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Will L.A. Get LeBron AND Kawhi? Plus: Summer Free-Agency Predictions With Haralabos Voulgaris | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 383)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Haralabos Voulgaris to talk about LeBron's decision, the best team to chase a ring, and the possibility of the Lakers pulling off a superteam. They wrap by going through some major 2018 free agents.

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I'm doing a podcast on Monday and on Friday, and if some something absolutely crazy happens too late, Tuesday, night or Wednesday, as well the biggest thing now the reactor balls July. Fourth jaws me Chris Ranch fantasy. We been waiting our entire lives to do this, and if any major basketball stuff weapons will covered on Monday and the best packages to me, the Ringer abyss shows well we're ready. Already it's almost feels like a country. That's ready to be invaded. That's how the ringer staff is right. Now we don't know, what's going to happen, we just ready ready, real, coming up corral by bug, aerosol road friend, where it talks summer free agency, all the possibilities, but first
Our friends from project I'd he's Harrison Stadia the original Greek free plan. Before we re violinists, there was aroused by Bulgaria's esteemed poker player. Former NBA gambler. Now just MBA, I guess critic analysed professional twitter, professional twitter, this is the calm before the storm is in twenty nice red tape in this at ten o clock a pacific time I will
This morning I found that Lebron James had opted out of his contracted the cream cavaliers, which basically eliminated the Houston Rockets from the Lebron James Sweepstakes, the opt out. Will you just failed to exercise this option is the same thing. The same thing here of these. Basically, like I'm afraid you can pay me thirty five million dollars next June attacks on my own, so it looks like we are down to three teams and the third time on that even convinced as an option, but if it is the Lakers where people have thought he was going for a year staying home at the Cleveland Cavaliers were, maybe really I think that is a super longshot. I would if I was doing handicapping, I would have Lakers at minus four hundred. These are my favorite times on them ass. When you do in handicap, when I think I'm a number, I like work, but I like that's fine Lakers at minus four hundred,
maybe even minus five hundred you could talk Manta, I have the calves at plus three hundred out put the Sixers at twenty. Two one does would be mad. We think yeah. I don't know about the odds, but I will say that I think he's going to the workers and we thought this further yeah, I mean I I thought, for a while. I wasn't sure, but of late I've come to. I mean: if look, what does he want? Does he want let us hear this family have a better life. You move your island. I've lived here at some point for a short period of time. It's nice place to live. His eyes best option. I dont think he comes to allay without one or two either comply or peachy. I just don't think that I don't. I don't see him moving here. Why to play an ally with, and so
running himself with the young players at the Lakers? Have I don't think that's I think I think, basically said I'm coming to the Lakers. If you get me collides a done deal go, get me quite another to the Lakers are trying to do so. All there's a latin pack in this whole thing if they get kawhi- and I think they're going to- I think this is done. I think by the way, but my life on it but hard, because the spurs now are in control, not collapse Not leubronn spurs aren't controls are concerned but they're not because quite a car created a concept cod precarious heard that I thought of solely a exercising his previously now and the South sniffing around the successor sniffing around and probably a couple random teams with him now and they're. Getting feedback from toys. Team he's gone to anywhere you trade for him, but that's fine he's
he's leaving here. He wants to play an l s or what is the market now for a one year, Calais rental? Is it better than the market would beat him to go to highly works? A look at the Lakers offer the spurs that would make it so that dispersed actually swallow the fact that their basically gifting the Lakers to the top for players in league. Ok, glass, an important question. I think, because a spurs arts dispersed do not have any leverage a year from now, but they do have leverage right now and if labelling wants to play with collide. They have to go through spurs are so limited ability to control that the Basque scenario for the severe the spurs is what happened with the nuggets in the next two thousand eleven, where the next just waited to sign Carmelo right. The owner got James that that's not gonna happen. What Betty Betty you get super antsy about her. But what? If we don't trade from now, what a few and then they giving above these assets for a guy, they could have signed yeah. I think
same thing is in place here we have an anti Lakers to him. Given the spurs. I know I can get good assets from them I there is a lot of bluffing going on theirs bluffing that Leubronn may not sign with the Lakers. Unless they get collide or ass. I e g may be and then there's there's nothing from the spurs. They're, like we're, not trading you to the Lakers, find someplace else to go May I mean there's a lot of that going on the question of who will flinch first, we'll beholden there. He found the spurs. Actually can get a really good deal. The one thing is: I'm not taking luau bangs contract you're, not putting that in the deal. It's like a dog- check out the I'll take, branding or back absolutely has to mean the dear sure who the guy who's, your back coups busy, so they reported that in I've heard this attack that some people in the Bay circles- everybody across as I did on our minds on the deal. I think that's crazy if I'm
where's, I'm just getting ones are back I'll, just repackaging somewhere else, but he's done asset yeah number, two picking the draft a year ago. He can't be worth nothing, no I mean, obviously I'm Alonzo stand. I think he's but we are in the minority. I thank God people are like nobody wants do with his dad but he's not earlier in order that guy not line deals? That is definitely an issue. I dont think that that's something not a fly: insanity, You- and I would trade for we deal With- is dead, I just wanna. While I am no teams, I would but yeah what I trade form. It depends I mean look. I think that if you look, if you look at his on court performance, his jump shots questionable, obviously yeah but he's an underrated defender may be a very good defender. If you look at how well that team is played on the court when he's playing games played quite while they ve outperform their expectations, any still a rookie these twenty years old gas.
I like the way I shall passer he Eliza Exceptional en route, bans for a guard he's been here he's a he's. A good player he's smart he's, he's young. He has a chance, I'm not saying is guaranteed to be greatly as a chance to be great. I wonder if the spurs aromas I like yeah Lonzo the deal, because it's like this tat go play by force, fine, we'll take lazo as a triumph in the dry. Yoga are trying to max what they can get people think they dont have bridge and they won't have elaborate a year from now, but they have leverage. Now, teams are to wait a year. In some cases, The EU certainly are going to wait here. Boston fill the team to have no chance of reciting amuses illustrate of signing the single straight away and the Lakers also don't really have a lot of leverage either because they're trying to get Leubronn, and Cologne doesn't do for them at magic. Johnson is created this We're he'll resign if it doesn't have to create its own pressure, rather than just like that.
This has been a long rebuilding process. We we dug ourselves out of the hall. We ve got some time, we're going to add a peace, at least this year or next year, when it, but he's he's created this pressure for himself, which I think is great. I think its awesome Isle of MAGIC, Abrams. You like Ingram, either over more than I do, and I am going room a lot you you think he has a chance to be in for one guy and a contender at something a little I mean. If you took a look at him, you would think that he's he looks very. Lemme right now and he d, but I mean, if you look at what the rat was like when he was Ingram age yeah, I'm not saying he's the rat but He's probably better ball handler and play maker than Durrant was at the stages. Query wasn't a better score than direct. That's not, then have that kind of dream was always one of those he's getting twenty to thirty points, every game, no matter! What, if you remember when Durrant was a rookie in a second year player there is that I am pretty
pretty smart Guy Wing Winston, who worked a one point for the mouths and also developed, adjusted plus minus. So this is in the sky it. This isn't a guy. This is some cook right. He summoned to procreation. Created, a justified minus, which is you something that has been used and gambling it's been used in whatever it is a good tool. He said that he would not trade for common Durant for anything I remember that was a terrible take. It was a terrible take, but my point is that there was data. That would you know I test. Would say you're crazy, but the data said counteract doesn't make people round. Him better. Does his wide, unlike data, sometimes though, because so much so that was circumstance Puget careless, most playing with that due to our yes, of course, no life no point point, but if your goal is just to evaluate players who have already matured and where there are fantastic, that could make that drive. My point isn't. My point was just that Brandon Ingram has a long way to go, and I think that he could be a very, very good player. An area where we look at
situation in allay you ve got the wrong ball and is down. Circus you, how are you D, Angela yeah, the actual Nick Young running the show Tunisia to coaches in two years. It's it's! It's not easy going from being a young kid to also now living and la with all his money and all his fame and then you're on a team. This dysfunctional with no veterans and it's tough, I do like reddening am, I think, he's gonna be a very good player, and I think I, like his spurs out, make sure I got Brandon Ingram and I will try to get Alonzo Ball is well. I like that he can get to the rim. He can do. I mean they play them at the wait for a while yet, and they were very good when he played at almost did almost yeah there very good team, like I I I Brandon in reminding banners guy play ever like Alonzo Ball too. I think I found the spurs, nor am I pointed this out and we could- or maybe that and I think
where's, our bluffing whither, they wouldn't raved anywhere in the western conference. I think you just take the best deal positively, When are you going out on twitter, and than ever I did get mad a man in real life and it manifests itself on Twitter because I just think that you just do the best that you can then I never believed that for a second, what? If, by the way decides to cede want to sixteen. That might happen by the way. Nobody makes zero stance to be like I'm cutting, our options and half four where we Jane. I would ask that you and takes after reform right if you're the today- and I am not trade him in my car Jesus yeah. You just take the bizarre, Niccolo Yoga GIN Jamal Mary for Calabro. We can't can't doing my boy playing him to more times the seller if they so here's, the thing- and this is why I actually think this will be the trade so yet Ingram together. Enzo and they get kuchma. That's too much.
On the same trade on that's a no brainer, but that's too much. I don't think then another day know what my point as they would have to say: yes, desire, disperse them in allowing the latter's require all three of those guys, but here's where they might the Lakers my yeah Derga, there in two thousand and eight my right when, when Danny traded, the number five pick for re on every celtic fan, including myself, was like what are you doing? That's crazy great. We lockdown forty four winds. We re on a par Pearson, Young, our Jefferson and nothing else. Why would we do this, but they did it because it paves the way for the third guy right there in the UK, they cagey trade comes in that I am as round cagey. If they can get elegant, then get p d collide and the Bron. But if you get climb the bran now your pc, think they're playing along their leg. I we overpay little require, but that's our guard
ass, we get p, and now we have these three guys and, as you know, and then bade him, you once you have Three you can fill in the rest weakening our very players would be ridiculous. On the same team, they'd be ridiculous. You just had brought Lopez and I know who also Lakers have resign Randal. At that point I mean that's, that's that's a good team to very getting Josh DOT heart elsewhere of how they bought a contract that point out. They lose a lot of minimum guys, but, as we have seen in the NBA Europe, can you get the elite over an alley in February harass you get the rings sir. The guys you want to I mean little raises in a tough cell can I live and allay play for the Lakers with Leubronn and comply with. The other thing is they can somehow get quite without Gimme a blonde so and they just give up like unprotected truth is, I don't think Alonzo is is, is I think I would run?
give up lawns off on the Lakers than Brennan Ingram. Just because not because I think once it was better than Banning animal, though, are worsen, running him and what he may be. I just think that, for that team I dont know I'm in love, em, maybe look. I didn't he'll get Paul George Clonard, an Lebron James, Leubronn kind of likes to have the ball in his hand. A lot yeah, so illogical can play off the ball. Not this point is good. Can't shoot so now. What do you do can counter that? One first of first about Andrews, Anger was the price at the spurs they have together. They have to get agreement that require Danny where they would. You rather have Ingram ordeal and Brown hurry now stuff bills, thinking his guy verses. It starts, it would take a break off. If you may answer after this, by let's talk about you, I have had a beard for the last month. Basically,.
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subscribe today jail embers his brain and Arabs, a really good one, Ireland, the rhapsode he got the last two years. The playing games He was in the kind of became expanse. He got I really value, and I think that cycle TAT Berwin Winston before I don't they anyway, to put a statistical price on this person, played thirty to play, Afghans and Years and guided are these type of guy in playing a game. Seven. He just looks like he's a more ready player to heed this body has filled. Brennan arms body may never fill out. He doesn't look like tat. The guy who's gonna be super bake. Durant's body has never filled out either from the brain and Ingram there's a world than that he becomes. The number one option scoring was on a contender and another that world exists for jail, Brown, for much as I like. Oh here's, how the actual ball of handling and the play making and the scoring that branding romance
I saw you on Twitter and I agree with you, but at the same time disagreed with you were you talking about was my favorite tweets. The jail in the upside of jail in the two comparisons are quite simple: George, because if you look at the checkpoint said he had the first two years yeah the models are Paul. George, his ahead of Whereupon George rose after two years. I just by any category. You want more play off. Perhaps his offensive stats are better his plans that are better shootings? Better any sort Evaluation. Why do he's he just ahead of them and I think he might even be like sixty nine months younger than Paul George was Co. Why he's also ahead of accept? as you pointed out the chance to ever snow. That's lies quite by the Here too, we knew were looking at a hall of Fame defensive power, whether it makes a half aim. We do now, but it was like that guy is a once in a generation, defensive, primmer, guy jailer. Miranda feel that way by these has a chance to me.
The amount of light on dial umbrellas does not go. I wonder if you could be one of the four best offensive prayers on the perimeter and the league someday maybe but he's can be workable. I was railway. We knew by the end of the two thousand. Thirteen placer like by that guy is best person we ve ever seen guard the brain ass. A his hands are so big as wingspan is ridiculous. His his peers as I Q, in terms of where to be at the right time, anticipation this has at all in that sense, so yeah I mean that's, not a slight on jail and brown. I I think it's a tough questioning, grimmer, jail and brown. I personally am like always the project guy. Like saying, I find more like the APS: I'm always a fount of upside an immediate. Even if it's not enough is never realised and maybe that's my detriment. I would big challenges just cause. I have more experience with them and I was really impressed by how hard he worked on his game because I do feel like that is the secret trade that you need to be good
of course, you he finishes Ricky years at the Jim, the next day he's in the practice. Till visit. Why are you here is gonna get better? He invited himself the summer Lake December leg after were gear rich guys, don't normally do and he's just the obsessed with getting better and I think that's the number one thing out that for a year yet hard to know going in will be like because people of course change, especially at that age. Yes, sometimes we get a contract in that changes, but yeah definitely has its enter its. If an idle, no of Ingram, has it or not? I ve never read he mighty. May not. I've just never read the piece about like while Brennan Ingram is obsessed with getting better and he may be out on a hum biased, because I, when I look at branding room, I don't think I know what it is. Essentially, it carries himself eloping you're, crazy. She raises last year is years party, even when he goes to the rim, he doesn't go to the room. Like you said,
Eleven years remedies six sex, which is my least everything about his game, but his arms are so lie makes up for it anyway. We'll ask another question: if you don't mind yeah, if you're Leubronn and your goal is just to win the championship next year, yet we throughout the warriors, of course. Where is where does he go? We go to Boston Boston Europe, ass than if you want to win the championship lecture. The thing is, ship sailed because the only way to do was to trade, foreign right, they we already know, that's not happening, unless you, my dear cousin, was a better fit for him in Boston, really he's. If you simply Lamb asked so, if Houston played Boston, fully healthy Boston forces, distance or adding Gordon Haven Roaring Terry, do you think that usin would robust would be last year, but using one sixty five games in the West, so we say yes, just because the subjects have always Houston really well and they ve? really had a full time for whatever
reason, but you're you're you're. Looking I've just remember other south existing games. I just feel they matched up great with them for some reason: yeah, that's, but because the latter Houston Dunwood Houston did during the season was a little gimmicks. No only made minor nobody anyway. I e the sunlight. Of teams could that's, not true, could shut them they're about. It is true they look there's an. I got a giant and hard and let us make sure your guard. That's that's why I need some gimmick used around. Where are you going at you you're going to think that principle, the beauty of isolation is yours. You not isolating just with the criteria necessary the G church of ice now, but it is if it's you need the spacing which they had, but the subjects were really good at it. Chasing down three point shooters that were open there the best holidays, celtic score against Houston women. Who said, I was a fucking great, the with a team with Tiree and hammered out those guy anathema, although they held under the greatest basketball team with curry
pumps in common, the rat, the like seventy eight points. Eighty point ninety points a game and you think somehow, this I'll fix are gonna score. But right now I don't think I did I'd. Never fella curry was honours and help. In that says, that's bullshit so the largest number of Melina, while he was going to have ended in every time and they bumped them and they held them and they pushed them and they have checked them. They played great defence and and he was unable to get free. There wasn't because you How would you would you like helping aims? Seven when you went off and is never felt like he was rate while I'd I'd. I dont think that that's true. I think that they play the team that had a great fucking defence of Sis distort figures you're not going to change my mind. I didn't I didn't know I am with you on the Houston defense, because I did not think they can get the Google thing on the championship. You could go to the team that took gold. They, the seven games and had to shoot over twenty having twenty seven in a row, mystery pointers to lose seven and nine
whose, by a lot, they miss twenty seven three pointers in a row and loss of ass. Now my they'll ask him seven: why did they those games, because Chris Paul couldn't make it through the serious without ok, but that's other thing. They even have their second bus player, and they still, seven games leading game. Six leaning aims. Seven now you add Lebron James. It's done if a waiver it'll around James also a championship. He goes so he's around. Why didn't they widen? There have crisp offer game six gives him because he played to an immense outward for because he does not durable, because you put to me That's because the only way they can compete with the warriors and go up three too, and that serious was the play him, no way too many minutes for what he was doing. He played like dickie like eighty five men some game, foreign game, five and the talent of game. Five got hurt. I don't know it was an accident. I mean everyone who is thirteen years five out of that I've got a lot of miles over. That's aside the pledge that, besides the point, the point is that the plant grow. The point is that we have to play that many minutes with a broken,
on the team next year. Would you have to play those monument? I dont think you should play more than thirty two men. I agree with you, but I've we're outside, but the question is is: would he would have to play those many That's if Lebron James was on the team now not next year. That's will thus we're talking about next year. What team Leubronn will go to to guarantee a championship? I think that's his question. I would say, Boston in Houston would be one day. One b I mean, I don't think boffins accurate. To be honest, I'd think really with Corinne Heyward. I mean when entitlement horrified and spartan rosier, that's like the deepest team in the deepest are largely to attain that got sweeps by old and state and will never had a name. I have two guys tat, but we terror, jeered, crunch type. I get. That was a fourth guard. I think overestimating how difficult it is to have all of those great offline. An inquiry in Goring Heyward carries not a defender. Marcus mark is a good defender so are you taking away minutes from Marcus marked to give to carry yet here? Isn't it
Defenders of marker smart is an f minus, often software for most of the afghan wall. I mean your. Counting, has often said rebounding, which is key right. Carry does not do that. Car. You will get you there's just only one basketball that is counting his twenty seven percent sure to know your death as well. You should, I just don't think Boston is as good as their coach and the conference. I mean that conference a joke last year, the fact that they went to seven games, Norway to say when we talk about adding the brand to next year's Celtic Steamer, the team, the teams, we know let what we're talking about the real world, the Bronx go anywhere. He wants to go. Where should we go to adapt their showed the Tatum, the Tatum Ass, to be factored in them? but why are we sure that Tatum is going to continue to get better worship? from this from em. History tells us that he should make a huge this. A huge leap, yeah, a hugely hugely one year announcing an mba, but
but the history the weak says year, one year two, if you had certain check points in your one and you get better. Zero goes like area they have perhaps now to recover Was tat, governs Lydia hats, look at Terek Evans, Millennium stats on a shitty, but he wasn't just putting their without anyone team I understand, but he he was. He was doing everything and he picked like our model actually had Terry governs as close to one of the best rookie seasons, I'm saying there are exceptions to players who play good as rookies who don't always Progresso monster, Jason Tatum is TAT. Is I am not in a recent him as a great, probably great, of away good as Rick visiting where the plague it is his thing. I think you gotta extended for this, because he actually was better in the placid wasn't resources, but how much of that can you say is preparation for the opponent coaching. And knowing exactly did he do a lot of dumb things? No, why? Because he's our way, better defensively as as the year alone. I think he got better.
He should picking advisedly than the irony of him in the past this evening. Shit that were from three is better through punctured in the regular sees you oh yeah, he was the basic thirty one percent from three know that he is the best corner. Three point: sugar in the history of the NBA. Fifty shots really do you go high, just corner three point percentage men fifty attempts enlarged history but since like since my data goes back in two thousand number one, the Jason Tail, that's amazing! Well, that's the way he can get. I'm gonna get better that isn't gonna like the battle over histories. You gonna, maybe redress from that bastard. I link is three point: shooting a better and he's not gonna get better than the best in the hell. You're gonna be out in the placid. Well, who's. Thirty one percent the past, but I think the way he can get better is ice showing him, but the tat I went the second spectrum. Lastly, and I was sad I was just so fast and I buy the platform they have, and you have a lot of this stuff. You just don't share with anyone, but I was but anyway, but as like, can you Jason Tatum at the top of the key?
can't do that. Can you tell me you know what we have it possession wise points both procession, so vacuity up, they have every time he's ever been, at the top right, which is what I wanted and equipment says. I just put this did that he was point. Seventy five points for possession with bad terrible, but you wanted it but that size like. Oh, that's why they in that's, why they do in the past right, but I think one he learns. How do once you can spread the fora for him and he could just be guys after dribble and further swing past corner ago the basket or whatever accuse you that's the way it gets better. Here's what I learned in my twenty years- a watch, Namibia Basque, while nothing is true, but this is what I think is true. Players who perform while as rookies or do really really well with good coaches are less likely to continue to improve because a lot of it is their coaches maximizing their potential in that way players who don't perform well, so I think jail in- would count for that leg.
Don't say that I think jail in as the good example for that not data, but has he really play that much I mean I don't I'm in jail and round had some moments this play off. Speedy did Berlin, I guess you could say of jail around was on the Sacramento kings. Maybe he's that fifty percent of riot on yeah, I think and look I say a Thomas. The guy is literally unplayable right, unplayable. The thing I judge Tatum by in this, as I felt the same way about the rat, and I think these guys are very rare. There may be a couple times a decade Does he get to everyone? Offensively yeah he's a special Hence a player. We had this counting, not in any way. I'm just saying that if you look at the fact that he was the best three points, you turn the history of the NBA from the corner and you think ok well, he's gonna keep on getting better like he's should honour percent nobody's gonna. He has like seven moves that I think as he as is clear dances he's gotta, pull up, Russia Corner didn't need them any mismatch. Idea relatively. He got that drive to the basket
where he goes kind of that the swoop gap outside. I just think he's gonna be roundly unstoppable would you how many guys would you trade him for a lot? trade him? For that would mean for Calais. Are you ve gotta your mind? so you are in the minority of this force. I would treat him for climate changes require. Let one is you don't have to treat him for quiet and excise mind hours inquiries gonna make layers. Thirty does Mary had to spend that there's a cap and you have to spend the money already have. Therefore, further have paid They have you Tiree. And look at how old is carry. I think I resign. Six as the latter is very meagre referred, is about, I think, he's thirty. Ok, you have to look at your team in the age of your team and what like, if you're the solvency one continue building building building building that then maybe you don't make the deal, but if your goal is to win right now, you have here from his old. Are you?
carry whose alderman I wanna play for Boston any more by the way, after all, is not likely to be there for our about that. I would have his five I would be. I know he was on your part gas, but I would be he was kinda the next and play for James, drawing it fuck at her come on, I mean to say- I would be worried, guys doing movies and are more worried about his legs than the than him leaving. I said three friend injuries to his legs over the course of his career. Back. I'm honeymooning really care. If he left eye files, assaulted summit I want him to leave, but it's not like I question is if they resigned market smart and they know that their and they keep rather do anything. They know, brown coming free age and wise and Tatum coming Frazier wise and therefore and they want to make a run an entity Davis? Is there they just like her. I, like I relief in recital. U can get Anthony Davis. Of course you do. You think, that's
Then they Anthony Davis's, the big looming shadow over like ever is extra Boston. Shape. Requirement of the US is the most underrated player in the NBA by like a factor when they know that nobody knows why nobody talks about a bleeding. That's how I save the assets yeah. I had interesting, it's just play buggy leaves the pelicans about it seems I people think he's gonna leave now neurons comes back next pretty much. Everyone in the west has gotten better and unless they can packaged area, Irish, for somebody like Kent, Bazemore Morowitch, has been a rumour even that not you heard. While I mean it's just really, rather than to get better use, Bismarck, then Ba is very tough. You have a bunch of teams who are just out of the mixed, sir, New Orleans Davis. Let's say he gets hurt November for ten games and their three and thirteen comes back. Neither twelve and twenty and he just goes at the gum, I think I'm ready to go to a good team. Now tat could happen. I think South Ex wanna be ready for that more than,
closing where they were then chasing jail and Brown and they trade the kings, Peck, and now you have quiet, might leave anyone here I mean if I could get Anthony Davis, and I knew I was immediately the right path. I for one year and on whose only gonna get him for one year for sure out odyssey way. Wait. I didn't. I mean you're waiting now you're you're, putting yourself in a great position were now this them on the other. The warriors are in here too, and they ve got dream on green clay. Thomson, both unrestricted free agents- they're not going to keep both of them and now the league is wide open. Now you have a really legit chance. Followers it's quite open. Next year too, I think next year there's teams are like the others. Teams could be called state next year. Well that's why I do back like second like a if he's gonna the Lakers. I do feel like second like a two or three year kind of plan, but he's old Navarra. He like he's not
We know you say, as I have mentioned, but easy bodies, but he is human. How does he, when the title next year, in situation other than his dinner Boston with the Lakers if he gets Calliope their aims, winning that's it, but that's, a legit. That's that's not a pipe dream, that's a something that people are trying to make. I think he's like that in a gun. If I stay in Cleveland, do you think he's early looked at them like I don't link he's like that is, but I think we will have no chance of the word. J. F, Garcia, he's measure, himself against yeah. Here the warriors, the rat. It's a red underneath the have some people and I'm on I'm not saying this peace have some people who can actually tell him what team because every team there tell em they're all bullshitting, because there are scientists he somewhat impartial assailing. This is where you should go here is like the data that can show that can tell you how good this team will be with you. Are you interested in seeing this because he's gotta yeah he's a great basketball mine is an amazing players. Best parts are played game, my opinion, but he's not agree of
not a great evaluative talents of what is a good players at an understatement, and I dont know that he has anyone in his camp that can really guide him in that direction. We should Jane Eyre Fifteen million a year, I daresay I mean just I mean I have in France and I think if someone's has gotten his boys paid, which is which is admirable, but there he does have an opportunity or you can actually pick a team that will give him the best chance of winning and I'll now you can balance that cuz. You know that the family life is going to be like. He knows what the lifestyle is going to be like. He knows what his life is going to be like away from basketball. Boutique, maybe doesn't know, is what is a I am going to look like what type of pieces do we need to add. I think that's where he needs to aid or go to a team that smart enough to make the right decision for him or be talk to someone who can help him in that in that way, you don't think MAGIC Johnson could be the maestro for this possible. I don't know I'm not be unhappy, I'm not! I'm not disputed.
Spare genuine. I'm just saying I don't. I don't know that Madame Johnson's, that person, I certainly don't, think rob Pelinka as that person just because replica describe contagious Caldwell Guess Arkadyevitch Caldwell Pope excuse me his manna from Heaven when they got him was not the thing that he thought Kazaa pretty bad. He so stabbed the bomb guy in the back. He did the calves owner of Carlos Boozer thing I mean that's, that's been. I don't I gotta catch him that his data that he did not lose him was a boozer out alone. Who is who is both of them? His tis agency, dropper uplink after that yeah. I know anything about that. I just know that if I'm looking, if I'm wrong, I'm looking at a team that smart enough to tell me how I can win and why- and I want to be able to say what is the basis of that- not just pipe dreams was actually coming about Aweather, tell, should have that right after let's take a break to talk about one of my favorite products
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get away because there's no other way for them to get him. He could have opted into the contracted, assign trade that was possible. It was possible but what am I getting him? Five cleaving, and why am I doing that? They could have got something? What we know other players and Houston? Who do you want to from the calves? Why do I want to take Ryan Anderson we'll take something Ngos is nothing. Will you not take something? That's gonna divine right out of they could look. That's the Houston could stretch Rhine Anderson they could you'd have to renounce Capella. That would be tough you have to get to, ps3 and Lebron James, the come to some sort of understanding to not about that what happened to those guys bachelor created the system. They are the part of the NBA, be an MBA Player Association Board that need it so that these MAX Avenant, some are often happening happen to worried after trade, leg, air, Gordon into first round packs, and even
from the calves, unlike. Why were we had this help us full? How does it help uv leaves air Gordon too, for some pics actually united, but even then, thou you'd have to take another shady salary with that just to make the contracts work yes around, at thirty three million. It's too so that's my point is like We just want someone a tight on. That's, it doesn't have to be the minimum. That could be something which can be their wits level like nine nine hours. I don't know they might have been over the tax them and be eligible yeah there's like us, in whatever they can t take five million one year, I'm just some chasing the title this year, but I don't think you need to do that. What do you think it needs to do? I think he's. I think. I personally think he's probably looking at this. Like I'm Lebron James container anywhere I go I'll go to the Lakers I'll figure it out will contain there. That's a good thought little bond dreams, as I just brought this shitty calves ain't that so that they are able to arrive at a week conference. You wasn't taken that team to the files and the lesson copies. Nothing
though his thinking, I'm Lebron James, that he does not have the final say on horseback hates. You need someone in his cap he's nobody is Just think what he means the what he had something when you meet someone in is camp last year, they would have been like you can't. You have to fix the sky, rethink you have no chance of winning a tight on the issue of a second score, for they had no chance of any type of korean rises relevant. They were going to beat that team. They baby big, blown out Egypt or they are blown up the year before for games, the one party scored fifteen. They managed to win one game outside that serves as a blow. Zack, while his on my corner with this I mean I said that that no one Sokolow said that the Cleveland Cavaliers worth one of the reasons why our offensive thing- and I agree With- and I said the same thing- either right before or after whatever aid they blew. Game, for they blew game three that is easily could about two to go in and they decide no chance of winning their just wasn't. Could it not? They could gonna seven against a historically good team that major good finest him yeah they disabilities
look at it like where you gonna win. No, like I thought Houston could win. That's the only time I I felt a team could actually be golden How much was how much of that was just catching gone stated the perfect time, none of it I think you made the same argument for Cleveland if you just kept ever together that next year and goals data attrition of attrition of no it's not that it wasn't that look that would mean it wasn't that guns they wasn't the same team. There were in seventeen. Seventeen was better and more focused and everything. Eighteen team was like limping to the finish line. Basically unlike a guy maybe, but I I just don't think. I just think that everyone is discounting how good Houston lay now give a good Houston. Was this your anger that, like everyone here, think I'm lucky? They did this thing that they held that team to a ridiculous number they forced them into.
Isolation, basketball. They took away all their off ball. Action talked like talk to the guns. They coaching staff and you'll know they did anywhere. They were a great. They had a great system, they all bought into the system. The only thing They didn't do right. Some ways in which is is just they just have the depth or they didn't trust their death but they were unable to play because they data fell apart in the fourth quarter of every game, but at. But I think that's to me that matters that that was the flood, that, in that they had to rely on big minutes from Chris Paul Ryan They would that's enthuse. Their best carries the place, seven guys in every other day. Situation. Currently they could have played, they could have played in all the other. Had a lot of bad luck to embalm who take out entered can shoot anymore. That's what really you know missing his torn crabbed old. Anyways was a free agency. Bod gas, wherever we ve people need dealt now, I'm layer of rock and the entire time, but I think this is. I think this is a really
for in conversation cause it's like how come was used in last year and how close was Cleveland two years ago and had, as that effect, tell them and sees the finals right now, yeah what he was infinitely closer thin Cleveland ever was two years ago. Cleveland two years ago did not have a chance. But where they infinitely closer. During an injury, I would say part why there are infinitely closer was because it at home court be eighteen, whereas were not as good as the seventeen blotted out our import, they one sixty five names. It's a good idea, I'm with you for part of it. I do think that eighty, whereas were not ass, good ass, I did their chemistry was a little weird and it was just easier to count. Catch them last year, potentially goddess It is to the ceiling of the teams were pretty somewhere that I just three. They had more pieces this year than they did the previous year crude. It common state. They had Norton Bell. They had, they went
get her. Allow is that, as the other thing that was was beneficial for Houston, Begrimed Ikey was healthy, she's been wasn't, wasn't going to beat golden state healthy aimed at all, because he would dollar really put the clamps on harden yeah peace and benefited from that. Alot Should he used to be worried that a lot of different smart teams of good defenders about a slow down hard and the way they were ever saw him there. I think you should be worried if the team has one of the best defence of players of all time and Andrea. Allah, Boston, Saddam Danton that entire than say there is a disgrace. You'd, listen! Massiveness embark, as this is the difference in the microwave ovens. James hired. I'm saying that right now, there's a difference in the regular seasonal glass and also Andrea with Allah, is not a good defender. He's a great defender he's out he's he's dead. Fender underneath clonard in terms of the best perimeter defender in the NBA, so
if that doesn't worry me that the second best defence of player in the NBA shut down, you think he's a second best, defensible embezzling defender in the NBA again for a man upon church, not close, pre injury, poverty, not close interesting luckless, he's he's smarter in the sense that he works hard. I talked to We would all about how he defends. Yet I watch this great thing. Someone recommended me on Twitter. I watched I never really been Scotty TIP and ban, not because I I don't like him, I just know anything about it. Many non watches banner. What I read in writing about em watch this thing that Eco doll? I recommend anyone want to you. A dollar did with better in terms of how we defends and what is process was, and it was brilliant. Both of them were brilliant and when you See that and you see like the craft, there's this guy. This is a craftsman, the fence, established, he's a craftsman, he's learning his craft, I'm not saying George doesn't do that thing when I watch low relieve me events. I dont see that I don't see him. Sing players in the wrong direction. Trusting is help. I don't see him stripping the balls.
Poverty is a great defensive prairies, but he's not as good as under equal dollars. I've thought personally, I remember when I first work for an MBA team in two thousand and ten that was a guy said they had to get yeah he's playing Rodolfo. He was only a ridiculously high contract. This is the player that will improve your team by, like fifteen winds, I thought Pippin was the best permanent offensive wherever czar, probably I mean I didn't. I wasn't that into basketball and ninety six. I started like around he was the first guy ever watched in person. Recital o, my god. This is like actually be tat, I had a faster, been bug me has all the tools is that use just perfect defender. Co I came in, I would say somewhere around two thousand fourteen was the first guide seen who rose to their people. Now. I think those are the two.
I've seen Rodman had some moments, robins ability to guard based on innovative ideas, rising run in those like I'm saying they train Redmond will broaden, wasn't a perimeter winged founder Saki? What perimeter wing defending what I'm saying is via the ability to kind of do a level I can do consistently, but now he was like I ever saw who could actually defend bird like even Pippen? can develop it. I've been lost his people sleep on his defence about, alas, I was bred deck you. If we had the play off, I try to figure this out recently excessive energetic combat it than I didn't about had done. The finals envy appears now should be a play off someday be instead been, whilst was the play often bp into doesn't, for, if you did in every part of the entire this isn't he wins! That team was so good the with him and Anti Shannon Rashid and
how much money you made that in that it actually. Actually, this is two thousand for actually went into the serious thinking that I discounted detroit- I I mean Detroit ones seven against either I got rope it up by their eyes and conference competition after gain to yeah. All in on the distance and x, the next, the next three hundred and they made it, it was so hard for the Lakers to score. The liquors is never drew any fowls never got any loose balls, never a good offensive? Sat they had shock one on one and if the end, and if that didn't work, they had none else and they had like slalom- had been ankle. Luke Walton trying to play the four because Malone got hurt. I mean they just it was ass though it was, if that was the most lopsided series in terms of the actual odds versus the result that I can remember for finals ever it's funny. I am really really thinking about where,
at the camp might overreacted with coolby, where he was a mile time less. The little bit he had, he really struggle and simply officers o four persons, o eight south ex. Even the two thousand ten celtic series Thea. What did he want any suit and game sullen six for twenty four and ten thousand ten. He he's really look bad and certain serious, like even that the ninety stuff, before he kind of blossom, up and down, but that pistol series was the worst he ever looked down. He was they just completely fraud of them. They turn them into like this year about jumpsuit. Now, as the years are like his personal, he had a ladder. Jesse has aroused the hours like a lot of he was accused of rape or whenever a thousand a year de yes, do you think I violate? Who at that? Guy I to know what happened, but if any one has been able to rehabilitate their public image,
more than him? I don't know who it is. It started like above five six years ago at the such means stuff, it's funny as like. It's me he's reposition himself as Canada. Expert on leadership is everything and by the council is who has worked with a horse team at you, could ever could neither for last of his career. I mean I've said some of this stuff on what I don't allow no cobia moaning about me. I still think it was a great pleasure and was younger. I still think musicland whatever, but like I don't even a monument commentator. I just think just from the fact of what happened, and how it was resolved to where he is now. I don't think, there's any one. Someone else can, maybe let us know if they can think of some other person in history, not just sports, but history that's been able to rehabilitate. Midge more were really escaped by more than the thin their galvanised him in the mid two. Thousands, when it really could have gone south was he became below of a price Laker fans in the Kobe fans, sure it almost made unlike him more I was
everybody and then that two thousand six hundred and one one vote are. I did have a vote yet, but I might unofficial. Boat was for him for em reappeared two thousand six anytime. I really fully embraced, hereby sat. He was amazing that year he was. There is a year that there is the year were the year that escort eighty thou. That aid? Is that drastic share that stretch was he'd interests have eighty had like fifty three quarters versus the matter. That was the better scoring game. It was like a larger night ever I'd ever seen from a player in terms of scoring yeah, but yeah road. I wrote in his pain magazine com after that game about her upset that eating gopher like Ninety wound, the assemblage? I really well them out that he doesn't go anywhere. I hate that sort of stuff whose word there is another situation this past year, where a player had a everywhere every year, happens once somebody's gatling was but will make an observation. Catlike sixty Rayner culture, the boat I, who is it this year out just like Niger, is about a thousand like this guy.
Both I wearing. I want my desk player score points. What is this wasn't not going anywhere optimum rule a seminal. Tell me I'm afraid we haven't identified you always way that there's not going to be enough good coaches, the potentially gamble against. If you decide to gamble and every year they finds a bad ones. You boy Becker staff got a job he's the best. This is good, but all cultures are great. I dont have a bad link sphere by coach anymore, but all great God they're all doing the best. They call my god, but they college who who didn't? I wish I could remembrance bad podcast in some of our member states, but I remembered semi simultaneous one last year in the brain and the Lakers a mile away. Fears Calliope George. They are absolutely contender and could go Toto with the warriors bite on if they do feel like I'm, feel like there's one more year where the war is not much of a terrorist act see I lowered has committed in my column, you right
Macao me like fifty in three cornered. Sorry, I interrupt the dossier. I just came up terrorism, and he was wearing about I now they wise export tie working for the record taken this guy out of the game is deemed like going anywhere. Let's see something exciting happen, levels more. Seventy god forbid. I remember there. One Carmelo year where he could have had like seventy five and they took him out and he got the lake the amnesty Could you imagine at nine minutes left? Could you imagine Carmelo thoughts about himself had scored seventy five or eighty point? I still defend karma he's the best, so The worries, I think have one more year were there clearly that favour, unless they have some sort of injury or something right, but in a brain Calliope George Orwell abroad. James Arden CP, three, very tough, I if they can figure out how to keep lonzo if they can get away somehow without giving up
now and then that would allow them to do lines only while dang and tax law and more contract back again Sadly, in his leg yeah would the will give shrewder fur body, Alonzo MOM, just saying like any any sort of competent, and to also dump the damn contract on something out or you do like. A three tamer was shrewder. They get Bledsoe for a year. Let me know little of the round loves by job. Bledsoe is not the guy you want if you want when applied, or I can vouch for that, That's for that because he was the key to the south, expanded the bastard percent, but my point is like can use lonzo. Now they keep em to get rid of the dance contract and get some sort of either. Said back or expiring whatever. I think that would be the last piece of that. I personally would keep lines over them. I think he can play off. The bar many. What makes what makes him cause at he's just a basque about where he gradually bands
for us it ahead. He doesn't really have the bother much yeah. I got bogged down in a job offered twenty seconds, gonna half court in a half hour, Tedo often somewhere in the half court. He does restrict your spacing if he'd, if he, if he That means not as bad as Rhonda wasn't he was younger. So maybe it's not that bad. I just I just think. There's better point: guard fits because you're not really point guards they're they're, just like should neither discard scoring guards who sent you may cholera Spencer Dinwiddie, but he troubles too much he's clock eater about Kimber yeah come on campus great Cambyses Alonzo in the World Bank for can burn something else. That would work like that coming up in your through the free agents right after this
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be ass. Any save twenty hours after first shirt just do it properly I'm gonna throw some names at you. You just tell me what you think Boogie cousins coming off an Achilles. I can't think of anything that excites me more than attaching mine max contract, the buggy cousins were the most you there. I don't know I would want. I did when I wouldn't want to be the team. It takes a big chance on bogey cousins. Just because I feel like I'm not convinced that the attitude adjustment is there, that the majorities, I don't know, I'm not convinced so I went, and then you have the injury situation as well as in the other that the team actually play quite well when he was gone. Not that that's his fault, but maybe it's I'm in the camp. They might have actually been better a fee, stand on the maritime trade and then had boogie. Maybe if they used him away where he was a staggered, Austria, there I yeah. It's tough, though, because he has a
really benefited from not having buggy when will cause it has forced them to play centre got it. It is a reality, is Anti Davis. If your listing you been there's no way, you are, he might be lessening if you This thing, for some reason I hate to break it to be your five years. Are if you want to win a title, it has to be you playing the five with the Boston Celtics, always We then entail a nearby and the biggest and manage any team would have in the league. Right now is either Davis as their five course an unlimited MRI minutes Nor do I would do buggy for forty million hours for two years, but the second year player up theme, option team option unless he triggers it by playing sixty games in the first year, something that out be I'll just protect myself more always for the second area Sophie only if he doesn't only comes back for forty games in the first season. Doesn't look good
I think that behind that he's only like twenty eight, he is only one. Any, he got to be. No he's got some growth My fear is. I do not like that injury, my view the injury. My fear is that of the officials. Don't like him for good reason, because any he's definitely looking at sorry, and he knows if I still don't like them, and it has a complex that says it's me against the world and I'm not getting a fair shake and I think that's something in life that is very difficult to overcome. So here's my counter yeah you're countering your own proposals countering one thing about this, They have said before, and I think it's a really important point. It's one of my favorite bill segments point some. Third personally myself, I dont mind taking a chance. Sign head cases when they had their lay twenties because em, history says the Koran quote had case
as they get older. They mature out of it a little bit, I think, proceeds a good example spoken by someone who is probably had a great relationship with his lady partner. His whole life you never even ever experienced side of, I think I wasn't ahead case until my late. I don't know, I don't know much about your personal life, but it seems like based on what I'm normal. I nobody. We spend our time together, Scylla. He got that party I figured out and I think that some people just don't matter. What, but I'm judging by your she'd wireless machine, Wallace List a spree where we will do so as well as our own models guys ran contending teams spiral, never really much slow transports bent his last dollar on I've. Yeah We'll get lucky in Malawi, and and nor should Wallace tried to break into the referees office after games. Wanna tied over those. He was available for life.
Right around the same age as causes the Amis unlooked, but I've listen. I since listen to Rashid Wallis on I forget if he has a podcast or he was on his humble money. Joneses podcast and it seems like he's, got the show figured out now and maybe at some point, but twenty eight arming saw when arguing that hot headed have the world's against me staff. As you hate, your lay twenties tends to kind of soft and a little. Not if you get whistled for a lot of owls, because people don't JANET like. What the big question is in this day and age defensively can buggy cars and be a centre gonna team that doesn't have any Davis extra. Yes, you can, because, if there's all these stretching teams that are playing like Peter at the five year. Marguerite applies to seize, destroying the Marcus cousins is a problem for that, and I think that that something He should be proud of the things you should really focus on and realising look. I have a place in this league. Its does. Does the there's, a league ready for me not am my right. So he's one of the few guys at play centre where you actually say that about em bead Abbe, it's tough, but it would be docile,
king turn over at times he's our great passer. Not a jape, maybe not in shape that maybe you're not shape lies not in shape is exhausted the band of every hour. It was hard to care on that body for allowing asked, but she, when you started being re dive Joe, be sucking naturally temples at half time. Yes again and shave Joel, so the markets doesn't have. Problems, but he has another set of problems which might be tough from overcome and I'll be, does cause. I like the markets, cousins, Levi, great, nickname, Boogie, it's a great nickname, I really enjoying a box. I even ethic was on the part the week before throw them out as a possible like do some damage play after him, not to be the warriors, but we're having a moment with cousins and Davis together where they were really kind of wrecking teams, and he a believer is possible, so No may throw this area of the Brown I apologize
urge and then they somehow commits Bogota come on like a make good the offer one year with a wink wings even possible. I think it's possible yeah. They clear at the entire cap. That's a great team, but team probably beats condensate. Why? I mean look at. What would you do? I don't think people realize level. Allen? Kauai alone is fucking crazy? It's absurd! That's, but that's discuss backdoor without debate, I'm in whatever it takes mode with collapse. As I know, I have Leubronn. If I get quite and once I have those two any semi competent GM can figure out how to put together a team around those two gas. That is a ridiculous combination. Its. It is a lie. The second best player the league and only question him is that the health and not even that way, but that anymore, you worry our heads, but his head, Spain. I would be worried about the health. I we're cafe. No us on a Catholic,
or than me, I'm string me whatever it is. It's he's got degenerative. It's possible economic degenerative condition there, but something that had the doesn't he'll without. That would concern me. There's a lot of concern about assault. There's a lot of there's a lot of concern about itself. It's either is or he's. Just like. I mean the fact that he didn't trust the team had go see different doc. This is the bad. It's what you know does it's a bad break up, then the spurs inimitable break up in both both parties have set up or in part They just how will they have to like me? My turn off the sailors- okay, this is over for the spurs at the site. This is over. This person doesn't want me any more there. Let's make up north must do the best we can move on from this, and not be petty, which is tough. It does seem like from but I've heard they shop around for the doktor opinion. They wanted to hear the collapse said, and he went this seven or eight doctors before they got the doctor that told them what they want to hear, which was they wanted to set out for losses.
Yeah. I don't know, I'm not sure out of the worrying about that. The amount on the streets desire Thomas more than five million dollars sector next couple: oh when your five billion dollar per year when they were fire. Next, I would, if I wanted to, I mean the next to be fun sure? Why not? If he's he's, got the heart of its of like to build a play that he can with his size and his staff, like his dominions, stature to build up and his inability to defend is remarkable. You got a NEO mover possible Needham would about Orlando fur. Wherever I e he would we find the parliamentary could score lots. What I mean really gay Rudy Gay feel like this is Mean Rudy Gay was a terrible basketball player once upon a time when he's reworked his game, he's gotten smarter he's in a coma, better passer. I feel a greedy
It could be a complimentary piece on a very good Tina. What's issued by the shares. The mid level has now risen. Nine million dollars basically for the first year, saw me up, so you can get conceivably you can get if you like Trevor, reserving a gay whoever Palmer through with me. New forty million from four years, basically, which is seems like which is really high for the mid level you'd ever where you would never prairies of her for years is too old for thirty three, as any but how many times have we seen a team members, the South Ex last James Posey one year, because New Orleans decided to give them a five year contract flower? That might happen. I don't think I think teamsters are smarter. Now in some ways may There's, like the other, isn't, I hope, you're wrong. My China has not on its not that their smarter billets that they realise that were probably not gonna win, league is in his wide open gone states who good so teams are more patient, not spread before somebody smarter? I think that's probably part of it. Maybe.
And it there's a lot of genes that stole dont, want to think I don't care what happens to your snuck as they might not be there anyway and Insight I've just get and gay, and I want to be good and woodland- be fired three years anyway, stay It's the rob had again why surge of accurate yeah PA sure will probably do ya that that the good thing about the league in the bathroom but leaves now there's a lot more like finance, guys owning teams yet, and I feel, like That'S- made the lead martyrs. Well, like. Like, the Sixers owners would never Saint Andrew against that contract provide they could talk to him first right like that owner, so the old guard owner decided he want to sign Andrew against that contract, but you another face to face of them. First, make sure Fourth, it yeah not let em player the years every word that not all of them throughout the year to see if you actually performed well now I d
behind an and so like that contracts, a terrible contract life like there's less teams with owners that will make those types of contracts. Zack made a good point on his Pakistan, Tuesday shattered Zack. I miss Sack Dimas sector. He was Hang Minnesota is gonna get slaughtered by the tax. The share of it. But a year from now possess they're gonna have to give towns and extension at some point. They have Wiggans. They got a year left with Butler, but at some point they wanna keep butler. It's coming going to keep everybody, but next summer a lot of these teams are going to have cash face. Cuz a lot of a lot of the payrolls are clearing off in their advertising. Summer? Nineteen free out you're, not even that great those far as I'm concerned, I ve a it's not that great, but they can talk themselves into it. There's not going to the many free agencies. Milvey seems of cap space and that's it Minnesota starts common around hey and your wiggans we think somebody's gonna bite it they're gonna be able to dump a contract. I bet that's an uncomfortable contract
I regard the toolbar neatly. Does Europe to give away picks you got to do something? I completely sounds like without the makings of a better word sped elizabetta. Now I've will there's no way tales banana, be dumb enough to pay. For that. It's gonna happen. It's gonna be and I'll be in eastern conference him? Be somebody calves so by haze, only twenty three years old or twenty four man, and he is the fourth action he just to be in a better situation. Somebody will talk themselves into that hundred percent valid. I really make me sad. I would This is a tough one because he was awful last year for what he when his town is but ass. I think he was in a bag. Situations, the matter he's a player who doesn't do anything other than every once in a while make a really exciting you know, there's no play off. The ball the family doesn't rebound at all. Seem incredible Africa summit as for talks, Visa Eleven, an incredible athlete so much as is the explosive jumper and dunker he's like
poor man's Vince card. So we need a better. We ask an athlete because athletes, are really good at rebounding. The really good at, like you, know, anticipate the ball and doing other things. Defending doesn't do any that Ali does, as he gets. The Baldwin saw, makes a play that makes you jump out your seat, some more thought themselves into ok, Zuckerberg Saint, for this current fridge by Parker PA my favorite we'll see- I don't know he usanga not force, not making a move side to decided anymore, yeah. I think that two issues, the stuff to seal the injury part is tough fact that yeah, I don't know, I don't think he's done as far as being of the play, but some of these players just have to get better. They have to learn how to play basketball, better and sometimes comes, and sometimes it doesn't I'm not sure he ever recovered from the fact that that was supposed to be his team and then the honest, dangerous blossomed that nowhere and it just was never
a great situated moments by the way and the celtic sir, I now those in always at home now yells yeah? I still, I don't know that's a word. Gamble for me from a team I would rather, I would rather do that and Andrew wagons, even laundering. There's a guy can easily be less money. Ass, the good king kid, but even like the money was the same. I think that he's got more chance of being great than Andrew against Zack Levine restricted, not pressed Sakhalin. He's a good stats, bad team guides. He like he could hear. He could be like a Jamal Crawford type. Maybe he's not. He can't be appoint guard over legible Crawford. I've got moved more Crawford's game is growing. Thirty years. There is a mere team. You violated, finally, when you ever get out and the fact that he like treated me at swedes, something mean to me on on twitter when they, like, you, don't watch the game. Bro the game that will actually out just watch the game, and this is why I said what I said if you said that it was pretty fun, you, like the first aptly over clap back at me. I
met him at the finals. I'd never talked on how long you been in illegal twelve. Thirteen years is like eighteen, its, but he said he said he wants to go anew. He wants gonna, office, it is one, do tv, I was that he be a natural broadcast guy it baby. I they you and I are both obsessed with t t, potentially replaced at least one or more of the other guy is needed one. Can we just give one gallon covering one but he's gonna be an affront office, cling Capella, love click, the power there's a way that it can play an orators. Nope went up. I mean it's not that he didn't play its, that gold statement super super small and He stole defended, while only was out there. They still played well when he was out there actually than you sure got more minutes. I should have to he's young. He was a force, in the veto. Series he's got
Better? Every year I dont believe the scuttle, but that is not a hard worker I don't know why I doubt as I don't believe that if you doubtless why not from twenty familiar and make haste to match it, but I don't know teams don't try to wound each other competent. That's a conversation, smarting they're, probably having with themselves, are now. Maybe they thinking about that, I'm not sure to do that and no, I can always trade for the Andrew Jordan in MID July, I think, that your tie up your cap space doing that you have asked them. Seventy two hours or ninety single action was not afford. It's like four days said We had seven max then you're left with, like picking up the scraps of use. Are you can trade for danger? Jordan? Whenever will that's the thing We shall not be doing that. How like that deal either just because I don't But the point is you're he's thirty years old, I honestly don't feel at ease the same athlete. Daddy was. I think the underdog fine basketball, fine peers, a thing but he's,
you go in the right way, there's as players on Dallas, where your most of your most Bree buildable prospects for Europe Dennis met Junior look adopted. I will do those guys, I do not find someone who matches with, I don't think, there's any inquiry in whatsoever to rebuild, and which is why impatiently trader Carlyle asked us for your summer. I really do they should trader. The Toronto trade him get like second hand picked, for. I don't think you do yeah trade coaches belie. Ah he wants to tiny clear as one to rebuild, and it's like, I, u get Clean Capella. You dont judges. I love em. You do to your actually you're in the same duchess camp. I am. I think we you and I are the most vocal, probably of- and not only I love Dodge, I think don't judge is a once in a ten year type prospect and the draft so cabin wait European James. This idea that he's not athletic to me it's ridiculous! It's that doesn't work
I would I would like rebuilding long term capellan someone ingredients. If then, if they could get if they could get Capello long term, I think that's a better. I think that not looking assign yonder during prolong contractor. Looking just haven't, verges on trade and take them off. Quips cat said maybe maybe maybe get an asset for doing. Not that might not be so bad you you you you you let your tea Are you a bill of losing called? You have their pick next year anyway? So it's not the worst thing tat to be good next year, not to be great, but to be good. They're, not gonna, be great. Downstairs another picture. They traded it to be traded at the top to to get took advantage of that right here. Somebody else doesn't have their pick last year that dead Macao. Next all Cleveland yeah Cleaver Master picking cow curvature to Lady Lena has Cleveland verse drown PIC. I it's unprotected raising that's a disaster, so you you could potentially have a draft toward the subjects had the kings Peck and it's like. Third,
Lena has the Cleveland Peck and it's like seven, It is a goal that I mean that seven is like. Are you kidding me in the pic is probably will like it will be the worse team in League, if labelling Does it if the brand leaves and people I've. I like concepts. The mother s, potential public was it'll, be cards then seem Nancy awhile it is not ready to Heaven tv everybody s talking about going to be called up, it concepts and Jeff Green. They are Smith and George Arts Hill. Good luck, but at least it has the pack and that's of huge asset, so Elinor could potentially have on as well as aspect and the queen impact. I hated the the donkey for trade on trade, but for a later, yes, but You didn't like trading away a once in a decade of its apparent her by nuclear. You wrong. We don't know that were not wrong advantage at dodges better than we think Aimee could its own and if they are their camp, wasn't sure, and so they went the route of let's just have as many poles at them,
I rarely go I'll. Is this as you could, I rarely go out and on draft guys down Carmelo for darker was ludicrous me down marmalades over Chris Paul was absolutely guard, was quietly more valuable to tee my novel crumb of research, but there's a leading player curry any passed on twice seem ludicrous when it happened this summer, times? Are you just kind of go at doesnt seem right, the only time I really caught him. It was when it was with high scores, and I hadn't like yeah I'd like Oak offer Dwayne out over oak referred to me as I that's crazy oak furs really get. He oh forgot her yeah, but but for the most part you kind of its tough but you can kind of holidays. We can read, you can tell you probably were unknown, I'm seeing from my mother tongue I think I've known there's been times. I haven't it. Just tablet predicting with an eighteen year old, going to turn out to be like seven. Eight years from now is very tough.
In college. It was clear that that guy was had a chance to be a transcendent offensive were sure he was a fucking. Freak yeah. I watch those dodge a child's. I watched, Kabila's yearly games. I like there's. No, That is why it is successful what he didn't. People think all the Euro legal carelessly. Currently, a guide to the early would crush any unsuitable eighteen crush him and would probably compete with, say the bottom seven teams in the NBA I mean they're spoiled there's a leader like their men, their older. They play the game for a while there some got there they play smart. The games is to really good coaches and they have an atmosphere. Words like you know your plane, some random city and there she muttered, but things that frown gears carton. I waited on Greece, one time and and and they had to clear the arena, because people were throwing live firecrackers in and when they are lighting should on fire and throwing yeah! That's that's where you got a scary, I'd rather sad that
Benjamin said Alice. You Erin Gordon LAW there and Gordon only twenty. Two years up there young thing about. Errand Gordon is, is on the ice, Erin Gordon, I think that Aaron Gordon, was playing for a team that do not necessarily have the most sophisticated offensive game plan and was emphasising post touches, to his detriment, was playing out a position for much of the Euro area. As a key thing to me, he was ever find their opposition. He might even be a five. He may be like dream on. The add on think he's got the dead. The defensive drive to be reminding like the sheer lunacy you need to be ready to have to play. Fraud there would be a place of minutes. At the my word, I rather came out of the five and three he's not offer. You know I don't wanna baked the three death, its ludicrous
he's he's. No your mind me a lot of reminds me of a better shooting, Blake Griffin, interesting because he can bring the ball up. The court like microphone, candies problem at the as good a half court, Passers, Blake Griffin was but he's probably better half what passes in Britain liquor. Was at the lake reference to twenty years old MA. Am I avenues. Fishery is the same age that black Griffin was during his actual Ricky season after he misses. Firstly, I think he is The head and gem of this entire free of sitting, Ok, we're in areas a restricted free agent don't matter millions doormat good me. Match. Here's here's seventy five billion for three years, and I think that twenty five I would die out. I would offer for him if I was a teen, those looking too, he would be a yet. He would be a good fit fer, a team that had to young backward players and Authority man Don T touch and offer Dallas sentiment
Do rather do that thing Capella! I don't know I would rather do anything, it's tough, it depends on, but I I like that only because I feel I feel like I like a poem. Don't think they're gonna be able to get either one of them's. I think it's moved by another team funding either one of them sign lesser your team. I think somebody You put him on the paces. You put him with that crowd about the rafters he's got old deeper with their actors on the cap. Job is up, but how great would he be on that thing? You put him on the paces. You put him with that crowd about the rafters she's got owed deeper, with actors on the cap. Job is up, but how great would he be on that same as I as an actual playing the four and then you could play like, every you want to play at the FAO. Just gotta be like you're, never pain the three for us that That's part, one of memory very exciting level at a young age and he's he had some moments last year where he took over games. He took over games,
said this before, but my number one move at it as a GM instead of having armies people like send them on all this guided trips and stuff. I would my staff would be obsessed with whose in the wrong position whose who's on the wrong team, whose being used incorrectly, who is an asset that We saw this last year and I miss there and I'm really matter myself. Oh deeper. Ok see words just like he began. Aim at the cleaning asset. Just because of how is used in the team use are not granted to get a better shape. He didn't like it in great, better shape. He gunners they get a meteor shape yet, but you so being used. Incorrect is in a situation. I wrote about it there in the Westbrook envy peeping rose like aright, Victor! Here's, your one, possession that I'm gonna take the next seven like that's a terrible Basque was situation. So the question: is you gonna these summers and insight coups being used wrong
Gordon to me is the number one guy who is used badly for his entire career. Now it's tough to play out opposition. You know the difference between the two in the three whatever, but the in the four in today's modern game is like he could really. What for could take him off the drip like? Could what could handle the dribble. So that's one thing and then the other thing is playing with below average point guards. That's a guy we'd, never really seen him with a point garden knows what he's doing our creator play maker and it's like a feast with our depot. If you have run into hiding, as you pointed out- and I never had that options, entire life would be a huge upgrade over daddy's young. That's for sure couple more quick! Once you seven year catch now. I just think that those guys are it's not that their coming there there done in the league, but I'm pissed at the centres. Dont, really excite me any more. I want players who can play multiple position,
series who can stay on the floor and so he's got an you'll move or in any way he's someone that you could, play in the regular season, but he's not really going to do anything for you in the playoffs or just kind of happened this year, You you'd Ireland, on that I judge I would judge ever ask your movie made by what I watch below get out when I watch and the final for who is playing yeah Pga Tucker, is more important than use of nurture cheese. That's what we do What about, though, like so now, the scales tip and you have baggily- becomes really good, and you have January eighth is really good and ambiguous gum really didn't either. When did you need the one duty? I that's a question. I just think there's a glad you can always get always gotta my eyes, him. The adding a point, still I wouldn't redraft, appoint are in the top ten, unless I thought, oh somebody who had chanced to be like Aforetime Auster. Yes, I would like that who's, the guy, the quick, presentable Sd Gilda, Seligson yeah. They took him eleventh back I'd, better, be good,
because you know is more important than blank adzes, fuckin, wings and Zaire. Smith did just harder finds Aerosmith pointer theirs for every They point out that I agree with that. They re now Fred veins leaders of creation. I love Fred badly restricted. Yes, I would offer Fred land than I would offer him the max forever. His MAX's you're from twenty five area. I don't thinking at five in these women elite for how many years what's his max, I don't know he's an hour affair is maybe it's like ten Diana. I think God made up. Of course, I would not from point I might of our. I would be offering more than any. I would. I would be upping the bidding for him. Discuss back to my point with the point cards I would rather Fred manfully. I watched it. Have I watched him get play off. Perhaps I watched him run a good team, I watched and playing crunch time and those guys available every year- why? I think that its on unfair unfairly? to say that players like admirable every year, because he was a big winner this year
and he was a big winner when using clammy every other yeah he that he's a special player. Unlike in my pen, he like Kyle Young Kyle hours with better with better signing of the game at that. Did you trade for cholera? Now I think that contract by beyond tradable, I think it might be too they have to another the more contacts there were only regulate a background. They think Larry yeah fifty million hours or the guy's a you basically can get rid of Maybe they get rid of it for our is or land in a lot of money. When he's thirty something years old, it's crazy didn't seem like he was in great shape. Buster, Please start up you're in good shape and then just dies at the end of the earth. Like me, when I start my start getting into shape and then just got to keep going quickly, will Barton polarizing like a six man could be good on the team that need some scoring if he was forty years, four million, would you be a pub
on. Sometimes I think that would work every Bradley, one of my favorite little fridge and gems, dear favorite, diminutive shooting are let me throw this at you quite Leubronn, Paul George and then every Bradley for one year. Five million as I'll guard. The other teams point guard and stand in the corner and make open three sub great. There's. A lot of guys are really that Roy. I hadn't. One of them is one of the best whence I dont think I beat the ship is sales. RO in the south, assigned him for a million a year and then, like a year This is part of the summer did as sixteen it was a man who could, amid eighty million here and now swung back the other way for poor every. That's where you need. Agent to really be aware of the moving tide of the of the cap situation. Yet because the guy you got lucky that one year drew holiday and my calmly- and
real sign that year and the maiden smoothed the cap, those guys got set not just for life but for their lifetimes of their kids lives and everything began because let one freaky summer, brick Lopez, close, as is a stretch. Five who doesn't rebound very well, but is a great shooter. He would be perfect labyrinth for Brook Lopez at the five. If you decide you wanna Pontiff, hence of rebound, which it seems like they do most of the time. The Pierre Eighth man, that's a nice, a man, They debts is, I think, he's in overqualified bench parish. Lobbyists are, I think, you're gonna be a start for some in some survey, him ball about seem like if he was okay, so if he played for Cleveland and that of whether they started Tristan Thomson forces Gandhi, you need know better Casey, P S honor, I'm no. I mean Yeah, ok, sleepy needs like he check every night.
Indeed, in some cases, atomic jitters chill, he thinks he's these transition trees and he's he's he's. Ok he flies around. I think he's getting paid to your pay too much money. Last year on a western upon this year. He and Recovery in where the co winners for my fuck. Are you doing a word last year I was never dunes. No you do, but he took some of the worship of ever seen in my life and in the play ass was the renowned even a no, no yes guy, he was a no no, no guy but the response. Ladders, and maybe this changes in the plants- and this is why Houston failed with response. That is those three point: shots were for efficient shots to the regular season and fishing. I didn't need plates for he's a piece of work. Good defender he's a very he's. What he's in the top tier of wing defenders he's what Defenders at it seems like he's falling every time and then I'll call it in its if you're reading at summits, Opel frustrating as he's just very physical and it's you seems like everything he does could be a far. What am I favour free agents, Joe Harris Sure, Lakers
maybe out a third all these different layers. You know like Yahoo, getting three boys guy Joe Harris, I think yours is a fine, but I'd like to see him on a good team. I think he could have occurred arrest can run the next ten years. He doesn't move as well off them. As corbies young, but he could also over the next five years. Do all these work adds to get better at yeah in a corner was by linking missing is that is that. Is that an end not every like guess? Anyone could do that if I Kramer trying to build the levels in his apartment, anyone could do that. But not everyone will do that, and so will he put in the work that Corver put in you left your listing? Carver made a lot of money put in the work, but these were covered. It covers a moving boulders under the ocean for an entire some part of that. That decision Corver tape from like six or seven he's like better athlete, thou I've looked at her in the plaster treasure he's thirty eight. I loved Montraville, I thought the coopers or better with him hundred percent. I these days.
Absolute. Try to keep him Montrose, hurl that it should play by last. Montrose hurl actually made doc rivers value often of rebounding. In other words, I have ever know why this my work, we may get a rebound twenty four years old, restricted. I like Montresor, I'd like to see him on a good team. Dante Hicks twenty two years old. I feel like I'm the thing I love everybody about fat. Like my life, I do I I you love this creative class. I mean I do think, there's a lot of gems like a lot of like. Maybe it's not that it's the Ets, I don't think he's on drugs, I'm not saying you, but he played like. I was really excited It's a moment's last year in the play ourselves impress so on offence, he's a little bit untamed. I can only Louis. I call them Bambi on blow. Yes and I don't think he's under I'm not saying it, but he played like he was really excited. Like a lotta half over carbonated basketball, and arm he just needs do just needs to be just restrained a little bit and and because what he would just run with Nord ago, like areas like someone said
Take this ball necessity, Canada, you so excited to just be play: basketball guaranteed lost as by it, but the other other ended on the defensive end. He Garda James arguably yeah as good as anyone else did. The plants, with the exception of Andrea, would Allah outcomes. Will I don't like him for thirty million over three years? But if you know, if he's available, I can still I'm looking at providing a minute. Finally give you two people aid, unlike just crazy, relating to many people, Nora Alfred Paden, like offered pain, Gregg Monroe. Longer perhaps your lease favorites guy. Just you know, there are no doesn't move their move very well. Yeah ye ruin drag my love for me. I was examined. We got him in here. Just like he's terrible. You can't blame defensively, there's no ale manner in the path of that to happen. As I know now that there's a way bridle figure it out and they gave him play for the last year of the Netherlands, How, though man learning for years of twenty four
old, going on sixteen I'll Marilyn's, though how has a basketball player, but I wouldn't let my house, I too am that's for sure. Similar keys That's some biscuits. The figure that out boy who he can make it happen, cause he's a good defensive player under the theory, the bills him instead that I mentioned twelve minutes together named after myself, he is a classic. How has now Ribbon in the red situation. While he was ever, he was in a good situation. Ass? They wanted him and decide to hot dogs and for them they offered him a ridiculous contracts that he turned down bad situation. The sense said: he'd never could the coach and I don't think they like me or him a ridiculous contract with you turn down and yeah. I don't know Figured out bloody inhale. Anderson are effect. Cartel Anderson is just too slow, for
the alarming mentally. I just mean physically, I'm with you. I can't stand watching imply. It's like, I feel like sometimes my computer's frozen, I'm watching them Blaylock the scream. There's really. I think we were both Roma. I think we went through the relevant guys unless you have an opinion on sector. That does not mean you can shoot. I like safeguards that promises couriers like. Would you build a plan and apply officers would get bomb hunted all they get by we missed Julius Randal twenty three years of Allah, duly We do not actually do like Julius Randal Thick. I can fuckin score and it gets really bad suit. He puts in eighteen twelve you give em the ball in the block facing not not was back the basket, but he's a course he's a battering ram. I like Julius Randall, I wonder if there's a way to work him into that spurs trade. I don't know if they could like Ben. I ll try something in here to give a signal. Actually, technically the rules are such that you must do this and you must not think after July. First, I could just sign in China.
I need to I'm not a gentleman decide. I read that stuff, but I probably should just for my own dear mister, gamble, geyser Marcus, very quickly like Marcus Mark good often snake abandonment and I had earlier. I do not like overtime, and these guys are all guys you likely like under ten million here, so the South Ex brought it back for forty four four you'd be fired up gap a word somebody's gonna from morn that he, I think he's indian is bad. A planet, they can't get angered just so. Why is it doesn't? Have it doesnt? Have a dependable jump trot yet you a visa, but for shorter years than for his old judge erratic thirty four years old, did the ringer package using an outcast lectured, you ve germanic. I think he referred to me as bills, boy among Europe's Corazza. Ah, I'm a girl. And by the way, Lady Georgina, I would like to deal with I think he would be the perfect guy. That could mean got paid it a tunnel money last year. He might be a guy that might want to play. Little bit less money away again. If labelling
Is there anyone who can enjoy? He wants what you might stand fully legs around these costs, while They take you in Brooklyn before right needs do might live in Brooklyn. A razor sharp money we said favours was the last guy we must think favours. Is he's developed? A three point shot he's a good defender he rebounds, while he can defend in isolation, Z, a five hour for he's a five. That's I've just he's. I think he's on the run him I mean it's not like it's tough. Because go bears there and what you gonna do and they stated stardom together and have had some success and they also staggered them as whilst I think This has on not one of the guys that I think out honestly rather take a chance on favours. Then the markets cousin for with way less money, and just like this is a reasonable facsimile of the market's cousins in some ways. This is why we get along. If I'm Dallas I offer Capella, they get Houston Match TAT, and then I go for favours for like three years. Right there. Some other guidelines because ensure an ETA
enough money to go, get somebody else there. I think they need the two guys with that I want to have a nice team or advantage causes that important and if I can't get pal, I had rather mix and match with the couple gas gash Aachen dive pick up, maybe like dead men or something like that or some other players. Deadness. There's, Carlo Quinn. When this thing it's it's the glory age for being able to just pluck like out like a big man out of the ETA, the out of the woodwork like what is at stake, some bits, the weird sport zahm we're game as a kid that you can play its glad that this is that's. Why, like putting issues where were you when you're playing yeah when you're paying on my him these sixteen million dollars just of disaster wouldn't be amber? Seventeen? Would you think of Gore TAT. The clippers I feel like that was, I feel, like the clippers, are making some moves that are good kind of like the could pursue. I gave up my court sides this year. You did. I did. I can't take it anymore.
You can always get em they're, just they weren't the ones I wanted, and I never once any games and I'm not gonna bidest was like anymore, I'm trying to I'm trying to make my life a lot more simple. I, like Gore, tenant change of scenery situation. I love his packs. I think him and the way will be I read you: can it really be able to help him get open and do stuff? I love that they traded astern rivers. I think they have new, but I like terrorists ever copper game. I went to lash. Likewise, her ears lies heart dialects, as I like how we might be in Asia yeah, he might him he might have been like they ve done. They lived. They really really done a good jobs and story. What does come there and since Doc, rivers is focused, more cry like care. Everything from Gaza legs I really like anchored. I see like they yeah. I don't know what to do with Milos I think, loves his out, whereas he gone well. That's their sneaky reagents. Now he's fine he's really fun,
put him on a on like kind of a wide open, Dallas type of team, but I'm to the kings, kings, I'll, be good, I'll, be fine, Steve Alba! I gotta be honest. I didn't I didn't. I hated that they paid the that they passed a dodge, but I do like the Fox Bagley CUP, what about my fax and backed up by saying that Bagley could play the three without stats. For that's I mean that is like that. A sense of that what what what he's got? Four or five you just you plan at five and you get out scorn on one end, each other with building your team. How does not mean, however, that is a good thing. Is it a news flash for you that these terrible, I mean they gave away and unprotected first impact for decide mark about alley adverse out RADA? My word, that's delawares trade in this decade. How does it happen? I dont get how this could happen. How does a guy come from like build himself up from nothing like the affected yeah
and mass of fortune in this country yeah. And seems like a shrewd did, and and then be like. You know what I think, I'm going to turn the keys over to the guy, who thinks Marvin Bagley can play the three and wants to trade for some protective first for Marco Belinelli in envy, but everyone should have got fired after that. Others Sometimes I wonder if the owner, just as whatever maybe he's doing it, maybe he doesn't mean vat, I agree with you- maybe maybe maybe it's not my- never even knew until recently, the story about how everyone in Dallas wanting to take on us in Cuban overruled them that's interest, because he needed Tisch trade back to shave, some Space fur ass at the cool thing about that is is. Is that mark admits to it? He admits to it Michael Jordan has not admitted to this down of a mutual story which seems to be floating around Michael Jordan, still hoping that at a morsel can get over it was this animal is turned on four first round picture Franco. Including what would have been the jailer rapid lull. Now that's a war.
Hundred percent. Why roof, where four samples fork is Danny, was trying to trade to get Justice Windsor evident for first round picks. Oh my, including the unprotected, broken picketed that sixty while and then lay. Here, the whole staff wanna take down a Mitchell any overruled them for mark, which I supported at the time so now that continent that power, but he basically overruled the entire Thus, I think it happens more often than people think we're not, This has worked very hard to predict this stuff, a view if you won't an MBA tame, yes which is an unrealistic. Getting more modern realist, it's getting more learned our lesson, but it can be ruled out the multiple either me I'm gonna drive, penguin or rule it out. I can't really does you would make final cause on things, Do we take them by Tarzan, but I've made my entire fortune on my pain of basketball. It's different cuban could say the same dinner twenty years, but you know what I'm doing is not more might notice
nothing. He doesn't, but it still not this until the last six years would make me question that, but the Dodgers trade brought me suck me back and on the cuban Basque were too so you tweeting all summer, probably not Or alibi might write some error rates. I might write some articles about about this. This guy. One thing an mba and how to impact the future. Might I might start running again and put publishing thinking about it? her my feelings. I know anywhere, I don't know yet. I don't know what you're talking about what I might just want to start writing on. I've got a lot of shit. I want to get off my chest now. One right for the last month straight. Can we talk? Yes, we can grab pleasure is always our final protection is leubronn, and why- and it's done the rap Paul George. Maybe what can we give Vegas ads for Paul George?
Seven, the one two layers now, alas, too high as to her out- and I'm not a gamble two plus two hundred Lakers minus two. Fifty ok see plus five hundred Philly I'll go with the guy. Here you gotta gear yeah. You got your finger on the pulse, I want to go with you. Thank you. It was really nice of you of Colombia in the World CUP at thirty thousand five hundred and twenty one, everybody in the teams hurt. That's amazing, did I told you about the bed sound. I made right at the finals, Lakers plus four hundred Nano Lakers plus two. Fifty four, the broad calves plus eight hundred that both are used, the he staggered at so that was basically like weeds. When no matter what happens- and I think we're looking now that Houston's out unless some sort of unbelief
I don't. I was gonna, be exciting. I will buy get the inside information that I've been getting in years. Past is its one. Knowing you had didn't you ever Brian. I had Kay you'd Katy, the words didn't you have Leubronn Miami I had Leubronn? Am I the tell anyone I just Cotonou? I only heard about it. Yeah that, like these weird Katie you had a few days before Katie I tweeted that it was over. The season was over for the next three years. Forget it, let's all go home. People thought I was talking about MIKE Brown being hired as a assistant coach for the golden state warriors, but an announcement. Facetious, but I was not- and I remember even telling someone at the in the front office of the wires like it's over here and there like no its, not words. I don T like Buddy Antonio out or he's made up his mind. Torturing economy is doing, but it's done to bundle
so that was fun. Well, if you want, if you get the Lebruns group, and you want to give it to us, will we'll do it as the ringer rural above all garrison, you can hear the ticker there here's roundabout Bulgaria's reports, I think no more of a lone wolf from that, I'll, keep it in mind. I think about our thanks criminal thank you thanks. So much desired: procurator Dumford the check them out its had procured outcome, Slash, BS thanks the ringer dot com, the best website on the planet unbiased, but I think it's true. Thanks to Gillette. I have already talked about how much I love you. I guess what daft Variety of shaping products for every guy, regardless of persons task and needs, are budget where they went three blades or five, the Gillette. Strangely five ray
have you covered under ten hours, high performance, low price gets let performance, liberty, door, financial, at five, agile et on demand that can subscribe today and last but not least, thanks to proper cloth, we talked to a proper cloth before we talked about fits for this entire pot of pack ass right fits wrong, fits for basketball, well, proper cos, the leader and men's custom. Shirts can't find shirts of fit go to proper clodagh com. Ordering custom shirts has never been easier. Ten easy questions. You crave, custom shirts. I starts at eighty hours delivered in just two weeks: perfectly guaranteed of shit doesn't fit. They re make it for free its risk free for premium quality, perfect, fitting shirts visit, proper clodagh com. Such bs use, give code bs. Yet twenty hours off your first custom shirt today we're back Monday, the emir landscape. I'd be very
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