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The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss bringing back sports and strategies for navigating the workplace. Then they sift through the worst NBA GM jobs. Finally, they revisit Game 3 of the 1991 Finals, Bulls vs. Lakers.

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It is on Amazon, Prime, if you have that one. So if you want a star watch season when seek in time with them, knock yourself out, do it don't forget to check out the ringer dot? Com and of our other awesome, Ringer pack, ass, so kind ran reselling Irene at whole, bunch of things, and then we can start a little series there. The anchor, the real your balls, six of our favorite, Michael Jordan Games. That's how come up first, our friend from project happiest. Everybody ran the here, as he has every Sunday normally would be talking about two thousand twenty masters
be doing NBA word stuff. Getting ready for the playoffs be throwing plan match upset. You you'd pretend to be interested in some one. Eight match up that work that interested in how we might have some sort of straw man argument about somebody, the Allenby eighty this would have been out of better pods is, obvious? What does like three weeks in around you're like eyes, the one day in the east- and I got a gift- talked about this openly that Rita my face that, I might add, really. I still have a ton of again this week. I'm sorry bill. I could tell when You know much like a wrestler who's that out of paper view, but it's just do in MECCA how show years issues can devote a certain level of intensity, knock it just try to get it now the match? That's what you do on those yet you know so CBS the masters Jacko in House- and I we talked about the eighty six one Thursdays pod. They ran a couple more this weekend
where'd they soothing to have the masters on CBS the only problem as they weren't from this year, and since our texting this morning about leg there. Absolutely I've been so pessimistic on this by down like weird they getting more optimistic, terrific, like how hardware to bend to have the masters this week, like honestly, moving ninety six golfers, now, six caddies fifty people from CBS, maybe a hundred people work and, of course, for her under four hundred. Everybody is quarantined in some way. Could we have actually done it? A part of me thinks we actually could have done it's so remote over there. They could a closed everything down India and then I'm thinking like ultimately like. Why? What's the point everybody should be. They save stay doors. Y Y, you big selfish, but I'm I'm at that point now. Ready in a week five, I'm just being selfish or seller. I thought of it.
Two thou, because you know you have both been lucky enough to go and you think ok! Well, if you don't have any gallery and unanimity concessions in your life Is there a way with four standing next to each other, a t box to pull out then the bigger thing is like it would have to be, and I don't understand it enough upper from production standpoint. Could you isolate enough people's there's, not twelve guys, crushing she's dead, eggs in a running all the different cameras and directors and producers in all that kind of stuff. I dont know the answer to that, but I d Imagine if you're them asters you're looking at and saying ok, maybe we could, but it would have been popular. I say anything to you. Just gotta get dragged for trying to do anything and if they get no battle are actually still standing next to each You know I gotta get out of the sea gotta receive yesterday, as I didn't realize that it was a law that you had to have amassed Nagorno Pharmacy, as you are that guy I just did I do. I turn right around like that. I was a kid you can't come in, but our maskers, while I didn't think about it, my bad so I'm about to a car- and you know
when it was humble hunt was. As you know, there is a one. There is about one point, five second mass hole and me we're I'm like water, and then we will have this security, but I think the bigger point of your augusta. Masters is you're, probably goin. Here we can pull this off in November and we're let's say a positive version of this. As you know, I'm with you I'm a more open minded, which is mainly positive, but if it safely of normalize the start of the September October and then everyone gotta go I'm sure they look at. It is like we can still charge to get people in here and then the economy, because economy to hold that without anyone attending destroys the enemy of that entire area, if they never had any showing up cause has, like you said, When you go it's it's almost. Spring break in some third world country where, make all of their money in very short window of the calendar right, why think we're probably too
away from having maybe the instant tests where they could just prick somebody's finger. Make sure you don't have it. I think were also add those tests fairly soon, where you can It can tell you if you ve already had it yet, I think for weeks from It's probably, though, more realistic, we're Talkin last week about what the NBA could I've been thinking about a lot, because I was so much more pessimistic than you last week, but we stumbled on a couple amicable things. Talked about. It was that low little bare wounded our book, a basketball part about the possibility that got some feedback from MBA people that if they do come back this summer, it's not gonna, be an arena said SAM the staple centres are gonna, be at Madison Square Garden. They'll do in practice facilities
don't do it in a way where they can control as much in the environment as possible, and I've been thinking about this a lot because there's nothing else to think about cause. We don't have any sports related figure God. I really do think allay. Could do it if they, if, because you you'd, have the Lakers practice facility at you'd, have the clippers pray this facility and you could lockdown both of those, so you would be able to have games going on in two different places. You could basically clear out two hotels here make them quarantine proof bit. Basically only certain people get, and now you have to have crazy, passes the fight that and make it that it actually is really safe. In these two places, then you're able to test the players. Are we sure Skype as they have that guy everybody in the teams- and I do this- there is a world in which it could happen. I think they would have to limit the amount of teams I did. They would have to maybe go eight. I don't think they could do sixteen. I dont think it good
drag on too long. I don't think people are going to want to be quarantined from their families, for you know three months, something like that, but if you're just talking about a sprint and just trying to get the playoffs done, whether it's twelve teams, the top four get Phyzann drowned one everything else is like best at three and then it goes best of five for the second round and you kind of move through new try to get it done in seven weeks and everybody is either hotel on one of those two quarantine places at the practice centres, tv cameras put everywhere. You you limit the production. It's not it's that crazy. I feel at that it happened. What I just laid out does it seem at all realistic to you whole time bill. I mean these proposals are having right. You ve talked enough people that we both know that it's it's like. It's almost like that joke about the writers you're right that has no bad ideas in the writers. Are you trying to figure out? Why cannot we gotta we described in that
I think these guys are doing is throwing a million plans out there. Instead of saying this sucks, this sucks, this sucks, like okay, look, we're still trying to figure out a way to get any kind of product. On tv. Like I watched the horse thing today was a good no, but I'm not gonna rip it because there try there trying to figure out some thing to put on tv and some guys you know from their home courts were out. There are competing against each other and in trying to do some to put something entertaining on television, so whatever version of this is like to get in the way of like, I will that's not good enough. I dont know if the start time, because right back in a play ass, it always is felt the consistent things these guys. The more time I read that Baxter homes we sunny SBS, worry and a lot of really good quotes from people that work in the e g m and trainers, but some of this stuff on the cost side of it? I just thought Was- was ridiculous. Like her, one trainers quotas. We need at least a month of training camp. How to get ready again, like look man like you're, not gonna get the month, he said in one of the core I need at least thirty days thinking so. Does that mean, like you, think it takes forty five days because it doesn't mean
these guys only practice anymore anyway. They can't stand the pre, so, yes, guys you could be out of shape some guys. Could you getting shots up yet We know we're dealing with something entirely different, but I would think that NBA players, you can find a way to get shots up like you could go, get shots at. So, if guys just decide, I don't want to get any shots up because I live in an apartment and I'm Defined find anywhere to go. Do anything that's kind of on that guy, it's kind of on the good people like we ve seen in lock. That's what we were younger where some guy this came back at a shape and it's like ok, we'll whose fault was that like yes, this has gotten delayed. Yes, this is on de every single week, but I would still think if there's a chance, you figure come back and play you're not just go. Let your game will not your game because it still plague and so the other players, but doing whatever you can maintenance wise to try to be. You go like I don't understand. I got just Celtics as an example, because it's like the only one, you know only facility that Benny cuz they have the new facility right off the pipe before you get in the city. So the rule is ok, no practice. Why? Wouldn't there be some wave,
the younger players. They do live departments that don't have a backyard all the courts are outside clothes like. Why couldn't the NBA wants to go ahead? Look we're trying to figure out a way to get this thing going again. Why can't you haven't our designated to a player by himself, would like one guy opening the door who doesn't get near him and then that There goes in and get shot up and then gets a sweat and and Next guy comes in like why can't you do that for twelve to fifteen hours a day, and have all the facilities you that, at the very least, so they have access to a Jim for the complaints about some of the players. Are don't have access near? I am optimistic that they're trying to figure out solutions and that, yes, there not just Goin air Fucking lashes, rode over because there's three different groups of people that have room he had stay. First, the players: they don't want to lose the money, but then you go to the owners. They don't want to lose the tv money, many other tv networks, data, one
the ad money, so you have basically everybody who is involved in this is incentivize too savage buddy, you know and that I'd like at all. I can say in all time, like those people. None of them want to lose. Any money is not about owners. They're gonna lose the attendants, they're gonna lose by not having nearly as many play games is. I think they would have had normally thing think for sure today. Once I think the big things will be the test. To test I do have a right now. Here's a too in ten minutes will be able to tell you and did you have a before and if you do do you have any bodies that mean you can't get again if they can figure that out, at least in the next three four weeks we met a momentum in them, they're moving the embryo draft, the NBA drafts going August site. That's? U can lockdown went down now because these teams now like great water for the playoffs, have to worry about an mba draft like so that they're gonna move that back. I think that
near certainly so they'll figure out. Something is my guess in less from how standpoint over these next three weeks, things get worse things Yonkers that better we're fucked you everything we just said is off the table of things get worse as far as the draft get understand is wanting a move it back because of the uncertainty, what the actual game schedule be and if that supposed to be no it's normally the week after the files are before free. It is in all its up, but I do think that these steps, not every step, is this a metal? Thirty teams are equal in the amount of resources they put into an amount of work they put in. But look at you talk to these guys around, like a lot of these guys are pretty done their work. They know, there's no more data like they know HU, the players are and how they haven't ranked. I mean I've been doing this since last fall, so a menu have a job where we want to have a draft. The only thing would be that everybody's focused on at the same time it drafts not happening. As you said, water supply of game go on out and then you know. Maybe the coach was getting ready to prepare for game three
and putting as much time with his his scouts and his foreign office in, go and like hey? Who do you like, even though the owners always get annoyed wretch? I think sometimes of the cultures have too much it put right or would it be funny of people got better drafting in the inner found Basque by the sheer where, like data Jack, there are freaking out they're, not gonna get they don't get faced time, an interview time and then I'll get to work out. The guy's last been all that stuff. We would be funny if a it was exactly the same, hitter miss rate, which would be by guess who's gonna work out, but there also is there's a world in which they actually get better at this, because the clothes exposure to all these guys. You end up seeing things that, maybe you shouldn't be seeing. Maybe they should just be looking at stuff like how had you playing games? Hey, hey, how's, that game tape. What was it like when you were in stadiums play against the best possible people for twelve straight weeks? It would be funny if that stuff and battery more and then it bore out like yeah. Maybe that's what we should do this, maybe as
Who is just as as as good as flags abbreviated signal. The person, ok, never leave you just brought this up as you did. You read Gladwell new book. The talking to strangers thing yet has. Is one of his ear. I hit one of his arguments is that we do this default, believing people thing like we default the truth and one of the examples that uses is never Chamberlain going to me Hitler and he goes back he's like he's fine he's like work, good, ensure just like no way he's like not even close the sky sucks. Now I shook his head. They look me in the eye because what because you know he's just just breeze, just real pro German, that's all and like bought saying is its quota. You know some of the guys that we would meet before the draft processing, and I don't like van Pelt, I would argue about it, feel like why. Why do you think it's going to be good, Has he had a nice Sudan and shook our hand? Well? member jail- and I did we did this job interview series in two thousand thirteen
was the last year where they made. Are these guys available and we interviewed, are the lottery guys eight, with with the exception of the Netherlands, Well, I'm like one other, but it's funny like the guys that impressed us the most were Victrola depot. Siege able as we know, is so you're good at it. No, no, I'm just saying so. My one experience doing this might take I actually would have been the right take away his both of those guys we're so impressive, Victor deeper we're just sit back as a fuck about us all it and that guy that I went on the draft that your nose, like he's Bunderby, pick his. I think he translates as an mba, where I was really impressed what I spent some time with them. I get these this but spent some time guard and it seemed to him a column issues just was lights out back. I was like a future meat.
And then there were a couple other ones that I want to throw under the bus that we were just like. Wow wouldn't touch that guy with a ten foot, pole yeah, I try to be nice, but after they leave, we look at each other. Like a man, that's a stay here. I would imagine if you did it more, though, that it would, it would kind of flatly would even out AEGIS Would in this is like a long standing like Michael Louis is writ about this. That people have talked about, How that that personal interaction can mess up here? evaluation. What so I don't it's gonna be better I'd. Imagine it's probably the same. What I can't wait for, though, is the guys that really screw up in the air especially in the NFL draft, because then there is gonna blame this. I think, in general interviews can be really overrated that I remember I had written a couple pieces free, expanded in two thousand and one and I had this offer from the Boston Heroin. And to take it- and I told Bay, is being guys jail The german Kevin Jackson, like I might do this hair thing,
I won't be a re free guys, anymore, they're there they hold on hold on end and data. To make me real. Often there, like you, gotta, you drive down Let me John wash he's he's kind of you know who's the guy he for hire you for the website and four page you, like you gotta me John wash here's a Laker back. Then yeah. I'm really excited because on my John walls like legit, the guy created sport center but more importantly, was the guy for me, who created inside sports, which is by favorite sports magazine. When I was a kid it was, I was a sports illustrated competitor that I just loved it at a gambling com from PETE acts thumb that was like? I was like as soon as I'm all that, following a gamble like PETE axed on my canoes very.
Fly era is for me yet and how great magnetized I subscribe to it was was awesome. I don't know what they get more inserts didn't feel like. It was a little bit more like that back in April of the sporting uses, the batting every stuff, but go ahead yeah, so I go and meet wash and my buddy Gus tells me yes, pretty intimidating leg. First, values is an albino like just be ready, lackeys Santa Claus. Like don't you know, don't be like. Oh my god, you look like Santa Claus ages. Act like you, ve, been there before with knowing which eyewash looks like any can't really see so just be prepared for those two things right. It out is huge sports fan, I'm like I'm fine. I got this we're gonna small talk for five minutes and then going all in on inside sports cuz. I really love the bags, and I said all I want to do. Is I just asked a question about it, so we go hit it off Gus. It warned me like he would do washer. Do the strategic silences
Where he just kind of all the sudden he's just staring at you, and then you got a fumble for something to say cuz, you know what's going on, but he let it was like this weird way. He would test people some ready for everything. I push it to inside sports. And we have this awesome like forty five Bennet inside sporting, so by the end of a wash Zack, I fuckin love this guy. They gave me a contract for the rest as history, but basically he liked me just because I've raved about it sports right. That's out like a real reason to like me, I could have been the biggest ass all in the world. Just pretending I was a nice guy for an hour as it turned out. I did have some some issues when I was there, but I don't think it's my point is, I don't think it's hard to impress somebody for Five minutes. Isn't! Oh my god you. I know you speaking by language right now, because that was my thing when all of the draft prospects pro or sees me or NBA, and would fall in love with these guys. I got you know how hard you know stupid. You have to beat a fuck up, seven minutes.
Do you really gotta try to fuck up seven minutes. Second, the a handful of what would say hundreds of guys Come through their less than a handful of em we ever left were like. Oh, I guarantee it by he eating what to do it. He asked me to do up the audio on sport center, they d just done. Does he want to watch him on sport centre and work, to go, live in the radio, comrade commercial, I'm driving, and undoubtedly Haiti. I like we get it. Can you sit down restart the interviewing you like it like ignored? me, and he like, I was fine. I gotta turn the audio off. I can't sports in or audio in the background. While I'm doing this thing so look, he sat down. He was fine, but you could just see like he just and look some people love to you that those measures but that in that moment I'm trying to think I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't dude. Many names like we had one traffic sat, Thou Scott nine. He had two phones gone. All time was watching both of his phones. Like this acting do whatever. While during the interview, I work
Ok, you know we're gonna go now and then a fiasco. In doing differ, will again overtaken like we're doing. This is a word and he just like ok, so I would agree that you really have to be special screw that whole thing up, but I see here now. It would be funny I don't I don't see. How would you have at her up? We we did this out, I will say, is that in the last ten years so could be greatly in our ringer, we'll be somebody was, and you know at some point, you ass the person like what do you think of grant land the ringer wherever I was at the time any expect them to say. Shall I grass I like this? I like this. I dare say you know one thing I think you guys can do better this this person, just it he paced, they had a larger, less the vague. While you guys are doing this well and this indeed this could obviously be bettered by then
Where was the equity? Doesn't sound like you, you really like our place out much, and that was it. So you can find. Two is by point. So just an egg at was this like an entry level deal, though, with this person or were they gonna be borne charges some stuff, No that's already Israel using it was somebody they could have hired to two right for us, so just to be a right, ok, because I've heard examples of God. Will you go how'd you get this job like. I walk right, an untold everything they did wrong like while, like that's the thing is, you can get you can. Advice from like one guided zagging is like hey. I did this like all, naturally successful. Sit down into a guard, here's how you guys are screwed up and then he gets eyes from somebody out city thanks, that's all you gotta do just go in there and set him straight people. Have these weird? there's for how to handle situations because they Connor the guy, create thirty thirty, two red card that every aspect he had, this kind of self imposed.
Rule that any time we're in a meeting with a bunch of people, and it could be anybody Here- I disagree with somebody once during the meeting, so we could abandonment, like Bob Agur Obama, Lord Michael's, Michael Bay, AEGIS List are these heavy hitters and he was like at some point that our I'm in a push back somebody because otherwise, why are we? There were just sit there nodding? Everybody- and I was respected its every time- he's getting a bad that about this every time he would do it. I would like to start trying to do that. Laugh, cuz, that's like always doing the move and then skipper had it at so this a different move, skipper hat skipper was together any a. He would have these dinners and he would have you know like twelve people like you, take it out, other grantline people, and yet these long tables, and when you when he said it, those dinners you can't sit down and you're stuck at the table right, you're, stuck in your seat, your kind,
wherever you landed that you're next to the person, your left person, you were a person across from you skipper with through this move, Jacoby just loved, you would call it the skipper. He would get up something to go to the bathroom and skipper, get up and switch seats, so he could work different parts of the table. It was like watching a politician be like out and then in a turbulent look look. He pulled the skipper, any move to another side of the table when that side over for like thirty minutes, and they drifted do another see and it was like the skipper. But it's funny are these little little tricks. People have. My point is in an interview, cupola couple, those tricks, where I could do to ours on this. Ok, because if you'd I've taught me might not enough, why Harry you have talked enough decision makers, then look you ve been far more the hiring side than than look I'm just I'm not even eligible for that part of the discussion, but sit
with don't so many different managers, spear, specifically ESPN and all the different styles. You like you just reading these John C Maxwell books like every one of you, have come up with a different tactic like I had one did you just decided. Never gonna talk, never saying- and you just be like. Ok, so, like everything is, as close to the best Ok, what's going on with the studios, remove those around like, we just need to know like which studios cower, gonna be in which, due to him, I gotta be in starting the fall. Still decision will be made. None of this hasn't the time now is the poor just go: hey you're in a Collins and be article yet as you just want to set up or stop one of you who know we're guys you go on skipper was always really good. In a room though like when you sit down and ass, you go awry. You know when I didn't know like ok disguise running he s began and then there's a part of the beginning of my is being credible. Was it I guess I got it makes some sort a connection with some of these people are making big decisions, does not have Moreau my way, and I sat
I want him within ten minutes, I'm like a like. I get it now. I know I skies here, but there's there's all of these guys that poorly Tactics like we had somebody who worked on staff once whenever we like a resolution or as Vp Priscilla, whatever version of eggs lot other carry over of the staff Somebody on my staff that use do in every single meeting, propose an idea and it was it. Was you is new is coming like minute, forty right, if it were a debt of ours, in forty he bring it in it like twenty, five or thirty minutes. Shit is shot, and that was a thing in the thing like it was Never never gonna go anywhere else for this person, but they couldn't stop doing this. So scottish I'd look at each other than canal and I would look at each other. We just feeling what are we doing here and If we were meeting with a sponsor his big thing was he land, something out where he gonna say like. Have you guys
what about an app? Maybe they did this and it go. This is where you're trying to impress the room with some invention on the fly when I'm just figure out like how do you want us to read the flower ads and it was it so perfect, because when you're around it enough, That's what I would say to any manager like. If you have your tactics and you have your planning just remember. If your staff knows you long enough, it becomes less affair because everybody knows it's coming the Carter things hilarious, though no matter who is, he would just be like. What's up but I'd have to have one. You have tat. He just wouldn't he wouldn't let it be a shut out when firm, ready ass. He would have to push back I'd something I was suspected, but it was, from a genuine place, casual, if you're, in a meeting for an hour, there's gonna be one thing that you can kind of. Go haywire, wait a second what about this, but I think his leg. It makes you seem, engage though, which is a now is agreeing with the person. So that's the thing like
When listening, I therefore, if we ever get to work and be in the same room ever again in our lives like if you, if you're at it at a meeting with thy ten twelve people, and you're there? It is basically like pickup basketball. If you're just running up and down the court, you don't touch the ball, you don't do anything and then you leave the meeting and nobody could remember one thing that you did it: eating, that's a loss, I remember we were when we had. Land early on we're doing the quarterly member those books we used to do, that was like the Beza pieces that that is not always the best, but always I will try to make it like the best kind of representation of what happened for those three months: Greenland and the person who is doing the quarterly for us for mix sweeneys. That's her dinner was Juliet and she was working from Sweden we'd, have these meetings and she was like twenty five and we have these. Meetings and she would always like shy man and have ideas, and I would like well who's that some hiring her ahead
so we ended up. We hired her and now now we ve worked together for ten years, but it was all because in those meetings she wasn't like the twenty five. Road whose just like mealy mouthed, just kind of taking notes and not contributing people notice that stuff. So if you have read those Vivian, those things, if you're not saying anything, that nets are a good now, if you're saying something but it's idiotic, that's bad too! So you gather. Were you pick your spots? I don't know how we gotta this, but hey speaking to being a charge. Good Why don't I just love at this is fine for I love it. You much yeah, I know, but I did me with John Wash out like I've heard this guy's really, you know you can get in the good side. With this guy I went in, went nowhere. Gimme a good book or recommendation ever talk to him again. Ah, should brought up inside sports How is it you just tell me how stupid radio Isaac argue for like twenty minutes and then,
she read as a gal atomic a stick, our game change that ok and then I think I followed up as a great book he's a glad you liked it spent about twelve years I think he likes you now camera mate level over being a charge. Actually, what's let's take a quick break and then we'll come back when you top five were and be a GM jobs, but I would stimulate let's take a break. The talk about whoop at home, fitness design That is mine right now, with your tuning into a friends in scram. Life in this class are looking up. Yogi too. As people are finding really creative ways. Stay active, sometimes it's hard to know when to rest or went Bush, but with the Whoop Fitness Track it's so much easier program. You work adds based on your bodies: recovery whooped, as you. But stretch your body can end on how much energy really using with its highly personalized performance metrics, it's the best fitness.
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Simmons at check out, go whooped outcome, W H, o o PETE and her Simmons educated to save fifteen percent sleep better recover, faster transmitter, optimize your perform with whoop okay. So, on resellers, last podcast he came up as usual. The guy will come up with good ideas from time to time came up with a thing: what are the top five MBA Gm jobs you'd want What's what's the last? What's the ranking- and you did this whole thing you laid it on your party, went through every team quickly crossed everybody often got to your top five. Your top five was. In no order, but I did clippers, I did what groundwater time, clippers, wife, ok, I kind of came down to four things, but I'm I'm malleable on that sucker, I'm not stern. I malleable
steel and what I felt was important, as I still think ownership may be. The single most important thing, but I looked at it this way like in college basketball, you have destination jobs, its Duke its North Carolina, no back in the day, probably would have argued. You see allay Indiana, not at all. At all, any more genes Yes, you know they are. We know they are now in the near the destination. Job would be tradition, it wouldn't be Celtics. Lakers is because addition, it would be because of the owner. It would be the current roster situation, because if you could be GM of any of these thirty teams. You probably want to go hey. Where can I win right now, not rebuild with cap space and draft picks coming education is part of well and then I could a coach. I really think its owner current roster, maybe location culture, a tie someplace scored a lot higher because a coach other places it was sort of a neutral thing. So I looked at, Lakers and clippers, Brooklyn, Dallas and Golden state, or my five I am opened
on a few of those. But the reason I went clippers is that ownership group is so strong. They will spend any amount of money, the resources they put in that front office, which is amazing for an office and doc. Rivers- and you know, look. I know that the cleverest could be looking at a disastrous situation with the draft picks. But I guess even with quiet, Paul George being able to opt out after next year and the uncertain what's happening this year, like how we were that b of the season were cancelled, and then you have to your on the fly both guys in a decision here. Yes, could be disastrous, but I still think I have a hard time believe. Like wine, Paul, George Bush's can opt out bounce after two years, so I'm taking at risk, but a lot of it has to do with ownership, because I dont know that even the media and certainly fans appreciate enough how many times in is really making the last call. You can have a gm. You can have a present a basket operation. You can have all of these guys with big titles, but especially now. With so many James, not being former players in somebody that you know the owner almost still kind of looks up to an end in a worshipping fashion. In other,
some guys have these gigs in his lady huge fans that guy, when he used to play well, there's less Those guys now in the owner has the final call on so much more of stuff. So that's part of it there. Let me in interrupt you one second, on that the one thing with the owner that I've heard over and over again is if he has the one person he trusts, Aristotle overrule that person. If you feel strongly about something, the best we seems to be, if there's like an inner circle of baby, three others, and if the three, the four, however, if they're all lined on something in the owner disagrees and it's a good owner, I think it's a lot less likely. He just goes against this entire inner circle. I think of it like a one, one v1, even a one v2, it's one thing but, like you look at how the clippers are, are set up, ripe, its bomber, but then
the Lord Frank Doc, Rivers, Michael Iron and Jerry West, maybe so three and a half. If all four of those guys are like locked in. Unlike look, we can't put as J this policy or trade- that's crazy. I do don't they bombers, gonna just plough over them and overruled them James Dolan, my Robert Sarber might, but I think the good honours like I don't they, add the words and my exertion of our for them are like we can't do this. Is that could be like? Well, that's fine, but we're still doing it. The crazy bad owners would. But what's the idea age, I think age has it bad owners would, but what's the idea age, I think age has that equity, not only because the accomplishment, as a GM with this team, but he had the equity being poor, that self esteem in the eighties, and I think it's a big part of the job and inside somewhere. He was right
I mean like it's, it's not that he just got the job. Any still has a job, because the recipe is a player he's been a really good GM, it's not even debatable although this guy, who took the Chicago job who's, got more coverage over the last few days. The baby energy Ire ever just cause, there's nothing to read about in our tourist whatever his name is. I can't please stop writing our was about this guy. Where work, not good outscore having regard of handed I'm here, great why things about him by the way, I don't think it's just a straight up like media the media, z, analytic eyes it get hired, because I think the media loves the idea that hey I like stats. Maybe I could be a GM as well so the lives guys get all sorts of passes. All the time by the media, but this is not what this he's an increase: really hard worker. I was talking to somebody who used to work in a staff for the many goes this guy, like it just grinds, grinds with the player evaluations any He himself he play with about us and he still
works out like a madman like just as super like focused driven that kind of stuff like this is in some ways guys get jobs, no get it began. The resignation, any that, like nothing worse than when you get the gotta, run your team. They like to feel Jackson. I feel Jackson's rests amazing, incredible, but when you have to keep overpaying feel Jackson to take a job that he doesn't want, you probably not getting a plus effort, the entire time back. Ire tourists. Rights or for overall em if they disagree Maldiva on her than its round more than my guy right, yeah, ultimate Everyday Macarius, served as if the if our tourist can build up Equity and build a little coalition. That's when he can swing it, but Now it will be a group thing, but I back to your original point: did it that the decision makers, user gonna be the owner. Unless it's an awesome organization, see you at the clippers you dive, clippers, I've, Dallas
you been his years remove from new owner phase Cuban was not good in the beginning. Almost every single new NBA owner, but I think he just gets it. You know I can't I'm not gonna make it, complicated. To that end, you ve got LUCA and you ve got Carlisle and yes no Dallas for years it had had these plans of being this cat space destination, and it didn't happen there, not a name. Of NBA location, so And they get her out of a job right. My guy you're dude. I mean that they pulled out the LUCA Trade and its the best move anyone's done in the last five years. There's a lot of things I could have done. It could have moved into that spot
both in the two or three: they pulled it off and I haven't Tatum better than Tatum Lucas. The better player he's a think this out. This could have just taken Tatum. They had taken him at one. They move back to get this awesome, kings, packed and ends up being. The forgot his eyes on the fourteenth back was that also it was a shrewd moved to take the right guy, but that look a trade. It's like they work in again They had to move up, they gave an unprotected lottery picked the following year. They put you know they paid a buddy boy. I'm your price of smart faults was such it fitted of number one that it was made, I loved it. I was a Tatum guy but shocking I'd, leave it out and arable area right, clippers click? Ok, I understand that Joseph, side, statue, ok,
did the NBA world the sleeping on this Kevin Direct guy a little bit and then a trade tiree. So back I'll get some gets a pieces back from Cairo. I also think it's a cool location, and yes, it's old TBD, on this ownership change and I think the ad since firing was a bit of a new owner syndrome there, but I'm thinking location, going to read, and yet the coach right at this point is is TBD, because we don't know I get some serious pushed back from some people when I said this in my pocket, so this one you shaking, I think, asked well carry a. Be nobody in new cares about the Brooklyn that stages down it's even worse than the clipper situation. The next time it s who were the other two teams golden state. You gonna have the delay or an mba history come at Aguilar terrific coach.
In addition, I've heard that lake up can be tough at times, but do not, then I can asperity fences out there. So anyone is awesome market you're in this unbelievable situation. I just think that know what kind of like the Durant's thing, It's really easy. It be really easy in the moment to leave golden state off your list if those guys healthy. No one would ever leave them off and I'm looking at pay, I'm taking the job this summer and I'm starting up for twenty. They and in the last one this was soft, is considering Miami and coaches great Ba location, good ownership there, roster unless Bam turns into like a real superstar other than Jimmy Butler. It's behind some of these other rosters Philly is I think an underrated pro athlete city at every guy that plays there loves that city man. They just love playing in Philadelphia. So there's that ownership is fine, you're, probably going to
the new coach, but you still have real assets on that team roster. Why? So? I was willing to listen to fully and then really when it came down to do I want Anthony Davis, year with Leubronn. Still around in LOS Angeles, even with ownership. That's probably considered better because every one in the media, absolute g by so much so it's not it's not me, knocking ownership there. It's just that. I think it's yours. People, the media, that just I don't know they they seem to think it's perfect. I would say it's been far from perfect ownership stuff over the last couple years does get better, obviously, because the players got better but I'd rather be an allay with those two guys in Milwaukee, then the german Milwaukee with eagerness and yadda sent. Certainly so those are the five. I really think that you know those are maybe eight you had the South x and they re, so I didn't put the Celtics in because of some of the bs about it being in place
players. Don't wanna go you and I are no one ever wants to hear from us break, as they just think we're incredibly biased that says it over the Celtics I'm wrong, I'm Tellin you right now. I should add the Celtics in there. Instead of the nets cause I lit up, I thought there were four no brain and then that five spot you could have had like five choices that Celtics words baths clippers, if you just talking for anybody, would best situation, destination, location, assets, cap space on down with those
I think you missed one piece in your rankings that you you. I understand. Why use it while you sit down at but I'm going to Zach, I was looking at the Knicks and the bulls simply for the Theo Epstein Cubs Savior thing that if you do pull it off, it's the same. It's the same chain of events that led to act like taking Batman. If, if you do pull it off its legendary, if you're the guy saved it. You you, your eternal theo here, I'll in Chicago forever Abbas to it in two places. So I keep looking at the next in the balls thinking like man, The whole situation is probably a little bit better than the next situation from a roster ownership. Standpoint
The same resources, you get a big city. The next thing is still the highest upside of any ability in the few and a title for the next the single hard thing to do in any sport right now right when symbol for the brides there, ok private atop, to write. What? If I trained and put on a ton away and beat up rock lesser in a fight I would also be a hero would night but it doesn't mean I wanna fuck and fight him. Ok and yes, I get what you're saying I'd rather just go somewhere else were. Ownership is great, like I can't believe you're. Actually, when you said the text back, I sent my five. I do want to clean it up. Boston should be in their Brooklyn. Now that I've I've thought about it more. I was building Brooklyn up too much a destination. I was holding Boston too far back because you know one of the other unknowns of whatever happens a season, but it sucks that we don't get to see like the play, our version of Tatum, because then he
to take this other level, and now it's like. Oh, no, it's going to get interrupted if he's going to be raped, player he's going to be a great players going to figure So there is a great honour even if we get a really good coach, the Ross even with some of the stuff they have coming, do with the money. If it's the best version of it, it's up. With the know, if be five rosters than it, but I overrate, because it just so sick of hearing about all the times how no one ever wants to go there and then, when guys actually play in Bosnia. Like you know, it's actually great here, like you get treated like a hero, but if you know look you just don't like the boss, for everyone does doesn't matter, we are like some you'll. Aren't they like a big created this decade, the after not getting any for decades. You know they got Orton, they got hoarfrost Mega Gordon got exam. Ghana. That was it like Sears eighty been Dominic, Wilkins cut, Dana barrels. I hope so
here's. What I would ask you like you, actually you think becoming the opportunity to become a hero in New York, would be enough to way. Dolan is an owner, and I still think that Dolan from what I've heard, he doesn't want overrule anybody in the basketball thing he sick it getting made fun of all time like a dry, some crazy, but his inner circle was a group that wasn't making it work either. But I just don't know if you're running through thirty teams that you can put the Knicks in a group of five knowing what the track record has been their ownership, the case for the next would be dull and has hired these people over and over again and just kind of let them do it Sars around people. The case against them is the atmosphere. There is so toxic. In so many different terrible ways like it just seems like the workplace, the work and well even if
all the power in the world, it just seems like everybody's bombed out there there's a ton of turnover they ripped through a lot of good people. So out probably play it. I would probably go Celtics words, maps, clippers and then bulls is my fifth. I think that's a good job Chicago is, it fair that they have a lot of winning tradition and generations in its a top three city I don't know it's a great city in the summer can't care If it's a city ranking, look ever Goin fans and citizenship cargoes easily in the top five, but in the one thing was rise or families, you don't get fire like you, actually don't get fired there. So that's even better! Like that's a positive before you. If you're running it, I dont like that roster I couldn't. I couldn't look at the City of Chicago enough and say this is awesome, because what happens is its whenever I do this games start concealing it and that's a shudder to my former go
standing canal? Whenever we come up with these games, we you just break all whatever the rules were, and then it turns in a word, you wanna golf and what's close to the water and you're like ok, but Zack Levine's, your MAX Blair, radical, it's not about the lake and June it's about, but let's, let's get to the really important stuff insulting in. Halting the fans out there who are going to be really upset if their tea makes the top five, but we'll take a quick break first and then come back the worst GM look: she's. Coming aboard. Second pays the novel corona virus pandemic escalates in the? U S, public health officials are encouraging those were experiencing signs or symptoms of carbon. Nineteen such as coughing or fever, to seek medical guidance remotely if you are a loved one, is feeling sick or you just feeling where there is a way to help without leaving home row is offering free, tell health services for people seeking guidance and information and covered nineteen.
The services available free of charge and offered to states and washed in DC row, free online assessment will help determine if you are at risk and if appropriate row will connect you of the medical provider for free consultation. The assessment was designed by doctors and infectious disease experts and is based on guidelines from the CDC in and who visit our own. That seo flash corona Virus and you phone or laptop to complete a free. I might assessment or just learn more. If you read that you may be experiencing symptoms, go do road that seo slash cranberries to start your free assessment today oh dad seo Slash corona virus and since we're here on a more pleasant. No, is your home. You stand, save you Can tv
is upset exacerbated by the turn of the effects original Kommeni? What we do in the shadows, the Howitt report are called the series first season quote ridiculously funny and warn that you'll quote die laughing. This season. Shadows continues to follow our forfeit, revamped. Soup and living together for hundreds of years. What we do in the shadows, premiers Wednesday April fifteen than affects streaming next day, effects on Hulu and if you, MRS One catch up now and effects on, Hulu. So I made my list of the five franchises just for lack of a better word. Bottom. Five and Gm Jobs- How do you want to do this? Because we haven't got over our less. How do you want? I want you to go out ass. I just I took it. Time on that- and I I feel like the, I'll omission of my pod and now that I've had days to think about it in I probably know, maybe it and put him in there because of you.
Like I was trying to stir the heart, but I just I needed I need you to think about it a couple days. Ok, that's fine, listen, so my uniform aren't in its a quarantine but he told me about it, I don't know I like, I am really uncertainty on on that kind of thing, and I are you, like? I said as malleable on this whole segment summit give you my one honourable mentioned team, and then I'm gonna go bottom five from five to one in I'll, stop after each one. If you just want to jump in with a quick bit My arable manages including cracked, the top five Sacramento no play after winning season, sits o five or six fourteen year: drought,
the reason I couldn't put them in my bag for vexed. I think, vaccinate guy, I'm not sure he's gonna be out here, but I do think he's a nice guy. I do like their assets. I like Fox, I believe and badly. I just think you got hurt last shouted think he's a bust. I think he has a lot of patents, I, like my dad, said that other they're gonna re him Buddy Hield hailed as a trade peace, their grandmother, lottery Peck, like I dont mind the assets they have animal you're following Laddie, it's like following. Shitty boyfriend! You now you when you're the next person, in their girl. After they had the shitty boyfriend, you the fantastic, so I couldn't put them in so here's, my fifth worst bottom: five NBA Gm people who be surprised San Antonio couple reasons.
They ve already PETE. It's already that you know they're already that the guy who is awesome in high school and one three states championships Iq Being Point guard. Dated the best Likud cheerleader and now is to live. The city's. Thirty two is about seventy five pounds, heavier kind of off and on golf pro at the local club. Just not that cool anymore. That's unfortunate, I think we're the spurs are at. They had this amazing Duncan Popovich run, but now at the end and it's over, they have a hundred, while million on the books next year there to best players are agrigent, arose in here, and you know I think, at the tail end of their primes, a baby of impasse. Primes they're, both expiring their best future assets are Murray. Who they're paying fifty million a year. Some out, I don't even know if he's an above average starting point guard Lahti. Walker, Derek wait, that's really
That is its bleak and they don't even really have a lottery pick this year, small market and just the fumes of we used great! Now or not! So is that fair to put them in TAT? Five? No! cause. Ownership is really strong and I dont think the way most people think the way you're thinking is. Our most people think well, I don't want to follow this pop Arcy Buford thing for twenty years. If I were the head coach at LA attack in saving tyres and on the new hottest thing in college. Football and Tuscaloosa comes call on and off we the Alabama job, I'm not? say no cause. It's gonna sought to follow saving and it's gonna give it the fall of saving you can't you get that sought to get an though, because it out of here you know, but you're still getting awesome. Talented Alabama was seen it up here. They they hit the latter a dead. We get the God should obey. They got colliding Parker, that's ever happening again. No, that is not happening again, but I wouldn't, like part of your thing, was it's over
the roster. When I was going through the thirty- and I had twenty automatic knows- San Antonio automatic. No, but it's not go to the level, it's one of the five worse GM jobs. Yet again the rule is, if you could be a gm of any thirty team, you have them rank twenty sixth yeah. I do but there's too many other bad owners. Are you wouldn't want to be a gm for? Will it be Who was that their odor anymore? I think their whole situations a lot different. And it was ten years ago you now I We feel it gets out another nail end of everything and I have liked what they ve done, the last two years either. I don't, I think it's a past performance situation, Every piece of the San Antonio situation is, you know, member back when Blackwell too bad. It's two thousand twenty next year and there go nowhere side. The fifth. I have Charlotte fourth staggering air for the Bobcat sixteen years
waiting seasons. Two round, one losses they did not want to plasters is de Bobcat. Did the third were stone of the twenty first century or the Hornets their seller. Cap situation is a great, a clear set, but about a year their best assets divide. Take grandma enjoyed Peter washed in look pretty good Macao bridges, that's a feisty group of side, miles, bridges and analogue, who I'll never give up on. They made some bad moves. I've Zika backwards. Do you know that they picked as J Levitt than they traded backwards? One spot picked up bridges in two seconds until they forget that happened heads a disaster. They took a monk over Mitchell the year before two years for that they turned out for first from Boston, Prick, Frank Kaminski, teeth, ass. Twelve they didn't get it through. Davis took kid Gilchrist over Bill, it's been a really rough run and their owners are very good at it
The only thing you could say about will be fun to take them over it's just they been so bad. If you did a good job, people would be fired up, but man, it's Graham, not to mention small market where they in your top five. They weren't that I cross them off because there is actually no tragic things going on in the spreadsheet solar. Ah I wouldn't say it's good ownership, breakers, really good coach and that team, I thought, was going to be the least at least interesting team in the entire NBA, and the fact that they play is hard to do, but there's nothing. I would say: there's anything this silly on the rostrum Gray three years like this guy's gonna, be like there other teams were. I go, will look at what Detroit it's gonna be doing in Owen, who they're gonna have to pay
other common ass. Well, I have are inadequate. My third worse team is Cleveland. I just like the roster at all. I dont, like this sexting garland backward ninety one million and Kevin loved next three years, Yanks forty billion a german nance next year that seven coaches last eight years they ve already peak the postal Braun, hang over Cleveland with wooden love living there, not a lack of, and I got a lot of positives, but that situation that is bad has been number to the Detroit Pistons. I too obvious give you two facts at the
it's one. Is that Griffin as seventy five point, seven billion dollars do next uses its. So that's one to resolve it in yeah. You legal opt in two years a year from now I do. I have any answer then, for the opt in then their best assets, other roster are Luke cornered. It say coup down boy is that I say his name at it. Without a verse, Epic Siberia Desert, he was their lottery picture. The boil them were those of their best to us, son the roster right now. That is a disaster I had no idea. Was that bleak? I haven't. I do what I ve been doing, stared wet. Right there at the end and it didn't work out so, So my number one is controversial. I have Minnesota
I don't have any real roster flexibility at all towns, Russell Culver, that's my foundation, not really moving off tat Unless towns forces made a trade em, and I got a trade em for fifty two cents on the dollar which would suck I'm fucked either way. I dont think TAT can lead me to a title and if I trade of I'm not getting any more than fifty cents, a dollar so either web fucked, I dont have a two thousand twenty one first rounder. Unless it falls in the top three, such as God goodbye. I have the second worst twenty first century owner Glenn Taylor Other than James Dough, and to grant averages a horrific.
Owner and amber writing about this couple times that somebody said to me you she visa Glenn Taylor, MIKE wine is a cause he's such a nice guy. I might but he's a bad owner like yeah, but he's a nice guy said. While he's a bad odor like what you out for me, David Threefold decades, losing now save for two thousand for threefold decades: thirty one seasons, nine plan, appearances, eight first round exits, thirty one season. They want to play off: sears they're, both in the same year, they ve had one winning sees it since two thousand five, their career record as a franchises nine. Eighty eight fourteen eighty six there were three: ninety six winning percentages of French US, their greatest franchise forever as their only good French as part of recovery It refuses to come back towards the owner. Last week caught a mistake, set em they're back to media loaded overtired. My number
you name: career games played for the timber wolves. Cagey is one, can you name two three and four career games: timber, wolves, history, thirty one year, who played the most games for the timber was trend hassle. Now. Ah Toy Hudson now. So another name. I was never to see Mitchell. Oh yeah number three is dug west. Never was there number for us. Gorky, Dag zero timing where's your top for career timber, wolves, guys cagey in those three guys devoted eight asters ever I don't see any better and you're in Minnesota, small market Alec their signing, free agents. That job is that is like it checks every box, for I would not want to run. That's him.
So I had Minnesota might as well and it starts the owner. But where are you look at some of the rosters and say: ok, there's not enough talent. That's why it's in no, it's not even in consideration of the top five, even though we ve got to maybe even retail two guys because we don't know what color is right. Now, I'm in a fuse lottery pick, that's a rope ladder two and a half right. It's still unknown, but if you watch them you know I don't that only covers every two beasts are. The problem is, is that Russell thinks he's a star is paid like a star pounds is statistically a star and is paid like and now you're locked into these two guys, who I think. At least earlier. I dont know that they fully get it and I think they're big stat, guys not a lot of winning stuff in and you're just gonna keep losing gains, even though you think you have two guys are totally get along around the same page in your locked into him, and then you rightly than towns, which is probably fair trade is a second work.
How many times have we seen it in there. There be a history. The towns type, a guy where, as I wear this guy's good, I mean he was thirty Mowbray. What's with you know, statistically made twenty four and twelve They just lost eighteen games in a row. You know it's like PAO. Gasol is a good example of this right. I love tacos, so I think it would be a hall of Famer Could it be the best guy on member state? He was the best kind of Memphis team that acceded some talent. They went like twenty two and sixty, and you have these guys. Bashers like this in two Yet these guys, their friend their quota franchise, guys they're, just good enough to be ensured the franchise, but that could have actually lead it and you just kind of factors they leave and then, when they leave, they could go to a situation and be awesome and that its eye men. They traded Carl towns where they do that gas in the final Stumm asses go. Did you go lookin watch your last four years like it,
this kind of what happened with Anthony Davis in New Orleans. To some degree I mean he's much talented than other guys I mentioned, but they also they couldn't win he was their best guy towns is that the poor man's homeless man's version of that, where they just came when with them How can I change yet? I mean we can lead the championship ivy. I would just get me to the second round and I'd be happy if I had this gig right now, but that's that's the fear of that its owners location, but it's also? I might have a one in two MAX guys that are on the books for a long time that I can do anything. I will really, I think, they need to find those winning plays in between all the three point. Attempts like they have to find those things that you know we are reminded of that exist. When you go back a watch on these old playoff games, we watching with adjust I've never felt sorry about this before. But this league is great, as it is in the depth of the stars. In the top. There are just many dues putting up big numbers. Even big efficiency numbers s M advance
metrics where you go while look calibrate, this guy is and you go is he is he? I don't think it's ever been deeper with more misleading stack eyes that than it is. Right now so Minnesota's in there. For me totally agree on Cleveland Detroit replaced I took Charlotte out of there cuz. I just don't think Charlotte's this. So if we're talking about the bottom rosters right now, so it is there's not a ton of like I like their coach, a lot Cleveland, yes, Minnesota. Yes, I put Sacramento in there because the ownership thing, even though, yes, you know what like they ve, been that's yelling This all the lost stories of the season there resurgence. Modest resurgence heading, for ass strata. Right before all this happened was completely dislike. Nobody see me bring it up, but how did you know?
Have server in Phoenix there, even if I probably like eight and Booker more than you do, I just think they have real assets, that Cyrus situation is a nightmare, but they just have talent. Eight! You can make moves. You could figure that thing out. The question is: if Devin Booker this summer- as I get me the fuck out of here, but if you have booked ornate and some of the other guys that they have, I can work with that. I can. I can work with the crazy owner made. You think they had that crazy owner all through the 2000s. They almost made the twenty ten finals. They almost made a bunch of times With a national five thousand two hundred and seven ranch, so if you have talent you can survive the crazy owner and then, for whatever reason they keep stumbling Anna talent. I've got lucky couple times, but by the way, you're you're right on that whole situation. It's it's dicey when there's a divorce, so the spurs thing
was looking up on the flies you run had spurs. Ownership thing is that we think it is right as well I hear that instead of kind of insanity, a general, don't they pops gonna, be there much longer. I just think I think the Lee COD. To them in a lot of ways, and you know they got. They won the lottery with TIM Dark in there. When the latter David Robinson, it's unbelievable they handle extended it, but They still accepted it like twelve, longer than any of us thought. So within twenty years. It's amazing click. It's over right, like them even making the players. Last year with that team, the defense was slipping. They still like gave now get something where you watch it s ears like us. In its wanting to win this series. It got any want to pick a winner in that thing, we're going to do it, but I'm I dont over about to have a disagreement here, but like yes, it's over
And there is still some people in position with our seeing pop there, but the rostrum things like there to best players Lamarck, as is thirty four expensive into Rosen's thirty. Nobody wants to pay him in a league. Put it also like a Bela check, doesn't make the playoffs this year. Will people finally caught up to their patriot, where his ignore their kind of due to your kind of due to fall apart at some point year after twenty years, you have it. I think There's a similarity with bout check that we ve seen what the spurs where bow check. What was his last, like really good draft. You know like ultimately it's the dry They make it its two thousand and eleven. The spurs are in this situation with Grand Helen Tony Parker, where Tony Parker there's some off cord stuff. They have
your chair, he's kind of ready to be appoint, guard and their shopping, both of them and trying to figure out. We could either cut ties with Tony right now and try to get a lottery pick which they tried to do, or we could trade George Show dad is doing. The George Hill Tread Collide falls miraculously to the fourteenth. Egg and adds up sets out this Indiana Trade, where they were exactly wrote a whole long piece about that in grantline many years ago, laying out like all the flukes that lead to trade actually happening. They keep Parker and Parker is really really great and twelve. Thirteen fourteen quite becomes this guy that he becomes ended. All works out, but you know, since fourteen what's really happened for them. You know, and I look at the same within the patriots. There was some say, There was gone round the other day about they haven't draft a proper and though, six drafts. I looked at him, oh my god at will.
Chrome. I was dreaming. I is Jamie counselor. What an enormously like he was kind of a weird fit at times to, and then it's like was he awesome like me, actually we're fine with, bouncing then did bring back a little bit later. You're right I mean the draft has been you're talking about the twenty Parker Deal, he was gonna, be sent to Toronto for the violence. Yunus pick yeah right that we talk about. Yet it's crazy all this stuff that happens in life. We are like, if one of these things that happened differently like none of this other stuff happens. You could have it at the herald. Right now I could have been haven't you on my world famous by gas, but again with local, be guy, hey Rail
neither. What do you think the bees are gonna get started? Simply psychic. Are we talking about the high school championships? Now? It's it there's fork in the road Bowman's ray. We see that with sports over anything else, like the whole Tom Brady Foster the Pats on the six round, and it's a man there smart to takeover while they they pass them up in the third fourth or fifth round Tito aid, you need lucky, the scale I think so you had. Who is your number one team? Now I want to ask the Minnesota ones, the most problematic one and its, not where the lack of talent that other ones have. It's that I I. They get digging yourself I'll, not even dig that. I think you have some real problems coming and we already know what's happened like this Donovan Mitchell stuff in Utah. Like I love when this happens, because what I oh I say it again, this job,
about having any kind of assets for the next guy, that's pissed off in six months, his that's what the league is become. Who's, the next sky to be pissed off and you'll. Think ok, we! Finally all stuff guys have. Finally, they finally settled somewhere else. Like Jemmy Button, was the last mad guy. Ok, now, he's in Miami after getting out of Minnesota Philly I mean like Jimmy was like Chicago Peace, Minnesota, you're, soft and Jimmy was right about that stuff. Philly admittedly, Miami do my thing: it's okay settled now it never settles. It never settled and I'm not saying we're, gonna be Mitchell's go, but what's more surprising, Somebody like the Lee settling for a year or two or some guy doesn't college shot force way out or the unexpected name, a gift. Why can shut it down for a year and demand out San Antonio than anybody can do it and that's why I'd look at me? soda as one where you go Heller's
in people saying what he be the first due to the five year extension and be mad after year and look who knows the not the playoffs Howard Innocent, started up again and even know if they plenty other games it gives every a delay of of hoping that I'll have to face their problems for another year, but if there are thirty, you know some thirty one team next year. I just think that job is really really tough and yet be right after Garnett just smashing the owner publicly, as it sounds like our net thought, he was gonna get a piece of ownership at some point, you call it That is why they swear. There's somethin yeah. There's some went on there I think all the bow Allah depots very possible for they get me out of here. Lottery. If we really want to one of the Philly guys deathly emerges about an hour, they devise and errors that he had not to buy. Has an added Devon, Booker's gotta be considered possible tat. Next week's pod, we try to gather Intel in and get people
give us their top five. Get me the fuck out of here guys yeah with the acronym of Gay g m t J G emptier foes towns is one I mean towns, their trading for the angel Russell. It TAT was almost like a let's have a kid to save the marriage, betrayed right, yeah, not everything. We have a care to kid, I'll make a better. Let's do that that that was never Russell Trade for this expensive kid ever it's. You know it's diff here and by the way they got rid of Wiggans deal, who look Wiggans if you he was fair and you're gonna way. May all you guys did was beat up a wig as a whole time and how he was the most mobile contract somebody in here is gonna pulse and now this thing I do so. This is a tough, listen Revere tools ban an odyssey, I would say, with tables fans, if you like, a whit weakens, is good now, but are you serious guys that hasn't been fair? Does it feel guilty here but what's funny, though that sometimes a fence get bad at us like we're on.
Or side fence we feel bad for you. That's why we're defending you right now? This is it bigoted rose. Fancy you ve had thirty one years, a shit you're, no good memories like we're waiting. I wonder if, if our Well, whatever make believe world wherein a garbage gotta be a GM one. You get two options: the pistons or the tea was, you would take. The tea was. No, I would rather, I would rather, that a trade job at least I would be able to kind of the roster I see I would rather, have arouses since no assets in cap space.
And I would want to do the thing for two years where I was just like: I'm your weigh station. If you want to dump contracts I'll, take your pics, I'm just going to be grab bag guy for a year and a half I felt like this with the Knicks could have done last year, like oh, you can't get rid of Russell Westbrook I'll. Take them! Oh you need you need Chris Paul you'll, give me first round picks and Chris Paul, and I give you nothing great. I would be that guy for two years. That's why trade should be until they can build their tea backup. Ok, I gotta pushed back a little bit, though, because on the one hand was Paul thing that was more of a switch, but I don't feel like they were now sillies bad as a Westboro contract projects to be in the numbers and Chris Paul last year, like forty five million almost scary stuff, I don't know that Houston did a deal because hard Wanna play with Westbrook and he got the owner to sign off on it It doesn't like area, though there,
scenario where, if, if the Paul George then gets pushed through in Westbrook, is now stuck on OKC and he did go and he said get me the fuck out of here basically, and at that point, if I'm okay see, I have to trade them. If I don't have that Chris Paul option, where was he going? Who was traded for him. I'm saying like I would want to be the team ready to be able to steal guy like that and maybe even get a pic, because I'm taking a kind of salary off you off your hand, saving luxury tax, all that stuff simply for Chris Bell, ardor they couldn't jack Witherspoon last year that when ok now because the last letter they couldn't trade him. Basically this was much more talented version of the Gilbert Arenas, Shard Louis thing right, so it was These numbers are massive like. Even if you wanted him, you can't even add up enough to even make this thing work out. I I just, I guess, there's a little push
Unlike it didn't feel like they were necessarily salary dumps it. We don't want these guys, but was a match up for all the chaotic south. It was gonna little Kazi and that look. I'd want to be ready to break those guys. I like I like what you say, I think that now, whilst when little shorter, though like I've arrived, you rip them for that they do so deals and that's actually what I think you would do. On top of that say, I'm going to take all your bad deals and I'm going to jump me to give you a Parker at twenty million, like the bulls did, which was one of my favorite contracts than it was like it's a two year deal like Fuckin way do your deal was first recorded and you like it. Two years and forty million it was two years an option. Twenty. In your like. We already report that bullshit an attorney that option at twenty minutes. I would think that's gonna happen more work. Like your saying in a twenty four months stretch, go I'm gonna, give you a stupid number for a year. Is I don't want you? Might she caps? I will, though I would never be the GM that gave Larry Nantes thirteen billion dollars a year. I would never pay
somebody who wasn't in all star or potential star double figures ever thou be one of my moves and I and I just think it's an unassailable approach. I can always find somebody could do eighty percent of Larry Nance the stats and whatever he gave me. I could find that guy every year I can fight. I can grab that guy in the G League, I'm just never paying for non impact guys and I'm just leaving roster and flexibility all that stuff. Can I forgot to tell you What thing I've been thinking about. You know we always joke about the aggregator aggregating things we said in parts and get above us out of them, because I feel like this could happen. The embryo of black Marcello, it submits name timber What is worse situation like that turn in some way we call them agro gaiters. Can we call them the agro gaiters?
Well, our little Agora, the Agro gaiters, I felt the agro gaiters are gonna, come at a sort of it for the typical of stuff idle at what what's the counter? What's the car, I don't know, I'm just I've. China read the future like some, tell me Phoenix that situation. Worse is better destination. We Booker's Blog Lena, says Booker and Adenauer, like top twenty five top thirty trade assets right now Eight look! I am not a huge fan, but that guy look good in investigate exactly this suspension. Now his numbers were really good. When he came back, he was an impressive, is like cable enemies, or was it what s the raw stuff? If you looked like his encore off court, whose they hate discuss what they're just better when this guy's on the floor, thence, and it should be because another one pick last year at any mistakes are getting this year and its shorten season. So anyhow,
Let's go now, you know turn the page. Ok, fine he's actually look like if you're holding is that standard? Yes, but even this weird small, as a centre even matter anymore. I'd be try to find a guy that I could put It's that size that can run around with all the small guys and I kind of events- that's eight might be at the beginning of it. So Cleveland. I because no brainer Detroit got all that stuff comes up. Sacrament, I think, is still in the mix. Darling of fair one to bring up here, but a lot of its lot of its anti. And another. Why timber was fain would argue against your own? That's kind of weird to it's. Ok, we're the twenty Eightth worth job, not the thirtieth fuck. You guys what people take it personally, because its egg only I can tell you that my family sucks, you can't may I say that I will take a break when we come back. The first of a limited edition series, cod, the re watch, your balls
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slighted makes me happy home that no relate the original lay bare when you home enjoy classic available for delivery. Today, the Bay responsibly Miller Brewing Company work, he was caught and ninety six collars and three point two carbs per twelve ads since we're here, don't forget to new ringer cast this week. The wire way down the whole is launching April fifteen, but you can subscribe now in spite of her or Apple Jabez Stone vainly throughout the house and then find coach with Steve Kerr and P care, limited edition series that is launching the Ringer Ambien ring NFL feeds, but we will have a feed for that whether you can subscribe to this week, but check out the first one is dropping on Monday very excited that will get back to the one I were actually on pay. Some really proud of us. This is of trying to get all this in two hours and I feel like were on pace so the Mega George Documentary, my friend
and here is doing for years. Began it launches next Sunday. It's ten parts: it is two parts per night for five states and in its first episode on Sunday night he's kind of an overview. It's all based in this ninety seven. Ninety eight, his last stance is last season, the boss, and then it goes backwards, jumps around as whole. Bunch thanks. Second episode dives into that sees a more does a lot of Scotty Pippins stuff, so be ready for that. But look even though its ten hours, the Jordan story, like there's some real basketball, nerd stuff. I think we can have fun with here. I thought that over the next six podcast starting with tonight, we could pick an M J game each Sunday. In Canada, dive into it, and explain why we think this was a formative m J.
Experience gained so the first one we dared, which I asked you if we could do because of pretty strongly about. It is game. Three of the night one fires, and I think when people talk about the formative seven years, Jordan Square First, eight years that was go to the sixty three point: gaming, its south Celtics was his arrival game, the shot against clear when they go to when it when they finally beat the tray and then it kind of just fast forwards. The game. Five hundred and ninety one and it's like, and it feel told Michael He'S- got to trust his teammates who's. Open packs is open the famous story he starts, throwing at the Pax and Pax it makes them jumpers. They win the title he's currently trophy games three. Has been lost in the annals of NBA history, and I'm not exactly sure why. So when I text you I want to do this game was your reaction. That was surprised, but I'm glad cuz. I hadn't thought about it forever and it's coming off.
A game to were George was basically perfect in the game. He was fifteen eighteen hit, thirteen stir and made it harder right, an enemy the spectacular both by Jordan, the bar begging and so They were not one one or seventy seven, eighty six and a back to allay split and will I think, let's go back further so previous year. Ninety ninety blazers pistons final good series. People are kind of bummed out, it was the first time we had not had magic or bird in a finals. Basically, since one thousand nine hundred and eighty You know nobody really like the bad boy pistons. I know they had their there's been at a turn
you know recently they Dave and people have warmed up to them, but back then people like fuck those guys this guy- who we just want to see the Celtic, send the Lakers or the balls, the Lakers, wherever the peasants were caught in the way blazers back the Lakers outline in it de the ninety one season, thats just shop on their pistons thing like Isaiah Thomas, is one of underage underrated players. I think in MBA history yeah. He was just filthy and think about that team. Like the way we can drug in Lavigne gotta go in and do more sets begins, but there are so many times. I say I had a kind of bail them out, sometimes offensively, especially no more physical era as a smaller players have small. He was, but I say, does this thing words like will nobody likes us because we be bird, be beat magic. We be M J, and no one access and that's why we're not remembered as much now the problem is you're swimming in this neighborhood. That's absurd, the eighties Celtics and Lakers, and then Jordan sixty eight years in Europe,
to back in that little window. It's only two when in magics, in nine of twelve finals, birds got his three m. She's got a sixty, just the way it works like sometimes or as basic as counters, and it's not even an Anti Detroit Which there's plenty of Anti Detroit out there, but it's not like they putting you fourth and those twenty years is exactly where you belong. They had a little Larry Home Syndrome. Yeah me. What about me? That's why you're following Mohammed Ali? Sorry, we're we're not, that's right. I do hope that. So we have this. Ninety one, fine us and it just works out all the sudden, its bulls, Lakers badges, still thrown a hundred miles an hour. He still fuckin awesome m J were so fired up to finally get him in the fire.
And he gets there as it turns out. It is it's the only Lakers fires of ninety nine? Is it's the last whenever the form it's the last game? Three, as the last great magic Johnson game that he was involved, then, like the light, the last game you would see and a heartbeat ass, a game. Five wasn't even though the bulls when the tide was in a great game. This was year one of NBA Nbc, where they have time showed an if you watch, but it was Bob cost us and Pat Riley Paralyzed, like the best person who's ever that stuff. A big game, he was unbelievers, such a loss of it. He will back the coaching he was lights out, Carbon bizarre were great mobs thrown a hundred thirty miles an hour. The share ahmad- this is his first years, silent reporter John Tash, and then on top of all this don't forget thieves, dapper Jones in Stabber
You also had really awesome season. So ninety ninety one last year were bird and magic, both at the G8 chances to win the title it was the year George became the man You had a really dramatic final four cuz pistons bulls, even though it was only a four game sweep people over that was that was the trilogy. People are fired up for that La Portland Round. Two is also great. There was some great earlier Celtics, pesos bird bird against person, Reggie Miller, Celtics Pistons was great that year. Seventy six versus the bowls of his Barkley APEC Sparkly warriors la the TMC warriors. That was really fun too, and then I just wrote down all the great people that were played in the season so for Hall of Famers, Mj Magic, Larry, Isaiah, Hakeem, Drexler, Barkley, Malone, Stockton, Mchale Parish, Robinson you and where they do Mars have Rodman. But then you have a sending on the green arrow pointing up Pippen
paid in shock Camp Reggie Miller, the TAC warriors Cagey K, Jane Horny SEC. All those guys are in the play off slick, the leagues, fucking loaded. This was before expansion, its tight and it's just an awesome season and everything cress with this balls, Lakers Sears Uma. You must remember that back when right, yeah- and you know I meant to ask you, though, as you and I want to put you on the spot here, because I was King up everybody ceilings in it's funny, they run the same exact pages. You thought I was gonna like it right into it, and I wrote everybody's play off down like they done the year before, because it will make is that the bulls ran through everybody in this play up here is HIV. Import bring up three o sweep against the next and that next team was in fully construct. You had a bad series for one against Philly. They swept Detroit Troy team had nine fewer winds in the previous year, and so, when you go back to the previous year, they had lost in seven the bulls had and ninety. Ninety to Detroit,
that one? Fifty nine games you like ok to choice, they get a pretty big step back in this bulls team on sixty one game you sound like a case. Where were the Lakers Goin in all this? They win seven against joy. They get swept by Detroit in Detroit felt like lost that one like eighty eight should have been theirs it I'll, even that and if it yet even out, but I mean it's just, I think even a Bakersfield, if you're being honest in eighty eight like we got one here, that maybe we shouldn't have in Detroit, was so pissed off about it the entire year that that's, probably Detroit, think of the shit out a third one. What the hell happened in ninety one, because we're sixty three and nineteen and get blast in the second round by the Phoenix sense, because I went back and looked at her own. Your work go ahead on one of the great underrated. Plath upsets is never brought up. Permit labourer finishes a five seed. It was just k, J and horny sack and chambers. In this weird Phoenix team in it's too bad match for the Lakers in the Lakers at Dickhead Rally, it
the right was really gone. I think he was, and they re defects wonder ouch here, so that weird coach thing magic was the VP that season it was just a bad match up, but all the same they lost a series. So at that point people thought our the Lakers done. Then they just retail they get Perkins. They give latin debats and all of a sudden had this really kind of funky unconventional physical team that you're, watching the series idea. Man like that this gave three. The matter. Lopez stuff was backers, but cup other. It was still Riley by the way it was on the stand, idly. Yet been able to sixty three and nineteen- and I was looking at the status of women claim- is an injury that I'm missing here. They lost a phoenix in five cagey went off yet even absolutely went off but yeah, that's that is very thing again I mean the grand scheme of things
but that was the sea graduate. This Achilles heel of the Lakers team was stopping point guards cause even the sleep before game, the famous game when he does went completely out of his mind in the in the eighties, it says, but TIM hard away, K, J Isaiah these guys would let go off. They didn't really have. It would be better, we Byron Sky got where or Cooper China Guard. These guys are you should the ninety one both are they ripped through people so their last thirty seven games. There are thirty. In seven days there were sixty one, now you're, but there are thirty seven, they really kind of came together. The second half of the year fifteen and two in the play ass night, double digit, wins daily lost two games in the play. Ass one was in overtime game three against clean the Sixers, the other, was game. One of the fires, which was the last second three by SAM Perkins and M J, missed wide open jumpers to win both of those games.
They legitimately could again and defeated in the class they are so they swept the back to back champs the persistence and murdered that innate they killed that in that team has done. Then they are they. Basically the Lakers, because they lost came one. They won the next four and that ended Showtime, magic, retired, few months later, in that. I should also mention I lost money in this game at third gambling a year before and we thought for surely. At home. I think they're favoured by like two and a half simple idea that Austria and got kicked him that's by the by the objective but gave one Lakers wind, huge, purgatory m J miss the game when it came to a tones awesome, but they also prohibit magic that game pippins hounding em they take. It turned their tag team in magic, although it four m j, but then a lot of Pippin and they're just trying to wear down its working when you're watching this game
it makes. You wonder why every t didn't do this the magic or was this an odour magic. What is it an older magical magic though, like he's thirty one, thirty one, so we can talk about the tread idle. I left this game, goin good man, is the best it saw. I got the of letting it that I've ever had a moment, Rob drive around Goin paid you underwrite magic and I'm thinking. Now I've never I have always been very borrow, my think, we'll go yet he's underrated put. But then again I see these things. You go so stupid like no one does what he does, because even LA brought at his size right Leubronn. Being this big point guard it for really long stretches the way you could just back you down in his post. Moves are good is anyone, I'm not talking like magics posts, moves what he could have done like magic, in so many different players over just gonna. Do the magic thing here now, because you can't help ourselves, I'm all four, because in my
craziest phases, look MJ the best ever. Ok. The odd of these insecure Jordan fans. It's like you know. Most people actually just concede that he's the best like you're arguing this position at no most. No one else must argue and there's moments, m J in this game that will bring up real, like this is kind of why people look at him and say he's on a different level. But what I do when I was younger and try to challenge the stuff all the time I go, you know if you really want to break it down what, if you said, you could have five of any players, five on five, so five clone guys against any other five and I would taken the clone conversation, which is obviously totally made up five magics because magic. Really could have done anything. You want he's a six nine point guard this overpowering everybody and he's backing you down with this dribble, where his ass is right on you the whole time, and you can't do anything, but if you get too deep enough of the post, he ate up. Jordan. Retired. He had Jordan single in the post. He killed them just a size difference, and that was something that actually liquors do throughout this game. His passing out of it
his reading of the double, although the step that he did obviously goes back to when. Was heard in the six hours and he's a rookie and goes crazy game six, but magic could have done anything he wanted at any time It just happened to be that he always had these other good players is six. You don't need to shoot as much. We need unanimity eight the offence, but this game is like an awesome except late. It gets a little frustrating certain, but they're. So many moments this game, we just sit back and I was howling watching magic play again because it was just fund a watch, MAGIC Johnson, I'm with you. I I had him in my book. I had him forth its large. Now and then Leubronn he kept gone when the Brown One and sixty and you're like okay, now, it's probably Jordan, one Lebron to Russell Threesomes like that, but I have to watch that I hadn't really sat down and watched a vintage magic game in a while, and I'm just thinking like honestly to argue magic, vs Lebron is Ludacris both
magic, was fucking unbelievable. He was every bit as good as the broad he just didn't play as long his career and it was then it would have twelve year career instead of an eighteen year career whenever the bronze can end up with, but God Damn magic was unstoppable. Unstoppable, so magics post moves like his spin baseline, how their way that was now, because it is a good bring. You hook, shots across the middle and one of the things that was kind of the key theme in this game, if we go basketball nourish, is that Chicago was gone doubling on the catch. Different teams do different things. These they double like rarely seen and be just straight up double WMD the postal time, but they double on the catch and aid sent like Jordan loved. Stop the stuff where he YO years later, swipes Karl alone has because basically as well, takes too long, and you should have seen that cause. That's just M m J love, doing seats, sneak off you and come baseline, but the third guy needs to pay it.
You know what that rotation is off. The double in the bulls is impressive, as they were defensive because they have moments in this game. You, like this group man, swore warming or quarter overtime, yet is digging through like the bulls diagonally defensively. This is something should be showing kids right if your high school coach house Special, that was, but they sucked off the double with the third guy and magic aid. Em up and even diva, who you reminded like holy shit like tat. I was so skilled Van When late, when the Lakers we get it rolling Chicago was stuck in this doubling the post catch where they were constantly getting bird on it, because magic was seeing everything and then magic with as little flare to it, but rather a really long stretches here and they get up. I mean I don't get you four eggs. I know how you can remain in this, and I do one thing on that: thou. Yet that thing that gent that'd make his. I hadn't really watched a magic game intently and allow he filed by like eighty seven. He adds this local,
element in this back down thing. It's just gets better at every year and he was the Mvp in eighty seven and eighty nine and ninety eight and is every bit as good as as Jordan, off We jarred inadequacy better our ampler, but you watch the spacing knowing what we know now watch in this game, and you have this completely unstoppable magic backing down guys where it's like. There's no answer to this, because if a team he will. He will find the right guy to pass to, if you have cut Are you getting a labourer duck dunk and yet the Lakers did understand the spacing part, so they have leg first, while they make a three points in this game, there's only where all over five one for eleven total in these three pointers like now. If you took this Laker team, you had been like ok like if we went in time, machine after game threatened in just were able to talk to make them. They rebuilt. Ok, here's reader Papa,
Scott in the corner. Just keep on their just trust. Me just keep on their Tom all it as a shoe quantities put Cm Perkins at the top spoon in there and then put any shooter and the other corner, and just like MAGIC Cook said leeches Lenin do a thing he find guys. Just trust me but they didn't know how to do that, and it's like so cluttered and in that fourth quarter, the o, the bulls were just so fantastic defensive. We therefore say a swarm everybody's within fifteen feet of each other. There's no, basing it all, but I'm with you, I e the magic spin moves to both sides, its unbelievable he's dead. Please help me I really outlined a cat. I that guy I was like I got up and caught up. It was weird wash the first quarter and go. Was like this is awesome, I'm so glad like. I took a break as I was having almost too much. I wasn't paying enough attention and
By the way we should. He doesn't have like it's not like Is you read about this game like this? Is what did it oh yeah like yet like one of those on his way to a big triple double first house, but then they really from the third lay third quarter on they they fell apart, What can it can we got about? You want money, don't to twenty two, ten and tibia alone six, that's what I would like an awesome, gamer thing anyway, God. I think one of the most important things when you go into this game, though, is trying to watch it through the prism of what we're talking about Is it a seventh year? Ok- and I've said this often, but if I M J were player today, putting up the numbers he put up, he would get trashed by fifty percent of the media because he hadn't one. Yet you thought the Braun had a bad. If M J had had his numbers and losing in the playoffs it it would have been a you know: your sex,
Oh, I m J he whether he was now, but he was at these words. He had yes ways to get it right. We Abbe didn't have the same. We did have first take back than if we had first take, it would have been the top. Every day. Absolutely- and you know what we know our dad's were like, probably specifically your dad and my dad. We're, I, you know whatever sixty three points in a loss, he now we do an out and out of it all. I was doing that to so. You have to UK watches over here, the guy's got six rings. The guy was zero rings, and this is Lakers team, that spending the finals basically for a decade straight and yes, it starting a leak a little bit here, but magic is still arguably the second best players. Or being the best player in a league at this time, and they please on this theme a lot with more of Albert who you're right is through an absolute ninety, nine on the pace in his own yet swear. There was
moment were join, doesn't MRS shot for thirteen attempts in game to his thirteen straight shouts, and there was this thing where he bid looked to the Lakers Ben. Byron, Scott Good, all upset about right. Byron Scots, like he's taunting us any kind thought he kind of was taunting them in an M J sat down was like. I wasn't taunting anybody of course, envy He never shows a replay of it ever. The lack replace in this finals. It was tough and you can kind of tell US embassies first year or that there is all another moment this game where they missed a block. They just missed a plane. Shall all together and then barbs like hey. There is about in charity eagles. Praetor alliance or even be yeah right, and then the guy made that directing decision went on to do Nelson Game, so the red Sox for a decade right But it is not yet, as I shut out say, like nets in This thing it's like walk, Lebron all right! First, this place it supplies paper, drink some coffee,
that will get a walk of whole run right after Tom. You know you are ass. Jesus like every retz. Actually, my watching every big blades like we're series are gonna commercial already. The point got under finish here on this point, is dragging out, but. Byron Scots looking at when he looks the mare he's thinking ahead? Fuller rings we're in the finals where the Freaking Lakers and says: M J. Wasn't one shit who yeah you but your shots, but like don't talk to is that way. That seems inconceivable that in a poem would be saying emulation be taunting us on the bench after making thirteen straight, but it still early like this is the stage to or act to whatever of Georgians NBA a career where I thought that story line that they kept revisiting, the broadcast was just really funny to think about. It that's not the way we ve ever consume Jordan, but at that time, by when Scott thinks he's right any because he's the who's. This
I think he is looking at us like we're one one in the finals going back to allay we just What like we're going to beat you guys yeah? There was some institutional arrogance from the 80s and I kind of forgot a lot of it where people just love the Celtics and Lakers and that hoe and it was like it say: Basque bought a lot of ways, magic and bird. I think we're too the most likeable prayers for other fans from other times or just say why I just really enjoy watching these guys, they go out at the eighty four eighty five, eighty seven finals, their why'd, they credit it is basically save in the NBA pushing it to another level. So I went back, and I read Jack Mcgowan's peace after game for the next game, so sports Illustrated's, closing on a Sunday game for was on a Sunday, so is read that peace, any kind of goes into this whole thing about leg man. This m J thing in this is a paragraph. He writes the flip side, the Jordan.
Great gift of inspiring wonder is Eddie, invariably inspires jealousy and resentment too and champion or not. He cannot match the Pied piper popularity of magic. There is a little bit of an Anna Jordan undertone to this traceable to some Laker pairs of some members of media, almost as if Jordan must be torn down so that magic can remain on top it should it be that way, there's room for both. So I will try to make this point here, but this is. This is, however, of What's the time it was kind like fuck this guy. This is still magic. Could birds league- and we had bird on the Celtics wear in the fucking back brace trying to make it to the finals again almost doing it, and then you have magic like with these new teammates. The stuff still unbelievable watch and he has a chance to another finals and Jordan and pepper are like the bad guys. And now their lives flips, if those guys right there so
I too, like when their being introduced. You go ok, Georgia, his seventh year, like he's Pippins, only a few years in the domains of our aid being horse? Grant you knows young, and those of their through that's guys, like that's, actually kind of backing it'll grown up, and we were watching these gave that's a young group to win an Indian. Even though join there were seven years really really crazy. Athletic inside you know that pistons team when they start to come up the late eighties, they were able to throw. You know ride better there with eyes and do Mars, and I remember when Rodman really started guarding bird. You know my favorite part of our time and just being like kind of nervous like a man. What's this this guy Persian bird like Go by this. What's going, he was just add a whole other level about, let us assume, and then you see like Pippin and grant and then even the guys up the bench I Cliff Levy said the beast in this game, but this both tables.
Really get the ninety two version was probably in other, had a little more confidence than Pippen was better, but I think this run they had was probably the best of all those three first title season: Pretty is unstoppable, but the weird thing about this game is that once he's wanted, about spacing it's like when every time I see bill, Cartwright get a touch in this game. I'm like a cage us away from a possession is never really set up. You say it's bill starting to shew, it's the old inside out thing, but nobody shooting nobody. Lakers have no shooting by the way they get destroyed the Boers, because that up witticism you're talking about they played a bunch of different centre. Even the balls I mean Stacy King comes in and Mars, like there's talk about a weight issues into is not happy telling filled. Action around. Be about two minutes out of shape to ITALY. I mean Marv has a heater in this game where their talk in Lahti, and he goes to foretell. Oh said
Well, you see magic target of Lahti in blood encourages that he says he keeps us radios, but some would argue part of that European. Entelechy floating from gained a game, not a ton of intensity code, ours is that bear the straight up in the middle of a vital gave, is like people say the euros or soft and flighty tsar your thoughts in tsars like It is true for internal agree that now that happening it abroad as to how photos egg you know they don't have to go. That's hard over there anyway. Language to fully tells us I was like you know, there's a language barrier. You wonder at times if No, the plays a look Dirk shit on for ever I mean here, another big soft euro, so in the end up in a few years, every one being like a heightened sense it. About anyway. We talk about anything I just to go back
Thirty years of bar in the middle and Byways Lahti was awesome in this game. He was, I believe, these twenty years old. He was fantastic, but it was funny they were making. It see my kid like a tree. Later in the sidelines, a pretty sure he could speak English back. The gods were taught for figures paid frequent, Paula, pretty goes czar. There are two euros: I loaded are part of it. So the are the quick recap at this game. The Lakers went up thirteen midway through the third quarter, their pounding Chicago Download, fill it charges do some weird things fell Jackson, he's got Jordan, a device tat. It really totally understand that one I didn't now and he got up you get eaten up by the way like We really reacts with great against it. Yet more you in our own language, but this is the moment we're in the light of your watches, live and ninety ninety one, you like. Ok, this series, over the years.
I feel that on the Lakers game, three, like ok, what I hit this one that no he did, but they have an eighteen, the to run. Phil costs three time out during the run, and they can't stop it. Sixty seven. Fifty four five minutes left shortage is bad up to this point, Barbie even says, Michael Jordan has been off his game to this point. Diva had twenty went through the third quarter, both come back a little bit, they're down six after three and it's like is for some reason, Jordan or or magic or just not coming out did Just leave them. They both play over fifty minutes in this game. Phil, finally takes out Jordan with like six minutes left brings in cliff, where we stand out for but this is in our of your order, right, yeah debtors You know we have been I'll have the graphic in this this broadcasts. It was hard to take notes implicated, but about four plus minutes. Here
MJ in Game three of possession game. He sits in doubt at four plus it puts him back. He has over the last few minutes later right jack. Is he a miss like two in traffic? I am sad. He would make every time he studied no legs. He had one field goal made over twenty minutes. So if you go back to watch this thinking, you're getting some forty point, Mj Masterpiece, that's not what this is so all right. So why do we pick this game as one of the six important MJ game? So the bulls are up. Three two minutes left grant loses it magic. Does a fucking unbelievable that they spin move? I wrote magic fucking, unbelievable Lifty spend my notes. Three bullseye fence, rebounds grant put back. They were in the graphic four thousand eight hundred and twenty five bulls. Rebounds Perkins makes a driving hook. Lakers are now down one with a minute. Left comes down to Mj Bricks, a jumper,
Briggs like it's like a back board. It just comes fired off. Lakers come back down there really swarming magic from far away. Trying in that Lamb do anything he throws devalue gonna lose it picks it up stumbles in makes this amazing lay a bank, its fouled and does the famous thing we runs over the magic with his hands down and jumps in Tibet is really funny they receive is so idolized. Do you still magic, hugs, their bad tat, my magic by the way society I yet the whole thing that Mr Lakers, up to eleven seconds left NBC gives Vladic divides the Miller light play the game Do you notice that I haven't? I now moves like the Miller. Light Blair of the game is what it Eve Arch, twenty four and six, and I like the boss,
I do not think that a euro that lacks intensity and focused he'll treaties, these beers lackadaisical ii is everything else, so I may have to tell him it's a beer and not milk delay which barrier being what it is, so the bulls take it out from under the Lakers basket. M J goes coasted, cursed beats two guys diverge comes over little jumper makes it with four seconds left, and I, think, honestly, up to that point of his career. This is the biggest shout of his career people. Go that the quota caught the shot. Over cleaving find they want a best of five series, There have been a lot of extra the sixty three point game: they lost they. They, the Celtics, beat them like a german eighty six day, seven anything else. You want to give me an eighty, nine. Ninety didn't really matter they go to where this game he misses that shot. Play in two days later, on a sunday he's he's just
shity game everybody's, like wow, Michael Jordan, doesn't have it not tough enough, doesn't choke choked stage a little too big for him. It's still magic and birds league. Now, there's all this pressure on that game for and there was a possibility where he could have like kind of gone to the dark side and then, Kobe, two thousand and ten game. Seven, like I'm winning this game. I don't need teammates anymore. The fact that the shot went in set everything up that happens for the rest of decade from now would have happened at anyway. Probably yes, but maybe even definitely, but I don't know if it would have happened in this series. I do think this series could fly if the Lakers, when this game, I I think it could have been very similar to that. Eighty eight finals, where the piss,
lose the serious interest like what the fuck just happened. Pistons were better. How did they not win that it did have the potential because they blew game one too. He makes it bakers blow. The outer bans pass goes to a t, the rest. So on on that play in your right. There is this really stretch. The said one feel roll over twenty minutes Mars. Latin MJ have this before Mj God, citizen NBC Marvin, constantly remind you how bad m she's been playing and that third quarter so we're cause. It looks like You get a is gonna run amount of building. The forum was oddly quiet for a game that, when the night about again like real lulls throughout the broadcast and then you're. Ok, you know the Chicago team, probably two young their first year and finally, in all the stop. People thought ahead of time and I do think the Lakers were favoured and vague as to when the series from what I've airlift but of day so that shot after volleys get this absurd and one and in Chicago grinding, to get this thing. Even it wasn't some.
Run. Like you just keep looking daddy like wait there down each other down six, they cut this thing before like how did this team cut it before the end of the third quarter? Put together this run and a lot of it was rebounding and despite what I like about their double tee in some of the weird I souls were of Lahti: got M J in the post single covered, the way you mentioned they would not only attack magic, but they started full court pressing their running trapped magic at six, nine dribble through a trap would look like he was going to get stuck core and a violation it just seemed get through that trap. I'm like, I can't believe, a six nine guy just trouble to this trap, but what's your car It was doing a lot like what we see in solely play off teams in recent basketball, as they blitz appoint art off the screens to bring the two up, and it's not that we think we stopped everything, but we laying you getting in your twenty four second shock, eight seconds over another five or six seconds
now, maybe you're actually fakes facing the basket and ready to go beyond get eight seconds after the shock and Chicago was doing that doing that, and it was just so impressive and then you think of like how you'd want to build a teen you'd want really good offensive play that are long and also multiple on defence, I just what canadian policy because I'm so excited about this, but to of famine in Jordan running around in just jumping into all these passingly in your right, like Livingston, has great moments, offer the bench sheer so grant grant The rat grant so yeah grace, probably just criminally underrated too, but then it's. What is your superstar like no use cause? That's the other thing is worse. When I look at these rosters ago, who's, the third guy for allay because worthy has overall decent numbers in his big shot. But then you look at it and, like all will hit, he was her ok, how have worded it started a move into a different phase of his career at around here I ve had he had all the North Carolina years and then other
later years. Were there just plan, ninety five game seasons every year and I brought his his career in the Riley practices- were legendary. These three, our practices that you look at his career and you think like. Why did that? I play eighteen years. I think he boys John early haze, never than ten back then we're. Like thirty one did you? Ok, you probably be done at thirty three and that some kind of away at work so low desires, then that stuff, I just think in the game. You're goin this level of intensity that Chicago's bringing The athleticism is advantage in the Lakers have no shooting they have not Byron Scots terrible in this game. You, MRS arrows for aid, did he take a so last play. I've also see people like hey you, gotTA, Dublin, like ok, you have doubled him away, real linen bring up the ball, but that is taking all the credit away from how tough that shot was that he here because Byron does a really good job on him. Lay on a couple, those possessions when MJ still missing
shots that these days in front of him get some say kind of a tough like angle, elbow you're, not even elbow more than forty five degree angle. Were it just like? That's a tough shot, an MBA mrs it. This is a full court I'm running down floater that he also gets up over Devos who comes fine Adam, and when you watch the replay from like the basin, and on it that's an insane shot in your rightly tot ever now he was having a shooting gave it. Nothing was going no gain those either thing. So I don't know it just got lost in history and in him then he strips de batch sends a toad by the way that he did. You notice you see who was in bed with three seconds left the Lakers, the ball on their side, magics, impounding
So now you handed out here today and Watch Perkins, and you had three seconds left in that then. Obviously, after this group apposition goes out to scrap, I would add magic trying to post a bright from China do allow pass them spread the for firmer southern anyway, o t, it's tied with three minutes left Scott, MRS three. They get three ban magic, MRS a wide, open, three and and probably because he was he was too M J comes down. It makes just a fucking insane driving reverse lamp, which it out the baseline it's here yet baseline at same Kobe, like I had four guys who do that is just like, I did take up, it's like the doktor.
Deal almost right. It's not what you better it again, nitrates in that class. It's come back as he does it again. Pippin fowls out Perkins makes to free throws it still tied. There's like a little over two minutes left same play with M J. They double team, he breaks it does the same. Reverse Bayside Doktor James Move, which was I just love cause he couldn't make it outside shot and just like I'm skin in the basket next play, they gotta stop M J drives down again, does little lad pass for grant lab bothersome. Therefore Perkins MRS Livingston Bigley, Bat Rebound Jordan gets again. Postal boys into the land gets found. There are sixteen of winning it. He basically I. This is why there is. I think this is one of the five most potent gives of his career. He solves a situation where he's that make it shots any just like hey I gotta when this game. How do I do it? The one time they
it and make a little shoddy makes it he just. Go into the wine making plays, I d edge. Kind of solves the Lakers in real time and by the end of that game, and I got fact: they're gonna win the series linkages Cotonou, whereas a half hour earlier, like at the Lakers, are going to win the series. The bulls are ready, yet that's why this is a crazy game and I can't play, I can't believe nobody ever talks about. It So on the M J stuff, because he still on fire in the first half a disease it and some shots, and then you like, ok, I gotta figure. This out. We talked about hymns being sub doubt at that point, both he and magical both over fifty minutes, you are. We always look at the start: overtime, guys, you're, so tired. They started Elden Campbell at the start of overtime, which is weird used. Everybody like we're your five and Pippen it found out the way the inner regulation so MJ did this
over time without Pippen. I don't have already said that I am replied. Think he found out with like three minutes left in o t was: when are you any dead? That's what I am. I know really now agree to disagree. You were the two, our back tip, I don T suppose I just have. I have ninety two united to overtime than Pippen filed out, and then I have packs and two to make a ninety four. Ninety two, so I thought he was out by the way you didn't, you think, did you think John Paxton was this like Steve Car three point: shooter type, he didn't shoot Eddie threes in this game, basically keeping Alan in general. This team didn't really three sit on that the end of the game and regulation to come into the time out red for M J makes a big shot for tells like I like it either jeez out their packs. I like it, go for three go for the win and it's like, oh that why you ve never won a title make for tallow. That's the worst idea: how about you
good Jordan? What I would I love in in seeing what was happening here was guys were really tired noticeably spent- and that was a big difference between a young both teen those more athletic and adjusted exhausted Lakers team that was so big and when they got a goal, which is big eyes, make all these buckets right around the basket and when Were you hear people of your younger listen to this right now you can grow, but them Jane. You hear about like this other gear that he had and if the only guy you think that had it was cobby. This is the kind of game or Gaza like now. This is where I M J just goes all right. I can only do this on my own, I am exhausted everybody you know tired, empty would have to be to miss like two minutes towards the end of a fourth quarter, gain three of finals. That's how tired this guy was any file. A way to make those reverse live. The base line and not that you were right
reminders? But just you know when you watch like a jungle, cat walk and it's this body control, then it just so smooth and bright. There's just nothing like Jordan, in that. His athleticism jumps out in this game he's he's a guy. That's like sort of in another cheer like early Randy MOSS you're, like discussions, should be another lead that he should play in above the NFL or Pedro when he was at his peak related be another league above the majors that he's pitching in that M J and we'll talk about it is by eversleigh speech to surprising. But this unbelievable, like coil and body, control, an explosion but then TAT Day, aggressive when the other nine guys or too tired to bees aggressive his. He is like this. Was willed win that can be a cliche. It can be used in accurately. This is just a perfect. Example of him doing this stuff, were just ok like I'm, I'm just gonna find away and
it's. It's is first titles we're still talking about him being in his prime ethically too. I think of this first three title seasons. The two most important games are this game in the Charles Psmith Game, where Dat, where performances where just there's, there's more going on than just the basque by this game. He's is exhausted. He can't make a shot. He still figures it out. The Charles Smith Game was really a terrifying situation. Caused If they don't cut that out now, they're down three two became seven's in New York. It's just a bad match up there, attired anyway, that's the the third strayed. They played a lotta games. The media It's just a send it on Jordan at that point, and you feel like there's a chance. They actually my break and then that whole sequence is just unbelievable. The for blacks for Charles Smith, like you're Talkin, about the probably the greatest athletic team of that decade.
Then let him score like yea, a brain trust with a little bit, but you also of you, Jordan and paper to transcended athletes with horse grand there's a you're not scoring. We were not letting you have this. I would show those two games. First devour like what were those early bulls teams like it's like not about the highlights its it's the other stuff that made it special that you could go. Oh yeah, he made six trees in the first half against Drexler. Oh, he put up fifty four against the necks when everybody was bitch in that he was at Atlantic City similar. You get hit all those things, but I just at the sheer will games or my favorites yeah that's what this one is in. You could you, even though I still can't understand why they would let him get stuck in the post, a device so much and in magical just so good in the post this morning, spear, like George, could really do anything with him because the size difference. Is it significant when you see you guys, standing next to each other, the post, but the The lay ups in winning the singing overtime he's been. Ok everybody it's over! What this bulls team could do defensively when they cranked it up and is
M J, pickup, magic, the whole time and then run apples at him and then the full core press assert times and in every time somebody get kind of caught up with the ball. All right as they got over half cord Lakers are trying to get some sort of they. The Lakers have so many bad offensive possessions, overtime. There's at one point like a fourteen foot, SAM Perkins Runner were it looks like he's falling you're going into this assorted There are more thing where I agree with MRS. Why would I even allow these guys to have the behind their hands during these major possessions like we can do better? SAM Perkins runner at fourteen feet with him off of the trouble, but that was because the bulls defense was clog. These guys up- and it felt like every time that somebody get close to being trapped even after they crossed half corps, or you, ve got these guys waving. Arts meet M J sitting. There is the best player in the world is waiting his arms like a kid on the highest in the early eighties. You know like never conceding anything, and
time to pass would be to the sidelines as it would just be like Jesus or somebody else take it. So we can settle down and get set up on office. Then Jordan Pippen be just flying in deflecting the ball into the company times. You see this game or to pass to the bench to allow and then a bulls player would just come running oversized down and start getting some go. The other way and pace wise, like the Lakers was not some Showtime performance. They wanted to beat you submission now they wanted. They want to go super slow. Yeah You had acted down there. They were playing chess in this one, so you're saying more Eagle that the hearing here you will take a lucid escape. When they are when they showed the game was gave one in two bench numbers you like. Ok, this Lakers bench didn't have much Ac Green Terry Tiggle drew Elden
Campbell at this point, Michael Thompson. He never even gets into game three. The thing was Ac Green was good. They just had too many forwards. Cosette S agree: De batch data. Can't worthy, and then they targets a worthy, and it's like you gonna play those guys at a time. I've ab surprised they weren't able to figure out like another shooter but tyrant, Scott Byron, Scott, not hidden to jumpers in this game, may have been the difference to like to keep. Keep him honest and then towards the end by Richard, to get one to go down and they're, not even good shot. But I understand he's frustrated. You know: Byron, Scott still scoring like fourteen a game so many got over You D get hurt the end game for soda, where they than the citizens without was fun. The first episode of the re watch your balls. I am decided which want to do for game to you, next we week yet, but whatever is my last thought, there were no flagrant thousand. This there's only one sort, a collision with Perkins people made, lay
Snow was beheaded. There are no deaths, snow and retired. After because it was too tough, but there is an amazing moment in the second half when they caught him for push off on a lamp. Is a terrible and he didn't any algorithms affair call. It was a terrible claw and for teller, like the car, he said. If you get caught, The other officials was calling it an one. It was a dream, we disorder was up in his arms were up in the other. Guys head hid his arm the guy now changed the call and the aim and even argue he stared at him game. What are these? there is very little arguing it's so beautiful the watch. You can actually play forty minute MBA game and not have to everybody argue the entire time, but I can Am I to say this every time you go back and watch these games, I'm not saying defence is overrated. The defensive this era is overstated its basic morning list area, but guys Pippin, where I, without broken limbs and just time,
next time you say that a guy in today's era couldn't handle of physical nature of that game, because, honestly they pull up and so far away. They would test him for the rise of which we do not. We didn't talk about scattered Pippin enough, but we can hit him another game because he was awesome in this case too, and one of my favorites, you Barkley, you love thy love Pippen. I need to do a big pit. Were I don't say anything the whole time cause I'm always I never can tell a five under overrated Pippin site. I need you to do a full Pippin twenty minutes. Maybe we do that next week, because I think that second episode of the M J thing there's there is definitely a pick up. Pippin run in that at best so we could. We could do some. This is fine the reactor boss. I think this work Priscilla would weaken this two year. Podcast the Rhine, reseller podcast. Will you have multiple guess how many do in one or two this week
many due to again whatever I We'll see my hand, I I say, I have a lot of other projects, sir. You know flying around, but yeah after a deal for on, and we too few about whether or not he really said to us better than Dan Reno. So I send attacks we let you want to clear this up and so come on and also more NFL drops of water machine. At some point you never know big news, big musician guy now, so we're do justice. Stop. It will do what I feel draft under the next couple weeks were good to see who is always see you next week. Ok, thanks to world central kitchen, don't forget we're trying to raise money for them go to the ringer dot com site. W C K. If you wanna help thanks to the ethics original what we do in the shadows, which is dramatically returning. The outer perimeter called the series first season ridiculously funny when that you'll die laughing. This season shadows continues to follow our for favorite vampire,
been living together for hundreds of years, what we do in the shadows. Premiers Wednesday April fifteen than a fact streaming next day, effects on Hulu. If you miss season, when ketchup now affects on Hulu. From my standpoint, we have we reward, was pack as basic instinct and see seventeenth, just be careful, be careful with the kids in the car. Listen to this one. There is a disclaimer before now the ribbon just wow, I don't know what else to say, but this is everything you wanted from a completely over the top basic instinct pot. So that's happening couple book, a basketball podcast this week as well. We did the two thousand and two draft and we're going to do the two thousand and three draft with Chad, Chad, Ford, my old friend of friend for me is Pmo colleague I'm on his podcast. I can check that out. So that's all coming up and will do at least one where bs pod till they dont forget to check out the ringer dot com
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