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Today on the show after a video went viral of the rapper Da baby beating up a man, Cam Coldheart that was trolling him in a store, so we had to open up the phone lines to see if our listeners thought he deserved the butt whoop. But the real moral of the story is to always have a belt just in case. Moreover, Charlamagne had to give Cam Coldheart some more words about the importance of a belt during "Donkey of the Day". Also we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners could work with someone they hate, after discussing the complications with "The Chi" cast. 

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Hi there, I'm sack wrath and I'm gonna phase on we're real life best friends. We met playing fake life, best friends, Turk and GDP on the sick. Come scrubbs. Twenty years later, we ve decided to re watch the series one have pursued at a time and put our memories into a pod cast. You can listen to it home, we're gonna, get all our special guess. Friends, like sour chalk, John C Mckinley meal Flynn, Judy raise show create a bill. Lords editors, writers and even prop masters would tell us about what inspired the serious and how we became a family. You can listen to the pond cast fake doctors, real friends when Second Donald on the high heart radioactive apple podcast and wherever you get your blog CAS, My name is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with the bullet.
Back outside of Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true?
Listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get. Your party casts overseas world era them other very the captain. We want to remain with rivers, good, moderate, USA, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO good morning, age, Lee Mining today, and we shall remain the guy these data plan. It is do yes, it's Tuesday Y all is cultural cooperation is one of the big, some borough, pats or somehow observers, but why these album
oh, who I new armies, yeah. Okay, There was a single minded, upheld items, varieties, arrow, the lad centres, and I got a nice packets. Floyd Netflix is she's, gotta haven't seasons, food that's cute Georgia, yam came out, may twenty point and what I am trying to catch up on. The sharp rise is called upon to sell ass night mister up so from Sunday. I was one of his old, that's it. I think I'm down three episodes. I caught a born one, some down to plenary, difference a wise now that you know these issues behind the scenes, but you look like what, when you watch it like what I wanted it, I'm thinking like you know, really likes you really like. It is hard for me. Obviously new version, you let me have them. Toggles peace, lamentable wing, toggle work, but I'm not gonna lie. That show is so good and it is indeed I got back from the trademark hasn't got married and another machine. Yesterday I mean on Saturday thousand
try all we can do our families Evan. I am families out new toddy room, all my guy everybody without their lives, is, alas, I am against reality. Given Christmas, this to my dad. Overwhelming he drove from New Jersey to Detroit to inhabit. To get your mortgage. He data gets Hanau. Whatever Are you crazy, Jan write them already role? Dad sorry, you out with my brother's God. They're, a godfather, and then they got pulled over for speeding on their way back. I guess he was going like eighty four miles. That's enough to make set my data for the rest of my goodness knows. I was in a roof over. We can always approval for a little out of a four interesting or saw Beach we don't for thirty years. Actually Sinbad was one or two people are created. It started it now his brother does it's always prick.
Dunbar Ella Major leginn her. So many different people kick a pre spun out. There was. It was a good time PAM here, goods Sinbad. I didn't it to the original bade brothers. Everybody names is now made. Sir Does not allow me to say let you know the time it was a ground. Tammy everybody Emmy everything. A birth new name was Bates Jolly Wilson perform to allocate a little colored, it was it was. It was done at all us off at a greater, certainly going on shadow, but it out without the sole region did. Yesterday I went to her she positive energy poverty. Nope you never been she park now. Everyone is agreed this exact knowledge and technology, any as happy as honey. I'll call they cause you have been it didn't you were able to flag up lots of good. That's Jerry's eager dry there. For me, you exit DR partial progress into our drive from New York. When there are special roller coaster, they got somebody rise for the kids. They got, they teach you how chocolate was made. Of course, where is? It was a
rate time? I was here yesterday the whole day and beat you took my meaning, a vacation from Disney walk. Let me also in Pennsylvania, I'm jack them like I did is we cannot do absolutely. Nothing is weakened out in the backyard making small wooden three baby girls and my wife. My leg is called my case whether go adding wanna go, have some for not a chair and world. Emma hasn't detritus unless dynamic, say yes and pictures. It looks amazing self, either like for my weeks, good good, I'm picking a catalyst for the worse, now, there's. No, we are had a better weakening, can call right now. I've ever visited outdated The germ line, as I'm sure ruining them somewhere, doesn't think there man, balmy so much entertainment is. We was thoroughly Satan back in joining in nobody wanted to participate come now. I don't care about that kind of, though I'm trying to say
While I do you see what's going on do or like? Do you think I give a damn? He often on some island somewhere varies. Do it that already? Why I'm the one who wanted to have found the old man was anything in thing going on that guy is all funny to me boy. Some. I need to get on with their principal. Why? Why does indeed already alive you traumatized? Ok, on, but I see the Romania in. What do you mean you get? You can use beat up period. After all, when you get beat up for the whole world to see in a gold viral opponents Mamma s letter those that have the most ways dotted that at the moment I was already decimals ironic thing about their video wide show you the importance of belt. He was in to buy ability and you ended up. On the floor with paint around is an innovation that have had him back in the store was needed about if anybody a deadly needed, namely I got, beat up in the store Now you are backed by a belgian ass. Did you see
We saw you about needed about that builds a very important job if they wore already today. Ok Avenue, pants agony around jangled, we know, but if you want to win back from cancer, fit right well is kept asking a crack in front pages. Are we talking about May well? Let's talk about this border while that's being built now, there's a private group, that's building would tell you all about it. I will get internet next. Keep lackeys cardy be she's, releasing a new single two, three great or record sort of their right to preface local our right morning? Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast cloning skins on full pay. I knew that it was no game. Last night for game on an MBA finals is Thursday between the warriors and raptors. Kevin array is out game. One. I think the worries hands down ass, I would say war is in five- is actually disrespect. While people treat to have occurred.
Like they having all these conversations by who's, the best player in the world and they like, while in it and they talking about Lebron and they talking about Kevin Durand, he's hurt. Steph curry have been one have played in the world for the past five years. The other issue is as an mba piled and being a final them Vp Nobody'Ll beyond his beige peace right now, Dan Gill, the owner of the calves suffered a stroke on Sunday Jesus Christ he's they said, he's doin, ok right now, but he did have a minus stroke thing about money, no matter how much money you have your health can still be. Did in some way shape or form a you know. Just because you're rich doesn't mean you gonna be healthy, as sadly, what my man and when she heard the news we were just talking about Daniel over because here I haven't, I bet with him, and he tried to given away one point: two million dollars to small businesses, different small businesses on June. Fourteen, though gaze on, allow for Detroit inflicts diversity up there. What us regard you now, let's talk about our private group.
That has raised many millions of dollars in a gopher me campaign as call we build the wall and they actually started building its own. That's a board, a war on private property. They said Buckler we're just getting started in a facebook post. They just started over the weekend. I could think of great waste. Then that many members are united. They probably have mexican workers nor the president, The whole argued all situation: either they raise many for ok, I re annesley by these tornadoes is still really severe weather for me, flying back, my flight was delayed and it was grounded on the fight to Newark were grounded for a while, but they said this devastating weather is still over. They were soon suspected tornadoes delay in Ohio area just last night. Thirty minutes of heart, so just still be careful and people are still back today. The airports were crazy yesterday, so just may show you check on that now. Taxes has just passed the build. And I let people carry their hand guns for a full week after natural disaster.
The licence gun owners can carry their hand guns in public for up to a weakened as because they don't want people to be forced to leave their guns behind reserves in their vehicles are in their home, where they could be a risk of people coming from Texas. But the majority of Bulgaria, I guess I have to asked of me be not, but now they saying that you don't want anybody to steal a guns. If you loved leave you gonna go out to create, or whatever may be. I guess you have to have one of those conceal carry permits to keep them weapons When I have examined you immunity, if you don't have it. Yes, that's what the bill is. Or in Missouri. The governor has signed legislation banning abortions at eight weeks. That ban has an exception for medical emergencies, but it does not have an exception for rape an insect. So if you're after eight weeks, you will not be able to legally gettin aboard if you do go and try to get when the doktor could face five to fifteen years in prison, Local law right will ass front page news. Get it off my chest, eight hundred five!
Fifty one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent, hit us up right now, maybe had a bad week in a horrible weekend or maybe, bless you at a great legal aid under five, a five one, o five one is to breakfast locomotive it seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started, trying to accomplish everything you need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead, get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world on the Iheart Radio, APP. The breakfast club I got wake up or black we want to hear from you tell our days was abroad which
You heard about the italian we were guided by a gang was that it was the one that we are quite inadequate. For a week, it may have been figure. I knows more, we gave them out that beach right, yes and I go if I go in there, gasping buys a valley, I believe the lady was by young people want the item. As your question, though, let me you do is weird I regularly published, but I got for the creative or anyone nobody's video allowed That is why your grown asthma, Dear Molly Programme, is highly made about eating. Allow how'd you haven't, we do things like ignored, think something's, wrong, lollipops, Magda everything. You felt the thing about bananas, ever ever like you're the aid of banana before, like that in public. I never said anything about your man always believe who said it I wouldn't know lollipop only because like if I'm gonna eat There's gonna be subpoena eminences MIKE I'm not gonna, do not allow mental wishing would allow go like the lollipop growth
You say you have good shot. I Roca! Yes, I remember the company vision nationwide, Benjamin YE, God loves you guys, I couldn't wait the college. I maintain that gonna, laddie, patronage, ok, you're gonna die the manufacture and young man who live body with not even the via Baltica. Thinking there by your day, while I was omitted, gotta get moving LEO. I got you, Sir Gawaine gear. Your life is like an old times in ways that it allows this Amy singular features. You wanna get Mining Ramona Clean AIR instead of when I walked asking you because you guys have doubled, rocks at coming on. Fatima musical than the background honor me somebody somewhere, I met their enemies. The money used with evidence that you guys that I love you guys think it
women got somebody new run in the morning I used in on nineteen June. Seventh beat hello. This is what the man in Black Famagusta, lad. What I'm regular features You know I had lagoon Bardo. Will we get with their day to day was real good, not agree. I got my move out. Food is irregular moves. What does that mean? What does that mean again a small hands. You, you know how the food gonna lose always like that Darwin agrarian laughing download the judge. All african cornered videos o wherever Loma worse than I reckon I had to solar they know the baby word out. I had it who knows now by the hour Yes, sir, when I no known about them, not the paramount about you did all your chest: eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one? If you need to vent hit us up right now? Is the breakfast club good morning
the breakfast club, is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but I've been. We want to hear from you on the breadth of allows, there's a man, so Mozart. Samian in our you see love you? Where are you right now, they are made in our view? Is why Debbie a hard rap name see me? I was so see. Madame whiten sticky, are you sure you could you make me quickly myself now seamen by I'm glad today you I've lived together, lie in areas on the West Coast from everyone look out for you. I live in a container of ok. So what you want to get up your chest
morning, seamen came the thought, let it go thou, but, as we have in mind, you all go against through women. Wear away away comes babe outside it. Are you gonna? Do because we're cool zoom in passing, Yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I get there by firing at night. Why a blind man station! allow this time from the law. Tell him it's what I make it off your chest, so I just want to wish my girlfriend a late happy birthday. You know, I wasn't it Are you guys they are able to lay in a room, and you love laid on your girl provisions, have another one by that I have lay all alone. Party. Her name a drawn up. A love are sought out the Son of God. He had a great like live now
but then it is seen as re like me. Don't you don't get it may no less. They don't let that negative energy message you broke. You keep the narrative different every morning. I'll be larger. Point, seven m logic: Now I brought the you of quiet and black men cheat on its own. Dr, was you things you have. You patterns, hey baby, Put our fears. Are you gonna get under way, there are repaid they will bring to persuade other positively. But obviously I have mentioned There is no doubt that an alibi, He knows a block, love and do not add dumper. Looking at new danger: They were then. What am my eyes allow? What about whether more topical
All of these are like ten people until one as we continue. It's been. A lot of shooting was a lot of shooting in Chicago. There was a lot of shooting Brooklyn over the weekend. There's a lot of shootings man Chicago with thirty four shot. Five fatally Dwayne Memorial Day again and with two days ago, that was signed aim and it was already let out from all day, if you don't get it provided a firmer Pascal, Thou O had planned to death. Will you be? I believe I can quote. I try to address the IDA ended up. Half my goodness me alive. They did so low down. Clearly, do it alone, oh man, you know when you no matter how you got better, get it, how you get it may be the matter. You review those social media talking a reckless does somebody in they. When you seem imposing you beg of you already it don't matter, you get that out. I'll give it to. He would three people, the baby. In a little more than a doormat tie saying
write what up what up Charlotte man was there with you what's up king, how you get it off your chest from Vegas? What's good? What's up what up, though, I do bet you to do is go on the internet and it and just make a name for yourself? You know I mean by taking a nap without you, knowing for taking a hell, yeah he's like he's like the new red from Friday. You know I'm saying cuz, you know how you see red you got knocked out, villa you, oughta be no over that you want to be the guy. The guided the baby meta you're gonna be want Worthington, be that we would have begun with the gravel gone. You hurt me yeah man, but you know one already taken out cause he's traumatized Orilla these traumatized about they formed a no letter Lga, almost remember me man, a few years back. You can the bag it. Anyone, let you in.
Well, I'm glad we got a negligible David were bandied about the way that you remember that nobody appreciate, why did you go get make this? We get you Red Letter day, but I've your brother hey shut up, my graduated Laila and Man belatedly Oh yeah rubbing the item as eight hundred five five one and five one of you need a bit. You gave us up at any time that you with our rooms runaway yes, I can tell you want to talk about the baby. Ok I've been with him at the lower Baton stores. They will get right into it now, right, we'll get into that. When we come back is to breakfast locomotive breakfast. The bags
the report on the breakfast club, ok, were there's been some issues now with the baby. Now, as you know, last week. There was an issue with him getting into an altercation when a fan allegedly got aggressive when he was told he couldn't take a picture with the baby, and in that incident he say that he got beat up. Barely by the baby's security, Well now there was another incident where the baby as in the more he was going to the Louis, don't worry within the lieutenants door and there was an altercation between him and Carolina Wrapper named CAM called hard law now to baby verses Campo hard. We believe store the everything was captured. I camera cars can call heart was filming himself. Big Gallagher librarian, it's all! He walked up only able to do so, but you don't do it's ok
here. Is a boy Ok, ok! I am the truth. Now the map me go low. Now you don't know what happened. A baby did apparently, now can call our camp car was seen on the ground with his pants on the floor, hang in there off his bite. My you will come on you. I can call always take him to baby. Look like he was paying for whatever was purchased. Any was a Panem. No mine offers an end. Camphire was harassing the baby industry. I let him on his brigade. Wasn't Anna haven't altercation. I was out, its aim by camcorders. Will you not because he did anything particularly any take entertaining, but because watching him try to convince the internet and he was embodied but I'll, be down Lily by the bye bye? Now, let anything less get in December, that became a boy yes. Camp car
posted after the picture and video of him with his pants down was seen by anyone caught me. Slipping Dodo Silva back from the slums. This ain't is a mess bounced back. From M M jumpin him every day. No statements make em back from my belt, so twelve, I want to talk. I got up, walked the car and made a post I'm her? It is how once again go to lose out pack and asked the security and Louis, where many people jump me when they rush me Dodo. So why went into camp call heart? He saying, while you read when you posted a high value on the planet, Nor does it mean when you really what Guerrero element? I really what he wrote along with the video. So this is him explaining What actually happened in the store saw me Louis, been someone you know dear. Do you know they run about me? Louis though one star sleep, you aerial security guy, I'm goddamn. His were all needs downstairs prairie squares. Who is he said they ran up when yes,
I see the video camera camp Camelot. You can but you wasn't hurt after the fact, but we all saw the video that you was rolling around on the ground with your pants around your ankles blood leaking out your face. My brother, you was hurt, security in their Louis that I just let that happen to secure what they gonna do uses a kind of story. A little older they exactly gonna bad about new job is one was the key word in this whole situation is boats array video knows. The importance of the ability to fat called can cope with attempt in the Bible. It ended up underground Panther on his ankles shoulda boats is so important. You really shouldn't leave home without one by Canada. And then is not done making be as a new made a whole series of videos discussing the situation in what he plans to do with all this new found, fame
you realize they ll, be though slowly they fall. Don't make a brave and much more innocent me. This won't matter level should run away this level. I was thereby already in particular about twenty times. How do you turn fifty thousand follows the Lambert report? Does a jam called out? People are laughing at you now. Would you know let this be my guy right? I don't care how many new ads you followed. You got out. Ok, Amity, Blog Post, United matters when it comes to who you are made. These people are not nor the following. You digits here for the weekend soon as this, Find out they going to follow you and it don't matter. If you get a lambo truck that lambo truck, don't matter cuz, all you going to do. Are you going to be? Is the guy that the baby beat up driving a lambo truck and out of you.
Given that what would you do if it s ignoring the guy who got beat up in a ball but a baby, because every Jennifer right, that's what is allowed to do? I wonder what is governed essay about? What are you gonna do now? I write well, let's finish how the buccaneers more needed. Now, here's what the baby has to say about Campo High Blu code, pulleys rewrite The word my baby baby are now I have no remorse for anyone who troll someone online away. Camcorder was trolling into baby. If you talk somebody online, like they're, talking crazy to someone on. I like that you get what you earned a right, and can call that whole situation on himself Locrian account cod. Saying that the baby missed him twice caught Wednesday, ten We saw the video guy what he says about trust me. Imposed on camera before the video and all over you two right now and guess what I ran. You know I read that I can't go on later.
The ground bloody. Will my pants around my ankles? Ok, I don't Can one more for himself cause. I want more for him as an individual gladiating airbag high, when you ran caused decorative eradicated by God, and you hear about a baby in Burundi and about away I don't care if they jump, can call out in that. You know why, because of human? Mountain Batman online and you been Talkin directly to that man online. When you see that man, you should be prepared for whatever comes your way, even if it is him and his brother or him and his security or whatever it was the way that was going to happen. Lay. What was the you, nobody told lab, and nothing is so that he could. Began to prepare for that when he thought he could get. The Leipzig you didn't retweeting Dhabi will become it anything that there was no have anything you gonna walk away. What would just talk and reckless and now we're gonna be. My does now have almost sixty thousand following about. There lay about all the arduous is stupid, assume for finally about following whom God goblets camp I wish you the best mama them please.
This be a legacy pallaby Lambeau Drunk, I re when I'm Angela YE and that's your room of reporting all right. Thank you. Miss ye now for patients that we talk about ufos, you have oath vulgar. Your files. When we come back as the breakfast locomotive morning, everybody is D J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We oughta breakfast club was cancelled front page news they wanted to be. A finals is Thursday. The warriors take on a raptors Katy is out, came one. Sorry there, five indefinitely War is more than five finally be six rather vague wars and revive and calves. Only Dan Gilbert is awaken, responsive after suffering a stroke on Sunday, but he still in the hospital is all the money in the world can prevent our vision of the fair port. You are right now, let's talk about some Navy pilots who say that they spotted ufos while training over these coasts. Back in twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen, they said they saw
strange objects with no visible, indian or infrared exhaust plumes. There were at least thirty thousand feet and flag and hyper outsider bees almost daily, I've seen it on tv. Anybody that knows know Charlemagne got ya noted. I believe in you have rules, and I think that it is very selfish and very arrogant and think that we, only life form in already if you'd workers throughout the world to draw do whatever they might be thrown notice. It, in my view, drawn, is announcing that it would have meant that I wouldn't be a drone. Are you actually said that at first they thought it was part of a tough secrets, drone programme, but then, after the near collision, they change their minds. Ay said the government officials knew they were fighter pilot in the area and they would not syndromes to get in the way. They also says that keep says requires a significant amount of energy to have it. The air with the speed they observed, and they said twelve hours in the air is eleven hours longer than we expected. They were there for twelve hours. If you look at the early, you look at how the worse the earth is as follows,
different things in ocean dividend was different things in the jungle, even people from cod in the cardinal indifferent. Why wouldn't universally just a diverse rights? Well at the moment? and talk about Google. They are reportedly tracking, whatever you buy through Gmail up, you purchased some things and that for me it is in your Google account and you think only you can access that they actually are keeping track. So anything that you purchase through that do Google pay for their google placed or any those things are being tracked by them. So I just know thyself. When a story, you data, you can remove purchases from there and go to that Go purchases paid and get rid of everything. A fly I write an
Missouri there are governor. My parson has now Stein legislation that bans abortions at eight weeks, the only exception as medical emergencies, it's not for rate, not princess, incessant, there's, no exceptions for rape, no exceptions for incest as well, and if your doctor and you perform an abortion after that, eight we cut off could face by to fifteen years in prison, women would not be criminally penalized for anything and also the clause. You have to get written notification from apparent or guardian for an abortion performed. A few minor said I went into effect as well sounds so you guys know their eyes slowly. Trying to ban abortions with all of these new laws slowly. Tat will do that. Let me state by state, so it's not a federal thing, but they are trying to make sure they are. I take it away so make sure you pay attention and speak up and speak out were all right. That is front page news. Now, let's go back to talking I'm cool hand by category, listen
example. How do you know I was invited to call him and be they? Eighty talking module on a radio- I am adamant valley, where there is nothing to be proud of ourselves out of the fatherland eight hundred five, a five or no viable. Indeed, he got what he deserved. The people I just joined us explain what happened. While he was in the lieutenant store and a baby was in there as well by chance and he was taunting. The baby call him a bitch, as in all kinds of things, and I guess he's been having issues with the baby for whatever reason this is the year has been a couple years. There has been talk and reckless and very negative about the baby on social me. Any data to ignore him. If there's any roaming himself talking recklessly, but the baby and then finally have was he got what he deserved and all you online troll deserve the same fate whereby Lambeau tractor Allah talking created a people or social media outlets, album crazier lie run and upon people with cameras. When you see them indiscreet, yet You deserve that in more and more about their Lambeau chalked up aid budget,
five, a five one, o five one can call hard deserve, we'll talk about it. When we come back as the breakfast cloak amount. Precision medicine where doctors, Taylor, prevention and treatment specifically for each patient may very well be the future of health care I'm bear today, Thursday, and on this episode of spit we're sitting down with Doktor Julie, Johnson, Doktor, Rickles and author and Doktor Roxana Gay to discuss the role our dna plays in determining our response to Madame you go to your grandmother's mothers on south, though in the bathroom and open up the medicine, Cameroon and all the medicine falls out. Taking this this, and is had this re never get to take this. For this precision, medicine is supposed to take us directly to that right. That's gonna, be impact. Actionable important, for I have
listen to spit, and I heard a radio podcast theories on the power of dna testing. When the I heard, radio, apple pie, gas or whatever you get your Pike S morning, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club good morning. Now, if you just joined us, we're talking about can call her end a baby. Now ye explains the people would happen. Yes, there was creation in the mall between can call her and a baby. The baby was shop, a man, his business and the levity store and can Co. Heart was just film. In common, the baby, a bitch, Ass Edward and that's when he's, got a little crazy, o the next video. We see can call high on the ground with his pants down he got what he deserved opposition and for a long time it no repercussions. Will people say while stuff? Any deserved it lagging a shot. You didn't kill you just got load knuckle, double bloody knows and as passed to the floor
in writing. On this day, I too is available now and always burger you move at all, because his pure hate, you know, came as a rapporteur. All it, maybe as from solid, and you can tell it at the camp is upset that became. I say to you that in the position it the baby? Is it as over the past couple years, just been taught them all lie. Talking crazy! and I just feel, like you know, all online trolls deserve the same fate. All talking creative people on social media run in a moment. Can cameras when you see them in the street? Yes, you deserve that and more so I don't I don't. I don't feel sorry for him at all, and I really want him to understand that people are laughing at him. Not with him No, let this be a legacy. Camcorder! Ok, how many new ideas followed? You got ok, how many blog posts you ok about no Lambeau trucks, none! It matters when it comes to who you are the man and asked what I learned this day. Like you said it, from North Carolina evolving Charlotte you be forwarded Man doesn't do anything for you, nothing at all, nothing, nothing! Now!
in and Ngos, and I don't know you kids, but for their sake beat a guy who got beat up anymore about a baby because, as you know, for right, daddy, you gotta have more of a leg is needed that new paths- Anti kinsman magical organ of the accused Roma always are, how do you walk in the mall? I want more, for you can cold heart right, but you got one more for yourself Please invest in Bout Dat, you made me want to stop my belt? Rarely. You have good it's a very important variant. The clear guidelines make systematic of their boat. Beating waiting allows this. Should I hey. Do you think you got what he deserved? Absolutely, no! Don't you why am I the very day that you feed video was a baby, Unblest black unhappy fate, but here he guy back there The moment allows this group would
the sky was made that you got what he deserved. You got what you do, what you did? They get Walker Trot example. I got a baby, you know, babies, to fight back You know what he told you, how many cancer me Sidney talking threatening naked Breton remarks exam, you would have been in accepting camps were frozen. Video did. I see little use one for us now self defense. You know now baby. No, you got all right got a bright side. You gotta ignore him now that it is Let me move z world, but when I think about it now, I'm back and I know how to be annoy. You are known
I would be able to find out about now added it may cause he still talking so now. What do you do as the baby? Not absolutely nobody ignored at maybe took the baby was greatly, so he got what he deserved, or I will take you broke away yeah the angel, Angela, EVIL, Unita, duet. Oh, what event the Lamb Brooklyn will savvy event? Ok, hit me up. Well, you know, book a reminder that I led far away I also met Ottawa like using a plan I was like. I need you going or evil. I don't want people to feel like this is the way to get on either, because I need to know
corner is not. I I don't care. How many follows you gotta get. How many times have you may imagine he is not always what about you get there lay about job? Don't you just be guided the baby they draw devalue during this will not regulating the dollars. You will not get a deal from this. This is just noise right now, probably, will aid budget five a five? What or fire while we talk in the baby and chemical? How did he deserved it got it is sub now is to breakfast local products. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club. Now, if you just joined us, we're talking I'm cold and debate if you don't know what happened over the weekend, you just join. If you want explain to people what happened, I had the baby and Camco heart. I guess they were both in the way baton, store, bad timing and cam car has been talking to bad, baby online for quite some time, Simon Peres, then, as that it took an issue in person, com I'm a badge, ass, Birmingham, saying all those things to the baby to baby with China. The store and get out of there by it. I guess can call had approached him gotta loads, who Klaus and that's why
boom boom next to be sea can call her is laid on the ground, but his pants down, I wanna doing, who turned out differently. If I can call on, would have been able to just about before he got a man could have video, really show the importance about. I too fat camcorder with attempt in the Bible and ended up on the ground with his pants rise. Ankles shows why those employed not really might taught me about language. You really should leave home without knowing it don't gotta be design is well. You know what I'm glad he got beat up and all that happened as if you really think I mean the baby's shot. Somebody killed somebody before a man in my business in a Lula founded lands in self defense. Amado business in a low avatar store? You you, you taught me, then you swing at me. First to me, they can do to rob. That's why I don't feel so I've. What is young man, because you had already young do that here, who do anything for the clout and they talk crazy to people social media, it's all crazy online run upon you cameras. You know
and guess what have you done about somebody with a camera and you ask people smoke, don't be surprised, you get asthma life at eighty wasn't really bad about for you, my brethren. Ass, even better, let you know either way camcorder. What have you got me bow was no less of Doha. What? What do you want to buy say you know better respect. All your mega, not beloved Yup Charlemagne. You bet, I form and UK beef from up you can be promoted, but what the man you gave me I'd stay did you know he was taught me You know you gotta, when you oughta level like baby, you gotta have some type of fibre walk away status made you gotta, be on a majority lovely even in a lot of stuff. We may need to get back to London. I grew Debenham of Usanga Video, not camps along an inverse Amy I refer you ain't it, but you know what you're going back or German. You said well, look what idea! Look what I did all. That no matter did I get a deeper over the mare me honestly. You bring it to Detroit,
allowed a diver Udo knocking lab, but you know that but you know I'm not promoted by was at all like you. You doubly just do not remain out what you just said. You would not amount to double regulation relating to a bet it in that would no doubt be like You need to have a need to do to startle level majority level where the least you can try to walk away. They did the clearly when I was on a, but even when he woke you may go back or cameras. There was a good idea, Is that really prove anything? But you know what I did ass, the other do animal can imagine he was already Birmingham, so he might have made it seem like he was doing this to the baby. To baby was just taken it and he went to tell them different narrative and, as said a warning for people legs, don't try to come up army and talk
he's not need not only to know, but you gotta protect yourself in Athens to baby by doing out protecting themselves, because what if there was no video and can't corner, went to go farther lawsuit go print charges on two two VON was over. I tell you my big bang and after the elevated guarded thought, our it talked in your father's that we are part of the clouds and awoke realise that build your damn dog gaze. Alas, we write up either by doctors and it will be our highly they all open, a faint, but, oh it always double. And I also remember you buy a I'm- will not you're out of your way. You know I'm only not now did. That is no no whether the earthy monetary nobody's thine enough, but I do not know whether this could be better go wrong.
Had the where'd you Broadway video exact. Nobody out, you get a part of you automatically. Give me a lotta growled leave our come on. Now he can call posted a video prior to the baby in him getting into altercation to baby Daddy is full and they put the three video together at the back of the government and by his bottle they involve lebanese darling, don't go out in the long run, the memorial day we again memorial day week in well with what I'll do it relieved by video? If they do or do you pay? What am I going? There would be? No man, God bless. You really want to meet up with Japan thing it out in no wise loud enough for that he got fifty thousand new followers of Europe, Ah, you know why this is finally INDIGO came together. Deciding own camp called art is not on.
I don't care how many follows you got about. Only Avenant Algeria is Nay mentioned. He is not or would not translate into dollars in any music at it. I know he will not deal from this is noise right now. Ok, All it is rather their language, but but much more everybody we moved on to something else. Aright further when the game thought when a final thought they'll be moved on, Something happened can call per capita each Marrable shortly. We can't you just two I and the landlord drug did the baby beat up live your minor Lambert's had to end these cars so September. Seventh, you stop it I would say: oh I am again. You know that I have been in the car me hey, you would have really about jobs in my God. I know you know why I shouldn't be encouraging. The mayor might marry than yours in being garden is because those are the same. Do that run upon one of us and we are in a screen just because they want to do like than they wanted you retweet every by you re everybody in this room has been a victim of a thing about thing about when
the guy put me in the back of the head. When the guy took the picture with Angela, you just supposed to say Angela, you look trash, you know what I'm saying. I guess what they do. Cars that this guy is not on Campbell tonight on in no way shape or form, and he got what he deserved and I would all online trolls deserve the same faith that can call her gut and buy a belt in a lambo truck rooms. One word boy, yeah me: let's talk about meat meal, he is suing cosmic piloting. Hotel in Vegas, for racism will break it down. He will come a little trick. Would you do if I was him? He seemed flashy abba a red raw bre of on cam cold out. I'm getting a black and blue laboured from joy of black and blue. Have what I would do, referral back room where he is the breakfast club more d, J Envy, Angela YE shall remain the guy. Beyond the breakfast cloning out, everybody Hagar Mining be day after memorial day. We again and a lot of people are travelling stuck at all. The traffic noise
at my mom ovens. Areas come back from Jersey. It was crazy. To me, like I'm gonna, have to go. I really. I followed the news report yesterday. There was nobody really do really. It is said that I was surprised that was my word. You know how they said. Kids have Scooby where work next day, so nobody wants to be amusement park and it was waiting at the we long after the longest we went on around with my twenty minutes said I was shouted and Disneyland way shortening Disney. Where I had. We had a good time. I oppose they wanted a video immune roller coaster and radicalism. An issue to be my wife love them, so I jump on and with her, but I really don't like roller as a lever holocaust. Is I love that only raw I can't do otherwise has been around and around and then again nauseous dog, like the ones, but you know what you started along this go around around around all the kitty rise like David, you spin around arrives, you don't know me, neither yes, but
we got room is under way will be taught. My room is an excellent thing about make men now. Apparently he is doing the cosmopolitan hotel for racism that in Vegas and it did Phil disrespectful whatsoever. Eighty days Abigail into that local. I will that makes keep alive the breakfast locomotive, feeling that this is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club made. The male is doing the cosmic pilot and hotel in Vegas. Now, according to who make melon. He has also has video to back this up. He was supposed to be going to show a President Marquis de they must. It was actually dj at the club and they told him that it was a capacity in it. He couldn't get answer. Then he decided well. Elisa comes at the hotel. Grab a bite to eat- and here is what happened.
So now, maybe landlords has less to do with the emission levels. Do tell me I'll be arrested about only about the son of the aggressive was only just today in a rapidly if we officially, but why did you officially contributed Irena posted Pilots in hotel Cacena, going to extreme races levels to keep to many black entertainment and detain him. By people they said they gone lack meet up, I'm like, for what I've been once to a party with Jazzy somebody's casinos have a bunch of tactics to keep the level of blacks down but love to take our money. This happens to a lot of black and attain is not just me. I felt crazy being put up. His white men. For no reason, if you come from our culture, you should never step foot in the cosmopolitan hotel they just really races. Something really has to be done in LAS Vegas, what they do and
people in its various you in Vegas bears a lot of art is a ladder hip hop art is that they will. Allow and certain venues well isn't going to celebrate, and now you tolerated on a big and the white man again to his establishment, just on golden almost I've, given these people, who don't give a damn about you, you're Dallas, they lay your music there and then they will. Let you in a damn club, but is like you said about a problem that is, is is in no other. The black in Elles in Vegas in any black on hotels, a Vegas casinos, a vague as that began playing islanders street. The way we always have We will have the law. Amanda probation is obligatory. Diagrams greenhouse, it's illegal game have already way rule Are we to deal with a large family history? I had no idea tat guy I mean it sounds crazy. I've been a vague as many times, and I have heard them say certain people just can't come to declare Bothy
like you been in some type of, is how little, during a provide any major get off. I don't even play. Have happened, the club say that they have a glow have had set. And I can do like our holidays, one club in Vegas. It does happen, what have they done? Cornea, look, meek, fires and opportunities owned and landing city. Let's go back to sleep at night. To go to pay even find a place doesn't like ever did he ever show club in Vegas and where no one is denying Libya does now follow me whether ochre we started one big arena, egg Zelaya is pressing targets because somebody liter nudes. Now she was shot for Q Australia's cover and according to the photographer, who took those pictures, he said those voters was stolen from him and published without permission, he said I'm out raisin saddened to find out the. It is a man was stolen and published. There is currently an designation underway posting be stolen, images is illegal and anyone who has done so will be prosecuted so Ikey Azalea is, of course
damnably upset to be violated in that way. She actually took downer instagram page, and she said the photos were out, take shots from her twenty. Sixteen geek, you show your cover soup and she was a sham. Lord, no fully tablets, photos of her would make the final cut. She also said she never gave permission for those pictures to see the light of day as she posted as well. Recently, some outtakes, where my twenty six indeed you magazine cover willing to the public a lot high profile. Women have sat covers with GQ, with a strategically placed hand, Et Cetera, covering their breath. I always heard they were beautiful covers so I jumped at the opportunity. So she said there was no reason for any one to have kept those outtakes from the shoot. He was surprised and angry that they were not immediately deleted. After the final images were so little, she answered, trot loose gas, auto smoking, and I'm sure eighty azaleas trauma tat and she needs to be trauma tat and she even more traumatize, especially father, goddamn loss. Who could she deserves you paint night, so she said please think of how you might Philip issue is
so we have seen some really vicious issue written in the last twenty four hours, and it is too much naked. Liberty for me to handle for now it's best to keep my accounts deactivated, please, because to one another, and she got anything to all these. Damn perverts out here in his heir of cloud was a mighty, probably feel that they can get attention on money. Awesome topless egg is valuable, Did you know the wasn't delete none of crimes is shaping its hella interview and see once to really do our long interview and does dish on everything in a recently Keep off a divorce, as we know, from a long time, has been given an answer Kevin had there recently got into an altercation of physical education with their son, Kevin Junior as well You must tell her she's a good hour or so money into a separate because you wasn't mightier than those we re enter the meal, but you know you was a mighty to ask you certain questions. You can get the money to come on her own, showing do especially where they
SK as a matter of regret about his shaggy better be neurologists Adele ago they did. Haringay would have a great come. I think, an easy me. Somebody s been near. They like at Yale thing not ass, sat on her lap, like somebody like that's dead, knows, in that out politically untenable I don't like like open when I can't stand, and so I would be to buy them. As you know, I cannot, if we admit that are easily grimly to buy an opera, gale man gatling, like Gale Bob Windy, idling thou, be though Gabby dealt what about gale an opera. The girl. I write. Well, I'm Angela you, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you, miss ye. Shall I yes are you give it up Do indeed want to her hate, but I do One final did where one final word for care quota does, because this is such an opportunity to teach you no sane is the teachable
moment that we all saw this week in IRAN. Did you talk to my fellow Carolina? Brethren can cohort only two months corner he's never Moscow anybody's from Charlotte North Carolina. Why were you gonna delegated day die when we come back as the breakfast locomotive? Everybody is the G envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club. Now we're asked and can you would somebody you can't stand at his came out of the shy use watching too shy ever weaker, yes and his allotted scenes where Mitchell and Tiffany Boon together? She plays his girlfriend Jericho, on the show he plays Brandon on shy and he has since been fired from the show others report said he has been accused of sexually harassing some of the women on set. He always did was idea as difficult as Matthew work with somebody, especially in that type of setting into you unhappy love, see their lag behind them on the council gather from whereas act in the area
But if you want my body and she actually ass to be released from the shell, that's how bad away zombie organs then we will all work, would now you're, not Agnes in your goaded Jago to work every day and accurate jog like deposits, OJ got a case of our jobs, actually acting doing a thing just you know you have a case on this area, yet definitely by yes. What is it like for you? Ve. Had work with somebody who you can't stand located in all professional somebody, Is there? No, I cannot work at the energy is too important. For me, everything is energy and of your energy is negative. I don't want you around me also of You have me to pretend to knock. You were with somebody had disagreements with me now give it a moment, but can't stand. When you know you can't stand of Harvard LAW, you see their face and you hate them. Now amazing mortgage visor. Let's see little, Israel is right on the media, they have Daniel. It is vital that it before, but now, let's talk about it right now, this day of our life is low different, but have you yes, I'm starting to work and new jobs. I've got a job. You really got no choice.
You got it. So it's gonna like we would say stuff like that. You're gonna joy is a lot of you, but I gotta get better data bill. They got kids like Press has become says tweeted me, because they think about other globes, are going to have to handle this becomes almost dead at Breakfast Club Amy I can currently in a situation now, I'm grown outcomes. Work to work not to make friends. I ignore him was a widow always ledge, although boom in order together with almost nine years. You think that we ve had moment where we don't like each other. What you know when you say I can't stand as the different got to come to work, though, is that bad you I can understand, is traumatized. Let's go to the farmers. My gonna lie might good morning What's were my? Can you with somebody who cares there Y Y gotta fight them did a day like this. Don't you want to meet him much? What am I fight about my job at a young age,
well, I'll. Call him by himself in his girl out, don't love, I pulled him out. The policy of the EU will happen, you already know it ain't, no more talk in an aim that we gotta Shakespeare I heard about day. We would do as any other I'm afraid. I found crazy when you say it when you say you gonna, without what another man and you have to say that from a jumbo took a p and in ya shook afterwards. You call You brought the various conversation, my name in it, You ve broken up check on it. He said I allow,
come on now. Can you work with somebody UK? Is there a website that will act as a body? That is why I ask the work that the immunity get beaten up or via our minutes, but on all damn very notable spit on a video file as the perfect time to spend our someone at all Why would you do that with all that's going to do why? Why would you do that with all that's going to do is leave more work for you when you get back to work put them or not you not. Let you not understand what I'm saying tat they kill went to your call. Work is done and when you go to work is gonna, be more work load on you, because you're, not one less work is that you should help the person. Why would I dont have plenty of our daily life?
Ok, I have a blog and I love you play the error in it all down a very aggressive here this morning. Alright, eight hundred bribing for I want or for our work, can you were with somebody you can't stay in call us now was the breakfast programme on by me. I'd ever me, yeah yeah, Thomas cause he was watching a shower, will weaken yes, the character of Jericho by Tiffany Boon, she's dating Jason measures? ITER Brandon on a shy and apparently she had submission. With him and even asked to take a lead from the show, because It is hard work as somebody who can stand. I read if you do, that, Disagreement. Are ya, don't like each other. For the moment I gotta like some NED one. It one want somebody date. Das different did not stand, as am I you can't stay as a body like everything about the imposition of youth. I'd like I hate I hate their hands
then I hate the fact that he breathed yeah I breathe. Why did she saw a youth Ujiji pissed off at everything they do get ideas by weight is investing in our member states My good and beautiful deadly work was a man whose hands I hated. You know what a basis You can you work with somebody, you guess there night, Lee, I work for a company before I had I have where, after about like three years of armed rates and how you will make again African Americans live all community waters. Very community would do things are endemic, as is a breadth of color in college. Daylight there. Nobody domain, if I have no money, our for a bag,
he would be. Holding. Might I don't mind? I'm not gonna have both of you away from my time. Porter demanding reported by his vanity was daylight. When one he was they all. You know you and your family. You gonna be reported. Your country. Will you all my guy? How ya doin here his hand, more yeah, you're, very wary. Now you would. They like thing. I thought for a United I didn't realize a lot of work in their own. Because I didn't want I'll quit my job and I have outlined, understand. We should obtain very I now in China, so now get their right online. Let her go viral. Why do they call eyes on business you open border? Let me see legal very
a bad thing and when it came to the comment that we always tell it any now, maybe a man because it affects me is one of the by product of the only other about my family and one of them had the african american people there by my friend and it's about I am not one of my homework and actually married are african Americans. You didn't know, as you were talking about them, like ruling, in that way- and I remember he's done something and Oliver written offered something stupid like they give little things will get you back. You can never be with you. I would like a bad. You gotta really take the next time. You know how many times I have of Charlemagne call me a base, bitch or dominican their way Why dealings things I haven't? I was a little reason being the american war. You don't have to do that. These things publicly, you baby Somebody can finally get the difference between. Haven't disagreement not like as a model for a moment. I don't get my indignation. You two are used to call. Your wife will call a negro.
Consulting waffles. By doing all right. Thank you said the sailor. I still prefer to color. Dirty are intolerable, yellow have illegal and our human resources more. Come on in more and more Marie's. You have had to work with somebody is there broke all uninstall it? boy you open available. They look if I look around the world and they want to bring to light the outward and regrettably well and patted emulated. Oh, work environment, o re Johnny. But nothing about com, age or the whole company bill. In doing that, it would have to leave the vacation guidance programme through all that body was lucky. Dickie all my political outcome and that the Eu China Harleigh was Erasmus for local care, like I won't be long, but by
Why won't, though gap in employment, I'll. Let you know what a money on me I'll pick up any good men do not get it on the top, not bring a number breaking out in Atlanta boy, wonder woman and a built in nominal, anathema aka art will dig. Oh no! I ain't gonna get that money. Now was the moral of the story. I forgot. On Moldova and Ukraine as I might. He cares. They're all yea year moratorium on five men nonsense. I can't get a bad and I sympathise with people who have to do that by need their job of you can. If you can and you care, if you can't fire and you can't stand, somebody can finally gives a difference between, haven't disagreement, not like us for a moment and can't stand up and a person has fundamental issues like when the woman called up and said that she would talk about immigrants in all the bad whose how can crazy? How do you deal with somebody like that
right. Well, we are rumours or you yes, now, let's talk about a situation, and where allegedly someone, the fair and the sex was so crazy that the woman ended up in physical pain and had to go to the hospital. Internet next, keep it the breakfast locomotive breakfast I want to everybody. Is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne? God? We all right for club good morning, greetings to you. How are you asked me to live like a Monday, don't forget to put the older and on which a fancy ass, a regiment, big foot? Whether will you gotta put their deodorant or national company does not live in China's natural new deodorant guy you come in. Here must be a thing. We knock em go well. You know why the happy out all you see has been had enough. Yes, I don't know if it works and knowledge. You know who's. You organism phonemes one day like really like nothing, no deodorant,
No I've been using an unnatural, Deodar, Isabella Black. So like the blacks, older people, you companies melodic, allow whatever then deodorant. I will ask you to do over the so Christian. The reul report was club O Day Somethin's, former manager, Norman Pardo, is telling stories now he s a documentary cod who killed Nicole, that's coming out and He's talking about all. Yes still I think we are going to do. I really allows them to keep a real on the morning of the question. I wonder Mcdonald, you really do Europeans. Would you tomorrow, as they now you gotta event? Would now? got me wonder that only really good about this documentary is coming out. It's ninety minutes and it's gonna be online on June twelve to mark the twentyth anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Iraq
God man, he is no longer on speaking terms with Oda Simpson, but his former manager, Norman Pardo says that he had a conversation with Oda. Simpson, any says said: O J talks about actually having sex with Chris Jenner and how their ruin fair relationship, basically I all used to hang out together, Hammond Christianity Christian, as has been obviously Robert and himself in Nicole, so he said, they were vacationing together and that's when Rob Kardashian an Nicole Brown call it a night and they will together in the hot tub. According to this report, he said, oh dear said, he stood up, pull the shores down his head. I'll, give you a! exactly what he said. Her eyes bugged out of her head, and he said I M be until I broke her. He said that was his messed up as you can possibly get, and then, after, where question is it needed to go to the hospital. Allegedly they had to take her to the hospital at two or three.
She came to oh room, and I can you take me to the hospital he said. No have robbed. Do it. So this part of the story that, The Mattel was always been. Oh geez, Chloe, daddy, right, yeah and acquired through its former manager, he's had from one I'm understanding from what o d tell me everything with great up into the little fling they had that's when ended up. Kardashian and Jenner ended up divorcing in nineteen ninety one, while Brown and Simpson parted ways, and one thousand nine hundred and ninety two We think audience evolve as you ever thought about it. Well, listen gender denies ever having had any fling at all ages since sentence. She says it's completely, not you! It's a lie. She says she ever had an affair The thing that you don't believe in when you hear you like. Well, you know Chloe does have a head and job like a runner back. There may be a saint because it hath her height ass, she so tall, the moment of similarities and head and jobs? Who knows our Craig it enter in the meantime as such by her new bow Corey.
Amber who she's been where for quite some time. Now what impersonal gerardo? What did you do? What is corridors? Hey? That's why I manage any worse for good Ibraheim, omair, lotta, provisional glory of that old shoe store, gotta greater. You know what s interesting about this story. They said that O day was very narcissistic and he also says one time. He had a conversation with him. He said The last girl told me that if I wasn't tendencies she was an interested. I said I, like you, I'm a little too. But I'm not gonna cut two inches offer nobody I wouldn't tell em. Out of it how Vinci's brolly twelve inches, ok templates till swell guy too that is guided address JANET because she feels economy where disrespected her. If inquiry gamble and here's what happened on keeping up at the conditions on a text crisis,
really rude Kinabu like giving its, whereas like we ve, never met his family? Were the mean of course, we all felt that way and thought that by far the Canadian just bluntly say that am, I feel like that was the wrong choice to make. At that time you guys said and touched decline, yea and if you talk to climb yea, he's gonna put that up here and run with their meaning. I might not saying they're all different. We all each probably I've, given you a lot of things about are unable to tackle them. Increases are ahead I'll be: building there already nothing at all. I ve already noted guy and needles God they know. Mom is always around a lot. You has bad coming from her own fate like her daughters, that is family. I mean our own of ourselves and of her son in law. Not here now I don't know
Maybe if he said it's a curse and that's a core of nuclear, not too many men allows all too he's a guy and he's like locomotives. He was over this other elude us all. With around don't make your intentions are good and pure limiting anniversary, airs, thou exactly in the fact that she has made to his family absolutely synthetics. Why not just build hey we love to meet your family, they set up a dinner Emmy Young. Do thirty, eight, I d bang increase? Would with money mingled weekly on an hour. I now little by little mouth. She single again. She posted single, looks good. I me happy. Fails wonderful, glow, Liddy, all they might get with me the streets waiting for this announcement, a real life I've been lit ever since savage heart. So little MO, single energy showed the moors welcome over the weak ass. You do good and she got some big players and big things happen, and also the luck with everything mouth and congratulations to Tokyo, she's having a baby, ok, see posted besides a kitten.
Private in December because of how important we believe peace is my entire tour, I performed through hell with you, but I go through it again. A million times giants meets you. You been up. China causes Siena. Almost every Chopin That was a high a mere we do this for you now. You live bay of your jerked. Will you is busy well I'm Angela YE and that's your rumour report all right. Thank you. Miss ye for our right to people, mixes up. Next, get your request in right. Now, eight hundred five, five one five one for everybody missed we're vault they'll be back on Monday, and also this move is to health awareness month and we're gonna be kicking it with Doktor Jes climate that in itself Clemens. So if you think that you are need someone to talk to just as somebody did you can talk to you can call us right now. As right now back just what you wanna get. It is intended to help awareness month. So, if you have some problems,
Some questions easier for you ate agenda. Would any trammeled camcorder you nothin camp out? If you I when again underline that will be. Actually, I think you don't need reminded of logic goodness paid under the heading of laying Bobby five one o five one call us now than it was empty gave him the number morning every are you d, J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy? We are the breakfast club. Let me shudder: again to everybody that was out in Aruba with me over the weekend. So be beach I had an amazing time, shouted at no Sinbad Brothers, the one that does that it was in bed and his brother did it and his brother ticket We had such a good time and with so many different people edge on Leginn Ella may our her Charlie Wilson at a greater degree We shall deal hopefully I'll, see you again next year and then I went to the amusement park. On Monday I took the kids to her. She popped out a great I'm. A has no chocolates. Now
really get no Jarley, which is how you gonna hurt you pack and not get tackling. We will remain thing. I would think knock. You want to follow cake, big chocolate. Every day they get. Germany had taken a final. Can they do, but I don't get it. It has got regular. Follow cake with powder on it. That was it arranged with a shudder to everybody. Ended Tria actually took my family to eat essential. It's and bite at my whole family there. So that was inexperience. We went to brunch, but they have a really fun brains out there, so they to identify Dennis Archer, who actually own central kitchen and by that's, like my favorite low brunch, place a goat there s Savannah, Bellew and D. So congratulations to my cousin, Michael YE he got. Married neurons are gradually Langley late as YE fair and the latest data be in family life. Yes right! Well, when we come back to get the positive. No don't move is a breakfast welcome. Morning? Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we oughta breakfast club. We got a positive note. Yes, I do,
I just want to tell everybody: it is mental health away in his mouth and I'm a one every way we very aware of them into health. I want them to invest in them into wealth, and I want anybody. I did have gone through something to know you will emerge from this nightmare like the powerful, beautiful resume in person that you are. It can be hard to remember this when you feel like a shell of the person you ones were, but trust me you are capable of overcoming so much more than you think we can't go on forever. Revered clinical yoga
I am also Ramirez and I hope the Daily Corona virus update a daily podcast, bring you the latest on what to know about the global pandemic. We're facing there's a lot of information going around about other viruses spreading hot spots around the world and the United States possible treatments and best practices to keep you and your family healthy. It's more important than ever to follow this fast moving story and avoid misinformation. So you can keep up to date and make informed decisions. Listen to the daily Corona virus, update on the eye heart, radio, app apple podcast or wherever you get your pod cast. Syria isn't a country whose name is often associated with hope these days. But when I try held there in July of two thousand nineteen to a place in the Northeast Cholera Java. I didn't you find fear and violence. I found hope a group of feminist revolutionaries fighting to establish a more equitable society? You can hear what I learned their on my new podcast series, the women war
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