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THU 5/26 - It's Throwback Thursday! Slim from 112 (yes, the Beyoncé of Bad Boy's legendary R&B group 112) came thru to tell us how he dodged all that groupie love in the 90s...but we can't say that for the callers who participated in Ask Yee!

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This is your wake a whole day child these envy, Angela Charlemagne myself on a planet is respect issue, because this is a voices signs in a day the coveted morning so called we Don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest
good morning, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo uneasily damages Amy Charlemagne gas plants is Thursday wake up this morning and thank God for life because you do not have to be yesterday. You making plans Memorial Day week in there. You did quick things. I've been in these Greeks crazy may. Last night, it's been all over the news shooting at sea ice cancer. He was involved in any way in. It are very clear language they arose when causes.
And three people shack innocent. I hate about, would only shooting at a rapture realises shooting at such, and such concert like he had something to do with Emily was at his kind. I rather this unit of unpleasant. Clearly, if arm of people going to build with guns in urban planners fought right where Europe has, they react in Ireland people there were going near and may know uncle a martyr eyes days when this happens as on work. No rest in peace situation, Trio's, peoples. They say was his bodyguard, but I note I was his friend. He goes by the name of Bang Bang, oh yeah rest in peace to bang. He gave draft guidelines were dragged a hidden allayed. Nobody I raised in the leg DR that one out when I first heard this united as an invitation to be making in your comments as a lot of people on Twitter. As you say, really ignorant things is always fag. Why are you all right?
like a happy, why you tell him the social media savages win in where not to be ignorant does their time, and this is what they do. They make big jokes about thing. This should not be job now by somebody like this, and you know it. Ministers tell you think these social media savages care. We know where we know that the situation be social media that did not get a geiger, destroy our jobs, the whole J joy, everything, peace, the bang, condolences to his family. Keep telling your dog thing is dead, that dog dad audio means greets. Nobody gave up against that is how the world out here and I am in joining. We will continue to give you updates, as we find them out this morning as well. There's a lot more to the story. I will ask you to show started to about further. I feel that there is this right. We gotta Toolbar, God slim from one too
will be travelling to collude bomb for freedom from ones where it is they that would know what has been agreed is that I will know it all eyes that offered him a moment, and then I will be a slim naval afforded. I've done regarding my colleague aims lab. You may well for people, and one year of can delegate you use our proposals, overdue and you know the new twenty six days ago, you with it ass one. Is there a cue? I went to my mind. There is no notice. Your ploughing oil whistler. No slim buddy say you, don't listen! We're solo due to a solar, readily burial, unrecognizable eyes brightened right until the typewriter he's all right. Well, let's keep the show cracker four pages that we talk about. Let's talk about a teenage girl, there's south on video footage of our having sex with multiple boys, Jesus Christ and the school bathroom law. When I
Many you're gonna be like, while our dear story actually has a far worse, no member don't on top three fathers words, namely jewish low. Maybe I never thought about it. For without the hearing origin level, my father's worth no will get into that. When we come back, he believed the breakfast locomotive. Body is the J. Every Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta Breton gives in front page news that a calves beat the rapids last May one. Sixteen seventy eight to take a three to seriously. They blew up the ravages of those opposed to
so about what happened to your cursor. You are re. Well, it all started around ten p m. They were Irving Plaza. The opening act was on a stage our guys Meno, an uncle murder for they were performing, and that is when somebody started shooting now. Apparently, Troy AB was the first victim. He got shot in the leg as he was entering the green room and people said it fleeing the room and that's when the gunman exited also, instead of firing again now, apparently a woman was shot in the leg. She is expected to survive, she's at Bellevue Hospital and fifty cent went and visited. He said I'm here to support my friend. His girl was shy. What happened here is not good. Now. Another man was shot in the chest and was declared
dead? We told you earlier that was tribes friend, Slash Security, bang I so rest in peace to him and condolences to his family and friends. A lotta responsibility put on our building urban closet is nowhere implies the Kurdish. Let somebody you know, with the hand, was what the guns array and they were to be- I p rooms right next to each other. So it's you. I had left the vip room before the shooting even happen so clearly had absolutely nothing to do with it. They still have not found that government is all kinds of self. On video footage, that has been circulating all around on the internet. To be somebody right leg. It had to be light like somebody who it was, Whaley tie you an artist is something that has to be able in the room backstage Maggie searched. Clearly I did you know anyone who made him and there was ever a thousand people. I actually had a meeting later on a corner from there and I was driving passed there. The street was crazy. Mast are trying to build bug life. There are going to talk, talk, those gangs
Actions are whack garbage as a whole. Are the world out here and and enjoying you hear me. You here, may I write and now is another unfortunate story, What is even worse than issue is happening for Myers nether investigating itself on video showing a fifteen year old girl having sex with more If a boy now much more model, we have no doubt that nobody saw more and more than, let me finish: they were in the public eye scuba. The law on having twenty five teenage boys nominal into the rest from twenty five How do you talk to your daughter have to be enough of your father? Myers high, some Sommersby Rhoda you're late, and I actually has to be able to have be sick or something was it was the Albania, a video was taking anything it's unquestionably child pornography and thus crews and the twenty five boys insane. There has to be some So how is she with that fifteen year,
girl investigated as a crime, taking advantage of someone with a mental health issue has to be no. We ve regularly five twenty five with a lot, but I ran drain on girls, twenty five, twenty five hologram about listen, Highschool, I've seen five six in high school, twenty five and what I thought maybe rousing believable. I would have you know you can't just talk it up. The mental health girl begin drain ran on him for a long time on any great. Well, we don't the only way out, and yet they haven't release the ages of the boys. But the real question is whether a fifteen year old can consent to sex floored as age of consent is eighteen, but if you're sixteen seventeen road, you can consent to someone who's between sixteen and twenty three point: five. I've never seen a porn with twenty five I've never seen a boy to involve either, but it's a new breed of people. I emailed technology is different. The white amending stuff today taken put nearby different. They can do more
see my dehydration Denzil issues. I think it was allowing girl. You did fall guys run. The train on him back into the very day is yes for twenty five. You know so that I can even I haven't. I guess it's when you five people in my life, I can name twenty five people, I Katy winning twenty Bobby. When cool we really coming out, because if you can't be Bela erosion, all I'm saying that allowed islands honey that he be workable. Right. You noted generation is a lot more athletic than the previous generation. This young lady la more athletic than the previous girl. You, the trains ran on it now, but I fancied fifteen years old, I'm shot his map on video footage. There's gonna be out there for ever. That's terrible, there's one. As I have little goods right, everybody menace avoid for the girl first move. We are voting on a river, rarely but really needs who I think now includes. We don't know, really educate kids on the fact that anything that you do on social media. Anything that you do this request
could be a day of Africa's. We don't have to worry about that budgetary glowing with you resolve the kidney girls bugging train Randal, I mean a lot of father. This is your words, no man, I don't know. I don't know what you say you little all. You're grounded for ever. I don't know if you don't mind, if they had mentally fairly minor reason? Why you did that she has a proper measure that is probably no girl would do that. She is a problems with some out. Even if she doesn't ventilation is something going on every year. Rugen drain run on a bell. I dare not twenty five, but you gotta Grogan Dreamer, indicated that age. Fifty. What lessons we don't know, this is a way to meet our nerves. He did have mental health issues. They're. Not we know where we live in a divisive, clearly needs a psychiatrist, told me every girl. Let me get a trail him on him in my life now I may have, may we dont know if she doesn't know we don't we, We know where we are getting the Middle Alvarez. You like this doesn't have a nose disdain that that's going to learning that mental health issues. Are you telling me girl and monitoring are eminently,
if you want the wood. The college in hand colleges different, while the different talking about a fifteen year old fourteen year old, what you think is thought or shoot, or what you are talking about here is like stopping at large families. That's how you daughter, she's a hard you would get to the root of the problem. You. Let me find, your country, runner by twenty five guy? I know there is a college Anita raised this out. My system waited Agora. What did I do wrong? In my life, the jewelry and bathroom haven't secular twenty five different me now that I've been thinking about how far is it probably somewhere, but tell him what you mad? Eight hundred five eight five want to find one of your upset. You need event called right now, maybe a pistol, maybe a having a bad. Maybe you gotta go trainer and about twenty Volga. My son was one of those kids, our buses as too, but tell about you, may eight hundred five aid father no fire, one of your work on doesn't matter still buses, as tell him. Are you mad at breakfast the more the breakfast club
I will give you wanna get rabbits eighty one day, while about dumping ground level, I brought up. Allow third night, like girls gone off like laminated, applaud the analogy to tell me why you why you met on purpose, global, real events celebrating aid or with the author, carrying what other bad for going in a bag of money by that brought about by MRS Riis Vision, you Bobby Boy Security October to welcome the light, because the bank, I think, They then everything candlelight twenty loaded about big paid, an airport operators in the locker. All now is you're beautiful player that fraternity Guide Runnin train longer out like this. I know now what why are we talking about the middle of? I have nodded hello. There is now you Jake from day now I never thought about this child born in that eyes, I saw you come on now saw the man. You are the one up there thought about who they got no choice
It's been awhile for ten thousand years. No right now you return your daughter, she's a home. Me one donor right, but you didn't say anything. No you'd have to deal with the harsh reality of the situation that you would call. Another girl who got a tray ran arbitrary, I gather that attitude. You dotted same way my daughter was involved, and that is something wrong with this. I'm doin somethin wrong. I'm not gonna call. Now. Maybe you do. Maybe she learned its industry, you? U, Monterrey, that girl a higher positions, I wage and have been industry hello. This year, grip for bank shut out there tell em I macro region, the Edward you act like a young lady, had to be mentally ill claim and own have victualage you. Now we have, as you say, sadly Mcafee for there to be at their. Secondly, we dont Where are we going to say here that we go no porn stars mentally?
Our work is what she's fifteen years in that case, leveraging euros, have you ever they weren't, there's no such thing as standards in Europe having sex you it don't matter, they haven't surgery, God is to draw up an arbitrary ran on our twenty five people. Use, it is something involved is no self esteem is some type of problem allows is more than to tell them what you meant that it will be rapidly. I've been out? Then I am after our eyebrows, though I appreciate the kindred and while aid and you call that a world man Bigshot tell him you may eighty five, eighty five one o five. One of your obsession event call us right now is to whose locomotive the breakfast club
A young man was a real matter ass. They mass the angry as they did ass. They passed off. Why you, man was bloodless, go. Do they read before agreeably to sub roads alimony? My mental murder barter for joy, showed the sugar cerebellum out about other jointly automotive small gerner today as crazy, but it also resulting aroused stereotypical China go out. One goal is measured. About your answer. You write you gotta leader, thug life allow man again. Thy life is groaning cellular. What we two thousand sixteen now fifty cents out of bed in a big way, miss out back in the early years. Anything happen. Mobile is random. Redeployments mine, I'm like thirty three oh shut. Therefore, your shadow, my only to overthrow the Sab hot about it, is the calves. Actually let people do shows in the city. Now because at one time it was so tight that no ought, as ever, wanted to come to New York involved? But now I gotta get back to that because of what has happened,
It is the latter revive the blame due to their own, that certain people allows, as happens with tee, tell em I Mattie I'm not because I am or I'm gonna try already met. Last night, you tell me what happened? Would you see everyone I heard some up until I am about me and let me know everyone's is quite right and then, if a video online and now the part that now fierce growl or it was fastened to a stop India, one of which is another shot came out? One might go on and be everyone start coming down here than I fail and on my whole body. I'm sorry. I'm sorry you're only are ones that so I don't know where all the shot it won't happen about her one young Hoboken. Thank you, Mamma allows is gay, suddenly mad mad, because now appreciate aware clearly blackberries projected in the media.
It s a story about the girl with the twenty five God and a letter said Emily now like this happen in alchemy, that happens in the community and we girl black. It is easy to it. My brow, you you don't know what you're doing another girl black and now you just assume. Could you here then really bad guys in for a man on the girl blanket I've gone believe their story, you, unless you black. What are you talking about the mass away from where were you didn't From the moment we complain about the images of ourselves in the media. We don't you involved in young girls, but what is claimed ass you could be black. We don't know is all I'm saying eight hundred five eight far one off, I warn you ve got rooms cover up, yes, will give you some are updates, I'm what happened with the shooting at the cancer words he I was supposed to perform as I was about meek mail? He has put out his own all the way up: remakes Hokosa guy. Look that for you and he seems to be taking some Shasta Drake
I am more, keep unlocked the breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club
the guy at the Reul report Libretto club, where they're trying to figure out what happened they do have been located. The shooter, and this was the person who were shooting at accountancy. I was supposed to perform at Urban Plaza last night in New York City at least two men in two women were shot. One of the men did pass away. That was when a tray adds security guards last friends, part of his crew, so rest in peace to bang and our condolences to his friends and family. Now I guess his girl from wish out as well as you said, was acting in a hospital leaving the hospital. They got him saying that he was there to support one of his friends whose girlfriends was shot. Try. I was also shot he was raised in the leg. Now some people are saying it looks like try out was the intended targets, but they were to be ip rooms. There were right next to each other tee. I had
the vip room before the shooting even happen, so he was not around. He had nothing to do with the shooting Meno. An uncle murder were onstage performing when everything happened as well. Replied the whole. The lotteries possibility that there was a certain people on the way you know. Clearly. I was part of some you're, not the right that it is right that they not search somebody got. It would again will rest in peace to bang. Oh your head, Troy, have an old nobody for being in a way troika made fauna joy, bad as their homework who got killed. You know
watch. It energy gotta watch you come down here, though I come back to you set a sad situation. I right now over the wood the weekend, as you say over the weekend this weekend and we cannot, nor are they weaken the art and over the weekend and Drake we're all set to perform an Jimmy camera, but they have pulled out of that performance. You know why cause damage rob was said to be on that same show. Now, according to belly, now I gave is also performing a giddy valley said I feel like they were laid raised, was to be able to see through all the titles in this world for listen to raise as didn't want to feel like. I was a part of a celebration for somebody was believes that majority of us don't agree with railways, for maybe you know, would weaken Intriguer canadian ferocity poured out of vapour that belly was ass. Its budget before there was positively performance Wednesday that once you know it, though I don't do that alone, agreed
a macroeconomic from Rummy Obama. Do somethin, like our Rory Damon, we're Roy when Ali made tv need. I think he put some anti anti trumped shirt on a guy like that. I got to say something to gifts. Like now be dynamic, use your voice did muffled because, like always balanced out, especially with belly, I don't know it looks like look, let's not make me say when you ve got a belly. Maybe I rescheduling for another date and beyond. You have your an odd is named after one of my favorite movies. You're never gonna come forth my mind when I hear belly, rather than we can come first, when you know that we can absolutely not I'm thinking about fraud, it is added the first time I met. Do we gonna told him verbatim to his face? I say it, I don't know you good enough to be too? We can be more like a too they are when there's something approved. You wrong is absolutely Erna title, but I still think of Friday's areas under fire, where that is your room over point. I'm Angela gained the right when we come back a front page news. Are we talking about you see? We are going to talk about the teenager, who appeared to have sex with multiple boys in the school back,
remember getting more information than in Germany will have this, no matter what our raises, but they said you what why? Yes, I will get into that when we come back and also a throwback Thursday, so swim from one twelve we join us. After all, the ones who, like me to NATO, Q and slip through insulin other, might bear no relation. Day. Twenty forgot all affair remains as want. Well that might conveying addition. Now, Germany, Willie now do not like, and I have had him with a virus or something Ronnie Bobby Dhahran doesn't, nor does it might mounted bar outward my MIKE Indira Ronnie Bobby my own wasn't with Johnny for antibiotic my Johnny around here s wrong anyway, slipped from ones where will be joining us, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive.
Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club skins in front page news there. Last night, the calves blown arrived this out one. Sixteen seventy eight of this shirt issued in reality. They should have lest he should have been a blow off. There was Geneva Clovis. There should have been done all done by now, where they would need to do for game. Six gone back to throttle Audrey gotta. Do is get party next door to sit on the sidelines. Why would a t, shirt, essay, shenanigans, ok, car you're gonna be described in they probably can win game six about that, none of the little by minimum wages
right, what is seventy thousand dollar minimum wage actually be better for your company? How much seventy dollars I allowed a moon and wage now gravity payment. Ceo, damn price about a year ago, actually analyses raising the salaries of his one hundred or so. I am pleased to at least seventy thousand dollars. You know it ended up happening for his work is worth a lot. More productive at city were vigorous. No, actually, studies have shown that happiness improved as incomes grew up to seventy five thousand dollars up to that point. So they saying after they have been a lot more of his workers became better performers and there you have, it might be better for companies. Everybody wants to be against raising minimum ways by happy workers company because fuel, if you're, paying people in your? U you given them low financially to know, go to work and work article, nothing happy afflicted getting compensated for what they actually have something in common in the World Bank. In my mind, I am going to work every day and I don't
pay me blood all of this work and you ain't even pay me for it. That working all the time now, I'm not doing anything extra go above and beyond the people to go above and beyond. The EU can now also
whose team that we were talking about almost alone rise, so we're getting some more information on what had been now the thing a teenage girl appeared to have sex with multiple boys in a public school bathroom after school. This is a time when extracurricular activities are going on some time between. I think round, one forty five in some thirty thousand. Now what they are saying is odd, sweaty, five boys. When our tears, I think sixteen of them were the school was not planning to press charges, but now it's a criminal dame because it's a fifteen year old girl, one of the boys, actually posted video on his snapped jealously do so. That is how that video menace to circulate one person, put it on twitter that person how two hundred and forty nine thousand followers that account has since been suspended by twitter, cut a child pornography. Now one person, as I said man, this girl's head- was in the toilet bowl and she looked like dying and they were a whole bunch of guys in their taking too
with her intolerable, that's what he said in a sound horn and it's happening right here in front of our face in front of our children's face. You know. Do the last call a call your until the more you Madame was saying, you know she's black and may we protract, she wasn't black or white and they say with football player no. This is where did away with growing up, as usually I window, they had any, if always involve their members of the south for minors. In January, I would die without the full. Bubbly is running drain on the wagon that I might not have a football team this year due to these activities. But obviously this is a situation where people need to touch students any details to their children s. And fraternity used to do it. Like I got home, boys were cabals who say they would have a bowl of condoms, and why, girl and they would is Goin AIR and placed the cavalcade. Where would equally where this is still a fifteen year old child, though
Yes in high school girl who didn't drained, ran on me, wasn't externally twenty five is it hard, but that it is. You gotta tell me that my this is tab. Yet how does your sons to that adults is certainly essential in Japan? A trailing issue in our past, my sons. Ass ever of initial listen. We ve all participate in new one. Only reason I never got to tell me how my penis would never get out. Ok, I've been involved in like three I've tried to do in my penis. Never would respond. It would never work of ok, but does not act like this is not pretty much normal behaviour coming up for years and years, the new streets, normal, yes, girls get trained, ran on whom I don't like it. I think it's disgusting outcry This happened to my eyes. I doubt less disgusting, yes, I know the way I never I don't get it. I can't do it. I can't performance much venuses around. I'm sorry, I'm ever want telescope
undesirable, went on me. A mob me wax with jumping to check out his weight a decade ago, a better outcome, and I forgot that we was jumping off and I thought it chestnut you that what the hell are. You took a girl liar you tasty wag, pretty most others, NATO's banners like what are you doing that uses a job, but what are you when I said that in the middle of any second kid go. You gonna do about the well, you got very column saying is girl. The train ran on him. It's terrible it disgusting is wrong, but let's not
girl got mental health issues? Could you got a dream? I must add to our friend, Michel hope by sex. Betsy actually was texting you this morning about the situation, his enemy, different articles, about as studies that show the young people who are on an average exposed to porn around ten years old, and the more point that you are exposed to the more aggressive and violent the porn becomes an you feel like you need to push the limits, so young people that are exposed to point so frequently believe that access trains are normally. I would point out that the ordinary being seriously girl did heart gave a whole uneasy with Amy their studies that have been dented. She could, I need more. Thirty did not a drain on the far right, always wanted to jump, renewed Ellen Goderan training on our right now or become Bacchus Throwback Thursday slim from one twelve will be joining us, give us level. We combat the north, never drain anyone, twelve music. Room one with twenty five play, as well as to breakfast global boy.
Kent Jones don't mind morning. Everybody is dj. Envy and Charlamagne tha god we are the breakfast club. We got a special guest in the building, Throwbackthursday slim from one hundred and twelve with him. I know you know you are come onto my lonely what a lot of pressure on yourself as they fit with their name, You know me, you gay Norway again firepower, thereby Stamford, and it is what it is where you know hey, say you back on this bab worrying until I met you afraid of Why did he not banana? Oh? No? No, where we already with money and s girl gay ok, guys and no one's while break up anyway Well, you know once where would I honour less album everybody's?
Heaven. You know they had their own individual outlooks. Oh what they want to do. Musically, sir. Everybody wanted to do a thing that we want to everybody. Canada, spore to every single we came out went plan. Album was all albums web Malta, platinum whatever. So I think there are they wanted to challenge, and everybody wants to do some different. So this white paper, never worked out, really well worked out for you. We have as yet to be ass. They grew decaying balmy, you ask me: I had no choice, that time you know our sitting there and I mean our like man, I got cash man. I got to do something here, so you know I can't do it use a hammer and nail so you want me, I went to studio so fly how many of those kids were conceived. While you was a part of well beyond rural, our three of every single one. There is one of a matter of fact. I need to blame and should a name airlines, my three boys after them,
albums, you listen, you never relations. Another baby Mamma, you desire straight up. I one baby. My old we're ok, One day the Moselle? You know that you ve got three. Where you met, one big woman on the roads is dogwood are well. You know I met her before I had to deal so God, but you know she was wanted. She was somebody dies. I owe you better be. Oh here I want to exploit writer I'll, be right. There right Lydia approach of drug loud will, for the most part, had it wasn't getting back together with the group. Oh, no, real coup is real cool out. Miami and I got a phone call man there will. I know what you think about that will want to have. Years have gone by. You know me, and I admit I miss W nothin, like my brother's a year later, contact with each other. Is there no? At the time I was speaking to know I was
the term, but I knew that you know me know my brothers and I went family fight at some point. You gonna get better get you gonna, make everything works. Well, why weren't you speaking to him slim Israel? Now that had heard what you had to be really know nodded are not at all I mean we basically, you know we are everybody had different outlook of what they wanted to do. Musically and you know, given a real. I didn't want to do anything. So I wanted to stay and went where he was the most easiest way. You know in group were formerly singers even army and we never saw failure. So you know why do something different? No one tamper with that type of cell when you say that you want to do some different musically like how different could it have been conveyed to say ya, had to formula ready right. So what What what was the people around us aid being solo aquareine? Oh, you have guys in a group that you know that can really really, sing and you know they probably footlight, like you,
We are more units to show more their talents. Now there was a period of time and you are going too far for bankruptcy. Right did you and of doing it cause. I remember reading that you didn't and filing, and you change your mind and you said you gonna pay a failure that I just went on through what the situation, because the situation was out, and about Harbour Atlanta, Georgia in Ireland, a judge or whether you will go into recession man. I was saying in my house was worth dirt less than what you pay for. Third of what our pave. Have it allowed it we're moving too funny thing about it. Is the bank would not give me a fixed rate? I've had this particular, probably for sixteen adjustable right? I still got it, so you know how that time. You know I'm paying ten twelve thousand dollars a month. You know I'm saying so. I was doing it for a Ford five hundred How is it was jumping up and down on these? Really I do I like it. I knew I say you know my account. Is there a you? Gonna do want it, Other! You know me, I cannot say at a house in Atlanta, so it is what it is. There
like what that was. You live in and all, if you imagine one I was then about how about my eye was on water. Are, oh, you know me. So you know those condos s like maybe not a rope I was his candle was even how big was it. It was pretty cool. It was like a two three thousand square foot joint. You lost it, no one, lose, not a loser, condone yeah. I just gloomy. It was a lease, so you know I mean I just know that I got a letter. Go came back, TAT, Lana and now I got my bears and stuff straight. I got real strange what you got. No one gets a double. Why can't you boy do? Is nice adored thing about one to our fuel, Your story haven't really being told you. When you talk about the history of bad boy, everybody have an identity, but is this like one twelve, this went. What have I got group by wild? Well, you know my only first came out. We weren't interested
in letting everybody know exactly who we were as far as by individual can give us more about the brand. So a lot of times, people for a lot of power right career ever You have our songs, you know the only you you already knows and anywhere you know all those wreckers cupid. Yes, I found you know it was crazy, but people didn't know who whom I slammed around work and for the first time you know. I think that was probably one of the reasons why, once we have wanted to take the heights and say this is why I am individually. You know me so, yes, we are still writing a book, their talks, and maybe we might consider doing another, but you know, is a little weird, listen to her music is. I was slow forward
well this year about effect, was given to a one. Twelve joint is only you is the purpose of the moon was only your morning. Everybody's dj envy angel ye shall remain the guy. We oughta breakfast club, we Goslin from one twelve in the building of Charlemagne. Now big, you would have been forty four with vague memories. You nobody ever one, twelve buddy, maybe memories man will get a lot of you know we. We always kicked it where you know. When we first move from Atlanta Georgia to New York man, we were taken it we're faith and big straight up. You know bringing us to shows and stuff like that, and you know a big always have respect for one hundred and twelve, like always, like you always say, you're about to be them. Boys like he's a tale of light, or you know you just sign. I look in on boys like that. You might have been boys phrased, he's to bring us and he the really beyond me as far as light, you d, think yo? Send you d, so you got come. You know you got to show presents you know you're, smart guy. Everything you got do is based.
If I had a camera about. You know we had cameras and stuff. I we do now, but if I could have found that right before he's about to go out on a show and he'll be like you slip, you penetration and they had turned my right. Do you see a watch? What grand crackled Absolutely three was like a mental yeah he's a real mental everyone into more musical each other is yes, we need a lot more music man area they encounter, went by really fast no lie with a passing. I hate we. We came up here yeah album came on and ninety six and look he just he passed still in ninety slots. Are you know when we saw in ninety four. We were still in like Highschool, okay, no, I mean he came to Atlanta and basically it was like know what I'm feeling you boys, whatever you should have called. That, though, came to Atlanta feeling boys when our paths man come on out Medica, whereas a big
right ever do normie any anybody. Ok, you know we sign from went away, so you know why it took us away, but you know four for the time you there we did do a few songs with them, your army yeah. They were only you when they are you. Were there lived island, missing. You have another where it was another version of missing you on there and you could tale of his respect. Look how many say. I'm inside you mention my want, where City Blair's Rossiya Travel allowance, a jackal challenging oh yeah, oh yeah yeah, I will go at my home, has literally my home your bandwidth, you here no non whereby Bible Guy, yet beef before I reckon deals, may occur, we were the closest America may arise. Right up cat than anybody, I will know em. You have satellite, but maybe like eighty a thing so view. If, if you know a cat rock a certain kind of way,
You're says the amount from Clean avenue to too so you know me I'm not a cat data but you know I feel people out in your son, and on the way I see you're there he's not a fake. Do he is he straight up, so I know exactly how to deal with that wasn't expressly was was next is all about Brandon for me in army. I got myself on a three year plan, but I gotta why your power to get probably want MC, Killop front embarrassed by of evil, would away you add three years new out. Well, I mean, as far as the music is concerned, you're saying I'm I'm I'm always be invited music by as far as you know, right here in mainland stuff, like that, I'm a simple can actually more like introvert you're there among other region in a way you don't just now, and I know not not true at all. You know me like. I started early Normie, dare I say a star re early this year, sex wiser than when you look at it. It will not be mom.
Oh, you may remember: ok, elements that twenty one in the guy has got was it to be paper. While you were on the road with one woman and having or that success and being on to all those who live, there was probably was showing up like I'm on my way I want it owes enormous. She was one of those you know about you know, hey so worried about me. Ok, lambent writer, you, wherever you never had issues with women on the road and unknown, allows noticed
every day. I was more about your being a responsible dac as you have then I I had a situation of this, how my days to be there, and I felt so a lot of times when I did when I was recorded ones where I have my own now with me in the studio. Lay your me a big sets out to pass mom. You she's really help me out come get him, so I could record you know, because sometimes I used to happen. I have one situation like us. Are the reason why you're here Cupid, I wrote some songs. One was another acoustic joint by. You hear trade in the background and trying to make him go to sleep, a hidden him like other Georgiana imitates emulate, would I know you do not know now you have heard s arm, but I say I picked out a saw because of that situation, but it is one of those days where you know you want to be responsible, father, Gummy now the sixteen eighteen twenty years. Oh you are there,
pretty proud to see, and I remember that when you order owed with the bad boy reunion shortage evolve. Oh yeah, why me I've been? outside that we started tours says were run. Isley went out to new additional JANET Jackson. He a good laugh, I saw a treasure was bought a good old announcement ladies and gentlemen and slim ones, whereas creative restated thank yous global morning. The breakfast club The report is the Reul report libretto club, where you been excited about the other way, every minute language Davy now, there's another remains. An e mail is on it. In fact now here, Emma web mail had to say
there is now also be doing right. I don't wanna meet you gotta, let go. My bed as you may know, in J G, when I'm proud of you from MOB Lebanon Prize you and stop wrapped in a body like you gotta, let it go get a stout. I greet lay let it go daddy, Meeks Energy in a club to raise at need those record to combat break egotist. I won't let it go on channel. Moreover, it you got billboard muddy year. Rap category drop one include bombs will make for tat. You'd clean came out. It is gonna claiming that ninety they house arrest right now at the end of this month. He will be released from that. That will see what happens
That's done by I don't wanna, hear me: Millau, Mombi, normative, fuller, Drake references, and I want that. Are the conditions have been offered a how that money to start their own movie? Guess how much? How much one argument dollars our world local foreign actually offer dish a billion for a movie were allegedly they ve been approached by a tap Hollywood films studio. They see the potential for them movie to be big money. You know some of that. I guess passable Arnauld. Would you want to see the car dashings on a big screen? No pull us all. Make it even Caitlin begun on women in power. Now out if they would show that would become a movement which means roof and they would soon from the talk about the whole sector. The honesty if she knew about how they can put down on Eco Nino move. Let me go, barriers to get told about the whole them all.
In a drawer and eyes, as you have now get me in these cyber, how to check it out. No, I right, whereas begin at it. There is the path and the furious celebrating its fiftyth anniversary and celebration. They are doing a limited nationwide. Theatrical run, that's gonna happen on June. Twenty second: does the same data movie came out back in the summer of two thousand one, so that movie actually visit of other movies furious seven. Was the most successful it may more than one point: five billion dollars. Why he's got work? Nardoo, though, when you got already move, you learned man and Blu Ray net flew over here here man, it's nice, to go to the theater. I can you really do that they did. They were purple rain. They put it back in that there is hope. You are huge fan and you have a day that you can just one day go to the movies and see it
big screen, but the beauty of going no. Like I'm in Abuja watch movies. You seen a million times that you can talk through an actual like you miss something. What are you going to repeat? It was you who never seen a movie and you and if you wish, I have accounts, as you will remember that not even the people were use fans and imagine if, like you, are too young to seen in a dead, the first time you so I was at home. You just went that experience room your favorite, Madeira shrew. I write and the aid film is gonna come out April, fourteen twenty seven seeing next year. Just so, you know everything. First, real asked am furious right, where that is your room. Point out as illegal right Missy shallow. May we given it down to listen all its identity, father only job to protect and provide right, correct. This is a great story of somebody who definitely failed to do that. What is done would talk about a for. After all, are I keep elected to breakfast locomotive you
I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate. My now desalvo today by got the donkey. There needs to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep them. Today, I dont you, David Ferrie, they may twenty six goes to a Idaho may name, keep growing, keep within its two hundred and twenty days in jail. Had a lot more time because he took his fourteen year old, daughter out of state. To marry a twenty four yo may not as just a layer of the story in all of us, that bit like myself, Amelia I? What, when he hated a father, took this watching your daughter to marry a twenty four year old man. What the hell is pop problem as a father, our job, to protect and provide not protecting your fourteen year old daughter, if you giving her to a twenty four year old man, and why would you provide your fourteen year old daughter with twenty four, your penis? I know. Fellow father's, I don't understand
either way it gets worse. Would you like to know why this father is contributing to delinquency of his fourteen? Your daughter, why would you would you score five? Thirty one them over to report a local father accused of taking his fourteen year old daughter to another state, so she could marry the twenty four year old man who impregnated her that man also facing a rape charge his name, Erin, Seton law enforcement sources say they went to Missouri and when they were turned back to Idaho documents, say Strawn allowed his daughter to cohabit with Seton strong charged with two felony injury to child charges and one charge of accessory to rape for quote harbouring and protecting Seton by allowing him to reside with the fourteen year old victim court documents show that the fourteen year old girl had a miscarriage, but she is still legally married to
Seton ogre foolish regarded as rape is pregnant and you make her marry the man who raped ask her because you believe it Maggie woman pregnant. He has made him Natasha crazy caves. You did this for religious reasons, the religious reasons. This makes absolutely no sense, because you must think of the circumstances in which this we was conceived of a twenty four young man, rapes of fourteen your girl and she gives pregnant, and you decided to get your dad and abortion I'm pretty sure. God will understand a case you whenever you hear politicians like Mark Rubio at TED Crusade in favour a rape exception when it comes to abortion, and you hate him argue that if a woman is impregnated by rape, is the government have the authority to force her to take the pregnancy to term regards our wish is when you ate him say things like this and you wonder he s a wonder yourself who would have a Vulcan if people I keystroke? Ok, not only to keep me give daughter may remain raved too. He forced to deliver the railways as well
often wonder lately what dimension I live in when I hear he's kind of stories like. I really wonder if I live in another world, I'm just seeing in hearing stories being reported from another rail because in the words of ovine signalling scarface is, can be life. Some dont you two days, just himself, please give keeps growing two biggest here. Only fourteen, that's cool in our view undermine what would represent at this point. You serving a fifteen year prison and show married disappointing yearning rate arab over her ready or beg you, for. I don't get a day of nexus. Ask ye eight hundred five, eight five one far one if we needed vice relationship advice, any type of advice call ye right now to put you live on air help. You would all your problems again. Eight hundred five, eight five on offer
We call us now to breakfast locomotive bodies. Dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club now suffer ask Eve. You got a question for you call a right now allows is or what you call a feeble man, I'll Magritte above all make us you caught me. You know I never delity Ok, you bought an event like you have a lower ya. Together, you are telling us she cried. You would do us all a move and though he called we have five minutes. I am. I gonna get her back Bela the dumb or how many of you tell me. I need to know how he felt that girl. I know
I know I know where you are already quite anyway. Never wears then lying when you called already yeah yeah. I sell really felt right now You believe that she really is never going to measure to again. Are you think? She's just trying to teach you a lesson I don't know. If she sending me mixed messages, we talked and we don't talk and we talked and we don't talk, my mom there's just happens. You're a good friend of mine. He got quite cheating, the grassy contacted his girlfriend and she had seen him one time since January. She's not really met him him right now by she's still talk and they still text each other. One day she hates and the next day she sang. I went to work it out, so she doesn't really know what to do. How long ago, did this happen in the day to day work always same thing? Ok, so my advice to you,
a let her van and let us take our time doing it. She's gonna bring up things. A million times is gonna, as your million questions right or you could do, is answer those questions. As honestly, as you possibly can explain yourself, there's gonna be time that she's irrational. She saying things she's gone at you, you just gotta, take it because right now, you're trying to get your girl back, though not a view you to do that. You got to allow her to get it off. My chest and try to get over it and don't get defensive about anything. Just let her know. You know where I dare hurt your feelings. I was wrong. I should never did that. I don't know what my problem is is definitely not you, because she's probably also failing insecurity as well
Amazon specific things that she's been doing and how you be reacting, because at the end of it are you were in the wrong. So now you gotta just deal with other emotions, as she has real who'd media would remove, knew you know on paper or mid term. I hoped would remove. Report would be another day why you wanna. Take you up on their master when she Babby really does think that are used to having sex are. However, now we endeavour to be firmer. Ok, so I think just be patient, my fair and efficient, but at the same time you gotta do little special things. It is there that you still really really care and might be the restraining. Sometimes you probably don't feel like testing begging for four hours since I've. You don't feel like talking on the phone I M getting nowhere. It is what it is right now. So I think what you need to do is just let her go on her own pace of forgiveness. Eventually, everyday gets a little bit better. I'm Sherwin at first hand
Then it was really difficult than by February. It didn't come a mishmash by marriage. She might go a few days. Without bringing it up, but you know is have been, is gonna keep coming out, as I think the key thing here for ya to spend some time together and for you to see her records the cloud, and I absolutely do nice little things very, send her flowers, things that you know they see legs, maybe something even more thoughtful than flowers. Sandy can't tell him one thing to know as one thing which is out of my wish, you file it was you finally does get over and she's back smile, and would you That means that she's cheated on you as a nice. You feel leave now. Let's go anywhere yeah, you now to learning our minorities or drivers data by listen. Don't you, SAM flowers, do something more thoughtful. Why aren't you centre a letter to with that some day that you really took some time to sit down and right?
and then arise that men don't do any more nowadays, sooner or later be billed as you have sex with the guys you goin to my brother right by good luck to you, but you know. If you do get her back, you can never mess up again already know how can refer, Dahmer Arrogant, lag I now ask you will come back mocha of algae Jeremy. I don't need your time and it anymore. Ok, we wanted to have one of the family? Is girl, goose, girl, demagogy? Don't get back? Does this? Do you not necessarily is ass ye dullness? Initially me some, Gus nigh way. We live ass, he had tat line. Believe saying, and I had long is bringing right now. Our aid is the breakfast club, but we got on the line which programmes when they move Lamar Connecticut, why you say that
Lamar good, I'm going to re now. I need intelligent woman, thereby less dependent. Communicating with the young lady young lady, the ground for maybe about a three year and which she moved from my state to diversity to be with a guy who she ended up having a child when you say communicating on is always mean an up personal right. Well, we were, we were. Liar. You never met her in person, but she lived in Europe. They all of them are reversed hour. She whom our cover my cousin, confirm that you were the world pursuing out
We are doing here. Is your neighbors each other in person? You know I welcome. They were gonna happen. What we do we may about a month and a half ago forensically. Ok, I know that you're gonna go everywhere. We met maybe like a month ago and moving back to my stay because you are broken up with them and they end up having a job, maybe like fifteen months ago, like a newborn babies in a situation where now and I'm at the point where I'm kinda like those you still owe me, I know we gotta connections were another boy like I know, baby daddy, he live like a whole stay like thou about like you, ve got around, but I'm not gonna be a rebound Nguyen Van because engagements you as he has a new born baby him for three years now, is communicating on Instagram and never met at Corfu than a relationship right. But why was he commuter mobile communication? I
I know that now I'll be on it would maybe once in a blue like how are you doing in life, she wouldn't really respond to make us. You know she was with her guy, whatever I mentioned in her, maybe I'm not talking like my mind, and she told me that two months ago should move back from my state and that they broke up. I felt like I took it upon myself to China meter and see like if there is a connection and there were like with each other, probably like three times a week. I was using feeding on her me. No no- and I could tell you what we were trying to get me the time of day, but she was, she was open to maintain a knife person could, however, hidden away. I know I've been at beer. You know what I am saying. This see daddy
relationship as he's just getting out, as he has no boy. She seems like a respectable person, so I will just be considering the fact that she's just been to alight. Isn't that alive involve so be her friend for now, but before you was referred to me like we know we communicate often with each other off the inertia in the shade of the person who do we take up another day, like I like personal opinion on that, would go for it because, in the light of my people tend to let the counterfeit me off guard but basically Lothar, searching everywhere I don't wanna pillar common oasis shirt, which it with me a guy should all of them a baby. We're all working people tell you. If she's telling you, then she doesn't want to be in a relationship was he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now, so, as other things are plate may not, as he is concerned,
that and if you truly care about her and Levin, I think that you take your time out there. I don't love her, but at the same time our river, I'm not trying to involve parliament, something that there's no potential there. I think, one of my life on every looking ahead it and there was something we in Ireland. Anyway and that this anti gather a cable party every observes that girl, I Google, Salomon Audits, all away, also makes a girdle of the great or ugly billions they are getting wet I'm looking at his Charlemagne. Now there was ok Larry's. Then it's like you. I was your Instagram Arroyo, Underscore pariah, I mean how can we know up around among glad I'm good now proceed lighting bananas posted on you, Instagram bananas, because that World economic Shorty way? So if you read it,
the girl comment and obviously, above your comment, I'm not looking to grant essentially the way. Now you got pages, let this go with you and your instagram already upper war. We got one picture, but annually America's next hardly made I wouldn't want to be entirely. What is old man on the college graduate broke? It arise he, but we can look like I love you look. I go away. You know you're going to do so by used to be dark, evaluate where did you need a little bit of moist rather amusing? What am I going to manage? The Graham is about relationships that will really want when we ask you to my mind, these rabble judgment in the club with a decade or too maybe someday the work out by right now he's not in that space is not an S basic care force it outside. They are these sensitive guys had been. An appeal is: wound was relatively madly in love, yeah he's girl. They figured about you like a new in words, decay gurgling. It is a group girl graduate
every summer, why yard Tribune of these young girls, girls of younger thy everyday I go if I get a date, is breed the coming of the convey about. I right why that was ass. He asked made these my room, a report that is now here? You know we don't know how to do this. You are welcome. In our view, the ideal we're going to talk about daddy. You know he's hurt right. Why have you heard? What are you a happy and, of course, will give you an update with HO shooting that happened at the tea I concert and what are you who was injured and one person actually was killed I I'll go nowhere in the world. Will they just want to sort of breakfast club breakfast. The report is the Reul report, the breakfast club man, so did he entered and south? I don't know what happened, but he was in the hospital.
Area than is the grand letting you get some details on? What's goin, surprise me, surgical shoulder, makes two shows status for surgery, painful also due to the role of surgery I asked for surgery, but I know I'm going to rehab it better to try to take a nap for surgeries or you can't be. Like you did. He saw you when you were dancing lappin from total ass. We get the babble reunion telethon to as our duty as balanced as an island
what she wanted. A wall above was measures my man. What's my dad actually idea that serves rather member pain, was any control based boy can shoot a vast more than after thirty was good. When I got to give it an based by office, they come out in an evaluates s early, because these have his I'm in a sling now tat. Now they six weeks day week serves as an excuse not to bet he's gonna. Do you still have limited move? You still got the movie unpin from total withdrawal. Goodbye pan from total degree Lucy watching our did. He get it in last week, but then my instagram put mood I right now. Let's discuss what happened at the sea, I counted at Irving, Plaza last night, everybody was gone to this concept out Joe past anyway, hundreds of people outside and apparently there was a shooting. They thing at least two men and women were shot. One of the men did pass away so rest in peace to being that is actually when a toy, apps friends and his security part of his team so apparently drives girl from wish I'd as well, but you sent was video leaving the hospital he said he was going.
Visit and shall support for a friend of his girlfriend who was shot. So I was also grades in the leg. So there are more. Details are coming back to their allegedly they asthma, video footage too. In the green room of the shooter, Eleven looking those created, try, Lothar may bring goblets today. I hope choice realises now how wacky was him to make fun of joy bad as an army capitalist these killed himself here, I believe in the love energy which would come back to you make for the sun was then army. Now your home is dead, is something to debt and would have some radical comes out and stop trying to cloud affected tried, Manga, Kyoto Show, I'm sure choice would feel away. So I know where necessary being on his family, absolutely mad Pirie, unless you're dead
because the detailed work you know try hold your head, learn from this experience, keep moving and that bug lively, dead men intelligence is no gangs are now. You know what I really enjoy watching too chains and is most expensive. It s right. Well, he actually use five hundred thousand dollar bonds and dabs check it out. I actually have a table here filled with probably a half a million dollars worth of glass weight. It don't get too high for another as I see it, thirty thousand dollar hit bans or whether you like it Is he The message has got me right now, you don't screw, you may humanity crack deluges. You want to do with your lifetime.
Does the type of the US the whole of the world S going on about discreet, don't know nothin about ok, not taking guns in the club to shoot people does what you want to do. I rather be somewhere smokers, Sumner, five thousand. I know if I could fifty thousand fifty g that private, but rather what I'm talking about right day, jewish life that live in and that Is your room, a report, I'm Angela YE re ye. Now when we come back to people's choice mixes up next shouts, Alfayoum Revolt, we'll see you guys later, people shores mixes up next, eight hundred five, eight five little fire one at dj envy him here, which request we got used to breakfast locomotive
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