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A Throwback to Roaches & Crack


THU 5/12 - The city of Boston joins The Breakfast Club family and gets a ghetto introduction to the studio's first roach and a classic story from Angie Martinez's new book "My Voice" involving a crack pipe! What year is this?!?

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I gotta get back down like a mega voyages took all we got no point. This press brown. I will personally join a breakfast club, say some muddle Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, mooted angel Yea Germany, whose aim Charlemagne a guy who's to deploy a large newborn could allow. Yes, we have a very special fearfully. Nobody has joy, do ok, talk to us from GM and ninety four five, yes, our family out and being rapporteur
who, for both endemic, they went in Boston, commodity, everybody of Boston. How do we borders would like both the noble, like both you, gotta bordering a special place in your penis, Jade Demagogy spent Unama poured out as a roach You know what like this way again at black people want to radio and the more money getting about how their role Are you dirty negro Liberia? Neither need to stop coming in here. I know. You're sort of video world can be ruled out. Which is why our roads is around me in years. Come on man, Give us a couple days ago: it's a guy by the name of Dj Self Ucm. On love, hip Hop New York, that's right, he was in here with Frank MA all in dirty. Negroes bought the roaches battle.
Last? One of them is a clean up. This area over the roads I gave my mother, I you know dirty areas: coins, thirty, obviously, last that takes out to the boy Dd Soviets, Little Dirk appear in normal door, bore all my God dark Energy, a dirt. Or your blood Chicago gone in queens left for I go. Zestfully bore related to everybody that route in here same you our guiding unseen erosion years, icy, whatever in years gone bless? My life drop. One includes bombs from my life. I don't really know where we live. They got a mortar bugs as low deeply how many roads denoting arose as though the water, but I was arose a water water by waterborne waterbirds on a different level. Ok, yes, I was rowed showed what about supply. Roaches represent a boy disenfranchised insensibly. Have you went to somebody's happening approaches
I would leave our clothes. My bag keep my bachelor s back ever fly guy get. It was rather better get it s the same. Why don't you go visit a yacht? Mass from Gucci is by Anna see you no more is that their road before today Demosthenes will be joining us this morning rose. You have now that sorry, boss, and wants to meet us like this. Like this, we should a clean the house, I'm a little bit too, have wasted a cleaner. They might not come back if they come back and it s the first time a camera guy forever is coming to not coming back jam. Nonetheless, very agitated will be eighty one. Is you got a loop of my voice which being bookstores next week? May seventeen fastened
maybe you d, looks terrified right now I got something that is. I think I killed today, whether, whereas the boat, yeah I got it, I didn't get it. What we combat without proper is doing, you got the man go, boarded There was no answer as aid to clean up the road. I got to know no internal clean up. The road gets outside of daddy misses. The data there wanted in turn would really earned from scribes cadets roads got on the war Taylor. We you still haven't to that as a mere taylor. Tail is not anti anymore, I'm onto the cleaner. More from We prevent worth it. I've still got road to their homes for Congo Harriet you do have experienced we're goin in everybody S dj envy Angela YE shall remain the guy. We oughta breakfast club the morning to our nose, family, member, german, ninety four or five
now roses in the studio b now whereby we don't now, we usually, though, I'm tellin you. Why don't you come back French Montana DJ, so nor your loader when an old for negroes mottoes roaches guarantee. My goodness, I will ask in some front page news now: MBA play also rafters beat the heat. Ninety nine ninety wanna take three two series led the warriors beat. The blaze is one twenty five to one When you want to advance to western conference. Tell you men of war is remind me so much Seventy twenty went in voting really any both team. In a reason, why is cause even when they down you just feel like they went away, and, but always wasn't used to watch old Chicago. If you just knew Michael Jordan, the bulls going to find a way to win because it's the same thing was Steph curry in the world. I feel the same way about that team that committed.
It was sad, larval periscope, so yeah that's awfully amateur, he was even was. Let's start with all the citizens show herself actually committing suicide, but is our leading up to the suicide. They were five live sessions. The last one was twenty nine minutes and it was recorded moments before she killed. The south is no longer obviously available on periscope, but apparently she was upset because she had been raped by her form a boyfriend. She was about eighteen, nineteen years old, he sent a text message to a friend of her former brave in a few hours before she killed herself on Tuesday in an attachment is she mentions Violet and a rape. Then he inflicted on her and said that she is ending her days because harm that that young man did to hurt you. I want your boyfriend now. I can't answer those cholera body by nobody, I will tell you this. Fair people were on periscope, encouraging her to kill herself and furthermore, as ITALY is, I keep telling out is over and over. If you have problems, do not taking the social media. If you think that you're gonna go to social media, people can be happy
Are you a good thing that may talk you off the ledge know anything to make you jump, stop it and then we're savaging. Also. Media, and why would you take pariahs? Why would you take your problem? The social media, anything is not adults who went mad. They threatening to kill themselves is really a nasty discussing things. It's how them go ahead and do a hurry up, kill yourself that offer an alternative to jump in front of a tree. Yes, you know, India was you led by the tracks tracks on vertical? in Paris, nobody God while nor did they now want to private, have arisen Brad what he called a number of horizontal. What yet she could go, no less critical. Yet now. Also Zimmermann, I hate them.
Amendments began a few people needed now. Tourism, a man is functioning off again that was used in tray via martens, death, nay thing that firearms, I feel as if I am that was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from trade on Martin. This is a piece of american history. It has been featured in several publications and in current university textbooks. According to George Zimmermann, he has received several offers for this fire arms and he said so, Individuals of his plans for the guns didn't sit well with him. I can now it'll come come back just waiting for a long time. Coming back, I may fall. We know you could be gone through a lot of things right now, making especially brain areas so that to make some money operate. Entry by modern spirit is heartening. Every night live knocking over things in the house and making noise is all kind of the village front. Page news: that's how am I mad now, eight hundred five, eight five one or five one call us up right now. Maybe there's broaches in your place of work and you may
that puts put you live on air and tell us why man may may be mad at traffic. Maybe mad you mba team loss may be mad. You didn't get lonely. Night. Maybe these outbreak this morning that could be somebody embossings half an hour. I'll bring this morning. I want you to know that this shows here for you. How about we don't Harvey shame people here, ok, I'll, write, eight hundred five, five, what all five one a number again as one eight hundred five, eight five, what or five one and welcome to our Louis family, member German. Eighty four five involved: hey boss, do what did I tell ya six years ago, my god, you spent challenges. I once was so sexy Environmentalists, dizzy adviser, and then I wanted you shouted caught. You to work here Ah you know, maybe I guess I'll get created a working ass though I had learned but Chief Antonia Alley you when it came to a female travelling to clues bombs, but she Cape Verde no, but I can tell of Bergamo lifelessly bereavement our own way. The mighty six years ago were different reason why you were married another way.
But you know which way to succeed but as yet without in a different place him alive shoes in South Carolina was up here. Ok, I'm trying to make it, but had gazed with Libya, great value, and it would have happened to her little girl from another phenomenon and, of course, my money, I still friends, are allowed to be frightened. I spoke to her own life is worth a try to contact you she's interrelation crises, a greater! crazy. I shall find his memory abortion that vessel invest while guys. That's how guys remember things based off the vagina that they receive in all of us and social media sat another goes out of her life. She has really but when they arrive, Otherwise there is no recollection of any firewood cellarway. You manage out the G Spanish out the puppy dog. Shout the maverick. We appreciate you guys at Boston.
This refusal by the breakfast club you know what makes you man I can't handle. That's why you may want to break with the others. Mario raise our baby, so what our burial celebrate? Mabruki met a man who did their love of regular, real radio to bear to put the real. That was the radio elude the boss is loaded. Me. Men demanded that law man finally file piling up around man. How we plan to Lapland, we're coming to by citizens who are gonna, listen, whether we figure out do not have that of those new like being all in Boston was not up to us, but we hope to be around. We will keep a run and allow this yoyo was added. A romantic love. Is black alot aware that there are three other why you made a man like me,
I've done what down a well allow. The guy got the work, the boy and the matter will already must therefore glad you got it. You can write Burma in the morning before you get better you are right of mirth. Maybe I didn't go home lad, not a meaningful on the same day and on yesterday's away leader rewrite. I want you to walk out of the wrong man, s grave. Has been Ophionians, Melvin Ass Boy in the morning. How dare you gotta may were murdered? Ya, say hello. There is asking I gotta tell ya, while a man for forest fires out of respect for our Europe following our careers, but thou thyself appreciate Lucio a mad mad, because I live in an act of Indiana foresaw yelling
ah here and secondly, if these powerful, the ministries of manners demand its limited our jack, though I hated figures too horrible. I need to get it. Don T have to think about how this report a party garden, one guy, poured a bodyguard, would ask em they're married, and I want to talk about a drugs immigrants they made up with Jordan early tomorrow. You know here: maybe he got away, were murdered, pushing it you're a girl, but I found your guard mom, you told me. I saw that naturally, Charlemagne said we will play a racket and envy you got a record. Our November is no play. You complain.
Answer me my way of wearing come back. I guess we'll play out after breakfast bride, you tell everybody, you call your friends and you fat your family, telling you got to be on the radio music falling unemployment that we don't know poured a bodyguard, ruminated God. I know his family on CALL Importer Party got that. Oh, no, but tell me why you bear eight hundred five five little five. One of your upset. You need event callers right now the breakfast local morning. The breakfast club
YO yoga nodded at the lab day? Why and how to play? Why, by Magda problems by so many girls in a Europe where we leave any other browser but really lose dermody drug comedies lobby girl would have gone away really gotta get. I gotta go away talk about exactly why you were ripe for real pillar back I'll kill, you didn't orders, but he spoke, and why was right now? That's crazy. He'll be no entails me man, I think about all these rather be talking. Tough they'll make Instagram videos ending on torture. Radio personality, like myself, you'll, never seen him saying all right on Georgia Minnow right right up there. I don't want to ruin my need have no, yes, I have thought about you want by road
Well, I haven't tried by a youth. Edwards means that young dog about Jamaica videos, anyone told to join them in our man about you, when you're going to run upon George him and tell him put respect on your name, my fragmentary of our minds, nay hello. This is me Bobby was broke the morning. Albania may sell me, Dull, while your black people awake involved in this time of mourning the way who made you get up at a certain time, I didn't give them our homework gaze and, like you are a little well, we got to put a body record: oh yeah. What about erected a bit of it Angelo gods, I gave you just like bossed imported by the guy's a listener who cause of here every morning every morning, listening for five years supported you come down to Breakfast Club anniversary Party than everything and clean water body for a living, as I see it as a music? Yes, so here is just one step, one shot that one chance to blow, you know mean look,
Blue shed over loses a Patty guy, a Sean stone, featuring Jeff light. I will explain how to get it mattered. Sam, Adam pay bills on a move that minister led I'd. Tell me why you telling your aim will be like everywhere. You magazine Mobile Leggum, Jonah. Eighty transcend says that we should lay sick Will you each party and, as we know a lot about, we allow them that's right. Next to you, I got a bad girl comes down right next to me. Throughout border bodies, racket problem,
above all the vital guy I'm beyond. If we didn't play an ef, I devoted in contacts on thinking to myself, like us, baffled border, pointing out in order to put a body guy, would sound like that. Actually, don't sound back now for nothing. As a little Otto tune in his voice tat he could use in a port upon a lot of future. Lot of pain. He might recorded that anyone would already have. I got that affect, shall I shall be done if you like, I recommend is up dj envy on beyond toward annually on twitter asks you to God on Twitter at Breakfast Club amp onto it. When we come back like their record, we got room is up being we're going to get a brand new tv show. This coming also amber rosy. Bringing this lot wild back would tell you about that, and highly Jenner and Tiger allegedly its over four good system, all our eye. All I M more Cuba lacking over the next hour age, more teen, as will be joining us. She has a new book which, after all about it local anyway, as the breakfast club,
the breakfast club the report is the Reul report whose glove now the room is highly tenor and tiger. I finish broken Africa. They broken up a few times in the past, but apparently they didn't want the red carpet it met by together. They were both there. They didn't show up together. They had actually broken up before that by she was upset. He got embody because of her, but he still went even though they were broken up, so she felt like she should have made sure he was uninvited. Now somebody tell me behind the scenes that the reason I broke up his cause. He borrowed money from her and then put in pay back no Kiley. If I borrow money from you, I can't pay. You back, how can I pay you back of on borrowing money from think about later? I may only have to check on the way it may be said, to have a shaggy to write an act of ours I got they will. Colleagues would have. Benefits will thus be clear what he wants to I'm sure look out
in order to save and she turned eighteen. She was always use under under age. Yes, maybe thing to say with the troll but I could not reach about movement. Allegedly Tiger also took his mom and a model out to lunch from mother's day and he's not telling his friends whether that is new girlfriend. So, let's I accept doom for failure. Now, Chris Brown verses Kevin Mccall. Now I don't even understand quite how this beef just started. I know they ve been goin back and forth a few times in the past. The wilder right, but the way this one just now started, I'm not really sure. No one year, which has happened now, Kevin Macleod, tweeted, Chris Brown. Why am I saying to you? You're not cut from the same club? Is me, that's why you get jealous and try to
especially after my cousin Rihanna, call my cell phone in the studio way back and if there's a crack pipe a silent. My phone is that a tripping out I went on and on and on, and then he said when I no longer have any ties to Chris Brown I'll chill he stole from two babies and stole from me. He knows that fade and paperwork. Chris Brown responded. This n word is standing outside playing keyboard at his grandma's house. He would have gotten more change and Hollywood boulevard. Rca drops you, you block your own blessings, I'm cool with both both your baby mothers. Why aren't you paper trail short? He is crying for help, so I'll be really talk, taking your money when the store starts all those Kevin Mccarthy and it just waiting to spend their money on some seeds. It's lonely at the top, but I bet it's super sucks all the way at the bottom and broke now. You're posted this video on Instagram Chris Brown
as is well good- and I thought about some it. This was all he saw the he claims he wrote by you, I normal away. They just want plot of miles. This is like befall k, man alive at the game. It man, I'm sublet with this. I have no problem with chemical- threaten the safety of the catchy college kids of the world. Watchmen. Sometime bathed, God made a beating, but they both look silly on social media. Going back and forth your move living. I lay the meet up and catch each other's fade. Does he like that of your Chris? Let let him out the paperwork. Whatever we oughta social media beggar. Forty both look like sissy ere, I am arouse, is gonna, be doing her second annual that what s going to happen in downtown Ellie and October Ferris, everybody that went to sign up for that. Just letting you know make plans now writes. I will say to us all
something yesterday I feel like amber roles has finally honed in on exactly what she wants to slit walked too. Big. A sort of thing says is a fight against gender inequality and rape, culture, ok, but guess what it says on the actual flyer or whatever, even I dont like two terms: Slut walk advocated it on the website. If he went to the last year, us allow worry done details like that, but I'm just saying I got lay. I don't like to name Slut walk, but I like to call it that is against right now to me that work is not a region aided by Ambrose is something has been going on in different countries? in cities for years now, and that is your room, a report I may Angela Yang Alright Messina again welcome to our nose family member German, any for five enforced new dollar Cape Verde and both in various forums they are ready. No it s, not our main priority Emerald one as yes paid late in our produces. Actually Cape Verde too.
I've got an emerald. Had the same, gonna have a suitable to bathers. Lou dollar came right now in Boston, Beantown LA right. Well, where we come and you more team, as will be joining a legendary age. Martinez you put respect on age. My name in Korea are both my voice impulse, sucking one thing Thetis Who are you gonna reads like a movie, but it is in both towards May seventeen it a priori. Right now amazing book without talk about it when we come back, is allowed to talk about keep a lot on how much we could talk about dog is like. Where are we now? either way the bug a great stories and, as I would tell you a few of our right way, Angie and then you have to figure out there's a lot more grades. Definition, alright age, watching as we come, is to breakfast club about restoring lanes will say morning: everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the God we are, the breakfast club will arouse Ladys phase because its own visa revolt never really. Really after me,
The book doesn't want to be taken as read the book. Big big lean back. We now see phrase nobbler you may not know is the law. This book, my voice made me and he does not like compliments, but this book is a test to male book and adopt mutation of class, the career in class. Stories and I love it and met the bird and he has about a bug in fifteen year. That alone is very they rode in our day why you write a mean age. We gave you my daily by Jove Frame just cried the disease more correct, but where the right for everyone not just about Gregg, wish you, cracked?
what a pipe grand plans about again on new ways of this? When it takes me, you'd want to read a book. I believe you would like. There's gonna be the world's biggest more crap. It was a mistake. I mean it was a mistake in terms of I was a kid. I didn't know it wasn't a big academic year. It will you later knowns everybody's. I was just another way. Marguerite or whatever of that was in their the as it is because we want to make it seem like you I got. These accidents are big of a grid? Come back, you started off Craig. You do not want to allow the points that I want to make it clear was one time it was kind of an accident, and I mean those that we have a common will crack,
maybe londoners care where you alike, as, moreover, we before you came along with the same thing now at all, Frankly, we are not now in the mobile to literally after it happen and watching the news- and I was like, oh god, maybe I should mode cracked and because I want to have a nice career. Is that what is it now? alive how I'd say it in the book? That's the thing is, I was greatly. It was a meanwhile play of the do it again and he doesn't like half of their homework is gonna, be about one bad review, a crack in the new. Now they know it wasn't. It was like a special event. Then maybe it was already- and we were talking about- was paying attention gotten until I had that, then you do it and you, like all think that's what just happened to be now very idea. Ecstasy before then, I sat ass
so a family, I ecstasy and then you will know how they are worried. Maybe I shouldn't have his way again allow rooms or grant still like us, of course, not only for my friend presently it wasn't like my friends. It was like some kids now about my my grandmother's house in her neighbor par goes. This ban of ones is, and who knows, I don't know what happened and I haven't seen than those that they weren't like my friends. They would like the guy. They were like the kid so my grandmother's blacker read you a better France. Thank you. My friends, somebody you, I've been a pretty private praiseworthy hod. Could you like Canada gave up along anyway, I did. I know my way and I've ended strange how comfortable I feel about it. I feel like I gave my of out. So when I started writing out like a magician right, everything as it is a me where everybody
family with might like, whatever they just write it as it is, and then I'll, assess and then I'll be like. I could either cut bout to go all that, but once it's out- and you realize, like everything, happens for a reason, even that even attracting I use that as an example to say, like I have compassion for people who have addictions and who get go down roads Gaza things like that. So I think everything in my story of my life is for reason, so there's nothing, I'm ashamed and so I just wrote it, and then I was like what about other people that you telling stories about some of these people in work, and maybe some of them are not going to be in the most flattering light in their opinion, buddies What really I've been yells? Maybe I need I did you have to say. Ok, let me let them know. I keep saying going to I haven't, made the calls yet, but maybe before maybe here Maybe today, when I leave here only grounds are made. Those were not umbrella, Megan Viacom torn about it, because I feel like whatever happened. People know happened. Not saying anything, that's not true number one and in it You want to you know some people may wheelings, and but
Daily has really. I don't talk about through its not from a judgment alarm. China hurt nobody, he's telling you like what morale is and how I learn lessons because of things that happen so long as under the umbrella I felt okay with it and I'm a fool. I got her. Anybody leg, anybody's life, if you wouldn't you say, did you put me in a book? I get there all its own like for his lawyer. Anyone in the book at the time- and I did I- make the work of our EU funding is what you you have terrible yours there about ways of that. Surprise varies, surprised, Brien and have those problems when you started No, you gotta really drive words? Why had to go to court already known and on the radio in good thing with him up, though hobbled my wife things when I got fired from windy, she had in going to court. Nobody was this tat feel in my day, job
popping you would do whatever you want radio you were doing every club I was like, then I was down at that eviction. Notice like this, with the hoodie on why did it doesn't make any bills? I just was irresponsible. I just was. I had no really learned how to do that, and so I was like you know you get an envelope. Imagine you just then it right and I was ripping them. Come out from morning to night work in the clouds and come home. So you know my mailbox. I would check it like you know once every two weeks it just wasn't something that in those bills were an important and paying a lively boville. I didn't. Even now I want you to ask of you referring to. How did you American, I hope that you could pick up the phone and in an area that will have a real money, this would marry parliament. Did you ever marry United? ever tell her business a, but you know Mary has got to in her life too, and we both been friends to each other during those towns. I think Mary trust me. Another was just to her
even in this even writing story about something that she helped me on. Let her know like you know, I'm telling the story, so she knows, and I think she just you know we came up at the same time, so I put in a photographer. Now, I'm just gonna start a ban on radio. It was her. She would listen to the radio and then should come to my show when she was like. I love you so much, radio wages ETA? We just click, and then we will go out. We hang out and then you know she has some things going on her life and we just were always we both Capricorn. We have, very I don't know a unique kind of understanding of each other. Laws is either fully Linda now, like even now the merry and aid you go into a czech cash and play. When I was there in the Middle EAST, have a check or not, I love that story. The solar and she so regular she's such a regular,
You know we have life goes through story. The crack story care. If I wanted to know why the story goes there, you are negative, as resonated does with me about the book. Those confide our era, you'll never see them again, but you and Mary Comin up together Daisy. Can we allow me or you will hold listens, and I album and we're not getting that some of those things I just take for granted what everybody knows. These stories Nobody knows that Asia are Kelly got in. Since I met the garden. Hold the show in the middle of the show, and then came up to the radio station and interviewed with me at two in the morning. But he knows that story. But then you write the stories and you start talking to people colleges last week and I'm telling stories, and there like, why is ever seem real, but you know right and I'm like what is really habit, makes me really
how important it is. The document in laboratories, partially radios, thought thing to happen on the radiologists, for some reason like not well documented. I don't know what that why oil Oh, you know everything by art. As you know, everything about videos, cousins or visually seen on tv, but the story that happen on radio documents that guy we are more, we age was. He knows what we come back, Cuba Don't go anywhere. Is the breakfast locomotive breakfast recklessly Chris Brown Morning, everybody de Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We have anti more seen as in a building. She has a new book or my voice and you could pre order that now I was really surprised. You got so personal in his book. You give so much personal life. When you write about your life like a person, nor am I did my. We know like it, because there is a terrible war, a video one point,
so you might labour areas in our language. We brought us. We both have come a very long way, really work about the building it was like, nor have we he is of wood. There is nobody That's what it was ass. A damn lies with Latvia, people messed with him. I just chose to not because we didn't have the best relationship and I didn't one ever have to fake it, and we never talk. But I guess we spied talk about it after this, MRS as this is all about, but in all we ve come a long way. Man. I thought, though, by him being fully supportive during the marathon and donating all that money, and you know he's who he is. But what was it later didn't night? It was just moments. You read the book for people who are listen, there were moments I have, but will they could read the book to everywhere by guarding their moments that happen where you know his agenda was different mine and you know he was aggressive about his. As I was minor, and so sometimes I just kind of bump heads
ran upon you want. Her will ran up its strong. I made her way what did he ran upon? You love me this. While I was promptly and then you did to pack you in here as well, yeah jades amount does have a lot about your garden. Because I love me if thou with me- and I would I day when it totally aired I'll meet, you won't believe. Oh here's, the thing I love that about you, men I like, and I respect different peoples, perspectives on how they choose to use their minds on how the Jews, because it's important to have different voices and points out people who just want to tell it as it is point blank. What I've learned is that I can't Ben
self to do what other people do violence. If I spent my day trying to be Charlemagne, I would fail miserably re interlocutor and only security, and then that's one of the things like this place. Will all these different type of voices- and it took me a while to really will appreciate my own and want to make sure that I'm always true to it What made you two last story? Where are you going to do over the past two areas? Relationship with renewed talked about their story. That was honestly, I gotta vagabonds. That was one of the milder stories really yeah was yet this out. Where I was her own story, he told him tat. I was a milder story and an honest. They won. The reasons I dreaded ever puddings about was because of how would affect the outside people that weren't involve you know, but at this point I am starting to at its part kind apart, a history not for me to protect. Think everybody's gonna move dollar their lives. At this point you gonna get it. If you go oh two hours, I am at some
you know what you know. What upset me is that I've been trying to reach Fox mom for the past couple of months to try to figure I've been trying to get with her to try to talk to her about a couple of things about what her thoughts were. I really wanted to be respectful about. However, if it comes out and also she has the original, I put a note in there that pockets that me and his mom has the original. If I was trying to get in touch with her for both of those things and unfortunately, she passed, so I'm not sure where it where it's going to happen, but it itches to be like respectful and done well at this point has been so long, but you said you didn't want to put it out because you know want to cause problems within parking. Vague, woke IQ,
yeah but imaginable both guy killed, and I would put it out- I would have a rather. I feel that I remember how that I did. I have Ado with that is a cause of you know. I would have always worried that some so grateful that I didn't because honest able to live without forever. I agree with a lot of the most that you made in a book like because I feel like a lot, is at the Anti Martinez it. If I was in that same situation, unlike eyebrow, what it did the same thing you could. I do feel like a sense of responsibility to other people and not causing more issues unnecessary, especially when something can be violent. The way that it was hard as it was it's crazy, think about that time and how hostile it wasn't. How I mean you remember like every, but it was, it was real like if it wasn't like gossip blog. Spare evenings loads rail, you felt like people, we're, gonna get touched and and people did and they did and we, but you did not do what then, how many, like you just felt legged. This will fell very dark like a bad time. It was. It was about twenty two germs, I would say I got from you were watching you is or people understand, as you know how to do everything
No, how could you even came out and when you and your real anal labelling of somebody works with it, you gotta know she wanted perfect and people on all that about you. But you do everything that nobody do anything to this day. Use dogs if I don't hear from not being on point, but that's not my fault, that's whoever agrees that person's fault. It's like you know, I can't, and I think, as I've gotten older and more like, I just can't tolerate being like some of this, not good. And is looking salary lay people or lazy or people are not committed. I am committed to what I do so if you are part of my team, I need you also to be committed to whatever your piece of that is, but, like I still take pride. Amendment involves Zella. I feel like until I have another age Martinez next to me, look at it and know exactly what I want to do. Then I gotta do it. My letter will be another month, you'll see Jude Doin entered.
The way tat. We did come up and thing at a major workin in the promo department yeah. They like, Why are we not its algiers to be rid of us now? It anymore, you know probably different path. It's a different! I give to go on like this on lines. People to become a celebrities and then wind up mistress to choose a different path, but the work ethic and the drive as this will be there. You know you can't do exactly you did ride there, any of us did. You should take from the work ethic and the drive and in all the time you put into what you do, we have more, we edge Martinez will become bad. Keep it lacked is to breakfast locomotive, was added out Travis Scott anymore, everybody's dj, envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club mornings Y know a family member out embossed in June monopoly for five more than abortion. Now we have age more team.
Although she has a new book called the voice of pre order that right now before it is, I think a lot of people first divided knows me: do you know what a forward was, because but I know they're like what does that mean why labour law that the art of local, only I didn't like about whether you know we're late Why would you wrote, but I didn't feel like what made you this area. Asia, somebody like you, I must say I felt opposite, because I think my space in the culture is that leg. You know I have this history, but I'm also still very much in it. I mean you could check my way. Things, and I know very little about where we have an amazing numbers about the northern solids egg. I feel I have led one foot in the silent
But in this item, which is a unique position to be in? I talk about where the innovation, the book about having like him, meet a sub rocky for the first time, crews and to me that's like the Mai, perfect space in the culture, somebody that could speak to work, I miss him and what he means and have their passion for, but also look somewhere. Is a rocky and appreciate him and what tits show in a watermelon that's again and so for called thing about call, as I feel I call is really a student other cultural, Agnes. Somebody who cares, and so in telling my story too, not just the people. There there but tell him a story to people that I knew I mean. I know these toys. It was he's the perfect persons a kind of deliver it so that any also speaks of the fact that these things to be learned from the way we came in the way that you know radio was at that time and Hiphop was at that time. So it was perfect. I really asked him for a call in the back, but he just was like I just wrote what I fell notes a little long. I don't really know what you want to do with it, and I I just I think he's amazing- and I was I was
The perfect one I think J would have been like so predictable and so like what did he say that has already been said in terms of light? We don't know Maybe you could maybe could have. Maybe you could have tried soon, but maybe for two- maybe I maybe the second, maybe the second focal he'll grace me with a with a forward. I just felt like: I am in twenty sixteen right now and the reason I'm doin the book and how I feel about my career major. I thought cause the perfectly as we can all useful. Let you he always albums before you put him. Will they any songs? You told him with whacked: let's demanded ended up being it yeah parties biggest long ever was high, not life ahead,
Really I did I love the Abbe loud dragged about doesn't like you should learn COIN Zara bomb. That is those terrible, but why are you in a single currency and, of course, as you must begin, a smooth biggest zones ever? What did you say? I did it. I think I just would always take opinion and just kind of take you for what it was. I don't think he was like he's like I'm gonna change, my single now cause you don't make. It goes that, but I think he likes to the same ways like I did this book too few people in his soul, like especially when you guys gave me feedback people were in your career, who its units employer to hear what you resonated. Who would you like it? You didn't think so, I think for him it was the same thing and I think he trusted me and ensure that became a thing. Are you at the point where you realize that you and your peers are indeed
agents, ere. I don't know, I mean some of my peers. Absolutely I dont know I feel like I've made. My mark, I feel like I have done some great things, but this so much other things I want to do that. I feel I people like a sum cut when the cows confess methods When did you feel like you made it? I was, I still don't feel Mary. I still feel like. I wanted to fill our right of movies group I want to tv, I wanna dance, but could be a movie I wanted. Maybe well. We also whether the day as their daggers see, everything has led happening, and I go mix between like a modern leg coming, he's a brown sugar. Andy cried vibrant trial will be allowed stories. There's five days. Work there's struggle their success. They would play them We ve the question of who will buy me that, although you I don't know why, as a youngster, Selena Gomez, Selena Gomez
as a rule them. By their probably I know you have to be. I know about the new, so much love light, which would deprive the day a way to get to that. There is one guy in this way. I believe him, and I know I am to fire you back in the day and when I work at booting with their loud name. No, I see day I demanded language, it was always a cucumber. You want you to do for our support, but one of the first of our power over is about power copy, when we was so like people didn't really know not. We were very kind of just like below the radar, so we didn't get you flat, Wendy Williams, It will not be able to do two things have now, because you know they tell a lot of women nowadays. What's a lot of women, a radio nowadays not mix the business with the pleasure yeah. Did it I'm inoculated swimming? Does one said that was delighted as lies there. I don't know, I mean an innate whoever some people, I guess it works for some people other in I'd need somebody than I did someone who was it
it doesn't matter just depends on the basis of what you like as we like, and how well they deal with what you do and that we had they would that's why I would mention any guy in there is because to tell you, some of those challenges are being a woman. It's like you know when you may. Like what you I'm in view to platform like I've been girls needs to know that I knew there was an apple muzzle, bonobos situation, unlike my good, that's why we wouldn't once we are going.
You really all my going back. You know hands, because I would have wanted data guy that we have an issue when we gonna do something that could be one of the big things in my career ever. This is what I'm saying is where Europe is one thing of your marriage. You married, and you have four five kids ass, a different type of relationship when you and your young twenties and you're dating somebody who is not on board. We what your vision is for your life, you gotta, keep pushing bar by you know that fact not that your baggage, not all my track right now in a couple of a couple of hours, relationship that I do talk about is the same but better work. For the same reason as I can you not gone where ongoing and so Did you ever get dumb argument like you, but I do mean Nimrod of his classic Marguerite, Saint Matthew, dainty classics super duper classic now I don't know he wouldn't really know at the time. I think most people do like after we welcome We worked together for many years and more good friends and people thought we would dating, unlike is so late or net so, but there was another.
Did you know a lot of music in that regard? I wanted them thought about a tribe using already done, and nobody maybe we're her yeah, I'm sure yeah all types of stuff. Oh, my god, I was terrible. Atomic fire now, I'm sure music beat songs that were completed samples, oh, that the yellow arguing found anything that use a thousand via version. That was my gazelle arguing. You have. You have not like their annual directives on five June, two thousand, because that's gonna be there. Baller alert all right. We got more with Angie Martinez when we come back, keep it locked at the breakfast club come on the breakfast club, we jump major major major man putting everybody is e g, the angel Ye Charlemagne girl, we oughta breakfast club that is used
where we do, the room is, but we have age, Martinez Inability she has a book it comes out. May seventeenth is call my voice. You can pre order it right now and we really priests the book. I love the book. I really am really move in part, and I love you talk about by the way we are going to discuss about. You see thy ring on her finger. I love that relationship and how congratulation, alas, and aiming at a good guy that, mainly by, for example, was like it's weird. You just put our peace a highway just turn you into like Maybe you you have to know that those are the results we want, but we did up in love. You baby then allow Did he say you are really why, while happen big Leslie that in the book about let's leave that, but I was when I was there, I was the little be careful that just because family and makes
They were also. It was a lesson, listen anything that I share and if somebody else gets into it, I'm sorry but the honesty. I've learned something from all those situations. I learn something about jumpin interrelationships who soon before you know somebody. I learn something about trying to find somebody who is your peer? Who has same vision as you for what your future is, so that it doesn't hold you back. You know, there's a lesson in everything right, so it's my intention is not to make nobody look crazy or anything like that, but it's like. If I don't tell you the story that how do I even get to, but I learn from it and how I even got here today- and I even said it looks like you know. Sometimes this week If we do not yet have similar, No doubt the good thing about the book to mix in respect of the people in your life rise. Like a really meant dal said they want yeah I've, always low Marian barber judgment. You really lover agenda time for us and I even whole
dad down the earth. We let you hear music beforehand. I really was of the opinion that I can't it's daily France. It is day, That's what he said. Mc Mickey Mickey's my best friends in some eight, and so why waiting until another story. They realize a God. She was here in Gaza as he was here, is pretty good us too. As a couple a moment, there is only one other thing we need you to do. We need you to break down, Will you mean that Albania and the biggest anniversary that didn't reveals in in the book? I remember today and I thank you as happens, there is a lot more in his book there. We didn't even get remarkably discussing the problem with talking about books in movies nobody's seen. I know you know I mean, but go get is becoming above historian. If your radio historian, you have and if you know nothing about radio or anything like that, you're still enjoy dominant orders very well written in great store ain't, no matter where upon outliers, I would add that, as though to me, it is interesting to see like who resonates the white legumes. You resonated to meet
How is the right lyrics down the lady of my publishing company like thirty year old White Lady she's, like I love the book, I'm like you do like what part like what part the eurozone wasn't the package, like you know, the nine eleven part ask your and she said that she is really leg resonated were besides. It's amazing. To feel how different parts kind of resonate with people, and I'm really bout of it, and you know this everything I stand by and they're so happy life, a classic man is great documentation of a classic stories from a classic person. May show you free order it right. Now it comes out on seventeen right, yes Mason. He may seventy is the breakfast was Miss Edgeworth
Don T get down here today with their they may dwell, goes to a man I wish would cease to exist, join them in always ban on anyone. Only thing always voice justice to be served regardless issues in a court of law from the universe- and I don't know what's happening enjoyed them- is person alive. He may be suffering from a right out his function as some kind of health issues. He may can't sleep at night. He may suffer from causing constipation. I don't know no, is very good. Sometimes I want to see point on public displayed
world, you see, I wanna see, join them in Suffer Latvia. Snapchat periscope anywhere suffer as can be displayed. Z list he's of Joscelyn. Her native faces may join them and is in the news again because, according to the new, your post, he is optional off the phone. Arm. He used to kill on armed. In aid you travel and Martin in Florida and threw down and twelve. I can't make this kind of stuff. I was gonna, fuck, verifiable, land or sea would have done well to say this is opposing the auction website. You can the opening that sort of five thousand dollars, we ask them why you want I'll get it off. I recently received a back from the Department of Justice and I think, it's time to pass the fire and I fell in itself a new path Otherwise, it's going to be safe for my grandkids, never to be used or see again What is your reaction to the people who may not approve of this going on auction? Gonna be better known.
In care less about what I decided that it is not our three american country do what I'd like with mine? Russian, why Prince Gomberg joined them live in his life like his golden again, do you want for Donald Trump judge them and also by radicals will people are gonna radical enough. I don't feel sorry for you join soon, because you are receiving death threats. I want you to live under pressure for the rest of your life, because not only did you kill travel mining coalblack, you have no remorse for any all at while the jury found him not guilty. A jury found OJ since inability to YA saudi ethics, special and comma. We got a good idea since in the same way I pray it catches up. Would you and then one day, so getting found guilty in a court of law means nothing to me, especially. We are in a witness, latent injustice. Sometimes our justice system fails us, and this is one of those cases and judge him. He doesn't care the fact you they would as you know, murdering tree Martin, this guy is for celebrity boxing matches. He added
Orlando autograph signing out a gun story. Now you and I selling the gun and he used to kill travel, Lawton Crazy, battlements scrub already, talking about Georgia, because I would like to give him any chance any attention, any energy, but, as we have learned in life, ignoring a problem, does it make it go away? and it saddens me that all you, tough guy, like so tough with each other may snapchat very threatening each other short every gun in the world. You gonna have the gram. All rather will be quick. They make We are talking about what is going to do to the re yoga where job just Ralph law to flourish in, like you, some kind of american hero and he had the nerve to say you will use the proceeds from the gun sales. Or the demise of Hillary Clinton. Why are we taking a threat or a presidential candidate? More serious? What does a shore the demise of someone me? One is a known martyrs saying. In fact, we need to monitor and keep track of everybody who bids on his gun because they are threat,
rather was living- are alive in his country. Ok, anybody thinks would judge admitted travel. Martin is ok and wants have the murder weapon I cut the seventeen. Your kids, like short, is just is sick, is George Zimrud. Aren't even old can be said about Georgia. Minute is point I really don't even like acknowledging this guy, but I do it because I want to make Europe let him walk for killing travel. Martin feel bag. Is God minarets several times, and children travel mine, everything range from domestic violence, so he has shown meantime again, and he is a horrible disgusting, parson and travel more noise family did not receive justice because of you, God's yours or any chance. We gave the major jurors in his case feel bad. We should do it continues then a finnish core print a boy five dharmu farther from liking, ready from boyhood gaunt figure a dream, a more normal people is named a dead and gone ok, There is still just algae. Just a minute. Yeah
Bryce Insular would exchange morning, everybody's dj, envy Angel ye shall meet a guy. We ought to breakfast club. It's on four ask you. If you have a question for you, you can call a right now, hello. There is very much a course of you. Ok, so appearing relating like on the last few days there at the person is not on the same path with you think. So let us go if you were in a really seven a guy is without doubt you want a new there that I feel that our home or your computer is always there. Ok, you do well there, but you don't need to be in the studio belonging to going away. So you ok specifically here boy specifically, your boyfriend is telling you not to. He doesn't supports you being music. I guess he thinks you're good, though yeah you son, of a pirate bay eyes. It is a lot of things going on here number one, and I think this happens with family members to sometimes people a nervous that things are
I work at the way you want them to any. Does take a long time to establish yourself, so you may be nervous. You know people Are you like all you need to have a back up plan? You need Disney that side. You feel like a lot of times. People they don't take risks themselves are nervous. I algorithm right, so he may not be that type. Then there is a risk taker at all, not at all right. So it could just be a personality thing that he doesn't understand and a lot of us have had those issues where people in our family with somebody that were dating part of it could also be he's nervous that you could potentially be successful and then what happens to your relationship because my family alive right, I think a lot of it. Is that too. Let us see blows, apps he's not gonna wanna, be with me any more she's gonna want to be with the mother. This in an
I believe that to be insecurities, I that might be also his insecurity to you. You don't ever want to say. Well, you listen to my boyfriend because, of course, my boyfriend because of course, still gonna do what you want to do. You still gonna pursue your goes near dreams. If he chooses sustained, be supportive great. If he does it, you know what your most passionate about but I will explain to him. I bothers me as it is, and you never are you always say by these means that you are not supporting me because it is difficult for me to do what it is that I am doing, and I know it's gonna take some time for me to be a success Oh, but I need you to have a more positive outlook and I need you to be supportive. Ok, that's! What's going to help our relationship, but sometimes we get defensive about our own work rather than about the need to find out if she's, a good rap, because you might not be a good rossi that you are wrapper now. I think I think I have a less Harrison. Maybe go we're ready.
Hello, hello, hello, manifest deal with adequate, our man. Why totally remain you fighting for me and for a single permit? Do any thing for us. I said that I want to make you never know. I told her tat it. That's what she's really passionate about he's, not supportive in its causing issues. Must you got it? understand he probably has his own securities about what she's doing or maybe he doesn't think. That's you exactly brightness porticos IE sucks now you know you have rightly already made use of, Imagine how many there is good, I want in this hour, but in this way we will be able to be honest with you all right. I've got to tell you that eight hundred five aid firewater file. And if you need relationship, advice of any type of advice call you right now is to breakfast global. Was we Jeremiah morning? Everybody is these I envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club it's time for ask ie if any relationship advice,
call ye right now should push alive on air or you can always email a breakfast club, a image male dot com, hello, who's, this phase in April California, ear was of course, for you, a question for you is that double standards here, Mary women, a married man? Ok, if a married woman out of their marriage- it's like you know it is life leave, but a man that all he's the man now I don't know. I don't know them. Is that he's a man? But where is this and specifically view that upsetting you fight there? Why would you do that? He also had this woman, Would he be? So? Are you cheating on your husband where it happened? Oh, you know about me: may I still have broadly stop it. Here's the thing I forget backlash on that can so you you cheated on your husband. He found out we're different thing.
And he cheated on you also so who is giving you backlash? Whose Maybe you feel bad about it. Your husband, silent family, ran. It's always brought up with our taster, but their ads in like it's, ok they he did it s not like enable a daily in the neighbouring region with a brain, all, oh and is not even for its Miss Stout- is that women, how you don't even know how things are manual even know. What's goin on who didn t, I wear what made you, what made you cheap if it was awful, we would like the tit for tat is the way out cause he cheated a loser. You did it as revenge right, ok I mean less than two rounds. Never make your way, and I am sure you are. I know that, and he has a thing he decided he wanted to stay with you, after you cheated as revenge Ella. So if you decide to say our view or
where'd he go to jail. Is that bring it out? First of all, as nobody has his business in the family, or so they, shut up a minor business and that pass judgement because I'm sure those same people passing judgment on you have committed their own sins and then things they regretted our necessarily beings that people would say. Oh what a great person we ve all made mistakes right. Ok, I bought a lovely you fellows, but eighty did. I do think it is wrong to do she doesn't make us they cheated on you. You wanted to hurt his feelings. You were as well. I also think that men can handle cheating as well as women here because, unfortunately, we are so condition to believe that men sheet and that's just what they do so for a man title for him to fatten that sometimes, and they also feel like men, women cheat because it's more of an emotional connection, men feel like they can cheat and not have any emotions attached to it and just a physical act for women people look at us like. Oh she cheated. She really cared about that person. She must have had some type of emotional
and they built like women, Kansas physically, be with another man who is garbage eventually, Europe of LAW. While there is no better whore vision, bigger than I admire you, she has a whole division was beating you can make a whole feel good set up that thing. I would like to say this: he cheated on you, you gave him you acted to stay now when you forgive somebody and apt to say you have to do just that, you can't go in and try to get revenge ass to make yourself oh better and try to hurt somebody, but you did that and he it was banned by perhaps you know, dragging you in Vienna saying can't handle it, but he decided to stay also. So when you do how with somebody you have to move on Pasadena bring it up every day as sometimes it does take time, as it is something that still fresh every day to get better every month, better. What his foreign and who has had a friend has for a global finance Charlemagne right. What you wanna hear Charlemagne a bit.
A friend at a family, though now negative humbly. Ok, so you wrong. Anyway, just let him know you made a mistake. You messed up. He made a mistake. He messed up. You were wrong for the tit for tat situation, but yeah get a move on and tell your family many business, but, alas, that bringing up everything your did hello, without the usual, like a g now casually then gave you that hotel now hope Hampton Single wrote a windows down and put me ass, a sorry on pathetic Lang. You very mad stabbing roomy up beg you for call about picking reviewed every Wednesday and Thursday Tudor Thinking Moon do now you were given up. Yes, we are going to have a bad Dj Charolais. What does he do whenever he sees the answer? You find his answer to be pretty funny: ASA kind yea, his new managing good abroad.
Talks about why he is fifty three million dollars in diameter on managing and on? What is the explanation I had found it just to be reviewed all over now that he's there is in kind they will get. Is that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast government, The breakfast club the report raises. The reul report was Glove Caitlin Zennor who, as we know, transition from a man to women last year, is now considering de transitioning according to their rap. Now the author of a new book about the kurdish infamies is saying that when source has confirmed, Caitlin has made whispers of sex change, regret and hinting that my go back to being Bruce Jenner, wondering done. How can you just pick and choose of is if you can identify, with being a woman s your thing and you would,
every year. How can you just pick and choose eligible begged me in a man? Never cut has been off. You haven't. I thought ass, a woman lives inside you. I thought his leg. Natural biological Mona faces are very confusing. Now, according to an happier and author of car dashing dynasty, he sang it has been easy for. Caitlin has been very hard she's throughout that she has raised awareness about, had transgender people have long been discriminated against, but I think there's a chance shall de transition in the next couple of years of the border with no one. Transgender, transsexual screams discrimination. As soon as they go back to whatever they were originally discrimination is over. I can't turn up my black on enough. Now you can now. I just can't I right now. Drake is gonna, be on s nl over the weekend neighbourly some promos about what's gonna happen, almost without money, where the Catholic
Leslie Jones check it out. Ok, I have an idea for a sketch in which a spanking like a baby. I don't know about we're. Ok, ok! Then we took us, ok, ok and then we burst into the sea and cast a robbers right. While I got a bad spread like a baby perimeter, you always have the best. You can do a song and everything there like a baby. Visual, is way better here visually away, but are now colleagues at an end of you with the New York Times magazine any talks about beyond, say being on her formations whore and what is it like being around her? He said a very quiet. Every time never seen. Her is when I'm at my brother, Daisy and I just say, hi and I looked the other way so fast and I kind of run. I just don't want to say nothing too much. I'm not messing that up smart man like anything to match our lives. They swam down new avenues, some road you could barely following us
genuine dams. I so loud was snatch it. Why are you so? Why are we really is not like me? He just as we want to embarrass himself yourself Kyle, if anything, creating a Africa batter recently did an interview and he denies allegations against him about touching and molesting young boys check it out abused any under age boy who do no one? Is the cells crazy people to see the new views made in former days? You know more people were, then you know all the hundreds of people have been around me. You know there's something I have been well. You never want to monitor. Nobody cares about the true from the line, monitoring, sorry array and should be clear. It is definitely hardware victims when their young, you know of any any any age, are attacked our molested, our assaulted, not that they were right. It is a difficult thing. It is definitely a proven thing that they don't always come right out with it, because it's him
I think that dream anything people won't believe Emily and jewelry. We just don't know what the real story is by no outcome. Embarking defenders of Ali want. Nobody cares about the truth. The lies more entertaining is more fun to say Africa Ban bottom in it is too bad. Bad ass not form a hidden little. Italy's more funding do stuff like that, and that is to say what I wanted to know. The truth era kangaroos new, managing good Abram S, talking about chinese dead, he's fifty three million dollars and that, as he told us on Twitter, if you recall now, is that a lot of people have an assumption about Congo that he might be selfish, are arrogant. Scooter said the guy I've gotten to know, I'm learning to translate to add it is someone who literally got himself in financial trouble, because he would give the shirt off of his back to help someone he's literally one of the most giving human beings. I've ever met my life. He doesn't know how to say no, when somebody's help any feel that he can truly help everyone and when he gets back
That is because he's not China make money or has now turned him. Take as much well he's fine. If they let me help. Let me help. Let me help data are right, and that is your room. A report, I'm Angela YE all right, miss you know, shouts of our revolt fairly check out. This show respect the dj. Comes all this Sunday, p m and at twelve thirty a m? Would you gotta? Let me out the lawyer. Let me there did. You haven't, got a check to suit another episode, not issue in its monthly, so ably rather monthly as monthly. Yes, you can check me out behind organs of organic production growth. Yes, you know, that's our amabel as meaning that there is only one guy would have IFOR they gotta hold. Chemicals is Gallagher Laura while eating breakfasting an I'm nervous because they were the road this morning and that it is fast negative.
Who see you guys on Monday, our vote family, everybody else. The people's choice mix up next, you want to hear something: eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one or at dj envy whatever you want to hear absolutely positively got you. I swear this up right now. It's breakfast morning,
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