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Monday 1/1- 2017 is officially here and The Breakfast Club kicked it off with their daily tell em why you mad calls followed by Amber Rose, Usher and the return of The Lox!

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I love you rat ratchet, set out some the most prominent for when you sell your early. The morbidly drama was young people's choice, people whose bridges? hey, I got a young about- was a real matter ass day, Mass, the angry as the aid has been restored and why you man was bloodless, go go. Why do we are about to do a? U turn
What do you mean? What you will tell you, what it is, and maybe straight cloud Would you may lab in the Euro area? Is a basketball need a lot of his bedroom? I think, like their gradual Abu Dhabi, wherever we were about to have clear of it, do you know, because we would like the underdog they will come in there. They were just like that. You know that a pair of gear, you give it, as you were in the past in IRAN are particularly where you let down a bit like a beat. You bet, I ran upon a lie in their own above tat: Thou rightly nebula, so by a youth, easel, someplace basketball. Sometimes you gotta travel in different areas. What is nor Cleveland San Francisco go allayed
You know you got a deal with the Paris it ain't. No either it is a logical plays the kids blade apparent play and you might have not the level curse, apparent attitude. It happened! Allow this Now I have been very early on the far right to talk about the talk about a will. Talk about me, I'm gonna, be very. His aim is to achieve in our report, we can combat. You can't talk about you being a real and talk about your son is two years old. Go under Kinda guy letter live, hurt, you're right about that, and we ve been studying, and I found myself so you don't know what you're saying fan and a generous sanity We are ready for either the russian. You will not be doing drugs or early boy.
I want my bride, you know you, we were you fraud, I'm sitting David over here right now we have been carried out in all your daddy's plug in Haiti. Got you laugh reboot? Oh god bless you around. We wish you nothing but a breath, even if you wish it well the day is over the answer that I don't know. What have we tell them? Are you mad eight hundred private, five, one and five? One of your upset you need a vehicle is right now is to breakfast club, the moon.
The breakfast club, hey, I got a younger body, was a real matter ass day last the angry ass David ass they passed. I know why you, man was bloodless, go mad because their majority should give me no appreciation grander union over years later I'll get no more. For a moment. I solemnly allows all men of their own group is to listen to when you young boy, your grandfather, you novel the normalization up. I feel you I'm just supposed to do the job. Take care of these babies and there you go wherever you guys. You appreciate What d ya like New York? He actually doing something bigger. I agree that since I am I this guy get away with every bigger.
My job has everything and anything he wants to do. He calls us name called somebody as stupid as ever, and he didn't even trouble yeah. I got sent home because The key word pear. When I got the dragoon Ovum AIR I can see why you did in all would not clean clothes when you get paid clean coal that make for everything to me. That's why you're mad mad job, I ain't gonna, get gravitas their bill, he's making you drive they make illegal. Why? Why are you doing here when my board, it? Dear God, let that Burma society or your brother. That's a good big rather below there. More glow modifying men, are busy. Allow Gary Guy got me away on an outer elephants. You need them. Woman like that. No has, furthermore, did not crackers
if you want to call him a man who could call a man, when did you do it, you gotta get browser is planned. They got a target for two thousand and thirteen got me far from me. What did you do it again, about a male too much. So when I was there for you, you look really my brother they came a guide me for two years ago to what you think you did a crime two years ago. I don't care where they re in recent days. I get it back grace bare legged, you again it overweight. Now you down you ain't gonna, want you back, no more, the only body will, I believe, our Charles Earring they're, not even really lightly. Don't you, like you lie in number one member to at least has arisen that in jail, absolutely
Jackie emails, you let me know when you become about you all about it right now. If you allow me to have a go more later, tell me why you mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset or you need to vent, you can call us, then we come back Amber rose when she's got through in she had a lot to talk about to keep alive the breadth of the morning the breakfast club the angel ye shall let me we are the breakfast club. We have a special guess. What has this morning he asked the woman, I mean loved their instagram. Because the notion that the vote on the end, while I can see why a lot of guys would do that That's good! That's her break the internet web portal. Gonna wagon
Did it with him, but when you did it on a balcony with illegal, organic and spontaneous, spontaneous sir. It was a fine day what was going on in your head. If you like him hosting can dive. Everybody claim that a good work out of that. If my army, you know Firstly, when I go to Miami I'm in thongs earth top lizard doesn't have a key me However, the deadline of at your hearing- and I am sometimes no way I'm with my dear assistant benjy- would you say girl is take- some pictures has a cool. I didn't think it was be. That must have a big deal. You get a lot of flexibly, remove showcase your body, thereby you know it should adopt, mobile them at all? the problem- I let you know it. Ok I'll bet. You do clad back happy because I love you, but let me say: you're a man. You got your time, nobody, I myself for claim mouth harsher because your mom doesn't mean that you can't be sexy anymore. You know, you know
a grannie late, thirty one. I'm still young stole. My prime bash loves his mommy. You know now is not a big deal to him he's not even to yeah. That's a good idea, but you got to be crazy. Not you your divorce! Now they know you're back on the market. Divorce yet now planning legally with technical. Technically I separated bs were separated and at a point in time, is he, like you, wanted to work it out? back together. Of course, he was the love, my life. It wasn't For me for a long time by the little window. I cried it out, cried a lot. A lot like a day every day. I cried and cried, and one Hence the come home, but he's on, he has allowed a life to live, and now that I'm done crying and all the girls, and by the me anymore, as now my time live? Indeed,
Mitchell. You blog you, you didn't want him back is. Are you passed at all I mean I'll never say never has, like. I said, he's the Father, my child, and these are like you guys, go tit for tat because you I do think there bother him as well. I'm sure that make him up. I mean, after a long period of hearing, doing a lot of things to me. Yes, I did some petty cause. My feelings were hurt cause I'm a woman. I mean. Is this like petty lightwood laid it's an outcry, Brown Adele avows? Don't you ever gets about that? I mean I was a kid, but this the dangling Chris Brown family he's, I usually using my brother oh brother back on I'm petty, but it in with someone that I'm actually like potential to be with you know what I mean, so it's kind of like just a little, as I was having a good time. It literally was like the twenty second.
Would you tell me what you think I beg of you can now it was. There was more than a blot was, and what do you take that back? If you could, though, and I have done I do in doing on purpose- it was or so like women with. Together. I would never do it at all, but it was leg. I'm single or late, I'm just gonna have fine you not. I mean that's what I did you really we have three legged you. James and Kitchen literally, is what when you re in of them. Let me show, What's that left what you're thinking we regard as a way of saying yes by now. I just now when something irrational happens, you you then act irrationally, and That's why I've offer divorce he's allowed, at least for your back, and you got you deleted what if he knew them up
I ve got more, we arose, don't go anywhere. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast pouring everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club, Moreover, in a building Ye Lebanon, where you that eating they may be you chains and there's something that you take with ants ability for doing during the course of your marriage, sure I became a mother and I add the club every night. You know down the shots in priorities definitely did change Bashar AL. You got a lotta male best for it. We have a problem. Of course you ll ably. That's my baby. Don't outweigh the good man as my baby. It will not be a little and secure the Quincy's them before, I even met with some that comes with it, I mean that's my baby, the geographic cut off people that you were friends with even before that, like ok, if I make this work, I got is taboo:
and with certain people in jail for anybody that ever like cares there had sex with. I definitely didn't offer them anymore. I, when I got my husband, we get them and I will now. There was a guy just tell ya. Now I'm dating Ass old ass. I think everyone does that when the into our relationship is out of us is carried out oh yeah, that's why I mean I'm on the type of person were when I really care about some one leg analogous Ariel monogamous, I can only does not one person when I really they just care about them? You keep it in good, though give everyone will tweet another daddy, tweeted tools like a huge weapon. You lead Thank you. Take them like a really no thanks, but would you said a UNESCO now, I then because he was mad that cuts the fashions here I got.
There is no use it did they don't have a dab, dab dab both to take his firm, negative, ok December. Ok, this argument now knows more about her customary already right, we're in this particular case, because I was mad because my son has alot of hair and he's. Strong little boy, so I always had a deep condition has here in a back when he lay on it and he's not have in it and by himself bring one. It was dark energy like mad a month, pine camp. Easy one has here to be long island They are to be more aware, the boy, neither haircut among a walk around with my having to dread in the back of his head on with their withdrawal, Asia, where you gonna talk to me before we take our time any said no money they were, but my sound was in pain. No point it was sitting here. Does my baby? I'm angles. You must then in pain. That explains we'd with Twitter when he said ah woman, who would do something to a kid, despite decades, Father progress, I am, I think,
with the stated, as some have already got a pandemic paddy So why are you doing you get petty when you, when you still asthmatic the caravan Asia Ambrose, don't go anywhere is to breakfast everybody. Envy AIDS leave Charlemagne regarding the breakfast glove, because press who gets in a building They do my motive. I mean really of excessive debt and congratulations on the new housing really enjoyed it. I know you put it out early on title. I dont tyrants. I had to listen to a constitutional. Where do I know, I'm sorry, I already have apple, I already happier Pandora use. You have ample you'd have time, because I have too many ready. You did you just say. I'm back would say that we would have liked I will is us appreciated, like he needed to be
all you, none in music been around his ninety four. Are you appreciated that the questioner? and ass. You say, and I mean it, it is obviously says a lot. The I've been as long as I buy it. I mean I'm out of I'd. Do it! For that reason, I do it to celebrate music. I do it can celebrate the culture that I come from a minute and I've been a lot of places not at all study in New York sailor. From from that I made my recommendation would often Atlanta as a released army, music and readily music. In a way that I do, you know how to bring every body back again, Even when I can't I went off to being path, and you start, you know, try another other. I was music another spade HOT Yang Emilius Yea Emmy, but that everybody does in the one good thing about it is that I was fearless in doing that became a relevant thing for artists,
It's a departure! Disarmed me about that! This item is gonna. Bring it back to the Senate, made a conscious decision to go towards my uncle give we listen to the radio right now. Everybody sound like a land abandonment, you from New Jersey, Brooklyn. Where are you from sound like a line of today? The fact now I thought about low limit the single, yet we believe that it catch all immediately and I took a minute, then everybody wanted mass appeal erected on nobody from no limit somebody's building now so that it will be chemical. I mean it will it was quoted to be a part of what piecework annoy is now he's Canada. When a document area around no limit record in this kind of what it is to be an act of war, no in the south and in August, for like a discover amenities, it is gonna like a tribute to Are you two winner in an airway irregular written about mastery is happening. Use him as a metaphor. Why? Why not for beyond? Like get ideas? Sound like you, I why don't you see that
get a day like this, you like you like, we are there there's. No, we don't like these. We are like that, moreover, is yard. You like, as you like, they get a y, know them in Tokyo, a man is, so you have historic labels there. There was more Often it was eleven with no limit to me felt like where we were in a sound like this is it's all about gettin reconnecting with the people in energy and am saddened, and then I brought the day is said to the table. The record was what it was to be able to start moving again and invasion in celebrating the movement in I'm sent us that's what it was more for me, you think too early in your career. Would you like us? You still got. It was the video watching you dance and I got to look at it. I mean a you know. You know gaheris dead, they went They will migrate with who say they would Prince said in an honour for me, I feel like I'm. Twenty eight like you, never heard a little bit flow, potluck
What did you do? It is all about Caesar was, I need you have themselves on here that our very nostalgic, through which I see as really popular now with some of the new art, is kind of donor back in some way. I think that all late, Eightys and Ninetys you no kind of game, you lose region. I had a departure, you know just just from music. I was tryin different spaces. Counter workin on different things and allow myself to just be you know, does explores, must, as I possibly can, and then you know, asked are looking at some of the things are not going to stop using some of that as well in life. You know where you can't look at yourself in the mirror, and you like man, I'm going to be hard to love. I ain't been. I ain't been the back that your ex wife
but I knew tat. My love without that title is perfectly literally gathering a guy's face now said he and I will make you really big your hard to let them I e. If you have a lovely you you, you have, and I mean it now. He ought not to everybody. You mean by tat. We love you me big bad ever somebody's close to you. If you want your very transparent and your music would guarded in real life and for me not really enough for the most part I just in, though at any. I can't live with my book open in them. Scientists like near there is what is congratulating pathway hanging.
Car on the work of saying it was big without surprised, you seem like a came out of. Nowhere does wonder we can. Apparently I'm gonna give you events and I wouldn't want to surprise like do they have the partition of some sort of France have to begin to start to go to the process of raising the funding, my fans and reason adapt, and it could have happened. You know used before, but I think that this was the perfect time it sent his may really amazing year. Man, like start with going out, go to state and went in with the calves thread and eleven year, investment with them level, sneaking investment you yeah sneaking eleven years sniggered right, however, that I was gonna happen dig a final: did you think that causes anyway people only remembered his success right, so we can have him now can have
and in the idea of what happened before because leave and has now. You know China made the full circle today. Our hope before you know it, when the broadest, I believe, can go to Miami our stood air and include Did you, Baroness Geraghty course not. You know and once again a perspective of me a high de la himself, but you know listen now, eleven years later, we got an incredible theme ring that go with it and look of what you gotta leave. You have a thing about showing you ve taken today when the Brahma NA ha.
It is important to be a black honour. I mean, as it relates to be in a pot of an incredible group. You no doubt jumped ship meaning and they will carry came. I got a great before WHAM, but it is hard to be a good business in a made it wasn't. There wasn't a decline in that way of sand who still uses popular injustice is successful in and in efforts at a team work or what it in a rebuilt. And then, when labelling came back. He just became a continual conversation about what we're gonna do to continue to build the inexorable initially a thank you thank you, for I haven't had hoped nice place to the related had inveterate. You notice me in a box of nervousness, instead of looking at it like actor, it is decided that I was gone for the gloves on in in train. Like an actual box I spent about a year. Eventually she really came put the finishing touches on making sure that on exactly what happened in the two
ice between he ever broader Doran nodded. Did you spa year on everything you can play basketball grave, whereby debased by you can't play box the insane when you put in the ring- and you put them gloves on you- put the pads on you. For now, and I want to do. I wanted to make sure I could handle myself. So our box would images at injuries, but aid, actually Africa, but that they had to complications you ve always worked out and bidding goes to the imo in August was up here. He was saying how, when he was onto our way, You, how you can and had to tell him. Listen! You gotta work out again jam be healthy amount. Me like a man's. What all the money in amendment? No seven! It is I mean if you gonna travel on IRAN, and I did so. I showed him too, like others that we do in order to keep it up. People read Keaton I ve got more with us. When we combat keep in life, is to breakfast locomotive breakfast.
Morning, everybody is beating the angel ye. Shall I mean a guy. We oughta breakfast club as it is in the building where we nobody knows great you ve been around, as was fourteen, in my home country. Why? You never got great? Could it wasn't a social media? Oh, I think that we all go crazy and mine is a matter which you choose to show social media alone. Category and opportunity. While I'm a bit, you ya, see me in Indonesia with pain and the appeal of employers molly by looking at my pain, his eyes were stolen and the picture to again was another Russia, you keep it in you. You thought I was. I listen, I'm glad at a motorcycle and had him if you have an emotionally earlier. That means- and you can see the penis, then you're gonna, those like a shadow out there Yes, I like pieces, do you ever think about how you can receive a comparison
coming out of the ILO, the emotive. How did it happen to you haven't been on Oji moment? You know something down in our dishonor. He was an original models they re now than ever get a link. Ashes penis expose I'm gonna. Get it right now in this great issues, I, when I left now you did this radio proves that you know cause Zurbaran fan. Whose names I was no work very I'm at any negative way. Don't be too headliners is that you will have to learn what you did you bigger with funny away? Oh my god. You say you know what I just can't some. Sometimes I use New Hampshire, the kind of like a lion in a look in my life Monday. That was
My name is that when you pay homage you like- and I started with Geraldine now deeply regret. They are right in real time on a communist said, regret. Is there anyway, red with the legacy of you now talk about me regretful that now that he's my Abby MESSENGER, but you won't be with me anyway. I really mean it s been a process like the the our main about is whether we are in the same were were made. All right man did you listen to music. If you hit a contract to get out of town your woman talking about some of the things that men are doing right, so men have to kind of go to the transformation. Will they finally get it? You know, and if you look at my life in our allotted has been doing things. I've done it even the greatest, so you knock that's what I'm animal rivals. I just wanna strain it out. You don't mean in a man's favorite phrases. Can progress. Men always say when they must have the ability to listen,
the progress made, but don't you love adieu? Who would just say that I was to lie in dislike now you re wrong. You eat when me crazy. It now on it now. And I think that that was plotted to give back in arms in and make should it may have that count erected to make it a lot easier to get over an ad hoc which is having the compensation in the event that a thing board women. Yet what why that there's, no reason there's no logic behind you know who have chosen to spend my time young women. They like at a variety you know, but when it comes to aid is no limits The fact that the area they limit? None? I dare to download some now god what have I got? You started in the game early so allotted period. Are, they couldn't relate to what you want with me. I mean my facing a with Canada waiting. You know, Santa fourteen. His own. What the hell did. I know about any, but not any new ideas in a just choose in
they start, who I know our resonate with an economic we ve been getting into Asia. Anything specific decide to use the net with somebody you in, a load. Women to vary the Bell woman crush me like an pass. You want him back. Yes, I'm gonna go how he got off. It implies a Harvard banned it. I would have you found intended. Secondly, coupled values I just like. We have tat Mamma Mamma. If man I'm like bright, not my fortune, mama that they do not like I'm debate issues, backbone, fabulous. Nobody say this avenue. Heightened I mean the process was, was person knows in candidate transformation? being open about and hard to love and how to yet, though he Delgado, and he is gone on her alone are now
it hard to love angels, necessarily cheating, it's just kind of getting through the layers of put all these blocks up. When you go through, you know, life's changes, I went to a divorce. It ain't, like I kind of, have met, had you know one hundred percent, like relationships all the way across the board? So with all that, I made it very difficult for a lot of women. I was hard on you, man. I think the blame yeah, I'm saying I think the blame for the things that I cannot win through important. I will take all of it, but I can count on my part validate like how to woman trust you now, because you still I'll show. You talked about a lot for these rather than using Yahoo. I do trust on how to drag it in your router, and you still industry club is those who had a how do they still trust us. Even those of a window yellow door opened of our messed up. I told you what about all I mean, I'm just I'm just be an honest for me. Now
Mr Nielson, I said I'd lily, daddy, I'm free, but you are definitely harder. Yeah dealing women don't take responsibility enough. I apart, I think you do. I think that probably do morning you need to- and I think there may be- a man don't necessarily understand how to save. I think that we both speak differently. We could be saying very clearly in you, don't get it so would like when you bring it down too much like the simple is common denominator, makes it easy. It makes. The conversation easy to cannot move through will compensate India, which is only of couple black boys say that is how it all right, if you found no prob ly boy too young black men be applicable Eu Mobility, the impression of having this you have to sign up. How do you damn damn boy, maybe a company
Why do you have to your black stones right will come? to deal with them about everything is going on because everything is also now China hiding holes. He wrote this book. He wrote a book to sign in then maybe you know I'm talking about me, the world of me right so great book. After reading that book, I then begin to understand the reality of how important fathers are for kids right through. We have to be able to communicate with our sons and make them aware and prepare them for the world. That is judging me.
They are living in a different space and time and while the reality that there is somebody out there who has the right to take your life, you should be aware that a situation could escalate. You know and you should be responsible in a moment to stay alive. That's the whole point, stay alive and advice. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of anger. If you look, it was one on an effective nobody able to stay. The course does major conversations about what happened was look on and will look in. Those was he was gonna would travel. Martin was who was going on and with this court cases, and then it cannot go back to the next loser substantial if it is really up to us as well as men. Fathers about children too, had a conversation had owes difficult conversations with them and let them know,
is what has happened here. This is a reality where you live. This is how certain people feel you know. In my case, many they have many causes people to think not only hang out with they know they ve been around the world. I ve seen people heard other people speak of dialect, so they re they respect their respectful and himself. And respectful of bugs I'm going to say that, because I mean me growing up and queens, I'm so you going to south you we had. It was nothing but black, kids and my kids is a little different. Tell him about racism. They looking at a kind of different like now by God of the only by girls. Glad you like MIKE you literally. My goal is not solely a little different through my even if they go to your shows you shoulda so diverse. You're talking to him. Do they really get it? I mean their young boys.
And the growing to be conscious, young men from Santa among certain you know in what I can say is while I have them and my care on preparing them to be mindful men of the war that they live in and the reality of what their life looks like to make sure that they understand history mission. They understand was not written in textbooks. Maybe they understand who they are, where they come from, what responsibility comes with what they have, and it may not necessarily be theirs. They may be judged me her, but also money may say something my commonly any wider life, whether they come from by what do you say? My leg was that one year, but that's what we had it We in a really really odd balance. Right now. You know the man, I love them. While I got them as long as I have them just text him as much as I can ask, I want to ask you the same girl would actually you can start.
Yeah go somewhere brokers and when we do that, we will you concern if you may think the same girl with thirty Of course, get out, and I would ask you to also many makes. Let me know your favorite us to joint right now at dj envy the breathless locomotives. It is these be Charlemagne, we are the breakfast club as she is in the building solemnly now. Can we talk? you're. Always you ruin, because memories the tv show how to allow always ruin a grown, as parliament has had a long talk with us. It is a lesson for all. She got this long, checklists happy now they say
it made an economic area. Don't notice that can is that in a freeze it out you for a try, the hollow and also with which you there was this. You think I ruined surely through the media, are checked on what you really want. It certainly was really journalist who gave it a long time ago. I'm sure it is then other things. Definitely that happens in thought and have to be assured. I want less immunity Pharaoh in her running out. What have you? Not only did you ask about yeah anyone there You said. I now hear that that set out by some of you have grown up the do something like that. As part of the reason I was running and I think that data that their relationships served, you don't you gotta come ahead, he got a previously.
Like a food realise that our motto below ten million record so at the energy issue, It does not know what you are about to men when you made your mistakes, the own up to then you're a big responsibility and learn from them. So about does not get caught her by you. Don't do it Charlemagne if that is done, one the old man. If you go to them time and employment should be honest, all men have their timing mean, there are things that we have to deal with. Women will never understand it. You know you don't have a the young man before we all we don't know that about you, you guys. Don't we would you mind, uneasily, understand everything, my machine I saw which fine figure right this connection.
Between man and woman. You gotta snapchat mega from this new financial. You know that now is the time he had always. What I mean is. It is something about that insecurity there may at times makes it a bit. Not only in and around was it then if you'd see and you dont get Clyde that you shit in town. Damn right, but some people felt like man. I feel so guilty about this. I feel like I need to go to my significant other, be like I made a huge mistake. This is what happened. So, what's your advice on if you cheat and don't get caught, should you confess I said you just arrived and I make it through the guy who puts it in his music right. I'm like a cattle deal, muzzle no illegal brokenly recording.
Something s army, UK really get around that eventually you go see the baby, but people have said, is very selfish. It now like tat because I believe, your girl, but that it makes the other person feel terrible. I disagree. I think that if you are trying to move forward in a relationship, let it come from your mouth, so the person is you wanted figure this out, because there is a reason why you, while you wanted as a reason why you had a moment why she or you get ages guys either by the way women on em on it too. Have they learned more now than ever had none of them when you? That is, how could you be whether women are treated annual growth survey? Like I made a huge mistake, whose went. I must have written, I guess forget it I'll put that you got money to have a baby I've got a whole manner our university and emulate the bigger. The judgment,
Red Megan in your twenty plus year career as an ordinary man? It echoes what this territory always make an energy. You always listen to amuse occasional, always kind of collaborating. I think that this is probably one of the hardest places for writers producers to get money. You know something about having a hit recognition for like you needed, but collaboration is what gives you perspective. So when you begin to work with other people, then you get you go farther obtained a net. Appleby is the hardest thing. Is when you, when you finally get that way it is not just our me. It is collaboration, it is the people that are helping me understand, see things it may be added catch. Put in a word with you, if you dont Ewing, I had a long journey,
and then I heard you refuse any Asia alive show, because there are people, even those who perform live in your leg. I relevance at our homes, but then, if he be easy, perform live in his leg. While I was a great experience mean, especially because Spain, that forty dollars pretty manpower, whatever cost- is supposed to your fervors lever, you won't you want him to show up for you. What do you think People laugh so now is seen you before. I tell them my artwork down now. Work is hiding from menu in performing dad's, much always right, but I'm gonna ever seen us what about two years ago that I have had the will and he walked in room in like a path clear. He danced all away to the volume. How do I wanted by the press do you all of you and I we readying oughta, give me now, but I'm I'm, I'm a bit disappointed the latter. I'm very despoil. Allow shows a matter disappointing for the creative directors. Could they get paid a lot of money to put the light Can it make you discover Justin Bieber it? for you to leg pick another
just now because of the success I had success, has a million fathers is a ton of people who were part of Justin Bieber's discovery, scooter brought it to me, people, as does not necessarily to business that I have been here. You know I've been more focused on continuing to keep music and, if I do hear anything, an artist poems and find my collaborate with them on my helped, helped him it mentor them. I'm into a more people, and you would ever know any. The artist, if you name right now, probably no one mentor and talk to him the irony is Oji that they got. You were now trade is along with Sri Lankan all right until it right into Miguel. Definitely committee I mean, did you did ever you mean it is about you know to give to the tree? If you, if you have some perspective, when not often say increase Oliver me or I may say about us now, something as nicely
you never know when we appreciate you join with the outcome. The aid through your our hearts, love out right now. Are we proceed to think on the brink of collapse? I was born and I don T mean TAT. Carry brown kid of white in the twenty other good who are rested at once. Will alabaster recently after drop trap got ready. Now. I know you think Charlemagne vandals get raided every day, be it in fact, probably sitting and right now with them into the breakfast gloves: mocha blunt paranoid of health, food, all drug dealers who lifted a breakfast. While we appreciate your support now the reason these but this house got raided, warmed, my heart it
my heart, because I gave them see Gigabyte Gould. What I mean when I say you go buy. Goods is a case. Then You know you real street. Word on social media, ok, I know trap boy got smartphones too, when I drove in an era where you absolutely positively under no circumstances talk by industries of wonderful. In fact, the boys now won't talk on the phone, but for some reason I think it's safe to tag tweet. I e g snap tat are put their crimes or facebook. Why people think law enforcement don't have social media? I would never know, but at this point the FBI Ba Mighty. Well, just you know well FBI. My vote is therefore facebooking. Instagram, okay, Thank you live. Wasn't divisions should add you as a friend as soon as you posted meant something incriminating online. Ok,
so you naughty come. Can you imagine net FBI just biology notification? Audit on I D ages added you as a friend Lord, have mercy cancel Christmas, but you do committing crimes on these platforms is making is so easy for law enforcement to do their jobs, and now you know why Terry Brown and the twenty members of the crew that they will all sitting around the dough bows they had. A gun with them and they didn't decided Dorothy video, no rap video with a bunch guns in the Dope House. That's early! Two thousand these goals had another bright idea to make that illegal distribution go digital. They decided to do a mannequin, shout manic but not just any man in his hours of gaiety, decided to pick a dry by shooting in a video which is both in our Facebook in early November. It shows a bunch dues point guns at each other. All in frozen provisions, Madison County Sheriff's office, Captain MIKE's, Download nasty, I think you're not listening. He said to video prompted investigated to begin gap,
evidence and by evidence they mean to shed a u to link around the office, and then they secured a worn out the watch video. They went to kick the doors of the ages. They found two gun arrival Anna shot gun along marijuana and ammunition, knotty arrested, kin of white, forty, nine and Terry Brown? Twenty three can, if you almost fifty and you still indiscreet, committing crimes doing managing challenges in both in a more social media. What a young boy don't know, no better than the old you don't know, no better than most alarm thing to me in his video that he was twenty. Two people write. All mankind would only Toby arrested and they only found for guys if you do too thought math. If twenty more people out there, I didn't get arrested in eighteen guns that still need to be confiscated with me. Somebody had to call all these Google will do a mannequin jails. Usually when you round of twenty goes you really going to the club when you round up twenty, and tell him bring a gun you going to war. Well at least the way
to be now when you, God, when he goes over, if demand can challenge, imagine that phone call Abraham through Bring Uganda is going down. Man, I'm Tellin, you we but take you need our dog, I'm Tellin, you D think they plan would bring Uganda a mannequin showers go stop everyday life, as we know it has turned into a dromedary. Ladies and gentlemen, what happened in unquenchable Alabama seemed like something that would happen or Donald gloves you show a man all you thugs, goons DE boys, out there don't go Jason Instagram Life in you. Two views just stick to call came selling in dry by shooting that you used to. Please give Terry Brown Kin of white in the other twenty goals, who got arrested for doing a mannequin showers in hospital the biggest? U please, Does the greatest its data still investigation, which means they still looking at the Youtube link? Looking at the Youtube video China identify who's, who wanted to come lock your ass up.
All right, she's Prescott their Oliver Instagram yesterday they mannequin challenge that they were doing other those creative rights creative, but about a hundred million dollars in point going to reach a new family Let me give you our mental model is dumped the jacket. Everybody is these. Usually you Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast club. He got his pursuer abroad and Bello my early more from a beneficiary of now even act unilaterally. Multi would create jobs in the morning of green tea. She going to great yeah real, quick. Well, congratulations! Thank you, but about damned ten years will be America, then the lovely myself I'll. We're really really excited greatly cept. Here we are like the funds that we heard. We try to get like a low, a ban.
The average, but the link with the workings of the roadmap are ready to do whatever of what we have been. Sixteen uses, the lab Luxor known of mass ashore this issue is regrettable and math is a challenge to all of you know a lot of honest they'll minded life on the rails over this deals with interested in a large project. Twelve years in bringing things to the table, it isn't that was to be heard. You say you don't owe me like. We We know we all go. Asia was projects solo. When are we going to do d block work? We always going to support each other, but you don't want to keep doing something that you work hard to get out of a situation and put yourself back. Then it changed. Situation in you, don't mean, as were the initially basically Canada, so we kind of one of the owner of the aid you don't gotta get. Your point is the sixteen years ago that we create lock. You already know J D give she there about me, the last you gotta,
You know I ve really know the large right as vital as one plus we ve been There we ve been dont like, like you, said, mobilise projects and all kind of stuff that we still we tribute in La Yo has the reunion fail and all of it, ain't reunion fascinate. No, like young glad you get back together. I never felt that way. How is it that nation gas jacket that you guys that, like I was a great situate corners, would have The situation like he's. I only meant only a masters in all that you not a man in your proper money. The streams in all that, like us, idle exclusive, What was the different? We like, I guess, the blood you know when, just in visuals workin on each other with the black like honest there, we know we're trying to put out no kind of stuff like that. The Lahti noted is there as reliable as deadline is like a cop, the islands but a lot of group homes in jails in us. Unfortunately, by your family affair, the lights go out,
produce like me, you know me, for it is these rivers, my solemn guys, Mars words like Aluminium Rebecca, extended family? Is I spend here that an end is that when we come in and again we understood as the locks diagonal from going to us wait. A minute you know just want to always be the odyssey. They, like you, wanna, ask where you can see. This is my ownership of the label. Would you want to put yourself in the position to be all right somehow, somewhere, I feel like the what else you need to know record you guys, as in any age old question that I log in of you, could placidly ask, and I reckon all act as we did when you did he had escaped, on average one, and I love you. I am saying this. As you know, your report, action of kennedys questions we go on in autumn, but here we get the same question.
We all would have allowed only answer that I never told you can t only ass, a God knows today. We know that, but I didn't know, did you thought the Benjamin's whack? You told a story like us away from its citizens on him. Messi was in there listen absorbed in all three of us work. Then it was like No one is eurozone. How would you know it all? I really know she was right: genocide, We need a vaguely. You know she danced Madam I lose this goes. We let go you spit. Re enemy is reversed. This should be done at once. Put it but a joint vision are all of us issues like you re his verse. You say that you want to listen. That's out of stock in both through the motives for elsewhere. Ready we will put it to the site was labs everything he. She meant. I remember all those local produce on a business. You know where she was not an emerald busybody integrated
about it would work for you. I will later be even one about my related Abemy records. What you say about that the biggest regularly history were now. The bag. I like Amazon yoga. Does money about bag well now, without already anyway, through the guy that I really like version of Asia. Minor bags, though I like Marie under Eve easy. You know that in the joint I was just talking about what you know. I like those who stood backfire like nuclear, yeah, but I like, when people can keep a charter that had it came, but also just Bob and do other things too, and so that they know what's goin, you know we introduce myself is allowed for. We can come and see you know of strictly off the vibe from the nineties respect
You got respect beyond youngboy this date. You noticed a time they got the same kind of music with our main US on what you got. Do a joiner too. You know respect in the times. Did you guys, educate Irian overjoyed? You guys are two kids had Avonlea language. I think about this because I know I can tell us where my Sunday said: they're gonna made. Am I got it? I gotta get it. Do you have a rigid aware that maybe I go secular Southern schooled ourselves that what you think about the register much owes money where Eagle he called apply common and NATO mall? studies to his review, logger eleven p M, Let me just add that your limitation, as you said boy kilos with bad boy miss you
with this part of the story, the book, the boy I mean eventually, eventually, both in the movie burden, has definitely Arabians have as one hundred percent. Knoebels Multi leg in the rag like all we rapid now we goods yachting array bags, it's gonna be ended with junior fled mentally sure you, you know you Eddie Joy, five minutes friends. Doing in there the business like a business, we did for years that we may jobs in Pakistan. Jobs over those just I was pressed thought I was early early guys. I've got a job will be couldn't do whatever no more. It gains that does when you're in all I came out, we couldn't it was possible.
Later we going out, we might add that I got through we ve got loose, gives real parvenu is. Are you notice be stupid? Did not get it up Y know what our job like. I know that you don't know maltese monosyllabic two years ago, There is only one thing with an arm: it wasn't like a mad of songs and cameos an arm and videos on him all made them just here. When it wasn't it wasn't. No, worried, I shall no mistakes are on when you got packs again repeated thousand vague, like AIDS, but no law. Let the logical give me was large reactions that you gotta eat. You already started eyes morning: everybody's dj, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club because some special gift in building relax now ye who came over the title, Filthy America.
Collectively. We was now never walk in and yeah. You want your styles dogma and I was like a beautiful is beautiful. The discussion about like an election and all that definitely lightnings over definitely plays part of any part of it. But I'm not a political project as ITALY is not pollute. Not a conscious, album, edges ages really plays onto how we, day by day and things we go to a sea like you know, it is definitely a beautiful place lightly in Rome. I now black people why people kind of people it's getting late and smoking we too small to gather drawing together have good conduct. Vision as a beautiful thing. What have we leave aside these happen? We argued Moldova is gonna, be a differ. For each one of us like people like retreated different, then away people ass, a filthy thing, but it beautiful the fact that we could get along. We could talk about had socialize, but sometimes you can the work and you ll see none about.
But they that happen. Looking at a coal work, oh you knows tension in the air. You know you know you got different. Political views differ, lie views, but you just He bore no, unlike in don't you a body as a big brown or net motive of jaded did why right now be like why I would want you have called you. They talk to trouble you feel about that was gone in Saint John Lennon. No, I mean I pray. Ok, whatever you go into a visa even going to sound in every faith in what I mean is appraisers, give back the making their music there. We love, making put all of us growth in terms of the work in the studio, allow one of those things that I need something to done a lot to say. I think, as you know, we give to people too much power. Why do we really know eyes? Musician easily have have duties, not bouquet,
Why do we care about no disrespect, the guy, those lovely which wellbeing get that money really so important? And then, on top of that, if the hours the world we all everybody would say with his frame last week, mine slip them in order that wise people then go speak which want. Why do we care about what you say which, while everybody- but it's not even want to me? What am I do so either? but you have mornings. Painter was relay that might have been just a whitewash. Will you ain't paying attention? It was gone on his hand right now the places lay, so we might be real careful boat no one on this page, you'll all around us thought ahead and eyes and ears, ok and our President lagoon owners in this respect, but the president a hip hobby present in a black people. We he's a great. They know makes great sneakers Stuffily armies had him,
So my guided him me in strong call for so much need away like, even if he is in a pillar is apparent rapid needs. No disrespect was better than by no less than thirty thousand predators like you know, I know how many black people we are locked up. So it's like we sleep all the way around a boy laden with better stuff. In Amerika right peoples in the period while we gotta keep picture from a choice and you believe him home, no Having said this, we love, we love always brings a poor right now about energy. You suppose the bullet voice, your word and everything may send over. We argovie both that man anyway, I'm not good at so my kids, a web, no I'll give you in school
I know I know. I know I used to come up with some reason. Why now Madeline will one day become a no go? You only give me it's all candidates. No you don't understand. I mean like worse than a horrible duties, a piece of ground. Not Boeing is going to marry me. Let go what's wrong, not David. If we make a deciding on their numbers are lacking people were my wife, there was a mighty good. I say I'm just saying rang and Kermit thing. I do see govern issue when the people I'm gonna go back like me like no like that Like we're everything in life. In Elsinore like me. Your bachelor, you got you when they both pieces. Regret you ain't gonna, take them. One of them.
Any version you got swooping you it's not like that, would not always rapid either way you gonna get one of em, whether you gotta God, you're gonna get you got inside an issue, whether one need so do you gotta have both use. You gotta, you gotta everybody does that the protests are guaranteed ain't. They all aim to run a puppet of Europe. Now you protest here that the last night we rely on the vote, see minutes, We hope and I would certainly not soldiers that all of these opposition. We haven't the people voted for Hilary. The latter will vote, which is how many votes seventy without using sending away too familiar to seventy two one abandoning sunlight there. How does seventy overpower me
is like a menace. Knowing that you want to completely ignore them about it, you gotta wait, do thought that about can play in all day. Live alone. Is nothing like you, here's what you say. America that maybe we need no voting system. Like you tellin me, no use people voted citizens who live all across the land. We do not have more than two hundred and three hundred and seventy people you made available What parliament deal you people the area I don't know you talk about what I don't play and allowed some minimum standards are why do so because it was able to learn, is political? Will we always used to secure style? Doing
California. We, I wonder why she was alone that, as a random, William pride in those miss them do other things than You go to many wild fowl bag. And then and then do a miss them joints and I felt a wave of for some reason of his, including they call you like I'm industry to your jailer, will you not think Army would dare to call? No man is not, but there was not enough, but he's gets our socio sociable, only those said to come right, glued to dabble, more or less energy Let me also
we got a little better, but you used to be a hundred percent when they are two of the people. To talk to me, I got this come out and give you must whether we call if you buy throughout Europe, it was taken. It is serious about not an answer that I wasn't thinking into serious as they immediately there s only plans to do this, and that not only should anomalous money this guy. There was always talk about like souls and had them other plans with that kind of stuff I was I was like now go just the lock and some old boy hit was like Ogilvy, I'm somebody one hears are you? So you know a bit this popped of my so hard to achieve. This was always elite. What it and in what I didn't want to do anything, but it was actually you may he was looking like wonder what do they want to do anything, because what is your Father Party were not alfalfa that himself? That's
part of your getting jaded white cream. One thing add some mighty reappointed bag. While we re used to send a refuge, secondly, will the commission why I had got wow stuff to do There was every thou, broadly indeed, maybe did we re they screwed, though, over the last will become bad? Keep it lacked, is the breakfast logo morning. Morning, everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club, we got the lax in the building, I mean what an old covers. Issues like Iraq made no glee I'll head classic hip, hop beast talk about a the new wreck. Long conversations Bessie well like he could go for a while this chopping up and reminiscent ominous. While we should move in a certain way and its net
small guy, but it could be hours of their job and it I've been threatened by respect each other today. My long loan ozma is all. When it was really real, which are delaying when you got one irregular. We all wanted just ravening loyal, was rarely fightin ride, with guns exact, whilst the only mechanism you want they want. They listen oil used like Godaddy. No real beef track, ordain a real disregard legacy, because these are you gonna make em like that. That was the one arm. Was the meeting with while it is different, because while I again not illegal general, none other global now, but I think this was an appeal in November that wasn't like that. I'm gonna deity was rigid. We use the humanism brevity, it was respected. I mean ass. They back my pig meat said Julia respect. I nodded limitations that Eliza and things you say, and people get very upset. If you
Oh sure, maybe if I wait for me a regionally in Asturias, because the all that thought you would have put into that saw some, it's gone and means in videos in this in that in things at an age and every moment about. You haven't a beef which Turkey, without that you set it on, let alone a low roll out of some of those we win. When, in fact, it is almost always previously above, like back that about people refused, so it would help the bourgeoisie club in words, data. We had a key item. Show me, we was that as the body and then we children then on leave out again, then I guess I, on Taiwan, lobbying called tens yeah they fight
Would you like to go back in the club? Dinner was greatly is always man's. Security for five will fall There was a crazy outnumber every life for them on each one large, whether we speak of it could give, another way in a blog about what we can- and I made it plain I am you gotta go around the Tele. They couldn't weaker than nice, rumble who love? So did you miss Allison change because they always, I would have been out of no better or another row over. You know it is all right now all the same way way way.
No one previously by the auto l, a man bob, I'm old enemies why it never will slow down. This is necessary, but that doesn't always onto that. Always, although he bought the lever militarized known, I tried to apologize for why I'm holding my God, I'm amazed, saucy bomb, be cut back those not Hermes, love me. We weigh it got you out like this hour feet, but when my hands up this look, The word came, help me were mommy state and we just started scrap and he knew it was all big by he's in hard hit? Is my little eyes was heard, but back then now I'm crazy. It was well grown. A flight of steps led guy I'll. Even now. The reason I'm serious
I've been prosecuted, uses Garcia, alien to the trick. I've seen it as well wriggle one day ring on his own we went over there job it up now. Is it member of the world, or even that would mean a college by being able to leave the city, why they followed no people folly then, and then in all wailing would have, or is there was leaving a level my feet Leguminosae, definitely loss logging heavily didn't have an opera is all about and they don't August. Where the people see me lie yea all girl, but I wasn't really
We had a lot of ways. Is our God is good that we must now begin earlier on in my lab, we believe- and I go up my first found me fifty was at the free to constitute a home for the peace we jointly those out now you know, must we went at each other. We never ever crossed levity ever on a ragged yadda went out of you back then in the autumn, and I'm you name it There is the guiding principle has rather grown offers made. The beer would have been no guns involved in it are always I do not want to be on the record. You said you had. Your daddy was guns invite I was really so my wooden went down, to be able to tell it to the ground. It is all about it s right of the planet,
I got to do with this backtracking about how the cost of beef and Veal Healy nourish pretty cool, now battles that you're here railways as much money may pay actual investments, eyebrows three feet: young fellows fifty six years old, I M going to jail right now. I'm right now do yellow everybody else's secretly. Loaded right now started bids. Now, don't you Marianna with the slogan my utmost? We're going to learn is that you got money. Young girl, like good as very little families, good, kids, good. We name you do about Mars, told about. If we bring in Helsinki, never thought about you, how do you? How did you get introduces what people I don't know
come in order to relieve common of the role. You know even wrong drinking one to five malaria and other naiades, those about the late Chatham again, now that you can hear fruits and life in our parliament we just get off be. My hang out. I learned and start learning about is not incorporate healthy things in my life like loose, shed, nobody's gonna go to jail, was out experience jail for doing a bullet the entertainers, like some gotta juice, be smaller and smaller, and I just wanted to take here myself. Better didn't bring. It in Latvia is bigger than the money to jury in and make it rain, and look into I've in ITALY everywhere you. They can't be noted that a viewing I help. So we don't keep german point. The health late we language, drunk party and rounds hour. But I like you and even if we sit out I for larger, added yet carried out, it's a Wigan Afghan Lyman Brain
Many Europeans are about right away and online. Ok is plenty about it. Now you ve installed, got it. Will we don't we we make it our marked issue solemnly order, announced a United in Munster, so just privilege, wrapped in feebly, that a prompt, a fruit is allowed. A primary task is alarmed and latterly a lot of work and has done a lot of people like every day. Like I'm not limited, I love money. I love nice days, I'm not we need financially well want to be a life. Every so my calls me got the bag for Jews ball got the bag for Jews got it. You know how is simple. It a beaver me born just take the bags. Take the bags open up. These is really not about that by our many wanted, earn any ambient preach real preaching by some why we and we ended, they win a lotta working in a business where die and unwieldy, was saying about die. We care about avian, which hump
It is no social media. Nobody say, lay your! We die from cancer. China diving reason retire from high blood pressure like a guy. We are told about all day, but some pointed a day. Not I care about this health. We care about these babies. Communities like this in our parents do now and Ellen like an acre. We all die of regimes like that and we all want, that belated so and we, you know we by nice things and we like nice things. So we got it hopefully this thy, we have through his leg, mandatory all of us and in a just about Jews and is about being healthy in small period like I said, is about something you you wanna go to jail. Now is about something somebody o ye re time, somebody B b away a cancer. My you wanna go to jail, learn your publisher, pray, meditate, eager whatever you gotta do just do some good without a dance for pushing forward his heart of adhesion and if there are any
that money bow machine? I saw your mighty does collect? Call you may be sure you don't know said is the lacks is to represent.
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