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Thursday 11/09 - Today on the show we had Yella Beezy stop by where he spoke about his shooting incident, Dallas Music and more. Also, after the interview we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners follow the street code of no snitching, because The Breakfast Club sure doesn't. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to the state Nevada and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee". 

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I always wanted to be a woman in charge. I became that woman because of the little dress, I am the advances in the season of my path. As in charge, would be vs down with some of the women I admire most for it conversations about the journey of light and survival, simple, free, only unspotted, five, getting much twelve with new. Zones every Thursday. My name is Sir Pearl. Well, for the past four years I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet in his back outside the Chicago police station? There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him, and then
there's the true listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your broadcasts. Order of business for oil pollution through terrorism other during the various categories. The only one who can make good morning do: yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, what obeys Magee Designedly its citizens, their lands,
what there is just one day it is! Oh, that's right! It's Wednesday Hope dig motives. Everybody out there! Well yeah! I state ably last night just to see what was going to happen with these elections for her some good news and bad news. When we talk about a briefly what would happen well, unfortunately, to give them did not win and regular most of Florida right now. Stacy Abrams has now conceited and that that raises very close, but he has not considered yet. She wants to make sure that they don't call it yet decided to close the car when you can see what are their mayonnaise, she weighs volatile is on the other, the ballast come in and ass. When you actually say. Ok, you way that recent events- and I was gonna views. Maybe I just don't know that's how it works, but Andrew give em they city laws with less than a hundred thousand votes as our at tat hour. So I would ask for retail. You said you would ask where, out of his less than a hundred thousand votes are less than fifty thousand votes out ass. Well, we can use to make sure just a double check. Just make sure
might encounter roll away or somebody damsons. He absentee that was damn was right, was daisy. Abrams Bay in camp was ahead. They said. Ninety nine percent of precincts have reported, but is still very closely so that, with that situation as to what is good news, you said it was good news. I e there was some first further algae bt candidates that one day we have our first openly gay governor ochre in history. So that's a great thing: razetta, first native american women, first muslim women, Colorado Colorado. So, going to get all into them, and I want to give away it'll go now, because we are going to talk about that all in front page for all. Right, also Dallas. Rapid, yellow bees will be joining us. He had a joint. It was another one record a couple of weeks, me better me baby and so on will be talking to him. You know you got shot like four five times a couple of weeks ago. We just got up behind
then he as a new outcome enough, so we can go, yellow busy, the in a little bit as well. I now front page news or show will update you. Would We think that happened last night I fell asleep only allow was so tired. I was like I'll find out. In the morning I woke up. I took my is grandma's I dare driver. Into all that when we come back so don't move is to breakfast locomotive. Is D J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne to God? We are the breakfast club asking some front page news now in force. It is what to say, congratulations to see, see suburbia. He research with the Yankees eight million dollar, be also congratulations to see, see a song about politics, you as Daisy Abrams. Let's talk about Georgia, she could have been the first african American women to be the governor of Georgia right now. She
has ninety nine percent of precincts reporting against a republican candidate Brian camp. But right now they saying that concept is to close the palazzo. She has not yet conceded now in Florida and you'll kill, em actually lost. It was a very tight race. Less of a hundred thousand votes not invented ethical by eighty five. Thousands have been like that. We coordinate yes, so they said it was just one percentage point. It was not an easy win. But he did concede. So you know, like you said, he's not going anywhere. I mean it was. It was a tough battle to fighting Armine did everything we possibly could do. He said not going anywhere he's for the people of Florida is not one of those politician that laws are gonna, give him over no he's really for the people of Florida. So why has Stacy Abrahams enjoys I'm not going to name names, but some have worked hard to take her voice is a way to scare us away with our vision is clear and we see the finish line. Georgia still has a decision to make
a decision between the vision and trickery or a leadership that defends your rights, your kids, your career, your community, Andrew in America. Then it was seen as the machines in Georgia didn't have the wise to plug a man. It was say knows a lot of problems, was in power was out in one of the districts. It was saying that people have the gold, the latin we'd online for a long time to vote, so I mean I would we Well, I mean a lot of people as you had a little more for five hours. People just left, as it were tired. I mean that's, that's a lot when it when it comes to voting. You know right, and they were all those issues with voters. Suppression, so we'll keep I'm what's happening there. Now it was a record one. Third of the candidates who are running for the house. Women of color and a record number of women over all were running for office. In twenty eighteen Alexandria across Yo Cortez, the youngest woman ever elected Congress she's only twenty nine years old, Cerise David's is the first lesbian native amiss.
Women, women elected to Congress, LU, LU, Lu Leon Guerrero is the first woman governor of Gwine there's a lot of things that are happening. I Anna pressing for his black women massed in Massachusetts, has been elected to Congress. Jerry pull this the first openly gay governor in the United States. Marcia Blackburn is the first woman Tennessee that tendency has elected to the: U S: Senate: first muslim women elected to Congress and for his palestinian American elected to Congress. First muslim women elected to come risk in Minnesota, throwing at first Somali American Elect to Congress as well. So a lot of first here so and Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia, the first. Let's you know women elected to: U S, Congress from Texas as well, so I will give you guys all those updates and let you know what's happening
but a Democrats do what we did when the house annually daily and how ok arts and Letitia James who was up here on the breakfast club. She also made history as the first black women elected in New York. State attorney general. Congratulations right! Well, that's four page news will be talking about someone at all due to show. So if you just missed it or you just tuned in people, yet more. For you, I know, forget, Yellow Beazley will be joining us in a little bit as well he's the Dallas wrapper that I had hit. That's all Maybe it's Ami, oh yeah, but you know what I mean, but I'm a whole, whereas it saw now. You know what it meant we'll get it off your chest. Eight hundred five, If I want to find one of you need to writ, call us up right now, four lines of wide open if you're upset some, you all maybe he's voted yesterday. Tell us about your experience is something happened. I was crazy or maybe you feel blessing use from spreading
as its every morning matter. Black we want to hear from you tell I was theirs. O Brien, from Orlando Florida Sabrina, given our future mama, I'm a better earlier. We learn It also Florida right at me. I mean I, I thought Andrew give him had a market and a mocking able really really really was not a glass agriculture and that, even as anything, less than eight thousand votes a mean, sober occurred there? We are Is there Florida, the biggest states in the world We have a ladder. Republic is sadly a year that door don't believe in a new idea. They would go back O day right really upset.
People are retired at leave. Other states go to retire and I do not like you said that they believe in old thoughts and always thinking yeah. I get off work happy hour how right mama They can have a good day guy to allow this morning on the morning to dandy, enjoy my real, combining our man. I am. I can't because I'm glad I just want to say we had. I made my way out of it five months ago. Thank yous used during the debate. Job, and I just wanted to tell her think on a radio knows you sleeping now too. She won't hear me, but I'll wait, her up and hundreds and hundreds of broken down. Yes, you're doing a great job, so I will continuously support her in letter and give her. The prize and a couple months run out. A broker enjoyed a baby men and babies grow so fast. You look up, their baby will be two and five so enjoy each and every moment around vacuum. Much I gotta go you get organs are I do also
I live by about two hours. I work and are needed good. I get home exhausted, so you gotta keep Ciba Geigy, but I bet you don't want to go to think as you want to play with the baby. Some sometimes dream area. The joint arrived at a man, hello, this jail. I frankly, The higher pay jailing of features. Opec, though, on peace, that wine did not pass in Ohio, because that would have been a real big painful like about people, I'm pissed about that, I am glad because, while I was able to do, I think a lot of black and brown people voted yesterday too about the really good thing it was in fact, and I am also glad be times I am doing my first acting, they view and a stage.
Here the Ohio? Ok, let's hear that or something you. Ok, the play of call wiping here: Columbus, Ohio at toward palace Theatre, gleaning. Anybody aligns girl your mind alone. We will align, allow monologue money, it is arguments was commanded by ok here, the Kimberley. What took you so long, legged or nothing like hope it. When I was in the bathroom gettin ready, wasn't what you mean, I can tell you weren't ready. Did you forget that I will come and all I sure dear we go. We drove all the way over here. Pretty tells me that our way well, is it no girl. It takes a long time for me to get ready, and I appreciate the fact that you are always on time. I just wanna pal apologize eyes, Abbe ready time by let's get going on. I want to stay on your argue here here we go, but every time I come over there on your part,
weren't. You wait there my time. I now angler me about beyond our. I wouldn't. What else do we want more earth? Oh yeah, you. Ve made a great job and we are delighted to see you man, no one. You send sms clips monopoly happens that we complete the sound about what we say we got it, we got, it does not bother me Columbus, Ohio Palace either, but they all right at european level, because I think about it. It is because he was eating on tv, doesn't mean you could do it. I want to say that is one point that out there might be a means of my daughter is starting in her first acting debut this week as well as she's a kangaroo. Ok relies yeah, but she's a kangaroo ass. You can have an accident that was imagine a kangaroo. We speak with an accent then kangaroos big, but I don't get it off. He just I don't know
I? Don't? U? Father went over. I want, if you need a varied is now is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast is your job to get it off your just whether your man, but we want to hear from you on the breadth of allows this guy nay, air behind you don't want a moment. I wonder whether the agreed by a drive back than they ever more than in order. I value, would have already been about where we are What are the only thing we give all right, they're Caravan MA. Am I wrong after were gathered them driving hours to get back to overtake Abraham, like I've been reminded me that I was the rapporteur I am counting on you somehow. We have to wait a vote, but yeah, however, do I bought it?
and I thought I might have been more than there is you and your government everything you may not like you know. Listen, you want to ask you as also close, the actual our joy. Whatever While I was given by the balls I gotta go anywhere, but here that we can do this again, there may have been a reality, we all over again why we are here, but you may be able to think you were right. If you buy Oliver, I would you already. All right. I Lama, Jeremiah regular features, brought one because a buddy lecture neighbour. I fear that Andrew given laws, because the fact that You know a lot of people like NATO date. They feel like a white boy allowed under a voice? Only worked, I feel like it just go. The matter. No way. I wouldn't say that. Did you away you from Sir overlooked airliner? Mocha people aim anticipate
and you're gonna make it as far as he did. I barely was out, and you could tell they were nourished by the way they Donald Trump with spewing. Others, hey rhetoric towards him. Absolutely no laws will lessen our vote, which is which is still amazing and he did. The men were taught he worked hard for that state. You worked hard for cities, but I tell you where they d pass a member for Florida, which is restoring voting rights to fell in self under this new law. An estimated point five million felons who have completed the terms of their sentence, including pearl and probation. They will be able to vote now so saloon something no hello! This is money who late this money. Would I get it off? You just pay money paid money for very little let's find out, I'm glad, but I may mad all the haters their responded to the vote. If I'm twenty eight thought I formally who for my generation they border, we back harsh, leaves ass the day we got cod
The only guy there we wasted our time these same people, female ass, sneakers, closed the Congo. Can I see the lines for sneakers and I see the line for Yeezy's and I see the line for Supreme and all that other stuff. If you can wait hours in line for that in the rain, sleet and snow, you can wait out there to vote. Absolutely enjoy today, aims crater, you like airlines were crazy long and the machine some of them are malfunctioning said, is just an account. The absence he ballots another that were all right well, get it all futures aid, five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, you beat us at anytime. Now you got one was on the way man. Fifty cent, JA rule, never going. Never gonna stab will tell you what is happening now with the two within this has been going on our know what reignited this whole situation. Have another whole round, but I hope you Norman run into each other, Only with commissar mapping out this nasty. Alright go Jabba these rumours that next breath.
Logan morning the breakfast envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club would have one iota plaques for small bitch. Should we begin note by now small bisbee gold. At least I mean I'm gonna go play it is not. They are the people go placard platinum, flag and a double platinum. Plaques images we took to combat the highs gets your black gold blackened and a plan, a black man who would pay for it. Ok, give your platinum label got the money, they do that and when in a lot of money, withdraw way less gets affront. Awesome Rumours generosity:
feeling that this is due to report annually on the breakfast club, where I know what's going on with general amputees there, but they are not going to let this beef go now Jack Group. I pity samples it falls be like I was back in a day. We was moving group until fifty came back around Ella well get strap and our rules put hashtag pull up and fifty responded sow sigh rules applies never over, we may take a break, but ain't over till one of us gone, get the strap. Nato's tat would have nobleness doubling enough and I respect the eternal gratitude they evolve over each other now either thing right. God forbid of either one an impasse and one in him kept clown in the other, even in death. Would we be upset? I would we understand. We expect that right we would understand. I would expect that era, Jabber opposed it. Can someone tell me what time and David Essential comes back on asking for a friend and any perfectly daddy was winning Asko when he took this row, s went straight.
Eighty black by cinema, that's a picture when he lost out at wait before the one another old BT blood was the cinema number one number two for decent rules agreed show. I was on governance, will involve me out on a couple times you a picture. Fifty Cynthia said: don't you look like her next thing? Tell antiquated to unblock me, I wondered play we let our next think fifty cent blasphemy and put a picture of fifty would awake in it. You have revolt, I'm sure you can see that I write then, to rule posted about San Antonio and remember. Fifty cent said that he brought out the first two hundred seats,
the job loose show and impose a depiction himself sitting in the theatre by himself in a row. First few rose with empty seats all around him, so jar repose, the San Antonio, was all the way live last night things for the love, oh and the efficacy sent Chant was a pleasant surprise. So I guess people were, as he said, chanting that and then somebody said, did he even pull up and terrible said? Fifty cent is vagina. He will never pull up. Nepotism posted though back there is any positive picture himself watching a jar rule video. He said this is me: wasn't gonna system, parklike boy when I command you finish? Ella well put the whole label out of business job. Fifty beef we should not be newly moment for this is for Fifty gosh, I d gas dad they fought. Fifty will forever hold a grudge against him. Rightfully so Manga shot make us doing big day when a fat like they might have made a man on the same flight and every hour will thought they made up any posted. I remember window when you gonna go anyplace it out
They just smart enough to nominate fight, not play, and if I had any posted there not only have I absolutely beautiful, together navigable fighting one fifty need to be worried about this anti, ok, outwitted. At last night collude an empty. The election of the body of Miami Saudi, my was small array, hasn't fifty need, you are, I'm tellin. You drive a black. You again, I'm tellin you value soggy, this audience mom, it's gonna be be worried about it at, and I now talking about yesterday, something nice it happened was Nicole Richie, an Kelly Rollin were actually giving voters arrived to the poles. So imagine you call and you need a ride to deploy you trying to get a cab. They show a at your door check this out maybe
yeah. They lead people, background music, I hired to announce going along with the who dared to axis. You know I don't know What have you drive somebody to vote in the naval for two opposite to the person you wrote? If you would be mad at you, don't know what a vote if workers you don't go out will be. I would piss me off. Go vote forbade all wrong and you give him a thing to avoid. Afford you go over opposite mad is not a magic, is demanding a fifty picture beset you could pick debate, often in the gap turtle Gerald and you got ass. You re igniting a beef any nearer, arduous in our view, is going to pay people up right and you are who you own voice. They told you that but obligated to you. You intend to table very macabre there. Every word by an amazing, parties already involved me right now
regard has named Marianna Grand AV woman of the year for twenty eighteen. So congratulations to her on the vice president. A billboard says that he consistently stands out for herself and her decisions in a world that often isn't hospitable to that sort of stern. And young women Amazon involved, but it open area granted for global money. You did you vote no. Was you as to how to organise the one love Manchester concert? Last year she raised more than twenty three million dollars for victims of the Manchester bombing. Oh, yes, she did ok, yeah! So don't forget that and she's had said TAT heads including no tears after cry. Breathing and God is a woman- was yet a nose charitable effort involved. Member bottles just about music. In that case, woman of the EU should be called being is not even close. I re now rigorous has announced that he has a new son and his son is named billion Leonard rabbits. Then his name billion from article about regrows, I heard somebody terrible I'd make a great billion
in light of auditing remains area, namely the young man right could enable checkers. I could name them wing. Stop our boy had an obey lemon pebble may back me. Lay back you nonsense allotted differ Navy, Broadcut Name young man. Billions is great. I right I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report. We got front page news Nicky, I, yes, of course we are going to talk about yesterday's elections, will give you some take away of what's happening and what still happening and in progress through all right, we'll get internet. Come back. Keep it lacked. The breakfast club Romani breakfast Your mornings will never be the same. Continue they advance over the notes command ass. He teams that, without this Dumbledore to stop the dark, wizard grinned of odds plans to divide, though visiting world fantastic, beast the crimes of grinned of odd and their does November. Sixteenth, repeated thirteen.
Morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. Now, let's get some front page news regulations to see, see Bethia you recently with the Yankees eyes were just as our as a recent Lapierre. He dropped This is a bad there. Did you send away deal with the Yankees. This is eleven season with the Yankee. So congratulations to him when money, eight million okra. Now what we told my? U politics are less about politics. First, let's talk about Anjou, kill, em he actually conceited and Florida, and I dont know why somebody's laid eyes to say that I understand why you less than eighty thousand votes, eyeing casino- I don't got the right now that I'm not valued blank. Fifty five thousand four hundred and thirty nine votes are somewhat trailed by even overflowed and have to be a big forty thousand, whatever their still close specimen. Everything not counted
hurry. Well, here's what he had to say when he conceited this was from the very beginning and extremely extremely difficult task. I sincerely regret that I couldn't bring it home, but I can guarantee. This, I'm not going anywhere we're gonna, try, google cheap fighting, we're going to keep working, we're gonna keep believing in all of their. I believe that, ultimately we'll be victorious Larry by wanting to give floated donkey. Did they aren't? They floated deserve donkey, I'm even a flurry of go flora. Flautist showed up the historic numbers for the mid term. Election came out and had a higher early voter turnout amendment four path in Florida. One point: four million fellows regained right. The vote. I don't think therefore necessarily deserve knocking. Yes, that is one great thing that day
happy in Florida is returning to voting rights to an estimated one point: five million felons who have completed the term to their sentence by the way. This is not applied a felons convicted of murder or sex affair. Just so you know another path, why Andrew conceded armies deviations have conceded yet in silence. Now I I said the same thing lying dead ass at less than forty thousand, Call me I still get a recount. Oh if he asked me, and it is more and more bride, think leg was seven prisons abroad. County had been counted in yet so is allowed a different thing. Ladder differ factors play are in place to eat. I never have conceded last, yet Stacy Abrams did not concede and let's go but a Georgia now and here's what she had to say. As the boats are still being carried out, they still more fact is to be considered outstanding boats absence he ballads provisional ballots, all those have to be counted so they say given those three issues they believe that is likely going to have to
an off so here is what she had to say: I'm gonna name names, but some have worked hard to take our voices away to scare us away, but our vision is clear and we see the finish line. Georgia's still has a decision to make. A decision between division and trickery, or a leadership that defends your rights, your kids, your career, your community, Andrew in America, I rise it will keep. You have data on what happens in Georgia. Now there are some furs, and some history was made first native american women who were elected to Congress. Also, the first muslim women amiss again. Rich women receded leave and Ale Han Omar from the Minnesota Democratic Farmer, Labour Party, the first muslim women in Congress first openly, gay man elected governor in Colorado, Jared Polis, also, first female senator from Tennessee Marcia Blackburn. First, we must send a senator from areas
so we don't know who, when that yeah, but it's too women running so no matter what it's gonna be. A woman and taxes has sent their first hispanic women to Congress. So congratulations to them. Also South Dakota elected its first woman governor and you. Have it in a democratic government works? If you re on the corruption that another meeting in New York state, we also had Latisha James. He was on the back this club. She made history as well as the first black women elected New York, state attorney Jim Robin Cook Democratic, Jane Absolute. Although the total wash last night we had an calibrate. I went out Cassio quotas as the youngest women ever elected to Congress, she's only twenty nine years old Dhaka, more right, Roma issue. Front page news now, where we come back. Dallas rapid, yellow bees he'll be joining us now, yellow busy add to this the number one single me baby but the world took him out, but you know in a little while
now and in a got shot for time to think a couple. Nobody glad to take him all really done where we can get their number one on my goodness. I saw them when we come back as the breakfast locomotive remedy is D J envy Angela Yea Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in building yellow baby. Welcome to the show. I was well. Congratulations number one racket! Congratulations on that was ill and I haven't a number one sound, because I'm sorry there doesn't that you would have dreamed about. Do a music by that does happen for a lot of people I allowed is over whom our resolution, I am relying on immediate, lay yours, I'm afraid to get off that Libya is delay even more right now now, whatever we know we are, we gotta number one wreck it a couple of weeks later. You know they said that she was shot and rushed to the hospital to draw by shoe What happened? What are you remember? I don't know man. I was at the outlet Strip Club, we just cooling it fair and then
that clearly trying we got a lot of locally like everybody, Gimme anther like a man has got to declare. I mean I got a message. Often go Wamabo, mom mother, to our desire for lack of wheat. Salim Anarkali go to him for a couple days. I mean forge it for just a little time, for he argued about. Are they still after him and let it go for it? Let it go for a couple of twenty thirty minutes. When he made it twenty me get up in there we go for by light, told you had a dances and whatever I told him, I gotta go so when I'm leaving I get up in a car, give me some. I knew her night air about unknown. I will you even a glow, you gotta be looking. Do you really will you gotta, be you got a strategy hoover? So when I legally I'm gonna realising everyday say we're may view a view of her calm. Italy realised at me. Volumes are multiples. I know the new light, Anthony universally thyself now by mafia, like ethnic look, without going to go home, Europe's airlines
I heard you moves lying on our beyond my thereby nowhere stated whales answer, so I'm driving without getting on the highway, I'm pushing it like. You seem like a couple cars trying to pull up on me like trying to fight him, but I like that, maybe I'm just trippin cuz. You know how sometimes really you dry or sale grade you'd be gone over more so ass to get on the highway lie towards Roma have visa what em, if not lotta called, but as some kind of isn't LUCA there. So I pay, as there are some light. My pee is in my own car behind me. Isn't one of those I read up on her universe and so, like I said listen, Mueller musical relay, so it is I'm looking for my age.
Cut out no lie weren't or stay. I just I been in hell a prospect, no Wanta, ok! So I'm looking there there's one ally against a corporate Zionist Lynn Typical Raw did you feel like it was a random? Are you think tat you know, like somebody saw you in the club mythology? What do you think it with somebody there had been intending to do that specifically to you earlier strictly coming to a region with water, you sheriff. What are you take us up to the hospital now see we're having light when I got shot, my unseen were borne out by a kindly swerve what else so I can use her light. Seated girl fired, you would have, are only you know, I'm here to tests on transfer water. So can I don T know what I am going on her lap nor their liking takes. You know you, you led her to hear him say I'm allowed to care for you at your register, Gunnar Yola, Erect
I really need. You don't answer, but when it happened like the gun fell somewhere, I don't know where to go and feel too so I'm just trying to drive with them at this time. I end up, like literally jumping into like the passenger seat and start trying to steer cuz I'm trying to find a gun that again heat up Arcadius Cinema or shown in you in a paradise, so I'm I'm trying to stir whatever. I think why dost Thou shalt could I'll still my live here. Nothing like what would he had no woman Lifeward software of la spot that in a crazed, So when I crash the Carlyle praying like whole time, you were going up. I'm up, I'm praying you once I'm aware of. What's going on so when I crash we're going out no lie like Ebay, steel, Universal RE, sobs dear trying to find a girl. I came by and large I jus cup, I'm a girl, sorry, but I do so haven't found my phone open, dont, get cost or run I got cost or wherever they re chasing or not.
They will go by. No, I store, I know ST who would have liked. A thousand was on come away. One gene ass forms has got basis so delighted. You got a car like see, stashing ass, this, the new house here, so I can cast our common moment- are not more people she beautiful amen. Eighty shall meal is gives out. I know where I may, but I'll know, army. You don't realize now went nowhere. Members know about car now work. I really know I won't. Even our cod no more light up that a fair one how to phone. My mom and I talk to my baby mom and everything I got off the phone with them like. I don't feel like I just trying to keep myself sane, just trying to tell you something when you call your baby, might have been with you bleed lean lie, know I'm shot him alone, but on a world scale you gonna vain over. You shut my leg. I bet they lock him how much used by one light per smaller one thing when it came at my bare light right
I must barnacle New came out. I bought my heart. Is a miracle listen to show so alone? All I'm trying to earlier at the more she stole crown amongst our planet Uniqlo just come, find me, I don't know, I don't know really what I meant by this time. Like a dude come, so No, it is the people who live. Go is always so he Allah your mouth charges just come on. My mark, bracer myself to satellite may be he's gonna, be Unum, veins, Alejandro Bashar, Al Qaeda Polly, so he's so. He ran counter police, Odessa, sometimes Mama. So I found a combat monkey she asked for- and I mean I just I'm in Rome, on how to combine our legitimate. She light stop playing down. We don't. We call a ballplayer, like MR playing its role of Moldova, to follow my brought on, by which you like well over three clock in the morning when thereby able blamed you like there's a we kind of you to me,
gives an arm movement. You bleeding you all, you yeah, I may come family voters, man he's gonna, let you with our right leg in Gaza, as you rightly could our panicking lighten the Quai d or not Monica her like a lot of people when I get shot Eames like our war Laguna, shall I they panic is a little guy. Shall I lay panting and our look who's here. One I'll say it. I know a lot of people live in Athens, long, Russia, so ill by the whole time. I dont penny you and I say so- I'm talking to her mother s, arms ideas, prayer, this transfer to monsieur le Maire. You just had your phone, can you got it? You got him live for your family. Looking out for you looking out for them, dining, I know bombs to to massive dishonor HEAT Masilo straight. You hear him say so you sound like my car policy. They don't making them alone tat go back here. We all realised what was I going to get the maids info the same night. You know where you were right. You know a
without mad. You know. I really like you saying let out from down at last, play outside of Dallas on where you going. I'm saying, like I didn't know where I'll, let you don't sound so they asked me that, like where you at I'll I'm on the highway play man, I don't know. I just know I'm on the tollway just try to get in try to try to cover. So by this time sheriff came here, black dude, so he come over there. He was like what's wrong with him and I got shot like you got shot. What's your name on a yellow baby, outlying may my he liked me. I know it was you I my manners do you imagine Gimme some here that you and your government- nay, you say, Yellow BT home german beer, so the partner paramedic pass meal they? Finally
Third, I started TAT. I may give me some artisan unease, as maybe this is left you bear like auditors, like forty farmers is airline is may insane life. Whenever I try and tell my me at home, do almost ass eager bank you girls, abortion, a programme will make yards. These games are paying. You want some receiving lobbies. Could I say that I do not mean a mere pain is ass on my mandate, gimme some initial plan can be icily funny he meal to these I'm Talkin targets arousable. When I get to hospitals, when I kindly ask who is paying medicine, he can be summed up in a family. To the hospital, they thought they do. We get more yellow busy when we come back met. If that was given to a joint right now, it's called that's all on me and is to breakfast clock morning. That's me baby
yeah. Well, when at me and I gonna love he learn by those animals. Li Mu, Bai Union Bank, ass a maiden only by gotta me baby. Baby via e mail me leave me me me. Baby me baby may raise brave me me: gotta meet the baby I am maybe recording baby holding
That's all he baby Devil Gaze, David Omar, Jean Graver, removed these days. We braver all three baby of all three baby fellow key bravery- and I guess let us not leave them all. I mean they fail, a yellow you do whatever you might make enough, went back and african Caribbean backward looking young man if you want, but not me baby they're gonna. He may know none bundles. Honestly, like you know, I guess I mean I'm only labour gotta.
We shall be easy. That's owed me morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall lead me to go. We are the breakfast club yellow busies in a building, for they ever find a person or a car. Anything known even guys, and how do you do differently now because of an incident here? You gotta move more people like me outside parliament, like a lot of people around it ain't. You hear me like that. That I became too you gonna say allowed, so you just been re low young, our I'm bigger than what I am you. What saying? So, I guess people look at me at a different level. So You two are certainly you got. A mood did not have more people around you gotta give move, certainly for not only that you know what makes it worse or would have me. Scared, as it is, is the fact that once they shouted the cough, most people say we go, go, go, go look at his jewelry sunlight.
These wonder what is a reasonably rise right at me for no reason now see now, apparently abdicating trying to kill me now. I gotta be extra as open it just bologna right. Maybe you had a situation where your kind taping left a club same rules was at the club with a bunch of people, a body. You know everybody was
I'm, leaving now cause I'm going someplace today not go when we already knew I volunteered. I we couple of me I'm watching them on the same thing as you'd, I'm watching them. They turn on police like they have police lights up. Taking aim is this a cap army to mark the kind of way, but now looking at him, like the last all right son, don't write so I pull over call raided tobacco me phone. I'm DR drama rolls Royce rates that I wanted to do back. Member guy I'll take off a table, but at this point of light I want to see who is now can now none of that time in prison. I want to see what is eighteen or they come up on a ceremony. Let her go if the car five six terms, I wonder how we go and reverse the opposite way being done, and it may be that the car five times, but I was able to find it was because I was able to slow down to utilise the place where they came from was stolen. Car went to the easy per job is abandoned in Dallas. Never I love someone to easy past hole
and I stopped so it takes a picture of it was able to take a picture that was desperate, was able to seek out and asked what it has also been carbines. Yes, that water belied, they will still be lightened daylight. We honoured high, now lay down like the dumbest of I've. Seen you ever thought about. Without a doubt was because it allowed you re making doing it lay our people are already making known. So am I really emotional just moving in another ere. You think you pass that you afraid somebody stuff you didn't street before before not really I mean it play point my own or something I want to see you out here. Bro ages is jealousy thing like a lot of people can't stomach like they was once a part like what they from where you and now you and a high level, nay stuck there. No single says a lot of UK somebody near we hear out of though he D Dizzy, data did among these air
I know my we miss nobody like. We want duck, no action at all. Do you want to play it like? We would have everything y'all with you know they started first a lot of holidays. They started it. I know my wings When I Savona you don't start Non USA about how we want finished Europe's airlines, we would taste or to hold them locally doomsday yourself. That's why I stay out of the room, retaliation, somebody like got killed a man s life I never spoke on do an interview, I Ngos being all members he won't you not. Third, do not let it run away like we're out what I need to do. Some of you for the whole time you use criminal, fine, that's what we want Are we saying that what we do with our red headed a computational where we do not need a life? Are you not know three light raised a peace here, my always know level. Nobody knew no say like none of doom to haven't Emily girls. Have you purchases because you you could buy, goes legally in taxes
our about my eight year for the last four years? Now, let me as it is, it was so. What happens at the police have some leads and they want to talk to you about it. Do you feel like I can't even participating in that discuss? I'm not gonna put his baby, I'm not gonna talk or knock on governance, Nobody in this there's a stamp on it lying on a cold or no bottom, not tell anyone about right, no state. I only know shot him but That shows that what is maintaining your girl about, because I'm sure they may come on your life, on the line to be you change on Haiti, you better tell you, Ebay, buyer, so terribly! Let you get it! these machines in a moment Well, you know we'll get up enough light. It was created that when a beating about the words came on- and you were performing at the shell, people were like
wait a minute religious people facing students may still be may alter their shoddy Aurelio superhero as decreed tat, like yeah I'll, see me with the video what I've been hospital. Why do you think it's a publicity stunt? He got out come ass though he egg lie or what am I gonna scheffler lighter than that I won't use patina been almost nobody knew what I was never doubted. You got it four times, is he your arm? Gerda your lungs good, how the healing or what the doctor say: yeah America tube after I to Bulgaria too so like this. While cunning my breathing a little bit, but I already had asthma. So loud, you hit my other phone, so I'm doing like the physical therapy for that, like my elbow and it got shot up, so I got like a ride in that. So I'm just doing my physical therapist just try to work it in work it out just been in it.
Light Malaysia. Indian name pays me at least to those shows back back to back back. I shall do we hear ochre what about mentally were kind and told us that they are immensely I guess I just pray abandoned leave it. All I can do is to work out over I'm not Lena, both in our day to feed a mule like I'm ski muskie. We appreciate you for joining us. The outcomes out over sixteen, I know gone, but I was shouted busy for joining us that this quick question guys eight hundred five, a firewall or firewall Charlemagne Tuna, there Charlemagne. If you who shot you. Would you tell my brother on forty years old, a married man, father of three make a great living. You got there right, I'm Tellin or one of the little bastard shower idle jelly. You talk about history, girl, Creakle, alibi lit by this
Gordon twenty eight itself known about away the expiration date. Could you to sell crack? There's no, this is it there's? No, I swear What about been eleven but as Greek Island, but has recorded twentieth matter back? I see, shoot somebody on prowling on telling you that? Would you talk about good? You know what Mamma I live better rules by two men, men when Peter Parker was walking in down the guides finnish robbing a plaything eight upon most of them, but he didn't know Guy Winton of Cute Peter Parker Uncle right on your blog at those documents. You see some say some right, I'm telling as me dj we! Yes, if you got shot, would you tell her through judgment limit its own? They shouted back off,
ass. I would write a court order. It was right, you got there my and it was their card as right. Look look. I ask your screen. Besides, you gotta know that I know you do not go down and I M lay a you know: I'm telling Matthau nowhere. My tone of minors suit the way to call you stupid, ogre, eight hundred five, five one. Oh five, one do you live, but history code would use this call us up right now, I'm so stupid. It does but allowed people who were by no less than twenty years ago. This would not have allowed the stupid to me my as we have been totally different right- Mary, maybe maybe ten years ago, but you know what I am people involved in ST activity. They us concerned about their families and what happens if we precaution, so. I can understand that aspect of the two is not just you sometimes that it affects unconcerned about my family have argued shall meets with two eight hundred value? What oh five one is the breakfast in the morning.
Everybody. Is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne girl? We are the breakfast club never just joined us. Yellow busy was in the buildings from Dallas. He got shot recently for terms were asking. If you know the person who shot Would you tell eight and then maybe five one o five, what he said he would. He said, he's visa Reed's! Any would not know you still young and he still abiding by a code of Discreet, which you grow, open realise is one of the dome is codes ever take this, but when you have forty grown ass man. Like me, Father three, happily married man who pay the lot of money and taxes. Not only are you telling on the person who shot you you're getting him shot by, you our security who's, the white man in a suit right. Why that's a good position to ban by some people? Still, family that their concern concerned about their concern about repercussions from the other person if their evolved in certain things. So for other reasons, sometimes people up in a situation where
they are scared for their family and on your right wing majority time, these negroes no snitch just because that is the code industry niche and do not even indiscreet who abide by the no snitching role, which is stupid. You shoot you shoot at me. You shoot me, you close to me, I'm telling you it's not only mention is crime prevention? Ok, you gotta, get this come off. Discreetly, don't shoot somebody out now in one wishes to see him him rashly not by him in Vienna. Her would be bigger, mom bigwig. What was a browser, my shoot? You eat you'd ass, soon, ass, nature, Rob among them were might well. How would you crazy man vision at all loud brujon? What now? What the reason for TAT is because This is the code of the state, or is there anything more than it go Who does not have to shoot me? You know what you know so funny about guy like this, but we do know scream out. Oh no snitching, would you ain't gonna, do not in the personnel shots grandson,
still walking around the neighbourhood right now. You ain't gonna, do nothing to knows about makin, tough, Mars, good morning? You use nets, you know you never did you Mars. I get the God of the ban on a situation. Man like a visa leg of the mighty IRAN Marianna. What I'll do it? My truck? I definitely work, but it is something more like. Are they jack? credit job me MA am that's on somebody jack. You robbed you with a gun that small, do you? U Ngos, niche overthrow gun yet, and I never do it again. Does one amount of his wooden knife, but nice, my mother, it depends on the weapon into orbit, Barbara Joy- and we were on me what a pencil to turn, you too have is a real shock pencil upstairs regardless, why would you d? Rather it is customary to penalties, Yoda princeling you by the fact that it is breathing pinned over one zero. Living alone. Is the old parts are right,
by and by? I know he is neutral states and I brung entail, but a name you Katy was well. If you got love what is right and you ve got enough to happen reservoirs. So if you don't need what do you want to do to prevent s? Agile yet that, sadly year ago, your other hand on my phone If I were you, I gotta do not new shoot. Em, you kill him. You gotta J, worried. I go do body, they would have it. I got here, though they self. Never do you not go, do not apply alone that shortly about Bobby may be rapidly. What are you doing when you d, or even what are you going to fire you gonna snitch lane, leaned out again right, I don't see you
Again, I bid you mean well you'll go do his time ago, Lumley that I'll shoot him an hour ago later. Everybody belie with all yes or no more than a story is not mention. Is crime prevention? Ok, but you don T die. Don't don't talk to me about it? I don't know then bugging screech, Moravian Street meagre I understand people industry. They got a different philosophy. A different set of rules they live by me. Forty years old man, man, Father three tax payers, citizen telling me to you, have no idea of asked them tell it to we got room. Was unaware yes, find out? Who is saying that the meat to movement can go too far and silken feminism, alright, we'll get into that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast
well come on Gaza at the Reul report, Libretto club, where PAMELA Andersson has something to say about the need to movement. Now she was talking with Australia's sixty minutes and she says this wave of feminism goes too far and it's a boar check it up. North ask me to do anything. I think this can go too far. I'm a feminist, but I think that is third wave feminism is izibor. I think it paralyzes man. I think that this meeting movement is a bit too much for me. I'm sorry I'll, probably get killed for saying that you will. My mother taught me don't go to a hotel with a stranger up with someone answer the door and a bathrobe, and it's supposed to be a business meeting. Maybe I should go with somebody else. I think that something that is common sense
if you go on, get the job of ever ever heard women I discuss when it comes to call a toxic for many. Many younger Leah, hungrily, Revalenko, Muzzle a further discuss discussed. It sounds like a run on the same lines here. The problem is this: that a lot of times women there are not in the positions of power, like some people might say. Ok, its hobby wines deity was to have a sit down meeting with me. Sometimes we think well, I'm ago, go have this meeting he always had meeting his hotel room. They said that they sometimes or other women that would escort them up to the room, so they thinking. Maybe this is just what it is some of them. These women are young, impressionable, never been in this business before and next thing you know someone's attacking. You now must gear to say something cause PAMELA Innocent said, I should know, went in a room,
that's a victim blaming I shouldn't when new room. So now you have the right to attack me cause. I should have known better and was doubly first version the suit. It was definitely wrong. That's all I'm saying, and so she sat at rather be a sex amble. Then not a sex symbol. That's a compliment! Isn't it every girl ones to be sexy? Every girl was to be his beauty, are pretty as they can be online wrong, banana sex hormones that does expire. At some point. You hope you will be a system of values wealthy. I dont want women to ever fell discouraged. I felt like I should put myself.
You know in that position. So therefore, I can't speak out about a man needs to be taught what they're not supposed to do and which are not supposed to do as you deposition of power to attack a woman, no matter what and if a woman, so, as you know, is just no absolute, even if you feel like. Oh, I should. Why was I there in the first place? That's the problem by women. Don't speak out because people feel like that, our right now, let's talk about the ehler, well comedy honest show. It was supposed to take place at Gotham Hall on Thursday, but they said it has been postponed. The organizers posted on his two grand due to circumstances beyond our control. We must regret, regrettably, postpone the event now appear. Apparently there are some things that did not come together that they quote fought like how to make it happen. I guess something's happened with behind the scenes and sponsorships and commitments not coming through the way that they were supposed to, but it was really a big deal. Lou now was supposed to empty the show she was up here, the breakfast club talking about it, you know and they were lad, a big celebrity in comics.
Coming in people flying wanted. I guess they allowed things behind the scenes. Some commitments fell through. They haven't been specific on exactly what those commitments were, but we just now it has been postponed waiting you, the were cancelled, postpone okra. I right now usher people are saying that he has a new girlfriend. Is is the rumour report, but he is a strange from his wife Grace Miguel and according to room as he is dating a shiny who is evidently that his daughters and rulers, then how old is she certainly was a really about just some discern wonderin, obvious question: if he really does have her breeze, like discreet, say, did he disclosed it? Information before him and the young lady started eight, but how old is she too, his armies of age. He was in college a few years ago do meet. I have I don't know I'm NGO that I want to know. We had a chemist s the other day about not Herpes.
I'm not saying lighting. Why you they may be. This is not our presuming on asking obvious question: if he does indeed have the herb, did he disclosed the information to her? They do have website where people with her peace can meet each other. That is a fact, Why would I do that? I don't know the name of that. It is now, but they do have this note website. Ok, anyway, that's just the rumour now said has announced his solo album release day, that's gonna becoming out on December fourteen, but no way, man sovereignty, that diversity These were finally every way we can identify. Mercury is it. I heard me rush to Herpes mingled outcome who the hell? No. I write that down for his solo, album, releasing added coming out on December, Fourteenth twenty eighteen, so cable and take off seller prizes are out already and now off. That will be up for it.
Ok, I right I'm anthology and that's your rumour report. Moreover intimacy shadowing. Yes, will you give it a dog? You too? I know everybody wants me to give floated dog you today, I don't think floated deserving of dog. You to date is warning, but there is a state out there. That is we'll talk about it. Oh all, right, we'll get internet next, keep it locked to breakfast locomotive breakfast club your morning. So now would be to continue the advancing with Inuits Commander, as it seems that without this Dumbledore it is that the dark wizard grinned of odds plans to divide the visiting world, fantastic bees, the crimes of Grendel bowed and their does November. Sixteenth rate mpg. Thirteen, Don't deal the day, Democrats for being here today a little bit of a mixed like adults?
I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new wife. You dont you today for Wednesday November. Seventh goes the people. In the state in Nevada. Now I know everyone wants to get wants me to give floated donkey today. What does your uncle shall always tell you? crazy people in America come from abroad and all the Florida, but I dont, think all afforded deserves donkey. Ok flautist showed up they had stored, with the mid term elections. They had a high early voter turnout, amendment four path in Florida. One point: four: They are fairly regain right. The vote I have this morning with ninety nine percent of prisoners Report and Andrew Guillemette over three point, namely a vote and his opponent wrong. Would have a last name is at a little over four million okay Andrew trailed by fifty five thousand Thirty nine votes are approaching. I understand why Andrew Guillaume conceded, but tomorrow stories I
see ya floor deserved argue the day other than the fact that seven prisons and brow would couldn't electronically submit vote. They had to drive results on jump, drives the election headquarters or not that donkey worthy, but it's definitely Florida being flawed. Honestly. Think the truth of the matter is in Florida raises bigots outnumbered a good folks. Simple is dead, but ass a conversation for another day, because there is, that deserve donkey this morning and that state is Nevada. See yesterday in Nevada, wanted erases was for the virus. Thirty six assembly district seat- it is a seat long held by Republicans in the two candidates, were competing for his seat. Democratic educator, whose name on by the ruin Rosea Romanoff, and the vital rather owner and reality tv star who had been a guest on a breakfast club a couple times Dennis half half was a pimp. I have no problem with Pimm's getting involved in politics if the executive producer Every apprentice can be the president of the United States of America and starved age
o Dell reality theory House can have Nevada is thirty, six assembly does receipt now. Not only did Dennis Hof on. If you brought those, he wrote a book titled the art of the pimp, which is an old Donald Trump Book, the art of the deal they Dennis Hof fashioned himself at the Donald Trump style republican candidates and he wanted to buy two hundred and thirty six assembly seats. Look like I said. I have no problem with a pimp getting into politics, because most politicians is anyway. What his the problem in this race in the snapped a matter of democratic or republican liberal, our conservative is simply a matter of dead or alive. Seal Asea Romanoff is alive. Then his heart is dead. He died on October. Sixteenth, I don't even know why you gone is ballot then, as have been dead since October, sixteen has been debit
three days. Damn near muff, no way Dennis Hobbs Carcass had a chance in the selection right, but go to love biggest eugenic what're. You poor police, who says a dead man can't get elected, and twenty eighty in life Dennis half was colorful a showman, and this legal pimp turned politician. Hating California, Zation promised to make Nevada Nevada again sudden does came for the unconventional candidate at his love, Rans brothel just before decision day, republican voters and assembly district. Thirty six didn't mind at all: the desert districts back the board della businessmen, bigtime Denisov, was the crystal clear winner for the state legislature. See, though, what happens now, commissioners from the three counties, composing, the District Clark Lincoln, and I will meet for purely to determine a candidate. They want to nominate Danville, haven't joint meeting tear by the county with the large,
population and cast votes to appoint one person from the same party. All this happens before the start of the twenty nineteen legislative session early next year, Nevada was at you, you looked in realities, daughter, riddle, mortars, flew Debbie, ninety three point: do the mountain in Vegas Dentist Office in Starke, very well known person he's been dead for twenty three days. There was no way to get another candidate. The moment Dynamiter was you have now not dies greater weight in the dispensary, but I would think being dead makes you in ineligible run for any off her right. I would thank you can't run if you dont have a pulse. Donald Trump wanted to see Barack Obama's birth certificate mid show. You is eligible to be president. Well, wherever Dennis half is in the afterlife, they are asking to see his death certificate and make sure he's dead because he still winning elections here in Amerika enough pleas for electing a dead man.
Virus. Thirty six assembly dystrophy, please give to state in the via the sweet, sounded amateurs? U r e g. Or maybe God I was run. It was so bad shut made rather dead person in it, I think, might it might just be over this whole vote. How are you still in Nepal that I'd only I really don't get out? The problematic really needs better qualifications. When it comes to the hoodie allowed around, you know usually breathing. You should not be allowed to agree that they should not be allowed to be president. If you have no experience in politics whatsoever, I e Donald Trump and you should not be allowed to run for any office issue. Did I mean that should be the bare minimum rate of industry to a bare minimum? We should have a pulse, I guess
release albums after where wine I run a shot. Please stop the initial or anywhere take you for a good out of danger. Now up next is ask IE eight, five, eight five, one o five. One of you got a course for ye. Had a right now is to breakfast Club comment the breakfast club, everybody is D J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne girl, we are, the breakfast club is served for ask ye. Scott was, of course a free. So Manila dilemma right now growing, thereby best clothes. Maybe I graduated hostile, his mother. Basically, we saw it coming towards me green everything.
So when you make a long story, so maybe bow once a month ago. We must allow the air you know their pregnant. You may demand a lot about you. Ah, my question is no matter how long I don't really believe in abortion, but, like I said I am going to do You bet you do your best means daddy. Her! No wonder I guess my question you like this. You walk through, Neither need have no vampire internal market is credo because you, I can't believe, my praying in the whole time. Are you know it's mine, you know somebody's gonna tell him that I am really his mom. She tell him ok, but if she's not willing to do that, you have to dash our best friend. You now heard he's gonna be
What d ya notice secret and your around him and not tell him? You are that's a betrayal, so you need to tell mom and I will say she should I am first and she should also let him know that you are in cahoots like listen. We have to tell him and that you've encouraged her to tell him so they doesn't feel like you didn't want him to know, but I do I like his mom to tell him first and then you shall may show you guys had that conversation. Are you continue to day her were days, not that I know a little fleeing Norway situation yeah. I love like. I said the gardener about a couple years, but I never said nothing serious at all. She says, and I too hope that the five year are now well. You know it's gonna change your friendship Fisher here, such as we prepare for the Abbe prepared another judge. Definitely in the wrong in this situation.
Sneaking around- and I let him know I low you nor yet somewhere outside its elements- you had better be prepared. You may want to fight you d, better, just take those punches arise, goggles alright thanks, alright ascii, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you got a question for you calling out with the breakfast club good morning morning, everybody J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club in the middle of ask ye hello. There is evidently he was, of course, if ye, ok, I'm sorry I've been dating back in July. Is I I get lucky to find. Somebody was no kid
a job anyhow, my mother and the single market. To kid I been separated from my kid. There were like two and a half years, ok and then finally decided rotating very hard for me to even get you back to Peter invading thou about back on my egg and though anyhow in July, why magical literally from back from my hometown to another town figured out of the topical condition that I have previously with my kids and to try to move on and so far it has been a blessing where I'm today, when you read that pay does dough? Thank you were very hard labor Don T you bring him. I took you ve been out five hours away from where farming open, why you anyhow, I thought it Eighty nine moved up in February interrogating in July met somebody and actually made on the baby. Now, by did you know, I met a button to go out to clear blue white, not one man
good for you. You were five you an accord between either make it what you want either hook up or against really find somebody who didn't invading. Then I was lucky. You need them, many who was compatible and I guess looking both in everybody dating from July and he had no kids. I do and I'm just I don't know, I guess, I'm under TAT worthy When should I bring my kid there? Let them did you know him? Well, one night, I don't wanna how my kitchen look at my mom. In an hour later on Monday, that a lot of guys in also have Mauro, then am I want my boy to be raised blow at birth. You have moved ample, so I don't want you to bring in do like. I know some people who bring The other kids play like they do their underwear. You know welfare. Jeanne out a shot out, see you for a minute he getting out of your task relationship into I'm going to have to do for yourself and for your family and ass. I sat at you for
finally getting out there and dating again now, there's no right answer so usually bring somebody around your kids, but it should be when you feel like this relationship. My really be something like if you feel like this is gonna, be a committee release. Ship, you guys monogamous with each other and yet perhaps see a life with this person. So that's when is right when it like its rights right to you when you and him discuss it before you bring him around have a conversation with a kids about it, so they know what's happening. They know you and daddy, I together, but that here Father mommy's been dating and you let them know those things by wait until you feel like is time and you discuss it with the present nature dating and you fail Nothing in life is guaranteed, but you feel I disagree. Sat at the two You may really be together and he's gonna be in your kids lie Alright, anybody does be, did not open today, too bad dude cuz. I they come with my kids in my kid got better.
Ray and request that they come with a bag of behaviour, do come with them in an enemy, When I meet your kids when you're ready. You know you have to respect that as well. You know what I'm saying. So, if he? U have to respect the fact that maybe he feels like were less away and see where is really going, but just made you're in head that you feel, like your kids, are prepared for this, that you introduce him in the right way and you feel that its appropriate. But there's no they can tell you. Oh ass, the wrong time all you can do it when you feel like his right eye. I differ who had been gaining, and I have to have a make time for him to go out and up and then you know, I'm nature might get taking care of me tell me how it ever Goin Dave here and there, but in Ireland the baron, my didn't to my children and then a boy in another didn't merited you like economic. They would you like me to their knees. Understanding when I can't began during the week or better sounds great: ok yeah, I guess I'll. Take it
yet. I re tat creates thank you. I ride Morocco add if you need advice to any type of advice, you can hit ya eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one that we got rumors on the way. Yeah, yes and be one of your favorite group, just getting back together, loads whore and they are getting paid. I tell you, it is ok, we'll get into all that. When we come back, you will act as the breakfast locomotive with his cloak. The candy berries has said that he is planning to use a surrogate. She must have another baby. She said we did find so many right now. We in the process. It hasn't been down, but we are in the process. She said I don't have any. Who can tell me about it when we were going through the IVF process? I did have a couple of France who had done it so you know I could talk to them, but this is a situation where I don't have any body. I can talk to you, that's a Kim Kardashian data. Banks did itself
I thought about. This are good thing. If I ever want to have another child cuz, I have three daughters. I still want to sign, but I'm not trippin. If I don't get it I have been thinking about adoption are surrogate, must arrogant, we want to have children. I know where our seas Odin out one or two there to give more difficult every time he knows and wish you wanna. Do it yourself? What does she want to Farragut? I don't
such an one animals is founded, say now. I've thought about his egg is now that we tried to carve out of that. You yourselves Dianas without you thought about era. Damon dash has been hit with a restraining order, allegedly heat threatened. The life of a children's hairstyle is according to quite documents. At the blast obtain Patrice. Ammonia was granted that restraining order. She says that he is an investor and customer into her business. She said he walked up to her and threatened her life. She says that he grabbed a customer and threw him out of the shop before telling her. She was so lucky that there were people there. She said another incident happened where he yelled and scream and called her an idiot in front of gas and customers. So right now she said she's. Getting a temporary restraining order suggested grant that until we find out what really went down by this news, she do more moves. Daughters, Ergo has also has no
it has nothing to daddy able size and investment as that paddies. He always has you wasn't doing related business. Ok, I write em in the vat I see did I think our voting yesterday by the way, as you know, she's been in in rehab by this time. I now she is joining during the time of its being a halfway house and a private home and allay so she spending a lot of time at a sober house. Three days a week is councillors their people, whom she can relating share experiences with and then at the same time seems to have her quote normal life and so she's living for days a week in a private home where she gets to go to the gym, run some errands and she has a sober coach with her twenty four seven drama those Barbara forget. Now this wonder when it comes to celebrities like they re, really get the help they need, because sometimes people are just trying to get them back in shape to go, perform more us at a wanna get that help to, and I think that you can see with her having somebody with a twenty
Seven she's trying really hired you. I wanted you to help because you want to help not to help, because you want to get back on the stage or get back out there. I was. He is staying away from other that right now, so I guess he's building herself back up, and hopefully everything his work out now. Why G he was in an over an apparently that a Chevy suburban ended up somehow in the middle of somebody front yard and nobody knows what happened is photos and videos from the scene he standing near the wreckage. He looks confuse as he standing there. He was a passenger in the back of the over and somehow that Hoover ended up that weigh heavily over that guy into an accident or in a cab. Renouncing lemme have deaf. We happened to me before I was an Miami one time getting arrived from the airport to my hotel and actually the police stopped, and you know by the Fambly. You can't make it.
Turn anywhere. As I brought you gotta go further down to go all the way down here. We try to make a u turn and then the police pull them over. Apparently he didn't have his paper where good about being an emigrant and they stopped him in arrested him. So is there in a car and saw the do allow exactly that. I did not act. Because we never completed the true, but he was a regular care, but how many storm? I would remind you of the cab so a wall. It was an ogre, but the other definitely happen. I allow cool J is teaming up with ice cube. They're gonna buy a sports tv station, that's what they want to do. They want a bid on twenty two regional sports channels, which includes the yes network. That Disney is gonna, be selling off because their being forced to do there by the Justice Department. So they got twenty two stations.
They acquire twenty first century facts, but they believe they're Disney is already the majority owner of ESPN and controlling those twenty two sport stations will give them too much power in that sports. Tb landscapes owe their selling them off or regarded alone. Ok, we got one I right now. John Legend has something to say about kind, yea and seeing buccaneer season tramp. He said a lot of people have tied to arm to diagnose kind, but I leave it to him and his doctors to discuss what's going on it brain now. He said he did disagree with some of the things that kind of was saying, but he said I understand what kind of disease and shop and I think it's a reaction to his personality and his I don't give a F nice butt to my place to him was that you wear that hat when you appear to be endorsing him, you're endorsing his policies as well all of his rhetoric and not just the price that you like. So he just want to be clear on why it's not a good thing and the spice girl come back they're, going on a U Cates or they're gonna get more than three million dollars. Each now be clear: pass spices not joining them. So if
but have joined them, though they were actually ended up getting about thirteen million dollars each instead of the three point, two million is that they are gonna get so they're saying that if they do sell out, then they could get as much as six point: five million. In dollars. Each maybe despise middle aged women at this point. It is nice, girls Martinet, you don't wanna, go see them They now levelling out of them into despise goes anywhere. So I can tell you worried, I can tell you ones are not even ever. If you want to be my lover strategy where my fans NASA investigated, Is it not now Pussycat Dasa add epidemiology within the spice drugs one Eddie Murphy shot her club. Ah, yes, he's going to attack the voice I re well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your rumour report and our right revolt will see tomorrow everybody else to people's choice mixes up next, let's go abroad,
close your morning. So noble breeders continue the adventure with notes commander, as he teams up with Alice Dumbledore to stop the dark, rigid grinned of odds plans to divide, though whizzing world fantastic base. Their crimes have Grendel bowed and there is no member sixteenth, great appeasing thirteen, embarrassing date, Thurston hosted a ghastly, respect for we have Edit conversations around the power of genetic download, the next episode. Pharmacogenomics now and learned with. Experts have to say about how genetics play a role in our response to medication and the future of precision medicine. Farmer, cogent, precision medicine is supposed to take us directly to their drug. That's gonna be impact actual important for our help. Listen to spit on the radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your bike deepen world Hampshire on the side of a dark highway. The hills of wood so late in the sky, the craft hovering above a field day. That was the end of their story. Two years later,
under hypnosis, they would learn that there was more to that night. So what had they forgotten? The strange case, Betty and Barney Hell this season on strange arrivals. A co production heart, radio and grim and mild from Aaron Monkey. Listen to strange arrivals on Iheart Radio at on Apple pie casts or wherever you get your pack casts
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