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50 Cent and Rotimi Interview


50 Cent and Rotimi stop through to chat about the latest season of Power and what's going on this season.

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Real, celebrity real. Some joint existed in mourning. Obvious, DJ envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast clubs press, you guess. In building this morning we have Fifty years from now on, I will say they wrote to me- is a glimpse of research in this area. By does it, what did you say you could come to don't bring? No everyone isa battles, we know search with no, no, no bottled information on it. Are you got all these said? Is here we got one. You know I did check our will know. What's going on, Mary. These girl magazines, two worlds Emmy an airplane, my young boy or on on Surely, and he got out before me- that goes not of his own. Rowan role now allow you ve got to go
things. Our history is, they don't really have caused what you think the latter, wet pillows and present a grand bout. It says it involves aunt, but but when they out on the street inactive It's only those all I need is Goin. When the we were talking about the second season premier and how a broke all kinds of represents stars were original series. Angela lose expected back inside and outside this from the very beginning out on current, like this is gonna watch. What happens like I intentionally put us in OZ. Will. Because of the market does on new foxes goes over. The type you know is commotion network digger. Put.
The east, look, how many covers army the dividends you seen their cast alone after spending money on, because it is in everyone's television programme and without them orders came right. That's what he s gratitude Elect. Whenever you got some coming, you picked the thing that atop the drafting and go out. I gotta go. I have to put up with the without ass, you know, but because he is positions number to order and I gotta go and I'll go in our new rules, but it is. My strategy is the way I was taught to do things like ok because you didn't notice. You missed message boys over the last twelve years and I saw drugs drugs. We require your your company, the corporate decision may well in their lifestyle. You could kill someone quieted position for you. I got a corporate, I will kill you just like litter,
It is this, you know what I take it there and then give you this new energy and drive to go in the direction. It says it is equally speaking when you say that value and voice may be had a little bit of itself. Ass well to fly, as you know, I mean previously when you started your backs. Information is maybe that's not that there was no Adam may flows, you just deciding what to do something out and is conditioned because he does really works when he was. He just did something else without warning, ignore them What were you doing in a manner that you know when you in a position where you can get to remain as a fight and spend thirty may not very me, though, medicines, because you consistently wind like that stuff to go person any type of directions, autonomy, look a little more about power, marrying Overthwart behalf on behalf of mean everywhere
Thank you could I heard the Lawlor is no short term for if I can get waiting, I observed. We all hoped that have so far with a look tat ever their play always does and look do you make that have any did you have it I get. The whole planet is that this is obviously this is the point. Will you take it to the next level there you know that and I know it was wait for further sexting The move that let there be no doubt the mellow about, because you're my local, not on artists, entity talkers? I was like menaces some. This is different thing like this between you and your wife. I shouldn't be personal, been out on us. Our goal of you should do these matters already there. It was raining.
In that light, seeing. What were mother mother me her yet not to share you see like I've, come into it and then my guide, Different gazelle will have that I need more, shall we had but must and deciding what the vulnerability connected you know haven't where Barcelona AIR Ass days. I just I just can't so far
I started a slight I'll need anything. I can't walk away from their will. Make me soften indifferent. Why is it true that you were gonna play goals which you decided metal will also invested in an actual storyline at one point that I was they look, as is definitely easier, sell for me to go in and see how it actually play to care, and, as you know, our obligation, because I just saw- and I was losing Courtney at one point he was they spend taken tiger- is a kind of got enough focus on that. Just that and those like the outlay I'll do it, and this is the demographic that and it was night QUIET and what I do know the networks, and it is for America'S- is that our I feel like you can't go, get killed on the show. You know, Grammy I'd have calcium limit bad. If the unknown They hold him into the shows me
are you guys got picked emphases in theory? go, go oil reserves is the be all for quite some time. I just there you know like when you see, I think, all of us Isn t I go surprised amuse the largest show on a network period, so that you will give it a large rowing in our. And have you had done before about adding after so goes off? I don't believe you
If you can go way. Georgia has come about that. How deep reality to see the guy you already like this. This is a big part of the. How did do the story, teller, because if they know that they d gone, that corneas really in season fat and as far as the argonauts overdo it knows things and in this light gone to create the details a season to it, and then I shall be making request, they need to see. A few things that I know the Cotonou wait and see the Torreon Lala beat up Angela.
For them. It is sad to like you up. There was good, didn't maids exaggerating, but if the main took his condition was something it was a body like that, if you make it to the roof of, what you can do- and I been here- was the state awaited and you goin is never never ends good, so you and we got to do something different as she's like turning a nose. A bet. Would you choose to go on a residue start to look at it like? Maybe she wasn't always right. Purse in army, like a devil, was my personal gone. A journey was legal basis was concerned, but now did you start to feel like we had the roof of it will have his next. That is why they, really
I don't want to see in progress. Do anything else just stay? We just want to be the way he has come to burn. You see you this way. I don't want. You dig turn in set aside in the house. You ve been in a position where we would like. No, we want you to stay bauble. He can't be thrifty, not forget this rap. You know what this attack when when in the last hour, so you can feel like you great, a false sense of security, because if they like, they are building issues you let none. I got it And you know really known to God: it is the same Amr. Take care that I'm willing to take a before you additionally downstream. Do you can do and lie times you make examine, come back and really take care and his forces because it does not guarantee the say: did you won't be able to do the right thing and I think in and that is that without travellers the same about they don't know about autonomy is used.
The supposed to be on Empire Morelli ere. You look, I want to lose his kids thing. Are you could say he Isaiah. Airbus allows while amazes me to do so at first. It was down in me, Quincy Gas actually and then Quincy dropped out, and no doubt me. Yes, he is perfectly was like are you, gonna do take a policy has, I think we will go down in the years and at the time you're telling me I got is yours you and me, you know you're, the guy style. Look of the places in Chicago allows. You know, son anomalies in everything and other means will be known. Networks is doubly dazzle guys at a point where I turned out offers from other shows, because I thought I was gonna, be they told you, you had the empire role, they sickly and you are willing to Santa. We have had this in everything would doubt before new really
Goin home with all air voice at so it was just a word talking to me no, the network's saying, as might be no, and then I turned down a couple days because his privacy suasion we're star wars and asked. I was not our last out. Every eye was like those like the fifth time. It was about your wife. It's gonna call me back in another not another network, so turned down way and we worked out work, though about issue, or is it worth adding a publisher, though not as a musician? If you really believe you so that you may have you have you really believe is now have donor, but did they agitated gay sunshine? never just added something really
of the drug deal against the whole kill anybody out. There lies a couple weeks ago. You see before this stage with somebody that you didn't get along with the latter. We see that it was all education. So I soon fifty cent perform an infringement. And I thought it was I was that was that I was going to die. This is a new dares college up big shot. It I guess maybe we'll make it an uncomfortable ass. We do as conversational you just now. We went each other banks days. They virtues to be like when I did that back in the let it a second Tommy. We regard. What are we going to college Monday that everything so they need no diamonds. They go even whip, depositing I'm Santa's things be misinterpreted, they don't know I'll give them. Isn't it. I look at it and I go
whoever is in its opposition honestly position and make their competition with myself with that guy. Some opposition myself well in the category of girls, so as I am av losing market, yet easy regaining you understand an undertone, take the number of those months here again, if you dont like proverb by just in that position, given that it is done other things to limit, we can make that always message away. Z, not let you know they like it the guys this point, do we could easily accurate, easily treasures and make money on them, and then they returned knows about because I didn't was eager felt like it was loon, something it was there,
the oddity, but the deal making you never learn of. I say: ok, ok, I'll, give away my my more profits. So you won't. Let me prematurely with Jimmy's headed epilepsy, Gimme, the money and I got nothin observed. I can have his passionate and we could make the US army. You know, like maybe all went well. We are to Eliza opposite was alone, as I said earlier. I remember in this document and they will produce an outcome, waiters shovel and a graveyard, something as a man like a global, we could just as does come over again, because an innocent person, like other people, help Madame's crews.
We know that, unlike the day is another one ass. He lost the letter. You used to work with him because he worked with it without a slide is doubly Dinah. I used to be really cool days to travel in November this stuff to do it up. A man made me now briefly flabby. Let me go back and for Europe to choose people relations composure. I look at this hour spent. People to go because my relationship with you when I go over here, I'm a be someone different behave differently You can say that, but you know how a relationship with him is. It doesn't mean that you won completely faces out the other, It is not a position themselves would not creating a ripple. You don't feel like this. This person now did you go over there or maybe have somebody worker for you tat. You know used to book a somebody s if you dont get it
We can show you re went anti still. I dont even bring them in a room when I start when I've issue warm addressing that personal data. Peace down put him in opposition in our assembly have developed the guy, the like some sort of regions or some lights into their personal, ok, but don't see model feelings, filling the almost afraid of my actions or what our received some of the things they ve been now guys uncomfortable from what they said. There was one do you know I mean, I see you in his eye by you for light. Why you saw on caught, or you know your garage. You been saying, you won't do something. Oh you were saying things that would make you uncomfortable internal. When you see the purse in us and as this work I can get from our again as are ready to him his wife and his case. The summer- and I love his daughter like is the key
They have no bad and sand and with his wife is like all of them will take a pitcher wouldn't get from. What will you do anything to say how to give us get it appoint or don't you see are a good. Is it just felt funny the and adding on my way I took a corresponding to me. Like you, don't shave grew daily life.
It is felt like that, whatever he's in Santa Maria Filet that Russia has been sitting around I've gotta understand, do you like that? I don't have anything with him. Did he should be discussed with his wife, Riker Uncombed, whose view Oda grudges against New York executive? Could they didn't find? You only had to change back in the day, but now I just didn't deal with them like at the point. My peak point I didn't run around and go over to feature as work together like didn't help me get in and you want me to help you sell record my Kelly is it to be as we do the things you haven't. I go to the baseness, Evan Bass, music, coming in a cool people, stop moving a little more to the music that dance at New York. When I love you, we get a bob and it leave with the same passion you would have had for the guy that was took his chick, his hair out and sweat. It said he was drunk or whatever and I'm right. I got nothing but a yankee. Yet all New York.
He knows that is just what that changes in a simplified things, a maiden that's as complex like there was a point we re stories back was like in the future. A gamble on and one bisher starts at the funeral. Then I explained to you how he got to his funeral. Gnaws was right now, like a movie started the end to be no go back to what happened in Nagoya, got so complex and storyline side of things. They started to kind of you like. Let me listen and understand art verses, just haven't guitar at NASA. You speak up for try our waste ground whereby it was gone in every cell in forty five.
Regular made you do that, but now I like, I wasn't sure like to first, because here allow me near people with you is, I know many fit to San Diego I've been if our, how many people fear that the sounded, I beg pardon, because you boys, ass, an avenue silently J different points that thing for any favours, he's not copy and he's Doin version of it. Now, when you see the doo doo, doo doo ever get kind of Samuel, I also like this and they needed a song with him around you, you bring a month's. How have you been doing we're gonna bring my do not, then I thought when are we about certain days? Could universal fire and other them? Nor can monitor Chris Lighting pathways daughter has her own show. I seen a drive. Your car crash, your car,
Listen now that wasn't grid like God would you have been if they got their voices are asking to calves in us and, as you know, one knowing how this easily issues that young very that worthless, nay, she did we. The coroner s is the car and the guy was really for the overdrive opens the keys, the random pot and opened the door day and is hidden North America I ask you to take that back I have a gun rang like as far as our light, but as we do state is that the first segment of future does not take for also, I name she like building our televisions already and light and ends up one and when appointing z like too,
Secondly, those whose here has either a lot of money for improvement of the Son of God, the guy from the front Carlo, became wanna, take pictures like this as he already had me in space, where I was just. Ready, and that has been where everything's ok go. What have you on the various issues is handling it. None other than to go they noted down now Lafitte. Fifty grand people want to know who you tied up and put a gun to double Excel offers a good kid get on. I don't know the world history, they really did. He really did. On his arm and takes out the really. For Asthma Vet. Has he been wrapped around, but there I tell him ass, it does will mackerel is like. Not. Everyone gets a start when it ready, but when I do get into position in the right way, it is leave them season is like a committee
the media is always overworked. They always had to be fine tuned for so long there when they do get the salad. You see like a hot, better off a minute when again position born, you seem unable to work this much beyond this shows in movies. All at the same time is because a slight worked on because you been working now, you ve been out those stand up and every day that adding that my committee is like a snake fitness. You can't really miss daylight Ennasin. You stay fine tuning. The time is right, it does move ass, then is this just impact? I think we have been to give a view is when you go back to work out, feels abnormally tough, a hard and a group of global warming and in which you have, as though you know overall funny people, but they have been out in service. I think the dinner as
They usually, I actually dig. It is, though, I do think that when he's with the unit, people are used to hearing the evening the one method down the earlier- and you know that when I said I wasn't an irregular. Just the laugh lie on the record and I go not ass right. Just like when you speak of artists and very beginning, you go anywhere late night. This correctly it different guys that you seen him upon himself into the fund a little bit like they ve, been as a litter artist night fabulous light given galaxies are mixed. Eight gather written for me, like I M, on coup table yam on a giant. No start emerge belonged to the front because then that the outworking they pay, you know, and you look favours the
The first gotta call for Army Remit benign, and I daresay he was in the very beginning it and let all went in those days. There is doubly, alas, cover Caesar megaton. Now, if it, However, may I remind you that our debates I owe the? Why is this? Not the single? You know that I'm a rented tormented jewellers homage up when I worked as it was like a really belong on a regular, nor no adequate that, with the boxing day that you had a city,
for bankruptcy. Whilst it may well be that it using weird, if I lose, the ambulance, couldn't, could not or lost Kirkland idea. May that bears notice out. He will you know it's cool about. Maybe a bumper, more people there's no. Seventy four one is right, though they like to see lose a poison and our cultures. Our though I would know you know you ve got in general, so the significance in being able to stay, understand and accept the pharmacist, AIDS or fight. If you will pay more attention to it because they love what a hateful descent and now go. I want him loose because, as with fighter always win because this would survive and the more passionate there about him, the more people turn I Floyd to showed the formula of the Margaret was people fled and work the money money may work. Can we said we all the money in a world in a middle session that was interest, Ratan,
in Austria and you turn into the hate We're gonna get the money to make an existence that somebody phones, no sense and you know how these ends don't there's an over there and you got baggage that works in it like it was with vigilantly. Don't necessarily work me over the like this. Whilst I would deny nation the wilful landing in different things, you know, like with different organizations, nervous I'm trying to consistently the people, understanding that I'm conscious, but things you know. I learned a lot a lot of times. You know I do this on purpose of a circle, so I don't have to answer the question
How do we do about it, but I'll get it overall I gotta get it. I went with his avatar either the do some there if you haven't seen now, know something new azure jumping and gained over the people, the menacing who often different days ago. Our attitude I come and I made you decided it makes perfect sense for me at this point I feel a bit it elicit a soil sms owes you two point: three million. It look as, though, that up.
I'm not. Really there will be more companies do great version. I got make Lilburn when you let us just like we diary is, don't you pay very much for you like from format for my company. You say you don't have the liquid, but you have these companies worth allow my enemies because those companies are protected. In our mean an end, you pay self money that, in case you become liable for some years now, lie there just take from what about the world that it weighs glasses pulse Naples June content now make new chemical, we dig it out. Check now realise that they do so. Does Google big big money, that's bigger big money. We see Napoleon what TED we have only for only ready. He do.
He even now maybe see as well as a minimum. I says hollow it s a little awkward. Then you added Josie in the picture. As you know, it can mediate I'm. So it is a great sense of humour about your approach to replace it with the same girl Were you you could you you know you he's gonna win at ornament, as you know better than I said, elegant boy to see, allow an episode for me I'm how about? Let me let me say one thing, though: now: where were they take of your irish me? You have to go now and things that would you be down to take it to the next level, the summer of usable terrorist out without their budgets. Naturally, we allow guys like power, but I think the fund to new deceive me would help me. I think it would bring
my female fan base the yeah I've heard that ought to be here, Irma Gluyas was people happy? I would you do it the hour. I would make sense to have to be like a rule, seeing eye wonders we welcome aroused when they have no real nice. That's like some that's what I would was that it would the goddamn you dead it. Ok, things was over. They must follow these, like this clodagh talking to ring a guy like you did this by equipping work dowser like that, and you just don't worry about it. I'm gonna get you got that right was over, about which you know me young boys, the giver We think TAT was wrapped up. What's going on around like this, I got over that like last year
ten years ago. Think slow out of the blue pearl ass thing out now, we'll take a little way and situation man, interesting, I didn't like I just that is monitored the title. Air. That now I would really is something exclusive not an understand why well they thought you buy into title without when everyone knows up deal with science or major. So, though, not an exclusive that our pace we outward none of this kind to come in backing the fugitives toppling gotten over that that would allow them to have things it. The vessel, commercial, music work done that happen. Policy making Evanna be patented appetite Eliza know that normally at Agis own off his partner with title of is creating a competitive. Yes, our energy. They were Letty
damage and allay, and you said at random- None little God only music anyways, I you go, get a fool to cut right. Thus DNS Vavasor, like I just if you have one, contracted and they have to be on every platform they can to moves million spot. It can't you say. We want like this and by TAT Rose, is artists for for artists. That's the right, and I noticed the intention of the market, but the general public and look at it and say: look we're really rich people were cool, so give us twenty hours per. You know thereby title between them. As does the present. It is the interpretation of it. I went to people, look at it. The average person some of em look and say I just here
Rich people, ask me to get my money more money for you for not an exclusive right now. What relationship to rise? You have you seen again around to the billboard. What can you get? A little further alluded is angel that we better right with you didn't want to know these things together on a separate move. I what did she say when you, when you seen, go! Let you know, you're still is: ran into always choose who stuck in a sack of lots of them. Cabin a man without a crazy that I will go back for so far it he was in the radio coming Colombia when I was in ninety eight. You know me lose work in all radio Plainly ludicrous music.
In any event, I took a lot of blue. Then I got away from Colombia. Iraqis in my eyes came around after so it was cool. Like then told him, they will manage to each other the Saint Hours long, so it was real cool as they take out a good fresh to catch us, but she was, I just caused. His energy on babies grown is available I have no doubts about the empire, POW Bagful, adding anything she understands to abide attention to both shows really does amended. It didn't hurt me the other, the competitive advantages deerlike when people people conscious of competition and they look at it in a goal which one is better. What you don't know which one you good. But if you know what both in and ass you go,
I'll bring him gable verses. One receives more aggressive. Content is in power, verses was happening empire and do was vows Netflix dog without delay. At the end episodes like working with our next week. I like means Annex VII Ions way that the anticipation, We will really really that that country did a very good job of patient, so she's right, Sonata, that'd, be, will be invested in the characters because it places a story like you got tested alone like that all these people, as very true, could even want to know more like I want to know more about the Tories gag, no one in the more by last gagged and I'm gonna see wedding, wait. A goal sell lifeguard, did everything this one in her life is in taxes. May you know, I mean that whenever. He's. Come around is like she's, like a guy articles
have you heard storyline IKEA conquers, you like maybe she'll, get jealousy of TAT one day and federalism eventually, somebody also the lab. As is the close, raise issues like the first place this she starts to send the money in our she'd. It said in the house. It was this boiler na nobody's gonna happen, there may be set me up. I guess you like, as you tell goes out to me, a favor, I need you to start talking. Angela Maguire GO motto: I'm immediately going. Where did you go to Morrow? If you say you should unwashed Yvonne, you surrender fifty as an artist now You know we don't recommend. Lotto Ma Am vision on record. No, I really like this on our way. While the nightgown it needs it. When people value
for me I'll see ya do like German, down a man, the more market, an asset, It is a joy number one I value is number one I want to get directed in the position. It was because the agenda and understand it in an hour after we did the song We shot a video in the recording studio. We put it out, then that didn't do it as much as I felt like it was supposed to do so. I went back and I did a video with Canaan Mechanical, his little kids, Yes, I'm picture that every time I hear and then Chelsea would Show- and it was like God, like thirty million view, while and jumped the song number ten items and endeavour to their families with video and irregular know, anybody you did actually definitive.
Now is the time has also signed. We had out like as mass onto my voices when you will give automotive, even here, that you got to where air a few other shows the girl come up with assumed a stock market. Former shouted wave. Allow Bower. I told my some pieces inaction South Park, your software Biagi July. Twenty fourth, I just want to date by tells me as it is, the emperor is promoting, it is their school endanger the ogre. So goes a good girl show. That is not what you think expect from a box and fell because of like the Rockies. This visit despoil self is as been enough action for you show that the actions of boxes, but when you wanna get outside the rings
A real into storylines, though, is a no improve. Fifty lawfully lady certain companies, then is this. Are you say just enough something? No one on stuff? No! It's not that. I know my. If I had a problematic classes, things would be crazy. But you know our don't to go begun that China, I'm not trying to chase Obama down that you now I'm leaving like giving, however, so that all this line are right and language. On MRS Ana Isabel of a dead and you, these people correct me. I'm gonna make you feel better about your badge alive. You unhappy mother. Have you told your daughter, the apple screaming do good. You know you know it was you didn't break with Jimi Hendrix that that does what the the peace deal was about.
They really wanted the right. This dream, so apples always been interested in music thing about the first place. We start talking about going by music. The items the apple. You know I send out the right front: devil, ship, Steve Jobs, Geneva way back when the first time, thereby placement enemies we always apply piety- is because I merely jumped out as soon as he says, on biodiversity. The movies I was acting upon, Jimmy's estrange enough, whatever sailing under in the Emerald City down ass too, and we put it against the causative music video at that point in huge by you saw it in denying the drop in the buggy and now is like a minute. I think it's cool, like the music is just going because soon differently is no lack of interest in it because, because still want to go out,
Joyce was the reason you personalities. Have your son sire any. You also have him working now too. I know you just get lower special google, maybe when they move a guy governor existed, a thing like that we were approaching about em like put me in the face of kick on, like agriculture, could save Palace Gaza got light or your products that won't go were sent seven ass, most doesn't damaging drawn to win, he's still development as well that logically has says were using, but I turned volume or we must address it is so you re afraid, daughter next day. I do. I don't know where you live. The boy in the lab and love and use a lady is overlooked.
That's why you are you have a year before we knew that it will do so everything that families are we going to celebrity check bet that she will. You guys, got it, but this waste facilities that this very thing like that. That scares me using that does the boy Will you not in controlling more zone? do completely change the perception that the day this out following that when that doesn't work? Well, It is as though you like, like I like people, are calling kind you kindly guide, dashing gotcha, who's overshadow fifty cent. I don't know is just You know what they are doing is crazy. After with no, it ought never to Daddy STAR when he take Gimme some boobs enamored gas.
My sexuality last five years continent is made up of those on the right number Benda. Imagine then, but I'm a lesbian and the girl you ever think about going out. Why I'm here, for you know taking up the news, is with joy: isn't guys you just leave it committed? You want to commit gotcha, You just gotta, go to see that we go knows room. I would now like to address. You got, doesn't extreme clusters. Did you indeed moves in a game bag? Ass, it is what his drink was just instil saying I do what the girl doesn't want. You got commitment, I got it I got you go too far for that very men. Activism motions that someone will think about it. Absolutely do not change in any position. You just say what use is physically tenants and absolute magna. Europe appears when you know one up there,
Try going to minimize list as sixty five. This is something you have to consider everything's nuns hard and his diet is used to being in any way at the pulling off of out with a tragedy that actually commit it. All away. Cuts should be resolved at the outset. I'd like how he opposed the boy for but are upset taboo Cacena going there's. This is interesting, are all I could think about four hours ago. I would guess who's going to school and a guy. Oh, I do passes your mom. Are you know these Guth brutal? I have debated anyway. That drove is flat out to beginning, but that we felt, like a point, did I do
You know it s image in days gone back, there is you take between Caitlin and younger. What's that the world doesn't use the way. I think that in this way, with lines in Genk facade values that these out, like he. He was smoking. A penis. The aged man has been married to a woman. May we live in a non traditional tat awaited wrote to me. We appreciate your fitted for joy. It is no use. Renee is telling me he said it was a small boy. What is it later on in a week now? Oh, yes, I really do. Our calendar with Latorre Angela, in black on three month rights. We want more than eight hours ago, parliament sees aware she's she's ready for it appears
You weren't guy, that adult we're goin corny What do people upward her avert la before the government asked us if we ever before? That is we ve been cool from intervening? so she was ready. She had been Workin on Agnes the law. Tassels idea, I want you to meet worse. He knows we talk about as well as the corny again set issues like lesson. I really really happy did no sound because she was ready. They are another put people I never pays made it. I don't feel like is ready for that position whereby there, like, as a favor, now go now- and I know he got that thing already. Then I'm I what they did doesn't belong in every will go They usually happy that I made decisions. Sandro like yours did. Nothing You have a really wanted to be analyses and cause. I know he was featured on those regions.
I can say that we agree Jordan has read these roll tear me, sir, and it's the breathless locomotion.
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