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Wednesday 4/26 - Today on the show after rumors spread about Jessie Williams messing with a white actress many were saying he was a hypocrite because he is a black activist, so we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought. Also, Angela gave some advice to some listeners and Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to Vamshi Krishan because he lied to keep his side chick.

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Order of business for oil pollution from terrorism of the various categories of aid. Only one may produce good morning you you'll, do Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo go go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go YO, YO, good morning, age, early years, learning is Andy. Charlemagne is disappointing to guess what there is just one day
a good morning. Wednesdays, have they been little weak? There might have been asked to reorganise the area lad and crazy people tell you now I got a story to three low Beverly does knew everything was right when he said that is to say that it has come at our absolutely chairs, be not adjusted the right way, stuff be moved around one data breadth of global, be big enough begins zones. When the one day it was a round of applause, gives Allow me in a round of applause boy Domain has been pushing books like you'd put pushing cracking the eighty boy. You could possibly imagine how elementary school, accurate, even if it is so many showed us admit, is why this voice and some crack black eyed Album Daily show in our own eye BC. Nightline baby shook him on it. Eleven my liking Wanna talk. Dirty am, I am proud of you all pushy level like there's no tomorrow this autumn and if we never lagging gotta gaming,
Wrapper would album out, worked hard and rabble busy very weak Oliver. Here we go would be that the time to come out what it was an amicable gives out what a book of thy Mouth cobbler privilege opportunity comes to those who created is. It is a good feeling too. You know, like you, do in stores and stuff like that, you see long lines and it's like they lied about. In joining the EU. Is it is good to see the culture lined up to buy books? As do I dare say you know, I think I can have a book club and pilot- and I did that was there are a lot of others who may not have a platform like that, but there are some really good books out there to their people. Might never here. About also has a lot of people that don't usually read as picking up the book. That's that's why I think it's dope, because I went to that one bookstore in South Carolina and people are saying that they don't usually read, are not into books like tabloid? Usually was I dont auditor, but it'll, be certain things you do. You think is good. If you look back to reading in April, asking questions at it
its inspiring people, so I think it's dolt. May I read all the time instead of watching tv, as I don't watch elaborate, even believe that when I'm a home and I get in bed before I go to sleep, I really liked to fall asleep will need all Rita. I did all your ex. I've got the audio books That is, why did I narrated myself by the way as available to, but if dizzy We go ahead and album. Will my mail put unloaded You tell us about some of the outer door on the guidelines. Passionate about you really gotta go like little repeats transformative power see. Why is one thing I was pushed hard? I am with the blue card that being an is like being a poet that is to bring back a little bit.
This policy is not a conflict through a song is still out a contract, really love that people really think. I'm gave evidence regulating back but record solidify Well, you know- and you put this item over, who did this vehicles we banned from today's news. When we talk about oil, I think about who got bored for actually supporting Donald Trump us. I will tell you about a couple that wants to get to voice, because they want to marry their living girlfriend. What's ok, we'll get into all that when we come back, keep allowed don't move is Drake is frigate
It's a breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are. The breakfast club was given some front page news sort of Woods force. No last night, the Houston Rockets eliminated o k C, one o five. Ninety nine now, of course, is that they get effects will become envy. Thinking about there too, but I have always said that I feel like the envy p of any Lee shouldn't comes, I laughed at a players on early always, I always think there could. I was thinking to say, exacting when you gotta. Let me live moment, even though you didn't really have another. Even ever a teammates, a vast does will make them more impressive enough what they represent the every piece, simply because Russia was rebuilt, Goma City, then, and only then make the play of any average a triple doubled this is the game and healthy peasant about is, I don't know really really don't know at San Antonio spurs, B D grizzlies one. Sixteen, One ought really the serious three two and their coach GRID Pavlovitch. She went out to Memphis bar any ships.
Waiter. Five thousand dollars now is ill crazy did they would actually poster yet I would propose that in an otherwise imposed on it, and I think they had some is personal information on the issue that critical posted said the boy I let other cultures and good common air, no group. Obviously the bar darling, darling now go hand in hand as you, every waiting on a table expecting of five thousand dilated, no hell, no budgets is written by letting them know that culture is no good to city were called. You come over time letting them know look look of his beard. Yes, you do better than a jazz meeting. Nine thousand six hundred and ninety two. They lead the series three two and Derek Jeter. It looks like he's a couple of steps close to the purchase in the mall and he wants to buy a baseball team and looks like the Is it a Miami moments that legal and out of my demolishes the team will be Barneys almost this and will see what happens with day when the baby? Now they need to raise the money right. Yet we put some money in that absolutely absolutely not responsible
It makes a lot of money makes a lot of money when used all employers. You steroids again in Ireland, where thousands of portuguese bombing now boy S very boring. Now, let's talk about a vanka, yes, good job. She was in Berlin and she was on a panel on women's empowerment and entrepreneurship, and she got Bode well. She was up there talking about, of course, her father President Donald Trump hears what happened? The new reality you mentioned from the obvious, Ashley Ethically, blaming the media for making her father seem like he's not for women's rights.
Yeah yeah down from had nothing to do nothing at all, but she's got a poster. When you have a lot of trouble administration, you know designed for now. You know one of the most popular team in words, gotta pushed her. She was asked a question about what her role is in the White House, casinos ease of one of his advisers. And they were like. We never heard of a first daughter before, and she kind of current even explain that she said she's very familiar with this role and it's been a little under a hundred days. It has been a remarkable and incredible journey. You shouldn't you say, look as murmur folded, other prisoners didn't believe never to protect children and positions of power. When we could have got also about this couple once a divorce and why they want a divorce. I write well, it's Christina and benefit Keyser. They ve been married for twelve years and now they're getting divorced because they have labour. It's when you, when you're old Lover, name Sierra kinds and they went to show her. What's your wife, what hunts drop one a clue
for the greed of point for my life. I want to make sure that she knows that there are very serious about her. Now they do have three kids together, so they're getting divorced, that one of them can marry Sierra kind thought and show that their These areas have legal rights to the kids, and all of that here is what Bento Keyser had to say. We always show one that we have chosen There are very happy with heavy pants We don't involving children in some sort of sexual rights. I love it and I love her name's. The arrogance greatest point: aim of herds Robin thick right, travelling to cool bosses, there are constant rings. Now she married madmen, Thinkin hyphenated, her name. What would it be Robin thickets? No, not his name binding.
Oh theoretical rights, though Sierra can stick Our guide, you grow even tries goodness gracious rival as refugees, news teller why you may well get it off. Each has eight hundred five, eight five one and five one. If you're upset you need to wait, you can call this right now or, if you feel blessed, maybe even a positive Maybe everything has gone right, it's a birthday whatever it may be, if you're upset called as if you're mad call is. If you happy guileless is to breakfast. Furthermore, the breakfast club, You know I make you mad with fulfilled, but can't handle. That's why you may want to break with allows this mainly J, Barbara. I beg you guys. Dear boy, you are a legend. Do when meeting You aren't ledges, who daily germane to God. You regular sermon
God machinery and all the aid. They do a lousy, doggie cloud and you because I want you to come up with a marked for me and my boy. I because your boss, you two companies, Barbara preservatives Would you and your boy? This is getting well, I'm going to see their knives our low gas, but I don't get down to work it hello, there's Detroit struggle was abroad. We're gonna. My colonists wanted me to say how glad I am that tell us tell us when a black beard wake up the point of my head on my shoulders bear out on the road a girl and got a beautiful girl. How do you go run? A check? Our successful me, sir. Nobody's gonna, go like a allow. This ethical problem
Where were you gonna, Miss Milner of Joy were mad man, a bad apple, kid tat path. Here was the last week I tried a book or a debate to go to Jamaica. Me, my wife. My suitcase denies level mega just as that which must be a break. Is there anyway. I can get my flight boy it out there and I called book if you care to earth they data me on a birthday. I understand I'm the pirate bay, then the email me vaccine, that you mean, my body. So would you put him into the yard? Where knock you know, so I have not yet know so. I followed my reservations and had to be on a par with them for almost four hours. The money tat I had to get married in Arabic, email people lacking the corporal it would be to get my money back where I'm glad you got your money back, you know you.
I cannot allow you to trip insurance drip insurance. Clearly, at your reassurance about planning I don't believe you, sir, you gotta believe me: raise your number they. What have you got your visions and a government? of major numbers. You mean getting. You know why, because they try to called offered in Jamaica. It was often late, but I can't live as a family We have now managed to make an avid wasn't open pages open late there jamaican castile la I'm money back, you're dead, look up. Yes, it would have got away her right now. I was here the way you do get. Yes, they do geese. Ida sounds disgusting, do usually a bottle of do this to have I ever we I absolutely biochemical yea, I might add a really bad would have on the real,
Ok, did you enjoy it? Yes, thank you boo. Are you mad or you upset, or why you bless. Mamma I threw out why you, man and along with those who have a senior breath Porfirio, should not be with us. You have to decide on paper or a graduation, or I see your pictures I shouldn't have to take between someone paper, which I can't, because the power of the is, I feel I am glad, because my primary scheme, in order it online nice equally now China is a terrible anything purposely fighting, beginning operation. Now, having a lot about you or to close our line is always very ever you never know. I was going to fit said as good news. Alright, Bergamo Mfa call you. You know what a man it myself why you member, when that Lady Call- and I told them
give us neither he has brought the snake is I got this needs in a back, but I care for her address so again is that there is the data but you're going to Jacksonville Florida, defrauded she's from Jacksonville Florida, so I may give you stink. Isn't it would you? How do I know who he is? Almost all Mattel's you'd be a me right. I had long Gary Eleven year, whereas you dm her back and ask her address. Ok well, Miss seconds ago. Really, impose solution. Ellie, I lost your address again. I have you stuff up here: the heavy. Oh, no, you just said the sea. They d, you bombshell. She can. The me has alyosha address again, I promised by yourself, because if the how your home couple over his eyes night, ok, I purchased sneakers I m here, but I dont have you address. Please give it to me, so I consented to eight hundred five. Five one off. I won't get it off features if you bless or you're upset call us now is to bring the slogan. The breakfast club
You know I make you mad. Have that's why you may want to break with this. Mamma a day that you mad or you bless, which one is wanted tat. Why am I think, want a little better everything Darwin all my what was everyday Mama last then leave much back into my daughter, I haven't been pleased about, is found a figure. Oh, are you learn everything a little bit overwhelming for you right now, was rob you, you be storm only through a mama, but we don't we're gonna lovers to do anything!
He was gone wrong. Maybe you won't tell us, you gonna tell us one. It is either wagon hierarchy has multiple jobs has case. Take care would accuse you got Mama were of by improving the work That is the man alone and that a new many, the cow he was five years. A town in over twenty years. You pressure Anita, like be faithful to hold him now. Are you locked up now we found bill at care my, but is it everything guy? If you do you can't get anyhow, if you'd tell you everything,
like I'm, really lie. I can we help me. Let's get you dont like this cousin from this talk about solutions. Do we hope to be on his own now, because it seems like a group of every effort by the tourism is harmful for somebody who has a full time, job so you gotta jobs. We make some money, I more than a giant that uses needs a moral support. You just need somebody give you a low potion. Tell you how things would be: ok, baby, best seller things, a beer. Would you got people, I pray for you and see the new positive energy as you have helping a family? Actually now I really doubt fire. There is the risk that back in two thousand- and
my mom astray and on the other for one hour, arrived you we get a baby. You live babble, listen to me days of the life goes on and you have a dog. You have a child to live for. Okay, so even sometimes you can't be Gracias for her army for yourself be scrapped, and if you really want to feel better about your life is a great book. I now call black brutally opportunities to those with creating lie. Like go pick it up, it will really make you feel good help. You trained stingy, circumstance Vanni body. We need the low extra push transcendence circumstances. That book is for you arrive. Asia turn this into a revolution I think maybe I will briefly that was sad. I was there, but if we do that after some uplifting words, you know it in a little bit about an uneven offers to be that of somebody separate
brave right now we should have better was now, let's have a healthy daughter and actually have a job so that you can support your family. You I wish, Everybody out they're, going to something Tibet, but you have to understand that the world of gold keep turning regardless right. So you might have what turn would ensure, What all laughed always live, just guess Lobo overwhelming yes, and please don't make permanent decisions after brave feeling flags. I guarantee you that your life will be back in a couple weeks ago. Able do not, therefore, ok, we got room is our way. Here's a SEC about Drake, he is making. History will tell you. What is that he's doing? I saw receded. Jonesy is discussing. Let's have a points she legs, but tell you what she had to say. Ok, we get into all that when we come back, he unlocked the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast at the bar
What did the toy Angela eat? Breakfast Aaron unanimous attorney is irritated with people trying to turn his errand. Bananas is image by saying that he left a gay love letters in his lover in prison. He say Roma of letters to a gay lever in or out of prison. Our father he's a malicious leagues, use a tiny somebody who is dead now, according to officials at the prison they're saying that an bananas had once asked if he could shack up with his alleged lover. Kyle Kennedy is his name. Is twenty two years old, and they are saying that Car Kennedy was one of the three people who earn Hernandez left a letter or before himself and his cell, the other thing that meaning is that they are saying that the twelve jurors who acquitted him of double murdered just days before a suicide, they were all invited to his private funeral. That happened in Connecticut.
That was so strange. Erin a mandate is a man whose legacy is that of a person who blew so great opportunities and innovative and became a cereal. Killing ya, worried about him being remembered his gay, like really mean it, an eternity imaging now determined lineage. Will ye revengeful already tarnished renewed below there, also asking, of course, as we know that his conviction be vacated and that's for his first degree murder, conviction and they because of that law. We told you about previously in Massachusetts. If somebody's appeal is still pending when they die, the case gets vacated cell Leah. The damn shame out gave you will view, though, in America nuclear device it out because demanded a serial killer who blew is all it opportune, Annabel, a new word by his legacy being tiny cause. He left a gay note with lover. Maybe if you like
We like new agri about behind us out of that tarnished image. Would the serial killer? Don't Ilsa? Why more and we don't know what's wrong with us. I re receded Jones by the way I just manner the other day am see within the same after an hour, then I found out that preceded Jones and she has a Netflix theories. It's called hat girls, Wonted turned aunties executive, producing that its in six episode series Others, sags technology and dating that came about after she did the hat girls wonted fettered documentary about amateurish getting into the point industry, LISA Rashid. I thought it was the girl, Lovin power, like fear, doubtful, Rashid Eleven about Quincy Johns. Order receded Joe. Now I get it. Thank you. I will include an honor. You raised the others that one has to be to work now. Young seas where we do not need to work on the shoulder. Why don't you know what I think he's halfway moment lowood, nor was beneath
Nevertheless, the office murmurs, you ve been a movies and everything anyway, she did the hat girls. Wonted documentary about image has getting into the porn industry and they asked her some questions every I may twenty nine about poor in what she watches. She said that when she first would google any type of porn she said the first at the pops up is not the stuff I wanted to see was very violent and abusive and- I would be to find something they reflect my desires now that I know more and more about it. I'm getting pick ear with my porn, just like I. With my food. I want to know how it was made. I want to know what everybody that everybody's having a good time- and I want to know that the orgasms are real and she said I wanted to feel that way. At least in women, are turned on by everything: animal sex fantasies, gay sex orgies. Everything was so complex, so let us be complex and be turned on by all types of different things, not just male fit. Men and women are turned. My animal poor women had turned out by putting animal points. Illegal, yeah beast reality is, but it would be called.
What animal don't have they don't have a decision by Gaga they'll get about able bloggers? I grow watchdog mistakes, all my life so and you us ahead or affects women, I write well I'm Angela YE and that is your room of unmarried we're dead in the book. That is all right. Well, when we come back, we got front page news would say about avant garde shop, and also to, namely also don't move, is to breakfast locomotor morning. Everybody is the aging envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the bread for thy above everybody does actually having a spring. Ok, We have now one it goes into your gear seeking agreement. It's gonna, be like seventy years ago, when I'm sure run right enough to have them in timber is always to be tabled. Getting from plants and animals that offers boys the Rockets eliminated. Ok, see last, I want all five. Ninety nine now question does Russell Westbrook. Could he give envy people?
was the are eliminated. I've thought about their last night. After that you deserve them. You people have always said that I feel like namby Petrov, you shouldn't be given out until the very end the deceit- and I think they should factor into play us with that too. But I still think for us what was forgets every patient applicant in accommodating a difficult average tendencies, the game you endeavour by rather bored- I don't even know. We passed about now. I don't want any more resolute roadmap, meaning the right now. Pesetas only whispers B D, grizzlies one, sixteen one three and their coach GRID Pavlovitch. He was in a Memphis bar and he gave a five thousand tip droplet donated wisdom. It was the most amount of money has been getting a thousand dollar tip and when you weren't there right, that is all you. But you don't have to split it with everybody else condemn times and places they have to split audited. Beshrew may be born without some other actions that you have again I am in your area of having the peasant, oh Mister, Bell was the higher the bill is the more you leave as active we're about. You shall glimmer
I leave a mean, I always say twenty percent, and I leave my sometimes at the services great other less today, love now yesterday, but last week I love my floated, whereas only because you said you say this- tells you how many pretoria you gotta leave at each other. We had a big party and you know my really know the persons who have the most modern lost money. The table had to pay what I mean. I am at looked at him and said like a hundred and twenty three dollars in seventy five young man. I love a hundred and twenty two dollars and seventy five. You know, and as you suppose, it's really well com you if they give you like a couple of free drinks is not included in the bill is something from now on another member. You I'd like you that what could have now for any more you pay for drink that do not even know I went to drink now. Maloney, restaurants, out the approach of the fifteen percent to seventy percent in the twenty four.
So I ain't got to figure it out. I could just look and see how much each one is just tip forgot to me. That's what I love, I'm not good enough. Utah Jazz upset! The cliff is ninety six. Ninety two! Now, let's talk about God? Yes, it back. I can't get a brood. Lassie was at the G8. Women Summit in Berlin. She was on a panel about women's empowerment and entrepreneurship, and she was bending her. Rather Donald Trump families? the new reality. I heard we're having lazy, saying it's the media that is putting forth these stereotypes knows. We got booth that her death closer. Lebanon and the media had nothing to do with you. Your dad the male chauvinist sexy.
It acts were ideal everything that he said, and I think that already made that up with never spoke about this couple, a gotta divorce for Are they going to get divorced? It's a married couple. They have three kids and they getting divorced because they have a living girlfriend and they want to make sure that three of them all states together so because they have these three kids with want to do is get divorced and then one of the countess Mary couples, one of the people in the relation, is gonna end marrying her so that she has legal rights for the kids and knows that are very committed, so their third person in their marriage, here's wet Baino Keyser had to say we always together. She wondered where children are very happy with reports. We have not had a nice redoubt involving shudder and some sort of sexual rights could she said he wanted to vote
each other to marry. The live girl from one of them is gonna marry her so that she knows that they are committed, says he doesn't feel like she's, not part of it. So she has legal rights to the kids and she's Twenty one years old Sierra grants want a wire kinds. I love the greatest point above earth, but why did you have to get at the boy? But he's don't move like you time be like one big, happy family like on big love, I don't even think that that's illegal legal, there does not. Now I was big lovin outta that you good governance is the wife of something. That's where a lot of people Damn it is illegal member. They were always hiding the fact that they had all those different wise and they live in different houses, and it was always a big secret. What are you married? I just be. They want to know that they are committed to her when I command you ll get it to twenty one. Yours, may I remind you living girlfriend good, you didn't
Furthermore, as you know, on twenty three June for the Oda Worth, my leave us right will as front page news now when we come back was told, Jesse Williamson can never saw. Jesse Whims, of course, is getting a divorce from his wife. Yes, they were married for five years, but they ve been together for thirteen years. They have two kids their youngest is one year old and people are saying that he is dating. Mink Kelly will make your girl would be. The problem with dating make account well fancy the white woman. Every day the wise woman? Now people are calling him a hypocrite, why they call it may happen I have a grotesque, Ladys helping monads ever Mario white women. No, he didn't, I guess, he's activists who stands up for African Americans. We have as BT speech comprising over a little bit on watching and waiting. While this invention called whiteness uses and abuses, us burying black people out of sight and out of mind, while extracting our culture,
our dollars or entertainment like oil, black gold get arising and demeaning or create then stealing them gentrifying our genius and then trying sound like costumes before discarding our bodies, like rinds afraid through the thing is, though, just because we're magic doesn't mean we're not real We ask in Asia hypocrite because he's now dating allegedly a white one, look at him differently. They may be taught the bug. You know the inner ones You couldn't burial peanuts in some whiteness and Sb Jan memorandum Zeke debt. Unless declare it he's not come. To be dating her? He said alleged dead, that's how it is alleged to have you dating a white woman. Do you look at Jesse Williams differently, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one? That is the question you heard a speech. He stands up for African Americans to stand up for what's right, he's the other for so many different things, but he's allegedly date. A white girl
right. What light burning white women in the same way we're going to need, which is certainly important, why women and more important? Why? Why do you look at it differently? Gaullist up right now, eight hundred flabby firewater, five? What is the breakfast globe awarded the breakfast club, his big show it bows back morning. Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, men, allegedly Jesse Williams, has bounced back common talking just way of this morning. Every don't know just If this is an act that is it actively raise inanimate, they gave this speech to be eighty awards this year or done watching and waiting. While this invention called whiteness uses and abuses, us burying black people out of sight and out of mind, while extracting our culture, our dollars or entertainment,
like oil by Ngos, generalizing undermining our creations, then stealing gentrifying our genius and then trying like customs before discarding. Our bodies like rind of trade through the thing is, though, just because we're magic doesn't mean we're not real amazing feat. But what are we doing right now, so we ask and loudly block all in him a hypocrite because he left his allegedly left his african american wife Annie's moved on only with a white woman is proven and he's got him alone. Nobody, that is a legit and their everybody's is saying that they ve been spattered together a light, but they are working on some movie together is something so mean everyone. The date, a white woman would he be peak, be considered a hypocrite of citizens is being. I think that you know you can you can be against wide supremacy. You can be against it. Analyze racism. You can be against systemic oppression and still date, a white person like these are all separated,
you just like. I always tell you that you have racist bigot. Should we call cracker ass crackers, and then you got white people. You can be against all that systemic racism in all the racism in all the big tree and still date, a white person. We noticed wipers many they might Anthony's aid if they ever the same exact cause. I mean a man, never say he couldn't put his penis, isn't whiteness he's gentrifying my body right now, ok, and just because my group, magic Domine? Now real set of syrup of you, as I agree with you, I mean, is the core that he's and on that we don't know? What is why women, as we don't know what how causes she might be stated for the same thing that he stand in for why? But what you do live a lawyer, but critical, I mean Do you not? I mean that's modem, actually dumb, but I'm an argument then the new on some things. So I can understand that you can fight systemic oppression.
Susan would still data. Why woman, because the two don't even in his own way ever committed all go hand in hand all why people are raises biggest all of you who are part of a systemic approach in its institutional racism, so you can fight against. N n N Data under via this isn't like, but I get it eventually. He's dead, Lavoisier Moist point: why girl the more difficult it takes? The bridle obey, Jeff United by you age, soundly. C Mon Dieu Debate May Lydia White. Why we're here this can be done only that why so many as you know, my when everybody lives can have. What would he is actually have right along we met is parties major tools. I mean I can't be met at the brother, but will we prefer that data black women? I don't know, that's ridiculous. Don't care to be honest with well, let's go to inform us allows this. An hour
but when you have women in Miami pay should know a firm you from Miami National led the Brown had. No, we ask about Jesse way. It was you think, he's a hypocrite. I dont even Africa. I mean, if you think about it, not have why you I mean you're gonna, go for what you know at the end of the day, regardless of what you are talking about a tea with us about the pot of yet another language that creating a culture, you know that is your culture, that's it. I remember one thing: when you want to be with: you really have who you fall in love with less be clear, you really can like us. An early magala deserved. The brothers have white, so is the kind of like a new nature, but who
but you can be against systemic oppression in racism and still did away person why people all who are raising allows this. How this is really a LISA Mornin, the more we talk and Jesse Williams. You think he's hypocrite now, not necessarily at think he's wrong or date and her if he is because you married it's not about her rays, peace in a game of mixed ray you're, just disappointed in seeing him that, with his wife anymore, I mean, if you cheating on his wife tat would be a problem for me as Matt, whose cheated with is the fact that he's married any seeing someone else, but they are about to get divorced, separated their MAC divorced. It just looks weird: when people go
hard and just these are going a hard against whiteness he's goin out against systemic oppression institutionalize racism. But when you, when you do that, people think that you hate white people, whatever reasons why it makes it look, radiant is actually not allegedly, they know. I will write a hundred five. Eight five one firewall we're talking actor activists, Jesse Williams? Does he look like a hypocrite, allegedly stay awake or allow the boys recruit, shut up? Mr breakfast locomotive I was sorry lanes with love morning. Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club now we're talking Jesse Williams this morning. Now, if you don't know who he is, an actor he's an activist. He gave this amazing speech to be easy. It was with this less listen, we're gone watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses. Abuses us burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollar- our entertainment like oil, black gold and undermining our creations.
And stealing them gentrifying our genius and then try Just because we're magic doesn't mean we're not real and nowhere it as peace did. He say you can't put your penis in some whiteness. A magic doesn't mean we're not real and nowhere Inez Peace did. He say you can't put your penis in some whiteness his interview why bodies fighting against systemic oppression and its origin allowed racism. Madame sure, all of us all, but that doesn't mean it. You can't data wiper, I think you can t anybody that you look at me. I'm asian and let me can I ever be against people gain people of other racing on them out of their way? Don't you five, a five point? Five one. Do you look at just? U Williams is a hypocrite allows this Dahmer from here. Somebody look at him as a do. Why? Because he thought are you sound like people being treated fairly by widely
born, then stolen. So over you'll get the first white going too allegedly now, let's be clear about one thing, but that you can't listen to a lot of brother's opinion on Jesse Williams, because you've been waiting for a reason to hate on him. Okay, he's pretty good at great speech at the bet awards. Of an arms by Jesse. We couldn't wait family slip up. Ok, so carelessly every brother opinion about These are all just hate, hello. This love radio down rope. It can wait. I don T see anything about. Jesse we think is a hypocrite. I got to thinking. I never knew that the culprits. I'd better, go data. Why won't like twitter right MA? Am I brought my goodness? Let's go to a more called were along with this
funding for a review. Looking Jesse James, a hypocrite. I part in any doubt that I understand why dating a white one, that we stop like life, women, art I don't get my going. There lies bag women. He was but one for thirteen years. Exactly that. I understand why him dating a white woman made them all a hypocrite and that he doesn't backward movement and my better all why people aren't raises bigots now view of the above average gave you didn't raises big it. That was all right, drops of water and not be admitted. They won't gaining advantage that dealers now it's time, I believe that would be great and gold. Mine now was more than a story. Got more story is just because white women aren't it does mean they are real. Ok of their main Jesse, what data white woman? Let the mandate, a white woman, That'll make him any level activism dominate. Then, of the cause, any less leg, Mary sat Ass,
again all lives matter. Now it is not enough, and that is called her. A lot of good work was unaware. You, the ass man. We will tell you about, I say a time as his son. He details how he was raped last year and talks about sexual assault prevention also worked. Wouldn't do you ok, also Drake, so you give us some insight. Also Drake is making history and so is for rail will tell you what they're doing their first time. It is all right we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive body? Is the g envy easily ye shall arena guy? We are the breakfast club with anybody know. Jeremiah looks like we know. It looks like a lever signor miles, golly, humour tat. I'm givin up a while now or should I say that I am not going to download your while obligatory mother got a video for this are not therefore, most of them I am very offered his own actually here video footage new with Chris Brown Abidjan,
Aristotle watching videos? I will look into the room. Missus talk, oh gee, as they atomism. The the Reul report libretto glove very bad as they, its Amazon, Dj Zeke. His name is Joshua Time, as they are somewhat hesitant. Let me put anything in my language area. While the famer yes leaked Detroit Distance, I write, as is using his perform, neither openly gay son. I say atomic an he actually recently than an enemy. Good Morning, America. He talked about being drugged and rate details about his own experiences that happen in his apartment inch. Ago, being gay being african American. It's definitely something that Tom. I never imagined what happened
the first time that I was a victim was when I was twelve years old and then it happened again last year last February, when it happened again, those terrified really felt that Tom my manhood had been taken from me in pressing charges. The first thing that came through my mind was being labelled a victim being put on the public record harm the public stage. I wasn't ready twelve weren't said, as has happened again last year to visit. We had a discussion on radio want I'm about man, oh man, rape and our people. Don't take it. Clearly, men don't talk about it in, but you know as well as high for anybody to come forward and emitted where rates at Apiary Edwin, I'm not mad at times of man, is rarely very very happy. He's got an amateur. What does he say that was interesting, because he s a touch of New York magazine about being judged and maintain. It was a very in depth this interview that he did. He said that he met the person
grinder. He said nothing against grinder migrate people and there he said, have had sex with great people online. I can't believe an app. He said they knew no hung out. They seem like a great guy. We hung at the recording studio a couple of days later. He said: let's go to boys town, which is a place in Chicago. They go for a drink he said I I remember, is getting in the of cargo. He said. I know I got drugs. I know proud. I knew probably the minute that it happened because something didn't tastes rightly said the next morning. He woke up and He said he was, the guy was handing him a glass of water. In saying that was great. Let's hang out again, he said my ass was destroyed destroyed, unbelieving diffident, he said, and I'm just terrified can move at a move from my apartment for two days at in move. I didn't talk to anybody. I froze and any settlement to go. Find the guy on grinder and a guy had other blots him or removed himself from the app, and he said, is an attitude among gay men and he said that you're always down your own.
Is having sex anyway, you have grinders so easy and its. I really all guys. Even guys who are promiscuous have a choice. Why would you want on any type of made offer grinder grant only with sound up healing? Did they your website at that, as an app leaf ever lay a leg tender then designed the long running, grind writer, but he did say this rate did lead to him getting into drugs, said he started telling people when he was high about things, and he said eventually, while he was higher mushrooms, he told his parents got him. At that during into therapy are rights. I worked with him of the went over to the other stations in turn, was cool good night well, to tell you, his story so openly that in fires, people who have been through anything They then I alone, but I mean, is like guided them Nobody is either a gay man so being right, by another man is probably an ominous hard to talk,
would allow easier get a straight great man you re by. Maybe they probably you to keep that The long and a lot of women are never again and all other in writing. Levels of how hard it get. What you say because of our levels of if I was raped, Armstrong, if you arrange Charlemagne you, why don't you tell me why you keep it in your circle? You said: would you for in any event, if there were many guys, dad's rate is making history, he is actually going to be hosting the first ever NBA awards that are gonna be anti and see this summer. So congratulations to him they didn't how's that he's gonna be doing that. That's gonna air Monday June, twenty six, a school what the hell they gotta manner. Once I guess I ll do my best. Dress the runway thing to rectify that one year. What he's gonna be a words before he hosted that so now he's doing and my as for rail is also making history by the way he issue Nels, first bag campaign. Male model so he's gonna be permits.
Chanel Gabrielle now Gabriel Bag. That was just released if you guys woman's bagged. Yes, so he's gonna use the first man to ever be a scenario bag. A campaign on assisting in twenty seventeen, a fluid kuwaiti who fashion fluid fashioned, Nolan two possible does not like you know that we No, no! We now writing a car lag about the designer they specifically chose for rural, because they want to emphasise that the can be worn in many different circumstances by different people. So is now that's a banking, UNICEF, nor lonesome that amend all its Russia is a possible cluett, almost border for my wife, that some of you hate and right now, as you just mad at you, can't pull it around you and your wife back at all. How bad you want. I care for love. You have no fashion since fluid fashion. I write. Mozilla YE would flow. Rumour report you guys really into this room. A report is that without an implacable fluid,
I should not only will honour like that, but look either. It really doesn't maintain its fit when, anyway, all right, you know unaware bugaboo. You know he can tell it. But you don't like my wife- is we're gonna. Do you like the little sturdy aware now put something in it? It's a stiff gods! Well, ok, I'll now as it enters, the Roma replied, I'm handling. That's your room where I know a guy museums age I was born and Don T do now right, don't you today, for thirty April twenty It goes to a man named. No wind, they April twenty six girls. A man named bomb see Krishna, ok,
is the primary reason why I don't have time to be lying and why Our magnesite golly a pretty young uns. I don't got their time. Energy is simply too much work, and I just don't have that I did diamond dams will. I have to say that I would rather deterrent roof. Would you reality or whatever the situation is instead of line and out? as is put all my energy them away from family now, Momsey Krishna is a married man. What a child but he had an online girlfriend his online girlfriend, wanted to go on vacation instead of arms, she Krishna telling his all my girlfriend sit down a decisive pizza and be quiet. He decided to try to me it now bomb see Christmas, didn't have the money to take his online girlfriend on vacation. This really pisses me off. Ok, this guy Momsey Krishna have Daphne to have an online girlfriend when he's broke. I get Mozilla broke? We have enough money for his wife and kid at home. You know We have no money for society Momsey, because you're not supposed to have a society pharmacy. Ok, you money.
Both go to family at home. Would now you want to A player. Ok hid, treat the one that you have been with. Disabled Three one did you love in know? That's not. I need is worse now momsey the travel agent, so he came up with a scam and ask em was created. Fake ticket with online driver, okay, I'm sending her at the fake ticket. He created a fake email and then he sent a hoax email to the police and in the email it said He had overheard six Muslims. Talking about hijacking of playing tomorrow, see according to be limber, be limber ready to deputy commissioner police, who led the investigation. He said bombs, he didn't have the money, but if he cancelled, because of that I've heard his pride and made him look bad in front of his low side. Jake and his friendship would it loads of little side. She would have come to an end so bombs. These thinking was that of the flight was to be cancelled because of the airport. Being shut down, because it is vague, hijacking story. He made up it. Wouldn't be his hot does that are not?
too complicated? Yes, that's exactly what I mean all tangled web. We, when we choose to deceive when you married and got did, and you got two sides and you become like a cerebral contortionists. She brain and thoughts thought twisting and turning and all these weird positions and you just why the blind yourself in playing yourself. Do we the new report. Remember tv as it were, flames display with everyone's than the truth behind last week's false alarm over a hijack alert at major airports Finally out it was ass, a young man and hide about trying to ensure you haven't got out by his girlfriend. Over the weekend it was a high sea The alerted invite hydropower than Jenny Airport after an email that one of our hijacked read the hydraulic police of now address to this man. One secrets now who Daisy impersonated as a woman to write the main from a cyber goofy, also that his girlfriend and genetic does not find out that he had sent a fake ticket to up to more bite where the two of them is opposed to meet and then go to go on it gives of impersonation funding for information.
And also to the information technology. Act has now been bogged moves recruitment them. The young lady bomb Sea have been arrested on for charges, including impersonation and false information. The charges could result in five years in prison. Ah because you want to lie low. Such croquet gave him bombs you so worried about being embarrassed in front of your side, chick that you ended up embarrassing yourself in front of the people who really matter your wife and kid look. Man fellas every now and then someone has to die in order for us to live wages. Why, bomb see pass away right in front of us, ok and cause of his figurative death. We should all. Is that a good just now is it ok, learn from the mistakes of others, and if you still playing my mom, supplant, save yourself. Why you still gay, please give on she Kristen? because he hardly
it's a problem. They may well become when who get the gun a dynamic of such a convoluted story envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we are the breakfast club is legal hello, this France. Can you take us our Blu ray fast. We get you clearly now right. They would go much because if ye hey. What's up, oh yeah, my thing is that me and my girls we're almost a year and the thing is she's only communicate it back like the only taker failing to tax. For some reason case of new cars. You doesn't answer the phone Mamma she does available on every day. We talk about everything but her maid. They re. Whenever, like you have made, you are the only body her only protects. You can never tell everything, The summary that began with the buried the May our. Why does he dies expensive feelings, the attacks message we have only to think of it,
case of the lines of communication are still open. I would say that sometimes is higher. He put his acer and things are very upset and heading down, their feelings might make them now de so emotional at the time that is happening and better, but it is about it first you need to communicate as far as face to face time. Talking to each other are more likely to pay. As you go more like you know, kindled pigs like an hour figure come more like you know. People resolve a database like I do you believe all this and that, and they like it or not, likely they theory about breaking off the Cry and Tanzania night attacked. You can't tell the mood of the person exactly I so next time she does that. Like you know where I fear you, let's talk about this tonight over dinner or just tat, has been willing to talk about this later on. When you see her face to face you, bring it up and get her to talk, argon
what happens when you do unto her in person merrily with they weren't barrier like you know we dislike by crime turn up. Like you know, I guess I didn't want to see Do you want me to fear cried out? Oh, why my innocent? I says he probably get emotional those easier for her to write it down. Could she doesn't want to do that in front of you, but what you need to do? Is it next time she expresses itself to you do text message to say: like listen, I and II and I really want to be able to discuss this with you in person face to face tonight. I may dinner reservation we're gonna go out and we then have a nice dinner and discuss anything you want to discuss in ask each other. Whatever questions we would ask each other are their own record low. You know Robert Barbara, and they do not yet have the path- and I do know Arnold maybe that whoever might adopt like something and repair valley. He had, but might you know some issue, but that in the past maybe there's by because this is your first relationship and you guys are-
How long have you been together, I already by the EU in doing ok I mean listen if she's very a motion on you fill idealism. Deeper issues within her just be patient luck, right as IE, eight hundred five, a firewall or fire one. If you got a course for ye call now is to breakfast logo on E g in Angela YE shall be Nego. We oughta breakfast club we're in the middle of Ask IE eight hundred the five one o five one? What lobby going to you? I, like you too, allow this game over what was, of course, a free market. How can I get my way through? Ok, what's the problem would mean like what are we doing work tomorrow and I work a lot by five hours. A week, better was the affectionate before are needed.
Ever been where he was affectionate before ok did something happened. There have been having some disagreements we haven't financial issues. Is he stressed out several mobile financial problems, but I mean batch lobby, issued by sometimes things that are happening. Aside from your relationship affect your relationship, unfortunately, Do you believe that there is another reason that is now so affectionate? I want my bow like in our nuggets not ever about a little bit, but we're trying to grab that demographic before yourself, I'm trying, given the benefit of all. Do you feel, like you ones, to be in their relationship, but no man that model small- maybe not you know,
because they used to be a virgin and now he's not he's done things to you in the past, you guys arguing that we use our delight come together. What I don't know How did they come together? Maybe we're not argue in as much as we used to, but you also affectionate as it used to be now at the same time, so it seems like some of their passion is gone. Weather is their passion firm, you guys arguing or that, hasn't from you guys loving each other here. Why is also sometimes you guys adjusts who come to when they use to each other do you feel that he's not attracted to you? I'm probably the town, ok you're not affectionate within, but I do give him, but this is not given it. Maybe I'm giving too much affection and he's not given that a law
Oh no! I don't want to give up, but I don't you know the way you're not even attracted to him. I mean that affect them it ends up being a psycho where he's not affectionate to you. Therefore, you're turned up because it makes you feel bad. Your self esteem, you don't know what's going on, you have some doubts and then he can that so maybe he's pulling back as he's tied down with other bs coming before you don't want to do they buy you on all the you're. Never obligated to stand in Malaysia subject because of the amount of time that you ve been together. You now so late affairs that you wanted to be with him, and he was an affectionate you, but now it sounds like you kind of don't want to be with him come in come in what way will be another? I don't want to give up. A good guy is infringing welcome, but it's just that
life. Maybe you guys needs a shake things up a lot of it and get out of the environment that you're in your daily routine may not always a really great a plan, things and look for it. Things to do together, so maybe in them, Have your plan is something for you guys do together something to be excited about something to look forward to an it's a good idea and that bring up things in the past and argue all the time so as to turn off near here were, and I'm gonna take a vacation from New York in the next three weeks ago. Is he coming were ok I will miss, and hopefully that will help you guys to get out of your environment, but one of the main things is: maybe you guys have to cut back on the arguing, and you know I don't know but it, but if you're not attracted to him, he probably can feel that too I would very. I he's just anterior as key.
Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five, you thousand a fifty for you. You could call her at any time. You call rules on away. Yes, we're gonna talk about basketball, wives. There was some rumours circulating and now a things I got, someone is coming back to the show that was one of the as you know, CAS members would tell you who that is also for came car dashi and find out how you, how much of a clause for you to get a selfie with. Ok, all I m more. Keep it lacked is to breakfast logo morning. Yes, draw laugh morning. Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. Let's give the Roma's was taught Kobe Bryant,
with annually is clear earlier this week, Toby was on good morning America and you would think he misses basketball right, you're playing an mba were here's what he had to say to MRS know, everything I've learned from under our carry was new to this days or the games never truly lessened physically. Yes, but emotionally in the things that are right, all stem from the game, and the other thing is for athletes that come next understand there is a finale to write in. That's. Ok is very hard to let go of something that you ve done for him. Your life Ryan is kind of a come who you are, but is a difference between doing what you do verses understanding that is not who you are
night S, room and I mean I'm sure he rallied enough, if physically rallied, MRS it but mentally he still so involved. I don't understand why matted, don't you call me a position with Lakers? If that's what he was dead, I'll be smart, I had they downward I now cobia did, this slammed poem about Steve Ergo on Jimmy values. Tonight show transformation equal to or co suspenders to lapels from nerdy, Steve God Nietzsche, so puny, weak and metamorphic.
Is from geek flick, no comedy born in his body whatsoever. How about that now I'll be right, have never had any disposition at all, nothing even remotely chuckling about him. Yet me gig. If you're, a big fan of came cried ass, he and you can actually get a stealthy with her- is only going to cost you fifty thousand dollars what. But that also includes a celebrity photographers. It's very charities. Charity budgets, auctioning off their porch, it you know so fifty thousand dollars and the proceeds go to HIV Aids. Charity am far so could be a good thing that the course of utter yourself you jimmy- as you will have the money goes to charity is fifty thousand dollars, so I gotta previewed gun the additives are voting on today. You fifty thousand dollars a relative given money than a charity. Would I want to sell you? Would you got as you know, but they are now. She has a lot of stands in they re now them actually bids are almost eighty thousand so looks like is going to happen. Clearly somebody once Absalom deftly no one of them. I write Morocco.
Ah, my people are upset that he is actually going to be the keynote speaker at a Wall Street Healthcare Conference and is getting foreigners thousand dollars and their thing he's addressing a group of people he once refer to as fat cats. Draw political bother, Brok, Obama Gettin, Emily S. Why we actually, rather derision give it back to the polio nor Barack Obama Dodo money. Take that damn fool Thank you. I don't you feel bad about it. Ok, I write and Jennifer Williams is returning to ask a ball wise. Now there were rumours Evelyn behind a blacker from returning. Remember they started off his best friends, and then they had a huge falling out haven't been. France have been speaking to each other at all. And when Sammy Roman was up here on the breakfast club, here's what you had to say about that rumour, Jennifer Physic, Evelyn, actually blacker from coming back. Is there any truth to that? As you said, she wouldn't come back. If Jennifer, I'll tell you one thing: Jen came and I had seen on the show and Jim came to support me and from that
they wanted her to be on the show at that particular seeing the producer we had at the time called Evelyn and all of a sudden gin wasn't apron anymore. Now I dont know if Evelyn had anything to do with that, but the moment kind of disappear. Well looks like it's gonna, be a great story line because they have Jennifer and Evelyn's beef on air travel include both Jennifer. She needed for the vision of a kind of fell off, fell out of the picture that identifies. He saw her when I was, Anne Elliot was you dollar, She had leisure to go in the rubble good, but she does have an online store, no good at all, as he has it was on a couple of other shows and then she was dating a guy from that show. With his sweetie pie there, because I don't want, is that we needed a jersey was an era of gracious, mainly jobs and reached beggar era and Steve Harvey has
The daytime soldier is called Stephen, it's gonna Premier September fit is gonna, be on our embassy own stations, We must, however, be able to take their cell and allay his current shows depriving tapes in Chicago so days, double Steve. How are we to Steve Young unlike one last shows that taken Chicago comes on like one want to make one may next we come on, make their lives. I write well I'm Andalusia, evolving, and that is your room, a report to all right. Thank you. Miss you
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