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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryan Russillo to discuss Tiger Woods’ return to glory after winning the 2019 Masters (3:54). Then Bill and Ryen recap game 1 of the first round of the NBA playoffs; Including a shaky start for the Raptors, the Nuggets loss to the Spurs, a bad matchup for the 76ers, and more (36:25), followed by some mailbag questions, Gym Corner (1:34:09), and a [SPOILER ALERT] recap of 'Game of Thrones' season 8, episode 1 (1:53:00).

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Tonight's, very special, absurd. The b S past and the Ringer Pakistan were brought to you by the zone stream over a hundred financing. Could the biggest names boxing and Emma without pain, a paper view fighters like Canada, trilogy Dino, Jacobs, Anthony Joshua, whole bunch, plus behind the scenes, content, Lydia Finite Library, of classic fides, original programming, everything eyes, live and onto band downloaded the zone app and you're smart to bees tablets mobile gaming consuls ran resell, you're, no stranger to the fighting. I'm gonna see those rights you like pugilism in mixed martial arts. I love at all would be your staff, you earn a mega justice last all around guy now, probably not a french kickboxing,
You can also get access to the brand new Emma be live. Web browser change up on every day of the week, hosted by resellers friend, Edmund Burke. Getting set up with the zone is easy, download that his own up in the upper edge right, appstore Santa by creating count, sat watching across nearly any of your devices. That is the a z and were also brought to you by Callaway, which makes see epic flash driver that has changed my life. A moral only I've heard. I heard you toss really great. I hit the crap out of a more importantly. They sponsor fair way. Rollin and I went on there to talk a little bit about Tiger would show Haskins Jha. Has this been my friend since the Ladys were encouraged together and we love Tiger as so many people do and we kind of thought this. They would never happen, but then,
and we'll talk about it in a second check out the fair way whirling pie cast, houses can do another when this week, I think Wednesday, where he's going to catch up with a couple more people, just as we sift through the opposite. What's that what what word is the opposite of wreckage? The beauty, the view whatever this year, the anti wreckage of an unbelievable unbelievable night with that tiger, hey the ringer dot com or breakdown game, thrones, MBA class, and if Thou draft this is heading toward one of the big weeks we've ever had the last week of April. Where did the draft thrones and the NBA playoffs not to mention a lot of good movies coming out all the stuff we care about? It's really yeah. It's really crazy check out the ringers.
Talk. The throne show hashtag talk the friends unbelievable night, less than almost couldn't believe the numbers that seem like forty five. Fifty thousand people are watching concurrently at all times, people love Game Authority that's what I learned less than I had no idea parenting popular show yeah, we're sitting there watched together and then watch the rear, show yellow eyes were I just it was like it was like a stock open up enough you're losing your mind. I was go, that's as they wow. This is great, but to show the great Mallory Jason do binge bowed and you can check that Pakistan as well. That should be up midweek at some point where they will break down in detail everything. That's gonna. If you want to watch the reply of talk, the France just got a ringer put in hashtag talk, thither so the first thing that comes up and equal rights to replay on that or are you to channel eventually to be there too so coming up we're, so am I gonna talk about Tiger were stuck with the emir paths. For many, Little game of France, I feel it reacts, some hot takes root.
I get a really mad and social media. I did we ve. We had a big dinner, we were nice and fresh water were ready to go first afrits reproach, Sunday. That requires feel good. We sit here. He spent fed you Baxter all I did all week was not move and watch television. I've been up since four hundred and forty five. This morning I woke up. I check my phone to see if it was six yet the phone I got blinded by the bright Iphone screening known that happens when it's like it's. It's a car headlights coming at you and then I couldn't fall back asleep.
And one thing lead to Another- and I was just up and I made coffee and I read it from a man tiger and then he came through Edna. Now by the time you listen, this is really late, sending aid or a bee Monday morning, Dr Unaware can work it out. Whatever were so, and I were talking earlier about who brought the most sports talk, radios, slash talking head hours to the table of any action, so we're talking all time all right, I'm very modern era, but it's not fair to older guys. All time would may be the last twenty years. Cassettes really when this machine blossom, where every big city has a twenty four seven states satellite way bars. I thought I knew this gap bright. Liquid in in New England twenty five years It was like Eddie, annulment, yeah right,
Debbie. I became issue. Positive shows just think about that. The other day that so weary brought him up any animal edged be all day. They had to be a positive vibe no complaint dumping, your negativity near now its flow, but I would say, I would have Leubronn and Tiger in the files. I think Jordan, by the time he retired the men Is it wasn't in place yet like ITALY? Is Ryan, didn't really have after your programme there thou sigh of time, I've tiger in the brain. The final suit you abroad is definitely in the fine. But he's the winner too, because you could also remember we're not talking golf year round the way we're talking about Lebron or somebody who's, your arguably the the biggest than the most famous athlete in any sport in United States, at least so someone who did it for that long. Yet, again, ten ten and a half months at elaborate every year. The tiger thing was when it happened, whether its looked at scandals almost ten years ago. Those two guys look of it all up to that maize is almost
What's the end its November? Thank you, ve, not as now you're right so was massive, and that was around the clock. You didn't radio back then right, you, oh yeah. You weigh them at that point. Yeah we test we just started, and that was a weird spot for Scott Casket was so was to him and Steinberg, and Yahoo is one of the guys that that Tiger hugs at the end when it puts his arms out and that's his guy and you know even heard the tireless in the show, all the time and sometimes Tiger were texts. Vamp help there and there in the show- and that was after a united and gives out get rid of the remark I hear if this guy sucks, but doing the job there. I don't think there's any way. Look, I'm not knocking the call here. There's no way the laggards that in the final US I'd, say right now and in people in a roller eyes, bonds is up. There think bond sneaks into the fire, we are talking about the home, run,
pursued, but also they what he d. The whole time I remember doing late night shows that he is spinning forget what I called in goes I'll. Give you ten thousand dollars. You can come up with any evidence now they will look at ninety. One tops guard went so I know what otherwise you would you are there was there was so the hall, the balancing bite into the hall whose a baseball famer not, which is where the Oji sports radio The second is, you can have this guy, no he's absolutely not favoured just people get mad. They have had a late push for it, but he was more advanced than of years. No sound it have you. But it was. It was real real, incredible IRAN I was wandering like- and I I dont say this is a homer peck, even though my team, but like a bell, a Czech pats, kind of combo debris.
Has yeah just Brady in that the structure, but that's out one person. You know what, though, that's, if you just made it this two headed thing with bill Second Brady combined in the patriots, anxious or the patriot, would side. Are you on all that stuff? The initial underdog fag one seed may brandy varied I'll Manning. Give Europe if here even include all that stuff. Brady versus Man is, I think, when people listen is right now that all what about this huge story- and you get a cable- that's fine, like individual stories themselves, could have been really big. This isn't about the biggest story, it's about kind of in the last fifteen years or so which guy dominated all of the debate shows as much m T Bow Tebow's kind of in the cabinet category, where it was red hot for a couple years as four years. Maybe, but I didn't have the legs now So what do you mean to you today? Well, so, did you cry? I got choked up when he was here
the fam? I really did. I was surprised, cuz, I'm kind of a cyborg. I ate the reason I brought up the sports talk, radio that whole thing is cuz. This tiger story said so many ebbs and flows and arcs and ups and down is he the goat, Cannibal, giving less gimme your time. I like, You were what all in Tiger fan or just always loved the factor, because there's there's different levels to this right like were you always running for tiger all time you always wanted underwent on top. At last. I was always one of those whose the next I wanna be it in that guy early guys. So I remember watching the amateur ones. So you were also you are up a year and a tier one then retire at airline behind it. I say so my easily, my favorite godfather presentiment close, and I put him like mackinaws my favorite tennis pirates alcoves tyres, my favour, golfer lendal, to Navratilova lend all kind of one day. We are to aid to be
Tiger to me. Like a buyer, I think he's a Boston team, but that's our roof one year soundly and entreat this cause, I don't wanna be marked on the friggin twitter, but I was thinking like Red Sox title. Pat Superbowl Tiger Masters. I one like the last retailers. I've cared about your claim in view. I am glad we have good. I never quit on em I'd, so two thousand nine yeah it goes down. How did you feel so? If you go back, I wrote a two part: mail bag.
About the tiger thing, and you got shit on pretty heavy for the nano that that was later. There was later and bring this up, as I think it's important to, and I really like everybody's out with Tiger I'm just saying I wrote like a ninety five hundred word column, the x. It was discovered that the split it over two pages gives away. We would have taken too long to download. I just so many thoughts, and I really felt like, like the word tragedy, gets turn round at sports way too much antithesis of tragedy. We know what the real tragedies are, but this is like a sports tragedy of this guy that you now, as were Ali George. Tiger those are the big three of the last going back to the sixties and he his in a way that it doesn't get nominated. I mean during his peak years it's just back and look at me like that actually happened. Well knows going. They were changing the course and they'd like shit. Do we have to change Augusta Pharma? That's that
and I'm sure there's some people. We lay Hey ever heard a ban Hogan and you just got ok yeah, but fine for like for the modern era for what he did and judges to expect. Every week it was Tiger the feeling you feel like an idiot. If you took the field okay, so the two thousand I happens in its, I think big society, any what happened today or choose me with him winning this weekend, speed society to but its it turns into things. Like me, I thought you were so amazing, but look you're fucked up. Like everybody else and there's some weird joy that the public takes in that yeah and I knew I was asking you that cause. That's not exactly what happened. People have they like when somebody has around screws up yet because they lead to go down now and then I would have that or the person screwed up themselves like it embodies growed up to Don't worry, I think so. I think the thing that the thing that's amazing to me out of others have
I talked about a lot about bananas, not totally. You know the ship it can assailed this. This were this. This was done this. While I give you gotta, to allay Ali just one to fight again. Nobody like gave up on the on the thought of Ali ever being good again. It was I can we get this guy back in the rain. Yeah me honestly, it wasn't even Ali wanting to fight it. Was they wouldn't let of Erebus like China Fame Canada now, but it was these people try to get a check out of our young people around him more than it was him there was never. There is never a doubt in the talent and with the tiger thing, his back choose his knee his body. It just hit felt like it hit the point where his body broke down, and you looked you think back to even like less than three years ago, there was a real sadness to this story that this guy was done. It was over and it was never happening and I'll man, but wasn't it great when he was good, but nobody thought the.
Gonna happen again, I was happy than contending again, so you never thought we see the reason I'm bringing this up, letting some people rather wondering. Why are you going back ten years when you really should go back to the injuries, but this the skin, never derailed and nearly as much as everybody thinks it did from it from a competitive standpoint, he just in win any majors. So the public was like he's bees, toast your weight, so maybe sampling. I await the eighty derail him. He was the year two thousand thirteen and had five when frank, but he waited we need a major anymore, ok, but it and he was, he had a couple- get runs into Vaz. Inevitably wasn't it was an tiger, yet it wasn't p tiger I've always kind of resistance, as he wasn't winning any majors after the first the the family incident. It was this thing as I go he's been derailed by that, unlike is actually still playing really competitive gothic I was going through a he. He finished forth in six in into majors and two thousand thirteen, and then you two thousand fifteen is when it starts can afford.
Part, even though he he played in all four majors. That journey is sucking the masters in two thousand fifteen and then two thousand sixty when he's hurt- and then I remember doing the show all the time cuz every week in twenty seventeen as well. It was this thing where they be going he's going to be easy. To be awesome, I mean play the one event in two years, but it was always this idea that he all the practice squad. You have no I'd like you going back a couple years, but he's hitting the ball so well, and then it's sort of falling apart. It was an injury again and I was always agreement. What's the injury, then, if everything seems we go and great like, I would wondering like how much of it was in his head. When I lost his legs causes. You know the need that he pushed off right, our member, how many times it got operated on that is set out in the back as she is. But you know you're right that there is a misconception that
was just not irrelevant golfer, four hundred and nine, because I gave him the twenty eleven masters, I'm Roberta Bout it that day he was in the hunt that day and then he kind of self destruct in the back. Nine was in the hunt and their words that familiar like the sounds and there on the course- and and it was this house later- what happened today is first event. Back was the masters in two thousand ten any came in force, and it was even playing that well yeah and I remember talking to Scott about it, I go. Why would he come back? Why would you just get a tuneup somewhere else for combat to Augusta, and this is no van pelts- knowledge about Gulf, which is credible. He just was actually it's the best place for him to combat it as the course well. He knows the deal. As you don't just get into Augusta, so it can be a different level of people in a letter of goes end. Augusta is going to put their arms around tiger and try to protect him from all the nonsense as much as they possibly can so
as I remember doing in other stuff, with with it, will you go? Is this guy really this her or is he that damage upstairs because he's lost confidence in you go I mean I can't even compete any more and then it's two years words. One event. Last year. He was really good, but you. I was really good again last year and has an I talked about on his pad how he was at least in the mix again, but there was always this feeling that he was eighty percent when he was or eighty five percent. What he was with me, which meant chart right super repetitive would have. Am saint really good, I'm not saying anything about PETE, but I mean he wouldn't in the open. He was six. The pigeon was second, so I almost feel like what happened this weekend. It's an Awesome awesome story, but I feel like the recovery had already started to happen for sure there some other level that he went to with the boss striking this weekend- and I have I don't know the stats are, but it just phallic- he was absolutely crank in it. You know there's couple where he was a neck and neck with fee nose like one
best drivers. Untoward now see I saw Fino alive. Riviera was seeing him hit. A ball lie. He is go, there's some different. What is like a freak and tiger was at least like in the vicinity I'm an old, Iders, Hammy downs, which is cool thing. We estimate that the drives that he who sit down the stretch the war was so great was you know, and this happened with Nicholas and eighty six, where just everybody wants one guy to win, and it has this domino effect psychologically with the rest of the field, and I didn't find the announcers fully tapped into it when it was happening because, like the two guys, he played with her the only two guys in the top twelve and a natural part of it,
or better, and it was considered by the tiger was its intense in you're in this situation, where everyone's reading against you and you could feel like it. If we were doing a pack ass right now- and there are two hundred people in this room and all of them are ruining for me in any time, you said something there just glaring at you, like you, view feel it and it's like some early cp shall remain wife was watching. I was like when mom and I are headed into the drink and twelve I, like I jumped out of my couch, sounds like yes and she's like I've. Never seen you root against. Somebody that sounds like these are my enemies I want the motto have quadruple book is like it, but I feel like they could feel that on the course if you here, you know about the New Augusta, that places is it's like a church. It's it's
I'm not a very biggest golf guy and I I can't tell you how awesome it is everyone's pulling for everybody right, and it was not the case today and the other thing part that I was so glad. I went last year for a variety of reasons have been able to see how hearts were to put some of the holes, but you can't oversight, how little you know. What's going on and yours you're stuck at the hall and the only thing you have to go via the scoreboard when they change it so when they so on tv, in its I watched a war when they realise tigers up to mine is thirteen is in the lead, here's replay, then everybody goes nuts and it seems like it's kind of our aid. There there overreacting Larry, they had to know, don't have a full. Nobody knows. No one has a phone there. All I call the shit daggers winning like that's the reaction, but that's just what it's like. It's an amazing place. Getting in there is great, because it's almost like this reward when you walk through the ropes to Augusta, where they go awry, are you got here
knowing somebody Baylor lottery. Scalp mm. I thought you might. However, you got here now you're in any one of us and grab it DE beers and use our evaluation, here's your badge and the greatest Never, when you realize weight, we can just sit in anybody seat and then it just understood if they come back when you get up and get out of their seats, that means there's tons of empty seats, I'm sure not Saturday and Sunday, maybe not even the entire week. At least it was for me when I went two years ago, but then to see a teen to stand up in that tea box get that fairway and how tight it feels coming out of there, and it just feels like this blind shot on tv. I don't think it does it justice help and nothing's most intimidating hall just feels nasty. You go man. This looks way harder in person than it does on tv, and I can't even imagine how exciting it would have been to be there for this cuz, like I was there last year on the Thursday and Tiger Burditt. Sixteen, when we were there,
Everyone, nuts- and this is day one on Thursday like who cares, and we lay I play he wasn't in it when I was there. We reacted like this magical thing happen. If you're there today, when he had said, I've down fifteen and where were right in my good, this is like Tiger, carry Oki right out these holes. These are like this is a stretch it he he owned when he was at Augusta thirteen fourteen fifteen, sixteen that these are his holes and he is a driver. Fifteen issues sitting there on the stand there and the fair way for twenty minutes waiting for Brooks captcha that our group, too, just finish as I manifest puts us on the green he'd. Probably gonna win the masters in both and the green to goes goes to sixteen and almost gets a whole one which, if he had gotten a hole, one has to be in the conversation for greater sportswoman water. How time we get to give it a week or two
it's for USA beats the Russia and eighty tiger horn went toward the masters. It was ok Dave, Robert still question Roberts question bogging. Eighteen Carter put a damper on it now known so that they know that China. We are doing this early really now under the heading I'm kidding about that. That was dangerous, though, because he got the he's got to cute. He did, but reason I bring it up, is that we are trying to figure out throughout the next time, for forty eight hours of who would zig when everybody zagging, because you just said: no I've zoonotic Sagramour was get the whole time. Where were you guys now downtown BBC? Really I was trying to do. Is I really want to throw out here is fine. I guess I feel like that's not what I did. I modifying the guy that is cuz we asking like is this the unspeakable? If Europe
show of your radio rain this out, then it is overdue, notably when nobody's zagging. I will our sacred every other zagging, and this fella can all times AG moment where its every, but even if you didn't really route for tat, yeah like what you sit, there is room for Molinari. You know I could see room for tony Fino budgets see Tiger everything has gone through and I understand he's ever he'll never have to well paid a bill rest of his life. Soon I have to get to that debate, but to see him there with his family. I think even the most cold hearted person ago, some You will never thought those happen again and there's plenty of evidence that it wasn't going to happen again. That is plain better and like me, what oh, what a weird ten years. This has been the odyssey that he's gone through laddie stock and then yelled mugshots with a t, shirt on, and you know it all stuff, like you, have to go through long. Your this'll be laughing stock, even though still kind of a man and then it's like. I just one, the masters, I just one, the masters at forty three who would go on a talk, show me like well, I think it's fair for golf if captcha wits, because- and so this fell,
like the and visible typos zig zag would be? have to come out and urges us to explain this egg one more level. There are people out there that they look at the terrain, yeah right they study. And they go nobody's going this way. I'm gonna make the strongest case. I possibly can they and at least seventy make you stop and think which is I, as a political science major which The ties in what we do for a living where it's like you take history, and you make an argument. Any gesture, So the shit out of the argument, which is basically this egg- I think this egg is, you know people are celebrating Tiger talk about how great this has. I look the other way I think, of what we lost. We should add more of this and the only person who cost more. This Titus was Tiger woods. We'll be back after this. Why is higher winning the masters is actually bad forgot. A hit
or like tighter words is like Yukon women's basketball. Next, her are oh yeah. If TAT, if years back as a dominant golfer. This is actually bad forgot. You did it cannot. As you know about you, Dustin Johnson chapter VII now Heard of him, you want to know why you have because Tiger was average zobeida that we needed Tiger sabbatical yeah, I think, are the open championships cancelled. I do think there's I'd think somebody will make a case of. We should be celebrating this guy too much because he was handed the golden gifts. Any kind of blue see that case be made. I do not agree that obviously yeah, I just feel like somebody will set the whole region Brought of all that stuff, I remit, going wiser buddy saying this guy stinks what he's playing well after the incident, and then it became his injury thing. And while I caught it I'd kind of given up on like not him as much as I was saying, hey
me. No one is healthy and is actually gonna finish around like finnish four rounds and then we'll take it from there it because Retie me wasn't making cutters is withdrawing. It would be right after three or four days, a hearing how amazing his practice round one. And so I ve got a really knows cohabiting smile and easier, even though no that's what I mean and then eventually like. Oh his back, is actually that nobody s so that he had the good leg and arrests than a mug shy and it seem like was he did that a pain killers like there seemed like all this, other stuff that might be going on and we had died. Eighty nine with the span of fusion and I can over overstate the spinal fusion part of this. Like I, as a member of the bad bad club, you know I never had the back surgery, but. You just not supposed to ever really be the same, and I that's why I was fella Tiger, like cow said today was always eighty percent. I just felt that's where we were. You know a guy like you exploit Griffin on the persistence and it's like I Griffin by Griffin City. He does jumped that way anymore, but
he's, figured out a different way to be really good. I just that. That's where we're Tiger, but the tiger today was fastened, crushing the ball, hitting darts carried himself differently, not the over dramatic fiscal. Just the robot gone in the next hall like totally lacking, but his elation afterwards is then it cannot be right. Yeah, I've never seen him like that before I wouldn't expected to look like it did ten years ago. You know act. Is that what you really want to do is in pressure kids, when you have kids. They re, not impress your kids earlier. I know you are try you'd, they weren't, even your kids, are chairperson of the austrian people, always wonder why Adam Sandler makes had spent like ten years, banking, kids, both Zack as he had kids. You wonder, impresses kids people! That's why they slept eventually they start making movies that are geared towards people who, coincidentally, the same age as there I'd like to have a TED with upper a hub.
I'll bet you to see where we go next few weeks with this tiger story in terms of, is he really back he's never back in the sense of what we are talking about a double. What, if like what if he goes to the? U S open in his leg, leading after day to live. Could he really like actually be back does not back into Are your slam is ever say you? Could the Tigris lay a thing again but, like you know, Jack's is three way from Jack. Now he wanted me, you want a major and masters in every decade. Now is a chance, but the first guy I think to do it in for decades, and only anyone to that he's got all these things. Now that we can start talking about, we go back to the sports radio talking at thing, they're all these kind of legacy, things that people can start talking bout again that were gone, that bird the ship had sailed read it was. I got my God member without a catch jack. That's like shit! He made me actually catch him. He is forty
I was struck me today. Forty three org outwards masters. Forty one Euro guy won the Superbowl is ever been this good being your forties. Forty nine Euro guy hosting a grey passive ran resell. That's a big you fifty this year. I am what I ever that I just I just hope a Tiger Woods Woods, Barbados, issued protruded guitar involved be great, I'm so happy his bag. I really miss them and what it thinks it struck me. Was it I'll just never like another after this much. I just won't especially now, like you know, there's no way get a boy. You become a weird. If, in your mid fifties you, like God, I love the Zack, whatever kit but I feel, like part of the reason I love tigers, cause he hit rock bottom. Like I loved him, but now it's like you know he, he bade real mistakes that I think are important for people to learn from,
We have these heroes in here Our moral heroes are imperfect. Here's fuck up here due dumb shit. They were shaken. Take back like I like that. He has the words. I think it some more human. I always feel like almost everybody has them. They just some people to get caught in a ton of people that don't so that's just I look so I never build anybody up my head anyway, before any things happen. Unless I actually really feel like. I know the person good or bad, but I have with how old are you I'm forty three? I have a little bit of a problem and I think I had a really good seat for this. You know what you're doing something where you feel like you're, getting the nation's perspective, fed back to you and to see the
it fast on this guy and in I'd heard rumblings were tiger was like look, I get it. I screwed up and my crime was women. I didn't an fuckin, kill anybody yeah. I, unlike iconic, thought about that was again. You know you did some that you're not supposed to If we can talk about what family values aren't always even things. I didn't like how the public took a total dump on this guy. And then we are so predictable. That, when he wins site man, fucking love story? Let me give you a hug. Let me give Now I didn't know, I can't go individually and keep track of who said what officer and stuff. I just think that's what we do in this country. A lot were incredibly just mean and harsh and nasty, but then were also forgiving, but then, if you win again new provide us something will embrace the hell. You like nothing ever happen, so this is what happened in benefit. Basically, that experiments Tiger woods as
Him is it activists deserting ridable, I'm an attorney. I might get ready, get ready for the sun, the classic story. The celebrity is you had a big everybody loves you. Something happens where its meteoric and then at some point everybody as wait. A second hauled on who the fuck is this guy, then there's the farm. Then we kicked, we kicked. The person beat the shit out of her. Then they crawled back and add the combat. And where I fucking love this guy, it's nasty it in that. That is the Ark now TIGERS, absent more time than the better for it. It's the town was pretty good
like, if you go back and you why you read like they're, gone baby gone stories in the town of ass, like when he was reestablishing himself as a director, and he was really trying to win the credibility back as much as anything with people that you know. Please take me seriously: I'm not just a guy who just grab and pay do not forget in like actually really care about the craft. What I'm doing goes wrong in Oregon Nina. He had perhaps or other. I look I get, I mean, oh no, you mean everybody goes. I was not could be goodwill hunting no way ray. You know, then it goes all the way and Dayton's slabs in these has drawn up problem all that stuff, but then those are the way to Argo and as a benefit as one his staged. A full combat and I remember right in this at the time for Grantline. That's when he did the Batman Movie, that was his patriots fuck. You I'm gone for nineteen no moment where he'd already won it already the come back and then he
like you know, you know be really great. If I pulled up Batman and my question is what now does that become for Tiger woods? What is his version of Ben after being like this? Was our great I'm back but now to be Batman, so they think you re. Probably him are you. If you put me on the spot, to think is something this comparable saunas thrown back on it. Not a scientist is, I think, I'm ready Tiger tired is keeps playing. Wait longer than everybody wants him to. That would be his bat like aged sixty ass anybody, you, Where is like, I feel like. I haven't, really play my pick off yet she's do like TIGERS, Devon, everybody's, roar and laughing. But by the way, how survey on the pod like three weeks ago has reared we did? He came on the part, had to figure out should be banned two in the masters. How realistic exists and we looked it up and it had been like ten guys and got his one major tigers, age or other the gay. I think he's eight, the seventh, I don't even
see the stats today, but he's got to be like the seventh or eighth oldest guy to win a major just at the ages. In now so history says it should be. This might be his last major, which is fine. I'm just glad he's play again, as in our lives, I've never been anti him like a lot of people. I go hey just want em around warm around, there's nothing more played out than when somebody thinks it's it you'll thought like an auto like as when he's in the mix in order like it. When he's in the mix at individual orders, I've never heard anybody here, lawyers, but I would like, when you wear the red outfit you like how you brought it back old School Tiger outfit, I have some questions about his nipples. I just I can't give you What about turtleneck? I don't really like those marks at all I talk cousin cell had a great tweet on Saturday ruse like I hope everybody in this final grouping can again we're all lilac golf sure as if it was a really good three,
when he put his arms out- and it was you know, I don't have kids so I understand why people think I'm incapable of understanding. What have you like to hug your kid after everything, in the comparing it to the Earl Hug, but I was just in that moment happy for him just really really happy for that. Dude, my hall, dad DNA checked in with the hug and the kids. I can watch anyone hug their kids Sports Center ESPN or do those videos of his dad came back from Iraq and he's going to surprise is Canada Basketball game. I get choked up every time yeah. I owe it always gets me. I just saw one recently of somebody's brother came home and sat next to him in the cafeteria and the kid didn't realize it for a minute and he saw him and his whole body saying how to my mind, this is always gonna work on me. I saw one or a moderately baseball game and there are, like he's, been a tennis camp for two weeks. If any of the many came out like ok, fitness kept her
coming up about by military White Tiger. Woods is come back actually wasn't that meaningful, but first cigarettes with. Where Robin Hood. It is investing out, though it you buy and sell stocks ATM options encrypt those all commission free, while other brokerage is charge up to ten hours every trade, Robin Hood doesn't charge any commission fees seeking trade stocks and keep all of your profits plus No account minimum deposit needed to get study concerning bessie and any level the simple intuitive design of rabbit on me. Investing easy for newcomers and experts, a leg view Is it understand, charts and market data play such in just four taps on your smartphone. You can also view stock collections, such as one of the most popular with Robin and learn how to invest in the market. As you build your portfolio discover new stocks track favour companies accustomed notifications for price movements. He can never mister Redmain.
To invest Robin Hood right now, giving listers of the bill summons, Pakistan, free stack like Apple Ford or Sprint, to help you bill. Your portfolio sign up right now had Simmons die. Robin Hood com. I will talk basketball. This is what we expect it to be talking about This is a Sunday night podcast, where we break down everything that happened over the weekend. Everything we think it's going to happen over the playoffs next few weeks, we're going to watch game of thrones, which we'll talk about it later when you eat food and then we're to take this podcast. I think the number one story coming out the weekend- and I think you agree with me- is WTF Philadelphia. No doubt. I don't even who would be in the files with them for senatorial, probably winning as a seven Denver November's lose home will get all the stuff. I know a little bit later read. This is with the sentiment. Close
There are so many layers to this fairly story. Well, that's the thing is, I do would start here. You go. Why plan bid? Why playing game one wild drag. Why make it like? I almost a game time decision seizing messed up a team, the uncertainty as opposed to just haze, not playing or also this is this your guy. This is the guy you're, paying thirty five million dollars a year to. He is the key to whatever your team. Be the next five years and He was running around you know it looked a little Gregg Odin S, I gotta say like it. He just looked way. Krieger looked at it, shape if he's out of shape why do? I want him, run around and play a game cassettes day. That's a great way to get her worse. Drunk fans by the well known we can't even get mention is a big story when we last will get will get through. I now did he took more threes, the J J Erratic, it's worth raising by Us Harris. Issues like slow and out of shape in a definite they get hurt the team, but, more importantly, risky
I just don't get it so explain it to me the size users are so overwhelming what he had done against year. Alan What do you have any other big lineups? I dont think he was a guy that again The lot of three cause he, MRS Threes, now and it's a bad shot for him and its frustrating to see him. Do that, especially when you, team were the other for starters average over seventeen games. You don't need to take those, and I also I understand why nobody goes to that elongated pop vague, but people still do it, so the nets are trying at yeah yeah they tried everything they do a better job than some of the other teams, as he do it. So I thought the first four minutes that gain I'll do the reason why the Sixers wanted plan, because it looked overwhelming and you're. Looking at how big Philly is when there right now is so much size for Brooklyn even deal with, but then I think when you give the team the taste that you're gonna have him and in others all these different things. We can point you, but when Brooklyn went small and Atkinson really
that a number on bread, brown in this game, yeah you could see that Philly it wasn't it. They didn't have jolyn, but they still sort of expected him to fix all of their defensive mistakes and then they're going small they're getting switched into Reddick R. I feel like Brown even left red again hoping he would foul out and it was it was really messy. It was really messy at home for Philly team that I still think I still think needs to prove to the rest of us and maybe even Philly fans it just like who are you really like? Are you guys actually mentally tougher, you two huge shoot, shiny toys with two other nice scores and a guy, it's threes, and I don't know if I can really by India and that Simmons game to me is the appeal to me of why we all worry about that. Simmons and who he's really going to because he was invisible in that game and if in beads gonna be out, that's when Simmons disposed to be unlocked and
you know and then afterwards, like none of these guys handle it. So that's all this stuff combined, like all the Philly problems, sort of happened at once against. Yes, a competitive funds, spunky well coach, Brooklyn team that should be beating the Sixers at their place game one even if and bees in Europe. He I played four and a half minutes at sir. The first car they took him out and that's when my eyebrows terrorists, as it This is weird: if you're going to play in plan who's, getting fouls against everybody, he can only play four and one slash two minutes and you gotta rest of them. You know made about his father was the jewish. Whatever leg I just didn't, none of it felt right. The game played in re. Think a J J involved at all. I give you not gonna, run place for J J, just dump biologist fatigue yeah, just don't plan made like you can have at their Justine Iraq as is going They're gonna go after him. On the other side, it confirmed to me too,
is that I was worried about with them really since, before the trade deadline, I'm not sure Brett Brown's, a good coach, I just don't know if he knows how to pull the strings. I thought he got. His ass kicked in game one and, more importantly, their best on that sure are good together and I saw the style of unemployed ten games, and this is what we will be acting optimum like one only played ten games, it doesn't mean, oh just give us the benefit of the doubt yeah. I don't. I don't know what to look for, or also and he's daggers those two guys. A key would try to keep butler, I'm heiress out there and get the other two away from them. I get it, but still have a real hall being unable to regulate the cutting contained Spencer did Winnie on Saturday. It's like this is what I was saying in February, who who's an inquiry who, whose guarding Damien lowered? Guarding, like any shifty guard, who can put somebody in a screen and either put for three ago to the basket there have the purse. They don't have
none of those five guys can handle a guy like that. I just think that the lamps were done didn't and it's like a Paris is getting his. That means somebody else isn't getting his Ben Simmons the last five. Some game. I dont know what thou he's doing in ages disappears for stretches now. It is the lack of banana like any of it. I don't know Siemens and I like their players. That's I own. I both like their prayers rate, love and satellite, their banks and other their benches very other benches. Fine. I should do I go below average and the bench but the bench shouldn't matter in the place of all this time off in between and your team is young and you have these flicked the whole point as you have. These four guys are all huge and Jimmy Butler went off and it was kind of a funny. Butler Game in the senses like saw me to be the only one here. Legality early one understands is game on so like, but he strap threatened. Second quarter, but in a way that we all knew was assisting because I don't think he can put four quarters together, he comes in us yeah, but at least they got sunlight.
Least it looked like what had a tough guy in the Ben Simmons stuff. I just look. Go here, there's a reason why he gets not more than others because last year, when you watch him, you go. This dude is enormous and to end his vision. He can board you should be able to swallow up other guys in a certain times. Defensively were looks, really really good, and then you see in today's game, you haven't you, also now I'm like ree calibrating what I think of you and your ceiling, but since it was thought that maybe disguising be adoption player, he does interest in spacing a key brings Guy is in when other guys, like you, bring his guy into the paint when somebody else's working in the pain, because it's almost like y know, I can't stand outside the downs sag offer me. So I don't. I don't know if that's another coach, a part of its on back and realising like there's gonna have to be possessions. We have to stand assert spots, but that was in horror that was
horrible game and then his latitude afterwards of your boon. Us then stay on that side like a duty on Philly figure. It out like this. Gonna have. I was embarrassed by that. I actually thought that felt like a little bit of a generational thing which yeah we talked about the players all season about their attitudes toward fans and behaviour and sometimes is justified other times it's like guess, we're always going to have cheering and booing it sports. And if you suck at home to Annette's team that you were supposed to be in five games and only two guys on your team shows up and you're in Philadelphia they're good they're, always gonna call like it is, which is one of the reasons I think Boston and Philly fans, even if they hate each other. They kind of a little more somewhere the maybe when it met lots of a lake That was a no show. There are national tv, they deserve to be booed. They lost two nets team there down twelve fourteen. The first have Russell was dog shit. The first
ass usual. He was terribly. We grow in the third quarter of the free than others or s, but did the? If you tell me the inches boylike dog shit in the first half, what's the score, gonna be a nets in double figures would have been inconceivable, so they gave up sixty two points of the nets with dangerous, plainly shown first and he'll be really good and one of the next two games, but the city in which there is a problem, not Dinwiddie good man. He's he's good and revert back innovative guys. What I do little thing, Laverne diverted signs. What the last three weeks started. Look like reverting uncas. There was a couple moments few weeks ago, whereas it found a little Heyward Ash where's. As I get my He may need eight nine months before he looks like himself again is. That was somebody in November December were member? They were gonna Jude. They will somebody wanted Jimmy, bother, Minnesota wanna Jimmy bother form. Through like no way. I made fun of that on this point. As I owe you don't cares about that actually, like They were right. I was wrong, they should have one
give him up, because let it all we are talking about a surly today, but historically there's always these things were you'd mention Ryan gums. You got like, I want cagey, but have you been like ground, but even where there are the rat goes now getting up here. Silver was actually always really getting just any energy project, no absolutely sought. I get that point of it, but you, if you're Philly ago, hey, guess what we agreed. Let him be thing, but we can be more than anything. We gotta be ready when they go small to figure out a way to make them pay when they go small instead of chasing everybody around like of Iraqi, a decent defensive team, which is supposed to be yeah for innocent aids is carry over as a carry over last year. Are not really gonna wait a minute you're bound by this hurt celtic steam when you have please say to figure out the bathing. What if what if this is just too is for the rest. The plants within its how bout needs don't get less sore now in place. And were planned like every to every three days now for next to an months, was eager to arrest the it is better now than it is in the regular season, know what I'm saying it seems like
needs hours, rivalry, we're not gonna sit out any games. I'm holding. I hope I'm holding our hope that maybe that stupid, but you think arrest, We put it this way. You think this issue, the m it who this is indeed the Phillies getting for the rest. However, along the runners. I don't see why we wouldn't think that. There's something wrong with his knee he's, having issues why is it going to be better today from now? I dont think he's is bad. This isn't like an ankles brain. This is, if you five three reasons they use is bad and game one. As far as you do what you know you know, one of my special is, as I like to study the running thousand very torment. They all looked bad running when there that, but he is like,
I have always watched him in one of the things I liked about him is when he ran it didn't seem like the Odin type thing, whereas you say our man that looks like that. Hurts elude like her to watch in that game when it hurt to watch I felt like it really looking down now. I'm talking about a rebound and down the for when they At the same time, we see indeed when he's tired. Even when he's not her when he's tire, he looks terrible when he's tired, but I'm tired of first half. It looks that way. The argument is on your side. He had to leave. The game and I like em bid. I haven't but upon the idea that big, maybe we can figure this thing out, he'll be ok at some point, I don't think I've. Seventy seventy five percent rest the blast. If he's not, though, if you can't go say he's done, game too was not planned again using the nets. Then, when the series will you laugh demand Thursday
I tried to get you there on Thursday. With this, are you going to have a little bit of a victory lap on the no? No, because I didn't fully commit all I said was This desire is ideal recipe. This head Ah the makings it had the coach in the cap history of the injuries, the unfamiliarity, a nets team that I thought people are sleeping on it at all the makings they were five hundred and twenty one favorites five to one hundred dogs, ETA, which I thought was crazy. I thought you presented all those things and then you still confident pick em. I didn't I I thought it was a seven gamer. I guess I myself I was just still looking at this Sixers team going. Are you really gonna lose his nets? I always think it's important remind ourselves. Sometimes weird shit happens and game on, and then you you it's, only sample that you have for that match up, and you got my
I can't believe this island. They said we gain to they'll get other causes is only now this works, but this is a weird. It was a very weird Saturday Sunday we had this many times like a lost like these guys are gonna lose these guys. You know, So I'm not saying this is normally they added, but the Toronto thing I like that, I'm like Larry was complete dog shit. I can explain that series in one sentence explain that game in one sense, Larry got out scored thirty five years by Dj Augustine of microcredit lives, I don't think that's gonna happen again. Now you're about that. Lowering the playoffs thirty five to nothing. I I dont know what Lowery does before these plough series put just do something different from a sort of yeah, ok, but the Miss me, I mean he was terrible. He was terrible. When Michael Car, the whimsies singly and they rejuvenating his art, ecology related career. I like when Lowry
his face Open Lowry also flop and try to get a call. I say One thing that I noticed over and over again With you, I never liked overreact game line and smart money so as to zig in game too. If things were in one way or the other again to, but I did notice with clippers with Indiana with Who is the hour Coopers Indiana? Who is the third him out to trade which is outside the charts Alaska US, but I wish we could vote do not have to have that on anymore. There were to be made, just cancel it here. Are you guys moved out of the second round? We rise? Not only do I take that chance, this is gonna, get hurt, you're working advances That's by the way. Another thing when I watched like Durrant go down at one point:
and stay game and without a couple times watched him beak, as indeed was on the floor a bunch earlier, maybe that's another pro Simmons and beat is really being made, went down like six tied ass. He was by those I thought that was grip. Eliza latticed six, as this year I felt like I felt like he was way off, but but when they had always like I'm just saying, there's gonna be one injury. That's gonna change the course of these plants story, no question. One thing I noticed in the regular season versus the plants you need you, guys right who can create a shot and. In the regular season down Erin first quarter and the waves in the second quarter and figure out who's gonna get hot. It makes sense over the course eighty two games, but then, when it gets to the playoffs and ever he has gone for speed and try and really really hard and you're on the road. It is it's like a giant, magnifying glass and how ridiculous it is that this is your team in this is we are relying on and that you don't have James hearted and you're gonna carry in here.
Yes, you don't have that guy and lay, even today, with Indiana Boston turned the defence up in the third quarter, really good defence programme into it and its. I will see what Bogdanov it shows up mislead. It's like this is crazy. This is and then, if it's like, when he then its Tiree Kevin's, if it's at him and those of their two creators, it's like when a plan came on the road again said: better team. That's playing love those year, two guys where's I took me today to realise that was Matthews came out. Just pissed off like he had the full samurai headband on yet, and am I wait, a minute is: is Wesley Matthews again, it is the in the papers were crisp and they were mad as they everybody's doubting, as the sellers are slow and a bunch of stuff, and then all the papers stars couldn't scorn. Second, half
In this others like hey, why we just exotics mailed it in that first want it. Miss Indiana missed a bunch of open shots in the third quarter, where it could have been like the lead, could have gone higher. Things could happen. It was like forty five the forty for awhile and India was a vacant. Sharia has a fake, come back in there. I I've all. Looked at every team and that's why I worry about the job that hold to score thing. It look at Golden State golden state again the clippers, which is a little bit of what Houston, did Houston guarded three eyes with five but it never really mattered like they stay, but those rules, the clippers, are doing something like that were there guarding the rat clay and staff with fire. And they're keeping everyone below the baseline energy, dream on wide open as it has in his accurate. I should it right now in it didn't work and that's fine. It doesn't mean you should deviate from it and dream on its first two threes, but think how clogged up sometimes golden state can look
trying to figure out. How are we going to attack some of the things these guys are doing when they're guarding is with v and ignoring like completely selling out with the philosophy that were ignoring us to guy Can you imagine, being the painters and trying to find buckets when golden state struggles at times right? One, that's what I was taken last April A march in the demand? That number is gonna win the series that they dare better team, and then you see the plan source down a little insane Antonio guys who can get a shot right, Argent arose and can at least get decent shots. Inverse two guys were Yoke age who doesn't really take the latter shots. I'll- send their really relying on Jabbar Murray, and you know that did your you dated nine shots by, I know, but Hesiod fourteen assesses creating gives more creating or dry is creating plays. But your mama was that other guy
Mama. I didn't have the whole game. Has it taken twenty four shots? He screws up in the last two players and the thing that was alarming to me. You know and you don't think of it, I'm watching them in a regular, seizing context, but in the classroom, really need that whoever I dont really even know what their other options were and are they make alone that either there are age MA, maybe maybe we'll get a mile wide open seventeen further to win the game. Basically, this baby, this will get him going. Really have real anyway, as they can run the play for so now look at that. Other members, gonna kill San Antonio, and now look in Aragon, fuck a really it say to totally the western files that has a good play. You know we could still be right about both teams being underwhelmed in there just playing each other right now to EL. So when I look at
Antonio go on like this. Doesn't really does it feel like it's that dangers of a team. You two score guy, I'm with you, but at the end of the day I can prove it is said that eight that phrase, the Denver shots. Six twenty eight from three aerial, Kate, they're, not gonna. Do that again, yes, Jamal Marie, is actually still a question mark at this point in his career, and this is already does see. It is a little if you see if you see him on the right line, called railway you're like Omega Desgas bearing the Berger, but he missed a big three. The air Bald Malone. Eighty all ran a really. It was even a complicated, a high screen where he's presided birds sag too far off it was a beautiful open. Look, he misses that one and then he get Strip by Derek White whose a class example of a spar they dispersed drafted, and so I guess he's gonna be good and he just fits in use
giving a game water. He was all pumped up and you liked your Mama has had three major major screw up at the end of this game, but is Malone supposed to do something else, because Milosevic coach, the other thing now is noticeable, is the plan. Is that just just hotter, the later brighter review team scouted do it. And for my end of the day we love that she's feel it. They don't really have like a blinkered I was fine with the whole year because I think the whole point our things overrated, but at the same time, like the nets have two guys didn't William Russell there can. At least I'm a situation down and make sure the bar goes to the right place, Denver really relies on yoke. It to me the burghers the re place, which is just Norman. That saying it can't work is weird three and by the way we stuck with the two score. The other reason about that up, if possible,
I just really hurt which it seems like he might be. Ok CS down other the one score, which is a real problem, Cosette one scores feast or famine, Westbrook That was another one. My fear with OKC and I thought they're going to win the series. I thought you were just healthier had just watched him in that Houston game the other night and it seem like it's. The shoulder is manageable. Today's did not seem manageable today, and I think they were bummed that, after I think we're going to find out after the year that he has like a torn rotator cuff, you think everybody's just hurt the leg? Is there any part of nice where he's really how high they might like a torn rotarian might be? That was the
send the street a little bit to know I get it, but you know I look at the end of that Portland Game or it feels like it's going to pour and put up this big lead. Everybody comes back, it's weird when somebody's up twenty, they maintain the whole thing. That's just the way. This game works and OKC's defense really cranked up there to they. Staying with the guards more, which also led the can are having a field day with the rebirth. I know you want to get the camera here but my guy George struggling all day can't hear anything. The only thing keeping a minute scoring wise is his free throws cuz. He still ended up with twenty six points, which is so fake, but he had a three that was like a non pressure: three that he kind of walked. Two and then there was a three that they ran for him. Then he missed. And it just reminded me of all the pall, George Stuff, that we ve been kind of let down about with him in
hast rat and will increase our way to get rid of this right and if he's hurt in a look, I is obviously of hurt to some degree, but that makes them very different. Does I think Westbrook like this was a bad Westbrook aim at all? It was I was track and last six minutes he was too, during he was making the right relate. He the only time he really forces when that defensive, rebounding, just try to go and and and even make it pass his own free, throw light and have just a collision and parliament about the ball. Back. I like you use that observe the stretcher? He wasn't China now visit. It was definitely a higher level tame it lit leg. I'm just talk appear. I test, I think. Sometimes you can tell when somebody doesn't look right, especially if you watch unwell and the two guys that stick out to me this weekend, like that guy doesn't look right were georgian and bid I just don't think they look right and be. They gave us evidence that he's not right by leaving I've just also about about his quote about it only herds.
A jump or cut. Let's go k, wealth. So there's that I just run home. I couldn't survive name decide in Paul, George, isn't her. What I'm saying is. I have also seen Paul George looked like this when you supposedly healthy that's my business, one of my favorite reseller so the way when you don't play, why do we have to make an excuse to say or injured? This is your stuff curry thing backwards, but I actually stuff was her yet I think either Paul Georgia's. I think we're going to find out that he's way more her than we realize now on a scanner. Yes, the floor is yours you know how you down tiger readiness. In the same day I have, a couple islands, dna There's island, obviously smart island, There might be made only a small house and yeah Basilio, and I'm really talked about it- that merchants of one bedroom condo, but
It was certain Mona Condo guy. Always like cancer can work up guy guys who can do. Things really well in basketball. I like one slash two or that's why I've always liked breed and now freed could only probably be successful and for teens, but that wasn't one of the four teams is okay: canner can post up crashes the offense of boards competitive great teammate. As banning begins within a lot of big games and ok, see where they on the bench and now he played he played in that. You're in today's sixteen like he played in that play ass. He played he heard San Antonio. He had me, whence I think there is also some serious where he didn't get in
You bet. I wish I had a problem when that happened. I never understood why did in play him now forgotten stay and I in every way, while the advanced measures, these terrible. It's like that. Are you going to get? I know right now, I'm gonna tenor, because everybody was pointing out the stuff he couldn't do. And the reasons why I was bad tab and light up, and meanwhile they barely had enough guys they here and if you watch we did it. We watch was on that last game and go instead the game sex and he had like ten point two that game in eight minutes or something I just never I've always thought there is a place for guys. I can't and you know it will hurt you and one in but it'll help in the other, and if he's, if he's bringing stuff to the table and taking stuff off the table, I'm okay with that cuz most subs just take stuff off the table. Actual thing you bring something to the table: since my case for here towards the end of that wrong, and it was because it was golden State but he'd Emily is much the LAO you even play at all. They wrote also he's going gets. This is one of the great shooting teams of all time. Yeah
what kind of the beginning of some of the small ball stuff that yeah they were. They were inconsistent with him in his Dallas. I just remember the Golden State Series cuz, he wouldn't shut up and it's like now you're, not playing, I think he and Raymond be shocking. If he was really good, he was really good is poorly needed, another level of they just needed. Their outlet. In he's always book, the Euro was a play Kentucky. If you go back and look at all his stuff, you could tell a man. Is guys really really skilled but as good as he was in game one as much as you like him. Maybe this is. This is kind of a couple different things at once. I think, will be a game in this series where it looks like you. It gave him out on the floor. Guy, that's fine is available for free at their a right, which is crazy. We have wavelength. Think of what Philly gave up for Tobias Hairs, which I hated when they did it and if they get dad and around one they had knocked out around two. That's gonna. Look like a disaster by just
four forlorn but ass. They keep him and that's their insurance against. Let Jimmy go, that's not why they did the trade. They did the trick as they wanted to when the title this year. That was not a trade that go. I hope if we do this or bees or keep to buy, says they did the trade because look The trick is I'd like to buy his Harris enough thinking. We're gonna keep one of those two guys with, but he had to the number one reason I did that trade they're trying to win the title the shared by nor they said, but nobody I'm saying they looked at it and I think they look. At smartly that you never know when you have young superstars enemy blow up at any time, and you think your window is tenure. And it turns out it's too. We got to go for it and we went for it this. That was a trade they made to win the title this year. That was not a future trade, I mean if they keep great, but I think they really want to win this year. How do we make us about you in his care because they gave up all that shit for Tobias Harris
Mere goes for a second round or even canter goes for free, that's by says as much, than those guys? But my point is you can find people who complain apply officers I certainly have to trade every asset I have- and if I am I bet, get somebody who is a slam dunk and I don't think Tobias Harris is playing. If you look at the history of those kinds of deals, when a guy is under contract- and you can tell we're going to resign things change all the time when it happened, we both were like. Well, it's actually, a lot in comparison to other things through crazy, aspiring frigid, so we're agreement there. The candor thing, though,. Maybe the positive is, is not just the remaining the scoring and knowing that either is gonna. Be stretches regrets in up in as much as like one game, one we can think O. While this is how the series is going to look, it's not it doesn't like. I went back and looked at some of the stuff. There was this. The painters beat, the calves sharing game one by young teenage ridiculous, the Celtics that year with Isaiah Thomas they lost the balls they may have lost. The bowls of Rhonda doesn't get hurt there.
The Houston San Antonio Series of the Uruguay round or yearn for under, doesn't get her true. Third from two thousand seventeen, you think to sell. You think you know they could self assurance and shoulder I choose not to think about a team was that good man- and even you know it they were that good. But Yo Houston smoked San Antonio member that serious couple years ago, and was game. One think they won by twenty something I had it all written down here. Is off it's out my head and then guess what happened. We're like man, San Antonio, too, to all used in so much more at. Let us look at the way, their cutting and then yes what's in it, the six in harden had an awful awful elimination game to go with. Some of his other stuff is bad play offers me so all the stuff we ve, seen drive by yeah. Pardon sir he's a turn off the headlights, his dark James
I I try not to freak out too much as bad as it looked for the thunder that neither side the thing that I haven't done to young keener and I'll make a quick on this. Is I wonder, sometimes, if a team and looked so much, what ok see? Does the high pickin role of atoms die and then some common offer that, but if you are saying hey, let's kill Kanner this whole game every minute. In there let's go Canada's cocaine or does it, You everybody up, I think that's great. I like you I like that you're gonna focused on exploiting one thing that it pays off your horror Casey out of their offence. I totally agree has everyone's our cameras and we had to do it. I know: is the guy like twenty in eighteen ribands end users elbow was available for free. Unlike February Twenty seventh, it's crazy is this really is excitement that we just inundated scanner. It's about you did. I did it for my dad. Can you just by the way, can you can you share? What happened you tat? I can
No, I can't allay again okay, so my dad you go, he likes to go away, this one place, I would say where their every my stepmother does, that should this year and that Third, the middle weekend in April, not realising that its masters again the owing to boy that, like tiger more than I do in my life, well, maybe the house, an air tied my dad and my agent James Baby Dog Dixon, who is like who have actually has like a tiger statue in his basement, loves tiger. It's his favorite lives eyes, but he tried to get his life size. Actually, but so he loves Tiger has been waiting for this forever. He left to go to his vacation last night, so watch ran three now, realising that this tiger of
is going to have any say. Like hey worse case, I had a time like kidding around your worst caveat ease I get out. Where's case tag Ruby in the hard, but it still be a he said something like that, but also when out of me TIGERS, doing well like each I'd be magnanimous? Vat is in a place where there is no now lad. Television he's basically reading. Twitter and tax. For me, that's how you design miserable kitty is his joy for tyres accomplishment. Can that be enough to offset the fact that he is not able to watch any of it? I think he's happy and absolute devastated consists was, like he said, this last year. He said it was, is number one sports wish for tiger to win the masters? That's not I told you like any Boston title all going celtic season tickets and this is
dumbo and sports wish over that in some areas it gets to the fourth framework, as the other, the other ten years gone, pretty well, for all the other. Wasn't fettes zombie you can also look at other, be like the man has no wishes. I Cairo wishes inside this outrage revolution. I wish the revolution have good owners. I really wish you had tweeted out some absolutely douche bag. Boston tweed relate measure claiming this one cause? I was their senses amateur round, so Jack Bow, I dont me softly I dont have a boxer anymore. I used to sugar, raised me, my guy and then I heard that the interim park and then handler and then they fought Now- is weird women who Reverend Letter haggling, every four Leonard, but it was the lattice all searching asshole. I now let it was my guy from seven six olympic, so I had a longer longer tail with them, but MAC as my guy that you have guys I do
they mean I never really had a gull, for though I know those guys I've met that I, like I wouldn't claimed to say. I know any of em all that. Well I didn't ever route for toilet entire lost a term. It was upset now so you're at a different level. With that, actually it's not even the same stratosphere. I think like what individual guys, I'd like. Oh, I, like better a lot. I've always really enjoyed what I did to he's that he's, like kind of tier two or two or three for me I wouldn't say, better Sean. Why bigs Amby Ex Games Guy, mostly winner, so yeah, that's been a good run to cocoa. Again, you know who I liked Much remain, Randy Savage! I loved was a big joke, your dog I, but he never really. You know it is jail idea fans we knew we were never get a chance to the title. Will matter after I was Nicholas Jessica's growing up. I was a kid in the seventies and the icons you just room for the icons like the cowboys then to None Nicholas Tiger now, Ali Nicholas here but Nicholas
like he's Ali Jesus man cannot front runner. Everyone mightily indicted seventy five. He was the most popular who being on the planet. But what were you, though? We ve innovative you're. I was five and six yes so midway, wrote a sports back then fell care rights aim at all hours on every week and it was like him and evil Knievel. Those are the two guys I gotta have decent my God, as did you ever read: Monfils evil. Can you a book yeah it's? That is an incredible. He was like that. I felt like they were equally famous like the first in years by the Geneva was miserable every start, yet haven scared to death, what to do any and all kinds of drought legitimately bad guy yeah and there's a guy in Mock Ville that book put that up. There was one of the greatest sports books ever read by the way to stem the. I know you likely ripe, and I want to hear pumping up guys I do, but that bird was mega, give it that one makes sense.
Your Boston guy, who also happens like sugar ray I leaned. His have I ever haven't had a lot of guys seems like I've had my guys in here for the gas, the individual stuff yeah. I know I don't have a ton of individual being as big Gregg Le Monde Guy. Rachel, let's take a break but somewhere but light, but let us keep it a real by putting in ingredients label on their packaging brood with pops barley, water raised, no corn serve no preserve as no artificial flavors. You know who else in a real right. Now you watch billions car. Now, where are you sure billions? What happened made it up your internet out, so you and that's that people around here, not even a real Jesus. While you you five billions upsets billions has been keeping this year. Gaming threads get a lot of attention renown rightly so, but I like to look at some
It is an extravaganza of television that I enjoy that, including the basketball players. Maneuvers bury lotta people watch become permanent, and beat at some point in my life, I'm like about six seasons behind and weep, but are speaking in a real cheers to buy light nobody, some more real them Romania to enjoy responsibly and keep a real way. The losers are the weekend just quickly cause I'm with you. We always overreact that first weekend, I do think I do think that nets are kind of a bad match, a profoundly at an that'll translate to an actual win, but that that is not it not a typically easy. First round serious, that's a bet, Lord! It was bad for a bunch of reasons, but the biggest thing is: who is this Philly team? Who are they really? Are they bunch? Anything is affiliated themselves verses. It just,
they all said, the wrong things after the fact, and in like any of it in the mere Johnson phone thing was wearied even talk to talk about it. It's like ok, you're, being catches, it we see it. Everybody merely freaks out me included, really could be kidding me and then all of a sudden, dynamic minimum the report as I will wait a minute Meares daughters released, so then I really feel guilty about the tweets analysed ever stop. Brett Brown came out in didn't, sell that message at all, which means wait. A minute did the needy. Not by a mere story? Was that not the real story? What's goin on? He was fine, a mere apologize to the team. So if Thou Sawest, is wrong there, and I don't sit here and debate whether or not cuz you just still a part of you, so I can look at his daughter was really that sick. I don't want to do that I'll, be that guy, but that Philly team is this. Really all it's been now is hope, there's nothing in whenever they want. They were like fifty games of fifty and thirty right in let's face it it. It was a success based on everything, but it was a bunch of winds against teams. It were tanking at the end of the season and I got too excited about it to them.
Done nothing for me to go home and to give them a better that a little bit other than just the names, and I'm still sort of doing that a little. So that will you Think about where we were a year ago. This around before they lost to the South x and five, and we were thinking this is the next great young team. They had all these assets, they had two of the best ten young assets in the league. Maybe the tempest assets. Period for light, the trade barrier, com or something simmonds- was on a real run where it seem like he was startled. Look a little magic Johnson and bid was dominant and really soldier. Gonna be good, while the other night they haven't given up very good. I am I glad vengefully falsehood I'm here, and this is all going to go and now day they lose to Boston in five dead. The confetti game is the big legacy that serious bread brackets towler They know they might have a problem with bread brown. They don't do anything about it
They feel bad about all the Hank live your bay area. There, they eyelids get one more chance, so that sought to fire the guy when they actually started getting good. He got pretty bad. The outward than that says goes to the calandria thing that started by the ringer, unfortunately, so in a full disclosure, but we wrote a peace that in the getting the GM fired they trade. They do that trade where they get the air. The future Mammy pick they trade down from ten to sit. Then right for another dyer smaller who outlay and passes huge sickness, MRS almost the whole season, then they did. They go Alan and Jimmy Butler than they go all in antibiotic errors that have no assets left. I don't think anybody thinks hares and Butler come back in beats heard again. Like a vigorous, ranking the holy shit like you get another coach, if Butler leaves or heresies whatever you eat you figured out
You use your cap space for Serbia's the being heard again, if that's a serious thing, that's red flag number, one, the biggest one. What is Simmons? Why don't we Do any different about him than we did twelve months ago. That worries me and then they don't have the assets anymore late. The processes over there is no processes. Their theme So how do I ve nothing? I have nothing to add to it. I just don't like us all. Tell you no other move, there's other players, there's other groups, a guys. You look around league and that's what so weird about the east is quite proven. Will as proven with it different organization, and the Siakam thing is nice and the ball Orlando game could have gone either way. I am not yet worried about, like I'm, not doing the same old Toronto thing again? Here yet every it was ass, though J Ai Stayin hate check out the risk and a terrible Eric aim in Orleanist, almost us and by the way vous severe and away, they went double them twice. He had an errand, Gordon Fall by Jonathan Isaac, freezing the opposite corner. Those two guys hit two huge. The reason I game go. I makes the great room.
Kicks out of this or that one goes in and out that to me, as a coin toss game are waiting to. Toronto loses game too, at home before I start freaking out about them again, but collectively it's not proven Milwaukee, new janius scares the shit out of everybody else, nor should it seems like he's that guided don't know what anybody's to do with this do now. I've, no review like D Filet Boston, if, if it gets the Boston Lucky ran to that that, that series and gods they Houston dinner gonna, be the conference finals, basically return of process it all out. When he said Boston. I really think we had anything to say hello. I dont Gordon Hayward, on what the final numbers were. Gordon Hayward he looked not, It is how he looked. He look really good to dance, but sees this is better three. We think that China over his super grid, and he didn't finish shots today, but I like the way place I stand by him. Getting the bond transition is gone. And TAT he was gonna make the decision. I was. I won't wait. A minute
Seventy cherry pick that apply in the fourth quarter for horrified warfare data, my little lefty reverse, but he's taken off I've always again. Will So I mean it's a running through all the stuff, and I want to do too much more freely. Here is that there is really no disk it allowed. I get one for you learn in a second I'm just saying if I'm gonna cow hold out, hope for you, I usually like a little evidence that I know you that you ve done something before and they have when I get out No judge has been fully in Genoa means Celtics the same thing I mean the Celtics at times. Unlike are you guys the most delusional they do? step video, but we still see anybody's being a seven year like you, the foresee guys the like what you hear, not the four seed after back here that I, the tooth it the best things for them is horrified look better today. Just
moving better and seemed healthier and the way hey was fine. I have a good one for Kyle marked this back, as this is a potential break out onto her. This is a great What, if that, I don't think we realize was a whatever, but now I looked back and it would have been really fun if it had put out this way. What if the brown and gone to fully last summer, instead of the Lakers Simmons comes off the bench. Maybe he makes him it's better, but maybe then they don't have to do. By their trade betrayed Simmons for Trevor reserved the Broncos of James Young. If the branches the fairly last summer, it's more fun for every fillies modified in the Lakers five the Lakers more fond. Yet, as the Lakers are just an unequivocal train wreck, but at least they have cab space and
their built around young guys may be magic still there. We don't have to rebuild luxuries and true true sermon abroad and be like hey. Are you really happy about this? stating Cleveland one more year or got are gonna fairly. I guess hating want to chase titles, but why not. You're. The Philippine was weird went away. I was like a fake fake seed. They planted to everybody Yeah I got it would have been a good. What, if that right now, you know with me: I wasn't expecting what an unexpected my mind blown this late,
Why are you know? The thing is, I still don't know. I don't know how that would look basketball, why's that is better than it looked for either team. I think for what we saw less couple weeks, yeah yeah. I regret that I do think Le Bron could have brought some good stuff at summits cause. I do think. Simmons has a high Basque by Q in some ways rate like he he's a grey passer. He had, he does the defensive rebound the way he takes often goes and then, as you said, there's other times were it's like he's. Never pay pick a basketball before he's running in the guys are about to make a move. Doing pick head off Sandy's in somebody's way, and he just seems really inexperienced to me. Sometimes do we do that thing on the air was that you, when I texting about Simmons, were to bar how he would be as a customer. I think we did that.
Yeah good? I like that I'll bet there. If Simmons went to like a bar, there was busy in, you he would go, they have found a spot and the regular hey. Can I get to me researchers in the guy back. That's a fuckin service station is what those brass Wales or for you I can certainly do not supposed to go over. There are always movies left suits. We get drinks Billy, I hold Isaac. I think I found a spot over there and he there like this little area. Hallways like this is pretty good, guys right. The hallway, the bathroom everybody good. Why are you guys fucking standing here like no one standing here? The reason space was open because no one actually stands near the toilets. The whole fuckin time and I was saying he'd be in Vegas. You plain black jack he's the guy standing between third basin, one table first base of the other who just crowding both guys doing gagged. And smoke a cigarette and keeps accidentally brushing at seven. Every now that it only I spent in I'll tell you to hit Janine he's right, he's got his hand and your chair you that, can you give us a room?
like every feeling how majority for the drinks but actually gonna Because he thought I was waiting tables her yet the only other overreaction for me from from these still winners and losers, because I think we d ya, think we turn it over actions. Is that the Thea departure shoulder thing? I can't wait to find out what's actually round that is my speedy senses urges should fire they keep alluding to it Let me clarify it up as soon as the first sub out. It was like. Let's make sure we get in igloo on this, yet some quote about how he hadn't lifted it over his head since the Houston game or something and lifted his arm over his head in five days and think what, going on so anyway Portland shadow to them really quickly They lose their lives. Their centre was plain really well Dame head of just the bosses. Twenty
for at that, bears great room, but that last one would like he had to as whereas women guarding and at the same time, like use twenty feet away. Everything about it pretty great. That was great. Them. Oh another, loser have another, those ok! Now you like this one already. I tell you, I wanted to go wandering when you get back after this Kevin. What're you doing you're like the fourteenth best part of all time, Europe, twenty clippers. Why? Why are you in like a blood feud with patches like a double technical, ejection thing with patch of Beverly? Would you doing what's wrong? with you, you, thirty years old, that didn't bother me. It didn't now, if you get thereby Louise, I had to tell you. I got five left for the rest. The play five less. What do I do? This don't get five more tax and lose a game, the policies and ok, I think That'S-
don't get any tax such doable when I lay along with great Patrick Beverly, set the tone Europe that was funny is that people on Twitter with that game was a man. The clippers get screwed here. Just screwed, I looked at The programmes are things like the same. The culprits are taken one more free, throw at a point when Beverly in all those guys started going nuts Beverly was going nuts looms, go nuts Beverly get their technical hearing at the technical just cause. He clapped the rap he get to technical because he Llewelyn wouldn't let it go wow Stephanus Katy were taken free throws, they just wouldn't stop and then back Beverly, clap so most people can agree with you on the direct and being he's not a loser on that one Beverly is annoying cell. I get that's. How is in the leaks. I respect that part of it, but I don't I think the rain has enough self control, even though he's been kind of pissy all year. Remember that member that play a game and labored get thrown out cause. He started barking with ass Adele. Three Sudan, I am now than ever. Happened has laboured what it has told. The guardian,
fuck away and that not even still three not age out, though, in a regular gazing, easy is slap them, it was the greatest slap in the face. Now there is a little bit knows open hand. It was an open hands. Tony soprano slap I gadget a staggered on that. He did. It was a slap. Was that in french I dont like when your statures at a certain point. I don't like that. Don't get caught up in that stuff, I, and in general the way the workers have acted. The last three months I think, is Well, I don't know whether wake Jimmie, Dale Atheling, equivalent Gimme the equivalent- maybe all the time, but could you get new a fight with don't leave them
that there's ever beef down, don't be Santa Patrick Beverley yeah, but I think that's ridiculous. Also, like you know, what else bothers me is, that was a classic doc. Rivers Decker was great season kudos to him for the coaching, but that was a classic look. How smart am I'm going to put Patrick Beverley and Kevin Durant watch this guy's? Just like you know what he's prepared, Patrick Beverley and Steph Curry. Have him handing Steph curry touching him stepping on his feet? That's the guy! You need to take out Kevin Durant, I just watch age. It is legit staggered to slap here. It was. It was kind of like an open hand. It was a little it hit me odd. Wasn't ready for right. It wasn't like a sign to its of a punch. You think it is not its open hand but I say: landmines. Blinded equable our last summer
Maybe your best line today's it today as let me I'll meet you, there get Houston not just as they one game on they had. Ninety nine points with seven minutes left against ninety ninety nine points seven minutes ago that game and. Everybody seems to love in basketball, nerd world. This overplay harden shit Were you just sit out his eyelids yellow bet, cattle bit. The nerves, really embraced it when it happened, and I really think you need to make sure everybody knows the plan when one guys giving him a straight line, DR yet, and that is left handed, which always takes over the next. Your second so sitting on it doesn't allow him to just kind of step back three and get into that left handed shooting position. So I understand that benefit. It also cuts down on some of the angles of his passing, but two things.
There is way too many easy just drives the bucket and not going by the way, and you didn't get any phone calls when you get any phone calls tonight and the other problem is, is I think consecutive games going to go Royce O'Neale just shade imo. My rights are like a guideline like too, as he so good anybody, the who's. That good is gonna. Ok, look, hey everybody just now this woman, Do here, this won't adjust, don't look. I should have made it so personal. It's just that. I like that. When a person- I don't know me, I don't I don't people thought people thought they somehow solved, harden with this overplay in that solving hard and he's one of the best off and suppliers of all time. Don't bother me watch in house today played actual minutes in a playoff games. Your house's here, so the its had him they screwed up member. They had journalism here, the rackets, here's dare Morey friend of the programme
the last twelve years over and over again has found people that end up becoming worthwhile NBA players right, like I don't think anybody has found more people who, but I realize that guy was role player this that and they screw up with this guy and he's just Therefore, two months you have all these other teams, and I saw a lot of them. I'm pretty sure. Now Them had ten good players and his catches, Floatsam freak in outer space for two months had is nobody sign him we Darrow liked him, which is sign, and they must be good as down that reach that point, yet. The freed one blue me away more and better Europe brought that up how he be good. Only a few teams doesn't it feel. Like that's the Houston system thing. Oh, we remember everybody would always want anybody on Phoenix when it was now You need only really kiddies house. In that. This road, I mean, are all those shots going to be as open and everything's open, everything's opening this system, its awesome, Vavasor GM, it made the plants, and I watched the paths
I'll be watching all these random deeds who just ended up on these teams, trying to figure out how I missed sank with can't their counters sitting there for formats eighteen ribands dwelling places like did I miss, are now what's going on around the edges, be studying that, but it's funny at the same time. We are getting these guys over and over again, yet discredit all shameless dusk of clue. They re like Canada, offering led them very five years. At one point I just like we want to have the weirdest t just huge. Guys so that those four teams we mentioned in the last pack has Portland Oklahoma City, San Antonio Dunbar, and I said to you: one of these things will be in the western finals by rule and I think we picked ok see huge picked out his. I am at a loss. I don't know who
pick I feel like I'm always the Non Denver guy, and I still I don't want to just give up on them against an Denver stock. Is low, but I think you're right now, you're buying low but tomorrow manages had a bag of this. Isn't a stubborn, I'm thinking, Danvers Awesome all season law yet, but I think I had a pretty good read on Denver and their problems became expose. It ya, We had the badger, Mummery Game and they think. The worry ok, words are having to be at now after your play off experience here, but I still went to you if you're Malone, not inside you gotta money Morris instead of you it's funny. They might actually needed as a time ass. If he had been better bring back together, they take it. He used him in that game or somebody like him. Somebody who has the skills that he is sensibly as
quick breakin them would do a cup Weymouth would say goodbye to talk about couple pack ass on the ringer, the we watch above, we did major league. If you mistake, we put that out by late last week me member ran broke down. Come out this week, fielded aims or put now it up. I think on Friday, so be ready That may malware Reuben aiming to make her cry at these seven times there they Chris France, can be an thou in as well speaker. Those too Jason Concepcion, they hosted talk. The phones on twitter. Massive success did really well thanks for the support thanks for spread. The word for us. If you is it you can go back and watch the replay on Twitter, or you can lead to binge mode for the package that there be putting up at some point there in the middle of the week where they are going to watch that episode. I don't know ten to twenty times and then I break down everything you saw speaking a break a lot later,
Priscilla and I are going to be breaking down game of thrones. Who are we doing our breakdown, it's kind of like binge mode after a head injury, so look for that and I and check our benchmark I got a fair way, Rowan, where I was on talking about tiger which, alas, earlier today and he It can have another package this week as well, so not to mention all the other great packet, We have on the ringer dot com as well as the website itself, or you can find some of the best writing on the internet, the ringer dot com, the Ringer Podcast Network, Benjamin toxic rounds. I hope, you're watching endless thing in reading of it back to the other Gus, just some serious prices, really quick. Seventy sixers minus two fifteen nets plus one eighty Rina, raptors minus three hundred magic plus two, fifty she like
raptors matter, I can beat the wrath of the whole. I dont think opening spurs minus one. Fifty now plus man nuggets minus one of five celtics minus eight hundred thunder, plus one twenty blazers minus one, four, five, any those your body, not the passers by the Denver, the Denver number fuel. Send them down a game home court still, basically, even do you think a road team can win a series if they don't win game one. This is one of my weird there's: what's the math The unanimous like you have to win game. I fear that if you don't have the game, seven Rogan there's all these only are things I don't like, though, in some uses all season as serious started until somebody beats added
you're the guy. That one is always be. Everybody repeats all time. I've never really agree without, unlike what of everyone's home, did the series never happen so car like that one day from Brooklyn wants to now? I have on our part before there. She wondered why Benson didn't tastily be expected this year. Now no morbid summits he's dating a car dashing exclamation point: the list is endless of careers athletes, his curse ticket determined there. They ship starts Lamar Blake Reggie chain. The person's Accept Reggie Jackson bending in this, Somebody in this family is usually the single biggest contributor to his lack of progress to season come on. Now I don't think it's the Kardashian Jenner thing as much as dating another celebrity, so I think they slightly unfair, rapid this, but it I just think it's when you dating other celebrity near in that worlds, and the combo view becomes bigger and inside,
I've just dealing with somebody as a normal life you doing with somebody S. Life is abnormal as yours, I don't. They debts necessarily a good thing Does it say something about the dude more than means anything about the female that it's like? You want to sign up for that you're into that you enjoy this thing like you think this is good, for you mean granted. You could also be like a I think she's really are and she's famous. So I'm twenty one right. What do I know you're twenty two whenever Isna? So probably not that propagated? break from Ottawa said interesting, though the p r of NBA players that pursue famous girlfriends hard has been pretty honest about the worst year. My life was when I did it a celebrity, and I wish I had done that like the way. They could you make Ryan is with Chloe. Was all the Glory Chloe Carnation Ryan, Craig from Arrow, says the next nets patch again will be representing them at the draft lottery. How can the Ewing theory applauded the draft?
with the next potential, when the latter be improved. If you got hurt the week of the latter in they had to replace it with somebody else, I leave, they should try that their place with markets can be that's actually the great move ever for that the dates to spend the next will never do James. I can't wait for your actions on Josh from you tat. I have a get out a GM free card, further broaden the Lakers higher Becky him and become the first go to plant or female coach. Hang up, hang it up with, for the thirty thirty made, everybody wins. That is one of those. That they hired her every ever done would completely flow pupil bestow into it. So it is now at ringer. We always talk about the innocents rules. Where great higher twitter you know, sir? coaches are diagrams that every lives like some personal get her Nobody knows in there just be his pack right has been great ire and its clear that there is a way that they have been
text that actually happened with backside Algiers? What's Antonio accurately the great hierarchy armor, because everybody loves her with this. Theory that I had on Numb? This is actually credible, is brought up because, when was Catherine Smith, was this special teams coordinator for the Buffalo Bill C Windows before Mcdermott's crews in there, and I looked it up again cause she wasn't retained, at least in that role? And my point was: I have this radio show- and everybody is talking about this as if it's like this real NFL coach, whose female gay in some some of the stories I'll go with Matt. What's really happened, what's actually happening vs? What is everybody? And so I thought: hey I'm going to have this swing at this topic, seven hours after everybody else already done it. I thought it was interesting to bring it up and say this is crazy and I go it's a sign of the times and I'm not complain I am not complaining about it, but I find it fascinating that no one wants to say what is a stupid, because
years ago, plenty a guys what I said was a stupid. What's your background, why she special teams, coach and it would have been fine, it would have been challenged, but the climate in the way we talk about gender roles in occupational stuff and on air, like all these different things. If anybody ever questions it than that since the asshole- and I was even in a role on the radio where I wanted to question- I was simply pointing new angle on a topic that everybody had taken. Their swing, outgoing. That is interesting. More than the higher itself reaction is good. Higher twitter and I still got killed for interesting, existing fascinating to watch it all and fallen agar you realize by getting me getting killed, I'm only proving the point that I just made on the air to self fulfilling prophecy. Become a fuckin wizard over here, so if Becky got it No one would dare go well. You know what you're gonna get senator, there's so much credit. You only here really good thing
about, or so maybe it should be applauded that needs at least one more year in the benches from whatever, but people do think she can be head coach, yes adamantly, so as you do, I would the leubronn thing would be we're because it You can't treat her like David Black connected with it would start. So our coming back on you. So why is that a windfall abroad that, with that that's an unwinnable situations that Braun its debts? nobody wants to be couched. Tenacity just described to admire Carter's can be there. Next Catch Nick Field wants to know, did MAGIC Johnson, create the plan parameter. Think about it came into the leg. Is an established star got his head coach fired after centre dickers contract first to create a brand for himself and his team, the Showtime Lakers first to become a businessman actors a series of short sighted decisions that quickly build on and approve a red in that always bounces back, no matter what refuses to get off twitter. He say magic created the plan, Pomona
call Audrey, I send it still abroad, two thousand ten. Ok ever for magic yet within. Why did it happen where, where was this in the nineties, where everybody was pulling this stuff simpler. You don't get raises, stoned and bananas eighty from Kingston. What's, though, Jamaica mean much to see this? other cases when the cavalier shocked the world and when the NBA draft lottery. How long do you think it will take Leubronn star pushing for trade back to Cleveland, so he could play. Was I. Does the branch of a minimum number of number one pigs, the Kazi needs get before your try and force a trade backed quiver
you don't. I always like about the Cleveland thing isn't really. While he would do daddy hasty and over while we already knew he hated me when I got out any more years and want to fuck entitled Sonya eat, it doesn't hurt him so much even go back. I do love the regret for did I leave clearly a year to early steady, leaving the message and the answer machine Hey- has a God driving our did. You call me a by phone rang at that, There was a new. I didn't face time at a cyber that spent awhile raw hardy from North Carolina. Unforeseen asked us after the placid started, but who do you think will break out serious play a friend I lack Chris Middleton last year, anyone anyone anyone in this. Sixteen teams.
Venus canter cares with eighty billion dollars on all these fires. Ap first place without a great lake tracking INA scanners, future contract. Out like pin right under a merry after, like three years. Thirty, eight billion easy just for that one gave and then they sign in and they go you three three for thirty, eight forty five, it's a movie or its movement. Your first year day. You know your painted anyhow, thirty years except Carjack Gordon here, now who see outcome I was that already happened. I was going to say, Spencer Dinwiddie, I love Spencer did what he used to have this. Oh, I guess what about it? One of the or
I guess Dinwiddie has this mustache or use do that he it wasn't like. I want to impress you I'm just fuckin grow on this thing. Yeah, this is for me night. You hear about their quite how about his dunk about the fact that he completely play it. Every nuggets, guard get out get out. Has revised watched your white collar make a pic. I think it's fair than nobody's materialise. Yes, we can expect. I would make one make one. Ah, I'm actually get an amateur said. The angel Russell, because what I like about his game when and how
in our strives, but I think he's a MAC Sky and what I like about his game when, as you sucked in the first half and came out after half time, it was really get which, in a plan came on the road counts for something that also found maker. Ok, this is, I think, you, this question earlier say: you'd be prepared. Vp for men, though park says I looked at the number one picks overall from the past twenty five years I ve seen dug in the Bronx Cetera clearly acceded expected Five number on Pick: Eastside, Wiggins and Bogut all under the expected value. He wants to know what is the Mendoza line for number one picks so the Keith he thought it was like Dwight or Blake Griffin, which I did
Those are probably says. Basically, what is the cut off landed? Determine if you re successful number on overall picture? Not some indocile lines are wrong term. I think Mendoza line is to what will he I think he wants like median value re that like and for here. So what is it in warp? Is value above or play some proverb thy over so far is less popular. I thought I listed the twenty five guys and I thought we'd pick up, learn a bill. I value over John while or something like that, so I separated by tears like these are the last thirty years care. One is the brand Duncan ensure tear, two's, Iverson, Howard Griffin, see web eighty Davis. Carry you because I didn't have irish- is a tier one showing Iverson yeah, I was it's a whole.
Other caught the last thirty years. Are the brand Dugan in check. Iverson, Haired, Griffin, Weber, Davis, carry the third tears, your one out, bran yeah algae, their common Carlton's rose Wall Glenn, and send who is completely indurated Ben Timmins, Canyon, Barn, Andrew Bogot starts going downhill, a bit daydreaming, Joe Smith, who played forever and had a couple good seasons and was better that next year, bark nanny Wiggans Purvis Cells and Kwame I make all of candy last here: Gregg Odin Marco faults, Anthony Bennet. So if you just do the half way point of that, the fifteenth guy would be six nine, it would be. Stare grows John, while going Robinson Range. Glenn Robinson, is my you know of your. If you do that, it's kind of what you want to look above and below right, I, if you
Glenn, Robinson yeah. Haglund Robins, when it called vulgar. Value above vaguer. Value over yeah value of vulgar, vulgar value over and Robinson, so so they had. I had entered my vulgar right in any benefit like minus five point: zero voters, maybe like mine at point, a vulgar but the Andrea right now is like minus one point: two vulgar evidence bump into its Israelites its agency on that one. How much more Do you think barnyard he made in his career? That was looking up our naughty stats. Today I was like forty million right double at eighty. Seventy five here a couple twenty point Caesar and now, I liked by man. I ever think I've never target for us. Will it am I not to think in the right situation got. It sounds like that, in view support groups now, but I
Maybe you should be the next guy fur Abyss Workgroup Wiggans, I was the language barrier, I mean Jesus, it's not easy, for these guys have in making fun of your over your smokin tarts and on a moped whistling at all these traffic cops. I was surprised. Wiggans was my seventh least favorite number on over a pair, of the last thirty, does you got more dialogue quarter, you got Bennet, you got Odin, you got. Barney ADI now had a liar Barnett ahead awakens what no, but I'm just. I have listen Kai, although unhandy had of wagons. I'm not saying you wrong, but I think about that sentence Baghdad, a radical twenty point. We also economies it ass. To who would you rather have anything, I'd still hold out hope for wagons, a little bit I just I Wiggans would hurt my feelings more Elisa Barbarian, Bedloe exploited. Would have been really good for that support group relocate, we know, Canadians are polite. Jesus is so I got vulgar. I think
Diane's going to have a very high vulgar pens on the squad. I have a gym corner question for you, okay, this is Greg Kyle's going to be giggling the whole time question for Ryan, for Jim Corner from Jordan, male or female. I was doing box jumps besides the squat rack the other day, another guys doing squads beside with tuna and a each side on each side. Two plates between my sets, this guy proceeds to unwrapped. One side of the bar first leaving the eighty which ITALY said the bark of crash you download the weights onto the box. As about the jump onto the guy shrugged off like it was nothing. I was stunned and severely Lloyd. Right Have you ever endured a near death experience at the gym like that. I've had a ray of Urban yeah. I soon halfway sea must mean to forty five and twenty five on each side and basically, if you gonna take off-
you're the most. You can really leaves to forty five on one side and even then I am almost neurotic about it anyway, because I've just envision a bar coming swinging across and take me out So what happened here is The guy nosey fucked up- and it looks like an idiot and maybe you know he was post squat. It is gone to seventy five. So may have had they let little weird head. The hang on thing where your dizzy after the fact maidens having for him- and he started unloading. Has he wasn't thinking? Maybe use Pompey get seven rap, so he sort of in this euphoric post squat deal. And because he did all those things in a totally fucked it up he's not gonna on it. He can he's. I mean I would hope. You go hey man, I'm really sorry, I just lost, but it do. In the gym with another. Stranger he's not to own? It he's gonna. Go we Herman. I meant to do that type thing to you and that's just that's what goes on I've had a couple scenarios
they're. Not with me like I'll. Ask somebody to spot me. I'm try. Try be a hero, even though, if you don't ask for a spot, you probably better the gains, because you kind know you're screwed. If you dont get off your chest, but you don't really wants to enact kids if your listening, but I had it, I have a lower at three fifteen, so three sixty five and I was spotting em in his pack tore off and it what happens when it tourism terriers away from the the either he's gotta screaming. Now me was like up dormer backdrop. He didn't like fully blown rip it to shreds, but he tore it and then I had alike sorted dead lifted off of his chest, and then I was I I feel bad he's really nice guy does. A man is except drawn sums wrongs that sucks at sucks he's like. Oh, my god and I was like I do know how to help pull that off. You cuz. He was also pushing still, and he was just like a screw it. We would have just flipped it on one side or the other and figured it out. I was like I never have been fun
I see kids every now and then they look. Too much and then I've I've gone by and and pulled sup market every now and then, but it equal access, equinoxes allow kids the Harrison on run a newer anymore should is it ok? If I tell people to stop sending their stories about nude guys at the jam were stout on it. People people actually like this segment better than anything else. We do so sorry for better where's. The reread was really quickly. I would even say what year I wrote this use had to guess what I think of all the ended. Twenty
five guys we watched over the past two decades get thrust into a you're a little too young for this, but you're a franchise player. So how about you be our leader and then flounder, MS miserably, we're talking about dozens of guys, a few of whom had more talent than blank, but only five rose to the challenge of that veteran help: Kg Chris Paul, Lebron Wade and blank. That's the complete list, unless I forgot, some of which I'm sure that the blank credit some believe blank is the playoff sleeper this year and it's mainly because he's turned into such a killer, closer state to I'll give you one question for you, you need more information. You want me to guess what year you wrote that I can give you the year. If you need help. No, you want me to guess the player.
So it's gonna give you the year to help you two thousand ten, two thousand nine, two thousand nine Dwight, no hated Turkle Brandon Roy, oh yeah, I love the re, readable agitate, two thousand nine. When you are really good, the five guys who refused to other would I was really get. My career years nine sentence: does they Tiger is a tiger two thousand for the air habit? I just listed five play of closer whatever braided were had a stretch, there was unbelievable man, I mean look, that's thought, that's not on him and thank God he got his honey but were high ram sailor. I love Rayner, you know. What's funny is that Celtic stray that led to the whole thing. I hated that trade because I
Brandon Roy, so much editor, and then you talk to people. I think you know both probably have a couple answers that point: Airbus, yeah he's gonna be out of league in six years, the Al Qaeda ligaments in his day like yeah. Maybe is this January. The lady was in short term, but wasn't it still worth having that Brandon Roy for five year. Luckier, so is it with the white boy. Remember that yeah? No, they won't. Let him uneasy as it's like I, but this is the fortieth pack. The ashes plated five years of gapes would take. Him came thrones, really quickly, Jack, definitely You were you down on this, isn't all women another season diamond. I aids and HIV threads you're down at sees itself it's over a look as a writer, I get it because it shed Bobo better a right like what you normally have to do bill on the spot. Yet is united Everybody wants all the bells and whistles and all the confetti, but.
Is a writer you gonna set the tone you gotta, Do you really like traveller choices? Europe is only half a respite right it, but I think they kind of went dragon porn on you. Do I love it? We know it's is gonna, be little boring and then you would ever sitting there and you completely unprompted and the cap You said a Yo Yo. I take it for these dragon. Since As I have ever. You love the drag, its very rare, the dragon with such a great line. Is everybody been quiet for like five minutes, the other five they exist? three of us were wait for food, thrones, design and Alice said in their deeds. In the brothel just getting annihilated by three women right, As a gay, so has work say what are those I I don't know I don't know the response was, but then I was we were trying to dare each other and in clearly it's one of them.
Things where I was like ours in at the tweet. That's the anti everything, but it's our anti fraud cell of the show and all deal, but is this egg? Will you I like you? I wanted it that this is not. The premier was not unthinkable and at all I was like what would be the funniest thing we can come up with and we can have some really funny stuff tat. We tweet and then I just said: hey one's views on it: that was spent in another got. No one got it because they thought I was doing the you know. Poppy fine Can I give you, may baseball final highlight and they thought it was just me goofing on everybody being in the game in France, but gradually don't ask as well forty. Five minutes in you like this is slow slow, but I get would look I get what they were doing, everybody else, I now you're looking at the structure and how their setting up the next foreplay throttle and non linear story lines would be story a day. What I love the dragons, I mean those things watching those babies fly
And it was a good day. You see a lot of that where you're like weight, you. Guys are a dragon fine day. It seems way more dangerous. If you just The dragon know that you're on their two fuckin dragon. Well, that's what he asked her Johnstone Astor. Where do you hold onto it? She's I just figured out It's like travel little more. If I were you, flying really high and these dragons, like any tricks, you think you're, the queen of the seven kingdoms. We can get a fuckin saddle for one of these things. Let me try to ruin it for your wife, a little bit yeah We really must determine the JAG. Instead, she did it. I thought I'd be funny for us to recap game since we have been about which is the best recap: Pakistan, the internet at I'll, be fine if we ended each part. Cast recap in that night came a thrones from the eyes of two guys who barely know
characters names, but I've seen every episode. Scenery of Soda Boulogne, Kyle Pretty was a life rousing. Here's what I thought happened today, Johnson. I found out that he is actually half target area and that is that policy is, is, I guess, other he didn't know that part at some point. We thought it was sister, but that's not true. I think it's felt a little princess, Leia Luke Skywalker, which means he's accede, the real iron guy yeah heir to the throne, is the air. The rightful his rightful heir banality relied whether everything he had stood a surfeit of whether he wants to take. The thrown away from his girlfriend ripe oozes, I yeah and buy them, This is not always been sleeping with this. Isn't one of the top for incest, atrocities and game thrones this this whole nephew, thank you and, as car pointed out, like my wife, is causing. So this is growth. This is grocer than were giving credit for
that happened, the I don't see, how being a king the way Walkers back down the giant wall- and then they went check out what happen, and there is a little boy that was attached to the wall ran out these limbs and then it turned out. I think he was a white Walker may set on fire yeah. He had without gallery. Was that I didn't know, that was the real scare you hey, we gotta give these guys somethin yet is we're just or bring it everybody back? It's almost like big family reunion. We set the that's. The template has been set here at, but we got to give you a little spice too. But what they were doing. There is a lot of science, sir, not trust in the heiress little little side side. I action that John Snow sensed and then call their on it, and then it did just seems ate their setting up some sort attention. You don't affiliated. Me protective sister, the college Football Players committee. They are sitting there and they're gone. You know the unsolved,
like come and then like the Doth Rocky, they're, not very good at home on the road, and when I sitting around like hey, you know these ff in zombies or are like right around the corner, yeah and you wanna bitch about clans and what not random, but not the common, and that's what I some days who made the case and that's when I compare them. The bow check for the three times during the absurd thou check visa free easily easily three belch it gives up the crown he immediately trades whenever he the trade to get just more draft pics, basically to fight the way walkers. That's alleys! Thinking he's that word about crowds. What he has now all he's thinking that is the big game way down the road. The way walkers, that's right, I Walkers Netherton that happen to you by the way for people who think bills kidding right now, he's not unprompted. Once again, he would just go Bela check when do that really dead.
I think I'll check would win need when the Arthur impressions, evil advocates, an actor is kind of his big twitter thing. He just sits around at home. Didn't goes up kid on our future for lesser his son was like going to the monitoring of sticks. He's like bill would do that without bout, it would not have. Drastic render the eyes who no longer has a who has been missing his generals for while lotta guys on the show he uh yeah he's a top. Do your favorite unicorn you, like the bargain. I like the ball gag, has, I think he's requires I feel like he's. Despite These are real operator, Zalm. You know started the bottom now we here take a joke, so Fiann freed his sister yarrow good job right now and she but it s the thank him. Thou school and then they made up and then she's gonna. Let him go and not enough. We see her again, You know it blew my mind. Was the Viking robots. I was like
You guys fuckin so like right. At the end, when the Viking robot clan showed up, I'm like ok, these guys stepped up and I think the robots are gonna, be the key to feeding the White Walkers, the Viking robots yeah. I don't see that come in and then and then this house, Privileges are drug testing US evidence bar gas reared victim can you can come down. I try to quiets out and then starts going. Reunite is the first time we saw them together. We left that sir see she gave it up to what was that guy's name. You're on your own neuron, who I like kind of irrational, confident you might be the only guy that, like some nine, I liked his strategy with certainty when a rational confidence. I want to one day. I don't freeze out, I like that part of it, but because he's always got boats right, spires,
This is actually the biggest thing, the biggest thing, I'm glad you went there because of all the stuff that's happened because she said you want a whore by one. You want a queen, earn her in every single woman. Then I follow on social media posted that like now the rule, the game is changed. Like hey no offense, you know she still slept the grimy pirate guy. You know she doesn't have them assigned, incidentally, pregnant like it's a real good line, but but, in turn around a leave of his boats. Now daddy and he was like the cat the canary afterwards there yeah he's a real dec I'm not a cutler. I can promise you this that guy's died. Together, they have their clothes die and for the brig fresh ass, one of the first one. I don't think he's tier one enough. So then creepy postpone present brand, no one
stuck his approval, ridding solo right now and I am assuming a game of thrones. I like that he took his chateau associate. It is easily could have been murdered by the any of the people in suit of armor data and that bran, yet brands are united. Typically where performance from bran that its narrowly wangwana traded, I have a person. I know one person whose, like I like, even storyline Jack is made. I haven't merging the guy who said this. People have an email them and like a year by the way branches member walk in six years. They kept for about a dragon. Let fly rallo bet, Geller feel for the pain in the air with drug on one of those guys, though, struggle the dragon whose they were the living, drag its chairman some I dug the other day. Refuge Steve dragged it,
Jake, come here Doug, so there you don't Doug John last, at the end was brand seeing Jamie Lancaster yeah. That was good allows found. They had really locked eyes. He was seeing Jamie having sex with the sister, and then he got prison Vida, so there's some mending offences that needs to happen. The man s attack that went up, maybe at him, maybe at Ebby a tv it where the Astor Break episodes year they get check of physical kids Davy, barrister, brand or good targets Jamie's like I don't really know you. I just don't know what you did it. I thought you'd peeping Tom married me. I just I was fired with you and your sister just don't push me. Our next I've, so what you can see shit has its work so and then that the coming attraction
don't give away anything anymore because they know people like Mallory and Jason are just going to pick fights the freeze frames and figure out what the shows going. So now, it's just like a whole lot of it's, like mad men, used to this to that coming up on mad men. Down Draper having a coke somebody in a car and then like Peggy, say something That was what was as it certainly then I'll give it anyway. So that was our game. Thrones recap, which think I'll the segment or it's the item you did. It was your first egg. I I think sir sees lovers dead within yet I would say two thirds of an episode over under frame is for. Minutes give episode to yeah. They get it. They gonna take us a big in in the second? I also think that The guy's gonna have a really really great death to guide the bug ass back. I don't I Goma. Yet, though, Thea tormentor fires or he's gonna have a death better, be cool death and I'll have a cup of sense.
As before his soldiers death. The other thing I really they haven't had a lotta scenes with Santa and John Snow and how they disguise the height difference is phenomenon, occurs kid heritage like five six I've. Seven. I realise that you bring your president right now. I see that stood next over a party, woods, but that's what he said. He thinks you're closer acts as a five four eleven, so they had theses weird height things where you never actually see the wedge Yet still she still towers the thorough its activities on the rock and any fast wiersma. Reseller deal threat this week threat. Josh Mcgown part four of the backup, kubi squirrels, think about this quarterback backroom His two thousand seven raiders team Lane given was thirty. Three, the head coach, Al Davis, is telling him to bench all the quarterbacks. Every week, Don T call pepper was thirty still
but he was awesome. They just sign hold out your Marcus Russell, whose idle was Don T call Pepper Macao, then Andrew Walter, who had already asked for a trade that was the Kubi room and he tells me stories for about fifteen minutes. Bout that in the rest of his journey in the way it's ended in its it. Some it's a fun star, there's a lot ups and downs rose careers and terrific, but the raiders stuff alone is worth listening to can wait. I met with identical thanks, Dazn. Remember. Setting up is easy: download the Dazn app on the apple or Android app store, sign up by trading count start watching across nearly any of your devices, and you can get a whole bunch of awesome. Fights baseball. You name, it's all on their check that out, don't forget about talk the thrones,
Our twitter show you should be watching every week right after game, a throne sands, but if you, MRS, where you can go right on there and I watched the episode on Twitter account, the we have which is at ringer or you could do hashtag talk, the France or check out are you to channel where we have a lot of stuff include other gamma, thrones, kind, had that we did over the course of the last five weeks. That is beauty that come sash ringer for all that stuff, as well back with a cup more pack as this week into them. Ways.
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