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Are You Changing Diapers in Public


Today on the show reports stated that Pampers will install 5,000 changing tables in men's bathrooms, so we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners agreed or disagreed about the report. Moreover Charlamagne's "Donkey of the Day" to a woman  that definitely went nuts literally and figuratively as she squeezed her man's genitals until they bled and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee".

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for every one more info. It on a virus stock of. Let's all do our part, because we're all hashtag alone together, brought to you by the council, either from Zagreb, and I'm Donal phase on we're real life best friends, we met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP. On the sitcoms grubs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to relaunch the Series one episode of the time and put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lords editors, writers and even prompt masters would tell us about what inspired the series and how we became a family. You can listen upon cast vague doctors, real friends with Second Donald on the high heart radioactive apple podcast, and wherever you get your blog cas.
Ok, I love you more than words rather sit out from the most prominent. When you were a little more worthy Tommy was young. People's choice was busied, Molly knew Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Angela, easily Gomorrah Charlemagne Breeze Data plan, it's Thursday. Yesterday we can and may even be the fourth annual national black men. Don't she daydreams what it was for us all to focus too fearful of the world one hour
in one of our producers, Taylor said that you look very lab at this morning as that of the glow of focused and faithful, you sure did say us all at is very action Baghdad as the data both, but you do what you do I did it buy it now is not the end on Amber Neto Slew, the air. What did I do yesterday? I did sign menagerie show Netflix Patriot ACT and add a screening last night for the new movie, a manual ok executive, produced by by Viola, Davison, Stephan stuff, carry and is about the shooting that happened at a manual Amy church in Charleston, South Carolina, which is very very, very hard to imagine you think when they see us was hard to watch. Lord have mercy. Goodness gracious my guide, the only difference between when they see us in and that a manual documentary is dead. You ve really only want to kill one person system,
to the natural Gas Dylan Route, given obeying right when you watch those other film sometime, you don't go to war with all the ways to firmly film, you does really wanted the really see that low boy- you know heart, and these too you know Oh South, Carolina first for official. Ah, yes, because you said the fish rather ugly day when he gives execute alcohol can meet. You know years from now Am I gonna do things in the home town? We really what we say. We will have to do a fish fry when they execute the man and animals. Data Andrew Rum rating to put that on my gallant. But you could you got what you owe me: listen should see a man vacuum in Vietnam, it they would come out. It comes out because next that next week, the for university of the shooting, the idle and on his hairy, Sant as we innovation would neck news for four years since the shooting. But the beauty of this film is a bridge The beggar, rounded forgiveness, part which I have yet to grasp of noise, shows family members for giving,
read about I. I can't get to that place that doesn't make you weak, because you can't forgive. Their places, this theres many people it adopts like that. I will not forgive me doesn't bother me, but I just don't forget, you don't wanna, forgive you not my all the family that I want you to what we would all the family, not ok. You got one brethren, ITALY every detail, my mama Kagan right now. I'm would have you know how I feel him down. We are failing in some people can forgive and sailed so cable. We will move on and now from that, like that, with lewd irreverent lament, they think you think pinkies wife, Jennifer rose. They were there yesterday at the screen awaited acuity after it, but the it was this is, is something is something Sloka and also we know shot out to two young man by the name of Chris and Daniel. You know I do he seminars and sums amateur and seminars. I hear somebody story and we pick. Two people are picked. Somebody I added a seminars and say we going teach. You want one how to actually get into real estate. Yesterday we picked up on that.
Skip a couple of weeks ago, and it was two men that we picked up. They came to the office yesterday and we actually drove them around looking at properties for them. First, we make sure that credit was good, that they credit was over seven hundred and fifty both credit scores over seven hundred and fifty and now We at the process of finding craves Vietnam pre approve. So yesterday I was driving all over Jersey looking at different cribs for them to buy to set up something for a future. You know it is not just about. Myself and in me making money, but also teach him Mile unity, how to make money and how to create generational wealth and how to make sure they are okay. So we took them yesterday and looked at a bunch of cribs and hopefully will find something and teach them how to do it, so they can hopefully teach their community so of beautiful. I was pretty dog yesterday we drive around, you, see them to guide and one court. Yes, the necessary. Yes, ok
That's all you got no, it's a cop. What do we do? Well I last year, but have no room to. I know, really have a conversation. Yes, we have enough Romero shout to see these actually down. Thirty. Four pounds is done. Rather than of you ass, an throb of love that same column, every party to lie down thirty forty. We wondered about that. It was about the young men how to invest in real estate. I will become Africa for ages. When we talk about a rival, William it out, we have when we maybe go figure it out. When we come back, don't move to breakfast locomotive deserve a cop Michael course. Again this morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club annually is out, so they drew me to front page news. So, let's get into it all right. Well, cabin to readjust confirmed what everyone was hoping wouldn't be true. He rubbed his achilles, engage five finals
made it clear you wanted to play, despite still recovering from a calf injury, so he had surgery. Yesterday he said the surgery was a success and now, for him to heal and get better so, hopefully will see him next year play. I got free from them and will be next season. A bribe me to see that after mix doesn't problem is next no Miss Old, Nixon yeah put an end, would go to taunt, Chile's a mean. In a time a t bother loved. I would have a clearly such a torn and clearly that clearly my torn Achilles, yes, a killer, vs debt W B, every year s awfully gets, gets a speedy covering the waters they play tonight. I got the warriors and game six embedded. The tools of amusement series of doubling the wars in the lab gave an Oracle arena. You know, playing inspired basketball. What happened? Acadia warrior the night Ilka than to vodka While these remedies we got a drink tiger Jews in this and that any other stuff to have the weed out just as having none of his own on probation in the garden.
So no longer you know, people have all these remedies. We get a drink tiger Jews in this and that any other stuff too have to weed out. Just as having none of his own on probation and the goddamn late ninety early to gather what did you have to take? I used to take a blue card cats, claw a golden Seal I haven't gotten criminal to catch Congo. This realistic barely any really work Yoda, drugged and intelligent, as I guess it did when it goes well in Nevada like us, and about is the first to be an employee joke tests for we, which is pretty cool. That was dope, which is so I have to buy the way you know he is so stressful and now back in the day before, I knew how to really deal my anxiety so be goin crazy. Before I would have to go. Take these you know Drugs has another invasion, says it's better to stop smoking, now the union's derive, nor, unless more now, right, well, Babo, cork, renew memory that is from shouting for bigger they person in New York City.
Oh, I wouldn't dead prosecuted such barbaric. No, that is not all. Women is on shark tank. He's here who'd, real estate investor. No New York was shouting. When we have an online or I know no more juvenile, Damon, John or shark is to women. Only. I use the term of the white women. Ok right. Well, our brother was found dead in a hotel room in the Dominican Republic, ok and as soon as circumstances sound familiar to the six mysterious tourists, death and a country over the past year. They said at a brother. Was India with a friend or vacation in any event, he died of a heart attack, but there's been no autopsy, so they say- it's kind of fallow might be some foul play manage, maybe dying to deal with the next six month. Madame looking at your damn asked why you going over there when you name was everything them. She was going on in writing to be on the dl right now. Okay, so if you going over there in the next six months and you happen to die, don't expect me to feel sorry for you all right well front page news, get it off your chest, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now, maybe
bad night bad morning, or maybe what is present positivity eight hundred five, a fire. No five one hit us up right now, get it off your chest breakfast logo morning, the breakfast a social distancing tap, while the CDC urges you to avoid close contact like hugging, her shaking hands. There are other nonphysical ways to say hello, wave wink, you sign language, Salute smile, give the peace. I throw open air high five do jazz hands. Remember stay a minimum of six feet or two arms length away from others and stay home. If you can for more info visit, Corona virus doc off. Let's all do our part because we're All hashtag alone, together brought to you by the council- I got, wake up or black we want to hear from you. Allow is Jerky Jesse with some of your chest.
I'd like to express them positivity eyes, do it like for Charlemagne if he can help me out and wish my wife a happy birthday today she wanted for her birthday was Charlemagne. When I was a name I named Keaton. AOL Keisha Happy born day from Charlamagne THA God- and I want you to want more for yourself on your birthday in a shout out from me. Okay, tap your husband pockets. You know, I'm saying make him dig a little deep. Yeah great day. Are you are you? Are you a proud member to favour blackmail? Associations are yet They lay Doodle brown now, like brown Mexican in Brown, ok, ok, ok, autos name thank Zebra fell was listening what our game? Without and I made a here now to use back vizier how you gonna do
you're right, you're right, where a guy like that, you know, I think every binding incited today opinion when I agree with it enough to believe I don't get along! a few hundred grand about her again appointed, does not render abided by democratic. Providing aren't you gonna get mixed up with awakens Buffy. About what not yet all of you. If you think that, if you have you have friends in your life that you agree with everything that they say then I would the question of Yaller, really friends in Afghanistan. I have, I ever get a law that major tell you. I only friends, I don't agree on. Everything had been a test to baby ain't. Bad now, good, you know in veto is gonna, be an attempt to make about the lower.
Y know and lead the rugged led. The rugged show me and Angela rival, get along ass. My system can have my family. We we more indeed alone death death, my pie generated but thank you Josh without go Abdo Detroit was served rich ass, you are, this morning. Talk about you, ain't going to forget this, and it's just some people you not going to forgive but in reality, but it is for you, you Eddie. I say that it would be like I'm good made of somebody shoot your mother jars. You be, I forgive him. Man of our life without amendment two people who know me everything now wait a minute. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You drug deal right of another man. Why? What would they tell me why you a favor? going you or we do want to stand a better than for home she's on the who for what either heavy waggeries thirty eight
Give it a big weighing up again is the true because, because because right before right before you said that eyes was civically said I'm not I place in my life wagon, just forgive people yet either. I'm not that I am and there were he say no, because it is to have a that hate in your heart, for somebody is a bird and more on you. Early morning, identical bedding, and I don't like I'm not gonna, f phenomenon, everybody item of that's. The problem was abundantly right there that you give it more or less dead that you shouldn't near their. Forgive only get it off doing There was a good line in a manual last night, Emmanuel's about the church. You and you having a child is like like there was a great line, and it did. The young lady said that people forgive when they they do not go. Do anything about the situation that happened, meaning that meeting at some
I get avenue and go do not into the person anyway that you properly can get to the present. So you just forgive the person. Could you not going do any thing anyway, ino, and maybe that pottered problem could have asked to want to do stuff? Maybe it has now been heavily, but I still want to hurt them where they can't work and they cannot function air and people use energy for different reason. I use their energy to push medical to harder. So that's is why as wide as wide a lady said. People forgive. Could they forget that takes that's all the need for action on your hands like you, you're you're forfeiting the fact that you want do somethin every hour. We'll get it off your chest, eight hundred five, a five one or five one. If you need a vent needed. Some now was to breakfast locomotive breakfast club. Is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna breadth, and I was, as you know,
said: I'm not in that place in my life working just forgive people yet either. I'm not, but I understand why he saying really, there is always way. We view it very boy. There we're ready on a pupil you're, not a radio them just highlighting I'm a lesbian. I ever heard you know where you can do you like, for my spirit, violate rights as anything out, but they do tat. Well Molitor burdened Vital gave me a joint. What are you doing here? What may guy Solomon? the army, not like it like daylight where people live. Now. What I do know that we hear you gave me Charlemagne is a happy game where I live in a way he valued. You ask me: I gauge Jamie's, have Uganda job AY ay was gone, how you doin there was a journey, much
May I dont know what our king? I? U easier one on one way, you welcome winning really but we'll bulwark want. What's up ahead, a quick question: what you every yes, sir, So we got a real estate. I heard you have been out of the game. I want to commend for all agreements you dont with their own thinking for most browsers, one of those guys. I don't have a subsidy greatest growth, but I dare say although more educated on the really said. What do you do for people with a lower credits were like there was the greatest gonna get that, unlike in the thick, but now I think What was low? Sixty six twenty six, forty eight twenty years, All right. What we gotta get you gotta go out. All the public debt write. What I wanted to some other than the dialogue about me. You gotta get credit score because industry to be low, high Rayner Integrated, like almost damnation all time low, like three five six, so we aren't you,
It is called brow. That's so we got work alone. You bill, you gotta, you any foreclosures and you credit for closure Did you not their bed, and you know you hold on alone I'll, send you would see the Genie Kelly May Jose the credit? Do the or you know what you can get the credit due at the credit dude asthma Homey I'll. Tell him that you hitting you all. You can either order help you out and make sure you credit goodbye, Why would you do their work right now, but I do I remember how long we now do you borrower be physically. She shall you be fifty ok, yeah, so in my family, all Mackay is allowing a girl now Roca New, having checked to check. You know the old point me no ma am I drafted by now- ok, budgetary autonomy? problem part about think about like this is fifty years old is never owned. A home. Probably because before photo. He didn't know the knowledge to get no home. We gotta start teach it our brothers and sisters how to try to get to get position where
capacity by a house in an even an investment programme will help melodies credit I get it off. Your chest eight hundred a five one thousand five one. If you need a bit, you can hit us up at any given time You got room is ready or not. Yet I'm ready. Are we gonna? Well? Why don't you get your tissues? Very? Am I read you? The swedish letter that was on social media is gonna. Make you tear up a little alright, we'll get into that? Makes people locked the breakfast global more breakfast, everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, breakfast club was avenues. Thirdly, if we can already, I will not weaken the guiding Lambert candidate get rollers, get traditional. So paupers The report annually on the breakfast Web- let cyclopean
has his own dvd line is called the truth, cd remedies and its targeted towards fellow athletes. Says they see. Beady helped him kick his night. Well addiction. A lad of MBA former MBA players that have their own cd lines like Harrington. You know, Lamar Odom has his clear Robinson, Mme fighters name ideas, pays Jackson have done the same thing. Some people say that the intended benefits us it is still unclear still now proven, but, as you know, in Lamar Odom says he saved his life. Life in according to pop heresy, says that just being in an athlete you get addicted to payment patience. He said in his case he was dealing with severe net pain because back in the early two thousands he was stabbed severely He dealt with the latter, chronic pain in his neck and back, and he was trying to find alternate remedies for this and he was addicted to night, will and pain killers to fall asleep in his
Did he helped him kicked out a lovely, be Amazonia above we believe for some months now I use a product. Is a bunch of products from green roads are used dummies I put two drops. My tongue. I e the cream from my joints and my muscles under the syrup loves Habibi Abbe. Yes, he beady, but I'm still not a hundred percent, what it does to. After five, saw try to stay away from anything. Even my anxiety helps needlessly well. Mamma Muslim joins us all from the gym, nomes em right on my windows, gas. It only related to gasp and like a bit nervous about what you're putting your body pause. I right now my case. Like hell, he has revealed that he's launching a four hundred and seven a guard cannabis, resort, It's gonna be amazing and that's gonna help actually with his care of his company Thyssen holistic holdings. They started three year, ago so selling marijuana strains, edibles merchandise, and it has if a value and lazy river, all kinds of things so he's out here, prospering
Yes, there is indeed you magazine any talks about smoking, a drug that was derived from toad venom, and he said he was freaking out. It's almost like you die and your reborn and people close to him say that experience. He's him as a person and made him more vulnerable and they are saying that that could actually have three people with anxiety and depression but it is illegal and a lot of places, so they have a lot of research, because its illegal I heard about that, what you boil like the toll and then skim whatever comes up to the top within drink it rarely that it I don't know, I've never tried it, but it's kind of like any. We ve talked about rooms before you know things like that people say psychedelic have those type of of on people can actually research you and help you and beer part part of your therapy, something important phase. You get persian failure, not that you wake up reset negative, read it. I write
see I and John or teasing. You know identities and fastened furious they're, gonna be actually starring in Flint water crisis movie that will Psmith over entertainment is doing that its cause flights and, of course it is in Flint Michigan. So that should be interesting sk as that still an ongoing situation. How can you do a movie about ongoing situation like omitted them Serbia, interest and found? What I mean is still something has gone on right now, like I did, the people in Flint feel about it were them He is about a spiritually, reformed ex convict who finds himself in a murder mystery set upon. Lever in a young man see? But all of that is with the water crisis afflicting Kennedy. He grew up in that part of it as well as was now. Ok all movies, not be grand gods. I think about the people of Flint all the time and the reason I do as we know, we said so much there, but it's think about. If you live in Flint you see what America's door for all these other nations and all these are the places anything about him like damn. What about home? What about where you know where we are
You know me in there what is still left us it at all down people. You know they these they say. Oh, you know, look was going on in this country. I will actually have this conversation yesterday This idea was going on in Sudan. Is horrible, which knows? How did you people engaged here because they got there oh Christ is going on in your bag, Europe. I re now. Congratulations to Cassie, even though we ve been hearing that she's pregnancies finally announced it on Instagram she's, I can't wait to meet our baby girl love you always end for ever and it says in her boyfriend Alex fine. Now he posted a letter and ecosystems. Both the coffee and both to his unborn daughter? So he said I will be the first, man in your life and will show you the greatest love and affection law and forever. I never thought my heart could grow Bay after meeting your mother, then found out, we were having you and I instantly thought the lad that is so indescribable a promise of HIV dance. Recital concert sporting events school plays whatever you decided. I will be there and supports you. I am your number one and I promise to be
That you and your mother look up to in love. I will always listen to put the both of you. I cannot but think a diddy whenever I have stories about Cathy and Alex in a just sit back, and Abkhazian: did you really broke up broke up like, but not only that I, as opposed to let its a castle at I passed, always keep you in the choppers. Nothing comes before you. I promise you will be shouting kisses and hugs every single day. I promise that I will be the best either slash. Baby daddy. He was a train at a little higher brought, no says a try. You withdraw as yes, you didn't know that the baby, I'm a hug, you and I see you broke night Bay privately yesterday, man, I did. I know I do acknowledge observatory for the failings of the debt situation. Book of the competitive situation would therefore situation. We gaze is grave at that. Try, god I gotta hurt
different heart. We don't know the ins and outs of what I don't have all nobody I averted anew with an odd is: did your boyfriend? I heard you a trader, you leave it to train a you're pregnant by that the aid, and I was out of her nowhere herds. He was going through in their relations should be there when she had to see him with other women in other situations. In here his what's on marriage, and maybe she thought it was never gonna happen. Not the guy I paid for it. Oh god, not the garden. I brought in a train both wasn't those I reckon they had whereby the milkman I gotta, whereby the train in the person coming. Nay installed a cable case, if you have left very nicely cable programme times things, isn't people just move on in life. You think recoiled maneuver girlfriend. Clearly this is an example. Actually I mean did he has a whole new relationship as well? So what's the problem?
Mozilla yea and that's your programme on a train high minds. Guy doesn't like govern night method. Night merited a nail me at the time of day. Rather than running daydreaming play may about prayed. I'd, never happens happiness right, my God did. He lived the life, my wife and get no chain of right and we'll get fed to give effect to gather data was in his wife. I will read out front page news, actually move either way. I right we'll get it more about the Dominican Republic M O. Somebody else is now talking about something that happened to her. Either there he died and now she's. Looking at everything else, that's going on all right, we'll get into Next keep enlarges to breakfast locomotor morning. Everybody is the envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club. Yes, we are thus getting some front page news when we talk about you. Well, let's talk about private car and her brother died in a hotel in the Dominican republic. He was in.
The maker of our good friend in April. He would go there every year on vacation cause, he loves it. There many died of a heart attack. At least, where they told her, but she said there has been no autopsy as far as she knows So now that all these other deaths have been happening, she's really like. Perhaps this is air similar to these added. Things that have happened, and maybe it wasn't just a heart attack, I expect the ostler rhythm to take a major hit real soon and if it doesn't understand we looking at Java Gala job goddamn, I what would you make him a public earlier this year and my fair larry I see just came back two days ago veneer. While some people survive some people dont. Clearly our aid until he forgot, was going on in the deal. I beg you need to go to all around the stop it. I write narrowly. Twenty four officers and deputy had been injured in Memphis. This was statement was just released this morning, six of those office were taken to the hospital, it wasn't
but there involves shooting and that left one man dead and Memphis, and now there's protesters industries as well as police officers. So what they, thing happen, and this is according to the police department, they would China, tat, a man who was once it on multiple warrants. They were side of a home and he allegedly rammed his vehicle into the officers vehicles Multiple times Vanguard other vehicle with a weapon. That's according to the text. The Bureau of investigations. They are investigating the suit the shooting they did fire, and kill him and no offices were injured, but now there's been protests in the streets. So twenty four please This is again have been hospitalized. Two journalists were also injured, while police cars we analyze and a concrete wall was torn down so gonna keep ion what's going on there Dhaka. Now, let's talk, bout, Jan Legends. He joining this movement to get diapered changing tables in the men's bath. And you know when you go in the women's bathroom. You may not know this, but they'd have a women's
they have a room where women can change diapers with a baby. They arrive at area where They don't have that. I get an immense bathroom, but I've never even thought about summons from Savate, but most old he's now joining pamper. A campaign to install five thousand diaper changing tables in public restrooms across nothin Erica? Here's what he said bears out Georgia is maneuvers because there's no changing stations and our restaurant there has Dante Palmer. I've had a photo, of him changing his sons diaper. While squatting went viral, he started hashtag squat for change to literally changed again parents. We hear you. Burma is parting with Koala care. To put five now in changing stations, amends restrooms across the. U S and Canada use the hashtag love the J shared, The oaths and photos of you bonding ticket is we're all in this together. That's pretty, though I never thought about that How do you guys deal with daddy diaper duty? Don't
you got it, you gotta, be. I gotta be a last resort when it comes to town divers, that'll like pupil and I don T know recipe diverging dead. But when is problem like me out like looking to mobile web, is immobile, who use and say you never. Shadowy your daughters by yourself and have to do it the young ones very rather than an over. There came a fourth daughter cut out employed for a daughter was born in dad than in eight thousand my daughter, eight nine months, all the time by myself. So yes, but third, my next to no I would never change my child in a men's room. I just think the men's room is always disgusting and nasty. I would rather change in the car. I mean I'm a dad I can change my my daughter, o my son or my last back a change him on a book back.
I could change and want a piece of luggage, ACCA change in the back seat of a car. In me I could change market inaccurate in its fat. I know I know what I'm doing it, I'm so five kids by drivers, aided by one a lobbyist, pulling Poohpooh Impey. Although my love, you ever see mania unemployment, these prelim must all books and near him of one, I'm clumsy. With the letter. Madam you trying to change my darted up. I've dropped. Maybe I could change hey. What have you got it here in the airport is, if I don't have kids- and I don't know about this, but as a rule to take out a puppy, I bear in front of everybody in chains are almost like smelly. I honestly don't know with multiple got babies and it takes so fathom I'm I'm I'm a dance I do, and I do it fast like, but it's time you look
was already done in. You, won't even see you in a restaurant I'll bet you do know to fulfil Deborah. Had we may feel look at things about change fulfilled democratically, probably don't even know it's. There could change diaper wood pulp into port stays in the Bible. Diaper doesn't go anywhere debates going deeper everything I wrap it up. You dont, even you have not away. That is true if I shouldn't be stared and nobody that hard, what its asian ok do. None of Famagusta made just now that you may now you might smells nice mellow before I can. I must go, and I can't arrest him out. Is that rule where people are eating to change a pang of? Yes? That is like I set out our rather change in a cart and go into the baffled. Multilateral bathrooms are discussed in new germ feel bathrooms, and I'd rather not do it. In the bathroom, like ever look at a bit of a baffled meant back from a women's balanced, as our my wife carries, a changing table were following joy in I'm saying yes, I know, but my I've does need it most. Also emotional tables are mortal folding tables come in a book bag with a book back opens up in a dry there, but I wouldn't is discussed- and I wouldn't
I hate using the bathroom myself because the bathroom is so disgusting as and when you gotta you're a union when this a husband, a wife, you know salmon. You got more than one child when a diver needs to be go, go, be changed why have usually go the changes in the father watching the kids get? My wife is involved as the absolute way or let sometimes, when I take my kids out my wife's not deal. My wife has taken some kid someplace else and I got some kids go in here. You gotta change and I hate those bathrooms. They are discussed. Indian nasty and who's gonna, Queen Koala change in table on time I got a YO cages when it got change table in your kid, my hat, sick and now I gotta put my kid on at table and now my kid could be sick nuts are rather due to my leaped out of the lagoon.
The great eight hundred Bobby far below five one says you talk about these changing tables. What do you think you think there should be changed? Tables amends bathroom. Do you gestures? We talk about closeups breakfast club, more, the breakfast you ever seen. Something you couldn't explain. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people that report these experiences that believe they're having interactions are abductions with aliens. Simply that defies logic. Scientists haven't found any evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and yet the mythology is we have them in their coming in their here and they ve been here and there to hear all the time one night in in sixty one on the side of a dark highway. Betty and Barney Hill caught lights in the sky leather goods. I dont believe Two years later, they underwear hypnosis to try and recall what happened there
We became internationally known. Some took it as fact other thought it was a fantasy. But what really? happen: that's a timber night in world in Hampshire. Join me too ball for the inaugural season of strange arrivals, a co production of Iheart radio and grim and mild from AIR Maggie Stranger rival, sticky. March. Thirty, first, listen on the I heard video apple pie casts or wherever you get your podcast all the breakfast club good morning averages join us we're talking. Somebody John Legend is standing behind you unexplained lobby. Yes, you mustn't. Sir, that men have diaper changing tables in their men's bathrooms as the loved the change campaign, he's doing with hampers ok, so we ask and aid five, a five one, o five one. Do you think this should be changing tables in the men's, baffled Annesley? It could be. I honestly don't kick. Is I'm not using amiss back from a changed? My kids immense bath? was always disgusting is always nasty address save my baby, I'm olive oil
I think the mid bathroom is nasty. What is usually like two stalls and in a way you go to actually use natural. If you got those like table like when you walk in his dislike Amira and you can play changing table right there and change it. Child! Yes, but I mean this thing for equality sake. They should jailing tabled because there are men who are out here, you know rate arcades we pay our main who out here. You know having what our young children in sometimes we need to change them side thing that they need to make it. You know accessible but they do in our family restrooms. You can go and I'm I'm assuming family run through that changing day when they met in a much more cleaner air, then I used is. Let's go to the four lines we got of Friday. Freddy was self ready road nor We talked about changing tables in a back from reading. Now, look
Are you in all bothered by the alibi change tabled over every trade related saying you every morning without my divers me? What about that? You thought about that and thought about that were Thursday. Night came always tabled. I thought about that. What are you saying that his dj table this task? sounds all What are we talking about You'd think this should be changed and tables and immense Baffin bra this man Did you know, but I knew of excitement anywhere. You not a I'm trying to do stab in the back I hear you, I hear you in Baltimore being the best. You can be the most varied. Let's do something like that. You know
I would if I am not going to change and nitrogen, probably not out there Oh my god, I got good morning. Maybe you'd think there they should be changed, tables amiss battle. I think that a good But I was thinking about. I never named my time on a change in Facebook if they are discussing, but I think is still a good idea, borough build Bobby beg. You have to change their nose into the bathroom. Doctor, agree with you, but I like it. I really am to my kid on my lap in than anywhere else that is to discuss this. In turn, I ain't Jane enables age agent. I was almost there when I do tat. I was my views. Turner. Ok, we might play, will put her in a hollow this isn t here. Hey appear now we're talking about. Do you think men should have changing tables and amends bathroom, I'm just because
we have a man the whim of there being they should be in the mere bear, especially those with a view to reality more man. I got married her true as a factor in somebody there trying to Paypal, then being fair Mary. He said yeah yeah, why you know Why do they have would probably be no come on? we're gonna wanna bet you'd obey. While nobody knows you write a body idols into family refugee goin in you get along. She did. You can lay now future new day. I don't know, but I gotTA for Euro arab neighbours. Mocha would thank you for your, not party during it, but she hung up eight hundred five. Eight, one of the five one. Do you think there should be changing tables in the men's bathroom for euros old and not potty trained as yet accidents. Yankees lab accidents
forward. I mean you know that you're around three is when they thought saying y'all want to. Let me go sit on the toilet. I got to go at my daughter's doing it at two and I love the fact that two years old she's doing- and I ain't got no peppers- no more. I just put up at night the ones you so it may should go. But note no change for me afford when he's gonna wanna go out of town preaches. Uneasy, should have a train, driven by release for right, eight hundred feet. A five one. Oh father were asking: do you think there should be change and tables immense bathroom call? Is now the breakfast locomotive warning? Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast club laugh. He just joined US wits, about something John lead you to stand behind you, you wanna feel people any. Yes, he thinks that there should be diaper stations, diaper, changing tables in men's public restrooms across North America, because daddy our duty is a rare thing. Ok, we're taking it was eight hundred foggy five one o five one year they should be, but I would never change my child and amends bathroom change into
I'd rather use my lap. I've used my car that I've used The back of the suv with with the latter would latch comes down a I just. I you a piece of luggage but I'll never used. Jane. It obliges disgusting to meet net and dynamic. Do you guys have like a blanket, as have been that you put down that you take the baby on, change into a change in any way, but you played a blanket at age and they would not use a portable insupportable. Changing anglo change met their Foley. I met you and what, if I don't have that? Yes, I will use a blanket values, values a t shirt like economic, are you a t, shirt, Aouda, sweatshirt I'll have a one on one. Sure that I have on, but I am going to their bathroom. You guys ain't tables, dirty Can't you put that on top of the table, then the met, but you know what it is like. I don't want those germs you ever have to go to the bathroom. Like dinner in a public bathroom and you have to use the mat that the thing is that they put. You have to put there to be a paper at you later rim with, but you still feel funny doing. He's still feel like something
A crowd jirga you ve got is a public restroom people a walking in and out now, and you don't know our view on an errand tavern, he had known all the morning. I do. Think there should be changing tables immense bathrooms, not real really really the wheel Why I grew to Ebay is if the drama have, who bore the back back and take them in my lab. When I go ressler taken to my car change until the day, how I would say there would like a mercy if they had a pupil, no diaper are in the public gallery from where likened to always go to. My car man hey. You paid for the rest rope, for example our neighbour, taking my ball, to pave the way for us to take up this issue, Life is cheaper labour from the best back from his own. You say relate last year because
now how they know top customer look. Ok here they know cleaner, but now that we will do it might be a good idea, but person being now are, I think, rum, he was a man what we think about having to change the table in a man's baffle yeah, we really need one will actually more clean London more in general, because I got through story for a quick a couple months ago, the baseball game on workers really gonna battles of I'll. Take my little one third of interest from any hand watching the table, but whose is are we discussing eating crap? I decided over two billion albacore changed there and then earlier this year we I went through the James, a museum, and you think I'm changing table with again out like that. Just a changer stimulus thing ball, There will be no oars, I mean I mean whatever it takes
I guess it out single my teacher. It doesn't matter, but at them things that are totally disgustin. Sam Kimonos M o about maybe now in the Middle EAST. We have. I by an old woman s room and they will be fulfilled, the upper toilet. Farewell usually paper, no life after by many, a house where you than to clean after when children, the brain when undressed Enderley ten times cleaner. They are here. I think, ass green. I would have better adapt to us been under tissue to websites yeah. Now I've been to Jordan of Love, and I fear rack everywhere. Russian, like ten times greater than here, could they have enough irrational they'll be like special spinal out? North exec name is getting worse, but if its brain or you can use to wipe behind the fraud, whether from the baby yourself, Anyone saw as one commissioner announced right. Did I hear that I think they have. They hear one. Only our names, the days of coming
not a whole, but I gotta days and appalling baffled brow. Yet he don't have a David, the polar bear newborns you made up a Daniel. I don't think you do. I know how the day I won't want to. My goodness allows this to those aid from the breakfast Club morning, Ozma was above the creative people come from abroad and all of your motion very true soya anyway I was driving I ten on Mississippi one time we stopped at a casino to get somebody somewhere me and my wife in dumb. She was really does want to change the political change. The baby. There was no change rebels in the men's battle. So if you like this, absolutely have changed tables in the middle. Who goes on It's a woman's bathroom and they lived on me. Why they want to throw me out we didn't count towards Bamborough, I mean yeah. Why would you get? Why would you walk into the woman I ever because I need to teach myself
they were dirty? I made? you're. So you so you just know just change a change. They wouldn't have a family restroom available. Does right! That's why exactly What was I supposed to do? I was at a restaurant, I'm gonna change minarets. Doesn't it then came of you too got arrested. I went not to played out Gaza into got out of the very interesting case. I mean you're at the time. We're gonna have been mayo relationships or my white gown. She got. I really think she started clip now have may only. Let me remind you relation relations with a white woman. Yes, You ve got pointing finger He was about eleven beggars weapon, when a white woman, not, I think, is about to be job the apple who were able crazy, but yeah, I mean only like I'm somebody to accompany me a bit of women's, whether something good it all
damagon disbanded down south. Maybe the men don't cheat diapers divers, but that's not, however, I remind you, as my dear said, I would. About I'll blow your luggage know about agenda drunk you doing it. I love my brother. He I would never use a single tables asked me personally. I d rather use my laugh. Then I get ok all right well, even an expert at ear and expert anyway on changing nodded at so without the kid you have got five years and to pay it was all the time is no more If it does, it will have a when competition are definitely going to competition on nice, lack of agro change, a paper Barcelona Conference CALL and a change in a paper warning deftly changes is Sally funny. I competition would mean changing the case diapers and see who does it the fact, as you definitely win MIKE from an early age, but up pull a paper out, but down payment battling. My kids know anyway,
We got round while less about the most. My kid no faith now ass up like what you are saying about the. Why, but dad all appears out. They know exactly what I'm talking about. How could he have bought up by death brought up by their? That is its own everyday. So will I bought up boy do, but the UK government's anyway I take a very most why to show in the United States, since it came out, will tell you what does show is internet next. He belongs to breakfast locomotive a morning. Everybody is D, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, God we oughta breakfast club good morning. Now. Let me shut out to christened Daniel said earlier. I tell you guys, debt, seminars where we try to teach real estate in different areas with we're heading to Chicago Charlotte, allay in New Orleans next week. Sometimes we pick two students out the seminar try to teach them how to do. The stated yesterday at a to students Chris and Daniel I'd. Look at home
They can buy their first home, we fix their credit and they just took the mortgage guy. Just hit me and told me: they got approved to buy their fur on four hundred and twenty five thousand dollars for a family to buy his first home ever okay, so fixed his greatest. I'm excited about that. So I'm sure I do listen, so you got approve Chris Now we got a really really start. Looking for these houses, will you and hopefully we can find? You saw the net you can live in and you can also make money with need does that to which it pretty Dhabi owns. All you have an investment property is live there, but I also have a rental Emma Home Nearest Grammy endurance of pretty much praise the mortgage right after more gaze, but it helps a lot of work as I give it, my friend lives. Theirs. I give her a good discount or I like, haven't nobody. I know living with me about our stairs catch and I'm the industry you don't do. I said Detroit demo day, is tomorrow and anybody's, welcome to come to this to Detroit Demo Day, but quicker loans does and they give away one point two million dollars and grants to smile.
This is indeed try. So as a competition and action the people who have won in the past in the past year. One person- I know once you mentioned it, fifty thousand dollars for their business wow is as it were. Van competition you get to learn about new businesses. That's in Detroit, some of them are already established. Some of them are just getting started, but at any rate who can use a grant to help them expand or business anybody and has come to you. I think anybody can cause to Detroit Demo Day to watch this competition, but you already would have had to submit so look at it this year. If you are planning to make me want to be part of it. Next year maybe went to learn about new businesses is kind of like shark tanks that you get to see how people are you no pity their businesses in order to get that money when asked what we got rooms or the way will we talk. Manure is yes, no new J call came out, so we got some are. Therefore you also looks like him in, it is back on social media and that's how you will have our support is. I will go to the next speaker: Jake, always power trip, Mister Brett
oh, come on in morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club was consider room was the of most wide shown a? U s really. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, where, when they see, as has been the most wise series, Annette bullets in the U S, every days into Now on made thirty first wow, that's information at Netflix Netflix provided for us about that that, for our part, Syria, ok if anybody learning anything now you know, is that even the fact that you will alerting things like this series is actually impacting people is, he would have been a Linda Einstein, whatever name is, and in the other person in the case of Africa. Was you others, you D, a prosecutor, she's a prosecutor prosecutors. She just resigned right yeah. Something show has yet step down? I mean as you and it's amazing that these women was done.
The boards for all these different organisations there, where a company Lee the opposite of what they did to these kids, like basically to help people and instead you hurt me was lives and still aren't taken accountability for it. Right now. Welcome back to baby fat. Baby fat has realised at forever twenty one February excited about that. No. What baby fat is because maybe you're too young to remember, but that was back in ninety. Ninety eight, when Russia, Simmonds Income, Kimora Simmons expanded their fat by ran to do a women's line that was called baby fat, so That was twenty one years ago. So now you can find those clothes back at forever. Twenty one yeah Cienega for model, they have ditties daughters and they also have rustling camorra daughters. I think Vestal, you know back end at that time and be that made a combined profit of two hundred and sixty five million dollars and then you guys remember they did. A kids line is well known that it doing in
A design. Remember, baby Fred did so well. I dunno how our fateful day, but I know baby fetid very deep, had baby that Tattoos gamma Reddish drew nothing like a woman in a baby fat, sweat suit number two or three years- and I don't like when you were just like on the way to the airport- is something this verify. When Poland, a cat, was a nice now you're right over. There fell fires about bottom babyhood, muddy rousing crack for years over shut up man get on you, nice, Valori, sweat suited. One leg out, but airline does go up, suicides poor acts Why I? So anybody can go in there and get there
maybe phantom now with the very fat logo worth a permanent tattoo. That day is we got that ten to twenty years ago, they had got played out now his bag? Is that local worth the tattoo? No, I don't think so now, not accommodate leisure, since at the stack and accompany yes, I re David It's easy alleged shooter has been arrested and a big and big copies the hit that, with ordinary some are saying it was eight thousand dollar hit that was ordered against David or tea? They have now a wretched six total people in connection with that attack. And there is aid is at least one other suspect who is still on the run. So they can go so far as Nelega you get out the country, so they'll catch him. This is a huge case that I am sure they just stupid for taken at that eight thousand dollars for this hit all right. Let's talk about some new music dream bill. They put out sooner. Those got me and down bad ahead of the revenge of the dream, is three that's coming out, so you guys didn't get
chance to hear it here is a little snippet for you of down bad now. J calls on this as well gee. I Bass and earth gang and young nudity down down Crown crown ray we're here to leave me gave another just like a big bang theory depravity staying at the paper to cover the same would agree we have which an available in a big familiar banks are craving domain phase during the latter faintly they may. I can call part they re the plague. It's always united, again puts it could have been shown above them, but can't make it down. A reg amounted to sixty two go to faint IRAN and Libya. Boy. I soon got me also features. There are eleven x and all men and tied Alison and you the so may show as I checked out, if you haven't heard it yet Kay and be as when has now
the girls coups, that's a new series featuring little CAN Maya and Chile, so you guys might want to see that we ve been seeing them hang out together, filming, but now that trailer is out so you, can see it as they travel through the Caribbean. The crew hits the high seas on an epic journey fell with her areas: adventures, emotional breakthroughs and spicy room. And saluted Chile, other big it about Chile alike, and every time I try to say that calendar. Objectively Chile's vaccines and trot if they are killing working illegally and saw always who I would have stayed, are always nigger children to have you black. I have no your home, your twitter farmer, but I shall premiers on July fifteenth Angela YE and that's your rumour appointed hour. I thank you. Miss ye shall buying yes, we given Adele could do for after our dog. You today is going to a young woman from Florida. I want all my brothers out. Data prepared to be on comfortable get into that network. You, nuts, we'll get internet next
the breakfast locomotive measure you don't watch out for more people in America come from abroad in all of our identity. Lord, a man had cap and eighty and prevent strange reason too much money that is a respite after the border with home. In an attempt to electrocute is patent rights, police arrested, Lando man. What have you got for me? The breakfast club bitchy gear, the Charlemagne guy on the way of keeping. Then you get your world dog you today for to day June. Thirteenth goes to a twenty one year old flawed, a woman named Katy Lepage. For now you know it's. Your uncle Shiela always says the crazy people in America come from the bronze and all of Florida. Brothers pervaded the uncomfortable, not Katy Gun HU, an argument when her boyfriend it happens Ok, we ve all got into it. Would all women before this young woman off enough,
I'd even put hands on you, especially at that age? Ok, I happened to me before I deserved it, but Sir Thirdly, when you are a couple in Florida of Fight would show woman could be life or death, if not deaf, something tragically I've been to you, I could traumatize you forever, and this story is no exception, see Katy Lepage further. Play of rare, ladies and gentlemen, in fact, Kay, not plan at all. Let's go to Katy Bt Cbs. What report police afforded when is accused of grabbing her boyfriend's Chantal so hard that he blow, Is that not everybody? Take this in this in Orefield at my therapist says, I want you to feel want you to feel this array funds are considerably real. It feel envy internalize the Lahti listening feel it I play it afforded woman is grabbing her boyfriend's gentle so hard that he bled One year old, Katy Lepage, furtive indian harbour beaches. With battery domestic violence, police say a fight between the two s.
To the point and pitch for allegedly hitter boy from the brush, her fists and and scratched him. Please report adds that Pickford grabbed him by his throat and he could not breathe. He was able to get away in call police. Invest years did not say what they were fighting over after being arrested, Pickford asked if she could talk to the victim to tell him she was sorry. She was taken to the Brevoort County jail complex, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You just made my dad on pillow bleed and all you got its I'm sorry. Ok, you just school he's Tweedle D, an Tweedle dumb and Tony Blair. How does that happen? How do you make my poor dumplings bleed? you squeeze my technical than they bled. Now you got me as I'm sorry, an apology won't suffice here. I'd have made my magic. Basically I mean I know you Sidney thinking. How did this woman show him until he couldn't breathe had,
she may handle him. The way she did is because she went whitefoot fatality. Firstly, when you grab a man's testicles in squeeze them They believe it's like ripping tony stocks arc react out his chest. I dislike Kane Old each a heart out, fatality move all mortal combat, it's like being on a treadmill and accidently hidden. The emergency stop button They will immediately cease ok and Kate We are simple, I'm sorry or not. Suffice. Furthermore, I didn't the kangaroo apples complete I never heard that in my life with anybody of art historian. Oh maybe you could take some mighty so high too, does not believe that we have long finger down. Did she scratch like this? I want to know: did she scratch him in a blood, or did she squeezes jeez berries until they started the leak aright whatever happens, this is terrible an Katy! Why would you ever harm part of what causes you pleasure treatment
in his balls, more respect. What, ride with you cooperative booze, though because of your brow varies? I know women. Oh berries, men got bro varies arrived. I knowed brought very long. The EU is well gaiety. All Heaven is world, is mass punk bunkers in my word, and you tried to take that from me. Come on both testicles kept each warm for who knows how long and ass the respect you give them the stories nuts, please Katy Pitch with Switzerland. Amateurs You all e g. Yeah.
Ladies and gentlemen Floor, but why are you white or black? I'm scared well. You know why why I gave up jars. Why now I didn't think we were gonna play the game they would. You did ask very valid question Kalen gears clothes for profit, Katy repression, made her boyfriend's rural varies bleed what race You think she is, then we can go further right now. This is this is and in the Middle lemme tell you why you said brush. So when I first are brought up thought but he had waves or he would have to be black everything about budget a budget to brush efforts. Doesn't newspaper, you say that and you said she was, Was she almost choked that's Blackwood, no that's. After an absence, rapid and bought a goddamn man
okay, alright invisible, but then you said: Katie's: okay, tease a white woman. That's why I don't know. I never had a black person take call Katie, but then stop the music, because she said sorry now ending a blackberry, what is called to say as once, I'm sorry one. So maybe a white woman would say sorry, SAM Galway, white, actually what say you, I already know as the white women, because we already know we do not play in that area of a man bracing ourselves here about a happens who, as a system, is not going to cause pain toward gives our pleasure not too far away to never ever Testa area is one place. You know not to do it on a lighter note of your life or death situation forces to go there what did you say? You say why right, ok, well
Gee dj envy. You are both go Katy, yes, demands Have you met my goodness right? Well, begged for a donkey today. Up next ask YE five a and eighty five one, if you need relationship advice that any type of advice You now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast d: J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club as tough as key, allows. There's the land of OZ. Was requested for you in a company that that aim of the Andes amount of Charlemagne currently annually. My question is: when you are in your toilet, early Twentyth Mickey did you think you We were here. I today like waiting while right. That's why I'm and say you did too that it is their doing radio until I was in my late twenties, so that was went up
started doing so nice definite and think that and murmured closely model, uptown alibi would lower. By one thing you remember doing that change the trajectory of your career. Edit, have taken a risk and that risk was me. You know starting and his career radio and the reason I even found his job wave of biomass. Of a bad situation. You know we are guy laid off. I my job that I was out before I do a marketing ends. Ok, what am I going to do next? I actually went online and looked different job opportunities that was available and, as I go K, this looks interesting business. Interesting. It was things I had. Never even thought about. That could be good for me. I says opening ad in radio, and I somebody that I knew and I just said, look I'm going to submit my resume. I just want to make sure they get it. I don't need the job. I just need you to you. Know them. No. They should at least interview me so I ended up
yet, as I ended up getting my foot in the door, and I do mean like me getting pay way lesson. I was used to getting paid as diving over the ban in my career buddy was fine, because I think if you find something that really interests you you'll accelerate alive ass, their money, isn't the first issue in the beginning new career. Sad, thank you shouldn't be afraid to take a risk, find something that you think I'd be interest go for it and try it out, and thank you for your right. I've got a letter from college by supporting and if the harbor made apparent to me, because I'm actually daddy guys gonna masters degree but light on about it. I've got a workable, must both go to a good heart, but on China, just get a wise man from people. You know are inconsistent like along with other phone, but thank you shall be being signed, legless diet as not to damage the grandmother. My charm garbage gonna be borne tiring and congratulations to you. I every day with higher education, get it on my leisure love. Ya. Think I was a baby no September.
There are some away. No data may download, update the baby girl, they're gonna be just lock her mother visit, but there are babysitting about name the baby, Arizona. Now you crazy and Vienna. Now maybe casing. People are right as IE eight hundred Friday firewater five. What have you got a question for? You call amounts to breakfast club, these D J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club in the middle of as key allows this. This is anathema anonymous. Your question for you a while ago, our let my boyfriend and I will go with her pretty much. Underwear. Underwear I had not gonna do so you, whereas underwear, nothing, ok, ok, that's love, but awhile.
I found a ring opened, the box would have made the problem. Is this happened about several months and I still have to get away after all, you got there ring was view. Maybe it is their right to have a look There may be, has a plan for the right moment, planned ahead. I don't know, but you need a look. The bearing is still there, but the mall. I love you I'll know. Maybe friendly employed, I know him enough I'll, never see him wait so long. You gotta shared each other's underwear. Societies never proposed to you before. So you don't know what he might be doing whatever they October. Maybe waiting for that. I know now, but I will say this go Mackenzie. That ring is still there. If still there, then I think you should be fine It's not bear any more, that's a little weird, but you don't think he's cheating do you
Now we are highly north. Africa is all about yet another one may like I'm wearing underwear right now in black men, no cheat NASH safer. Yet Bearing is still there, and I think you ll find, but you know very well you something tat you should have seen and then it could have been someday nesting It's a surprise. Maybe he's waiting for the right time. Maybe he's nervous, who know Maybe it's a at that. You know to get it. It out the way and he's been here for your birthday, maybe he's waiting for crew. Who knows what he's waiting for way? I wouldn't worry about. It is still there. So just take a look for us and, let me know the liberal dogmas. Problems in your relationship if their island, gentlemen, you will you girls, girls, you know it. He had a big about it after the president of the commission, played around and put it on. Joking, I don't remember, probably
I might have done their job. A deadly below before Nepalese never did you're right: I hid billions of euro, We also need to talk about you, but you put like what is that nobody wants you to present the gong. You can like put right down the Middle EAST at the I'd like you to know that all right, I was as key eight hundred five, a five one, o five will now we got rooms runaway. Yes, let's talk about new given eyes, everybody wants to know. What's Goin Ahmed Nicky? Well, there's a little clue. Lemme tell you with that Louis I right. Don't move is preferable memorial, the Reul report was glad even ass. She hasn't been on social media for months in everybody's, wondering where she is at one point: the bars or even putting up missing posters.
Where's, your family has tweeted and she wrote a mega. Try. What does that mean we're? What does that mean? Well, she was, future sound transform. If you guys remember, she say some call me Nicky some commie mega Tran So I don't know if that's a new saw, I'm sure than those all were she's, probably samples that bar- maybe I write so, but it is nice to see Nicky Menage, I'm interested, see what that even means nice about a law abiding I'm always worked for New Nicky BAR none of them, and I think that the European Council competitive right now we in the female scene Dr goody indicate Ino drop from Boston. I right now. Let's talk about Wendy Williams and CARE, and hunters senior burying his name is Calvin age. Look like I don't know. I says Kevin here Now he is saying that the claims that she's been making that she's been pent up at home can't go anywhere
that he had her in hiding? She was only a show pony during their marriage. He say that is a bold face. Lack for you. The lie a Calvin knock it off. Stop and that her memory is off, might not what do you remember? I wonder, would away windy is acting now is like a young kid who never used to do nothing to hive school pairs very strict now, God while and live in our about life, and yet he was desperate, fair, knock it off Kelvin, where he saying He died there when he just didn't wanna go out, you didn't want to do where capital ants and she just like to go to work and go home and that it is really up to her eyes. Kelvin Start argument with windy. The sinner along, so he can go be with his bay Nicky serenely sauce. All Kelvin Goodness, as well as the away every Wendy's birthday and went to be all excited. As you realize, you will take the whole team to dinner and calm childhood,
the first test, all Wendy's birthday yell, it is dreaming holler. That is all I can do. No good is great guy right now. Yes says that the fact that when he said, if you, if you recall that he had a full baby with the women he was involved with fifteen ten years he said ass, natural ass right over Hauser exaggeration. He only met her in two thousand eight, so I can't be true.
I write well, why don't you go about it so that double talk talk is that wasn't routine years was a to gather data. Two thousand nineteen Norma Levin was never let a loving you don't just two thousand can grow. Levin use some parts of somebody. Children is shut, the of up forever. What we don't want to hear from whom Diarrhoea was a little off. There was a smart guy right now, let's discuss Katy, be you guys are the pitcher suppose it ever swollen be saying that she just couldn't do certain things right now. We covering Frahm heavy simplistic surgeries. Well,
the bad start. Dietary do brow is saying that could be indicative of a much larger health issue and here's what he said: they're pretty bad. You know the question is why she still having complications this far out arrest, augmentation liposuction, the fact that you're her legs were still. This swollen indicates that there is something more going on that were actually hearing about, because there's an obstruction to flow back to the heart. That means there's a problem from the liposuction. The groin that we don't know about. I recommend party being seen very quickly, I'm she'll, caribbean onto the doktor. Yes, yes, he has gone to the detainees in dealing that, but she was a showing that yes, there are serious complications. That's why she's been cancelled Her shows right here when I rode when us are as well for our global growth here, that I never see net. But then you know who knows, I dont know what people end up going through after that. So but it didn't look like it should be something that's normal. That's like a circulation issue. I thought he has announced a rebate,
of the bound acts, and that is gonna- include creator, error Magruder. So after many many years lace and the comic being back out. They have announced that they have a host of new projects, is coming to Sony Pitches animation and one of those is a boon that stronger food miles from my guy AIR Magruder outward around loosely in one of my favorite people. To talk to Borders is one of my top three favorite tv shows of all time, and when you see would the born. Does God planned and ah they're gonna reintroduced boondocks in this new era? My guide Ok, now we don't know who's coming back as far as the voice is, everybody is helping. Erigena king is gonna, be and thereby blown information? almost I'm, I'm, I'm almost positive, Regina King will be back without it. We, you know think did Joe you gotta, they got a boss, a rocky nonsense. You gotta be executive produce in on a good stuff. Like that, you know I'm a more positive Regina king will be will be
the Voice of Union rally. I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report write. Thank you miss Yee. Now up next we got the people's choice mix. Get your request in revolt. Will see you guys tomorrow. So don't know if it's the breakfast club good Morning, breakfast club your morning, so now would be to say when he buried at eight seven Sancho on BT celebrate cool alive as Regina ha ha. The BT awards, twenty nineteen, the ultimate night and black culture, and giving back cats timeline, crushing performances by Cardy B R, J, candid and more pleasure your faves Tarag Jp Hansen yeah. I say he d be eighty, avoid nine mean lives and agents when he buried at eight seven censure on BT warning. Everybody is D. J envy Angelo YE shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club good morning. Was admin salute everybody who that must green and last night
of the Emmanuel movie manually, the documentary executive reduced by have curry and Biota Davis. It is about its chewed, that happened in SALT Saki at me, Amy charge when that raises bigoted. Mayonnaise flavoured mammal White Devil, Craig Ass Craig Dylan Roof. You know killed those nine beautiful people in a manner amiable days on me every day they see us triggered. Lord have mercy really heavy, though when they see us dramas, I do love, God have mercy manner. Annual man manual omen any breakdown, three slash four! I don't know if it's because of the connection between Auburn and Charleston South Carolina raising most corner fifteen twenty minutes. You know from from Charleston that's home to me I'll, be there did. I don't know what he was a good man and will we told me of yesterday were well? What can we do? that movie men were not done. It comes out next week, but don't Russia's Roca
in an arm shouts everybody again. As I said earlier, I just want to keep saying it. Two young men had attended my seminar eyes name is Chris Indeed you we pick two people out at a seminar to actually show how to get into real estate games. Are we fixed their credit? We got them approved for lending an yesterday. We were out looking for homes for them we did for absolutely positively free, shouted flipping J. Caesar and we just trying to show to community how to invest in to the community in owner own, create generational wealth. I wonder I believe, the dominican you're, the guy was black minorities. We did. Gonna get minorities onto how to do it. Given information now is up to themselves if we know what they need to do. I nobody told me so the fact that were able to teach our own community is amazing, so we got a couple of some of those coming up. So just click. The link in my it will be. A new Orleans in a couple of weeks is a lot of great deals in New Orleans, albeit Chicago, I noticed a lot of violence in Chicago, but is also a lot of great pride.
He's out there as well of you guys when put your guns down to start investing to your own community, so you could actually be out there really. You know really out there on a black. That's really own yet would be very happy as well and allay and Charlotte. So, hopefully, will see you guys soon. Aren't you start to put the gun down? Put you bought up initiative? What is but ass to do anything about it, but I do now, but what it, but I've got a thing. I don't want them. Gotta keep. You will always treat you know it. There is currently a reality with serious conventional by liberal and homophobic somebody do law. If they gave me,
Much may walk to decreasing gun gunned down, but up to now in scale and if they have the strictly lacking in Burundi. Noble administering got to operate at issue in, but I really got a huge you. When we come back positive noted the breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is d, J Envy, Angela YE shall Dominica. We oughta breakfast club. May you d? Try right? Yes- and you know it now here in detroit- and you can go to Detroit Demo Day Dac HAM and what they are, when here quick and loans, as they buried annual Quicken those Detroit Demo Data giving away over one million dollars to small businesses and his three different categories. People who are just starting business people who I am grow and establish business and people are trying to expand nationally. As a great opportunity for people to actually get some grandma, from quickly loans, and
come on down to it, because if you are a small business owner you're thinking about getting into that, this is a great way for you to see. Other people have done their businesses or have your family it re. Are you live here now you want to see where businesses are. Then maybe you want to be involved in. You went to patronize, it's a good way to see all, just come on out and network and see this, I'm amazed. I can't wait, but I behold him. That's him. I shall you got a positive note for the people lose a man. A positive note is simply this. I want anybody out there who may feel like they don't want to be a normal say, and you may be final you on the brink of doing something. Do what I want you to listen to me right now. Here is the test before I doubt whether your mission on earth is finished if you're alive it isn't. He, private car vivid clinically under my name issue Pearl well. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year old Son Courtney wound up with the bullet,
back outside of Chicago police station there. What you hear on the news that Courtney got shot, the rolled himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true, listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your party either. I'm sack wrath
Donna phase on we're real life best friends, we met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and JD on the sitcoms grubs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch the series one episode at a time and put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lawrence editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about what inspired the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond, cast fake doctors, real friends with Second Donald on the high heart, radio, up apple podcast and wherever you get your Marcus
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