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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to recap Game 3 of the NBA Finals, examine the argument for "rest," brand the Kawhi trade an all-timer, answer mailbag questions, revisit Gym Corner, give out Finals predictions, and more.

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Tonight's up, so the biggest Pakistan, the Ringer back ass, thou art You bite his own, the hall. Of Joshua his Ruiz resold, you see it now. I at the Rockies Blue Jays game. Rockies aren't fire where you missed it You missed around the zone. Your awesome, and change up, which is where, if you like, baseball bat, swim around dollar eight, and every day of the week available. Nearly any advice. Getting set up with the zone is easy. Let the zone up in the upper Android Appstore Senate by creating accounts there watching cross any view devices you better, get it soon, because Ruiz versus Joshua, too that's happening good at De Asia, and I come to sign up for us. Brought to you by the rare Pakistan work and the Ringer Dotcom the world's greatest website, we are dead. You'd one new pact as this week, it is called ringer dish, celebrity coach,
My daughter is actually on Thursdays. Podcast for raising she's gonna have a monthly look at teen culture say I put it away, I'm paying her a million dollars a cast its good, its grey, actually what's what it would never do, whatever the best taxing, I can do that such is getting paid so How can I go out and I hope a tie wandering around the eyes were all of us here just sitting. I should say that a ringer dash celebrity severally culture left and right, and we, so have I the press box, which is now twice a week. I was on a radio, you cannot thirty, three. Did you steal it from us the morning Press box on his own? Didn't he found didn't stick and they read them. There is no way that reduced eleven so subscribed about those texts, coming up with anger and talk about a wacky game through the NBA files and then catch up, another Basque must have we been go nuts about first, our friends.
What's this. But the words for an hour or not, and whether address what have won t so much heart I don't know they ve already, but they won the over there. Let's start here, I said, before the game. I was like no matter what happens. I wanna lead with this stuff, curry, one of the best twenty five foot ever one of the ten best playoff bars ever to time. Mvp three I'm champ, but has never really been in a situation where it had to be kind of all him. In a big game like this, since really Davidson was Jalen put in a halftime I was just curious to see how he would it be able to do it. Cuz you figured Toronto. Try to take them out. They would throw a bunch of people atoms
don't try to worm down, and it was, Does he have the type a game where they're gonna need, like forty plus from tonight, just to compete? And he put up forty seven, he was really good it didn't matter cuz they got killed anyway, but I I learned a lot about stuff tonight. I'll buy you a drink now that this should be a surprise, though, like it felt like it was a lot like curry. What he had to do tonight was much like Leubronn, two thousand fifteen years gonna be different, but I was gonna, be hey man every shot, anything you even think like. If there's a scale of two hundred and ten one being a bad shot and being a good shot ending for IR, take the shot and it still didn't feel like you took that many bad shots. He had seventeen in the first quarter and then I think they did a little bit better. Of em in that second koruna came in and then he went on another little many run. I still. What did you notice that they were doing to limit their throwing the big eyes out from twenty six twenty eight feet, so at least he couldn't get the queen They are trying to down I d, but for the most part they were just try.
To take advantage of this guy likes to make smart place, we're going to make it to that he's going to feel like this more place to give the ball up, which is what he started. If I don't like how to run- defence him. I don't. I don't understand eminence goes back to game one. They don't help off the guys you're supposed to help off of the way we saw with the clippers, though We saw with Houston me down was a mess the whole time because it just in play physical enough, but Toronto Stew. Stays, I think, closed down on guys and only to stay close out as much and then, when you get Currie on those curls lowering the and leader, not quick, twitch guys breaking news, so they a harder time recovering in challenging some low shot. So even if you know they're there chip in him a little bit more. I always feel like he's comfortable, he's more comfortable in these games, so him having forty seven and it being efficient. Forty seven He wasn't. There was never really crazy. He check stretch it Those words first quarter, though you it wasn't like one of those like somebody, would be cutting the clip on Youtube Leg, some of them he checks. He sat up
the ears of those Betty tape. Out of this one now steady, but I think the thing that amaze me was just a degree of difficulty of a couple of the shot him either he's making like twenty four floater, and he made the banker floater that time and as I can't believe how hard those shots. Are it didn't matter the rest of his team. There really show up and then on the flip side, Toronto was just really good offensive and felt like you get just about any shot. They wanted. I, naturally the moral, this game I mean really, we should have started with the fact that now honest Arthur, I like, whenever chip on their showed, that they needed for the final. But Toronto was insane. We good on off lotta three, we can talk about all the different injuries, but I mean I thought Toronto won the game three different times. Yes, that's the outcome stretch in the second quarter, where he went for eight points in three minutes. It was like from eleven thirty. Eight thirty minutes wise left in some quarters put your redcoat autumn who we can talk about your boiler? Relator? Yes, tougher, tough for the fan Club denies the outcome goes not there and then in Asia.
Get up- and you go with him- it didn't like they're back at ten points and Danny Green goes crazy and then You don't even realize it, but why I felt like I was just a camera, goes five feet from the hoop and just decide whatever I want to do, and he ends up with thirty eight of them free I think that was the definition of acquired thirty definitely tonight would I would again like eighteen, but at the end first quarter you on women it thoroughly down. For that. First quarter was a disaster for golden State and the DNA Green it's at three in the course of their back up seven and then it's like wait a minute, still close at the half and in Tom was a and now fell like old man, yellow cowardly, still in this thing because Toronto, I mean that's that they like. If I went back watches again in the morning. You would just laugh at how incredibly efficient and I and we can get out again like the injury thing- has to be brought up your forgotten state, but Toronto, it was never hard. It was never. Our freedom, so even goals they got at the six. They never fully. Getting starts. We
We were hanging out earlier this afternoon because you are come about due to a threat, very rare package that were passed, which Onawandah John away now his skin, which I get up but not shy away. He pre was bright. He came up. Ok, he used and both of us were saying, we just didn't see. Road map for the worse. When the game that wasn't like at ninety five, five to ninety kind of game where staff had leg forty five points and little reminiscent of what Leubronn tried to do in the two thousand fifteen via where slow it down super ugly limit. Number possessions staff takes a ton of trees. Maybe that was a road map. It found the first quarter, at least from step taken a ton of three like he's gonna put forty three is which Is it a goldsborough? Was one wilds wilds watch with us three Goldsborough was like the office should be staff takes thirty further is now it actually makes it.
Felt there on the way to doing that were confused me about how they played tonight. They try to play with pace and I will go the other way out or tried to make it like a slower, uglier, less possessions, China to wear downstairs, plan too fast and try to aim for one of those. Ninety two to eighty seven x games where I'd like each team gets sixty seven field goal. Something like that. I don't know why they That's ok! I think the counter that would be the ads that letting Toronto said defensively in the half core makes it harder for staff to get some of these laws like there's nothing better than scattered defence, trying to recover everybody running around and staff, getting We see that the only way that that there is a good job in this game, but- and I think the other part that that helps your argument- is that when I think after a make us this on Twitter. They ever Like one point, five points, Prepossession Colorado
there are only just crazy, efficient number. So if you're gonna, let it millennia and to do that to you than yes, you would want less possessions of they're gonna score. That kind of clear eyed. I just think Leubronn showed the road map and two thousand fifteen that its possible. Do what you like. I will manned incredible- use draped from one guy limit the number of possessions slow it down, make it make it a game with no flow use, a lot of fowls and just cannot make it. So nobody has a flow. And I think that dead at another word better than what we saw but to give up a hundred and twenty three points we need have. No worse. His, but we can we howitzers where's line of credit score hundred twenty four points. I didn't it. They're gonna, maybe two hundred knowing you your point before this whole thing started today, like he made a good point, were sent the office new, ok, put stepped out for what three plus? Ok, I note what forty I really got him. Forty worthy of this year, the outsides de coming from like you needed a we're dream on game where he hits a couple. Threes gipsy, honest. He had two threes, but they were at the end. It was done
when it matter when this game was still in the balance I went through it, one point. You had an air ball from piggy dream on. And cousins. I Jesus why we should mention cousins. Who got a lot of praise after game within deserved was abysmal term in this game, and She looked like, though, not only the worst athlete on the four about, like the the worst athlete in your Sunday pick up, came they had like six terrible ways. You you're theorize, being a people. This by your writer, but he also you pick you put pick up yeah, both you Theo, he was like that guy who, who played really well pick up but then made the mistake of light, sergeant you I'm run with us again. I should now our I'll do it and there is a train wreck. That's what it felt like that
Oh now, I'm not your may actually legs or not, but I'm just gonna see how does at the second correlate midway through the second quarter. Curries threesome for three our funds and making it one yet dream I was over for EU is overdue. Dream. I was over for eighty was over two cousins over one cook. Oh for one, your boy direct call for one, but we can talk about pace. We could talk about strategy all these different things. When clays, not in their as an nother defender for quite or to balance out to sea outcome thing they basically we're trying to defend quite and see come with different combinations of of dream on, so are we going to Lapland, then bleed has a couple buckets again event: fleets turning into this guy there like this, they give they lie. Ass Lowry. Would they be fine which has faintly but again like? I know I don't like Lowry. Does you so much electoral watching play basketball, but he had some really good shots, even other some three zero zero in shock, but understand overall numbers are really good, and so I mean we can sit here and go
circles and talk about all these different things, clay didn't play loony, wasn't there? for everybody that wants to go. Well it still all these all stars right now. This version of boogie causes is not at all start. Stop kidding yourself. This version of Andrea good allies, not an all star stuff, only guy- and you know at any point whether it's just saw quite see outcome. Lowry, Dana Green Shooting, like think I'm a different bucket makers. Toronto had before tonight, verses what you have with with golden star. Let's go fancy dress. Curry y know clay no Durrant, so you take your time. Currie over co in its labour plan, pick up right now, life is on the line darkroom dangling from from the roof and we have family. This is really work. Is everybody's. Like love was quite right. Now you know, is the best plan or
we're doing that now, even though, as I personally take overs, but here I still think I take curry first I'd say quite technical: I want to and somewhere it doesn't matter like if you I'm going to argue about taken, cooperate now now who your next picks based on who play tonight. Yeah see outcome socio can three over drama. Yet when I actually cause, I acted like dream on scoring at this point is bonus. Like he's great you does. All these great things is raised defensive, energy, all different stuff, but in our view, to have a second guys scoring you lose these games he's either it's not like like when I had the right. When I was a girl, clays gonna do more. Might we know we could do more when clay at its while I go now. Dray mines can escort twenty eight. Maybe maybe she optimal right so if they would say which you say will take those for the board, who are the next five picks they're, probably all raptors
And maybe it is one of the five, but I would say veto he would be one of the five ten poisonous game. I would say the words had three other yeah. I don't they bookies want him. As far as Narragansett. I now, but I mean victim of anything, happen. Everybody would be part of it. The other day by aiming to see buggy like this tonight is not a huge shock because of this, injury. That he's fought really hard. For I mean it's. It's well documented that I've ever been the biggest boogie fan over over the years, but I don't. I don't think that things would have held him back personally as a player for the things that got in his way tonight. He just of it man I mean he couldn't he had no live. I think that's a hard injury to combat terrorism and then they put a lot of minutes Ottoman game tuna denials, my good sir yeah, not knock, and for that I think he was supposed to be playing fifteen minutes again. The looney injury look, it's not close to what players, but it because clay, because remaining under at the Looney,
we totally overlooked in how impressive he is banned, how much is improved and if you get switched on to a small firm, your player, like he's gonna, give you a chance in and we before, like I can tell right away when announcer doesn't what he's doing well, which are the looney until say, apiary girl, great great mismatch for the office of Player, whoever the guard is near, like naturally not really like loon. Why do you ask about loose data for these guys game? Two and two thousand fifteen Cleveland be gone state ninety five to ninety three and I was with an o t period, and neither team shall very well just a typically just an ugly finals game and then came three key. Gives one. Ninety six, ninety one and libretto thirty, four shots and twelve free throws twelve ribands aid, assess Galvin although was seven for seventeen year delivered over memory, you know it reason whether one gave three I almost died in the
bringing the hospital the beaches necessitate his heart. So the dish I was kind of those car you, although I feel that there is little what delivered over didn't. Try to deny staff at certain points that the energy delicate overplayed with there being gunny just watch is that nobody like Showtime As you know, this everyday ring of Delaware Building is with the worst, where they needed delved over their queen cook, to be dealt with elsewhere, Jus Radko, whoever they may The random crazy game from subsidies didn't get it yet they needed the egg aim. Six against you sooner. They needed the dream on game early against the clippers or dream on Yolanda Unsay, like Brian Mckinney, hitting six trees like Toronto, got six trees from Dana Green tonight, which became he's gone again. Six four ten! Oh! I just that. We said browser what now rattle Bryant Mckinney. Oh, that's the full upper. Oh my men, Alfonzo Mckenna, yeah. Then I say that I was dead. He wasn't different guy I've done there now, I think, to the last week.
I guess I've missed liberating. Lyman is actually not that you're alive alive. It is only a rare both of us just stumbled into the network, particularly pick you up, thereby making it worse. He has great. I wish my dad reciprocal the trifecta but yeah bitching about Kimball, so here's the thing we were talking it at this was I got to forty five today West Custom, so three hours for the game, and both of us were like. We don't think the words are gonna, throw this game way, but at the same time it is clear that healthy. To put the miles on him when he needs to my days to recover there it's already at. Throwing the game away, but you just tell her: you take a lotta threes. You play some random deeds in Canada, You can hang around, but you cannot go into it. Almost assuming you're gonna lose and you think you like are at game for frightened. I gotta be the game. Clay comes back for that,
and we just have to win three. The last four years I fear, is- I think this Toronto team is The nice match up into Let us favour in the series in it if, if the words are healthy, I wrote it. There's a chances could end in five of these guys are coming back. They it shouldn't, they should widen If the ransack into play game foreign of if sixty percent I dont know, we sought an aid. That's gonna be dramatically different on Friday night, but you could also have the gain from it Our committee had after name one in the river about it must still started. Steering get my had a little bit about how quick eye sits. Ya come over dream on, so I think I may require whatever I'm regret that by the end of the pod, but when you could the baby, my on hearing aware, is that you can have the bad Lowery game. I mean these. Are these are possibilities here and in others, always this rule that I've had for years of watching this is that whoever shows up to the building. I was theses, two teams on Friday night, the Toronto can't match the desperation or whatever golden states feeling and so you'll. Do you feel like going? I felt like curry,
desperation today. Ah I just I was impressed by your how into the game was at that is that test sure him just realising like a bad shot for me still better than men. Talking talk about one whose diamond for loose bars and some of this stuff, he was doing that he was playing like it was a game seven when I think he could have. Held back a little bit? I don't fuck you back at all night. I thought that was like the full complete staff career tonight. The other stuff. At the end I either exhausted it then the game. But let's get back to your regional point began. I were talking and we both talk to people going into this game that, whereas I order you here am, I was what I'm here. We both were like weird clay was yeah like plays out he's, not playing and the theory I had been given from illegal sources that it was like basically it's not throwing away again, but with the injury. Clay has in anybody displayed. Softball knows this. Run? You burn it out on the first at first hit of the season and you bought the ham because you're not loose that can linger, but
that kind of injury I laughing myself hoping for us. We go softball stats here I've got it back here, jury like by Friday, it could be significantly better and if their down to one, I think, there's gotta be more of a push for Durrant to combat. For game for whereas, if Golden stated one what I was told that ok, then we can kind of personal Durant's coming back like give doesn't come back, I will be shocked and I think it's finally get anything on my back. I don't he's coming back in. It's an elimination it. So you think I think they wanted a split these two today and Friday, and they put their eggs in the basket of Friday without ahead of the grey thing today, and that that amendment no eight I had three moving. I dont get assizes burglar. Some of this rest obsession stuff, which I've railed against for a long time. Yet do you think we can all? Then, let's take a break coming up what's wrong?
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as they sent me a pair for me, but then also small pair for my son, who was so excited. I don't think he's had new underwear, probably in a couple years and he's been wearing these, he loved them was trembling under it. It's it's is all of the time underwear but especially like he's. You sat there and trample inches gone nets with the calls on five bucks. A brief tugela comfortable this if you're someone you can use a little extra ventilation, your life had over the fruit that calm check it out for yourself used the code bill to receive an additional ten percent off their compromise of twenty percent of schools on five bucks, a briefs fruit that camp promo bill. I ran against rest, this theory, the idea about how I could die was so from whose theory was it was given orbits guy anyway, the charred, and he was talking about you know they were like how is quite ass good a couple weeks ago, it was basically like he's figured out that you know more than two thousand minutes a science as the body two thousand and its innovative way more than two thousand minutes is a joke and, like all wait a minute. So why?
I was directly Doran was incredible all time or type shooting numbers before you her, but then the counter argument from the rest warriors would be well. He got her because he play so many minutes, big okay, but it the load management thing is the reason why Kawhi has been so good. Why did he get hurt against Milwaukee guys get hurt? I don't know if it's really as much about rest is everybody makes it out to be like anytime somebody's hurt if you spent your life's work, arguing that players need to be playing. Sixty five games need to do two thousand minutes like if you spent your whole life, something if I had becoming this writer. That said, you know what you need to live near the water and I read and write so at it right. So, near the water exceeds a healthier lifestyle, better mental health. Always everything like only want to come up with a conclusion with the stuff that I was writing that I was right because I don't want to find out of fifty black hey. You know what actually healthier the mountains in Hell like I'd, be shattered idyllic. No, I wrote seven books about living near the water and you're telling me my life's. Work is bullshit so
as much as I've read the science about it and people are very convincing. I've also talked a teams. I was talking to a team of the combine than I am. Just came up in the guy was was great and he goes yet all minutes thing like that scientists all over the place he's like I'm, not sure what to believe. So if the rate was hurt because he didn't rest, then Why? Why did he get hurt if it's all about, because it's not ethic more the random? This of these fisheries is thing, that's already play last. While you can get hurt at an any play with anything, you can land somebody's foot in get shot leading on. If we do not, because you played seventy two gay. What about the play we saw today when curried, though, for that loose bomb I read into Europe, goes knee it's like these occurrences. On a joke, because neither do the rest. I think injuries are most of the time, Now the scientists will tell you, though it's different fatigue, the back to back in, like some of the back to back stuff. You go. You know what those numbers arbiter if it is a familiar things legitimate, but I'm telling you
more guys that workin for offices that read the stuff they go now. I don't know I'm not really sold on that. So my point to this whole thing is that I've Like I'm. Ok with the with the clay approach, It is not really rest, them going obvious. He's going to be better prepared and that gonna hamstring injury. I mean I have to be a doctor. This thing everybody knows you blow your hamstring, it's so much easier to tweak immediately afterwards and it felt like if that was gonna happen. Just as he wants to play Then they're, probably better off in Sudan, are down to one they're gonna get him back. Maybe they get to re back for that game like this is not some impossible thing, but I I also think You know it's about time that we look at Toronto and go like you said there they're just really good. Can I one more thing and the rest yeah. I think I can get her. I needed a break. Anyone guys can get when their either exhausted or they pushed the limits of what they normally do is when you start again get in so like creep.
Forty five minutes today. There forty five really hard minutes and they pay two nights from now. Whether or not he's gonna get hurt on Friday. I would say, he's slightly more likely to get her because you get more tired, you that your they get a little tight like whatever the regular season load management thing they're, not playing, games of five nice anymore they're, not fighting on aeroplanes can never there now doing she's there in the seventies actor backs. It's totally different. I'm looking at their aid Seven south x ray now my favorite team ever. Mcallen bird both played three thousand minutes during the season right and Paris play two thousand nine hundred and ninety five dj play two thousand nine hundred and thirty three. If you go back and look at those back scores, birds playing like forty seven men It's on random nights in January, followed by the next night playing forty five somewhere outside, but yeah does idiotic Right Europe, a Europe still, ok, so you're saying because the rest personal say will look at the end.
Greer look. What happened? Learn about saying, like I think, Casey. Zaire, really in their careers. I think that year and the copyright for, I think he actually really shorten the careers of burden Mikhail because he ran them in the ground and I watched it happened. I think that's a differ, then in this Lord management than they were talking about an hour. It's like I get it. You want people to be fresh, but I dont think we can hey guys, Agnew are way less likely to get injured. I also think it would have the data we go to seventy two games. Here's post only play like sixty five and then five years later, another outcome- I was studying Bialik, actually fifty eight, the right number and it would just keep going and going going, but do you think I likely harder now, though, Are you think it's hard or minutes, because if you go back and watch games from the eighties. They don't play this hard on defence and thus its like a game. Seven of these two facts there's something no watching the eightys, which gets glorified way too much watching I'm right here watching how
bad guys are picking up deeds defensively in transition or just add a yellow, shine. Eighteen o over eighteen, fuller, sits, guys, didn't move, doesn't move around its it. The idea that, when an older guy goes out in every way, when I back like what are you talking about shut up now he would never you beat thirty five uncontested shots, I feel the Ladys pistons were the first team that actually tried to put the offence for a whole game. Every game. That is why, when alleys daddy my book, I was like this is this. You can kind of feel something shift with that team. Were you have like Rodman defending Bird and then he come out and say now: perchance ally in him and both as a really trying universe? like in the mid eighties, he's guarding its culture, tripucka and can't Benson, and these fuckin smacks while defence events out around the rights system we'll burn what you wanted to break the toward? I wanted. I want there's someone I did want to get back to our whole think like when the Bronx right. Is it because
oz by two million minutes. Ok, maybe then there was another argument when the air, with the real, with nothing on earth there the hand injury last year. The actual. Now I'm sorry about the growing thing this year, when I'm gonna get her. Ok, it was argued. Well look at the pace of the Lakers played in his age in the pace. Ok, I don't. I don't care what the pace, because when I watch him play, and this is a credit to how incredible IRAN is he found is the rest on the floor and still put up insane offensive neighbours, but it wasn't even close to the same exertions. Is. However, many minutes in a full season now are different than the same number of minutes five years ago, because the way he played an offence and especially the play way played in defence, same thing will hardon hey, look at all these minutes,
playing look at all the shots used to put up. Do you realise when he is off the ball? He doesn't move, he doesn't move. He doesn't do anything here. Right here come on. Not only all minutes are not created equal, so did just baseline say this many minutes is too many and it's the same for everybody. Everybody's injuries are different and its conflict. The baseball thing you are leading to a staff. Tonight was forty five, really tough player and thereby unites from now and again as the same load. Again, it's the same thing as a starting pitcher like a game for a series who had like eighty eight intensely anxiety, filled pitches where that's way harder than like a hundred and ten hundred and twelve pitches in a game in August rant over. I'm with you, I mean I look at the best ever example of this is when Kobe Bryant Blue at his Achilles, that was the same year when they were stupidly? He just decided he's going to play forty eight minutes, member that you think I'm playing forty eight minutes every game, and people like this is
not always welcome worries only once more. He said these guys Do they not only have you heard from other ring, you think those guys that tough rhyme seller and guess what happened lose it carries out, and it was stupid that he play those point. Forty minutes game is idiotic. Women is just become a pro rest argument, though possessive appeals are now I'm saying that say that's an occasion where somebody was pushing his body to the limits. I think with co. Why, whether he played sixty games or seventy games, I don't think it would have really affected his chances to get injured in the finals. No, I think, he's playing this wealth is quite fuckin. Awesome. Maybe that would even as awesome if you paid seventy games that sixty like we don't now. My guess would be yes, but if he played eighty two games and plates thousand minutes during the regular season they here's another example I remembered Duncan so duncan- goes o too.
Three words about about any peace, not already Dugan TIM Tim Duncan two thousand three other Duncan member that spares tame the three team. You name name named the top seven frenetic Elliot Parker gone Elliot's, Aragon, Parker generally, russian stir it. I don't think he's area is there was Five Gazeta run of the worst centres ever that they put next to him. It was truly remarkable, Robinson still there, ok, that last year I gave it to you. I just found it so. The Jackson Duncan Our Bowen Stephen Jackson, the GRAIL Basque by David, it's in Mali grows manage. Old, Steve Smith, Speedy Claxton, Steve Car does their top ten Duncan goes.
Thirty one, eighty one minutes in the regular season, so much theory to injure minutes then we go that way back when we go to the player Vienna Thick Duncan in the play. They play a, whereas it twenty four games, you place a thousand play off minutes. So I looked at tat almost forty three hundred minutes, then next year they do it again, the western files Danny plays the Olympics, and these he was heard of two thousand five and they win the title anywhere, but he's like seventy percent. That's a case of like eyed that Gaga pushed too far yeah, Look, I'm not arguing that. I just think that there are certain things where it becomes. It's just I disagree with some of it and look. Nba teams disagree with some of the two. Like I sang everybody's different, that's the point. Every one is different. We don't know what it means. It doesn't mean Clay Clegg hurt because he strutted stickers
how to draw found. He landed, walk and in the whole region about how demo, as a scientist in play more minutes in their games seven and got a couple emails from people? Egg wait a second. You're telling us how stupid it was that indeed put all those minutes. Then. Why should yadda of Plato The leg you gotta pick aside, you really need a question answered. Why would you like How can I think, rather than for he a bake athletes who should be able to play forty seven minutes and it gave seven bead we have this incredible track record of, Please I'm tired. Whenever it has thirty minutes, is exhausted his hands on his knees and it looks like he's: gonna die, that's a difference and it's up to a coach to know No, I have to blame. I gotta get to extend him, but when there's that point and over and were you have to figure out
steal a couple minutes to keep the guy in the bench and run your office a little differently or ask somebody to do something that may be used in their comfort level instead of going ok, I need to keep my best aims out here, the entire time, but you look. None of this this whole thing all of its kind of irrelevant cause, there's nothing more important. The fact that it was one score with golden state who had No secondary guy he giving count on I dont want even use tertiary here, but it would fit perfectly and their defence sucked and in Toronto was great so No when he had the right. After that, I don't want to get the emails from the pile he trying to the Toronto fans, I'm really happy for them, They ve been a really good fan base, not a lot of good things happen in them and they really hit rock bottom of victims of the war. Brad thing just play could act like you, ve been there.
Fourth or they have every right to dine averages. Listen to me! Listen a sage! I want a lot of titles, I'm just given them some advice. Just them. You are far less go without giving it I've been here? I've had some experience. Not it runs out to get. Everybody's, enjoying your run. You doing well, and right now, we're gonna talk about how good your teams Ben corollary who sucked in the first two games and you and I are low, pay and game one. I thought he's ok, hidden. It wasn't shewed now Arby's by an artist. He is really good tonight. He took sixteen shots made eight. I disagreed with. I think twelve of the sixteen shots, but a lot of them are gone and see come now. I demanded sucking not in game one. I probably he didn't say, events intangibles get out now, but the overall numbers were actually worse. I thought they were made, I was better. Any green who they just stuck with, which I think Nick there's gets a lot of credit for, but that's your unplayable thing. I that's why
I was pushed back whenever you're, like a guy, has a too bad games. You like this guy's unplayable. When you go, you can't just for Bledsoe exempt labour. Ok, I mean about green- is done it before I agreed with keeping their green Barker, whose bad tonight, but you like a back more than either. No, I'm just in whose babble will like I love what he didn't get? Seven worse? It no watching me to having its Philadelphia gone he's the only item collider feels remotely comfortable and he s gone and again today, and then we thought it was a point. A book I had to playing a saw had to be abandoned. So I think the lesson in this once again is that whenever we want to see, Coaches are idiots, replaying, guys aren't playing well you probably know better than we do that they have to stick it out with these guys that have been there guys all your long. Despite outbound, I can look into games and apply a match and the
a degree of like Dana Green is in his lamp. Ok, but we ve seen that guy a big stages make the biggest possible shots, would like Le Branch and guardian. So right, you can't give up on that here's. What Nick nurse did that I love I'm a big proponent of- and I think especially, coming off three days. Rest is a great idea. He basically point seven guys you look at their backs score power. Play six minutes right, everybody else by garbage time, but it's basically said man rotation he's just going to war with the seven guys. He knows he trusts seven dudes, it's the same philosophy. You would do in a game, seven and he is like you know why we need this one tonight and again on Friday at Cadiz, more subsidies, I'm taken this came down and I like what he did likes you. Complaints? Thirty nine minutes? Quite thirty, eight lowries, forty three, which is a lot for him and unhappy fell out plain forty three minutes. He had three tired, I'm eating get another fallow call them in the second year, but neither does really smart.
You look at the other side Kerr, basically He played nine men, rotation and he'd. Six of those guys. He just didn't know what he was gonna get it's rough. I mean that this reminds me it's a totally different indifferent circumstance better, reminds me a little the four Lakers where they just had deeds at their their language. Really solve a madman. Anko member that yeah like therefrom. Was suddenly the third that third best player Carmen was hurt. Paden was no show, I guess they had Rick Fox, who still There was a kind of the tail end of him being rather, but it just What they just had. A lot of guys features were shocked that out there in the fourth quarter, which I've thought about the worsening even again, because are missing three other, but this is what eighteen play games, maybe it Nineteen now they ve had their original starting, like group of your cannon cousins for one play off game. They ve had once I've heard. These Lakers conflict of the warriors thing was gonna end and your guilty of this body. Language expert,
There are all these bout enabled Adams. I can dig it is I'm looking at you know, I'm sorry the box girl Livingston only put seventy minutes a day by guy that you would have actually thought were guys. You would have wanted out there that he just couldn't play cousins. Mr Herman Levison with somebody that they made a pretty big fridge in committee was at last summer to some years ago right. He would use basically there Pga Tucker. The contract and in this game, where they made it am, I would say, as much as they ve probably were needed him during this run. They really can keep them on the court, because it's saying I don't totally blame him Kazanovitch I don't. But I don't know what else you are supposed to do. Man I mean they had a play. They had a feeling, but they still are in the draft minutes, you know what I'm gonna Myers overrated I'll see. That's another thing I left,
that document issues? I think I've heard this great no, but this needs to be brought up because I've heard a bunch of people bring this up as if it's really insightful and we like man, they ve done a terrible job. Look at the bench now look at it before. Ok, so they went on all the top minutes last year. Top minutes clay Katy, Dray staff piggy this year is chaotic clay staff tray cousins. Okay, so then, if you go egg, IE stops seven guy, both years toxic sky, they replace what Nick Young, which Radko Drugged, was terrible type. I still lever, Zaza peculiar with cousins Caspian played. Fourteen minutes again early using jovial Magee, these four nine minutes a game had a nice stretch, their applause you get out. David West, only fourteen minutes a game and now they have they both had cook. Jamie Jones is really cow. This this whole. Whole thing of like because Nick Young Javert Ellen David Wester gone, and now they have cousins to rub Co Alfonso Mckinney, it gets a fair
we're talking about guys, like eight nine and ten, in what about Livingston they're, taking with him he's still the same guy, but I'm just I keep here. People may let you weren't here last year for sixteen, I'm just wondering how good you think that the warriors are supposed to be with the money if it gives it the rat, curry clay, and dream, and it's as if, like Bob Mire, screwed up the bench. What if really break it down body for body for all the top twelve minutes, guys it's one of the most overblown, things like what people expect do. They think they really have like eyes. Eleven and twelve be overcome, contemplated and be a final game and put up and get you like fifteen points. I didn't say I bid habitability absolutely no semi usually take I mean I don't, a jump ahead. Your free agency thing, I got him he'll be available. I feel
A year ago, has been that argue that this is like a conversation about my way for a greater second. Can we go backwards? Apologize? My point is their teams that very good? Steph curry, good? Because three of their top six guys are going, I know I can't stand it. I can't add anything else to it. My point is it's a top heavy team that was built never for this to happen This is the worst case. There's like hey, you know, would suck whereby we base Seven guys, you know its second, we just last three of them in the fine down. Thou Beer DE data, be like that's what I'm saying it's on our agenda. That is your noble, many serious in its eye, Chernobyl, the nineteen things happen and say you know really sick. If this nuclear, reactor in the water came in and it just blew up that that serious known over Russia either happy about it there discrediting it. Do you imagine She came out with a nine eleven movie, yet I wouldn't go.
What are they going to? Tear me like, I love that I can live with these british access is down some people are saying and Russia that data we gloss over the fact that there may have been a U S by involved with making this happen. I don't feel safe, even God. I was without that actions being the way they are now. But my point is that it's not it's not a fair Chris estimates, even a real criticism like obeyed and prepare enough. What do you mean that in prepare enough like what were you supposed to do when you much money tied up in all those other guys, you're security, through an injury scenario that you have never expected to happen. It's gonna like a really good football team, in the local radio guy goes, I hate or backup, TVS legal? Would you think, second unpaid manning when he went there
They had a backup could be firm subject, as if pick many went down there, seasons over, which is my point with this where's thing they were built for these guys to be healthy and if they weren't healthy, I dont think they expected to win a title without three of their top seven, that's my point. There is no way to build this would like hey. You know we should have done. We should have also added three other awesome players that we're just gonna sign with us me. That's why they sign cousins, because it was something that was so absurdly cheap, but if they remembered Lopez, Ok, so that they should have had booklovers. Everybody should have Adblock Lopez, blog aggregator, that's a good blog post, Priscilla slams. Bob Meyer said he shouldn't gotten Lopez theirs. We're gonna happen, wait a second. We started talking about the rafters solvency bombers vigorously agonies like you, fucking mother, Fucker why'd, you take shot me wait! Listen
break, as I wonder whether utters a fear movie in Pakistan, like I am like so many people, the ringer check out the ringers new shuddery watch was nineteen ended at available only luminary, where we're dissenting some of our favorite movies from day to day nine, which was an all time great you're in film. It is a spin off series from the reactor. Will some Pakistan a lot of people like actually dead poets? coming up on that one and an unruly watch was ninety. Ninety nine office space has happened in this way Greco. Yet
same categories that we do on the reward was pod. We ve done american pie. We done we ve been cruel intentions. We did have always someone. We did want us to do what we did Austin powers last. They cost powers to its a really good series through attributes. This fund people like Illuminati us as great back ass, like Hannibal versus Handsome Rambler Trevor Noah's. Let's talk this out. They also have an awesome, app, that's free to download use it to listen to thousands of pack ass, including the ones you really love like this one, on hands by an easier interface of personalized content recommendations. Philip ass Chica Luminary gave first two months of access to luminaries premium content for free when you sign up at luminary. That links are some after that seven nine per month, luminary that links slash Simmons, two months of free access. Cancer. Meantime terms do apply okay, so the raptors are now read like the fifty million mark of this package. For it
but the team we did on. If what I have already done outer ship, we couldn't stop talk about the warriors built there, because I would say this is this: is the most improbable title time since the offer pistons? For me, I don't know if thou be for everybody but The fact that this collide trade work that the way did it now becomes one of the great basketball trades that we had this century. If they were in the title, I think any time somebody talks about hey, let's watches were to borrow its name, some great trades. If they the title. I think this would be like up there with the hard and trade in some of the other once again mentioned right, even if he leaves its an all time low I mean it's even if he leaves he can leave the summer after the title and it's one of like the twelve most important trades anybody's met because they won the title because of it in Is that any chance? Otherwise the GSM trade, which having people were pretty back and forth on whether that was good it in Canada
having about here in these be games and respecting game too, but he was good tonight. Not all these guys get to be awesome. Every game getting Dan. Green thrown into their collide trade, underrated, cause he's been shown up, they paid vain fleet, which is controversial. I think people were surprised by the number. I wasn't surprise conspiracy killed the South ex all the time. And then I cannot accept it. At a back and Lowery were sunk costs with the contracts sad and just being they while there repaired, but we might as well keep them verses what we could get for them all. These are really smart moves, But they are well constructed team. They also were fortunate and look. There, the rest of the east foremost most. Get there I never gave up on him against Milwaukee, and it was tough, do not give up on him because how bad it look we ve been over this stuff, but you, I cannot emphasise enough. The Milwaukee was new. Philly still is kind,
weird and Boston was a mess, so they didn't have that that one imposing eastern thing where they should have afraid legislation they should have been afraid of any of those dreams. Now in the army, We want, I think they were probably the most afraid, a fairly would be my guest because it was so hard for them. The score answer, but what about the HE or about the or five or six eighteen as being an unlikely champion of Toronto, ISAF. I would say no only because that was a really weird year for the league, where whoever the champion was. I think we would have thought it was weird right. I just have never I think, was always with them: they're, probably with the worst modern day, I agree that when back do you have to go back to Providence Seattle, seventy eighteen I think it was just a talent drive for the week. You go through the teams hour in the mixed there, but has a team, and I am putting on the spot here. So I don't know, remember: I'm unloaded the stuff. They win the title.
A great come back and also for the way that wages lifted the free throw line in o six. They got swept the next year for games against the bulls, while shack at all. I think they put on mild Anton Walker. They that team was kind bill to win in o fibre of sex. It had to whose a little like what that racket seemed just where we saw them short sea. I thought I'd hate to one side or a bunch of the players are yet Jason Just thirty minutes that year, their top three minutes, geyser Wade, Hazlitt Jason Williams, Eddie Jones- was a week here for the week, like the clippers. Could, amid the final say, are there really could have asked Guess I'm looking at an act in that year, I'm looking at these and Conference Sammy's. Two thousand for pistons beat the nets for games to three.
This is a beauty. This is first game of the series, the traits seventy eight New jersey. Fifty six, there was our final score. Are you kidding me? what ninety treatments is it. This is all for the treatment of. Firstly there The second gave ninety five. Eighty came three. Eighty two sixty four nets when they ninety four, seventy nine game? Five was the classic o T game one twenty six. When twenty were scowl, brainy had his great moment. So nets are up three to Detroit wins games. Eggs in New Jersey, eighty one, seventy five and they kill them and games seven. Ninety six tonight, then of winning the title but barely escaped and that serious improbably I thought they're gonna lose game six. I remember, I think I might even bed nets. I came in just being seventy eight fifty six yeah, but yet warriors can can be back and so, but my point is
my point is they got over, the hump were actually should have gone sideways for them and then that team really found itself the less. Whereas the Indiana Series, then in the Lakers in the files and now remember that oh four piston steam really fine, they especially out ended, and Toronto run- reminds me that, where it was like, you know, they lose play a game nor landowners. I got mad this fuckin raptors again, then they our land as well and us will fill, is gonna, be them get to Philly felt like We should have beat them. Some weird shit goes on and bead no shows couple games they blow a couple. Game still goes to game seven four shots. They barely escape, but now these last two rounds I feel like they really found themselves gone back to gain through the more guessers those forty
Now these last two rounds, I feel like they really found themselves gone back to gain through the market, shares those for games these three. This is a really good. Seven game stretch further yeah look, I not this is not. You haven't convinced me that they're good I am talking about the wretch right. It is the first time we ve seen it from this group the first time this group has been together and you know some of the stuff away. I don't really know what the answer is like think about cousin starting in game. Two of golden state loses game, two cousins, starting that everybody goes up. Car panicked. He did.
As he did that as well. You can change your. You are almost everything now you just want to try to four match up. He why I try to get us all off the floor. Jordan, Bellingham one it totally backfired now is gonna match the sole size of cousins in the first few four minutes cousins. It would like it to be disaster again and cousins had a really nice game too. So to say now that Toronto is found its groove and the Milwaukee Series is incredibly improve impressive, and you know I don't I don't like when people say they should be up three o in this series, because they they screwed up and get to one feels right to one. Feels right because you also that look if there's no clay tonight Angolan states down to, I don't know if they find a way to win this game because their more motivated when their when they're down this many guys but we're looking at a sweep it there. I think what you can say is that to one yeah feels right: Toronto good. But if clay played in
they're down to one one and the rather Brad that oh four piston series was they split the first two and then does it pistons red, that's different, like evertsen comparisons to Lakers Goldstein dispatcher like that that would lay front there. I dont think that the warriors hate each other got the way the lake now I was another talking just from people, think our game forgot It's gonna get it back and that's how people fell game for the Lakers pistons, which I think I wrote a calm after their game. It was shacks last like really great game there down to one there in Detroit The middle three games are in Detroit, so you don't want game five. In Detroit and clenching home, you got to throw all the eggs in the basket for game four, and I think Shaq put up like a thirty eight twenty stuff, like that he was just great. He was just like old School Awesome Shack one last time in Detroit still beat them
Friday night. Unless I mean clay, doesn't just have to come back here, come back and get between twenty two and twenty five. I think realistically as I do think. Toronto knows who they are now. They know at the match up, sir we're waxen again Threeg on. Why take up? of three like you can get any show you. Why are you Larry would screw their offensive? Is I just wait five Hence you're gonna get like a lay up five foot like woody doing I don't see how that chain is in game, for why is rosy variants? We'll have a second defender of clay comes back in place at the time? what have the legs sacking game for lose. I dont know how many more moves the where's have now been. Oh, I mean they. Dont have anybody, but whether it was a queen cor gonna make eight three. So it an hour you picking golden State or Toronto of Claes back and it's like feels like the right clay? I'd need a lot more info, but I told you I did try me sound. We all bet on Toronto. This
Toronto to in five, seventeen one adds seemed like must be. Nice seemed like a record Ok, I was his son. What a little butter cider thou were better. Like look, there's your back. I bet your honor plus the five and we both thought clay wasn't plan I eventually did just because at before the game- tried to in my head. Try to figure go and stay could get two hundred points and configure Iraq where they got to one or nine. I just couldn't. I could understand where the other sixty points or in a come from Israel. Can we get hotter and darker in this room. You're like the heat, we could open that door. It's right! Wait! I get asked about the quiet. Think as we were excited to talk about this. Will this valley. To desperation. We should be doing this but fuck a word for Toronto and they want the title, and they did this with. Quite so, I'm going to just make this reckless huh
trade and gave away giant asset, because that is how Toronto in the title is this. Be a new era of teams. Doing yes and did ok start that Aaron Paul George. They make a trade for Paul. George basically said he's going to the Lakers and then he doesn't and they kept him. I think if Kawhi were to stay- and there was a really interesting report- that it could be a short deal that co, I would stay. We had awesome real estate speculation from two different people that he bought a pleasant. Nothing makes me happier than reckless sports blog real estate speculation. Is my internet search sweet spot, my favorite whenever and I've told the story once before? Was that have this routine? Where I live by myself in Connecticut Constantly- and I had already been in the house for two straight nights like get out and get a plate of pasta, and I went this italian place in West Hartford and I sit down at the bar and I'm eating watching the game
love having the Mets on and was our effort to drive me nuts and are the owner comes always again hear the news I go depends on what kind of news we're talking about paint Manning just bought a house and was Harper. I got really like yup you gotta get. He has been here like West heart to go? Ok. Let's just say I dont know that paint Manning was hired by his biogas is definitely like. Whilst is looking at me right now. I don't have that kind of I I wouldn't. I would know that kind of stuff, and you didn't you didn't named Octavius Bemba right, I'm gonna be in the paper back. I think, is that our yet the third edition paperback may say couple paragraphs You shouldn't have we in the hebrew addition it's after butlers dive, he'd stroke of this gas
anything that can really is what have they came out with a third edition there, like with the reseller chapter, out of the game. Manning bought ass was offered man. Drill again is what you do and if you like, you just bought a how's right over there and dole down road, and, unlike I dont like I dont, have road but like I don't think he did, Velka's. Even if we gotta giggly spirit was doing the Monday night or we're Talkin wheels up we're talking, he doesn't have to live look he's not doing to Pm Eastern NFL Live wraps, he's not like paint, doesn't have to do those things He can call the shots and so to them, Buy a house and was Hartford doesn't make a ton a had. I too it out. At that moment, I would have been wrong now. What does it mean for July back to the original question? If quite days, then it will greatly impact. Anthony Davis market because think it's already impact it. Yet
These businesses are very light. Withered sports or other things, really there's an upturn touched by the Celtic snigger. They do in their say, there's room. I start I actually not itself answer in this are in this mode right now they could just kind of say, fuck and try to get Davis and hope that you know the east of quiet leaves the raptors devour the selling. I work that I wouldn't do because he's a clutched client in clutch. Is never gonna help out the Celtics. They just not and if I ange guy he's gone, and then I'm going to do this for Davis and by the way, like the angel with carry do you want. You want me to play that now. Yeah, I'm gonna try to find that go dear, ran on this, and I find the quit. The registering businesses are very, predictable that way to live with him and they have a weather person on their protein other had their football pre show. We need to do that. Ok, wait a minute somebody rap in both are Let's get our revenue both seeing any these things are wrong, but, like businesses do this all the time and I dont think
NBA, although a different model and different model for success in the transactions are far harder, pull off gauges. Do whatever you want I do think other owners and other for offices will develop, especially the the g who might be getting fired and a year, go to his owner and say hey no one thought Paul George going to stay. No one thought I was going to say: let's play, let's go to pack the other four, but look at the reasoning behind those two trades right: the pod George, seeing as you cite the rant laughed, whereas so afraid Westbrook my leave and by the way, although depots contracted. That point was to be a bad contract gas or they were like dating lasting yeah, a global tax on the worst thing that could happen. He leaves- and we just start over and over the collide, the same thing they had maxed out the team that would take a fly with cool. I we get after Rosans contracts get dating back to my dad, doesn't work out bloated next year, is that any end quote somebody asked about somebody asked them do regret
The cow at this is lacking when I screwed up thrown a sound on the radio show like Gonna play the cut, and I want to know what do you talking so I created a general. I understand by like it depends, is there's always risk making deals and some were not afraid risk. We made a risk by train for career and no matter what happens will carry will never regret that this move on to the next year. That's like Ryan, you, your girlfriend that you met when you're on those elements, organ or rainy midday. And the Bahamas and are your friends said? the data any dead and you went nine months, and now you went home today in all her stuff was gone and the Danube as it ass. For me, I do regret dating her. Well, you know, there's risk every time there is basically past tense with that. I thought I either carry was gone anyway.
But at any rate like his, they ve moved out. There are already like. You know: it's easing the river. I talked to one guy who was the same guy that told me, Durant was gone. The warriors in January of this year and we all have a couple guys that, like we really trust within it, even Psmith these now it what Stephen a dozen. Careful now here. I know how to hone how Nano it wasn't. Stephen eight as sync about can I involve Rhine in the story? And, yes, probably, a D ferris, that's fair, fair! Now we we have our sources right so The same guy said: don't fall for it with this Cairo stuff, don't fall for it all year. Long years he's not coming back he's not coming back he's not coming back he's not coming back and when everybody thought it was coming back. The same guy was like he's not he's like I'm telling you right now he's not so I'd inquiry in just looking at is Israel posts that would make three eleven jealous that
Kyrie just knew. Let me just play it this way and either he convinced Boston. He was coming back or Boston's game plan as a front office was that everybody they talked to just positive, positive, positive Kyrie's. Coming back, I was coming back at the certainty. It's a lock, it's a whole thing. I don't think I've ever had any intention of sticking. I think it goes back to lash in place not shown up. I think it's you mean waited in sharp for game. Seven. Zoos are no uncle, drew publicity it her. Now. I think all this stuff is connected in later the thing whether Boston, newer and played a certain way or Kai played them. That's fine, because what they gave up ass it wise It was a great risk as you Andrade good Luck in Brooklyn. Good luck! The nets fence clash. I'm really get it. I'm actually really get enjoy where he next and our unfolds over those copious cause. We just watched it and for me it's like segments defined, Marbury exaggerated to necks and which had been
five that the sensor like hey any interest, the far Marbury they bedspread flag, number one read finance, two huge contract red flag. Number three unclear, if could be, the guy goes the next The next friends are excited within a year, their miserable by were enough to credential thirty people, a game for him like who's. This guy. I just think I just think we saw with Korea and there's nothing. You can say about the situation that defends. How pointed out he was innocent. He wire beyond the best team, He wanted a team that had a bunch of assets. You want to be the guy, he wants to be the leader he wanted to be on the cover the programme, all that stuff. We had they waited Mirage out anymore. You re the team worse, the team was worse, and he was all over the map and then we get to the playoffs any sacked aided. Then why'd. You gave a shit look available. We watch today was stiff curry, like that
on the floor in this game, is down fourteen game? Three with two minutes left is flying around carried, didn't, give a shit and- You don't want to watch him almighty anymore. I am it turned the shadow how many years I have never had the time to deal with career banknotes. About the team. Doing worse I mean yes, they can get the game. Seventies. Commerce, it's but is unfair. To compare the east this year was with EAST was Lasher is much better. But that's outcome defend inquiry. I'm not. I can't wait for all the blogs in Boston. They were treated me all people, the car, the team that were captain, carry, and now you don't get it you don't get it you get every one of you, gotta get only get we get it better than they do in every one of those fucking geyser gonna turn on Tiree in a most agile way ever I can't wait to read the Anti Cairo Boston content from. The people that didn't want to write in cap pretending because look he's on your favorite team. You think it's gonna work. He keep lying yourself about it and the big bad national guy who doesn't by into it I gotta be.
I'd about it and have been right about all your. I never put that team in that group does other teams. But if I ask you this, if you're the net city be, can we one thing and that before you're you're, just one little piece in Arabic, the value of a legacy of the local media, causing a lot of shit between our fans, failed our prayers and sometimes that not being genuine and them starting. She just to start shit and get people to talk but have stuff talk about. I'm Dr Time show or local news eat up some front page in the paper. Whatever is just a forty or hit of it? So in this case it was actually justified, because we go back to the TED William stuff. That liar really it's it's a I go back and I read the TED Williams Duffer Babe Ruth stuff than I've read both Monfils books on it. It's mine blowing how similar the coverage is like he's dead Williams, a winner. Is he really clutches? He really a team guy can build your team random. It's you think it's hell you're reading stuff going when I met you guys did this in the future.
These were about. May we did in ten years ago manner. Mayors- and and he became the most polarizing outweighed the city had four five six years there. I just think he was like plead before we in this case up just better in this case. Forget the baggage go by the results and go by the fact that the guiding really She was on the team or not, and he was up and down opinion the weak and when he leaves probably forty eight hours pass out there be some Massa leech whereby actually here that twenty five things that we were unable to read until he left that's gonna happen. Oh it's gonna be on. I mean big time in other words, get at whatever cost like member. When the brand of cleavings abetted Jackie MAC he's pretty wired, yeah she's wired in. I could see them up. It's gonna be so we orientated things, but to go to Brooklyn and they're gonna go twelve and to start the air and Isabel Curie was Boston far and the same things can happen.
You are who you are you? I here's what I do want to ask you, though, because sometimes I force myself to be like ok, women are not. My quick, like a media answer would be, We got ok, well how much better carry the angel rests. On the first thing you like, oh my god, what is was stupid question and then you like that sinking a little bit and you go first of all those two in the same back or would I shouldn't be a terrible fit com? It's out! That's awful! off. Why would you do that? Now that mean that, right here, I rustles how nobody, maybe Quinn, Cook, see. I waited for employment. We don't saying like, but I get it from Brooklyn standpoint. They ve never had a relay star. That's the cheese somebody that super internet friendly he's an amazing part, a watch. I would totally defend the day and night Kyrie viewing expanse his incredible I've. Never What are the game? My life he's series Garland. While so there is Garland really takes off it. Just like you know, it's gonna end
I don't think somebody becomes. I don't know somebody you figure out how to connect with teammates as a superstar as they hid their late twenties. At this point? You need kindness, you gotta know what you are as Basque. Papa has been the week since, when two thousand and eleven that whole decade alone, what's gonna be different, and what's he gonna mature into like we saw some they receive. While so I think was pretty far attire player in Portland. Now, when he went to deteriorate and was able to kind of fitting, the framework. At that time it was like a beloved teammate and a great guy. In, unlike that somebody who Machado a bit later, the difference with Kyrie, he wants to also be guy near the guy. You have to look out for your teammates and can I give a shit about the framework of a team and you can't like fro people on the bus impressive. France's and be super moody one day and happy the other day and just be all over the map.
In a word I think about Irene ago, like visitors, every day where he wakes up go, and you know what I need it, I need to fix them things for me to really be the guy that I want to be entirely. I think he does the kind of enlightened like people don't get it below, get it there. Never once, and I talk to somebody else, I get it. I was pretty good like put pretty good. That's pretty good gas interesting, utterly I'd. Watch it again. You don't get it get it you clearly later, we didn't ya, think I got it I think I raised the guy that, like near you, don't get it, you don't get it and you I think I get it. I watched it all season I actually think his destiny. He should just somebody had a reader suggest this with Kawhi. This is from Jason in Athens, Greece, how about that one of our one of our best breed breeders he said what have caused quite winds boats for another team on a one year deal.
Some over the hump- and this is just what his career is now he's emerge various who one year deals from ten the team. I am ready for coal to become the ambitious quivered of John Wick Emotionless ICE cold, strictly business MBA rings no jurors requirements, though farewell tourists I kind of like that, but that actually makes more sense for cool fur tiree with me, which is to work. Your contracts, I hears my next image honeymoon period right, member, that animal appeared the salts and one sixteen straight out, like I fuckin love, this guy can't believe Cuban traded on this is crazy. I've never had or phone watches. Something brought out be really difficult. Oh my god. What were they think India, and just And then leaves- and it's perfect- it's like he dates of teams, fan base for nine months and then is a expand, and then he leaves in the issues are founded me It's gonna go a couple. Good drips, yeah go it's gonna, be fine.
To pay for those our tropical, not clinging money like there's this. Actually, some cool access to shit, the United we get with regular guys Chris long, but like don't yeah, maybe Chris lost up. I would like one of the part of my take as on the phone for like three minute Ellie faced time with one of them and it's gonna be fine. The right near the beach, have a nice car get out, My friends on my later near him, but I may be a little difficult and unrealistic arise right ass long ass. I got my writing a lot of stuff. What I'm doing this, because I don't want anyone to tell me that I can't do it. I forget There is one there was one thing, though, that you set it up. All the recent email doesn't make any sense. Both those guys have choirs of fake injury. History carry is a reality he really was read about. Quite I was at eying. Instead of quite cookery should be the guy,
just as run your contract, but he has really unaware as wrong coming here to you, may as well just enjoy the your work, but anybody that signs him. I totally like is much that we just spend time talk about how much fun it is in its fine, like its Jeff Green Times, a hundred every new fan base. It try to tell me what you don't. Ok, fine, gotta, avant browser IRA, I would actually probably look smell, May GM maize leg I rather Russell younger. I think he has a higher ceiling Guy Ready, link, Irene of higher ceiling just to get better inquiry is what he is right. I don't have cut of Cairo Can it be better than we see seen the last two years right, Russell Meda to be better? I don't know where he ends up as a player. This is a three or four Russell, but you have more bad years. The Cairo steadily been better but I really gonna be statistically better than he was this year, the point is not aware of any thing about the whole thing is when you look at the numbers in you go with him and he just had that year and you go bombed out about a man. That's what it that's. What will the bridge
van that has an orderly and though, and media that hasn't watched him is much will go well, my guys guys numbers but he's a star like they ve, never had a star say you put him in, and it's like. This is fucking cool. Rearing seventeen. The nets are real he'll, come not who averaged thirty game in November, but not like this is the best disguise awesome. He's weird has word press conferences in Brooklyn perfectly Corky get a year. The big feature about our yeah he's here's a place of limbs, but he might move to DUMBO. He like double a bit more. Do that whole thing anyway. They have a great year with them, but Like an eerie warranted suits, I think I can start about our anymore about nine one. More thing freed breakaway now I'm not your listen. My dream scenario is he: is he actually reunites with a broad, that's not impossible. I would just a please if that would be mine on Boston wish for the summer is like please. I hope he goes to Lakers. I would. I would just enjoy that so much
in the brain. Together again, it would be like when Richard Burton get remarried to Lisbon. They'll. Remember that no ok, a child come over the better. You'll be like an angel Lena got back together, Brad Pitt the dragon, have, I got back together, Jlo mean imagine you're dating somebody who brought cats on all the time, and then you can. Get up another level, chickens, people now. Let's writhings browsing will migrate. What's your name was dogma? Genes where genes alot, especially at this winter, no way when we ragged, whether find the perfect pairs- tough, that's where Rev tat comes in. Former under I'm a guy started Rev town by taking everything we thought we
you about athletic pair on applying it to genes the result, the most comfortable, genial everywhere, Rev TAT, created a proprietary fabric that combines a time mill, Denham Little bit a stretch and a strong, durable threads cite the stuff used in football uniforms and work here. That's pretty comfortable Kyle their mail in us, some right, Otho CAT. I hope to have some four Kyle their genes as tough as work pants is comfortable, swept pants, establishes designer genes they deal directly with their customers so that their their premium genes and where the half the press of other designer brand, see for yourself at Rev town. U S, aid outcome, sire, Simmons and with Dad's there on the corner red
offering something special fur listeners head over to read town USA, Dotcom, sire Simmons to pick up a pair of genes and polo for just a hundred hours would deal they even offer free domestic shipping and returns. You really have nothing to lose that is Rev TAN, USA, dot com. Slash since I last thing I want to do is have cut couple small things: what if they had a retro flapping wild? You like this half baked idea. Retro flapping their wives commodity for five minutes can, whilst we may do have a pike estimate we're, so you don't don't so now don't go in your phone. So there's a retro flapping committee
and somebody like when somebody hits a three and kicks her legs out and goes flying. There's a committee that looks at that the next day and then they determine its flat. It's a flop, it's a flat point and it gets to like sixteen flat points or suspended for a game. So basically, there is a risk now free to be a jack ass and try to draw a flash of fallen and lay in like of european Soccer way biscuit. Does the riff have to call it or you It is to adjudicate the next day the flap income ways in black. We read the tape. There were three flaps, they ve been there. J. My green has two flashpoints in Calabria. Has one flop point this mba officials making it make the cause? Is the agency lockets I like when they go to Secaucus fitted up? Among I don't see. Any downside of this is the main reseller. I love it. I have so the you should be banned.
And from the league for a month. If you get too, like fifteen flashpoints mega really count, I mean they did do this with flopping, where they find guys at the back I think I just feel more bad for wild, so he decided to sit in this sauna and watch upon cast and not talk like you, ve known away. He still wants to be now. I know why you have to listen to it so saving time No, I know wild and I know what he's doing the whole time he's sitting there, trying to figure out what the what the digital tv angle is of us sitting in a couch and just sweating. My balls off to talk about basketball at ten at night better because all you'd needed better lighting are you. There was a title b like sauna time right that we were just doubt aside. I wish I was feeling just go and was reseller want and we didn't know it one like this, you know what I think you I think you the two he was always a too. We want to be a one. I was like
at wilds down whilst is like one of the only people creatively like I could vibe with, and then we had a stretches the car. Let's do it lists are taken stuff and I start telling my days and then I believe, It is his radio show those every day in it's really hard for me to break away, and then I think we agree to do something. It was right around the draft and I was like I blew off and then I let wilds down and it's never been the same year true, no is at your law. Natur know is why I'm here. My being evaluated right now he's like not combine this here's your mistake with the radio show gloomy rubber band. Now I think Tuesdays and Thursdays. You should just end where France S Dead, does thou in just be like all day. You not planning any thing for the shell use taking cos. Some people do the job. That way that I can. I can never do it. So you're. Basically, you just show up what attended the show start. One eastern federalism,
the one who started. I don't remember that he was lovely time just kid. I see chauffeur at twelve, fifty seven, some people do job that way that I couldn't. I can never do it. That is my point. Tuesday, Thursday, less prepped right of fifty seven calls took in Europe. I for one there's a couple managers that actually would have loved to have. I done that, but I just always would save like how many you ve been in the car, where you go David Tampa what a great fucking point. Is it less than one percent of the time Highland does wilds wanted the might back now forget now now I like it, I next Social media interaction chasing okay. So I've been thinking about the jerky. Just wait a tweet, this yeah because
What's happened? Is it snow guys are trying to get impressions and they're doing this thing? Where they're asking Questions- and it's like comment below, if you could have any superpower and then like, if a couple people pick up on it, then it just blows up in the guys are gone, my god, you know my bio where's, here's, my alkaline. What's your favorite shoot crime podcasting many yet like engine. Thirty replies, I won't like those replies further wanna be like comment below with in the industry as they now you actually are looking for a job and now everybody's look into this thing. They, like all my brothers and blew up so I not to find a way to write, one where it was like hey what cost. Guy as Twitter, where I don't care about the answer, but just hope to create the interactions It is both a hand. The questions it with the interactions yet apparent tomorrow, so people here the pack has through it it's a joke. Yes, because, like somebody, from wrappers in the morning, they get thirty thousand retreats like no other day blessed Pham smoke up who the fuck retweet, that
Google is right there, everything even pay their job is one hundred percent reiterated that everything has been deleted. Emma dj care really is good this wording and it's all the same stuff all the same stuff, not just go like, maybe wrapper is way easier on twitter, then then Other people, like you, have a little draft now get over. Next, I lay a rather is easier on twitter, so The new one is is what advice Would you give yourself for like what kind of my eyes a guy like what is a pledge Tribune month, yeah so that I don't know. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow they will do tomorrow. People will get the joke, because the will thing is you don't care about the answers only hoping to get thousands of interactions. You know you don't care about what anybody else to say rather trying to get your profile out. There's much bus began so that everyone
doing it at its edge- is something I've noticed. What would you tell two thousand to you to keep yourself encouraged two thousand to was the worst year. My life. Was it really gas? It I mean it's like no question The one seed- and I don't even know who else but right now, you there There, the worst of easily. It's? Not I I can't even put another year in the running. Two thousand do so bad railing. Tell us more. I was working wily baseball. I was making any money, they told me I was gonna. Be, Like thirty reanimate twelve, my girlfriend dont me proposed your address elementary school in front of kids. Looking through the window, she said no, so then I had to go back to work. Then they read
me off the air. They said I sought to calm the games and I was like yeah. I told you I sucked, because I didn't make any sense. You put me on the fuckin here, the first place and there, like you, have a look. He's going to take it off the earth and slowly train. You bring you back again, every to put me back on the economic and twelve Grand Lebanon, Fuckin Tretton matter here. So I left. And then I went home and worked for my father's construction company for basically to for my room and board because I don't have any money and then the girl for started dating one of my bodies and I was banned from all the weddings because everybody thought I was gonna beat deeds up. So I had o Toole Raw yeah. Thanks takes explosions in the sky for this action. Oh too tough. Here I dropped it like one. Seventy eight, twenty one, seventy I got ray, I got really. They also couldn't afford food, and then my cable shut off raised to putting Vhs tapes to watch like the
singer while you two sub, because I didn't have tv as this could be the pot every every time there are two was rough. We should do. We should. We should spend this off into a pack has called north. You know I was in your first year because I know it was you I swear, I get it thing: is you look back on? You go your twenty six. You were living on Martha's vineyard in the summer and yet you're working construction and you the loser in your bummed out about the girl thing, but, like you are yours, seconds away from vineyard nightlife and you just mailed it in I get even It is shocked right, like I, just sat and played maddening bet on games and then I was still live in there in the fallen. Wasn't there wasn't will arise. That was awesome bright. There is one other point like never been: Stiller meet the parents, the first one. We have the kids holding up the will. You marry me sign in its about to go down and is gonna work, but then she says on my sister get engaged. Mine was the opposite. That goes, I kids are holding up
the said she's, gonna, say now, and she's already dating one of your friends, makes me stronger, though iron sharpens iron couple couple mailbag questions for you Chris from Chicago, wants to know. If we ve thought of the new space, Jane Movie, Outlaw Brands trouble finding MBA poised to be in it. Have they thought about you, see gee I to do multiple, the bronze instead of Leubronn, another teammates? And then eventually, Leubronn some has the power to create five of himself on the court together for the fourth quarter, with the Looney tunes chamber for the bench Annie adds. I would love to see what five the bronze would do on the court together, especially if he ruined directed the basketball since himself Kinderman, interesting, space jam sub part there is the heart of the Brons is having a hard time getting a Lakers, teammate or a space to empty. May. I think outside aid or is it an air the bees I'm so glad we
Did the song without talk about the Lakers I gotta worry, is I only would have looked at our and been like been leg disorders, great eyes, but can you do the Lakers tat? Why are you doing any raptors? What do you think magics end game? Was there would or we haven't talked since he went on with the Steven a Wilbon show after the Baxter Homestead came out and in pay credit to the reporting, but then said, none of it is true that didn't feel like they were paying a ton of credit to the reporting. When I watch that shark is I've always feel I give. The reporting was good in this story should be true. I don't know what you want. I. What do you want me to ask you here, as I feel that you want to go a certain like watch? I thought it weird that european, that story and then also discredited on their television network. Adders were fed written this. If I'd
the story and then that had happened, I would have been upset yeah. I think. That is absurd if I'm not getting embedded to the media basketball game yesterday, but look at it Heaven of money out of the shower cabin early. So I have our backs your home. There would have been upset straight up, but I do think that some of the magic stuff has been unfair for magic in that, like again, what did you guys think here? going to do as position when he owns part of the dodgers. When he's got all these other, things going on. He was not going to be there items grinding now, look if you're, not the grinder and then you're showing when you're getting upset it employs, there's going to be backlash, especially when the team is losing and especially when their underperforming, but me we all know what he was brought into do closed. The big deals be the face, be the rock star and so
fair to call him leezie. When I don't think anybody expected the job description for him to be what it would be for another team present so you'll, maybe that's his farming. That's chinese fault me this whole thing, but I just a little uncomfortable watching it. There was There's some tough clubs from when he took the job or they're asking if he had the time to commit to a hundred your beset, and he is a hundred and fifty percent Amal it. So he brought some of that give it. What's he gonna say: hey. Actually there looking like for twelve hours a week me- and you know I'm just here- name on the right hotels TAT was like in the games that I mark. I suppose I got a chance to talk to data greens, father and he's so proud of his. And he has come a long way never giving up- and I was like imagine if the music I talked to his dad- and he is like danny- is a bit of a shit head.
Has not helped out enough at home and actually had to go on said he to get these tickets. He said to send a message to Danny because he doesn't return his text Owen from Brooklyn, wants to know what player players will never have a better season than the one they just head, in other words who peaks in two thousand eighteen nineteen thousand, I can't imagine I'm already Damian Lillard, I don't think Damian Lillard and Harden were the two I had had my head. You know, I can't see them getting better, is Steph Curry, playing more complete season. We've also seen him have a better season in there, so that doesn't count Ah yes, the Red headed insane season, the nobody just got lost in the newness in the absurdity of other evil seasons. Actually Guiana can have a better season. I think the rank of a better life
If you went to the next, and this change is thirty: three in nine ever gamer somethin playin, like stretch five centre navigate by she did, I will bid Lakers tidbits, oh yeah, that we didn't. We don't get too. We were too busy renationalize magic stuff, but I would not put. I would not have felt sad weird. And talked about it. Now. I would not What a nail in the Anthony Davis, two layers coffin minute, there's some stuff like if the Celtics her out on this thing without Look at it looks like there. I think they should be out so they're out, let's say
Would the next do three Knox, all these different pieces for Davis, maybe but that's contingent on what they thinks happening with the rat, what they things happening with Tiree. So, let's say maybe the next hour is involved. I think their necks and the nets are still have to be mentioned, that I'm not I'm not saying they're out, but I'm just trying to look at the landscape of this whole thing, where if the Lakers are given you for saying, take two of these players. I heard a rumour about lawns or potentially being moved for another pick. So say now: you're gonna know Orleans go and you can have a fleeting near Alonzo for the six pack, something that would Phoenix. I've heard that I've heard the seventh pick with the bulls so say they are able. Rob four and six four. Would you do that if you were Phoenix, would ye trade? The six four lines oak is, I think I would, I think, he's better anybody, I could go with the six pack. This draft really scares me after four. I so really like Lancer having lunch
now now, like whatever his stock prices, you're goin. This is ridiculous, like it needs to be higher. Even if you don't like him, doc price. Would that said, I was driving to work as China puts a coward news. Interviewing Laval, he can't wait, back in again, the virus is basically like. Nobody told me to be quiet, has caught cards like did The magic tell you that the treaty is a noble told. Nobody would ever told me to do that. We could also adopt any. My goal has been what it always was to have three let's play in the NBA we raised our about the Lakers should have found a way to get his kid a spot in the Rose Summer league roster, there's other stuff Lamar's. Where he loses may, but was it come on dude what he had? but at a great moment cowards, like bodies with them, it seems like It plays a really good way like hearing him in the mix. Yeah come on it's in order. They hate him. But though he later was like. I mean that People realize cowards a one. He was I council, that his egg, you tellin us stuff. Last year, New Right said: you told us about the one
I thought I did that, then you don't love affair, whose everything you said you told us about decisions, never trade from the sky. Two things are always eat by you told us that there was trouble with the in the front office with Rob, Polenka right in the end, the boy s sword gather worded he had with us, That's why I said it like you who is actually taking credit for it. And care annuities. Doing he just completely manipulated italian with is no one in the business, and I I it's The level that out of them- but if you will pick up on us were coward, can ask a question and get the person to answer in a way that backs whatever Cowherd angle is on a store. Yet it was great, so he seemed it seems like he was ready to start spread his wings. That might be another reason to China to Sri Lanka is a virus. I ask you like, as I was really busy issue in our Facebook show.
But you're gonna, be here and more me now Lakers big of a daily. I talk to somebody. Who's now cares with the Lakers, and I went. Hazel little overblown like. Is it not that bad when they're like now? It's it's that bad, like it sucks, it's a bummer, it's a bummer to have to deal with this all the time and didn't talk as much as I know his excuse is. I was overseas. I was with those kids. He didn't. He didn't talk as much and I don't think there's ever be a coach where Lavar was. You can sit there and say he was right about Luke Walton in twenty other guys been head coach of that team that he was going to sit and stay was stupid and didn't know how to use a sun the right way. That would be my Iron atom is like an honest. Go with the ten is, like a nine point, eight about the slayers thing. What a disastrous it's like he's, just really upset, and it's a huge focus, firmer, Levine, Adam now. I know we all over our hope. That makes way more science. Does that Levine Guy just quit that America's get tired
They change the rules item either he had through it here today. Walk away for your principles, you think you'll ever walk away from thirty million over to know was still it was twenty six a year, Those networks shows are unduly answer. They thing. I learned, though, I'm not network tv, your two weights Linda for the six to Phoenix and then they take four and six any longer. I know islands, they trump every. That's what I'm saying Oh you know whatever the Benson rumor is whatever the animosity about the Lakers, analyse dealings and I'd heard stuff, or it's like rifts, no Griff hasn't said it to me. I don't talk to him that way. Beer in by the way, even if I were really tight with Chris, because now he's doing here, so I just want to tell you exactly what I will and won't do I mean they don't do that stuff as much as you can try to talk to guys and get to learn about what's going on, but I want to make that point tonight because I had to.
As things are for things that define as up a little bit more like you walk round, you corner come on. It's not like guys like pull you aside. Deep throat go hears. What the Knicks are gonna do nears. It doesn't really happen that way, but after that you start making the wrong it's when you're, when you're in the vicinity. I'm just a lot of people who know pieces of things are full things with. The finals is the greatest example of this. So he taught you walk around the court in the finals, the two hours for the finals and you just going to hear stuff and like last year at the finals, it was like yeah, but what are we talking about? But the finals before that's when it started the first time? That's when KFC and I did the part about it- cuz. It was like kind of floating around that he was like he's out after this year. No matter what happens
I think the next are still above and though not re, open your eyes of unknown alone. Have you seen like this Lakers thing we need? I haven't exponent, we did. He has made Lakers thing dead is my only boy, so let's say the next get Katy Kimber and then trade, everything as for David States, their intent now found clutch. I have I've ties to Lebron James. I still want what's best for him and I want the Lakers together brand James, such as I did stuff in February, don't wanna, send Davis to the necks or would I can appear in a little bit. I think a good example of this is Paul. Georgia's agent really did not like the later this year. Then maybe you ve heard this too many times. I feel comfortable putting it or not reporting, and I'm just passing longboat. Both of us have heard from nine different people
He really really affected partridges decision just not to pursue the Lakers at all. Now whether he was gonna go though Casey anyway, but it got to where he them and entertain a meeting with the Lakers another. The agent was a big part of it. Could clutch have that kind of influence over Davis and the next? If the next had the most offer New Orleans, it's finished in question With some of the other shit we ve seen clutched, do it SAM, it's, they were dead, we never say when say it off the record. You know off there, to be like hey. We want what's best for Anthony Davis and you go yeah, but you know it's going to suck is if nobody goes and plays of Lebron James, so I mean They can say whatever they want company line wise, but they can't be kidding themselves that won. The mints. Thing was very real. We talked about it, a bunch chives going back to like when Polenka those guys we're college yet and I've I've heard it. Too many times out and I've met, it's I don't know, I don't talk to him. I like em. It also explains the Julius.
No parallel faint energy Angelo Russell thing and then, when Polenka, like the Heath, ledger, dark night thing Rico. Maybe that would be willing to work with a guy like that. They would have. I started on the progress we like that reminds me of a time in Malaysia and then, if, like. Resumed. I went to my resuming hang over three like that. Malaysia guy? Is you don't tip I was there in the play a career and I've brought with me everywhere I go. Would would that be? for the next to be scared off. I dont much as much power as these agents can have a manipulate things move pieces around. If the deal like look, look kind want to go to Boston, and I won't talk about career again, but he had for teams. Boston wasn't one of em here when you go to Denver right there,
was the one that was an early and I think, he's squashed. I one. I think he ok the bus thing. I think the thing with awe the thing with the brownie keep coming back. So his son is going to see our canning extra centre. Now has two million history of Annie's by doing away with an at his basketball powerhouse. Sincere came in. I do physical bronze at the stage of his life. Which merits a lot about the stage Amin where it's like the number one thing I want to do is just watch my kid play sports I just get enjoy that the most. I wonder what kind of focus d the focus said he needed to be the second best poorer time and all the she did this decade as your kids get older and you want to be a part of their life and his sons. Gonna be this. Really good basketball player, it seems like if there's no road map for the Lakers to be really good is leubronn. Ok, with it
feel like you know what was so we'll go. We'll go four thousand eight hundred and thirty four. Fifty thirty, two I'll break every record in the book. I've won a couple titles. I was in eight straight finals. I'll do my best, but I don't feel like this is like life or death. We have to get somebody I'll have a great life. This would be great I'll, take it seriously, and to go all my kids games. Do you think there's like tube? Is that could that be two percent? True to seems like you just want me to say: yes, to. I have to like two percent, probably, but I feel like the basketball world is, like collectively hung them up here for Lebron a little bit earlier. He wants it. I don't think he moved out here to get his ass kicked every year I just don't think you got exact kick this year. I think if you hadn't gotten hurt that was probably like a force cedar five seed right. There were made the play off suddenly. For some saying like he, he won the tyrant Cleveland he's. One three rings he's the second best wherever I think he has four five every piece,
he's gonna break every record. We have looked at what point? Are you just like this? the great life for me to make thirty five Modi, our team will be good, will be a play off contender, but it's not gonna leg room Life, if we don't get it through Davis, I just that may have to go to eight straight finals, and maybe this is me the non parent here, but a family James, like I think, it's a little different than you gonna watch your kids versus Leubronn, being like I'm still trying to win here with the Lakers They found. Nothing. I'm not saying he's not going to try less give a shit whatever I'm asking about like that, urgency to contend for titles like at some point, AEGIS bag this has been a great lifelike, Malone and Stockton more like this right, where both then neither them want to title and getting petered out.
Malone actually jumped at the chance to go to the Lakers and try to win a title, and John Stockton was like I'm good. I have a great life, I'm not going to change the title I'm fine with. Where am, I would retire here, like my life, if LE branded that I wouldn't hold that against them I'm not saying you're wrong, increasingly eighteenth NBC reveals early. Now I don't recall. Eighteen year I looked up the coolby thing and on every day the feeling- and I got a lot of pushback on this. I still think I'm right, but in that third to last season, when he got hurt, play six games, he came back. He played his ass off They want twenty one games and then seventeen games in his last who sees the matter, and I thought you could notice you could noticeably see a thing with him where it was almost like is when we accelerate movie where he could just go. I don't have any pressure on me anymore. Like were not good. We get our asses get all the time,
I'm an fraud, a modem, intaglio stuff like I can. Actually I can. I dont have pressure on me any more. He said. No, we don't have any chance. I think there's almost this acceptance with him. Where became a little easier for him to process. That sounds like what you're saying about will abroad. So we have the example com. I'm telling you you might be right, but I'm hearing it so much. That's kind of counter to everything the clutch wants to do here. The they're, putting on a massive facade collectively that whole group, if they act, they really are. Maybe don't we Maybe you don't realize that you're at Pisa, your content until his actually over but I'm just not ready to write him off and then say, like he's, Coolidge glamour, re read him I'll, be there. I was angry one games, I'm saying if they can't get anybody this summer. If the guide never won a title, this is a disaster narrowed say: oh, my god. This is my last chance clocks, taken. I gotta get a ring, so just lorries not getting a ring he's not getting
in light of that money on it. You said I wonder: if he's hey, if is it? There's a chance plays out where he just heads that kind of Kobe stage with a better team, but it's like our it is mainly young guys. I'm a Laker family man, I'm a dead end this would be the rest of my career Last year, I'm coming out. That a different I'm just at a different phase of my life. I gotta watch. Wasn't making space jam, because all anybody does is bring up. Space jam is a some reason he's supposed to be happy. Losing basketball games. Wow, nephew Kyle agree with that one. What do you mean it just we keep. We keep doing this thing where it's like always has space jam. He's good he's got he's got Springhill, entertainment, okay, cool just making a bunch of tv shows like so that means Like I get it, you get older life shark on Haiti, stuffed legume, you might be right, but
think less of em. If this was just the rest of his career, I think it be weird, I think, be wherefore. Gotta go straight. A trait finals have this kind of collectively disastrous seas, and not so much for him because I still think is incredibly impressive. What he did numbers wise, but to be her when they Can it be a player theme team for him to go into next year, be like in autumn good? I'm good, ok, I don't think I've whether our legs accepted this, yet another is accepts offers and that they can get anybody again yeah. Your logic, if you re Woody ass for a trade, my clocks taken it didn't work out here. We had there's no path. First, then, for a title, can you move me. That wouldn't shock me, because I think he regrets this well. If that's true, then you're right, then that's where this is headed. If they can't get him by the summer I'm wondering. If he's and of ok, they're way. If they get somebody great, let's contempt for titles it they don't.
I move tell I. This is a lifestyle move as much as it was a basque bomb of heads. A bad breaks will win, when fifty games, I have a couple more moments in the playoffs under break every record and I'm dead. Now, as a writer I understand being here, you have to be here, you ve gotta, go to those laws, is tat. We ve gotta go so her house threat and think you're gone there and then you're gettin pitched for something that they want from you and it just the way the machine works, liberality, item or added like us. I can t more bill after, but blob ragged still get these things down if he was playing for container the different place. Production companies, rolling, he'd, get on a conference, call Can film this stuff in the offices in the same way going to do it now he the living here so just because he's in all these different entertainment things. I dont think a new tv show makes him ok with the first time tasting failure, which is too like this is an incredible amount of failure for him, based on the standard that he sat and
I dont, since that is cool there and yeah. I I do think, there's a There is therefore whether the wise- and he said something. Does he I want to say anything: he doesn't. It doesn't Yes, the other thing he realizes, no matter what I do whatever I say I get crushed by some pocket of the country in a body should be cares about it. So his move in the last couple years is that he's real reserved and if he says anything, it's very calculated and trying to figure some angle out But for you to go, is there a chapter in this Leubronn book of the Lakers were, gets really tumultuous if it doesn't work out their gain, their asses kicked and he doesn't want to go into the sunset in a loser with all these like when he put out his fur trade of honorary. Would you be shocked if that actually happen with the whale abroad, his dictated his career? I'm not gonna. Be She would be more shocked if he demanded a trade, then I would be a few issues. Psych does the rest of my career decisions was can happen. I do know you want to play with son yeah, but I don't know you know where that would be. I think, on imports.
Well, I think it's really hard to put together a contender need a lot of luck. They have some good assets, they have the possibility to trade Fer a piece, If I was a Laker fan, I'd be nervous that I was going to get the team of every asset I had to just get Davis and it was just to be Lebron and Anthony Davis. But then I don't The organization run a team to fill in the other spots, as we saw nay need seven guys. I do not think you get that. I don't know I if I were them out, ago all invert Davis viewing get em. If you can't get em, I dont know what freedom As at their, there really changes my destiny. I would almost rather do nothing and keep the cap space and try to make a move February, and I can't believe you talk about the Lakers. Can we just did Jim Cornick yeah Jim Corner the wooden? This is for whilst really screwed up this time.
I m sorry, you guys man in the shoes ignored he's loafers. Yet back in the day, why can't you just fine, thinner, sneakers The guys are wearing loafers because, like that natural barefoot, grip thing but UK does have a bunch do run around the gym barefoot causes. Talk about some, these guys squatting, the doing and socks the duties look like guy guys are wearing loafers Look! I'm going. Did you just shave your mustache, like what what look Are you going for year if it works? Like I'm trying so hard to kind of stand out at the Jim, with a different deal, so I've was loafers a little bit more said. I ran and loafers as people working at loafers guy. Your lifting in loafers and secondly,
thing, I've ever heard what is happening in Ireland. I saw a couple guys and EAST Coast Duna. I'm seated turn out here and not happy about it because I think it just try and really are just get thinner shoes, sneakers Nike ever heard of it David Aruba wants to know regarding people who are living with improper bad form. Have you read the nerve, though the instinct to just intervene and give them a tape without China sound like a dish only with them a couple young kids, I did it because I was watching him do military press and they were doing it like free military press. The forty five pound bar and they put in the squire rack, and they were just yet neither with the ninety degree, angle c and their pushed up and like I know guys, can do it, but you're, doing it too heavy in your young and your your crew,
in your spine. You just going to fuck yourself up and you going to hurt yourself to the point where it's like to be a recurring injury, the rest of your life, a thing on my right: shoulder blade between Spine Rachel, a blade. It goes Alec once every six months. It is nothing I can do about it. It's all jacked up as because of improper military technique, I have had a couple times or might look dude. I know I must look a hundred to you and there's nothing worse than Jim Guy. Try to help you out. A guy had a guy about a year ago, had for violence, car wreck, no big deal And he came running across is again do is low ate like yeah, you painted There were good over the gunshot, gonna write, there were good and the core of straw and I M sponsored by the arena right. So what is a girl? Just you know
I do not I deftly didn't want, is a stranger to grab my ways to be behind me, doggie style, while or about to do squat. Jan gather, Sir, like I got this summit, couple clean ones and we put it away and will be good, so I hate it if anybody does it's me, I said aunt separated devices that don't you bite, but these kids, I go. Look just trust me on this. One if you're gonna do military doing on the Psmith machine just turn the bench back bit. So it's not ninety degrees. Just a little bit like it states the deepest incline you could ever do get underneath it. Leave too much. I know it's cool, I did it to and you screw yourself up and both school kids. You know what man thanks. I got all right again, z see, Vienna from Toronto to dunno. Can you talk about? reaction with cross fit athletes goin to year irregular Jim in any of your experience, is their megaphone across fits a little played out. Now I think,
cuz, somebody's guys on Instagram that are really good at it's actually really incredibly impressive, and I look at some of the stuff. I'm like man, I wish I were healthy enough to pull the stuff off, but I've always felt like cross one of those deals. Where alike Have you are people that socket sport, your whole life and you to do this thing where you just yet in the morning and you bought all this shit from rogue, which is a new stuff, but you know you like. Oh my god, I got another personal vast on my cleaning jerk and you know it's like, but you like the bumper plates, because the tens look like forty five so as a holy shit is at present. I just drove around fifteen. We like no, it's it's ninety five, you throw it down and video tape it in you. You posted, like, oh, my god, no working alone in order. I, like the fact that you said back in Pakistan crossroad it's kind of a creature with that say,
The second message is that there is some of the people that are really good at it and check ass near, like you know, their thick is hell and they adds to go with it? They got you I'm going to sit there and hate on now. I just think that there is an element of everybody. To feel included right everyone's if you like their part of something and I think Cross vit provided a thing for people. Weren't, necessarily all I've athletic, but you know what, like I'm, the guy sit around my basement by myself for a month and a half straight, because I read these to bang out. So, if you go to it, a modern have a couple ip with strangers and meet new people like you're, probably winning it like more than I am so who the fuck am I to make fun of that. The great points where fish from San Jose wants to know? What's it with the guys in the gym, wearing low tap, Mercer Van Stickers is worse than lovers are now better. Only worse, I you know the kind I don't know that you can ever really knock. You know like even in the gym issue,
I remember one time I start doing incline heavy heavy inclined because I just feel like my right arm is something wrong with it with his one angle and are like I was kind of like doing like cheat wrapped. She now get started in this. Obviously enormous fact I was huge way belt on in heating. Five times the amount at stake, the back handicap. My I gave way to do that as they get older so that that you're, aware of that yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah like Ireland in time I stop do an incline. Heavy heavy inclined, because I just feel at my right arm is something wrong with it with his one angle and die like I was kind of like doing like cheat rap. You know get started in this. Obviously enormous fact. I was huge way belt on in heating Do it right? You go unnoticed, arrogant, fulla, again full range of motion on those, unlike our eight Lee Hany like relax,
but the one thing, I've notice about like an old steroid guy that, like still how's it goin on a little bit. Massive forearms may be turned a ranch back in his day. Yeah like a lot, guys won't give up on anything right, as are still work now. They're still put a big way in they'll pay attention like a younger guy. Put us in a big way, but I've got a week are nonetheless last three months: everything's messed up but, A lot of these guys ever hear a match. Those guys have hair plugs and that's what me me just go. I'm out, I'm not gonna. Try like, as I get the blame anybody who losing their hair at a younger age and then you're like I used to be hot spots like to be on tv. I still have to be super ha over monsieur ADI and I mean you're right right, Anima too, so I was a galaxy with this guy
your leonards all about you. I don't know if that's the right name, european footing. I ten thousand box, like Jesus, took a third of my salary justice, get it receded up there and the guy. Jim who done it yeah, who maybe didn't do the best one yeah like it is this cap. It is like. The laser imaging straight line of seeds. They asked the front, select their bangs sickness, perfect thing. It's too low I've just seen too many those guys at the worst transplant thing rousing abacha, shame ahead, but that's why I have to stay jacked because of one seventy one, though here ok, be hanging out. A man at Beecham have the move like torrents. That has, at the most special absurdly Jim Cora Riverhead Longest, one vulgar content costs, because if there is no, it wasn't the best upset, it was never the longest mega. I wrap it up
although wilds don't go yet let wilds go now whilst wait. Where must then give half baked idea for us, you would do tomorrow we're so prediction main after the finest quickly Goldstein Zone really I'm not going to get caught up yeah we spent an hour talking about it played in play they're getting to ranpak nuff said I mean it would have to be gone. Satan. Seven at this point I don't know how I feel yet I want to watch game for another cup up. I do think I think it's more likely Toronto and five, the golden state and seven. I will say that I think Toronto Is it really good shape, but the miles I carried was put on end today and the fact that the supporting cast did not look good and I thought it was. Size of wind and already let it could have been worse noses.
I agree that we should have been like a thirty point when by the right I've got place up. I feel like this is. His leg? Judging a movie were their scenes missing, yeah, I'm just unknown of those words guys, I'm just not sure that's Fenway ah do threat as in research you, can sign up for that right now when they did the first one yeah plutocratic it for nineteen hours,. Bearing that one out, and I will be doing at once a month but yeah thanks you're. Let me promote that and I'm still doing the reseller broadcast. And I'm headed a game for until a threat either get official pack has tore. Here. I thought I was gonna work less my work. You know the park as things easier. You have to like prep for it more yet, as it turns out its work as people. Listen they throw back in your face, you fuck stuff up and
others have yet you gonna game for severe, see reseller make sure to go after him and immense Jim Corner levy? Definitely quickly, but the wraps we'll talk next week there, probably after game five we're thinking what are we need, gave five posts. Thanks to resell out thanks to wilds for his cameo we're gonna back some half baked ideas. This week we have done that Pakistan forever. My favorite have begged idea of all time. Felony lead that I came up with the wilds, come up with some Adam and come up with a good one, but felony land. I really peat and also eight. We created the purge. We create the purchase, Arizona unhappy. That is those mind but were, there was a was mine. I just remember they. They model the purge after my day was leap here, every four years It would be a day without crime. Without I. So there are no rules, so every four years. There's one day anything can happen, became the perch. I'm just saying you get checks that growth and died probably shed. I should have
thanks to his own, the Asia dot com. We taped with indirect worries, Junior. We're gonna be running that their next week he was awesome cow. What occurs favour guess, so we are that further. The loom life is better than suspicion. Render food loom cool on Fly Box of Briefs designed with a ventilator mesh fatherless airflow when you need it most and where you need a boast check out fruit that come to find her next praise the code build again additional ten percent of their current promotion of twenty percent off the cool zone. Fly Box of briefs. That's fruit that come a promo code bill, quick programming. Note we're not going to send in a pack has this week, but we are putting up a new reaction. Was dead poets,
sadly Thirtyth anniversary, just incredible movie. Even all these years later and me, Mally Reuben Chris ran broke down that has gone up midnight Senate any intimate there so that all take place this park, ass, don't forget to subscribe to ringer dish and for reels, is hosted by my favorite person. Today, tat trap and drop. It there's a signal, and I have to do with this enjoy the extended weaken ways.
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