be a little bit of a retroactive thing. Yes, Joe Biden, witches right. I wouldn't have a problem with that. I would I think Florence has done a better job, but I can see the path for Tomlin, especially
you look back at all those Antonio Brown years and discuss the fact that guy wasn't worse is unbelievable. so you think, I think champions up there too, because first by the breeze thing he's absolute physically, is where it is and then finally broke. Last But it seems like the chemistry and that team is pretty strange and they manage dead and they put some games out there, but that they could lost and in general, They see. Might there actually getting better, which is something we have to look at now, as we get to wait. Ten, we Eleven you wanna be your era wants to be pointing up at this point, New Orleans seems I there is at least pointing out the James thing. Will, I guess we'll talk about that when we do packs but yeah it's the list of the list of crisp teams
the Niners killer, crisp from way to weaken even last week when they are given the saints, then the punt return or fumbled the point. That was the whole game flip, but that, like fifteen, sixteen minutes they played was I, while the Niners here they are and then it then it then it went away. This is a different one, because they're just their rosters in a different stage of building. There is our got a little bit a Christmas. I agree in their coming up later to we're gonna, do a million dollar picks and then maybe squeezing three minutes in the battered, the talent, but that's next or take a break. Support from this abso comes from infinity. Make your car by expand convenient as it is luxurious during the infinity winner sales event, with infinity now from purchasing and leasing offered outlined test, DR without going to do or getting your server
from anywhere with pick up and drop off that come to you infinity. Let's each aspect of the process be on your terms: pretty nice red shot by service. The way you were without sacrificing the type of luxury. That's me too. You and your lifestyle infinity now experience the new. made by an infinity shop, infinity now dot com available at participating, infinity retailers, I know, and our pigs did you buy fan. Do I almost crash. Last week I came really close. I still one four seventy thousand dollars. I am up two hundred eighty four thousand hours for the season and unfortunately, my favorite team,
ruined my hopes to go off for no my big bets last week, I other other. The ravens had to do is win by one point and the paths cross with the hurricane knock off. I this is my favorite stretch, a time to gamble on we ten week eleven ripe for Thanksgiving, because for copper reasons, one I feel like I've seen everybody for two months. I I really do think that by we ten, you start Look at whose arrows pointing out like wages, discuss and most important there's a lot of good advance metrics. Now we have like a big enough sample size like I'd. Take the OAU, pretty seriously after ten weeks, because now you're lookin, that's forty quarters of football. You know, and even if you had the one, she gave my that terrible bug saints game you. Throw that out- and you know just ask and have as big of an impact so where, where do you think what week is european in doing this.
I join the week that we kind of nowhere we have with these. I think you're right that it's right about now, because. With tv away. They build in the precision rankings for a while- and I think this is the first. I think this is the last week when it's gonna be part of it, but it's only just a little tiny smell. So it really feels leg. you can. Wine have an understanding of how good the teams the teams are gonna, have to play the rest of the way to make a play off, push are and kind, and no guys have obviously like late season. Andriessen stuff can screw that out, but it's this is the sweet spot and their days giving next week the net. That's everything starts to get weird thanksgiving,
if six games in that Thursday than six slash sixteen to the ten day by before the next game and all right first one I like not we're not officially picking where I'll do my picks at the end. But this is what I'm looking at Parlez vous parlez vous Parlez is one hundred and thirteen, so we'd be risking three hundred and thirty nine thousand to win three hundred, but the parlay is Steelers. Five hundred Against a slightly frisky Jaguar came combined with Miami Emmi minus one. Seventy five against Amber now, here's his wife. Is Betty Miami minus three and a half or there's two reasons one. It looks too obvious in it It's me. I don't understand why that line is only minus three and a half. I would have thought it was be minus six ma is way better. Denver has been down by twenty plus points in each of the last four gaps
came back somehow to when one again when it gets he had linen Herbert. But that's what are of things I like to look at is. Are you just getting your ass ass kick pretty regularly. You know Denver's like when you fall behind twenty plus in four straight games, guess what you suck that's really hard to do for a month straight, your back hate every every day this month we're going to go down twenty you're terrible. If that's the case, and then Miami as we talked about Arab, app for them and then that Steelers, Jack and jacks are in an eight game losing streak. I don't know what their incentive would be to win again as much as I like, Jake Gluten free, so steelers me both of them have the wind anything concern knew about either, thus not. Lee. Although I do think that I'd, I actually see more of a path for dolphins Broncos to be close, then Steelers.
jogs, I just need all love to Jake Luton, but they're gonna blitz, the heck out of him and when he was, he got professional offers Green bay. He was one of ten four seven yard than a peck who, when he was under pressure there, I don't think that's a great place to be gone up against the sailors. Yeah, so item in the Miami thing is, is purely and simply as nothing to do with the actual touted either side. It is all about other degenerate, buyers who are like my any minus three and a half their good I'll, take them all the money can be a Miami, and that's why I would rather have the money line, because I think this has the chance of dumber lose about. Recovery may not winnings that, but that members also weirdly for how incompetent drew lock is they have come back and some of these gaps, what did he has like heated up in the fourth quarter, a couple times, which I don't really understand it.
You watch him you're like disguised starter, will they have? They have good receivers now guiding is locked. Her he's got ribbon, jury so like this is Jeff dressed. All all bets are off by He could manage to not turn the ball over and appears Avian Howard, like you're, just salivating looking at this game right yeah, and if the dolphins don't get a special teams touchdown or a defensive touchdown. Then the formula kind of changes a little bit. You can see the game being clothes. The thing is, locks been throwing multiple pigs game and the dolphins have been getting either special teams. Touchdown ornamented, touched on basically every game, so you're going against what's been happened, pretty consistently, but there is. There is a formula where, like it's just one game, it's not out of the question that lock out a cleaner sheet,
the usual and then all of a sudden we still haven't seen this dolphins often be particularly explosive. They haven't needed to be them Ben and that they had until the new running back back. I was greatly Did you see our guy? he was going. He was in a mental fantasy legs and he went for huge beds about the legs, but he actually Sometimes you see with running back where they go back as good. It was like where he most lasting watch an amateur, I back as good. Why doesn't he play then Shania adventures TAT s good. I should play him. Why didn't I? and I do what what's his name them plaguing mad mad. What's his first name, the camera Ahmed anyway, that he's good at an hour. I think there trouble run of the ball year, so I think it's more likely. I hear case I dimmer just to be low frisky, I think, is actually more likely Miami beach them handily and honestly, if this is the type a team we think it might,
This is the kind of game he lay the smack down d. You you haven't done anything yet to have a let down game or to have a word to where we're just gonna. Ok, why, like they haven't won anything yet there are still leg. He reminds me of the Brady, the First Brady Patsy. when they were young and eight. They really got better November and December. They had. They lost the rams on a Sunday night. And it was like a great loss. They lost by seven, but they really would Toda told the Rams and from that point on, there started winning and I'd feel like. My aim is gonna, be like that. So far, the way Pittsburgh, the Ravens game- that look so dangerous for them next week might not be as dangerous could if the ravens the same thing. They could be twelve. It is heading in the Buffalo Weak fourteen Senate embassy tat. They have never much easier schedule remaining than the chief still so at this point,
big kind of have to be to penciled in as he talks to you next game, speak of the chiefs. So the chiefs are eight favorites against LAS Vegas to get them early in the year. The over under s56 to things here, Kc Has not played an awesome game; it they haven't, played the game where they just kick. The shit out of somebody says one thing second thing spend a story like our weak Andy, Reed was apparently Lee peeved. You look at hear the word peeved search. I just drop that already he's very peeved, about the raiders behaviour after they beat cancer. earlier: the apparently there are very celebre Torreon the bus and made indeed like to laugh surround the stadium being our weapon hollering and he was mad about
any brought it up to four times than finally greed and got mad, and there was like a little coach war going on and the recent bring this up as Casey has the turn off ads based on Dvi, not a surprise that Pat Mahomes who's, the best quarterback in the league, LAS Vegas, two thousand and fifty Voi defensively- and this has fuck you potential all over it for the There's a revenge game: it is how dare you did that thing with the bus game? It is a word fourteen, we're gonna be still thrown the bottom Terry Kehl game. I could. I could see as being a high scoring blow out. I became anything in there. We have a by to the other factor in this. We don't know how many of them are gonna be out or if there The red generators had thou covert thing. I forgot to mention that the railroad, how my point eleven defensive starters, are eleven players, most of them defensive starters, who are on the list now. Gale rattle is radio yeah. They can practice which
kind of go either way like we thought would rob was burger. But it's not it's at this point not clear how many of those guys can play if they were just close contacts and they keep testing negative, but so that that has to be part of this. The other thing that I think is relevant here is the chiefs having a blow out like statement game or whatever you want to call. It would be huge fur. I think how people perceive them this year because it just feels like. I know this is me, but it feels like they don't exist like it failure egg. No one talks about them and yet I was looking at actually wrote about. This is beyond the ringer dot com tomorrow, when the homes is basically playing as well and efficiently as he was in his empty pcs, and so that year he completed sixty six percent of his passes passer, There was one thirteen point eight three hundred
ten yards three point, one touchdowns point: eight or interceptions purging Monday. Twenty so far, sixty seven percent of its best is pass rating. One fifteen point: nine Two hundred and ninety nine yards two point: eight touchdowns, one interceptions per game. The thing is: if you look at some of the efficiency stats, the lack of turnovers, basically means that he's creating as good of an output as he was. Then it's just that you take away some of the explosive plays and also take out some of the most
and you are getting a level of quarterback play, that's as good. So if you look at his yards per attempt, they're different because he's not quite throwing the ball as far and they're they're, not quite scoring at the same right. But if you want me to the justed yards per attempt, they're, basically identical, because that's when you start counting in both touchdowns and interceptions now he actually had more touchdown, so that should in twenty eighteen. So that should go in the other direction, but the lack of pics just makes up for all of that. So I think we're just not quite used to watching Kansas City, not even really try to score forty points, a game, and if this is a game where they actually want to do that, like they've even talked about not wanting the home, so just have to be scrambling and pulling these throats out of his ass and doing all the crazy stuff
they wanted to get away from that a little bit. If this is the game where they want to go back to it leg, it's gonna be my and we're just gonna be going like your comp achieves. The chiefs are clearly the best him Indiana Fallon. Here we go again. He's the leading envy began candidate, an all right now, which is funny because nobody, They perhaps is the envy pig bet he's plus one seventy five worse and dropped the post to eighty Rogers, we do. I commented on eight what I have him at twenty five to. It actually bet that now it's an eighth went so my homes. This could be the five touchdown. Oh my god, MA homes as the VP, oh yeah, the Chiefs, a really good. This could be that aim, and I don't I feel like they need to make a statement on with you. They ve been very nondescript. This year and we ve seen this guy. I mean there's been other great offences over the last twenty years, where
the year after the Rams, won the Superbowl the same thing it's just like, I thought we already talked about them kind of shoved it inside, but what I like to hear chiefs are favored by eight two hundred and fifty six. So you he's that down to chiefs by two the over fifty so base would have to him feel go and you just saying, like they're gonna score, like thirty five points, though, when, like thirty five, twenty thirty five twenty seven whatever it is. That's what I'm looking at, I wanna combined that think like high scoring and the chief swim so marked outlined that are at cop utterance. I don't think I'm in a bed this one but JANUS my guy on the field. I don't like the off the fifth. but I'd, feel JANUS. I've been a supporter. I just think is more exciting and a better quarterback. Then at least twelve of the guys we ve seen this year. He finally got the job Atlantis comrade for by weak on paper, nor
It is just way more dominant their first Davy away hither with their deviate, their sixth offence, fifty fence fifth, Sometimes there is good everywhere and Atlantis meat everywhere there, twenty had their units are twenty two two and twenty Atlantis, just okay, we're, not really good at anything, were mediocre, were set. All phases of the game but and south came little battle a lotta history. These teams are paid a bunch of times there. She touched on potential with the past four and a half so focusing be down ten and the touched our the men alive and then you figure James throws one terrible pack that might be a pic six. I need more likely this lose or have a weird game causes. J misery keeps him hang around that it is that he's awesome and paper like wow JANUS Man Breeze, never get this job back. Sadly, the case for the falcons have actually been a lot better than the last
if I wasted for he moors so anything you also is. It is a shame messrs that tameness or you think it's can be opportune. I think there may be I think it could be a Davis. I've been there'll be, but a team as well would have what would it be trees? True, Jameson yeah they gotta be basically the same by maybe maybe with a few more snaps fur teaism hell, but I think payment, even sadder alluded to giving both of them. Rob so whenever that looks like could be pretty strange. Well, that's the only reason I just wanna put out: that's ever worked in the history than a family, but could like that, like letter that you could go through any situations there were I just like thing: tameness So for that alone, I hope he does it how'd. You know that
t. Why Emmy? I? Yes? Yes, I like I'm with you and that I think the saints are just clearly there across the board much better. It is an interesting game, so the latter more versus hullo battle is probably I pretty significant one because he's one of those guys is who was really having a rough time earlier in the season when there, when the saints defence wasn't playing very well, and he had that great game to get back on track after MIKE Evans and who we owe, though, I think is play pretty well against him in the past. So that's that's a significant one. The scenes also allowed the most touchdowns to tightens the season. So Malcolm Jenkins, on Hayden Hearst is also a big one. If all of that goes poorly, then I can see some matches pathways for the Falcons The biggest thing, though, if you wanted to find some upset potential here,
is not James during one bad package, Seamus during three that well. I mean pay some hell. He could absolutely give us one to between the two of them. I would say we're probably get into terrible place. That could be a pic, so you could one bet you could do here as you can do falcons and the over, which is forty one. Which feels feel the weight of the wind. Twenty seven like. I guess you have to get the thirty thirty, two, twenty seven, twenty eight and twenty four like that kind of twenty eight twenty Heaven and I were another day going off in this game, but I actually kind of trust Latimore in that match up a little bit more, definitely than I one of a few weeks ago, but anything when they would say so. They don't have they had a shit game? It.
it's been a while right. They ve even like one a couple, their chickens, but that's a giant amber. Have they had like a stinker, yeah yeah, but again payments where you're the camorra for the VP? It's just not I've known you don't over That's what I am now fully on me. It goes to a quarterback like we just wish knowledge it in writing or we should create in a separate a word, but that's death. If the word value is a part of the equation than it's gonna quarterback, I'm not gonna. Do this Falcon saints game as I actually want to refer. James Justin The exciting I don't even want to don't wanna have either side. I just watch aim is to be involved. The good or bad series interceptions touch sounds like a travesty.
Getting a hundred ninety yards receiving somebody returning a pic sex. I just want enjoyed again next. One Panthers minus one, half against the lad, so kind of somewhere attempts to bad defences too. Pretty good too really, Offense is depending on what we can see them. Bridgewater is probably gonna plays guy low, but a bank maybe not bad enough. That's by the biggest thing for me is the teams are so similar coaching. I feel like Carolinas coaching staff verses that Patricia Gang. That has to be worth three point, so I do I'm just like a Panthers minus one and a half thinking. It should be three points for the coaches, everything else
and why is this Panthers minus three? What do you think so staff, but also the thumb, injury and then the Andre swept by two hundred and forty nine yards last week? Has a concussion so he's probably not gonna play is probably not gonna make it through the protocol in times. Let put them back to Adrian Petersen, Karen Johnson Eye before that. I felt like the lions actually would have had an edge just because they they ve played better when they play zone. Then what play man, defence and without Mccaffrey, there's just sort of no one. Scaring year that you need to go command man against on Carolina, particularly of bread, What is being so, I felt like if they could, lean on their running game. If swift tat, another good game, there was a path there, but if he's,
where I would want to favour lions, but if he's not playing, then I think the combination of bad Stafford also being hurt, probably means that the coaching stop advantage becomes more significant men. Give you one other thing: I've ever present this theory to you without any evidence at all to back it up, she's completely intuitive that the opposite of advanced metrics. I think when you play that early Thursday morning game, which the latter had to do a rear and thanksgiving, and you have that Sunday game, I think you're. Just by Now I would say it would be the equivalent of leg. You had that my homes, peace, writing right, and then later we had some other feature that was do for you two days later and yet the Pakistan at some point you just colleague, man, just gotta get through these next few days and get their mentality right or elect when your college, the huge task,
it's a two days later. You have that other big test that sang in every head and it's a kind of blue into one big giant awful test, and I think this is the lions like this is a tough game and then, on top of it, they have to play. When is that their plane, Thursday? I'm thirty against Houston yeah. That's a lot and there were in cove and guys are banged up and it just I don't like it. I don't like the spot and I think Caroline is pretty good I think they're, like a weird Lee. The record does it reflect? What I think there are solid, mediocre five in five team. That is somehow three and seven either frisky. I keep clear, firstly and I think it's right for them either way went that, and this is look they're getting tested. They have good jobs there in a better position than a lot of people. But I do think this is the time of year when we're gonna start realising that there's a lot of players who are just dragging and bombed
May I go into work and they can hang out in the facility they can even really talked. teammates in a normal way and at a certain point it takes a toll and it's gonna be dark. Early in the day and its hold and many again- and I think I think it's gonna start feeling a little bit more like a slog for some of these teams are super competitive. Therefore, five two programme make in the past Are a couple more games rethink would bring, the time for that is the new oculist Quest to is here with more advanced processing, power, more pixels and more freedom of movement. This is the most advanced on one viruses to Michaelis has ever developed hundreds of games to choose from Lake STAR wars tales from the outset. The new battery phenomenon, population, one or the world wide smash, it beat Sabre because when you play actor,
question. You feel like you're, really in the center of the action. I don't. If you watch lab sports envy are basketball. This just might be how we are we do ask in twenty years, where we don't actually go to the aims you never leave ass. It feels like you're right there. It's barkers give someone in your life, Oculist quest to its most anticipated holiday. Give season play for real, learn more at Oculist Dhaka all right. So we like the Panthers, learn about this. Now, game. This is a simple and brown minus three eagles. The case is simple: the Eagle Stink, the twenty eight, the dvd, I actually think they're worse than people realise, and then the Browns that Canada over they are they get coach. They run the bar then run the Baltimore, then they'll run the ball and they are not going to turn the ball over. There. Not lay Baker. Do anything they're going to try to take a three nothing lead in there. They going to run the ball somewhere and kind of just let the other team fuck up. That's who they are
the Eagles, our team that loved the fuck up, love to fall behind events, how to make heroic comebacks, but you know can I do that against the team that has just job in hot job, in hot tub series Hunt, Series Cabinet together, Chubbs areas again and by the fourth quarter? I think those guy, I think those As to the best like seven running backs in the leg, I think they're really tough to play. I know they put up huge points, but over and over again they just control these games and they just make them ugly and unfunded, and I like browns by three- I like that, it's that three now half so that's my case, You think, by the way the Eagles can totally lose those and still be leaving me and have seized. It started with a buzzword for vehicles, the only arriving at we had a production call earlier and Kevin Clark called those like the Schroeder's cat ball is just like who care
everyone right I'd. We won't even really know they're dead right. I think that's right. The Eagles chances, probably to get MILES Sanders going hasn't had a particularly good year, but the browser thirty first and coverage against running backs according if a boy outsiders if they were willing to just not have cars. When try to win games in a situation where he clearly cannot, then maybe I could see this being a little bit close, but. the browser just gonna win a lot of tens. Seven games like I did last week and that's that's the formula, so that's a case that Tibet this cause. You could also Maybe I could do brownstone minus two and a half and get better ads and that I felt the browser gonna win a lotta games by three points. I am stunned by her.
kind of of dishevelled egos are and the fact that they beat about check the matter. No frank rate must be the most unbelievable offensive coordinate about time. The eagles do stuff, where they're like they're down, I think last week they were down, for they were for two point converge I don't think I've ever seen that before my life- I I it's almost like Peter does. with the score is when they have these Phd decisions, it they do some of them strangest, weird stuff. We tweak I've ever seen. I am in disbelief by the exit, the irony of history, higher season is going to be. The fact that they played for that tie really could be the thing that helps them when their division right that those like a smart move, the decision that we all ridiculed and was objective. We ridiculous could be the thing that wins the manifest, but with the brands I do think that have good coach eggs defence, it turned out tat, good higher, and you know he's
There is then about check. Then he looked at his team and is actually get it does for not good at that, and so we're gonna. Do it this way and its ip brought in his system. Jesus is using what has so much like that went for four little one packers coats. I dont have firm opinion, not unless you do packers our plus one and have its in Indianapolis. The case is simple. his Rogers against old men, rivers, but, more importantly, so the packers are almost the team that should have been a turf team. When I watch him It's kind of a shame there an end. If see north outdoor bad weather team a they would have been so much better as an end of sea south playing at it I don T like there would have been a better version of the falcons than the Falcons, and I was just thinking
I'm in this game, I, like the thought of them inside on turf, with fast receivers and Rogers doing Rogers stuff, and this fears I gotta game you're watching in there just up twenty two three and in a divine to atoms, has seventy eight touchdown ya man, the bride, the Packers awesome, they'll be my case. For that anything. Do you think if they were a turf team, they would drafts particularly draft receivers differently? interact or draft any receivers. Yeah, it's like a whole different via re jams, envisioning that guy's stricken down asylum
they ve got the great you know they can control the lighting and it looks great may like yeah yeah, we gotta get him these guys. It could totally change this whole franchise there. Any thoughts on Packers called Caesar. What should I be worried about with the court's other than that they won a nice game against Hennessy was so. You should be worried that and I'm in general with you that this is a hard game. Tat get a feel for because the courts have a great defence that hasn't played a lot of great often says and the packers have a great offence that hasn't played a lot of great defences, so a little hard ted to gauge I, lean towards thinking that the Packers orphans of line is good enough, so that Rogers is gonna. Bright he's gonna have time, and then I trust him just a lie. a bit more than the colts defence to be able to Make the tight window throws Xavier. Roads is poor,
probably gonna shadow Adams, but I still just feel a little bit more confident about Rogers being able to hit those and make the play? Is that matter to I'd rather beyond the backers than the culture? So if you look at the court's, wins. they beat Minnesota. Only two in Minnesota was really beaten out and asked them ass. They beat the jets they beat. The bears Which, as from what we know now, the bears is that anything to brag about, they barely beat the Bengals, they beat the alliance, and I think staff was hurt now gamer, he got hurt or seven something weird happen that game they got killed by Baltimore two weeks ago. They scored that first rather put three points up after and then the Tennessee game last week, which I watched, fancy had the lead and their punter completely chain.
The game that their punter had the worst ten minute stretch. I've ever seen from upon her and I'll send the courts were running with it would take him I don't even know what it was that was like your classic Thursday night. I don't know what to make of this game game. So my point is, I am not sure that holds have a win yet that on my goo nice, when you know I like the titans a lot, so I thought that was pretty impressive, but I also do think that the shaking us of their often the biggest thing is whether or not rivers feel comfortable and going in, and you just can't Russia passer that railways gonna be a really big advantage. So I'd I mean I thought the titans we're gonna win that game and I thought it Moved the needle on where the courts are for me a little bit, but it's still a pretty favourable situation. Green bay, their defence is not good, but they actually and it's against the jaguars oughta be out in the world. They.
Did get a little bit of pressure going there, though, if their able to recreate that against the courts, which is obviously a much bigger challenge, then that's where this game could actually not be close to me. I think that's less likely to happen. Then it is that Rogers, even though the call to have a very good secondary if their defence of wine doesn't get after him, he'll still be able to pick them apart enough by it. if rivers is bothered, then it cannot get that had a minute sprinkle little in the packets, I'm not sure how much it lasts. One looking to make sure the line hasn't changed shook her last one rams. Bucks rams are for
underdogs in temper their plus one, seventy two to win the game outright, and you have this. This bucks team, that is a classic Jacko, hides the penny and what we can see them. I do think it's one of them. themes. That kind of thing that I personally hate the team that looks awesome when they're up ten when they have the ball Can I say: well there look at these guys. Another DR look at awesome, but thirty kind, all over the map, you watch em anything may that defence is really good and then in the sands came they get they get out. My staff have these games where they'll have like just twelve penalties and he now holding paneled every time they completed, thirds evidence of that So there are the map, then you have the rams, who I think of a better coach. I think the right
you gotta, know who they are at this point. I think they can actually get a pass rush on Brady and push the middle. The pocket make a move left right, which is how you beat them, and the thing that worries me, his Gough and golf could single endless grew. This bet Fox could get after him make him do Jared, Goff things and we'll know within the first twenty minutes. Right. That's do Jared Goff, you always know by game, starts at one one hundred and twenty five pacific time. by one fifty, whether in her out the rams so part of me wonders Vienna bet. The rams just bet the money line, but I do like the four. What do you think? The problem is that for the rams, this is gonna, be this game that they're playing without Andrew Whitworth ends
A blaze in their office of line plays the biggest reason that they turn it around from last year to this year. If that looks like it really hurts them. This game has so much bad Jared golf potential that that scares me more than how much I think the rams defence will be able to bother Brady, that's pretty terrify so that this The problem is that in the ribs wreck, you bet the Rams and you just hate yourself, twenty minutes in the game that you really you. They actually feel bad about yourself. You would run there go down having errand Donald just destroy Tom Brady Life for an evening than you would being like. I thought, JAG off was going to do this and he didn't and I'm sorry I'm a marking that down, but I'm probably probably go low letter and our long, sharp
earlier the week with three choices the Dallas cowboys are now. Free choice is just for the record. Dallas cowboys are what is the exact line: was to sixty to win in Minnesota. Here's the case There's some ass, though the indices darkens back. They still have it out, People Minnesota, I'm not sure how Minnesota has graduate to the now we are touchdown. Favorites against people is much more fun when they're kind of the precocious underdog and some of these games allow man the cap for Minnesota. It still her cousins laying a lot of points which should make anyone nervous, and I just like the plus two sixty you can talk there there right now, if you, if you answer today, is that the reason that the Vikings.
start of the year with a really young secondary. That's really benefited from getting some time to play together. Jefferson's fantastic I don't like living my life in a way that is dependent on Kurt cousins performances, but I also don't like my life in a way that is dependent on Andy Dalton performances, and I are there any time. Someone start the sentence with all: will they ve got Andy Dalton back we're going down a bad tat? Word, sir: the new right: do you Atlanta at land are their chosen, Lana, Tennessee and the jets. I need to find too so that our fortresses, a Dallas Atlanta tendency in the jets Tennessee plus five and put to the one underdogs at Baltimore so basically be and enhance our Baltimore bet. The jets are Poseidon, have plus three.
see against just in Herbert in his new haircut and Anthony Lynne, who who clearly is not gonna, be keeping his job. And then just seems like a lot of points and then I was in Atlanta. We talked about actually kind of as a longshot I kind of like Lana, ok. So a landowner any two teams, island and the jets you like the jets do it? I don T like chargers are cursed. Maybe can we should Baltimore here, ok, so we can do at Lena Tenancy, seven, one plus seventy four waiting, yeah. Ok, I get it. You talk me into that Tennessee Puss, seven of them
An ominous sprinkle the time just that smidgen unaided on justice, cynically, aren't you you ready million dollar picks week. Eleven, we're gonna be putting four hundred and fifty two thousand dollars to win four hundred on a parlay minus one: thirteen Steelers minus five, Should the gets a jack Exabyte as five hundred gets a jack in Miami minus one. Seventy five against Amber both have to win Steelers Miami minus one. Thirteen to inform and UK then we're gonna put four two hundred. A little teaser chiefs minus eight over fifty six authorities and achieves down a minus two and the over that of fifty against the raiders in the bus revenge game. Panther
where's minus one and a half against bat Patricia Lions, whereas sprinkle hundred can now and set its it? It's a dash. Rounds. Minus three eagle same thing hundred can brands packers, plus one half against the colts. We think one hundred or two hundred If we could go a higher now and right, yeah yeah to have the packers and then just for fun. Just so I can. I can either get mad or be super happy. Two hundred can rams, plus four. against temper and I'll get mad mad shared office. If here's my feelings and then we're going, but twenty five K Atlanta Tennessee seven point: seven, oh for never put just for fun. Ten k douse Atlanta, plus eight fifty five million dollar pixel
up. Four hundred Amazon were up two hundred eighty four thousand dollars. That is the millionaire picks for week eleven before we go Nora the resting on the back you're. Really. I really think they need a sports consulted for the bachelor. I've not perhaps the sports, I'm right here, I know Chris Harrison. We have a text ship is gonna, be other. We watch balls early next year when they do they poor things. I don't know why they don't remain as a sports consult the water basketball. I don't know let's go out there and then they have this wrestling thing in the as a wrestling based on concrete. It's it's. I don't know what they were. Make a theirs, they should I had four. actors at head between the cuts in the legs in the possibility of a concussion or getting body slam, Somebody could died there in that, and it is very clear to me that nobody in the bachelor franchises ever been involved in sports and any capacity. What your thoughts.
I had a weird reaction to the whole thing in a completely different way, which is just like we ve already done. We did that their naked dodgeball, all and then now we're like putting oil on people like them. I need them, then I love the bachelor really enjoying the season. I particularly loved Asia, everybody's got alike, take a cold shower and chill out like. We just don't need this error. We it's too much. You know what I think, doing. I think, as they can't go unreal dates because they can travel. I think they're their answers bent the like sex it up or a bit and do like the Dodge boss and you don't even like one agency station she's coming out of the pool and some sitting with the guys in its clearly like their anecdote or are there antidote to like? We can't go to Argentina and we can't go to France and we can go to Denver so a baby. I'm with you threw overboard. It's you and it's gray. I mean they clearly, like all the guys clearly think teachers gorgeous what she is
it's great, like thou, always makes for a really good season. When you know that they're all like like WA anywhere, you can occur. Bush that without having the lake Baywatch on steroids, pool exit, And literally having her paint oil unto various chess flake, it's just it's one of those things that I've talked about where Ringer people who, like TAT Bout, this stuff reliving a new kind of wonder: is this just something that pops into your head when you're, trying to kind of analyze this stuff? And then in talking to my friends, I've heard the exact same thing from people who are just like watching it to have a good time being like. I don't need this on my television. I really really too much like, I hope, a chill out on it, because otherwise, I'm very much and during the season. What is your thoughts on that.
Conspiracy stuff that they knew this clear thing was going to play out the way it did so they had taste her basically warming up, like Jameis Winston on the sidelines, waiting waiting to get the call from Sean Payton. Knowing that Claire was going to self destruct. our farm of immediately or whatever. I mean these ever net quarantine for two weeks, so that the hustler and there at some point and then again a contractor there. You know it of of its superficial to me. Well, Clare Clare was not now my preferred flavour before the season started, and I really around her episodes kind of tough. So in some ways it would kind of genius because tissues awesome, but they set her up first success in a really significant away, because coming after that, all the guys were pest and she's. Also just such a night.
Personality after area like the very high anxiety, very high, like feelings, feelings, feelings, Clare, stuff, just having data be leg. call relaxed here time figure stuff out? Not everything has to be. Like, oh, my god, will you be the first person in history who has left me? It's just so much easier to watch so if they did it on purpose, I think it's kind of He is like that she seems, like a home run. I think they might have done a purse Clare. They definitely on purpose, has clear to me, as I grant Fitzpatrick, we If she's better fuel has been on a few bachelor themes right when when whatever the last terrible bachelor imperative experience, she had its. We all kind of agreed rife. Its back can't be a starter Then, when they, when they just prior and is the bachelor bats red
You kind know you're getting you're, not winning the Superbowl Clare. You your brain around, because she's gonna turn them, over those hit, the games are gonna, have wide variance from court at a quarter and weird shit can happen. So I don't know I did they got what they wanted. I d this I've been, I like to think up daily. My way think we ve their twenty two years we were married for live as baby sits going back to when we first started dating twenty two years. Nobody's ever made her angrier and a reality show than Clare. I can even believe how upset she was by Clare as fellow women for other stuff, Where was doing I just as somebody who also lacks the franchise, she was enraged. She hated Clare water out. We just furious I'm way there. Yet it was tat. It was bad enough with the bachelor enjoy. It always does a good job,
is a bachelor party. You never know how much of it is the edit what their cutting out, but man, it's really hard to think that the edit really changed that much of what was going on here with clear and you ain't got engaged if they got but they definite knew each other before there shall David. Where are they want? But the whole thing was fishing? Would she be? She beat like? I've just met my husband light. That was too fishy shore totally and all those people, if their, especially if they're they're quarantining and they ve, got their phones and stop. Of course they talk, but they still got engaged down, they didn't have a long history together unless there's like a crazy thing going on. If they were just dynamic, we're talking to each other. You know Instagram stock, each other and kind of getting to know each other. Via that way, and then he walks up and she's, like. Oh, my
This is everything I hoped it would be an they spend a few afternoons together and an evening and then all the shots. She's, like totally ready to go. Ultimately, that's pretty consistent with the added that she got well. Data is pamper for pound. The greatest bachelor at their red tat allows yeah the battle. is always like a little bit flogged and I add my own. There is on that. I think day they want somebody, who's identify what kind of identify Every single versus somebody is just like you know that the perfect package- it's always somebody that you're like ok. I can see why why she's on her tastes like why she on her back this is she's in credit.
across the board. I think the guys they must feel like they won the lottery to go from crazy, Claire Annotation Watson's in and you could see it like. The vibe was like, oh my god, she said she's the bachelorette. This is nuts, I will say, there's been some good bachelor in Paradise. Candidates that emerge from this season which is really like the bachelor, the badger. It is really the breeding ground for the most important show on tv other than the challenged batch of Paradise Chase and making a straw. Jason, our high lottery. Pic I mean we have to be thinking about my travel or its yeah and Bennet Bennet another one, and I think I think even ed, I see it, you know sit at the whatever bar up with
bar that wells. The bars guy Fianna declared that I'll be right, I'd sack and then eventually decided to leave, because it is of a connection with any one you can see is badger. Bear to think, but chasing will definitely get. No fistfight was somebody a bachelor, Baroness yeah, and I'm probably cause a fight between women. Very possible aid is heavers part, a bachelor paradises when eight day all show up. One by one and then there's like five of them there and then it's like who's that who's coming down the steps and then its chasing the gods, this guy and the girls I ass. They were neck guys back out of five somebody's Oliver like they let for a walk. He had only here. Working good looking in the world but he's also like reality, television super good, looking right, it's perfect storm and you can have the your strong with the chest out with a handsome face, but kind of a dumb look on your face,
and you're, just not gonna, be that intelligent, which is fine for anybody on that show. It said you ve gotta, be carrying compelling to a lot of the women and he's also a blank canvas for the producers. I I would say travel Lawrence. I just saw somebody would sneak out behind you yeah set of repaid give a burglar ya: gotta go out of millions who gave a theatre, say you're, simply say yeah I'll give the the bachelors is so far like an attitude would be Mary. It's been really get, and I think that that the clarity should transition is is a big part of that. Agri nor principality. We can hear in the ring and if thou shall read your MA homes, peace tomorrow, the regional context comrade, as always, he's around me That's it for the pie. Cast thanks to Kevin Oconnor thanks to nor principality Happy Birthday nephew Kyle enjoy the weekend
their trouble curfew here now. I guess she had access Joe the weekend in this answer,.
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