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A cry for help or avoiding a lawsuit???


Monday 11/28- After Kanye West's recent rants and cancelling his tour, the Breakfast Club discuss with listeners whether Ye's recent behavior is a cry for help or a way to avoid being sued. Also Envy, Angela and Charlamagne talk about Sean Paul being under fire for comments he made on the show about oral sex. An early candidate for Donkey of the Week is established and more.

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This is your wake up call to child annually Charlemagne myself on a plan in this respect is shown because this is a voice to society in a day the coveted morning so called soon. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest in? U S: Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, more easily mining he's amnesia remained a guy breeze. Did a planet is my guess. It's mundane cyber my day by the wayside and money back to the work week. A lot of us had a vacation took a couple of days or a couple. We had a whole. We trouble include bomb for their whole we'd vacation dammit. I become a rookie when it comes to things. Given our river beds, which me got home back to Jersey. Us today lay on the cards in a screen and my wife. I go
You bring us, we will thereby back. She said no as it may, we ve fallen off I bring no banana point bank to fly out five. I have no. With that? Okay, that will be the one liquid. I don't throw up would be debonair great. I thought you fight for your harangue arrested when you fight they definitely to check that I'm shot eject down about. I was big and although I gotta hear grain opened out there to bring their maybe we'll them somewhere, maybe gotta tasty cause. You got me show that about they gonna stick and I won't have no longer bring food on a plane. You can bring liquids I gotta go to apply we're gonna got openly that are part of what a bucket believing that the banana opponent of inadequate Zobeida thing. My mom Chauvelin should build up this week. Tat, their money I was in, I was incurious over the weekend. I had no idea where Curiouser was what the hell. It's remember right, valleys in a very rarely wash out to the people of curiosity had a huge Carter day. It was a Rick roast meat meal making menage pop.
Fat, Joe French Montana, August Elsie, an Jeremy Lin, all your negro than the country here it was even about the one good thing is, is when so many people are unknown, from the country, everybody six together, like nobody play their bodies to stick, together by moving movie with each other by Jerrod with each each other, was a great advantage in. We just got the experience listen, shouted people of curious. I had a great great great size it a country, island of cures. I'm sure it's gotta be a country of this island right bribe. No, It is not governed by anybody is just a place. Just people there on land stop. It has to be and also how to be a part of the country. I know you know. Delay was theirs Kapital right, on the contrary, to be not a language, those that it was, I do think poppy to other. They was joking. Obviously, parliament, If I get used as part of your mental Astir language in the past,
do I was trying to say I'm a poppy, but you know what a joking with me and a base happiest of happy. I meant I didn't get it, but they speak the language papiamento. All the stuff is making me hungry. I don't know why This agenda is on Amazon feel hungry. Leona today is the first commercial flights to Cuba. By seventy? Ever yes, Meantime the murder of the labelling of all commercial there's. Nobody has commercially didn't we do it every day at seven, a M American airlines at nine. A m is widget: Blue Azure, Blue de jure blue definite flood, the Jew, absolute. Let's get to show cracker front page news. What we're talking about when we talk about Fidel Castro's, since we were just talking about Cuba and my people had had to say about him a passing, very mixed legacy. Also wireless, very unfortunate situation. Over the weekend, one person dead and nine nine people wounded on bourbon street. This all went down and I don't know how could we not about Donald Trump saying that there is a set of issues or know how to talk and as we do with the popular vote we really
Don't do it don't we can act like you doesn't exist if we really want tat. The president had been going down on Fifth avenue in New York in China. Shop for a holiday candidate authority- you probably rarely pissed off at derive, will get into all that when we come back you lack is Monday. I went back storylines beloved, morning, everybody is dangerous: envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club of skins and front page news: thou in sports, the giant beat the Broil thousand easy one pages beat the jets falcons beat the cardinal. Build, beat the Jaguar Titans be the bears. Dolphins beat the forty nine is sayings, beat the rain the ravens beat bangles charges beat the Texans, the bugs beat the Seahawks hawks. Raiders beat the Panthers de Cheese Peter Broncos. In overtime and in mine, and I would call the pact is play the
Eagle, let's not forget about the third, they navigating Bowers Alley Cowboys when my Dallas cowboys are now ten in one hour drive one include bombs from adaptive cowboy I was so all he's, just a rookie, always just two preceding is so always me all always my cowboy array, as stated wide eyes why every ass they were going to disavow. Could you never know what those? Just? Maybe you re, maybe no, you don't get past my eyes, but that now let's talk about Fidel Castro, he did pass away. He was Ninety years old and some people, celebrating and some people are mourning very mixed legs. Here's what Carling Cabinet had to say what I said was investment in education and trying to push the false narrative there. I was a supporter of the oppressive.
That he did is just not true. Well, I don't. I don't worry about people losing track of what the message is. Cuz I've been true to the message: I'm against systemic oppression and voting is apart of that system I've talked at length about while believe them. Listen, I do agree with is investment in education as well and not against Fidel Castro system of oppression, and I see a lot of people getting upset at people like me, We're gonna sit. I now because we pulled two things about Fidel Castro. Don't think people are aware of all a lot of things are delicate, Oh did for black and brown people by world Ass, plus it I've. He king, Fidel Castro Revolutionary Revolutionary. Only five percent understand I'm not cuban. Don't fully know how he affected make human family, so I'm sending strength and power for your pains, but lots of us his black p. And some others in the USA, we saw him as an ally in the struggle. Now people responded to that one person. So now that he does, to die for that time has crows there and when presentable about. One person said
He was a man there in the world a better place without him homage. You will support the Angolan war of independence, vintage south african apartheid regime taken over quality, provided assistance to Africa As you know, Congress in the fight against apartheid do provided amnesty for thirty, two core to box. God, Madeleine person, said the man killed his own people for over fifty years in some are willing to risk Eliza their entire families just to get away from him. Pick all minute. African american activists does not arise that are you there are no people would share, but he has been in power over ten years. Correct brothers, missile indispensably is so what changes? would I get changes now? Did he die? We don't really know, I guess worthlessness buzzing aiming as right now, like I was saying earlier, we did have efforts commercial flight to Cuba,
Today I heard as one of their charms gonna stop. That is going to try to stop saying ass. He is saying that level there in things happen and we become allies in the way that he wants us to. Then. Yes, he does plan two thousand and six to twelve and she was offered free medical school blocks them and latino. You will send troops to fight against the? U S invasion of Granada Grenada uniting for Nothin. Like you, ve done a lot for biogas and around it would do the garage I was beating lead the world in the attic was in New York Posts yesterday about it, a man who he was hired to fascinate him, but CIA and then he'd? She ended up falling in love with him getting pregnant and then, after she gave birth baby she got beat up kidnapped.
So to babies, ease only got see the baby twice. Since then, nerve is murder, certainly Fidel Castro's six hundred Turnus it over six. I fell in love with him. A lesson when disaster strikes Cuban provide humanitarian efforts all over the world. They helped to medical crisis in Haiti. Do you know if they wanted to provide fifteen hundred medical doctors New Orleans after Katrine, in the? U S denied them? So what you will see you know black Americans, Rideau saloon. Asteroids. He preaches amalgam eggs in Ferchar MAC Della that those are the reasons why you gonna love a black and brown with what a lot of Cubans who were very happy daddy posts would that he passed away and was very upset with some of the comments on the Cuban. I really don't know much. I can't really running, I think, is very polarizing. There are some people, every millions of people that were exiled then forced to leave their home in Cuba, and some people say that he drove the country.
The economic ruin learned all that is part of all. It is true, as the other very mixed legacy. At the acid thing, though, like you notice his good away his bad at it is bad our way of life, which one is it like to Miami harrowed out of a good question, and could I guess what time for that Joe said, history will absolve me or something like that, and I would like to have it did it Well as front page news Mr Lamy. You ve gotta, go I'll. Tell you why eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent Carlos right now, maybe had a bad morning a bad week in a bad thanksgiving, a bad black whatever it may be. Eight hundred five- firewall or five, or maybe I can get them easy, maybe to get him a database and even came out. Ladys came out maiden aunt very nice way over to holiday. Will doubt, and I gotta get back on you.
Grand gonna drive me crazy. Each other make racism. They fell off. The shelf. Prepare went crazy. I've got day God, oh really, I wasn't. I thought I hated Carnero leaders. We landed a loaded me. They loved him. After eight hundred five, five one or five or maybe get them snapchat glass at all- that call an elevated snapshot on him. He's great call us up. The breakfast locomotive the breakfast club A year ago a young about a young man was the matter ass. They lack the angry as the aid and ass they passed off. Why you, man was bloodless, go about the molecule, suspended Paternal replied brought up a man about dollar we're goin back, even greater good. I've got a job, but it might resolve and regular more regarding weisberger would you do I'll be. May I love blame upkeep lemme people bought my God, my God, allowing them just giant companies.
I was doing my licences suspended about just over until you get your lady video extensive, since job will be taken me wake up like that. You know now my license suspended when you have an erotic. I did this man has an arrow allows. Is a thing please Tell him. Are you mad, I'm mad, because I feel like he had little Christmas, so materialistic people getting ran over and jacked up all because it gave in to be for Christmas. Obviously it would be a black man, God bless YO, brokered baby, I'll stay. When Europe has now happened. I was wrong money. I've had a nice childhood and we give, but I am, though, materialism. Okay,
like? I was a boy because I want to spend in your money, not if you Oda, and you realize you gotta- pay money to give now now you want to work realised. The reason for this is that which is Christ. Crises occur when it's coming out your pocket when you receive and gives you all care below this particular tell about Macedonia. You sweet Why? You are my bird Bobby possible, poorer areas wrong? You pay me to sleep on the cap while supporting the resolute era, You are now Bob cheap, very warm about what the old there I never use. For they thought it was somewhat negative. Private herself yet When are you tat, though we're gonna play where you watching and urge
Ah, no, why women are that's. What was white men and Blair women work? You are a very good report Now you are, you have a little fat. Is you got you a nice pink toward home and you looking at black girls seller? Why are you may eight hundred five, a firewall or five? One of your obsession debate call us now is to bring the slogan morning, the breakfast club, now is rising. Sailor would exchange morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club, you gotta say good morning to our news of family members. We are no report as we ninety six three in Portland Oregon and parliament, s right, sat quietly and what I want to be in Phoenix Arizona. We were actually on and nights, but now in the Morlocks all morning several times almost there were many mortgages. Emma I don't know make out this list. They fizzle out. Seventy seven! stations fifty something marketing
I got a good job on a clue. Barford abruptly spoke only six years is weak. Butterworth. Yes, every six years that we ve been on air right, wingers you're, nothing is we now are we all matters used to tell parties is therefore not anymore. I played out with them new. Oh no. My impression knew all treat a real good, not ages, used to read it Mary secure. We live in an era of is well enough. European burnt out. I don't know what you re doing. I haven't been doing, gonna pay back or we might he's gonna take it for granted. We gotta pull back something goodness all right. You got rooms all away. Yes, let's talk about everything that happened. While we on vacation people guiding gaze people celebrating anniversaries, I want to discuss the little room, a report that has to do with what envy did over the weekend, still grey veto we'd, although we have a seat.
We have a way out and overcome crazies had a mental breakdown is seen as it is the diagnosed and with depression and paranoid. Yet another, that's crazy, Greece getting these up may have let you out of here now that he's been through a liar. I sympathise anybody there has in type a mental yeah, you got a middle as you will convey to you know you got it bag lab nation, whoever for cancelling themselves, but now I got an assurance Lang. Sadly they currently what's up. All that when we come back, keep it unlocked the breakfast locomotive the breakfast club with Angela his cloak and lazy gucci anarchy shakier? He proposed to her at the Atlanta hogs Game and everybody set at twenty five carat ring that she posted nice. You know some people on whom GNP.
If a node. Why and how do you hate on a man given a woman at twenty five can ring? She posted it? Oh my God baby! Thank you. I love you. Yes, twenty five carrots and he said she deserved my bride to be hashtag Webster's. Love you my baby, the funny thing when you see tweets from people like that's too much would more or less What do you want? You can gradually cinema before, but, yes, I ve been together firewalls, he was holding him down. He was injection flipped as money to have been here like to three million she slipped into, like nineteen million children, Is that what they were and has great? So now they are engaged. So congratulations to the two of them were enemies, I'm good. He has a new music coming. Any that's gonna be partnering up with apple music. Put out a new album exclusively through apple. Next, my bought away windows good. You may not have no music when they return Home EAST Atlantic Vegas, less, not even his ember. Sixteen Raymond NEWS anymore as begin a December sixteenth, that's also the date of this, berry movie, that's coming to Netflix, and are you guys,
seen about bury right, there's about Barack Obama when he was younger here as part of the trailer nor merely blacklist and a form of bypasses pointing to fit in anywhere. Not just some idea. I'm student here I d I don't see you ideas with suspicion. Ah me, how does change happen, people creating jobs whilst gases and Maya that's from Kenya? You know makes it makes you american. Among a lotta trellis only complete trash monetarist, and I said I would like to make a man. I first got to know your daddy and innocent like he was lost. Confused, really know he was a black and I don't think a thoroughly for movies from own brother Brocklebridge waste over the White House is partly based on the but TAT he had an from audacity.
Back in the eighties and when he first was, I can call it and then came to New York City. Is supporters early life to get himself before his before the way? Give me a minute let a brief like Jesus Christ is still in the White House, though you should be happy. Is not our lifetime sound like a letter around with a problem they acquired at the Toronto Film Festival, Netflix cells, they guy really good reviews. People that have seen it already so far so autonomy it out I want to say right away. You doubtless bear for radical We don't cause younger year of nobody knows him is very well they about you. It s. The movie, the boughs about very ok, following the blood. Congratulations as it's a team I Braxton and Vincent Herbert. They celebrated there. Eight years together. She posted happy anniversary to my best. Sometimes only friend, my husband, my manager agent s best baby daddy on the planet. We may not have the perfect, perfect marriage, but what we see in each other is perfection. I love you. Every year, two eight hundred more years- and I regret that now, let's get an x,
Luther in the Roma report, these Amy. Yes, you and care. However, that we again yes amazing place everybody in Jerusalem listens, it was there, France, Montana Fads, Yo Yo gaudy with Montana Yo Yo Gaddi with each other they were all edge. Aramis August I've seen a big lads pap the arguments of those popped, her mad. It was supposed to be little Wayne ripe according to reports there saying that he was a no show now, according to promoters. He had a seizure Friday night, Miami, that's what they were told and that's why he didn't make it. But now Lithuania, crew is the ninth, as happened in saying that there was a breach of contract, now you are there what happened? That's what he's only told me allegedly daddy at a seizure. He couldn't make it. They said that they gave a lie gently like Brianna Grants allocated in a private jet Eddie, just never and when everybody with everybody with their everybody, got parliament having lead times new democratic, a time was all family there. Everybody was used. It was like when you got the country
body just is a tight. Knit close bunch of group by everybody was drinking with each other, but didn't make a mean but I guess we're Ross got all I got out of doors, cloudlike they'd intellectuality their way was a criminal, and I was like I don't. I was gonna have as I gonna die. That's all french, like French. We shall leave if he had a seizure whenever made the noose. Yes on all issues like them. Now, I'm sure there's a lot of things are going. Personal life that we don't know about me multifarious Russia. Last year we hear about all made the moon. We hear about it. If he's on a plane of his Russia has been wherein he goes into hospital, maybe I was rather than he had won in the privacy of his home and could make it blew, I am I'm Angela YE and had have almost cannot draw of Eurostat. I have this is now not necessarily sometimes you have their shattered. You could take. You know you don't have to go to the hospital. How bad it over so frequently. You know you know how to control it
very well, I'm Angela YE. That's your rumour report, alright monsieur front page news of next. Are we talking about? We are gonna, be Talkin about Donald Trump and this popular vote. May I say about that also New Orleans, one person killed and nine people wounded. It was the by Eu Classic over the weekend, and I tell you what they do know about the shooter smoker hooker. All that when we come back its Monday back to work, we get show. As sap spoke, beetles might away guys armoured. Nomadic challenges jumped to start laying s. Last week everywhere, I went everyone, including housing, and that participating you do when you posted. What did you know? I got stuck in one we're talking one. You have five, you don't you don't want to be the party pooper dynamic post, I wasn't there lay at a roomy. Martin event in suitable may allow the module butler Loud Eliza. My guy must automatically challenge my my
ready girl, no modern, and it sees them. You do somebody wages, dance and create what was that you guys eligible or you haven't. I was born my suit. My cousin carefully Parma you'd have announced body, and let me describe alone, if you ever seen a drunk negro that is keep dancing and everybody looking Muslim. He was handsome like ours wasn't does that when I was a rare video of a negro entering another dimension, and then you know, you watched him upon RE entry into our dimension. Whence he realized what he was doing and in the very next day you than I am that of the fact that I, I guess, gates for a little friends giving over. Began, sues nice, I never the day before, but the guys I own mangoes, he came over my has enacted cook. For ever I rarely humming. People is an ally, maybe like fifteen, the reason the gym another Montparnasse. I come on in one of the white woman in their request to demand against our energy yea and then she said, freeze out like That's all we live it up and yes, we still got a bit of been ok
I will ask in some front page news: I the giants, big, the brow, that's where we catch adopting cowboy you're, cabals Diluvial clinics. We wait a minute like you, I lose negative earth yellows and we might was out of mine, have dropped in a game. Affordably law. We don't lose. No division Games Uncle Adam articles in the game, for we will play you in a couple of weeks later three weeks. If leaders will each again so that a patriots beating yes. The falcons beat the cardinals the bills beat to was the Titans beat the Bay There's a dolphin beat the forty. Nine is the same speed Rams Ravens beat the bangles the charges they beat Texans the box. Seahawks rate has beat the Panthers that she's beat the Broncos in overtime and Monday night football. The package play the eagle laughter, they might be allowed nobody there they afternoon the Dallas Cowboys with watching Redskins, resurrecting NFL ten one drop in the cool month. My Dallas cowboys I saw last week. We saw them about their right. Let's talk about I'm in Africa
Can a cyber Monday deals right now? It is cyber Monday today, by the way of Abidjan. Shrub is talking about how Hillary Clinton, when the popular vote doesn't believe it Annie. Weeded out in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you d death, Amelia? the people who voted illegally, I don't care what is tat about. I'm from his brezhnev, like were Fidel Castro, daddy, isolated, Fidel Castro gained leg, nice then he would have been much easier for me to when the so called popular both in the electoral college and that I only wish. I owe only campaign in three or four states instead of the fifteen states that I visited, I would have one even more easily and convincingly by smaller states are forgotten. I was almost is regional being would be told him, or do you know that I said it would show Stein, guess he felt like she wanted to get a recount, because something was there was some supper? issue Miller all border areas supporting issued in initiated sort, their means, so that means that maybe she's gonna be our present.
Not you think that is a damn. Shame of United States of America still counted vote almost later HIV I gotta they gave him every election. My twitter followers go up instantly. Is grandfather was gone in ITALY. We still count votes a mob, of the elect anything we could now. He has just nine thousand Wisconsin. They gonna do a statewide hand recount near the end of the week. Tell us about what happened in all of this was saying that it is awful, I'm bourbon street there was some chaos, as happened they send a morning, there was a shooting that happened. One person was killed and nine The people were injured. If you see the video footage, people were running, you know how crowded bourbon street is rife and everybody was therefore the value classic. That's the gambling state University in southern university. A football game they happen. Every year there are gunshots in police did respond quickly, just before one thirty a m. They said this was not the place our time to bring fire arms. We ve made that clear we are going to pursue this to the fullest extent of
long. They do say that none of the victims were intended target. Apparently there there was some type of incident happen, and they don't know it. Actually wait. What made these you go down is still looking pursue suspects right now they did arrest. Two men are shooting but when a bystander on firearm possession charge their there victims and witnesses. Now as to reviewing Airlines video footage from the area. So is it that had to go down near nor, as I have a great time every summer, manure is only thing is when you go down the Burma shooting seldom streets, sometimes as so many p, Leah Nablus see? Any police is always GM pack them like anything a brig, Amy's, maybe Liese undergo Esther. You shouldn't be on the current situation. Let me tell you visit will want to see you. You didn't know you right now that look. I was failure and is a horrible situations. They they do value is maybe they came in from out of town. No, there were there for the buying class.
We can perhaps what s really what it is a matter to our right will ask for a page knows that when we come back, if you having heard Congo, he flipped out a little last week, a little a little ass, a cancer, the whole restive or by the way, by the Way said initially that you would only playing crazy, so he could have getting any lawsuit from cancelling no shows. I still stand by that So what do we know that? But we dealt with an open before lunch, eight hundred five five one far. What do we have already opened flippin out, nor let who played out when we come back and we ask it a cry for help or is it just ways so he doesn't get sued by not either them. Then I made some type of repressed issues that he has this coming out. Now I mean he's been through. A lack of interest in our economies is something we agree with his genius. We says something we don't agree. What he's crazy Khartoum Adorn is his whole career read his firm screams of consciousness, a legendary was soon as he supports. Donald Trump speaks out against J B emigrating
the only way of all great lad. You don't know you got my way, cannot annual inhaling had said Emma S crazy refers to, as is big rather in somebody did. You know he supposedly loves like me, odds Asia. This shows how much we love GDP and beyond C and hate Nano. Try that you support trope when you say combating J B. Oh no, you crazy now now you'd and when can provide now you want to I waited think anything when he says and about kid. Cudi cuz they have whatever back and forth by Jazzy is big rather Bianca. He went back for her against tell us as a hungarian. I kind of weird, if not we're, ok Jacob it began. We just don't stand for people speaking out against Jay and Beyonce. That's just what about that. Five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five when he flipped out last week. Is it a cry for help or he just doesn't want to get sued, and the job by them are crazy. That came out last week came out three. How many you got?
Are you out all three air creators drop? One include bombs like a very great AIDS, w from good bye, engage use. Self girl is now The breakfast locomotive, The breakfast club, where's Bryce insular with Dope morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are a breakfast club now we're talking kindly where's. He went a little crazy last week condemning all previous whole career when you are talking about Ebay Academic, when it is old. People thought Can't you be gone yet ass, crazy. We are going to old people, you are you crazy people go diagnosed with depression and paranoia paranoid approach in a mental institution. Depressants everything has the ethnic ever since his mother pathway, everybody around him, has said that he has been acting differently. Medicinal lorries lorry personally was seven years ago. Is it I know we don't I that's it like it is. Not my parents are here. You can't tell somebody out aggrieved us number, one very number two. If he was writing about his mother
passing away. Everybody would understand, but he's not venting about that he's been venting about fashion and I even think about Jay Z now he's pro trump and then they diagnosed with paranoia depression. Basically, you need extra security in a hug.
And then came back with the whole situation came getting rather gunpoint. I'm sure that's taken it on him mentally as well, while he's on the road, but does it must be of concern for her health and safety? I am sure all of that is difficult or the same robbed every day beyond reach traumatize here similar things, you said last week, we might result in a way
to say, but I'm kind of like now need Lucy leads a parent who had been arrested like come on guys like you like, where two people in his corner light kind of game it three year, the guy tony annual real people around here, but it is interesting me a day I told you no real people around and because he was while inane which audience air, because you're either in care about what he was talking about. A yell agreed with what he was talking about solely says, something a job disagree with meaning he's pro trump, meaning that he has something negative, thereby J B. All those on these crazy. Like now out of agree, I note that he has the right friends in his corner, but it should necessarily be two friends. Could you knows the Puma call to my wife must sit me to F down don't tell me about it, able, I beg you bugging well kinsman, at the hospital by size. You spend things giving there with him before she left him went to go, see her family and you should not be paranoid with crimson by your side of him. Got secret service security? Ok,
each security data. There is no need to be very noisy, though he scares nervousness cardiac. What do you get off his wife? He almost killed his wife. Almost all we wanted was a diamond euro loaded. They got the time and they I don't know they jumped moving. We don't know that you see success took a shot at you, that's the way the world works. Sometimes baby. It happened. Well, I don't know who kind of has in his corner. I don't know who any of his friends or anything. So I can't judge. Going on, but I guess you know I mean this is. I think a lot of people look at people like all their famous areas where they have to worry about, but we all know what will go through a real legacy. K Cutty was hospitalized and had all kinds of addiction and depression issues colonies. How to commit suicide. We might be like ok, she's, all the arguments on animal. We don't know what people go. Call you bring con. You would now, did you say something: a job, don't agree with he's crazy he had always said things are down agree with. Aren't you might think you went too far because there was no. There is nothing that can alienates your black.
Fan base like being pro trump, since avian beyond all of his coffin bases, black right magnetism. When you you are out of work or she wants. You to have it, you did. I bet that weighs Tor and it was a lot of Yemen to Dubai starting from the beginning right when you had the chipmunks net, I was black aright. Allows is your dirty jobs and sub robot I think I know now that a cry for help and what he did last week. I just don't want to get to know MA am gone against Germany thing in the world about big, bowed, low profile founded on. If that is true national. Ok, thank you allows is granted this summer, which, name it. Doesn't he ever album coming out? No, now that I know what I was always talk now, Well, I mean I think they might all. I don't want the gorgeous Martin having an artist speculate from the outside. You know if you're not around a man, you know
personally as hard to really say we do not want got nine days. But above all, I think he flipped out and then what Do you realise that he was gonna be sued for a lot of money, and in with that way of I gotta where I was you can't alms owes you gotta be our lab. Mouthing is what did? Can you do last week that he has been doing for the past ten years? this right? We just don't agree with whom he was gone, citing wanting gonna get glad enough. It was just the ran their made. Them say that he had to be hospitalized Pappy other things going on. Besides just what happened on scare him carefully them twenty one shows and his real life, although this is a family a domini. We told him kindly where's this morning now eat you seen. Everything that has been done in the last couple of weeks is a cry for help or ages. Ok, so I bet I keep. The money paid doesn't really like to lose. I mean what he did lose money a couple years ago when his button bright? I can't live with a cry for
we believe that, with the loss of his mom and Allah that everything happens in them, We want an agenda anniversary of when his mother passed away recently. Who do? I think I think that there have been well advised to lightweight, all of that happening and then the whole day they didn't call them hoping that boy came. I mean we couldn't, even though my brand, you had one need you I'm going up now my brain and better now than ever, but again about eleven of them than what is it. Up until now. We sure that this is all about his Mamma. We just assume, because I never heard a little less the former is eight hundred foggy five one or five learn Kearny flipped out last week. Is it a cry for help, or is he doing just that to get sued? Call us now is to breakfast locomotive. Eight hundred five, a five out of five one, would talk unkind, yet you flipped out last week. Is it a cry for help was just away?
just doesn't want to guess. What I call us now is to breakfast locomotive. Was re really needed me? Holding everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club averages join us, we're talking, Cagney West
that last week this place a motive, somebody stuff that we talk last week. We might not people a pistol we said he would vote for drop their pissed off. That he's going Ed. In B. What are your thoughts? Is it a cry for help? just the way not to get sued. This amazing how, when we when countries, is something that we all agree with, even though He's been ranting, his whole career you've having these broken streams of consciousness. For the past few years. Sudden when he's protocol and guard against J B o he's crazy
we're, not the one saying that he's crazy he's. The wonder how God hospitalized it wasn't that I don't think I do He was crazy and sell you put himself in the hospital and any guide diagnosis, but he got diagnosed with personally candies rats. He It doesn't it doesn't. It must be something else other than just said. I'm not like crazy. Just based off of his rant, he went to the hospital got hospitalized got diagnosed with paranoia and depression. I still nothing easy by clearly he fails. You know what he thought. He was crazy when he said he was the new slave when he denounced corporations within this. The very next breath was big, an old cooperation goin business. Wouldn't that wasn't crazy learning only with him ass a we think these crazy. Why didn't gravely now? Because you wanted a hospital? None that thing he's crazy, he's a guy diagnose. He put his check them self. In that anything happens to check themselves letting loud and he's in the city was it we know work? No, they call the body. It is legit very related, any lean everyone's
as you can leave. He was behind, actually is not more to leave if he will diagnosed apparently depression there when he wanted to be home for days given in everything, may I would think manufacturer in order to press. Kindly all you need is a dog and a few fatherless we'd Laboriousness, be completely honest. Lightless or finance is right now, feed doesn't get it made it and adapt the doesn't say he's per. What is it paranoid and iron or suppress the future can lose millions of dollars. They didn't they name on one in their right. Mind would lose millions of dollars. So if I have to say that hospital for things given with my family- and I think it is brought bail, hospital low figure sum washed up has no he's in a luxury sweet. You did. I wasn't. There are now I'm going to sit there, so I will not get sued in lose. Millions does, as you know, that you're digital management is smart enough to be like Brook rubber you got to lose twenty to thirty million dollars brominated. It was you I thought you said you gotta say nothing about it. Why wouldn't you just space inside and what's the problem? doesn't want to do it
but you never know I don't. I don't know. All I know is as soon as I say, something ajar really gonna ruin yard try to come down. I shall remain I'm going crazy as we do. If it was you out, so you are now being. Is I'm not the one another there was a kind he's crazy needs to go to the hospital that with somebody else what they are. You saying that is. Basically, there is the easy entities. It's not us what they did. Everybody out there who constantly is saying Shalom and you need help, show me. I think something wrong with you as soon as I say, something that y'all agree with you all come down on me. I'm going to play crazy. You better go. You know what I'm gonna do with a look of my elbow. Having got plated earlier, languidly legs dynamics, Baker got, you won't, give rise and observe a gale hello. This is miles miles. Talking kindly where's that he flipped out last week make no car you're, not crazy, he's not create an odour.
He's my man he advocates burgee talking about they all say, I'm crazy. They won't kill me two days later, a bike is it don't, may sound male em out outside the Cuban you don't make there, aren't they there aren't they bear the legal bear me he got restraining. We ve taken away again too, will be answered layer take their argue with by Bell. He went away Well, maybe we so it is not had enough. You know crazy. You know he wouldn't put himself in a bike wars, Ok, so you don't think he's crazy. All the groups, no matter what he says I or I wasn't restored ass. The moral of the story is colonies. Golconda and are you suffer from paranoia depression? So you just need extra security and a hug the dog and a few father tweets about his sneakers. If you bought some of those crazy this past week disposed of online, and I at on you, as a kind of thank you for your contribution to Murphy, does make
me dot, we, our room, is covered up. That is not my immortal. Sixty three, my moral to the story, is, I don't question any sanity if they feel like they have issues that they have to deal with. You no matter how there and mental illnesses a real thing, Mary and playing pray. The one is really crazy. People out there is a real thing when we don't know what's going on, but admit it it's, it is best. Interests to be it a hospital right now financially. I was as we try to buy this. I give you some of the reports of what's going on on the side of on behalf of the hospital and everything that happened with break down also will talk about revenge. Drake is for revenge will tell you about some text messages that were supposed to be private. They, when public all right. All. I m more Cuban locked to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club,
Bob did the Angela eat breakfast. I know we were last week so we're playing catch up a little bit, but we're going to talk about can yea. Now what they're saying is his present Is the one o clock nine one when and it gets according to law enforcement sources? an aid checked in under the name, Jim jobs now suggested terrible. Why would you do that Jim Jones? Now, let's be clear, though, so it is not the original gems, in other words the marginal Jim Jones, the completed that maybe he'll kill. You gotta know he was channeling by Jim Jones put on Instagram now this, Oh, I am dismayed. They got my weight and height wrong, I'm two hundred and five pounds eleven in height and I've been crazy. Everybody know that both job tomorrow,
Recent then, are you gonna need security, not adapt their Ella. Well jokes, Joe now around forty two Jim Jones was coming a con you for taking his name when Jim Jones took the hake from somebody a cot leader. Yes, now gemstones us had effort, menu, aliases Conway where's that harm stepping out from now on our reservations, flights, hotels, restaurants, the we man, Lubeck Car services, we lit Ella. Well, can't we want the Pentagon. You haven't two areas of everybody. No, what hospital you checked into our? I have no, we know what I've been rejected until we know anyway. We nobody's, therefore why you need areas areas them. I have dates, came Kai dashi in their thing has been in the middle of a nightmare because he's been paying for their home that they have together, which they still haven't. Moving did you get redone according to reports, cognate keeps on changing his mind, was taking so long having them buildings and then maybe back down and rebuild. So that's been difficult, but you crazy, but you gotta be Doin Interior, decorator, ok, but they're, saying that sea.
Has been really in the middle of an emotional nightmares, since she was robbed in at gunpoint pairs, but right now, she's getting herself act together to take care. Her husband in the meantime, big sign during his performance actually had this to say about Can you? Ok, I wanted to say about the rosy away by SAM is one of the really something to keep it may not be so he's one of the rules is world love? Our heart? We also positive, buys allows about where the guy was dollars. Well, how the days in Romania's family you gotta was a user got it now dear, makes also had a message check it out
give special shut out from sailor loaded press freedom of the press is a reminder that will guide is for you to be. I guess you know one. Nothing, stashed law, brother stashed, all brother, statutory scraps in Africa does on the Bay fiasco. Eye fell on states had this to say to Congo West. We want to send. We say a lot of work. Ordinary man and I wish to know about the real. Oh man I understand go to history, look at the people had been in his business. The gate as sold his business getting hot soldiers, bins thing all day, long to me, I said to me that all three of those brothers are expressing. We do send positive vibes and Kanye, but I like Sean at the best, because Sean just kept it about how he felt he sent blessings in his family are like when they bring got into it going on.
Gosh you of the balkan angle, to judge no God and gone colonies. Court now, when I notice that us its lending to joke about anyone's possible are not possible. Mental illnesses is a sensitive time for many, let's be kind and loving. While I don't agree with everything he does. I hope the public shows compassion four kindly with each other. One love one race now, according suits DMZ. What they're saying is on, this condition is worse than what has been reported, Finally, when he was in the hospital was pretty dehydration exhaustion and usually they keep you there for seventy two hours, but they have added to keep him there longer. What they are saying is He really is suffering. He believes people are out to get him. Even the doctors are there, he wouldn't let the doctors touch him for quite some time, and in that country has been dealing with these issues for a long time right now, and so he may leave the hospital today and be placed under the care of his personal doktor, when I sure, what's gonna happen, Yet can you for a long time as soon as he says, something we do not agree with so he's crazy.
But we now know that he's always been crazy, has been paralysed some time that has been dealing with these issues and I guess things have come to a head now. As we told you before, he can his twenty one remaining days, which is gonna bad because they give the refund for those tickets the present originally bottom set. You gotta do at their party at lack and that person is gonna, get the money back I am happy to use leave got out of it. You know, don't be bothering God with his pettiness. Genesis shouting out on his patty is tat. Genesis, shouted the one. Twenty six of God create a man in his image, Collins's likeness of God of anything. Let me look at it in prayer book, go into decisive neo. I hope so. Hopes at all. Would forevermore made the immense when he was going we're. Ok, I am sure that we wanted to hear border publicly goblet. The mix Maybe they doin it, and that is your room report. Disgrace Charlemagne
What you say is there, but they would have thought like a mile. What leaky I'll be ok, Jack? No, yes, I M telling you Mikhail soon. Charlemagne says something if he was there, he went to five can be meted out. What is wise, will the dog they will we didn't? It argued too? Oh, you know it now you today. Trying to figure out. What I wanted to do for knock it has pointed out, is that an official off so We need a man named William Pulliam to come to the front of the congregation cuz. I heard this story last week and it pissed me off Sweeney. To come to the fore and condition. We would like that world this young man in William put. Will it William, polio, contrasting with now I really don't You coming your ways to breakfast locomotive, they re going, don't get out of my view or
I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate my now the song to divide up the donkey there needs to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep that age. Headache dog you today, for my day November, twenty Eightth goes to a sixty two year. Old bug in Charleston. West Virginia named William Polio. Now whim is a thug. Ladies and gentlemen, a stone cold killer when no remorse for his victim. He was charged with first degree murder and putting jail. Last week after he confessed to the murder of a fifteen year old young man, James means. Ok, God bless the soda young man whose life was cut short because of this thug. William Polio. Not a young fifteen o J means was unarmed. According to fully which conflicts with the lie. William pull I'm trying to tell him that lie with that. The team drew a gun on him. That's why
that murdered him. Now. Police have said that there was no physical education. There was no argument. Words, words Chaise William drew with three eighty revolver and shot to victims is killing him. So we are confident that emerge is the appropriate case now distinctly. Who you William Polio, say he feared for his life but the reality is only person who should have been scared and situations. Fifteen Yo James means because he ended up in a verbal altercation with for me. Nay, William, Polio, ok, ok, ended up in a verbal all because you what this man, who not only kill Jays means, were killed him with an illegal gun, because William Polio had been barred from legal gun ownership due to a prompt, a prior domestic violence conviction. So let me get district William Petroleum fears for his life, but in reality he he's with the criminal record riding around them when the legal gun clearly other bad temple in some type of anger management issue, but he feared his life.
When I say this man, William Polio, has no remorse. Armine really have the remorse. What to deceive us with this? Of course, Yet this morning for the report federal affair, those are investigating the shooting death of a black West Virginia teenager as a possible hate crime? This morning, sixty two year old, William Poem, has been charged with murder. Charleston police complaints says he confessed to the killing. William, wasn't just on remorseful, stating the way I look at it? That's another piece of trash off the street. Authorities are now looking into whether the shooting falls under the federal Hate crime statute, killing someone because of their race I shot my life, my life is in danger or black. Nobody would be like there may be differences in black. Got dimension there. William, polio was white and Jane means Black, an errand, investigating if it was a crime. I forgot to mention it. I mean I want to use a donkey regardless of color
being widened. James means being black, wasn't issue. For me, the issue is that this dog named in polio, fails you can just me, as someone with an illegal going, because he feels his life was in danger. Yet it was, in any real threat, William Petroleum, the only peace. Of trash that needs to be removed from the screen. Is you ok he's that he's we'll take a bunch of pants beaten him up, but we don't want punks b people love and we all want punks like you, William, Polio, killing people. With illegal guns, either some dont you today just thought himself. Please give William volume the biggest sharply. All right. What they give it a donkey of the weak or to get at the ashes say now amount you too weak essentials. Only Monday would possibly could be right. Now when we come We had a talk, something that's really been. Bothering alot of people show imports. I know my
I came when I can't believe this became an issue. It was in the jamaican star what are the new I ve been Jamaica, allowing all about I don't. I wanted a Roma Otto said that John Paul under fire for oral sex comment, for whatever reason is under fire morals under five oral sex comments, for whatever reason going into two dozen, seventeen making. Minister building oddity stereotype had daily poor, have confirmed on her in the is absolutely falls in the day, listen. I my life labourer. Well, if you miss Elizabeth Clay Shaw, with the last week what he said about eaten poop. We gotta you make it do you improbable, USA, You might be jamaican in my ear. What room there about away? this meant that there are EU
as you know, from your political compromise nominating a bumper lonely, hobbled NASA it ain't it of our up. You have other away of major. Ever refresh. All right I'll be saw pod knew you were gonna, get so made at Nootka little com is because he amiss to what Jesus minds than I don't do to figure out how to be a trailblazer. Certain things I commend sampling is gonna, make other people who are in the closet doing that come out of the closet, then I commend him for what they have to take us and so it is a question: do you make your problem? Is that the course dear? Why are you always why off still frightened like to answer your question did not two things why you're still threaten like ya? Don't do it, but it was so bad about her. I don't wanna five one by our principles. Even shame in people were eight hundred five five one or fallen caribbean people jamaican people. Do you guys he the problem and one that is wonderful tool? And if you do it the problem, why
scared the same view of women's rights because their allowing you make him indigo despair, tat. We need more women to stand a black annually and say yes Jimmy. I am having my mind. I said yeah there's right as lag ass. Right though let you ain't gonna lie. You know, coil of seven tell your story Eight hundred five, a and eighty five one is beyond say: hold up. The purpose locomotive the four juvenile would slow motion morning. Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club leverages join as your voice. Do last weekend we were talking about eating a problem, and this is what he had to say. Oh you gotta privilege vacant. Do you reportable, USA? You might be jamaican in my ear. What room there about away is better than that are equal what, in my pomp, almost nominating a bumper lonely hobbled NASA
It ain't it of our planet. You have other away of major, ever refresh boy, sharp airport ample Zizi are deadly. Now, when I got there, he knew TAT he was going to eat for that suicide. He admitted he did it and you, like, oh sure, don't go against everything. That's jamaican soda! You everything you ve already full of didn't was I gotta. Do it was at the other ladys at its meeting me, I d say said yes, I rumour stereotype is a lie. Some of the best head. Where came from a jamaican wow, I just call when I can say what he said by Leslie case. Had them to make an immense who lie and ideally said, to make ends meet all the pump room they line. If they say they don't or women got us. Dublin jamaican men get away was saying, don't you performed when they ve eaten? There's she would at some of these people, but she's not gonna. Do it you got a tree: Jamaica, men who eat, pool and state aid. The same way. We treat wrappers who state aid up in the streets and they were so hard and so on, and we know tat. I was really their life.
Same name, the exact same way. My daddy say smells like Cologne leave it alone of smell, like fish eat. All you with soda, basically Nedda had have to have a little bit of Oda twentieth. Nothing letter to pump is no such thing. The council should have a little fragrance to add a one of his experience. You wanted to smell like a lot of what it is more like a lonely, the, but out of what is meant by fishing if it smells like alone. You really might be abuse I would have you haven't had he might be a Bruce, allow this I would be very glad you, but to tell us is mingled lie about you, you know you don't break their bread or other recommended. Even a black, let's I tell you go regrettable, but we will do. Tastes like seasoned odds, to address, these lay season it devolution, be Patty and a half
the Middle be party does up whom, for now I know what you mean. You have to do anything nay, Jerry! You! You got a west indian, jamaican boyfriend. Now talking about my kid father, you once again for a whole. Yet again what does he jamaican in border regions? also he was wholly noted as thorough type to the very last moment her yet, and you know why we need the why you have been burnt bade them like a baby. Why did you wait You did not realise that you have you had you know you didn't hit, In any event it without a really bad. Now? What do you do know bad, We need to know what caused this breakthrough. I've done. It is other, ok out at any time you know apologizes thud, and then he did was. I wouldn't have my inevitable came right today
It worked out. I've worked with branded I'll write me a little water brig. Brain his mouth, discouraging oyster here, discuss, did discuss. Eighty five eighty five oil viable were asked to do. Was teenage making men eat the pool really biggest question. Like I mean it was later they line about urban. Tell us what was he? Would you stop with these stereo too? You know so crazy. If you would you make your man, you Damon american woman, and you don't you problem. We all do that. She would water Somebody else leg was the wholesale. What you don't do. Somebody else will write you better, get there I've got a bag, the as threats in May to a guy who actually works. I ain't got five one or five. One call us now is to breakfast locomotive that was brazen silhouette exchange morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club. They have.
Join us. We're talking about these conversations poor may last week, a privilege vacant. Do you? People? Yes, he won't. You might be jamaican in my ear. What room about away this meant that all that our EU, You said in your limping pump nominating a bumper hobbled nausea. It ain't it of our up. You have put other away of major ever be fresh so does he or does he not eat the poopoo mom confused? I didn't think you knew that he was going to catch it because you're making the holding onto this old ass, lame ass stereotype that they don't eat I don't know why they are contained, when to lie like they just don't do a publicly ESA is private thing that they do little speak about it. Why they don't speak on. It was rolling powerful rode off like us like a basic That's six, one! All wine! We are waiting for. You had a Jamaican before yeah.
To make an way friends anyway, the bull s, no issues there did. You grab buys dredge when he was not even have dreads you, they argued, these have dreads, yes, here's? What name was not alone, and my I'm glad I move Mary with a family, not only discuss my ex boyfriend ochre allows the second. I will go away. As a young after all, you'll do ok, I got here. Whoever did you ok, you using that word. You can send them back when you body then use my word mob worthy. This empire me out how does a good job- and I was looking at you- Now you may you be a real private about it, because I'm alone had breakfast club,
they don't know, I didn't kill you right after now, I've got to stay away from that. Well,. I am I an online. I would hit the lesson We have relied on that It gives us an idea of what are you thinking about you? You got five kids remain in the background. Nobody! You ain't that right now, because there are we go with a boy and they are, Grendel avi to low boil down to her baby authorities know nobody wants there from the thing about, without that Ok, I congratulate desert. Now, does he do it? Does he go down on you Hagar order? Here alone oh now you in Germany, now you ask worrying. Ok, I've taken into just sat at her
when I see I'm like that that day by day and by many away they more that out, the ok, you have love atmosphere like I've been having done a good job of that their water for the dog, you know, go awry, put their lack of privileged system as many as five tell me. If anything about the fair Times square day, wasn't we shall remain bait the year is not even there right now. You know everybody was easy way today. Without a word. I know what I know my wife, nobody, they listen to your family, your friend, the lingo say was square, was moralist or lessen the moral of the story. Is stereotypes lose their power when the world is found to be more complex than the stereotype would suggest? Ok, when we learn that in it'll do not fit the group stereotype did. It begins to fall apart, so you're making me eat the pomp of despair that stereotypes
all right. You ve got room was always yes, we're gonna. Take about you re a text conversation that he probably though it was private, went public would tell you what he had to say about revenge ends and then we'll discuss the, Obama's. Where are they moving through after his presidency, will tell you re all, are more keep relaxes the breakfast locomotives the breakfast Club The report, the Reul report Libretto club, where was empty? for a lot of people to see where Drake had to say about revenge now cannot release the text conversation between himself and Drake, and this is what Drake said in this alleged conversation, trust bro the blissful times. New and exciting and non threatening our over. There is real people suffering through it. Is based around their own misery and frustrations and area.
Into it all is being taken out on those that threaten their bubble. Anyone. It disrupts the feeling of the word revolving around them call be ended his career with an entire campaign about how much people hate him? What a way to have to exit to feel like I was too good that even in my farewell we have to address the years you spent hating me for it. Just don't let it make you better. Please I'm happy. Despite waking up every day, and some new for living on me are talking down, and I have grown to the point their revenge makes me happy because my revenge, is it militias its warranted? So by the way, have methods Amy Body whose screenshots people's text messaging unwholesome or social media that is so whack and sole aim, and that of the reason I do not talk to people. I don't really know like, though it s kind of its whole drake down. Ok, do you mind if I oppose this Mine is a private gobble between me and you. Even if I'm not saying anything, that's crazy, principal. Don't do that you so thirsty. You shall be talking to somebody lack Amazon, lame. I hate that very low,
now we know how Jake feels about revenge, though I write I three. According his girlfriend their money, was doling out their car during the browns lasted a giant auditory soda water. On the weekend, yeah she treated ass, a you. Lay your car for a Browns gaming come back to all of you and your boyfriends money being gone from the while it's about I believe, while it's in the car we practise players and family parking garage, I should be able to leave anything. I They are ass. You are right away. The curse of Bob braids to curse. Car rose always tell ya at any grown. Man is still have their braided, probably won't prosper, pushy tee. The five that but orgy three new he's Canada isn't that I've over the weekend right when I was coming back from the airport,
I don't play around like that. I have my laptop in the car on their. I take everything as valuable as regards if somebody like that, I'm not leave him out while in the car on thy say and as she should have been a rabbit or anything, but I just an extra climate was employers worlds. The valleys only two players. Reality is even more of a target that why wouldn't you targeted with plays cars being UK about its had a rather than a valet, normally should be like that. You cared to mete out more still as a form of almost no just tempt the wolves like that yeah I mean listen of course. We hope that will never happen budgets there and things. I know I only with jewellery and a car. I wasn't even I won't bar comas somebody while adjusts ignobly life. Is he try me or have? You are very egg guy, maybe a leg womb, They'll never know did. This are the sole Gina. Where were you last night at another guy site? But I I'd one for album. Last mix tape of the year for lemonade, ligatures, your words, the atoms, less mixed
category to show up absolutely not fast. New artist was chancellor, Burbage Angela, for it was beyond say formation. Tiana tell it was there to get her. What I wanna cooled, Basel geometer would say with looking good us in fragile, loader, fragile remoteness, pageant. Remember my one also data. Yes, they run bomb fragile, remember, Massa, one for best army, so male artisan, ivy, ass. They went for formation, for water was bachelor microbial short and see him. I think arrogantly was there. We just don't fit. What are you about? What we want? We don't? Why? Don't we don't? We thought we'd. All support. All things enough like the soldier and award is something that celebrates us, and you know We tend to go aware tolerated in that celebrated in mental understand that are obese. I fussing oh by the way tat he rarely get the legend of words. Hetty rally was passing out of you guys size performance, but we gotta see somewhere
He rightly, and brandy, was added as well with the lady of Soul, award and Erika bad do actually hosted the show. I think it is a great job as a host. All artists who just got was their smooth jewels. Gertrude all ongoing support, very little adena worms Those are the award show that actually celebrate us black people array. We got it he's a war showed where they do not tolerate Athens and cry about not winning a Lord within, don't show up for the people who are actually supporting US array. Any is an updated Madam president, Barack Obama whence he leaves office, whereas he moving sue. Well it turns out, will be going to the West Coast. They purchased a house in Rancho Mirage. That's just ass at a palm springs which has come where am cartel and states codes in order that neither at so that's why they're gonna be Moreover, I would say blogs a sell out what he's only known, because he knows daughter, loves festivals and yet they are tab is not an ass, never know all of us who was, I bought a house in Hawaii as well.
Did money Barack Obama make added. I wait a moment about. Let a whole lot now ripe Let me close impiety, because no parties and movements can afford Moroccan Robin Money too much and our right well, thank you for those room was now when we come back. A sound to get to the people's choice makes, of course, his traces birthday. Today's listen trace all my guide trigger drop monocles Bob betray Thong man when he some illusory ever This was them out like a memo entry with darling of black radio darling. He will you go to very big as does pay today's it's his birthday staff pay from the latter has really goes through bad right. Well, let's get into the mix shall to revolt. We'll see you guys tomorrow, everybody else mixes up next, eight hundred five, five one of five one call us up to breakfast locomotive
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