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Tommy Heinsohn Memories and Fantasy Football Half-Season MVPs with Bill’s Dad and Matthew Berry


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his dad to remember the late Tommy Heinsohn (3:00) before he is joined by ESPN's Matthew Berry to take a look at the fantasy football season including boom and busts, fantasy MVP candidates, fantasy playoff waiver pickups, and more (38:00).

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Coming up here and talk about the late great Tommy hides in and we're gonna talk about fantasy football, half seasonably peace in some predictions for where we're going heading down The home stretch sets out next morning set the tone for the your day, and so does your first cup of coffee so important have a coffee. That's up to the task Force Rogers offers so many varieties, whether you look very smooth or rich cup of coffee. Forgers has a roast that will surprise you with Delicious. they were also available K Cup pods for curing brewers. The best part awaken up is forgers in your cup whereas sobriety by the ringer dot com and the Ringer Podcast Network, two ringer knows clear Mc Near wrote a book for Ringer books that was released today. It's about jeopardy, and, as you know, a lot of jeopardy talk this week, Axtra back passing away at age. Eighty, just a beloved guy.
I think one of the highest approval ratings of any celebrity really enjoyed reading all the tributes and stuff, though, as today's really like that guy so Claire's book was supposed to come out November. Tenth, it is now It is called answers in the form of questions, a definitive history, insiders guide to jeopardize she talks to out in the book. She's gonna come on this cast action on Thursday to talk more about it, but wanted to put on your radar. Now you can order it wherever you gave books, it's really good and and encourage you to get thou and also the book basketball podcast is coming back. On Wednesday night season, three begins: we're doing all players for this season and the fur What I'm excited about it's a very famous by I won't give it away but thou if you subscribes to the pike just refresh it sort of pop up or if you haven't, subscribed, check it out. Listen to the entire library,
in spite of I anywhere you want it's available anywhere so book basque by returning Wednesday night coming up, but at laggards by Tommy Hudson, if we Rita, a story that we probably told before its and some other bad give us. I can remember. I did three years ago but he was somebody had meant a lot to both of us and then often Matthew bury Talkin Bout, fancy football as we head into the home stretcher. That's all coming up. First, our food from programme by Tommy had to pass away. Today is eighty: six years old, he was a legend mass. She sits fur almost seven decades, a wider, my dad because as you,
next to me earlier like a member of the family died, which I thought was interesting way to think about it. But that's I felt today it felt like he was in family, even though he never and any holiday. We didn't know him really ETA. Anybody in the whole Boston Sports- and I felt like he was in our life the entire time, and you felt that way too I feel like. I know I'm, even though, as you said, we never met gotta season tickets and nineteen. Seventy three, who is the coach, is the his coach of the subjects The team that I was suddenly going told the games with you and the first year one championship it was like a guy who is the coach of a championship team without repose gonna happen like every other year. You did a years later, but it wasn't just there were united,
a bond. A little Betty went totally cross like you, and I did. It was a legend there when I was there when you were there, they had stopped when the time when the energy an end. As later came a radio unanswered and Tv answer: Beth, Phoebe, eventually, finally, there are on the road or any doubt we could get the game. He was there listen. Listen to with my Gorman an end even more than that, is what it was. should the voted husband. His wife hellenes eventual diet of cancer, she had brain and lung cancer and when she is going through I'd, say two to three years of treatment. She sat right near us and she would have scotch Randy ahead because of the cancer and every time there was a time out every time, a break in the action he ran away from his seat, go down to check on her,
make sure she was ok. It was referred to as the redhead they are ready for medium. Her name was held on the redhead from NATO and, as the cancer progressed, There are times when she would get up from receipt and kind of wonder a little bit You'd, see a running over. Lovingly, cajole her back to see its evil. over his shoulder making sure she was sitting there. The issue was always paying attention. It was just like member of the family taking care of another member, the family, the hours they always felt that bond with them and here your stepmother Molly's favoured person. of all these years as something to the game do you moved Tommy hasn't she had She still work, doesn't know yet better do feel like Uncle Tommy
has the well there. You know well going to go through the four kind of phases. Tommy right. So go back all the way to the early fifties. He goes Dolly cross anything for four years? They were the title with coups: they won the answer, tired with Tommy. They won there an in nineteen, fifty four, which is the last championship all across everyone worth anything. And he was this top five college guy and theirs There's a magazine cover that I put an instagram where is the cover, as like the STAR of College Basque by that year and in the little squares bill rustles one of the squares rats. The time is on the whole across think, so graduates here considered to be a a know. You'd be like a high lottery pick down tourism beer, but the subjects have this go which they had in the euro. This is nine years into the abyss. Had these territorial picks and if you had occurred,
we start your territory. You ve got to take card star, Severity had cozy and then I'd say in their like we'll take Hansen, but it's also the same draft. They get Bo Russell another Bill Russell and Heights and enhance- and they just get for free just because he played for in its way, so it's another local hero they have to local here, possible Russell and that first or his rookie year. They were. The title: seven games again Saint Louis, and he has this legendary game and game seven's. Thirty, seven and twenty thirty seven points area reading about it and he's gone had to get. It gets Bob PET. It is the best forward in the leg at the time and is they're gonna total we found out near the end, puts his what's a tower reset is crying on the bench cause you found out, you think they're going, and so that aims famous for two reasons: vote first, what's that there's no video of it there's a little clips of it, but no video and its considered the first great and be a game.
Russell has some famous black where like what the one of those the bronze chased out box, but it said the end of one of the over times, and he just like covers the entire court in one second black system from behind. But then the Not this go up to there's one left Alex Hanover there, where coach. he calls this play where he throws the ball full court off the backboards bipedal who catches it to shoot. It Are there like this, a work disobey a great play and it worked in pet, it miss the shot. So we missed like a ten foot her after this, There are ninety four pass off the backboards pet it, but he missed it crab pours on the core. They carry time had set off. God knows what kind of parting they did, and that was to be his career Susan, you, nine seasons, that's it makes them idols all thy nears, winds, eight titles and is this: how good he was. He was sick at him
Ba and sixty one sixty two sixty three sixty four and again by petted algae baron. The whig he went the ear and fifty seven? He was one or two and ten basically at its peak, but where are they better in the play us- and there is at every year in nineteen The three was funny when, as do the research in my book was the year he decided amateur, being good shape for the planned, so he gave up drinking and smoking for the playoffs any average. Twenty five and nine and eleven people have the aims. You read that every year like what was basketball back then, with these days are smoking at half time. They're fine coach, but you know he was living a full life and his career is over nine years, but you know trying to figure had a plenary was because it's a little different. It's more physical Russia's fired up shots, but it really did seem like he was like a Blake Griffin. You know quorum alone, type of power for do you remember watching him are now
do it seem like you got every week about if you like, read that either here Russell Gallery Rebound butter you you're dimension is player. Performances were unbelievable. I think I think during the season. Maybe there are a lot of cigarettes and analysed and a few cocktails and a few beers Andy requite look like he was in shape, but the players it turned out. Different switch and a lot of people forget that were that sixty nine sixty eight sixty nine team Brussels last year as a player coach, which was probably the first year that I, switch my legions from the next to the Celtics, the because you're anyway. Yes, I was- I was had been here for for years- a college and stay here, but he took
over though Russell as the coach here as the coach under a couple of years, because the cupboard was a little bit, where there is best, I have a check and then they drive to Georgia that they get Dave down there going in Gaza where Russell and second, when this is a quote- Tommy was so gifted and so smart that if he had made up his mind who's going to play every night, the only forward who would have been any competition for him was Baylor LG, better, not even Pettit could have come close to them sounds kind of the rub with Tommy Right Gray, player Hall of Famer, but us was a really fungi. Awesome. Teabag ease by all accounts was our backs, whipping boy that what are ya, bad at the team he which is already Tommy and when he was yelling at Tommy that may he was sometimes really yelling at Rustlers SAM Jones, but she didn't want like mess with those guys. Are you just take everything out untie me and he has this
nine year career that now you think like. If somebody played nine years and retired now, you would think something happened right there. for there s always or something. This is the way the Ba was these gasser flank Where should the cumbersome everywhere they weren't in shape and they weren't live right, held healthy loop lifestyle now so, as you said, he takes over his coach, which leads to this second chapter and you get that season ticket three. Seventy forces used academy in utterly remember anything until the seventy five laughs, but Tommy. Is this coach? He was such a character. He got technical zombie a man like those who got, but it was like he would get mad at that since a lot like what it was like on tv, but it was worse because the whole crowd be like settle down. Tommy, don't get kicked out right out there. a call and he would just you he was such a character here. So damn
yesterday have anywhere and then Jake Madonna would walk over and they were just start yelling at each other, and I got your out God how we get kicked out again, Earl, Earl Strum, and at times seemed to have a love hate relationship there was is mostly had it looked like his head was going to explode ah here get so mad his moments. I met a reading I was going to say there was that one game which I do have a memory of where I think was clear when it might happen play game, but him and John killed. I got kicked out in red if come out of this stands to help. Take were, and I stole I dont remember it from what I have that little, but I still remember how citing that was when our back out of his seek as it was like, he was, the Yoda the whole day down the whole experience he would be city at the in his seat across from us. staring at home. The together built the Celtics dynasty.
It comes out of the seats. A coach was I, oh, my God read our back Caricom's but tell them about tell the about how they to. Let me go in the court. Well again, there is no security there, were there to help you to your seat, not to keep your way from the court, and you were four five six years old during that time period like five and a half that first year when I really started down it yeah and it could have kept going for two or three years They all knew all the issues. May you be created sheets were pretty close to them. What was one seat? Anyone who stated that here, but one see with legs hanging over the deciding and the ashes, no use they. Let you weren't. We always got there we will want to beat the traffic. So they let you
on the court. The big couple boys trying to get the rebounds and they let you this love five and a half year old kid go out there and also get the rebounds and told them back in and then when you got tired of doing that, just that was worth Can you weren't into that was what he had walked over to the bench then and use their next to Tommy or have a guy. This really is true. I dont paper, like people, think were making this up. I was and under the basket. I would hope that their in Airbus, so I could throw the ball back to somebody that two balls would hate each other and once again, hired of rebounding for the Fucking Celtics just wander over, the bench to talk to TAT had set a gigantic away every game, and then there is There is one game where they took have a check was in crutches I've put this I'll, put it,
my instagram again, but they take this picture of me talking to have a jacket. Tommy Hudson but I'm just looking up at them, and I don't know where I can imagine what I was asking them and it was on from page you bought like twenty copies the next day, or so it is my brother we have learnt. But of course I never know what you're asking your probably asking. What do you think about tonight like that, had we start back of it? She was. such a different air, and he was such a big part of it because, like you need have half time, We better, not re great. They were just smoke in the hallways and then the Third. Would start in the garden and the smoke would come at member and it would just be leg. This always over the court for twenty minutes it almost into fourth quarter, and then it would lift up into the rafters rain
yeah. So you'd have that you had people again, just sauced. We were sent her out all normal people, because the tickets weren't that expensive. We had resist A blue collar crowd, rum that that loved and hide got into it. The rafts and loved cow ends in only while they laugh at me now and sorting out, as as many people know, that first year, seventy three that one ticket caused me four dollars a game and we were as close to the court as you want to be here, were like probably for fibres Acme had the visitors bench. So then, in seventy six we went through the dirty game, which everard about a book, but I can tell the story quickly. I fell asleep Is the game started nine o clock we where he started it like nine twenty year. So save somewhere in the second half and then with thy ten seconds left. everybody the stand up, cause we're down one and have a check
that running banker like one of the most famous shouts of his career right right of us. half asleep. I don't know what's going on and everybody charges the court member yeah yeah thought was over So they call this bogus technical time out. They called time I didn't have. Georgia makes a free throw so our up to their second laughed for going when they get all the fans of the courts and punch Richie powers in a car heard makes this it seem like it is before, but when you watch the tape, it's like eighteen feet, but it seemed way longer that we got other over that. My memory is, it was like some have called for the greater Tommy's losing is buying because he can't believe the sun's got this bogus time out technical foul thing: they're are better get. The bargain goes to a third overtime. Ethics win and we got home like one thirty and others of us excited- have ever been We won the game or at three in the series it and thirty. I remember
Charlie's angels reside, there will agree running animal exist. What happens? Waited They run Charlie's angel, so the whole piece of this, and then that after that, the title: Gillette Parson. Let's go your favorites out that the biggest mistake there are one or one of red thread before biggest mistake. You loved? That was your favorites outdated? Well, he was the glow of the team and A maiden replace them with anybody who could rebound then wish Did you see the Kurdish row and Sydney works and get a certain fires on town, two guys who were glue guys you don't have any heart, you, no one. One of the most good memories. I have a press conference was what are back in tears, disclosing many adjust fired, Tommy Hansen yeah. Seventy eight, maybe seventy eight
the seventy seven. Seventy eight is ok, and yet he was in tears sang the hardest. Decision. I've ever made the authors. There were so close tat such history, but seemed just wasn't yelling at the time rain, so Tommy leaves it the terrible years, which is great for us because really get a second seat, and we have awesome seats, sound mid core and they still, you know nobody wants to go so still cheap and then bird shows up. We had this off with bird simultaneously. Tommy now moves the tv and they First, it was, I, like, I think, channel four were afraid with China for locally, but then it moves the cable and all of a sudden it's, my Gorman Tommy Heights, bob Cozy and it's like half cable, half channel fifty saxon benevolence but those guys, whereas my favorite announcing teams ever because
Susie and Heights, and they don't each other forever and he was kind of like the one who is always calming Tommy down time here, flip a guy. Every reference tried to screw the sell things crises like the kind of voice of reason, and they were talk. They would have really candid conversations on top of it. Third is there and we're all set him we're having this transcended IRAN, whereas I wear the greatest Basque, but where the history, the French as other Russell, and so we that old thing then Tommy goes to CBS too. There is a national guy. Is the color We all know his reading for the south x. It every gave an airplane these teams in the fire series, Ed if you're like a Sixers, fairer, Laker failure like really Tommy heightens by now, isn't it I have read our back: that's a at he's trying to arraign himself in an So we have that aware. I does CBS all the way through and you know it was really gonna CBS. He was
they re ended in even when the subjects for playing barely just kept you kept waiting for him to yell. At the rest, though, if the car went against the subjects in their own nationals, but he range it in. I think they might they demanded an electroshock him. A little bits to that have em go completely had said that the targets so anyway, he CBS lose their rights, and now he comes back to Boston and this is when he blossoms into this whole real this whole, extra career that he had fur generations, like my friends, always kids or people who are now properly in there. The third- is laid thirties, where they only know Tom as the car, a guy for this out the games, the guy who compared dregs, teams, were a bell. Russell and compared Leah poured a buzz Isabel learned and he would fall
these deeds right away and the team. We love that we were always in any time we poked fun about him. It was always out of pure love to say, whereas a family member for it was a blind player we drafted in he said he would be the next Larry Bernie can look like Michael Psmith. My cousin the early ass like us forget that underwear and he's getting progressive wages. Crazier crazier with the officials- and we all love it, because this is what Johnny, mostly to January Eyes and Tom Europe. Johnny most so he has. This is an awesome players and probably one of the best ten players in the history, the franchise wins a terrace coaches. Two titles, and then Has this third act as like the Johnny most chick Hearn of for something fanciful, tell generation. That only knows for that, and on top of it I looked at this part.
he because aid takes over the prayers Union for cozy in early sixties reduces the first. But I can anything done. It goes to heighten the famous date Sixty four asked our game in Boston hides in an hour. Robertson Cowboy other guys like we gotta. We strike this game. Its embossed, then there is the star storm. It's a big t began there trying to get contract and they want the Lee to the owners to recognise these basic rights right, just like it Can you recognize our union a couple basic things: healthcare things like that and they decide not to play. Have this vote in the locker room, and it's like tend to aid between the prayers and hides inside. convincing ever ass. We can't play so half hour before the game. Tell. The owners are not playing the owners. Begrudgingly agreed to recognise the union and its them important labour moment in history. The league he's right in the union there there still is in charge of it, so
He has all these different phases, plus the Holy Cross phase, where you know by the time I got the Holy Cross Knights Incident coups. He was a man. Could we get back to the glorious? You were there in thirty nine, the late these all the way through sixty nine in those the legacy. Those guys was really strong right here. They he was. He certainly helped to college that's when they brought in a run, texture and eighty two dead, high school coach school at Louis Centre. At the time, thinking they might even recruiter, cinder red sixty five they didn't, had some really really good teams for about four or five years and I never saw it the legacy of a matter. The fact that we had these historic guys who one titles at cross and they, even when I was there in the lady- is early nineties. There's this feeling like hey. We had the dna here.
You guys are still alive. You mean when I got there and sixty five, was only eleven years after the hands team on the energy rose. I mean for us, was a national recognise. national power at the time and then that's. It raises a thick mason, the thank you. You know you'd, let he actually has a first stage that is extremely famous for is quite a painter and it is our workers for thousands and thousands of dollars. People people love that generally the by one of his pieces of art when they want become available on a wonderful Tina. Well then, the six stage, which I think people are realised and if you read some of the time its days like so our back Let's get all right, our backs, the Yoda, the team and when them eyes dies, you never really the same after that, and he's, though, he's done around the max, but he's not door
the strader like he was he hands things over. The Dave gave it no comes in, takes his presidency will never forgive the dino for that and twenty other things, and becomes kind of this MRI conciliatory type like radio court at the end, the godfather and death passageway may two thousands and Tommy comes the guideline the generations koozies in West he's kind of out of it at that point, for the most part been part in Seattle, he would then come back really until they I gave him the statue couple years ago, and he had his reasons for that which we have talked about on the book. A basque ballpark was the guy who at all, thanks to everybody heap he play in coach travel check. He played with Russell and the Jones boys played with coups coach, are those days in the seventies and announced everybody from the design. And then, if Europe, where a coach in the team, he kind of the guy. You had to get the like you, you know,
whoever you are new guy or university. That was the guy you wanted to impress Tommy was kind of the laboratory a lot of ways and that's where, when he eventually evolved into the last twenty five years, I think why I think in addition to that arise, from what I've read as the play has joined the team over the next thirty years. While he was involved with television, he had their back there I mean he had their back in a funny way to us, when you go after the referees are, as you know, obviously dick, never committed avow had their back. I think they really appreciate that I would watch over the years form of players. Always come down and talk to him before the games, and he was the common thread. As you said, from. wait. Fifty is all the way to do it. Some twenty year was the thread
really from the first title, all the way through the today. He was also You forget his like six four he's here put on a little way after he was physically imposing guy. You know, what's alike at these bigger maybe six, five whatever wherever he ended up at. I forget the exact date, but I remember Jack on. I told the story of few months. on this package when we went up to him at the force which I ironically the forest is also causing Tommy. Was there all the time go, and I were there when they saw me relax pocket and we just went over the bridge say, were wholly cross guys. When are we getting a good, a basque bugging? Got him go and talk to about twenty minutes. had a drink with them. He signed jackass bellows like everything we wanted from the interactive anyway. It always like. We were always like some day Sunday were here talk Tommy. it will over at home at some point, and it was everything we wanted. I think a lot of people had interact the day was also would he was
watching and play until he was a guy. That was when the reporters were around. The prayers like he had a member with Bob Barbara AM by talked about like they had a falling out and ran was covering the team in favour of making up much later, but you were so tight. With the ear so around each other in their flying. I'm Coachman the bees the plane in their around each other. Therein drinks in the hotel bar he's there after this other era, remember when you had by Brian and your party cast within the last year. As you said he talked about, falling out with Tommy time you re talking and eventually forts They they reconciled because yandah life to to reconcile with Tommy It was a big part, arrange life yeah, we'll Tommy was there I did. The new owners figured it out pretty quickly to that, you want the event Tommy take care of Tommy, protect filing corner the end. You want a menu
recent institution, so I think just look at this big picture, obviously He had an awesome life and aroused some career, but you think, like their certain franchises, The south eggs in the Lakers in the next that some, the baseball franchises. Adding some the hockey the original six franchises. Were you just have generations generations of fans right see it does not extend. They start. Ninety! forty six, they start in Boston and I think you're the though this sector, longest tenured season ticket order at this point. But you have generations of fans who grew up at this time, which is so friend. Then I don't know if it's Let's say the Charlotte Hornets raised a boy, at thirty years the South have been around like your great great grandparents might have been south advance and hides in for him to tie all of those generations together.
it's really unique. I don't even think the Lakers have a guy like that. You know like the Lakers basically have Elgin Baylor Jerry West, but both of them of kind of work. Further teams I personally would say something lecture current, but a guide. wasn't a player and he wasn't a coach rain and within they would be lucky. You would point out like somebody like Marv Albert, but denmark- or left handedness. Another team, one of unique things with time is it was is the South Sea, never courage, another team, he caught a coach, there is one of the strongest way that apparently the rock strata Hiram and seventy nine eighty to be a he was you want to do it so too, will you stop the terms of service to go from nineteen, fifty six to two thousand and twenty with a sigh Enfranchise, I guess films you baby was like that.
the idea of a single thing right played a meeting that was it accepted? Never coached red men again forget it was. You know Over forty years ago, two world championships as a coach, yeah, I mean significant at a time when asked Russia, retired people wondered what would happen to the franchise weary. They go back to glory years and the He was a good coach, as you said, crazy on the sidelines, but I always appreciate them as a dad, because he let you do whatever you want now you go to go away. There's some goods friend about their job powers, wrote a book called the short season which is basic about carbon,
Celtics the same as Tommy and Red when red, finally at the fire Tommy budgets that unhappy year, but it's a lot about the previous years to and then Tommy wrote an autobiography that I really enjoyed went is researching. Do another research for my book, Hale had nuggets their ethical coggan Jim. The hook Romania Tommy's. His famous shot, was like the running Herc, which now re looked at it like the advanced metrics people would have a heart attack of this. I would a bad shot. That was for it again. When I went in an authorized, There was an autobiography any kind of You talked about his life and career and it had some really funny moment. Scenarios viable cause, he's really candid, so talking about people from his errand stuff, so yeah. I, the south ex franchise coups. You still here, thank God, because ninety but he's not around the tee, my Tommy was in Tommy, even in the last five six years, he's not gonna road trips mates agencies in his eighties
was still doing games every once in a while, and then will you in the studio I thought dinner nice job transitioning was celebrating because You said he didn't want to go on the road anymore and I from what I have read and what's Gallop India's said, he helped Mental Scallop Rooney not to take his place. but to be in that seat on the road gander, tough thing to do, good, I'm sure Tommy one to be on the road after he lost his wife. The way the travelling was reduced quite a bit. but what a career and that I think we need Sports Fan, especially if you refer the same team for a long time. You have those people that are attached to the team if you're lucky that just Dave You said Phil, I part of the fair way he was a hundred percent, one of those guys, and
Now that he's gone, I dont cruises like because he really has been in our lives, are much just cuz. He took a huge backseat realized. Here's Tommy was still in my life. I was still watching. Tommy and pre game shows us months ago, several wherever the before the pandemic started, where early March and I still care it's funny. I still cared about what he thought about Basque buys, don't really respected as opinion. He would have these old school. You know disguised fiscal enough for their plane to slow. He would call The clock toilet, often stuff out that you and I both heyday they gotta low via there's Domo Bed, where were you know, would always talk about exactly two was the first ball. either an interview, users announces and he never lost his fastball. I agree animals there, the Johnny idea the wheels came off here.
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and says we gotta do our halfway fantasy. Look at the whole thing. What's going on, I'm like all your right and then we do it. This year I texted you. ahead of the game. I was really proud of myself. It's labour? Will? I think that, maybe and for you- and I ve- been doing this for over a decade that might be the first time you have been able to get like Lily in August. I I have to remind you, ll be like YO. They should we do our previous you're, like oh shit, that's right! It's August! Unlike so I went Will you know I'm crushing it in both of my fantasy leagues this year, so famous is, on my mind, a lot doing really well. One of the reasons is Kyler Murray, who is second in fantasy points, and I would we're gonna do our halfway and Vps and some predictions and were ass, a new murders club further the austerity of people that murdered sailors. This year, briars Kyler Murray, so he's ten
it's behind my homes, but just the fact that he's ten points behind the homes is amazing, he's single hand. They want a cup away, including this past week on Sunday and this is a rare case Matthew Bury of somebody getting a ton of hype. before the season right in living on the hype. This never happens. Thousand Brazil like he was the most common answer to who could be? This year's Lamar Jackson and answer was always Le Murray because of the rushing ability second year in a system fantasy friendly off it's under kings, burying oh by the way they just added the Andrea Hopkins. So just to give you some more staff, Kyler Murray Rights, so he's the number one quarter back on a permanent basis.
Is everything. Twenty nine point, two fantasy points for gay, who writes that one point: five more point for game them: Lamar, Jackson, average last season is remember: Bill, Lamar, Jackson, last unanimous, wonderment, quarterback and fantasy. Not only was the number one player and fantasy Lamar Jackson had the greatest season and fantasies about history. Last year, Kyle Murray is outpacing em right now he's been a top five quarterback in six of eight games. A season and I'll give you this crazy. Sat there. We looked up so here's an entire list of players that are averaging sixty five rushing yards, any rushing touchdown for game the season. That's what they're averaging over sixty five rushing out at least one rushing touched on again. Darwin Cook, Derek Henry Calamari. Oh my god, like that. The entire so like literally just as equal running back Kyler Murray, is among the elite, and then you add the past.
saying and is a special kid. It's weird you you don't hear people talking about the handsome anymore. Do you Now, while the other thing is, it feels like he's getting better. That's what I really enjoyed it from where he's gone from weak. Wonder we ten I'm sure, he's getting used to certain guys, the team and second year you just getting more comfortable, but he's figure that when the take off went to stay in when my team really needs me to get eleven yards we thrilling a watch do when you watch him. I feel like he like more than any other player and the NFL Kylam He is one of those guys that you like your watching and you can do so. see the moment about play where Tyler is the site through and I'll. Do it myself up, isn't about me the guy at the man. I'm doing this myself, gonna railway, like yeah, he's on either
he's a special guy. I am out of one team to an end, a guy who also, I think, is really legit in the peak conversation now. So there is a world in which Arizona, competing for like a top three seed. He could deciding hundreds of thousands of Does he play offs and also we eat a bat? for the ever, which basically the same situation. Lamar was in last year. I think I just enjoy acting more than the mark, as though the possibility of the forest You are passing game, you never know. What's gonna happen, he's he's he's crazy, that one of the things that we talked about coming into the league last year was the fact that people appreciate this everyone, a real questions seconds of the guy you're like ok, he's, insanely, fast and obviously very mobile, and I it but I don't think what Karla Murray gets. Nearly enough credit for is how accurate a passer ears and so actually like everyone talking
coming out of college, how Baker Mayfield was so insanely accurate college. If you look at it, is called cranberry was just as accurately. I believe this is a way of the taught my head so, but it was something like over sixty six percent of his passes and in college terms of accuracy I wanna maybe seek maybe sixty seven percent. Sixty six every like really wait. He's he's a very good passer lighting and you know- and I think, a lot of times- quarterbacks matters most he is that often gets overlooked or discounted and you're worried coming to season cos such a weird treaties and right because of covert eighteen. There was this accelerated ramp up to the seas and like they didn't have otiose. They didn't have many camps right and they make. You know that I, like whatever was fourteen padded practices, no preceding games, the Andrea Hopkins missed most the practice as was used.
With some nagging Andrey some people, said maybe whose hold out for new contract, for whatever was there? There wasn't a lot of time for those two guys together the same page and there's some some concern coming as these like that's going to take longer chemistry and, like then, get a very first game like what I'm fourteen targets yonder happens what afraid areas you know they said they been rejected. They gonna cliff kings very by the way we talk about him for, Second, the master of the head scratching decision, combined with like their offences, really good and started criticising, but bad yeah, but it also what guy that had passionate homes in college and now gets Kyler Murray, oh my god yeah and has been blessed with insane genetic disease really good. Looking like it, I just it. Doesnt seem fair that used to be a coach. You should get those two guys in your life at some point and oh by the way, genetically you're. You know Europe, Europe, peerless insanely, handsome guy. He be funny if he had like of fourteen
Spain is still just they just air, I'm waiting all over the place, our not carried out by the way- and my It's an oil Baghdad. outside shot at five hundred points. I dont think its realistic, but five hundred fantasy points for the year, which nobody's ever done to my knowledge. Yeah, listen, he's right, he writes ate them Annabel in rushing yards like he is. You know I mean he's he's such a dual threat like if you took away all if you took away all the past he's a is a top five fantasy running back. He still getting at twenty to twenty three points, even on his worst day, with a thirty grim out, our wind, hoping the M Vp of Blair Witch doctors Maria on your team, explain to me why you wanna talk about fantasy football. I do ask more of it. My part test appearance is on the bill. Some spike ass coincide
how your seasons going when bills seasons is going well, I show more on the past because it allows you to talk about it. I believe and even better cause I gotta. Maybe next year oh, have amended keeper league. Where are they by eighty dollars. He's gonna be my life for four years. I've, Philip, yet move he's moved I guess you basically, that's good news for your team is good news for me, good news for for me, because this is the year the Patriots kind of dad. Certainly staff least I the other bp candidate from a fantasy standpoint has been Darwin Cook. So he's at two hundred and ninety three points right now, but he's also had. I think three. If you had me this you want your weak, because I was on your team weeks, which should really be a fantasies that, where just like the you won because you had me this week that whatever that is but going forward that key miss
game to any amy- was a little banged up for another one of the games, and he still has an pace to be in the three hundred fifty point range which fer a running back is ridiculous and then, if you look at the whole running back so right now: it's been him in camera, Derrick Henry and then drops it goes to James Rabbits in Zeke out who's been a disappointment is somehow the fifth back right now tied girly. Erin Jones Cream Hunt who didn't start the first three games, and it's just like a shit show so. cook is so cookies by far the army, one this year right yeah! He is he's army one. He has a couple of weeks as you like what we would like to call weak winners, literally, like it doesn't matter who else you started as long as they had some semblance of a pulse. You know it's Ed, Darwin Cook, plus whatever replacement level players at every other position. You why we, though, is minimal,
money back and fantasies everything. Twenty eight point: seven points per game. The last two weeks, the last two weeks, Darwin Cook, has scored nine point: five more fantasy Is there any two other running back to mine by his? Well, I ll give you a job and cooking a zero. You out scored whoever your opponent, whatever to running back. Your opponent had like that's how good he has been. It's been. You know it's been a revelation. somebody bad coming into the season. I had it number two after Chris Mccaffrey turn my running back race. A lot of people did and then there were issues about the contract. There were issues about the you know there were there were there were concerns their scepter and I by the way when shutter says something like this is to take someone who doesn't say it lightly, because he he knows what
power of of his reporting and because he's a hard core ferris declare itself, but he said he came in our pockets and he said this on earth is America. We did Jeffreys like if Dobbin could still is not done by draft by these restart the season. It would give me pause to draft him like here. Stands the exact weight of that statement, and so the result of that and we all have well sort of you know, I'm gonna die from Lady on Bell a couple years ago like later about James Landscaper, fantasy managers because of the fat season where he was drafted very highly and then sat up the entire year so down slid drafts any end up going like five or six independent. When you did your draft. Viewed in your draft, like you know, whatever the day before the season started, he went up to number two again once the deal that done, but the deal then get done until that last week, and so, depending on, where you drafted, there's a very good chance that if you have down cook, you got a bargain, because there was some concern here
hold out for a new deal, so it's so annoying when that happens, I stay away. I do. I just don't think it's worth. It for the amount of money and auction, or fantasy. If it's like your first rather and it's like, I might not get this guy, I just I personally, don't think it's worth it I this is the year, though, between Zeke Elliott, whatever happened with that with him and whatever is going on with him this year. I know it is stats, are a little better than the eye test on him. The cat forgets her sick one goes out quite Words Hilaire, who everybody loved the it's been fine, but not like a first round Fifty five are running back at any rate, that is, the year that we started
what a gun shy with the running back physician and just think like fuck. It I'd rather have an awesome receiver that I know is gonna, be there an awesome quarterback, maybe except the question is- is that first up there's a lot of awesome, quarterbacks and secondly like if you said I want safe this year. I do want to mess with he's running back. I want safe this year. Though, with Michael Thomas, whose is closed, the money in the bank as there is when it comes to vanity, you are also screw charming. He he's he was a mere six games and last week he finally comes vacuous. Why receiver forty nine last week at the game against the buccaneers, here's the here's, the top them by the register? I pulled this for you right so Mccaffrey myths, gangs, he's been arson and the three games to display premiss exclaimed missus. We hardly was running back twenty three and weak. One he's mistrust the season. The Zeke was fine. He was running back eight up until Dac went down.
running back eight for the year, but since Dac went down with his injury last for games he's running back thirty two on a visa, eight he's actually not somebody who might start a meaningful It's a game again this year. If you mean like four weeks, fourteen fifteen, sixteen, I find it hard to believe you'd be starting for clapped him. You have to hope that their own by this week that they're they're lying gets helped the Arabic bigger, adult gets better and the offence, but cause it's been. Um yeah I mean it's weird. It's been awful just watching them right, Darwin Cook was ended up at number for any disputes. Atp sounds fine. He's been awesome having camaro running back. He went running back. Five has also been awesome. Seven, twenty six point: five fantasy points for game, but adopt in fancy running back every week. The season the outcome has been awesome, but that's another guy. They dropped because our concerns about the contract about them.
back then, Michael Thomas, we just talk about Derek Henry, so he's been good. Their families are, I think, been a pleasant surprise. Consider there are a lot of signs for a tail off the share with the man you see at last year. The hypothesis that- but I I regret not going after to be honest, yet ever he's running back for on the seas in no passing game usage where people are concerned about the touched on regression like that hasn't happened, like tendencies really good like there, the most boring came world, but there but there are a great fantasy team, because it's like it's like four guys on a team. You have to worry about it. It's like there's only four guys. You need to worry about like it's. You know. If you have those guys stardom, then Clyde Edwards layer. What are we ve been find? Your point is running back fifteen so far this year, but he has just eat who has drafted eight over all his one top ten finnish he's had one week where it was adoption
back, then that's been touched. Chauncey just gotten showed a lucky with touchdowns another bringin Libyan Balin was D. You know now gets to be. They're on their by this week. So do they worked Bell in more bell, looks kind of toasted to me I could not agree more I'll say this about Clyde he's been like a cheese pizza, yeah fine. I thought There was going to be some pepperoni that thought. Maybe they put a little more time in making the Crest Dyson Chris before me. He's been fine I wanted more though I thought I was. I thought I was getting pepper only that I thought maybe they're gonna throw a couple mushrooms. Are there just didn't happen now now? Is that that's actually that's exactly what he's been Fine he's been like your other fine yeah. I don't know anything. It's already. Breeding or cheese pizza either work work grades yeah, then Josh Jacobs also find lackeys running back ten on the season and the net job, who you know miss the last war games and weak. My guy
So I mean it's been a bit. I mean there's been like a handful of guys otherwise you will all. Then you left out, I think most her was gonna, be a tap a guy and that was it that was kind of the lost injury of this season because he looks like that and then he got hurt, but it looks like he was going to rush that he was like a dark horse to win the rushing title just from the game when he was healthy? The way he was gone round, the corners most is awesome, and- feel like I might have talked about him at last Amazon Podcast with you, and I we read out a priest and preview. He was a big guy for me, who's, gonna, precision, love hate and as a love, and when I did my hundred fact column, he was one of the player that I featured at the start that article so I love most. And I agree with you: that's better than one was really tough. Neither gotta love is Chris Cars in his memory. I need this last couple games Mile centres with couple games, Joe mixing, discover
it's all just without a tiny injuries in football, but especially the running back position which again not super surprising. Given several ramp up to the season and the the shortened precept, and you know all those issues, but by the way, if I receive relate to want to atoms like he's been awesomely but Mr Couple games early on their age, a ground middle aged brown. Mr couple Games, Chris God, when my gabions, like those guys we're all draft, is top six, not my age brown, but God when Evans Michael Thomas in Devonshire atoms all drafted as top sites, Why receivers? Well, then, on top of it, you have the whole that thing where you don't know who's gonna, be there that data, the one guy was going to I trade it for him, and one of my legs is Jonathan Taylor and then they could throw a lot of signs for him being a breakout guy and like huge form on Sunday and just in general, it hasn't happened. Yet I'm waiting on him when we weren't take a break. When we come back, we're gonna die
About the most important guide, all right, so and talk a couple. Other nominees you have four faint assembly p. before we do that? I wanted to finish the great green. It is that I did ready for the brake right. You can a case, Travis Calcium, the most support guy fanciful bar demolishes every other person. His position he's untrue, about nobody would be ok I'll, give you Travis Kelsey Fur Johnny Smith, then a receiver like if you have Travis Cassio, not trade area, Now he is fifty three points than any one else. Did the position will be over hundred points higher by the end of the year, so you get him and it always seems a man that I spent thirty hours and traps Kelsey here. You know if you're in a league of debt that's swell. You took him in the second round, guess what your gun, tighter and who every week has six to eight more points than every other tied ed.
Seems viable. I think he is the under it. awesome fantasy guy is amazing, especially given how brutal opposition is still kettles heard right, he's done. For the year mark, Andrews has been brutal and inconsistent. This year's akard was rude. Allow is healthy and then he's been hurt now so right now, if you get eleven fantasy, the game. That's good enough to be like tight in seven. Just give me a giving away are just an example of just how bunched up it is that on a per game, basic a perfect sorry, I'm bringing basis to point five fantasy points for game is the difference between the number ten tighten fantasy right now and number twenty three Molly caught vow to point five point: four game Is it really a question like I had the thirsty Kyle? Was there the researcher Fora, the fantasy focused, bought castrated with field everyday feel gates, and
I had him look this up. Here's a tribute question which he always loved. There are two healthy titans. So what I can't kill, obviously or serenity doubts gotta uninjured got Can you name the to healthy titans that about multiple weeks as a top to fancy tighter? Obviously, health is one of them. Can you name the other? I think I have the other way round and may keep her team Hopkinson, not Hopkinson, so good ass, Jimmy Graham Outline, the ghost Jimmy Graham, I heard the girls I wish you'd be, Graham, I could take you through twenty nine any by cuts to touch TAT Rebecca with two point: nine points I can't take it for that's the titan position this year die out. So if there are presently gets all It's it's very, very random, look, not random for cows. One sided opposition. What I was just say, not not random, for Kelsey, because now I think, he's their king
that team other than the homes and he's the guy, especially close games, they just are gone to bed it's just. She's, the that nobody talks, bout that position as oh, my god, I gotta lockdown Kelsey the same way, but I gotta get atop seven, They back. I've spent fifty eight dollars, and meanwhile Kelsey gives you this huge advantage. Sure your other every piece for this yourself are others get. I was gonna, say: Travis Kelsey has coming into this year for three years with these two eighty reception of these two thousand receiving arts. Eighty thousand everything your first rate, your friend, I will say dear darling, and pretty good too are growing up. I'd ends but Parkinson's Bangor too, he's been put up points every week, so they a couple of people that we can argue for fantasy envy, PIG Kate, so Russia, Wilson, me Wilson's, been ridiculous in terms of how good he is banned. He's been right there with them
with Kyler Murray many average is point seven fantasy points for game, less then Kyler Murray. So I think you could argue, I would also say Ivan Camaro along with diamond cook, at the running back position yet and to me a big piece of fancy and BP is not just a production but also what it costs to acquire that production right last year. Lamar Jackson was the fantasy and weeping only because of the amazing we may numbers here, but he was a thirteen from pick last year. So so I think you, when all is said and done, I think just in Herbert's gonna be right there in the mix. Why doesn't Herbert?
now, as we speak, just Herbert who didn't start that first we'd, just in her right now, is Kubi. Eight on the season he's averaging twenty four point: three fantasy points per game. That is, I think, forth. They say he is one of my screen, while two other things in their bet he's out. If you include Dac in their his faith in terms of fantasy poyser game on callbacks forth among healthy guys, so he's bees basically two points again more encouraging the homes, and this is somebody that you got on the waiver y know as not only that was of elbow on the weak one waiver wire and did it get picked up that week either It was. I go. The other chargers, doktor tried to stab tyrant. There were two death, maybe he's for we too, and one slash
me too. If somebody really picked up Herbert for whatever after week one and you that more on his name, you start and then the next we got. Oh, my god. I can't believe I didn't pick him up. It was a great. It was hate yourself, fantasy moment here. I am by the way the charges, team, doktor might be the envy pig he doesn't stab the chest. We don't need does the same thing. Is that Anthony Lynne was like honour. No, my guy tie my guy look like they were only they were forced to start Justin Herbert right and to speak of Herbert think this is a good point in general that this is in fantasy. It's hard to thread this NATO. Could you just want guys who put a points, but it's also really fun to have guys who are fun for funding or like Lamar, was last year that collars this year, Herbert she's, fucking fun like Ten points in the third quarter.
and your leg out, man? Finally, the Herbert Stinker and then at sight, now AEGIS or Sixty hour touchdown to make waves eight dahlias twenty points he held, dub the score in one play right: a keys yeah I mean he's really fun to watch and he's also like he's also, you know the guy that looks least like an nfl quarterback like if he looks like the guy. You know that it's taking your order at the fast food place right It like he's he's, got to ease, got the long hair it and you know any tat the like the basically like the teenage skin. How can I do I come on? We haven't done. He had dropped the drop. The reference come on we're at the thirty minimum do p2p reference just do it that he looks like it looks like you. Strung out. He was aired. That it should be on the page, but asking that where there were the fries go with sacrificed or the mega burner, so so chosen Herbert's. I think- and I conversation
And I think, there's a there's a couple of why receivers as well, that we would talk about me. Air Jones has been great by the way he missed a couple games with cash Diane. get now you're just thrown people outcome on Aaron Jones in great now shut up was, is only then envy p candidate he's been great, but not he's happened in camera. Cook is not, but he's in the conversation is others receiving votes about that. Ok, That's right who do you ever everyone? Will you have as your top and VP receive Rebecca ass? He came at cap. Is there unless you make an argument for tiree kill you, you know very quiet. Touchdowns right became a cap, I think is right there and forgot about Herbert in terms of like guys that you can use to pick up on the
they require yet Travis, full them on a point. Bringing basis is the fifth best wide receiver fantasy, exempting nineteen three fancy point your game. That's more than eighty brown! More than an hour and more than the Andrea Hopkins, more than Stefan digs or Carbon Ridley digs was looking like he'd, be the guy more than hullo. Why he's averaging nineteen point three fantasy points for game like Travis, Fgm is has been nothing short actual and again there was a guy was free and I'll. Give you one of the guy that was free, that again, you'd put any fantasy and BP conversation, because what it could cause you so little to acquire, and that's James Robinson, through the top five fantasy running back, and then one of the most import, tatters, fantasy kicker and they pay you. It's just a talker right.
This year Sanders on Miami common out of nowhere. He literally dismiss Miss ever and now he's on a team with two of that actually will score points the rest of the way and coup the number one guy and fantasy right now, but he's got a bye. We come up, that's gonna end Sanders might be the new tax, he is mess there there like cool, were it's a fifty three ardor just bring about yet it was he's been been really really good? Maybe he's been really good and, like my meaning and a big offensively in good, not defensively, to be in most gay, so young way coup is, is really good, for, while there was Rodrigo Blankenship Joy yeah how did rodrigo- and I had a couple cups of coffee for a couple weeks- forehead the wave motorbike and then you have Ravens d, I guess is it's the number I d by point but going forward. I think, is clearly the number one day because they got better. They bad added guys, and I think going for.
That would be the defence. I want our words. I was talking some fantasy murders. Okay, I did Physique Elliot thing to me even before Dac he didn t they look like seek, and I know he is there from appoint standpoint, but if you spend but give you spent sixty- buxom Barkley and he gets hurt he's out for the year. You can have that mentally right. You grieve. You have your feet. as he funeral for your tea me like I'm, probably screwed or or orator- in Japan. Action like no, I'm not going down this way, I'm going to I'll trade for somebody, I'm going to work, the wave or whatever Zeke like the worst got it to have in fantasy, where it's like. You spent all this cap on this guy. You can't wave them. You can't trade him, nobody want some. You have to start them every week. you know it's got a bad. They knew no by weak fourteen fifteen. Sixteen he's, probably tony Our problem is the job. Now that guy
your leg, who has tawny parties like fuck you on that training here, just in this bad relationship with Zeke Elliot this famous, a guy who doesn't know who you are yet the it's been a tough one, though I dont think tony politics over his job like they're, paying him too much money they're playing Jerry Jones Ego is too big and they're. Paying is regularly too much money that, if he's healthy, he still gonna go out their fair. Who can speak? You know if ever there was a week for as equally to miss the game. The word this one, you know forth quarterback in Garrett, Gilbert are playing. The steelers have a bye this week he has a hammy all week, long if ever there's a week for Zeke to be like at then I'm sitting this one out, and you did Ezekiel Elliott in this entire NFL career, has never missed a game due to injury. Had the 16th suspect one year, we never missed a game due to injury. So I think that the point of pride with himself- but I do understand there.
Do you feel sort of like some cost, like you're like a cat venture, but like I can't feel good about it. They know it's like they're not get their, not using the passing him any more than there are scoring anymore. It's but he's not. My whole years was a candidate. Michael Thomas, I think, is another one, but Michael Thomas still might be savage weak fourteen fifteen. Sixteen, which is, are you care about yet so his isn't it related. I think so. I'll tell you who, I think is the most disappointing player and fantasy this year, and I think it's gonna shocking, stop Lamar Jackson, the I e is the number one biggest disappointment and fantasy, because the argument we talked about this, the priests and part that we did the argument for Lamar Jackson drafting hammer spending a lot of money on him in an auction is that you wanted do that. He was now in your office here's another one quarterback and fancy, but he had to finish it by a massive margin, because that's what happened last year,
not only was there no one quarterback invaders in them. Unplanned fancy, Lamar Jackson was better than every other quarterback by like forty points last year, rancid I his second round. HTTP, which is where he went on. He has been a lot of people took from the first in order to justify that he had to be that good and he's not. I mean like we just talk about like who so far this year, Lamar Action is to be eleven when he's not even like Lamar Jackson isn't even a top ten vanity quarterback on a per game basis. to be eighteen or worse. In five of the last seven games been held under nineteen fantasy points, five different times you hear that happen only once all last season n- and we talk about this like again zoonotic Emily Tyler Murray- would have been better Dijon wants. I mean like Holmes, Russia well, Sir Joshua arrives. I would bet Tom Bread who you my wind in the praises,
what I say I stand by my eye- my keeper League Lamar went for thirty six dollars twice as much as other married. That's a tough one that was to Joe House yeah, it'll, related story, How has this team that doing very well yet? Well that when you spend that much kind of capital and guide it doesn't produce, I'm sure I can we talk about. Can we talk about the tent? receivers from Hell Bike, Evan Chris Godwin Godwin, who, when he plays, is good, but it got hurt. this kind of had the red has just said the red flag on his name for seven weeks, and then evidence you, Tom Brady, just clearly hates his guts. That's the only explanation he's actually open in these games, yet it's the Evans and God would think has been, and I can't figure it out because having cargo is a part of it is that they just haven't had those guys all healthy on the same on the field. The same time
You know I was just banged up coming into the year, the hammering issue, and then God, when Mr Few Games, that, like its went back and forth but Evans is turned into the logistical. Some weird, but Evans has turned into a kind of like late career grog, and not this your blog but like member towards the unlike grant would have some of those games where rock was. I could be like you know, two four six, but to touchdowns we're like that's like that's what Evans sword become its ease, become this weird touchdown depended guy a euro. that's kept his fantasy value afloat, but, like he's not getting a tide of targets, he's not he's getting shot down way too easily, and you know it's saw tougher God, when just can't stand, the field no LEO's LEO's another one day by day Can we call hullo? A murderer is more like E. He caught you by the House,
those able to stitch back together and you're gonna be fine in two weeks now those fine like lives. What hullo is a guy LEO is, like you know, he's he's a why receiver to so far this year is averaging seventeen point. Eight: a games- oh he's wide receiver to note he's a wide receiver to meaning. I like I got it like, like he's fine like as though he is why Receiver thirteen on a programme based so far this year and then we are like a stabbing. It's not a murder, not absolutely not a murderer. His ease been he's been complete I like their been other in other, been otherwise receivers that have been. You know been get much worse David JIVE, David Johnson, just a dry by shooting, where it's like. I like this guy might be able to get fifty dollar value for twenty five new team.
Our guys, the ringer fantasy, showed Craig horrible. that show had this big very about David no brands gonna want to prove that this, good trade he's going to feed him, thereby giving formed touches on like a man. I think that's a good theory, him and James Connor, both of those guys look like they're running in cement, Connor, who Pittsburgh does will have it cuz. I just have been impressed by me they're, so Their murders, as might maybe Johnson, is Connor's more of another guy that there's you're bleeding from ambition I dead, yet I mean I have the exact in theory on David Johnson and knew somebody like the lot of the priests and the volume has been there. The production just hasn't been in the team has been better offensively since Bill O Brien left and do not want a lot better but yeah. It's you know. It's been talking to schedule, gotta be a lot easier. It was a bad break me so adieu. Johnson did this last week and gets Jacksonville amassing David John was on
we do a big game against the jagged until you know, until it got till he had got the concussion Michael in that game, but yeah that's been very disappointing right. I mean it's better. It's been a tough here for raw for David Johnson, but I have to say, like he's a killer just because like He went on like the fourth or fifth round that any one was banking on him as like. Ah this is my guy right like the result. There is a wide range of guy. There was a group of guys that were sort of going in the early season. I'm sorry in draft there were that range of that kind of fifteen to twenty range among running back, there's been a mixed bag right creations with tat girl has been really good are you guys that when that range, but lady and Bell went on that range, he's been awful, he's been much worse like he was also. The jets now is not to ending with the Chiefs Melvin Gourd been brutal. He was going in that range here, so he hasn't. He hasn't been great. When I have, I have another one for you. Ok all Ricky running backs
as every year usually hit on to those ray, and this year was jack. Voskamp makers, Jonathan Taylor, Clyde, was was being treated like you, the top five guy and all those like read those Those Ricky's, unlike that twenty dollar, two twin, dollar range and they evolve kind of been whiffs. Yes, yeah they have. I may like, and the angry Swift doubters swift is stuck in a mean. The swift like you can see the talent when they get a chance, but it's a running back my Committee in Detroit, unlike the very first game they carry on Johnson who'd, been there was fully healthy, knew the system they yonder swiftly. They spend it all a pretty high traffic on and here comes whatever it is. You know seventy five year old Adrian Peter said like who had been on the team, for we can happen. Adrian Petersen, of course means ageless like now runs out and gets whatever it was. Seventy five yards whatever was stopped.
yeah, I mean he's been you know. Is it's been awhile? It's been a very popular running backs because for the most part, a lot of those those are be to tear guys those fifteen to twenty guys in almost even the guys that have popped at you. Don't got injured right. I mean like, like we talked about what we talked about, what it would most her you think about like ACT were getting her. You know who he was more like Canada. You know ten to fourteen in that one per year, but offer there have been no you'd, have been that one was that was up. That was a bummer, but damn mile Sanders obviously been disappointing as well. So the immediate it's better. It's been, it's been ugly, Jimmy Carter, James Congressmen, okay, but the usage is we're. The usage is weird like the usage against our
it was once again weird like they just like any SNL too much the other I gather murderer of the euro is the entire buccaneers came in, and gas ended. I, where you had. You know that Their game can be pivotal without especially that the failure guys in there, so you might add the buck teeth she met at Brady you by the head Evans better been extended play God when Ronald. The title it was it was wanted. Biggest demolitions. I can remember, or Michael Thomas, like you been you been you papering along sake. You know like just trying to keep your head above water while Michael Thomas's is the weak. Not this isn't the take weak, as is the weak, not always. Finally, healthy awaited punched, a guy up now I thought like it's right here like in your file home, I await sweet, Michael Holmes. Comply. I finally get my first round. The great and Michael Thomas does absolutely nothing:
in our view like again, it was why receiver, forty, nine and weak night and in a game in which drew breeze is on fire, and you, like my treatment Smith, but Adam frogmen, wiser pit billion asked Michael Thomson and your phone, it's out of drop in the world the reds own it also. So we will put Michael commas we'll put back the Thomas in the fantasy. Matters were put him in the weight. He punched, a guy I'll start right, we're not talk about. I have a very special treat for you right after the spring. Hey not that long ago, going out with friends was a little too complicated. You worried about where you were going. What you look like for you to bite, Are you going end up well getting together forbear, your closest friends? I can't getting more these days. It feels more like it should be yourself with your friends and strengths who knows maybe you're out zoom havin, a cocktail as the original Liberia mirror? Life has always believed in this as one more time
about. As you know, it's funny were doing their straight talking about Tommy, I think, is discovered, no relate when I was in college. I grass- and it's been him I've ever since smoothest easiest, reliable beer gotta www toasting in person, we are choosing, I'm a far bigger lead has always been about bringing you and your friends together for time. Do it safely? Do it thoughtfully, no like great tasted, though in ninety six calories, three point two carbs. However, you in your answer J Maritime. You can have the original I beards delivered by going to nor light that come forward such bs and, finally, the reactions near you sell by respond. Laid Norbert accompanying work. He was content that is scholars and three point two carbs per twelve ounces, I we're back. I briefly brought my son on here whose done desk over there, but he got in a fantasy for by the sheer love it and he was
watching your show in the You had the wide receiver rankings, see Lamb and he had a mark Cooper and I think field said so the disparaging about starting one of the guys and he was furious and dropped in a farm and stormed out so he's in a few and feel the AIDS and that changes but Ben ask. I ask Matthew, bury my friend give em your fancy question. So Patrick mom says by this week is my starting cubey. Do I start Herbert order start to her body you're, starting verbal and it's not politically close attack anxiety had him starting the other guy. Can you live there, see better vice than me beg up my way, I like anything if you would feel the AIDS, because it basically the same age, and the other thing I like to build is that your kids, like MIKE I I
I have three key: ivory sons, Euro and Maya. My youngest is now sixteen and he's exactly like that kid, which is he he never wears a shirt night. The boys were assured round the house. Its and I dont know what it is its dinner. Could you throw in a short Linda You never worn me about this because it will face time I'm working on a zoom call doing a pack ass in his face. Having me and before this year? If he faced, I may I would assume like something terrible happened right like one of the dogs gotta, the house or somebody was in an accident, and now it's like eight times a day of dad dad Should I pick up MIKE Williams and asked if I die and dad somebody off this trade, and so finally, I just gotta bees are bring him in the pot or either you're going a I dont. You are going to different way. I don't get that from my kids from my kids I get like. When are you coming home? Can you drive through Mcdonalds
you start by Shake Jack O dairy Queen Europe. So I get it! I get that an eye the questions I get traffic up my wounds whenever I get from everyone else in my phone, exactly what you're very good that you- and I appreciate that like and what has happened now is that some of my friends- and I was I'll say your son- has never done this, but some of my friends, like their kids, are now in a fantasy and felt like other texts from like I get tax from like this woman. Her husband, a very good friends with my wife and I and my forget, I get tax for my my friend militia and it's like a fantasy question. They fantasy and realize up it's a ten year old fun. They asking has taken her fear, I mean oversight, and so, like Melissa blows up my phone, but it's always it's it's more of a ten year old sided sites like
anyway. It's his wooden leg, the monkeys in I call it. Fantasy, because so he's in their sleep with these seven traders and aid traders- and it's like watching, but the very soon there drug without he'll get these trade offers and somebody will offer would be Liketh assent where trade, but he's giving up the three best players in the trade everybody, China pull those three die stir a corner in, to course, for dollar type trades on each other out, just like, oh my god, it's just constant this. For each other bad trades constantly every day. Yes, where there's one piece of advice you give your son is this when it, unless you absolutely have to never be the guy up the best player in the train. I gave him there and I said, never the trade where you're, giving up players in the other guy, because that means you're, giving up the best player in the trade, which is basically the same advice, the three or four
de came back ass, one of the three heading out. It's never works. You can always pick up seven. In the phrase you why I most important part of the pack ass guys look forward as as we head toward the stretch run here. the playoffs undervalue deeds people to target. If you play deadline, hasn't happened yet just people to think about going forward. I'm gonna give you two. Ok go for it I think she's coming back with fresh legs, really to be taken seriously and if you, if you have the handcuffs of job and hunt which I and my keeper league thrice a real case to be made for just starting both of them
as its own, come on many points to I want to get out of my running back each rate. To ultimately do I might thirty points. Is that, like the best number, one is a target for me for two running backs? Thirty points would be great, rather reports would require great. I wasn't no. I like that. Listen, it's it's one of the it's one of the run. Heaviest teams in the unofficial, both guys are legitimate, our be one types right: they can, they can handle a load and, and then There'S- and there is also the added benefit of surpass, thereby- and then you, if you end up doing that, especially be plainly with an extra flax replaced superficially, something like that. You're gonna care, I'm just whoever and I have to sit and be like I'll give to chop. No, not hot both guys before Nick Chopper got hurt before nature got hurt, nature
Billy was running back seven and cream. Hot was running back thirty when both eyes, when the light, if they were both viable cop, fifteen vanity running backs, you know it, Sure thing whether a member a situation like this one with that where they have two guys are clearly too of the ten best running back in a week there, on the same theme, eleven figured out how to feed both of them. Oh honey come alive eleven Russia's for fifty yards, but who also catch for passes and no private, get a and hill he'll get numbers. You laugh from him, but usually this should not work. I don't. I don't really remember lad of instances of this being a good idea. It worked last year with melt. The Gordon asked an actor among the larger, but it doesnt often happen you off. If you got a lot more with, Why receivers? What you'll see eye to eye receivers that are really really gonna seem to me. You're thing at this. You're obviously, would like Hulu Calibre,
walk it and met tat grow up. So you see it is yet more. This year, right, I mean and Elizabeth here see in it with the major Brown inquiry David, small people right and so in a highly killing tribes tells you: how do you know about? Why does he was but to fight very fantasy Bible pastors? And so here you see that more often than not you last year with God would inevitably both right last year, and so so now is one of my things better thing I had for you. I I just love job think he's gonna get better better, as your goes may, not all three Ricky quarterbacks, yet I think it's really worth watching the receivers cause. This receiver draft was incredible if you remember last year, this was right around the time. some guys in your leg. I remember I waved a J Brown after week, eleven to my eternal nightmare this, The time we're right, all the sudden you may be able to. either trade. For one of these days at a discount- or maybe even somebody there in a by crunch
and they're just say, fuck murmured, a wave, Jerry, Judy, em and then sit near Jefferson is lights out. We should talk about him earlier new fad, some stuff about how awesome goes bad. But do you see any of these other Ricky receivers being a by low? candidate yeah, so I'm just jobs in it's been a tough couple of weeks there for him and feeling, but I'm still banking on towards the volume, never talk batch of this week again Chicago, but then Cowboys Panthers Jaguar suddenly appear after this week's somebody's. If maybe you think about Minnesota like hey, though struggle it'll be mine, and I football I wanna be watching I'd be another tough game against the bears and then their managers from three straight back games for dealing Jefferson, and then You go there and I try to make an offer. I love Judy. What might have been won? We too late on duty, but double digit targets down consecutive games like ITALY,
The innovation area should second street weak legs, and just to the eye just write like he's, also gives us a potentially the lamb. You have to believe. I maybe you don't have to, but it like see, lives. Talent is off the chart and coming out of the by they have two weeks now to get things fixed in Dallas like any golden should be good enough for me to get the ball to see Lamb like other their defences. Obviously awful they're gonna they're gonna be growing. I know it's a little bit tough because of the three headed monster, but I am a chase Claypole believer material and I do it or listen they play Cincinnati. Does we speaking of the bank? enjoy. Borough. T Higgins is the real deal, and- and so you- the maybe- I am a little bit because it's been two weeks and we ve seen him, and so you don't have the time trade for might have been last week a little bit but but yeah minute, I'm a big
I'm a big leaving the Bangles office and Joe Bureau, and I love Tee Higgins. Love me dynasty, one for the rest. The year in terms of Boston, guys by low you talk about laugh targets. You know me, I'm a Rhine, technical defender. I can
Ryan Tannehill, since he became the starting quarterback of the Tennessee Titans last year. From that time forward he's you know a top ten fantasy quarterback is the greatest once again always underrated. No one ever likes to try channel, and yet all he does is produced since he's become the quarterback for the titans. Okay play play the colts on Thursday night this week. That's not a great matchup, but he's not Baltimore. Also, a bad matchup, then he's at the colts to three straight games. Was the colts twice the next three weeks, ravens in between bad matchups all the way around, but then check out the schedule after that, as we start getting into the fantasy playoffs home to Cleveland Jacksonville Home to Detroit at Green Bay at Houston. So the next three weeks are going to be tough for the time.
But after that, it ridiculous and so right hand a hill, Derek Henry Age, a brown Corey, Davis, even John Smith, and always followed operated, get the touchstone last week. But if your title needy I'm just like their play off schedule, is really good and that's a really good offence. That's not gonna, be able to take a by or anything like that, like that, because the aid of sea so good because you ve got you ve got the steel. If you got the chiefs, you ve got. The ravens like they're gonna have to try to keep pace, do you know two together on play off it gave in that so the times or a team that I'm looking at quite a bit for those of you who know that you're gonna play off That's an issue where ninety it so funny how that schedule theirs the team every year were goes that way where, like this rope, a dope, and I had all the second week. Thirteen then that then it's the rest away. I gotta say I lie like Carolinas team, especially Mccaffrey back.
a modern, what's gonna what their ceiling is as impressive them within that cheese game and in general, like I just like other coach, it's a really inventive staff they try. Shit, though, do you know about that, fake pon everyone's once our they'll do some crazy third downplay, but it's a coaches, That seems really on it and they die in their work. Seems you dont want to pick up their favoured by six against a shitty team, but when there are intended the Chiefs, you feel I'd taken Hank here, so I, a fun one? Yet it play up or down to their opponents are Gimme another one in terms of it that you might still be able to our fire cheaply and that's the Eagles right. So people frustrate miles centres is Mr Couple games get that Carson Whence actually was dropped in suddenly ceased. Go out there and in a few weeks look they're getting healthier than I have doubts it back again: jail and rigour back jail, regular got like a tunnel looks before the by and he still out there in a lotta leagues,
jail and rigour talk about rocky wide receivers, but listen to their schedule bill starting this week. The right the giants then Cleveland, then Seattle at Green Bay, home to the saints saints, had been an up and down. Even then, I looked like thought against kept baby. They brutal prior to that dammit, you expect the loudest voice. We scorn that game weak fifteen at Arizona, weak. Sixteen fancy championships in a lotta, we got Dallas and if you play the weak seventeen their home to Washington, There is not one game on their that you be like you know. One of the papers in the saints in Arizona are decent defences. But does not one game and there were you, like a boy can start a guy against elephants like because, firstly, the teeth with these differences like Arizona like a decent events, but their offices. So good they're gonna have to throw to keep up, and so the eagles heavy ridiculous fantasy schedule the rest the way out of the by
people are down, and I came just overall and offensively they're getting healthier and whence has been better fantasy why's that I think his on fuel play has indicated and I'm a big jail in rigour. Believer, he noted as it goes back to where we were talking earlier, where you want to have guys in your fantasy team that are actually fun. Yeah people like like Herbert and the who was the eagles they're, just a route canal, every game, and even when they score, you feel like it was an accident or they have seven points who attended but in the game and whence just looks like he started up for grabs replanted she's that funding do them. I'm gone be drowned, which he ran back. Do you trust above the rest of the way, because this, the time when the Ricky running back start are the sudden emerging Edward, you air. Just I gotta. Let's remove him not non quiet.
Clyde gotta keep waiting for J K Dobbins to do something, but I'll say that mass I'll say also that bastard, I think, he's I think buffaloes. I'll bet he's gonna get better and he's gonna be the Golan guy. He sees the one's going touchdowns, but there is not one rocky running back that I'm like. I have to have that guy. I can't quit Taylor his by. I can't quit guy this year. He makes me nervous man. He was a barn around here the bomb Grana. Last you, though, in the last few weeks he basically has played in the second half and Jordan woken up later. Nothing toward workers is great, does not, but why frank like actually came out like wittily an hour before we take, doesn't sets up somebody effective, he's the excited about the committee that he likes playing a hot can have multiple running bats, which Europe does no good. You know. had. I had to trade, the shown Watson and my other leg, Anita
you back and I base we could ask for Nick Job are tailored to two weeks ago. Yeah, and wasn't gonna come back two week eleven who knows of a split in town with time, and I really believe then Taylor, culture, because they need him, and now I just feel I've got I, but I can't quit. I'm just stuck with it. I use could take it out and finally, the hell you know it is. If you like the phrase you you are you goin back there, his vanity kryptonite he's your fanny had his it's too bad. You did just so before. People start stop screaming at that. At the park. Gas James Robinson is the obvious rookie running back, but I was putting him away because I feel that these sort of already established as a as a fantasy superstar, but James Rock, was and is a rookie running back that I would have had to pick. rocky running, back ranking. Why? Yes, where these ridiculous, but I was here I like it- I like Gibson a lot more before our power,
a dedicated as a guide that Gibson would have been a good one for the stretch cause. I think, he's really get. I love that guarantee area gives no love him, so they like eighty mechanic due by the gate I mean like without Psmith, under centre like it it's gotta be now. but dump ass to those two guys. Businesses have had to be flexible, the share from worker or Molly to pivoting their business models for long term survival and growth You ve seen restaurants, trying to figure out toward dining headed, do more take out curbside delivery. Stuff, like that, you ve also like look at the rear. We figured out how to do all of our past ass remotely. We ve learned how to do things out honestly, didn't know how, in February Severe charge: a herring for your business. These pivots had major job even more challenging, especially if death I for brain, you rose. Thankfully one plea you can always count on two may occur and users appeared outcome such bs. When you posted job
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I'm trying to say sad day the amended odyssey, tragic, fantasy tragedy. No Patsy weeks extent I, like me, they are better, I think, he's as superstar sleeper he's, always opening cam, always overthrows their home to Buffalo and weak. Sixteen, not a bad match up there. There, their defence has emigrate this year, so made how many I'll be Myers. How many other teams get shut out of weak? Sixteen fantasy title gives the deed. Does it yet starting with sixteen now and way. I would argue there is a chance that no cold starts in weak. Sixteen o me name called that you feel good about starting like for his good of a team. That is when you not reverse the running back as a committee like there's, not one. Why receiver that's been any good if this three headed monster at tight in between in Trade Burton Murali Cox and Jack Doyle like if two guys are hurt, and maybe it's too
one of them, but generally like the best called that has a chance of starting and weak. Sixteen is either their defence or Rodrigo Blankenship Who actually might start that's body? The hairs are fun one for this cause. You would say I know my own Robinson, but our attitude is quarterback proof I just six hours ago, the other way around someplace Jacksonville weak. Sixteen, I hear him, and while we also have some tanking too for some other stuff, now that the which would Is that what coaches year hates fantasy owners the most? Who, who is deliberately stuck it in the bud halls of fanciers everywhere, Kyle Shanahan, a lighthouse,
and here that's like our shared begin and he's got after. After most it went on drink because he is a guy great up, no other son, it's like it's too, Hasty and Jeff, Wilson, Junior and there are a great and devils Junior, and I haven't used begin in two weeks and summarily ok, Thursday night you Michael Hasty, no I'll go get at them like, so they came and likely just use different different quarterbacks differ. Why receivers like tables a brutal and relax so caused a sort of trying to put it together week to week, but I think hammer hammer the court's again: the culture, a good team with an office of minded coach, a good office of my coach and Frank right, and they don't have one usable, fantasy peace like it's unbelievable and that in the very first thing was just such a misfire IDA? Apparently they didn't have Directv last year, as Cove id GIS. The news aspect of it
it made your job what would be the adjectives to describe what it's like to be? A fantasy guy, especially on those Sundays, before the games and stuff, like that, what has it done to your job? What would add you did? Was you use? It's definitely more nerve, racking and challenging, because there's just so much unknown, you mean, like vanity, wittily, all we're trying to do a thing like hey, there's all this stuff, it's, I know its arms. If you're trying to tell you all the data that I've looked at the filming people. I've talked to here's my best guess as to what I think's going to happen. I think this is you start this guy and here's? Why? I think you start this guy and I'm trying to predict the future right here, trying to do that with everything and so there's so much that's unknown. Just in general about in plans and players hiding in Dresen in own fluke he plays, and now you add this worldwide pandemic to it, where the NFL itself is trying to adapt every single week in terms of how they deal with it right. They change their approach.
multiple times the season in terms of how they do it, how they were rather afford it when a players eligible come off it. So you know, defining about is a really great job with that she's literally, on on conference calls multiple times a week, multiple times a week with the NFL hearing, The new protocol is like. I do not envy her job, try to keep track of it, but it's weird because especially there's two aspects to it. There's number one is the aspect of: is the guy gonna play right? We dinner podcast us wearing and literally tens export gone. There still is announcement office we the covert nineteen list. Ok, Domini that happened without you bet you Stafford last weekend playing on Sunday against the Vikings. But now we don't know is Ben Gonna play this week or not threats that one of it is this like it could come up at any time
Right, it's dig it out. Will you come in Sunday morning and it could happen to come up to me you're waiting for the chef turkey that you're you're waiting for the shaft, a tweet about like no new positive this morning, like all games to sketch out, but then the other thing is that it, have these games being scheduled and it hasn't happened as recently, but like we're like hey, we Buffalo Euro of locality. We think it can be Tuesday. I'll, go, get now what we do so so you're not only from a player prediction. Standpoint is weird, but also those from up from an he asked. Peons fantasy games perspective because a lot of people, because my job they were to look at me as the representative of you know the people that play with us on ESPN and we have millions and millions of leads, and so they're, like you know, yo Dude, and I'm trying to talk to the I'm doing something that I that I don't normally do when I'm in a massive way. Like I'm talking weekly with the guys
Women that run our games, that Lily run our fantasy app that run the back and technology for a games and they do a great job and they're trying to, and they have to think of things that you've never has occurred. You like, okay, so Tuesday night game. What does it do? The waivers because we run at you, know what it's like: there's been twenty four hours since the game and so that it reset the standing to put the waivers like there's all these different back in machinations that when games get pushed back, affect the mechanics of the game, and so how do you make that seamless for all of our fans? How'd, you message that correctly too, are fans about. What's going on with the game, will this count as part of the scoring? Will it not it? So it's just it's a lot man. It's a lot, but at the end of the day, if your biggest complaint about Covid nineteen is that it makes fantasy people a little more challenging like you're, pretty good shaped like it. I feel dumb complaining about that you know, given anticipated, livelier. Yes, it only makes the Bible
and the other thing is, I think I tweeted this out before that Tuesday night game, as you know, or even when, like getting a cancer, the Patriots Broncos gave his camp when covered last rites, and I just said, like listen man of if I told you in May of last year, that you would have football, but in some Euro Games get postponed or you have a play, a game on Tuesday night you to sign up for that immediately. Like you know, I think just the fact that we that so far every game has been played, there's been some that had been moved around but the fact that animals had a season through our through nine weeks and that every game has managed to get plate, as you know, It asked it it's all so much I shown a light on relationships. The pandemic. right. We have some relationships that when the couple had stuck together. The edges fell apart. Some proper, yellow, shaky things like that, It showed that same light on the stability of different leagues like we started
keep her leg on the commissioner It turns out. I'm a wartime, commissioner, that not a peacetime commissioner. I am that when things get tough IRA, far apart, you just have to make communicate them battery make quick, quick rosebud like this gang got, moved the Tuesday keep. starters in for the Tuesday games, but send me backups it that game gets cancer. You get your backup and you just you need to have first of all that trust whoever is running out, and you ask any legal get of guys. They get along or Ladys are whoever's, unlike rob but if you have a league, that's completely dysfunctional that every year there is a big fight about some trade or some waiver thing, or whenever this is the time to have a league like that? This is where that really falls apart yeah I did see. That's how are you as commissioner? How are you? Are you you're a wartime pleasure? What would your league member sailing rule with an iron fist? Are you are you from Are you
our I'm all about yeah, I'm all about fairness, all about This is what we should do cause. That's all agree that this makes the most sense, and that is, I think I have to do it and I think, spend some some trying ones right leg, you know we have. To kind of covert spot On the last week we had the nine bench parts, but then to spots for, like view cover guy. You could pick up a nice guy put Kova Guy their honour system once comes out a year to cut the guy and I'll check the rosters, and if somebody forgets you tell em, but for the most part I it has been that hard, the today I was a lot more worried after, like we too holy shit. Where were we start a move that Buffalo Tennessee Game around that was I think all of us were like wait, a second. What happens if wherein the fantasy play off some weeks? Sixteen, three games gets cancelled due to what is a team get to do it, so I guess we'll find out when we get there and a covert stifling getting worse in the cold war
is coming and I'm sure it's gonna, be a major supplier, but as we try to escape her life with fantasy football, of course, is gonna lap and suck, but I think we ve all kind of figured it out here and I think so in anything. I think you know what a lot of commissioners have done, that done that links that I'm running as well is be ended, a thing where you can say by the way. If you haven't done this already and you want to, and you play with a serious, can you can add bench spots, your commission had been spots or add. I are spots and if you're, if a player is placed on the Tobin nineteen list, there eligible fry are any aspect so so yeah. We believe we ve done that is as well. I think the important thing here is just a just the sort of communicate with it with your weak. I got one can we talk about a competitors that without may get mad? So we is CBS for the keeper leg would write everybody bitches about
CBS? Has this bought that sends out reports. Right. We cut we caught the sarcastic robot yen it's our privacy EDA. This prescribed a thing about the recap of what happens in the league, but they like TAT, but the sarcasm meanness of the robot this year and the robot like take real shots hers, Adobe Lanka, they David Are they gonna be like a terrible wig for coach, David Chang, who just can't seem to get its act together and then, whether relic wow shots fired spend this running joke about this crazy robot. Back to the point that I I actually think that they should, that a choice, leg when you sign up for the whig. It's almost like space out a pizza from went the Tanner Billig Gimme, the ten. Let's get them in its pursuit of the robot possible, but I think
Spain is to incorporate this the the news letters to the teams, but with a look Spice Little Otto zest. I think it's been really hilarious I'll. I, like an underground, during you do I'm gonna get I'm gonna call Jeff Ross and I'm gonna be like listen. I need you. They have just give me like a coming pages when solves we're gonna, put it into this automated bought and yet disturb you start trashing on Nepal, Betty growing, love it here. This was that this was this week's update. This is nephew. Guy who's on the phone could see runs iraqi with David Hubbard. It said Babo by coaches com Craig Nathan harbours decision this week, eleven to relinquish their title as the worst gained, a coach and the league princes. could shadow where's the crowd out of work.
Just shots fired, unbelievable thirty were abolished on really mean robot, fantasy recovers that nice part about. That, though, is because it's not from you like as they were? I did if you're writing. The league recap the like bill. You know, that's that's fucked up. What are you doing here that kind of stuff? But this way there's there's a there's, an element of Bob, a separation yeah, but yeah well, as honest pair continues to invest in digital technology. Maybe these sarcastic grow baby. They should higher the sarcastic robot from CBS, not that we are now on the fantasy show on on. He has been closed to show we did. With this year. We introduced a Stephen I bought. So we haven't. We have an actual robot character and its clips of Stephen aid from first take like it fell to yell at us and them
So I would, I would say that I would say: can we get steam unable to us a great idea right now? We are aware that I met the berry. We did it again. Desire to parts are. Probably you come on at some point, but these are these errors are to signature parts. It was great to see you as always sad to say had. My son's nemesis feel the AIDS and the rest of the crew and best luck as we headed to the bags bill. Praetor I will listen to the EU has been Vanity Punkahs part gas till we get one plugin from my bunker, get multiple bugs in Africa today to put stuff. Yes, Vienna has been vanity focus and fantasy people. Now, what's yours watches, I'm ESPN to Sunday morning at ten, a m Eastern. Seventy this effect sometimes sometimes pray did by weird races they
weird car races, then it's that, can you just tell me who the top ten receivers are today like? Do I have to watch cars go in laps? I know it's. It is frustrating, sometimes that's life on a sports network. What you going to do, but but generally speaking, usually we're on Espn2 ten, a dot m Eastern, every Sunday morning going all the way to kick off in me and feel data to find about a bunch reporters round the country to a great job,
and I know the vanity like that which it is clear to President free and the alert are the best in the business were over five stars reviews and, like thousands of views about our stores, literally like it just download the app you'll, see it like it's a community act as a socialist there's, a lot of tools as well, but even if you don't want to get a gauge- and it really is a really great community, the alerts are literally be best and fastest and a business to be read. All reviews you'll see that's like best alerts fast. His words peacefully to report by ten minutes: eccentric Sacho, like fantasy life. At that conference, how to prevent free up? Try it if you don't like it, just delete it, it's a free up who cares, but I don't know what people would just downloaded and good to see you thanks for coming up thanks,
That's it for the biggest back ass. I was not on the rewards. Was this week. They did toy story check that out of your book. A basketball podcast is coming on Wednesday night First episode of season three looking forward to it can't wait check it out, don't forget to subscribe. If you haven't subscribed already, see on the feed on Thursday.
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