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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to talk Zion Williamson's optimal NBA team, Dwyane Wade's farewell tour, playoff check-in, the Thunder's dismal stretch of games, mailbag, Gym Corner, and more!

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chase chaise around, and I we put it up already fast, five, the most important action movie of the last ten years. In our opinion, we broke down every single aspect: you'd everyone to know about a fast five, including the controversial topic, was Hobbs, actually just it horrible FBI agent. I think we made the case everywhere, some really fun when it check that out check out the rewatchables before we get to Ryen Russillo wanted to mention. We have the zone sponsoring the podcast for the next three months. As you know, what the zone is run by my old boss, John skipper he's going to be on this podcast later this week and we're going to talk about not only reuniting even
only for a couple months here, but also our relationship over the last twenty years and other stuff that happened. Good and bad that's happening. It's gonna hit could be a later this week. This is not an April fool's, even though we did tape it today on April, Fool's, which I thought was kind of a kind of finished so aim that is coming up later this week and definite where the moorish impacts ass ever done so stating for that area of common Pharaoh, which we taped earlier late. Last week that come in and basketball, Stephanie Prime, when worse, is gonna common as well so yeah ladder gets have come up here and there This package is, I can hear March Badness MBA baseball, just started pop cultures, wherefore Chagall, rather, AOL com coming O Brien Marcella. First, our friends from Belgium.
I taken this late Monday morning is ten forty three specific time ran the sellers, who has always every we bring data. So this is this week and next week ass, too. Weird kind of could be at any point during the week Pike Ass, but when the plaster we're doing Sunday nights- tonight I'm ready for sending nights. I saw the first play off. We and they start one Saturday years. On a Saturday or I guess for you to Monday morning, but who it'll be consistently their Sunday at an early Monday morning. I think Sunday night work yes on internal workings, you get in the meat of it, but that first, that first there
get them, and we are talking about rhymes run a get out here for this year. Is that Avenant the am not confirming where the ok well at some point will be Europe Saudi down on the bed The regular season has never lasted longer, I'm starting to wonder about this product. I worry about it. Just ready for the play off scares go. I think. That's also our lack of patients with everything in the world, but others nights. I sit at home and go did it I feel this pointless. The last month of the season excited about the hawks. As I only any young team that is playing with some de jure accounts. Should I get the tray young Dame winner, which one. While the one where you right words, basically a I tell you that he has the wherewithal to drift towards the basket just in case, and then the ball hit some and is able to quickly, turn it and make it like that was I go major major plan. Really I am really
and by an if I did the trade violin again. I think you stop twenty five now. I still have not your average farm, No, I don't think you should in, and it was your game for him because he was so bad shooting three. Seventeen at one point the end of regulation, watching a game. You could see his own. Kind of you want to get the ball back to him in the last four or five often possessions, and had one of those in guys do this the Auburn Guard Brown did it to where they want the ball back immediately. They get like Super Party without in any way, started doing the party thing where you ok, you're you're, at a high school, like I'm, not gonna freak out about this, but how has a chance, like, first of all, he shattered through all the bomb down expectations we ve been over all the stuff before, but I actually think bad as he was it's a huge compliment. I know where a huge assist numbers like he was gosh you getting, freeze doc will appear in his own game and then the game winter in regulation before the box, it they're thing, it's also important point out: Yonder state,
decided. You know whatever no big deal turned the Sterling Brown game YAP early. West Coast am Hawks games. I don't know you guys had this good and the big a sewer now playing for nothing, remained entertaining for me as well, and I wish to come back to that seven versus ten, a first night single granting it just would be fun to have the king somehow, above that, no we can't but even if we had, if they did the one through sixteen Forman through at the conferences, I would just there had them in the plaster like three. These teams Nor do we ain't Miami and Charlotte in Orlando? Maybe I don't need Orlando. The view is better Lando respect logic. I don't really know you're right on the surface, I'm just untie weeks so much. Expansion for all glass, a baseball, the wild card game and you feel like if that was your favorite team in a loss of wild card game that you'd be like wildly from the you now say that
of you. That's! Ok! I just don't want organizations to say we made the plan if the rules were that Europe can now in ten group. That's not no plan for your hand, make shirts you can have a car It says well placed for the last five years, when half of whom were the play a game silently ever I just swaying, I watch every baseball wild card game. We know that hides my which speak to my point. I enjoy them done about watching a single game, elimination moments, but if it The program you know gets fired, Nego made made a ball game the succeeds. Yup grain, you beat for terrible at a conference teams and the two or seems Eurovision. Let's talk about college and March Madness because Zion got knocked. I Esther I miss him already. I can't breathe he's not in my life shove at summer, lay great yeah
I am concerned. I see a load management. Is she there? The learned man he's almost I'm a good for summer lake. I actually That will be the hottest take in the history summer. Lake and with we ve said this before, where the couple either case, but this is by far the hottest ticket. You know Leubronn was, Similarly, but it was a she sets, that you may have with us numerous bossy, how are they all glow building was gonna take a better way, yet Nine years ago I didn't work was on the other side for the Celts. We were hoping to get that Leubronn. Lenny could match up then that Lenny Cook Doc references that and in Lenny start singing. Did you see, the money could document- and I did it was incredible- Chernobyl was that should have been. There would have been a good thirty four, It was kind of like one of those that I wish you'd been in the series I've got a reminder story. We like to tell the item or the sly. He was sitting when their organs hammered. His kitchen does like Usher. Bobby Brown. I'm sorry can get their own society
it's out, you can't help sir, you coach Cato big hit. Our one China package crew are really del nice job of picking them apart. It just seemed like a rudderless team, really strange or near that much talent, and you could just tell really the horses and they just couldn't kind of figure out what they word. Who should be? What what Shooters should be out there in the fence away, like Titus was doing think about how they were just switch on every screen versus fighting through the screens and stuff of that which I agreed with. It really did make me think coach k this decade becomes the one and done guy. We don't think they do cuz the one and done school, but they're the one and done school. He kind of became despised lot the here or carry out Woloda made on this by the switching arriving on defence. It actually worked the ok
everybody who so long and so athletic like defense was not the providence do team, they were an unprecedented uncharacteristic, non shoe duty. No one can shoot on the state yeah. It's not. I mean you think that I couldn't do that. Nineteen right yeah right, like you, guys, can't find a couple dues knockdown shots. So, despite the two and wherever reddish or energy it go after Zion, which could still be like bear it three reddish the top five or six I mean it could happen. How many times did you forget? Reddish was on the floor this year, I've said the lawyer and an care see in our ringer draft people. I was just like. I just don't get it. I when I watch games, I forget he's out. There is like it's like a Wiggans type thing where it says Oh there is right. Right, but five or no berets five, I mean how many times so look bear it with spacing of the NBA game and his vision, guiding he's gonna, look so much better away from this So I am actually in that camp as well right. John. I'm not necessarily dumping on
his prospects, but watching him this year that, yes, we, just rattle off the recruiting rankings. We can rattle off where they're gonna go in the draft budget anybody that watch Duke as much as we did, because it was so much vaunted checking on Zaire and not only his improvement and I'm all the way, and in other times before I was like, as he just a specimen or to understand, is doing that start. The passes off the door. Because in some stuff I saw this past week on my God. I love this. Kid. Is competitiveness, answers the Bell all likely cliche things really seems to care. There were aims where, as Yes, Baron reddish you're supposed to be I don't know, but I'm not seeing Cook Kate it a great job. I thought against North Carolina, especially when zine was out not the easy title game on white men. Roy is just working K right now, but Airways teams way more prepared, indecisive and knows what they're doing Why are there so many times and do possessions? Were it felt like
because Ian was so good. The other four guys or maybe even the head coach was like just go, get us a bucket and save us and he actually did a lot. What was Duke weren't, they like they were by far the favorites weren't. They like two hundred and fifty or something and turn is that, like a public money thing, there was some yeah, but I mean that's what I mean. You're the leg is, is it over again? We see this in the team the team. The much hype team of user of now ten year old, somehow, oh my god, I can't believe it didn't come, but it seems to have almost every year and I never better for some reason Look, I think a lot of money was everybody excited about Zion excited about the name Brand Potter Republic right, so I think that's part of If there were such a massive favorite they'd, be more than what a to two and a half point favorite against Michigan stating that doesn't have a lottery tickets out there, why shouldn the taco? The taco game, I think was the big was the weaker
I guess they really came jail where they emphasised this team that add that assent for six guy and a couple get athletes and really probably should have lost again. The Tipp Insured got it. Then the free throw me on the other side. The put some. I will say that to sound like a basketball snap, which I was doing, I took my couch basque. What, but I thought this weekend was so much better than that, we can. I think it was as a case of just better set rackets answers. Better calibrating aims the best about, was better access enjoyed. It enjoyed the gains. The sooner first four days is usually men favorite stretch and ended up. Some reason is that it wasn't good this year. I have those phrases of what the hell do I just to yeah, but that cost shocked, but the ruin. It said all year, their college best was top heavy and I do feel like it top heavy, and once we got to this weekend, there just past games or get I really enjoyed. I love that produce kid. Having one of those classic old school pickup pick a paycheck things or he's,
that could have a driver's integrate shooter need they just over Oregon again trying to frame up? So you dated twenty six four Edwards. I love that it was no ridiculous, though- and I still think this is part of the staff thing- is that steps influence on other basketball players is that? Ok, you know what I'm doing hola from thirty year ended in Carson's, hitting somebody shot. So I can't really fault him, but I dont know long term and pretty still almost one. This thing I mean they. They they get the banks, is this really gonna happen here like? What do you do if you only Virginia kids like that, are good shots? I wasn't. There was a brutal us that whereas you get the free throw mess, you have the back tap, which nobody there. With five seconds I've ever, but somehow that works, and then just everything falls and they somehow leave somebody open from ten feet, but there was such a mad room was almost like watching on the under kick off fraternal People start latterly rounded. The of the defence is ready for it. It they do.
Good left somebody wide open from eight feet. Fur juncture M is a hard jumped out, but yet in between things, always talk because it's never shot the you ever practice, but and when I think about the clothes of that game the uv can really do anything they got away from Karl Guy until they got it back to Hunter when he started gonna get this which match up for him right, but he must be a lottery pick borderline. You Purdue, It was one guy which I think always ends up kind of bombing out the other four guys, even if some of the shots are going in gas. Texas tech back to the in game, you ve got. You know, one definite NBA player for Gonzaga, but no one could ever figure out exactly hey guess what, when you stop with the ball in your hands, Texas Tech, knocks it away from you, think it's going to happen. You have to be quicker. You have to process this stuff quicker. This is like a theme here Kentucky it basically was PDA, washing Bayliss out figure out something here, an opera?
had had a second guard and set it just Bryce Brown, I I gotta take it it. Just a reminder of everybody that shit's on all these college teams in college coaches, sound and run anything. Are these guys are all stupid or look at the kids freak out? I think the coaches freak out a little bit survive point two. Eight may be ten games. Alas, for days were it looked like no one was running anything and everything was a mess. Is that because they're all stupid or that were forgetting Ninety five percent of them are never going to sniff a paycheck in this sport mean in the kids and that it's it's a lot easier to play hard defense than it is. These Chris cutting like you, throw in an NBA game later that night you go. Oh, my god. The gap is so evident here between what these two versions of basketball are. I just thought it was something like a. About because he's a great coaches. We have this great group, afore coaches in this final for and there's two three minutes- etches rear watching going. Why can't you guys get a good look?
teams. Can I thought, decisive gone. We talk about Mary stayed a little, how you know pretty good team by day there was a big moment for them A marine showed up and nobody has played. As I am aware that happened. While the game is on private. On a Saturday. Basically Hartford women, you freak whenever you are never the array, the bright lights of Hertford Connecticut bear these guys, Eighteen, nineteen twenty mean the most famous fuck up, probably in the history college. Basketball. See what kind of time out, but if you watch that whole secrets, he gets everybody. It takes four steps, each I was right here to repay the gander and then pay annex a second time, and it should say that's a big stage or near eighty. Nine. Ten years. Have you seen the Weber thing where, when he's asked about it, it was. Was it a thirty four thirty, where its? It me Me like Weber in this spot. Where he's been.
Basically said: hey someone, working bench was yelling time out and they go and you look at it and I think there's like one coach that jumps out. Let's go in time out time here so Weber being like I've got shit on here for a few decades. Not. Everybody was on the same page legislate, but it's a recurring theme in sports to where he always here, like we told them in the time out with no time out left or we told them. One time out, but then, when you get out there, you just forget: that's why I've always been I think quarterback stars job along. Positions and other sports, the wherewithal you have to have and how locked in you have to be. When you didn't like that, in ABC title Game: you don't kid sitting its eighteen degrees outside the crowds loud. You gotta, remember, like the seventeen check downs fur every play other little planet, although it always received by all the quarterbacks, do in their summit to do this. Instead,
to be able to process that is fucking. Is that it what's harder doing now, darling driving a fighter jet not well they being maverick in top gun. Is that harder leading where we are himself but so you go to college, Papa and you're. Putting the nineteen Europe in that position would not as many of the checks and balances Ozanna for Gaza, but it still you know it's it's It almost makes me harder to be Oki ass. This absolutely sucks. They didn't hear me say that much because I think it's hard for us to really know who played a highly torture high level. And then even then, when other cultures are tied by college, bus or coach is don't ever collar. Anybody like that's the most or all at each other's banquets, and they literally are the most protective people like anybody disguise gets bigtime guys gets fired, then the cow asthma world like eyes, assistants, let him down its co gets.
Coach came behind like seeker, they hate each other but are very friendly yeah. There's still competing for this, and I guess it's outbreak is a lot is I tells asking for routine or to get the fuck. You Seleucia K Serbia days like right. Yes, it would be, it would be interesting, but it might be doing it in incredible acc game like and by the way, repartee. No, you got ire about their like what so well I think about like everything you just did with the quarterback breakdown. Another thing: very common. You just go all these GM sought. They socket picking quarterbacks, no, what you just, grab is impossible to try to figure out the kid leaving college if he can do those things tat What you gonna in a wonder the great ones We generally girlfriend weird combine questions, hey Strip, None of that combine numbers mean anything and when you look at the different college offices, there's some of em that there's nothing that there isn't any of the decision making. You just talked about so whether its
Not only is it just a just hard to figure that stuff out- and I saw a lot of sports as you get better and better itself is learning how to calm yourself down, see the best version yourself, the matter what's happening around and by the way this speaks. For you know anything we could be like when going on. When you bid on tv before you now in the first few times you gone tv like doing what we do and say, everything's coming fast, you're nervous. You get adrenaline and learning how to like chain of different things. What's a sought toss here. Why, with that big jib, we're thing. You think it's coming army, but as they are, Since I am last night and its work as I actually love large enough, he was so here he was so hyped it had. So much it was almost like you couldn't channel it lay. You are to be in the second half, yet Ten straight or whatever ed and it then he like kind of needed the sixty minutes about
they shot is why that he was exhausted, and I think one of the things I wait to see him at the next level is when he learns. I what Leubronn learned like had a channel the athleticism had a channel like? Oh, I can take this guy the dribble anytime I want, but I'm not going to go right now, no wait or oh. I got the screen, but let's do it two minutes from now once he starts, especially if he plays with the right point Guard and that's it I'm starting to think by that a lot of I'm so worried about it kind of team he should bear. He needs to be We like them. I kindly type appoint guard re like somebody who just big dude I got this year, may dude, I'm fuckin gay. You awesome shots all the time The worst case scenario would be. You know some shoot first point Guard, but had won a barrier free, not not lily. As the thoroughly by complying with them? Bugger is actually not that great everything budgetary law kind of a me first offence of where I want to see him.
The point Guard whose, like all I care, Basmus everybody else better and now we have to start thinking about who gets him so not neither keener, not in it Well, so how do shoot first, ITALY's with him size of interesting right yeah, would be in others Weird those you mentioned phoenix- and you mentioned Lana like his eight and good four Zion is Collins good for my column. You can move around more than you can even- and I like both guys. Like me, the eight in thing, which is forty as the years concerning ok, you know what like we get something here and we had a big. Maybe we can keep on the floor Layton Games by I am enamelled with the idea of Zion Finishing is the big. So there is a need. There is couple moments of the embassy game yesterday good. Then your email, you a lot that six Levin guy. They had the guy who could shoot the jump ugly, their hand right
there's a couple times it was like mass in the hall was iron age. Repaired and got whatever shoddy wanted, and now, as I can We spend a energy at both ends in whatever, but it's the same. I again like when you watch it happen. J. My green sometimes is profoundly the fifteen warriors like the two times a year. A team would have the right kind of way to do that, Oh yeah you're, six, seven you're not, and we have to stop that. So I do feel egg There are more centres than there used to be. In the NBA, there's more big guys, who at least are crafty round the room than there used to be. I don't think he could guard Jokic. He now so he's gonna have to go to a team. That at least has the flexibility to also grow big zooming set it does. I think it's just always funding the growing up like a guy like Zion. We gotta be great if there's as other big over there to protect him. You know like four years I felt like every time I look at that had issues at the roster which most teams you go are gonna be grace. Thyssen Chandler like Thyssen Chandler seem too,
the wish list for half the lira every summer, lanky for one guide and neither bar, and then he started. Thinking oh wait a minute. Is he just gonna get his way? I can remember your treaty who's, your dream team for him right now. I'm sorry As far as I am already Celtics, he and warfare but come on, I just I was doing it for you expecting you to say he broke Bob to fucking gave it go talk about tat. For twenty minutes you decks, do we just He Tatum, as I do want to talk about me, produce a basketball fit all me. What would be the best ladder team for you is, I feel like it would weirdly be Memphis, but they do have a chance to actually when it now and then he by way everything you just scribe in the point guard you would or wouldn't want is, is not the balls sat the bus,
in writing. Fr shattered everybody there, unless they just called everybody in the excited we get Zion and now we will take your be star fur too, of the any for guys you want by the way. So the clippers the way Lou aims in an arrow use each other on those high screen Ross Lou aims in a traditional point guard. Sat a run that one play the to the way I want see Zion used, but I saw, but I really want to see him used exactly like out of, could produce Harold because I think he'll be the most sensible guy if you put shooters there and his ability to set a pick and raw, but also his athleticism em in the alley component, he's basically blender all the things I like about watching Harrell at the at the Anthony Davis, when he still play basketball alley, OOP potential, just all these different things and his ability to do the up those crazy spin. But keep control and the move where he does a spin move but jumps into you and it's kind of an office,
FAO, but there never gonna, call it and then hangs in the air for the extra costs for the bank shot These can be unstoppable. I really want to go to the rating. People, were always labelling not on the right team for the first seven years of his career, and I we dont think of it that way, but If you look at the teams, he resigned. He was never on the rating you about every minute, Braun thing? All of this? Hocker ballet, what's the perfect FED or how should you play the bronze ultimately always going to do what he wants to do anything to stop? The ball is going to dissect you visually and then he's into your head and make that very little, but is still, is he like that before of the experiences? Is he had from eighteen to twenty five and he five Eddy gone to a team that now basque bus is only when we have more hosts on Instagram exactly the way he would be? No matter who is playing around I'm serious there. Every every hour. The coach wants to do this. This is the most athletes is ever had owes. A younger team is a space in this itself and on or he's gonna dribble. The fuck out of here
and I'm not knocked him for this NGO and scientists I know I'm not I'm knocking everybody that expects that Lebron's going to be this completely different version of him as a basketball player and every it's worked. Its work has worked up until this year. So look back to the point of the Zion thing. As you compare him to my trip, I liked her a lot of Louisville. I love what he's doing here with the clippers, but the cap What his abilities are as a player or so far below what science are? That's, that's. Why I would like science play making like. Not only does he chuckled boxes and all you doing all my draft stuff. Ok, we excited about the physical specimen shit with him is off the charts. The numbers are incredible, but after Mistakes like I'd, go why? Why do I like Earl Clark, dont, like Earl Clark, but he's not gonna, be that good level really long lanky I'd have this?
love affair with the six eleven o clock area, like all we can handle leanings. Unstrapping, yeah yeah, mid range, get you yea back then, like all you can pull up from anywhere, but- could always tell he never cared he didn't really like cared whatever how're. You know remain. He were he wasn't it wasn't life or death, I watched ion. I go. This guy cares the whole time the house Favorite part of, but also nine as selfish way, not to turn this into a jerk circle, but genuinely happy when other guys do. Oh yeah, I didn't need to take thirty shots in again, I love my eye was on France. S, alas, weaken princesses Mary. I was ease payments. In a corner with desired thing, an ambitious, I might just admit defeat- here's your good!
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Always the smartest way tire worryin asked by France. I, like you, yeah, grew up on it in the dog that was the economic radio do. That was the airports right. It was incredible and now it seems that Everyone hates him, and I can't tell if it's the natural course of events or, if he's just whiffing on stuff but being incredibly arrogant about it, process. I don't know I've never denied. Having listened to the show enough, I haven't seen any two clips float around nine billion I've seen some of the groups what's goin on, maybe he's having a late life whatever. What about it, the other day, raising I've had it the lies. I mean it, it can announcement and then there is no follow up. I don't know the tire,
am I put spot here now. I dont understand like design thing. We had agreed argument about it, but I was kind of in disbelief cause to me this. Once I get clear as day, there's no debate about this, there's no questions. I it's gonna be like an unbelievable and be a basket Selina make it a bad. We data was iron, make first him I'll, be in the first five years of his career. That's lofty, I mean you gotta, be it's locked. You better start lofty because if you go and you look like the best twenty guys ever pretty much all the maid first him obey within the first five years, he's gone down the line at sight. They correspond on that list Chris passion and think that Jason Data may isn't that either you go through the latter, epics, necks, sons, calves, bulls, hawks Dallas would be weird Memphis New Orleans and then no worse case. There's washed in this picture washed: it doesn't happen.
They hey good NEWS Giles Rehab going great resigned Dwight how I do it's back dear Dwight Heritage, so when you're gonna get thrown out of the game, the other night yeah nuggets losses, wizards in there's some nuggets topic entire by them struggling here. I can't wait for the Tuesday game against warriors, but powers, the bench now, my o twice hook it Dwight super man he's and is doing this big like it was twice like. I can't wait a minute. Do all these jokes and make funny YO kitchen point to the tunnel and laugh yeah it up over here on the bench. Logo catches. Arguably all first team in Vienna on everything when at this changes and least self aware basketball, superstars who were read? It is career.
I've already self aware person, so the two thousand team when she which he was not on- and he had had back issues at that point, but it was when you get to the Lakers and I'd always heard that everybody was so fresher annoyed by him and away when they had the Olympics. That year, that guy's were leg is Dwight gonna play his views, I'm back into play was that it was that bad and I guess I was in London for their backs and talked a lot of people around the taming oversight there. So relieved, women and care for ever centre. Nobody will deal with him again, have succeeded. Bad luck, is he like a bad guy like die, just stood gnawing knowing eyes, not fund a play with like she's configured confinement of it in concept by gas, so data was stuck in my head and this was like coming off the he's. Some people thought he was the tooth as eleven. They pay. Member. That. A member Zack voted for in that year, when
when their grows. One. The year later, I trade a bit heat a rip off this stretch where he was by far the most important centre. In the least like seven straight years and now his careers financing and a. I just feel like what really play its part finish your sarcasm queuing up right now. Do we don't need the audio of it, but why we're gonna answer in his unequivocally how famer should be he's gotta. No he's going to, but he's not That's where we use yielding. I should think he might be a hot famer new norm in the camp of don't put people a famous deserve it, but you could say he's the best. Suddenly for like seven years he made the finals. He was a twenty fifteen guy, basically fer a pretty long stretch you could make the case using European in two thousand Am I not look? I know everyone listening. We re now says I'm wrong. That's fine, but like this
how I look at the Hall of Fame is every time you go to feel I you know what this is actually better: we don't have you and that's the second half of his career yeah. You know the Orlando stuff, all the frustrations like indeed I was all about Dwight. Ok, I mean I made some stupid arguments on radio shows gone. You know you could argue that he's the number one guy you gonna build your team around back and we were obsessed with three and we still thought centres where the keys to winning championships and that incredible run when they got to the financially okay. This is a preview of wants to come back. Then we thought he's playful and- on, and we didn't realize that he was just sort of an asshole of a teammate everywhere he went and so remember he couldn't ever banana duties. I don't think he's mean spirited. That's that's like the strangest thing about this. Normally you mean you write another these mean, but I think there's an immature level with him that has gone on for every one that I've ever talk to that
around him everything you just said with the Olympic saying nothing you ve said hasn't been said before about him, so my conveys Charlotte Atlanta back to back years near the end of his career, but still in both things right, we got it get this guy out here, yeah rise. Weird. It is, but that also tells me like, I know what the rebounding numbered sir gonna to be, but we're still time somebody that at the end of games and standing on the exhibit everyone about his executive. The guy knows had a coach, a basketball game yeah. And he knew I can't give it to him because nothing's polish there's no finished polish move there that we can see throw it down to our star and Dwight. So he was a star that you actually couldn't go to in a close tight game. And I know what the overall numbers european always over things, but like I start, I just wish the hall of Fame. Stricter, and that do we really feel like Dwight through most of his career. Was dominant NBA force and if anything he's been
a guy. You want nothing to do with the second half of his career and that's going to make the hall of Fame. Like that's the same to me, I think he was first Emma Ba, like five straight year, these deftly I mean, He's going to be in that there's, no denying that I think the two thousand and nine magic thing is one of the best things for his resume, because that team was ahead of its time and if you watch the eclipse from how they played without the three point shooting and they didn't take nearly as many three point shots has people take nap their basically doing a little a version of what market. As the honest there, we had the floor spread. For the guy meadow Janius is way more talented. The Dwight Howard is but same kind of principle. Finally, is it space it around? the one guy in the middle and it's just going to be really hard to deal with them. Cuz you're so worried about the shooters. It was great and it was what beat that Cavs team, because the guys that were playing outside of the prim
so much bigger member. That was one of those things were in a week or so hyped up. I'm ever actually talk with you about that, and I I sit here, we go somewhere and it was like the whole abroad. Kobe things gonna happen yeah and you watched wanted. Games with Orlando Lando Cleave and you go wait a minute. This is this is a problem. You made you made five straight on bathing and then was two thirds in a second eight hour star games. And I think he was number two in the VP when here I know, he's made a kind of final stamp that I'm saying he's, got arrest me, but this is like one: there zero my book because, as the years passed, this people just like a basketball reference in there's no contacts to anything Carter now was Ringer Pike S for us as the years pass and he's done such a good job will be he's an awesome. Teammate he's is a great guy, really loves him, but He quit on the rafters like you did, it happened and we
Have the internet and social media the way we have now that goes on his here. He was as he was gone. To be a hall of fame player, then not based on just stare, but without any significant player moment I and that's when I think about Vince, I gotta This is me at home, thinking of all the stuff in my head, as I'm watching all these guys for thousands of ours and in all the years- and I did I don't think so- pull a basketball revenue. Are you kidding me look at why tourism look at all these numbers? I get should be real. It should be in the moment, but Why? Then, oh nine finals is imported from right. My fate Call me thing: is you brought up just like the thing that makes me like Toby? Was that game in the fourth quarter Lakers down rockets and why did he get tangled up and when he was? I try me. Try me soft yeah soft, yet eyes get, and I went Coolby just confirmed everything
I thought of Dwight last couple years, and this is also why I don't hate Dwight the whole time I loved him yet again it who do you think out of those guys that came up Vance team at Kirby Iverson? Might the post M J guys, who do you actually think was the most talented at others, gas, nuts, embers Basque, Barnett same Basque, we're just the most most talent? Most gifts were Grady, probably It's funny, I would say, Vince, you think he was the play my eyes in person multiple times in the o, o o three range The current you. There was probably you pig meat deftly. May my peak with that that allow today December Vince seeming like the most unstoppable out above those guys in me, my eye, we should mention
he's going to any one points and a game. I know how good copious thirty points in your eminence resonates your little restaurant just talking about just pure experience of watching, in person. We had a moment, and it was game Wanna game to define us in O eight in Boston. When they were down like seventeen and he got her and he got a little bit of a rhythm and everybody was kind of like holy shit, and that was one of the few times. I really did see the Jordan parallels. Even I think Jordan was better Vince, just his natural gifts like ridiculous twenty five footer she was above the rim spin moves like it's just seemed like he had the most. Canada of them, but the most everything at all. Those guys, but I'm I'm on here any other examples. The Vince thing at the beginning was incredible. Holy shit, we're like. Oh, my god. This is Jordan, again green you even though, as as Boston guys you like,
I can't believe the team that pierce, but you're sitting there in your watch you anybody ever said at the beginning this week. I guess what piercing and have the better career would not have thought that gun in the games. Not so Vince became this. In this Post Jordan, malaise that was so stupid every single year. Thinking there is this other guy it felt like Vince was actually going to be the guy, but I dont think he had I'd have to look at the numbers, but of filling the play making part of Grady was was the most impressive mine eyes. Yes, he might. The game came the easiest emigrated. Those first I too are landed years. I remember I wrote a piece about him for GRAIL in one of those years were used like thirty two a game, but he GIS He could do every single thing on a core, but was also really good and the other- and you know But his eyes and complete three positions and with all the stuff, though,
desire- and my Earl Clark thing- they Kobe would be dying laughing right now listening to this killing, but so fine, those other guys, are more gifts or more talented, but I want it mattered but it but that's. The thing is cobia politically was I mean he's a ninety eight percent events. It was like he wasn't an unbelievable athlete. I just feel like Vince Head a site extra, something that really stood out when he was young The beginning. Events was like a virus. I guess I've ever had again any and be a thing like. Oh shit, the rafters, or on that kind of thing I don't know it sounds simple now, but when you can't afford cable and do you know where I was when it was first happening in my letters to shut off all the time, they convinced would be on you'd be going ok. This is like I want to do. Anything else is at watchments car to think cobia
is the same things I had asked to bring this around Kogi really gave a shot a shed at all times. Pastimes. Wiser, tired, now await you. Swore, though I have here, he played with a ferocity. Vince never had Vince was always like I'm the coolest guy in this building. I'm awesome watch me, do my thing. Kobe Kobe always had that, and I think part of it was Shaq was on his team. He's always trying to prove himself. Now I'm not just a little brother. I could be as good a shack like he just said this frenetic energy to him, since their red and T Mac was always the cause customer. But I never was in. It was like a crazy affidavit either those guys nigh My Grady was almost like, could be expected to come in and kick ass annoyed immediately tat, whereas the great he maybe even know how good he wants and now really left Toronto. I don't think
how silly the ya call me, I don't know how you felt about this, but I know I've reference the cagey stuff, just how we evolve in the way we talk about players, especially as we talk about young players, but you know the dumb cagey conversations, Is it met with initial its automatic national media resentment yeah like this who's? This kid thinking, you know like what's kg going to do and I'll never get this? I don't know if I shared it with you before. I know every this a million times but I'll never get it mad dog, said: maybe cagey should display play display on ok. I remember Cobby announcing that just skipping it- and I remember like, are you kidding a wing player thinks he go just from my school and it might seem crazy,
and that's why go as leaders are really takes one seventy five year and then I heard issues will go. He kicked alleys and be players asses and work out and was shut up, and then I guess apparently was true yeah, but it's always a reminder like whenever I have something happened now: Ral, initially go wait a minute that now that seem stupid. If you go back can look at how we talked about the first or the thing. That's new or the thing that's different of things challenging we we do a bad job a lot of times in the moment with that stuff and be Kobe's, always a great reminder. Vincent Emax, staying together is an underrated NBA. What? If, if, if they had figured out how to keep them both in Toronto cuz, I think they would. They were actually kind of perfect for each other and their
Their cousins in you now is that there is a lot of ways. The NBA went wrong from like ninety nine ninety seven, and that is one of the ways like splitting those guys up they each other on team disaster. Eight were finally going to do the thing that we teach for two weeks design topic. People thought this was a fake topic that we don't actually have. A gimmick for this, but we do and the question is, is based on my or the male trade via com pool, trades who'd, you, trade, who'd, you trade for Zaire. If I put Zion in the trade by list right now, what note rights, design, lamps and not even silencing the rights design Lamson. Where would you go? I have him seven.
Meaning I wouldn't shade him for everybody in the league right now, but six guys here, the six, I'm surprised you have them many. I thought this was going to be like wanted crazier things that you had procured, but where do you think about the trade you also to look at it from the other teams perspective? No, I understand sir, I lay I dont know how did the whole tree? by game comes, do I call you- and I say I want this- you more or less likely to be intrigued by my offer and then vice versa. So, if you come to me- and you say- hey I'll- give you I'll give you Van Pelt for Dan Patch. And I hang not brain allowing truck, he would lay. But if we're like- oh let's talk now,
now that now the value as some are, even if I'm hanging up unlike fuck you on that doing that so ok can I try to guess the six then yeah. Is that the best way to do this list? It ok, Janius, yet stuff, yap, harden yeah. Durrant Nope women We talking about my words with the words were not only do that by throwing graphics because they think he's leaving anyway. They in turn him in his eye, and they do that today and bead ambiguous, don't tell me: judges on that list. He fucking a is no yes, so you still have dodge ahead of Zion. This is tougher you only for this reason I think he's so embedded in Dallas, already in theirs, olenin that dude, I dont, see them upgrading their,
now. Maybe I'm wrong! Hurrah Bob's there her out her albums cut throat, but I just think LUCA. It's there, trading infer a college guy Then, if you're doing the direct together, what is yoga just six? I think for what he means to Denver. The fact that their genuine they succeeding with them and how great he's been those be my sex in this order, Janius one courier to heart and three dodge for your courage. Have embayed sex and I think the way that the relationship between phalion embodied in the fans and what he means there, I actually think he's untraceable. I'm sure they are traded for yadda yadda issues on the table, but I don't even did they consider anybody? well the fact that this health thing, where I couldn't believe you know if you just go yeah, usually, if play thirty eight games, total of the first three years, are available humming scandal badly, yellow
like, oh yeah, that'll, work down, he'll be awesome and I was wrong because remember call around teens being like how would you be freaked out about this? In some add no another's going yeah absolutely in, and they even did some weird language in the contract but really dug into that and be contract. It was. It was going we'd like something devastatingly different was going to have to happen for him. The knock it the money, yeah and yeah was still. About it, even though I loved him as a player, and I am being totally wrong about, like if you're Philly do you even looked to see what's out there firm Kazi just wasn't playing much, but and just so everybody listen to this I kind of initially looked at it- is, if you just through Zion, into a pool of players with everybody else in the NBA. You would draft more players ahead of him. They probably draft rant ahead of him. Still, yes, maybe Lizard Davis ethics.
Judge Afterdeck yeah. Even I have four year age, five year age, different sort, I know Davis is still so young, maybe towns. Maybe I know I like, but I cannot say what fish cargo gets we're back here and there com Minnesota to labor they car Minnesota, they say will give you the number and pick towns thing Minnesota in a hundred times out of a hundred says yes, because desire contractor eight million nine. My and ten million eleven minds about that towns is making like you know. What's u making their way? added to extend yes, yes, I was growing in an extension, twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight. She basically in the second pillar of the cap space. I think, as part of this, then did you talk about the new new car smell of Zion when you get him on your team,
Samantha nascent aren't very, even though the rookie contract staff is so valuable an old. Sometimes it can be like a little overrated where everybody be like all Zion, but it's on the rookie deal it's on the Rocky Delia Gabbett you shouldn't have to pay nine percent for anyway, it all stuff, so the other guy you're, getting with the savings of the guy that or moving out, but and then to my item, I heard of the right to re right now. If you were the, if we had some stupid thing where everybody were available this summer and you can make a phone commands, the ramp rather does adamant right. Ok, so I just I thought important cut a point. That's it I heard argue: they will came driving on the other dead. Talking about the red. He had this nice like hard take under it that I enjoyed words out of your aid, he's like Dyslexia to read the best poor in the league and hears. Why and indeed this eight men a case I kind of like that it basically his case was advised. As the league it's the only one who could be the best per hour in his own team legacy, situation, where he's just a guy, fifty wins, but us.
Somebody who is now proven he can play with these other assets and also fit into that recycling. I've never done that. The gene. Harding couldn't do it James ART and has to succeed, but it's gotta be in his terms as a disgrace, come in. I mistake there, but I like it. Do you want me to get you? Ok now I just shut up to their take, but I do think it's an underrated Durant's talking about like his place in history cause bird was like this to write bird. From on anything midday out? We have enough shooting I just get rebounds or are we need a play maker I'll just hook, deeds up three can kind of. Fit into whatever is going on at that's an underrated trade. Had the weirdest Leary bird dream last night out Jesus. How we're getting her better read after this break. Let's take a break that were simply. If nothing is better than go to the game of the family, when she settlement
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fucking weird, I dont know where it's coming from about reading about em my there's, nothing media it. What maybe I was prepping for this part- and I was thinking about you but it gave in some. I was eating for whatever reason I had all these handguns with me in and they now yeah, but there were registered so utterly some. Sketchy thing and for whatever reason in the dream. I was back in Vermont and I need to hide him and bird helped you. No in some years ago, will just put em and Larry Birds House yeah. Larry burn as a conduit Burlington be like yeah. Why wouldn't eleven bright, Vermont, XO budgetary birds house and I put my hand, guns closet, and then he caught me- and he was I get out of here- I'm so sorry as their registered mistake that that don't don't your hand guns at my hat, condo condo, Burlington, good advice so yeah, I'm not quite sure whether we are talking about the Celtic, so much so that ran no. But that's that's a really interesting, never heard
before they re doing, deserves credit, dress relating yeah he's in assimilating, authority, the lady who arrive as Canada, jealous of prime assimilate or I'll, tell you what people that will gain thing there is. It is a huge Anti Lebron run now for about. Let's go sixteen months well and also what helps with that. In that way, you just said is the one time Leubronn tried to assimilate was the two thousand ten eleven he and that's when he fell apart. The fine us against his maps team by the way get so the entire hardened things with a pro maps. The programme thing is his anti max government, scrape It's a trifle crown of Antis. I just broke it all down for it they tested. Anyways. I am it's weird to me that cause I've heard people no other. Could trade that number and pick frantically Davis like for the next. I think that's insane out.
But rather of Zion than he had three David CASA. Now, here's where the rookie scale does matter be I need money to pay for other people for that one with the next. I would rather have Zion at eight and Anthony Davis at twenty. Eight sorry, but I have no idea into Davis, is gonna, be healthy. Do we do. We know he can buy a hunter games in the season. Cuz, we haven't seen it yet you might be able to. I don't know. The Dave Attell thing is only legitimate. I don't wanna ran about this again, but I hated I'd this Davis season. I hated so much. I really absolute detested it especially where it started like they were nine hundred, I would have thought about him his empty p. That's how good he was she would have had a chance to make the class potentially the holdings mess it sucks on with. The arms by our nets, that let's talk quickly, we have some. Will they Ambrady plot of land use China? Now I have a bunch of good stuff after Oda plant batch of surrender Bugsy, the bucks still losing still lose it guys
here. You are you coming Randal Urban and maybe the celtics maybe not great, to play the fear that depleted bucks, that one no up because, but it is this- that is only the thing he now that's a subject, as pacer thing fell apart. Predictably, maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves here, a little bit all also touch it for five right Bugsy, one. Eight raptors nets issued to seven six, is pistons? Is your three size, MRS Game personal? They change of unload management. What's going on in that respect, Can you get a personal daily in Vienna? These I got is his look as seen us yet in there's a seven thirty screen fanatic, even having to skip today's gave accorded sick. Some things, is your four five coming up a dramatic cell. When on friday- and I want to make her forever so that yes and then the West.
I'm gonna go I'm going to give me the winning last Denver spurs as you two seven lot about movement. Let a bomb loud lot of mutual respect of my balloon and great pop. Where are you with the nuggets right now? I can't wait for the game against golden state is, I think, tell me a lot yeah. I'm not anywhere yet shoes and clips as your three six, which has a lot of the plan that came in on this theme, I miss when everyone hated the clippers every they not only my clovers their ports Jazz issue for five. Everyone was by Portland now causes nurtured, actually there a little underrated now here it, but it's not like I'm that crossing Portland off cause nurtured broke his leg in some places, because there's other night stronger, like seven other big idea. There bass. As I said, a disaster I was They heard Henry listen. Why are you face can't get an orderly way? Can you asking you called spurs about Yok Pearl so that aid is stockpiling,
massive white human beings, I'm only on the Portland thing. I just met in writing I'm off here, but you talk with that schedule. We thought they are put together their nine of the last ten. So. And then our one a right now, my change, but boy. Would this be fun worries thunder? We gotta talk, thunder wholly macro well,. I'll just start here, Chris Vernon and CARE see do very good package for us in the ring rubbish on Tuesday. K C Blue, one of the most reprehensible games in the season through the grizzlies I think last Monday. So we week ago the grizzlies were resting. Actually, everybody in the team. I watch all the grizzlies game now, because the Celtics have their pick and I'm rooting for it to stay in the bottom it so it rolls over next year. Okc loses it's clear that Paul George there's something wrong
Vernal who was behind the scenes before the game said they were working on Paul Georgia's shoulder underneath the stadium for like a long time, just to get him ready to play the game. And there's been all kinds of rumours about: what's wrong with them, and does he have a torn rotate aircraft as he ever strain rhetoric of what's going on he is not healthy. Adams looks like he's not a hundred per cent maybe there's a lot of shrewder, just a lot like it in these guys, like all son, he's, probably evolved and crushed I'm stuff- and I don't know they have gone out with them, and yet I wouldn't totally wanna play them in the past, so we have I spent a good shot this season talking about the thunder the other side of that that the upside of the thunder and that from a mentality
They're just be this emotional stuff that, I think, would be good for them. It might be the one team emotionally that could affect golden state, yet I is now back in I'll, be the worst thing form to Mademoiselle has been a problem right. Westbrook is really fiscal. For carrying set of The thundering had gone home. Six thirteen in their last nineteen game sets bureau. I may add status started so that they ve been horrible. That assistance Thirteen is usually like. We ve talked about like they're a couple. Celtic seasons are in a cage, ear, were they were like twenty and twenty in their last for dance. I got that's alarming. Six. Thirteen is like red flags right ok, so there's there's one part of this: thirteen and nineteen games heading in the plastic. That's a disaster, and there in everybody's, healthy and- Weird thing is true: is that in there. I go or I will nobody's available. I should say not up: what's goin
like a whirlwind. They beat Utah, they be Brooklyn so like when I looked at the pace, your stuff- and we be excited about where the record was maintaining postal the depot and dig into a milk you're really good for you for being teams used for some people are only being bad teams that cannot really beating anybody good in this, records actually getting worse and worse for the patients things played out at the where thought it would with the thunder. With Georgia trying to figure out. If he's her, he still forty percent from the floor, which is in great but he's thirty. Five percent on ten threes again he's taken ten, a game, the free throne are still really good somewhat. Have you already thinking, rather than their offensively collectively there? There are mass, not saying what he thinks, Rama George. Have you the same stuff. I've heard the same shoulder thing. I thought he had another shoulder that was her like a couple weeks ago, so they ended up working on the different somethin somethin's doesn't smell right K. Let me give you the First, thirty six games. I got this from this thunder stuff. I was doing this morning. They, the tenth worse off the ring, but we knew there awesome on defence gay, but they.
So were the worst three point: shooting percentage team in the law like thirty two percent, and They also were terrible from the freezer lie. Ok throughout all that there are twenty three and thirteen in the twenty one games for January. First of all, STAR break the off was seventh overall second best from three, so there are completely opposite team offensively end from three, but that three, that three is in realistic, I just another gastric know and that's when we started doing the westward fishes jumper thing again his I never did ever a high usage guy like westward to shoot it is poorly. He did it be illegal in the twenty nine other NBA citys tat, but I get it thunder, fancy here for two years it Westbrook was leaving. They lie. Fashion look at his funky sweatshirts he's deaf gonna moody alike, as he likes sweatshirts any state, so get why you raise Agri his intense now. You guys Iraq, since all star break the right back to being.
That still had a winning record with these terrible shooting numbers to now team. That is the second stuff and operating in the NBA Guph. Worst. Forty two percent from the floor, thirty three percent from three and they can every throws again. So though you were on the free thing, I always look for this with the free threats cause. It's amazing how that pops up, the shady free third shooting team verses. I was calm the coolers, the teams that have liked. The re island in the last minute, like it's like before up three new. As for winning that said, the game's over ok is the absolute. They do not have the colors No, they lost the mass at home, no Dodge the Memphis laws. That was the Bruno two years away from being two years away game near the twenty four and ten, but like they lasted a bunch, it did to warn him and playing for months ago,
that man Memphis roster consistently is where my favorite things watch every night. So back to the thunder like as a whole, I feel wrong or stupid for looking at them and collectively saying that might be the team that kid, they could just match with wars are when I think of some smartest stuff. You ve ever said that when my favorite, things you said about. I appreciate, commissioner, you were right about this. I had heard what he said. It was the best way to explain. Mellow cause your problem, as much as a very low shooting on mellow and is deserve at the end of this year. She had some really productive shares their really get used. About mellow when he goes up against Leubronn or Chris Paul, or these other guys, like you just sees himself. He sees his peers yeah. So that's a positive for him. If that happens, promising everything up part of players- the key wasn't ever gonna go. Oh my gosh. I'm goin up against these guys. Like none of these this, the neighbourhood, I live in the promises of players compared to those
He was never those guys. Yet that's. What I thought was the positive about ok see is that they weren't gonna, look a golden state going shit, but how are we going to do that? there I know they were going, do appreciate the chance to take them down, but they're playing so poorly, like this things, a five gamer I dont know I can talk myself back into him right now. It's funny cause. I liked the Schroeder Trade that Atlanta was stupid for doing it and I still don't understand the wisdom of trading for a twenty dollars contract. Just I just thought I'd take that kind of hit versus like Schreuder who's, somebody who could be in the playoffs, I think they wandered away from Trae young. It seems like it, but Bad shrewder could actually also shoot you out of a playoff series and we've had bad sugar now for six weeks and when I watch them He's just too involved, you know yet
fun. When he was hitting shots, it was going to lessen the burden. Westboro prisoner, play off them to me, basketball, guys the same as people and the people. Change like what are you like and relationships where he like, as its islands? I basketballs the same exact thing, hey I've been reaction, France and season two there's this whole thing with John, no. They pick up that Wilding Lady aid just block Caesar them walking in the wilderness lighter and of its kind? the danish router of of that season to wear it. Just like our right. We get it by the way in reality at their walkin in the wilderness. If you were like a horde of man beasts yeah running around in the cold rat in there I got seven-
we know from our five pray failure. Twenty five minutes had in reality, John Snow would have been barbecue that afternoon, just didn't just looking at. Where is ok, savers, savage moreover, fun I five weeks ago. Yet was your address healthy and ok? See could shoot out of those eight series, I think he's too quick to be the most fun did the cops are really hard team to play their multiple Jack, guys. They're gonna have guys whoever real axe to grind as they were given away and that Chris Paul Trade as like after thoughts and they ve turned in the cut in the heart of this Coopers theme and I and they have a lot of guys to throw hearted, would have hardly the early fails to throw him. Why hard Windsor VP and loses think. I'm loses clippers in first right, Plaza, seven Dirk are you
to think there was no way like. I feel I play off performances that are there like okay. This is actually really who you are as a guy's. A player in hardens had a bunch of bad ones, yeah, where I always like, though there were hanging over the voters, would never get over the voters below can never gonna do this again with you but hard and so in saying this year that it's almost like the vote: who had an ivy and their thinking. Ok, we can do this, but we can do this. We can vote for him again but if they were the first round, he won't ever get a fifth place for our third you're right, the overreaction it'll be like the year Jason kid almost one, then finnish night, the next year and had basically the identical year had the year before people like a man, we lost amounts were doing It can happen in Khartoum alone to after when he beat MJ. That. They ve never met mad, I'm well. It was just a dream our vote
why did I wish people could see put your hand on your faith in the morning, waking up being, like God, we had kids. Second, what m p p checkpoint right now? Who ordered this noodle thing every piece? I read out far too many honest one b, or vice versa at the yoke is three Minetta. They start number as a chance to be the once it's too their schedules brutal. I don't ever gonna, be the one say, I'm sorry, divergence, unexpected stated what we really do enough Denver there, because their started slip. A little. Do you ever been before curry? Five is what I have urgent, I've, Georgia, the top five to six in thirteen Europe. Sorry, I'm sorry Joint, even in your top five five current FIFA, it's going to be at once, And there's no definitive fifth choice. I just inquiries an amazing and when he plays that team is awesome, inquiry now carries dynamite tougher. How do you
about yourself right now. I didn't- I don't worry, I'm that I can buy them this virus. I have. I have indeed Janius Harding curried, definite, firstly, Mombi. A I think, George versus Doran is always now argue Have you noticed about you too? I don't know if you've noticed it allow jazz fans been chairman and upset the towns. Is over ever go barrier for thirteen centre. Thirteen towns is like thirty one in fifteen since the Astor Break, So I might actually do the thing this year, where just vote plan guys, Three items deviation move because then that bumps towns, Togo Baron you just basically rewarding you had your team. Had there been good enough for you to make this list, I dont Lebron Brown? Don't think I'm going so back to this. This is quite a swing. Fifty five:
AMC route I'd. I just have a track record as somebody who's done this, who had the boat for ten years like to me. Now you miss tooth. You ve missed a third of the season. You teams that apply after him. Why don't have to put the idea would you voted. Did you vote NBA Ricky of the year that you're bragging want dinner at that? Does absurd for it. By thirty gazing authority. Thirty guess that's! What are you guys talking about equate eight hundred bennets Novotny a rookie there, but what about The fact that the release and leubronn thing was that it actually is the injury and its to just make sure. He did avatar and were greatness all time. I just the Lakers thing now being out here every day it's unbelieving the amount of nonsense. It goes on with this team, but I knew was crazy, but I didn't appreciate it enough until I've lived here, we're just every day then you'll be like a release and then two hours Isaac now. Actually this is what now and then tip
that night and I now this is actually kind? What's going on the that team finds a way to create stuff about itself that so pointless and non productive, its fascinating, seeing it now like in the actual Erica? I hope and pray. I remember one year after the Patino one of the fifteen seasons, Michael Holly, was to be Rapporteur and after the season wrote this giant long piece about this is what a disaster the season was an air some inside people- and I talk to you and here's some stuff. I wasn't able right before and, as I say, one of the best here's how fucked up the season was pieces. You remember. I now want to read it right now. It's great, I hope its eye. If it's on my Google, it and then it was all a thing about like Bruce Bow and might have been one of the sources they traded em they that yet I work decorate. I hope somebody is working and that for the Lakers I hope it
Some one of those day Orange County register like one of those needs, help those businesses Are there not? He no exerted right Renault ESPN agenda. No, we can't run this. In its and I don't like magic. I ride best source. I this. I just want somebody who is I have followed with anybody to read the proper piece of what a neighbour the season spent. I have another observe the re readable. I might get to work on that girl. I might be the guy, do it you're the guy, the reread Abbas, America, like this segment? Apparently I wrote this in April two thousand and six in my M Bp column. I can't wait for Peterka paces. Whatever is a jewel fresh manga owners when Arab, I'm starting to wonder if Leubronn Slash, Wade, Slash Carmelo, could become the most important sports robbery of this generation. Each is
in his own way, each bring something different you need to take on each scene of feed off, what's happening with the other two guys for it. Since the Wade Lebron due to Saturday's ago Lebron finished with a four thousand seven twelve, ten wade with forty four eight nine thousand four hundred and by the way- wasn't just the most thrilling gave the season. It was a significant experience for anyone who truly gives a crap about this league to Young fantastic, whereas absolutely killing it doing. Then they couldn't win the game play at the absolute best of each other. This was She no indeed near sharing seen in heat I remember this article only if they made the movie together dated seventy for this pearl jam and Nirvana, saying one thousand nine hundred and ninety two screw it. Let's go play at the same time and club in Seattle and see who the crowd enjoys more temple, the dog right there, go a little further fast for what's the ceiling or do we even have a ceiling Ali had Frazier Bird had MAGIC Russell had Chamberlain? Is it
some of that Lebaron weighed and Carmelo all have each other, and do you realise that these guys are combined sixty eight years old, fast fertile of a more the collective emergence of the brand wait? A mellow could eventually become the most significant thing that ever happened to this league, bigger than M J, bigger than bird magic, big then everything. I guess we'll see the reef. The re read of us what is their went a little over the top of our group's ok boy, but I really That way there was a hundred percent genuine in two thousand six of all the stuff. It's out there, that's not terrible Did you feel that way? No sex like these three guys are our guys for the referred for the next fifteen years, because I really did the other way and by the way we when on a win, the final Zaire and and had died of real full
Wade break out that I don't think everybody really fully sarcoma. Broadly automatics, now draft. I remember going like I love Wade. I love him and even though he was you know, did. We went was ass, big ass. He was possibly want fifth, because it was insane grouper guys in front of them. Going you watch. I cannot forget you go. This is, this is gonna, be knots. I I was so in another Braun thing because I loved I just loved it. I love the freakish part of of the athleticism in size, but when you're a great play maker yeah, it just makes it different because now I don't know what to expect like it's one thing to be this great shock maker. It's one thing to just be Jason kid, but when you have a little Jason kid on that and you can over power, everybody had this switch where you could in the following year. He did the forty eight points against a tree, the Detroit fooling around right. The Detroit thing was my ten year anniversary for a ten year reunion. And obviously not married
and I remember all of us like I was. I got a really wanna go to any of events, because I I just want to watch what he's We here she was guaranteeing they're gonna, win, yeah and a lost, and they lose again. They lose again, and I was joking. I thought Braun deserve like half a ring, just forgetting that team to the NBA finals, because that was it was awesome. I just it's kind design thing again when you're so hyped up and you're supposed to be thing and you actually deliver the hours of exceed what works be expecting from you there It's the whole reason we get to cod, in this whole. Raise we keep coming back. I remembered Nike stock was a black one and a half percent after forty eight by game, great earning opportunity whose get are you ve really vital that day? you making fun of my rage on the night now that one of my favorite reseller twitter to ready twitter thanks I wanna get David David favor. I might European POD favour a huge David we're unthinkable more break in the waste Milburgh questions,
one more right to talk about, but light did you know not? All alcohol products are required to list ingredients. That was news to me but light changing the game. They believed that we deserve to know our beers in. The answer they put in ingredients, labour rights and their packaging, but light brood with hops, barley, water, rice, no court syrup, no preservatives, no artificial favours find out what ingredients are in your beer, but light enjoy. Responsibly and since we're here don't worry about. The new reaction was absurd. Fast, five visa, the rack vin diesel turning seven times to his left in the same sea it's all there were breaking off down, including who, when the big fight between the rack and been diesel, the two plus minute extravaganza there really could ever could have been shown on design as it as a paper
check out that I mean she wore away news for some time. So that's happened. I think. Next week we have major league common yeah, the thirtyth anniversary. I think some was thirty years anyway. Do that. So if you want to catch up on the next one watch major like I backed yourself: ok speaking of doing Wade, John Weight Ass is Dwayne Wade's career really deserving of this heroes, send off every arena he travels to quick strikes year, definitely annoyed by it. Might be more of a me issue. I don't know what's up with Leubronn, when these heat guys are sowing secure after the fact Bosh this whole thing, like everyone, agrees that reply like. Did you pretty good bye? you're, not you're, never going to sniff the top twenty player. This are, you argue about or toughest yeah, or that I was very nice. Ives is great. He's, good player, really really really memorable player. But wait is done
thing like when everybody was doing the two when they won there tobacco that group and in waves like check out. My three though like there's this insecurity about these eyes and I don't know if we can blame Leubronn for it, but somebody else should I'm not going to work. Ok, I will let you they have locate Thursday for thirty days to tat is a mental drain on in their eyes. So the Farewell Torres been in our lives, my entire lifetime, with the idea, the worst version of it was Karim who The rather waiter who I thought I had him as the third best player about time, immense respect for cream was, was not somebody that people really responded to any played. He was not friendly.
He was not really that fun to go watch. It was Mr Jump hook had the goggles on with somebody that you just felt like you didn't, really have an attachment to but respected and then had this season long farewell tour we're all supposed to pretend we were like really bummed out that he was leaving. It was like all right. Here's your rocking chair doctor, J, a couple years before I was definitely a little more heartfelt now is this- is about that than Kobe, took this model and blew it into some completely. Therefore, copies of fastening only turned into a content the machine which is now doing It is trying to do, and if that there's something that doesn't feel honoured said genuine about it, like the Jersey swap it feels like Dwayne, made, had a meeting with other people random, like art class. Some ideas my farewell to worship things. I can do that. Nobody is done yet what if he swept jerseys with somebody and they pose great brilliant, get a photographer.
It just feels calculated in a way that salient slightly uncomfortable right in the fact that it goes this long and the fact that our attention span is this like four way for Wade fans in for the he from to go back if you enjoy it kind of like the Kobe, the last game, that last game report Million shy was was, is a travesty, would mean Amity shots fucking second measure. For us you don't mean that I'm all I'm ok with we're trying to play like the fair game of Coolby, but two, on tv the next day in shit on his efficiency like shut up, because that was, I think that was for Lakers fans that was for that building. That was for everybody. To give. Massive send out now. Yes, the final year for Coolby was also very kind you're and I hated every side. Was that a great moment or an atrocity of a moment because it its course sixty points. I just thought it was who this shit corbies out here and I think he got sixty and I know it was an efficient, but I'm sit in their home.
I had a smile in my face and mama for another huge coolby fan. But I got his mom I face, but I think I guess I think what you're saying here is is important, because this will get farmed out at an intention. We're gonna have retirement or for like a Lou Williams? Type in years can be gone dude. What we ve seen this with the farewell video, which has become bastard, as to when the Houston Rockets did I hey here's a tribute video Dwight Howard, a mega cases over this issue. This is at that one of the few times it it seemed pit Pearson we both appears. He was guilty of this to the house, It was like he'd, been retired for three years. They this your last chance to see me even though, basically retired last we'll have Owen Wade's hinted at a comeback. That would be awesome. Well, you didn't. I wanted to hear one yeah I'd rather leave a year to really then you're too late. There's also leg
as usual, the bran these last few years suggests. Questions were not supposed to answer, pursued, dig up alike. What happen we're doing waiting Cleveland when they just like They traded I'm half way through the year, the bronze best friend common it coming to Cleveland. To help him When the title, and then there are basically you gotta go, never never I understood that although there was under my we're right, my inform you guess on this is, I think, we'd still felt like Miami Autumn, some money when he opted out and then didn't get the money they pay to sound waiting eyes, a locker room issue, though I think it was a glow Brian and well. We believe what right yeah thing. I think there is like some leaderships. That's gonna do something weird happen, but I say If, if Joe House join my team and then like to me centred on we ve traded. You back to Washington reduce be weird
ends yeah. That's what you're saying hears it isn't so much. We are that it happened. It's wears a whole. No one is locked about. We just were now as I got that happened because it fell They were doing him a favour to go back to my or like when the bran came back to clear line is like I had this flight with tween way. Do we flew to Vegas Vague is to Miami Yan biggest Miami in their legs. Dwayne. Try to change your man say no man, we didn't talk about. We didn't talk about it ass. I come on over my just them, are we already at one thousand two hundred and seventy IQ is apparently six hour. You know long is six hour flight is we're like a private jet there's just you. The fucking flight attendant, like your two buddies, like at no point in my case. So what do you going? Miami you and talk about your ex contract didn't come up, I always like to everyone who is the stuff for when athletes do the thing words lagging? You know we're we're really close, because we don't talk about sports, but you gotta die of our talk about. We talk about wine, this new pianos out there
I told the brought about we're just gardens where its timing, fair family. I don't talk to my friend. I have a lot of close friends. You have kids, we never talk about our kids outta there. It puts gonna have deterred greater yeah. You know my raises, like hey you get along a bill Brianna, you know the great things we never talk about the industry. We never talk about as it works. Really must sports beat it we're like a different level. I just I just don't my questions. Who is the stuff for they retired. I await its four wait. It's like the liberal and green thing. Who is this for Sogdiana bran scheme? Timed arrest is growing Who are you trying to win over with that, because it that anybody who has an act of over ninety five basque by phasing I got well. You know the bronze grain minutes. It is time
but they were shutting down the boat out, but that the internet is thinking about the outrage at the beginning and there was worthy Anthony Davis watches. Admittedly, they're not gonna bring back and forth Corrigan City walls like I remember, carrying that all its stuff, then visualizing. If it should be more like, I didn't care, so I think at the end, is this outrage of like play? Everybody play everybody, and then it gets to the point where just bored enough with the topic we Sure enough about it that everything can get away with shutting everybody down. So I think this clearly, let's have a little abroad thing. We know wouldn't care cuz, the Falcon fans didn't really seem to care. This is the same thing like with the Sixers fans in the process when they threw away all the seasons, and I was like wow that sucks. If you pay for season tickets and your team's losing every. That would suck in the fellow fans were like stay out of it. We know Where do I argue, we got the process stay out of it.
We'll do sing. I guess I just thought. Maybe you know you pain for tickets every year the steam stand in seventy two that big, maybe it's about seed on it up now somebody asked. I can't find the email, but somebody send an email asking if I say I can find your email, whoever whoever sent this register member if the Davis trade had gone through and lets say, was Ingram lands, coups Randy the contracts work couple first round packs whatever us for Anthony Davis with the Lakers amid the plants. Since basically Caruso Josh ART Daniel the broad and Anthony together. Libitum anyway. Don't you know his green obviously would add to play through that he would have found a way.
Yeah I've may be found a way, which is at an eight seed, I don't know how ready to answer that definitively like no way will you sure I would think so that even with ten extra wins Cosette said they would need it. I'm sure, there's some statistical approachable, tell me it's only at least four point: six winds, there's no other get in there, a game they would have played where they wouldn't have taken twenty three more free threads. Another team then stretch as the late China shoehorn them. Aid is, but I do think. Might my instinct would be that they would get in because by the way, absurd not real. Whatever the The number of injuries like as much as people wanted just pin this on the broad and is clearly not blame. Listening, yes, is a pretty ridiculous collection of guys being hurt to close out then asked you monsieur cease Dear Kobe thing that's one what's funny cause people as they were. The for seed is likewise like twelve games into the season, the nineteenth separated by gay but yeah sure
the forces, but there are these injuries and are now we always said for years and years and years that leubronn anyone was fifty winds. So what are called visa will Toby was they would really well in that injuries and in everybody's needs, combat come Great team notice are used as a great team, but I dont think its as bad as this and then its compounded by all the stuff that we just reference minutes ago, where out here. It's just It's it's so weird to see how different a female call wanna go to the Knicks. This Laker thing here is as far as my first year experiencing it the Hence the emotional attachment to it. It as any other professional city relationship with any other franchise agri
there would be red Sox, pitching staff stuff come may it's. Basically, it goes back to the generations which they have either the Dodgers too, and this is why is defensible sports that those two teams, the lake, your shirt one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine, and if you're like eighty and under you, probably like the Lakers, if you live in the LA area, I'd like this a lot of people they have Big Bay, who me a lot of guys that are already that resistance to it here. Who has sketch can never get into a man never like that, Jerry West, not for me, but that you're setting badges moved there lay fifties and its J and it's really hard to break. In our view, the coopers which his way, I kind of admire bomber that he thinks he's going to break through with the clips. I just don't see it. I think it sent. It would Nessa next like at some point your you can't mess with the dna. And here's Lakers and I'm glad he sought the
thing you haven't seen yet is when their do on the playoffs in the Fuckin Laker flags going the carcass s, the worst they put flag And their car, the around S he see tones of aid you haven't seen in this- has damn Benghazi Are you saying that they all I'm saying? made. Labour, cannot write and I hear work. Finals, the flags come out and you're just there at half mast now. This is a really important question from Derek Wright who enjoyed the vintage match up watching the Lakers out Caruso matched up against the kings, Kosta Koufos, the mustaches, the male pattern, baldness and paste, and gel about Jesus like watching Chris Ford, take on Mark Landsberger, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two besides Caruso and Koufos, who else in the NBA it's like somebody from the nineteen eighties man. I mean better prep on thy now I'd I'd. Maybe we could come back next.
The enemy is more. We can do a team yeah, I'm gonna do my first team. All offer NBA eighties team there, ray question to get my because when you bring it up Karim running up and down the balding, passionate goggles, adding and then all I'll see it come up and I'll get a look I'll go about small reference and childlike seek as I'm always. It's amazing. How guys that are awesome, ego that fucking guy still did at his last year, and then I'll look and Billy Hey creams five years younger than you are right? Now they fell off the top of my head. I think bans would have will he would have had a different haircut, but, like Baines, is by their just a lot of beans back then I was watching the habit they weren't he's. Your client was in an mba rotation for like six years in the South X, and if you watch the clips of those in you,
me why joke lying dead? I wouldn't know what to tell you. I won't work was again. I just members of our good packs, Lopez defence, like we had advanced by checks for back, then some of those guys would have been in trouble, including like every centre, Biscuit Kevin be from most highly brought up, something that does not get brought up enough. What if the bucks took him beat overjoyed by Parker and the fourteen and be a draft This was never on the table because from day one there are taken by our partners is a really wanted to Chicago caves. Ninety minutes, well, that's a memo where it was to January was like good. I want to go to. Milwaukee was a clear sign that maybe Jabbar is not like throwing me out away everybody else's, but had they taken a bead they could have had a bit Indiana subject to paragraphs that is under. Believable what? If that, I think we should mention once a month
It ain't any honest together or even know what that looks like it's crazy, how we get so stupid, drive draft time too, because like when I did my Wigan stuff. Why did it for granted? And there were guys that were like. The very the very minimum we it's gonna be a really good vermeer. Defence supplier yeah, like gave all the stuff, doesn't work out for whatever reason Dagenham going to happen, but we know you can throw him out there he'll be able mba level defences, a young player right away that something you never get from rookies. It has been the complete fucking opposite of that, since he's been in league, and now to the point where it, by the way he wasn't in the game when they came back full held off the warriors, he was fouled out of aviance, maybe it's time to stop overreacting nineteen year old kids. So there's that
but enables the better player hit me. He was the best player in that draft. This isn't hindsight I set. It then need absolute. First, he had anything, people get scared or back thing. What was an attack was back then, but I know ass filthy, what cause. You could figure out what those two cause you wouldn't know who is gonna be in or out depending affect their bid again alike Daniel Harmon was the one who wrote about it. The Lakers admits the paths with their misplaced, even if they trade for a right to be a couple. People asked this question I'll give credit to jeer from does it lets, say: Zion forego the NBA draft right now, the course for the NFL draft. What round? As he gets elected in
He refuses to work out for anybody. He just says I want to be a tight end. The NFL change my mind. I don't want to play basketball basketball, but I don't want to deal with teammates that I want to be on a football team and I either want to be a tight end or an edge rusher, and you guys can figure it out after drafted. What round is it get taken? check spends a secular amp economy here by. I have third round grade my had thirty right, but because you say third round gray, the other teams go. We I can rely on our part taken. We have two seconds stare. I bet it goes in the second round, I'm totally serious right now and I hated it. Forty right I hated the Leubronn would be in all world tight and because he actually doesn't like contact the way he play. Basketball told me He wasn't a football mentality guy. So even I'm sure you put up huge numbers in high school because he was Jia. Huge receiver, maybe No, he was he was good, but whenever dollar brand or diabetes Zion to me looks more like football.
Where he plays you make em an edge rasher tightened. I put on the edge. I may go Gordy Lockdown, just say yeah! Well, being are who didn't money is is run them said. Bucks twitter is currently in the third year of a civil war fought over Christmas Middleton. I've actually a little aware of this who, despite being read on the subjects areas as well fraudulent. Con man, I've ever seen every he arrives at a shape, is one of the street. Is players imaginable? He never shows up and big games except for the Boston answers and tends to coastal crushed. What are the big games? Have they had beside my Boston Series ever in the media, loves him, but he's been benched a few times a year for lack of effort in a contract. Here, please he's. My name is, I fear, reprisals and Christmas, so polarizing The bucks guys it's always gotta fun when there's a little bit of a revisit of like nasty different van bases in the books have some nasty. Did I had tweeting out about the HAWK Sawyer one guides particular was
we are whatever they be. There was constant heard, as they venture guys the enemy like this. Wasn't it use your brain man? This isn't a swipe at the Box Fuckin Idiot bucks. Bucks internet is a thank yeah, totally toad blog good Twitter, some celebrity twitters. I've been Thompson from the Secretary blog. They have great logos, lotta, good design, teen people so overall really good great in the box. But this is an awesome question because I too find myself dealing with representatives. You called yeah. Well, ok, he's gonna be falling then the next, what he needs, but he needs to be there like he needs. The final version of him as a perfect fit for garlic, honest my point: I'm biased Kazi murders, the Celtic, so I can't even look at it primarily be a good projects out the killer for somebody and grant lent her is to identify what about the Ringer way better idea
identify all thirty NBA fan base civil wars. Some don't have em like the Coopers love they're, gonna sell have a few. So who is the number one Celtic some order? It's gotta be carry right, but tat
Mazurka there's we have like multiple wars go get then there's a brand is only the market. Smart right, modest, Martha, Goodman, Brats, evens Adra from Seattle, says in two thousand popular com about envy Petrov. He says as a way to capture the season the transcendence of the envy, pcs yourself, I think it was forty pounds- was the heaviest meaning that the best and Bp Season twenty ethical when fifteen ten five and then one like Derek roses. Two thousand eleven of the high rat one pound trophy here Le Brian the first year. My aim that they want the title like clear forty pounder, I feel like these are twenty pounders. I would go up I'll go the level below
forty pounds further hardened verses yadda, but I think the race of those to be gather feels like a forty paragraph, three together there to twenty banners, but you don't think the winner of this will be like a forty pounds season. Am I not understanding the console or vague forty pansies in Amaze leg, one of the best seven reports of all time having one of their best seasons ever that site. The top of you know that The mouth do still, my over you made eighty seven thousand answer. So do not know what you're gonna do her house harden I still don't know what I'm going to do. Cuz I think's going to win like fifty three games and I don't think he's one of the best seven reporters of all time. I don't know who sells a yearly into hard, and I guess we'll find out at that time. I mind every day, yeah Jack and I have a big to porter coming up. We don't twenty pound- or, I would say other avionic- is gonna sit out games down the stretch and hard in his
though governing going on in China had these different benchmarks. He might actually swing at the last week. Whatever do leubronn to breaks bucks, twitter, Fucks, Chris, bigoted, civil war, get out of the back. I love the civil war I do is get. Maybe there are thirty, but over the heat one B. No table. That will do that when next week, to the heat, one Are we sure, just as windows get point our justice ones will be applied? Are we sure? Are we a little too excited about this justice when something the trade civil war is clearly Andrea? when I am with other animals may be ready Jackson to that's a guy who's on the Reggie Jackson. No, no he's actually good said. You'd be surprised, yeah. About Hawaii, whose Toronto should you bill? Rancey Alchymic? Why you don't need cooperative, see, I'm gonna be awesome
if you leave so I can so I can get it is I mean anything, is who knows with that guy? The funny thing is: there's a reboot for Toronto, where they could make the finals this year or come close. And then trade Larry in the final year of his deal and let go a go to the clippers and then have all this cap space that they just traded get rid of this all like they could. They can reboot pretty easy, we have this on a marker for one year with Larry bring being run more run through Bruno's Thou two years away from being two years away from actually being four years from something. Yet it Toronto be interesting. Summertime is, I think, a wise can live unease wanted then I'll be my bet. I agree. We I mean he's gone. So waiting framed, the Sab really loved her out of this is me, by seven be the reason why there is leaving desire decidedly she's been there's been
No signs at all events, the personal that migratory Bhopal George last year there were there were. There are breadcrumbs three ounces that lake had harmonise I'd like it so much here, I love you, I love rat race westward. I love the smell of Darfur. Next to my practice. So like there were breadcrumbs, he left Aden as Jim Corner thing. He wants to know your thoughts. Old naked guy when they work from the locker, the shower with a tower. But the Taos over there shall they're not over joys about another body. What is the point of the over the shoulder tower in this day and age? Look good, feel good, Asia where the over the shoulder. Why new unity, wrapped finnish Gmail I made the motion is, however, a shoulder. I knew exactly aim was dioxins button in time the jam I can tell just by that email, so, John from say
This goes. I think it's a really like it's a real. It's like a leverage by our le yeah, but here my balls in his mattel at could recover, my boss and ideas that this isn't about. Not here What I need I haven't, I need, as don't use jack from San Francisco says, thanks for making Jim Corner occurring segment in the biggest pad for years. My dad I've talked about starting about the document, the weird shit we see lack rooms. The list includes print, it's almost always old guys blow drawing their balls in front of the mare set up it I'll turn drank those in the sun- and so I say my hat the sauna sitting that done eating a footman. Subways damage on the bench in the midst of people changing that's. Where Will you bring in a sub in? We don't need singing in the shower. I guess that's not equinox even seen sub it. Singing in the shower
I'm starting wonder what kind of work kind a month planned sounds it can not a nation fijian shaving in the sink in leaving behind mounds official here yeah due to do that use it found that must be reserved called the front desk to make long personal folk while they could be visited alone is usually citizen is twenty five hour fitness and, of course, per vessel Landry Naked, read newspapers to be eccentric. Yes, says, on top of that, my dad, you start chemotherapy. Less weakness in the pot has been a great distraction. Waiter, pastime, strap, Mastro, good luck to you John and saves this Father YAP salon baby that anything left out there blowdryer the balls I've heard of that you, gotta Jim? What you have achieved our goal? Is there anything else you at all do let a walking walkin in thinking about them. But when I get you some kind of paint off, there's nothing you're interested in they were entering fifty, maybe linen ass. I live ten, a scarf
Oh, how happy that you're tired you get hurt. I was time to go. I got it. I got out at act, I'm playing tonight. Are you yeah? I was all sorts of. Should I pick up this weekend. I the game it's time for Jim Corner. Unless you want this Orlando magic email that somebody semi your comment, changes wants to now, would you rather tank or fight to be the aid spot of fear or landowners? in general what the value is. I am already on the record as saying I'm off for a trying to make the playoffs versus the difference in the tenth pick in the 13th pick. I would just rather make the playoffs get experience for my guys have some fun with the fans like, I just think, that's more valuable than moving up three spa but some people don't agree, I'm now almost every position I have is did someone who I think is dumb, say something I think it's dumb and then I kind of formulate off of that right. Yeah and somebody says like that- occur.
This is invaluable. You young guy little taste to play off thing in all this shit. I think a lot of that so overrated? I don't think there are moments were gradually came in with your asses handed to us last year. They dig deep. Remember that but it's different right. This isn't the same. You kid just apply for every time. You can't you say, because we get serves As sending a letter, writers lie in a loose people like ours, so stupid, just Tink, Tink Tink, Tink Tink. He fell yet thoroughly tank emphases and even started so a team like Orlando, I think teams it haven't, had any of this in a while and want to feel like there. Even if it's a fake right direction, thing I'm off or Lando, making the plow meet its different. It's different franchise, the void! How long's it been they get. A new leadership and there I like their front office a lot I really do in Ireland has a great foreign office. I think from an evaluation standpoint. I still like watching my guys on a stage. I think it's one thing to be able to evaluate some will again Gordon who have at MIT him for a while, but actually see him in a play
there's guarding yon ass. They say they split with the box one one, and it goes back to Orlando for Game three. Yeah the crowded into it. You know, that'll be like a thing. I kind of want to see how my guys response- I am Pro gopher. I Oh and Lee Jones wants to know the legions she did not Daily Jones, but are these horrific, broken leg? Anko dream injuries? What is going on is this, like a few random things that this happened next to each other or is there some bigger reason that this is happening? Any blames compression pants. I don't think that's what it is. My opinion that we catch Russia, those compression pits. I just think it began
move in ways you ve never seen before and that some of us his landing on other people, but I think it's fucking cause each one is explained above the Heyward thing, expandable pejorative basket. Sport was closer in the thought of the court. The nursing was a fluke like I don't think I don't see any round. We know for a fact, though, that this is happening more often do even now that we ve had four in the last, like four years re pretty. I remember when I was a kid like Bobby workers and broke his leg and that Indiana Championship Game. It was that was the only time murmur of the happenings by entire shouted, so be black breaking something I Jim Corner in the world, I love my Jim, really be about it but some guys there and have when it's all people who don't put their stuff back like this, is having less
for the lot yeah it, but it was just everybody is old and we ve been over the old thing, there's a pact at seventy. They get together. They are fucked him kids and I hope they blow gather boss right naked. Don't ever put anything bad. Tens on squat rack, fuck em, you even leave em on their tuna half's, fuck em, so There's some younger due to doing it at the equinox, though- and I hated it bumps me there's a guy squat set up the other day and it was left with the clip bonds in the whole thing and I'm like women, I'm supposed it and so I did a little bit of a are. We doing here, I'll. Do it every now you're recognisable to that's a bold move. You can't have you're, not ready cause, you don't know its common, I'm just gonna. Look We got here and then I don't eat no one's ever no you're, not at my bad it may,
maybe in the person- could not even be in the room, which makes me a total jerk, because the item reside whatever dude, but it's just hope the person who left it behind fuel just a little. It is a one percent, a shame and my job is done so, there's no way it's an accident now here in the mood you work it out on this machine. You finish the machine, you tell you tell the bench you fix where the weights were before the new on an exhibition. That's the point. If you see, if you dont obey any of the points of that process, year is being ass. A look of you Tell down its it somewhat forgivable. I mean shared desire if you're, Patrick Ewing, TAT, Thou ART, Patrick If you don't, you know, you know, I'm pretty meticulous about it like I try to be really good about it. I guess if it's a sweater high tempo day, cardinals Reed we're locked in right now he knows I'm talking about Emma be I'll. Go around I'll. Do a little menthol tell wiped out, tell them
TAT the men call you eucalyptus thing at economic system whereby snail as you like, but it was this really complicated. Kind of weird lifting were wasn't a straight forty five bars bar. We stand in the middle of the actual thing, end the clips wrong and the plates and address. I got it's an exercise one set just to get all the stuff off, but if your younger and doing it eyes I think you're the words I gotta get actually still use it calculator for Tipp, we'll go twelve percent, as you can bring our waters or you're like bad advice. Dad in the car where there are all the kids are coming back from little league, and you know that the most important thing is a trade in any you. I think I think you the worsening human being, not the trains are really important, but maybe maybe it is now the future there's an argument for it, but during the Atlantic. I really think that
you just sock. Is a guy and there's a guy in my Jim, who, I think, has kind of cool and I've caught him twice, leaving shit behind, but I also think he might be confrontational as I am about it sought on how to handle a right now poppies list. If we listen to him, I don't you listen. What is the most important piece of Jim pop culture content ever that the sad for observing George peace? The shower. I don't. I never run that I saw that guy the airport the other day other women and I wanna do sir appear now. One of the other guys, the guy with the thumbs up. Jesus, remember, which have the short guy worry like it's a thumbs and he's like he's together Jerry cause a phoney there.
Jerry has a good man killer set out here and he was great you so good at being a phoney. In that shown, I saw that the America you ever in saving a k that show your on twenty years ago. Those letters up it should they have gems in the airport. Just talked about this as somebody So you you'd say yes here, but I also look around again Servadac. I look at airports and look around sometimes, and I got out. I don't know it with is our business model where they know less than five percent of people would ever use the gym there. Cuz most people walk around airports. I don't think we're going to use any gym for everything. That's all be like allowed situation rent. Maybe it's part of, like the Delta lounge, relate to the fancy largest, f baby awesome. This is great so next week, which I think we're gonna tape, potentially with the decide whether in a tape after the season ends heading into the plants where we want to do.
Bobby and Middle and actually probably next week, but there is not really a lot at stake here. The last week there's some plan Jack Game, but, like to my: does anybody really care Charlotte or Miami or Orlando based Playoffs, that would be the edge of my seat still trying to figure out what thirty, nine and forty three team is going. No, I don't know, I don't know what to learn like. I think the thunder thing is a problem. I watch fully all the time, and I think I know I haven't I Therefore, I very much for the place. You have a good feel for the thunder. I have a good that I don't like what other liquid up senior. Yes, man, I don't like there's about a spreads, yet the Denver thing. I just think the seasons, long and teams have absent flows, and I don't make any. Anna- what's happening so, however, they finish because a how tough their schedule is arrested away
I think we we already know I'm endeavours. You made a good point of this or that the road record there's a playoff teams in the west to have not average road records. Gold states, terrific, San, Antonio, terrible and everybody else is basically five hundred. Terrible is a bad son. There was a bad sign and Denver has this weird thirteen and three ending of the last time. I looked at it one or two point games and it's like the best record in some of those wins or at home north stuff, and then it's like all. They know how to close or the ball bounced. Where is the shirt sample size? I am wondering if I might tricking myself into thinking that the Denver gets the one c they themselves are taken seriously and take pickup come out the West, because I know I'm not going to. But what does that like? How far will I pick them? I still think I even walk you last year with the controversial Chris Middleton date. I need a second guy in the team that I know is gonna fuckin kick ass in round to,
however, so that mill sap its yet Abu Jamal marriages like making a jump. Is that somebody we're not expecting like a wheel Barton, but you need the second guys, like guys ever arrived or guys. I've been here before on my way to you when your first guy as great as he is still a reluctant okay, everybody get out of my way take over guy and it's not a knock on you'll catch, it's just his NBA in eight days away. Lower the game. Guys is unbelievable. I mean how much fund will be replaced with W fund game for us, the top five most fun guys to play with yoke. It would have to their several cutting I'm getting the bar and the cutting constantly because he might see me make a lamp, so great, a young age, the league when I signed the nuggets and she had loved us back to our cats. Reseller God do a thread. This week I Jason went in coming out Jason wind about to tape him Momo material. There we got things,
thanks so much to disown, don't forget the down there. The or Android app Santa by creating accounts there watching across me, all your devices de Asia and check it out, thanks to a pretty rough, gets get his appeared. A calm, slash bs thanks to mercury requires a selling at that makes a fast and easy to sell. Almost anything. Tick, few picks out inscription boom. Your items listed with buyers the state stuff really cells, everything ships easily there, never any awkward, cleanups find my car and the app store is or on Mercury dotcom that is Emmy R C, a r I carry back later in this week. This is a good back ass. We
until then.
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