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When Will the NFL Come Back? Plus: ’86 Celts vs. ‘96 Bulls, Jarett Stidham’s Big Chance, and True Crime Docs With Peter Schrager, Kevin O’Connor, Joe House, and JackO | The Bill Simmons Podcast


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Peter Schrager of NFL Network and Fox Sports to discuss the uncertainty around the start of the 2020 NFL season, the Patriots' QB situation, NFL draft highlights, and more (5:07), before talking with the Ringer's Kevin O'Connor about the NBA "hiatus," how the coronavirus pandemic may affect next season's salary cap, as well as the NBA draft, the 1986 Celtics vs. the 1996 Bulls, and much more (40:00). Finally Bill talks with his old friends Joe House and JackO about life in quarantine, the Pentagon's recently released UFO footage, HBO's 1990s documentary programming, early 2000s Red Sox–Yankees rivalry and more (1:15:10).

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Things that worked all that stuff sites can be. I think, a twelve episode season, Coppermine and Levine they're back the Ringer pack, ass, thou art very excited about that. Come up. We have. Peter Sugar from the ETA found that from Fox we're gonna talk about when the House football coming back. Thank Heaven, Oconnor from the ringer talking about the NBA in the latest step that we ve heard when the plan could come back and M J, Doc, verses and This is the broad and that nobody Jacko nobody has risen while three man's in now is where I apologise to you, because you know here their subhuman error that that is but in our working remotely and I've been feeling pretty get about tat. Stuff. For my end as an old guy make it everything worked than the recorder make it your things were plug Dan sending the file Kyle after the pods done. I've been pretty good, we
really had any disasters, but we do have one today, because I take this entire to our past in three segments and fought. Every was working recorded for my and did everything and I came to find out the cord that went intimacy. Sexual corridor from my MAC phone. I never actually plug that court in so I did two hours of a past and I wasn't actually recording and anything. I was recording until a microphone that had nothing attached to it. So I don't know the tire other than I apologise, but some audio for this package. You're gonna be here in these zoom version of my audio, which is based Tucker. My computer is not as good in here now deserted is like so I apologise Yet you knew that already, but behest package is covered, read out. First, our friend,
The project I network is a fact of things. Coming back, we got through the draft. It's gonna be? May. Normally men against becoming soon can add those the envious trend. Nba this bubble concept. Fer, you know the play off some things. I doubt which makes a lot more sense. When you have fifty have fifteen in small coaching staff, you don't have to have a tonne, medical personnel on the field. I am trying to rack my brain and think as football come back with fifty three players: twelve coaches, a huge training staff.
Hospital and ambulance personnel on the side to side lines you need, you can't do like a little bubble, tiny stadium, you need at least somewhat of a big stadium, and you have thirty. Two teams and you'd have to play a regular season. How does happen what you're lucky? I think the last touch with football was the dream I think there wasn't single person who didn't love, having for even the most cynical anti nfl person cannot, I believe, as I recall, the NFL wants law and our main ninth they're gonna be announced. Schedule and they're gonna have a couple contingency plans but like their forging forward, but I've spoken Several people and I know there's a bunch of conversations being had. I know you ve said that Adam Silver on the embers side has his brain trust in their coming up with a million different continues equation those doing the same. What comes interesting. Is these owners are only gonna, have eight home aims that they make a lie.
Of income in revenue from so when you think about what their missing out. If there's for policies and its it could be for them. Economically, too. I think everyone's incentive is to get football going. As far as these plans that you're here what the dome, when the bubble and all that stuff someone brought up to me like let's go out to our North Dakota and playing a bunch of high school fields, but even that seems difficult because all it takes in a fifty remain roster or in training camps. Ninety man, roster, is one guy rose up and test positive, a than one team is out for forty days off three quarantine like there are so many questions, and until there's testing and tracing and potentially treatment. I don't think, there's any firm answer on what the NFL can do now think any professional sports link. That matter who do you think, is good those brain trust with this
like Altima, you have an inner circle of five six guys. I'm sure he's got like at least one right hand, man at the NFL, maybe two and then I'm sure, there's three four: five owners with some major influence. We saw when Trump talk to the commissioners and then a couple owners like Jerry Jones was in there body wrap. Do you still feel like those through the makers for the weaker. I think he does have a good network of owners of of men who are very successful in their respective businesses, and it is craft and it is, Obviously imagine Jerry Jones Billing Arthur Blank, plays a big role and that the new There's David temper of the Carolina Panthers, whose it was made a ton of money in the finance world, is a vague voice and a new voice and think he relies on those guys, but I also think he has with League partners like they have a large network of ceos and in health leaders from all us. If they ve been doing on the health and safety side.
Kind of lends a voice. Also, the question is: does he end up having to speak with fifty different state governors and going into that level at the local level, because what might be good for the Kansas City, Chiefs and Clark ON the organization might be a totally different deal John Merrick and Christopher Johnson, with the jets in New Jersey, which has a whole different deal, and I think that's gonna, be the crux of this. I can the It's jets play home games, I'm not sure, that's a possibility if this is still raging that area. Meanwhile, We have very few cases in certain states out in the MID west at that very conceivably could have on games. De. I was thinking about Brazil, China wrecked my I think the NBA, as we touch with capital, counter about it before you came on theirs. That makes sense to me, there's a logic to how it could work.
If you have less teams- and you could put people in Orlando Vegas says we covered with Brazil on Sunday night football with thirty two teams and the football stadium aspect of it you you couldn't just by everyone in one place. Could be a world. I wanted to talk about this, where be theirs eight locations. You know or maybe there's four locations how we do it it. Maybe you just spread the games Maybe it's not on Sundays. Maybe it's Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday tonight at I need, has continued to plan throughout the week that and make us that's that's something that could be today. We have to consider the schedule in that. One team should have to play another team on sixty notice and esteem travel like it is, there's also it see with the schedule that would be Howard catches group. Who does all the scheduling stuff in their doing contingencies right now. The one thing that came out today it- was fascinating from the new post- was that they might have Saturday possibilities if by chance, the college,
it isn't ready to start up, but the programme is so there are all these questions to me. I find What wait that a second about for a second, I dont think college comes back because first mother, purposes, aren't to be open. I just I don't see it if college football comes back. I think it's two thousand twenty one maybe they do it in the spring? Maybe they wait, but there are not those to cut football teams that have to show up there and August. The campus is wanting to be offended that completely unrealistic. They also don't have the players don't have the same economic incentives that the players would have in the NFL, but I think if you, if you did it, Saturday, Sunday Monday thing: okay, it different locations,
and by a new didn't do seventeen weeks. Maybe it's a twelve weeks schedule of fourteen May schedule, because you left the building some breaks and let's say you put with its four locations with eighteen in each location and the eighties, all page other over the course of seven weeks right and then you just reset it take to it off, and then you play the next seven games where the eighteenth teams each other again and that's just kind. I do it. You have you're eighteen, one location. So if it was like what say, let's say, San Francisco one location better, that agreement yet well, Let's say: Chicago Custar Latter hotels such as one of the four locations eighteens there and they just stay there in their corn. In some way and and there's only one way and one way out from hotels and in the end, people shuttling back and forth in a couple practice fields.
Let me ask you: this is the only way I say work and where you got you'd have to designate forty eight locations. Two hundred sixteen game schedule. Is that what you nonsense, fourteen games, forcing us or or twelve games- twelve, I one hundred and sixteen get was out so altruistically. Unlike the world me football and Americans with all great you're an owner of, say the Buffalo bills and near New York team. What are you doing here season ticket elders? What are you tell them due to refund completely what share play a refund your refund, you refund. Ok, fine up against everything. Players still hit all their incentives and our play are paid in full. I think that if the figure that part out you know did you some sort of presented. There is economic question here and I, and I shudder to think about- we have even talking about the same without any come coming in from a home game or in your refunding every person there PS, L and their ticket the owner.
Of teams that necessarily don't have those ho sites are met. Zero dollars, but there still paying their full payroll and all their employees for money like the NFL owners would take bath, and I know you want to cry for them, but they were they got financially from that right. Here, be my counter for the revenue we just saw with the NFL draft right biggest audience ever by far far, not even close biggest ever so. Could you argue that maybe, if its tv only for two thousand twenty one, you can actually make more Could you still getting the media and you still selling the ads and it's a captivated audience where there's literally Oh competition you're watching on Friday. Saturday, Sunday, whatever it is that they would make enough, maybe it It was so I'd say they have Saturday games, so they ve already saw the meteorites, but at the same time,
can basically do whatever they want right. So they, if they just said hey, we have their place. The season ticket revenue, we're adding to Saturday games highest better ones, You know Amazon Airlines at Amazon, their wares apple, These are all end. If you want Saturday programme love life upon those days, were point two games out of our Sundays and where or for gains out of our Sunday package or putting it here, then you replace some of the revenue that that's the only way out and see the only sport tv fans are no offense, no fenced, we don't have fancied. This gives a cancer it up. So I think certain. I do think that, like I M just working with Fox, I there smart enough to like figure out a virtual fan situation would be awesome in my cool indifferent like, and I think they are I would be able to figure that out to European ABC T Anti, it would be cool like there actually fans there? trying to know. I keep our time on economics, but this is how
conversations go and if you were to sell some giant Saturday package for billions of dollars and say support it the owners isn't gonna, take care of the revenue. You're gonna lose concessions and ticket sales, and of course, it certainly is certainly intriguing. What think about this think about how much is loaded on a Sunday right will you have. Not an EU. When I heard games you re one o clock aims: you're taking six or those our energies distributing them into other other things. Since Saturday, conceivably, you could have foreseen. And around starting at least Where are we cannot yet and then Sunday same thing only maybe thou be more than and then Monday you three games if our home anyway start with the first game at four o clock e t any just go and you could get to the sixteen games if you spread it out and you could maximized revenue because the right so who gets the direct?
like the Directv tat in the Red zone that money. That's all the standards? I bids that men cable and whatever so you'd lose them. Maybe refunded any it yeah part of the other. I think it's do about the part. I can't figure out how you would actually have the prayers be safe, how you or how you bubble it. So. First of all, I do so but the players unit would say well equality. The field has to be up to Ok, it's better Highschool field somewhere in the middle of it or whatever. So I'm thinking about Jerry Jones created the star, complex or theirs, for state of the art. High school fees that are like NFL, I fell quality that are just stacked up one two, three four and fiscal Texas. I could see Jones loving it put on that's ever man, Cape and suggesting hey. Why don't we just play these games here? Save the day. Let's go, let's have football.
You need the players union to agree to it. You need the health and safety folks, doktor cells, all these folks to agree to it and the Vatican Orpheus state of the art, therefore feel state of the art in the complex that they have the cowboys facility. That's it I dont see you wouldn't have the hotels would be the issue now dear, but to have you can add. Our Dallas is not too far away, but you know it's not here. You'd have buses and things like tat strikers for locations like that. You know where they could. They could figure that piece out and I'm just I otherwise. I don't see it you're that you're just not going to be able to keep everyone safe, but people are just flying from asian allegation satire men would amount to broadcast it falls apart. Do you think they would send broadcasters call a games on a monitor in their own living rooms, it that the broadcast presentation- part, I think, is the easiest piece of this
but all virtual remained at the fact that working on an affair draught from six hundred locations they could they could put a game on ya, If anything, it could allow you to have some fine Martha with some of the presentation stuff, like maybe you do like the sidelines or of the better he put the games on a minute long. The letter, I just think, there's way too much money at stake there to figure this out, and you also have smart, rich people who arrive. Successful for a reason for rejecting delay now went out one anxious punting on that's it. That's what you see. That's it so before the latest CBS was signed, which really happen like the day this started. It was like right before free agency and before this whole thing went down a hat. Invitation with it with an owner, and he said to things like this players should want to sign this dynamic. Our out, I want to hear the owner speaking is not at all like this. This corona this is going to knock the economy on its ass and we're not gonna, be as generous and then
the conversations after we all lose billions of dollars, because here's the thing that these owners, the lot of them all the buildings and entire spring is set up for a Taylor. Swift concert cancelled, is Emily S, soccer games cancelled these forgetting absolutely zero revenue coming in. So whereas we don't cry, for the billionaire and other stuff like their use to making money and a lot of them? This is primary line of business and are losing a lot of money right now. I think they're very incentivize to find a solution and their surrounded by a lot of smart advisers. They want football. I think everyone wants it players owners. The media deals and that the last part then and a fair media rights. They come up at the end of this season, unlike as this was going down. There are a lot of come. Stations at the end of the road? And now it's all kind of been put on pause as all these media companies to look at their balance sheets and see what what
we deal with here, can we still offer the and the money that we were going to offer on February twenty eight that we can now with after this in a post, corona virus world. It's all fascinating me and the money is something that no talking about and all these things about these great ideas, but like the fight answers. I would have to make sense for everyone and as well. The NFL draft to me was worked. Got me thinking about this. Because I watched every better to the end of her dress. I really needed on the entire time had never watched. He said your son was watching a teenage watching day three year. You We were all in wondering at the paths are going, take Jake fry. I got excited about it that Gordon at one point the cigarette and I just think it fore. Paws people are gonna, watch it because their own and there's nothing else to do anything of fifty five million people over the course of a three day draft. What would that made it? There's sixteen football games a weekend over the course of three days
people watch every moment of all three of the games like it's very possible? We have to leave in two leagues would have gambling would have daily fantasy. All the stuff would be. You know it would be like a lifesaver for people, just bored out of their minds right now, not to mention the economic parts of it. And could you figure out? You know that you can get them tells back in March that there, the restaurants in the local destinations and things that's the big problem, but The small set mistaken also add a at a philanthropic aspect to this, because in the NFL had this draft a thought which was right up your aliona societies, but it was, I did, have a box of light Areas Rucker and Machine Gun Kelly and wholly this John Randal in the box and the doing the zoom like it was bizarre, but they re the tone of money. There is like ten million dollars. If you can find a way to cannibalize- of America's attention on these games and then also do a fund raising element like there's an ice, altruistic partners and all those give you
small sample size you have shown NFL network, that's a cable, chow, all that, maybe you know not- everyone gets in their house draft week, our Things were great. The interest in our show was into a lot of it was like female Missus Dale Watch like everyone, was involved in the draft. Everyone was watching the draft and I think it's great sample of what the attention that for Balkan ring to do an entertainment thing, but also just that people are looking for a light like, thing to talk about. Besides
seeing the same doctors on Anderson, Cooper and Rachel Matter right and the phone proper part. I hesitated to bring that up, because this is the fault of the ultimate money is gonna, be the deciding factor for every decision that make for themselves, but let's say: did they saw that Saturday package at its for games and it's just a bonus package they pulled out and as part of the deal they say, half of this money is gonna. Go to Copenhagen charities and too few banks in to all these great places to bike without a be cool hit me up- and it's like you know, I've said this before and I had to take to say it publicly, but it's like you know, fell, could hire a million pr firms and consulting firm, they would know have gotten the goodwill that they got from the draft just having a Nobel checks dogged and a couple kids like use. It was a human element to it that was like gosh like this is work. It's real like deals in a teacher and bark allowance like
A cool like Indiana fell with so buttoned up, usually think everyone We think that side of it- and I think they can lead into that a little bit if we to find a way to have a season to some quick at her stuff patriots quarterback there James Gardner Jamie's took a discount to go to the same cause. He must have thought to himself breeze as one year left. Maybe too, I can finally see Now that I have lay succeeded, Hurtig I'll get, it was John pay that could rejuvenate my career. I was shocked at the Patriots, didn't get him I thought that was the. I know they don't have a lot of cap space. It's there's got to be two reasons: one they don't like them. Two are just screwed with the cap anyway. Why not trust him into the fire four year see if it works now today we're taping this it's noon. Pt and Edawn got released. Cam Newton is still out there. It seems like Stidham's there guy they haven't, come out and really said that and Belichick even had a cryptoquote,
Draft, like it wasn't the right time for us to take a quarter back, but that doesn't mean we were looking around every said: do you feel like stadiums, a guy I do I think they went through an entire draft and there is rumours of all they took three different players, as you know, to start the draft one of them from Lenore Rhine, but still I did. A lot of work is done in the past few weeks and you like this backstory so his eyes. Kid number one Highschool prospect in Texas the whole deal and Europe kings very! Is the coach, a Texas tack and goes to one of his games and its anti european and kings? Very them a sideline? It's a big deal. He commits to Texas Tech, so Stem is invited to go to the Texas Tech. Bail game back. When when Mohammed was a true freshmen, he goes to the game and its. It's in Jerry World. It's a whole deal. Mahomet throws for about five hundred fifty. Cards and immediately DE commits Ngos to beller. Instead, where
riles is the head coach of the time in our bridles when the same high school, the high school legend, we're still somewhat commits to Beller bail. Falls apart with their scandal, horrible and he transferred to Auburn goes to honouring a cup of coffee here, and there then goes to the paper like Cinemas, never in the guy, like he's, never had the opportunity to be the dude and he thought he was gonna, be the guy but saw Mahomet five hundred yards in front of him and ears like I'm, never going to be that guy there paler does happen in an auburn. It's kind of a cup of coffee with doesn't go because miles on still this. History about student, but everyone I talk to you like he can spinnet like he can throw it And he can move and move around that hooking. I love you, I can run. He could do things that they ve never been able to do, and part of me wonders Miss Daniels Embellish act, to which I think you ve mentioned quite a few times. Priscilla on your part as I, is there a sort of this creativity that they haven't been able to unleash? He'll, never be Brady. Obviously, but
can run some of the cool stuff that you're seeing being run in Baltimore in Kansas City, in Seattle for years that this to give them an opportunity and, as a fourth round pick that no one has seen they have seen em- and I know their players who are with the patriots who have watched it, I'm in practice over the last twelve months and I ve come back at me like this. Guy can throw the freak in football like. I think they feel much more confident about cinema. In their convincing themselves, a little bit more unstable, as this thing goes on, but I dont see for any dolen, and I dont see them for can do, and I think it's gonna be synonym for all intents and purposes, that might be the guy and there are shades a little bit of a Brady in two thousand when he didn't play and he was buried in the backup chart but just impressed everybody that all year and got to the point where they thought they got Second stringer made have no full backup heading into the second season. He had there, but I think everybody was like, if anything happens, to blood cell will actually be okay. Yeah
There is no no reason for the outside world to know that. I think that was true, but they were really convince just watching data. I don't know if they feel that strongly about sitting, but does he might they like? There's been some sides yeah? and I think with Brady, and you ve done. You read all it's like they kept for quarterbacks actor the roster and in ninety nine or two thousand when he was drafted, including Damon, who were- and I think Michael Bishop and in him my unroll Davy one of those guys, but they knew and still they put Let him internet jets game. It was a pic six ever made their jokes and all this stuff. They know that, like they wouldn't have kept them, they would have had a different backup. Last year they likes, and he was a rookie last year. So the fact that there are interesting parallels abraded that like drew gotta lotta snaps than it wasn't Brady in Michigan Luxuriant, like system, has never been darling of anybody's. I and I think that Cairo almost Bela checks out more than anything a lot cheaper,
Children are made at it. I don't love his name just now. Just Jarrett still doesn't sound like it something that problem car ferries that you jerk off gonna win the Superbowl, just somebody that name stood a kid Arms is another one words I guess at the right name. Forgive me they did a matter. That is a matter that specific through not most story line of the last few days is their Rogers Green Bay, just all that stuff. In the end, there seems like there's some animosity towards him within a week Would it be that he is? I never know what's true not true today Betty's reaction was the same valet. Our man he's not gonna like that and then there's a lot of and who knows you're, slipping through half facts, people writing heartache, pieces or whatever, but there's does seem a lot of stuff out there like green base telling her you're, not the boss of us, I'd still be. Whenever we have we at how much of this is true, yet so the
story was that bomb again? Who is a legendary writer in their market came out? I was I get a message clear. I can also tell you that that he doesn't necessarily go in the locker everyday anymore? There's not that same kind of feel. As far as here's the dynamics with the coach in the quarterback, it's easy to assume that stuff. I would go back and say this low floor writers have a good relationship. I know that from both sides there, a good relationship, and this wasn't quarterback. They took with a top five or top ten pack, and I know it's easy to say yeah, but it's the first round and they were one game away like the if they took Michael Pitman Junior or Jonathan Taylor running I worthy took Denzil Mimms with that twenty sixth picker, the thirty first pick where authority effect are they are, they are they now Superbowl bound like? I think the way they saw it and I could tell those from- the people in Green Bay with so far
in a way the number one player on their board their best player available, and they said we'll get the guy. Three years. If he's the guy fine, if he's not great also, but let's get the quarterback that that we he's number one best player available at the twenty six pick as opposed to never doing it sitting around any alternative. Is we ask Rogers for his permission and we or even just give him a heads up and Rogers goes ballistic. It says no, you can't do that. So then were listening. They can from Rogers and he's trampling over us and he's the one deciding whether we make a picture. Not they thought this out and I also thought that either mature enough later and a thirty five year old, who got just absolutely a terrible expert the rocky when it came to five an iota There is bullying, there's stuff that that he has spoken about that. That far has come out and talked about. They have come full circle, you'd be as big a hypocrite it would be if he came in and treated Jordan.
That way and was an open to the idea of at least having a younger quarterback in the room. The last point Given this, it has Made public, but I know that far that Rogers has reached out to Jordan love. Has done so privately, and I think that's all need to know like if he wanted to save the kid and wanted to treat himself like at arm's length distance. The blame them and I would say: ok here we go and off season where the storylines, but he reached out to me, it's hard to think he's furious if he reached out to a twenty year old rookie, who is just did to eventually maybe be his heir, apparent ya. I think it they did that pig in the top sixteen before dropped off. There are sixteen like blue chip then I think it drew up and carried it out to get him. I get fifteen six inches, it dropped off and then with super deep from that boy
and allowed a situation where, if they felt like Jordan, love was by far their best guy in the boy that makes sense to me because I'm sure a lot of I'm sure the Ravens felt that way about Patrick Queen. Oh my god, I can't believe you thought us to twenty eight. I think a lot of people were in that situation, but the reality is it's not like they took him over Henry Rugs. No oil tankers city land like a registered it wasn't the same level of talented twenty six. If you really want do a draft analysis and new, is it. The patriots are first hand like. I didn't, kill, Mary put you over the top last year: no it's it's such a crapshoot with wide receiver. In fact, aid brown and decay met calf Deebo, Samuel were all drafted after Nicole Harry last year, so you don't know a first round wide receiver. I look at the cardinals Do they trade Josh rose and they get a second round picked? They dropped Andy Isabella at a? U Mass, whom has maybe one play decay met. Calf was taken after
Andy Isabella like it is such a crapshoot wide receiver quarterback is the most valuable position in the entire. Forget and it fell out any sport at all the quarterback, for So if you really like one their whether or not in every other whilst like them or not. Who cares you really liked him and you ve done the work on him, I mean you can make a case. Miami should have taken them with their third first rounder was he do they have twenty five or two thousand seven hundred and twenty six they traded back with Green Bay. Green Bay came up and got them so you can. I remember there was one year where somebody could have done this, but take two hundred and forty two quarterback it was fifty. Fifty right you think, quarterback. In the first round, the math over the last twenty years say you have a fifty percent chance of pity on the guy, and there are these factors there's no way to know for sure days levy. Fifty fifty Leslie real math, the money. You hire you draft a quarter back in the first round. You haven't for five years at this paltry rookie contract
Ok, so you dont, taken because you're worried about the fan say, and maybe you think, drafting a wide receiver helps you down the line and a big game. Ok, fine! Then. What are you too? for your backup position, because I I challenge do, tell me who the packers backup is right now, if it's not Jordan, love it's no one significant and you'd problem if they go out and get a veteran who's gonna make more. Is your backup in Jordan level for the next five seasons. It makes a lot of sense Only reason you wouldn't would be through fear of walking on eggshells with Rogers, and I think they said you know what he's an earlier, he can handle this, it's not so they were more were running to muster. Actually that the more probable I like that Jordan pick the more problematic one was I don't think you're running. I think that if someone one place you deaf, Did anyone is running back like a nineteen eighties like running back to like a blacklist? Weird they die in their way in the draft was so deep, bad receiver. Those were for regard any any other kid bets coming out of last weekend that you fell leg
Oh man didn't realize that here the Bronco at an interesting strategy here, which I kind of command. Getting both. Every Judy engage a hamley like member when the Packers Usages draft corner acts all the time to stop violence like first round secular, they drafted two. Receivers and the philosophy that I'm here from the Denver guys like working, speed we likely Kansas City did we're gonna. Do it also everything to do with you lock and we're gonna try to out throw you. And trying to do, is speed him as a real, interesting prospect that a Penn state was injured a bit the combine sitting at a show of everything but like burner and Jerry Judy Alot of people had the number one wide receiver. I think Denver gets real interesting in San Francisco, just just Chess masters are no everyone's praising John Lynch to the high heavens, but I kind of look they end kin law going to that fence of line in training back to get him still is fantastic and then brain- and I you who I dont know if he's is full.
In Africa. Shanahan said the day. Afterwards he had Brennan, I because their number one wide receiver hired. City Lamb higher than Jerry Judy higher than Henry Rugs, and they got a minute So they were thrilled with what they did. The head scratch was fairly, but I to the same point that I would make about Bela check, I would say about how we Roseman like how he Roseman has you mean the play off the last three years- he's gotta verbal ring and has come the pretty good reason they were all bank on his scouting department. If they wanted to jail rigour in the first round over some other wide receivers and in take hearts in the second round? If they scout, say it and how he thought it was worth doing like. I would bank on that, rather than what the mock drafts hygiene rigour, Anthea what the draft pundits were saying in their draft grades, and next I am pro. Cuba is first to rally to taken fire.
I feel like you, can get a lot of these other guys later and especially like the patriots history with d backs and wide receiver specifically has been pretty tortured, and you just think like, like Garoppolo, is a great It was right- and I probably should have been able to trade them for at least the first. I think there is some fuck you and when they, when they traded him when he did but like for the Jalen, hurts thing. When I know is an asset it well what if he looks really good and what, if you can spend him into something two years by what? If what, if your, basically turning a mentor strong pick, two years now replace out, I'm also not sold on Carson when says The longevity had employed beggars merit every year. His efficiency in three years and like my co host on the garment of repulsion car branches, we treat these mock drafts there. There Moses in the tablets like a watermark draft, had this player higher. So why would you take jail and rigour at what do you think that the scouts full I'm who have done other work, are just taking a name
the dark: no, they like jail and regularly likely does they think he fits thereon offence. One morning, Philip everyone says They entered the season, they had Freakin Gregg WAR Junior as their like top wide receiver. Isn't that a testament? to their front office, finding Gregg WAR Junior like TAT, we have if more credit to the guys who do this professionally, then the Maastricht, in the pond debts- and I would just hold judgment on energy- I'm taking a pick that might be a little outside the box there whenever had in their mark draft for the past three months, who's the clash champion right now at thirty two teams, who is the one with the thing, the other things make fun of its? Is it the taxes, there they make fun of them ass. They are in but you look like the net result of it. They get me tonnes or who might be the best left tackle in football I now within paid him for ability they had took as their lack of down before the debate. The trade didn't an agent is another interesting thing. Did that himself, which I think is pretty fascinating but not occur?
show by a team, that's kind of zagging, while everyone else's zagging, like the rate took a guy. The nineteenth pick arrives in bed quarterback, who I know team. At least I like immature Yet some issues at a house down younger, not even on our draft board in their world, corners and they took him on nineteen April In Vegas? I hope in rags out, but like gradually heads that pigs, but there's no clown show words like the NBA when you're taken Johnny flow Ricky, Ruby, overstepped, curry in the same draft like their rather that he added, thank God and the idea is have a couple grandchildren to satisfy everybody, a good burning for both for us. Thanks from around his always thought this I will. They can't have any undue, ok, Kevin Oconnors, coming up in one second notice, how much better I sound cat! I'm an idiot was said about the hit time series billion staring at me. Word: winners, podgy, modern day me Louis this seas
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I going to bring a cabin oconnor and my ideas about to get sixty percent worse, I apologize. Or a cabin oconnors joining us from the ringer. I can't even describe the look. He has gone right now. You look like somebody who fought in the civil war in the 1860s, I'm not sure what side, but you were beloved or beloved, lieutenant or colonel you're, a colonel and and then into bridge after you, that's the look you have done here, but there than you it's been go as this December. Sometimes I glanced at myself, a mayor and, unlike who's, that I just laugh Like me, I'm not used to this person, but I'm enjoying I'm just gonna keep a girl a bill, and you yourself know to what their slipped back care the EPA roundly those awesome, I should know you re look. I put
TAT, really happy. I'm half exerts a calf italian tat really hurt cut. My hair is like I'd. There's no coming back, there's no about a jail. I can put it back in. Came it at this point. The Abuja, everyday, there's a weird story: there is one three were taper this one o clock Thursday and theirs is weird story from CNBC about agents and exacts pushed the cancer of the season. I've heard the opposite. I ever heard Fer a couple weeks that we talked about it on the Ps Pakistan Sunday Priscilla about your land over sixty years. Let's get you all that out, I'm like really optimistic that the NBA is going to come back and some poor. Why is the stuff coming out? You know, like Jabari Young reported that I'm sure he has his trusted sources who are against it, but everybody. I've talked to from play
As I talked to Larry Nance last week, and he said he and all his team is despite the calves being a bad team, are answered. Get back out there. I mean every age and I've talked: do they want their clients to get as paid as much as they can every executive to encroach on talk to the things. We are pretty strong consensus that people want to get back out there in the League office itself Obviously their intentions are to have basque lobbying played again in July and August, and you know for the NBA that this is an opportunity to test things out to see what works, because next these and we might not be able to have people in this. As we might have to have some sort of isolated
you now four or five times at one place next season, so this sort of an opportunity through a test trying to figure out what might work starting at the beginning of the next season, when they will be the greatest challenge. We have eighty two game names in a play off the need to be played as well. So there's a lot of incentive here. Besides financial reasons for the NBA to have games go and enjoy August, I was surprised they. Orlando then became a new story. At stake is schanz Uranium, wrote, a spot peace that result. I talked about it on Sunday for several minutes. I know how that that just like, I feel it people listen my by casting your land There has been a real thing for a while, and you had the synergy with disdain. All that stuff, I feel it podcast stuff when like sockets reporter on park, has always get picked up. I know I sometimes wonder whether aggregated yeah a lot of stuff.
But then a lot of that doesn't I mean, there's been stuff, and I have said in the past when the draft a dozen I picked up a just some third sums of bourbon. Doesn't it's the written word that always seems to her in a store, always get traction when it comes to you know new avenues, picking stuff up. Well, maybe we should do little ringer transcripts things when we feel like we, we news news. We we talk about somebody, Orlando stuff, on Sunday because we have heard a lot of stuff about that date. They really feel like this, but thing think work out. Ultimately, prayers owners networks, those three chessman It is on this chessboard will be the ones determining what happened so one day when you hear something about agency deep executives like tonight, there I can it be factors, and if the big superstars, like Leubronn coming out did that we today was huge, at about it. I wasn't even totally sure how he felt about back, as you could have told me that he could have gone the other way. It may be said. You know
I really you know, I'm a family guy, I'm near the end of my career, I'm not going to risk my life to play basketball in less. I'm headed and he was the way he was like and we want to play basketball. Ready to come back and I thought that was buried tell it to another especially someone has as much power in pause. He does for the amused Player Association, I would assume you know. Chris Paul has talked about it before as well on the article a voice, Young interviewed him and see me three express some of them signs and the challenges of playing. But he also did make it clear that the intention is to play in foreign. Again I haven't talked to a single person. There has made a push for cancelling aims at the analyses and the I'm sure there are handful out there, but are you, I feel like you need to be ready for this, because it's gonna come back big way there. I think you should say tomorrow yourself after Rocky, in roughly four before the big drug violence
you mean you may need to go to remote location, have some props to train and just really get in ridiculous, podcasting blogging shit. This really. I gotta be fiscal power and joy. I guess I got a crappy stationary bike here with a seat that hurts the baby I'll have to I use a map to get ready. That's about all! I m resistant spans too! Maybe you training care baby. We still have our Ringer Ba people go to my main to some compound them anywhere. Hedonism lookouts. You didn't get away for Us Bell Toby. Also, we could get like head space. One of those acts like about the mind wellness so there we have all programs to many others, You know I never tried it why it suggests that the kind of guy I've gotta sit still and zone out person, I think everyone always raised in my mind. I may I can relax by thoughts forays. I have a hard time getting into that. Then state
have you handled an hour in the last day April April, my favorite month, other than the parliament, which is one of the reasons I left. You can tell us that the power destroy me. How have you handled no NBA these past few weeks, this unbelievable that second, second half of April, which is just basketball every day? I really miss it like. I really genuinely like, feel it every day so weird to me it's in April. It's odd, I mean I I I missed. I mean I knew I was gonna Miss Miss a lot I miss in even more than I expected to I mean like watching. Clips of all games has great watching last dances is great and thinking you know we're doing our best moments are defined, moment Syria from a ringer with them with articles and videos nets great, but it just doesn't feel the same Emma s watching alive, and seeing the story unfold, especially because the season
we're so many freak interesting stories that were happening way, really out the broad and at his age, making another IRAN, but then yon us going for potentially has, first rings eye on trying to push jar to have the best young players and league for their first play off appearance. Look, I'm and Katy I mean the Houston Rockets. Would small ball with Peter Parker Plan, the five how that unfold? I was looking forward to all this and now when I get and see that story. Hopefully we do get something great thou in dire August, but will say reset as an idea that, if this is about gets cancelled, wish you just have sports writers vote on the champion like days and provide data it's not bad. People were to give that at that it ah every aspect whereby ragged outright the Lakers, like tenth We should be able to secure their over what what did here from a draft standpoint,
That was one of the reasons I want to have you on, because it seems like James Wiseman now get now getting some run. I know all these teams that don't have a lot to do there just crunching the draft they're probably able to prepare for the draft that a whole other levy. Eight hundred and eighty talked about I'm fine coach that normally he's that about the draft at all there in the play ass. It's the play. The ground for MID April on the way to for them. There was the files every year and then the drafts five days later. It's not like he had in his spare time. He was able to go through fifty prospects but now you have all these teams that are all in using their approaches in using their staff. So do you think it's true that Wiseman has emerged? I I mean he hasn't necessarily emerged. James lies, depending on how you talk to there may be some people think he's the first or second best prospectors others who don't have him in their top seven or top eight prospects, in this light it is wide open. I may work.
Wise men are Luella Bawler Anthony Way Edwards. There is a wide range of opinions on the top guys more than other years than I can remember, especially recent link, as we had in some really great stand. Our prospects some years, but this year does not as much that consensus up top, but NBA Teamster are gonna have time. At least my impression from talking to executives is that the draft will move the law, hurry and draft a move from this coming May for the lottery in June for the draft until August September. Yet that's out of not official, but because of the absence of any ass, if visual, but not official and unofficial. Yes, yes, in your for the NBA, it's because the seasons on over and you you can't do the draft lottery until the sand. Savings are finished. You can't you know, do the draft until trades happen and trades can happen to laugh. Season is over. You can't do the draft lottery for that matter until the salary cap has some type of estimate for next season,
now that I don't have that either to determine the murky scale, So there was no way of that back. Is that the most important piece of this everyone? I thought they were so freaked out by what can happen when the cap there we talked about a lot on the mismatch with prosperity. Last week, when I went on the cap is based on revenue. We have no idea how much remedies gonna go down. There's there's scenarios here where the cap could go down by, like fifteen million achieved something like that and in a weird way could organ We saw this whole problem of stars jumping from team the team every couple years, because if your yacht ass in the summer, two thousand twenty one and the cap has gone backwards- the point that it's it's worth way, more money for you to stay lucky and they could just kind of squeeze you in journey there. The cat figure I verses, trying to slide into my aim, is capped space, which is twenty five percent lower than with tears before every
When I talk to has said this is the great unknown and there's no way to even consider figuring out what it will be. Your home I wonder: are they gonna do something out of the ordinary I mean: will they just drop the cap by ten million fifteen million, or will they keep it for free somehow so doesn't screw over teams that in the luxury tax that there would have been there. Or pay significantly more if the cap or dropped much more than anybody could have ever and has anticipated. When is expected to go up, will they do something a bit different by keeping the cap the same? Oh, it's impossible to predict. What's gonna happen, moving forward because revenue next season, that's what the cap is based on projected revenue and if that cap number, if they are expecting there'd, be fans and then the crowd fur until February or March or April, and who knows maybe longer, if that's the case, obviously capital
it's gonna be much lower, but well one a one season dip make them drop the cap, or will they do something artificially to keep the same, of this unusual situation just unpredictable, as he said. Well, what's crazy, it's the bizarre, a version of what happened to that. Sixteen right, where the cap jumped way out nine teams genes both figured out tat. It was gonna jump way out. The tank played a completely wrong after about. I include myself. I was told fine with some of those contracts, because it seemed like the dawn of a new era. Is I got? The Lakers gave Luol Deng sixty Milady area. So what everybody has the money now you realize that they really only had the money that one year and then levelled off a little bit, and I think servers talked about this a little bit that I dont think they feel like they handle back correctly. I think that they think he'd have the money has gone up
anyway, but maybe there is a way to stagger so competitor to smoothing, in other words, here still wasn't so geared toward who had tat space for that one summer, that maybe there is away do. Even if the money is the same, that's being spoke from the poorest donors may be from a cat standpoint. You can have a little chicanery do it. You know me Maybe it only cuts. Ninety percent against cap, even if your bang hundreds, I wonder going forward. I wonder if it'll be the same thing where it's like yeah we're paying the players this amount, but from a capstan point we have to keep the integrity of the cap somewhere close to where it was. I don't know I mean I there. Much is one that we are with this stuff. When it could just be a one year
drop in on your hair year, including this year, be right for the start of a season. It could be just one year. We hope for just just one year in at the start, but again like it's hard to predict, except for the fact that obviously, revenue will be down just a matter of how much that affects what they do with the cap. It's one of those things that it ballot check was in the NBA. He would have figured out all the variables what what kind of cat they be working with extra years. I'm sure there's couple Smyrna beatings figure that out to bed the teams that figure it out in some form, or I think I have a huge competitive advantage if they do come up with some sort of system to put some checks about the idea to be really confusing, and I dont know how they're gonna figured out- on the other there we it Peter Sugar before about there's, also passing Even though you lose attendance limit this sum games, you also have the possibility of more
media revenue coming in short term. If you stagger play games a little differently, you do whatever you could add. As extra day, you can cut extra deals with the expanded, it's easy to get even more money for the game journey, arab and things like that, and you could argue like having a game of like a Tuesday game of the week. I maybe see could get it away. Bigger rating then maybe normally would when there We market that, so you know that can happen with a shortened play off tournament too. You know if you have a three game. Theory, Senator Anal Gerald Darrow more. He thought about that in the past and he's in favour of one game play often of never gonna happen, but it could happen. You know, potentially the summer by necessity, Ray Who knows how that would do in the ratings that could be done? It could be one of the best things you know from a rating standpoint that the NBA just happens to stumble upon me,
this unfortunate fact pandemic that we're all facing so very possible. This summer, the NBA we'll find something that works for them: during a normal year. I mean if, if there's a three game play off tournament in the first second and third round before five game finals or something like that and people love it ratings hit. If the players all approve of networks approve Then maybe they install that is there in season tournament, then the future. Well, we ve argued on this by gas for the following idea, which was at the first round, should be best to five, and you know it that it solves a couple issues. One is that the serious that are over after three games for its a three, nothing weighed in there's: no way no resignation it. I just get it over, keep moving. If I think one of the fears they ve had, and that was just competitor
you play this all season and then once its plan and eighty outside their down to one and the AIDS it as a home game again, for I think you could stagger its soul He had a one, eight batch of the eighty dollars only one home, gave out of the four oh dear you're, reward advantage for in the season it cigarette you're. The one said: that's the five first round before the fire games at home. If you can't win, you don't deserve to advance anyway. I too want to first and yeah she's, just where there are one sided needs it and then the other piece of that would be the seven versus ten aid versus died well, there's a one game playoff for best two out of three or, however, that this would be the year day to do that if you're gonna say we're dumping the rest of the regular season, but we also don't think it's fair to a couple. The teams that round the friends
you could do that where the problem is on the east, though nine and ten seeds were like six games behind eating. In other words, it is a little more packs. I did probably at the bigger back upon it, but it this really is a time for their new experiment with some of this stuff. Just what one game play up: seven versus ten versus die we'll be fucking call I've, people B B, the play off download? What best five first round sounds a lot of problems. I would argue you could even consider best five second round, but I think they'd be too scared to do that. They will want to lose rub. The inner normally urged me to get an army, of course, and this year could be three right about that away. Like you did mention dinner,
like Washington, was five and a half that of our land out there that totally out of it the rattling seventy gets yeah yeah I mean they still could catch Orlando had there been their regular finished. The season, even though its unlikely, but at least you know you could still try out in eight nine ten plan tournament, and that could be a way to resolve the regular season and get it know what one of their number seventy ish games word local tv networks at their money. I don't know how it is possible to go where there is info that came out this week. That idea, heard before and now I don't know what the believe where it has to be games our played for local, not national, so leg of its in the ABC game. There's no local! I give the South enshrine ABC, there's no cs in New England, telecast of that sort, the game, it's just an ABC game that
so that came wouldn't count for the seventy one about that. I think that our on two channels, at once, he s beyond game at a local game. Here, Sierra, that's apart! I nobody for some reason has written the definitive reported story of how this the mad about not even positive. The NBA does because they ve never had even think about this scenario, but I think that that guarantee the seventy games for the IRA sands, but might not necessarily mean that they might still have to go to eighty two games to get them because you think about it. Twelve of the twelve games can be a national tv, fridge team rights, Lakers more s the pity twelve times so maybe seventy local gave out somebody instrument these two, these past rules, even matter now, right day throughout the ages. It had a look. The other way around somewhere before we go on it. Ask about the M J Doc, because your generation you're a generation noticed the disdain. I said
that was my career generation agenda. Does it the broadcasting ok, Boomer is the doubt elaborate. Is the girl because he was your guy- is your generation and now, after four parts of the same day, that I feel some unrest, I feel some unease with, though the branch of camp you were there for the journey expands, but at the same time, you're somebody that cares about the history. You you it than games like eight year and unusual fast, but then again group. But what have we learned from the same day that paid enough. I mean everybody knew about the competitive aspects with Michael Jordan and to the killer. He was on and off the court, but I do think for me seeing it. In this form, has just really hammer at home what it, what a higher differently
that he was on in terms of his competitiveness and that doesn't that's not necessarily makes you great and whatever feel that it is, but it is part of what made Michael Jordan Great and interests being presented in this manner if a bit different than me than reading about it or just hearing about it, watch video and seeing him pompous fist on the court, because you're here stories from the people had the contemporary of time who covered him an evil he played against the people who coached him the people who voted against him. And that really has made it clear just one, higher level. He was on in that regard. Well, now the next four parts really amorous that only them better, really yeah. I think again in a team USA stuff We must become an up pretty soon because they did yeah anyone finals before the ninety two come next out assume then ten USA happened and ninety two the available The end of this we won't be debating the gothic anymore.
Why? Because Leubronn story still being written bill, it says my written and that's. Why reason why I've had a hard time, computer arguing about the goats, because I was born in ninety. Ninety live through Michael Jordan. Fully experience, and I saw I feel I have a hard time taking part of that conversation, but also on the flip side of it Lebron James and done yet they re mention that longevity is work and work as an argument for Lebron James and, as it should but we don't know how many championships he's gonna end up with how many envy What type of accolades he could have moved forward? Historic is not over. Yet Jordan's is as a player and so little abroad in its own right and moving forward. We don't we just don't know what what is going to look like when you stack these two up against each other when it's all said and done for them, on. So I don't feel like you, we can debate, we will debate, but I don't think it's over from a Braun, yet his
the chance they longevity thing to at least like split the boat, where it's like. If you're going ceiling, an impact and force of nature, stuff and Jays always gonna, be them is this, but if you're going, oh, my God, the Brown played for twenty three years- and he was in thirteen any just start, adding up from a mass they point. This is a little like what happened with Brady lady already had you know the resonated B. The conversation with all those other guys Right Manning Joe Montana, who everyone a lesson but dad when they that run worry Wednesday, the three more Superbowl starting the designated by the Atlanta whatever and say. Oh my god, I write, but he was also going up a level too like that what he did. The Atlanta thing was the best moment of his career, so you're right. If the bride was able to pull something like that out, you know at the time
Linda. This second decade is again a free one. Come back in rhetoric and time is ours, sort of his twenty eight, the three come back. The three one come back the warriors so doing money- and I mean it's not over. I could definitely have to me it's like him versus Karim, and I am saying I think, like I gave Karim too much of that short shrift. My book, where you just look at him in the seventies, anyone six envy, peas in issues, the dominant farmer, twelve for years, a dominant where there is no question year after year with the best will in the leg, is accepted. One time, but one with the blazers like went totally told them. Then I put it when the fires other that is the three year by year by year he's the consensus. There's no question: this is the best guy, I'm not sure Lebruns had that, In the same way, over the course of his correct as people thought, Kobe was better
I am really all the way through until you won the first Miami title. I never aided by the way agree that button a deafening kind of went from junk into Cobby and then but gradually, finally le better. What the bride and then ask any loses the throne alone add to the warriors teams and there's some Durant, two thousand and seventeen to register soda toilet thumb. It was always a quiet and kawaii. Last year it wasn't a definitive as it was with Korean, so it just goes to show you that the longer you stop playing the war, people, I was shocked, there's some bird stuff in that they are no because part through the empty doc, where the eighty six ethics in M J lighting up the eighty six ethic,
I don't think people realize how momentous it was just from the state for the Belgrade. Eighty six Celtics was it wasn't that wasn't that was probably the best team of all time still and he's just slicing and dicing them get this accessory place. What makes the eighty Celtics the best team ever over somebody's, both teams. Well, so for me I thought I did, I hope, our greatest teams chapter my book and really like, went all in trying to figure it out. You can really make the case that those first three dandies balls teams were better than the second three and you're talking about so much extension. Dilution by the time you get into the midnight is where, if you had three good guys out a team that was just this enormous advantage. Nobody at anything close to that, but the stuff like just go, watch the games from ninety two
Ninety three Jordans Jordans, just better than I mean he's, probably smarter, as it went along he's a little like Allie, trying to figuring out how to compensate for the loss of the best lettuces whatever, but that ninety two, ninety three Jordan, which you'll see in the it's in six episodes like, is unbelievable. Fifty five what's in play, Afghans just like it's nothing I get out and Clyde Drexler who people said is similar to Jordan for farm Ray and if you go, you can just go look at his best by reference game. Lug from the mid nineties, play off like most of his great glass games happen before the baseball, because back from the baseball is, she said at different levels. Smarter he's got the force of nature
but I think the seventy two wins either. I don't. I never thought it was as impressive as people thought in the moment, just cuz of how weak the league was it's really like it. I think there was sixteen. Is that had twenty wins That year is really learned its partially about comparing the teams or the play as to their competition at the time when you get an evaluation rather than you know the players on the team itself and the performance of those players. The vile sets a bit about, of course, that too, but you know it's everything collectively, because I remember the eighty six hours they went like sixty seven in fifteen in the regular season. Then there were fifteen in freeing the boy ass, an act of those fifty losses in the regular season. Half of them are just like garbage schedule, asses where they, you don't forgot, to show up for a nets game the tea, the good things that they play, that there were, like eight
in the two gets all the teams that one fifty ones are more than they destroyed everybody in the playoffs. They had a hollow favours everywhere that you go big and small. The question for me, as I can't even compare that came through the teams from the last ten years, like that, the two thousand seventy warriors, if we're just say robbing a tournament showing you get with a time machine. I find it hard to believe. They would indeed any everybody, no doubt about it, really advance planning file and any error, re married. What gives any team they would be able to support more game than the other team from the trees, the Celtics were taking making three threes the game, so they they would just be getting an extra thirty points, a game from three is, I don't know how you would
beat that did it Michael Jordan, at one point hold the record for most trees in the finals knows I arrive or sex. Something like that. I mean that sort of this puts into perspective that seems I mean I've. If those teams played those, eighty Celtics would have to start shooting more theories to combating the Golan state. So that's where it becomes. That's where your brain breaks right, because Sophia the eighty six ethics, but you could train them for two years without the stuff. We know now the bar at birds taking eight threes again in years gone down. I lay there were just played for me, but if you just put them at a time machine and they played the where's, the words were shooting free site that I don't think they would know what to do you know I had a parachute perish. You just have to come out you're playing off the floor.
Play Mikhail accelerated bird at power, for you play wed men at small forward, you'd go smaller and you'd probably try to spread the four little bare and try to get Mikhail posting up on Friday. I think they would be just so confused. He is a very distinctive shooting, like six three, the game, so don't send that to the warriors going. Fifteen. Four hundred and forty five against them for three hours, what the fuck is got any isolationism its confusing for me sometime, looking back at seventies, eighties basketball, I mean the game train change so dramatically ever DEC. The decade I can but wonder. What's it look like another ten years from now? Well, and some of the decisions we sell, and I did the sun's balls ninety three and on Sunday spot we're talking about the entire game. Some must win game for the Suns and they don't want to single high screen with Kj and Charles Barkley, and yours be like it. If you came in from a time machine to advise
you'd. Like hey here's, an idea. You should run this way. It will work every single tat, no matter how they defend it. I just put three shooters there and you guys get your score every time and they don't run it. What so, when I even like you see, is showing the games from the 2000s a lot, and you see like the Duncan Parker Screen and roll with Arrow Ginobili in Duncan Duncan, like the perfect guy for those cuz he's hands. He was such a good screener and they were kind of like for gradually run it. You know, and it seems that you sit there are times sinking further. Trade with Philips in regime is an ethical Perfect played around with those guys are even been Wallace as a ram runner allow an airline with with a lot heavy pickin roll off ants. She wall of your floor spacing, for obviously they they could do some of that button, but today's style approach even be far more
anaemic than they already were ass. Yet I was, there was just a mentality back then and pounded download and try to get lapse, how do you actually gave the naked eye index which had the perfect small, but they can be centre after you and goes that you also play games for that year and they're just like taking turns posted people up it. Is they just run a high screen risk? We won't care, be it's gonna, be good cabbages, right role of the river, the Santa You know, for whatever reason they figured out late. That's. Why would I do my book? No nine, it was. I felt really strongly the eighty six shots were still the best game and adding basque much changed so much last decade, it's almost like a before, and after it has always. I you look at Vienna found in how nobody, through the ball in the seventies shore, Cliff branch, leading the league receiving with fifty catches for eight hundred yards or something now analogies changes and then at the different sport is bizarre
you can compare Johnny United against any quarterback threat. Now, how did you ever lasting loudly organs are now a little, but here and there the out not upon it but they know when it's on now put it on the tv, but not necessarily watching studying incredibly closely right. Now, I'm still thinking about this season. I mean at my mind, away from this currencies and happening just ain't What teams are gonna do moving forward and my mom deepen. The draft I was well, that's been my primary focus who, before we go do, you think, would have won the fires of the season, never stops the guy remember your answer and this I think the Lakers before the seasonal stick with them say they guys added into that go. Bear game, weak. Coming out where the Lakers one the two day were prohibited. Favorites at that point, yeah, that's how I thought I'd I just I came out of the weaker, as those guys are one of the title, unless they're just two big into physical and I've had still picking.
I mean, maybe they they check. A lot of those boxes were talking about like he mentioned the seventeen warriors ability to play any style. These Lakers can also play any style as well, and let me that's that's: what makes a league for me? so interesting. Now kills people talk about how everybody shoots threes, but you have such dramatically different styles and away. Teams are getting those points, the way their building their rosters and away their defending with switching sometimes dropping out in its law. Variety in range with way teams are playing right now I can say good luck in the battle of Gettysburg this weekend, They had a very useful for the fact. Go a bill, I bring it in Jack OWN House and one second. First turn your dream into reality with Square Space Square space makes it easier than ever to launch a passion project where they are looking to start new business showcase were published contents all products and more square space. The tool for you, beautiful templates, created by world quest his enemy,
buddy customize. Just that anything with few clicks. You can easily make it for website yourself. You have plenty than do arena squares bases, powerful, equal. Where's functionality, ledge sell anything online analytics had begun, said real time. Everything optimized for mobile read out the box. Nothing! A patch of great ever by demands is simple. We know you'll get the help you need with square spaces. Twenty four seven award winning customers squares base, empowers millions of people from design dollars. Artist, gamers, even restaurants and James, to turn great ideas into something real had to square space. Dotcom such bs for a free trial and when you ready to launch users could be ass to say ten percent off first purchase of a website or domain square spaced outcomes Ashby as Africa would be s eyes, were gonna bring and Jack o and ass in the irony here is that we find the guy Jacko Awesome, recording equipment, so all of us, sound good when data three persons Street and then I screwed up for my so again, my orders about give forty to sixty percent worse here there,
nobody's house a jack over here we're on a three way. Zoom we sent Jacko some real equipment. It's been a long time coming, Jacko expenses, o seven. We ve been on the pod now, if I may add, like a little device and awe- and you have a beautiful set up behind you loud Babo heads- probably the best set up a venue when we've had. Meanwhile, I don't know, what's going on with houses, beard, here's my I need some. I need some guidance. I hate it. I don't like facial hair. I've only done this once in my life. Previously, I'm going to bring the camera up close. See how unwieldy is become, will hand. Hetty Rogers vibe from house
The little give us a look gambler house. You got no window them. The only point at this stage right now to continue this madness. This facial hair madness is to have the opportunity to shape it down and reconstruct the scene from us pray. I love you Johnny cakes side now, who is a nice guy? Who's gonna be who's going to do that scene with me jack quality than an elder with me. He loved Jabba cakes, I dont know what nationality look. I can't find it no longer american country, you look like you're from I urge the genie and make you look like you. You should be it. Man is an interactive or something I'll I'll. Do it don't think for a second that I won't go that direction. I also like this.
Opportunity, and I saw that you took it this week- be ass for the slipped back. Air. Now, right now I had I have a hat, so I can't do it, but I have enough hair to go slick back. Is that just a middle aged crisis kind of thing at this stage that peer boredom, it's it's, I've never had my never been long enough to try to do the paralysis, and you know it is that correct, because the sides are too long, but I have the me and ass? If I want to do, I think the only way to do it, those just to wear black suits. I I love a jet jack. Those got a little bit workin though he's got a little bit of that stuff Slickback I have had it. I've had an urge to do. The greed is good speech when you slick it all the way back. I get the shower cut my hair straight back registered. Do the greed is good? It's it's fantastic. Let's, let's talk about life there in the quarantine Jacko
family situation better or worse. At this point, as we had into we gate with thine, whatever it is well, its immediate weak, nine would start unaware and everybody you now. Everybody is kind of their breaking point, I mean it. Everybody everybody's it trooper about this thing, but Now usually have an outlet of where you know that the wife and kids awry like gonna go off and do our own thing or whenever the wife goes by what the wife, the way is now really politically correct. My wife, my beloved wife, will go out with some friends rob with some friends yellow little break from things. But now it's like you know. Twenty four seven togetherness with the kids like trying to teach the kids it'll, be the distance learning and the school between the school in twenty four seven with the kids. It's rough Ives, I've, two daughters aged fourteen and aged eight, eight s, eight, and so they can allow fairly well. But you know everybody is sort of wearing and everybody's nerves. At this point,
the rolling with it we have our moments lately know that enforcing the weather is not really cooperating in Connecticut cuz. We have not really had spring so much yet so it's been like cold but would like it is going to rain. But when there's a few sundays in get outside, it's good to be outside and at least in a confines of our yard, gather fresh air, so we're doing the best we can. But it's enough at this point really you now are you trading herself with like split that the laundry maybe actually exactly, I moved the law. Yes, it was yesterday at yesterday the law that was big treat for me. I got to go outside the law and death is kept at a really look at board that so that as good yards footnote, the laundry by wise been baking alot of bread. So, like a lot of bread, baking let a baking of cookies and cakes, and we see we painted a dream and our bathroom and in our bedroom that was good. Now my wife is Laden needs another project, so she's been out there
are doing a lot alike, yard work when, when the weather permits and am looking for stuff to do, try in organizing closets, attics basements running out of things to organise. Really so it sounds like you have that two months left before you start getting that some real role play to try to make sure that yeah, I'm worms and wigs, but they haven't come yet so as to get out soon suit us our thanks and yet well that this is the other benefit of the facial hair. I dont look anything like what I look like most of my life, so it is a built in role, play kind of vibe yeah
it makes me? Look older scientist tell my wife, you know you're having an affair with an older man. Congratulations elder Argentinian Ed hush, but I will say in in order to preserve committee in my household and harmony I have been leaving. I leave my house every day for at least six hours. My off This is downtown and situated in a place where I can honour the most stringent social distancing requirements, because I am floor in a building where there are no other tenants and I go directly from the Ass to my office, and there a kind of rhythm to being out of the house. I help in the morning like get my little guy situated most days and kind of ready to pretend like he's, gonna do school work and then he does no school work.
However, and I come home- and we try to have like some kind of basketball practice every day or baseball practice, something so he's out of the house for some then a period of time and then I'll take a blow responsibility for dinner, and you know the only times I get yell that are the one in the morning. You know bottle and a half in Let me now briefly: breakdown moments like you, ass you're leaving the house you. You know it's too, you're right. You just had to go round I have to say that, like the distance learning thing, I'm with House khazar my kids, you know my kids go to catholic School, so we pay for school and it's like we pay for them to go further. Day and my eight year old, whose in third grade is you know they started? Eight o clock, nine thirty she's, like I'm, done some like another. Now kid have hot. Let me turn in an hour and a half like we send you don't normally
Dad's eight hours a day and now you're telling me you're done in an hour and a half. This is ridiculous, and then we get emails from the teacher like while Brigitte needs to redo number five. There were seven twenty three like Bridget when you do it because she's in a hurry to like she has a thing where she can like play video games with her friend, while talking with them her knocker. Whenever device she has. So it's always like what we're in a hurry to speed through this work and then get to it at a distance. Learning thing is really like a farce at this point, because my wife and I are both like we have admitted to ourselves how lacks we are with this like
Not sitting there with them and going over it in my reader, making sure we things good to go, and you ve done everything and nine weeks in it's like I'm, just not going to give at this level of dedication that I really should story. My life really be asked: what are your kids doing? Benson is really gotten into the Anna fell. That's right! That's been the big when he's just all in it. I moved from face to face what I meant about school, the same things who this virtual learning scores I said, claimed as a lot of homework, but somehow it's always done within like three four hours. My daughter's got more, but it kind of shines a light on how much wasted time there is, in the whole school day between traveling through the school, coming back from the school he's different resources and stuff, and when you condense it into a few, ours is not nearly as many hours you should think. So I don't know if they're gonna rethinking the thing that's crazy to me is you know
and I think a lot of different schools have done. That's where they schools took the spring break anyway, and and then it's like you come back and it's like we couldn't. We have just kept school going during the spring break. Nobody can go anywhere, like maybe fix the sketch, As I know that makes too much sense. So now I dont have probably deserved a break from making lesson plans to so I, maybe better. It seems like an opportunity to get everything done. While nobody can go anywhere, then there is no longer summer would have yet trying to finish it, the diesel public school system. God bless them big grabbed the spring break that was supposed to be off in the future, pulled it all the way back to the onset of still on this India and use that time to figure out the game plan they were going to use and also, to their credit, very sensible, at least for a third greater
there is a check in the morning with the class. It's basically social, a check in at the end of the day. That's also social and then a set of line. You know, challenges that my son, there's, probably like. Six to eight a day and we we feel pretty good if he gets through to the end. I'm at some other doubly are hard, although has the chicken in the morning, but no check out the afternoon. So they just check in. Like you answer some basic question that only you would know, or whatever shows your therein alive and then it's all, she wrote so that my kids are like. Well, that's good now how to play roadblocks right that role blocks my kid in Europe. Should be friends, I'm absolutely which leg about rights all day long. It's always gotta give small small, not adults who just want to get out of doing work, the choice to stop the work as soon as possible. A great idea there is going to make the right choices there
I feel bad. You want just one thing back to your son, getting into the NFL yeah. I mean really your son, getting instead about this point a little bit like rolling out to the Titanic, had the iceberg. It's amazing Radie Brady God and drugs garden is like now, I'm interested death- it's here that gives it will lead to that party. No well, is he's the supply of gas to me, but that the net spent fascinating is he's learning about story, and you can really like crash dive it because you watch all these different, shows to win. You know he's playing that's video games that are really got him into it for about eight. He, as are these opinions, where's Lawrence Dad, was terrorist the feds are forever random idea. That, actually is true is that, I think, is the best ideas, no idea what is shocking egg, I gotta get a rating and maddening as the best. Madame writing is that why he had he watched the football life at this.
Regards Taylor, where everybody is, I think, as the best but the boy. So he's he's been really obsessed with China began, who the best part is everywhere. And how many people are in the last stand there like Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor, Tom Brady, how long does that lets go of anything catching up on all these old games and he was doing this big school project on it so that part's been kind of fun? But you don't, like my daughter, turns fifty this weekend. It's just weird. It's just any sort of a that normally be like oh cool, what are we doing we're going to have a thing or go out to dinner like whatever? Now it's like all right? Well, I guess maybe we'll order from a really special place. You don't like what would I do every year and then my mom who I am
was gone out there, but she just won't come over with big its cause. She can't get a higher than what we don't even know. She's coming over first speeches that she's had stayed with everybody. She does her walk. What's today that said, and then and then may I mean the parent conversations Where is my dad's, I'm so bored and make your home everyday anyways? I gave it now, there's no sports and safe, and so those conversations are worth what's it like for decades I will say my parents are winners. Out of this whole thing. You know, notwithstanding the fact that they really ought not to come in the country. With any other human beings and they ve been pretty scrupulous about that, but the amount of contact they get with. Therefore kids. Now I mean I'm on a weekly call with my parents, where you know previously, we were talking at best like once. Every
two three weeks in a lot of that. Just you know, I'm I'm embarrassed to confess it was Colin over there to get my mom become baby set em, but we're a schedule. Now we have all thing and they are just rotating amongst my two brothers of my sister. They get a lot of direct time with their kids in grandkids now yet friend, zooms and their families, have been against one good outcome at adding another awesome outcome. As you know, I think all the said. Some questions about our president You know whether, if anything bad happened, could he rise to the occasion makes a good choice. Is that really be a leader and I think that's been answered. I was just out for my derelict daily dose of injecting sunshine at my ass and it really read me feel so much better really took care of a lot of things, or maybe that was good per his recommendations to some at their sunlight and through the body which,
I mean you're a way to do that. We could give him credit no weak. There is that whole thing, maybe I shouldn't say this: we have a classmate that I think might have explored this. The whole bleaching or asshole thing. What was like a thing, those those that's out there Tran, you know, like the cartoons, invented that right they innovated that and look if the president wants to to explore whether or not back and that can be applied more generally in and get the get the Rona behind us who who, whom I am. I I'm not gonna ingested myself, but look we're just six we're off football in here Ross Bit boring. I liked to him when he had that legendary press conference about the disinfected distance plead insanity had that shot of the one scientist at this time.
Who looked back May after their Boon Hombre game and and then after that there are these articles. After about they decided baby. These are great idea. These daily briefings. They do a copy short baby him speaking extra previously per hour. Is it a great man and I don't know how it goes going for cuz. He clearly loves the attention, but he just makes it worse every single time he says anything, it's it's honestly, the boat. It's we're going to look back when we're on our deathbeds being like what was the crazy, to be alive, the entire time we're alive Ruby right now. This is this. Is it actually says that this is the peak. It's me. You know it's crazy is like it. You know he came out and he's just sort of spit ball and out thereabout like injecting disinfected and getting sunlight in your body or ever just sort of spit, bought it saved bill, throw it against the wall and see what sticks and people are just like and then even like you know, typically hard core trumpets were like em it we should cut.
Press conferences short, maybe no mass. On the old press conferences, you now and then like things like the other day like they tried to service which gears and there's this thing about like this. Does you have both video from these Billy's fighter jets and they Davy confirmed it they're, like I didn't know what that was in America, just sort of like shrugged and moved on its like we're living in the craziest timeline. Where you you ve essential it out there at the alien or something. But there is some sort of aid flying device which the government, the greatest military in the world, could not account for and keep up with. No one is from an America's like, what's next great easy by its it's, that is its like Ok, that's cool brow. When can I get a haircut exactly? Can I go get a haircut.
I read all those as you guys, though, I'd like to go to the Reddit Conspiracy Board and they had a lot of articles about that and I at first I thought it was like a Reddit conspiracy like there he got to take with a grain of salt and then you look at who's right in the article said, it's the New York Times to see it as it's like Pentagon inside I did the deep dive on. I couldn't believe it they're like yeah, there's, there's no way of a flying. Object can drop like that with the G force to pile just immediately die. It's his grip. Awaits you fast. Why followed it? I've never seen anything like it that it was due to do like this deadly happened this with some fucking weird thing that was in the sky and some of our best pilots had no idea would forgive us. I mean there's no there's no good answer because either it's an alien, it's it's from another world and we can't keep up with it or of its from earth. It's it's something from like some other country that we can't keep up with, which is equally
as bad or some unknown technology from some private billionaires, something that should allow is something that we also we as a government or is it as a military can't keep up with also not great and we're all just like what am I going to door dashed, whether a tv? What's it was vague without the next channel? It's crazy. I hate to diminish your domain. The importance of this and the seriousness of it all, but I have to tell you just watching it. It looked like a fly was on camera. It looked like a fly like only of like oh, like a fly, flew end into their image and then dropped out of sight and like well. I feel you, you know if it really was a genuine object.
On the horizon- and you know, you measured use physics to determine what the Hell's going on with the thing, but I'm just lie in the camera. Look like a fly in the camera to me. What do I know that will help me sleep better now, go at that time. He s believe any of us sure. Yes undoubted without hesitation or reservation. I believe in them a lot more until the last ten years, when everybody had their on cell phone cameras cuz, you would have thought like the times that when we stop was so rare resolve this one time in New Mexico. This guy was able to fund this. But now, like everybody, from anything at all times, and I feel all the stuff. We wondered whether it was true that now we would just be a bit of films and prove it. So like there's a big foot, there's bigfoot aside, we somebody would have seen a camping and if there is more you have those are you of us, a certain area. We see them.
Just haven't, and then this Pentagon video happened. I was a baby, certainly regard now we're back, but who knows I. I have always been a believer new offers and go says you guys there wouldn't be, wouldn't really be something like you know. You think, back to all these movies from the fifties were like a flying saucer, on the mall of washing DC, and you know the president has to go out and made it, and I thank them aliens. Finally, land after you know hundred years regulation and that the president they made is definitely speaking you have to go out and meet the aliens visibility. The hugest aliens are the best they waited with vice president. They would have If I was the president that this is the representative,
humanity utter download, jade tramp. India has just like what the fuck you know. I like the stories about whether there like people are worried about the president is getting restless. It's like that. It sends out there talking about my poor girl side is hanging like bills. Parents are worried about ban he's getting restless. That is put myself in any of the truck articles of the same or were how does he seventy six year? Seventy six year old, you no father same idea. Right right at either end Trump, like sports. There's, no sports to distract them out. He's is extra bored. I think, if he's looking for ways to deflect and distract, this is the time for the job case ass, a nation they just empty them- fuckin, mother, lode, but see it. Let's do it tribe. They didn't like Alice. Have one get outcome from your presidency? Let's, let's dusted off with the exam.
It would happen. What else would you want to see jacket? Thousands are you a host of, but I guess they kind of they kind of emptied. The votes are met. The J F K, stuff, J, F K would be good. What else would govern beheading I'd like to see? I don't know, that's that's pretty much Dino Ufos J F K. That's, I can't think of anything else. I'm really curious about government lies has now I feel the same way as it out a long list of bigger to at this stage of our now. I did very much enjoy. There's a story that appeared out the cook. A media guys are doing a deep die. If on the role the CIA played in this by who is the band? Did you see this now? I like it, 80s rock ballad band and it's a famous song and a famous band, and because I'm
fucking old. I can't remember either one as a whole political backstory with that. Has a lot of CIA. Stop I'd like to see some the CIA stuff that that would be give me they. They like? They had a role in the lyrics and they had a role in making it popular worldwide and it contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall. That's the thesis of this thing. But I like the dossier helping with rock lyrics kind of funny, I'm about me Amadeus a day s help it was. I can remember I'll, look at why we're talking this time. That does not bother that because it from a distraction, standpoint, How do I guess if the Euro voting didn't work? Maybe they're Adam Adams moves JFK Jake case. The last thing I did anyone under thirty with the eight? Maybe it stops with our generation caring about what happened a jacket, maybe there's a cut off yeah, probably evidence the day about, like our generation, like, obviously, we have this covid nineteen
should we had nine eleven and then there's somebody. But I was like, what's the other big thing from from genetic seen our we remember as a big event, I remember when the challenger blew up. That was a huge deal. I was like a junior and high school that was like the big one, everybody was like. You know. We remember where you were when the challenger blew up. That was like a huge deal, but at other people like the fall of the Berlin Wall, the bridge I fell we're in college- and I think we are kind of drunk through languages woke up one day, really wait. There's no Berlin Wall anymore. If we didn't I really like tvs at the time watch the news that there was no social media? so it s kind of, like you, certain heard about it after the fact that I feel like for me anyway. That was entitled. That was a huge deal. I was historically, but I don't feel like we really like live through that cuz. We were in college and probably at a kid party, the things that I remember happen in us and college. Where one was when the Gulf WAR started, he was afraid a neighbour and we relax and CNN, and we know what the fuck.
He's gonna. We're are eligible to get drafted which is of getting like Bob watched it in and then the other one was one macho Mansour, none Hokosa which, The real issue at the time and just shocking troubling well I'm here we were all together for the buster Douglas MIKE Tyson fight that was All that we do not yet know that was you knew big at the time we met. That was we're. Having a party we arrive, Gibbous Department party, yes and then by the tenth round we looked around Every girl is gone right, shaggy, forty five guys so did five dark ups, as other has just read. We used to call out Saturday, night and Friday night and Thursday night. It was scorpions and there was the ban I was thinking of and the song winds of change the silent, really yeah them right now Berlin Wall, patently
yeah. I wrote it. I was again from sporting events that the one that was the most vivid for me was when we watch the Kentucky do game as they should. That. I'd CBS on a sunday- and I was just like I remember- I don't I think house, it grants yeah. I was gone here. You are but I remember we, we I'll watch that entire game and just like lost our minds they are the arrival in Turkey in our poor. Whenever ourselves, I was bombed out, remembered the prince in Georgia. Game is another like that that was Saint Patrick Day we're all out, and that was like a big the area, so this generation I did the previous one.
A bit at eleven p M instead of this Rona. Is this the Fuckin Rona password? What I see the area consuming? So I have been on this pretty steady, binge of h, G Tv and the food network because in my cable package there immediately adjacent to one another mine too. I think that must be of America, yes, maybe south, so I just bounced back and forth. So I have all the h g tv shows, because my wife and I can can watch them peacefully together and not yell it. It's a terrific escape mechanism, there's absolutely nothing about the real world that comes in watching me.
She tv or the or the food network, and I have to tell you the single biggest upset, the biggest surprise of my tv viewing in terms of those channels. I am unabashedly a guy the airy truth her. I love guy very well triple g, triple d, all of his stuff in how about this, that guy, who so far ahead of the curve, propping up independent restaurants, restaurants, that don't get the limelight- and here we are in this moment an end so watching. I have this this appreciation for him for all that work that has been doing for twenty I'm years taking us to flavour town with all those beautiful, independent restaurants that we need to survive on the backside. Guy fear truth them. Instead,
Where have you been ladys? Guy very truth. Rather, there is gonna, be like some deep conspiracy about guy theory. There he was struck, drive at the upper ways. These been lamp, for so many years now. I agree. I like guy vary too. Like week we watch an inordinate amount of hdtv and food network as well. I've been trying to get my wife do. I we watch the first season of O Ozark couple months ago. I've freakin love Ozark, so I've been trying to get we have to watch season to a bizarre can she's like. I need something up lifting. Now, I'm not ready their wives, something depressing because the situation in everything so I've been like clamouring the watch. Ozark we wash hdtv might. The younger daughter is obsessed with the office
and we are now lodging for. Like the third time through, I literally, I could recite lines like you, you played episode. I could prior recite ninety percent the lights from episode, because we watch length washed it three times in a row through how I see she's eight right, the mice my night, world, also adores the office. Why what's going on here? she told me she wants an office themed Birthday Party for her. Now for her birthday party believable. And, like you know some of the other, that's what she said. Jokes like mercifully go over her head and then She knows by it's funny, but there's something about, but something about the office that the kids absolutely love like. She is obsessed with it, so every night she's like Dad office and we want the opposite Netflix
that's so much smarter than any shall we would have liked a backward looking below these angels at the boat risk operate separately. So my daughter's obsessed with the office and, of course, in our earth. This seems like a hundred years ago, but early on in the quarantine like every other American. I did my duty and watch Tiger king, which Atley you had to do right. I got into a one day, and yet I was floating around in an oxygen network. They had some documentary which takes me back to your days with your days back and trust and about the West Memphis three, oh yeah, this guy's not trying to exonerate them because their out of prison, but it was to try to solve the crime. Let me down. I was members, three rabbit hall that lasted a good week or so in his dislike, there's no coming back from buttons of boy. We know the answer, the step that debt it yet the guy tickets, that right? I don't know that guy,
a guy that guy's exonerated, but there's another step farther than theirs. They found his hair and not everything else and Yes, a little sounded a little weird about that. So I got my stepfather setbacks. Mixed up argues that step that's confused, read, but When you used to live in Charleston, Riverview used to watch those HBO documentaries like yeah, EAST West of Paradise, or whatever it was, Paradise lost or whatever it was I mean we enjoy that time. So much we ran back, we got together for bs biases, you know momentous birthday in November. What was the documentary watched documentary by Jan Demand, Yoke right, that's ii, that made might have been the nazi wartime cuts, they should be out on tracing camp, manage we have that in our inner defence, their resolve theirs for substances above that probably steered us for at least some that decision.
But I suspect back those like there was for us staying in a house on the beach in California, like you, know, ample bars and restaurants, and whenever we could have walked too, and we decided to stay inside a watch. It think about a guy that document might have been a coastguard. Every Sarah now raised still had the sides were made my army. For me exactly, I do feel like the three of us were like the first people who love shit. Like Tiger King, that window, Now that not realizing, because we don't have the internet or whatever that there's people like us all around it later, but I like with, though with the West Bank for free. Far as we knew. We were the only three people that even knew about the darker had consumed better talked about it. We were like obsess today. There is a member who is the love that each bail outs have ceased to see the one with that the Roma
I shall house, I'm not. I remember it is ahead of its time. It's all these true crime, podcast now Doktor Michael Baker, and it would just be like that met David and he would have the two people were. I just have a big memory of one of them ended with the guy killed his wife, but he involved there and she was just living in the attic with them for twenty five years, but has allowed us to fight that, and this was like the ring bid. Daddy's red is evidence and stuff was starting. We were starting to understand what it was, and that was with that whole show. Us now there's like, I would say, fifty versions of that show on probably twenty different channels. That was the wait every time they had a knew, what it was like. Oh my god Avenue Autopsy gave it. The other way has denies the latter now Jack Odin as much was other. The hooker shows how they're the ones were like the hookers in Atlantic City, her half as we watch out what was a cod,
in the hopes of maintaining my future political career. I want to say no, I wasn't into the hookers that now we just recording no hunters for me, they steadily hidden camera ones with the with the hookers Suzette cookers, I'd hooker point or whatever the right right who suffer point. That's where you are absolutely right and we would watch how whoever was programme. HBO on the late? 90S was doing an exemplary job at the point hookers at the point, yeah cuz then, and then they try to follow it up with a pencil in that I didn't like his much was harder to get into Penn the be sympathetic towards the hookers, much yeah. I was like a hundred light where there were added, as the pimps were, where less than
if we had that we had as we got into ratifies. The color was in a thousand documentary fortune happy times it felt like one, every other, your crimes, that that is now like the one of the biggest industries. We have forgotten generously. Oh, this is ramble. This Oprah channel likely never home during the days of you flip around the Oprah channel. Does lake oxygen network, whatever it's like all crime, all the time right because I know I think it's geared towards women says to be offensive, but I think women loved the true crime stuff there like nets, for it might have been the ringer actually than the thing about a true crime convention, and it was like you know, eighty percent of the people it go to this thing are we unlike the USA, there women feel like they could be victims or they won solved a crime or they emphasise with the victims and and it's like empathize with the victims and an eight that's the true crime is big. Is it's a huge market and four may apparently so?
I will say I hadn't thought about it. The first three people to recommend the podcast cereal to me were all women from different walks of of my life. I call you laid them by low each other, but all women who recommended cereal to me yeah. What one at one of the most popular package is that one with the two ladys that talk about circulars, a rapid third- and it turned into like a live, show Trevor the name of it, but it's I think it's one of the ten biggest podcast, though it may just like, did today, basically jeep that break down a circle jack I felt like you could have had that corner took up their nobody love serial killers more than yes ship therein, I merely missed out there. Are there still tat, still, maybe maybe bring back speaking at your crime. I watch two thousand three games: seven Elsie S, yeah ideas, Pierre and I don't have you noticed
Guy Reds ESPN Jimmy Patera, you Jack, you said I was really okay, the nuclear, my guess is. Are we won't be seen the two thousand for CS, I would like that was my concern because I saw on Twitter that gave seven of two thousand and three was on, so I turned it on and I was little bit. I watch bits and pieces of that. I was a little bit, but I was afraid that maybe the next night would became seven of two thousand and four and there was no chance of meeting into that. No chance, I can't believe how bummed out I first buy. Watch the whole game fits with the surrey with the quarantine. I couldn't wait. Bummed out, I got we're up for nothing. We knocked out that fat fuck face Clemens took knocked his ass out, its third and first no outs in the fourth or up for nothing top of the fourth and and Messina comes in.
And just shuts down shuts down for three readings JB who, if, if he like blood at that point, I put Tonia but a combative is mistaken. I fear he. He goes deep on page loads for one. I would by the way I didn't see this game since it happened like I want shit. I wrote a calm about every has been icon that day and then try to blackmail, to my mind, gee Abbe another home arts for two. But then Ortiz hit the homerun to check network five to ya. Let me go Pedro gets out of the seven goes into the aid and he's clearly dragging Jeter's. I, like all that stuff and fucking Matsui comes up. Who kills us, who I just seen his I was getting the fucking, the hives from it saves the oh, my god, that guy elated it's like such an obvious bringing.
Left the out every our whole, both at a bit lights out there all series in greater comes out and just leaves pager read any pictures Cambrian Posada Austin, it's five five! It's like seventeen years ago, I was so mad watching it I was like. I can't believe you didn't put. Em and then it goes in it and then Ribeiro in and it's just like a hero bright. And then and then Wakefield I'll I'll, never blame Wakefield, because he was awesome that whole season it's a thing or two air bird. But when the funny things is its three main booth with Joe Buck Carver and bright bird, whose they're just one year is there one year for reason, because he brings as little for the table as I think we ve ever heard. Repay faggot
he's just like he's just not talking anymore. I don't know whether he was nervous for and Joe Buck's like boy. You know the Yankees are going to have to like yeah. This is some game and then, I hit the game winner and yeah, one of the great things ever like this iconic Yankee team, that is, a photograph of the Johnson feet yet again, the Red Sox now their fans it just like. Oh my god, we should just never watch baseball game. This is ever happening the shot because dug up and then their cutting a fuckin Brett Boon, whose staring at the field with this done smile on his face, where's anywhere Kara propose reaction to this is related to the guy. The homer they were probably think he'd, be like emotional, be legal, tiered. His I owe my brother. I can't believe it is he Ain t hero. Everybody just gave him nothing, just nothing for people, wonder why the red Sox fans were so insane and why we're still insane but like they do the bread.
They do the Ehrenberg attribute the n eddies never like what were you nervous, they're down five two and he said yeah. You know she told us to go store going to show up at some point and I guess they did and I'm like. This is why I was a fucking lunatic for the purse five years, but I, like you cheat or on the other side who killed us first, you know his entire career down. Five, two against the best pitcher that era jitters a worker. As the combatants I'll get it. We all got it. I don't know my life would have been like a whenever. I remember you. His world Series DVD, I think, from when they want in ninety nine. They played the Red Sox in ninety nine and apply offs and the Red Sox had Pedro, and he was lights out at the height of his powers, and there is, if there's a scene. Dvd were very Williams, is like you now talk in these countries like she's, a red Sox are pretty good. You know I forget who they don't have they had manlier big problem, but whoever they had you these there, a good team and they had Pedro he's like I'm a little nervous, Yogi Barrow is like we ve been.
These guys were eighty years was the problem in birdies like Gay, was right right absolutely so that was what was the mentality that we grew up with in our formative years and not so much anymore, but that ever since two thousand and four, but that was the mindset of the time it almost broken. I was not at game. Seventy two thousand three, but I was at the game in that serious. When the Pedro Zimmer Game, told this before I was at the Pedro. You know it when Pedro threw down Zimmer and Clemens and everything else, and that was literally the closest I've ever been like the Roman Colosseum. I mean that that Red sir I was at Fenway for that game, death rate that came it. You know there was throwing it people nothing else and Pedro Zimmer thing. They shut down beer sales very early. I remember that distinctly and that crowd was like out for blood. I mean
I was not wearing anything Yankees related cause. I was smart enough to know that I could be lynched here, so I knew better than that, but at that crowd was like the you could just feel it like to feel it in the air of like how that crowd was like, we haven't one and eighty years we ve fucking hate these Yankees. We hate them so much If ever there was a Roman Sinclair means that everything I like there was violence in the air like I was the most uncomfortable. I've ever fell at a sporting event in my life and and then the next year magic happened in, and it's been a different world since then, but that was like really like. That was rough. You know ass, I was thinking as as watching is. I just don't think baseball. Anything to that level. Again, I just did the drama the intensity, but also like that. What the crowd was like in the old saying things of that, but it makes sense, because you think everybody that was there a grown up with baseball right and that generation
really late, starting in the mid nineties, do about these kids that these games, her like that aim, ended the airborne commanded after midnight say your basic losing out it out this point, but made a million times but everyone under twelve years old ads are they didn't stamp, has been data, watches games, whereas our generation, I feel like we saw the big baseball games right, that yeah grew up on this stuff, and now I think feel with them obeyed. Now there were two thousand twenty that mean that may not be a season. The shepherd said who's out are all those kids, and then they became adults. Why would they care about based, the way we did it's it's just now. It seems a function of whichever fan bases are in there.
Elsie S and Elsie S and then the and the world series those communities are engaged. But, like your point, as is the right one, I had thirty years twenty five to thirty years of experience with the Red Sox and the Yankee in my life, even out of all I have just an Orioles fan right baseball was so prominent in my life. For all that time, I had built up equity. I hated the Yankees and I hated the Red Sox. I especially hated the Yankees in that that era, because they they cheated the Orioles in in with a grand plan. You sacks Meyer thing yes out I had it in and it was easy to test or a route for the Red Sox and I was invested like if it wasn't in the kinda watching
Houston and end the Dodgers couple years ago were it's a curiosity are put on. The world series causes the World series I'm not invested. I barely care who wins that that I was, you know a fan ruling against the Yankees, even as an Orioles guy back then, but it's so many stars to where you had Rivera cheater and climate. And Bernie Williams adjust these guys that had been in big games for you.
The Red Sox. I did Manny Tapia Tatro, it's it's like watching it all star game just watch that year and it just felt really significant and I baseball's had significant moments sense, but there was so much I couldn't just in that Red Sox, Yankees rivalry that had built from the late. Ninety nine like when the Red Sox really start. Ninety seven Pedro shows up at the Yankees are winning world Series and there's this big brother little brother then developing and it all kind of crested in three and four, but I just wonder, will baseball. The Yankees Red X, Ray rule, never been anything like that again, and I do think that Jacko, how does he had ever come back with that? No, no! It's never to be like that, because the Red Sox fan had you know, eighty years of accumulated acts and everything else, unlike h, hatred and
It's never gonna be like that, because the red Sox have had a you know unprecedented for them certainly run of success in the tables of kind of turned out I'll. Tell you I game, seven in two thousand and three: it has a special memory for me, because I was living with my now wife, whom is thy then girlfriend at the time, and the Yankees were down five. Nothing and I had an absolute shit fit in the living room. Kicking the coffee table for could swearing a blue, Drake and go an ape shit, because they're gonna losing the Red Sox are about to go to the World Series and she got disgusted and she went to bed and she was like a mere ridiculous and went to bed was big fight. I watched the end of the game, the Yankees come back when the game happy go to bed, try to make up the ass, the acres, whether go the world series. She don't give a shit the next day she gets up before me and she's all pissed off, because I had bought like a twelve pack of like Amselle lighter something- and I put it in the fridge and she couldn't see it in the fridge because it was in like a vegetable container and she got up the next stage was. I can't believe you drink twelve beers last night.
And I opened up. The drawers was completely full all bears, unlike their right here, and she knew how to respond. It was the last time I won an argument. Sahara has a special report for two thousand and three the life of an argument with Her- and I was like oh here it is their bo public as I had moved under the Jamieson, but she didn't know that that was really that is great memories of the edges where in the world series- and I had like one argument with my girlfriend- it was fantastic good it where they lost of Florida. Was this such a weird alcohol? I now this incredible air sea ass? It then the Elsie S was A credible, exactly advantages cannot answer this weird Florida versus the Yankee Series right I may have like floriculture. Marlins, they brought in you, know all these ringers and then they like dumped him all the next year of Zeus, like their previous world series, and that was the end of baseball in Miami. But yeah was ridiculous, as it was
two thousand and one with nine eleven and now they when I was a game when broaches hits the home run, the egg is three to they go back to Arizona or like Yankees, have this in the bag and they lost that and then too thousand in three, you figure the way they came back as the Red Sox. They have this in the bag and they call that away to sew- and for like you know, is fine. I really genuinely aided some of the egg is sure I don't and I was younger at that point younger, more rational there. Now I like, like really, I hated Joe Tory A regulatory was one of those, whereas in fact that guy he's been very cares about squares of himself hated climates, Jeanne be with just offensive anytime heated up. These got through the tv issues would work up, which I just think ass. We get older. We don't you don't think about sports the same way but like that, you know now that I had the players are so much more and more lives with such billions that are more human beings with it.
Their bids? You believe, go three. There were just people that were in our way, these villains, these objects of hatred at times per year, but even see Jugglery like pretending to be near tears at the boon already built into that sort of thing. That guy said they like the coach, get as how they hear that coach case. I had resigned, shut up about it, a building, tat, anything else or sugar aggregate house. Yesterday how do the Argentinians? Let us now goes with them when manners retirement we're. Gonna have a nice roasted. Carnea aside, I we're gonna. Do a giant fire pit with beef. Try in the euro makes everybody's well fed through through the door restaurant near. When are you going to invite him on the House of Carbs change, your party, or whatever it's called on house of cards when you going to buy Jack up I mean we have to keep a guy in a way we did. We ve done to episodes. There's a lot of people.
To tat. I want you know I love going into people's kitchens Korea has the most incredible liquor cabinet. If you ever seen this thing now, are you, after you might have to watch it? We're gonna put up some video, the stuff, unbelievably experts, The lad explains a lot about that Chris rang Jacko. This is a pleasure, is always simply equipment, work, sir. I hope this is a success I would like the guessing. Three a body there, I'd thanks to zip recruiter, don't forget about zipcar dot com, slash work together thanks to show time and billions the hit Showtime says it's back Sunday night me third nine pm only on show time, and then you can go right to the recapture bulls feed that we have and listen to behind the billions with brand coppermine, and David Levine resell on I'll, be back on Sunday night
during our usual thing, I'm sure whether another episode of M J. We watch balls on past about, oh, be working, I apologize hope you stand safe at their hope. You listen to the doctors, experts Everything is your end, will see you on.
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