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Today on the show after a listener called up during our segment “Get it Off Your Chest” and told us she was upset that some girls in a truck randomly started harassing her all because she was "cute" we opened up the phone lines to see if good looking people really have haters 24/7 or it is all in their head. Also, after Charlamagne  gave “Donkey of the Day” to pastor Joel Osteen for not opening up his church in this time of need for Houston residents we opened up the phone lines to what our listeners thought about it.

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I gotta get back like a mega. Physiologist took all we ve got this press brown. I will personally join a breakfast club, say some other body, USA, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, realizing good morning, usually governing these Andy, it's Tuesday years, it's Tuesday. Yes, it is happy Tuesday. Happy to add a crazy late. Last night I was a little horse today. You know my daughter, woke up in the middle of the night, she drew up one herself so had the clean.
And I'm the one in the family. They don't care about anything. I don't care about the pee and poop to throw up. I'm not. I just grab my kids, it's all over me, it's all over me. So I fell asleep and I was felis throw drove all over me. So when I woke up this morning, I was one a little late I work, but but I had to take a shower galahad, throw up me so that was my night last night. Would have Charlemagne guys go by Today I was out Google I've been doing these Google digital coach strategy sessions with small business owners or how to use digital. Marketing and advertising market and promote their small businesses are motor Google. Every day this was ever. That she was there like at the building. Industry is digital coatings essence are set out to answer Lena and I you share. Action at Google. Can you actually walking Google Building and ask me anything you want, and they have an answer for now. That aid is ongoing political debate that you know it
Google as every day as an important tool because of yours searching for something on Google. You are, if you have a business, you want your business. A pop up. When somebody searches there like we have the juice bar, if you type in juice by Brooklyn, you will wait juices for life to pop up first correct If you have any type of business breakfast clothes you Diana publicly other movie. No, I think I got the movie right now. Are we gonna? Do I make my many of your Google Bergmann club right now? We come up with a move. Breakfast How can one of why one which is our flagship station here in New York City and six? Sixteen Abbe calls a man Amazonia the conflagration. Maybe When will we yeah go. We do come up
dammit bears an ad in the movie comes berries. Charlemagne was checking all that's. That's about the boy. Is our business baby? You know contrary to popular belief. I know we all do a lot of different things, but this is our primary business, absolutely right for now and shout to everybody in Houston show. I spoke to Mr Riotous DJ, MR rather they are therefore now to their loan finance pointed out. The iraqi people, Roby were absolutely shouted, Mr Rogers, Mr Rogers, is it does nights at our Houston station beat I three. Seventy Bein in Mr Rogers he's been out on the ground is telling me that you don't look for people drive. It is, is truck all over the place. Looking for people in patiently put him in hotel, pay, Voltaire rose, but they ran at a hotel rooms, and now he was good
food is finding people with food toilet paper and all other good stuff. So yeah like what you know Kevin Hearted, don't you know Johnny get everybody to encourage money, but also language. He I fancy, I think, not given his money to think it was feeling the Red cross. Right, you know, and I feel in the same way sometime I like to put my money in the hands of of people who I know will get it right to the right when I needed. So I had a couple people. I feel that I reject them. A man traded true, a region. The poor. Why legislating? Well, let me note is weak. They would like that bad, not so bad. You know it when all bad when it thing happening in Michigan, I was able to send over a hundred thousand bottles of war and Flint and Flint again, but I tried it this time, but the problem is what you can get it in two all the warlords targets and all that is flooded, so vague that would allow the war is done. So we ve been the figure we how we can get the stuff to the people which is difficult. So wouldn't we don't keep trying to configure now governor figure it out and right now they actually look. If anybody that has a far by far that has a
nor any dangerous road with the rescue missions that are happening there. Been rescuing a lot of people so all right, what have you all that information our front page news, because we have all of the different things that people are doing to try to help out and how you can help as well right will keep alive from pays, loses nexus. Kendrick, Lama, its humble is the Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast Cloud Robin include Bozrah Kendrick, Lamar Kinda, once it remains on Sunday night dope is passed on diesel to kindred. You know like in the garage came and gave nor things, always you still things are way and he still reap the rewards. I'm doing things like they went further gotta conform. I do this kind of record. Her this kind of video he doubled does what he wants. The absolute will ask front page NEWS Ellis, give familiar became Harvey update. Please I far more than three thousand people have been rescued since the storm flooded the city according to Houston, Mayor Sylvester, Turner and his consent,
wings reign. The forecast is a saying that more rain is coming and it will be a lot more about. A thousand people are estimated to be in Houston, shelters as last night and about five thousand were expected to be in the Houston Convention Centre now be bore upset about Augustine that opening up the church door as he has responded to accusations of closing his church door, eschew the evacuees. He said we have never closed our doors. We will continue to be a distribution and to those in need. We are prepared to house people when shelters reads capacity. They good will be value, because you know one shelters reach capacity in the aftermath of this time You didn't want to help people and shouted reach capacities allowed, because that would you should be doing to begin with the biggest search in the country. As his church is, you know, he's got a mega. Translation is crazy. It's you
I don't have is the biggest in the conjugal. You still got guideline Bishop teenager German Victoria, Robin to the garden, but he ever mega charge would have liked it out I'll open the doors. If I have to give me what we say, we will have at this hour static as they posted actually deterred. Dare he stony in liquid churches inaccessible due to severe flooding, we want to help show, you are say, see the list below for safe shelters around our city and police. Here with those in need. Now people are posing picture showing that the streets were, but it was possible, so they didn't buy, is truly for game Angel Austen Discharge for its eleven thousand o burger don't feel like that. I God don't be like. I know, I'm a bless you once I once I went to prayer the dough with that. Somebody posted from inside of the church, a blogger from Houston, showing that there,
was what are actually covering the floor. Now, jewels, no, don't have an obvious, even those by the old church and in sending out videos me own church gave a very silly statement will how people, once all the shelters, get full now ladders celebrities athletes, I actually times led the charge as far as getting people to donate money. Kevin heart has his donation challenge check it out. I want to start a real challenge. I'm challenging a lotta muscle every four as a foul mummy and donating twenty five thousand dollars to Hurricane heart. I think when you do it, you also tell somebody else: twenty five thousand is coming for me. My Harvey Hurricane donation site is now live and set up because they don't twenty five thousand other fifty thousand shut up. Genji wireless, almost you're Doin Madonna to yours is well could to make em up by you. We can track this money and make sure it is being allocated right place us up now. J J Wacko also has his own foundation as well, and rapid
owner used to make Leslie Alexander's donating four million dollars to the Cain, Harvey Relief and they have announced Chris Paul donated fifty thousand dollars to those fund. Raising efforts as well, onward all, but I do agree with tee. I feel like I've. Gotta get it at you. I need to know it is money is go and ears. I J J. Why do you know We just pass the one million dollar mark which phenomenal and know you're wondering where the money is gonna go. How does one? Let you know that it's gonna go directly to the people, I'm working hard yesterday today in all to make sure this money goes directly to the people, not administrative he's running like that. So please keep donating you. During that comes lasted a walk up the goal. To one point: five million now I write anti I Brown, and the rack have also responded check it out. Well give has. I'll call has been made used to be challenged-
I dedicate 25k through it man Kevin Hart. I accept your challenge. We need to come together so and go get it all done. For me, I'm donating a hundred thousand Kevin Hart. You issue three Hurricane Harvey challenge. I appreciate you brother. I just donated my twenty. Five thousand dollars to the Red Cross. My come so donating money I re. So that is our update. That's why we will keep in history It as well so yeah does want to know the organisations that are giving them money directly to people like that. To the people in the field who actually live, dang thumb exactly where the then we need the arena. You Harry saw it all the time, all his money getting donated it in three format. For now you be talking to people from in an area like we never got it We never gonna suppliers and all ass near ass. I said we will give you and what you can do to help and what we are going to be doing to help lead this effort as well my daughter was watching this on the news yesterday and she was like you know the sad thing about. It is like these kids back going back to school, so their parents go back to
clothes and everything is wiped out ass? She was Dad, don't even take me back to school. Sharpened is all that money sent out. Then she must have thought grabbing clothes from kids, sly. We use a new clothes. She wants to send out this at all. What I wish was to help do I help that we got thing about. It is illogical. Not that I don't have any clothes other exactly why I'm taking back that Gucci jacket I wore to the Vmas on Sunday I mean I was taking it back anyway, but I'm definitely going to take you back and get the money. The money is forgotten only through a man you're ready to address this down a little anxious agent. You open a bribe aid far one. Oh five, one! If you upset you need a varied, is up right now or if you feel bless, you must present positivity call this a former wide open, eight hundred five five one five one is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club,
a pounding down you're gonna get it on the agenda. You may you wanna breakfast gladly, but they will allow. This is James, James, you'd, ravages Rove right now, I'm a little bit alluded glad. I did look upon apartment with mine and they keep telling me that my credit rating is good enough and so forth. All my books in the shelter whatever, but at the same time, told you my car and walk into a deal here, thought who dude Two hours later, I'm workin out little cause no money down. So how did their work? You give me a call back
Gimme a reaction to lay my head, the stable yard? You don't get a car than it is actually to get a mortgage or sometimes a home right away. You can leave cancer, many people have done here. I can't I guess we will call you right. You re you gotta. He would rather have a right to live in forty or so before. Taking up what we got both trigger before three different. You are either gains a ransom place. Are you looking to buy a house? I'm looking to read in a boy, the credit rating marionette well before it was pixel right now. Legally because I got it caused me to demand a couple of pain is my credit card? Is thick. Seventy, so I'm happy yeah good values be able to get a car Maghreb unemployment woman. You know our care bird, they sound like a gale. I got back for Theo signed. I would think, like you know,
be more. It would be better off for me to be stable somewhere, where you can ask the track where I'm gonna put me. Some more reactive cabotage is put in a word from where you can find me at all. Now what I will say that there is no places you probably can get this problem. Please use necessarily dont want money all right, but in this situation may biggest can't we choose you not a meteorite about that. You write about you, just gotta stay somewhere for now. Will you don't want to answer you get on your feet the right way and you go you wanna, go. Did you talk? No money? We didn't have prayed for years. Right till I got me, a load debit card in Amazon is thousand you locate. Yet I shall let me say you might want to live there, but you can. You can find a place where the right now dear you're after we raise prices affect, but this is actually a call for a couple days, a kind of vengeance
from my guy bow with well. Yet again, they were glad that Ukraine is good, that we can go, get your apartment. That's your wine. You gotta, go live an irregular the bomb and live in irregular upon them. A further problem. I had no furniture at a low tv on the floor. You not I mean. Do you got outta you given free trade with hello. This is our efforts in Lhasa. RO. I thought you were at this stage another day yesterday I was delivered but acoustic. What are you ok? but the real issues, and it looks like they say why the kitchen and build kittiwake alone, will either they never in my life habits year by eat it in the apples and look they want, may be late yesterday, Apple, yet now that you lay with you already late bag deny both impose it. We're Emily You say we must snuck in no. We isogai here on time five. What Robert author I was here before it ends here before I would argue for those who are you
our aim of electronic media, were you got here earlier tagging early I'll, do what they think the value of what the law without like how vulnerable used as a cover for what you're gonna do like the good life, look at anybody before the boy went out. Another you use it now. I got women now, as you think I load I. What exactly as we have always will be a white man in a suit s? Nobody, Bosnia with me. I looked out. Why may now be binding last you, namely the Browborough, wonders why it may be noble. Icloud, Madame movements, it is, will get it off. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset or you need to vent. It is now the breakfast club good morning
the pounding down, you're gonna, get it all, began its view on the breakfast gladly, but as they will allow this calendar, I can't regular features. Ok, but I'll do the wind tat because When I would leave work, I was on my way to court for traffic and got about a week or so ago and was a truck I put up on the fat in the entire Rome. I wonder now, because I thought maybe they were. China would mean something that was gone. Oh my vehicle and all other thing. She slay me. What's your problem, this amendment? Third, though after we wrote it that way, they fear pass D. I guess I've got time there than in our bottled thrown a memory card. Wyoming was going to work. I guess you got them
you want, it owes goddamn q, and I don't need me god I'm so it is not our fuzzy's q. Thank you again. There were so many studies were. Girls is random, bottle that you had a red like Youtube for you, like. I don't want you tell me somebody off now they actually cut me off. I was actually the prize, unlike what is the problem facing? The variant go on my you know, but you just keep on the acute easier than you could do about. When you see if you were my eye which Turkey itself, I know about it, Romeo have lie in EU law. Me look at. Why did actually L B s underscore on this score Lion ally, to. Let me think, open up the right
no results found all any has underscore Ella owing eighty two, only net under actually eighty loneliness known as the leader of a lion. How long a measly? Let me show you a little boat said: there's a working. I will challenge rounds, EU aid that you did not allow Harriet, I gotta go if he s s or YO, ok, your account is private entities has undergone, keep doing me. Oh yeah, you ain't even got you. Ain't even got a picture. Your profile figures is the caption. I'm just gonna keep normie you ain't. You have nothing to do with the fact that per month the outpouring of legal vacuum in a castle. Ok, let me see I'm looking around acuteness made low birthmark on your face. Was automated you that item right
That does. Will God kissed you at? You know me yes, and I got a special heart- was Martin. You tube now know you're doin bottle that for no reason to maybe it's a menagerie stab me, you do Simon driving you ain't Helena irregular. You keep a kill. Ok, my brain he'll go, whereas the yellow sniff new candidate yellow travelling on there always remain you're. Gonna have a large role in arms. Is growing ever go among our. I get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, a firewall or five one of you of essentially debating the wreckage, shows you don't have. A captain of this is behind every infringe. The woman is a pack. A hate knows that this is a concern The theme in our life that Egg Ali Hold behave not of another guy we're married as ethnic do battle that cause you both. Maybe now right we got room was unaware you, he asked ass very everywhere, not gonna, be too happy about this next statement, and this comes from back a flag at any time.
By people like you, I will rumours went away as the purposeful Gomorrah breakfast
This is the woman report, Angela Breakfast, but apparently right now the annex is in no hamster and that is to undergo drug rehab. You notice, Ria, when you got unwillingly, I've never been in New Hampshire, where some people I ran into him at Buffalo, wild wings and he was taking pictures and into acting in everything, veritable allowing them to him, of course, Thumbs Yoda, nay than on their right now, for allegedly daddy millions of dollars in taxes on purpose, but he did violate the conditions of his bail. He felt for different drug tests, how the Jed sentence him to home confinement, but then reverse that decision. If he travels with a sober coach twenty four hours a day, so he went into rehab after he had acquired a poor show in Atlanta that did not work out. What the sober coach are. You gonna? Let it is with you all the time they may show you not drink.
The chaperone girls. You called me I'll, be in sober sugar, a shadow over run. I know it means overfilled we're gonna like that's. Why did I I would not want to be in excess, sober coach. I would not want to give new hands. We only listen. There's no shortage of New Hampshire me have you ever been in New Hampshire? No on we note about you attribute, probably love it. You ve been here all revenue, AMP knew no young who revenue and let me know I right now. Whack Africa had some things to say and this is to double exile, and this is confusing, but MBA Japanese, when it gets you take on this now. Work is talking about De Jays and producers, dropping albums visual produce every driver or are strictly fresh.
We fly away like tat it s, actually not wanted them. Radio envy flock of having mad at you. You are dj lesson single out right now. Texture numbering you bad albums out in the past that we hold your mind flock of what do you think about? He was an instagram lie when he said what do you think about all seems a little hurt upset about Stevie Oki. None are not only the twisted we ve been doing out before you was even wrapping in industry is, as we say, we are. We not presumed came out two thousand three hundred years. There will be a major flaw yard massive flags,
but they did albums way before the kid you pray. Ok, you know so we did way and, above all, count dromedary right before calendar. Nobody dogmas way before so you know is in old, but as I feel that has got a great after, I would say that it is going to grant Lockwood say that when he does travel and perform with the likes of Steve, Yogi will keep both dj were put out arms, especially diva yoke started or mixed eggs who eat walk of life, historical and mixed apes and flag almond eaten with diva yogi. Four men in this even put out I'm than men doesn't happen. You not, I mean who tried. I was kind of screamed a flock of this. Maybe he didn't mean it that way, maybe two: how does that you daddy attention on one radio, danish rigid added in the game? They assume I am planning to make this more wisely
I immediately and that you're rumour report thermodynamic clip from Augur. Well, my terribly one with the argument that you have given me: rebates could produce for every driver arab hours, stick to your fresh city, a God. Damn prevail as negative as we can see receiving about you go you as an Arab for you, Jeez Gould S, daughter, rapid, we could say the same thing will happen as well, who drew up on Google when we get my line by line by line. Align themselves becomes a conversation that I don't have. A problem would be days dropping out of them into my favorite items of all time. D D, Artagnan gonna Lightfoot Map of Liquid Odin sixty minutes of functions by GPA clues absolute coup professionals will hang you know. Colleagues got people deprived every sack, tat
Annabelle Egmont every state, like the one argument gave you that they will remind you of the plant. Don't you have any idea of play a bunch of cattle record as part of ice all about five times of the day. The out you know what purpose do Lex is present clock about equal have a whole envy. Mixed is more dear you're, lucky Michael Jackson's birthday boycott. If it wasn't my good to exit curved might about that, Michael moved in jail the second birthday hurricane lobby. Would give you of this when we come back at the breakfast locomotive morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast cloudless gives us a front page news. I give us Ok, Harvey of dates are right. Well, so far, the coastguard has rescued over three thousand people, ok right and that, according to the Houston mayor, so vested Turner, they have boats now picking people out, but they said some of the issues are
people are rushing the boat, so it's making it difficult for people to get rescue. Has everybody wants to get at the same time and they said that they have both are actually being shot at if they're, not picking everybody at so they're. Having such me shudder, I guess people are getting upset that not yet I love how material nor ever move of emotion, move us grab suited the people trying to rescue you, probably not one contract, a risky and are concerned. I know I'm not go rescued by the issue now acknowledged to think this through now. Why cast you say, of course more rain, is on the way lots more. They ve been for confirms storm related deaths and this five other fatalities that are spected of being storm related as well, so we our prayers for everybody and used to me when everybody to get out safe, safe and said and then I know, after that, their rebuilding process has to start and I'm sure, we'll be involved in those efforts. Now Kevin Heart has Should a challenge here was his challenge.
I want to start a real challenge. I'm challenging a lot of my celebrity friends, the foul Monday and donating twenty five thousand dollars to Hurricane heart, and I think when you do it, you should tell somebody else. Twenty five thousand is coming for me. My Harvey Hurricane donation site is now live and set up stated on twenty five thousand other fifty thousand shut up Genji. Why, and I saw that you're doin madonna- it's yours is well- could make em up by you. We can track this money and make sure it is being allocated to my place. I've got trouble to cool the cabin hard money. Why is it wise you? He added good. I judge you. I have no idea who let his joy and why no one hears J J White taken in his grandson did you notice We just passed the one million dollar mark which is phenomenal and are you're wondering where the money is gonna go. How does one? Let you know that it's gonna go directly to the people, I'm working hard yesterday today in all
to make sure this money goes directly to the people, not administrative he's running like that. So please keep donating you during that comes lasted a walk up the goal to one point: five million now tat. He built it I guess, owner Leslie Alexander, has donated four million dollars. That's his plan to the house. Cain, Harvey Relief Fund, is very important that the money that gives donated go therapy would have. My only concern is, I mean he's kind of donations for these emergency disaster relief. That does want to make sure my brain goes to the people who actually need it, because I hate, when light for fun, six months from now. You you being feel talking to people in ITALY. We never got many that money we never than none at all supply in Europe, where we have more money. What is called those attacks right off any help. Nobody now be acting also pledged to help. As many as we can. She said my heart, route to my home town, Houston, and I remain in constant prayer for those affected in for the rescuers, who have been so brave and determined to do so much to help I'm working closely with my team at, good, as well as my pastor, Rudy Erasmus at Sea,
Johnson, downtown Houston to implement a plan to help as many as we can, so that your foundation that was launched in twenty thirteen for MRS Carter, words were that's your charity umbra, for all of her philanthropic efforts, she has not yet implemented the plan, but bottoms, Cities figuring it out right now, the best way she can get her relief efforts under way this movement renewal. Cod, as I have no reason at the night, did not trust beyond these foundations. Thea Chris Brown and the rack also have responded to. The donation tallies cabin hypos, here's what they said What gives has Carla If a huge challenge delegates were evacuated, accepted silence from the other. So often only nine thousand Governor YU issued the hurricane avi challenge our appreciate your brother. I just don't need my twenty five thousand dollars to the Red Cross. My company or donating money can t twenty
thousand taxes, and Where Kevin you loud and clear, right on we're all address on a good man followed what needs to be done away with. Front, page news right now. When we come back early, this morning during get it off each ass. We had a young lady called and she was a little upset. She had debate, and this is She had of yesterday when I would leave work. I was on my way to court and it was a truck I put up on it. That means aroma, wonder now, because I thought maybe they were. China would mean something that was gone. I want my vehicle and all of us, then she might be wiser. This amendment bird though after we wrote it in that way, they feared TAT Ye. I get. Does that time, there's been an alibi, we want a member are widely was what I get because I'm cute. So the question is
eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one, none of us in this, knows that this might feel like the odds of his own. It I'm good looking. We will really be made between eight on all about Gaza can be, but because it is a prime example. What I'm dogma is always the sub law average interface ass people, that's talkin, by they get no is hate those data about illegal cute eyes it out of her mind. They know about their lives. They met about her. I wonder, integrate sheet. You nonsense, low birth, my god she's, no energy in animation always need to be do out new, and I hereby Elam stated more the time always the average, in the face as people talking about they getting so much hate cuz they so cute. All right so do cute people get me that what we do is one that will be saved.
I did a really begin. Hayden Belka that'll be seen how right all real good looking people, I know just be mine and they ve been living. They live like his goal, which is always the five than Sixtus who think they didn't sound they are right to eight hundred five, a fire one o five one do attractive in Q. People get more hate because the acute and tell the truth. And I'm all the islands to Graham that call up. It is more than the mink showed a jaw qualified to speak on this subject. Eight hundred five, if I went off, I would call this nasty breakfast locomotive. The breakfast was Mary. Jane lies with real love. Gladly body is the envy. Angela ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club, otherwise they will put real quick slew day. Body will be waiting for thirty five enough time in the club. Thirty five and of dominantly thump land married your blood, real love and no
Dray records in our language stuff, like that Frank, barely made outstanding as one to forty five enough time. John Ass, I got no that's no way to forty five to ask. It is more than eight hundred five five one off. I won a lady called this morning. Don't get it reach Us- and this is what she said yesterday, when our great work gonna wait a core and air was a truck they put up on. The bottom means are Roma. Wonder now, because I thought maybe they were China would mean something I was gonna win my vehicle and all of a sudden he might be wiser. On this amendment girt. So after we rode through the subway, they fear tat. I get those that I understand what bottled tournament. My car rarely was going to work. I get because on cue do people hate on you, you're cute, daddy window and a pretty girl rat. Don't hate me I'm beautiful I've never had a kind of problems because God medically challenge my whole life, contrary to popular belief. You know people sound ready. Now,
you know, I am not even sure I don't think they do guys hate on other guys go there, Looking out, I really never done my lawyer. That mean they ate all its are. No, no! I won't ever do you hate me, wait on being ozone in limbo, I'm sending a who Mps hated oil. You may hate your guide me on other guys, because every aided entre songs, returns, masses, wives or husbands, delinquency, guide and guide made on other guys. We're comes would be a good looking like able again he get all girls, you don't say you might want to invite. Looking guys I feel like I, that's a meal is another one of my life, because that's not what I'm sick. What I'm trying to tell you that we have made sweet negate? I feel we have nine, my that's why you gotta have. However, because you know like figures there, black an ugly available ever but, however, but out of our You see the average in the ass phase people looking
he's gonna buy the United on you. Look I socio media and you see but I believe in the mouth, always people that are very channel. Yes in them days a month is always the badly bill women whose waiting at the best bodies, if like the girls who are vague, wording, they'll get on the ground, but I dont thick you ain't that you actually fat a big invalid voluptuous, would not the one that is well since they think they look like Kim Kardashian, but in actuality they look like freaking, raise the debate which is not there. Our debt can get mad woman. I will say that I have heard people pick up by other women there. I could look at somebody say why she looks great. She lives beautiful lake wow. You know tell hanging out her shoe so does tat. They are fine, something to her eight NASA. Needless criticism, I am not here. When you got a guy, you know, you know our bodies, vague, are you not adding where you can deliver serves to knock out is eight or let's go for years now, real below, allow There was no Mamma Havana
is about an Adam Chicks me hate known you because you, cuban stuff, thirty yards the Mai was three would be about being the treat their literally trotted. What as Rapporteur on the work programme was Israel under C c c now be happened, Victor the underscore the he can't spell: Agora, Ebay, Oh and I are ok. Your private exact, why with why you're so too would private does not lose our calls a private, Tory Birthday private. Why you proud of you so cute, like on democracy, I think I do it's high good. I q imo beyond what you ve done. A lot on the two new profile pic, but from the angle of the pictures either make up. I can tell you, allude chunky, set out I get the banquet.
Though Barnett Rostov, though by many but Niccolo hello. This is you broke down, hey jazz them. Six me hating, you cause you took you, well now. I went there. Oh yeah, you know now paid me because I have really long hair. I was glad to light there. Did you really now? I'm actually cuban black, mainly black, but I ask you then I wish in any way at all claim all of those, because naturally african Americans, so that's what I claim the mouth, but meanwhile is that all you got any any of them now. I'm african American mostly moved on,
I am then Aqaba. They do not like a latin and gagged men had as a battle. They criticise right was used. Grandma you and went to her was a God was comparing it was a cartoon character was. I was driving Alexander on Yugoslavia low now. What is it is jazzy day maybe I e easy, I e Alexander, wonder a: u have to spend Alexander put his guy. You, private Mozart, is L, e eggs The urgency why, when you don't have privacy, Tony Blair, Nepal, no pose jazzy, but you sold you. I do know poseur, you won't be able to vehicles on private Y, all told you so bright on user you're. There hey. This is such be as a new programme. A point
oh, my god, you have, you got me about iceberg Il Signor raised. Furthermore, you all people did you you'd office does one you know who now I'm a value that crazy thing is that went out and about our bargain about we had a man I have caucasian man, I have blackmailing you, haven't, got no place on Instagram no are right on our people. A lot. I want you all. That's all I'm saying is all prove my point this morning. In the reason you I'll prove. My point is because I'm Tellin ya. I beg you ma that average in phase evil swear they so cute and getting so much I'm sure she's cute, and if the girl rather way beauty is in the eye, the beholder does have the people and, yes, we did frowning without a junkie women's baby. Don't let him go daddy and which are not eight aren't, you afraid
five, one and five war were asking do all you can in because you so you you get aided on call us now represent one morning. Everybody's dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl. We are the breakfast club now we're talking about a young lady. They called this morning and she said she was aided on, and this is the reason why they want allocate work. I was on my way to core and was a truck they put up on it. That means our role now wonder now make up. I thought. Maybe they were China. Let me add something that was gone. I will not be a core and all of a sudden she's like what's your problem, this amendment, thirty two after we welcomed as that way they say tat. I get this that I understand and outward bottled thrown a memory card wearily was going to work. I get because I'm cute, so it taken new cause, all your cue or your track, even because you so cute, they hate or new, allows this. Combining wishing Emma Learning is nearly Willy nilly nearly noon. I hate you molly. By do they hate or new medical you, so you our pay. They are happening there. A happy, I think, happened more weight, arrogant people in cracking people fairly on AL. You know Bay ignited happy anything I have the Hague by I've learned is growing and the more people one round hack into more people- I get a lot more happily windy, and it was it was on. The ground will make my ethical in barely merely in that area. As I am c r e y know everyone creeping early may now. Let me be clear about something sincerely merely is actually pretty soon honour what laws you re on. The first report was re. Your page is not private bodies, bang it would you notice the theory. Million call of the girl really behave model as he says he gets a lot of. Compliments coolly, that's mob
why? You're, really good and aid are necessarily calm down: three million. You think it has more to do with the way a person carries himself. I feel happy happy, carbonated everything don't get me wrong, but I think a lot of people take happy I'm typing year again and they make they would come in there. The differing near like it then depend on how you carry a bill. Was a million in the tub cover most worthwhile? I read your time a married man Milly, but my wife do appreciate. You know the rapid movement is pretty mentally Melanie
you know I'm not only. I will say I have heard some girls, a nasty negative things about people. They don't even know yeah, and you know why is there and I think I have a lot to do. We heard no issue like Peter. You know if you're not happening within your W B, a girl and he'd walkin around as bad. You know their her. You know from head to toe everything you can pay a bit tree. You know, I'm fine, I'm like no one will be able to give a personal complement. One is do end up like a lot of people when they can't do something or when they're not happening, they hate, and it said because women are beautiful. I mean manner good, looking and one if it and give their happily it here and that happening in who you are you, no doubt the royal somebody to day your mommy, because you could be beautiful and still have really. You know oral felt company. You never know who can play a role in their day or anything is a reflection of how you feel about yourself when you are not competent and then you feel like you have to bring somebody else down. As he's at the negative about somebody else is more of an issue that you're having within yourself bird. You merely notion movable good points, because alone will be seen images haven on
they feel insecurity and NATO have confidence, or so, when I say other people eight non him, it makes them feel better about themselves. Whatever is hell out this year with love, shall maybe eight nuclear to Cuba. Media like away said it, but that's why she has to grant is to grant a brown those networks alone. But how do we not achieving good idea? I jirga Finance Mr Jim, from what I can do. Rarely glam icebergs.
How do I got on the road to peace by MR? You g revise moments. The Lego is rather like regular, regular, em off ok em to J O day. You know, do ya, envy, no gay, you g and then anything Nigger, ok, my guy and ass. I left you, Mr Falconer Mass. How do you have in us? I e g, I open it at any cost. The evening unwilling available no other main. Does it give your manawyddan service furiously conventional rail self was deep down. I was we no longer know. What do you got? My facebook? Listen! I'm not goin your favorite deriving elbow to Facebook. Ajar knows about this
Five. Your women already know our member member about is the gravel. Do I got married networks, but look it's not my red with Facebook, if Melvin State Navid Way this HTTP viewed as a good like I love it. I even owner to religion, brazen this museum now in order to carry out of me, I said period is not another. He went to Kent State University. Now I would be available and I would ask the unfavourable guide his face it. A budgetary degree angle. You don't want people can rarely thing. Are you sure lakes and does not want to go back? Are you making a profit,
picks it all right, nobody Lovin ate it. You will call melbury game. Is the jug? Am I gonna? Do you guys accruing to list them all to distort the moral of the story is may when you truly believe in yourself, you'll have to try to convince others, then a lot of times we make those statements like such and such a hate. Now me because I am so cute- you just trying to convince me and yourself that you are right when you really believe in yourself young. I do all right. We are Amazon away. Yes, I said about I Kelly: he had a cancer. Shall ye again any saying it's not his fault would tell you who he's blaming Viola, immoral Cuba locked to breakfast global Mona, the Reul report, whose animate supposed to perform at the amaze over the weekend and he didn't feel like it apparently nominated before war, as the recent eating show up, he did they will I
countries, but on the road he's been traveling he but everything for the amaze a while ago, then he was just from being on the road and he vote differently before the challenges didn't show up. I have no problem with as one of my moves. What did just now so our bottle through our common amalgam and are reserved the right to do what it is you do whatever the hell. I wanted to see. I always Bulgaria, when I say I'm gonna, do something to do something. Even if I had my own design way, I don't feel like doing it, but then I go and everything's back. Are you tired? I just don't feel like over. Some is a bad feeling or dead. You know not what I mean is that physically almonds and we have the commonalty torn and those we are made enough a big deal, but I gotta give me first right. Well, I think that I wouldn't encourage people is not just because they didn't feel like it. I don't know what his particular situation is, but I try to always live out to ok. I said I'm gonna be somewhere. People are expecting me. I try to make sure I could do it. Unless it's a dire emergency arise,
Lena go matter? Instagram account got hacked and they posted new pictures of in deeper on it, and the captains had look at this and word little shrimp iii. The boy just a means, not an inward anymore. He had caught, they had their roles to Justin, Bieber Comedy central. Indeed, I was an exorcism and took the inward item by the account. They then too, themselves in the account three different instagram accounts it's a follow them and then her account quickly got deactivated and she got her account back after a guy choose how we horrify line of mega produce Justin Bieber, unless we heard were. I think that these look like pictures that were published by their popularity a few years ago, so they must have searched for those pictures then posted them on her account like it with her two children be renewed bridges, apple, but you would have her. Yes, you are asking: why is the gradual horse Michel it you want to see his loss will be, no would remember those parade,
I remember him when they say you did at gas crazy. I write an eye Kelly was supposed to perform in that Memphis and that show got cancelled and according to It was because of all the drama with the alleged women that are kidnapped and held hostage it also. Another women is come forward, saying that when she was fifteen years old had sex with him. It was because of some issues with the now he made a state promoting their daughters after back to back so that so Atlanta, Georgia M Pelham Alabama, Mr Kelly, would have loved nothing more than to finish the southern take over portion of his after predatory empathy since the decision to cancel the show was by the promoter and breach of their agree when an atom. Mr Kelly's control he's sorry his Memphis bandit disappointed and will do his best to make it up to them soon. As always in gangs all of his fans for their support. Did you guys you there, of him smoking a cigar knew what was dead, would read crash or did he choke? What was there? Why would you posted? I don't know why you, I don't know if he pulled it out and live up to what was going on. But
you'll never be over. This gradual from the fact that you're, a petrified, allegedly Ok you'll never be to distract people from the fact that Sexual Brennan opposing a video. The utopian onto the Amsterdam right here We are your legs use, your guy very. Where are you well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report and a right misuse. Thank you, I don't give a damn dog you today does not discriminate my now the sombre today biogas a donkey. They need to be done in a breakfast club. Please don't keep that age. Headache dog you today for two: they August twenty nine, goes to fame path of liquid Mega church and used in Joe Austin. I was just listening to George seen on over Winfrey Super Soul podcast one of my tabs. You may reply gathered a moment right away, Joe O things episode titled it. Powerful words that
change. Your life learn how to manifest the life you want with two simple words pass your hosting discussed with. Queen over the power behind the words we speak and how each of us make a difference. Now, Georgina's face and criticism. More social media because of his word and because he has closed doors. Those in need of shout daring, Houston now seeing so many, Flickr reports on this. But to me it all comes down the jaw all things worse. First Joe tweeted out Victoria and I are praying for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please join us as we pray for the safety of our text, his friends and family. Nothing wrong with that. Allow prayer! Ok, I pray from us often people I care for several times a day but understand their favorite works is dead. Prayer is great, but description says James to fifteen sixteen of her brothers sisters. Next and destitute of food in one of you said the damned depart in peace, be warmed and failed, but you do not give things which are needed for a body? What does it profit? Desperate people are asking of Joe O youth,
he gave a prayer, but when it comes down to providing shelter for the people of Houston and leg, charge. Joe gave of nothing but excuses. Now Lakewood Church was getting flooded with requests no point intended when a response to the requests. They posted a statement on Facebook thing that it is inaccessible due to severe. Flooding and indirectly displace residents to nearby used in shelters. So, basically who are calling them asking them any open up the doors? and be a place of refuge for people in need, and they said that their church was inaccessible due to severe flooding and then directed this place. Residence Inn nearby, Houston, shelters, now Lakewood Church holds sixteen thousand eight hundred. If they indeed have severe flooding that I understand them not being able to house people would hear the thing. People are saying that she didn't have severe flooding and Joe
those things words after this date when Qana confirm that, because Joe said in his statement on Monday evening, he and his church are prepared to house people once shouted reach capacity, yes, it is the charge. Flooding No doubt we will. We shall does reach capacity naive thing ass. They ve been bothering me because you shouldn't matter what other showed the doing right now, we'd untidy, reach capacity and then say: okay. Well, since they have no, we ought go. You can come here now. You are the church one of the pillars in the community. Ok, a place, the place people go to six two refuge every week you should be the first to open its doors to community. Okay, imagine a ball of people. Time and often chart said you know what we were waiting, The collection play reached capacity before we give our ties and offering you wouldn't want that. Would you you don't want? You would await to give up their hard earned money to keep charge driving, so don't make people wait to get shelter, as of last night, liquid charge reportedly, is prepared to open its doors due to pressure from social media, because they have bought cow,
Miss Eyre mattresses, but one thing is this: why did she have to be pressured to do the right thing. Oh, oh words matter right your statement that data provide refuge want, others shouted have failed and slap in the face to the people of Houston, and especially members of your congregation. The charge is supposed to be a refuge. For God, people who are struggling with dont Embrace me when I'm struggling, spiritually embrace me when I'm struggling due to natural disasters by Hurricane Harvey, I propose that people in youth and should start treating liquid church of the last resort, give liquids the same energy, they gave you and your time and the people of Houston should. It's in liquid charge of all of us. Charges and used in our capacity on Sunday when all the judges in youth and hit capacity, the necessary We should go to make church. That would really I've been, is wouldn't miss and if indeed it does happen with those things, you earned it because relations six seven says do not be deceived, God cannot be marked a man reach. What he sells please give Joel
Venus moves? Sounds enamel? Don't please. You we do now, yeah. Decisive action, liquid church, airless listlessly, some actual- is open up the doors you got. Those I imagine that you should be starting to. Let people in at any moment if not like, I say it, I feel like people who use them should start treating liquid church as elapsed. Reason, waitin to all other churches and used in our capacity on Sunday, and then you go to employ. All right. Well, it's open up the phone lines, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. How do you feel about Joel Osteen? Not opening up his church at first eight hundred five, eight five one or finally, I don't even know that, for these do not open yet a little that was last night when,
what came in and they got their matches you doin. And yet for evil thing. Why would you want open you church I have no idea: why would you say to charge was flooded if not flood? I don't I don't get. It will lead search right now couldn't seen in ten minutes ago saying they denied reports it they closed their doors to I'd victim was lying. There are two doors over every job then released statement to statements specifically says we, who provide shelter ones. Others shouted reached capacity and also means little since it is one effect, is pretty old church no coming up journalists have too many right become Sunday already raised We liquid link under the money for the churches from the people absolutely needy. When is it a catastrophe? The people in the community should be able to come to church goers aid. Drew five, eight, five one or five one. What do you think about your Joel Olsteen? Not opening his church to the people out? There allegedly. Could we not on essential, but I think it's true, allegedly eight hundred
for I have ever have what, if I wanted to breakfast logo.
The breakfast club downward childish Gambino with red bone morning. Everybody is dj. Envy age Lee Charlemagne ago. We all the breakfast club. Now there are doggie. Today Charlemagne gave dog you today to Joe also for what, because he allegedly had not open the doors of his church. The people in need and used in who are suffering from Hurricane Harvey Nodules did really statement, and the statement said that he and his charge on fed our people want. Shelters, reach capacity would think me they should matter what other showed the doing you know don't wait until they reach capacity and in say, okay. Well, since there is no Elsie article you can come here, you ought to charge one of the pillars of the community to place. People go to seek spiritual refuge every week, so you should give them refuge in their time of need after Hurricane Harvey S. Dismay take on that. Supposedly, the doors are open now for the open air, their open right now yet and a right hand. Cnn. Ok, it's his passages ostiense using negative, set its opening its doors Tuesday to residence displaced by flatness. It is my thing: wider social media have to put pressure on you for you to do the right thing in the first version of every least statement saying that when others shouted reach capacity and we will open our doors because what if on Sunday people said you know what we will wait to every other church induced into that capacity before we go to lake, would one day made Lakewood a last resort to where you made people a last resort miracles. The will, of course, at a former, allows this that can only think about your honesty, not open and asserted a people or got out there, but the lad. I don't like it now, one bit below like a lot of money to ear. Allow said a lot of them up. You don't really get you. Don't you get a lot of money on my word, you gotta with their hearts but felt about them at all. You want open a thought of Baghdad Y know our rapid work well and algorithms TAT actually report it. Oh what a book, but back then I would even though I like it not one of it now little or no now descended to charge flooded on the first day with the water drained, the charge is now open to everyone who in yelled, has exerted.
Imagine in as an estimated network of forty million down why his friend the people, the people, has an offer. It's ok technically does much urge. I keep delight zone in which allows is the day when you think about your own. Do not open in his church. I think he's in open. It must not become a mega church. We got like them, told them tat. They made a bible shop people still, we gotta go what you think about it. You mean well look at the reality as you now, people are dying and heavier waiting go go to urge. Every single people are losing their homes. Their value to shop in a book with anything is mother. People to feel from is a front is affirmed. Its sharp and used in gallery furniture did just down the street from overseas church. They opened the door today, whereas for uses shouted a word about people's deal is divided. It ok, we're u at WWW area right now about the way. It is easy for you to talk about it, either of you to talk about. What's going on, you think you know they would have some with Avenant intervene. You'd be open in family are taxed, while your blog and send you the opening one. Those charges are able to help both bottom, like that he gave him a no past, but that church can fit like fifty thousand people, sixty that seventy dollars sixty nine and that a lot of people who may be properly
even thinking about dead matter like that. What are you Joe nature? Yes call as of now with the breath like a man shores, money rise can't be. What are we all feel with their floods, rode into this orange, my breakfast local border. We oughta breakfast club, where asking would talk enjoy all seen from using. Of course, he has a mega church in Houston old. Sixteen seventeen thousand people allegedly heeded but a search for the people, so we ask and should have allowed, was an Debbie Man all seen openness towards the people about the veil, a man of the world, I will. I will give him credit missing at breaking news. Liquid charge is now open
up his dog. My thing is this: why do you need pressure from social media when you're doors are? You should have never said that your charge as a last resort could have basically what he said is that when other shouted reach capacity and will open our doors, if you want to try to be a last resort and as I also treated on Sunday and don't go down to every charging used in his capacity on Sundays, hello, this is the way out of it two thousand seven from and seven five seven eight or forward talking Jewel all Siena open his church. What you think I agree with you. I just want to lay off some of the problems that I don't get looked at. What about the super? The took place behind whose day they are true looking at is what measures that you have come here, a minute you that's relate is not paying their members to provide those
Miss were helping people to help. Romania lay out like it's like magic is about to be reminded of a public register of rail when he doesn't have the people back. We back right out there, but what data predict churchmen free label, the unrestricted Egypt what is more. We walk about police, you won't know. Gradual was, moreover, the story, girl, think. The moral of the story is man or two things I feel like all these should never make. It seem like you, the last resort resort for refuge. You of Santa. You can't say things like when when shouted reach capacity in liquid charge. To open our doors can I feel like people she treat them like that on Sunday in it, when other charges in using area reach capacity, then you go to lake would result in the education and as and when you open up your house is among my house.
Yeah yeah, maybe to a family. May I cant open labour market miles all sixteen thousand people, you not a second life away, and I will without a doubt and not always models. My house now hold sixty thousand people. My house, driving because of the people right. Then I pay the bills in my house, I'm not after people to come every Sunday and time off about various planning night they wasn't using and there was a family. They need help and I can offer it. I definitely win out over. Among these people have now what would a moment of our noble milder? Will I go God to Georgia, be very wise, old, several but it, but if people needed it out would definitely be without Avenant now, and if it is a great scripture man, James to fifteen, sixty four brothers negative deaf to the daily food and what you said that the part in peace be warmed and fill, but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body. What does it profit That's what's happening right now at the church and Kathy Pray for you would definitely provide me. Would I be invoked for my person absolute right
for you. We are rooms on away. Yes, let's talk about their Floyd may, whether Cannon Macgregor Fight that had been there were a lot of outer jays analyses. I there is some lawsuits on the way, no boy. I will get into all that when we come back you pilasters about this programme. Are you Yoyoyoyo my Jeep relax, my brother money, for that is one which people Johnny the breakfast I write around. You know beige balance this morning. I will I get through with it so well Smith, is the rumor report with Angela Yee Breakfast Club will Smith and Dj Jazzy Jeff have a new song out is called, let's get lit and they debuted at a black whose lie wire festival. Ok, well, you're, better snippet check it out
very well. Then, France. Indeed, HIV Jeff Legends, but his thing you can do. Teaching you Grandaddy in your uncle, the newest Lange, and you know anymore, you probably that's what happens when let me that they are based on together since nineteen ninety eight. What are the kid saying nowadays gaily giddily turn? A note law, git, led ok, let's go A record low well submit Well Smith said that exists at track made in response to the recent chaos and confusion in the world said. I wanted to make song that allow people to let their
Sign we all have an enlightened, sometimes is where people can face up to its value when they tell you that a kind of max down a bit about the rocard men, each and every one of the major light shining omer, goblet, wolves movie the legend, but once again don't be teaching your grandparents ogre latest Lang without telling him what made we'll move things didn't actually mean light like dirt. Legs up lay, I need only likely to decide about that. That's what he just said in that statement now. And more new music. Frank Ocean has surprising lieges jobs. Song on his radio show, I'm beats one and its car provider is snippet that show me they saw is familiar. I write about some new Frank Ocean,
you Frank Ocean, innocent TED, cadets, idling times tat music right now, Rick flares, fiance posted an update on his health she's that he is doing very well even He underwent emergency surgery and is fighting for his life. Just two weeks ago she wrote on Facebook. I can honestly say I have witnessed a miracle. He's doing very well for a man who has been through so much. He will begin physical therapy shortly and will be stronger than ever and back out enjoying fan sooner than you would think. So he had savitt. He had severity. I'm no pain, if you guys member earlier in the month, and he had to undergo, surgery any had an intestinal blockades. He was placed in a mess. We coma. Could you couldn't do I mean it. I mean an intestinal black is out of, if necessarily that's what it is, but Tina Turner hurt yet there. Annie. I call in surgery Y know he didn't they. They said that he had a portion of his bow removed. The ok
I lay May whether Manny Patchy out said an odd time paper view record back in. When they had their last fight, but in two thousand seen, but now they're saying, despite what kind of Macgregor is expected to surpass five million buys that by was four point six said saying well likely gonna be where five million, but there is a problem, a lot of people who were trying to get that fight. In order it now, I was at my boy, my car as this house he had a fight party should Oji cars and he could we already there either they waited until the it was a bad start tied to order, it would not order. So he had to actually gone is phone ordered phone and then had to stream it from his phone. Is it a tv allow room, yes for us to be able to watch the fight, but apparently some people can even you The app and cutting use, any type of live sports streaming, apps or anything at people ordered the fight from so Time has problems, people who ordered it on all these other fight pass in so timed out com streams. Couldn't
the fight as well, so so timing, you see, won't say how many reports they received a failed streams, but there was an for them that if you notice the fight was delayed an hour to give people a time to refresh their servers, but for a lot of people this does fight, never work. The streams never worked at all. But On the flip side of things, they did make a lot of money, but some people are now suing because they were not able to see the fight. That night, I was as a lot of money, and usually this little just give you money that, while there actually reviewing eaten every single case, People who say they didn't get it by some people are doing like a class action lawsuit. Now that the streaming service not working and a shout out to my ex It is his birthday today, Paris Jack's imposed on Instagram a picture of herself and her other when she was very young. Really Q picture bright, they were to the love of my life, the one person who show me where passion truly was there when they gave, salad morals to live by and how to dream. I will never feel love again. The way I did with you, you are always with
and I'm always with you, though I am now you and you are now- me. I know it all of my being that we are one and our souls were never change in that way. Thank you for the magic forever and always all right I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you, miss you
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