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Willie McGinest on USC Celebrity, Snoop's Days in Long Beach, and His Best Career Win (Ep. 253)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by former Patriots Super Bowl champion linebacker Willie McGinest to discuss the differences between Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick (8:00), the rudderless Patriots of the ’90s (16:00), pushing the USC Trojans to hire Pete Carroll (26:00), O.J.'s superstar status at USC (31:00), Snoop Dogg's days playing quarterback (35:00), Dr. Dre's creative genius (43:00), the Michael Vick experience (56:00), the 2001 Super Bowl win (1:04:00), and where Willie keeps all of his Super Bowl rings (1:19:00).

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Jane s chair. See other Oji patterns have especial affection for the guys from from the original ere. They do that. Oh for when we never imagined the patriots could win one win now. It's funny America hates the patriots they this incredible, Belgic, braided dynasty, the whole thing inconceivable to anybody. Leave you. If I went back in time and explained this to myself in two thousand, I just want to believe it. You must be hard for you to believe
You know it is low, sorrow and just then air when we're rebuilding things from the from the nineties and then and then, when we hit in a mere two thousands, when all the mad have started to happen and to be gone, retire and see the magic still happening. I mean just think about him in his take these last two superbowl. They would one those two superboss like. Could you imagine it will probably be probably I've been there It is, or probably still could be, the greatest France eyes and sports history. You know it seven superboss and really the only one that they definition of one is the Eagles one day. They really could. Asked the other six coupled plays one way or the other you just allow came out to have the gray kicker. You love
outer to add a military one about one of my good friends, but you know that the thing with that is the too many drives yeah Corrigan, quarterback play cut off in a plague, difference a plague hidden in open the office in position. And you got to execute when the games on the line, and now when I watch gainsborough bill, I watched a load differently, but who shall situations when the game is on a line when you need to make plays when you need your stars to step up when you need a quarter back like a erasures like I watched him drive the field in the minute fortitude and when I am in a plan against Alice. Like me, he had almost no time on the clock. Dac had just went down in scored and every buyers light.
We have enough time in that to me the sign of a great I dont use the word great a lot, but a great quarterback or a great player who who was clutch when you need to be clutch and good coaching? I had ensign habits have become things that the sad Games, like Malcolm Butler, having practice they're playing the piano six out. It's incredible that had the footage of he's gettin torch by like because Josh Boys, he played it wrong Brother Langmore Yellin asked Olenin their play happens. This bone is ready for yeah. And I would say that over under fur, they were five and to win the Superbowl. Played others, probably four and a half up and down it could have been foreign three, I think, is realistic, but while I five and thirty five thirty gave any really, as you said, a really could have been several now with a couple place. Helma catch doesn't happen. Manningham on Asylum sidelines, one doesn't happen, the great catch that you know either
through between Chung in the corner, back like up the perfect, sideline, throw or cracks even healthy, and I came I am always committed, as said this on the pod so many times, but like in full by the way is now but she would the cab there's maybe every year there's four to eight teams that are probably the realistic ones. Everyone We get in these games and who, down those now a year ago, that Atlanta lay you play that game ten times. First love you play that game. A hundred times twenty two three added the pats might when two of em, but that stuff. You know that date. Those things are really close in the past cannot stop. I lay in his office for the most part, a lot of people, goods that they are written through people were so it's different wind when you are coming of age in the late nineties, I do feel like the right team won the game most of the time. I think that you ask about, I think, the most prepare team. Would win the game, the team who plays
situation of football. In certain times of the game, I think that's like val check in and- and I would say, there's no p kara there like I can go out alone or some coaches, Mccarthy, I would say, with Green Bay. There is certain coaches that play great situational football. And have you seen any through Mccarthy in their hooker, because you ve seen erasures. Do it? You know I don't know how much that is rather than how much he's gonna have a game plan. Why are you still got a put somebody in position to do that now and then, like you said The player you can only do so much you could put imposition and a player has to go on to execute, but when you oh and you watch other things practice like I do now, and you talk to players You see how much time you will spend on situational football. That's not really popular in the lot of organisms
sins or a lotta teams like we would have entire. Practices just based on situations where we were put situations? Ok, as forth into Here's a down here is a score. This is what you had to do. Go and no coaches could help had to figure it out, and we be in practice at times to say you know it. Some of this stuff is never gonna happen in the game and they were happens in the game. You sinner, like days ever like we just when over there. So you pair and you don't panic and you're comfortable and you you, you cannot think it and you play it out any nine times out of ten their workers and we win that situation, but there's a lot of things get into those situations and something happened a player has a mental air. Nato s. You somebody lies up in the wrong spot. The players happen the way they think because it went over their situation, tired
again and that's all operation, and I think the Coaches in the Lee take their players through those type of practice, in this type of situation so when they do happen like in a suitable this year, like that some great situation of encountered. Some two point: conversion saw. That's all. That's amazing. Have time adjustments you go out at half time. You make an adjustment in things just nine day you played for in succession bill parcels, p Kara. Bilbil Jack, I would argue, those that's gotta be three of the top five or six four coaches of the past thirty years, at least around ten super bowl sunlight. There's some crazy yeah He threw what PETE did you ever see. So let's go which I loved my motto: yeah. How all of you know how I love that website? Let's go
cells fur, so you show up where you redrafted Africa. Ninety four, nine for you. The pattern joke I mean I'm a lifeline. Boston fan there, the black sheep, we grow. Has grown up. It was nineteen. Seventy six. We should be in the raiders sugar behind them where did seventeen rough in the past are most bogus car? That's my guy who's! Mercosur is what am I d like to repeat that the trade unbelief mobile Africa, and we talk about them. For the rest, These in the eightys. We make the Superbowl anyone. I am a wee bit. We beat up when they get killed by the bears this drugs, Ghana, two days later and the things we really terrible game they must move almost was the same though his so save them. Bledsoe shows up right. We get you the next year and further Pats friends at loved. You know, when you buy the Jersey is that different types of Massachusetts fans, the bandwidth
in just by whoever the quarterback is the people by the court, back receiver, but there's a lot of people there that, by whose our best front seven defensive per there's a lot of villagers is out. There is my point: you you were adopted by a big percentage, including my buddy J Book or their light. That's fifty five! That's our did. We do that's cause. Tippit was the previous generator bit. Timber was interpreted still more like the man they're like that's my guys want a momentous air annoying. I watched rang. You go in the teams good now. Ninety four made play ass enemies. We, like I play where's, the Cleveland Louis Craven, but my winnable game was promising Lanni five step back the nineties. Sixteen common, that's the team, I felt like where year away from being a super about them, but then somehow that they made the Superbowl we do Now, don't get our lot as he's got. A lot of people think we're gonna go to support, Denver should admit, disability and why
realize they beat us at all. My remember cow and us in the nineties, and it was like I would ever thou when one will begin next year's, but then Now goes in a mile high beat them now son were playing for now that all now somewhere in the Superbowl, and it took five seconds for everyone and ass. She sits in New England very were when they were big red five. I still they couldn't when their game to the house. Take off his hard thing, even though my view will set the indicator you something about their Troy. Brown was supposed to beyond kick off if they took him off, took em off because of an injury and didn't know he was ready and I guess they were trying to save him. A little bit so Troy and are not being on a kick off. We had another guy. In that exact same lane that how're broke. He got out of his lane. He lost discipline, lanes and colleague, lane discipline. That is the exact same spots
Brown. I guarantee a thousand percent would have been in and made that play. I desire momentum swing, the I remember there shall Reggie wake and action on the sidelines watch this thinking like this teams were keep them on defence on the field, the entire, but let's go backwards. We said and then you must have heard of the young man at the governing gal satisfied but go backwards. You're lucky you get parcels as your coach. Ultimately, this is a great for you. Did you realise that at the time? and even know I was getting drafted by New England until he called me on drafting to SAM I'm taking you with the number four I have visited knew your attack. I pack, I didn't know that one or acts that kind of deal I was. I was originally supposed to go to Dallas they're, gonna trade, up to the fifth pick they're gonna trade Alvin harboured overseas,
and they're gonna take to the rams and for the fifth pig and they were gonna. Take me so I had all the rapid red ribbon, This ain't gonna, cowboy you're, just show them ass. I had all those guys from Dallas at my draft party. I stayed home had a drought party, when my friends and family had about three representatives from Dallas stare. He added Dallas. The Dallas hat was on the table. There were there, and I want to take me fifth pick their when trade up and take me fifth picks out that I was going to Dallas actually, no, no conversations with parcels visitor wants me you think I would say she. I was there why'd you smile and you said interesting because he was a deck, no use me too. Tapes, He showed me one tape. Why had a bad game and one table gets Penn state where I great game and is like a like draft you, which will begin a somewhat gonna get. Of course, that one just like it. I had a bad game you know like,
That's not me ass. I look at the resident. Take music download the rest of the tables like I'm asking you witchcraft we're gonna get not like. There's no question: you gonna get that guy the Prince Data, then he was like a kid and I was it I didn't come here for Personal work out anything now as it was, did your career turn up better than it should have, because a parcels are exactly the same, almost say better, because I was to that type of coaching come in, I learned a lot. He did some things in my infant stages that help me as a player development and as a man. What my positioning every position on field. One of the smartest football mind you, whatever you know, imagine he knew how to get there is motivated. Thou wouldst, ahead to SAM show you and you know that you are in. He brought a law is Taylor, like my child,
with idle, to help me and care. My word you, Susan oh wow, to talk to and listen to and and get some pointers to form and just the way coached hours in. I understood that you can make a few plays in. That's is it's not enough He wouldn't acknowledge until you will consistently doing what you need to do, and I was that and it may guys wanna do more more so I would say form for my infant stages. That is what you know. That's price. For four ballplayer say three: the copper man when you didn't expect it, he threw the insult when you thought you have shown great about yourself. Back Lou we always always like the nuisance Can the more sit down he snapped jumping around stop, giving all excited. He had just play you supposed to do that. Right.
The instilled reminding you make a tackle wagon. Celebrating you're supposed to do that because they are right. I owe it was so ensuring, as a patch van during that time, because the team had been so rather less and we did so many coaches in so many owners and up until Bledsoe the best poorer the history. The franchise was John Hannah was like a lot. Guard had excited about these, though they re that safeguard about tat. That was already has a who inspire them with the best left wherever, but then to have parcels come in It was almost. It was like having a broken home than us in having a dad show up and just Billig I office, Trust in him you'd have these great press conferences it tasted squares- and it was just life altering not allowed, he's a good hands. Finally, now that would just remember also that's the first year that Mr Crap bought the dna, so
There was a lot going on and I was supposed to first pick so now I'm called the fifth sun, our personality, I hope that's lucrative for you for change as well as normal formula should everything but Parcells Mastercraft by the team start to see the change start to happening. The cultural change and things start to start to change a little bit. What to wear with that franchise- and I was just I was fortunate to be They are from the ground from the ground up you caught you guys, COD New England sports at it at the right time to look at the south. Suggests cratered burden the caravan Reggie Louis, tragically dad and also that team stock the brilliance had had this grey ran came nearly got hurt ass. They were in the doves, the red Sox
The six world series hang over. The Clemens errors can over then I'll. Send you I rise in football. Just took off Minero is I'd, die hard pats fans, but it wasn't. Who was never. Ever is now Amy Red though it was like in and then Larry Bird theirs. You are Larry Bear but then Red Sox Lynne. That was the first time the path. And it took over an hour led to this improbable Superbowl season when plain the packers. This is great This is the next dynasty now and then and then parcels is gone but as as I say, just as as a as diehard I don't never I still horror against persons the way left and the fact that the team at an inkling of it, even as the superboss coming. And then there was turmoil that I thought affected. The team had into the guy-
and what did you think you are on the table? I think that he did everything he could to keep all the distractions away where we, I don't think guys, would distract the buyer. I gotta think I'm gonna probably had sometimes notion that something was going on, but he I will say he he kept all the distractions away. He did not talk about leaving. He didn't talk about any of that stuff for what he had planned and what was going on until after the game was over heard rumors things like that and of course you know you're normal you, you mean you have questions or whatever, but he kept us focused on what we needed to do regardless of what he had gone on personally aware, you know his plans, were it never. Will I spilled into our preparation, aware were door for a week, one system, turn after the game he didn't ride with the team
who's that relations. He did. The conversations with certain guys allows wiles Gaza. He had a conversation with that. Setting up shit on me and he loved me, and you know. All the hard work and all the things that we put in to get in there. He, you know the effort, and you know we had a conversation in ass when he told me that come I'll Minos into the sunlight. I won't be here the trade when he went to the jets yeah. I mean I was hurt me As you know, that was that was the man had dragged me him in Mr Craft in now was That was somebody I look forward to go in for out, especially into a super bowl in your second year. You like, while, like we're, really got some special here and now to see him, like you know, and I was naive. I was young. I don't know how this therefore refugees will be. My coach. You know forever this line
coach he's not going anywhere because When you have that much success, why would you would you mess things up as Gonna say if you just after nine you sex what two teams are in the best shape and then a flower than the Packers and Patsy, both young teams, both around quarterbacks on the rising good defensive poison you would guess I died there in applying this woke up more time. Maybe Danvers in that discussion the entire year, but ours does that those are the teams, but that next year's team was the better team from a town standpoint guys were. And ass I started bitterness about that season as it just as I've always feel like I wish I was You ve been one more year with before the parcels thing self combust it right As I did tat, ninety seventeen would want no need amateur. Never forget what if they worked out
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that tv Kara comes in, you felt like it. It just seemed, like obviously turned out to be great coach, I'm shocked as anyone. I thought he was a disaster but there are more things maybe that I didn't give credit for like just how hard it is to follow up cells. Certain things established in the locker room service culture that US this guy comes in a completely different? What did you? Why did in our work? In your opinion, are you gotta? Remember that parcels establish a type of culture, a type of player and win you get all the players at you want in in the locker room, and then another coach comes in that's like as totally opposite in. I think he had more energy, to say the least a moreover.
A happy. You know. Raw type attitude has coaching style was different. The weight in a way approach? Things was totally different, nor were there aren't disc, and I think we had. It would allow the young deeds and their team does the probable did. You need an iron fist coach you why we then all we got there their men, but some guy took advantage of the way you know PETE was and made him respected. Canadian do what they needed to do so I think he got veterans to do in a certain guys. Do they need to do, but there were other guys who just took advantage of the situation and didn't wasn't famous the famous concert whose Bledsoe in a cup the people's every city as having an adversary. During the week every Boston went no rock it out. We want these guys do guys. Do that, all having funded a cancer, our wedding football gay rights- they forget, we have personal lives to them. Yet they bid the boss defensive, pretty heads on there
I would say that happens. You know, there was a war. There is no good. I gave you idiots via the get the sports radio just critiquing everything we deal with. You were you there you sports Gara will I know, but I wish I was young when our yeah is like rain for nobody, but I was felt like there was a negative with the media that I think when things when you like, I said John S, income in his below were like their New York Retinue, your media kind of like we had a smaller for MAC Day ere, it was negative. If you're, not winning. Here's the thing, if, if you're winning things are, can overlook the lobby more. But if your winning in things ago. Well then, it's ok. May I think peace for a year, I think, was Ralph like seventy one, something crazy for the by weak so there was a lot of positive energy, a lot of positive gone, but then we ended up. I believe eight may grant here in this is a new Yorkers. This cause you're from here and the very now the
whether cities, I think it almost means too much. We when you're in it. These New England Winters when it's like five months, the year, which is brutal, and then the summer comes in its a hundred degrees, and you know, I think it drives. People obey crazy in the teams, take on this kind of mystical level of importance, whereas out here it's like its eighty degrees again today or an export heroin. Ursa has gone I'll, never so much ages. I just think people politics, and I include myself, cassettes my DNA of Saigon nets for that for my teens, but man that the path stuff if people are so mad that the team, using any get back to the Superbowl like we have so much talent. What is wrong in its peak as far as I could myself at Ip Kara was like a school teacher. He knows it. Substance. Teacher that came in his parcels was on vacation. Drastic views differ,
so it was so different and he was he was different, but I was still a really good coach, so you live the p Carol experience thinking like decades ago, She got a raw deal with this. He do it proven when he went to my alma Yang with them. See so when you ass, he heard em you're like this is great disguise onto us, for I was, I was one of the biggest supporters allows alumni like. I was telling my guard at the time whose athletic director it will PETE was probably his this choice, but he was like my number one like this. Guy has the energy for college football, this guy we'll get these players to play at a certain level? He will bring as sea back seat on my Gatt contributors he Slush fund together an extra hundred care, my salary, if you gave me my lord willing, when me repeat, had the same agent, yeah
we had to say major zau was polar for PETE, not just knew just just like I said it. Coach and stout and that's big were recruiting and you couldn't kids out of high school and you had a prestigious university and, like you said your in California, the energies different that energy matched p politically, and I just thought it was a no brain and some people doubt it, and some people had their reservations about him come in we'll get a shot down star women, everybody start be nature has taken. The credit like are making great choice and we know you the guy, the entire time in Alison back, like ok, I was living here, Dern, almost all that and in the ocean team that the famous rose ballgame against mention those guys were celebrity
here, then it is hard to stand out in LOS Angeles as a celebrity now's, the time ranging hygiene yeah we're having a filter. By the time they were are NFL team. The end literally there some of those guys we're probably making as much money. Is it not about time? I wouldn't know anything about it, but yeah those guys. That was a moment with a ring rose bow was incredible. There was now remember watching a guy from the hotel item of we're in a cloud of we're in a row. Barbara watch no game when plows- and I was sick too- must them again Last, I just know we're gonna win again the national championship. Bows excited, but you know again: you gotta make place in June this is. The last played a game. My thing was You know he's gonna worry, you knew the best player, one of the best players on that team was gonna, eat new Vince wanted to that that guy the ball in his hands, like just
no watching for my hotel room, I'm like this is gonna. Take off with the ball you could play gray covered are rather him for what he wasn't, the greatest passer he was not the greatest passer. I would I a hour. I wanted him to throw the ball like my thing is: make him through it. If he takes off now we're in trouble by and guess what he took off and I was like shit how many times deplore the power, the famous alumni power plant, just salmon B on the sidelines for this one guys get my past ready, Well, I don't have to do that because I'm I wanted the ambassadors to the football programme busy at the special, less so we're still around a football. I you know you got Anti Munoz Marcus, Alan money like these are very successful, able where's the lay great genius. Hu, I got my number form was passed down to me.
Swan who's, the athletic director. Now you know, there's there's, there's a fuel, better ass ambassadors so were allow. We have special privileges and net how much you are true, as the difference between s seen a lot of schools once you're a Trojan your family, your always achieved today welcome everybody back the ocean commissioner, this is crazy, crazy rank, although many it is not our aim. It is a lotta wrinkles we have hitherto has regularly by me in that That's the most famous ass. He gave our time he is he is he's one of now. Why would they hard to outweigh the most happiness. Strange for you, you know a guy in a sea guy, in the end, a foul and all that stuff goes down almost wondering what the hell is going on. I was watching the foremost sports bar the carcase at
more at the merry out hotels was, I was having dinner and I was watching it from a hotel bar and you must a meadow j right of course, coarser metal days, one of our as one of our famous alone lies one of the greatest football players, a play air sea, and when we had our with that- I see he would he now he will pull up, you know and he would he will be around them from here from alliance mandates and like use the superstar, he was a superstar. You know I think, he's he's more. No now probably was then avatar gesture enchanting, who us so you must across passed with a bunch of people in the nineties soup. So you from the same aim of some seem talent ever seen, neighborhoods in towns from all the slopes alone If anyone has a big big mouth out of talent Tucker, you know about the year, and I love it.
So how I so snoops taken off. Did you know snoop before he took off absolutely we play you for together we want to have uniform policy new. You you slept was like a quarter back. I believe snooping the celebrity basketball game in two thousand fourteen against jailing in Biggest mistake was not play him work is that they can riband smell bad. He was kid having about China given away Wilma lobby more so he can. You know you can muscle gossip, that's no reason more before last guy in my defence and he did get high before the game I witnessed size like. Maybe I won't be a war I stoop into the ground and whatever you he's, a host move, job higher elevators game. He told me to put him back in. Is a coach put me back, in their lucky kind of got mad as I am that could argue as it does that he wants to go backwards. Go back in these very competitive disease, competitive then the east the defiant ones and age absolutely agree,
go to that area, was a part of that. Why did an unbelievable, unbelievable breakdown of the West Coast? disease and how that often deter than I was one put. That was as one empire like ours is. That was just a deaf Roy AIR nourishes the the snow been dry and all those guy ashes one one music company near you know, and if its I remember a ninety two gone up to death row. What's note when you sign In our member being on a boat at his album release parting, I remember a lot of things like that, my God, you know that that is my gas. My brother and I just remember all those different events and I'm watching defile was I ok. I remember that then his herself delivered. The irony is, I was always out of the way I was I was after my thing. I was still in college and ninety two, the animals at our sea keeping my junior year and I just remember going to win
oh shoots, hang out going to the parties going to the story. Oh just watching all the stuff happen I dislike. While so when you watch to define what has come light, Furthermore, these hot low time? Why, where Where did you learn? I'm not gonna even crush should name anyway, I'm staying away from that the man who had a mutual respect for each other at all, you are his size, he's, never fear. I never feared him like to me. He was a noise, a businessman, and I understood what he was like. I said it was a mutual respect. You know everybody. Has their own interactions were people at all wasn't enough on one of those levels, words disrespect or whatever our snoops homeboy. Earlier I was play football. I remember said when he was a you and a football, so you know we. We cannot connect wrong, differ level before that
the music stuff. What position we should think servants tat I knew about as yet another four bypass. It was like a deal, I'm in a form that mistaken I was gonna. I would agree with tax or defence of their lives and we're gonna have a certain italian replay differs to so yea. All you have to be three injured, tat would ever stood out below me. I was I can now that he had such eyebrows watching the the Patsy ox greatest games like the coup and it fell from shoe with my son. Because my son is now a football, so recovery was worth a patriot out of the house, I was making sure, but there's this once Lama shouted the line. Turn this one tense part and issues. Will works belly hanging hanging out in and the camera pans back to see the whole line, and he was just like dad. I Campbell How big is that guy? Like you just conveyors, like you, said, Spoonsful forth the nose tackle those tackles your big
after the hold up. Two guys were three seconds right. Well, mass comes up anyway, but in the nineties, Snoop stolen, the chronic would dray. But nobody knows it's gonna be the chronic it was. He tell you about that at first he did the cover although the triangle yeah he did, which by is a great one. It is a great one and remember like the reason lies warn t, nay, dog, rest in peace and snow. Was a group called to one to three kind of before they started then so there alone each group trying to make it so warm was the producer. Nay, was a singer: s no was the wrapper and I'm worn is Actually, the reason how Dray found out about snow possesses step brother, yet again, that's how the magic happen within men and drained in Ghana. Undercover cop. You know Dragging their from then on those that was it in my
and the aid, but that error. I have a whole section about how Robert Hoary was the name dog of the India a chant really proud of. How do I do now? Are you relate that made the two to Robert Hoary? Who is one of the great role pairs of all time right? He wasn't even superstar, but if you put him with this the stars he would newest a and you do couple great things and he just made contenders better now that a new dogs were may actually cattle took off because he was kind of a go to God for all the six ran on. I send a rapid wherever the rackets and run ninety see was like a came second best. He may provide, and everybody started going to made dog for me if you want to do a bomb hook. The deserts, nay Dog, was the guy before his eyes guy, star, singular, wraps rat tracks, think he's even will be better than Rabelais. Woe He can't ahead as all lying gotta know like nothing.
Same as a good. That's good! That's really proud that, whereas pretty good it's a wooden, NATO was involved. There was always it was never really bad. They nobody's ever gonna need dogs above the sun. This is gonna work, proud that we're pretty good its eight when NATO was involved. There was always it was never really bad. They nobody's ever gonna need dogs above the sign. This is a good and work out, and I were you. Gonna have hit one year. I lie, I mean what am, I fear, Animals from that air was the above the rim, soundtrack failure which can feel betrayed between the air, to focus on that day content. They paper here at the guy. Like that's my my your favorite snoop minute from snoop in any saw an emperor he D, Asia, psych ad nothing! It's just! This once knew Patagonian IDA. The pan. It's hard to talk about it like this, and we will talk about football quarterbacks or something because it a lot of it depends on taste wrote, but
I think some guys, like snoop unambiguously this just like for forty five second little rifts there's a couple people did yesterday, was deafening one of those things his delivery, his voice was yes, I got a sound, was there for a year and J J using a credit for that, I could take it, If somebody paragraph four year, jays of these changes and the deepening of as the Mega billionaire Josie Mae scale I want our lyrics is still one of the code is Louis lyricists and again I hope people remember that you got the problem for four now concern of title meaning. What is it command and now you can download it downloads? It's pretty good is pretty to mature developed seas
Josie s he's in jail and it still one of the best he still lyrically donors thing have a cancer greatest Anna Kindred. The best right now he's the best. Why not just want the Kinda Lamar's concert shot out the top dog entertainment tub? August is label a friend of mine and they show me love to hear me vip. That's one of them causes I've been to love concert. I love music. I love going to the van using a love looking that the screens in state set about Isle of everything, about the concert, and I was one of the best. Any friend the descent and special over the next nine months. He did not answer. How can about with the current environmental, where the world is rather his last hours? You know there is definitely as his own land is super creative disdain.
He is doing. The right thing is part of the battery is doing a lot in the community. He's doing a lot in the city of Compton, where he's from he's giving back he's. Definitely given by Dre is giving back, and I think that's important. Because this message to the young kids in in the inner city areas, which you are familiar with Ella. Is that it doesn't matter where you come from vat and with your goal, which go through that, if you just keep it in your dream. You keep working hard. You don't get sidetracked, ah by the negative stuff that you can make. It needs a kid that actually did exactly that. I think, he's done the best of anybody who became famous of keeping that without getting such ipod I am talking about right now, this moment music, I think, could have a difference the same way like you, look at the late sixties in the seventies when Vietnam and worry at all.
Seven music became this cathartic thing. I've gotta brings arriving in the lyrics insert songs in IRAN are captured it. I think you could do that for stuff, like what we saw last week in Virginia. He's done, I think he's done at them in and above butterflies, some of us others. I gotta you listen to it this target of shrimp. The Trump twisted part, I support that narrow men. There I mean. He certainly the most qualified and as a few other guys out doubts economies, one those guys that I don't know I know I know it's a little different. What somebody who would attack us an issue like that. You know care about it kind of my favorite? I just don't. I have lost the faith in him now at this point, as it seems like he's more citizens in fashion. I don't know what eventually with withal creative genius is something off with them. He's
an example is something a little off and the creativeness just doesn't probably stop or end with music with skies. You like Chinese rare because he's a is a hundred percent. You know that is a hundred percent there's a guy who can create a be made music and then right all the lives too. There's not a lot of people in music like that, so I just tell you how creative he really is. So his creativeness goes beyond Jes music like he has a vision. He can see certain things that are gonna happen or take place. His visionary Where's fashion of those different things like every issue do he's done, has sought out yet like nobody would by users if his name was out on those shoes, those those shoes or just regular shoes. If he wasn't attached to it tat the fire
is that a great thing, a J was obviously where they dare to. As we found out when he saw me, it's very gently down slowly siamese another one who is like how does this translates to When I was I to me, what is it? What was the best thing that traders he makes music right beats? It was genius for them to come out with those. Yes for those beat her fault. Like that's what Those like that's, Dray, live and let live like two for everybody. Buying a pair beats that's great living in those headsets. Yet you can. You can feel drake you can hear Dray like that's. That's just him perfection light. So when you, when you put yourself to something. You are part of it. People tender gravitate towards it. I thought the best in the dead I love that document and I keep watching it and picking up different pieces that have you seen my dna that have been involved in a bunch of them and it is really hard to make something that good and it took.
Five years and they spend a lot of money on it and it was worth it, but one of these of the bad. It is really about passion and what you believe in and where you, what you gravitate too caring about something so much that it consumes you and that's what loved about the pirates. How much cared about sound right, I've been comes in and they they plan the chronic any listens to end that had just listen to the music he's like what. The sound. The sounds incredible. A kid he's right producer Jimmy was Jimmy was an engineer here. So we understood that the sound is everything like. If you give me a dope, sound and be now Oh give a fuck what you say over it right. You got me, have you me move in Japan in and dance and to then you got me whatever you say is gonna go south masterful right. So that's an engineer
hooking up, what an engineer, slash producer which Jimmy Carter a producer as well, and that's that's the connection like beautiful. He heard he heard the music and then when you have the dope lyricists on top of that, like it so funny their shop in the chronic around and they take it easy, it applies on how to tackle it right in our task as it draws on german around. It was the lyrics all that stuff and people was ready for that. Jimmy comes in, he doesn't even care, he should say, sounds great online. Who did this certainly certainly off? It's such a corporate, but it's like our I've. I've seen love J for ever since you know Talkin almost thirty years but didn't really know that much about em cause he's so private and when Are they were doing this my flowers, voice, Zack and give them anything he's, but it was the opposite:
there is a key areas in the world and I take away and obviously in document is you can shape whatever perception. What might take away was This is a guy who's like trapped in this world, where he just love, sounds and beats and lyrics making music and they will have the shots. I'm in in his board- and you can't take that way who is reacting? How are things just losing it anyway? I don't know you gone back to sports again, does the guys did succeed in sports. Do the people that are breathing it like Brady, Sporty now You loves to win, state aid. The all he wants to do is wind. Football games had come through the any games in the two years. You ve breathe. It consumes it again what I learned a long time time ago. If, if you wanna be great, oh you wanna be consistent, then you have to do everything in your power. Every part of all of you have asked to be consumed in what you're doing
and he understands that, and he can understood that when he came in at an early age. That's why he was ready. Yet the moment wasn't too big for him. He watched a group of men. Do that day in and day out, the tiles, the Bruces myself all in all the different guys, it's a great fettes, He watched any understood that an he came in with a chip on his shoulder. He was six well pig. He was a guy who was passed over who should have been a start. I Michigan yeah, who wasn't so he was hungry and he started at a young age understanding what it took. He watched his command. And being away room six in the morning he watched us watch and film afterwards. As a group, he watches not leave not rushing out of the building like he watched us compete over who jumped the most water who worked out the most.
That week, every little thing that we did in a locker room he absorbed in. He understood it and he was a part of it. More importantly, so to see what he's doing now taken everything to entire whole. Another level he's just took their game and took it to another level and that's. Why continue? to have success in to play at a high level and they have the hunger for the game. Most guys complacent complacent. Take a quick, quick to talk about my the ever since I started writing a calm and do my pie cast people have been asked. Before advice forever is, and sometimes they wonder what seemed a better. He had the patriots who the Steelers yet Chicago to trade, but where your bedding is just as important as we are betting answer. Here's an idea go to my Bucky Dat agee. They been in this business for years. The reputation rocks out. They do one hundred percent cash bonuses so off the bat you're making money for doing nothing,
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the matter for us on defence will just like we gotta go out and not give them anything who candid. Did you think there is any way? Was there any scenario in your head rear like Brady's got this job? Is that given a back now now was too early yeah, because at that point we didn't know we're ready was nobody did no exit in so we know already was gonna, be my maybe belet, Piazzi no one who didn't make the change when you got healthy, but nobody sat over. There said: oh, we know a Brady's. I remember lighted his third start was the San Diego game, they came back and I was the first time I think all the other Pats Venza Lacework, where we have her right, he now, because it wasn't great up until they are like this first five games or what I was just our. I repeat, the call it, but it was like the court's beat themselves or more nay thing and then get killed. My Amy did you send egg on that. That was the first, but I remember I mean living there- is crazy you're because it turn in Abuts oversees Brady almost immediately.
And everybody outside for the outside the media. Excited. They get there and it was when the great sports radio topics of all time had to be on one side or the other. There is Why, then, is? Are you? Are you Bledsoe you Brady? That was it in, and I was brave hotter he's just for the required You didn't know already was I thought Bledsoe, it hurts me to say this because I loved your, but so, but I really thought that he had been severely overrated. Those last couple years cause he couldn't move. I didn't I thought there was a technical one of was, can move charge and that there is there is There is some Rostov. Brady was doing like play action and just the efficiency of what he was doing felt different and it felt like for what that need
it made more sense because we had a great defense, we had a really good coach and it was like he made more sense for that him. I don't know, he's gonna become what he became. But but it it seem like, but so is heading in the wrong way taken a lotta heads and Ninetys here just signed under around dollar camembert worrying about eye contact. I remember worrying about it so Waco backwards, ear knowledge check comes in pretty weird circumstances. Quit the jets have to give up a first round pick form. Not the most gregarious guy being interviewed were used to that? the aim of size, gonna say: leg, he comes, you start work with them? Is it like? Parcels is, parcels baby clone is there for an hour load different, but he had is assigned to him and his demeanor and away coach, then remarried There are two and ninety six. He was on the difference of back a special system.
The events occurred. Is there or, alongside our group or a difference coordinator, but he had his is way and you could tell immediately that he was going to incorporate histology football. In his style of player, and it was quite clear if you wasn't on board here what you don't know. You know. I know how was so I'm glad I was one of his guys If you wasn't onboard, you didn't fit that prototype you're out of there was only it was only a small group of guys who kept everybody else was is like a revolving door. Gaza. There was a certain type, a guy there's no question right made, love like and I think both coaches in the same, they love a really tough for ballplayer, they want somebody else. That's tough not just physically but mentally, like when things start to break down you don't break down, you don't lose
I guess they wanted. Somebody who made smart decision suit in cost. The team do dump stuff on a consistent basis, get they wanted somebody that had good work ethic, and I was key because if you didn't work or you didn't do extra work, they take to know must under it doesn't sound like it's a town that it actually is work ethic. Is so how hard here it's? I guess what not fun work out. On the left. You it's not gonna, get up at six in the morning. Although things where is this, is it was so it was There was so much work to get to the games on Sunday. There are people who understand light. Sunday was a really
yeah like Sunday was our fine time it was our desert like it was the best part of us being on a team. Was Sundays yeah cause. I was just one day for us, it was just let it all go, though. The work to get the sun if you're going to be great, that's where you win that, and we realize that earlier than that, I think that's the fifty dollars check had on us as players that you win the football games during the week. You win the football games before the game gets here, gonna, determine how you perform performer, how you play if you're gonna win or lose so we develop an attitude and a sense of thought that going into Sundays game, we knew we were to kick somebody's ass before we, the line that we just knew it yeah and weakened
up and go out and look. I guys and watch him and we knew where he had before. We even the ball was snapped, must tell your daughter's play. Sports does two hours when there are no practices it kills you gave besides. I believe that it is. For that matter. To is that better? Listen, You know my daughter starting to get it she's thirteen play volleyball. She started to get at sea. I understand and I'm talking to her my baby, you gotta do this. You gotta work and when she first started out like this club, volleyball cost a lot money yeah. Now you could play at school and have fun. It will cost me nothing, but if you want to do it for real we're gonna do it for real, like you're gonna work, I'm investing in you're right, I'm gonna work. I must support you, but you're gone, work and you gonna be good at it. I want you to be good at. I want you to waste our time or money. If you want to do it
for fun. You not serious, can just play at school, so I gave it a choice. I like what do you want to do she as I do you like it or do you love it? She's like that? I love it. I said: ok, ok We're all don't complain about our Monday practice. Colleagues, who were all regard ballot check the Metallica Games for me. Oh three calls overcoats. I guess the plan. So as I January on four January five at home, in their annual there tat the it was at the door interception gain from that first one, but I felt like we bro Manning by the end of that that last plan came right, bad weather, but tat is just so fiscal authors and then, of course, meaning goes to a whole other level, but it really did filigree broken by the end of that last courts. Plan can, as I dare say, we figured this guy out, he's not
Often off were in his hair. You would think that yeah I got to stay in now. Here is where we see the scariest be playing at year. He's one of giving list. I may I had at three hall of Fame, resemble division had Jim Kelly- damn Reno and I are paying and if you count Brady, you know he'll be one, that's just a modification are Aikman played against airway played against my Tana played against young men. He drifted into the two thousands Amelia a breeze in their breeze VIC lay. I can go down a vague in a land gotta, be those areas where the air data periods think about it war, moon, I'm out
against all these guys, so it at their play against the greatest quarterbacks air out. There ever be like a span of great quarterbacks that anybody play against that idea near that's true, you D Bridge, like three different areas. Basically, you play you wrap this burgee play as in big bang. Attacking him need some help tackle article. Eighty eight through me off he's a monster, It is a lie back replying quarterback. What's the worst type of quarterback, to try to play against the Michael Vick Type or the wrath Asperger too low. For me, if it's different, This grammars, you can hope, can just get him in the back of a scramble, rank or run, and he was strong here. You know any can avoid any. Can you hit him and you still throw the ball. You know thirty yards. Forty eyes down to feel so VIC you had to
rush him a certain way, because if you didn't call just rush. Keep him a certain way. He changed every every. Every dimension myths way we we went and prepared against or to Russia quarterback we had to change from because if you didn't contain and keep him in a pocket, you keep him in pocket and he's drawn over those giants. That's what you want he's out on the air scrambling and don't let me he's a big play way to happen, so you can't win There are certain Gaza did, move like Jim Kelly did not move out of the he take every hit new issue. Rina, too. Can we could move rowing herded low sides? There is by a here one of the fastest releases every so this. Certain Gaza. You had to play different Marino, the scariest them
I live time is still away. One Amory, no one be cause both just cause. They killed the patriots forever, but marine other release. It was just once again the groove it is. You just fell help us this one time I was hit Marino swear were going down to the ground and he flicked the ball his wrist for about a fifteen you're out I mean he had one of the fastest releases and I was not that I had a sack like I got up and I got there. You know, fellow myself and I'm looking down a fellow like he got that out, like his release was the best am I paid out of any quarterback up ever played against his release. It do you agree that Brady is the goat now or do you think that nobody can be the goat? I think I think I do think ready to go. I think when you talk about, playing at a certain level. What seventy? You say no guidance, its unpressed up here. It's
And they're still and you're still pretty much you couldn't one in VP has between you and in that a misfortune, his eye reason? And society must therefore some people say sail, was weeping hands every pay, the soup ball again and he broke records in the Superbowl. The rules have they got in his day were the last seventeen years, because you know if, if footballers The way was played in all three no for another getting to be complacent or a lot of players could lead again the air fares What about a lot of players that my opinion and that of guys I wouldn't last night you get away you get away with so much like in a way they stay put the chuchula because of us what The two Indianapolis taking place today was religious Bhopal in whose bitter pretty much amid you, after the tv with them. How are you guys, aren't average? China's now liaison China respect them, and these are crybaby our respect and because of what he put together.
Finally, I resign computer, but I didn't like every time we it's something or year I mean it happens when you a minute and at worst reasons why people people don't like the way we play, because we would fine regardless of what it is. We will start doing stuff and then they would come up with these rules under the Rams game that the Doha This game, nobody remembers was I we ten that same year, the first Superbowl season Sunday night Pats last, but he was superficial. Where was the first time as a fan? I was like What do we have here? There's this team might actually be some I was thousand workers two thousand were whose ascending item assail as we ten anyone Toto and the reins religious, unstoppable foreboding game Ababa is our near. You know
You know our special about their game that everybody talks about a players. Do remember we walked off to fail, saying that Daphne gonna see them again. No always SAM who's. Gonna worry the recipe here there was no. What they're like He said that as a team that we play them again s on just because a how many there were the greatest show me? You know here: integration, turf and all those different things and there were grating, but we said it was said in the lock remark, and I can I can play back become. Stations and my hair with a guy site will see them again here we do something different with the new rules that team might have been unstoppable at eight. If you basically just now, glad to hit them and do not even know why are yet another now what you do in that scenario, cause Warner was out of his mind. Foch was at the peak of FARC
and they had receivers that could do stuff for you. You know They had underrated difference that people on talk by they have one of the top differences in the leak. I don't think daily. Even in the second half an hour, we bear them of the bar. There will inevitably fences people, never about the diva was ill. You did the penalty when we're gonna win the Superbowl, but then they called the back. The touch stand on the side. I was stout. You threw down Marshall far. I feel bad about that. That was too Bucky Jones, who got the former recovery, took it to the house in the air. The backside The backside we had a play cards were like playing one final, which means me an briski. We have the backs. Untied ants Falk was offset to me If he goes out to the flat, I got him if he goes inside brew, brew, hassle,. He didn't angle route started out to meet anyone inside I'll. Look over risky took office, chase, incur costs them because they are discussed
while the other way so brutal Gough sounds like. I'm not gonna, let my free and he beat a guy. So I made executive decision I tackle but half the time, then I'll call that the model that we play do it didn't effect to play at all the wise. It was late late it was eliminated. Lucky was like twenty five yards, now to fill in looking at the red light, don't Do it in the light of the slowest moment about the rear lagged comes out. I'm like are you serious, is a terrible car. I'm like it, didn't even affect the play now like their game when it been in one another close it down again, he was, I was sitting in asylum are voluntary. I was in the end only voluntary at the game. When are you? so here s the job. Isn't it, but he was running down the sideline with we're gonna win this for a while and then the flag ten seconds later,
why only everyone it already celebrated it now is. Where are the Boston DNA kicks in our lives? Eureka was out a good. At that point, I you know the goat was we got we're getting screwed again like we got screwed me, Sugar Beet Hamilton was more of a bad car. I don't even know if they replaited on the water. You never view retook. Nobody, nobody saw that. I wasn't. I will surprise, but I did look at the guys like don't do it like. It is crazy that that team won the super bowl with power. I wouldn't cod and offensive power ass yeah, that was edges even like being able to girl they readily due for twelve hours, are covered the ordinance of first half, and then that was it wasn't Trevor. Is really the only kind of game breaking scale gather team at the three or four times, though, for him, with with delight, I think, was.
Canada, most well rounded, off insane yeah he's got here. You don't hear miles in the warehouse and air a mean nothin, so quickly quota will you did you leave Nothing was it all five or six. He left after thirds. Hooper bore now a check What now stay one more year. I'll stay. One could imagine that there are three. We lost the different players, not believe a was I'd, Jake Palmer, then what in former the Bend Watson Strip that they said went out at the one in China when it when I the answer or no difference at all as I live in our well yeah champion, thou check cuts the cord with his vets. One. Two three years earlier, that's been his move for two decades and for the most part, its
see, you can argue with the results of main obvious. It is below the most successful franchises any sport. You are one of those vets there we're talkin before we take this about our at some. When you're, that a new near the tail end like look Vince WAR forks, another example or Malloy tell I'm. The list goes on and on You must have more value outside the patriots than you do on the patriots, because this outside teens looking there like, we need a vat. We need leader. We need somebody who has been in some more than once a ranks. We need that guy he's worth more to us and that's how this keeps happening? Are you five per better about it like all these years later, not better- and I am not better understand it- was a business in a dead hurt. The leaves I wanted to retire Patria, which I end up doing out after I was done, but I do understand the business aspect of the game and how things work
You know my situation. It was like we couldn communicate on a number yeah. And we have a clear and come out with a big number- may occur without any retain that into our figured. There was like they were their weight and pretty much to the markets. Than purely was a gm at the time, and he understood like right before I remember tie law. I got an offer from the patriots and he said I was disrespectful. He went in you know he wound with and then the papers in It became a big thing, so he only was a little cautious with me because of the respect that they didn't want to disrespect me, and I want to stay for less, but it was just no you know what that less was so time ringing out free aid c drying up. You gotta make moves. Got a move around yeah. Let people know and some people that we had a deal on the table,
was put out there to which we didn't so we had to let people know that the others First choice. I want to stay here. I want to be a patriot, MRS Home, but at the end of the day, there's nothing there's no movement here, so I have to go out at least visit other teams and out of respect. You know it was a good feeling clearly, because Romeo was there ran the same defences. I know he was trying to create the other culture in which he was trying to instil in. Locker room and all those different things and number was right, but before and attain that again. You know my people call the patriots I respect like hey. This is what there is. What they are often this is what they dawn. We're fine attain a deal assigned, did anything and you know, The conversation was a wee wee Wasn,
close to their number. We understand, but we can't do that. So at that point I had three super balls. It's my twelve season at something. It's a little! They carry Irving, really there's? U altering its done as much while season like Ocampo play. How many more years among play in allows for you do actually agree or do we have the ring or the ring the similar case as they stood the thought process changes. It does because a lot of players you wanna, get pay. We want so miser your talent near paid as much as possible, but if, you're. One of these guys like this. Randy MOSS, why you went to the patriots and to some of these guys now, like the railways, who's made a time money now look and say I want to go somewhere working when a ring. That's why we play the game. Will we play? the game to win lombardies and make money. They go hand in hand
so once you do one, you definitely want to do the other or if you can do simultaneously. At the same time, that's a perfect scenarios are perfect world, but because of this success, you have on the team Seattle, like some of these other things, you can't retain all the talented players, all the time you can't keep everybody. The gas notion that the cap is designed, readers shale gas. There is change now back in the day here you could retain and keep everyone had, but how does it hurt the camaraderie Anna team when year after year, this big important veterans leaning? and you just know like well I'm giving my or China rain rain, but when my times gonna com, it's gonna com, you can get rid of me. I guess as they say that it happened a guy's before me, it happened and drew it happen. A lawyer and lawyer was a little different because of Rodney come in yet different dynamic. I really don't think about it.
Thing, is I'm just gonna play at a high level compete so gonna give it all here like right now this is while and then, if my time is, if it comes up to situation, where my time is now, then I'm gonna Have some value somewhere else. I get that we heard Brady Talkin, that an explicit interview that you know you love the play forever be whatever, but they bought up or would have you know you seen other other veterans leave and other guy's going? They got the jungle. Back behind his light. Jimmy J, R R, our minds I'm going to show you that is still do it somewhere else. Do I get it? Nebuchadnezzar boxers I get it may not be here by yeah, I'm gone go somewhere else and still play is not the same in you, Don't want to do that. I didn't want to do that, but that's the name, of the busy trying to see in a branch jersey, our behalf about the patterns I feel comfortable.
It was it was. There was an outright those therefrom, but I had a lot of spoke forbear that I'm in its have football goes. You do almost every time the guy's gonna end is granted different images, the wages, but I agree with you that I think there's like of five percent chance. Brady retires on different him, because I they gotta anybody. He's gonna have a lot of trouble, walk away and I think he's ingrained shot. I think he thinks he can wait till his forty five. I think he said that, but I think realistically he's smart enough to know. If he's hurting the team lackeys, he's so unselfish, and it's not it's never about him, but he's not even close to hurting the team. But that's I said, but what if, when or if he gets it out point, then he will but when you say that about paint Manning Endeavour- and he was ready to come back another year, he was terrible that last year's my was broken down. A worldview had taken
they give the rams, it said can be our cavalry. I think he was then I think you think he rode off into the sunset and he knew how to give tat the tebrick rotate. You believe that what he they manual- come back from a Maria three want to suitable, suitable guy. There. You go he was like, if you don't wanna Superbowl, maybe but the way, and he need. The time, though, that it wasn't because of him either, why they wonder superbly, that's gotta, kill you right, that's gonna be tough. He knew that Michael envy bills, while Miller. Like you know what I mean by man and new new air. You know that game I got ended. Ok, everybody was like Bro, you you, you have nothing else to pull
we must have an excited ass, Yvonne Miller, get a simple, and you must feel kinship with these defence. At the sight of me, I love our Miller. Like he's, one of the best guardsman is is is: is an animal who's? The best to ever played your position also alarmed back a long time whose second That's tough, I'm letting everyone agrees that it is the best on that just because I don't like the system played in. I didn't just rush here. I and I dropped- maybe thirty- thirty five percent of the time, so it takes away from my sacks yet so when you talk about player like that somebody who does it all it's it's it's hard, so he sent out too much specialization, though our true outside linebacker does it all is just not a password, so I would have find a guy who did all Andrei Tippit was one of those guys that could do it all in the coverage Fond Miller drops in past Russia's like on third down his hands in a day,
sir. You know soon formations dictate where these encouraging not there's other guys. Like me, Thomas was one of my guys needing drop. He didn't driving us lawyer, you know, he's a special Some kind of our Miller reminds me of but a true Also linebacker, in my opinion, does everything here what your best, when probably the two thousand one suitable, two reasons, one I was off back surgery and when you sit in a hospital bed off back surgery, you gotta start to have doubts. Have you gonna be the same player? If you can be able to play again and I was a little scared for me. And to be able to rehab that whole summer come back in Vienna, Super Bowl and make plays in and when it was special to nobody gave us an outbreak.
The chance now as the ultimate nobody believes in biogas yet to exploit the week before the Steelers same thing, nor their plan in their Superbowl party. There was great for here. We love must steadily going down the right here. It was it was we found out that so much Mr understand, like you shit this certain things you shouldn't do the teams were you plan to motivate we heard about the Ramsgate size forward for double doubling wrecking we heard about his Burma. In their plans and all the stuff that they had gone on. It you are our coaches masterful at use everything on the outside and just be all we in disbursing the sub. You're so much that we wanted to say in top door network, could be an enemy, but we know just does that. Wasn't us and will it was time will just unleashed at all. There was the curse. Nineteen, no Pats wisdom,
one time they didn't have that ship, because they became than that in that everybody else was say, nobody believes in us several moves in that patriots team and it was like it flipped on Bela check had he motivated in that China, your native it now. I think he finds ways. I think he is still find ways because every game was like you know we're not talking about. Nineteen in, though we're not talking about undefeated air and then when you again set realistic, you're in the game is like nobody believes you guys are going to see that these flip it. Nobody believes you guys don't do. This is only one team has ever done it and nobody believes in and then you sit here like we gotta go I'll make haste three, we gotta do something a diversion and nobody believes David Terry could catch a pass off his helmet and what it is. Longest Gaza play with that safety. Writing Harrison was unable to jarred off, like yeah
I'm already Harrison like he was written at it like. I just don't understand what a billion. Thus I may make I watch I place hundred ninety times, and I dont understand it. I don't think I could be recreated ever know. Where he rings and safety deposit by our safe there in the safe everybody tries to winter rang for years and years, and then they just put him in a box. Will you do me? Those ring soap or so big now for four knowingly, like AEGIS cat suppressing Breyer, five rings, like you, can't even closer fear your hands with with those we could have like the sickest necklace Amal time. If you wanted, the thing is gold chain with the five ranks he swung around, like a new get even get outta tribesmen gear. You can get the low pendency do all that uses for the women. Would you coming adopt Jaber, that's that somebody or probably never she wore his ring, suffer at the ring, so ammonia, when you, when you, when you tell him he has to bring it or like a like, especially like your word and fairness.
Doing right now, not in during the day than a super bowl hearing. What in there, and there were women have that many people know It's a great problem. You'll have the world people know like if you have one I guess you guys will one and no, I got respect I don't care how many you want if you want, when you want one like that's the best thing ever, what the gods I see well one. They were Malta, guys, I see, were multiple rings. They never wear because people know you what you ve done it and its alone are you to walk around with multiple Superbowl rings? On all the time you hear the three billion the twenty one game winning streak, which I don't think bout jackets enough credit for. I forgot about twenty one straight now than it was a big deal at the time. Still a big deal for me: ass, a specimen rate, close winds and that story to most games or one by reports, alas, only refer dirty now that stretch
ever seen- a team reaches us threats were always o three and a half together we're together, but it was like that team legislative, its fourth coordinates through power game, are winning, thus that it, I'll tell you by earlier that we went into those games like no matter what happened now and again. We knew in my work at the end of the day will come when last question. Just for the court's fence. Did you take the injury love with current what about been injured. If you ve ever been injured, the one thing you hey is being injured and not be out there and yet never fake it, because if it happens, familiar bombed out at I got money caught up in the turf and that was vacant. I wanna came in the very next play. Remember I left out not come back to the fourth play. So I was an asylum trying to work it out, but I was five because the court's fans, under thirty eight thirty four Four it stop on James, and then you ran fifty five
with you to sit on your arm up sooner or later fly and on that and that celebrate was my butt. Mild thing is so what if he did fake the injury? We won the game. I wanna go to win the game. What I came back in the very next playing false vacant here, it's like typical Sarah said out loud I set out to extra- plays typical sour grapes from the courts. Say it say it again that try to get the flagging going, whereas vehicles where they got the tour. The technical rules, change I'm stylized I still enjoy every patio you and all the competition with the we have some good battles. Willie. This is fun, James actual Course, Yasmine question. Do nor mass you up on your home, newly afresh audience the girl and
Looking over there can we check his instagram account because model have a lot of followers anew at nominal value says were then I don't know I've follow like my daughter and my money bubble up, I'm boring too, but I just need you know you like a big somewhere like Grim Hagen. Do you like a big now have three rings? You still what's your answer manner at William again, aside value will pop up blocker thanks will thank us for the pleasant thanks. How much do Willie thanks to Sikar, presenting sponsor thanks to Miller Lite, the official sponsor of the ringer dot com, relaunch thanks to Gillette, I told you before Gillette Razor blade edge is thinner than a single brain cell and that's the product of many.
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I wonder about checks. Gonna rank put this. I bowed checks lower than one on fighting everybody, so we see how that goes so pale and have to beat everybody up. Don't worry about the rewatch. A Don't forget about. Has a carves don't forget about Cousin South Shore thing: don't about Ringer FC are for most recent, so for Pakistan. Also speaking, a football lombardy is doing a bunch of previous videos that we ve been putting up a week, Threerd outcomes of check those out the BS pack, as is back on Friday, thanks for listening, ways.
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