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Wild/Plausible NBA Summer Moves and Houston's Conundrum With Zach Lowe | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 368)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN's Zach Lowe to discuss possible Chris Paul–Rockets contract decisions, Toronto's coaching situation, fixing the NBA playoffs, and the wildest NBA summer moves you'd actually believe.

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put a bunch of choices up there right now, training day is bad beating, remember the titans. So if you want to your destiny and that it is pinned to the top of my twitter feed go on though I think I'm a bad day left. She can do that. Four years ago, the ringer dot com, covering the NBA playoffs. Some great tv shows billions Herman about the end of setter, live dead, pull to exit poor bottom music stuff. Coming it's on the ringer that come coming up, mild friends at global first programme right Second half of the home and home. I went on the low post last week, Zack low,
grandma Anti may be as being that come the jump at another. It is up to, but he is on here we'll talk, NBA, perhaps how I I'm gonna done it's pretty boring weekend a basket by this seems like a recurring theme where we have a lot of dead days. Between games, especially like if some of those ran twos and early and then that game three it's like either feast or famine with quality the games. I know we're gonna get to great game, fives that's happening, but I don't know round three left Miller Cold. Has there been a good game yet make escaped the game? Ones were like semi good, now regain ones where the game and by not even semi good game. Now is a little bit not that none of these game, one of Houston going to say it was like. Ok, it's game to Cleveland Boston was at least compelling cause. The brown came out and was gangbusters. That game was probably better than we realized clean,
then in play while, but I'm trying to say you know, as I was when I go in your pack, ass were were more focused we're bat were more basque about this one when you come on mine, I throw hypotheticals. I you know you uncomfortable in places you don't really want to go, can you do that right away. I wonder I wanna talk. I have. I have Edwin coming up later soul, anti or seats, oh yeah, listeners most shocking summer moment, you'd actually believe. That's, we await her and the best, that's right now I just went quickly about at the two ran threes. First question:. Can Chris Paul at age. Thirty three be the second best guy and shape it should. Then I think so you know he hasn't gotten. A series is fifty two points on forty seven shots. I just read or something I don't gamble
game game. Now. Now I don't you know what I don't want to hear. I don't want to hear anything about any one leg, injury anymore. I just don't want to hear it. I'm done hearing it step. I have you ever seen a player turn around more dramatically from first have to second Athens deathless lay night. It might be the biggest half time turnaround. I've ever seen you think they'd what he thinks of the fishery happened, they put him on some highly bedchamber. This is what happens on the BS report prepared Chamber is. That is officially, though, in our chamber now I neither fishermen I think stuff is going on in the locker himself, a member game, seven Indiana Leubronn had cramps and each in have them treating the cramps on the bench she actually left went to lack of time, and I think they just put him in some twenty second century have hyperbolic Chamberton pump team, a glow and into his into is the sides of his head and did all this data set. It was fine, I don't know what happens, eat oranges as ever to us at the party line, my friend he ate or AIDS or slices, and I think
some water he ate. Some orange slices account. Try that my daughter is a three day soccer tournament this week and try the orange slices thing, but Chris Paul there's this contract extension that just looming over both you know here in seas and if it ends in five, which I think is probably of of fairly safe. That at this point, may be six, but this you know. I do believe that wink wink stuff happens. I think it's impossible approve did the Joe Smith thing put the fear of God and everyone. I refuse to believe that Chris Paul left all that money on the table last summer, unless he was at least reasonably confident whose guinea extension from Houston at this in time, You ve seen the John contract, the Big Griffin contact them. I kindly contract the thought of paying Chris Paul.
They pass a million a year for the next four years after the share when he's heading into his mid thirties to me is terrifying witty. Would you think about this? So everyone agrees that will ever whenever one sort of around the league, I'm not talking about anyone who is involved in the process, but everyone agrees that some sort of did. This doesn't happen, as you said, with some sort of understanding of what is going to happen in the summer. However, Darrow more is too smart to not know that a five year max deal for me Paul is a terrible idea. So I dont know I don't know, what's going to happen, I might, but if you forced me to bet, I might better unlike a three year max, maybe that's the happy medium they land in you, you get your max is three years, so you nobody can maybe get another good deal after that in her almost whole from leaving that five on the on the table last summer, but it but that but then again I mean in a fit of exuberance. They signed Ryan Anderson
good deal. It is completely on tradable, so maybe Darrell's, maybe Darrell's, just I'm gonna, go all in short term and and consequences five year from now be damned we'll figure it out. I don't know, but I would bet on the three years does not seem like a nice place to lend it. I think, what's hanging over this all racket season right now, especially, can feel it this week and last week especially A kind of has to happen this year with the team they have. I don't see a road map for, steam becoming better next season, I don't see a road map for kind of- a better chance to obtain the warriors than after when there, in the middle there, forestry finals and who then over the hell knows if, if staff is percent of whatever, and also they have home courting game. Seven of these, said lined up for them to win and right now, the workers alike minus nine hundred through in this area too, and so
That point, you just look at a new go. Why what's the play here? Do we now queen compels can be free agent, he's a twenty million dollar your guy this summer and I think their teams that will go after him now you're, adding him to Eric Gordon wife thinks makes fifteen or sixteen Anderson's at twenty hard in his early on in this. In this gigantic supermax deal that has emerged in the thirties and if you lockdown Chris Pilots base gear team for the next three years, and I don't know how you get out of that- you know what I haven't done enough research on, because it's the playoffs- and I just don't have time to do these things in the playoffs. I don't know what the gambling money impact is going to be or, if there's even any universe in which that money comes into the league in time to save some of these super MAX contracts like if the cap suddenly goes up again with some giant spike. All of a sudden those Westbrook Wall contracts aren't as bad as they are
appearing to be right now hours on tradable, as they appear to be right now. So I just haven't done enough research on that, but that there is some wild eyed. Maybe it's just it's just not possible within five years that there is going to be enough gambling revenue to come, and I don't know I hear you're a much much better reporter than I am, and you were connections much much better than I do. I care Gambling much more than you do, lawyer and I have this question to couple people, because, even though the that consensus that the NBA phenomenon is successful, which I think it is so in my head, I was like all the capital just keep going up every year and the feedback I've been getting across the board is now It's actually gonna be right around where it is right now, for they scuppers, there's no real way for them to bring. In
much money that would affect the cap. I don't you next year, yet oh go up the rascal. We're just gonna, go up its usual three percent or rank I'm talkin about. If you sign whoever to supermax this summer, Russell westwards, removing forty six million in twenty twenty two is there going to be any relief by that point? Now I don't, I don't think I sat up or yours is hopeless for sure yeah you're looking at five years for now, but even then I don't. I just don't think it's that much money. Cause you're talking about whatever whatever it is. The split is by one thirtieth, so let's say they bring in an extra three hundred million again my money, which is a lot that still only how much is that the third is so it's an extra ten million. That's that, let me with Russia Westbrook making forty eight million dollars a year. Whenever I add on I don't really know what Houston does they could get. You know they could get somebody to take Ryanair since
there's only like I like seventeen of cap space that have to pay for it that have to give up, picks and stuff. But he's got even warrior S got two years left. It was one. Are you sure now, I'm looking at it now he's got twenty and then twenty one point three. Oh god, are you sure, into a three year, sixty was four years. I believe, those before eighty, some other, that's a mass murder. Oh my god wow. We went. When will we do the first documentary about the summer of two thousand? Sixteen, do you think It's kind of like Adam Acacia is built, the sequel to the big short. It should be like the big hit, the big buzz- reverse short who's gonna bill, we gotta have a character to build it around his admires Gov. I thinking he gave him. I think he'd began to sit down for an interview, he's a goofy guys on us. I think I made him or be ombu, maybe and get them in a room. Two guys say it's which cub check
MAX X, dang dang must contracts which there's been a lot of inexplicable things that happen this decade, but that's gotta be way up, the rebuilding Lakers somehow decided to just murder their cap. What all these guys are free agents contracts are getting sure. I still no explanation for that? That's been satisfactorily for me. I still together. They are and were inexplicable beyond both at seventeen a year. Fatty learned how to set her after I had a centre annual signed a banker, are traded for about a Julia. It just never made it just came across twitter and I was like this has to be wrong when no one would ever do this sum and for further documentary. I actually went to Kevin Clark sweating this weekend, who's, the Only Orlando MAGIC Fan that I now and his mom gave a toast. Talked about. Are the Orlando MAGIC Games they watched together, and you know we always here-
these tortured fan bases, and it's the usual suspects and next have done a great job as perpetuated themselves as tortured and they are, to a large degree, one of the worst donors in the week Bobby if your magic fan off ah says you ve had over over. At another last even like seven years from a transaction standpoint, but that combo of beyond bow and then the back and trade where you basically give up the depot and the Eleventh Peck fur four months of a six months, for no reason there is no reason for it was like you're a contender. That's that's catastrophic They had five years to recover from that they had. My fate would have if it was a real tweet and I'm not going to look it up now, didn't they tweet like congratulation shelving MAC, I'm leading our
human assists with three point: nine p M when their children, their fans at that point, but with technically Peyton led the team innocence, but he wasn't on the team by the by the end its. I think that was a real tweets and if it was it's almost funnier than the raptors thing, congrats coach Dwayne, What I am I know you ve talked about this and I want to get back to Chris. A second berliner forget this doing case it getting fired, I would say, you're the most connected in Toronto. To the point that idea, I think you might even secretly beyond the staff, You just got you guys, never an asset, chemicals everywhere with the raptors. You have a whole Canada thing like you're there a lot to do in case it getting fired with out basically getting fired when he did do you think they fight? Dwayne Casey as a way to prevent
the corollary, slash the murderers and trade that one of those guys probably needs to get down, or is there something I'm missing with this give those two one more year, so the coach had to go can't bring back. Our three coach becomes the fog this year the next year. Something else happens, you I think you know it's, for. I think, don't look at me. I think they would look at trades involving those guys if they were good, like no brainer good trades, but I wonder if they just have no hope of any such trades emerging and I get on in my throat you get an emotional dogma. Thriving Messiah, you Harry, triggered his electrical device that he has a nearby Zagreb and so short
I think this era is depressing. Is this global sleep was in my God was a depressing. I think it's been so by far the best era in the history of wrappers basketball that dead the load, the easiest path of least resistance is just run. It back change the coach. We get a clear out some of the bad vibes that have come onto the dead man bad vibes. Did you say you just can't keep losing like that every year and bring everyone back yards easier to fire, the anything else and look. It's no secret, as has been widely reported, like Dwayne spent. Much of his tenure on the hot seat he wasn't Messiah higher and when they got swept by wash in three years ago, there was the chance who get fired. Then if they had lost Indiana the following year, I think he may be would ve gotten fired. Then that's been reported to like I just so. I think it was a change that was made
regardless of anything else. But, interestingly, I thought they were going to hire bud right away. A lot of people around the league did yeah and they have the money to outbid anyone and its sing that that No one has yet written the story, and I don't know what it is about. Why that higher didn't happen. Maybe it's as simple as bud. Looking around and say: hey this team is hip is maybe headed for rebuild in two or three years. I could be unpleasant and this other team has yon us. Maybe that's all. Was, but I dont know where the raptors go from here. Yeah. You always want to go to the team that has the most likely and VP candidate for next season and dramatic, energy because their coaching, I think that's the right move for him, walking into that ownership groups a little scary, because we are the stories about that with that with Toronto, though it it's always funny use here, it's about it. Wasn't there higher.
That was the Lakers lukewarm deck at a lot of buzz last December January and then when Lazo did not defend Lucan anyway than the then I think, magic and plank. I had told you know, go out and support magic, but just general there it's it seems like a recurring theme overlooked, server and is I inherited that guy. That's not my guy! We're really think if the Casey it seems like might be better than any coachsteps left out there if you're not gonna, head coach, but unless, as there's somebody I'm missing, that's an awesome candidate does getting my
It is interesting that Steve Clever hasn't gotten hired. Yet I thought you would have a real shot in Milwaukee and ass. He did but it I don't think he was one of the final two Messina is still out there. Not Nick nurse in Stock house and claim in internally are out thereby looked at it. I think in general to your point: it's always bug me there there's a very there is very. There is not enough respect for institutional knowledge in the NBA, and by that I mean like it. It's like a prerequisite when you get a new GM or new coaches fire everybody everyone's gone like I don't care. If you been there fifteen years- and you know everyone, you know the inner workings of this guy doesn't like everyone gets fired and lictor there's only one or two guys everywhere who are like good, and you should want to get to know them and may be keep them and ass. I think my size, gotta gotta, take one the chain for what happened. This is because I don't I the one thing I understand his Leubronn owns a team he's on that in the first of the decade and last year
thing so they go into this year they don't really solve the who guards the brand thing like you know, I'd give you something credit. The reason they want to Marcus Morris was because they studied, though, stats about how he defends the Bron, as well as anybody which doesn't really mean to have allowed the bronze the best burn league. But he can, please make I'm workin he's at least had some success tempering him. I guess would be the best way to test Toronto goes into this season and basically didn't have anybody that you would counter on an. I understand their part, and I dont understand when you know there's what team you have to be Why you and have spent the whole summer. Looking for that person, now you could say it's oji, but not now counting on a rookie against the Brown, which I think is a bad idea, I didn't energy the aback assigning. I thought that was bizarre. It was just a tiny
money for a guy who didn't really seem to have another, a lot of options outside of the air. The team who started- For an hour understand, why then prioritize that? Would your explanation? Well, the other, the other one is Denmark care all right, the Mari Carol falling on his face in Toronto and having injury problems, the Nanda, salary dumping him and attaching? What I believe is a twenty ninth pick in the draft yam that hurts because use will be that guy. I think they had some hope that the outcome could be that guide this year in and he did in ok job, but offensively he's a year or two away from being able to play twenty five minutes in that series, and you hit on the the biggest to me, the single biggest story in Toronto beyond Dwayne, getting fired beyond Kyle and Demar having their usual ups and downs in the playoffs. That I thought, Kyle especially was pretty good throughout, is the complete that's a surge of aka because it two years ago, maybe even a year ago, he was a guy that you would like on purpose. Put him on the bronze. Your or you would say, work were switch in everything. You're involved
You can guard Lebron we're okay with that kind of like Al Horford. Like I'm surprised, we haven't seen a little more of Al Horford on Lebron, I mean the Celtics, as you said, have the luxury of a lot of guys who could do it, but Serge Ibaka, completely vanishing became the biggest story in that series it in these playoffs for the raptors, and I don't know really what you about that. Well, it wasn't like he was laid out in the two thousand seventeen plants. No, what you could you could play you can. I know he was like they had to just not play him as much by the end and ambitious be becomes a liability as a big jump Yeah, that's true, but I'm saying leg Paid him as if it were somebody who was like the third best players, team that could win the title, and I didn't see that in the two does seventeen point of anything you know they had Pga Tucker, who then what the Houston fur, not like a crazy man of money and if in March,
back them sure they would have just rather paid ten million dollars a year for PDA. Tucker pointed out tobacco kept them care on kept the twenty ninth peck for such as giving them a little back? I believe I have to look at it. I believe they out bid Euston for Tucker, but not by such an amount that it was meaningful. Tucker right did not go play with Chris Paul, who woozy childhood buddy in, and rightly these tax, the gnome hard and sexy my list of back to Chris Paul Good Subway. Yes, you know I felt like hit this point last year. I think it's really hard for him to be excellent throughout apply officers at this point in his. We saw this last year against the friggin jazz can do it can do a game after game. He could carry a team since I got a fine he's that best plan, a team that come in the title anymore, but it can be the second best player,
and now much in this series and hard and taken a ton of shit as usual, and I have not seen the that, though, the crisp, kind of impact carries a guy that he said a lot of success against over, horses career and it was definitely a big brother, little brother boy thing, which I remember, I think was the two thousand. To wherever the warriors, two thousand fourteen, maybe thirteen or fourteen whatever that when it went seven, whereas could present member going that words coppers game. Fourteen fourteen and crisp beat the shit out of almanac him, and it was salmon, curry took off of it and by the end of it I was like hers going to be special cuz Chris Paul through the kitchen sink at him, and he kept coming back like this case. There's something in this kid's got it I thought Chris Powered, have a bigger impact in this series and had just had not seen it would. You say well used, is injured Billy. I have to talk about the, let no we're not over that. Now. Let's talk about it, not I don't I don't. I have no idea, I'm not late. The same thing with stuff
He looked you. There was a possession laid in the second quarter last night, where he couldn't get separation on Gerald Green. Unlike launch this awful twenty footer that miss only whilst F doesn't look great many come out a third quarter, insistent avalanche, so I dont care anymore. I mean I care for their wellbeing, yet he hasn't. I may I thought he missed. Some good looks less. I thought he actually got his most separation from loony on switches last night and missed every one of the open looks he got. Then he took some bad shots isolating its players who are too good for it, like you, Chris Paul, isolating and stream on green is a way for the Rockets to now the series same thing. Would yet art and isolating and Clay Thompson, or with it's just not away they're gonna win doing it over and over again and look I mean he just hasn't. He hasn't enough shots defensively he's been fine. I think what is really happening is they are playing an all time, great team in there just not as good as the warriors and didn't, and now this you have to play better, yet they also lost. My forty
and whenever they lost by the first game. So to me it's always about how good the warriors are when they lock in an them they're they're, really good right freely. I wrote about Chris Paul last year when they were in Edinburgh that gestures and is basically like lifespan of of appoint guards. It's a little like running backs in the NFL, its unrealistic for that to expect them to be unbelievable for more than twelve years in history, basically says it's not happening in some. When you have to cut down their minutes to maximize You can get out of them and I think John act and was an alien. But if you look at a jet, the corset Johnston's here they they were so careful about his minutes throughout Jason was like fanatical bad and they were able to extend his prime
but not in a way that he was as impact for Say Chris Paul two thousand eight, and I just think that I think he's at a different point of his career. It could happen once every two weeks. Where is he can take over? But I just don't see it. Will you waited oasis? The question is: can you be the second by sparing a championship team? And I I think yes, I mean, if used is the second best team in the NBA in the margin is large and the first best team and emphasis best, the first Bestia Vomica State, whether it is the golden they warriors, who are our chasing their third title in four years and one seventy three games and near they did when the title like. I think that that qualifies as a champion of Gaul redeem, I wonder I know other people made this point, but I do feel somewhat passion about it. Make d you don't football? The run issued offence, the dead, just opening
and just trying to add score. The other team, it's more regular season thing and once you get to the playoffs, or at least historically, when Sugar to the play off. She at least native, get stops every once in a while, but I look at the and Tony the regular season version of what they try to do versus the playoffs an especial this whole isolation bothered they created the share which is devastating enforcing it? You know, in the end, of February, where you ve just played three game. Ah said now you seen ness and it's like getting Kate. With a two by four, course of a seven game series. I wonder if
gets a little easier to defend over the course of two weeks. What you think, I'm that there might be something to that, and they definitely go through phases where they just sort of settle for that more when they should. Like I mean, why did they would gain to write they'd? They had a little more speed and variety to their office and when they don't do that against ITALY, defence they're gonna be vulnerable. It further for the playoffs there's still a hundred and ten points per hundred possessions, which is third among play off teams right behind the warriors and end the dearly departed raptors and they blitz the wolves and nay enabling the jasmine. I think again like the warriors when they start swimming, we taught by Houston switching right, like I think, golden states which is just as much and maybe even more last night and took them a lot out
what they wanted to do and what they don't push the pace their face in like even when he was awesome. Last night he had six defensive positions in the first half or things that come on looney man he's hanging better than I thought it would, and you know they didn't play David West, which which helped their do the light by the way, the lineup that started the second quarter, I'm going to look it up, we're just like, just crazy how good these teams are in the second quarter is usually the dead zone of like in a while. You got five bench guys on the floor. Warriors were curry. Livingston lay Nick Young and dream on. That's ridiculous was c p. Gordon Urquiza, Tucker Capella, that's just like these teams are so good. It's ridiculous! Yeah! It's hit near them. Many things they read there. They turned down his option: the glass and legs, timber somewhere and arrange an ethical is for like two minutes?
the only to an event like a dream for the where's cause they in other. Looking for anybody who is competent for less than five billion and now he's gonna leave because they did that, although we think what sort of a cat the Morgan, the captain will not rest until his bride? Is it her spirits, delicious ram to every corner of America, original spice, coconut pineapple way, black rape, fruit? Whatever you want, the captain loves anyone who learns to mix like a captain, we're going out of the NBA round for this week. I wanted to make my captain Peter King. Wrote his final episode of the Monday morning, quarterback on an aside that come today, One of the internet, pioneers, I think too, most important things that happen with sport. Treading on the internet, the past twenty five years, one was Peter Gamins leaving the Boston Globe and bring
his baseball com, which was incredibly influential in the Eightys and Ninetys, and was, be the single most important piece of sports content written that anybody had and he left the Boston Globe and he brought a t. Espionage and I have talked about this before, but when that happened it became those moments or even people. Like my dad we're like how do I get on the internet? Where do I type in ESPN dot com that was huge? and everything was Peter King- is morning quarterback column I kept member when it started was late nineties early two thousand supplied that. The reliability of having that every Monday was basically in homage to the stuff operating the notes coms from ah gamins from Bob Ray, from where Mcdonough and an answer the other things that you know. We sat down for fifteen minutes and you read something and I think for me,
that was one of the reasons that was one of them Instead, I kind of crafted MICOM the aircraft at it in the in the late nineties. I wanted belong coms that people take fifteen minutes Threed. That's where I grew up with nothing. Its change. Twenty years later, people have less of with attention span. They're gonna spend twenty minutes reading something unless it's phenomena but were Peter King. That was able to do on those mondays and how central that was to read that calm and ages became one pillars of the internet in MM and carried over to this year. I always really respected how you know, even as he got into his 50s he's up until three hundred and thirty, four or four hundred and thirty in the morning finishing that piece drinking black Is not great for your health, which I think is one of the reasons he decided to scale back button I really admire that. Guy admires career, I really just read their column. It was always free which I enjoyed is about as much
Free content as I've ever consumed and and he's guy who, even though he likes beer, I don't think he's going to mind this one will make it in the captain. The week did hurricane good luck to you. Then BC fact is a clip. Alright important Despite this conspiracy bills, now ass, oh boy,. Are we seeing NBA I don't want to use the word: throw games, but are we seeing MBA coaches kind of Pont, strategy that they know, I work in save it for the next game because they feel like the deck as stacked against them. First, certain game? Is it something that I've no evidence of this is something that I think Brad Stevens, where he knows what the right adjustment is, but he I think he actually hold off on that adjustment in a game that he feels like it's probably a longshot. They can come back and win would rather save it for the next game, but game six,
lucky was a very strange game where they kind of came out almost like. They knew more accused, is gonna hit them with a homemaker. Indeed, in didn't do certain things in their game that enjoy seven, also go in recent days, feeling game for when they are playing the smaller guys, and we the South export post them up and it was there. That's where they have read a compelling allow these guys it looks like we should be putting these dudes then gave five. That was the entire strategy, so game. Three, he doesn't start bans. Doesn't really play Baines allowed, even though we learned in game to that that big line up against Cleveland with Thompson and love in the brain, you better. Starting Bain, Sir, I think he's gonna start Baines again for an eye this at nine. Thirty, do you think teen? Do you think these coaches?
get these series, sometimes a big, coming away till this game to do this now, but I do I do maybe, but I know I don't think they do that, like I'm saving this fair game for I've, I do think who, when they get down twenty five in the third quarter, you can just look at hoarfrost minutes. I think you know you search or a pack it in and you get your yap sallies in your Monroe's jail and bad there right in jail, Embrowned only played a thing: twenty one minutes and game three, four approaches that doesn't care about foul trouble and has said so repeatedly right yeah accusation that the thing I was a kid I was with the rackets. I really like and that we are talking about the sinner slacking Jonathan Shark said the same thing I like that land with Paul and Gordon and hard into no reason Tucker any of their lives. Can beat the workers in this serious. That's probably the key line up
throw away capella and just put shooters out there and try to outscore, basically, which is kind of the the unthinkable to put more office Ania on the floor than the warriors have, but I really think that might be their only chance in there They play that lineup Esther was almost like make tee knew that came through him, we're not when in this one gave forth the game see by in this conspiracy know: I've been I buy it that yeah yeah by it that you bag out when you're down big and just save your guys and save your best cars for they say I buy it. I believe that their second most play lineup of the series it is played only eight minutes. That's not enough. Now, and I am good, can I disagree with you on your own pike. Asked about a couple thing. Please do. I think they shouldn't sarbanes and best number one. I think they should stick with the line up, that they have Baines in horror, for it actually played more together and game three than they did in any other guy
an end to me. That's I'm writing with the five out or whenever I can get with with Orford Centre. By up I'm fascinated to see, I assume they would just start the same line up again, I'm faceted that you think they won't, and now I'm now I'm super entreat for game, for which I just wrote an entire previous peace, for it did not mention. Look it up one here's the case for it I think more, as has to be on the broad and corporate has to be in Love Sophie do that. The choice, thou art have jail in her Tatum guarding Thompson. I love it they're doing, I don't care. I don't love that, though, because it seems over and over again. Then then, the guys get messed up and all of a sudden Morris's and on the brain- and I guess I wanted God Thompson I dont want, and we get off at really the first six minutes of the game against Cleveland. I think, is super important. I don't want France Ribands, I dont, want
get going and I don't want love to get going and the other thing I think they'll do tonight. If rosier kid if a charge Hellas looking any sort of competent and the first couple minutes at the he's gonna bring in smart early cause. George hell. It's like he can't do anything. You can't live and do one thing he's got take him out and I think, You know if you look at what they did against filling game. Five point: seven guys and they played osier, lay eight minutes, but it he's gay, seven men team for their game. I think that's what they do in this game. I think this is They make again because you don't want to go to game five or now it's best to the three and the other team has the bran. Eight I hate is. The word must win cause. I don't think it's a Muslim because grievance, though, as the one in Boston but the longer, this there's goes on. The other ass, a bride. You can't you you have to. Have to go for it tonight. Whatever your best moves, I think you have to do today, game five. You know the crew
can carry the young legs in the athleticism energy. All that stuff. You know you gonna have than a game. Five tonight is innate. You know you could put there is way in five if human tonight. I agree that this is an urgent game for the Celtics and at some point they are gonna, lose a home game it, especially when the other team as Leubronn. So I I would go so far say whoever Winston I went to serious wow. I love that. That's like such of espionage. Talking head come at. Are you saying I don't fit that description now? It's a good genk that use plain talking, hedges, I will see, could be, could be a dumb could be a damn thing. Just like my they're, not gonna start mainstay could be proven I think I think the team that Woods game seven is gonna ministers, well, that I can't disagree with you there, How would you fix the NBA planned schedule just out of curiosity? What would you do
why do we have so many breaks? I'm a big, for I am a big fan of them. I would make the first round best of five again I with him, and I also think I think, did number once you get the pickets upon it. In every round always liked editor- and I mean I know there are some James who think that there should be buys and stuff. I have not seen at that's a complex change that I have not seen how you would just let their play out, but I want the number one seed rewarded in the most possible ways. I think you should get to pick whoever you play in every round a nation.
Receipt of necessary or whatever best of five in the first round, to increase our chances of an upset. And after that I don't. I don't really know Monday, set the finals date in stone way early in the season or before the season, and so there's only so much you can do if all these series end early dear you're, going to have these these periods of a boss time. What about best of five? First and second seed get four of the five games at home that undercuts my chances of more upsets argument, the how about so once he gets, gets the first four at five hundred and forty to get something. So if you eat, if you're the first said to get one to four and five of them, I think to say no and that picking my opponent is enough of a bonus. I don't they. There are, though, ever do that, because they like having the bracket of knowing ok if these two teams
and then we can move their game went up to that Sunday. They can't wait further team to pick the opponent convenient. I think you'd have to wait around forever. Sears tent brave I'm just find a way if they can find a way to like their two stages. This midseason term, which is kind of fond of the red, or actually you can you. I went through all this find a way to make it happen. I would love to see them cut, cut a deal, the seventy five, especially the share. When you see how tired these teams are, we thought we talked about this in your pack. Ass think it at some point over went there. I think it's just harder to play basketball now the I think there's more rent it run In sprinting and jumping out- and it is more intense and the pressure of If you mail, it added ends up on Youtube in Twitter, right away, go watch. These games from eighty is like these guys didn't. Try and defence. The lowest state visits wasn't really at all the bad boy. Pesticides and then the rallies. Next. That defence really became the super fiscal thing that you know it
that EL almost ended up the really in the leg. I I just think that sees it should be order and all of it should be a little more compact. My guess is that League is so popular an add on. They won't do anything it maybe nation there. As I get some eleven month year, sport now allowed with change anything every loves the idea. What you're talking about they wanted to be twelve, and it's not good for the lack of real well household. If it its wild lovelier sport? I don't know how they do it unless they have a car betrayed every August. There is we have to have ass teams to put down trades until August. I think that the idea was worded it we're gonna members like we're gonna make this world cup a thing, and I guess that's an airy years. You can't do that if we make that thing and we make the Olympics a thing and maybe the NBA take some sort of ownership stake in the World CUP, which is an idea that I believe Cuban. Among others supported, then, then we come close, but the people dont care about international basketball, officious, those those tournaments
Don't they don't they don't generate the clicks. I agree I d entertaining cell terms, which is, I think, a near eleven of that idea thereof is in every they do this all. I just. I don't think it's obvious at all that idea as I've written about it, that He has real Mamma said it's a different idea. Now it's basically seven versus cannonade verses, nine in each conference, yet you're not gonna, get the full not get in the fall four March Van Ness Year, even though I would love it, but seven first they versus than I thought the, what was it Minnesota verses who that night to get to the
savers, his temper. He had saved the idea because yet brought member Leubronn trashed it after my peace came out, says stats whack well when Leubronn says something. That's a huge deal to the NBA like when the bronze came out before the season and said I'm gonna stand for the anthem, every one in the NBA League offices, like all the players will Jaguar Leubronn, says Yahoo com and then but Minnesota Denver being an exit. Games save the planet tournament Fisher. Now is an awesome game. It was fine. It was like a fun night. You know it was like. It was kind of a moment that wins and eight. That's why? I think if you cut down, the games, and then you put those you put those same versus ten versus dine in need just made that basically Friday Sunday and I and they could blow that out and then start the paths to following their there's. A road map outwards equipment, I've been shaven since college would change. My life was the Gillette Few
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I find that shaven cream I just mentioned? Would everyone at onto Banda COM Subscribe today? I had sat gloats time. Oh most shocking summer moment. You'd actually believe, I'm so excited you ve. If hinted at this on your pact,
Ass were unit, we're gonna go full born. This is one a one b will become in a second carlini towns will get traded by Minnesota, don't believe it don't believe it. People need to listen to the pot guest. Ok, people need to listen. All I said in that entire segment was things are in great internally, which I meant to apply to the entire timber was franchise which is in an it in a and I cited dared Wilson's comments on a recent pod, Cassius Plugin there, which is in a state of out of an unhappy in us on the lays as something windy then proposes the cat trade and I even so windy or just or in the pot buddy. I said the word stir in the package like entreated Wiggans is a different deal
and there's there's some stuff going on internally, but all I said was things aren't great internally, I did not mean to suggest cat's going to get ready, he's not going to get rain, but they're not doing this. I don't believe it when you say things aren't great internally in Minnesota. That's a little like saying things aren't great dump administration right now side. I prefer that out there I would say things are a lot worse than not going great, and MRS Read has let attention across like pointing in many directions there, somebody had a story. I think it was a boy. A Minnesota blogger had a whole story about add tabs in Scotland. Had this argument in tipster computer through window or something, and then I got so someone I through the window, it. Yes, he threw the computer so that didn't happen. I dont know now that I didn't know. I didn't actually realise until right now that someone actually wrote that I thought it was like one of those rumours that becomes such a rumour that the team proactively. It didn't happen even though no one actually wrote a sum actually wrote that it was treated as
something that they had heard. First of all, if if that ever happened, I would pay a lot of money for the video image of that? Do you think he's going your eyes? I says he threw. The computer is still the best coach thither computer- yes, that is there more entertaining coach, I mean on some lovely if Brad Stevens ever got mad enough to throw them. That, might be more and recently the com it rather than what I'm saying a car man for actually lost his mind through computer yeah. I'd now, tips is easily than by far the best coach I'd say you think tat stays, because one b for this was Phoenix cause Minnesota says, will give you the first pick for tat kind of your pack of anyone.
Minnesota. Doesn't it can? I say that having not watched much these prospects, as you know, but Minnesota Carl Downs is with with act with a year left on his rookie deal, whatever's it and even staring at a max, is more valuable than the one picking the draft. I agree with you. Ruth you're that is Jimmy Butler Minnesota next year. Yes I think, you're running it back, give you the t, wolves, your back you're just running back John Krasinski, as it had a great piece today about Andrew Wiggins, and I think that's that's! That's the one that you got to look at it as a possibility for both long term cat picture at resetting the roster a little bit alleviating some of the internal stuff. That's going on read that piece, and you know that's that's what is always run it back right
so does good. They made plans for the first time in which, since cagey many and no harm and run it back, Andrew Wiggins, as in trading him yeah, who then What's injure, wigs is contract. Somebody always wanted contract. May I am person, nobody wants a contract, you first of all, I too crazy. You can talk to kings and anything else, And drew a long is still only what is Andrew against twenty three twice more ways. We have dragged the poor kings fans into this twenty three. He just turned twenty three you could do they deal. Andrew Wiggans for I'm gonna, say slightly positive value, Definitely finding these twenty three. These teams will talk them, stirred, sixteenth, we'll talk themselves and Andrew against for sure tat. You know. Every time I think the NBA may get smarter do so is like sixteen said, just the fiery. Everything
And because I am a it's not indefensible to look and enjoying hints at age, twenty three and say you know what I'm betting on that guy. I'm bet nobody there. I wouldn't do it. I haven't like what Andrew Wiggans Encore development has been in the last two years. This it's not insane. For years hundred and forty six million that, sadly it's ugly you're, saying you saying that Brooklyn would be like where we're screwed anyway, matters rather desert all danger here there there too smart you're too smart. They don't they traded for our crab for nothing that could awaited four months ago that identifies tramping. I didn't like hatred, anti, the hearing how smart these teams are. Why is broken I don't have one asset I like the angel Russell Trade Smart. What was
but that it would you d, think anybody wants the angel Russell redder his his extension talks are going to be quite quite interesting. I like cares liver and I will not have you besmirch the word. I later I think, you're downs per SE year, the feds for brokered as smart as I like, Carest Lambert. I think that the theory of what they're doing, which is just we're just gonna, accumulate all these aspects in order to take shots on pedigree guys who, for whatever reason, are available to us now. Oglethorpe doesn't count because I didn't really before is- is generally the only way out of the hole that Danny Age Doug for them and through their carcass into now. I'd. If everyone blames age was programme, that was the guy who killed them because he completely audible them with the strategy was when they made that trade a year later I'll send his iron olympic leisure tax. Anymore pledges go said. The wizard, we had to Greenland Greenland Annual Party. We were all there when Paul Pierre signed with the wizards. I actually like that
so trade and, on the other hand, didn't have the intel about. It just seems like from a character standpoint. He might be hopeless there. He had their hopeful about that that they can say what is a young dude and there has been a lot of success over the years with guy. To start out in a really rocky way from chemistry, standpoint and then cut a mature into something a little more money, Jabez, I mean even calorie who'd as didn't have one tenth of the bad buzz. That Russell has was somebody that got traded a couple times cuz, he was an asshole and I think he even admits it now, but that's why I keep them was able to get them because he had a bad reputation and so that that we the hope with Russia, but it also makes a lot of sense, why the Lakers were so delighted to move on from him. You know about my in Moscow at midnight.
That's right and animals and they got there. The pic they got back ended up working out. I think they'd they threw Portland one of the great life rafts of this decade by just taken our crab contract- if they had done that for months late Portland is in complete panic that they're gonna pay, fifty million dollars would luxury tax or whenever this latter shallots, let's bring a Portland. Ok. Is see James Column on the boys lecture, I'm gonna say no I want to say no as well again your forcing me to add at metaphorical gunpoint to make these columbian say. No, I, as I've said before there can be crazy stuff that happens and in the in the off season, because teams are. Pack out and just gonna like unhappy about life in Portland, fits to a t will say no. First of all, you are the NBA Spock and nothing makes me more delay. Then put even uncomfortable position where we have to answer yes or no questions the tree.
That makes the most senses Mccall into Philly and unfortunately, they dont need Marco faults back net rate, since they Dame lowered, and that has to become a three team at that point in that's when it becomes complicated Now you could argue that they just take false back, but in other trade fits like a sergeant thoughts or faults in the tenth pic, I dont think falls from a column. Straight up is affected. No, no, but that number ten pic is a real nice thing. Little trade, us that's a nice pack, so interesting false and ten go somewhere. Mc com goes to this Sixers and whatever the third theme is give something to the blazers, I think, is realistic. Now another when that could work, you'd better sit down for this. I am sitting already.
About my column in Indiana slot overlap with all depot, but vain enough shooting to make it work without how we make that happen miles turn What kind of aid is miles? Turner have right now in the lake as it as an upside stretch, five with a ton of potential who play if, if, if he had been better in that Cleveland Series, they probably would have won. I don't blame him for it because he was easy on, but you could also make the Kc. It's there's never going to be some sort of leap and he's going to always be these Tanit, this tantalizing, talented guy, who could be all these things, but he just will never get their wildly variable for exactly what you just said. I figured you were go his trade value was really high
now, it's sort of eye of the beholder yeah I do think he's got trade via, though, and I do think, if you're a team that is over and over again figured out a way to stay. Relevant uncompetitive despite the ads, they're not that far away and they have calf space to you know, that's a team that could a trade from a column, and also signed. Clink capella you now, and there are certain areas where we need is really effective. Gotta get a vapor. I did the MC com thing.
They are, neither team were missing. Denver, no Denver Denver is gonna, have someone issues once they have excellent, go catch I'll, take the dead. The Maccallum deal that I floated once and is is a favorite among league. Insiders. Is Maccallum for Drummond sort of two teams just exchanging big money contracts in trying to reset themselves? I just think Portland. I wouldn't do that. Portland thinks my column is way better than Drummond. He is, I don't, I don't think they're wrong, but they also they think Collins is gonna, be a really good stretch. Five, so that I just don't. I don't see it I like to address our from from from counts. No, I am gone Indiana. It's kind of the same problem have import them, whereas if your team is- rather on your two guards, genuine the title. We really only seen it what's the two thousand fifteen worse with that with claim curry gloating over there s two guys in a bad boys an account Who don't way back different
Betty was awesome by innovate. They want and eighty nine. I don't even think that add of an army April, you know who is, they were just super duper deep in a way that you can only be now. I had so we grandma com, Would you keep a viewer running Portland? Would you my column and trade lowered because he has more by now. Joel well bead, oh boy, sea and the filter. Seventy six! Would you be which be shocked? Would you better hunt thousand hours region. Hundred thousand dollars at ten. What ads. You can win a million. A million dollars that he's not unfairly next year would have several have Simmons level, my it's somebody else's hundred thousand hours. While then I mean the he's gonna be unfairly yoga. Yeah, I would I would, I might even better by better, under those those of my own
he's unfairly. At that those eyes. I think I would add that I have to get some major spousal permission for a wager of this magnitude and I dont wager on anything ever but Europe Gimme a pretty good deal, I think what about Ben Simmons Unfeeling Extra yeah, ok cause. I can't Hallo brand fits with those two guys think that everybody, its winners, talked about Don t I and I was relieved somebody Else- thought that, because people just throw these There's together, who really talented and link those are two to go as that Lebrun has never succeeded with over the fifteen year of his career. The big centre, who clogs delaying and the play maker, for me? The guy? You can't shoot. We know that he can succeed with those guys to his two. Way. He wants to succeed rate, which makes me they feel is not an option for him. I didn't feel is an option. I do think it's an option, but ultimately is it an option?
If he's really look at this in his leg, I wanna keep compete, potatoes and he views this little o Brien genius, a I've brain thing anchor and does the whole time we needed to computer, processing on it and looks at it. Does he really think figure when a title with those two guess well, I mean I've. I agree that there are fit issues right. There were also fit issues with way Wade whose boot peak Dwayne Wade is at an all time re player and way better than Ben Timmins is now yet. So I also just think those are. I dont know what, if you have to surrender nothing but cap space, I dont know what the downside of it is now there is. There is the idea that, if Paul George or it takes SAM on a cap space up or you can trade,
Kawhi Leonard into that cap space, but giving up real stuff, obviously, for him that those are better fits for all the reasons you say: if those options are not available to them, and maybe even if they are, I still think the right answer is sort of generally. You want Lebron on your team. If possible, cuz you'll probably make the finals. I think that's the, every time I just wonder, had that our words- and I think it means- and indeed from everything I've heard Road signs with that ownership group and treated like princes in it lots of ways to just bring Lebron in a black eye right now this is this: is there are new guy? You guys are ever hear now, that's gonna fight young deeds them away Oh man, they at the moment is the money, take a lot of stuff personally they like today They have in their back rubbed. Why? How they live
being treated like princes and LE branches comes in and in its LE bronze team? I really wonder how that's gonna work. What there is nothing I wouldn't do it every time Bob to saying how is accurate world grip round would be very excited about this problem. So so a j right. There there was
I don't I shared circulating ass. I heard you know a guy, you say: oh don't you think that the six years, having taken careful note of what a disaster Cleveland is internally yeah, had and has been and said to themselves. There is some cost in melodrama at the very least in bringing in the brain, and we are going away that cost against doing nothing and just reacting rhetoric in everything or or getting another guy into that cats or whatever, and I still think that the equation will come out in favour of getting the brown but dont think they haven't considered that yes, Cleveland had to trade half, it seemed as everyone hated each other and it's been a generally miserable place to be not this affair. It's been it's like when they had fry in ever. They ve had good times fry. In our day, we could call
it just like they're just melodrama every year. They can't be there when these franchises. They can't be a normal team in some of that. A lot of that is Dan Gilbert, and some of that is the bondage can't they can't just have a normal season in fewer Joel. Indeed, would you on the brown color, the Sixers sure I get that he's only gonna be here a couple years we'll make the final one year, it'll be fun, and in that you know, I mean maybe anal to your point. There say now, they're my say he doesn't like this idea was asleep. Is the one I could see most of all, having some part of his basketball soul say: well, I'm supposed to be that's the guy. Everyone compares me to that's what I'm trying to be and now he's on he's on what it. What am I now, the latter red flags that are red flags, that glow and if I like it, I do like Kawhi to the Sixers. Now we're talkin, but you got to give up stuff yeah, like you, don't get them for you, don't get them for quote free with cheating.
But you got to give up real stuff. Do you buy into the whole pipe whenever trade him to a western conference team thing? No, I don't either. You know what the spurs are going to make the best deal for Kawhi they're not going to care where it goes, but I do you could argue fault. Sarge number. Ten pick in Covington for Kawhi is about as good of a deal as they're going to get for him. That's a lot to give up's a lot to give up, but you got boy. The intel gathering on that deal has to be as complete as any intel gathering ever between collides injury and whatever the hell is going on with faults or went on with fault sledges going on slash who the hell knows, I'm buying Falstaff view sound and taken it. What it is it even trading anymore, yeah, it's training, it is like stab chat, it's fine. I would take a warmer break every like meaning that so great appointing ahead. I've got some great news, our friends in hotel tonight, you ve heard rave about them. They have an awesome,
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Is there any chance, Coy is on the spurs extra for sure I would say I would say I don't know some something sub fifty percent, but not not close to zero. I say I say ten, ten percent chance I'd go twenty five to thirty. Ten percent chance. I don't see it do, you think, is their chance pop is not the coach of this perception I will say no couple more is Kyrie Irving on the south. Next, yes,. His terror regime and the subjects next year. I think everyone's unsought that can bring about back. I think smart takes his qualifying over his he's, gonna be depressed by the market and what the South Ex offer him yet and- and so they can get under the facts easily and that scenario- and they just go into-
let's see what the team is mode but see who between Heyward Inquiry is more essential, maybe they're both essential. Let's see how we look plank five wings and no point guards. Let us see the whole thing Many of you know people keys, may being a homer and there I have not heard that before not wrong. If I was a true homer, I wouldn't make the following statement, because either when in betray my sensibility says as the Basque while fishing out of that it always buy others me. Whenever a teams just as a competitive move, don't try to fuck over other towns with restricted, fridge and offers, and though the nets yeah I think regime is a restricted free agent and if one of these seems out there was smart, David David a contract that would be released. Her for the south x to today is not yet here next year. Oh, it's not this
smart is a restricted, frigid arms confused by all these options. With I ate, he's whose year is extension eligible, which you are. Attended, as has your your yanza. Only the Celtics can offer an extension so smart it smart as the one I'm thinking of yes, why I would have somebody try to fuck them over at smart okay. So all you have to do is find a team with cap room and a desire to pay Marcus, smart, let's say name a price. The Celtics wouldn't pay one thousand four hundred and fifteen scene. I don't know where they found at the thing to do would be to make it so that the second year of that contracts would would be highest number of the four years used structure. Basically they go up and go down, her would have we want to do it. You
screw the subjects over. Not this coming year, but the year after, whatever all the stuff, the nets did with Porter and Crab Daily Billig. You get fifty percent of your money like up front. They did everything possible to make those poisonous whose awesome right so you know either the south are probably hoping to get markets for something like four years. Forty two, forty four, I think, is fair see. I think he doesn't take that and takes his gloves. I offer instead, while really yeah, I think he says what's Magua is qualifying, offer I'm gonna get off the top. My head is like five and a half xl. Did you take that in the market? Will be better next summer because there'll be more teams of cap space and I'll be unrestricted and his coffin offers six. That's pretty good cad they take history of teams of guys taken the qualifying offer is rocky baby girl history,
I can't remember a lot of times that working out it always seems like theirs and uneasiness. That comes with that, and then you can't the guy in the guise mad at the team, and you know who else is uninteresting qualifying offer candidate who use of nurture only too, I think they'll be a few this summer, because the market just isn't gonna be there and the teams aren't gonna offer dummy, unlike the move from Portland is like ok, here's what you get and with the mid level exception, which many teams will pay you, because we're nice will pay you two million dollars a year more than that and I could see samplers out date, qualifying offer so and we're talking about this. I dont think People fully realise how bad the cap situation is cause we hear it, but The people fully realise it. Here's who had cap space next year. Now this this day teams could run. Its people and I could get a little easier, but basically the hawks have some the kings have a little the heart.
Had the most: the kings have a little the passers king create salmon and create enough room for one guy, the bulls, They don't have a lot. Neither does Phoenix really and then interest. Goes on down the line, its there's no cap space, while the one the one you didn't say is this is doubtless Douze can create it in terms of just unpredictable. You know you talk and may be create a little bit, but I think now wont let me this is. Why, like I wrote, there's just no market for the markets, cousins outside Dallas, and then you have to go to sign a trade world and of the Lakers are obviously out there too, and its people are actually not the marks. Cousins is the star. Everything will pay them. Ok, who squeeze copies of big man, come enough.
Kelly stare and all these seems to have got room, have two themes you named only want to spend their cap room gives their bad. I have a true or false question that for you, but for the lesters out there to serve just keep your toes true or false, the Mavericks are paying Harrison. Burns was matthies into power. Fifty four million dollars combined extra theatres- true, that's a thing- that's happening now. Turco get whatever the guy Dennis Smith and brand or contact, and they have they think the fifth picking the draft which be another. Six. They have room fur like one and a half gas, so if they wanted to get buggy, there's a path for Dallas to just say screw it and try to be good texture we'll you get, you get buggy and some You know why incentive laid in whatever contract you sign another MAX person and then huge,
that that tab, seven pick firm needed help use just like we're back where the DAS Mavericks cannot be ruled out. Cubes keeps has done stranger things in that right, I'm gonna ruin heavy ruled out for guidelines can be ruled out. I think they can find a middle way where they pretend to go for it next year by just using their caps base, but not trading that pick and keeping idea should they need to keep that pick. It all guide all costs by ways being about. You know who signing the qualifying offered did not turn out well for neurons neurons in oil. Then work out. That's what I mean. That's it never seems to work up. About this trade terrors year in the kings, pick. Tor Lando for the six pack too much right right. Why? Why would Boston do do it? Ok, let's kings Bixby could be number tunic
now, so let but it also could be number one and they won't get it right. Fair yourself, some certainty, I so that's too much. We both agree. That's too much. Terror regime in the Memphis Pick two Orlando for the six pack back its little merging the Memphis PIC, I believe, is top a protected. Next year and then it's like an harm hereafter top like five thereafter, something that you got up six unprotected so you're getting a first regardless began and it doesn't convert the two seconds like somebody's the right any view the Celtics you're, basically selling high in that pic because you're guessing that at some point over the next two years, that pic is going to be like seventh or ninth or whatever, and all the sudden. That's when you get it, and we are talking about the team that tweeted congratulating Shelvin, Mack, leading them assist, which would suggest, suggest,
need a pointer, see. I think this how things can get creative with rosier in some of these picks they have, if their fired up about getting into the top five of this draft or somebody or if they are fired up about getting some peace. Basically parleying he's really when carry comes back in Heyward comes back. I dont think rosier place more than twelve minutes again. They can't they can't, as indeed do have too many guys over there to Monday luxury. To have you just now. You could you say we'll never ever play centre anymore, we'll just all these other minutes will display hoarfrost centre and then will play a wing it back up centres, something which it maybe this is unrealistic, but you know you could new could finagle around, but you know smart Rosier, Heyward, Tatum Brown, who did it areas too many guys. It's just you to play employment. If Leubronn went to a Texas team next, this summer
What is the more realistic, temporary San Antonio Houston Usin? And it is what you said before going back to the beginning, like I don't see a way for them to get better to get better. You know look out in secret, Barbara, like what it whatever everyone's it. I can't get Leubronn, they don't have kept space, it's impossible. Whatever it is, Darrell Morey has seven. Front pathways already set to get the cap space or to get Lebron somehow, whether it's him up thing to do is player option which no one expected Paul to do like. Is it like the fact that that's been out there for a year and it's one hundred percent, something that the Rockets would obviously be interested in doing did they know how to do it, it might cost them an arm and a leg in terms of draft pics and all that but like they know they have a way to do it. Otherwise it would never be out there either. He's gonna spend the whole summer. China talk same pressed into ran Anderson for Carmelo Trade. Oh my god, he's gotta just be Texan that home once a week.
I say that I blocked it out of my head that there's a forthright Anderson year, I'm kind of scarred emotionally that thunder situation if PG leaves in great I like that, use the food the qualifier. If I would look like he's staying, I bet I'd sooner, but my hundred thousand on everything you proposed earlier than on Paul George leaving. I think he would. I would if I had to bet I bet on him leaving, but I don't I'm not going to pretend to have until other than what everyone else thinks we just said he's leaving. But what everyone else thinks so I think my fairer thing and obey stories as according to sources on other times. I would think what does his gossip hid behind its called gossip? let me try this scenario at the lake, strike out on everybody. They stick out on the brain.
Paul George Outlays Gas, leading to some panic, leading to the phone call the same presty leading to the can we talk about Russ. What would it do you? Is there a world in which the Lakers panic over pay and Russell S brocade and SAM Presty fleeces them? Yeah, I'm world exists Agri, an end, and it also exists for the quick right, I would say very either: L Eighteen, that world exists, I think it exists. Much less offer the clippers thickly everything that the preserve done in the last eighteen to twenty four months suggests a very well still. I was one of the nicer things you said on the park asked. I agree with you. I mean
and I agree with everyone really outlay murders are the reason we're Talkin bout. The clippers is, they are sneakily well set up for the next five years and I dont think you get to that point and then use it, albeit Russia, Westbrook yeah That I'll be really I in way there, the swing team in this draft, because that twelve and thirteen I do think you could move up and I'm not sure why would allows the coopers, because I need the history of these drafts would say just take too. Swings in Europe in there's always a dime, the Mitchell waiting with twelve or thirteen and just seems like that's how it works every year. But on the other hand, if they love somebody in the top five or six out of your dad. Listen, you don't love! Everybody at number. Five needs value. This twelve and thirteen we take one of our bad contracts to inflict it. That way, I think that's Conseil, I think I just
like this can be a ton of action. The shadow know why I just my spidey senses: you're goin off it's gonna, be bad either be its can be good, slash, bad Emil. Any family brought his free agent. Vegas summer league starts early this year, yeah and, like the last time, the browser free agent eight started five days later and be he was still a frigid. Whenever one got there in IRAN was like. Will you please? Can we please? I just want to be in Vegas and End to be Baldy Savimbi along summer. My favorite is when you take it personally when when, the NBA when the players, when things again and they then affects your family time. Everybody does you know you take it the most personal. You don't think you. Upset like you were upset when the CHI read thing ignited and that it was done, and then it said that it was like a week when we didn't know if it was going to happen, you actually make. Basically upset when this happens. I went downstairs to a bar,
good I'll tell lobby rather in Dublin Ireland on August, where I don't even of whatever two days after the traded abbot, nor was it me too and I was like honey, I got to go. Send some text messages sent some emails. Please watch our child try to nap in Dublin for a little while, didn't go over great. I remember before you showing great land when I had to carry kind of the NBA reaction burden for the site that first year went to London for the Olympics and really and at a ton of columns and went to everything that did not spend a lot of time with the family. The first, we sell their became. A handball fan, became a hamburger, fan out really into it and and near the end. I had re worked on this mailbag that had written time so is like this. Is it I'm good after this. I have that kind. Now, it scared were good to go, and then I forget it.
Five six hours head went to. Bed, nothing happened. It was like three o clock on in time, because I can never get to sleep right, ass, quiet in America. And I wake up, and I have like three hundred e mails and tags and enjoyed our it had been traded, civil, the, and that was a k I get this now I'll, see you later her so man is really about days to Howard member one what's the big deal with Dwight Howard got traded. I was going to say that that rocked up to that was a full year of. Is he going to sign is opt in? Is he not or they put his favorite candy on the plane, so he signed his object. Never ended Dwight Mare S, people came to call you. Now you make a ladder Dwight, our jokes, not anymore, now glad you ve taken that as many shatters I've taken No, you said they had my favorite candies on the plan. What am I supposed to do that may defining Jack sparrow dont Human said this
just want to say in the end outside side of history conversation when Wyndham, when the God's decide who is sad history more times your I sometimes they next seventy years have been some spaceship. You did picked Howard for an one year. I've said eleven, twenty Levin and VP outvote formed I'd, stand by Now that was that's terrible. Who did you pick? This is terrible. It's terrible What did you should apologise to Amerika if you vote for eyebrows, for their grows. They went. Sixty two games are now there's no offense was where I stand by it. Ok, I stand even if only by the ardor. Now the problem is really should have been the Bron, but I actually think Dwight I actually do. I deserved a dire. That was I've written about this before, but that was a good example of how we need a column. They Pisa you're, the omnipresent a year where the bran await as a combo in this has happened.
Be five or six times over the Corleone there. She made Colombia appease, not ye. I think I'd, ok, here should be years where we're just like you know there is an mba peep at these two guys together were the most impact for which may be as a separate a word, but like this Seventy two. Seventy three Lakers was: are the seventy. Whenever these sixty nine, when Laker Team, where Then we'll Chamberlain should have been the co Mvps dire and they splitting the votes, and I can't member who one, but it wasn't the Karim on or somebody so, staff Katy winds every year until they break up the same or similar Stefano when this year, one thank ok. I guess he missed in too many gaps, He brought up ok day because I do feel like he could do whatever he wants a basketball court. It just seems like they need a basket in this Houston Series, AEGIS, post him up fourteen feet at away in the extended left black and he's going to score on whatever rackets guarding him is just the way it's going to play out right
I wonder why he hasn't fully down the hall. I guess it's time this is maintained now it's uh, it's like there's still a little courage, Katy! I don't uneasiness. Both aid upstart are not a part of that certain pat, not stir in the pot, still a little a. I just want to see Katy just vague guys it's over here This is where the title is right. Here neighbouring by gaining curry, going where we potato when the burghers through me, but he he was the files and repealing oh baby, exactly he did scores. Seventy five points combining games, one or two of the series. I know I'm with you, Kid score. Every time you once again system Nazi. We he's one of those guys when he ices and posts up and shoot a twenty footer. We remember the makes because they look so ever listen you, you kind of forget that half of them don't go in and not talking about the twenty four hours. Talking about like this,
fourteen footers on that that, like that spin move, he did last they now Teresa. When you a baseline died. Just don't see anyway. Anybody and that team can stop him. What I really need a basket heap. He misses sometimes like that's why I thought what what the game changer last night was his assist when he got Isoude he drove to pass and- and that is its not just that he's going to get other guy's going and set. Maybe he'll get lay ups yeah other. Does it say that to me? That's the best, version of Katy when he makes his end like the twentieth. Eighteen, forty fifty members are not guard about when we were in some drives, we're talking about same thing, because whence he sets up, he said good passer, such a good basketball player that he usually make Three decisions IKEA games. There is again last week when he took maybe was game took like twenty seven shots, but I didn't feel like he was selfish. Actually just felt like
Making the re basque about decisions throughout the game in the game just decided that he should take them and he shot so he did but who have other games where you know they? You can't double on his ease. He always just makes them I play I really. I really like how he I feel it anyone we have added. The best personally came in Davis are probably the two that you could put any team, and they were kind of figure out how to be good, no matter the teammates were you know a lot of these other guys. It's like we have to do their saw him good. You know, that's the one thing I've ever I would love to see the broad and this situation at some point in his career at that at the tail end here, where he's feeding into what, with the infrastructure yes and I happen when he's older right. You would think to me. That's why people, thankfully, is interesting: if it if ye reinvents himself and their fill it in,
be a really great last act for him. It would be fun to watch you, don't they Paul George Hawaii Leubronn Lakers, simply not all three of them, and I guess there. Probably a pathway where you get all three of them, but it's as if you need a sad by filling last energy we had ago now I designed to simplify the Lakers will see it all these things will be answered. You know for us and and as you said, we leave we ve pitched nineteen thousand imaginary trades, most of which are plausible, as this was can be crazy. John Human just wait way. He thinks are eating. Spain's is starting to so maybe I'll be on the other the thing about this summer is is, it seems, like the draft can be goofy. And I know you don't follow draft and you get into a late, but this is one of those drafts or nobody can even agree who the number and pick s and now there is. There were stuff today about the second and third,
the aims of the draft might not like LUCA and might want to just taken american front. Our guy, that was so that was one of the tweets. I look at my job to four and at just. Let me tell you something if, if, first by him, going. First is gonna, be ridiculous and five years, but if he drops to forward talking about letting it be a catastrophe. Is this the strongest so use? You would take him number one. No brainer is this: the strongest you felt about going out on that limb, since Katy now. Can you where you were way more Katy? Ok, now there has been times I when big and curry one drove me crazy. I couldn't believe the curry thing. Are you this? Wasn't it archbishop opinion, but I loved Anthony Davis, and I thought he is- can be unbelievable. I Sometimes you know what these guys and Luke I just think is like special. I love that people are picking on our part. I like they're using his first name, is you're not gonna accompany. It
I'm goin. Listen! Why don't? We want to go over Dodge, don't judge I want to say that sure is my problem areas. I said this agent I may be seeing Iraq is there's a church at fur and there's like there are so many different variations of sounds aggravating but Dinas world, and I think it we're gonna have to get used to advantage. As long as you don't do the hard k, I'm I'm gonna, give you up we're all gonna, be fine like boot. Civic can't do that now. You know the kings fans got mad at me because I did a joke tweet a bad. How Lucas had that that call about he's not positive. His gun even come to the end of this year, and I did that about bad, the basically they translation, don't take me Sacramento and the kings fans get bat like Riley who who's been with us since grantline is one of our most beloved and employs huge kings. Fan really gets upset when people make kings jokes.
He thinks there jokes about haven't it's like. We all feel bad for the kings fans we, love the kings, Vance, your French. As is running competently and has been for the last thirteen fifteen years, and that's why please don't wanna! It's got nothing to do with this city or the fans early that its porters, don't to go to and competent franchises. That's been the biggest thing change over the last ten years, the players are small You have time to look at the situation and go why that seems horrible. I just heard her team does know what they're doing in light of the players, are more sophisticated, as fans so make sense. Yeah. Well I mean look. The kings had been everybody there. The kings of our amity players of the king's offer
Money then they got otherwise in their again, no were to cease news leverage we actually to have any real interested in playing for you in that shows a certain savageness of recent history. I don't I just it's like I said, do about bossin last week I mean I dont know what other store you would like me to tell about the kings. Would you like me to tell the story about how they ve had a wonderful fifteen years and in every trade they made was great and every their record of selecting the topic? draft has produced a bounty of of hits. Ok, I don't owe Welshwoman essay want. It is what it is. They ve been a joke to bring this I said on Twitter is going to bring this up about the Justice Winslow Thing Kazanovitch people, for I understand the celtic start. They had a deal for the fourth pay. To move up the air of dead pick that being poison gas and it was like the new eggs, the hornets they're getting a second pig, though do there was enough,
team deal and it actually seen my goes. Gonna happen and I forget who said it out, but it is not happening. Orlando and five with Zonia and just immediately took him, but any had this bounty of picks and six seven, eight nine ten offered the same, to each team? The first thing, the Sacramento, who they could they can even figure out who the right person was to get on the phone, but it was basically they had a chance to get the fifteenth pic. I think they had the sixteenth peck and then I was gonna, be the Brooklyn packed the headed, a big jail and brown and, like one more future protected pick autumn, move up to take justice. Wins over Danny had become completely enamoured with so didn't work out the kings The trade said now I forget seven, nothing Denver would they want a media, so they are never really into it. It was six eight. And then nine was the hornets in that
the one they thought was gonna happen and there waiting and Jordan and was back and forth. And Jordan, just did they couldn't get In Jordan and had taken Kaminski and then called Riley and rally laughed at them and hung up and they had this bounty and this is a day I they damage has been the best GM of the century, but he got really lucky twice. He got lucky that day and he got lucky with Robert Swift. Because they're ready to give up Al Jefferson and next year's number one for Robert Swift and Seattle said no we're sticking with Robert Swift and that led to kg and do a title even the best year. Fuck up, no one, I place it. No one does it without luck. I made every lack everything everything of the last twenty years in San Antonio stems from tanking when independently lottery, everything we dare is the alternative history of. If the lottery goes, the other way
is just a complete blank slate born. There was another member that one year they're going to treat Tony Parker, like two thousand ten range for the fifth pick forget were drafted, was and then up holding off, and then he became an Allenby. I've been MBA guy four consecutive years and they make the files and thirteen fourteen but lots of times it's the trade. You don't make There really saves your ass by, like even even have a Celtic set it up they get Isaiah in this weird situation that Phoenix had found themselves in they basically steel. Idea, but they stole him because of this pick they got because Leubronn and going from my aim in Cleveland right. They get this rain and pick them up. That's the picture. The third idea, and that this whole chain of events that leads to Tiree, which ends up hurting cream. One never knows Icloud, you never
what do you work and you go to the whole finals, I'm debating it. Last year I had to skip games wanted to cause. I had a big family then, on the day in between, and I actually it made me it made me saying I mean I loved the finals, but when that, when that Cleveland Golden Stay, one went, seven is twenty. Two straight days on the road guy wasn't smart enough to schedule a flight back to New York. As I just didn't know, I just wasn't experienced enough then- and I ask you not to your point earlier- I ended up sort of like I was kind of rooting for the serious to be over and I didn't experience it with the joy that I should have and go and missing the first two games. It slices a week off the trip and just Where does it made me saying like I didn't care for, went seven anymore cause. There was just too there was a hard ceiling on how long I could be a way I could see. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let me do that again. When I go into I'm gonna, be a game five in Boston. When excuse you gone Wednesday, yeah, I'm gonna be there. Are you really
How can I miss Thou items? The next to my dad? Maybe I make. Maybe we can make plans to hang out again and if the Celtics lose, you can cancel them in a fit of rage. Now I'm absolutely hanging out of you. I forgot that I forgot to mention this to you about that game. We went to game for Philly. I don't know if you felt this in the crowd, but I like unconditional love for Joel and bid. You did mention this yeah yeah unconditional. He is clearly their favorite person. I just that that was interesting just that I took that went away. I mean he's on Ben Simmons. I noticed that he's a moral likeable personality outward
Did you love that of it? Yeah, just any is found in love him, you, they ve gone through, sought, injury, stuff and ever more just so excited to see him play. Lay I play ever. Did they let the level excitement was so high? And it's interesting because people are the team, say he's actually kind of inshore worded away from the floor and that this sort of cocky trash talker kindness of its a prizes them that that's it game persona? My fear is a Celtics fan is that he spent the summer getting in phenomenal shape, but I think you should. I think you should fear that I think that's a very that's like being scared of like sharks with after there's no record of sharks in the water, like do that can happen by hope, as the South expand is that he comes out of the next two weeks. It says if we try to certainly brought up at her euro, but you're hoping to do is come to Vegas for Summer League and see Joel like multiple at four in the morning at his hand his head? I just want to get his head where you just want to see an hour late at the Cosmo. That's what you want
no, but I want to see him out doubt would be great, but then ass I went to town Mikey realise that they signed the bride s. I could be your team anywhere just I just plant some stuff and it's almost tampering. Almost one temporary. I met a mother theme Nobody uncared deserves to have as Anti Sattler. As always. A pleasure. The home at home is complete, yes, The sad are the air. The people in whatever has been stated here and I will see Do I gain five talk to I'd taxes, it precluded don't forget to get a Zapruder dotcom, Slash bs, thanks to these shack ass package, presented by Callaway, essential listing, as we had the. U S open, coming up fairly soon, thanks to Gillette sure for the rat ashamed products for every guy, regardless of his personal task and needs are budget where there were three blades or five that shall at three enjoy five razors. Covered under ten dollars. That's high performance at a low price gauge, let performance delivered to door. Fine Gillette
five and other other great stuff at Gillette on demand dot com. Next time your monopoly Boston Massachusetts. She sits consultants, ways.
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