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Today on the show we have Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders on the Breakfast Club as he talks reparations, prison reform, and his black agenda.  We also open up the phone lines to see what our listeners thought about "Leaving Neverland" docu- series. Moreover,  Charlamagne the God gives Donkey of the Day to a Florida man for stealing some very expensive coins.

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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus, so we should also home to lower the risk for every one, more info, at corona virus stock. Of. Let's all do our part because We're all hashtag alone together brought to you by the council. One night in nineteen sixty one on the side of a dark highway, Betty Barney Hill caught lights in the sky, Two years later, the underwent hypnosis to try and recall what happened, Some took it his facts, others thought it was a fantasy But what really happened that September night in World New Hampshire join me, he'll be ball, for the girl season of strange arrivals cope, action of Iheart radio in grim and mild from air monkey, listen, the strange arrivals on Iheart Radio at on Apple pie casts or wherever you get your podcast
even so it s. Mostly this morning is usually pay in everybody's, isn't happening to go with me to the rainbow rubbing. The wrong way rabbi yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah good morning. Angel e money did Andy Charlemagne. I guess not I'm sure he's on his way. There is a low, but it's no on the ground. It wasn't bad. Ok, is one now. Let me there
I went outside this morning. This is a good morning and you know is a little bit So there was no one type of cars. Somebody must lead to the snow of. My because my car was clears. No, the windshield items were asked. That's nice, it ended morning. Thank you. Very much. Tat was very helpful. Dad- I was named now, I'm stuck in Charlotte out must be last night, I you know, I had a bunch of body Dounia Pussy, I D Herblay in they cancel all the flies. They say they were expecting a couple of feet of snow audacity to omit the airport. So I had it here for the night and they cause all schools in everything and that they must know. Is it yet saying all day there was going snow? Is data was invest knowing I want an afternoon and they closed the schools So let us now their ban a chasm from Charlotte in everybody that was out here for C. I believe it's, it's always a great great great time. Every year we have the breakfast club day, potty shadows, Above all, he came and performed
To change actually went into to change Dounia, he did. We did something of cricket Wireless, so he was performance oriented. It was a great event loves. You believe you get to see people there, listen to the radio all the time you get the connecting pictures just talking conversation so sharply, but it came up North Carolina, foreseeable Billina, you out nobody right. Yes, I had to do a black women in media conference with the end of a lazy peace I set out to everyone. The potential gather it was me Ashley, shocked in an rack, hear me was on that event as well. Then I also did the black women intact conference and add to interview Kenya Moore from real housewives of Atlanta. So I don't like the clothes in view for that conference? That was really don't. Do you, and they, as I did this weekend. So how is it my mom yesterday and remember when I close the real for a week, they put up a bit my parents wedding on there. They were talking about that and somebody her cousin, her first, his cousin who she hasn't seen and over forty years his daughter saw it and then go back and contact, so we went to come
let them for the first time I met this out of the family she's very or has my mom's only Taos, both her bare. My grandparents passing away. So she doesn't really have any that family like that did you see leaving never live. I did what's that last night If you haven't seen it, of course, they HBO put out a doctor series leaving Neverland last night was What I can I have my real data. I get a free trial in each beheld. Yes, you can watch. Is I got to free trial? I gotta cancel it today. You dont have a is what you are not alone, you know. You can log in premier why your internet at home go online. We'll figure it out. Last night I did the free trial. If you care, but within twenty four hours, is underlay, daddy, don't charges on by the council in the second? Here you see when I last that anyway, what did you dig I think that it was very disturbing. It was a lot of very detailed descriptions of what they allege.
Wade rather thin and James Save took alleged that Michael Jackson did to them when they were younger and the parents were on there, and I was really an awe that herons, but things like this like for their child is data, someone there room in adult layer, It was open, not very disturbing. It was a little too long. It was. It was just to Jerusalem. I lay stretched out yet set out a lot as you can see how they would they try to get is as much added is possible. The only thing is I'm just stuck between two, I believe and that that that's that's the only thing, because somebody descriptive things that that there is some of the things that they were was saying about Michael Jackson. You know it is difficult, Listen to and watch because you know he was he was like you might want to my superheroes growin up my love. Michael Jackson, I mean allowances. I watched the many people who don't wanna wiseacres. They don't want that love MIKE Jackson want to know the truth,
you ve got mine was have invested in the door? Will we Charlemagne we are getting ready for front page news. No Bernie Sanders does will be joining us. How would I do a front page news? We no longer say about savings will be joining us this morning. I lay can get back at the weather if, like all your age undermine good. I was in its economic out of this. I am not even a heavy time, there's any type of relatively whether I know Charlemagne gonna come. I do not know their mark wages without even out with an airbag as alive, but it gives a lot of light and cancel school in Germany. This morning I mean it was about six inches seven inches and when you try to pull the driveway desolate now a rival, Bernie Sanders will be joining us this morning, will kick out our never heard of him. You can for President
twenty twenty, a senator from Vermont civil talk to him and let the rugged. So that is not the first time rather than on a broad scope. For some reason, you would think the presidential candidates are just coming here now, not it was coming and twenty sixteen as well, and we have them they were later this week as well say Athena go right now for reasons that we talk about. Well, let's talk about these back to back to our NATO. That happens, and at least twenty three people have been killed ok we'll get inside next, keep it lacked the breakfast global warning. Everybody dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast loading. Have you Monday, less gains front page news when we talk about right now there are eighty million people under Windsor, others that's from Colorado to mean as snow storm has it so they set its from it. Syrian spattered be above appeared in these situations. Have you not prepare before the storm? It is too late. So a lot of schools are Today a lot of flights are cancelled, as you know envy because you are said Charlotte yourself
make sure you check out whatever flight you're supposed to be on, because in some This is a new jersey. The state of emergency call another babblers restocking. Lingered emerged from breakfast tropical. Often the sentinel for their trust me. I know I've been silent because it's no big deal. I love it. Actually, Charlemagne left you shoulda, because I'd like a boy show that I mean it. I didn't really ever Brahms Diana Weathers NICE, where this beautiful radios, pretty cool and if you get stuck in the airport, they got a bull jangled renouncing its low chicken. She's brisket Laval bury brisket Unama NASA's we're about natural disasters. They were back to back to NATO. In Alabama at least twenty three people have been killed. They saying they used to have a search going on just turn. Find, if there's any more people as well and there, looking primarily in the area where the damage is most significant, so very devastating
situation in NATO's Gary Tornadoes, Alec trains in the sky and never then in its where NATO. Let me list when let me neither our right now, Stefan Clock, you guys That story this was in Sacramento about a year ago. Please fatally shy. Stefan club the twenty two years old on arms. He died in his grandmothers backyard. If you don't recall the story, that's when the police, were chasing him. They were looking for somebody. They said that was breaking higher windows and they chased. Jimmy ended up in his grandmother backyard after he turned a corner over there. When they were chasing him, they ended up fatally killing him now, according to police officers. Turn around and he was in a shooting stance with his arms exports, Did they body had again turns out? He only had a cell phone, they fired twenty, I did him hitting him at least seven times now. These police officers have not been as they are not facing criminal charges. They been after shooting and killing. Stefan Clegg now remember: Ebony, K Williams was on the breakfast club and
Here's what she had to say when this happened. We can go to the site. Being always define Clarks. Haze comes up is an inevitable outcome until the laws look different use of daily force. Does the magic word right is unlawful and unjustified. If and when the following criteria are met, so there's no weapon of the weapon, wasn't it reasonable reach of the person. That's a shift in presumption now the language typically read. The officer is justified unless see how this Everyone has a presumption of justification by any and all action on these officers. Unless these special circumstances are made very important to know. Those last April trouble include mom for any k, wife, she's right, you know, you're, not gonna, get justice into legislation is changed. Ok, so about the legislation people we argued legislation changed in order to get justice. I re where that is. Your front page news
I will get it off your chest. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, it is. Right now. Maybe you had a horrible weaken a bad weakening. Maybe I didn't tell him we're right now: dogs and win- maybe my stuck in you- are right. All right ass. You would have thought it beginning. Features eight hundred farming. Would I want to five whenever you guys, while leaving Neverland, we were left for you to call up and comment on that is well doggedly at all. Citizens with breathless clubs will not open but anyway, stuck together somewhere in America. Regret it future. So, if you needed to spread some positively, you can do that as well. Eight hundred five, a fire Some positively. You can do that as well as under five, a five one. Oh five, one hit us up right now is to breakfast locomotive. Breakfast my name is Shapiro Wells. This is, the story of my son Courtney, your was critical to dollar. Fifteen is the biggest here of my life,
a ladies man, even which have anti in his grandmother, I'm just the robber Cornick Opel's friend in twenty sixteen. He wound up with a bullet in his back outside a Chicago police station. Twenty nine boy, diagram of federal government in its
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Mr Brok get it off my chest. Michael Jackson, value. Not are you made your fellow man say so loud and all right, we'll come to attend the ceremony upstart recruited to himself like these guys There is no longer there much more sympathetic to each other to drive. So no, it's, like you said What did we do? Not agree because what is it had never known as they should have never done. This pressure is too much of a grey areas to schedule that no one is to kill that all know my. I wonder what you'd hate me onto your family you're right now they gotta be labelled. You gotta keep deciding who the to my UK does beside me, the mayor it make someone did you think they're anything was a little strange about. Any behaviour will very soon be approved
I will follow the wild and I can agree with my problem, I would urge you broke in economic daughter appeared. Can I say it's not what you think of the rocard might Jackson have been strange since his head oh god, damn life now Was there anything Michaelis, Grange, Sammy load of white woman? Ok come on man and it as and when he died from mountain. If anything was strange to him that my group will sort of alarm allows this coup I'll, get it off it. She has brought your man. I'm in arms have been within your right now, I'm a big work. Men in every time you come to the tunnel of tragic accident. Thumb that you can be taken. Yeah like data like that energy can wash out, everybody knew some five, seven bro hello. This is worse, working what of each has run? Man got at work
this morning I working everyday every day, the middle man regular day no rain? how would you know? I always wondered what is good enough to tip the male manner a Christmas man? I never know what what what people usually timber the word most Vienna, though you know me, I actively we'd orderly money. Lately we You we don't lie, David, I don't know about the Tipp, your mail man, other very positive. The male man made by far the modern wasn't just a mailman. Nor does it do if he has a hood sub mind me now. Let me as one of the question you have delivered a package. You know some smoke word you have delivered a package, you know some smoke or some work
some drugs lemons laying in exact maybe forty two work. Some smoke more work now thrill People like the Illiberal Lake Lake. Credit card, a debit card or a new car, and they relate gifts nay, even amateur over there now. Are you waited on this sort of self medication Rebecca rubber, be safe. They have you been done as the W. What alum young green trying to talk hip now you smoke lose. How are we about here chess, eight hundred, five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five. What, if you need to Vinnie this up right now, it's the breakfast club come on the breakfast club My name is sure Pearl wells. This
the story of my son Courtney, your money was called equivalent to a dollar. Fifteen is the biggest here of my life. A ladies man even wicked anti and if grandma I'm just the wrapper Cornick Opel's for animals in twenty sixteen, he wound up with a bullet in his back outside a Chicago police station, twenty nine boy, diagram of federal government in its
the story of my search for the truth. This is somebody a coal production of invisible institute, the intercept and topic Studios in Association with Tenderfoot CVS coming March. Thirty, first, wherever you get your pocket, this is some lobbies try somebody desires to know what had I desire to know what happens among listen to somebody on the Iheart Radioactive Apple podcast. Wherever you get your podcast go away, go mad or black. We want to hear from. You allows this.
They were sailing Salem morning. You guys my mind diary of unlike one thousand of any help in a new tab. I knocked me ok, so that we can allow my driver's license. But you know you need a very lively debate, live how'd. You do that. More and I let my that went through your old me with David. You know, maybe your followed, my both my boss I live under labour, though now you know I have a warrant or whatever I don't know. What to do. I get them at the envy and endowed right now is like the drowned out there. Trying to get everybody would warrant from your job. Your how'd that month, an hour don't get scared you get to do they use it to see in seconds. If you got a warrant, you can run Yoda towards heavily. Do I wanted a warrant for having wily? Nothing made her, you know don't play a ticket.
The problem and to do that- I'm getting along there, but don't you think they are right. You're right there on the ground is incredibly, are white, cameramen, Steve Stephen the White Beam and he said you can go. You should all line into economies under the words. I don't think you can do it alone at the you gotta go in there. What are you going to take that our failure? Maybe next couple daily, I'm thinkin about areas of my mandate as became, though not hold down again going to take that you know say, makes it doesn't make a mafia mug show you a pretty girl. But I want you to pay. You find you can pay your funds or learn how to be envied. I come to you to pay. You find online, never thinking envied invited being like right now, the burden of him by one day How do you do a payment plan? I think you got to pay in full to get your license back, how much you owe like you, get paid money around a table. Sailor Mamma do some for you right now. Oh here Gulf era, this list
I'm afraid you get the money to change the way you get the money you need. You found you never go assailant. No, you are found a major problem, a fat man you are now allows, is listening. He was a man to whom I was when you're gay. Now, what's right, I'm ok, mining watch undesirable problem my love for both men and women of chess. I love all your duty hurrying shovel. May I remind you felt funny, thank you mean anything else. I want
oh, yes, you or do you think monitoring of all. You know, if not doing a good job, I'm such a monopoly low, but I know I'm a faithful blacksmith anything else, What do you think about the property taxes corner three time? Probably daguna three times where about their charge, everybody, Will you give me from my from now on? by no means of actually heard Dobbs, where you come from Ah, it's hardly digiorgio more money deliberately Linda. The broad enough I'm a honest with you. They should be paying y'all day, including through
knows and untidy rebuild. The calves I have a bloody bull, ever go right through to resist radically. Everybody who listens to us on no you need alive. Come off I don't get me alive. I go right here, W a k, s, eggs, one and w a k as ever to ninety six, five, the real one or six one Cleveland real hip, hop in our best rifle, thereby who listens to us on real one of six one: a cleaner, all right. All right Now, if you yes, I pray that would duty to me why I thought someone I got thawed to us aid room in our broke Maharajah today many Citys in Amerika employed, but you know how many people are so disuse, preferably positive picture import any put a broken heart and if those and when she was alive, you didn't want to marry her confuse Negro get the f here and put, I know, played myself as a like, why would you you may come in on a maid, broken heart, pitiable of his dead baby boy?
somebody, even if I would be more than a year. You re crazy. You know if it did, he shouted Eddie Mack, when people oppose things ass, though some media leaves them open for people to say all kinds of crazy things which where did it all future has eight hundred five a farm on or five or now we got rumours runaway pleasant, we're talking about Michael Jackson and even leaving Neverland this morning. Let's talk about what over Winfrey has to say because you guys know she's gonna be hosting and had to sit down with the alleged abuse, children dying, a more normal children, Nook absorb the second after disregard or dark inside today she did at last week, but it's gonna air tomorrow we'll get into that.
And also forget. Bernie Sanders will be joining us he's running for the President of the United States in twenty five would run out of her mind. This will kick were burning sand is next. Next, I was wrong moves to breakfast locomotor rooms. On away the breakfast pawning every body is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club good morning back to the work. We carry my anger to these rumours assault, leaving, never left the room to report annually on the breakfast Well, leaving Neverland was on last night and I know a lot of people are not whiting. It did, they feel like it's not afeared depiction. Some people feel like okay. This is all this whole thing is play for money from the accusers. Some people felt like my Jack's is not here to defend himself the family.
Has been defending Michael Jackson, saying these things idiotic place. There was previously Try where these same people testify than happened to them in defence of another young man and defence of another young man who said that he was also abused by Michael Jackson. I they did take this, and say that never happens again easy to point. It is alive. I'm gonna tell you what happened in an end will discuss the point that as well, because nowhere as ourselves Mara, going to do over Winfrey presents after Neverland and that will Aaron HBO, following the conclusion of that to part film overcoats him. A lot islanded is weakened. I've never seen him slander, like right now. Let's discuss James Save Turkey was one of the young men that met Michael Jackson when he was very young and was invited to dance on stays with him and after that formed over Asian sip with him, where he really lived up to Michael Jackson, was going. And the row with him. His mom was taking him to his house. He was bending the night all as things now. Here's what he had to say about getting dressed.
He would run deals with me where you'd be in there hotel room and he would return like somebody is coming in and you had to get dressed as fast as possible without making noise. I radio. The talks about just sexual relationships that they had a Michael Jackson. Masturbating Michael would like it if on bend over and lay spread open. Your cheeks and twenty light. Many would masturbate liked if I rubbed his nipples should lead with that. We, why does this good we'll stop it? Stop it now. Jane Fairfax also discussed how everything had to be kept secret, He was very much a secret and he would tell me that if anybody found out as well- it would be over. My life would be over and not something you over and over again, he has about like here, was married to Michael Jackson, because they did, he did
jewellery and a ring from him. So we were married couple. I say Mary because we had this mark waiting ceremony his bedroom and we filled out some bows in the ring is nice. I was really and a jury He would reward you enjoy. For doing sexual acts. He was airlines crazy here, any watching it and what was really I that the parents were. Allowing a lot of things a supposedly they didn't know to the extent of what was happening, but is weird that you would allow your child these bending the night, and You will be boxed out, you know and they we spend in the same room in everything man in the bedroom now here as well, his mother had to say you go from. In normal lifestyle, day after day, everything's the same this big star, Calling your house
in come to your home and have dinner in your home. Why, spend the night in your little house. This was all so overwhelming and like a fairy tale and I got lost in it- and I know my husband got lost in it to their way not a big star, could have just wanted a sense of normalcy to re problem not having a not having a eight year old sleeping. You bet I in that far people calling their houses and I want to come over dinner age- is cool out. Well, There's Wade, Robbins details of his relationship with my perjurer, both migrants, actionism orphans, perjurers, I'm talking to me, you and I were brought together by God. This is how we show our love so taking shape. Where's together, fondling and kissing. Tongue in mouth. You put my fingers on his nipples tell me to squeeze and then Michael pulling my pants
and my underwear down and going down starting to perform oral sex quickly turned into having me a former sex on him to a full adult grown man size penis in my mouth and little seven year olds Mouth was it It was this measure because I think, is unethical and respect the energy of it. I told God will under opened. Findin Michael Jackson is another: can lead in anyone things didn't go. They awaited recanted story file, a civil sued symbols who gives us, MR now you re doing leaving. Never let me explain how they felt that a favourable Michael Jackson, I think I'll, because you have to recall that they met them. Like five years old, seven years old. So you can't hold children. Do not, of course, as it, because a lot of people do when they are young and unmolested are ashamed of it embarrassed and I'm not going to discount that's is that what you're, not gonna, this kind of active life and open defensive another gave them ass. I want some questions on one or two ass, great Edmund Chandler. That's who accuse Michael, and they defended
echo against him, because I wonder if they did their because they didn't believe Evan, because they thought they were protected, Michael and in every channel, a committed suicide that make them feel guilty, and I am sure they do feel guilty about, namely to holding today's watching a lion, and they did discuss why they did take the stand as well in Defend Michael Jackson. Cover will get more into that. As a member of an have one question for the Roma, guess I got on migratory low boy, the novelist us. They hope that agreed his new leaving. Never my especial shows us that now what. I mean it is no! No. What because I was present when Michael Jackson was actually found guilty Jazeera, somebody sire, you mean, is it's a little Difficult has not yet like anyone defended. So what's the point of these like after, like HBO, it is one of the kind attraction lifetime got, would their survival Kelly done. He
in brown? Maybe something like this can encourage other people who have gone through something to be honest about it, and so not Maria do unless you asked me why? What would you think if this was true- and I will answer your question if it is true and if they were tat, would be point of it and I'm saying the point of something like this is to encourage other people that might come out of their wages and have some hope. So I just like the Medes who movement when people are dead. Things that happened to them? Even if this having legally they can do. Maybe that is something that will show support for the people of his now I was out of his natural is going and courage more money, please in place for viewers ship like this special Well, then it all compatible. Ruminant gather momentum. A lot more than eight o clock out now come about. We got front page news. Are we talking about you? Yes, we I gotta think about is whether that's really causing allotted disruptions for people of their travelling going look. Maybe you can also something that a twelve year old guard charged felony I just for you won't believe it
I will get internet next, keep allowed us to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye God. We are the breakfast club good morning. Aligning let's get him four pages that we talk me now. First of other just be careful. If your travelling, there is major travel disruptions that are affecting lets, people from main all the way to Colorado, so just be careful that snowstorm has had eighty million people are under winter weather alerts. Right now Turkish Charlotte right now. My flights got cancer. Come about New York City centres, illicit ILO, yet they could befall you gotta go jangled. Voters I right now,
God, where all wrapper isn't courts on felony charges and that's because he was selling cities in them all. He was in Georgia visiting family. He was in the full court of a local Cumberland shopping Centre on the verge of judgment and off duty. Deputy approached him and grabbed by his arm accused him of a lawyer ring and also said that he had been in trouble on two previous occasions for selling cities in the mall. His lawyer says that absolutely not true, I just wondered what is road associate? Even twenty nineteen, you look suspicious now, Korea posted I mean it. I got it now deeply about rampage. He said seriously like I Wake up everyday, asking myself why, with his police offers until these ludicrous ridiculous stories by the way he's by ludicrous disable use by the rapid ludicrous his name I mean that now have me going to court facing a felony at twelve years. Old is if I'm really a robber, kill a murderer or some kid that cousin five police officers
something like I'm just so for real. I just don't understand why a man would do this and have me going through others not worth it at all court. You, twelve years old, you not playing a shriek, be forced to be seen what the hell is a city. Ok, you ve got to be concluded toward a city. Is our ok, you don't robots dvd players as it allows a little John, Dr Entrepreneur, each to sell some cities to make some money on that. Some people do have zero. We might have been a whole geezer temptations to see the euro was twelve years old OJ. That's what you ve done your age more between as to gradually. You used earlier paths of Muslim OJ them data, but also to cede indicated twelve, so then aspiring wrapper. So yes, that's! Sad, though, is that kind of Sesar for that. You don't want kids to feel like criminals for trying to do something entrepreneurial. However, I would have been further out of men like the greatest cells, even though the council may lead to each of the earth. Like you, a bootlegger city, you, a bootleg in people's out there's something different use, nature,
That's a good question: what did he do you download, but you and I are cloak and tell our deal. A clue tell on you, MR mixed everything's. Ok no one. You clouds right allowed at once Mister Drama and got drama agenda like the other lads knitting going on, and what are you talking about? I'm just gonna back additives and end up with the goods. What is happening at House College in Atlanta Wayne hey or he did not want to Missus algebra class. Any couldn't find childcare. He has a five month old daughter. They were getting ready for the mid term, so he bought his to class and guess what his professor Naked Alexander the daughter? How does that it inside the rest of the class while yet the baby's jack to his chest, just so that we could it study and get a study on the battle. A beautiful thing. I write well I'm Angela YE and that your front page news. I want to tell about the we go. Think. I note look, look, look all right
we come back. Bernie Sanders, Linda Joint Bernie Sanders, twenty twenty presidential candidate very important to know that is not Bernie Sanders. For a time when the breadth club, an unwritten people, think that these candidates to start come in here this year, no income and they will come again. Twenty, sixteen as well. I saw a kick with when we come back. Don't move is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast but the world both dangerous boarding. Show morning everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the breakfast club. We got a special guess, inability of their bodies and burning Bernie said good Morning Gameboy. How are you I'm great. Are you guys don't talk so Bernie? Forty four to forty five presidents in his country have been white men. Do you think we need another one What did you do? This one look
We are living in an unprecedented time. We have the most dangerous precedent in modern history. This country, somebody who is a pathological liar of fraud, race, the sexes, the homophobic Arizona called Anna cheat now use warmed up. You know this is a bad news. Guy in the most important thing that has got to happen is that this dangerous president is the faded I'm going to do everything I can to the freedom. I look forward to winning the democratic nomination and, if I don't, I will support anybody else's out there that the feed him but the sky. Not one, another term. Why runagate level time or in other words we ran two thousand sixteen road you guys know we were here and I'm proud of the campaign that we read. If you think back and on what you just to think back a few years ago about the issues that we ran on, we said that
We cannot continue to have a minimum wage in this country of seven dollars in twenty five cents, an hour starvation wage that we're gonna fight. Were fifteen dollars now a minimum wage in your eye was pulled back then for years now think about it. What was it all? Yes, there was insane say it was crazy calf. Well now, since then, five states already pass that I was told it United States has got a joint every other major country on earth and guarantee health care to all people as a right to amend a careful single payer programme once again, Bernie you crazy can't be. Today, a strong majority. The american people understand that it is insane Thirty million people have no health insurance, more or under ensured, and we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription. Drugs. Ok making progress on that. I was told that it was crazy to talk about making public colleges in Europe, so these two wishing free so that every kid this country has the right to go to
regardless of his or her income well in such a crazy idea now, cities states are beginning to move networks or to answer your question, we made progress in two thousand and six steam in taking on all of the big money interest in this country? I got on Wall Street and the insurance companies and the drug copies we made progress. Obviously We have a long long way to go and I want to complete the polluter, Revolution that we began. What will you do differently door? This time I have been criticised by two thousand and sixteen campaign Remember that campaign we started like with four people, my wife JANUS here. She was one of four people around our kitchen table and then the campaign grew when we took on the whole establishment win that winning twenty two states and thirteen million votes this we're starting from a very different position. We will criticise. But being to mail. That was a right, correct criticism to white. That was correct criticism that is gonna chain, will have a much more diverse, a campaign
we ready now I co chairs. Many of you know Nina turnip needed Turner needed turn. You should love Nina turn a Nina are founded work with me in two thousand and sixteen we started a an organization after the campaigns called our revolution, the function of our resolution? Is the get people all over the country to stand up the fight back to run for office Nato has until just a few days ago, in the leader of our revolution. We have for they have six hundred trapped as all over the country and they all getting people to get involved in the political process. What about your press sector if they did said. Even illegal immigrants see she soon illegal immigrants. The lanes
she's prevail sees protected any doubt I right now we have will have doc of people, but we end will announce some other people pretty soon. It's gonna be a diverse campaigns staff and this is a promises. Maybe my first campaign brothers, you ready- I you know when you look at trumps cabinet, looks on a white and can all rent kind of at highlighting the kind of like having too many OJ our cabinet? We look like a mark in terms of women and men and racial, the person That's a promise! You know some of the same as a lot of people say you didn't really lose the democratic nomination to got stolen from you. So if the fight is fixed it I want, you, add the nominee, you think could happen. And when it when you know that you want. I look last time in two thousand and sixteen we took on the establishment of a handful of members of the house,
I have no governor's, no big city mayors, nothing and we one thousand two hundred and twenty six all right. This is where what I understand and the essence of this campaign is about is not only winning the nomination lets you win the nomination. Do you think you're gonna have health care for what do you think the insurance companies going to do? What are you think. The drug companies continue how much money they have. They have unlimited sums of money because make billions and billions of dollars in profit. While people can afford a medicine, while people can afford to go to the doktor, you got the street a few blocks away from me. It right you got six banks, but on fifty four that have assets equivalent the fifty four percent of the gdp of the United States over six banks all right when we tell the wealthy and the powerful digging up the stop, paying their fair share of taxes. You may have read recently: your companies like Amazon, two thousand? Sixteen Reggie guys know we were here and are proud of the campaign that we rent. If you think back on what you just to think back a few years ago about the
me why you take em on is with a mass movement. Grass roots movement is what the civil rights movement was about. What the labors labour movement was by the women's. What was about the game of him was I am very proud. We ve been in this campaign out four six. Seven days we got. One million people signed up in every state in this country are prepared to stand up and fight back, no, you mention all those all those things, but you know the question is always how seems like politicians, they say whatever was the here free to wish in low attack is legal as America, but was the plan? How are you I will be going to say lower taxes, ok, but how we could have free to wish it? How we got implement those play. An excellent course earn up right now in terms of healthcare. We are spending almost twice as much Kirk put off as any other major country on earth and when you come and visit me and Burlington for money. If you go fifty miles north of where I live here in Quebec, Canada, ok
they guarantee in Canada, health care during which cause you got. God forbid. Somebody comes out with cancer. Through all the surgery, all the chemotherapy, the homage opinions. If all that free, that's right, that's not free! Somebody is paid for by the same way we pay for public education. You don't come out with an nickel bill. I think that's the right thing. They aggregate salt me how we pay for right. Now we are paying twice as much per capita for healthcare as they do in Canada. Because they don't have a system which labour enables the drug companies in the insurance companies to make huge profits. Their system is simpler. There is not all kinds of waste and bureaucracy ally of attacking off a lot of it. Huge amount. So to answer your question in terms of healthcare, we're ready whip would pay twice as much as the Canadian. So what the criticism of Bernie Sanders he's gonna raise your taxes I make the point, but you know what I'm doing, I'm doing away with all of your private health insurance premiums,
are you guys, workable? You get your health care from somebody's Manfred, somebody's pale Blue Cross, the United Health are that's gone. Pane glass a pane of yourself, hummed european, if you're an average family, a foreign country paint twenty eight thousand dollars a year and that cost is gonna go up, so we can afford the present system. That's what within a move to medical, that's how we gonna pay for it. Ask about public colleges and universities, roughly speaking about nine hundred billion over a ten year period. That's a lot of money, not quite as much as tromp gave in tax breaks for the top one percent and large private corporations aren't so we ve done it tax. We have a speculation tax on both Greek. That would in fact, pay for that sort of answer. Your question right now we have more wealth and income inequality than any major country. I know we don't talk about this very much as immediate my right. Three people,
more wealth than the bottom half of America, forty six percent of all the way from ghost of the top one percent. That's the fact! So, yes, you guys had me about Laura, I'm not going to promise I'm going to lower Wall Street's taxes like the country. We are going to ask the billionaire for the wealthiest people in this country in the largest corporations. Therefore sure that we get more with Bernie Sanders when we come back. Don't move is to breakfast cloacam on importing everybody's d, J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We have a special guess into building he's running for president for twenty twenty Bernie Sanders YE. What about prison? A fine, because we feel the effects of mass incarceration and where had its effect, rested his day as they can
news to effect as what you think about prison reform on what are we gonna do about that? We're gonna do a lot about human along this one. This is a huge right. Now we have to ask ourselves how it happens. There is a nation we have more people in jail or any other major country on earth, two million people in jail. We spend eighty billion dollars, you look it up. Fellow Americans so first thought firstly, and we are ready as result of a lot of good work by black lives matter, a seal you and others. There are now prosecutors and district attorney's who are being elected to office was saying. My job is not to put more people in jail is to reduce the prison population when making some progress in that we have got to. Invest in children and our kids, we ve got to invest in education rather than a more jails and incarceration LOS Angeles.
Want to spend billions of dollars on more gels wrong. Let's make sure that our kids have jobs in education. Second of all, we have to end private prisons in America, people should not. Making money by locking up fellow Americans, I'm proud but during my campaign in two thousand and sixteen we talked about the insanity of having, at federal level a marijuana at the same level I treated the same way as heroin. Ok, so weak about decriminalizing marijuana legalised marijuana and that's beating to happen around this country. So The goal is to make one of them and also when people leave jail are they have jobs. They have decent housing, so they don't come back the jail, but criminal justice reform is a? U
sure for me, do you feel like you would be riding around because you did sign and ninety four crime will sign it? I voted for voting, for we voted for the night before bill was guarded alighted mass incarceration. I voted for that because, for a couple of reasons I mean you know one of the things that question but, as you know, a lot of bills have a lot of stuff in it and if I hadn't that you'd be saying to me: how come you voted against the violence against women? Are. How come you ve?
against the effort to deal with some gun safety legislation which was included in that there was a ban, as my I recall, on banning assault weapon, something that I believe that so it was. But if you will also noticed at exactly that period, I talked about the dangers of mass incarceration. So was one of those and it happens. It may happen tomorrow you got a bill which has some bad stuff in it, ass, good stuff. You make a choice. Do you feel that you be right neuron without yet? So this is an issue we ve got it too many lives are being destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of people get criminal records. You know why, because they have smoke marijuana marrow and, as you know, this is a racial issue in the sense that if I didn't blacks and whites look do marijuana about equal, nine blacks, arrested, of a lot more also the end. What we also want to do in some communities a leading to this is expunged records of people who arrested of marijuana. I believe an appreciable this is requests that we ve been asking them all. Democrats did Bernie Sanders, have an agenda for black people absolutely,
We started off, as I mentioned, with massive disparity in the general population. Very few have alot most people have nothing. Then you got another form of disparities which has a wealth of sperm. So right now you have the white community, average white family owning ten times more wealth, the average black family. You have a health disparity, infant mortality rates in the black and energetic two and a half times what they are, and in the wake me you got an education. This party we talked about a criminal justice disparity were african. Americans are much more likely to be. Arrested and put in jail. Those disparities that have got to be addressed addressed on there is a friend of mine, Jim Kleiber, of herself airline representative, climber Kleiber came up with an idea which I think we should build on its called. He called a ten twenty thirty which says that you focus federal resources on those
minorities most in distress and, at the same time we got to deal with institutional racism. I remember redlined, for example, if you are a small business person, I talked it, I'm a walkie last, you ah any had It seems to be a moderately successful business. At a burning I'm going back, I am going to the banks. I can't go alone so we got to deal with racism, in discrimination within the Financial Services Committee within the financial services industry, you have paid, they lenders, my god unbelievable. You know the interest rate for the ever put off on the most vulnerable of Orspital, Sir your question, we do have an agenda and it's an agenda that we will fight vigorously for as what I would like to see further, which it is said about the things I would like to see. Federal government put more support into the black banks. Absolute like that. Can help black? and only by loan, well benchmark homers, but black business in this sense correct innocence.
Unemployment now is called on court relatively low, but you go to Africa. In communities and the youth unemployment rate is still unbelievably high, and you tell me please What happens if you're a kid who drops out of high school? Who has no money, new prodigal, eternal life? You got what a waste. What about You know we got to invest in those things were invested housing. A lot of people in the african American Men do not make a lot of money spent, fifty percent of their income and housing childcare, and what about HSBC use absolutely before our committee is it isn't report is that it is very big. They yeah, I don't know the numbers, but, as you know, a significant number of african American teaches academics. Professionals come out of the each BC, you a system and they do a great job in their under funded. So when I talk about making most of the, as I recall, most of the age BC use are a public institution. Some are not,
but we are gonna- pay a lot of attention to them. Why does it seem like this with human kind of dodge into reparations course? Synod ours as an unavoidable, gonna spoken out and said, and I agree with some form of reparations. But what the question is what we are not dodging the push. The question is what we mean by represent a minute ever it. It seems to be a lot of people being a lot of different thanks to my mind. It means that we have to deal with the fact that there is enormous disparity between the black community and the White Committee, and that issue has got to be addressed, and I ve been dictated you some of the ways that I think it should be addressed, glad they they mean some type of economic empowerment, afghan descendants of fleet. But what is I mean? Economic empowerment of are just talked about. The fact that I would do my best to change the banking system to make sure that we end racism and we pay attention to distress, communities that people get the loans. They need to make the investor
they need for cash. Pay out now come what you will do that? What would you agree that? Well I first won't you mean just the chucked every african American yet well in the subject. Every native American were like that when the sun was first came in, I think the way we go forward is to build Amerika together. There are distrust communities, white communities, their distress, latino communities right now. What you have is a government owned and controlled by big money. Entrust worries about Wall Street and the drug companies. We can translate and we're gonna pay attention to the needs of working families and low income families in this country and whether you ve, never like this government has also systemically of press, does in a way that they have an oppressed other other communities through slavery. These aggregation now math and causes asian and my biggest three something done specifically for african American well and all of those issues aren't we are going to deal with mass incarceration and we're going to invest. I think at the end of the day, if we
the discrimination that exist in financial services in health care and education. If we guarantee health care to all p if we were working on a particular programme, make sure that every person in this country has a job. Is this enough work to be done? Dealing with climate change dealing with our crumbling infrastructure? I would suggest to you that not only the african american community, but every committed, we'll be a hell of a lot better off than they are today. I we got more with Bernie Sanders, we come back, don't move is the breakfast club good morning morning, everybody's d, J, Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. We have a special guess: innovation, he's running for president for twenty twenty Bernie Sanders II. What about legalizing marijuana and how can we, the African Americans get in on cause, it seems like we're
having had a black out in any way. As a very good question till two answers, I believe in illegal immigration of more one right now, you're the federal, controlled substance ACT in Washington and says you're caught with heroin he's got marijuana its both the same level. Listen say: okay, so believe and legalization of marijuana which, by the way, will be a major step forward in the struggle for a fairer unless races, criminal justice is not to your point. There are large caprice your point that all gonna be making a whole lot of money. Suddenly Here's a gallery was demonizing marijuana. Now these he's gonna make a zillion dollars or accident and you're right. Small business people in the african american community deserve to be part of that process again smoked Ok, then, do a whole offered me. My recollection is ideally quoth, my brains out, so it's not my my cup say you think we should be aren T to get a sound percentage of these appetite, and I want to guard she looks like, but but like many other areas, your point is well done.
That, the corporations are moving at the moment in on hemp. Ok, this is a problem that we have above and beyond marijuana new that turned if the area in this country of a small number of corporations who control the action, but I the usual marijuana is particularly sensitive issue that so many african Americans who have been First, if my memory is correct balance what is but you don't it? It's been disproportionately african American and let you know yet. I remembered things in. It then, is cutting it always on you Bobby into all Eu Canada can be. How can you for getting things all arab world is too much to remember about how is ample running and you think that's gonna affect the Democrats. Some people think it may be very divisive, I dont know that we need another billionaire could be running for president. Anyone wants run, they can run. I think his views are certainly very different. The mind well, he's. Will you use your question? Is released but split the vote and a black trump don't know,
I think I'm going to do about that as well. You know, when you re. Alas, last time allotted two people are followed, you and road for you, roll, which you too, to end like they would now, they they would rather not both interval feelers. Here they were I'm very need any lowering, often Bernie to Hilary in it as part of the reason why I think that you know Donald Trump was in how we make sure that that, regardless of what happens that the Democratic Parties- united good Person- so let me say- but I think I said a few minutes ago- on the- do everything I can to be the democratic nominee. I think I am the strongest candidate that the fee trump, I think I can win in states. Secretary Clinton was Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania oil such when I pledge to you and rights that already isn't. If I am not the nominee, I will do everything I can.
As I did when Secretary Clinton was the candidate. I knock my brains on Ike, I resent the little, but some of the criticisms becomes a me and I ran all over this country. I think we did thirty five rallies and there came fourteen states together elected now. Your point is well: some Bernie supporters did not both ailerons fruit, but that,
happens. Ah, but I did my best to say we shall do everything we can not to elect the sky. Donald Trump- and you know we're getting back the trump for a moment in I'm thinking back that even before he was president- and he was the leader of the Anti Bertha movie. Emmy. Just think about this think about trying to Donnelly's that racist. What trying to do is de legitimize at a big deal if they are brought about me, our real president, constitutionally. It wasn't one of the market and imaginative and now he's turning his divisiveness against latino community against immigrants, and the theme of this campaign is do exactly the opposite of what Trump
has tried to do. He has tried to divide us up by the color of their skin where we were born a religion. Our job is to bring our people together around an agenda that works for what are these women that come forward and had these allegations against tramp having Ask them minnow, pull them, anxious, them in somehow it it just gets breast over and I am not understanding why people don't take that seriously, and I warn you, you know you hurt you do so you had to do was violated ass. The other day about you haven't harassment plays in your campaign as well. Are you said that you have said about their so called? It is the same.
They were not thought about me. It's about my campaign, which had twelve hundred employees- and I am I am- I am upset- we put together a campaign I quickly in the problems in it. I dont the night and I'm embarrassed by that. Adding cannot happen again. We have now instituted, I think the strongest protocol to protect women are able against sexual harassment. But the answer your question, the problem with dealing with Trump is that every day there is another outbreak, you know it's hard to keep track of it and in the media. As my God look what we learned yesterday, then today, though, I think that's gonna part of the problem to which I have the greatest over this headline headlights as you hired in illegal image. Rules without wasting a peasant washed examiner. I thought it was his I'm Debbie MASH up past secretary by she's, an undocumented- I guess- he's an illegal immigrant by she's, protected by data, so right now, she's here protected by that by. I guess
you look like a fourth I'm here. Nobody will ever they put every day every minute. This can be something I don't know anything about, but we have people. Certainly I have somebody my office in the dock programme. These are people who are raised in this country. They spent their entire life in this country and we have got to provide them with legal status. I think she came from Argentina believe when she was like seven that now she's protected, because of that I see as a body my right from the fact that most of your criticism over me. Well, I don't take it as a criticism. I support the dockers people and in fact, we gotta fight as hard as we can to get legal status for them with painful part of campaign. That's like they dig up advocating these questions. Well, above the on you guys, look without you just let it run out. It is not you did it every day. They are talking my wife. Like to run for office, find the lying about your wife. Will you kids,
or every day that somebody else look. They can't debate on the issues. They can't defend the fact that we mass income and wealth inequality or we have braces more sexes. So what are they? The they're try to rip you upon, and is that painful yet its essence? is your own colleagues who, because they are also running for office in its very crowded around, people who are going to have the ring, and that means people dead, you have worked where then consider to be friends, they might have to say no if things about you, what is, I would hope that certainly under democratic cited I know what the boy don't owe all of them, but I know certainly the centres somebody called Elizabeth, worn is but a pistol from the mine for twenty years. Corey book is offices literally down the hallway mine in the Turks and office buildings. I you know, you know these guys for a long period of time, and I would hope that we will focus on the issues and not get into that kind of.
Ugly personal now, what about one Donald Trump goes at you and you know, he's a nasty individualism, crazy, Bernie aid. Or are you ready to hear my? U minimum of dark brown of back to defuse Lydia putting away, did something happening when you write this reach us. Are you ready to go? You know? What are you gonna, get back nasty, Adam Casino in ease? I need a pop on the head on the program up by saying that he is a pathological liar and a fraud north Oratorian, a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe
ledges big many simple tat raises a con man. Energy and those are the compliment, but you don't let them get back to the serious thought about. You know: here's a guy who try to throw thirty two million people off the healthcare is a guy who's budget. Calls for massive cuts, medicate Medicare Social Security, but you know what the ugliest thing about this guy is about. This is the ugly and this really unprecedented in my life, is to pay. His tail is our escape above and beyond the orange. Ok, what most president's understand we have one country writing. Bring people, because Europe disagreements on healthcare, the economy, the environment, climate change, fine, but you don't go out of you. Wait right! The split this country, that's disgusting,
That is what he is, a gotta go gas. My final question is no one in the clean up good is it headline, is: have you ever gotten a massage at the origin Asia Days by Lord, that that a headline the answer is no right, you cleared out Williams. Clay grab a baby. I don't know that that is legally look. Why don't you ask what about legalizing? Because we saw a camel hair, a second about that, but I'm sex workers. That's a good question and I dont happening. I see two sorts others Bernie Sanders. We appreciate your staff and I went to get me a campaign websites of the condone a yard. You recently doubts we wild ten million in a week when we ask our aims. Bernie Sanders not come back. I thank you very much.
All right is Bernie, say at the end of the Paris club. Promoting morning everybody is D. J envy Angela YE shall domain the guy we oughta breakfast club, less gets it aromas the soldier. Would. This is the Weber report on the breakfast club Low Angela YE? We do already on your goddamn instagram guy, see both in our. Why just sit and as there lived a moment, embassies Charlie and no one tell me we were gone and isn't drivers would only be doing the same thing every day for the past year, waiting waited what dramas that we go up. Adding M say a word. Ok. Well, since we hear those targets, absorbed in words on a red tabletop? I know you guys were paying attention to that now,
she was. I read habitats, as he does have a relationship with well and data pickets. Myth now her relationship is this: was Men has known her his whole, her whole life. He said her, Father John Woods was sounded and your engineer, the fresh principality for its entire run. They became friends and- sends a very close. They had played dates and Jane and Jordan been ended up becoming day one they ve been friends since they were infants, so she's like family too, just so, you know and she will always have the support of will and data picket Psmith plus family arise. So that is then you some backstory on that Well, Georgia with went on the show, and she talked about what happened with interest in Thompson, because the rumor is that she had just in time and seated on Chloe with Jordan, thus bring up their relationship, a girl somewhere, I, like you, know we're gonna go to house there saying its trust in us. Only core feels like a safe and environment.
Well dancing around drinking were all enjoying this hymen. I'm not thinking I shouldn't be here. Then that's my first step where I went wrong. And never once was I'm a lap, dance making within were altogether wherein and group. Never once did we leave the public area. She say that she sat next to him and put her legs over him while sitting on a chair, but she said it was just innocent she's, said legs or on him and no innocent fun? Yes, You tell em girl tat. God you beg us. It is important that we now have re less. It goes on to talk about a little kids can happen. I finally look
outside and I'm like look but sons coming on. I need to take myself home and he's like. Are you sure you know it's fine? You can you can be safe here and I'm like you know what I need to go. My car's outside I had to drive outside spend waiting. I never was belligerently drunk to where I can't remember what happened, but on the way out, he did kiss me. Like a kiss on the lips, but now it's hung his and I dont think that he is wrong either because I allowed myself to be in that position. Yet we inevitably wrong. She was that was like, and she did emit. She should never have been in that house at all. But did they sleep together? No, I'm not the reason that dress and unclear not together This situation may have made it harder for her to want to be with him Did you sleep with trysted? Never got never thought. Never consideration never happen and never will I am.
So I am willing to be put up to this house attach meeting. Light attacks or whatever it is our right Well, Chloe had originally tweeted out. Why are you lying Jordan words if you're going to try and save yourself by going public instead of calling me privately to apologize? First, at least be honest about story. By the way you either reason my family broke up one: They then Cuban over the guy dashing, has come in. I gotta becoming sooner for them. Be pulling on. These stand me when I did. I will say this social media. People will go in and on Chloe they were seen as he was bullying joint in than they a lot of things there Chloe Kardashian herself had done such as they are. Above all in a view which re songs and re songs had they d like London, Laura Lenin and Chloe used to be friends out an over hasty, a liar, but then Chloe with spit it out. The tray songs in they brought about
the things that have happened in the past, with just one single France Montana, when France Montana was of a train eyes. She was friends with them and they also only watch and season twenty seven, a Cuban over the car dashes when it comes to Jane in Jordan, the jaded in Jordan you pray, voluntary, promoted given is moving on. Another red tables are doing very well as well. That was actually a great apis help it for her to sell Chloe did after His interview came out and she got a lotta back. Last week out, Tristan is equally to blame, but trust. And is the father of my child, regardless of voting to me, I won't do that's my daughter. He has been addressing the situation privately and then she goes on to say is but an awful. We and that has been very painful and she said honestly since heating on me and humiliating me, wasn't such a shack as the first time. You can never believe, though, other woman, if your man cheats on you, you none of sand like all the olive Allah, the energy gotta go to your man, but in this situation should the little boat. Rigour join was was their friend
lovely family. Really, that's what people are missing in this situation, I usually would say, don't blame the other woman. Would individuation join wood was their friends what she does get someone to blame. I write a Mozilla yeah. That's your rumour report and shouted Coca COLA. They just came out with a brand new flavour yeah. You heard their right. They have now got orange, vanilla, coke and ours. Vanilla, coke, zero sugar had to your closest retailer and try irons, vanilla, Coke in Orange, vanilla, coke, zero sugar. Today, already Miss you! Yes, sir, we were given a down? Could do no man? Don't you today, I did. I was going to a flawed madame sigh flawed. I promise you, I know, look for stories, you know, in Florida. Give donkey today too, but this one is just very important. Is the life lesson that we all can learn, and I learn is knowing you were? Ok, all right, we'll get next, you were keep lobbies summary
right dog in days? Next, at this club measure, you don't watch off the floor to move these people in America come from abroad in all of our adoption. A man had tat an atm for very strange reason, given too much money, Florida banners arrested after opening the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute his private life police arrested, Lando Man, we're talking of Romania, the breakfast club, bridging the other dairy food, Charlemagne, guy on the way? Oki men, you get your leg, it ain't! No right to it! Ok dog you! Today for Monday March. Fourth goes to a floor domain name. Shame Anthony Mullay, ok, goblet slaughter! You know I hate coming on this radio and reminding y'all every other day that the craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida, but is true they are reminded of that fact, and today is no different. Now life is all about knowing you workfolk. It is a very teachable moment. The number
break down for your life is all about. Knowing you worth knowing you value are very high. Concept for a lot of us to grab Malcolm X once said, we cannot think of me: except the Buddha others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves. We have, to know all worth, but that has not Do it what I'm about to discuss what you are, because, even if you dont know your work, you should know the value of other things. Gay! Even if I don't know my work, I noted a rolex at work. A lot. I downloaded a phantom is worth a lot. I know the value of other things in shame does too are. Maybe because Shane decided the Robin Office in nor Palm Beach. What he stole from now, This was a bunch of commemorative presidential coins and I know what you're thinking so now is not a soul. Cities worth thirty, three thousand dollars She had no added value because they will work. Stealing right is something worth feeling taking a penitentiary jail. Then it must have a lot of value, correct, correct if the coins are worth
three thousand dollars, then changes God at thirty. Three thousand dollar lay great wrong with the double, if you are Tv Cbs for my any further informally afforded main, allegedly still rare coins and then ran into a coin machine. Twenty year old, Shoe Anthony may live Revere Beach, told investigators. He stole the commemorative presidential dollar coins, Worth thirty. Three thousand dollars a palm Beach County sheriff solves direct report says he sold some coins for a few things: knowledge. Any ran. Many through you re many through machines, and only produced their face value. Milly was charged with grand theft along with unrelated on charges of Africa. We'll figure Magdalen S green. That debate is that he was twenty it'll cost That's is now thirty years later, somehow somebody's got thrown all played out again for domain, allegedly still rare coins and then ran into a coin mission. Twenty year old shoe Anthony. May know what do I need as one for yourself, but I gotta that's my job,
They know where it needs money on the line, and I wonder why now he definitely swelling arise no offense. Lotta, Marzano fence, gosh, thousand thousand coins right at one thousand dollar each now in shape defense. He did cell somebody's going to apologize for four thousand doubts is confusing to me because Shane stole these coins, so you had to know they were worth something your first I was a pawn shop. You got four thousand dollars and then yet another sign that he's going We have more than a pretty penny at that point. You should have stopped and done little research to figure out how much value exactly these coins have. But no you did I got a grocery store, laudable flora and exchange with joy of your purse through coin star change, machines, Now he charged with grand theft in unrelated. Charges. I don't know what degree of grant their fees charged with, but I'm assuming its first degree, because you know
They said, along with thirty three thousand and coins. According to the agency, the Atlantic Journal constitution. He stole over three hundred thousand dollars and other items. Which is punishable by up to thirty years in prison with a maximum fine of ten thousand dollars. If the property stolen is valued at a hundred k onboard another thing about this No, knowing your work thing, knowing you value, knowing you value of things. Ok, knowing your value for yourself before you decide to commit a crime are right, always ask yourself what is this going going to cause me before you commit a crime, I'm not talking about money to fight it, please I'm talkin about time. Ok, a guy! she can't afford a lawyer got a guy was doing. Coins are running into a chat. Machine affordably therefore he's getting a public defender from floor so, ladies and gentlemen, he's going to prison. So how much is dead? going to cost him see shade the enormous value so when you know value you take them ass. Chance is like the one he took and it cost him safely.
He's real value it doesn't Madame was those coins will work? He would have never put himself in this situation to lose the most vie with thing we all possess, which is our time he's about to give all that time to state of Florida in the form of free labour in prison more The story is kids know the value of Knowing your value, please give shape Anthony Malaysia, sweet, sound and Hamilton. You are Ye D, yeah is only twenty years old mug, and yet you need that time. He needs time to reset deathrays Life is behind him. You know me Furthermore, stop is aging process. You know saying he go to jail for, like ten to fifteen he'll come out, lookin
sixty nine I've heard a lot about fifty. Now, at twenty years they like to stop the aging process, a little rhythms, Dobbs aging process in army beneath this time. Around We'll take you for that dog, Dane of analysis. What are the four lads eight hundred a viable. No five will indeed you watch, leaving never late. Last night and Michael Jackson Doc you series I showed in now, If you didn't see it less, can we play a clip very fast? We have time to play the we come back when we come back we come back or if you seem leaving, never lay a call us up right now, eight hundred and five, five one or five or let's watch it- I've seen it last night. I'm stuck here is Charlotte because The snow in New York cities- I was stuck so ass, the last night at the hotel him by let's talk about it is the breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club morning, everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy. We are the breakfast club. Now, if
join us we're talking, leaving never land there last night it was the part. One of the darkest series is a two part series. When we talk about some of the people at accused, Michael Javelins zubaydah sexual assaults on Paypal. Yes, Dame save tat anyway rats in so we Ask him: what do you think what you thought was eight hundred five, a five or no fire one before we play the audio? What do you think he Charlemagne didn't see? It adds the pirates who to see. You know that it is complicated to me because you take into account the a they only showed their families and their point of view. So to me, that's not well rounded, I will to see what the family had to say about these allegations. I will vote for them. Have dealt into which they might imply to other financial as you they ve had since then. I would like to see It may be a therapist on there to talk about this. You know why things might have unfolded the weighted they did. I would have liked them to address certain things that they say that they are now to dig cited in think so far that it was around it, but it was a very disturbing to watch c Mon
the problem with it is this. It is fair. Disturbing it is it is? It is horrible, but we don't know who sell in the truth, in whose name because Michael Jackson was found not guilty twice, should all evidence that they had. So it gives to the point where is. I really dont know. Yes, there was some weird things go, nor do I believe that Michael Jackson, masturbated watching these kids need I don't know- I thought I might. I hope you don't know, but I feel like what they did was put the story out there, that these kids they were these now adults. I sang and then you gonna have to leg may decision on your own and it didn't feel like informed enough from both die lovely glue. I didn't want you because I missed it. I was too because I didn't want to watch it is, is unethical. Aren't we
like the energy of those guys were under often defended, Michael Jackson, against another kid in it and in when things don't go away in the future too. We can't their story file a civil suit, so will soon got dismissed, and now you are you doin, leaving leaving Neverland specials leaving Neverland specially would have his cot. Is ITALY obvious? Isn't an obvious money play an obvious play for viewers, ship and Otto? no part of it not dimension. The man is day momentary, something of the direct aid to victims. You paid, so I can't be for money Somebody got paid they didn't just point. Is that this special on television for free, ok, some got paid for doing Mauritania stated their accuses. Otherwise, both of you know he's aid in pay themselves, good living thing, no visiting, no I've never been sexually assaulted. Also, I don't know I don't feel is come back in and even you you, you wrote about it in your book and this is something that you do. What was ok for years and you realize how it affects you and sat in a lot of people. There have been through this traumatic experience and you don't
as you are we dismissing the fact that this kid Wade Robbins as he was nine years old. You did you see the veto when he was nine ought in, and he would like. I know for a fact, Michael wouldn't do anything like that. His guide defended Michael against another aid, but it here in the documentary they also are. They also has spoken out about why they did that. Why the unexplained, why Michael Jackson was according to them and what they're saying was very manipulative and had them believing that he was married to them. He got them rings. It was like a ceremony that they had. He said it He told anybody, then they wouldn't that be allowed to be friendly anymore. It was cracks in these kids crazy talk about. I love you like it was. It was, is untenable, jewellery hour. I would love to hear over them about Evan shameless Emma Jane with other key to accuse Michael minded Acumen himself, because they do defend Michael? I wanted defended Michael you could they didn't believe in it because they thought the protected Michael, any actually said. Michael Jackson, I kind of like left them for dead and cell. He needed their help to come and go.
When he came back into their lives, to try to get them to come and testify on his behalf, I was going to stay. Awhile elicited visas from other cubes or some other grown people who were stories about Michael. I can see it. I can see Megan is, but I got very unethical for nobody has under oath. Did you do to me who were under off Brandon, Michael against another decade, by models we can look at their word? Would any ignited think? Have you been grooming cases? They ve been life. I was seven years old. I can't say Anybody would react, and I also feel it is hard to say these things without having seen it to know, was happy as regards our lives is absolutely fundamental. Hello. This is rising There was a broad sorghum leaving Neverland. Did you see it last night? I thought our problem of it. My chamber channel when we bought them referred to Michael Jackson. Here, will tat ok yeah, said he would read his hair
where I was shocked by anyone that's the idea that no one who saw the preview that he pointed out that fact that I was in jail What good thank you allows this year? they never dies and do a lot of decent living. Ptolemais did you I've seen never late last night. What are you doing? Leaving me man? I am almost all a man on his men. I beg your wise man. They wanted thirty men under the boys. Maybe you are he added a man, so you didn't want it now. No, I didn't, I didn't want to go, clearly by delegates. Another good has another. No we're not talking about. Like I produce tv shows ages have asked me verbatim: who can we do a dock alone? They don't!
about women being so that it can be an abuse. Is it about money in view a ship witty network people arrival eight hundred five, eight five, one o five one which logging leave and never let the juicy last night. What are you doing is to breakfast club. Promoting everybody. Is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club nephew just join us with logging leaving never layer, which is the Michael Jackson Doc, you series part one was last night nephew, MR we have some audio can replace ammonia. I'm talking to me you and I were brought together by God. This is we show our love so taking shape. Where's together, you know fondling and kissing. Tongue in mouth. You put my fingers on his nipples. Tell me to squeeze and then Michael pulling my pants. And my underwear down and going down and starting to perform Sex quickly turned into having me a former sex on him to a full adult grown man.
Eyes, penis in my mouth and little seven year olds, mouth now, let's go the following are under five a five one or five one allows is there? Was a deer were talking leaving Neverland last I did you watch it. Yeah man, I was pretty bananas, moonlighting Dang effort was it in. I was gonna fabricated. Then you started listen into the store, even use dynamism into more two kids and how a similar story. I say well as it might really was a real partner, is really really really and it is unfortunate- and you know, in his legacy of bribes tarnished by but You know. The kind reminds me of like how our Kelly is, but MIKE was a little bit more about how you doin it, but yet the terrible it was, a detailed account that they gave of what they are saying happen through them and I'm interested him am Oprah Because I look at over as somebody there hasn't good judgment when she does things into
hosting that, after leaving Neverland, to night, so I'm interested in what she's gonna bring out of that and what made her changed her mind cause. I know a lot of people went into this watching it and saying ok believe this is his awful. This can't be true and then some people eyes. Workings of us at the US is on the wrong, essentially the father of the kid who accuse Michael Jackson. He killed himself, so I want to know these guys feel guilty and not helping their kid. Evin Git, so college Could you you do was under of defence? Michael Jackson against that Kate, it may be held accountable for that is well hello. This is great. The earth, a subgroup, miss abroad, talking leaving Neverland it you see last night, I think, is all about all come out with it. After many years died either a gotta look at. Why
China make money, because the director Dave I talked to the family as well as with the key, is to make money. All about so you because by the director making money somebody made money, you another directive dear, but I'm just saying he said that the kids didn't get pay way rather than a panel believed and neither did Jane you gotta go alone some weight. I gotta tell you what he said: they didn't get any money off of it. It was reported on. I guess it's fast there too. They want to tell the truth. They will imaginative, causing major. I'm hasn't gotten once again. What about the kids and his weight and other Gar getting closer they're telling a story? What about the kid they defended Michael gazed when it that low boy can get to tell his thorbiorn because book, because, because of Wade in the other guy here yet no justice I may Was he more about that implied zoo tonight? Not oh, no ignited lay on it. I would this, I will say it is, I would say, a mom, The donkey series, what a mad it is there We didn't you both sides. The story you do it
to individuals and essay whatever they have to say, but we don't get the other side, this are you serious, is really may toujours issue or Michael Jackson we're leaving it most sounded a story we may get nervous. I for forty is like this news stories. I've been around these stories are new, like you can any You can do a little research like these stories are not new like having a lotta people. Haven't then every for some people. A lot of these, this information is may be the first time area. There are things I saw that I never lies. The FBI. Investigative Michael Jackson continues, Michael Jackson. He enabling these things these two, these to God, this documentary under all four d, ending Michael Jackson against another kid I do think this. The one ethical and I don't like the energy around neuron- do you think cables was lying to I don't know nobody questions that we need to be asked in all to do with those who do defended and Michael against that kid, so they made no more information. Maybe maybe I'll explain at night in imports. Documentaries. You know me maybe I'll, see anymore you're going over way. Rhapsodes dad committed suicide
and ass, all countries who commit loser Evans unless he underwear, multiple plastic surgeries and then took his own life and away rather than an his dad, we're a strange and his father committed suicide. Ourselves was Evans average at the eleventh hour, limit of the father of the kids with a view to Michael here, he's the one they came out with allegations against Michael Jackson overnight either of the two no Evan isn't here. Ok may lay hold of me now is in Jordan, Chandler accuse Jackson and molesting, I'm so, the item. I don't even know that during your Mozilla tell this dad Evans Handler ever jailer was a dentist about the so his gun join wade. Rhapsodes dad also committed suicide dodges confused me away rather than a documentary his dad committed suicide as well Mozart, average, Earl. The young boy far away, rather dad hung himself in two thousand to garner support,
who was the night and then after that, overwhelm free will be doing to interview with these two young gentlemen and be talking through in depth. So hopefully was Something will we get something out of it right? Will you we have rules on away? Yes, let's talk about somebody who is coming back to their job today, after going on hiatus, and what are you a source they are saying about this return to television. All right, we'll get into that when we come back, keep a to breakfast locomotive breakfast right up. Everybody is being J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Kids? These rumours are sought. Wendy Williams, Gaza, at the Reul report, the breakfast club, where Wendy Williams, he is back on her show on our Wendy. So today, just about it or a she tweeted out. The weight is over Wendy's back, so she has been
for quite some time now and they kept delaying delaying when she was gonna, be back on her show as first you took a three week. I ate isn't in that got extended and extended banalities back today. Honesty, Lord Recipe of her own drum. I don't see how you can't believe she has to discuss like Tristan Thompson cheating when, for the past couple of months, she's had to do those allegations in our own marriage- then we should. Instead, she was Enrique Sheet, will sit as they way go. Well, you know they said she's been having issues because her medication for her fractured shoulder her grazed disease and she promises at our Wendy this year, but there's a lot of people now that had been speaking out about some issues with Wendy and issued with her husband, and so Was he what she's gonna have to say about that? Now they are. Some audio of a man who says that Kevin Hunter threatened him
I know that it was a green. I gotta do you ever think about when the Berlin summit- and I see the days of people attack, inevitable occasion, endeavouring to argue that a kidney with avian faster, I think I think he was signed. To cabin windy is a singer any was on applying, for whatever reason people thought he was committed abroad I have no idea why, but on Friday a guy came here. Look if what I do like some do unwanted rarely s and asked for him, I thought that was very screens who asked for the singer: yeah they are the view. The view that the report comes out at the thought that we greens, I don't know, what's going on. Everyone knows that you know you know he wouldn't know care, but I would hope you not stupid enough to send someone after this kid after yes, on I d entails people is something happened to him his cabin onto our hope, Kevin hunters,
whenever there is a lot of stories coming out about Kevin Hunter and how Wendy was scared of him and how he was abusive toward her. Physically verbally. So I'm sure all those things at some point are gonna have to be addressed because you are Wendy Williams and we want to hear what you have to say about yourself, too We need a tool. Absolutely I d not dead, dumb, to descend someone after someone after they it's it's The happiest amuse you. Maybe he's much happier now when he returns to tell Why would somebody becoming here that breakfast club look for that key? We don't know that kid. May they all she seldom glad as she's work and again you never want to see anybody lose their jobs, now, Peter Time, as you know, have from your housewives of Atlanta, he was previously married to Cynthia barely now he's having some issues he was taken into custody. On Friday on a war and for writing fraudulent checks? He is being held without bond also in jail. Yeah Yes, there was no bond, I don't know what's going on, you can do much more to do all you know by industry
right now, Jane is Freeman from the voice she passed away. She was only thirty three years old. They said she was bad, a combination of bronchitis and lupus, and she had a blood clad in her lungs and that's what happened so rest in peace in our condolences feminine to her family. She was one of my Cyrus, his favorite on the Show- and she just died- a pathway this they from that blood clots stuff like that me nothing stuff. Like all my anxiety, though gladly aspirin every time I get on a plane cannot be so scared like it and get a guy who I write did. He has posted picture of himself and importer and a broken heart, and somebody said She was alive. You didn't want to marry her confuse negro g, T F, o h, and he was did I know, played myself estimates that was his response. That was a horse to have You got him then re when some of them other children has passed away by. Would you
I think I got me- God Bang understand it: ain't, nobody gonna hard on social media, but Lord have mercy on deck and a man pulled a picture of his mother. His child, who die wouldn't broken heart, an angle they say their deeds. He s always are. There are rumours that colleague, Jenner and Travis got had broken up in apparently Rumours, I'm not sure. Even though you deleted everything in deactivated his instagram, the rumour is that he's been trying to patch things up and she confronted him, because believes he found evidence that he was cheating he denies. Those ads in claims, and here he is shouting out of his women at Madison Square Garden during a shelf. I love you. I ve come on Is that not least by the new citizens come about love you? I feel lowood due to be under pressure from somebody who, I think, the best. If you the makes a man a great then will change when you meet a lifeless before we, then he may loses woman food. I loved
right. Well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room of reports. I thank you. Miss ye again shouts everybody in Charlotte. Of course, I'm stuck out here because it whether New York City, my flight, was cancel. Actually all of my last night would cancel so jobs stationary busy streets, one of three point three, which they did. You see my Rhodesia, John Dene, engender party together fly would show tee not as each I did. A lot of piracy Peggy doesn't, even though they are diverted about six. The report is a scene of course, Louie VIP birthday to Dj Lewis. Langley be about your model that guy and also may say you try those new flavors of irons, vanilla, coke and eyes, vanilla colleagues labors. You heard that right and I have to tell you it's a great combination of cop are is ever
of labour. Henriette Moses Retailers Triumph Reggie, you did your business in God. Damn we give less Coca COLA hours. Vanilla tells rise. You Louis has a clear which Alice border bed mixes up next day and the breakfast local boy morning. Everybody is D, J, envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. Now I'm out and Charlotte. Hopefully, my flight won't be cancelled about cancer last night because it a whether in New York City by a gay devil egg. Now I bought out listen embassies and then I don't have any problems dive into work. As a matter of fact, I that's a regular, faster than normal cause. I guess a lot of people were driving today, but everything was gay here. I don't Romney work. But I don't get. It was nine inches in my driveway. I wasn't. Even unanimously Ban was unable to ride over nine inches. Most of what you do, I gotta go
well a sanitarium, but it it came to see a doubling of breakfast Club Day Party. I think this is what the eight years seventy eight. What would you is this? How does they body secure- and I don't know me and you didn't go to my late last year- is going to be entirely. You have no one more year result or more years our K. Why? In Baltimore you positive so we will be the next that lawyers. Let me what have I don't know. I believe you will make it a big one. Negative energy issues, lashes, Charlie's out to Duvall Devolve, came before there was re, I'm going crazy all day, long other when it came out with those on demand. Dublin who love my Mahmoud recorded my new favorite song, my new favorite affirmation, yesterday, one's going to avenge. Only tv is going to outdo is my new very saw. My new favorite information is not even out you. I salute the dew was who do a man skills to drive a car bomb skills?
I know it was waged skills out as the audit he wrote, it sounded digging up skilled like scaled up my garden announcement skills, undecided, Walcott, log out a joint and another one. That's all. I'm and I just want to give a shout out to black women intact The hosted there are five side. Tat would canyon more from her. Has wise Atlanta, you know she has a linear care products as in twenty two hundred stores. So You do away with that. So that was a great conference for people to attend. Also, as I do that Debbie Lazy, P, as Sunni Albany. I was there over the weekend ass. He shoved in iraqi or maize had a grey panel discussion with them too. Emma Bio, William, Patterson, Willie, P, haven't another as you know, is women's history. My last month is back here to remain. There, panels in their lot activities going on around they sell, I'm gonna be everywhere argued that panel feta.
All right. When we come back, we got your positive, no, don't move at the breakfast table morning morning. Everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy. We are the breakfast club. First shouted Bear Bernie Sanders for joining us this morning. Yes, the burning sand of their full and abuse of boy. You tube people are not happy about the way he responded to the reparations question on board I am all for pushing the lie. All rubber. Patients are not a sample IP will have into a light in his country. We ve had a specific set of circumstances that have happened to us from slavery to Jim Crow segregation and slavery, help build this goddamn country. So I feel like it to be a specific type of reparations that comes to black people, specifically for US Yes, I do agree with that. One hundred percent- all a shadow to TAT Charlotte Station streets, one of three point: three
Of course, I was stuck out here, so I was going to make it back to the breakfast club, so they open up the station. Allow me to broadcast here so she out to you guys, stay there and enjoy yourself some more cuz. It was kind of nasty here, we should occur. They won't play undistorted. We hit me all morning already very happily, with almost no here they say Peltier with no boys. As soon as you get out of the car, that's nice, I said The uncle look, I say just waited at his pack ass. His near his first package. Show yours truly uncle. Look I'm sure, there's gonna be entertaining, he said, is very guesses. Bacardi, sellers, hey fella, go figure to be talking about their opinions on some of the candidates, including commonly Harris in the fleet are talking about the documentary I do Bikari, while our revolve, which is available screaming on PBS Dot, Org right now, Europe has no you have to
I did notice. All blame is always to time, no matter how much fault you file with another, and regardless of how much you blame them, it will not change you. The only thing blamed does the keep to focus of you when you are looking for external resist, explain your unhappiness of frustration. You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by blaming them, which will succeed in changing whatever it is about you and is making you unhappy. That's from where ass from Doktor Wayne, W dire forever. Vivian clinical yonder higher. One it's Katy Correct, I use my podcast. Question is a platform to explore the big issues we face in these crazy times and right there's no crazier time and no bigger issue than the corona virus, which is why we're switching gears and pushing a regular reported episodes to this summer. In the meantime, we're going to stay here based on the corona virus. Talking to the ECB Bert, so you can really understand what's going on. I know
so overwhelming, but we can get through this together, you can lose. And to next question on the eye radio, app apple, podcast or, wherever you get your face, red shows we? you. Don't know that we are here for you in of an ad. Today we wanted to talk a little bit about how can all be alone together during the uncertainty and upheaval of the covered nineteen pandemic, because even though quickly apart right now, we're all in this together and we humans are biologically wired, to seek each other out when we stressed so finding ways net with family and friends can really help them, and you manage your pals mental and physical. You can schedule all kinds of activities by a phone, video or chat, dinners or dance parties or put clubs online games like werewolf her words with friends watching shows or movies at the same time and sharing reactions by a phone or an app like Netflix Party taken on last together or watch a video tutorial share
work out or a cooking demonstration or craft project, or go to a virtual museum towards other watch, live stream or create when yourself check out the house. Tad alone together for more ways. We can all take care of ourselves and each other.
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