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Ballin on a Budget to Dog food Misjudgment


Mon 5/16 Today's show was a discussion about helping out those ballin' on a budget to surprising dog food judgment.

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A whole day, John Jay envy annually. Charlemagne guy on the planet is respect issue, because this is a voices assize zones in a day the coveted morning so called we Don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest good morning, USA, Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Mode of Charlemagne. Pleased that a plan is my last Monday banks it'll work week. Lisbon salute the Boston, yes Zammit. Ninety four five gonna would have gone. What for
thirdly, Thursday. Yes, I thought I might have thought one of today. And then I remembered era. Ok, whatever you shut up a five year learned in Germany, so my law not about to get up at the terrible things. But how is your we? Kid is dry So we get it right. We get you out of there and you know what man I'm really pissed off at the word. I dislike to be observed in a bus they do not. Some audio ask you for like money. Ok, and then you d, whether you want to give it a monopoly, eagerly snapchat film in the cloud in egg or lottery, and you like arms,
Oh glad. I didn't get apparatus, a lonely happens all the time. Evidently over. We can actually Jesus Christ, don't waste your time, helping people not drawn out and they went to applaud in it. I thought about it was like they gonna say. Well, I got if afraid now, but if you are struggling stay home they are struggling standing a mighty, but you always in the club, because she hunted and evidently for gas is outweighed. I still struggling staff with general who struggle struggle to shut them, but I wasn't Allentown Pennsylvania on Friday club to bide actually club to buy was dope. We will make a foot of it was night how to go plugged by her, but it was actually dope dope, dope doping Dubai Input to well, it was nice. There are people who never been Dubai natural and then I was out a Miami shouted about our party were Chris Brown is weak and made him that a show, and I ran into tank, shouted tank. He was out there through downtown.
You sound way fly to be like out into by am I am in a week after the drop one include bombs for that damn a definite wasn't it out it's out made at my aim. It is Sunday added a car show out in Jersey. It was out. We did. We do this every year is not a really for more. We just do a family. Fine in people come out, they bring Nay kids, they look at the cause. I had some odd. This year it was deftly they'll, be looking to female expected about a thousand people. We had about twenty five thousand Belinda, Piazza Union Groundwater, Michael join journey on windows, leave now that what the hell is in Vienna, these guidelines will grow in Germany would not leave out of you know about climate change, rail, but obviously let my end was eighty nine degrees. I got off the plane. Gotcha fills in better suited to. Perhaps you deadly need a code here in New York, New Jersey area, its territories I'm a change is for real and global warming. Thing is the truth, and I'm late. I just senior episode when you did the late with the late show late nation
no it wasn't, even communist, even obey. I don't why you tell nobody met which me you'd make big deal out of it, a big stick. You just like you to know you jus B, I work, number I'll, see nothing, on a working day. I am working away on new working. Why not in ways my twenties in the club on Snapchat but I will social media showed that's pretty big brother. You know I could have put in a lot of work in my twenty. Ok we'll do that. But stereo gotta talk about it. You know if that encourages whiskey, there is their people sought. It was good meal good didn't, but if you call by every means that you can check it out or worse died, it staff levels are lines even coming. You two page. I don't know about that. Nobody have you debate, but I sat on a black. You gotta, where authority, the devil divided, our world are really the right. Now we come back me up front page news. It was a work. Is I don't know what we talk about? We going figure out where we come back. He belongs to breakfast locomotive.
Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are. The breakfast club was given some front page news, a sort of with sports, an MBA Toronto defeated. Miami won one. Sixteen, eighty, nine Miami has early vacations vacation Toronto moved on to the next round, those arriving today the warriors take on all Casey at nine o clock and call Anthony towns. It was named He of the eighties, when the TIM walls he was drafted, number one from Kentucky, so congratulations, her hair, double double or yellow bird, whose people are there ever actually bet medical, Oklahoma City. You won't be going, they warriors and seven games. Yeah I'd ask how modern Ngos they gives engine Nan. I can't But I don't see that we have not at all else about this New Jersey, family of eight, I cleaned four hundred in twenty nine million dollars. Now people are saying: why would eight people claim the prize and break it out. If you ever win the latter, if you wouldn't lotto and you go up there in his eighty, are you don't have to pay taxes twice, meaning
If I win the four hundred and twenty nine million, I have to pay tax, and if I give Charlemagne some of the money he has to pay tax, but if we all come up there and clean, money together, you'll all you want a lump sum. My love some one tactless here. My name is salary. Our mother bought a ticket for us. It was like affirmation from God, because we each have dreams that we want to fulfil in this life and do for our community and do for each other and our families, and it was like well, we have been funded to do that. That's what we're gonna do work and our communities and work enough? Oh god bless you imagine how they do for the community from afar molested afterwards,
We need real in Ireland, everybody injured, though, asking for money allows two hundred and eighty four main dollar, which is about thirty five million dollars. Each norwegian, anodyne, God bless them because I've been planning and I'm gonna win, allow for a long time and has had one yet. I know what to do when awaiting. Given all these kids. Could you want to have a whole bunch of people walk politically one? Absolutely, but I win yet I got I gotta win, that's absurd! NOS eight, people were killed and forty four hospitalized Saturday after charter bus left, the South Texas away and rolled over. They say the driver just lost control, they don't know what happened and because it at eight people die also Colombia Seas is modest. Seventeen thousand pounds of cocaine from a drug gang. You know. Everybody gonna believe always gonna, be a drought and a good old is gonna, be a drought knew it. It will be a drought. Another angle do not draw no more than that, and I quote: company are no way. Seventeen thousand hours of the match our flag was lost, so gay staff it her right after stupid people read out is one your old man, probably
over the next few months? How pretty much at angel plug a along, don't go chasing key! Think that two and three ounces did you used to write well ask for Page news now tell me why you're mad eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent. You can call us right now, maybe at a bad more or bad weaken or whatever it may be. Eight hundred five, eighty five go five one. You can call the radio station right now will put you live on the air. Will let you vent. You can talk about your weekend. Talk about your morning. You can vent, so you can get through your day and shouts. Lovely wife. We had an amazing term. Friday was our anniversary. We had adult Tommy got married in his ass, though in allowing the young man in a cavities where you do need. We got married in the castle and I was able to recreate that Friday. Stayed in the castle was just lovely had a great. We gave up my wife. So that's what I did have a happy to my wife, but tell him, are you mad as next is the breakfast lagoon
hey. I yoga nodded at the lab day. Why? How to play while back Mack down on the problem- and it was so many girls in a Europe where we leave any other browser but really knows Dermody drug comedies lobby girl would have gone away. Wielded guys go, go away! Talk about exactly why you were the boreal, no call Cellarway murmur America. Yeah. I know cars that no cars, no Curzon back out above in that way, you're just quit. Why not Why you could you job now they break down I'm sorry. You were doing what you were a legal and thereby rapidly and above all, be right, but I dare not working out of when any don't pay, no money.
Well, maybe you can put your job and you got another. One lies not lazy already quit that we agree that generate why go get it up and everything that you make that adequate Wichita. You boys another big going frequent you're dead leaves uniting the club with new life, always mocha who could getting drunk boo, want iterate the granting of yet like them being my go now. Have I like to hear right, Mama right, provided we audio allows is discernible. Was abroad, Cinema man, American opened my body to unawares, Gopher I was with the ethos: armed armor
three in the morning, according to your body, I take you have to sleep follow me, and you say why are about three anymore in annex I don't get it you ve, always smoking go to sleep or you can always masturbate, which always seems mounted a mobile phone Can you got another dude over there, each other? In a background national background? That's fine! Oh Mamma Mamma allows. Is poverty celebrate regenerate you down until about where you gonna, give very warm and design of more airplane savages lying Uruguay fabulous gotten work is a better life.
Those two all away mission and beyond a regular like at all. You know fabulous got about fifteen years. The radio play you know fabulous, ok out in advance. As Euro king I resign. You got care for my job at a younger than I had been letting walk in. I have no problem with very well in plant- is an end in itself to now my number one It was no more song in a country two weeks ago. How old are you we consider? How to what if we could all yea way you you, you there's someone you have on gene short, would timberlands absolutely regional aid under the autonomy not aware tense, whatever it is air force? One waiting for one I would not go away, but why you re hundred grab a five point. Five, one of your absurdity. The vehicle is right. Now is the breakfast local boarding.
Yoda applicable, wanted your rabbits. Anyone. I would say why don't you come on suddenly brought up. Allow third night, like for girls gone off. Like me, I made about the analogy to tell me why you why you met on the breadth of global, real hello. With this new came over me? Tell why you may Brown man over what they are. A cavalier mom fani. I wonder why dont ever had our agri people, no regular ordinary citizens like myself on a shelf, wherever we do it every morning. I will tell you why you may we just let regular people call up it's all tools: I went out on combo on its own. Why? I want to know why why? Why do you think we should do that? Don't you think this is something that you should have the work to get to. You yeah? But I am also thinking about its perspective from of ordinary citizen. Your me talking about they were given that the experience of being on something good
never did the chance when you got what you read like that, MRS you got it. You gotta understand. Most of the time we have guessed appeared a guest afoot to listen as benefit so the listeners the irregular up here. Why would they care true me, never know what somebody get offer like master would sooner. I know you got it. I love you. I wanted to show you called and thank you for calling allow. This will go alone is J. I met this morning broke with the port. Big India E was man, you then among male was man. Are you know? It was me everywhere. I could tell you always call was up. Why are you not day today?
She was in Miami all weekend, Us Morgan, who going dragon visa. My ok, that's a pretty well buried woman by any weight off over the weekend. Almost forty second, like it s what we do. We go out there? We saw we move cds body count. Workers would be at their okay, so I'll see, Foxy Brown compares Show me a holler out of whatever she come to the car from introducing her to the music. Could you put into a real right? So she tells me like you. That you got a name that was singing the sole? Never kid that we add up the black sheep, but I've gotta get on us all, so she gives me a number, but at any restore normal correct in my new fall from any the Getty. The trade or phone, the inward you couldn't stored in number, and now you sick, knock more ever. You know me better than amateurs. Very vague gangs want your twitter truth.
Naturally, we do recognise dust off internet commerce. Your face to face You missed an opportunity. You know why, because you two billion an felicities. What's a protocol to the sale clouds follows all persisted gotta, go to name now, a good look at all times when mix tape, muscle is out there, Baby Hoss Navy. You need an saluted him, I don't know who, thanks to the cities, but I appreciate your allows this morning that boy Ebay James Man was what was tat model men are grateful. We thank to up a play. My song, Now you welcome. Are you mad that illegal money? Did you give it another one girl before me? Ah, but everybody was. He saw me my love. I appreciate your man.
Work that record? You know, I mean. What do you mean? You are directed you gonna, take it and take it up in all the porter bodies that might know that need have avoided a club and I'm a push trap. Ball do not mean all people could go to my love. I forgot about chat both at port of body dynamic but take about a you clean plot, a party for live in everybody S, use of port a party you take your city airport, a party you'd only trap. Mount Beijing is important parties across the city, the salt binding forget. You know Let us try to get you to a day. You gonna, get you simply one Tom and feeling yourself. You want to take advice, no more changing onus on us. Are you mad? Eight hundred they one o five one of your absurdity. Divan call is right now no angel he's not here, so they just do. Some room is enough in my face, and I'm looking says little Kay his have in house problems, we'll talk about it. I guess
we come back. You dont Algerians room of this one year to trans rumour, grow to small, I'm no way yet rabid a girl or guy Trans Roma. Yes now, I gotta be DR anything. I'm veto any good. We must regain its breath is now going to show them into guy. We oughta breakfast club is leaves out my Emmi. Yes, you smoke a hooker, in drunk all we can now get out of DAS issues. That should be back tomorrow, but you know what you can do that because she actually have a career. You know no measures to put a lot of work must reserve the movie and get a drink overnight and a refuge. Who just been doing at your whole life, all the twenty than have nothing. To show for shame on you, issues? I will look into the room. Was we talk a little kid The report is the Reul report, whose glove say little Kim's three million dollar mention is in foreclosure. Tramp room was by the way
I'm not a trans anything. I'm dj be now. It looks like she bought the pad for two point: two main allies in two thousand and two they say and as she owes are one point six in mortgage. I should pay two point: two four million for as you put down twenty percent her monthly notice about nine thousand hours plus taxes. That's what tax actually set aside. She hasn't been able pay her mortgage after, like this is one those rumours that happens like every two or three years you know like the beyond the pregnant James has informed, closes like this one old room with it always pops up. I also the thing is used. The bigger accountant doesn't pay it for some reason. In a little key message, change account initially pays it dry. I can see and I've been able pay for hook. Ribs. Torres, you'd been to a worker. I cast it, but you never know now also foxy Brown. Like she was Rob now to wrap acclaim. She was robbed for her petticoat fox vintage valuables away, Lee Worth a hundred thousand dollars at american aid,
baggage claim recently this door backrooms now he's director their rooms. No, no. She said I guess she was doing up a form its in Florida, and I guess for the pride festival. I was pride, weak pride weakened in Florida and ass. She was wrong for us to have. She said that she over a hundred thousand dollars of her most valuable luxury possessions and can airlines are somebody? Employees took our stuff, I was next. Have you got a story about the brat? Well Tiger? Let's talk about side. Ok Zog about fabulous like tie the entirely have broking data and not together anymore nude. I was coming damn shame. Tat has been all that time, red shirt and all that money for her to go to a u cant bought a sneak issued in ethnic is FED and when she couldn't need as soon as you go to delete she'll, know no more melissa what he had to say about it,
obviously our lives are individual lives right now going right, since I'm things over now also targets ox about. It was a black rob S, actual bout Rob Kardashian being right, black robbed, daddy! You freedom, you say: woe everybody. They like good Father, I'm not Goffredo minus the money I might add, that the bullet, my good colleague not well brown colleague who had always use seventy. Then she changed already era. Made into well. And one year is only a year and one you made a world of difference. She agent, like a president, while tag has been spotted outward colleague. Red number from reality shows not that she's not of describing reality so eleven about and later she was also in the movie that Chris Rock, the with a lack of
traveling advantage for you to know. I remember been seen out with her, that of grape? No, not even so. You said you said she do he's a colleague, bad Zaire to none and others evasion by men with money, while colleague, where you gonna beat up the circle. You won't be long, Swiss. Remember loads was never Adam S, Louisa Young one cash money, he was just a beef, is best for an order. Gotta. You, though, Justin Bieber, peanuts form when you use the p and shaken gotcha. I don't know if you did What that guy, you talking about, looks like he wants is holding back. He used to be dating colleges and added they broken up. He put out tweets that identical clean some things up so look like he wants his girl May. Have you been? highly by downgrade away Tiger downgraded twist you at your damn mine, ok golly, but go get on one of these sheets from new by right, slavic Gerais, Ob Nba play a baseball play some cheese domain young. She still only one nineteen eighteen, Jesse's you'd, not but the start date and of little tart West, twice
right. Well, that is a rumour report. When we come back, we got some front page news would table all MBA scores also cocaine. Be a drought out there and also of blood flitted over several people I would say that it will become a baby called a Cuba lack the breakfast locomotive will you leave the dogskin vocal, did asking people now whenever drink this thing and occurs, Brown feel free to China. Baby boy. Rival morning everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club back to work week. Let's get some front page news to start off with sports Toronto beat my one. Sixteen eighty nine looks like MA. Am he took early vacation? No surprise there really atomic you spoke about the way we was plain good. Some games and no grid bars no wise. I gotta difficult difficult warriors take on
Casey at nine p m to night said it has begun at the rather Roquat drink within town last we write by ethanol as one salute all bloggers and a pregnant with ours. Now but even though they were deride, Drake outshining all views on it and if they do any, no Wilson is you, U number one member one vote. Dry. He shouted shouted devilish cottage. He shouted and congratulations to call Anthony towns. He was named rookie of the quasi from Kentucky played on a table, Squire good see. Then you know I could you planned Minnesota. Nobody gave another Minnesota footprint pretty much now. Let's talk about this New Jersey, that one, four hundred and twenty nine point six million dollars now eight people came up to claim it and reason. If you talked about earlier that eight people came up, is u will get taxed twice if one person winds and in they break the money out of a family, but if all aid of you go up there, you can only get text once we now know that is because I've been planning to win a lot of ideas have Yet, but when I waited, I know what to do the same
of them when in a lot of talking about it, I name is Valerie. Are our mother brought the tickets for us? It was like affirmation from God, because we each have dreams that we want to fulfil in this life and do for our community and do for each other in our families, and it was like well, we have been funded to do that and that's what we're gonna do. What The monkey movies are working off. The masquerade, God bless them drop. One includes bombs at our family. That is a lesson in God's name. They get about thirty five, my thirty five million dollars each economic area- something that's you may want to do for the community from afar, because it can be so many people, John DOE, the value for money, laud amorous, he's gonna, get Dignan very far away now, also eight dead and forty four
injured in Texas Charter boss crash known at the bus was going down the highway saying at the bus driver apparently lost control. The best flipped over several times in eight people were killed. Forty four hospitalized and from everybody else out day it looks like there's gonna, be a drought out their seventeen thousand pounds of cocaine draft have been see. That's what I always say when they see somebody season drove the holes in the streets. Are you drought in the street, Argo chasing kilos? Think tat. I wanted to ask that you used to say that that that what happened in Colombia on another new year alone, nickel and dime ass fabric, so there will be a drought in the streets. I in that is front page news now are we came back shallow monument, normal, even pissed off about somebody asked you for money, some but was Dounia Libraries, the man and the same I am coming to you. He asked you for some money and you decide
my whether you want to give it all that good. You know really cedars person doing any thing, but their life with their life cannot mean, and then you know you good it s. Nab January, they gram. They always turn enough in another failure, and another class manages gives it's not it's frustrating away. Then just sad and away toward the slide down that can be found in your local games. You know I got same thing, somebody that wants to borrow money. I can't see you in the club the struggle- and I see you ve, got a job interview order or an approach to resume exactly live. You have just somebody, that's actually doing something with themselves and homes and, like us always say, people help those who see helping himself. If I say you not open yourself, how do you expect me to help you I just can't see muffled doin it. Why didn't I dunno say things that you like? Well, you know I need money, foot the bill. Any move around you going to carve out a dime working right will eight hundred feet
eight five, one o five one. How can you help someone? You see not helping themselves that lie flat, but if I M f up and I'm looking for a job, I'm stress I might need a drink to common nerves and in a know, every week in yes from Thursday, to fund Monday about looking for not just thirty two Sunday, one city in various cities. You I'm going to travel, come on now, no no way or ADA. Five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five on. How can you help someone? You see not helping themselves, but you know sometimes look. I might need to smoke because I'm messed up, they know what an army small smoke and it better be Reggio These Morgan, I Grady, unless you got a friend at the dealer and he got there good good. They just lookin out for you, ok, eight hundred feet five one five one. How can you help someone? Did you see that can't help themselves called us now is to breakfast locomotive
That was the Tories Biaggi with hypnotized morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god. We are the breakfast club, another question to ask an eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one who help someone you see not helping themselves now. Sodomy, add up my guess somebody asked you for money. You know I got one em up. He who asked me for bread, but then, when I look, I see them all our Snapchat, all in the club in various cities and unlike what is why you, whenever I have no money in an dislike of I'm giving you money. While my given money to fund your little non productive lifestyle are you I mean I can't enable You're, not productive life value on four June, all over the past decade, in clubs, smokin hooker and again, and wonder why you all? We may wonder why you I've got Abbe. Had not you know. I have family members and I have friends that ask to borrow money and then, when you look at them you see them going to the games or museum in the club. But my dad told me one thing you should always have
hundred dollars into somebody cause. If you give now voted Alice, you never have to glinda money ever go. Oh, I didn't gaiety version or you gave for our plenty re wouldn't know. What do when it comes to? Nepal is like ok, it has to cease. I don't see them doing anything, anything Tibet, it allows the universe, gives you back what you put out. This person is continuously putting nothing into the universe I'll, don't what y'all say Gore from city to city slogan, drinking your various clubs is not productive, not making, but you know people would save us. The man you got it about. You got it. You know I gotta glaring, my twenties in clubs, smoking hooker drinking. I was actually working on my crab, which was radio, is my ATV radio. Thank you drop. One include bombs for me, damn it, but I have who gladiatorial
We welcome all his story of how what you're wasting my time. Ok in these club doing nothing mouthed. My whole twenties no lie, and I will show you to envy. We want to go on with your Paypal, absolutely work and working. We will have in the gloves and Twentys when lorries enough there's nothing wrong with the club, but all I'm saying is you have to. Priorities, right. It has to be a balance right. You can't be one little people who have no, Korea uniting school you're, not trying to figure out nothing which a life like you, wake up when you want to go to the clubs all weekend. That's why I want you. Have you don't pull imposed a positive note and guess what a resident in it no problem? Would you be it in the club all the time it ll Are you not always out your hand out? Ok, why you, If you go out after people for money, you do not need to be in clubs alone. Is the low look out of my way
I know the queen's was abroad. Now said you out someone you see now open of cells, man no care, you Duffy care! Why? Because the more you help him the more the expected by the best way, to help us now permit also they get funny. Get up. They felt and don't tell me what about a family member? What about a family member? You love, and you know it. I know they have today eliminate independent circumstances. Now, the boy they don't draw their naughty handicap. Of course I could I made the handicap. I hope he would help. Rodya handicap is totally different debate in a goddamn club, stopping hello. There is some while the morning holder, although I I've seen a couple of guys in wheelchairs and club body is not reliant anyway, you're gonna get a Jaguar remote, you may idea. Was that model with paid the money they pay? Now Did you ever someone? You see now open themselves maiden vain level, our car, because I think it is different when a brain
one, a family member like I withheld somebody there, they asked our still help my little brother, who turned twenty, don't do anything on the page. I had a Mamma all bill. They want offered, came often cause. You know my older brother got you mind without long, but we should also have a member to feel tat. He was paleontology, the first and then all of a sudden he stopped wanna. Go he founded on everything. From my dear me love. He told me the ball back them up all the captain bill and trot. I found out exactly how to die said the girl right habitat.
Couple jack. You know you need their right right check on my noble, navigate runaway like you, you need to do it, so I thought about my area. Cinema tat little doubt become cut you off and I got a phone company. The lady with light. Well he's gonna get a technical spanner were converted him over to prepare an alibi call but then like today than it was his birthday and then TAT day it was a David one. Day and you don't even comma, they muttered the happy mother's grave though this are you gonna cut him off. You can enable if you will very enabling the norm for some one thing. The day could and should be done overnight. You re an ovum, absolutely forgot: adapt grown ass man, invisible Africa. You about. Ok, you do, but they keep their hands out of your credit card or family friends. The same thing to me: eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one. Should you
Someone you see not helping themselves caught us up right now, eight hundred five five one of five one is to breakfast cloak there was the we get the Hills morning: everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club were asking. Should you help someone you see, not helping themselves that is comes from Charlemagne story. Came in this morning, pissed off talking about somebody seen on twitter or into explain tat man you're, not gonna homey, who asked me for money from time to time and I look out when it comes to appoint whistling I can't log out no more, because you can't help people who not trying to help. Cells that unified look at just Snapchat. I can tell you not to So could you and clubs- Morgan hookers in various cities, all the time how you don't ever have no money, but you I want you to go to various cities in Vienna. Clubs all the time don't. I know career you not in school yelling without a job right. I've got a job. The other regular job right, an Enigma.
I know somebody needs and help our no proud. Looking out, I will, I will hold you down. If I see you helping yourself brass, are you not drawn out yourself you dead Brody? Evidently, maybe that a lot of family members and how they are hollow terms in terms and anyone who still go to the club and released, little bit but should have family. Listen, you got. It is not the role of going to the club. If you got a job radio, your tv are fine, but guess what they did. Not there. Aren't you going to the club if you got a job, if you're doing something uptown what these people for the Parthenon downward doesn't nothing Vero village? Not ok, How would you got to understand you not going be pretty forever adventure pretty go to out ok, we now pretty way about Gaza will have the privilege, drugs in the club? You was a mobile, man, and you know how hard it is for a black man in his world. When I blooming You can have on our knowledge now at listen. I'm I'm way more sensitive when it that applies to women and I I am of man, I'm Ha Norman. You not ball.
You know a good grown as able bodied man not come to me with joy and out you you. I have to see you doing something, but if you Millionaire brightly lit my money. I like this. My right, you got a bitter. Evan role may well. You might even be able to do some crime. Like all lowbrow law. Now slowly I got you mandible figure it out, ok hook or by crook, arises. If you listen to that If you go to Solomons House with a gun and say you are about to do some, that's the only way you will get someone Economic union shot. You gonna miles would allow this. Isn't my bow Michel? Will you you go from. A man cannot really not say you ve, say: ok,
I was there. Are you one of the? U S, somebody unusual, oh, how about but Charlemagne. You saw why I'll know the help everybody is talking about pressing ahead. I understand if you want do what you have to do, but if you have to go and travel to go, get what you have to go get you got no money, not contributing them. Nothing. You're bomb word: Bore Euro Mps were no money and I'll see you in city to city in if Cobb's, but it's just they just don't know what they gonna do with alive. They have inspirational aspiration. They have nothing to present us with an outcome. What do you want you want or need to when you thirty in exactly now, you place usually with five one up to do what you gotta do to help it is not a moment and guess what have you not? What you need to be at thirty is because you wasted YO twenties and the club, smoking, hooker and drinking a question is shared. You help someone. You see
on helping themselves allows is mad glamour of our budget year of him. I was up Reimer as I do that. So the question was: how would you have yeah like shooting up someone. Would it should you should you have someone you seen? I helped himself well career man now, but let's put it like, I say to my friend I really needed, or whatever even up on my right. I will probably Kim's do doing my like cut my Lord Oliver. Whatever give me easy, jobs gives embracing basically you given a money, but you just teasing you sell by saying cut, my Grand Winder sweep our group, my group RO, my early in order me Hannah before now. What about? As I remember about the same size ochre, I beg you broke out, no more
storing them all the story. Is you have to understand the difference between helping and enabling ok, don't participate and somewhat? houses misbehavior, enabling is helping a person in a way that feeds the dysfunction helping being for someone in a way that does not support the dysfunction. Amalgam continue to give you money for you to travel going club in smoke hookah, when I'm out here busting my ass, getting four and five hours of sleep a night. Okay, I'm a grown ass man with kids, sorry, alright the point down. When you got a cold the ark well Charlemagne from when he gave in to see no short I will become back, would say about Chris Brad seems like he faced. Some charges at the his daughters birthday party or for you and keep it lacked the breakfast locomotive.
Morning? Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club annually ease out my Emmi World and Adele muskets rooms were talking crews row. The rule report was shouted his brows actually with him Saturday night in a clever, my immediate live last name. I m me now. I guess, alas, can, I guess, Thursday, Friday, at a birthday party, for his daughter to Euro girl royalty and before the plot He was riding his atv, honest, his property in on a street knowledge like an almost people. Do his neighbors had a problem with it when it is? was approached him and asked them kitty. Stab you'd make it too much. Noise is a corresponding ever prominent. Act to his home and prepare variety birthday best. He said all of a sudden, a police came, they city has over five complaint from neighbours. Passion. He lived in a home about noise problems. Moulding is I mean it? Doesn't everybody to it?
is everybody two kids running around on a property on the street he's doing the same thing as Rhonda Atvs? He didn't hurt. Anybody got enough money to isolate himself. You can go, buy a crib on a bunch of acres of land with no neighbors. If you want to cut so I don't for not doing do not wrong around my dear, you must eat all. Are you better get here? Also takes the gathered cause you gonna beside would waffle colleague Chris now key, she calls Finally, met her biological father, it seems after years and years of looking form, she found him. His name is virtue Hunter he's a box had trainer and he's in New York City. So after dimly authorities Yes, you finally met her debt as a good story. It s a story of them and if you like, a dead ones to be in her life and in her sons lives. That's a positive! Already far we went through Now you still want to know is and what the real, We live in a way, we think he's a gold mine,
on tv, so now we get to see key skills. Dad God bless. I wish it a better. This united feel like after thirty four years was the point which knows no chemicals mom was on drugs are maybe he left because she was on drugs. We don't order, so it has been shown to child. Have all the more reason to beat it footage of the mob Mozilla drug. Look I got you pregnant, but have you have a big armed, baby. I'm going read my baby to railway. She seems like she's happy. She met her God, gob lesson and also weakened Drake was, I said, and I love you see it. What was and why this news forbade people, that's why we're from proves the Virgil Drake S leading to come back now. Why would someone trade did you see? Drink was at last saw some of it out and not a consciousness, but are also needed an amazing performance. It was. I was just a stand at moment for life. Can men all across the countries across the world and we need to see, did such a for now
oh job, you can tell these are really really really an act or is there something we like to call him affairs being? It is just kill our Drake Eleven message because big lesson that up menu dope when he acts like their front on the guy We actually has his background aware at the order will be able in the Grass Willis List place more of him on Saturday night dives, giving having just a little trouble the tv most one of you knew how to fix it literally just get a remote and your press. Music. Now we have to do
You made a fool out of me. I trust you will bear with me a skinny is: have you made me man, you flooding where you ain't just thing exactly: you're gonna, where life reasonably best raised now balls were lined up, goes with forty or care for those Irma lie below sucks, I'm an oversight, my love or pre Davison, J Furrow in love, Member of the latter was then let us at last Monday, Jonathan Burge saved my life like just terrible. What I said to distinguish Andrei killed. It actually did all this thing. He said even held anything back. He it all escaped so as to help so shout to drink the killer net all right, and that is the room report ends. Lee will be back to Mosaic. I do these rumours and I'm doing all eyes condemns. All morning visa free Travel, Ruth IRAN were reported, earthen, ok, doggedly. They were given a donkey to listen, serene allows the common front garden
We love serene away. Rarely yes, but she knew the color for investigation we like now. Where would Serena Donkey Queen when that no doubting the backbone anyway? Excuse me when we come back, keep allow. What did you just say is broken I was born. You dare Devil breakfast dog today for Monday May. Sixteen goes to the legendary Serena Williams, serene women, the greatest tentatively I've ever seen, and absolutely wonderful, beautiful women are better and I could care less than her. Deltoid muscles are more defined. In my she is incredible location:
Human version of one of those world's finest chocolate bars that people use for fundraisers. You know when you're trying to raise money for a school charge, athletic group you get on your grind and sell those big thick ass world's finest chocolate bars. Well, if you can turn one of those candy bars into a big stick, a beautiful woman it'll be Serena, now serene was overseas and she had our dog and serene is rich. So, of course, her dog eats well and Serena was staying in one of those ten star hotels that have the menu for the dog as well as humans. Every I'm sure you stayed in one of those before clearly. I haven't gotten to this stage of my life, wife places that have menus used for dog dog. Ok, hotels, hotel! That's it I'm impressed when they have free cookies, salute debaucheries all across the countries looted on lower Miami drop. One includes bombs at all to find a thousand, and one have well at some point so read it decided to Autism Gama food off the hotel.
Room service menu for her dog and she decided at the chef had data wonderful job when our dog food, so she decided to taste it let's go to through innovative snapchat for the report. So this hotel, the doggie menu and on the dog arguments as others the good stuff? So I order you seven rice, I think it looks good. I put famine is born EU support for less password to two hours. I just have to the toilet light. Like I thought I was gonna pass out. I mean it did taste weird, like I four swallowed it like, like it tastes a little bit like a house, cleaner kind of thing. I don't know what they put in these dog food, but chip liked it and it looked good, but I don't think it's consumable for humans through an they suffer, wrote that
I feel really sick. It was just a spoonful know. We have all teeth the dog food at some point in our lives. I've definitely tasted a little bit of canned for Purina Alpo, but this isn't. I was a kid, a child in like First Corinthians, one thousand three hundred and eleven says when I was a child? I move like a child when I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me and that means eating dog serene. There's no reason at this point you luxury in Darfur, but arenas, didn't argue today is not just the eaten dove. Who now show us a dose of data eat dog food, every Davy, the revision May he odd because of this captain obvious ass logic right here? I don't think it's conceivable for here and they set about that. You didn't come soon, move you now. What would make you think that is a defect
dog food. I know you said they should have wrote down on the label. Would they gotta do Serena bicarbonate dog food like a certain things? We should know odd for us strictly, The name of a dog food is one of them, so is cat food bird feed. In fact, when you see the animal feeds thought just drive by it. If your hungry- ok, it's not for you- and I shouldn't have to tell anybody that nobody should have the right there on the dog food for you, because his dog food, how much clearer gonna get Serena. You earned every minute, I'm my but ok ray you got dog food, you deserved it so no need to gifts. In a big harsh. He ha Shiva Legend. Let us give it a respect. She deserved outta, here the terms one time. Please it too easy. You We you gave me?
yeah What a registry and go away to big of ass to have my book just be wasting you might boats in you die, ray, is when you got tat kind ass. A lot of what are now require the latter wiping alot of today and who never you might just have to take sound. Shows you too, that the de Giovanni so now I heard you donkey today and not for nothing Oh you know. I love not that Nigeria is a reason why we ve all tried dog food before I dont ones. They all. I have. I can say that I have as well. Would somebody doleful looks amazing? I mean the waited a chicken gravy up and everything. What have you seen the dog food? I came from a hotel, yet I did look conduct. Look amazing was rice in the leg rises,
in an ongoing dialogue. Might try to see if it was held in Rwanda disorder, human raisins them well that good work. Do you Nora machine She ordered rice, you might want to check a thing is for us open a door got the racists Amis enemy. Try dislike is both a government which away when you play Bay. The Madrid summit, however Nevada Darfur Judicious. But, moreover, let me ask you a question energy, five, eight, five, what oh five? What have you ever in Darfur and those somebody out there has? I think you should do should preference this question by sin of you ever in dog food as an adult. Cut out the child. I definitely take the dog food. I download dog named boy. Why? The and I used to feed idle ass a last logical as it could, though, the king a bit his back, maybe but I, but why the insight to freedom, the dog food. I need to eat a little bit of the dog food. I did it like once when I think you said in your adult life, have you ever eaten who are right because I had a dog and his name was geology and that's all original condition.
We call them deal g, but anyway, rigid menage rather doleful before it had an added and run to the bathroom. But I am looking at that picture of that dog food and I want to try. It is, of course an eight hundred finally went around has made it look. Is racism and has helped the dog food Bro RO. Look at me. Look at one with the alleged look. What little picture are you all right and famine? Have you ever eaten dull, for which is ask it in your adult life? Call us up right now is to breakfast club. The morning morning, everybody's dj envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club now ask it. Have you ever in Darfur, Ness ran away of Charlemagne, gave her dog of the day for trying your food. I looked amazing. I will try to do.
Yes very now he had taken the doll feel does not Chad a little too far. It is absolutely no reason for serene away to be audited taste in Darfur, ok, and nor would I thought why she got down to the readers. You got doggie it because she said that she doesn't figures for human consumption nature right right down on them on. Darfur is called dog food for reasons that I really want to know. What's in Darfur does not in human lives in it, just full, no snatches, who is just full when you broke when you broke in Uganda,
Darfur. Whenever I didn't need didn't die in a dog about barrier when you can afford appearing in the Alps, even the salmon in the reins, that's really was read. Nor dog is no reason for you to ever be taken a tasty. Your food, ok alone is the boy to ensure that have you ever in Darfur. Before you never tried it once Ambrose, no doubt all like, yellow condescending judgments, its own, you have towards those of us who have won over to the wrong. You know what you write, that is only right allows. This calamity that airline Adolf three right in Darfur before yes, I have in your don't life yeah, oh you are, you do is on a regular tells you say that you are rather than on that matter in the regular there do have a document so
I buy and some of those in other hand out both YAP tried that one end the boy I make you do it all the time before you. Why do you have to change your dog food? I may have to make sure that no one here I mean you, don't you gonna eat. It evidently has according to how do you know, what's good for you to say tat, it is your dog, but we do have the same path you tell of the eighty two you don't like. The guy is the food before presidents emission and ass. He liked you like a measure coarser book energy ass. If Iceland will you have a second, your dog
How can we get it right? I want to think that the answer to those who don't know I mean you everything you the report. You allows this ok now notice in their cell. Caroline Indians are eaten a dog food seen from South Carolina COD, and so too I don't do it on a regular. Did it once in my life now, have you ever in your dog food drink at our door
Greer lonely data. Go though I believe that that will happen. I prayed while their dreams, though by the buyer, will I will not go away. I think I like you, I don't know he ate Munoz requesting you re dogwood rags of. I call you a bit too that justify legitimate female dog. I beg you Mamma, you was trains, bits eight hundred dollar, five, what or five one what I'm real
Iceland is, if you from South Carolina. That's in Europe are the ones that have not read the other. It is one of the South Carolina you, don't you Adolf who do and you from queen. So what are you saying it, but absolutely hidden dog food of universal thing with, as I understand it, shouldn't be a regular thing. Solemn gave Serena Williams dog you today for eaten dog food, which is asking have you The eating, don't fool before call is right now is to breakfast locomotive. Tat, weighs german jump major man boy future. Drake morning everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club now joint Charlemagne gave doggie of the data Serena waves. What Charlemagne I gave a donkey today because you a dog who now really because you a dog who were reasoning for eating it was or after she ate it. She said that is not for human consumption and they should put down. On the label, but Serena is called Darfur FUCK that his All you need to know to know about it for human consumption. Now I've, tasted, Darfur, grass- and I was a child- did-
no reason to my don't live. I should ever be tasting, are sampling dog who now have eaten dough food as a child as well, but serenely is that a five star hotel get no five star dog food. I think I might have tried, is a little bit of a similar case now come on. Let's go to formats, allows this landscape holler from seventy seven Kay from Virginia. Have you ever eaten doleful before mom I'll, never in food and have a dog- and I think sometimes it looks kind of interesting have you ever tried it only. Let go my good graveyard it. Don't you want to try once no not really by another daylight it here in a situation like a thorn can't leaving you'll have to do that, you can either be rethought, is edible by it, it ought to be an extreme extreme how China has how treasures the plate, the job Megan in your house, the job in dog food, looks good. I mean you, I like you, I done
It does not look like me. Does I've been human. Looking about Purina it Look good allow this new age for Europe to eat and before broke from cockade. Your prayers evidently set. My mother ways were many stop it, rarely yeah. I was there. Ok. Now you care, and I dont know better than I did not I e they die like they be regular people today, barbecue food on the table in a dark blue on a plate. Now my out it's already banned in a bit of an hour. It would then be enabled by rapid our boots. I will get buried concern about what am I forget it I buried any definite. Like the baby. You know a man, you know what he did at the UK figures they may blackie. Chitlins allows this debate manner,
It was a brow, have you have eaten dolfo before, but never eaten dog voting go out alone could be raised him to turn. Reclining speak English just vanished, and he grabbed by those can thinking idealism tuna. We were two month you eating, God put can't not food auditing, but to live up to our doing those double access on the big brown allows. This grounded on the? U dont, you could tell us a neighbour or more modern and Robert where, Josie Nokia. Now, what's organ no food? Now, if you live in Chelsea New York, you got a dog because of mercy dog and neutral. Dollar dollar. I'd I'd, try to food before me, We are by private cookies. I tried the baby was along these lines, but if it be Jenny on Turkey. Why have you by tribal beforehand? In
I rise, whether by last week I was up in I'm clean mass of them up in a one sided had these jerky right for humans and then to get out of the dogma which looked at them they do. How can you tell the different because of our human for Darfur, and he was I all well, but it will look like the guy and examined it takes the same and it was like a series of the upcoming just one. Seventy thought you then about saying that lie in referendums. If we want to know I tasted away like a dog cookie tastes like is another cookies is another cook. Your group, the greens, epilepsy love have a good look at ingredient agreed it s just a bad now and then look at the agreed. I mean I did it has chow because it was fun, but I don't I wouldn't play in order, but I will try to find some way of those who know man. First, Corinthians thirty,
eleven? When I was a child, I move like a child. When I became a man, I put away the child, but childhood behind me. That includes eating dog food. You want me to restoring was more or less door, while you people in dog food on irregular. You all would you eat which pedigree dog food face, ass, o Dog, China, cheeks, look him boy all out war around I've. Looking man stab knock it off already. All right, I will become back. We got room is, of course we got gotta, say about little Kim, also Chris Brown and Tiger looks like you losses. Bobo would say all about it. When we come back to breakfast locomotor that was Bryson Scylla with Doats Ogilvy to second, I thought I was totally: let's go get them confused, Torreon. Yet another reckon do you know about, and it looks like nope things. I know it. The black. We will never be adding does know if Britain I'm not wearing a hat. I don't know he looks like, but if you hat, I think I know it looks like don't know what he looks like what he die. Willis gets rules
so low kip gas at the role of reckless club, we could have been here a little cheerless. Rome is going under foreclosure, it seems like he purchased his whole for two point: two million dollars in like two thousand into its an album. New Jersey, it's nice crib, this and she hasn't paid her more in the last couple of months and that the bank is trying to take the home now I doubt that this happened a couple of years ago when there was a problem with her accountant in her account, didn't pay it and it was taken care of quickly, and I think this is going to be the same thing. You ve been living here for a while now and I am sure that bad accountant issues in it. I'm not paying in them show sugar to straighten it to get. I think she's practicing and hidden, ready, known rehearsals. What I did he tore after that I had a Roma every five years. This is right up, there will be other pregnant. Now Chris Brad looks like he may face charges. This is before Roy
seat ass, his daughters birthday Party before the party he was writing his atv. I guess on his property on and on the street and his neighbors came down and complained: he brought the atv back in a craven got ready for it What is party to police came, they said there was five complaints in the past year about him. I guess making too much noise, but is his brow, but if you must ride squad, I don't need prominent Mckenna Rama God sometimes undergo industry with the quiet. So white leave me alone. That's what have you been with, and land play? Look like fans are against Madonna she's, both be doing a prince tribute at a billboard awards. In fact, don't want Madonna, do distribute. Why not? I don't know, I guess they want some He, like, maybe Leonard Kravitz AIDS. The key is accuracy at least two Argosy limits or what Madonna's an I clearly a shock icon should celebrate of God. Why can we not do opposed review somebody's one condition? Men condition. I don't know what I've been in. Evidence has been shown as well make and it will automatically business the thing I forgot
what pretty boring no bridge? I wouldn't know what to make of this issue. Call me, I don't think that was you and I want to make a priority, but it does make it is You can't, I was making no Prince tribunal. You out with one song suggests that somewhere allegiance Madonna, Lenny, cravats, unfired, plus Madonna, was edgy away. Print was edgy I'll have a problem with that an American I will I. What does he more than one artist? I want to see joy, but a couple hours I think I'll be no. I mean it, you did. A matter is no matter. What you really do is gonna be trash cans prince by you clean up. This pranks, like is there's nothing they're gonna, do there's gonna, be is good enough, of course, not so slow. It it'll be a greater beat me. Ok, we look forward to that. It'll be sentiment was like when you walk demonstrated. Somebody has you a pamphlet Jesus, you don't throw it away with his a
do this now that we go point because a prince tribute right now they like gospel things. Don't you pulled at the APOLLO. Italics shows no bull gospels things. Let us think an honest barrow, you know a thing is seldom a budget is now. Are you gonna bombs that I will not say the tribune trash cans dancer right, and that is what I want to say, saluted whose guy on Twitter name autism is. He still argue me about Serena Williams in Darfur. And do you know she should be able to eat it, and I'm saying I said to him his dog food, an issue like you would like she's right that we should have been labelled unlike its Darfur, and so he sent me a picture of a church box and he goes, they say tricks to focus but it don't get a point. You don't have a boy, you guys, you know you drinks and organizing daily did not observe those civil objectively does. That is the rumour report annually,
he's in Miami she'll be back tomorrow, so she can do her own room has no news, but up next to the people's choice mix. If you want to hear something, eight hundred and five, eight hundred and fifty one five hundred and one hit me up with your request, shout out. I absolutely positively got you. If you're celebrating a birthday get you they shot out as well. In shouts allow family on revolts, revolt, tv, you could catch us each and every I will see you guys tomorrow for the people's choice mix it up next hit me up with your request. Right now at the breakfast club come on
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