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1-8 - Today on the show we had actor Aldis Hodge stop by where he spoke about his movie with Taraji P. Henson "What Men Want", sex scenes, black empowerment and more. Moreover, Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Michelle Rodriguez for defending Liam Neson. Also, since it is Freaky Friday and Andy King from Fyre Fest has been spoke about constantly this week, we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our male listeners would be willing to do an Andy King, in other words are you willing to give fellatio for the team? 

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I always wanted to be a woman in charge. I became that woman because of the little dress I am the advances in the season of my path. As in charge would be vs down with some of the women I admire most for India. With conversations about the journey of light and survival simple, free, only unspotted by beginning Marge, twelve with new Those every Thursday allow this round Burke and you were listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect. Yes, what my pod gases back and that's a win for everyone if you're a long time, listen to the show. You probably already know the deal each week, I bring you hard hitting journalism and also light anytime. I contain multitudes, find the wrong burgundy, bad guys on the eye, hard radio, app apple pie
or where ever you get your bike. Gas oil pollution from terrorism other during the very real capped about is the only way that we may be reviewed. Good morning, USA, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo manually many designed the Charlemagne, a guy who stood a planet.
Is it a plant variety of outward gale of goodness gracious it's Friday? In other words we need to, but I'm happy, maybe it's Friday, a map we get to see- and I got a light- weakens I'm so excited today is a good day too cuz. You know they have national holidays. I don't know who makes these up for today. Is no laugh in get rich day Sloka and is actually national, no one needs alone day. So I made plehve into the whole getting rich thing right, to get rich and even low dago everybody aids arising tells us in a low when he's alone national kite fly. They was the last time you flew. Ok, her no. I can't even remember now I the guide to stay there. Dennis years. Oh my god. Oh God is like out the dragon, someone aground. I could never get it the fly great ever right. You were saying, I am in no way, but also act shadows, a dinner
I tabled dinner is last night honouring dad he's a vp of an hour at Aeroscope. It them when assigned juice, world Jews were? Was there also just because he's been doing a great job over? scope in their honouring him before De Grammy's. I was here it's a host that stalker, I went to the morning. Music grew party darker and I was left in his Grammy weaknesses Grammy weekend what everyone in earlier important for low damage? Absolutely no I'm coming back today them. Oh you stay for a day. He asked I gotta go to the Brooklyn S game tonight, the plane to both in his black history. Man kick off at Berkeley. Coca. Lastly, I was actually the whole day. Yesterday I was in a city and, lastly, elastic city. Nor was it gambling, there's a lot. I have the sandy hit. The EAST Coast Atlantic City was hit a pretty pretty bad and there's a lot of real estate out there. That is very, very inexpensive. I'm talking about big brain from five thousand two hundred now so you want to go. Just look at a bunch of properties are made. Is it sooner?
heavy into real estate thing now and if I can pick up some property for five thousand dollars and be able to renovate and fixing put people back in those properties, debts no new things new floors, new appliances, this it s going to try to do so. I was out there night last. I ran into a shady who plays for Bill Shady Mccoy, also shouts Kelson, embody mixed small. Everybody out that a great time analytics unless I get back until about an hour ago as a good thing you that they look of a real estate in today's laughing garish, nay, they go That's all you have to talk about people gotta go into cash array. This morning. I would guess especially guess joining us out of this. You may not know our desire Jews by name when he played M C in straight out a is in the new derogatory Hansen movie, what women what women want
good way, and then it was wet men. When is she reading there? What was what we gotta do? This kid kids can be a star, absolutely tokay, trust. You gonna take and also we got our homey joining us he's from Philly Iheart Mafia. That's right, diamond cuts. Yes, she gets busy dj. A fairly radio personality producer in a whole. Lot, more will kick. You were a little late and I look afford all it out, but I'm really looking forward to forgive Review Friday believe that allowed a cowboy about my guy Andy from there. I must do do ideas the Bijou King Brighton, and you know we want to know what you would do for a kind I bought this morning. Ok, women along about God. Damn it all right, all right. It's lag goodness our proposal. We talk about a well. Let's talk about extortion and find out who is about to get it? data. They retain extolling him and he has blown a cover up of Oliver Laura. We did so that when we come back, keep alive is to breakfast cloacam or some of the answers just agree recognise Sycamore. Really
We really must realise that it I mean the random It was Lord, as inanity still having caught and family gives a random shouted. The damages undesirable oh wages, as a laboratory job. But you're not, but you get the hell I gotta do anything is taken a laugh, roared and damaged Tom. The job with your million dollar, comrade damage german bombs anyway, take Friday derives, invest less kids in front page news. Now, let's talks was first team. The Braun verse team, greek freak Leubronn PIG, Pick Kevin Durrant, James HOT Inquiry, Urban Anthony Davis and of course, picked his guy Dwayne. We don't need to do anyway it on their like awesome, honorary, like you notice, you did what he's going to pick him up and the greek freak picture Hurry up all George Cable Walker Wrestle Westbrook the angel Russell you should be excited about their ears proclaim that baby here. So it should be great game? I think. Don't you think it's been a while browsing.
I mean the broad has the rat James on a career in Leonard, destroying these been Simmons Clay Thompson. The Wayne wait, I mean all the people you couldn't you'll never fully would in real life is so I put my legs no trade and yet not at all. What are you talking about you well, I said Jeff Bay, those they found of Amazon he's, accusing the national inquirer of trying to extort him now according to oppose that he put up on blogging platform medium. He said that something unusual What happened to me yesterday? Actually, for me it wasn't just unusual. It was at first, I was made an offer. I couldn't refuse- or at least that's what it's happy at the national inquirer thought, I'm glad they died tat because emboldened them to put it all in writing. Rather than capitulated to extortion and blackmail, I've decided to publish exactly what they sent me. Despite the personal cod embarrassment, they threaten alone. Basically, they were threatening to.
These are more pictures in a text, messages between bases and Sanchez. You know the whole thing was blown out blown out because he was having an affair and he actually at announced the affair that he was having before the National Enquirer put the story out. There is already out there now that you can't blackmail him more Jeff like effigy, already put all the data they about me. Nothing is concerned about the page it takes years. Yet in their pictures I ass gently sad baisers holding is found in his left hand while wearing. His wedding ring in his wing, some shorts that show his semi erect manhood penetrating the zipper the guy to shrink reserve so that they can not embarrass debate along here. How small is seen as the biggest penises, the richest man in the world who care out you, somebody
more generally, we look like right now, not at all is naked selfie in the bathroom, where he's wearing nothing but a towel. Looking for that matter, I am looking at their descriptions possess a description of what they said. They have and look at the description. They don't say that Robin applied by a pig's ear, Sanchez wearing a to peace. Red bikini, revealing her cleavage drop on a those who are not a priest. You got a pastor nosey that are frightened put no. Unlike some. You know air Leggum Perfect, like ok, the job Paypal's gotta, familiar and Venus and at how can you ok S, so he at basic law. Expose it. They are trying to extort him any has the emails to prove it cannot draw two thousand miles. We're going to die was given, may minded think, and I ve got a daughter cowboy now he was doing and investigate and on the Enquirer on how they got the text, messages that they release previously. So they don't want that investigate
to keep on going in and they some people feel like it has something to do it. I donno chime, cut down a job. Doesn't like the Washington Post. Like a whole. Lot more politically evolve to obey. The kind the gold toe to pathos for longer go the same way. You think did manages kick out money because you don't wanna, be bothered with the loss of this extortion, probably fight you for years. Ve got it now. Flower. I will outline you re drain on that front. Page news not get it off my chest, eight hundred five, a five one, o five one if you're upset you need event, is up Now, maybe you had a bad night or bad morning. You just need a little bit. Maybe Lady Anne and slept in haven't slept. Vigo call us right now, eight hundred five, five one off I wanted to breakfast promoting the breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man one, but we want to hear from you on the breadth of allowances.
They might marry you before what you say now my yeah work every day job and what you do, dimension, a miss you allow at every opportunity to call and speak to a loved one or friend, or don't the old phone and talk to people. You never know when you're good, call and weird man really wish. I would call called him or the more I was about We use grand right actually right, and I am going to do better than my oral phones, women to work and I go about the women are called people. Why talk to you? I wonder what all of what happened. My life is not. There remain only no money, you re, ok,
I want your shot out about you appreciate them. In the morning with allows me to get out and get an organ you now, but a lot on other. I want to give a shout my own view? dollar thousand lower. Fourteen Ok, big round, PAMELA women, the agile cries. Because you want to know what I want to know Chris does exist. You already know measure women, as they don't know, ass question. You re told me about you I saw the interview yesterday with the life course after then they might write based might bear my my bare and yours is something along the lines of the? U S and the girl is bothering you. Do you do the method
Yeah, that's a moment emitted I'll pay. You think that's what it is. I think you have done a good job and you like you, pursue rebounded things like like play club in here tonight you go by a United Europe. There is no real Diana Wallis, gotta men. Ok, you can't make people come out of the closet and severe ready number one for you. You can't force them yeah they're, not in the put it there not ready, for that is a ok I'll get. You have to people, do they in their own time. The thing about me craze one thing about me that I have a friend No eagle are fragile. Ask your enemies, you think. Did I'm gay, because certain things I say the problem now my lab, I'm just saying I use they. All these things are Muslims, as you know, come all grisly now creates Lama taters at eight o clock debate.
Regular review Friday. You might want to call back. Could we ask and is never questioned? Why? Ok, what would you have a job for the male? Nothing. Nothing rather lie you. Kids were tied up in a Brooklyn basement right and only what you could get him free with the giver job. You wouldn't doing window it make more kids land being evaded. Then see what I'm saying what goodness you felt safe and when you think about how to me you just come out there will accept. You would have shut up aid on five April What thousand and would you do it off chest love, the more the breakfast club Is it your time to get it off? Your jets are the main from you on the breakfast on your lap brown air round table was about not boxing
currently why you cranky moment. Thirdly, boy my my man though allow oh, my god, I fail in our care Hague, we're gonna walk body, although gun alive. And then you really way aeroplanes can you. You won't hear your line when it goes off so you gonna have to. I don't know. I've been on cloud, but I try in the air, but with music. I guess I went away. I care the midday, something cd, oil glistened, amazing, Phoebe Oil, c b you can. I get my from the pharmacy I'll take disability gummy before bed. They help me sleep they have. My anxiety I take to see VD syrup is like a form of marijuana planned. What is the point I don't get, you hide, helps would heal and I'm telling you you didn't get that without get that
farmers and forms you any like green light for healthy store. They usually have they got to. Let you know why you gotta find out. Why? Yes, nor I like that sucrose s not against sleep for him either some people- just you know what I mean. Does he hasn't leaving me our assent in married all, you don't even want to go and check that out of you who is in fact no. Oh, that's not the only waiting asleep at me, that was a very easy get that I get and they'll give them something so that he can monitor his sleep as well. We must thank you, J yeah, the subject I drove it. Admiral I've been working on an airplane. Like. How will you get money isn't like it always go straight, the bill I have been working on the move. Further work on the new European been like beauty at the moment. Cars without is like
every day? You know, I guess we're gonna work of book, I'm a bad day for my bed like we would come to complete it anyway. I have adopted a girl and I could write a note. So he says on Energy Strip. I have done that before. Like people. Do you didn't call me because it is called chopped, Toby Data, like my chow, Didn't have certain things, I'm just like. Don't worry about with me and my child got as long as my child is getting. You know that that is not all that much of what has gone on so confused by this whole phone call. What did we do it? What he's broke he's a little money anchored dealing is going to our times. What does in each? I have it we from some Georgie mommy much. Haven't them both under the firelight I'm young light. I'm twenty one point drama on a move, the career of things,
why would I lie? I get a tear glare of drama, get money supply going straight out both. What do I mean ass? We usually do we live works. Are you have built? Would you ort not do that men are worthwhile Marta workable, Papa then work for God. Ass, you Workin for Papa my brother era. What you are get two of the most holy institutions in the community today. Are you looking at the blue, in that you have in your life, will keep grand than it out bromine. If it is meant to have been made to happen. He met appreciative pleasant about me, lesser rather tat, thou. Sometimes when you against and live in check to check. I know I've been ever for modern Papa. Let me are you wraps, yes. Yes, yes, I do. I use only rapidly black rap yeah, my finger when seven, mostly making better make. It is true that occurs. Those dreadful symbolises make a busy making here.
I didn't do that here, Naga Bagley. Are you? Do I hear no more than a castle? I love you nor moved out. Ok, oh fought already boy and kettles that most, why don't you go? You can be broke for a long time. If you relying on your rapporteur and my brother, do that you should do. Is you learn a trade? They would also you into broke. You should learn a trade bro Yeah taking our Uk January in Bosnia. Is Georgia a day we all would junior dig? The little man- and I didn't really where the hell am I gonna- have a man is right. As happened again, you gonna work my manager, like I don't blame you! Wag rooms on your manager, Lizzie go learn a trade. Ok go
trade and you can be a productive person in this society. What a motive is never seen is sanitation is a police officer test coming around a corner, it is logical to Vienna Wrangle. Do not the volume of beatitude away. You wrap made me want to pay for your trades group. Does our death, I bet, wanna keep me away from a recordable allow via don't you but nobody love. And bade the day now may yet is made him feel even worse and honest if he was a little Abigail key word. You know anybody. You know this segment of supposedly for people to vent, give up their chests and feel better or you made me. Marriage was regarded as it does not seem right, we'll get. It obviously has eight hundred five, a one on one. I've got to go to war, more line is jasmines. A birthday Javert Happy birthday model may want birthday, is about marriage. Where we live, and there are no matter what you do obey a birthday in amendment that again that's it, you know
anywhere is no no supplies from you. And the family now, I'm sorry way where you from outnumber ok Thank you I'll, get it all future as eight hundred five a problem or far, will we got rules on away? Yes, let's talk about to catch you, six, nine out his Charles mother has some allegations against him. Will tell you what you had to say about to catch. His ex nine has done to her all right. We'll get internet mix, five thousand one hundred and we got rules on away. Yes, he has about to catch. You sick. Nine now his Chad's mother has some allegations against him. Will tell you what you had to say about to catch. His ex nine has done to her all right, we'll get internet Migs, Cuba, locked The club morning, the breakfast, What is J envy Angela YE shall remain a we oughta breakfast club was get to the Romans. Let's talk Wendy Whims
with his clothes were. According to sources on page six days pain. They Wendy Williams is scared that she's gonna lose her. As you know, she's, been having stand in Finland for her ever since she has had to take a break. For a number of different reasons and according to an insider, she is super scared and anxious and watching the cannon being a hit with her audience is very tough for her. They are already starting to mess with format is like wiser them square man with her baby. To be scared of. When you live you true, when you live in a lie, you have plenty to fear and it's gonna come up playing. To stop lying in covering up was going out with you and tell the truth, because the truth is am I regard as into a nobody fire that even lie the people- they don't you. You weren't anymore, and then you done message of honor, but you gotta, take care of your house, There is physical, mental, both whatever it is ass. The first priority I would say before
you decide to do anything, so she can't go back on the air until once the disease good Nothin abuse Gerda- you leave your truth. When you live, allow you have nothing to fear. I write a viable as he better than Leubronn. Well, I mean it's our market, let the result. Lazo talks about Laszlo by his son. Is he buried? the brown he has, but he said an undisputed I'll. Have you noticed there? The girl or law Lovell thing? Wasn't a love of that about Burma team. Are you crazy? You level better. Laval, yes found in order I'll move zone better than the brand of oncogene cause. I'm a little news he leave arising. The only real avoid saying that now, because he's upset that Lonzo ball has been in all the trade rumors and he's pissed, and I understand that you don't care about my son, late cuz, I don't care about. Y'all are Lebron and you know, what's that about who is probably not going to play off now
because our broad at the play with a bunch of teammates who naughty I wanted in early on coming drawn a motorway me now and used to try to me yesterday when I said that lake I try Alonzo Bob he's lying just getting late. Now, though these barriers, but the Bible had to say about what would happen Toto make as a long term view trade Muslims, worse than you ever do, and I guarantee they try Amazon. They will never get a championship later on Do you, like those words, could not be spreading to play with a coach? So your sand, Lebron James without lawns, o, cannot when a championship LOS Lebron James brought model is not what I wanted to what we ve done. Read about this year. I wouldn't know Hamish Abijah, ok, metabolize Would anybody Mazanderan temporary than ain't Anthony Davis, While it is not a happening, so they never when it comes to visit. I right now. Let's talk Lamar Odom. He has officially enter the big three draft pool he's been working there.
The hard and according to the lead, they say we're thrilled to see him return to: U S, professional basketball at the big three season so worthy what happens as somebody's gonna pick him up would at while we haven't seen what he plays like now, but he's a plain overseas right. I beg you. Do I don't love? You complain overseas by those in work, and I have always been doing a lot of pickup game so will see how is a play recently overseas for the mighty sports Philippines and he's been training. They said like crazy to get back on the court, so we'll see if he actually gets picked when the NBA. When the big three Jeff comes around in April. Odyssey success story begins are back on the big three. First being all we went through AIR Abbe nice for him I right just bieber. Now he was involved magazine and he was there with his wife, Hayley Baldwin any talks about not having sex a year before getting married to Hayley, he said that he decided to do that because he needed to feel closer to God. He thought it be a good way of bettering the condition of his soul. Anything said
we waited him, but he only as a result and when they d get back together, they actually refrain from having sex until they actually got married when they went to the court house in New York City. He said he had a legitimate problem with sex. He said it was his remaining vice that didn't provide pleasure anymore. He also says he abused in acts in his youth, and he said drugs put a screen between me and what I was doing and he said his security would sometimes check his pulse at night to make sure that he was still that's around y'all, be so worried about good sex. You better make sure your partner got good spirit. I was listening to Gary Zukav and Linda Francis today on Oprah Super soul I got a little lucid at this morning with, unless spiritual partnerships and being yoked, which your partner, at the Spirit, you know seen growing spirit. You know ass, he might just in highly, did and you see when Divan came on the shantytowns by him and making good and how they waited for have sex until they got me married man. He was celebrate for a long period of time after he was running around
Allow me earlier date, Israel not worried about a nuttin worry about your soul, and people do tend to be allowed. My pigeons when sexism let their goal is all the time. So imagine how much more productive people could be if they would just wait, was amiss the point of those animals. You as bait physical go fade. At some point in your life. All physical attraction in everything or fate of some point. You live you Baldwin's sagging brisk on Gazeta. You not go. Look at your pardon, his name, spiritual partnerships over sexual body. Here they that you're still attached to the maximum that you were in love with, even if their looks change absolutely years? I'm looking unworthy of a locomotive determinism ago. Twenty one, a lever to sail Let me just show you feel like that of seventeen. Eighty to discourage your connection, the joy ripe. But I feel good tribunals sickly, attracting absent you're here. Somebody could be ugly to you agrees on their personality, but I think you know you're a truly
Somebody is not just about their looks. You could be physically attacked it. I've got all I'm saying exactly what I'm saying, never you're saying that when people get things get shaggy and all of that you're not gonna be physically attacked. I do not say that I said that when that happened, you still have a spurt attraction to a person and you're connected dispiriting you, not even caring about the physical at EU level and item. I leave my wife and behold it I'm up for me. I'd ass would allow me, regardless, I am actually yeah. That's your rumour report and our eye we go from page was covered up. Yes, we are going to talk about extortion find out who is trying to extort Jeff basis, and he has. He has all the receipts. Alright, we'll get it, that when we come back, keep a to breakfast club good morning. Everybody is the
envy lock me more at its affrati. Other breakfast club has right as national laughing get rich days. Everybody get a good chuckling from cast all right. Well, let's get some four page news. Mba all thought is next week team the Braun, verse teens Greek freak Nell Abram picked of Kevin Turann James Hard Inquiry, Irving Anthony Dave is been, Simmons wait terms into way wages to name a few and a greek freak pricked up curry, Well, indeed, for George Campbell Walker Dirk, he picked up the Angelo rustled ass, a shout to you, you and Russell Ispra. I think. He's abroad is gonna smash team retreat of while a browser, if you could do that in real life is actually I was you do that either accurate. I can t see fifty km absolute. He was as we would like to know what sort of my wireless sick about this extortion attempt now Jeff bays those whose the founder of Amazon he's a billionaire went on their blogging,
that for medium and said that the national inquirer executives we're trying to extort him. He said something unusual happened to me yesterday. He said I was made an offer. I Can you refuse- or at least that's what the top people at the national Enquirer at I'm glad they thought that, because of him, both of them to put it all in writing, rather than capitulate to extortion and blackmail, I've decided to public exactly what they sent me. Despite the personal cost and embarrassment they threatened. Basically, they were threatening to release them pictures. Him and his former mistress. Now girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, so I guess he's got his way say: no, you will not extorting good for jobs, resource love, you truce and nobody can use your true. Forget you, the epidemic might bear me. What have you got to say about me a due to me empathy and due to myself now, as I extortion is also something like that with someone like him. When is this gap no one's his dying? Why we, let me not paying because they already have these things so now I've already.
Story do now? I'm gonna keep on doing that. There were no, you can't have to put a stop to your right, and so, when you go to war with somebody like their bases, you better make sure you have your money right. Jack bases can keep you tied up in court law lies entirely right and you know there's always these It is about how the Enquirer buys up all these stories negative stories about down a chump to make sure that they never get published so it the picture is that have to do with damage empty, spend a lot of money by those things so they it doesn't go to another outlay. It doesn't get put out there why they support over. Yes, I right now, let's discuss delta and Coke Day. That's our policies as in Coca COLA. Ok, before Charlemagne, things, which have been about significant delta and Coca COLA, had to apologize to pass. There is they objected to their new and fried napkins. Now, on those napkins, people were encouraged to actually give out their phone numbers and gave him to people that are strangers, so one napkin said called because you're on a plane full of interesting people and hey, you never know on the others.
Has the name and the phone numbers. I guess you're supposed to pass your phone number to a stranger on a flight. Now people were uncertain. Media like hey, Delta and Coca COLA. These napkins are creepy, pretty sure no unappreciated unsolicited. Numbers in the good old days and I sure as Hell, don't want it the number or someone has been gawking at them on a plane for hours. Today, not a good luck, the both sides. It is number one. Nobody wants to be bothered on flight number. Two added very old way of you know. Connecting with something resembling tat was why, You know how many times that we used to do to Baghdad. As you trying to tell me now back today, we with an element go unused to write letters. There say: would you go meet check? Yes, good when you're in a plane and someone sends its hands. That's you in there like staring at you announce uncomfortable.
As somebody who, forty years old, how many times we used to do to Baghdad? As you trying to tell me now back today with an elementary school when used to write, let us dare say, would you go me check? Yes, a technology tat we know creepy now man come on now is highly encouraging people to do it and they lag leg. I get people having to do what they can do when, instead of having that on every napkin on the plane, let's not encourage, so we should encourage people. To meet people generally speaking at a mediaeval intolerable, and I would make a joy spectacle, tat we have to pay Did you know I don't even want to. You haven't even had a conversation, but you could you say no Macaulay. What have we been a little conversation on play and another. You know, you don't need a napkin let me give you my number: you may have to grant bays like us old school right now my name monopoly or call me somewhere around it. They have apologised since
anybody they defended and they said they are removing those. Now that was later limit social media backlash makes everybody apologize thing that they really shouldn't be about employment. Really, sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry to direct apologia. Thank you boy. I apologise to you I'll, be mad at me. Pollyanna, I'm, sorry for me, is our biggest sorry sorry arrives. Are you sorry? Are you planetary? Arms are now I am so I'm sorry. Maybe, as I welcome when I'm not sorry enough, you like me, as I am sorry you think I need to be his are outside as front page news. A right and when we come back, all this hard to be joining download. I, for that, did you know. Outlier dies out his hand. People. I know he is white folks, finally happy but no equal, for, though I'm sorry, I'm apologizing to people who don't know who did he is going to be what I know who you don't matter in situations like this, I'm side at our discharge was empty reign in straight out accounting and I'm Sorry that he's playing in hints and no movie white men-
in want an I'm sorry that this kid is absolutely going be a star days, a great guy. I'm sorry. I shall make you an apology. I desire you guys got out of your system that match what more Charlemagne Lozada we got out is hard on in that direction. Here by the far right, breakfast logo- boy, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy- we are the breakfast club. We got a special gas in the building and I've seen him have sex with european law This was Let us not put out about how to contact the what they mean written Fordham. I've been on you have, What was his eyes Many of you started acting at a very young age right through email, I was I was. I too am a brother. Edwin argues also acted, so army start afresh, hey, you know, just don't framework Ashworth, all lab, but
we don't like a thing in essence, photo shoe. They need an extra kid. My mom told me if I did a job, I get a bad man. I got my Sagamore, Burma has love and they send back. They look. I was announced maneuver young age hours hasnt wherever I remember my brother nodded show on Broadway called Showboat and then Showboat. You know we sitting there doing a play and all that, but I'm sitting there writing poems trying to sell it to the Ask me some eight years overriding power right now. If you want this warm lie in business. I think I wanted something God as a basic attitude or even though like you, we now look. I was not playing. I had my hassle when parents do that, but that, instead of letting you saw, but my parents will form a razor Minorca now Japan Station on my mom's, I was raised in Singapore in household. Primarily, my mother was all this education. So when it came to act issues I love
it's the privilege not the priority, so we had to earn it if we want to bring an asian bees home, we want going on auditions, I'm going to be none of that. She made sure that Vacation was primary in that we had a childhood all we knew like she told us. They can take anything in this world away from you, except what you know. Right and again we were doing the business, but we're still in the time that you know we weren't don't so well, what are we would threaten voting Hackensack. Ok, you know the time we used to live in our car been homeless due to adopt. So all I know is that if I wanted a certain reality had make it was day. I was not a product, a my reality. My reality was gonna, be product me So for me, that's where all these ideas came out, because I knew I wanted all these things without the idea that I could buy them, Osama just make it that's. Why, as a part of what drove me to my engineering path- and
You in school engineer I went to school, I was at us and a cause of desire for architecture. Product is off like two seconds had didn't finish. Just because I got a job. It took me a start on Friday night light. I think it was I was in sexes. A couple months turn into like a whole year, saw us themselves out. How do you teaches us to be engineer? Let us take that point, but about together you, you is passion basically do it. Now you do you like grabbed a bunch of both most of em and friends. Livestock learn French, but a just by much machines or by part stigma problematic ever see our works that are still studying, design and understanding the relationships distances. All I kind of stuff now aren't you and die hard, those into die, but you're. The first one was our hair. Does different character? Nobody knew nobody trotting Meda,
would a benches back out like eight nine years old I was I was out here. We shall I was pretty don't because I had no ideal subject. Bruce was worse conditions. You have only now one of the first it was. It was like my second tourism like that, but how will you on eight, as I ate, Yea Conway, sandy enacted y. Know perfection not like that now, so you may die. What about those prayed, though, because I M actually told my mom: if you boys, one alert real foundation acting together stays! coincidentally enough, my brother and I had not issue for Shobo right after that then realize what was without it was like. The longest commercial abacha contract came now like six months, but ended up doing that broad wish of about two and a half years. I came in a low late. I was a young it first, my brother did if its whenever he has a joint amid when did a year and a half of it, for you I'll, go again at hand,
Oh you, home school, I was Miss happening. I hit home school, our fourth gray, because my brother, how always fight in school we grow Brown, allow even in Jersey, wait one missing Clifton. Once many black families round, we will want to feel widowed la racism. Evened out like the king came out. It was most people. Yesterday most we were. But we grew up around that. I'm talkin trash don't on a lawn every thorn in our backyard. Every every morning we had our Christmas lights cut three years in a row, so we just stopped putting them up, and you know the school. Try to expel me for whooping a boy up just because he called me the n word- and you know you sitting there like what you got
Oh, you know back there was. It was a website so calm and outward, and they said I was being a little rough one of wow now, but they beat me off the boy they tried to get caps. My mama save you know, expel my baby, you got their body, go get it look. So TAT was my master working up in a school in a call her my lady from Hell, because she was a miser us, but also to really protect us, but also to look out by the case as well, because the latter mass Goin on school, but yes, organ, whole schoolroom fourth grade and in it are we not get out of until I was fourteen where psychology fourteen soldier education was in a job. I just went to school in college normal. Mcgrath, I've been in the business was so long. At this point I am always around those plus I'm a low all men in general that my name means old may live in it.
Since I was a little, the Englishman is irish. No its work for me, normal, more normal to be around adults in you non fourteen. Among my classmates, you know the light from twenty to fifty years. All I've been around this on a regular basis. I was always awkward around cast my own age. I was ashtrays load kid, so for me it was. It was cool plus I was my brother. My brother was fifteen, so we weren't cows together and evidently had no sex life. Oh god, I didn't want of the browser that my name. Boy economically, I'm a man is together with it, was unconventional, Uniform SAM. But, commissioner, what that just my academia, man as yet unknown commission, like even Malo, sisters she ten years younger than me, but she started you see, I lay sixteen should gradually be it a god bless you
absolutely border mirth emerge even started. Issues for teaching went to her first medical programme, a burglary, my system or road, is you're. Probably you live in some parts. One around when I was younger boys. We You know we started a verbal relationship and I would like to see that relationship is a beautiful thing. Just because we were able to talk our differences- and I was able to understand way was man as I got all the other will not anger and oppression in our lab didn't realize how to deal with in all some of it had to do with his absence and other things by us being able to actually talk about me getting to understand who he was a man, then, in that time help meter. It's all point to forgive no matter how old you get disappoint. You still go on each pears and if you can find a safe Pfeiffer, been occurs
I still days is a man of China for young and sons always go wandering Beggar fathers yeah yeah, but I know that my position to get their respected, that a definite give that respects all can come from a place anger dealing with him. You not a man. You know I was down the hand that I brought great pairs man and an eye caning and shade on the express or maybe the lack of presidencies, because that's what made me when I say like my sister's, my heart, my mom is my strength, my brother so degrees like in our apartment, wisdom. I we got more without as high as when we come back, don't move to breakfast. Everybody is the J envy Angela, Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club we have out, is Hodge into building their lesson that the movie cause. I really was a ghetto song about why we had entered the only way they went with them. When I will have you seen the original, what women my balloon? Sorry, regional for sure, I suppose you
Add to that the classical before I saw when it came out- and I was actually manner, but you know, but when I've seen a movie and I'm more refrain about so as waiting this movie, I was talking about it and my friends and I was like what we want to know where men are thinking, that information that we never would you want to know is remoteness, know things by does dangerous leg to cause, people think crazy things they do, and you Charlie, you think you would want open now, you're one and prepare a small town going on with your girls taking hell. No, I do not. I don't need that ego check cuz, you know fellas, think they'd be killing some things, and you know your girl that you know real cuz. I love you baby and her mom it is my show come, and I wish you and I we had our galaxy with Radio- was there that the awkward as Elsie legos? Why she's the baby boy
He's gonna do a better job enjoying I've seen. It was first war, just in my experience Sexy love, magazines, she's all is awkward. People realize late. You are safe, the of you got your home with you as you gotta go see where you know I mean is now but you know I love and respect, but at the same time, like our peoples, the I gotta go Dance. You bear bare minimums and showed a world Have you got your whole crew? Nan air bodies, as you know, said not to say like and edges snagging, ship sank, drink a level that kind I lay there ready is an environment plus we talked about like the week before we shall see. We talked about, of course, and House go now what kind of points you wanna hit men that weekend she got a gay dead yea so that that legal and I did a tragedy,
that have not yet I gazed at a net bows Monday and Tuesday. Whatever womb got so it may it made us even more nervous. We just want to give an analysis, Gwig boss. I was in my relationship, it's diamond, you know we don't the first priorities. Take it home, you know, make sure you doing your job respectfully enough that that home is taking care of ain't, no worries that you know when she's a consummate professional, as am I so that wasn't an issue but that the next level of of discomfort is for me as a performer. How do we make this funny? You know you sit near nanny misgivings. You got the whole world like and, as you know, a saint testicles out, never bang what a technical adjusting ethical games What is our looks over there?
That is why MRS Mann and had a good Roddy knew so it's infer and secondly, what now? What do you get a wreck? Why she's doing because I've never used the gun? many people rising ass one, so you Mamma is so uncomfortable. It is so. Could you deal with people? They know you just have lunch with these people, there are so many other things going on in your mind, that does not even come close to arouse lie. I shrank it. I wouldn't get now I'm good, I'm good. I had of problems manner by it. It doesn't even get the cause. You still work. Do you remember you're, lying? Remember your angles: you're dumber, Goma, controlling I allow me well well known about. He said to me
RO I gonna like fibers, are unaware sweats, it's a pillow salaries where nobody really drink it. Shrinkage sure you knows, is a promise afflicting a lot of men out loud I'll. Think of attention to it, and I think it s all in one of as a unit of sad thing of English, you start a movement in offering shrinkage. Just let the rose! No, we care care, no salt matter. They do they do in that little me airline hand, efforts, shrinkage, a lonely to two different days, and then you can do about it you see, the difference was low, mean it actually low me I'll, go all out a rapid that allow anyone if coal and you step the shy away to a quick. Second, you self Esteem draft EU, thereby where I wouldn't. What have you got? Lonely shrinkage? Why didn't you just got Kirsty S main got age you exactly as it can
movie now becomes out on eight February aid and you got to work Morgan several years ago our gaze find these in his own orbit is also early. Is there Tracy Veil over Tracy's there, like he's constantly in practice, will be offset sovereignty. Did you have a norm? Conversation what you realize it demands practicing. His stand has risen to jealousy and eighty guess or set new Sidney. You lie out. Ok, I get he stays in practice right, Mr Rocard, cat! You know, I feel, like you, don't know what it's like acting like. The rolls you ve done so far is like a kind of like
We need you, but I just like your rage probably way. Rada, why not? I appreciate the right to get. There is every unsafe. Is this is a year for it you not of sand, as this is a beautiful year, because gonna foam commoner August nine Carbine banks which are really loved by the bomb, a membrane who I see a tough guy mother got out in jail names and print of of gothic you, the rate, the exactly ass could be dull yea. I know I thought, as it's a beautiful ferment as a phone follows Eskimo August knife of all. You know this is a really great friend. You buy a brain. I play Brown Roby. Well may that's! That's what I'm saying this this year's definitely year of rage, somehow here right now, shootin my tv show call city on a hill and that I think it shows us
and then you know, like mention clemency, that's a ass. She was at Sunday. We just want the grand jury process after worded in a beautiful direct erratic, and I echo glue. They did a great great job that so and then that, on top of you know the arsenal of what may want so for me is is a fantastic if exposition because abandoned game thirty years, and I have been trying to show people like show a stretch, your I. By the way. The way you know I've been drowned homage to those of you organize Mcdonald's. Each arms in old, Jonathan Burge is as each other matrimony, where it says is devised radical a bargain. For thirty years. I understand sacrifices that made is even when ass, a teenager man, sometimes couldn't paid, went because I was I I'm not going out for thug one third to I can do it because it's gotta be more in our soldiers of the
the idea of the black man was always normal to see? Isn't thug rose, but we couldn't see it like. My normal for black people is success. We are a massive part, America's success. We at one time they will have the support we are these websites like we were the currency as if you want to remove our identity from from from the definition of success, Anna was gone or who educated you need to go back to school, but the problem now is with the cultural politics or have, and we got a whole generation that doesn't realized pages, don't know any fathers in an hour, not what ever you wanna do you just have to be nothing but excellence in is not about. Actions in the field is about us excellence to yourself like you have, me and exceed your own potential. That's your responsibility to yourself as right there for joining us right. I will be as damage you dropped by annihilated
All that is gone now really. Ok, man of advice that Roma Amazon. You much ass watch anonymously. You much else will build employment rate is only about six m, illegitimate system, you are paying for. Ok is the breakfast locomotive. Ok year be body is J envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club good morning enough that out the hard core of labour. I assume you thought I think so too is already that we have a lot of things happen in his ear. He has allowed a movies on the way there is already a star now shut up. Luke article listen to every morning to the breakfast club. I think God is either eight or nine hundred and thirty always tries to call up here and never gets through so shit about his grades, goody, nice, basketball, is good to his brothers. Assist decided what the shallow cod
Uncle Bob Little Carlo Repair did say with tears, which doesn't matter with parents. Do you now I don't know. I was better Forty though loyal mandatory keys, right now norm kid, daddy, daddy, where they go. I note, and I dont Know- go rats kiting LUCA, now of rumours. When we talk about how we are going to be taken about How do you bein ass? She had a great interview, a beautiful photos. You am, I tell you what he had to say about post pardon and about her rags to riches story broker I will get into all that when we come back, keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive Bob, this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club. I right where the rag was he supposed to host the ice currency tied to work it out
Somebody asked him on social media about that, and they said he would have been a great hope for next year's askern. He went social media and said they did actually asked him. He said I was their first choice to host this year and my goal was to make it the most fun and entertaining us cuz. Ever we all try hard but couldn't make it work since I'm suing in Jumanji to me, and I was super Bomba. Maybe one day down the road of a given heart, shooting Jumanji do yet they mother, oh so he can do it. Has it that by maybe he's schedule is different at all now broken he's not hosting it either. So there you have it. I re Oriana Gladys albums out and she has a song under that everyone's talkin about called ghost in, and it seems like she's talking about MAC Miller and his untimely passing in that zone.
I rise everybody second about that song are people are saying it's really heavy to listen to now. She was supposed to perform Grammy's, but according to reports this aimed at as she just couldn't put it together, put together for the show it and all fell apart, but she saying it's because she felt like they disrespected her. Now she wanted to perform her song seven rings, but the producer hold area that song when you connect with audience. So we ask that issues a difference on. She felt so strongly about it that she said that she would pass what audience to remove. The show is televised on tv in seven rings has done well What honourable one song, I would argue that connect we'd, like them them old suited, did an odd
The grammar literally could tv right get ads. Here I mean his audience there, but it's really for tv. You would want the tv audience to connect with more than anything a re, an inner. I guess she's upset that produces ain't. She couldn't pull it together, but she wants to make it clear could have, but they wouldn't. Let me do the song she wanted to do other people who reportedly turned down before. Kendrick Lamar Drake Child is Gambino and so on. So allegedly they decided not to perform at the Grammy's. According to the producer of the show, Am I right now, let's discuss cardy being she's on the cover of Harpers bizarre. She has a great new interviewed by the wearing of yes all the pictures from the photos you pursue the photo she's, pretty amazing, gauze resort approaches. I just make it Everybody might not have national judges a lot of things in the interview, including experiencing postponing depression after the birth of culture, her daughter, who is now seven months old. She said she thought I was going to have. I thought I was gonna avoided. When I gave birth down to tell me about postponement. I was like what
I'm doing good right now, but I don't think that's gonna been but out of nowhere. She said the world that heavy on her shoulders. She said she felt like she was in a haze and jobs jobs out of that toward that she was supposed to have her Bruno Mars because he felt it would be difficult to bring her daughter on the road. She also says he has not yet higher professional help because she's afraid you can't trust anyone so her man has been helping her out as fires with her daughter, ass, beautiful ass, I would should be you shouldn't really trust. Anybody with new boycotts is no way of actually tell him, but a family member could always the best s enthusiasm. For some reason I sit on fell like my bodies, the same I feel like, I don't have my balance right yet when it comes to heels, I'm that is good at walking anymore. I feel like I'm, holding a weight on me. I don't know why. I'm skinnier than ever, but there's an energy Ben Gunn back yet that I had before I was pregnant, assist the weirdest thing now. She also did say and is any view that offsets suggested, marries counselling, but she doesn't want to do that. As she said, she
just doesn't feel like it to get. I don't wanna cooled Basel asset David, necessary steps. You doing the work I like to have so like the only ass, a service that go to marriage counselor was wrong. Marriage counselor! She is now ready for yet and that's why she's ready You know they'll do, but I do it, but I like the fact that, as on his rate, I loved effect that he suggesting marriage counselling you gotta go. I didn't do anything to do anything to get your baby now. They also asked if anybody close to her was involved in decisions is split up with a sad and she said no, nobody makes decisions about my life, but me and the reason why should I want to go to marriage causing? She said that she was like I don't want to go. There is no council. Are nothing can make me changed my mind grassroots, when she was not ready to forgive him in any way shape or form. She was upset at what he did and she's entitled to feel that way in which he is ready to embrace all set in and back and for which you want to. She can do that to you and then I will get the counselling and if you ask how are they gonna get back together, she's, not really sure. So I seem vex. You just need some time
to figure out what it is you want to do and again there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The rumor is that Travis gotten Kiley general. That it Nick Cannon and that's because some comments that he made as he's filling in four Wendy. He's on her showed check it out. I rather my daughter, be go in this direction in the college dinner direction. This girl did see may have a bad mouse. You need some guidance, Unita warping, but at the same age, Kiley dinner was getting plastic surgery. There was, but if I had to, I want my daughter to get out there and be allow mouth in talk, because then I can say as about discipline and respect, but when it gets to the other one thing that I can't control in the end, because The media is controlled and everything as a parent via the duke of pigs bear baby. Would a bad I don't have it- does not the road what he said ass, if it s his opinion on how he raises dog is not road, I don't do it damned enough in Canada
but he made a lot of noise on our shoulders. We draw political link in an idea of what you have once again and is trying to do is put his admiring avenue. Data Adagio godchildren again and again and then make a noise elegant invigorated. They can make a noise all we gone on a damsel s right in what he said was he says what will my daughter? I would prefer to have a bad acting daughter in a daughter that is, I guess he saying caught a low self esteem. This won't plastic surgery at the age of seventeen. Eighteen is no more without necessarily having got offended. You can't help. He began offended by certain things so David later on and on I don't beat my kids, so I don't agree with the belt thing, but I mean I was a person that was raised by the belt and the extent they were in Sweden. Denmark didn't seem like that were no matter. Where she has snapchat there is doing major numbers is aimed at her, so had over ten million unique people tune in to see what happened just as Pass Monday, so that site that is going to be a hit.
At Angela YE, and that is your room, a report, our road. Thank you miss Yes, we given, I don't get too. We need Michel Rodriguez become indifferent, irrigation you? It is a letter from the fat king over like that. Where would I arrived, we'll get internet necks and then, after that it will be freaky freaky freaky Friday I'm looking forward to, and now you are right, breakfast locomotive breakfast your morning. So now would be to say here and now to have an adult snow day, heads Ebay this winter and make the most of your money shopping. Ebay deals with our best price guarantee. Pleasantries, being on millions of items. If it's happening on your adults no day, it's happening on Ebay, don't get a date. Did you come as you get donkey of the day today is used for?
I'm a fat knowledge. What this man to unblock this matter, viable Charlemagne tapping I've got to make a judgment donkey on the day the breakfast clogging, Lloyd you the day to day well, edgier and dont you today for Friday February aid goes to Michel Rodriguez, you know monsieur. I realized she plays lady on fast and furious. Yesterday she crashed themes. Rider. Yes, in the movie widows, William Neeson- and if you remember his weekly amnesic, said this, she told me she had been raped, but he handled the situation of the rain. I asked: did you know or color shoved his black person? I haven't opened areas whether course hoping I bet
approached by some. I am ashamed to say that I did it for maybe a week hoping some black bastard would come out of a pub glibly about something you. So I could come. We'll Neeson wanted to kill a random black man. Any blogging is disturbing, was raped by a black man. He received donkey if doc you today, for that, ray thing? Is we could try Mama's boy day dream on one guy killed because it is a kind of logic, Deadly M Neeson possess this is a form of profiling. Cayley amusing, just wanted to kill a random blackmail, because a friend was raped by Black men, of course, to Liam Neeson all black men? A rate was just like to join him in all black minute thugs. Who must not act like this mentality can't lead to violence in death because in his country had so often does put back to Michel Robbery has not during an interview with Vanity Fair Michel Rodriguez was asked by Liam nieces. Commenting she replied is all effing bs Leah me. It is not a racist. Do
Have you washed widows? His tongue was so far down by all day with his throat you can't column erases, ever races don't make out what the race d hate, especially in no way does as with his tongue, especially in way Liam doubled his tongue so deep down his throat. I don't care how good of an actor you are a sob. Has ignored he's, not erases you. The loving man is all lies. In quote now. I don't know with me I'm these in his erases our night. But the comments made about wanting to randomly killed admit, is indeed very racists, and I don't know of Liam Neeson his raises. Night, but I do know, he's an actor and I would think any act or can play any roles of you are. Races in real life to play. A role on screen were united races and have the kiss a black woman doesn't seem like a scratch but Michel. I don't love you know about this. Travesty in our country called slavery. Ok enduring slow,
every sexual abuse, including rape of very calm and when it came to slave rather than slaves, in fact, the sexual abuse of slaves actually a part of the culture of slavery alot, especially in the south, because they view the slaves property a little research, Michele will show you that in Virginia in one thousand six hundred and sixty two, there was a legal doctrine adopted or sexual relations between white men and black women were regulated by classifying children of slave mothers as slaves, regardless of their father's race or status. So white slave masters slept with slaves and created more There was even a whole population of mysteries race that develop because these union, these unions, I noted you, don't think to slave masters warrant- raises because they impregnated the black women and hello mixed, raise baby right Also good note, Michel in those same sovereign society, they punished sexual relations between white women and black main, because it was damaging narration purity, very hypocritical, you think now. Let me
it is done in basic terms. I'm from South Carolina born raindrop include barf circular home to one of the most notorious raises. A magazine, nameless grant them it buildings wave named after their biggest grom. Thurman was a segregation is who ran for president under the Dixie Crap Potty, and what's he played he won't play? He said they had not enough troops in the army to force the sovereign people to break down segregation and admit that end race into our theatres into US woman pulled into our homes and into our church is he was a segregation? Is he didn't want people in is one includes homes charges, but he had a black guy. He was twenty two. When you regulated a sixteen year old Black me in his father's house. Her name was s he made I Williams Google, why your friend statements? Yes, this is America where a white man can not want you in his club, because you a black but can shoot your black club in impregnate you. Furthermore, why do we live in a society where people feel they have to say so,
What is the preobrazhensk job nowadays? Dupree offers not print Michel and give us something made conscripted to say when the Bali meeting, I don't understand why people make statements that will ultimately cause and lose money when shit Nell up his free. I notice Ass Grange coming from me what I have learned when I see a lot of people have said about something and I don't really understand what they are and why they are upset. Why make a state and a statement and tell me a bug, and I ask people what think a bug in Why? How about you and I'll have publicly? I have probably, because are you learn when you learn a provision for making statements by Michelle Rodriguez, because if you would have simply asked someone you could have learned about America's complicated racial history and you could have easily discovered what race is like. Strom Thurmond and people with racist thoughts like Liam Neeson can love black boom boom, but I also hate people, please let remedied Michel Rodriguez, the biggest ya. Ah he you stupid mother bar you dogmas. Does the low teachable moment on the Friday morning
Does he bought at the movie widows? I don't know she knows I m. Will we ended? But if you go see that who knows is not a good comparison, many hours now: let's get down a bit like a warm for we do that logically, once again, a little bit around allegedly gizmo right, it's right is it Our debate is regularly fragrant with practical outcome. Doubtless of that is that nobody can lay in Uganda global. We ve been talking about the fire first of all right and our guy in the documentary that was on which one do you two Netflix point dynamic closure higher? Does it let's hear what Andy had to say show me so exciting year as it would Andy set them a fuck? You look good night.
Not that anti dialogue is all God in his end again, but we call the said Annie. We need you to take one big thing for the team. You're are wonderful gave leader and we need you to go down. Will you suck to fix this water problem and I literally drove home took a shower. I drank some mouthwash MIKE. Oh my gosh, I'm really, and I got in my car to drive across the island to take one for the team now this next segment underbrush club, is not about equality. Now, it's not about equality right about equality at all asylum is. You have to sit. This went out late strictly. To fell is necessary in this question about to be, we have to ask, Golly amongst demand, a guy with Alice, has nothing to do with ongoing. We talk no matter. If you gave me I'm a great man. Does any man out their Perry Correct, eight hundred five, eight five five one. Are you willing to suck for trucks now know what would make you do? I Andy
what the hell was that what would make you as amendment was that what would make you give fellatio. I know a lot of people men out there like no, I would nevertheless less have low level. Just because it's a nice out here, you magazine, I guess, is this recreation right? Ok, what would you do it for How good Andy was willing to do it for any was willing to do it. The maid that water got into the fire festival ok solemnly what we like. Would you be willing to give fellatio foreshadow? Member would you add weight and he would nobody else got junk at eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one before we go. Can I just ask drama left right fast dramas. Now it's a government has got a bid,
First me: why haven't anatomy situation, a drama who are guy? You are wrong. There's gotta, don't you gotta gardening Mothershead got a gun, you Mama's hey! This is traddles out. Let her go. If you sucked out let her go. If you put a bit o my beloved, yellow crazy, would you do it I support amendment. No three thousand jobs are running very broadly ada. Rapporteur plywood. Sorry, I listen, I'm not going to say we're just thereby beans you, played on elegant way, they do have workers, be cream, don't bother me I've been thinking. I can afford moment right we'll do I go back to give her something I can afford. Myself is to breakfast local body The breakfast club, everybody
Angela YE shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast going out the instrumental plan you got. There can play its fridays. You know what that means is freaky fraud. Of course it just goes to the famous out the amateur stand down our rice aware asking what would make you do it If you don't know where the junior their teaching is to be J. King he's on the Netflix fight documentary play what Andy made man they call the said Annie. We need you to take one big things, so the team you're are wonderful. Gave leader, We need you to go down. Will you suck to fix this water? and I literally drove home, took a shower. I drank some mouthwash MIKE. Oh my gosh, I'm really, and I got into my card to drive across the eye
to take one for the team now right, family law willing to take over the team that, like that follows monogamy artist, moon all right so solemnly, would you do Andy king? It may be, Somebody had your mother tied up all your daughter's tied up or your. Why are we a white tied up? Would you do it? as the last resort to bad. You mom sat up and they said either you have to stop this or we won't kill a moment. Furthermore, they want what Mamma do you? I D got our tied up in insolvency, I'm just like you do it. That was, if that's what it took that was like literally the last resort, and I knew for de. My mom was gonna, be safe and sound. Absolute Zylka Bell We as our white care. Macgyver, communist, even nasty, even if they had your mom title, If they are your mom tied up and said, the only way to get her free would be to Poland became. Would you do it? Will she be cancer? So I think should be
whilst I you were you why you have, nor do they not my goodness: gracious our people, Some was only are really maybe I'll bet, my guys race, no doubt will be. I will not go through full lads. We have MIKE alone the Michael Good Morning. Good morning was not at all a Michael now. Would you do the king for anything out there absolutely not shares in a whirl. My legs. Are you take your kid was tied up in Brooklyn? Basically, I ain't no way who has a more ok yeah? What do you know what black we just is ruthless. His wife you what's going on in american, solitary limit, so unwilling to use them no way and you can be considered to be a man would look.
Why you gotta be a right away. That's why we did you might make you more than men put Japan, because any man as well to do more and more than me more than make more of a man me. I got a bad one: public opinion problems. I mean, as requested, the whole world is about to explode. Imagine Dana's, really comes down and all rated defeat Dana's he got they affinities dolls. Is this black panthers penis you're, not gonna? Do it in a way I can do? will wake up in another world. I know we have asked crazy. No one has greatly wasn't. You have created a little thing. You let him snap before you up, I charge come on in, Now, Charles now, if a gunman got your kids and said he only way, I'm a release. This kid is a view. So you know I do the king? Would you do it? I would definitely
There you go. Hardly a real man he's the one you want to know what we say yeah. What do you live? evil biting yeah. Oh you kinky noggin, all right away. It is a rough ride of you. The garbage we'll do today will be castration shop. They could just ass duration. Eight hundred were all right. We're asking. What would you pull the eighty king for call is now? Is the breathless Logo morning, pointing everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club is Friday, so you know
May the virgin you were asking, what would you do Andy King for reminding who ended changes in case they don't know play or at least from the fire festival documentary, and this is what he said about the festival of what he almost had to do. They call the said: Annie. We need you to take one big thing for the team. You're are wonderful gave leader, We need you to go down. Will you suck to fix this water problem and I literally drove harm, took a shower. I drank some mouthwash MIKE. Oh my gosh, I'm really, and I got into my card to drive across the island to take one for the team she now for myself is for my keys. My wife, my mom. Perhaps I would have to there's a man you have to say I would think so too, and some of your line. I know that we have these definitions of masculinity in our community sucking.
De as that considered a masculine thing to do, but the first law of nature herself self preservation in survival in our you don't want your people to survive in a sucking D. Is what causes YO p. Does survive. You'll do it. I re A more indeed view such shallow ye must sally. A re now. I personally would but for these it is a miracle outdo, Felicia Envy, so he started pettiness back on show the avenue These shortcomings on February, twenty first, I'm waiting for an invite them up there with the beef drop. One drop, unexploded bombs and look in the mirror. They so does daughter so down every not going over the motorway if it is quite low, so it is so much is offering we may offering to suck your d here.
It's not your data make peace with these a marrow, you're gonna die Maggie. You know why are we so baby Yoda too, when I get up now to make peace with two black man you're not going to marry you? this progress by the poor. We just vanished the oil seed guy the moral of the story, I still hope. Would these America Please would envy the whole was I'll give you was gone on carefully J for Taylor, the fact you gave a babe yet I am not going to start when you got at this question today. Think of all, I would like to hear why about culpable my fax loudly tat allows they already do realities. We do it for like in your car
you're, not my guy, only not asking for money who asked him by life or death, situate, em right light with their situation, no depraved, there's gotta be money of all out the gun kids, like Emily, relieve you much varieties gave a day w envy sound like you did before, and what was the point Your debate was the price Keith. No, I really don't know. I really really couldn't give you a bite. It likely that it every morning, like a dog out now themselves about nine thousand dollars olitic for you. I did you like it or not. We, like They do not like the fact just challenging year. Masculinity this morning, I, like my actual your meal. I am I am I do it. Aren't you gonna give you because demand before now, I would for the mighty keys.
Cable, the way they was money, love people will start. Now we ask about men, Sarah, so you must be talking about your boyfriend. Oh yes, my boy read what you say we have a lot of money right now. Are we were highway forth? You do you will open in good faith in an online, they won't do like or any figure Alaska conferring you gotTA hungry, a weed ere. I agree with the measures in question. Are you willing to do this? They will do I did thousands of its value. No majority for optimism lights. Maybe I'll pull this day to pay you bills no no second life. This is your boyfriend. Would you now air can resolve the blues what's up brother, why you want a trade, I'm so hungry right now,
Anything go with me. Why you're so hungry? What and what would what happened in your life? I now saw a chinese food, be ok from you. I know there were you. I gotta go We might hear much ass. You have met with such as mayor of material. That is what I wanted to tell his Gaza, because maybe people don't do what you can do as it can ok, I have on the table. We boy. What should I do? Should I tell me the name of the Gaza where you live in a monument better doesn't get anybody does he does it spreading eyes? Moment The o ye see anti HIV? the now anyway, a were better the EPA be earned as long as a year.
Amazon, ammo, Pavia Chinese and no man, so he got it s, no definite Chinese on pollutant, sixty nine dollars maverick important. Sixty eight dollars in your cash happened to amuse me. One you guys we are we buy me. Why do New ever knew brought So we got you know you know. I'm cares about right now. Please go ledges your cousin God and other minorities, and twenty I was at an extra age at the Charlemagne eyes, I'm mom wow. That is that per month, whom this moon will be to another Lahti. Romania's into it, you never know we could add. We should as it maybe by so maybe it's like a double Is that right there s a double untangible? How does that have to do with moral of the the moral of the story is. I know that you are have these definitions of masculinity in our community, but when it comes to survival, what are you willing to do to survive that? Maybe
willing to do it for some time. As an answer, may I say that about his mom is key way. Tat is what is delicious. Now the days of the substance, I don't owe a debt advantageous, think like on sweater. Ajay left photos to tell you shall he has two dozen donors? What's up? his retreat? How much my goodness I any better thou right. Well, we got rumours runaway yeah. I guess, We are going to talk about, make male find out where what he's been doing drag, you know, he's got a new video enough. You guys had a terrible struggle terrible thing. I hereby rationalist breakfast locomotive the breakfast club morning. Everybody is J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are, the breakfast cloudless gets aromas. Let's talk Mcnally
feeling that this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club. Yes, Macmillan's right, they did, they go and bad music video together. Do you guys get a chance to see are seen images like nastier, first collaboration? Since did the winds and losses album the Rico song off at that, and that is a lot of guests. Here. It is in the video to tee. I D, J Mustard Nancy has us was beat, and even more than that, so make sure you guys check that out our eye with Khalifa New Song out is only available as an Oreo cookie. In order here, the tracks you have to get the orient ways, Khalifa Limited Edition music backs and it plays a music off the groves of an Oreo like a record here is a little snip before you is called stay play.
They say where's, your global fine, we say platefuls never died of failing to break it up. I think we should now or young I right. If you went to get that Oreo cookie backs, I guess is out his God. You can get that on February, tent on their website and Rand arouses helping people with Suicide prevention centre. As you know, suicide prevention is he would issue for her. Both her father s, grandfather took their own lives, so you must help other people as well. The an event on Thursday, where the new Didi, her suicide Prevention centre, will open on February twenty second, and here
she said I lost my mother and my family, like others, suicide is just as much if not more job. That's when you savages more information coming out about his being detained according to a police report, they saying that it was the atm that actually arrested him. They said ice has confirmed that he even though ice has come, he was targeted for immigration enforcement and nothing more. He was never arrested by the police and some other individuals. Fire in vehicle is not our concern here. So I don't know. What's going on with the twenty one, savage situation is
like they were targeting him for a different reasons. He feels like it's because of a song, the song, a lot where he talks about immigration, but according to these reports, now they're saying that he was driving recklessly. He was about to slam into we might cop car and that's why he was pulled over on that day. They found a fully loaded black in the car. According to these please report Oh y'all, man eyes was and it using the ice thing to try to get a criminal John twenty one source. Note no surprise to me that all of a sudden I e g, eight o clock on as an very confused what's going on right now causes all these different airports that are coming out now, array Let me Angela YE and his and ass. You re more important now right. Thank you. Miss ye shall to revolt, we'll see you guys later, everybody else to people's choice mixes up next to Friday, so you know we draw back. So what I want to do is with this mix is all about big point. Of course yesterday was is and a virtue of his passing, so we could do a big pine mix
and also earlier this week it was Cameron's birthday Monday was care, my birthday beautiful care and the fact that we did not this morning. So let me know your favorite pun, joint. You favorite camp joint, we'll get it on if, as local morning, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club, we got us most gets into building- is young legit cut wood undergo be here. Has on your first, I'm being I'm actually nervous, come one other lack, you know sake. It offers clear dharmu. Is really to call an Yang Philadelphia, you gotta think dj diamond cuts are day necessarily tell him what you do, those who don't know produce
DJ. Ah, did at the everything a dj could possibly do you know. Tarring discovering art is give some concrete examples where the people who don't know ok on production, one amount for big rugged that our producers to behold, Nicky Menage. Ah terrain for when Nicky, of course, tour below Mama on Tv Bt Rhapsody need the deal like the one after year in it, are you not discover Lucy failure? We know go to road and that I didn't you, do not have a law and went about little, whose, because you don't look, sound like nothing comin out of Philadelphia. Where are we? Signing the yourself Ellen is up I still am so well.
Susie, you know he had came. He should come to the studio with his friend. His friend was a rapper whose he's just you know thing with him or whatever. He had a couple: songs, nothing too big or whatever my husband called me buzz, and he said you was his kid symere. I really like him. I think we should work with them and I said, let me check them out. I looked them up. Metal of them are, we started creating songs. We created Oh, what do you why we created this all over? You know all of his earlier lit. Oh, I pleaded on a radio cannon hit me. Can I was I go dammit who they kid you play. We assess its name is obvious art. Is there we work and will he was onto our management at the time? And Canada will come down a meter. Nana saint I can in was interested dying. Interested. You know Kennedy and want to lose and then yeah, you know what I mean so he said. Was he come down and landed? Let me show you how we work. If you like how we work, you need to sign with us and take it from there. We was all excited. You know. We being
then the youth s evening, when a studio all the time you just work, any Thou qualities aren't We like air, we finally made at the time you were his manager, yet near me and my husband burn year yet so arm. So you know we will lose all excited. Lucy was excited. We was it. He went to Atlanta started sturdy little by little. He wasn't talkin to us anymore. I had I called and I'm cannabis You know he was like. I don't know, he don't want us to tell you what's going on with them in it. That's pretty much. Heavenly beleaguered on the street. They you guys adds will eliminate No, it wasn't designing a man's recovery or year. You know, what's it isn't he signed a cannon and drama, though also had a year? He saw you decide to them they of a production deal, I believe with the gear. Are we here management? It got a low tricky You know me, we mean birth, but it was. It was
right. It was always do pay year review. We new thinking here of pages to paid. You dig it out when we deal with here there and you know, come other things but enable took care of it. We share with you. My rose rose you now, I'm as will better. I may use that I have. I have united chances to cause. Of course he that things, what our station you not. I came up here to the powerhouse I'm up here in New York in, but I know you know you, you know we use aligning again Ray you wanted the being right. You know the kind of her because he was I Malo brother. We play all its harmonist studio. Like you know, this was the all fell. We all wanted to be had. We all wanted to celebrate, and you know what I'm saying so you know that's how they situation ended, but who fall There was a delay before getting into the air with Canada drama fog in there, and I will forward nobody idea and, thank God, damn it caused him off
so my proudly dig in zero? Maybe he does was like you know what they did. What they did. Let me keep them out there. I was. I was in a dark space for a long time, and I think I heard you were one Naomi, your book. I shook one where you will you, do all in our working. You git their clothes and then you get I know that my name beg annoy you oppose. You wanted Dark Spain, and I was there Will I anxiety in the present for a long time I just Canada out of it may be like a couple years ago, at least you're? Actually, so, ah so you her, it was. I am like this, my alone, Zog coming together in one breath, you please, I know Oh now, here at a year, is poor songs right, ah stream, it play forms able music title Abu API
be a kind is theirs in view of Unita low pick me up and ask why I called the cloud it because it was there. Tat were the musical saved me mentally cause. I did have so much mental all Guinness. I guess what I'm trying to say good, you know, worry about die in all his time. Will you worryin about you know all? It is the pressure that you got only where gale home in the holdings Ivy Damocles idea of reveal fell. May your book really help me like I really I keep it in my own. Are garlic? Is I call him sitting I got it Indiana since on the open it up, and I did read a couple pages in it, it helps me could it I felt I used to feel like. I was the only one to be an emergency room. All the time and I just knew my heart was going to stop. You know what I'm saying so, but that's why I called it cloudy and it was kind of like you know. Let loose parties have a good time and remind me when I first
to guarantee from Brooklyn in Algeria and a club music- and I ever heard club music before, but it was so my spine and every cook out every party answer as he was like why young p yeah got outta here, they gave me up. I feel I must say, doesn't dinner, our other room Valise Deal now recalls right, whom I respect your opinion that something is right. There respect, listen, we're not Google begging. For with these. You created New York Heavy earlier, but widower amateur ban you from coming up here because he's always avoided Logan. I would you told you, the gracious.
And her music rabbit got these are down to breakfast logo morning. Is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We oughta breakfast Club Charlemagne is Friday sitting on a positive note for the people, less man I do but set out all this hodge rejoined us indeed it could shouted up with that includes out is hard. You will be a star diamond cuts is already a star and when I am shadow somebody to and shadds away until is- is birthday my friend lower more at ass. Her sign, you guys, know Laura so Williams birthday is today. I knew him since he the little baby boy now use our grown up game ready for college nice. Now don't forget to night, I will be its sugar. Daddy's shouted nice have not ok and then on Saturday I'll be at seven sixty roof tat. Now you you coming back to life again, yes I'll, be back in Brooklyn its black history. Man say they can have all kinds of special surprise. It happening tonight. At the Brooklyn S, game of plain, a bull semi shall ya come out.
I support our team right while he was on a positive note. The positive noticed simply this man learn to ask questions. It is all it's better to ask questions and to make assumptions have declared to ask questions until you are as clear as you can be. Once you get an answer to a question you won't have to make assumptions because you will true progress vivid, clinical yonder, Syria isn't a cunt whose name is often associated with hope these days, but when I try well they're in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the northeast cholera Java? I didn't just find fear and violence I found hope
a group of brave feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society, you can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series, the women's war, listen to the women's war on the eye, heart, radio, app apple podcast or ever you get your podcast. Any guess is how a delicious peach dessert is related to a deadly epidemic or what role pigeon group played in of astronomy is biggest discovering new way. Yes way. Did you know that x rays were used as entertainment? Its birthday party sword that you ve got botanical espionage to thank the origin and tonic and the treatment for malaria casual great. I, Marianne frowned Newport cost surprisingly brilliant weeping collecting some of the most shocking, inspiring and downright bizarre stories from science. History from medical misadventures histories missing genius, you'll find it in surprisingly brilliant from secret. So come listen to surprising.
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