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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the surging Rockets, Lakers-Pelicans, playoff matchups if the season ended today, the Clippers’ plans for the future, continued Bucks success, mailbag questions, Gym Corner, and more!

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Tonight's observe the bs back ass than the Ringer pack has now brought you buy zipper greater The differences in working hard working smartness. What we just watched with the Balkans Lakers just now, how many points for the that they'll ask minutes almost just under four minutes to go to close the game unless they get a lake garbage bucket here did so, as I was one point over like a format for they lost about twenty times. Zip recruiter has to may carry more efficient and effective, unlike the park and state smartest way to hire learns what kind of candidates you like and bites mortal apply so effective. Four to five importers opposed unzip, groovy aquatic anythin Satan the first day. Try for free and zip code that calm, slash, be ass, check out the Ringer Pack Ass network, where you can find a bunch of awesome pack has included the reseller Pakistan. Couldn't we watch apples where we division Quest last week, start of feudal Matthew, Modi were attacked, but then a SEC.
Book a basketball last episode season. One is coming late Monday night and we have, I think, oceans, twelve, is on the rewards. Was this week on that, allow and check out all the other great pack ass. We have Covered up Rachelle Agnew, our little Sunday thing. We still have a name for this, the pot we. We never came over the last year, her now it's just kinda like son. He's with Priscilla like it like, like it's secret, secretive, Tuesdays and more at her. I feel we can better, but nobody ever sent us the right name, Sweden, really do better vainly there that lasting, forgets the pad method, where a man died unexpectedly on Friday, and I don't want to go into a thing about it here. But Eric Colin wrote a piece for threerd I come about,
that I thought summed up a lot of what made her so memorable to know. I've known her for the last fifteen years, we won an Emmy together in twenty fourteen for sure she did for three thousand four hundred and thirty, which was the only primetime Emmy that we ever won for three thousand and thirty. While I was there, they want one after, but she was a force of nature and just an irreplaceable person. I can't even imagine ESPN without her she's somebody that just thinking professionally forget the personal part, but somebody that you would need five to six people to replace, because that was all she did three hundred and sixty five days a year, just just a really talented person and really connected and really cared about all the right things and did a lot of good stuff for the company. So it was
a great weaken, firm from that front. So why are you the shot out to her and her family and check out that peace Eddie? I rode on the record. Accomplices really get our ears program right. We are taken as we just watch. The Falcons Lakers came together in person that MRS paddled at least twenty percent. Better Priscilla is here with us talking about he's. Then this is the biggest out I've taken a lotta logged. Ok,
a long time. I guess I was gonna Morey on Twitter as well, so that was always how he sees these like a pig in shit right now. He loves us so go at the floor. Is yours covering think of power. They do the trade they ve. Now given away three first round packs they're all in and seasoned ages fears they Darrow's, gonna get fired and fatigue is gonna, clean house. The whole thing is the Titan Academy turn iceberg, I'm watching them on tv it just these five little guys spread the floor, tried to be the just training rebounds and protect the rim. Nobody's tar that six seven, it's ridiculous. I hate watching at their taken. Fifty three them out That always is stuck in a word. I don't watch. This amount will completely as them Houston Rockets. Twitter, whom fuck you
we're a shovel, Ratibor Ass. They do their own thing. Love then am I go. There is going to be aid it now, rather the rackets fans, their task AIDS can be fun, This gets ran the bare assholes, I then here's what happens the Rockets just look awesome. Their kicking ass, their chance gotta to cede they were even eighty Westbrook, to the point that this might be the best he's ever looked at his entire career from an efficiency dominance, taking advantage of all his strength. Employment and now to know what to think Priscilla. But I just know that it feels like. I was wrong whether I was wrong about whether the sustainable physically weather and on her sighs. You can play with this kind of intensity in this kind of
and of having to do offsets, are rebounds, protect the Roma that, whether this sustainable for four player, France, that's another debate but short term. This is working yeah, it's definitely work and- and I have spent a lot of time- gonna go through all the year. All the numbers for this is past month. There are forty nine three point. Attempts per came in February. So therefore for just over forty four three, the game for the course of you look at all season right, yeah number, one in the NBA undoubted cranked up there The seeds of this is the G League, how many years ago, years and years ago, and seventy five through the game, whatever they're doing, and I don't want it cuz. I feel like I just repeat myself on this stuff too much, but this is where they roll. You know, fires off a tweeted me, get into a little bed where it really does he's different things in everybody, and I remember game one golden stay warriors in that seriously,
We should have one and maybe have a title and everybody anti antique is it just was a really bad rockets game in every go up. This doesn't work as I can. Work is going to work, and I still almost one that series other twelve into at a loss of Venus Wasperton play than a one loss at one point: loss to Utah whenever they are. I looked at the splits, though the number who often on the seas in the number fifteen defence. But if you look at just February. Their number seven defensively, so they jumped up on their defensive efficiency sizing down. I think the other part. This is completely overrate as it we just. We just looked at capella, not being there and going all my God, their small when there are pretty small most time anyway, and they just they just hit the turbine. The whole thing I feel like they ve gotten bigger by losing Capella, which I can't really blame.
So for thinking it might hurt to lose the one target you had in your team. Yes, monsieur when you start using him in that office of Veto taken role stuff that you'd want, because it reaches we're doing as much we all all of us did not do enough job giving their perimeter guys the credit on how a strong there, how strong there eventually like trying to watch some others celtics like this Celtics team. I got the seamen, person I will talk about that whenever but to see like. Item in jail and in all these guys, not really be able to get clean drives on them, is just that in Brad. Stevens had even set it in the game. He did this really good interviewers like while this is actually really insightful, a coach saying something because this is a team of lying backers and Pj Tucker, to also have a mentality of like what do you want me to do? Okay done, I'm just going to go ahead and do it now. The defense is bad. The only number that I could find. I'm sure there's, maybe it'll be more. If I really wanted to get all this stuff, is that their last
rebounding rate for the month of February. So the thirty at thirty teams, Donnie Rate yet EVA Bay at their rebounded such bad, seventeen, the other than that was probably the game, all those office of rebounds that they grab, even though the game prohibition of gotten over time. It was funny okay. You know the first Boston match about there's used to look like the better team. They try to play Cantor you're a can or can't play in this game and didn't play any in in the Boston Home game. Houston comes out, harden, doesn't even bother closing on two guys immediately and then hasn't. Thing, Roulettes, Heyward, get past him in transition and then fake pretences, jumping passingly, knowing like I just lay Heyward, go right Now my colleague was this guy out you because immediately beginning the gain and have the answer it looked like Houston. I know some people the Ankara busted, but in that just have the game. You like this, the worst first tat they had like Houston's just mailing in ITALY, do for one of these in Boston playing so well, I'm just summarize it. I know we are more whispered the level of toughness. They showed this perimeter defence. Just all of it
That was a really really impressive win at Boston, especially with how bad the Rockets looked in the first half. So that's what it is right now, the toughness is the number one important point, because Westbrook Tucker Covington were that may be market smiled, but even their bigger physically than is the three tough guy. Headlines rebound numbers, easy average enlightened aid what's wrong with him, because I think this is really important no other Houston knew this. I don't know how We know that cause he's never paid centre evade their basically using Tucker and covets, unlike their bird like their Mikhail parish and covered. Then I looked it up. He six seven tuckers six eggs good dagger would at what would I realize watching and eight I swear. I wasn't gonna watch rockets and I get sucked in the last week couple times coming ten Maybe this was the right position for him. Maybe he's back
like a power forward centre type guy, all along maybe he's actually Miss cast as the small forward on the six thirsty that also has indeed and Siemens, and because I thought he was I vote in their places against Boston with this he ease Look. I've shown Marian in the MID two thousands- and I don't know kids can say all we knew that was gonna happen. That's why we gotta I don't know how they would know that, because we ve never really seen him play the kind of men. To being used this specific way. It's really public. I don't! I dont know if they knew that, but I think what we do know. Is they don't like we're gonna get something really good for Capello, we don't want to use them anyway. So about that? Like an ironic watch, never had any interest. I think there was was doing a really good job of trying to get the market up for him and we're like
have had some number data inclination, whatever that, if they played Tucker and commenting together as their big eyes with Westboro kind of crash in the offensive boards. Do us a few. Does that they'd be ok with rebounding difference compared to what they had and with the head was pretty mediocre was when they traded capella and people like you and I reacted to it and then the case for them trading powers like will look at our stats. Look at our defensive efficiency. Look at our room, protect right. Look at our rebounding like it's not like we're trade my bill, Russell and nineteen. Sixty six here, this guy was making big impact, for us will be able to switch they will be able to other small Boston. I just felt like There's no history ever in the league of somebody being able actually went to table this way. The thing I think The words were alarmed by immediately in a good way, for the Rockets is how it would throw teams off that there were playing where,
after game, these teams are like what do we do if so much space? Oh, my god should do that wait. On the other hand, oh, oh god, and in teams just seem we really uncomfortable last. Eight Boston you know Gordon Heyward: they just promise viewing it through this package, me of his writing on because I think he's a nice guy and I feel bad they broke. Asean is ankle two years ago, but basically the mismatch yesterday for the South Ex was Sunpointe something's, going to ship your way in and yesterday it was Gordon Hayward should be able to go by James Harden whenever he wants. James Harden is Dole X. This is your best match, you want to do for whatever reason today have Tatum going it's Covington and Tucker. Those guys do really really well. The other guy was defending brow defended him really really well smarts taken fifteen threes, that's always a terrible, safe inserts, a three that Marcus Marta with a minute I have left the regulation was with those like and he'll.
Around the team on Wednesday and one guy in particular that you need a like mark, a smart more if you like to more. He is everything with this team is the heart and soul is the team. But you did, you know I am a lawyer and I go. You know it too. Many guys with Celtics have told me this over and over again like there right I am wrong? I need I needed set up a little bit, and then he takes it three with a man at last, and I go. You know what I wanna hear it out, because its better and by the way he did a great job, ripping the ball out from all those guys. They have the balls One area two seconds: I have the Gordon Heyward that was almost an air ball in the corner near then. He just smart, you stood up. He just stood up in hard makes a great play knocked out from behind with a Heyward. If you may sat there for thirty seconds after when the girls no way donate I'll, be alone in a d almost killed somebody with such break, but the smart thing canvas out. That's why I'm that they say. Oh, my god, they can't be the rock as they were missing. There are other Auster and if he's in there
Now, none of the water maker, many warnings about right, marginal six mandate, the whole this is about the Rockets lead. I I'm with you like. Yes, no Campbell, but I just want come into being. Is the first surprise in this right that this there's somebody that plays bigger than his height, and has never really been in this position as a pro that you can get away with. This now playing Joel and bid or yoke edge. I don't know what they do at that point. Maybe they just swarm him they. The one thing I have in this is: I swear this. Sour grapes so used to people talk about s, areas where you try making excuses were wherein I'm not saying that when you go small, thou energy, the worst exactly the Amateur Avenue work other everywhere shall when you go small like this. Really the scrappy underdog, I do feel like you get officiate a little differently. I do feel that Chris Paul has always been like this.
Throughout his career, he's always been allowed to basically rate people over the arm. Still try to do everything out his corresponds. Only six feet he's not really found these guys. These guys there's their swarm in their jumping over people's backs for rebounds, their common behind and stripping and they're just kind of had have mentality a pack mentality works, I'm impressed I know I am and there's still other stuff we can do on this, but a specific to like did they see something with Covington and like this. Guy is perfect or Here's the other argument that I would make a mean they buy and what the Mari Carol Jeffrey Jeff Green last night Darrell just obsessed with like whose six eight long and is sort of like a hybrid power. Small forward and are setting a centre. Maybe at times I got that could be this more simple thing in city specifically, Covington checked everything a little box that governance, a good player Brad she felt like fellow before the traded like as a really big names he's becoming
The overrated emanates lighting. This up. This whole thing is about Westbrook right now. Yes, so it's out about him. This is the best is ever looked. I by unseen. This version of him when we ought. I thought he peed three years ago art whenever wherever he went there may be that diversion in them. I thought was the best athletic Lee stats all that stuff, and then it was just going to be kind of a steady decline from their nicias he's, basically dump threes ease, You miss, badges, he's been able to get to the rim either way left gone left gone right. He takes better. Shots and he used to em. Got that attitude back. He's got them that motherfucker out in Baghdad, really made him special in the direct years right. He was the use the mud but again the the other Westboro camp.
Always and ninety. There is some truth in this I mean I prefer Durrant, but the West for camp was always kind of like you. The things you would hear is that eight, if you're the I like, why are you letting somebody get position on you and a huge possession late in a play off came like what are you come? Get a ball like. Let's go and Westbrook would like go along the alpha and then he would go ahead. Take his bad shots gotta! It's weird that he's gonna taken from hearted. Well, don't you did you feel that a lot of it this these last two weeks I went through stop that he's doing right now, the last two months, as is not so we first men. He was only taking for him. Sixteen and half shots game and then it was twenty shots came that it Forty four shots came, but you- and I didn't you it. I will. I was a disaster six weeks in Oh, my God was the worst possible fit when we did the all star thing I was, I wait. You people think Westbrook, making the
start aimed at funny. Gentlemen. Have it was arguably the worst year of his career? The way was headed and alive. It still has to do with threesome use, taking six threes a game. One point: one month season, any in twenty six percent. Twenty two percent like you, is getting worse it through his? Yes, we look at what happens now, and so I want to be this three point outlet and I'm not even be crack and twenty five percent. Now Westbrook is somebody- and I don't know if this is just different version of him were now he's unlocked at thirty one years old, and maybe he realizes like some of the stuff you do know. Clemency was stupid, like you should take a million three man, you just not good. In summary, that worked with him. I asked about Westbrook once I go. What like, whenever I watch, Westbrook Localism scenario, you know, if you just took out like the six or seven. What the hell are you doing shots, it would be a different player and other people. A little bit more engaged and let me know what the Ross stats are with the rebound except a little weird and I feel like everybody hands out of cyst, now, like a free t, shirt at the game, but.
He he would say. This is the way we explain to me as you would go like a rustler cures where you're really efficient. Here's where you're not and again. This is like somebody trying to go to Russell West and was really whatever I thought I wanna make it a moment ago. Cable, you not ever think you're, not making them, ever and for whatever relate to sing I leave bought in it has taken to a game now in this month, despite the fact is taken, twenty six shots again ways. Said that was so important because some point you are who you are as a basque Weber. I just thought that so he was, I'm gonna, take those seventy but shots game, and if you don't like it fuck you that's basically his elaborate, that's what he was Basically since came to the league for him. The change
they become smarter about the shots at he's. Taken at this point, his career is almost borderline, inconceivable and just to put twenty five shots into perspective per game per game. The last two months now faster pace, but still right in the Rockets were a slow pace team. Last year they ve cranked up the pace. Again this year you still playing one, the most ball dominant players that we ve ever seen, which is why you know whenever we look at heart and historically, I think you have to come to look at a little differently in the approach that this is like. You know uses. Say: you're, awesome, you're, really good shooter and you get a free throw a million times. Why running more stuff or other people like years can have the ball the whole time so excuse things a little bit but Westbrook at twenty five flush shots per game in these last few months and get it now is forty percent from three by the way in February. In two and a half attempts I went through too
years of stats this morning, the only other guys to crack twenty five twenty five shot. A game is an insane number, also Cobain, two thousand sex. It's Kobe, two thousand five, two thousand six, twenty seven and Iverson in two thousand one, two thousand to two twenty eight shots came. Those are the only two guys for an entire season the average over twenty five shots game in the last twenty years and Westbrook is doing it right now in these last few months and he's doing it well and I actually Don't look at him like if you ever. Would you like all, can keep this up I never worry about his energy. I worry about decisions, but I'm never going to worry about what percentage of his last twenty six games. Thirty, two eight seven hundred and fifty one percent field goal percentage. Twenty five point: five field goal: attempts. And when you watch them- and I have watched him way more the last week or so there are good shots in their end
their shot. You would want undertaken the if your Rudy against him, which I had through twice gazebo subjects twice and I'll fuck, don't let him go left Dylan GO left and he's doing is he's either bouncing off the guy. Their bank shouted the FAO or he's doing that thing rather Sonny. ECHO Lefty, lay up. You know how I got so the rim that fast, then he can Look the other way in transition. His deadly and me just looks this- is vintage and I don't even think change, the court had changed a ceiling of them, as I think, a final steam, its indisputable, I'm not sure about that now. Darrell's. Disagreement, as I was like looked esteem, is tough. The other thing What's the leading the league now and points in the paint is like twenty? I have. Those numbers are at: what are they when I say change the ceiling as a same eye before I had them into one bedroom studio. What for that was the you you had no scenario: did you think they're getting another zero? Now, maybe maybe one round three
rats no way now, it's like an anomaly ceilings, though the apartment building has but differences. If you force points in the paint, leaders is Jean reverses, firmer male franker, gold, very Westbrook, twenty point, three points in the paint In the paint, so this last too much desired, seventeen yadda sixteen point, eight pence him in sixteen point eight and fifty inherits fifty and that backs up or watch and its lapse. Its little poll ups in its stuff for his bouncing off people and their so much better. Now I haven't seen a lot of people stand for our own, knowing that Celtic it wasn't like. Oh bad switch, bad switch. I mean a lot of stuff is just all isolation, depending on how synergy YO classifies relation, plays Houston's running like twice as many isolations as the number two team in Portland. Now I think there can be some discrepancy like ok, what truly isolation, but by this measure,
they're so far beyond what everybody else is doing. I didn't literally bats, which is against boss, and they had like too, I think, may be too bad switches and I think what happens with Westbrook, as you can see, it too often miss it's almost like the honest thing now, as you gotta, you try to get those three guys: the free throw line extended I wanted the centre to guys off the elbows electronic contain it. A little bet, there's no step through lane and you won't have to fly to make this decision would have as a Westbrook as he so damn Is that your almost win on the first, DR defensively, and he like, as I am not done, though I am not done with you and you kind of let up a little. If any right back at you and it's one step in here the nature of the backward. It's like a b. The hesitation move. It's like a stops. The dry thy guy arts. Again it's like a reset, but then it then it's again? He did a couple times in Bosnia and the thing is hard and stats have already suffered the given just the last ten games. He still it through.
One hundred and eighty six. No, he didn't get hooked up by the officiating, which you know again. He decides the fall and he turns his hips into the left side. The time now he hit Romeo Lang fought so hard like length was checking his head for blood and harden was look over the garlic I got one call the beginning, and then you could see that officiating. Who was I do know what we're not we're, not giving you these calls now and it didn't like when used to wines and harden, isn't getting those calls. So are we cause? I don't know, the second important question. Do we think this is sustainable? Can you do this for formats cause? I may remind you, as I have says no, but yet they ve just doing it really easily yeah, I I still worry about? What's a match, it's gonna be like I went, look Dallas as regards about prison and LUCA, and they ve split the two games they played this year. First game. When they had LUCA look at in plain sight, one in that was right at the beginning of this stretch. Dissenting capella last game of Houston was the twenty of January
Brazil is against stems averaging, like twenty, nine, twelve and a half, so he has, he has good numbers in those two against him, another one that I look at his Denver and because it could be used in the two seven with Dallas and do they just gone hours can spread you guys our Lucan in prison is going up to chasers round or over the course of five six seven games. Does it just get exhausting, haven't boxes guys out all the time? Why would you just play zone if he had pausing? Is some LUCA? I also worry about doesn't work against. These guys I feel imposing us in the middle ages. I love the zone, switch it up thing that were seeing more and more of yeah. I think what people are afraid of. Maybe I'm too stuck in my ways. I is that if you stay, zone for like really really long stretches a good shooting teams in Amerika eased yeah. Ah, what about Denver? Okay, so Denver play Toronto today in Tehran, us had your Toronto kind of doing the Houston EAST thing here, because the solves miss so much time in a box was out against Denver
one idea so no badly, which say that three, those combined but our congressional Ronald. Had these games words like there actually just kind of doing the Houston is in their smaller on the perimeter when its Lowery badly is opposed, it was broken, Arden and Yoke. Its went bananas so You really shut down your courage if your Houston or you, using him because he's chasing around Pga Tucker all the time you know Robert covered thinkin, continues to just gain superhuman powers that are now could eager. The ok I'm not ruling out at this point, the guy now he's six ten at the Gue group, three inches likes Texas, the text a seat better. Now they need you like when your team fearless in this, when your team plays them next watch how good they are. It is using their strength. Get you off the line that you want to take on drives. The body was, it was glaring against Boston, and that's the other thing when you play them.
Their officiated in issues so hard to play to play the term. And where there is a foreigner, Westbrook is lurking in the guise heart and all the stuff he does, and it makes a team puts them off balance their upset about this call their upset about that call. They can't believe this rather low, more tentative. There's a whole bunch of jet magic trick? Shake on, I think they're just really hard to play, for different reasons now did they know this when they made the trade they can say they did. I'm not. I'm not belittling them on that Craig them. Whenever I just keep, We they ever in a million years, thought I was gonna work out this well so far back with them This trade there, like we did it here we go the point is unleashed kissed me. It always phallic ale areas like while I'm getting fired Made the fires, meaning Darrow, ran the entire. I want definite getting fired if we debate finest Erlich fuck it. Let's do the thing That is what I do know centre. Let's go right of every
one small intellect is there is another thing I talk to. That said those stupid it's a stupid and there, like a course, our analytics department. Fuckin loves it with this So I had like the old your guy telling me how stupid the approach was, and then was also at the same time being like all. Our nerves are like couldn't be happier about that they're doing this. I'd just so people now eyes, though I still hated, I hate the eyes. I hate the fifty three. I just don't like it, but I respect that its. The king and I respect what it's done for Westbrook. But let me add, value to an end to end Tucker. Let slip out of this because the beauty of it is aided. They know I do. They know they're gonna go twelve into, could even or is this the risk because of what their individual futures are? As far as being employed used, rockets weathered sterile or Jan Tony ordered Westbrook.
To be this bad to start the year that they go. We have to change something we have to be dramatic about it, because this version of westward through we have right now is an absolute disaster and considering we have more years of this money and as he mature and a little bit too, because, as you know, I love through the courts from the team. It's about the other teammates beloved team. At the share. Westbrook even asked the rivers was raving about America, but that there in the broadcast on Saturday night, he just seems like he seems happier. He seems, like he's click through this teammates. It seems like he really does, have something genuine with harden and there's something going on here, so they play They play the next on Monday night and then
there is no doubt that one Thursday night clippers at all, and if this thou works against the clippers, I think we have to really evaluate what whether theirs. Oh fine, US potential there, because the exam not area, I'm not like. What are you going through all this, but I'm not saying either my favorite get in the NBA finals, like nowhere. You think the coopers ago like who will play Calliope George, who play Morris I will Beverly and we'll just put a shooter and we'll go small ball, tough guy Toto with you, and we have cooperated Paul George good luck if it works against them. Ego. The thing is hard and hasn't had one of those hard and hot streaks in a while either where he has, like those twelve game stretches where it's a chain started everything. Forty two points a game for the last ten games, so if they can ever get him turned up, maybe five percent more with whatever Westbrook's doing Holyshit
I'm really impressed me to one where he stood accept for Europe, Russia, I'm just trying to think of the collection of like you and I you and is now couple years and we all have our own battles, but I what five feet bases- is a promise, a log. You do this, the longer you become like in the crosshairs of different fan bases, yet I've got like four or five right now, the Catholic thirty to thirty teams in the lake that if you had a rag like what would be the worst team known a championship basin, the heat that you will be getting Houston's and clearly number one for both of us. For me, it is two thousand twelve was probably my number one all time for basketball cause. I did the a decision thing I was like there's no way there were no sight. O thou have three guys that separate the history the dead in win. Then it was like I told you
and then, even when they made him be files, you were taken a wines and now totally as they may take, I stood aside. I was right and then the next year Seltzer one went away from just shut it down, they would have traded Chris Bash and then the bronze steps up then I'll send a Miami was in fucking mode with me, but with the Houston thing. This will be the most insufferable fan base that everyone a title and by the way partially earned because everybody, everybody is shit on the way they played. They shouldn't James hard and they ve shit on their last to play off losses. Westbrook Brics taken more shit than any superstar this century. I mean I this decade really since Iverson. He put all of that stuff. Does like. I just do this thing: words like it. If I no money in the bank. Yeah and you tell me I'm broke in a year later. I have fifty thousand. Thank can, am I see bill. Did you you're still right
because when you call me broke, I was broke yet was an inaccurate and so for all this shit that the offenders- like they're, they're wit and all the time. It's not like West whispers bounced out of the first round three straight year. So you not look on can it ever. This is a really nice run its working, its awesome, beating good team that Celtics when was really impressed because they went in there and I know, there's no Campbell came back. We have we have done yet. They looked disinterested like that. First half Magog, as it is not lose tonight like they're, just they suck tonight. While this is where it is like. Actually now they cranked up immediately, ah but Houston, would be probably number one. Thank Denver might be too. For me, I don't think that's a Danvers, just a that's like a personal thing with you, has been arrived at the Denver Fettes. Oh no. I am not saying that you're either rises. I get really harvest idea. We get shrapnel on these things, but as well What's the Denver gain today against drano again they bloom out there late, but then I saw the
eyes that work for the nuggets, as per the broadcast that were coming after me. Night, when it was all go in bad vows equipment responded to this guy like look at his jacket. Why would I when I ever fuck and engage with this guy, and so that's There was always a little bit of a lesson. I goes like our way, I'd like to think we're too people in relatively high profile media spots that when we were wrong word but were rug. That's all I know I actually I'm sure it's like. I was wrong. I will be Westbrook cause it's. He deserves to be complimented. It desire for a long time, and I got aggregated when I did the part about like there's rumblings, that Daryl this thing. Is it really working? I for one hundred percent convinced that Russell Westbrook was not Darrell's idea. Ok, it doesn't make any sense it. So, unlike Other player he's ever wanted any forty million a year for the necessary. Ok over that, but
Can also go hey, you know, it's been awesome. Right now is westward and it's funny because I think the audience is shocking. Mission two guys that do this, the that are, in the opinion, business are just unforgiving. You're, like look, I like Kellerman, put his brain, take, has been a clown. Shell, Kabir hangings like he's heading off a cliff he's one two Fuckin superboss since he said it, and instead of just be like hey this That take has not gone well for me on first take he said the throws were easy ride home. When guys like you or I changed your mind, people blown away. We must get ripped for it when it's like none at all, like you see that everybody else does this thing where they just get married and not just Reed like attached. This is take a look, and I can only go politician where this is the position of care. I've never every right, and so I
times, are like wholly like. I got that really. Nobody wants to be wrong, but the business you it's such a good point by you. The businesses become like largest, something in two thousand for I never waiver big wheel. What do you do? I've never wavered from his carries that fund a play with will I've decided what we're on banning Tiree. For us. We had a lot of talk about Ebay, taken care there, hey companies around the world are served their most important challenges of Google Cloudlike Pay PAL, who sobbing for millions of daily hopes dreams financial ambitions and Google Gladys help them achieve their mission. To transform prosperity and opportunity millions of businesses around the world, so smart there there's rumours them it commits dare to trade forever Covington. Who does Google Clouds really get with
massive scale and processing power. Pay pal is connected main street to every street, with with the latter from Google Chrome, Google clad woody sobbing for visit g that seo slash cloud. Slash solving once again g that seo Slash cloud, slash sobbing, so we watched are, we watch Lakers pelicans, there's a way story this week about the brain and Zion this weekend. People thought it was where that they had no relationship there. Actually like pieces being written about this. On Twitter. I dont even realising till I read the stop this morning and I think a thing I think it coming off the heels of like him being so glowing about John Moran, and then it was like women. Did you not done your post game speech? Anything you need was ion right. Young king
Did we see that I gotta check as we go? I don't think you do the young king speech heard for Zaire, but then I was is something around these guys. I get obviously absent. Clutch tried desired and science fair, what no part of it and they haven't, talked really sets. I don't think, there's a feud, but you know how about that. I can keep it touches every young star than enters leg. I enjoyed it. They hugged it out, get out right, yeah, big time, are you there whispered? You get an iceberg. Now, I'm watching a little girl you right now. What would you think he whispered YO young king Do you think I am I right she d me call me something that no one can u S for a trade your Davis might be out he's going over to your office next year. Tommy, don't freak out, pelican fence Cairo was the first one. Ever he was the first one ever were guys in India in that should told us here. I just never banning ourselves a target area.
But you don't know about her back the whole thing about. Like you know, no one ever doesn't do the extension of the rocky contract. Yeah do the extension, then you asked for trade and the corresponding was. There was a of strong like five, and it didn't happen, but there is like, if anybody would do it, it become very simple: you can't really do it, but I don't know It was where it was where, by doing a huge, is basically giving way twenty five million dollars. I'd have to I'd, have to look at all the numbers, but nobody, nobody does so. The Lakers power can sing which really probably is gonna, be the when I say that I think the programmes are gonna catch, her grizzlies, whose release had a big winning this weekend, but I still they plugins gotcha end those strength to schedule Memphis as a tough schedulers away, and all the teams behind Memphis have like the third easiest delay he's gonna beat the Falcons, but I think it could be a fine series because the Perkins can score with the Lakers and will be one of us
but they're going to get to one hundred and ten hundred fifteen point six games at least be fun to watch you go to the other side with. I think it's going to be. I have this rent down bucks nets. Where did there's going to be lines for those games are the bucks I can be favored by like twenty two and one slash two points in game, one or eighteen and one slash two points or whatever here are planned, match up right now to do this every week on the path to set the stage for what's coming as where we have like five weeks left famine, Afflux, box nets, raptors magic, Celts, paces, heat Sixers, That's gonna be out our foreign, these in the West, Lakers grids, Nuggets maps, clips, thunder, rackets, jazz cliffs, thunder last supports an hour.
I don't know this, but the pall, George gown Erin Chris Power on the opposite teams last year then they'll be, though be media again. Chris Paul be plain: the clippers in plaster plus you realize we have. Did you know that Matthew, Stafford, Clayton Cursor know each other? They know each other here. I don't know river says they, kids did you know that Josh Smith, enjoyed our played. A? U ball together out of those eight series which ones get you the most excited. I got one a nuggets matters. One be quips. Ok, see nuggets like I feel like people off the map. A little bit Jakob ledgers does LUCA in has been in and out a couple different times pressing. It was incredible again today
he's you know, reading the euro, I got my god what a Dallas end up with here and I think now, if your Dallas, you feel really good about habits. Your sensitive, during which I think is important. Imagine silly posing as ever. Once in a while have like thirty, seven and nineteen rebates, he went crazy. They already had today that was kind of like that. Yet he had thirty eight against Minnesota Minnesota, again townsmen, miss and now that risk injury, but tat tat, Like I said you guys in October a week or so maybe two weeks ago, I would have told you like Houston Utah like let's go at Utah's. I don't know if I feel like a mess, is too strong. It's not good, and that really great stretch was again. Sometimes you go away, they found it put it together and you're, looking like oh Sacramento, Brooklyn next twice, and I'm not saying
thought my head, that's what it was, but when they had a good run shows it was a really incredibly easy stretch like two weeks. I think when you have stuff, like my colleagues, be benched and then the owner intervenes, and then it's like my car, is actually we must still be started tonight. Was that fight? That's our tablets, bedside heads. I think the Cotonou trade worked out so badly. It's a huge contract they gave up first Round pick it's a trade that I like at the time and they made it. I didn't realize. I realize was the year when he was going. Basically, his post prime year when he was moving into different phase of his career but on the other hand there is a lot of history. The stuff we especially point guards dad hitting like a thousand games when they just hit a different stage of their career, and that's that and unfortunately, it looks like that's what happened here. It looks like he's just kind of past his prime, and
you? Now you throw that in with go, bear going. It's the rackets where you had this guy was a chance to win defensive where the year again and you might not be able to play him and ran what you may not be able to keep him on the four for more than fifty minutes again. The I think that's a real threat. Is we ve seen that would go back a little bit? Jasmines get really mad about it, but like that one, even the strongest the biggest go bear fin. You have to be freaked out like this. This ass, it that we have are other all star, like how and a look- and I always feel like with these big eyes in some of these weird size match up. There can be versions were Guy looks really good in other Tristan Thompson. Goldstein warrior series in sixteen is a really good examples other times richest and look like excuse me on the floor against golden state, and Whatever happened for the turnaround that series, like nobody Box out Tristan Thompson. If he works his ass off, you got better position and he kept possessions alive. There are other casually. You gotta get him out of there.
So I'm not always commits like every single time. A big looks bad, but I'm I d, really scared about him being out there and I think I'll bears. I don't. I don't think it's all on only I didn't go. Bear is incredibly frustrated too, but I also think his teammates get sick, a passing the basketball, and it goes when you really love I've been watching him closer and closer. It's like he's not great with the ball. He brings it down. A guy was really disappointed with him against Houston Were you know, it's not like they're gonna run the often strong yeah, but he had six reed internet game in like Westbrook. Is it going to? anybody and if you're go bear like you need to go right, it Westbrook can be like a get out of the way And there was like a mentality thing there that bug me and that building was was dead on Wednesday. It really was, and it's a great man
you? We should say you went to the attack, ammo and yeah and they ran it. Oh Boston team were Tatum, GINO got thirty like that markets more, it's three threes arose from going to quit, Snyder be like better call time out and it's you know, and I sat next to a heckler. I don't have his official heckler and his wife, their advocates beers, and he was well aware settlers. I've ever heard and then Gordon Heyward was totally checked out. I came offers the Boeing every time you touch the basketball, but, like the heckler said, I know your mom music while I was mean she was Some material was a very good. I know your mom is a weird Wendy. I know your mom is aware one and then every time the heckler would say something the wife ability stop it and he never lost who are the whole time, why I love that building going to a game in there a bit, but you can just sense that, like the crowd was kind of like you know, this is the worst. They definitely didn't say any swear it, but this is the worst. We've looked for, stretched
Most man away, people have ever been around. I did gravy You did live in Martha's vineyard. You dig you ve M annually. Martha's, we re said I have your time they look when I am art has been your more diverse and people. Now the air summer. Getting mothers junior, I believe, was the first tourist destination United States were black people could buy property mount seriously getting it is so they have. They have a great history there. And when I bar tinted in the nineties. At Atlantic connection. The only white people in the dance club were the three bartenders Utah, not not as diverse now park city doesn't
ever tell you that I am amazed at the attractive female clientele in the iter steadied good lookin state bodies. I wanted to say a story sure some of her a hike yeah on Friday and I didn't have the proper year browser can, whenever I'll be fine I'll, be fine, and I want to pick something moderate, not easy. I want short distance, but I want peak wanna get up there, so I picked a trail like two mile straight up. My damn good to go. Work boots still tell anybody, is to frame and are within a few feet.
His trail and its pat down like a Bob sled track yet, and I go I'm. This is gonna, be brutal. No snowshoes, no Crampons Nepal, Yunus worried about it turned grown growing muscle. Every time I stepped I was like I feel like I'm the rip my groin apart here tonight. I walk along like the side, and sometimes I'd be up to my hips and snow, and then a girl pretty attractive goes flying. Pass me with a dog crampons. Just floods, the hay might out cheese, she had to gear she, Where was running to just a machine, so I may go out at the start of around camp yeah. Yeah really felt like that. I was gonna lamp on it was linked to the break. Up before things went back was dates written ran by their clear buds. So I get like this flat area were then it the rest. The ways the peak, so it's not a great I'm pouring sweat just drenched. And am I I'm not gonna make it, and even if I were to make it,
there's no way, I'm gonna fall a hundred times in the way down here. Yes, it's gonna be all the way straight down. I'm like your! U dripping sweat! This is bad. You think can't hurt your hands because you're, a writer yeah that get some typing to do was a close on this time. Travel thing: it's a time, travel showed, but it takes place, but is a robber coveted right, but ah I just heard her up. I'm like nobody saw me. I'm gonna back down or snow shoe and pulls the whole deal, and then I explained We like to really have the right ear for this. She looks to me like what are you doing and as I'm exiting the trail, the girl that ran pass me with crampons flying. She comes in, he's a K. Are you on the Bob's LE team? Now, as I know, you think, but your proactively right Well, why didn't you say you are linebacker empty? Well, maybe not sure that yeah, but it's just
Let the pro athletes out there, no. There's no more like it's nice did. She thought that, but it's such a it's such a bummer when you have to be like now, and I anything. You should have said your rights both at the third. Both a brother I should have to pay. My camp available on the excess fell are attractive. State she's, if you're not in an approach, is again just stop you're welcome. How do you build another? Thank you, eh thrilling outbreak, but yeah, I'm not just in town. Hang out! he's a gal Casey. It says the highlight of the weak feed. The lowly was Matthew, Modin come and I you learn about social mediums upset about our vision, Quest Pike, s, your women's you, which is thank, you, bathing whether to escalated and social media, which would have been definitely the weirdest twitter feed. The weak Can. Can we get a ruling from you on this? What was most was going. Nuts leg is the most active he's had in a while, but he does tweet, I might
just a little unhinged on Twitter. It's part of his deal right, so I always feel like to speak, though be certain p well. Look at me, like Matthew, Modine Modi in his tweeted forty five, fifty thousand times he more than seventy thousand hours, Matthew Modi use informal jacket yeah they hungrier like you, need to get to half a mill here at some point, but every single, a machine vision quest He was really like cuz. There was some real, I I don't know aficionados about vision, quest. It didn't like the idea that I hadn't seen it before and didn't think I brought it into the table. Which is tat you re at the table. I like Ireland, he's got seventy six point, eight thousand followers, but a lotta tweets, but I have felt you should have more that's my But what was his deal with me? He was he was saying. I think he I think was under the impression that we, you did the podcast but haven't seen the movie. So that's what it was yet because said at the beginning, you haven't seen the movie before
saw the movie, did the pack ass yet not that much of it where are you going to come out of tat? and then I talk to my ass the whole time ago. But then what happened? is the biggest rabble motives had said shoot so they like, I thought like do I buyer went off to mature, you made a screen, shouted a possibility for me, ass, true, like woody I should like to share with everybody, but he said said: Sunlike Ryan bubble. I wasn't any good and then Modin it said. Opinions are like. Jill. Whatever everybody's got one in her eyes, Maybe somebody else said the Modin was like a bit approval of the ripping me so that I was going to say moody and how long will it take to get up to twenty five out of a great. Well, you know I wanted you to a fight with him now, because I honestly had no hard feelings towards them, because you're right, I don't think he understood what was going on. So we did run the video of you making fun of his lap. All that's what I
three men ran about how bad it illogical and thirty years he should see their video and go. You know what I like their own guy yeah right eye. You should look at Dango. I should have put more thought it to my lap pulled out. I don't blame him. I blame the coaches. He's a high school. Kid was a little off and has no friends. And he always has ever work out partner, Billy K, lap pull down. This, isn't how many you can do in ten seconds We have a couple more quick Basque, while topics it was announced today that Steve Ballmer in advance talks of buying the form, which is how this was always gonna play out, you have changed our next honour, cable vision. Guy wants the forum, Irving is off legendary music. I partners, with dawn on that bombers, going to try to build this Basque, Marina next them
she's going to kill the form the moment it goes up. Cuz any band is going to want to play in the sight of the bigger basketball stadium versus this other place. So it's the stalemate chess match. We all know how it's going to play out and now it's playing out the way people thought I was going to just going to say: fuck it. Okay, iudex. We can spend five years suing each other and just give him a Dolores or I'll just buy the form from you. I'm going to buy the form and now he's by the forum, which means the clippers are going to have this beautiful state of the art stadium in Inglewood, which the Lakers that's needs not want them to have cuz they're in the staples center. Which was built really at the tail end of before they figure. I had about Basque, Baroness staple centre, not great that terrible that great I issue I don't it's fine. I don't have. I think, the way they do the lighting and everything I ve noticed. Evanna laggard out warriors one. Yet, though, when you gotta worry about that enable sentence like all my God, this is like night that so you never render Utah right now
the way they have the airlines behind the bag. In how steep it is run its course Are you DNS I'd better? We gotta just for bad in Bonn. I've been is a silken seeker. So here's my question for you he's gonna spend all this money. Building this new Rayner for the cookers I'll take it is its can take a field day in their state changed. I don't, I think, if I feel it gets some life you're, probably right, it's one of those. So here's! My question is important. Bankers. Life filled out now we just establish yet again that this is the Lakers City, and nobody really cares about Coopers young maiden having been every ten years ago ninety ninety one. Ninety, ninety one Laker fence have this coopers. That's this team, that's impossible! Everybody container everybody here care more about the Lakers we just saw with other Kobe stuff. As we discussed last week, there has been spend all this money on this new arena to try to get it. Putting ease already.
Almost two billion for the team she's spent a ton of money on it. Since he's got it now, he's going to build this new arena from scratch, so now he's in for at least four billion, maybe more, and it just feels like what at what point is this a no win? as the Lakers completely bottom outward seems you know they would have to be what happened with them there in that last couple years, Cobby through the first year, Leubronn stretch less that happens for twenty years, and there is some and the quick procedures is dominant force. You grab a ban Wagner's and things like that. Otherwise, as a business plan, I sir, totally get this? I don't I've never really fully been explained to me why la needs two basketball teams and I've looked at it a lot of different ways and I've had season tickets for the clippers for the last fifteen years. It's obviously sustainable, but can they actually supplant the Lakers? No.
Yeah, but can you still be- and I think this is almost like when we talk about players and how Worthless- and I don't say that you are- I do this, but how worthless their careers are deemed when they don't win anything? Is it? Is it bad to be the number to tee in this city? Would you rather be the number one team in LAS Vegas her Seattle, or would you rather be that the step brother in away with the Lakers will you wouldn't have gotten collide, probably if here Maybe I know your point as you rightly now that I've been out here. I see it as a man and his clippers things unbelievable like, despite our concerns, what the clip may or may not be what they did on Friday today, or when they're right is like, oh hey by the way like this is what we can do, and yet it was a weird name today against sixty missing both citizens and indeed, but when they needed to turn it on the absolute terms, on one that game and their numbers across the board on the important stuff has been really good. Despite having all these guys
so yeah. There never gonna. I can't imagine like it would just talk about Boston. If a new baseball team started up the braves, they will act to Boston yeah. Nobody, no one would care, but would it still be sustainable is but can't really even the cheaper option. It's not like it's like minor league in their given tickets away. I mean it. I guess my question is: does bomber think. Lakers can be had. I bet you he thinks like they really, I think he had. I think, he's one of those guys it like. I think so. Many guys from outside of sports world look at things in go well. This is what I did, and so you know Water Alec, sometimes managers. You know how many manages you actually had couldn't be,
managers of set these benchmarks in, like that's, that's not gonna, Galvin yeah and it's like yeah. But you know I read this book the Harvard Business Review and I get it make you get numbers that are impossible to reach and that's the only way to motivate into other things. I wonder bomber like looks at the city that way: basketball, wise cause, I'm sure that's everything he did when he was with Microsoft, I'm not against it. I don't think it's like you know it's that the equipment of pudding INA spy a ton of money on some team in a city that has no chance of love and it doesn't have a chance of just send for him. I read it so much money and I know he's a competitor dude. I had him on this podcast. I respect them and respect the way thanks. I think he's trying to put together this really confident well run. Spencer Organization, that competes for a title, a rear. My question is
anybody know I ever actually care- and I guess we'll find out the spring, but I'm leaning toward probably not you know what's funny about this- is how this ties into the first year old story. You know the story so when he was hired by the celtic ownership. It just bought the team with Steve and yeah the rest of their group. They wanted check this. I'm pretty sure this is right, but they want to run kind of like in analysis on building their own area by getting out. Oh yeah right. I know you re right and so Darrell like everybody's convened, Oh my god, you're amazing, the southern Sudan have their own arena. They ve got a bad set up because the ruins and but he's Anti Bruins ownership, especially at that time, is a browser, I hadn't had that kind of success. They have a law later on.
And in a way like the city was kind of cool like war, they're gonna have their own thing like This'Ll, be awesome in Darrell comes in and, as I get stupid, dont do. It has all the reasons why it was so convincing in the work was so brilliant. That then I gotta and that's the guy was what he was announced. Scouting like his first assignment was to do this whole idea, and then all these people were pissed because it ruined all this extra real estate. The salespeople would have to sell right is, if you're on the ground floor with a team, and you now have all of this inventory to sell as a sales going to make all of this money so that gets there was a bunch of people to like upgrade this Taylor guy showed up and convinced them to like stay in this current setup cuz. It's way more beneficial to you to do that and stay here that it is sold I guess the kid think. If bombers ere he Billig, look, I'm the second class citizen of the stable, sir, the Lakers get all the good dates. I get other
craps I have to play on New year's eve, and I have to play these Sunday matinee games against NFL playoff games at all these things. I get all the shit she calendar things. I build my own arena now. I can plan Friday nights and I can play on Sunday nights and I can I can just go head to head. The Knicks and nets still have games on the same night like it doesn't matter, it'll be the same. He'll be like I'll control, my own destiny and I'll be able to have all these musical acts like it's a good business investment. That's why I'm doing it? It's not just because I'm trying to beat the Lakers are all these other reasons. I get it it's. Weird when, when the upside is you know you won the title. Nobody here is really a care. It's really unique situation, there's no other
and be a situation like this, where you know when the kings, when the cup the first time and we had season tickets aid, the kings have awesome fans, but it's no. Fifty thousand veins forty five thousand pounds wherever it is and then a bunch people that jump by the Bay wagon. Yet this where aid is nice. There's a few people when the Lakers are in it. You see what happens this you haven't been here in the leg is earned. It often is cars have fuckin Laker flags on it and it just Lakers ever Purple everybody's got a job or, as you and flags, what's a great it's like the Red Sox in October, its eight. You know that RO the red. The word sex in the world Series is like jerseys everywhere you white, that you take a red and street there's two hundred jerseys walking towards you. That's what it's like when the leg is get out on. The cookers will never be like that and it's the only a situation like that, but if you like been an allay if its profitable, which it is valuation continues to go up, I don't know what they're tv
it is another Lakers one. He has his own arena with a bunch of awesome stuff on it. At and their near the Rams thing right. They be near that so maybe that he's thinking I'm here. I'm part the new wave of allies sports. The Lakers could be as today as if I were in your vision. We know once we're into that building it in your vision of like now we do in her there, as I don't think I ever spends a day, accepting an l Imagine so you're at dinner at I want you to do this dinner with its ten people there it's a little. There has been. Some wine is Whatever his is seo, I her husband's areas had like six June and tonics.
Two glasses of wine like genocide, eleven tonight it's about her, I ve burned and go and some guys a Steve. I gotta ask you, like nobody's ever gonna fucking care about Cooper, so you realize I write like at some point. Somebody has to look at me. I'd say that like steed, you realize they re like you. You're good with this right, you're. Never there never in a care about the governor. You get that right anyway. Let's I take a break or intact, but nor its cure. Vps. If you won the twice percent Eu Us adults at his might almost costly and that twenty six percent you not online, almost costly. You may want to ask yourself what you are saying see me: I might every day, even if you on these password protected wifi, cybercrime,
Babel to hack. Your sex is too personal information. That's why you need Norton, secure, VPN, seamless, install login once let it run in the background you see with your pc MAC or mobile device, with your sending or receiving information over Wi Fi uses Bankrate encryption to hide what you're doing wow. Can I box companies from tracking here? I activity, help mask your online activities and location, but no luck, Vps get Nord scurvy, b and browse scare connections today today, nor com, Slash, Vps, Simmonds, go their protection asserts that three thirty month. First, you they known Roman, nor not come the sash BP incidents terms do apply. I have a couple hours. We have allowed a damn shit to get in situ we're gonna go quickly. The bucks have the best point differential ever still through sixty games. You thoughts, four points.
I have a hard time. I know it's not your little bit about like an that's that's. The theme of this whole year is that every single team is doing this in a new version of it self. It's their adsense tat, our stats, unsteady yeah. But it's not. I agree with that part of it, but yes, there's a little! You know what are we gonna see from your ass in the play off because of Europe's by weight that's what at stake here is a lot of different stuff is happening where he was at all the hardest thing. It's gone back and forth and, like harden fans, are hearing about play our success? Verses Janius, lay hey! Why don't you guys just simmered out the means gay as the only deep run you really had was when he was like six man on ok, see you that was tough yet so too. Claim that one is like a hardened play off. W is pretty weak, but with your ass
If certain we're were to happen that team this year and he's your conference, I wasn't bad, but if they were sure these recovers eastern conference finals is gonna get a taste of that. That thing we do. We put you through this I got a little. We start to get us now. Wait a minute. Is this guy? Take it serious enough? No, Mr Smoothie her here I'll fire. Is he really adapted to the states? It all they will start King up all these data be like you know he did. He didn't play enough hard, Highschool games, but you know repeated a fuse. Only thirty minutes a game in the railway season they what but doing negative too. The eight I get a man was the rhapsode. Ah, ah he missed the EU experience all s going to happen to you know. Maybe if he had understood like beginning recruited, he'd understand the attention on him a little bit more. You pick a had our table. He never had that Greek free cover Greek choke itself. Aha everytime! I watch him, though the common
since the things they do and your little reminders like mad Middleton has been awesome. I have some Middleton stats for you, he's been amateur last nineteen games, twenty five: seventy five percentages, fifty six, fifty to ninety one he said the fifty fifty fifty five fifty ninety club paint thirty two minutes ago. That would be the craziest stretch of that for Brad Bill who's. That waiting soaring who's averaging thirty points, a game in his last sixteen games. Thirty seven point one points: a game: five thousand and thirty, eight 86th Ave percentages, true or false, the average of twenty two and thirteen. Through whose numbers are really good: tour, fast, trains? Last twenty five, thirty two and ten. None of the EU to make that up. What I mean is that what the guy gets that he's guarding if it's either either hate speak any honest new segment. New segment new title knew everything car play music
What I mean is this: this Agnes COD weight so wended this, Okay, I need to know about this yeah because you started. It was a tweet you had about when Jana stuck at three with five seconds of the shot clock in the Sir said it was bushley, go dear thing, so another plan game at a year Charlotte, Hornets speedily, small, their bridges Pga. Martin, like Pga Rosier, an gram that was your closing group beyond bow, couldn't get a call today. For that So that was in great against genus and brick Lopez too close, and this we found them much times Miladi. Yet I recall their down the stretch, but as the game was about to end. There was five seconds left in the shot clock, Jonas, with a nice four thousand and twenty game. Ten seconds left in the game. Clocks was shocked, talk soon expire and Ian has pulled up with three missed it, and then the game is
and the announcer was. I go to surprise yardstick that the that did they both basically like one of them said they both agreed or, like I'm gonna, put wig, I don't know what happened. I dont know what had happened, but the effort I will see from guys being like. Oh my god, I took a three at the end of the game in their winning. I better get really pissed off about this, because these are the rules I hate, you know I'd be fun. You said of her boxing out twenty minutes ago, when the game was still close, use that effort on a defensive rotation use effort. Verbal icing, something that's happening, the half core, but instead of this kind, as to show how mad you can be about the other guy, taking a fuckin shot where the shock going to expire, the entire NBA. I would like at every rookie seminar from now on, I would like to be invited in to go hey. You know what doesn't matter is if a guy takes a shot before the shock expires. Game clock is different people still lose your minds about that one. But this whole idea that everybody on the staff is supposed to put the clipboard down
and walk over the guy like Centre Court after the game is over because he took a shot before the shot. Clock expired is insanity and it needs to stop it's okay. If a guy takes a shot, all right, there's a minute left, then thirty seconds fifteen seconds, and you have a couple guys in there or maybe playing. Last, two minutes in high school. This is when the scrubbs will come in and you made by Let me get you one shot off, maybe get a three now are asking these guys to just be like up. We got the bar at the twenty five second mark with one second left, I'm just gonna put the ball in the MID Courtland take the twenty four second violation, because as why it would it because you're gonna be upset. What's more entertaining you pay The ball in the admin court urge me just getting you do what she take a twentieth, footer there, fifty or seniors did, or five ten, usually Y, all through college, but bar. Where is the only time there ever gonna get a bucket and now
You spoke to show like how much you understand the game by taking the shock, violation and game different anyway? That was, I do said when it's God so weird This happen Still I go in for next week's if you have any suggestions: mail them at the mail bag at the Ringer Doc, I'd love to know the origin of damping between every free through because I hate it you know if I made a free through, I dont want to move coming up, begun. So when did this happen? When did we hi filing guys who just missed a free through whatever happens, letting them stand at the free, throw line waiting for the ball in their own shame bright, unlike the other guy's, a kilometer, half court Blake. Sorry just clanked it
but I'm gonna wait until the guy walks forty feet over the dat me up before. I did my second for Euro a cat. I quickly couple more things that might be the touching science, though you know that norms is getting Wall Street Journal sports and doesn't really cool stop. There is this thing where these guys, like teams that touch each other more more six? four hours like or do you think that light the Golan state warriors high five more when their winning seventy three games? Then say the Sacramento kings do when they winning seventeen. Have you heard about square their here's thing. A lot of people are now they make so much more in the card reader tools like point of sale for restaurants, for retail, for salons easy to build website. I think a lot of people are now they make so much more in the card reader tools like point of sale for restaurants, for retail, for salons, easy to build websites invoices, you consent from anywhere full service payroll, which I could use to to pay Kyle after Repack hospitably with car. Would you if you care to grant a square wooden
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no. I think you can argue tightens the subjects. Fourth Pisca, how greatest ties? I need to see like a therapist about Edward, to bring em. Now I've never felt worse about being so frustrated by prayer. Like would Jeff it was on the subjects and I could just target all my irish. We you'd have twenty nine points one day to night two points an accident, you know just completely disappear in the North Korea, the game, and I could just get mad ability. I do out. We are here, Jeff Dream. We argued about years ago, my god you're fresh and you will have read my year Heyward. I feel bad as I'm getting mad. That ease has sixteen points at half time than does it shoot in this, map in that I know he's gonna, whereby the coroner three so I would, Maybe he's that. Therefore vesper. Yeah you boy, I'm using all star has it is never the same, so that part is like, and then he said
little bit only came back beginning on like man, and then I thought you cut it, but now to that and had some better stretches at times, but I just think it's yours. Its eyes like when the assent of a guy like Tatum, maybe that's that's purposes, you have disappeared, should make it so easy for Heyward he's being guarded by the third best perimeter defender and everything. The thing a land should be getting better liked about. Celts is that if you were, who are top top four guys didn't include smart because look I just I kinda Tatum Heyward and Brown or better than him enticements, so freakin good, for I would say to MRS is, alas, I don't think he is the fourth by over the last three weeks he's been where the best forward these values, a embassy in and I'm shocked, I'm saying in, but I I do understand all the things that smart does. I do understand what he means that team that you have to be around to truly appreciate him. I'm doing that more and more. I just wish he didn't think he was the best shooter on the team and massive possession such as these
many times if, if he has a better shooter now to get out than it was when I used to really was my view playing, good team and he has more than eight reason the game you probably last next one. I think he could be the fourth vesper finest it so I'm it merely in or out. You love this guy. I just want to talk about belly, I'm, although in. He wanted eyes, he checks every box that I love looks like an extra days. If you, six four nine foreigner looks like he has shared while dead. I from three little races compose that made. You see the total. He looks. A little gave me just a different lifestyle row look psyche you now his hair looks like he made it a hair cut a week ago, but he said fuck. It got that, like just italian vibe term, I'm half italian loves the strokes. I could easily You guys are the new one. It's pretty good he's wearing away.
That jacket, leaving locker Thea I am able from Instagram you re, a check has adapted have as as is better than your like women. He lives with Camp Jordan and the sense of a penthouse on by so both in the belly. Yes think of legged Cool street, but even now street, but if you had to pick top five, whereas most likely have a cigarette after the game as they talk to reporters is barely one two or three and the West, I'm like murmurs along cigarettes are those old School Virginia Slim like those old Marlborough where those old Long Marbre reds relate as a time when hundreds year like they did that like an old Chesterfield long ere. Whatever my grandmother used to smoke,
we're both in our daily. I wish the subjects ETA gotten any yeah yeah should include a very good against Lakers. It was one of those things, but he's he's been getting city minutes now and everybody seems like em. I, like twenty yards Tonia riches instant replay in or out of nuclear power. She'll be out? If you want, it I've never been more out. I've always been out replaced the dumbest thing in all sports. Ever is all these people on are bored that sea reaction, social media go o k; we get a fix it because everybody there pro replay always says anyway. What's wrong, just get right here the offer that, except you don't We had an unbelievable, replace situation at the end of the Pelicans Lakers game, close game, fun, pelicans, I they don't really know what to do with defensively. That's why the series, the series analytic, would actually be that good of Zion part of it, and it goes it's it. It's a swat off of Brain Ingram call a pelicans ball. There's no, there's no review that showed you that it was often Ingram. None bananas.
Others, those above so I'll bet, whereas oh day later, the brothers goes on is actually Lakers bar at times did it's wrong. And we're all wasting our time and destroying any emotional momentum that we have at the end of basketball, Games or football game running, touched enemies, the excited no wait around for four minutes. Hey baseball is do more replay, let's ketchup, let's be modern or it'll, be the. The foundation of a massive cheating scandal. We play we, convinces aside, we need it, we don't go back, you guys, you make a mistake I'm getting it right enough in its only taking longer what if we just put a forty second shock from the moment, Tony brothers take seven seconds to put his head set on, but once that headsets actually on his ears, forty seconds he's look at every place. They shone through places forty seconds to decide whether to four
but are not if he can't figure of forty seconds prohibition overturn it anyway, it's either like look right away up, didn't see it amount, because that's what's happening is that the officials are doing this. Well, I got to make sure I'm throw it here. Looking at it and you go, I don't know like okay. Well, let's make sure it looks like we're really thorough about this. It's been five or seven minutes on this playing. It's like no. We can tell the you can't really see on that and honestly, like this, this out abounds thing worse off fingernail. Last there was never a thing, it was never thing in basketball. It was understood if I had the ball swipe dinner, my hands? But yes, maybe if we broke it down to the slow camera ever made touches the cell, on my finger. Lastly, you probably found me, but you probably found me in like you're the reason the ball without abounds and now were actually because replay reward the guided swiped, dude and some people? This is really not that actually good and emphasizes deepens us up. Now. I, like just being able, say a cable
I was out on you via having bars the biggest disaster I all the joy over reflex. Is it when he complains about not having more of it and then everything you get I don't see anybody going like a virus been awesome for soccer? I don't see anybody going like you know what I'm saying is taken. Seven minutes some of the college, Ask about reviews at the end again games turn of time it sucks I don't mind human error, inner out Devon Booker, as your best, where you ve got a thing for Devon Book, I'm just asking Using your cross, I'm fine with it. I mean you, don't want your money if their relevance yeah, but I can only say in the sense of like he's, not one of the six guys the changes, everything for you, so I will abstain, its interim active target
yeah. I just said I'm not going to I'm not going to stand up in the Senate. I'm going to get a sandwich come back after the most taken against golden state. Golden state wins one hundred and fifty ninety nine I'm just going to be to Devin Booker's box. For thirty eight minutes, six, four one thousand six hundred and twenty one points: zero rebounds one assist. Six terms are used in Devon. Booker's, your best player, like a team that grows into something this competing in the class I don't think there's that many guys in the legal acts that barely handful. I still I still stand by my. He should appoint a continuous anything thing. You live now. Let me go down with the ship Billig MEL Gibson over there. The patriot, you think that, like the team USA experienced changes, for suppliers cloudy. I would only be right if Tatum round were much better this year.
Yeah, he's Richard Wright Gazette you do like Donovan Mitchell could have been this thing. You ve done this I've ever his. I know you unfamiliar the content to relieve twenty three for a give, even avid gentry or shake mountainous or fifth one in or out evolving gentry hates drew holiday. Were ominously, IRAN shake Melton twenty five points with eight minutes ago, The second call a shake mountain as well yeah. He said a record for most consecutive threes made he'd made fourteen in a row of a on the broadcasters, like that's gonna, be the record. What's the record and there like that's the record and the clippers there was a very soon Pacific point in that third quarter, where they go, and you guys want to play ridiculous defense right now, like yeah. Let's do that twenty four five run game is over, but shake Milton.
Not afraid, didn't you have some early intel on him. I knew I could say who said it, but one of your most trusted sources was very pro shake Milton before any this right like a year ago, as I guess. Secondly, woody go like fiftieth. Remember it's mailbag time and I'm really excited for this first glance from Aleksander who nice He says the Houston Rockets are. The Bernie Sanders in the NBA in so you want to and should like them, because they start from a good place. Analytical approach, taking risks when a title, threes playing with pace, etc. It's all based on good intentions, but there so obnoxious, aggressive abrasive whatever about it, that it makes you hate them There are similar to our boy Bernie We have Bernie demands a Rico, and has South Carolina right where he has his own staffers. Do the Rico
and, like all look at all these votes that cause I get into the burning accent, impudent burning, no media. Here. How do I was gonna? Do man, prestige of Bernie as the coach of the east rackets, When we have Russia Westbrook in space, he's almost unstoppable, would be banned? and they who should have one they pay a couple years ago, they too, are you Above all, we need to set up. Are you ready? get em presentations of yours battling because you have got those pretty cow like there's a good thanks guy you're just jealous our Europe carried you indeed, society, thereby birdie I've ever I've never tried. I just I don't like your good. The lot of things then the dire. Let me now that may now limitations in it. I wonder, then, that I can only imitate Boston RUB, which is the same imitations by brethren. I know him. I brought a little but is not ready to be showcased. Brandon survivor. Talking about Amber, ok going
when Amber, lousy mediator. I was very disappointed. That's actually more robust and rob. I thought my Bernie was precisely that there are huge, was wrong guy, her eye delay Basra. Here we have another line of it, that's a Boston title. So do you This used to rackets, Bernie Sanders Corollary, I do, but bargain finished point. There is that it would have to be burned. Asking for recount done by his own staff members and in leaking exact loan Rachel nickel trash the ring cow numbers, actually screwed Bernie Sanders over for me to do the complete complete by and there that's a prob like an egg if people that aren't rockets fans are like a really like always rocket stuff last year. So that's why wake whenever a couple rockets has been a couple? Guy that work down in Houston that really cross the line with me and I ve never
to a media. S idea were obviously wow, like you get some big ones, and maybe the final swifter generated there's. One pistons reported that I think I do want to smack face. This has caused gotta guide, their red hair, yellow ominously, Sup Norman. I soon, if I ever see him fuckin nerd We ve got a robber, coveted. Nobody realize was the seller, and now is its others. That's going to bury the fetters. Ok, but if burn in Houston really were the thing wooden. There's no way, he let you guys take those first and second more shots and in the league he would any boy be like I'm sorry, you should always take Tom shots. Are you happy this? thing is.
Five shots games, do many shots to the shots. I think the point is burning preaching something tat can actually, when the presidency and the rackets r p king style, that can actually when the Abuja will lead area by another Alexander. That's his point. There, so, like everybody's gonna have a seat at the table for Daniel House to Russia, Westbrook we're all gonna. Have at the table Never love that you want the sorry can be lower, though a big should make forty thousand dollars, For the very day, the NBA is the opposite of what Bernie would, by rate the NBA is like the longer you play you could make up. Forty billion dollars a year at the expense of like basically, two thirds of the week, who asked to make four million.
The lesson he be like what is was brought back. We gotta give some of the house every what's a minute the salaries it eight billion dollars. Nobody makes more free sites So everyone Bobby wants to know. How would you fixed the manifest? Well, how many regular season, games or job in and how many platforms. I dont like only one team getting a by because a how much it it's is favoured the biting. I mean that the simple things they will you ever teams get buys or the team that are better buddy. You Centerville seven, seven Plath teams per conference right, you don't like the only the once he gets it by now. I like Now I understand that everybody your ears,
That is what it means and a shameful foremost like every single business that is traded publicly. You start price is primarily based on what do I think you can be as a company in a bunch years K. So everything is growth. It's why you have these established businesses that have been around for decades that have a stock price. That is the tenth of the next new thing, because you're hoping that the next new thing, ends up being some part of our everyday like it. I goober has never done it, but like some of the was it the beyond meet stock that was insane and test has been all replace and test. Listen about the cards about the technologies by alderman exit can do right. Now is not a great time you talkin stocks, but that's it. Point enjoys a fantasy re, whereas somebody who, because for forty eight hours, because he might be able to do with the guy that, just for twenty nine hours does every year right show when I the Unifil, the NFL. Get a learning. Games are weird: ok, I'll watch him! Oh
the expression the West Coast, like I'm, not doing the eye. Five. Forty five alarm: six am an affair I already have been up all night watching college games and no ominous sit and watch eleven hours. Nfl, anyway, ok, so I don't care about the game of decided go and not watching it given in much Renate, but that's about growth and the extra play off game. Bout growth and the Ex regular season game is about growth and that's why baseball does the World baseball classic and they that It's do. I have more inventory to sell, so I can also say, like a river ten billion dollar company and now we're going to Projector B fifty one all these different things that you want to be able to do, and that's that's the only thing in the funniest part about the negotiation, because when I look at the whole deal- and I expected especially in the NFL owners- expected the proposal to be terrible and I'm like wait a minute like that's pretty good fiddle players, that's pretty beautiful flyers like that looks really good for the place you, like all the seven game, but you can only make two hundred and fifty grand off the seventeenth game that doesn't make any sense and then get
What like that went away, you wanted a. Why is? It was negotiating one hundred and one didn't make any sense to only be able to make tuna fifty grand capped and the same. He's gay, no matter what you made it was. We the seventeenth games, we're going to offer up this horrible clause to it that were totally gonna cave on only get the seventeenth game. So we can sell that to the networks and we can make more revenue We can be a growing business because, instead of just say, hey. We do really well the platform as perfect as scheduling format. Perfect. The players don't want to play the extra doing. All these shows like big, is a
product the reins rating in this year, if you're not growing, then you're dead, even when you're, not. Why not just go extra weak sixteen games, but have to buy weeks instead of one and then you could do the play a game and have the seventh laugh teams in each conference do that at the edge by Afghan there you're making another week from tv, because now there's eighteen tv weeks is that of seventeen now have two extra plan: around one now grown a little bit. I actually would like that. As a football fan, he don't I thought was weird- is debatable. What about when you play nine in the eighteen plays eight home games like who cares? I telling that would but you're gonna, it's gonna even out over time. I don't I don't know I have to understand that I think some of the old
players that are like way. Man. We know we don't want that extra game because it just so much more dangerous. Yeah, but I think of you to be compensated. A higher revenue split, which is what's been proposed once that cap thing went away. I think seventeen Games is Ludacris. You do yeah. If anything, I think they should be going back or Sanu in fifteen games
But no one, you know the argument used to behaviour of the preceding just tag. Nobody placed precision anymore, you know so yet true, but then that dead ends up week. One we too, we three becomes like a glorified precision. Yak, as everybody is terrible to watch Pat from Buffalo, wants to know his path as progress off. First bout ha famer, I'm in the camp that he is. If you could buy his european career in his eliminate career grizzlies, the two Laker titles and the Hall of Fame soft structure, I actually think P Chris Bosh Resolute assaulted that you make it out of the gate, a chance, considering all fame class of his command. Think in normal years he met at a chance, I think, pass a better candidate. The Chris bash. I grew. Palace. That power is the best place in the two thousand and final sitting when the final assembly be, but he is the most important where that serious, ya equal look, it's every time, anyone ever
phase, as guardian of the programme will hall of fame before I finish the sentences say yes, because everybody gets in well, let's, let's say they had actual standards for the Basque above it yeah, I think you would get in, but my arguments or the quicker you have to go to the Olympic resume the weak Erasmus. I hate that we do with american players are going to be well to me. Should not be whatever first ballot is edition in his career, you now and enforcing Fermi at some health is yes, but he played twelve years in the first five, whereas Toronto for seven, pretty forgettable the kid the four year Miami Run, which was an icon that's a nice numbers, not one member. I moment at night I wouldn't be upset if he was first bout, but I think he's second bowed his fine France. We have take one more break sour Jesus,
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off. You wouldn't sit down and watch people try to check a ball as far as humanly possible. I'm thinking a heavy racquetball sized ball also added. Some professional athletes could patch of my homes through further than arouses Chapman or someone else which professional athletes who did the ads on favorite. Please discuss. I gotta say this is on tv out watch it. I want to see how far people could throw things. Just what would you call show truck stuff check on it? you have a regular will still a guy. We agree. I bigotry If you have an this week, guys we have Brett Boon, the retired second, men an absolute masher in the centre of that great mariners. Lineup, remember that team. Two thousand egg
Now we have Alex Bragwaine was gonna, be throwing a watermelon. Oh my god, forty five yards last Ex winner Michel, we returns to defend her cry. Like they ve lied, dread of IRAN, who are we gonna get we would object? Would you want them to throw continues to light the color of football, but not like a football like one of those junior for as I found my son would play with rubber video you air, a junior pro forma yeah. They give him a homes, could throw that a hundred yards. Let us play with their rear, mural Yassir free, It is a game for two years. Yes, your poetic, her how she still I signed. There is little by little shaking that's right here in our little radicals. The word I love that it was just that people can understand him. As I know, everybody has linkup tweak thing we're late
Does not the easiest ladders aren't soft law now supposed to big, I think I will watch is, but I do think big baseball should have done something like this. Member that I will storm, I wanna skills thing, although the number of outfielders actually can throw it to home plate now is like four guys. I don't know why they'll happen there remember a grown up. Guy said hose it's Roma to see we're haven't I guy like we're. Never gonna watch baseball. Now I see throws. Where I go, you guys all socket, throwing from the airfield Amadou Events, Evans grown ups can be plain that rifle core through that was his corner. Do is get the best fuckin racket, the entire. The entire area was under his deed throughout your Morgan. Six, I remember every five,
majority red one time. We we had a cup alone brows in Jody Red with sitting. Then he just I'm telling you right now. Second, on the road Dewey Dewey Evans, groupie Central, it is easy, he's astray, surer tell him you have you ever every ever wavered girls were all over him. I don't know why. I'm doing Jody read like this: the EU is now. I would like to see some sort of some people throwing something Ethan shock. Stop Ethan wants to know is in the most obvious trade possibility beds
men's for bread. Libya this summer is pretty good spreading at midday. Get that build deal was work as you can trade him, but always contract work. I get that is pretty good. Would you do dear and fox from incidents? Now is not good enough. I don't think so. Sir, your back on the seminary I've just thinks it is better. Would you do? I think some isabel is nice, that only the words over the worst guy? You could trade seconds for dream on now, be they got to four one word
Getting Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier like one of those type of deals, the numbers? That's pretty good. I feel like the good thing about this, for the Sixers this year is that it like there are a lot of teams that feel like they're, really down on Simmons before the year started, and I think Simmons is kind of we'll see what happens during the playoffs, but I think, there's a part of a few of the Sixers front office. You probably feel better about what the perceived value of Simmons, like, I think, he's reclamation himself here a bit. I think there's a path where, if he's on team that built around him and all the stuff that he's good at you going to be probably pretty good if it's like we're building a team, Lamar Jackson, style round Ben Simmons and all the strength, I think you could do that
the next time I sent his tea, were lukewarm topics for Sunday, weird part with reseller top ten generals world, where one and two combined overrated underrated, Alexander the great Julius Caesar him king is cut back. A virtue, you'd avid Alexander, the great opinion I just I don't think I have enough depths eye on each the libyan then only weak for now. Maybe Caesar awareness lacking is aware his rating with a lot lower. Indeed over the other guys like that they take a temperature, room brother, but some of these guys can you get kind of this God status? Is God complex thing, and you just you just you can't read a room Caleb. This is a question for me How about a Dwyane Wade Pyramid POD for book, a basketball nether is Chris. I know you're at the biggest D Wade guy, but I feel, like he's, become weirdly underrated. Cuz of his career ended. Maybe you could do in OC
Finally, we retire well, listen! I actually was gonna, do a doing wade they, but after the summer, tenth piece of content about how he retired. I think it might be like season for a book, a basketball before he gets between red country. You three day, retired he put out geography documentary about himself, he's better Irish for a year straight with. Buddy unto Twitter asked me how come you didn't do anything in the way of retirement, and I shall just one I said I'll- do it next year is unbelievable. Somebody once said that about a wedding you like, are you going? one says wedding, but I'm going to go to the next one. That's a good idea. That before every story amalgamated Magna say who said it anyway get down on your breath and doing read, but I think we need to detracts from the one year long to invade retirement.
Patrick princes I'm a real scientists, Patrick, I don't really pay attention. I'm just going to tell you to love to see. No listen to Bill and Ryan talked about giant weight. Made me think about this idea and Psychophysics called Weber's law. You know where was let us know if you're trying to steal cookie, would you rather steal it from a plate with ten cookies are play with one hundred you're, stealing the same number of cookies in each case, one but you'd still up from the plate with one hundred, because people wouldn't notice cooking missing is easily the proportional. Princes less and our brain assesses difference proportionally. Not absolutely. I think we have a hard time figuring out how much sideways, because he's just big. We can tell Russell S Birgus heavier than Steph Curry, but whose beer, Joel Embitter Niccolo Yoke edge, maybe Zion is the captain of the Webber's LA stars, the set of players who, because their big, we have no freaking clue how much they way. Who else is on this team?
it is a lock on out there. I don't even know somebody out at sexually. That's pretty simple: that makes sense. Unfortunately, we thought he looked. Ten pounds later said she came back, he does Rejoice that amount has heavier had he just right. So weird like it's, it's almost like Eads skipping, like he's just haven't so much fun that he's just girdle plodding along its we're, but then sometimes odylic, as he heard again like what the hell's going on there. But not I mean that's like there's deeds theirs. I've been around like some of the former offensive Lyman guys who, by their job thirty pounds of thinking really, you know you know so yeah I'm down with that, is an absolute unite about so fascinated by game the game he plays like he has those shoes from like my gun. Like he like he's, a normal he's, got this normal body, but he's got these crazy shoes that allow him to do all this shit and go faster and
that I think you're anyone literally every angle, Zaga was at low bow yet now known as just buy out at me, I think has been on my side. This whole package, eight just a shudder to the wrappers enough of the Lille. Look there's many of you like how allow past regain a hub. Bomb data be. If there was a guy you can be here below white. I went away. I was thinking about a rat name. I would have from body in front a little bed, yeah he's even now come on So what happened? Your there's a few, you know Lil Wayne and then it just it more this thing I were to studio. I be oh bombed like the previous year. The you know that the record companies here her all these hear blinkered year, names? You be little skis like well. I was just squeeze last week but now we alone that big movies we could, we could do a ceiling
sixty four levels right now, just too many levels in the game. I liked to in little bow changed. The lira became just Bower is a malware or anywhere gas does bout now loud people drop it so pomp one day just can be pomp. Was the innocent young jeez anymore to go somewhere Lodge Bobby Cambridge call. I don't remember him having a little, and I don't know if I remember that cracked alright to Jim Corner emails, Noah in Pittsburgh, now do good city. I went here Ryan's opinion on flat bill on went hats being worn at the gym. I live in the hotbed of culture and fashion that is Pittsburgh and have noticed a lot of people. Wear hats while working out is this normal or is it a weird Pittsburgh work? I wear a hat all the time, so hats are in
yeah. She simply click. Ok, I don't know what I'm doing this, because I were had all time of someone tell me I'm wrong. Go ahead, but yeah Julie had down I'm talking a little bit too much of my gym. Lately, though cuz I'm hurt and Ike. Sometimes I show up no plan. So I'm like it's going to suck again today and then I'll be like just take it easy. Take it easy and then, by the end of the day, I'm not taking it easy and I'm expected be her So, who had suddenly were no account or yet there's no annexing? Yes, I don't really have much. Has that on that that the supplies me? What do I do not support giving allows the lattice flat bill I give you one when they soon, as you get your your keys to your place, like your flat bill, had to walk, welcome ambition. Aircraft very has has a good and if you could date, somebody with a stroll Rio Propensity Perfect Aircraft Bay was.
Was you to know, I'm wondering for months how to handle this situation. The gym you're, the perfect person answer, meaning it. How do you handle the guy who's train, a circuit train in the middle of a busy Jim he's quote on quote using three to four machines at any given time. And if you try and get on one, that's in his rotation reserves as sorry man, but I'm using that. What's the appropriate response up to this point, I have simply said oh I'm sorry, I thought using another machine which was true because he's using other machines ramp herself. What's the yet It sounds like this guy's Bobby bigger than you, because if he wasn't it Are you going to show you would worry, said some new and that sex? like when the guy was really big? And maybe I she looks tough it was death like you, just gotta, be little hesitant when more hesitant as you the way the world works, but if you the using three or four machines. At the same time, some sir circuit exists. That's just not happening
Zachary, you just go like cable. Look, if you dont, cable role or something and then he's and somewhere else like from the amount of time, especially these doing three or four things: there's no way that you wouldn't have time to do your eight or ten wraps or whatever. It is on whether things it's in a circuit. So I but sometimes you'll go like am I making a point here. Like am I making a point where I dont like what he's doing, and I could just do something else, because I think we do that sometimes yet were you see the guy doing something that screwed up. Are you actually don't? You could do something different, but you just you want a mess. Him up is probably not worth the energy, but if it's really packed and he's legitimately using using four things he's telling people that they can use them, then I think you have to jump in in him with himself in the head Jesse
says it's nice things to say by me, which I will read, but real now wait a minute. I like to hear a few things about you, they're, nice, nice and the companies thanks. I appreciate his big fan. Any said, Ryan, the into your run. It is paying got me through some bad times. I get that a lot of depressed guys watch my shoe said some other nice things about you and then he said a heavier. Those of afforded here I heard in Aspen Jim corners making come back. Things were going to get weird and the pod here's my question: is there every time to ask a girl out at the gym And second question: what do you tell the old guy who thinks are dying in front of the new fans in the locker room? Everyone gets the same every time the door opens. What do you say to him?
so, there's a to really enables inspection, never those without their. I feel like by weight, thinks I'm ready male barrage of appreciate pilot as he ask granted to Jim. I don't sell you answer them. I've never done it ever Is there a railway wrong way to do. You got you gotta have like. You gotta know it's gonna go well like dont, be that guy that she's, a cue girl stretching inside hey. What's your story, you know like give it, I would say, give it multiple. Times where you try to figure out like Are we ever going to make eye contact? I think you can almost always tell like whether or not it's in the cards for you just based on eye contact cuz, you look and you be like okay. She looked at me a certain way where I think this could even be a possibility, but then you still I've, never done it. If you
you're, so confident and odyssey. Some you guys are so fucking delusional. You just ask it out everybody anyway, and I don't know You know my whole life. I've wondered, like is a delusional guy. Just asked out. Everyone is here, you're doing it right on Iraq, I would say he is right to take it, but it really is yes, fifty out six say yes, I know I would ask all with you guys guys like that is soon as you walk in they'd already been like asking seven different people to go home and I'd be like we haven't even finished our first now like you want to hang out with us. They will know. Ah so. I'm not saying don't. Do it survey that regional signals yeah, but some people can't some people, don't have that kind of thing where they can tell the way somebody looks back it. Yeah, maybe even for the issue where it sort alike is now machine that you want to use, but you How many she has left, but you ask
be cool way. Maybe make funny yourself a little bit. Ok, how many of you have left and Blake? I can I do you mind if I move it down, ha ha ha. You know your play for your phone guy and a little self deprecating. You know like I've always told guys. I got you if you try to figure out who taught you girls, just every Vince VON Movie and rip off his stuff. I went through that face Bulgaria was your day why your phone, one, though I bet you're, quiet, well, you're, crazy, Are you crazy, then everything's you're funny wait. We gotta get to job done over, I by that. None of the railway signal snow, we're right. But old guy. If your brave enough to tell him those seventy stop drawing his balls than you are a pioneer because none of us are comfortable, brave enough to go up to seventy something and be like hey bro, I'm just. I feel the same way about that as I would if somebody was just taking a shit in the middle of the street, I'm just trying to get as far away from best buy.
He's trying to avert a crisis, I dont know that I've ever seen anyone ever go up to the old guy NGO. Don't use that drive your balls because everybody just like you don't know but who is that guy who's? That really are everyone in my life. That would do that. Probably my friend Daniel I was a little girl I'll, be that guy. I dont, even the very positive, put your balls away, their Bedford Daily With said What's to follow. What, if you should your watched debate you about it raised yeah you debating within take a guy who's looks dead, probably vague. I don't want to do. I don't have a conversation. John wants to know
there's, a guy in my gym in Michigan that only wears flip flops in the weight room he affected by wearing Gracie Jiu Jitsu T shirts. The flip flops are worn it out there even walking to his car in the snow. What is he trying to say? Well, I, like the move I wore, I wore Adidas flip flops. Age eighteen to twenty eight and I warm in the snow. I don't know why I did it. I just did it I love them. I have used to purchase, Guide, Michigan, yeah and look if you guys just how all those jujitsu tee shirts, because if their brand new no vintage. Furthermore, in light broken in in their broken, in soft because they they were also,
Youversion that they got it. You know in Venice. You might want to stay away from that. Guy Matt from Metrowest Boston wants to know. Is it okay, when guys take two to three lockers for other stuff after work out with a double or triple locker, it the dresses I've had a double locker. Ok, let's get domain. If you're wearing like a shoot or something and you're coming back, but you want to hang it up and then it's probably if your hang a jacket and pants, and you get work out here from above you probably can have room to do it all you don't do it all the time, but three is a lot Steve from Santa Monica. This would last one if I'm considering switching to Equinox just to get it. Guys working at and genes in casually fighting in the middle, the way room at the local? Why something that happens?
ah more fighting at the local. Why you know, I don't have it I've ever monitored that. I used to belong to a why when I'm, when I lived in Boston, I didn't more for the hoops Anything else we died away with it with because when you have little kids, sometimes it's the best way to so they can learn how to swim. Here in my wife rejoined join the way. How can a cool stuff go that is otherwise integrate the air right, but then Maybe there aren't many the great thing about economic summit Equinox guy I'll. That's half the reason, a movement that Beach working and it we're going on with this one? This is for me. We haven't talked about the coronavirus I feel like we should. Is the coronavirus going to make people afraid to go to the gym cuz? I feel like we're about a week away from that. I know I've only been on for planes last month, so Looking around I've been like, that would be.
I rarely rather you know, I'm just gonna go. He said if I couldn't go to the gym: I'd rather die self you know will be carefully my membership, that's a great when this Pakistan. You can listen arrived on. The red reseller show till the hint at you can hear by Pakistan were left in the review of the book, a Basque while ass welcome in our taxes. Peter thanks to reserve thanks Kyle, thanks to square more than a little way, credit card reader a whole system until his bill to run a growing, a kind of business for point. A sound Perrault invoice is an online stores good Izquierdo com. Such go, such bs, to see all the ways you dig business from squaring whatever's. Next, thanks to northern Scare BP, and if you,
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