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Top 20 NBA Players Right Now With Joe House (Ep. 288)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to construct a top-20 list of the best current NBA players through one month of the 2017-18 season.

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the cards are you do in another Shack House Golf podcast now that tigers start now drive people again all that stuff for you in a way even do garden. We know we have to. We have two million We're in as at present when Ricky Fowler goes on social media says the tea gray is hitting by me well by me. Next thing you here, yeah. We gotta be a jack ass. We gotta talk about the tea gray. I look forward to that because I don't know, like he's. He's taught me so many times that I want to get my hopes up again, but God Damn two thousand eight. There is so much more fun of Tiger woods as above our jackass pothouse Carbs, both hosted by John Ass. He can get those wherever you're practice where we get him speaking a pike ass. We are going to do something a little polarizing coming up
read after our France for projects so pass here, but I know who I am. I'm so happy to be Rawlins. Friday were relevant fields like old times. The com on the Ringer dotcom today about the winners of the first month of the NBA season, and it was really inspired by What we witnessed on Wednesday night with Joel envied who to ran throttle Yours Keyser says they style and end. It was one most humbly, but things have ever witnessed. I try not to get carried away by
by games and by young young players and potential and all that stuff, but I may now that was kind of basketball. We grub watch and just a centre completely demolishing a team by himself. Did you watch a game or was your reaction? I did not get to watch the game I caught extensive reap. Eyes and extensive social commentary and an actual basketball journalism commentary. I mean the guy did I say That's never been done in the history of the NBA gets too we player in the history of the league with forty six fifteen, seven seven, so that performance which I wrote about today. You can meet all my thoughts on the ringer come the debt performance did inspire a convert, nation that we seem to have other than we have a lot of good players right now. This you can usually judge the quality, a season and quality. In general, by the number of really good players in the leg.
The heyday from eighty seven and ninety three. Basically the previous heyday. There is the lack of players and you go through those first. Second team. Thirty mile NBA is in use. I wow that guy, oh, my God and Jordan's in there. There's hall of fame errors and just people at the peak of their powers, and it feels like we're There again, and one thing I keep hearing is he's one of the best employers in the leg out there now he's one, and suddenly there's twenty five guys who were one of the ten best players in the league? So I'm going to try something today in this podcast, the trade value which I swear to God. I'm going to do this year I swear. I did you take a break last year. I don't think I've done it since did that since February two thousand fifteen rear so overdue. It's unbelievable, but when I
you that I you know I slave over that list. I want to make sure every person's right I treated like it's a historical document, no, no, no less important than the declaration of independence. Of course, the Magna Carta. This is just suggest an argument. I asked house today what's come up with a list of the top twenty personally right now, just right now, not not. Who do I want for the rest, my career, not talent, not potential, that ceiling that trade value any of that stuff, just who's the who are the best guys right now, we're goin old School were gone almost like in a pickup game, if you're just picking guys, but where would I doing it that way? But I think what you make less, sometimes the truth kind of falls in the place you're surprised where the list leads. You you had a lot of trouble. I didn't have quite as much trouble we're gonna play off mine, and you can argue with me, but I did the reason. The started was because.
I starting to wonder pausing. This was one of the best employers in the lake he didn't have a gaming? It's the calves on Monday night, but you watch what he's been able do night after night just seems I can get you can get to thirty now in any given that pussy can protect the remnants. Likewise, this guy one of the ten best poisoned league who drops out, and then you beg holy shit do we have a lot of good players, and I know you had the same reaction when you are trying to make your less right. That's the trouble exactly right. I mean I was doing it and groups because I couldn't and one of the things just in terms of ground rules we had to leave off the guys right, we don't put in go, bear or collider Chris Paul could not play I'd. Have I have I have Calais. Oh you have quite yoga helps I can't take aware that they cannot meet. He hasn't played, so you can't say he had these, not one of the best players of the past month now, but ok
think he could play. I think they're just progress programme over a careful. It's that I think I say Thomas, better energy question, because I think if we made this list in April, I think he would have been on it that the key would have been in the fifteen and twenty range. But I don't see how he can be on it right now that the big question for me as Chris Paul, because as you know, and you d use a mortal act to make any tat twenty less than he probably should still be on this one, and I want to give away my last, but you know, he's been hurt for a month, The game is starting to change on and the games can faster he's hitting a different point of his career, and it's not it's that ridiculous. To say that he's just not one of the twenty best players league in where, where Stana Crisper that's funny Chris, it feels like you that you have two different rules.
For thresholds for quiet, Chris Paul quietly, unanimous top twenty top five top ten p m in class and baggage, and when it was quite won the best by personally Comminges cohesion has an injured quadra net, as in Change Chris Paul who I've just where it is body starting a breakdown and I'm not sure he's one of the best twenty players, the league anyway. He would absolutely positively be a top twenty on my list. If he'd played this entire month- and we got to see him hard to get ok. Let me you my tablet: politically we're not gonna backwards. We were starting one and we're going down, because it actually gets more interesting. You stuck on death, I ll abroad is one I don't think we need to. Into this too much I will. I will say, though I looked at it like that- is basketball reference page.
Last night, I was gonna write something about him in the com that I put up today in a decided not to, but the basketball reference page is one of the most incredible schebitz ever say it. Just the consistency of fifteen years longer, fifteen And just every year, just around twenty seven, seven and seven has never had a major injury. He only me more than ten games. I think in a season once he shooting fifty percent for his entire career, his age, just the numbers. Now you look at them and their just job Shopping and he's really good this year to an end. The irony is: this is the first time in seven years said he had. It does not have a top thirty teammate, which is doing because they traded Kyrie but he's been awesome, the sheer and
The same time he's a terrible gm right. We have to cook it the criticizing for that it is funny. I just want to make one observation. Kevin love is showing pretty good in the advanced analytics. We don't disagree that not a tap thirty play, and I agree with you that that that's where you well, that's, where you get trouble debates analytic. So I know I know yeah and you were now kind of going too far with advancing analytics. I still feel like the I test. A key area is a great example of the Anna Livingstone capture. The stuff is doing for the team we're gonna get to carry, but the great thing about basketball is that we can still breaks down were stats, but you also have to watch and you have to see how guys relate to each other and what guys do for each other and that such a big part of basketball and that's not in Hungary in brackets. Yet I have known brackets. So the brain is one how
yeah. If I gave you an over under for how long he keeps that number one spot, and I gave you U to wage war on this. Would you captain Morgan's make believe China still from Codesa captive organ. They have great collection rooms. If I gave you an over under of one and a half years that labelling will be the best poor in league. Before that changes. Would you go over under under I just think Lebron is in incredible shape and has spent more time, energy and thought and his body than any athletes, the red and the catches. What happened with copyright? Kobe, that last season, when he blew out is Achilles, was playing.
The same ridiculously high level that he had played at. He basically extended his peek through two thousand and twelve, which we didn't really think was conceivable, but the moment he got hurt then he couldn't work out and and keep his body at that level and was never the same and that's the question was Lebron. I think he can keep his body at this level, but the moment he gets knocked out of this routine of just four hours a day, five of these crazy work. At the moment. He can't do that for two months because he You know Torah Manette Scarcer, whatever the hell, I don't think he's gonna be able to get back to this level. So it's a it's almost like every aids. Every day it's like. You know you just ass. They are then here I have the dumbest of dumb reasons and explanations. I'm acknowledging up front father time always wins and at some point he will get hurt, he's not going to continue to defy these odds forever. Yet, as we were having these arguments and Laker fans in two thousand and twelve
as thirteen member boy coolby like any keep doing. This tool is forty because nobody stunted toys for it. At some point, something's you, your body, can stay at this level. The branches is even different from cobia in the sense that he's played way more games. I think, have restores on the past last week or two it two weeks ago, and I was saying how Lebruns put basically to extra seasons with the plan games is less seven years which, when you think about that on top of the burden that he has an untapped Heart is play basketball. Now you know we'll see I would I would. I would go under as Well year and a half anyway yeah. Second, on my list I'm not I'm not gonna overreact, anything in the first month. This guy was second on. My list in June have
really seen anything that would knock em off the list since, if anything, I think his defence has gone up a level covered. The rent is my second pick. Ochre, that's fine! Ok, I think it's ok to quibble between Heaven and James Harden yet think James hardened a good argument. I did I I don't think I did some quibbling I did think about because it feels a card and has gone up a level right does feel like that and with especially in the absence of Chris Paul and harden his numbers. Both Traditional statistics, an advance analytics or all glorious me. I is he's at the very top of real plus minuses at the top of winds. He's the scoring Lee ass. He and his colleagues, who is the the deserving I'm BP from above two thousand, the two thousand and fifteen. Sixteen seventeen season right. Well, you may, whenever we did, I think of it.
As against our progress when we are trying to forget him, VP adds Andrea Harden was, was kind of the underrated. Ina is one of them. Rights, but the odds were a little laugh. They weren't quite respectful enough, considering he had had to number two finishes and he now I'm not sure it's obviously incredibly early were were barely once one this year, one sixth of the way through the season so to talk, but only if you stupid, but he's in the Mexican and in the max he's an annex XVII needs to be so I have him three and I think ok, you can make a case for the rain is to end in hardness to be. I just think the flexibility that the rank gives teams where he can play the five in certain situations and he's such a mismatch. I watch and that incredible Celtics when last night that
is really an old school lay daddy's defensive struggle? I was just so scared at the ranch. I never one of the worst give it the draft the whole time as they please J Van. Please take the open. Three. Please guide. Have that one? I wanted to anyone else to shoot and every one of them to go to, and I think you know sometimes when when you they're waging against a barrier or your favorite teams plan them. That's that's when you really get a feel for oh, how good is this person, but I've Durrant to harden three janius ass to before right? Fine with me, I haven't right there absolutely positively get argue. It will think that we ve seen so far this month with the best possibility to jump. I could see, I watched add a fourth quarter of of the game. The other night on the NBA gain time at, because I wanted to see how much pickerell they ran with
so in yacht us and crush. I'm in the answer was a lot but summit but says now knocking we're not gonna, hear his name in this package, but is so much more competent as a play maker. Slash point our than buddy. They ve had you now any real. Any really is gonna make it the way to go out on a limb yeah. I read it but it, but it has done this for two years. It is disappointing. A team coach by Jason Kid finally figured out that they should get a credible point guard congratulate. Milwaukee and he's not even an austerity makes such a dramatic difference and makes it so much easier for the address and yet in the end Now we are able to see what it's like when Jana said to pick and could potentially roll to the rent. We have not really been able to fully see that a little with Brogdon, but it's a it's different now, but I think it you know what's in play for y'all, that's cuz, he averaged 32a game, beat first team, all defense rebounds to blacks, to Steeles Ave
Mikey. He really is kind of ancient toward one of those crazy. Her came seasons from like the early nineties when it came, but have the ito: twenty four to average, twenty four thirteen rebounds three organizing worry guy here is there's a reason to calm the freaks Ivan for Hawaiian five out of respect. I could emerge quarter the top five right. I do feel like the spurs are up to stuff here. They give it some classical wise play it there's no oh sure, sure it's. This is not a dangerous injury. I just think they're looking at it and going luck with the rackets and whereas the top two seeds in that division in that conference, and ah you know Yet our best shot a competing with the healthiest of healthy collide. I think they made one mistake this summer that I think they I I did understanding the time at enough. There is more to the story.
I understand why they didn't keep Jonathan summits. I just don't get that. I really thought He was good for them. I thought he gave them good minutes and I thought he had the potential to get better in there moments when he kind of look like you know when win when, is playing coerce spot. He could kind of give them poor man's quiet. For a couple minutes. I register I understand why they let him go, did what do? We have a figure that out now and I think we need to. We have some in insiders at that at the spurs theirs. Is there some story? That's ass, related to his basketball performance. There has to be right because boy I wish we were sitting in his praises last year, everybody, you know all the deep hoop heads we're gonna get Jonathan Simon praises or there's some sort of cap situation that we're not,
there is some sort of cap threat that were not aware, but I couldn't do the math on our own self. Smear wasn't like he signed for a ton of money, either as a twenty million hours for three years tat. Why do you think the original sentiments outer knows where bigger for summonses, though regret faith, Thank you very excited. I wanted them in Washington, but of course we had to pay Yamaha me not on the top priority list. Number six I still have staff carry and thick is unbelievable. The Celtics, for whatever reason he's the Celtics are now and it said, missed a lot of open shots last night that he makes even with thirteen seconds left, they ran a great play to get him a wide open three to try to cut it from four to one
it, but the space in any provides that the level of he checked that he can go to and in just his creativity and how much money is to play with and how Smarty is, as a team defender did, I just don't see how he goes lower than sex. What you think, that's why I don't have any problem with it: it's tough curry the euro to time and be pre, and heat up a little bit its thoroughly. The warriors have not gone all the way down with the pedal, yet it was very fun. Last night I really chalked up last night's competition too, like, though the battle of of coaching mines and Brad got a little bit ahead of of Steve, because somehow he was able to get his team to control pace. Yet there was a lot fewer possessions. Last night's game that we ve kind of grown accustomed to seeing especially out of the warriors,
busily yeah? They did that in the south are just really good defensively, feds watch and all year in fur above six seven games. I couldn't believe and then finally came to realize that this is just too they are they they have size and they can switch and everybody plays really and the very well researched a noticeable discipline in terms of when it seem there are taking shots in the shot clock. That's what kind of my attention. Lotta shots inside a seconds left on the shot, Gray daily, aren't running down a throne,
they didn't want to go run again. There. That's true, I greedy my French on granting it as radio for the South accept some staff that, and it was something like NBA teams- are fourteen and eighty nine, some some terrible record like that when they score less than ninety six points in that or when they saw the light that, in the south tax rate in two and then it was another, one was deeply held. Six teams under ninety six fatter noted that the defensive stats are crazy. There there much better than everybody else in the week right now. That does mean at all, but I've been impressed by carrying that entail we heard a lot of he's decided to try. Congratulations, I mean he reminds me of my guy.
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here's the reason I doc Earthy Davis, because we ve already had that early seasonality. Davis, you know, need trouble, rank or trouble. What are very, like trouble was very faint, IKEA and reminder Anthony Davis and his his his frail stems. So he's been terrific. You know he and buggy one two and double double so far. The season I sought, but I have I have buggy and that next slot, ah I didn't, have buggy coming up for copper, spats buggies, been incredible. I don't. I stole out totally trust him. Is it ok, then, suddenly trust them here, you're allowed to eight. We were just trying to do that. The twenty best plan now through a month and he's been a bit better. Unbelievable here, but I now see you screwed up the game. I knew it. I knew it should have gone over more I'm saying on four right now. These are the best players. Ok, he still butter.
Now I will, I still worry about about him doing. Buggy stuff, it hasn't happened these bananas best behaviour boat. How many times have we seen it? His work is advanced that are crazy, his years gone to nine other levels. It will it's. I left him off the eye the eighty million copies it would be flat out. It would be a declaration of war if you left him off one of the town and bribed the way, his pipe professional malpractice, like all the media committed on the BP boat last year, can I make the great triple double Can I do for you to get to that? Can I can I make the case for Anthony Davis front? Second sure, Sir always he's on the worst possible team for him I want to see him. It's a shame that he's
and on a team that has a really creative point guard somebody that kid's cheese high screens all day and on that with him, because I think you'd be devastating. Maybe she played would like my kindly so funny. You just said that name Did we talk about this now overlanders Adona, because of what we were year, partly speculation. I anticipated Memphis to be worse than they are again office. Would be looking to shop and the Dutch dream home for my calmly to me just because I want to see him with these guys here is indeed the pelicans. I want to see MIKE it's so funny that you said calmly, with with de that I totally agree with that. So I'd feel like he's succeeding at the level his succeeding despite himself and not to mention like the people, on that- the shooters now that now here's the case against Davis. It's interesting that so many of his teammates have left, his team and then played better another teams and are now
that's a coincidence or not like in Russia, Westbrook case, which I wrote about today. We have all the depot canter, Sir Bonus and even Doug Mcdermott. All playing is much better than they did last year. I think we can specifically blame Westbrook for that. I just I think, he's impossible to play with, and I think it really. If I know it's important to you to talk about things that way, I don't think about it. In terms of blame, I mean well credible case to be made for Russell. Was the team? May need a sensible decision, because they knew that they were in a transition year, a cow to push the goober our w and that's what they did and energy at the expense of all those other players, not my forty six games and one play off game, congratulations and BP and they and they left us at the end of the season. Thinking all of those guys were either overrated are completely useless. So many say that was a bad strategy. Lothar way you wanna be pay,
but it is interesting that we live forever leg, air. Gordon was on neurons for a couple years. There never didn't know, maybe use a label. Maybe I'm better shape are now ran. Anderson was therefore couple years. What happened there tiree governs who's been out of his mind here's a bench guy he was on the team inside they haven't had guys that succeeded before and after they put with Davis. My instinct is to say: do not blame him. That, but I want to know why he hasn't had kind of that break out. Teammate other than buggy who's been fantastic, green they relate to do a level of a deep dive that only a millennium can I can have a law unto him I'll get saccharine to sack, came We need a youth because you know when you, when you started mentioned names like that, Then you need to know exactly how many games they played together ran what rotations look like I mean you have to really to be fair to a day and one who the coaches
and what the hell you know, what they're pace was that they were playing at the bunch more data, but when you can start trying to draw conclusions right, so that's the other case for the eighty thing is that he's had horrible coaches and maybe that's a reason why these guys didn't succeed there anyway, I have him seven, ok Eight spot is between carrying Westbrook. What yeah? I knew that I very rude. I knew and legit I don't get one bit. I would have either one of those guys ahead of voltairean gangbanger I'll, settle down with the libyan gangbanger he's transporting the franchise. The whole franchises on his back. The whole city of New York is on his back
I'm gonna put Westbrook in the AIDS by and then I feel good about it. I'm gonna make the I'm going make this point. The south exert fourteen into with carry theirs in advance, metrics kind of pick a part is season a tiny bit case that can be made in this. You actually watch the season and you see, and you ve seen all the stuff he does it is a phenomenal teammate he's way more of a later than I expected. He has insane sense. A pace for went to get involved and went to, let other guys get involved. He can get his shop basically whenever he wants he's been. Really good on both ends, and I think, if you're gonna make the case for carry over Westbrook in this, but here's the case, I don't think, there's any way the Celtics would be fourteen into if you just which says gas, I don't agree with her. I just I don't with I dont know. If Westbrook, you look at the South X and these guys are just art are kind of
or, I would say over, achieving, but hidden their potential and locked away. I have a lot young guys and they ve just been empowered and it's a real team- and you know This is part of what I wrote a book about, and this has been a constant refrain in this past. I'm always Are you those guys who can be the best player in a team? That kind of comes together like that and has that kind of cohesion? That is a specific skill set that No, we have stats for eight, you almost have it it's a great. Point, and this is why I took notice of the advance analytics and how friendly, they are two hour Orford. Who was heavy. A career year, yet in terms of all the advanced stats, and I think the right way on just the point you are making to think about how to put the context around our success. The season is to give Kyra credit for it, like their needs,
be some kind of symbiosis he'd. They need. They have a shared advance. Analytic result here, because our hoffered shooting fifty eight percent from the field, the season in top ten there and forty four percent from three the season top twenty five there and fifth, and in real plus minus minutes and six than in in wines that all Cairo That's all because of that symbiosis is the way that I think about Yan. Vice versa, they just play really work together in horror, for it is in our there's, been some the did. The envy p staff and people like I'll carries in there. I am not even positive, carries them VP the sell things Cosette. It's really hard to separate him from Orford Novice. Therefore, for does like if a very good day, taking Orford out of the out of the south of sign up almost would do may be slightly more damage than taking carry out their dirges boat. That important.
So impressed by and intelligence that I thought was there because we saw on the biggest ages- and it was like- there's no way this guy. Who could go against the warriors these last three years on the biggest stage as possible and made all the shots he can make. There's no way this guy is in an awesome player. I refuse to believe he can't be the best player in a very good team. We we were vindicated that cuz. We both felt priest about that. But I've been impressed by how willing he is didn to give up his stats to win. Does he really he's probably average twenty two game? He could easily be at twenty eight many nine. If he took more shies only around twenty a game, it's very bad for our scoring. Well, here going back, but there was one hears one game that hurt him was he got hurt in the beginning of that one game so that I think he played like four minutes and got went out that can help, but the other thing is he's he can't play with this mask. I went to the net Celtic came on
he's the night with Kevin wilds, our friend and I've never seen a wild I've. Ever seen. Anybody struggle with like there were two points during the game when he was dribbling. It made court as the games going on and was messing with the mask and, like you just hated it so much. It's really screwed him up at screwed up last night. He finally took off and half the truth which was very dramatic, yes dramatic, but it was easy unmask way with it. I think there's gonna be a moment when there's going to be some moment over the next two months when he ripped off this ten game stretch, it's gonna be crazy anyway, Westbrook. We'll see Westbrook still. You know whether you agree with you when you what are you tbd year with authority? Is one two or three m VP, I'm still not convinced. If
your best poor, where you're going, but just from from from town and just nay tonight, relentlessness he's gotta, be I think it's gotta be ahead of carry as much as it pains me to say, tat what you think who'd you rather afraid it gives ominous say Westbrook for now, but I love carry, I gotta say running at the top ten buggy cousins, who it is asked yes good for deserves it for now time effort by the way I e stars me back than twitter and careless what I think, but really proud of buggy cousins generally proud of the guy. I think it's really great that he did he did he pushed himself to go to another level and he's been just devastating effects.
Really real. I went to toss of slight slightly condescending, maybe for you to say that your proud of her days in what what seems to me to be the very best situation he's been in in his entire professional Basque, while career, nay, yes, and now as they don't it's like, they have good point guards. I still think we ve seen him integrated, in the great situation will be your team. If your team can ever figure that zip zip results
You know, auto port has been playing great. I hope everybody is observing analyze. I shouted out of porter spectacular so far. This is at the top ten best players right now. The bran Durrant Hard Indiana, Calais, Curry, Davis, Westbrook, carry Boogie cousins and we should mention that that trade for the calves well house. They hid them zip preserved a year ago, on my pointed in the time that better, apparently I'm an appointment coming up it with my pants and buggy cod We should make sure that I made a list of twenty and then- and I will mention of twelve and there are no other Cavaliers out another them abroad. James, I'm gonna say that trade was a mistake. I try to say all summer, even before myself scan above now that
tbd, no, it's that a tbd. They made a mistake. You can't shake Cairo Irving, you can't or can't do it here's that you, you are you with me about this. Maybe it was you I thought it was you I wouldn't have traded him. I wanted to illegal play well will the Euro like it, I don't care whether you like it go play, but somebody made the compelling case that, like you, can't have guys have any kind of misgivings about the situation, because ultimately it has such an undermining effect and it shows up at exactly the worst possible time. So everybody needs to be the happiest guys they can be. I would account- and I held my nose and said yes to that, but I don't agree with. I wish they kept them. Actually, I don't wish they kept them because you wouldn't be in the South expert man. I just point me to the one time
jade, like that is worked out where you're, giving up the one blue, blue, blue, unquestioned bluechip or in the shed next tat. Great big unknown, is broken pick. We still have to see nibbler TBD still do. They are not one of the six worse teams in the Lee That is a fact. Unless they get more injuries is over there. I saw them on Tuesday night. That team is well coached. They don't have any superstars, but they play hard, they have no incentive whatsoever lose especially when we get the February March April, and you know the team that majors and upgrading is the Lakers. I'm very focused on that pick right now that Ethics, two to five. We get there pick if you're far too little, and that is on a differential basis on our record basis or in the worse are bottom sex. But ok, what do you would you put as the ads I was working at the ringer in five years: zero, zero point,
zero, zero, zero, zero. I didn't live now, good man. I did that the other day, where I didn't say great, I didn't say superstar- think he's gonna be good. He's he's just a horrible sheer! it's a bad position for him. Oh, what a revelation! The guy who who's who shot you know, looks like it. Has seventeen more movements to at seventeen parts to it and looks like it takes four and a half second to get off he's, not a great shooter, what a surprise It worries me when guys finnish games with legs zero feel goes in one field such bad side, I'd always rookie and I've really China gave all kinds of benefit of the doubt at eight cad. We just we live in a terrible moment. We let the kid be a kid he's already had a triple double the youngest again. Another history lesson year by young, in the history of the NBA to achieve a triple a triple double. Let him be a kid where the women make mistakes. The one good thing: that's happened as we
finally now learn that. Can everybody please calm the fuck down with summer leg? Can we just calm down? I felt a voice crying in the wilderness. Last year, without my alma millennia staffers, who thinks summer leg is like the finals psych nobody's paying defence lots of should be good in these games. Weight to the season starts second, ten. James Hungary number eleven. Ok, I like, when entitled side all the intangibles still top ten and real plus minus eleventh and winds. He D D, these doing it all defensively figures anyhow. This does that any is a man's man and is a leader in the man's man. If we get the biggest Bosnia League in her ill fight, every anyone and take your girlfriend our first date dinner Ethan in defensive report, mine
I would ask our good that's a nice at arms. Am I supposed to care about defensive, real plus minus? I need the I need her robs taken this I'm just saying. No that you never get I test with withdrew my other than his hustle and the chemistry stuff. So you need to go. Look, look beyond what you're I might catch to see the impact. That's all the reason I pointed out, another guy Clay Thompson he's my twelve pick. I've seen him perform and the biggest stage as possible and make the biggest shouts possible and he's an incredibly over, and you could Aggies, probably sacrificing forty five points, a game on this team that he, if he was, I don't know the best guy in Orlando, two key would beat averaging twenty seven again. You now
have a quibble yet because we tried, I thought the point of this was: was top twenty based on the first month rule eight already. First of all, you are wrong and second by explaining twenty minutes ago, that that wasn't that that wasn't, unless the list is who are the best personally gray, now locally, that's fine, I'll accepted and beads better his ceilings better here. Well, his franchise impact is better. He we don't know of Joel- am bead can play thirty minutes a game for two straight months. We have no idea, that's a true fact. That's the only reason I downgraded.
If you just talking about what's the ceiling of their greatest game, it's a different conversation. I know what I'm getting with clay. You know to mean that I think that's it. That's the Sioux Wishing factor. That's fine I'll accepted and beads better his ceilings better here. Well, his franchise impact is better. He eyed he's you can stay healthy, he's going to drag the Sixers into the player, listen if you're talking to lose our over under. But if your tie me I'm getting indeed for the next ten years playing seventy games a year, point thirty minutes a game and then, this year, I'm getting eighty two games of him and more of what we saw this week. Then it's a completely different conversation, his
b? We aid without any games aviary. We don't need eighty to gain from unwearied. Seventy gained from Hell drags ass, enters into the boy I've just now, and forty four forty five games are very, very, very carefully China to overreact, to the fact that he destroyed to below average, LOS Angeles Basque about aims and the fact that he hasn't done this consistently for a prolonged period of time. Some just being carried point- it is very sound. Two months is all were asking for. Please give us too much oil, just thirty to thirty five minutes, a game keep doing it, just keep doing it. I just wanna keep seeing. I am an enormous believer in the ceiling number thirteen Chris steps, you could argue we may be had higher but I'll item and end up in the ten range. Third, there some, how stuff that I worry about with him with his size and the way he moves. That makes me
a bit nervous, but I think from a town standpoint yeah in the end that thing I'd like about him as he is winning games by himself wearies Billig. Are they one that they were unless they cause crystals? He put out there doing I'm giving an extra credit for the impact on New York overran ins in such a stunning reversal, and he embraces it. Yeah lives, it think about. Barely four months ago the stink of film and he was so fed up with everything that was happening. He skipped the exit interview. F, you fail yeah, I'm Goin home, I'm gonna go eat some and hamburgers, none sitting around here New York, I'm getting the F Addy Here- and here we are now at this moment, where the entire he is the hero of New York City of of the near Did he basketball convening and lead the garden is electric and it's all because of the singer. It's amazing. I
He's another one: I just wanna see eighty games of it before before I fully by into a leg a seventh best poor in the Lee type of situation so I need to see that I need to see that for a few months and error, but he's on this, is an unbelievable pace. That is that it might be like. I will say I will confess I was ten percent disappointed him on Monday night. I want a more from him in their caps game Some point: it's that was a pull your balls, our game and that so that it would help me back a little is that he had Logistic three percent dear and had led Us Idas. Was, I go shit lebruns bad down. It's my turn to step up, or do I do kind of face yeah I didn't love. It. But for years for it for you,
as from now, has a he's like our swing index. Leubronn, here's mine- I just I don't think he's quite there. That was, we ve done. Thirteen Lebron Durant Harden Janius Kauai, curried Davis Westboro carry Boogie dream on clay, thing is now gets launched in there's. You could go ceiling. You could go performance, some consistency that stuff I went Paul George, with the fourteenth pick. Actually really The way he's playing the sheriff, I'm still MAC convinced is, could ever be the best player and like a title team. But I think his all around game and are really can a weirdo Casey situation where they don't have a if guy where there are kind of feeling each other out, but he's been pretty great keys, yucky, that's so so so surprising. What do you think is yucky battle? Do I.
Looks lost to me and that I think he did when our reservations that daily or slightly mean like the last three for games when they, when I ve, turned the corner a little bit here in and strong the other two or three one. Nor did the forty two point game that he had made me. Think I a cigarette was well aware it about him. As a guide he's got you get it he's asserting himself. I just think he is too much out. Ok, all right, I don't mind having him in the top twenty. I just feel like this is a little high and I think there are a couple of guys that deserve recognition. Fer, you know the impact on their teams like want one I would say, is: is Andrey drama. Who is not he's not make a man, you know he's not making it less at all, not a top twenty player now, but you are unwilling to drop George, I'll put you want to put your guy and their job while fourteen, not only for Taiwan. I'd rather make the case for Bread Beale. Well,
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I believe that these next seven spots are up for grabs. I'm willing to talk this out more get input from you alone, again input from Millennium Tate, who approved, put Campbell out there and their lineal thing about every time. I say millennia teaches quenches like it here that here the candidates first spots, fourteen through twenty Paul, George John, while Jimmy Butler my son Benjamin's, Joel envied Blake Griffin, Chris Paul Mercosur. And then more throw in the murderers and Bradley Bill, and then I had but your honourable mention guys my kindly yoke edge go. Bear as Thomas Drummond Camera towns, Maccallum Orford, large, that's funny. So I have.
I I know that we had a little discrepancy in terms of what we're really measuring at this point, but I have towns much further up than this town's. Is it my top twenty June yoke? Is it my top? Twenty Drummond was like right: there are around twenty, I just didn't. I dont like some of those guys and where they ve been so far. Marcus all deserves more respect, especially because I learned this he's gonna be a house of cards candidate. I need him on my house of cards perceived lumping gardens in the summer, it a gardener, Marcus, all the gardener, I'm upset at towns O near what it well. Let's hear why I think he's on a really talented basketball team and it's all set up for that- tend to be really good
and I need him to have a both ends impact every night and it I'm not positive, is capable of it. I think he's capable offensively, but I really worry that he's a good team, bad stats, guy, good stats, bad team guy. I have not seen I keep waiting for him to go up a notch and I haven't seen yet don't know why this thing I dont know why he's not better defensively tat team tat we may be Tebbs was. Could I just I was there for tabs when he was the assistant on the South Ex Ante, completely changed or defence. I dont digest refused to weave tebbs is the coach of an attacker defensive team and it's gotta come from towns in it. That really bothers me and when I watched him it bothers me bothers me that they're not better defensively and- and I just wonder- if I'm building around that dude what it where my going,
what's by the ceiling as a team, is it forty seven wins whip? What working he do to do more work? How can he go up a level he shown so many times he's capable of growing huge rebound numbers, but it doesn't translate into too defensive success. A team doesn't get stops, they don't get starts and he should be stopped. He should be a rim protector. You know what you you planted enough doubt in my head about Paul George and John Wall, and we said this was going to be a work in progress that I think I have to give the 14th pick to my son Ben Simmons. I can't argue with it. I'm really he's been this. If you met this point, the very outset of the podcast about
What does the feeling we have the sentiment about the current talent level, yet in the NBA and this rookie class is really responsible for it. Yeah feels like there are six or seven cornerstone guys. Potentially I mean you know we're fifteen games into the season. So let's not get too crazy about it, but you know Smith, Collins, you know Fox and then, and then you get to let you know that As you have been clearly dominant salmon, did you not say Tatum just cause year, China make me punch something I I I I am goodwill. Tatum is he's wonderful, the link. I love about the thing that makes him special and in the more I'm thinking about probably put him in the top fifteen of whatever conversation Arabin is every night he's doing it. That's all. I want
start there with with. When I talk about some in the top twenty, like I didn't see it every night, you do every night just show up. You got to be at a certain level, Need to know with no ambiguity, I it's the one time you're coming to my town. Are you gonna be awesome? are you imagine- I remember watching you and if it simmonds has been like that pretty much every night like they're playing go and stayed on Saturday night. I think I'm beads awhile. I have no idea how is gonna play. I have no idea how gone states gonna defend em, you think like how badly the Lakers defended him in that game was really criminal. Gone state will not be single, teeming him and there could be thrown talking to determine. But Simmonds is gonna, be good and again I? U can lock it down and as a rule Barbara. I had been blown away by him. I had no idea who can be this get. I watched her maternal college. Thirty at high ceiling had
idea he could go to this level. So if we made him fourteen, that's not a bad thing right now, it seems totally fair and the aspects of him that have so impressed me are kind of against soft considerations, disposition and composure and in its both game, composure and off the court composure. I wonder if the year off was a branch directly beneficial to he s like a red shirt year, better than plan and that you lsd team again it it took enormous pressure off of him because he came into he slid into the season. You know it's kind of the third Storey iraqi oil. Second story wrote rookie wise in Alonzo, got all about attention and he's had the benefit of Joe well, probably as healthy as do well has been. Even though is his conditioning is still, you know right very much
gender development but he's in there and he's got a couple of that's on that six years team who are making a difference. I love Jays made a difference One of the things I love about summonses. He makes other guys better. It took him, I went from starts in them the question of how this I M J, J Rhetoric and wise summoned the point guard all the time it I can't shoot it it just the kind of figure out how to make it work and now he's fighting he's fighting Covington in rhetoric all the time with open shots, and he seems like he'd, be so much fun play with ass. I love that knows what he can and can't do. He's got his little at that running hook that I wrote about MIKE on today. The little junior skyhook, that's phenomenal. He can always go by left to right, whoever he wants. Everybody's backpedaling he's guys really nice around the room, and he knows you can't shoot any really the act that we try not to shoot. He'd figures it out. I love. I love watching her. I think he's a worthy,
Amber fourteen I'm proud of you liked it out with him and in the more I think about it, as we as we go through this heading play Griffin has to be the fifteenth why near interesting. I I don't think it's his fault that he has a bad coach, unaware team, because you know he's he's gonna get to his twenty four thirteen or fourteen whatever you need to get to make in threes. Eight, I don't know I just two guys really get their you'd. If it's him versus Paul George, she's, better basketball. There are six game losing street. I now that really bad losses de blame him for that, or do you bring the team in the coach and does it feel like they're kind of quitting the culture? The concept here we need to work on our I need I need. I have a little bit a wager out there that needs a hedge. By the way, I reminded me that we need doc.
Money on doc. Where does envy Gambados lake? What about envied say? Why are you had him in the top twelve? Because I I just think you know it's very fair to dig him. You know of several spots the way that you did, but I have him well inside my top fifteen and again like in like a twelve position. I'm gonna put envied at the sixteen spat me. You can't take a guy. That's done something that nobody in history you can say whatever you want about the clippers and the Lakers. You can't take away what our eyes observe in terms of his his foot. Work is incredible. He sees the court incredibly, he passes beautifully yeah and he is back to the basket and he sees face up. We just one of them- Why please play, and they also have to remember- he's only been play: basketball for one year, six years,
I'll say years now, yet I will put him at sixteen with the chance to go up or down. Death penalty in the Cypriots by reconvenes at six so whose seventeen you could have Paul. George Jaguar, Jimmy Butler Chris Paul,
who had not mention I Marcus our narrow, so no yoke, it's no, yes, yoke! It really yoke, it should have yoke attacker. He is advanced. Stats are good and I just think he's a guy that you give credit to for the direction of of the franchise and their their figure in some stuff out still that team. But he is he's the thing he's: the stall, the straw that stores the drink for them. So eighty six isn't very good so far, and only plus one differential but dark they're gonna be good and I he is gonna, be the reason. That's what I think about the demo nuggets. I have heard your advice of digestive Ellison to an American to heed it: a monopoly, a monopoly, Georgia Eminent, put yoke after him
Because that's fine, I'm not sure, I'm that sheriff teams getting stops if Yoke is your best big men of that I'm not seen enough defensively from him. You know they added mill. Sab two in their defence is better than it was last year, but I'm still not pat on the stone that positive his he might be a better fantasy centre than a real centre. That's my fear! Ok, that's fine! It's a work in progress there there in Denver. I think Denver is gonna end up pretty good. I think they're gonna end up in the four five slot in the west. Maybe maybe feisty. Let me ask you this: would you rather have guess our yoke edge? That's a great question. You don't ever down over the next ten years. Some just talk about right now. Rest the season o guess all season we're. So then Gaza should be in that spot, a real courage, just because guess all doesn't need and learning
Yet you know exactly what you're gonna get out of him: ok, so thirteen Simmons fourteen Griffin fifteen. Indeed sixteen Paul George, seventeen Marchesa eighteen yoke edge. This is getting really tough. You don't have rounded Romania top twenty you'd disrespect Andrade Rahman- I don't trust Andrea German, yet I don't have that that Detroit Team has really been something. Would you think, TAT S VD coach of the year. Have you seen enough from Germany to think he believes that autonomous it's a great German has been really game. Rightly that spend the money. Shocking thing in the air. To me is that I thought German with somebody he seemed like he was out there, for. Any team, the trade for nobody wanted it. I still can't put him in the top twenty them
we're ready to write em off? We wrote him off this. Chris Paul have to be the nineteenth picker. That's fair. Chris bonkers Paul's, farrago body, an item nineteen originally anyway. So that's good! That's a good bye for Chris Paul was put Chris Paul. It he's been hurt four month, but he still top twenty play. I mean at the end of last year. He was somewhere between ten and thirteen, so it seems like that would be fair. But if we do this again three months from now, I would not be shocked if Chris Paul, on the list and then twentieth, guy So here you see what more wizards than me, your Saint John, why doesn't belong in the twentieth spot just I mean. I know the with or nine five, but that's really more than anything. Because of I swear it's true. I hope Porter showed up ready the play the season and has been outstanding
and Beale. This is the I'm gonna really knock on what you hear the here. I am Latin really allowed my knocking on the would yet because he's he's healthy. The thing that that I have observed on this park ass a few times over the years Pass, was we're waiting for building grow into his body yet, and that was the main sort of limiting factor in terms of the the injury recurrent that we are observing, and now we have a pretty nice sustain God, damn it. I hate even saying this, but he looks he looks good and he's able, because of that foundation that Physical Foundation, he possesses now he's adding things to his game, he's getting to the Frisco line and he's go he's going to the basket with a sort of fearlessness that we ve been sort of wanting out of him and so to me the envy of the wishes to add to this moment is broadly
you. Have the defects? Learning he's learns electricity places near see, plus exactly so. We don't really have a twentieth spot. Jimmy Butler, I think, would be the default pick about the rose and from a town standpoint the Rosen twenty first monies. Railway Rosen is he's such a negative on defence. The lead analytics are very failure, not him on on defence to knock. Had his fuckin awesome. Now he so scary. It's gonna get your team adept at every feeling. We could guide the murderers of ever Let me let me ask you this, though he I what I've had this experience? It comes play off time. I don't fear him the with have own Toronto couple times in the past. We knock them out in two of the past three years from now three of you know where, whatever the timing is and he's he's been, you know underwhelming not up to the moment. You know
Maybe it is Andrei Germans time for the twentieth spot work. You know, I mean why what you're you did what he's doing from Frida Align deserves recognition and devising who take take a liability and turn it into an asset in away like that. That means he worked hard and something click for him, and then he it gives a shit. I like give them credit for that. Would you rather have hammered tents just for the season always towns? I would do towns a million times out of out of a million. I sixteen rebuild the game for driven Gimme german Well, if we actually want to win that I'd, I'd, take our effort over both of em, but that's all right. It's a different thing altogether. You would take Cairo Orford, that's a meagre! That's the Cambodia.
With her for one of the great things about this less than we should actually do this again in three months to see. What's what's different and what's the same is Germany is a little bit reactionary but that Saint time he's kind of earn that twenty a spot I had a man out of a mention close, but he's just eat that a team is performing better than Minnesota's team, and I agree with this. That should better n he's been a little more unstoppable than towns, and that should manner to- and you know it for, one game with our lives, depending on it in the other team, as drum under the other team as towns, who am I more scared of, I may be more scared. Drummond, I think it's a good is the fair assessment it reasonable to have him in the twenty, so hard earned our top twenty right now right now, list subject to change, will do
again in two months or three months or ever Leubronn Durrant Hard Indiana, quite curry, Anthony Davis, Westbrook, carry Boogie cousin, said Sir tat tat dream on clay, pausing, guess, Simmons, Blake, Griffin, Joel envied, Paul George Mercosur Joker, Nikola, Jokic, Chris Paul and quite possibly as farewell appearance on this list. That number ninety. Last but not least, very employed to Chris Paul today. Last but not least, Andrade German yeah, so the fallen people did not make it John, while Jimmy Butler Tomorrow's. In my calmly, your son Bradley Bill really go bear as Thomas Tits
the Basque Welfare Campbell Walker, Siege, Emma Column Hour for the market, even Willard, Dame Lilith and Karl Anthony TAT, Kevin learn what those guys Haagen Lebanese make that John walls gonna be hungry, gets hungry in December. I hope is not eaten, eaten wins like JANUS, but the men on very well, I d more is that play no other share. Gilligan is that I think that team I still. I think that team should pick one of those two guys I agree with. I would go all in on one and I would trade the other, and I would if it were me, I would keep Mccollum and trade name. If it were me, that's interesting
Opera, though I think Dame as a chance to be one of the great MBA wrappers within our area. Mba rap, really gaieties headset, it's good socks, yeah, that's it for the best part cast thanks to seeking don't forget. First time, MBA purchases on seek twenty dollars off I have to do. Is use of, could be assembly. Don't forget about Joe. Has this package House at the Shack ass, a don't forget about the House Instagram, which is my top five favorite instagram right now. A house of cards Instagram weak work, whereas we ve been we belly source that thing it's gonna get somethin up every day from from somebody glory, you know in its inner national. Without a couple of of nice posts from ITALY, we ve gotta, oppose, I think, from Tokyo. Here's what they keep here, keep up the good belly sourcing reference
My favorite, it sometimes right now number one drunk people doing things is, though it's the godfather of its ceramic cats. It's incredible! I can't get enough of it: and my second, everyone one is dummies doing things which is a lot of like people write in their back there stairs and crashing into the war going overhead Firstborn INA swinging from rope at a lake in the low bread, wrote breaks and they just five thirty five feet. Both up, I showed wilds will read them at the next game. Tuesday, suspicious and now he's Alan and those already favorites, hausa Carbs is in the top five though it's the house carves, is the scram account. Yes, my son take that my son, randomly posts, Instagram pictures and I think, he's gonna again trouble at some point I better, and that can a gamble on that. Can you give me your one minute. Here's. Why should get excited about the tiger? Woods possibility
of course I mean this- is definitely the talkers, the quiet talkers that that his him in his camp, Heaven doling out. There are that he has done this season. What he should have done last season, which is the car nation of reliable station and then getting you know restoring that physical strength to his back in his a gluten that kind of stuff he can thickened can perform on a sustained recurring basis and, more importantly, he's not. The day they ve learned a lesson from last season: they're not gonna, load up a schedule and pretend that he's gonna come back and play thirty events and Has it has asked to do by after playing? California, or whatever it sounds like he's, gonna. On a much you know, there are focused on the majors, but do a couple of the important kind of events based on the idea that he's healthy and these hidden, the living daylight. Out of the ball and swing, looks good. We're gonna watch him
for four rounds at the hero is the first week of December sewers, the couple cup a few weeks out. And won't be able to confirm. You know everything that we're hearing in terms of how he looks, but if he looks as good as he looked last year or maybe even a little better and they don't try and hustle his ass out here too, to ensure that that neither the Piggy Bank, then you can, we might have tiger for a whole season and they only fifteen events. That's wonderful, but I'd think they learn a lesson, not gonna. Why you're playing California then get on a plane for twenty two hours go get a three million dollar appearance VIII and an play one round and then and then be done for the season, and that sounds encouraging. Where the eight year anniversary next week of the car accident.
I remember when I was at dinner with my wife and I just felt fish from the gecko on their forget as regards weird story, just imagine if it happened now, as opposed to eight years ago yearly. The internet so much more sophisticated. Now, you're, weird raspberries now read, but rather our villa wrote a really good piece for us yesterday about pop music that quite the death of pop music, but that how things have changed because of John Red Self. It's it's just in kind of crisis and were seen it with this Taylor, Swift, album and he had some tears on that and might what am I fear is- is paper just too smart now their tune. Urgent, they could see through everything and there's theories and if you're trying to be calculated, they can see through it
And terrorists, we see it right now, but I think that Tiger Woods thing when you know the time that elapsed and then the explanation like people just one but all over it within five minutes. Yes, and I accept really fun, nay excited it was the best I'm I you know man is on my hands on the zipper on that quite in the zipper zone. Yet with the best thing you ve eaten in the last month, I was at more fruitful, ass, they Kelly Olympic, and they brought out this incredible dish has been on the menu for about eight nine months, Crispy rice, cakes, which come out in the shape and form of little Nokias, like the italian Nokia dumplings, but their crispy and they're they're, they're rice and its in this law. Various spicy saw us. That's got some red pepper in it and Somalia and who is just an amazing dish so that that's the best thing. Last night's Mikhail at Global Food CCD see with the best dish I've had.
In the last couple months? We need a surprise. Surprise, I say: a business mainly with somebody in Europe who you had sent sushi recommendations to start to realize you should just have an act that people could just dial up and you just sped up sushi and stake recommendations. The Ottawa somebody should pay me for that. I'd be happy to do it. I will get on it. People out there, you pay house, with the best taken DC. It there's three. I talked about this on the part cats with Kelly. I last night glass. As matter of fact, I like bourbon state quite a bit, nobody ever nets. I want step on that. Then, what save your next week's s curbs? That's all did you ever Economics House of cards younger, but we're record of food fight, Mallory Robe and Juliet Lippman Joe housebreaking. Now we have our say every sixteen we have sixteen sides we're gonna, do without bracket style and break down the best thanks,
we're gonna, come up with the number one best thanksgiving side for the just in time for Thanksgiving House of cards. Why wasn't I invited to be in that area? always invite. I assume you know all these things are happening at all times, domain name anymore. I may crashed Ellen. You can hear that. The carbs that's coming up Joe S, I'm glad we got we better and this list. I think I figured out the concept by the end of it did you know, I said I understand the good solid payment avis find it was a good access enjoy the weekend. Faceless and the biggest pack has don't forget. The Tallahassee Coats pack ass, you did on Wednesday was was very, very popular, and if you haven't heard that incredible courage, Alan he was excellent and but I have my column on the Ringer dotcom. Don't worry about the end. A superhero weak on the ringer now come, whereas especially because then the top. Fifty superpower movies interfered about dates, new podcast one Johnny podcast! When are you gonna, to put your house on whenever you wanna come on house you welcome as when you
to come back about Marilyn, the envy does does boys are ready, for you are right to do some study cards best what time yet for me thanks ass good Ways.
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