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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all. For this special day we flashed back to when TD Jakes stopped by and gave The Breakfast Club some inspiring and eye opening words. Also, we flashed back to our now Madam vice president Kamala Harris. Also, we flashed back to when Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Paula White Cain.

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by and by the grown up Lamb people give coupled with their life loading and unloading. there is not only me yeah- I don't know I don't know, what's going on either right alone by America, retrial names as if they were right again Where did I do, though? No man, whether they obeyed and automatic after I did this fatal back up? You know I don't know, It was crazy, though, if you, you know you members We are proud of your browser. Wrote book, wish you predicted Koran. Virus into down twenty, and she said she said in around twenty. Twenty seven among, like illness, was spread throughout the globe. The lungs and Morocco tubes and real listing all no trees. Treatments almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrives. Attack against-
years later and disappear completely. She wrote that in a book backing today, eight thousand- and No, That is why our Obama allows this planet with some provocateur of you just get it. I have a problem with the line of like like within, or black people have dinner will have not in that light, the Cancun and agreement on the reason being it is when I thought maybe you'd, like you forget about rail accident that it will be in a black women at the time you didn't have to do better, not of tat what we know about the black man. It's a game of erect.
I don't know about your method. Would you not to me what their window about, but no doubt about what you know about? It is not about a blackboard. Then, all of a sudden tat is right for mass you'll be about one thing number one that is almost like, like the result will be where you for you, break your that breach of what might make you and everybody that audio use? Not only did we not like that more money to be dont want got the gap in New York. He didn t need the cow You think all black people, our monolithic and they need to stop using one or two black people, a painting, Above all, I think people as it. Like they're they're, whoever was filmy now laughing at me. I have no money went to go help the girl. I think I was more the issue. Also. It was like he was caught on surveillance. It would people laugh and invoking. So would you
What about all the brothers that want to kick it with about Allman brothers, that think he's dead wrong and want to whip his ass? with a big majority people What about with him again back the tiny thought? What are the people be not when they want to go any further? Proof of what will happen is that everybody recognised individuals are going well in that. Did we not blame at all, we want to go on working with the pilot who waited We have to bear the brunt of women's employment over the planned people put it. They don't have to do better Dude, you notice, but thank you forgot about it allows this. I did that hey viability, warning they you get it off. Each has run of all out the they are worth the buyer that I'm all right. They are good morning to you and I really love ya, show up. In the event, the awful about by five years- that's all. I do not think I do a great job,
what I would like to say that our Bob heard every black leader we about what's goin on, and I haven't heard North American had? Has anybody? pay anything. He says he has a word from from God for America, you know he doesn't have the axis of the of social media anymore, because he was banned for Emma Instagram, so you don't see the goals that it usually would do. The mother of Twitter they ve been abandoned of Instagram abandoned Altoid, a brow will be look import at bag. You put at- and I thank you guys- are doing a great job back you and I love ya and I'll have a great day I'll write you two working game of chess, eight hundred fathoms five, one o five. One of you need event. As of now to breakfast club, Goin Breakfast tat
I is to you return to get it off. You jest whether you made or blessed eight hundred maybe hundred five one we want to hear from you on. The breakfast club allows this hatred and follow get her off each ass? A Charlemagne. Oh my gosh Charlemagne. I am of within huge by a lot of interesting file, a black fire, because he, until the main, I ordered your books. I ask that we ordered like toward the river online I mean the audio one. Can I get a hard copy here which one you are like privileges shook on offer them I leave it leave you leave your leave. Your address without produces Dan. Okay, ok Ireland has a millimeter, ok, ok I'll call you
they on the islands and full glass right now, because I was in a beautiful relationship for like over ten years and I ended up getting shot I'd be in my sleep by my act awhile, and here I thought you might have been suffering from like the hearing variety comic attack with everything I've been using apart from the top pathetic that up to six billion people over three thousand a year, and it will really help me a calming herb the in and out of telephone. I'm gonna turn my own business. With this I want to tell you can travelling to help with I'm gonna. Try a chemist.
Ray. You say like others, I love natural stuff like that they use in Yosemite books are organic. Produce will give you an address one evening when you get out of here. Ok, you can follow me on Instagram, so I have a page. It fell cover. Actually my dad has a cover farming. Oh, no, I'm in a south, Pacific and Programme is getting carbide K. E. U K a need, a ok, that's my! Can you buy? Follow me? I follow you guys have a web. I guess we'll go about dot com where you can order and bike are often there. all right. I don't know about you, I don't know. Maybe I could be wrong, but I think you sell gavel hello is this: where was it was some regular features were members of parliament
I appreciate everything. Y'all do. I was calling just to tell my daughter is out this time of quarantine. We've been us start up a lip gloss line, no wonder they ve got. Laminae Blue Blair, hardly Lear Hokosa, namely the glass line there. Milburgh Monaco abuse could live. Music companies are your grandmother, beautiful blue ribbon. Carry I they I'd. Is there to one of the two other than what servant had started from to do what we ve been spoken out. That's nice brother have over allows this look a call. You future a morning the call on every hurrying out, I'm a college graduate and Amato, better and animals. because I get the cure I loved, because I got out baneful about it.
And they are criminal money for half an hour at the work by the government and authorities, when a military and economic environment that I hated it up. I feel like an animal like veteran, I got fired power grab my family and If I were you I'd be arriving, I got a degree and I thought it was there. An appeal continue adaptation and I feel, came in the long run. What would you credit which accredit agitated entrance background of violent their advice, and I worked hard to get it there, and that only the matter broker heyday, I hate I hate. I hate how they treat on veterans on veterans should get you know. Free room and board of veterans shouldn't have to pay any. as you know, and you should get us any type, and you get a is this. First, I'm buying always issue for some years. Now week we got you know how many I woke up, which all my guy met
mortgages. I you ve been able to make miracles happen, especially if your first time home by annual veteran, is so many different programme. right now. What I'll give you down payments for your home and it also give you closed in kosovo- is a bunch of different programs you hold on, and I give you his number met. The mortgage guy's name right, I thank you, get it: eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you need to vent hit us up now with the breakfast club good morning, the breakfast glitt, everybody is D J envy Angela YE shall meet a guy. We are. The breakfast club was still kicking a whit Angela Bassett Charlemagne YE inside you nowadays creatively directing very excited about that. Some will say the stage you know. Every time I come to New York like last night, I was no yesterday I was in it it was his winds things I got it check out too
You know we take his right now. His corroded dollars yard and eighty is an imperialist got rouge. Now here is your number away, but he show so. I shall go and see whether I story nights are so just story last night and designer I thought I saw that in on Broadway and in London and what I see as all intimate apparel which is you know now, an opera Berlin knowledge, so Blair Alan Gray, last night stuff, you asked, the girl you for you, I d wiped out a cheer. The would see how long is it stay on fabric are. Did I guy deals, coordinated exit and just get my hands to sell arms to myself. I always get loved irritant, either any movies that you ve done in the past that you would like to recreate. Today we see people recreating I doing pie too in the well. I hear that they're bringing actually but waiting to sail the whirlwind,
live man, that's amazing! Between a fantastic and the start. I could probably recital movie wherefore where take get killed. And get out junior. Yes, events come from your big it'd, be nice to see that. How is it like? You said that care thereafter, where it lay there has to make. You feel You know how you bring a piece of your character home with you, after where what was it like tat? I live with that one too much I lit a. I live more with tee that they are me, trying to learn the the fonts initially inhaling are exhaling, so you really at your bid and that the laugh- and you spoke- you know trying to get bits of that, so that, when seem cup, months after, like you know, laughing like her talking like a kind of strange, but not as much for four exhale, because maybe because it wasn't based on real life. So as a carrot, I came up with
whatever, but I was, it was cathartic was nice, namely the moon, nobody's close anything. I know I didn't, although some folks do that here we are willing to generate the window to will never what would you what was low, attitudinal broadway to that that trigger it at all. You know you think, you'll see something brandy, you sitting the theatre in that light, that's for me personally, so it was it was. It was odd experience because I think I literally five God sees a different story, then her life, but her life is alive and we covered in the movie. So interesting. Deja vu re enter very interesting, Jabba's Tina, an umbrella tat was like how is he ran up and down and measuring as yet. How does ice graze be careful here I saw her backstage in in London who was. I didn't, expect the reaction we both like just cry just dislike. You know when you play that role right like you talk about the mannerisms of Tina, but you had embody the trauma of
this is one of that we ought to get up ray. maybe I was especially lengthy in old, seeing the rape seed ghetto, whom I was a young aquarium, stuff and or him drag you down the hall where it was good to have a colleague to have that with someone. You trust him speak ample Lawrence. You noted two to go through that because you know he really got. You know you know, got u emotionally. Ah an ant is act to actor because the hours were long, it was extremely physical. Would you actually hurt for thirty? straight days. You know, like you know, if you know dance in Europe, lifting weight so elastic as it build up of thirty stray base, something everything her when she had to.
We cannot go on for. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having we badly ass right, Angela Bass, it s the breakfast glaucoma, big how did they buy one by one? The joint discussion with the breakfast joke about it morning, everybody's d, J Envy, Angela Ye- shall remain the girl we oughta breakfast club, that is jerk I work with, is trying to tell people outdated Santa is not real. all evades thing: Ps3, twenty one in Brooklyn defied sums to teach you because he told the students in the class, Santa Claus and to various now real, like this when you know lies, go too far, like you, gonna fire, the man for telling the truth I know I don't have a problem with you know you wanted to teach your kid to just lie. You know what I mean, but don't fire, could he told her the the boy
and one of the benefits of telling your kids about Santa Claus. I'm sure disappearance, outdated. They can believe in Santa he just ruined. They were aware. Grave was, as it gets explain away. I'm sure he is nowhere near where I now do my keys believe in Santa yes, they do absolutely positive what was the benefits? It love loved love of the look forward to something to look forward to getting gives being good, making cookies bacon cookies as a family decorated the tree in all the things that come with Santa in Christmas and also for lot appearance out there. This is a good way to make you kid right, you know around as the October December is to acting in a you will get some said You bet it said I always. These will not be a nice kids extra immediately. I love it. Ok check this out low Jabba loads, our own and class Chad, He's got more money to load, Cairo, terror, the jagged both right out there. They Christmas list to this Santa guy, correct, aright, Chad, everything you want.
our own, don't get none bosom sacks powder, to explain the low Tyrone Santa boy, no Chad everyday. He wanted we didn't bring, Would you want to terror, but our own good? All! You know what I'm saying: how angry that dumb, instead of don't ask it. Wasn't that dumb asking a question as the stupid like ours, was there? How do you explain it? How do you explain that Santa body you would you wanted, but didn't bring this other little kid? What he wanted, Well, you know Tyrone Santa's, helping allotted is it does have the sheer? And since you are a good kid- and you understand he's helping those kids none of this dear little chat, roulette loads, our own unwanted, or, to that end I met me. Ok, no Tyrone on LIVE Fani. I want you to get my daddy a job for Christmas pay Santa our Juno Mamma. Do our came over Christmas, O Phantom, it is always used. You always did he uses the big fat lad. He can do whatever you want
comfortable situation looks everybody that has got out of the hole God. What are they? nobody come through, not God, not Sarah, and now we're low tyro. Do I agree. He mad man though well I don't know what you're gonna love these sound allowed to leave us in and I loved their face. I loved the experience our Christmas. Every year we bring the about my kid wanted adored is gives outside they think this ain't a draft also gives a coming back. Are you see that draws up an authentic law now shut up man among us. We should go to reformat hello. This is a glance there was that may were talking about the benefits of Paris talking about Santa, when my kids were very young, I allowed them to believe that better was real. Yes, I I went along with the story, ally and a true story, and I believe that that it was a real when I was young me too, but I got older, I led
discover on their own that commit war that you'll be there with a purpose to that which, as you know, the challenge reality, but not permitted destroy their dream by day? You got there their direct their. Thank you agree which you thank. You Allow me this reggie we're talking about Santa broke There are not, but then you said: nothing, don't teach you kids about them and do ferrets for do you? Did you get it No one of these monkeys, Nova gonna, be the wrong wow. That's my give. No god numb convince much more proof that guy is much more proof that a God exists, other poems Santa Claus with the way the pupil got this point. That that we're on in the middle of the sky rotating these trees, that a growing about it, a ground these birds that applying this guy pages thing you got caught a body. Ok, no nor can we made in Santa May. The universe is made by its felt: ok, no doubt by joys and everything the Danube.
History brought. No doubt you in the universe is made myself, but did not a baby on this planet is not a baby on this planet have made myself see, is still got. You still got to take your Peters and put down a woman and procreate. Something created. Those kids something created this world, but by all that, but I believe I said. Instead it does exist and so does the tooth fairy combining Megan government. What are the benefits of parents of telling kids about Santa appreciation comes from the care when they realise that their parents were really painter, although here and the yoke is believers, I have one another that doesn't look. How did that work has divided, cannot stay and how to their work. Why the tangled five year old ones. Like ten your own found out. He was related made sure that she didn't tell her about them. How did it and you ll, find out that one, eight India? Would you wanna? Kids, come sir, I'm sure without our kid yeah
and I didn't I wasn't going lie to her, but in all those years you never asked me so I never told her. I can check your parents that you never lie to their kids. Would you been lying to them about sanity? My son found the elf on the shelf this weekend and picked it up. It was so mad cuz. If you touch I want to show it loses his magical powers and he was so upset and crying. A daughter had to Google and if you put cinnamon around the elephant to shelve, he gets a magical powers back yard, a notice but said why you? like that I'd make their daddy is that a sentiment is put in a little white particle cocaine on a table somewhere and he sniffing it could use crazy right now: arrival! Ok, okay, forget you How are you? How will you saying, okay about you? Ok, yeah. You know much for you very much for what you did, because when I went through my divorce- and I had my eye straight- there told them. There is no fact you back you better braided Jesus
you want the rails and acquires right. I've had my baby boy, though about the time he would then cannot garden but sat down, told her what was going on. You can make your mad, but I want you to pray to God, because I am the wheels then called, but I thought you'd like to know what you can do is go to school and failure a kindergarten Virginia there dwelt bad, a glove got you light up their children in a classroom, Renate Weber. Each call me meantime point I know I'm the world, then I told my mother out there as a single pair. I think this is very dreadful and I'm tellin. You accuse the troop, of course
but it was horrible crossing is, if I may, to thing for you. If you have a financial thing find everybody's, then it is, I believe, in thin emails. I will listen all you poor kids damage to believe a jug argued that Xbox these Christmas and when you don't get it, I want ya to still believe by sitting in front of a tv, if you got one play an imaginary, Xbox, imaginary, call of duty what you look like this, if you didn't see what they think of happily, there is cruel to teach kids about Santa Claus. If you can't afford be santa- and you got this kid expecting all this stuff on this list, nor you can't afford it, would you still time about, then you are sitting you kids up for yeah and you doing them a great disservice. Debbie good, I believe the sand I'm doing. Ok, how You tell a little pool kid, daddy, get. What they want to know is what does low boys
Negative Macleod got everything you wanted to get his prayers doing a little bit better life. How hard about fair lives that fair or you know the objectives of blacks and, as I said, the wife Santa bring everything you, but I've been always let you die like them. but your daddy, wouldn't we got more covered up next week. This club, the breakfast club. How do you like they hit the reset button to get ready for was next to you watch tv read a book, take a nap even hugging tree look: there's work, friends, family, a million, pressing social issues at an expectation to be on all the time. Well, I know about you, but before I go, the next agenda all my schedule. I always try to find a way to sit back and relax do out today. That's why so point when you choose to finally turn off from the chaos in your life, you sit back and civil and cause like mountain call. Refreshing
if the pace of things when you down take a moment pause refresh yourself, relax, have a beer, of course, light delivered by going to git cause light, thou com and finding local livery avenues near you Youtube to turn off make show you reach without one beer dismayed to chew. with growing company and Golden Colorado, encourage you to celebrate responsibly, have you ever felt the world is ignoring you, I just feel like you're, not getting her hello. Can you hear me? I feel that all the time. Sometimes my household and it could be a tad exhausted in fact once I was telling someone about an amazing deal, I got somewhere and a purse completely went somewhere else and got it for an even higher cost or lack Do it just shake my head she knows resident in making big changes. Eighty anti they're doing what it takes to show that all of their customers, voices are heard said had given every car
tomorrow and I mean every customer of non existent same great deal. Thinking here is no matter if you been with them forever or just thinking about jumping over everything no person gets the same. Amazing deal check out smartphone pricing fear for everyone atm that comes last best deals, restrictions apply, mornin, everybody is D. J envy Angelo YE shall remain the guy we oughta breakfast club. We got a special guess. Inability does indeed vision, the drip Jake's committees on budget is nobody. I would rather talk to this morning other than you think, like lay like a light heart so heavy. You know why the tragic acts, and it happened- and Mr Corrie brine his daughter and all other folks on the plane. How do you make the helicopter? How do you make sense of that like? How could that have been God's plan? You don't make sense of it you and do it. You survive it. You grieve! You go to the process, I think when we get in trouble, it's when we try to fix
I understand things that are unexplainable right now we got to survive because our whole nation has taken a blow the fact. in particular sports fans. Other athletes are our grieving right now and I think that to try to explain something like you know then you know we don't know they're still investigating what happened. Others human error, whether was the weather and climate, all of those play a factor in it. We look for. Bobby to blame, how could God allow that to happen or this or that or the other? But right now tragic things happen in life every day, but this is a person that we knew and loved in a part of our community. It's ok to be said is ok to grieve. It's ok to go through those range of emotions, anger and being upset over. Have you but at the end of the day, were in a survival mode. Right now know what we need somebody who, on a fence with religion in believing, and they see something like this and they say wow, you know yet a thirteen year old died and it was
tweets on that plane, I die. What are you to let person for faith and how they can continue to believe you advocate is your faith. It gets you through those unexplainable moments, and I think you have to realise is terrible and its tragic as it was. grateful his wife was an on board when grace with a whole family was an on board. I look for things that are positive in the midst of the page, denying the paying, but I look for things that are positive. As for trying to get somebody to believe, who doesn't believe you really. You really can do there, because, God Be explaining must be revealed, and you have to have an open heart to allow that to happen. Did your life. If you believe God does everything for reason. You can we believe that, when the positive things ever absolutely because many firms The positive things come out of the most horrific things in our lives and they use It's your own life. Sometimes the worst tragedies brought Jude
an awareness or sensibility over years that, if this had happened, that had happened, time will judge the validity of the situation right now we have to endure and you still have to lift up the family members of I've lost somebody right now and the daughter is in his wife in family members of the other people who are on the helicopter to umbrella somebody completely different we'd know when you, when you're famous people, know you from what you do, but your family. You from who you are and is a much deeper law says it's a greater. I'm paying them is very difficult to get through to a sermon you gave on earth September twenty second title keeping move. it almost seemed like keeping a movement after after Deaf seems insensitive thought I'd do keep a move. You have. You have to keep it moving, because life keeps moving because bills keep moving because illness Keep moving threats, keep moving problems, don't stop because you're in vain and so sometimes,
the therapy is in keeping at moving, but, of course, when you, the family, you have to set down for a minute in breathing recalibrate in it may be over the next two years or twenty years? That's who feel that pay? my mother died, Mammy man and, if I think about it, hard now I'll get emotional because not only but want that to go away. I don't even want to go away because sometimes the sadness pallid dates. The bow of what you lost. Explain our low defends sadness boot greater the sadness. It's an indication that the greater the love some people feel sadness because it don't feel love the. If your great lover, you have great pain when people leave your life and to the degree that we must and we feel that payment that pain in many ways is a tribute to the significance of that individual in your life I'm the two questions in your own faith and is that a common thing for people to do to just question are used,
course in his aid now and then I went through something in city and I have to say, as I have gone through those moments where I was in grief and wondered you know. Why did you allow this to happen? I was low, but angry with got a heel. I got over it. I was okay, but have had those moments of challenge that we have to remember. That faith does not mean the absence of doubt, faith in doubt, cohabitation, the same space and to be completely honest faith is something we believe, but what we like to do is no, and you cannot know you have to believe that's a whole premise of being a believer is to believe that which you cannot see, and you have to do that in the presence of voices of doubt, Who are telling you it's not worth it! It's just like going to work. Sometimes you you, you don't want to go with. It some other voices you gotta go any of your conflict and yet you Cupid Movin I think a lot of times. People
the time you get out of the conflict, but the conflict is a part of life and were all conflict it from time to time, and yet we find a way. The keeper move. That's right! There was a time you said you thought about leaving a menacing, yes, absolutely been. There went through when I first got him, especially Massimo International Ministry of the things that come along with that are hard to manage headway notoriety in use, bloggers, nasty report vastly report that was the worst depose article and and I was used to that, come from West Virginia country boy, and I thought I'd added Sign up for this. I don't need that, but the reality is. This one woman came into a book signing and changed my life, so she discovered the hospital If you had a tubal pregnancy and the baby was dead and she was living with a dead body body inside of her, so it almost killed her shit. She was very weak. She got us got out of the hospital.
A backdrop of requests and came to me. Is she knew? What I was thinking I said is for us bear you do it is not for them and when you go through moments of challenge and pain. Ah, you have to find purpose, and sometimes you forget why you do what you do and why you must have d or what you do and she she moved me like in a major way of one for that woman coming Mehdi and talking to me, I don't know that I would have been a ministry now What do the rice is always have to suffer? Bishop everybody suffers everybody sufferers The emblem of Christianity is across ass, a big warning that, if God we're not his son he's not gonna spare you. Everybody goes through suffering, no matter how picture of no matter how poor you, no matter how famous you're, no matter the homeless. In a mansion we were all born and we are all going to die.
death does not discriminate at all, it does not discriminate. Would you want to know that I was somewhat at this morning? I was saying that is no unex. Yesterday morning in the annexes to unexpectedness of death, I think that, thanks to some would you would you wanted, and I would want to know, I wouldn't want to know some people feel differently about it, but I would want to know. I wanted to surprise me. They want to move waiting on a date, leave. I wanna live every day to the fullest, not what the cloud hanging over my head about a date that could be twenty years after thirty years of and then to adjust my life to dying I'd rather be my life around living and lead deft family. Whenever it does, we got more, would Bishop Cd James when we come back, don't move? Is the breakfast club Gomorrah running? body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was talking with Bishop TV, Jake's woody feelings towards suicide. Could you hear so many different things? Suicide? If you suicide, you never make it a Heaven. If you suicide, gotta, look at you did. What are your thoughts one on
Suicide gives the firstly in their public Mamma. When you say that is not whether you go to Heaven remount. I think we should work harder to stop suicide. I think the suicide is epidemic can we really amongst african american young people in a way this reprehensible? One of the reasons that I started the foundation that we're gonna talk about, because of mental health and had her mental health is a huge issue in our community, and I think you have to understand that a lot of people who take their life, they really didn't, take their life. The sickness did so. The person who we say committed suicide is as much a victim as if they were victim of a homicide, because if you have emotional mental health issues, it affects your decisions and your judgment in your Your view of life, so to judge that who am I not god so where they spend eternity, I'm not God, but I do think that the person is a victim, and I would think that if you are victim, we we just believe that
A better place you when it occurs in a people in a cloth and actually embraced in therapy and you know tell him you ve got in and get help women how does a lot of us? We people ticketed just pray about it just pray about it and we don't treat it like. It's a sickness. We treat it like it's a spiritual issue and it's a health issue, and I think you have to refrigerate from other. You gonna pray, but you also do everything you can do to be at the best that you can be that I do think the purser beauty, but it is not enough through a lot of people who have serious problem that they endured and they need to be able to talk. They need to be able to heal, and sometimes I have chemical imbalances and causes but we were there. I had occasion to say that there be an upper absolute thought, all absolute. pressure registered a brain works. Better word Jesus. You are not planned. The launcher on online Jake's Divinity School had schoolmaster, has got get ass. Laws is up and running,
its everything that I'm doin now is about training the next generation. It's it's empowering them to accomplish their dreams. To read, Sir, goes: I'm leveraging my relationships and academics and I'm levering my relationships with corporate Amerika to to create a pipeline. Because a lot of us, the only pipeline we have to the world. We want to be as the one we see on tv, but she'll never watch tv long enough to get there. So we have to stop watching our dreams, asked our creating a pathway We can facilitate our dreams. More more young people coming to church now always seen em eyes and slowing down. You know, that's that's a great question. I think it varies from church to church and from region to region. I see a lot of young people who are really interested in five smelling of them are coming to my dear Moses or younger and younger fifty percent about searches millennials. So I'm seeing a huge interest in young people coming to church, but are also I'm am saying, a deterioration.
tendance, because a lot of young people young, I hid their own your online. Yet as you want to watch, would you want to watch it? So we scream twenty four hours a day we scream all week law because young people stay up at night, sleep late in the morning. What doing Eliza was ambition, tedious, everyone observer do, I arrived in the mornin. Opponents are lower this from you to believe the pie, gas Gaza consumed by enhancing the plot around, and where is your hair? Is nothing like being a plot is different, it is different being there from watching it ought to be. You can get a perception on tv, but I think when I was here before a port above difference between a pitcher ultra. So when you actually go in it, you see it from a whole different aspect of their,
your voice or a mouse. I felt like a colleague, bat muggy availing add that kind of energy, like always about highly back buggy, where any impact from Kangaroo doing what he's been there and they have found a very thought. You know some three or anybody whose out there, whose door some positive to help chase world I'm thrilled about it. I just hope that, while he's busy, Doin meant that somebody's taking care of him, because the problem of being talented had been gifted and being good intention is sometimes people are so excited about your gift that they take. Your gift and leave you behind him and I think, is very, very important for him in order to remain stable and remain functional that he's not so busy giving to us and nobody's giving to him. But I've seen the music, the music is hot. A famous performances at think is absolutely wonderful, but I want somebody there's a scripture. The babble says no man cared for myself. I want us to care, for his soul was much as we can
for his music? Would you also would part of household? I would definitely consider Doin Somethin, like that. My focus, however, is everybody's hosting him, whose pestering have gender stay at Santa Anna Wanna be seen as a gig. I don't wanna be seen as an opportunity. I wanna be an ear sometimes for people who don't have anybody the power to site. I want to be in the crowd this reach him after him. Try mismatches gift, I wanna be the guy who sent over in the corner Hey are you ok? How are you balanced? How are you emotionally? How are you mentally? Because we are saying to many of our artists drift away, be killed? commit suicide. Nobody would investing into their mental right wealth
and you leave you lead somebody around. You could do who doesn't just want you for what you do to say. Are you ok, think of a culture Socrates to go from being in the heard one moment to being a celebrity annex moment and I with no train no preparation, no therapy and all of a sudden you with step into this world and you can't get out once you're famous? You can never be anonymous, so your success can become your prison, and so, if you gonna realised that in you, gonna recognise that we have to in our community have to be slow. To join the bandwagon of stoning people who got into trouble. We have to be more on the side of the ambulance who rushed to the scene of the crime and see what we can do, because we are hurting We know that you are hurting and we know how to speak the common language to get you back up on the other we like to reduce Cuba. Today, mistakes allotted absolutely
While we make our old linen, and so we are all trying to figure out life in the moment you figure it out. It changes you go through. Stages have different ages and different ages, bring on different challenges, and nobody gets it right they return, because every turn is a new experience and your back to want again and your learning again. When did you get used to have a little? He had said about little kids as soon as you get used to Heaven teenagers, they left. How's everything keeps changing on us all the time, so you'd never get to be a master at your life because, of course, is contagious
a guy. Everybody is d, J envy Angela YE shall I mean the God we are. The breakfast club was talking with Bishops Edi Jake's for young people come to church. What are you looking for? Love from my grandmother went to church. One hope wanted to make sure that her family was ok as yet an opportunity. So what a people coming to search for now cause it's different. Now, my kids online. They look for certain things. They have more questions. They require more answers. What a what people looking for now when it comes to you, not your average furs from person to person about the cope hazard, fight degree in at like were bleeding right now. We're talking about Kogi Right mad reminds us of how the brevity of life mines. As that we don't take time for our sales. It reminds us that there is a life after this life, and so people start to think about faith differently, but I also think that people come to the black church differently than they do for other people who come to church
They look for our leaders to be involved in the community in some way. They look for all levels of quantifiable results. How does this help me right now in the here and now not the sweet by and by very soon. The inspiration and as one other thing I want to bring up the causes. People to come to church, if you come to church consistently church becomes a family and for many of us as something we didn't, I learned. Sometimes it's not so much about pestering. Are young and it's about father email? I got a few more questions. How long can you go it out signal one leader? What I want you, Sir Madonna, have never been as good as it. Currently I don't know, I can go pretty good. I don't think to go for the water here when I get to speak in over teaching. The only thing I'm thinking about it. I'm the one we are discussing the other day about when you got a confession, all right. If I may have a risk
instability. When say someone commits a crime and they go and confess that now someone comes when they doesn't than they have done something illegal and they tell you that is as something that you feel a responsibility to reply. to the authorities are. Is that something that becomes? This were the case and some kind of facing aware you, you have the same kind of probably said an attorney does when somebody comes in discloses something to you and that's important, because nobody's gonna come talk to you about something if they feel like you're going to get reported. There are some exceptions to that. However, when it comes to child abuse ass, you are legally required that if you know it, you absolutely have to reported. There are other issues that are cannot on the borderline, where you have to use your best judge. But it has to be serious for you to violate the confidence. I heard a negative ceramic. If I came to his ambition, Charlemagne remark that serious and the I'd like that very the goblin, like the study, by the very fact that is that it
I'm going to? I have an obligation of IRAN battered prevent, but if it was already done here, the ambassador and how long ago was done and what can be accomplished by exposing there is a judgment call have you ever had to do that? I've done everything, and sometimes I have a claim, my privilege as a clergyman not to testify in a trial and that privilege is only held up in court if it is just you and me in the room, if one other person is in the room or if somebody else was on the phone it violates add then lose at privilege and better ability lock to speak about being strong. Are you on a Oprah Super soul conversations? Do you, ladies want to transform your life, and you spoke about how to use transformational thinking and moving beyond your limiting belief? What does that look like to you you do everything is is about a change of mind if I change your your income
That is what I don't change. Your mentality. Your status will fall by down to your man, said every change, weight, loss of changes whatever it is, starts in the way you think, and until you begin to deal with the story, you tell yourself and are willing to challenge your own truth. You can't really help a person to move forward. When they hold to their all stored or what about when you're, not ready for that transformation? Could I was thinking this morning? How can transformational? Thank you help you in matters of grief? Couldn't you look at it? situation like in your brain. Barely her whole life has been transposed or she has to change the way she things moving forward. But is it you didn't ask what I know you demands for? Nobody wants a sort of thing to happen and it takes time.
You don't change your mind overnight about anything, for there is a tragedy or whether the decision to go back to school, they their feeling of miss placement any time, there's a change, a big change in her life and give yourself time to adapt to their change and accept that change and then figure out. Who am I now without cobia my life? Who am I am now without this job? You can the new year all you want to, but until you have Do you have any new year that matter? when did they do I finally got the worthy man room at it, hit me over the holidays. Like I honestly GIS, fell worthy of of of existing measures. Really, I remember that conversation we here,
Youtube Worthy is difficult when you have been abused or traumatized or belittle degraded, or have some issues in your past for you and if you don't get to worthy you self sabotage, you can self sabotage opportunities because you used to say you want them, but then you a baton, because you really don't feel within them. The hardest thing in the world is to love some. Who then love themselves because they will reject your love their king. some about every time because they don't feel worthy of being love. I don't believe that you can love me cause. I don't love me. So how could you love me and that happens, we have seen in relationships and life and in business, and when I challenge you to get to worthy, it is getting to the place had to accept good things that God has done in your life and selling as Being your reality, rather than leaving the trauma of where you came from absolutely only appreciate,
the June list is more again he's got the international leadership Summit Charlotte ever thirty of them may second, their normal and bright rode on pulling out. I was in early may I'll, pull it out. I am pretty hard yet play a video, might be crowded shrubs. Is it out if you would come? That would mean everything to me, because when I'm, this is the most amazing Abraham Amber I need to go. I've got Denzel Washington coming. I've got Tyler Perry coming. I've got Dave Stewart coming days through this one of thirteen black billionaires in the world and he's also a believer and he's going to be coming. We're going to be having christian speakers ass, yours that are gonna, be speaking. We ve got women who are seals and executive set are gonna, be mentoring. Young women at the leadership conference is gonna, be in Charlotte April. Twenty eight through that thirty first and its Jessup.
a conglomerate of a lot of different things, because I don't want to just be inspirational and not transformation, because if I keep inspiring you- and it didn't happen, then you get bear to hear. Maybe he's gonna be all right, so I want to put the in the room the causes that yet they it's gonna, be all right to happen in Europe. People who pull themselves are people who fought by people who want when you know better you'd, do that's why I'm having a leadership conflict near the middle hell bent on put Moldovan come from run or ok go. I gotta see what day, because you know you know so many people heard you wanna talk about. When you did your book and the power of your book from the power of your story. It helped a lot of other people to begin to begin, to be able to talk your opening your mouth, to speak about your life and about your child, who became a model for many other black men who don't talk enough? So
I take it very seriously and that spot I admire you very greatly for what you re going and having the boldness to speak about that, and I look forward to do a lot of things with you. That thinks very important number is value as Bishop Teen Jake's thinking. Jonas again, it's been a real pleasure. Thanks for having is the breakfast club more? You know it can be really exhausting to feel like you're, not being her worthy enough given extra. avocado. You want a you feel like you partner. Even the world is ignoring you it s. Sometimes like you're shouting into avoid without anything, changing hello. hello. Can you hear me While I know who is listening and making changes, do you well, it's eighteen. Eighty they do whatever it takes to showed at all of their customers. Voices are heard today, given every customer. Both new and exist the same great deal out. Did you hear me
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Why not? You are not responsible for dog. You need me for the fishing in those least become donkey of the day. The breakfast club pretty dont. You today called the mega charge, pastor and televangelist Paul a White Kane. Never history, a life of the last name in more appropriate for human seated. And AIDS is heavy on his pale skin. Savage ok, Paul a wide gained as a human job Helmand in the flesh, I'm talking the thickest of course sources. I mean you can get more of a mixed them all egg yoke. Animosity vinegar, lemon juice. Why Charlemagne? Why do you refer to some white people was manifestly would mammals talk to me? Well, it's just simply because too man is ruins every did you need just enough for tuna just enough for potato salad, even if you want to put it on a sandwich.
You put a little bit one low lightly. Ok, keep it simple, too much Mammy them anything. Rowan's did dish, and so is the same with whiteness, listen, white people, My name is Charlamagne THA, God and Mckelvey. I'm going to tell you things that nobody else will tell you. Okay, I am your people, everyone knows when you add too much whitening to something it ruins it. It asks why everybody wants diversity, because if you allowed to many way we would have come together and make decisions, but all of us it will be a lot of people left when a bad taste in the mouth a k a too much God a man he so much goddamn man, it's not lost on me. That policy his Paul, a White Kane came deprive boy thought of Adam and Eve who totally brother able, because he was jealous that God liked April's, offering more
in his own Paula White Kane, your name just spells out trouble white cain't like cocaine. What do we call? I called changed that white girl. Do we have to play a game? I guess what rate that is to tell you what Paul away Kate is. I have you figure it out already. Okay, now must proceed fall away, came delivered a prince Which was screamed or Facebook live, and what was her prey about? It was an effort to secure one term impeached president. The sailor really chief dodgy trumps reelection. You can't make this kind of stuff up. God is the best known, implanted in apparently comedies grip writer. Would you like to hear Paul a White Kane calling on the african ancestors so delivered downwards?
the second term in the White House Lisco Everything dispatch right. Now. I've thought about that. Thirty, five percent of all psychotherapy about the authority, Dvr shut up angels, have even those who decide from Africa right now in Africa. Right now, Africa, right now from Africa right now, they're coming here in the name of Jews, from South America coming here and reinforcement, angelic reinforcement, angelic reinforcement of food. To remind you all right now that Satan has a kingdom to us feel the need to remind me. I don't like the ways, God time I pray for the basics of good physical and mental health, divine protection of my often those I love and constant disarming. That's all. I want ok, everything out. I can don't even when things aren't going. My way, I look for the lesson it will guide. Attempting to show me: ok, not Paul a white came she she can go care and on guy ok, see things
Karen on God, is gonna, get Trump and the White House. God is not the police Paula if they dont have to listen to you now that doesn't wait a minute once I get them once at a prayer boy. Is there more to actual prayer, not the prayer with the sauce on it, and it is more than actual proof that it is not right strike. Until you have big tree for every enemy that is allied to issue, let there be than we would strike the ground for you will give us victory God. I hear a sound of abundance of rain. I hear a sound, a victory. I hear a sound of shouting at thinking. I hear a sound of victory. The law says it is done now. I'm telling you right now, God Jesus the holy ghost. A bee aren't see all interpreted as ban food is ok air. The virus attached to their prayers and you called Mayo. Nineteen, no man can prevent the transmission of it is literally killed. Millions is only one way
keep Mayo nineteen from affecting us all and that by adding that saucy ass, a source that black people have their makes everything better. Listen. What happens? We add some sauce, the Paul, a white tongue. Just listen, Not everything is under zebra dead. At the towers probable governor black people saw their blood. We will have that makes the chains of the world it would be. Those of us who are able do you hear me, as in the case of the world, are journalism envy. Those of us who are able to do two things are not so much so they would rather.
their black brothers and sisters by praying to re, elect someone with a direct threat to our very lies now Paul, a cane white understand the sauce. Ok, don't think she does because Miss Billy Grandpa COD on the ancestors from Africa to help trumps. She caught on the Spirit of from Africa and South America, what was he doesn't understand, it disappears, have already intervened, the message in an assigns all around Us- ok thing at a common Than Joe Biden, that's our because our motive assented areas now Joe Biden Vicinity Kamel hasn't Joe Biden, it looks like they go. Flip George. You know why, because they are, the Spirit, was buried in a land of CALL Atlanta home who is already causing good Well, I've been having any has reminded us of the power of the vote, even from the grave listen to you Ancestor AIR France. Is more sacred. It is the most
for non violent rule, we have to create a more where producer young people in the past. So now it is the task of tax I was asked to draw up a number of bubbles in Lhasa on another Why was the jailer these on a job or to kidnap from send out valid today in the republic of vision applying to stop some people. listen Obstacles by Jean Louis Major, ass, proud. everybody who went out there and voted in massive numbers and listen. It doesn't stop there as he send me. The Kamala Harris and Joe Biden looks like they don't flip Arizona. The adopted home of an american patriot, a man. Will you said who you said. is not a war. Europe uses
he's, not a warrior because he was captured. You say that like people who work- to what a man has a message to you and all your father. If you don't think this, is God talking to you right now, policy in white and president, I'll drop in you dont know: God, listen. American people did their civic Indian chose a new president. I congratulate the President elect and I will do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges confronting our nation There are many Americans who were disappointed on election night, the better is one in which we never forget that whatever differences, we're all Americans. We must respect our common, citizenship by treating each other with respect. That's why so disturbed by reports of increased acts of intimidation, harassment and even violence directed at minority, racial and religious groups in the aftermath, this election somebody's bigger from that grave! Look here, Miss Bishop TV snow.
and I want you to remember this. When God decided the bless you, God will cause situations to come together in your favour, no matter what, as is tried to God and voters, I've already blessed issues election things are clearly together in favour of the hair is binding. Ticketing is nothing Miss Jimmy Wag was, can do about it. Pleased that Chelsea Handler give policy white two biggest ya. That is why do much doing many fall. Awaking o k, white ball awaking, something this policy direction. I will take you for a dog you to take me. Keep it that way. more coming. Next is the breakfast club, the breakfast
the best of the best of the best breakfast club is back with another memorable interview. One in every body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club. You have a special guess into building. Yes, you into the other eight you right now, That is why, this morning, you are fillets of California, already automatic brethren in the United States of America. The Rhine, Miss come Kamel ahead. Camel hair is why I am so happy and honour to be here. I need more list. Let him did. How would like absolute limits? Who beat you and I'll be Hamson Howard? It was our it. Thank you, oh has the best. I'm coming in the world every year, how're Heaven who produce Thurgood Marshall
how our there, if you got a couple of the black Panther with we, did, that because in an innovative economy and allow the machine, What? If I was you out there who was deal in from the financial aid better, we got bad food and slide gobio hanging. Isn't it I mean not for those who may not know, let us know little bunches of you from the barrier and transplant outline. Ok, and I went to Howard. I went out of how it to law school in California. I started my career in the days office in open
I'll find him, and down than I was elected, the first black woman to be elected, a district attorney in the state of California, Wireless Cisco. I was there for two terms, and then I was elected attorney general of California, making me the first woman and the first. American ever elected as an attorney general. I want you. May I come to the airline work and you probing irritably where this? Yes, the devotee of laws on you, So let me my parents, like my sister, no joke, we grew up round by a bunch of adults who spent full time marching and shouting while just right, so they my pants, actually meant when their active in civil rights movement, my God mother. My aunt Mary was one of the founders of the Black Studies Department in San Francisco state, which was the first black studies department in the country, so they were active and they were vote.
And on genetic, an answer will rise. Activism. Surprise! You got inside voice, Ellie, Howard trains, you to do things like that. I got you into politics because you do go to how that's a party school, because you will be very. I got you into politics. What made you want to say this is the route I wanna go. You know I grew up in a community of second said were marching and shouting- and I said you know we. Yes, there is an important role to play. the outside bang and down the door on bended knee trying to change the systems, but we also have to be inside the room where the decisions are being made, and I ran for district attorney because I wanted to be
the one who was making decisions about what we were going to do with criminal justice policy and in fact I wrote a book back in two thousand and eight based on my beliefs about what we need to do to reform the criminal justice system in here and here's how I think about it: criminal, justice policy. We have been offered a false choice: the choice suggesting that you're, the soft on crime or your tough on crime instead of asking. Are we smart on crime right, and by that I mean recognizing that you know the public health model tells us if you want to deal with a health epidemic smart as most effective and cheapest way to deal with it as proof first, if you dealing with it in the emergency room or the prison system, it's too late and is too expensive. So let's be smart on crime, and that means, let's be smart, in knowing that if we really want to have public safety less prevent crime from happening in the first place, which means focusing communities that we now need more economic support need more pathways to economic, health and success. Doing what we need
to do recognize that there is a direct connection between public education and public safety, so less prioritized public education and and instead of just being only concerned about public safety, because there is a real connection is actually cheaper. The focus on educating young people, then it is on an Carson. In all communities of people. Yes, we have one of the first things I saw you do loud extremely impressed with it was the back on track programme as what what what was that all about so back on track is a programme that I started years ago. I focused on the eighteenth, through twenty four year old young drug sales, offender enemies. I focused on our populations. Go there just a lot of them and also focused on our population, because whether we were at Hampton or Howard, we in college, we're eighteen three twenty four and we were called college kids right,
when you turn eighteen and you're in the system. Your considered an adult period, regardless of the fact that we know it that's the very phase of life, which we have invested billions of dollars in this world in these places call colleges and universities, knowing that that's the prime phase of life, where you can mould somebody to be a productive and ended, and at an accomplished a dull, and so I focused on their population, also understanding that when they pick up that first offence they will be designated a fallen for life, and so what we did is essentially are created. Program focused on them and basically getting them job counselling allowed. The young men are fathers, getting them support for what they naturally want to do, which is parent, their children, but may not have the skills or the resources we focused on what to do around housing and adjust wraparound
ended up as a result of doing that, and then, when they would graduate the programme dismiss their charges, but what we also ended up doing is reducing their likelihood of re offending by a huge percentage, and that was a model of what ended up later by the Justice Department being designated as a model of of innovation and law enforcement in the country, do it with so many with drugs be illegal as essay marijuana be illegal. Ass is very different. States in a lot of these kids, like you said, are in jail for that same legalised crime. Now we need to declare my eyes marijuana. We have a problem with mass incarceration, our country and, let's be cleared. The war on drugs was a veiled war
if it was Miss directed the in essence, and you know we're now's now more people are understanding. Only talk about the opium epidemic that, when you're talkin about subsidies that public health matter, that should not be thought of as criminal justice matter and and so what we need to do is recognised that we have to get people into treatment where that is appropriate, but as it relates to incarcerating people for marijuana, I think, if it did, it is, long overdue, that we recognise the need to change the system were not only by the open days for medical. You said by panthers had an influence on you. In this whole conversation we ve been having about how do we improve relations between police and the community my panthers- were an organisation that actually policed the police. Do you think that an annoying
this like that, could exist now in twenty eighty, I think that one of the greatest advances in the fight for civil rights has been the smartphone o knocker people will come at me calmly, but all of a sudden is going on with all these cases of police what's going what's going on an applicant people as a unit, you sound like a colonist, you know. calling about colonizing right right right here now, but the white being you know what colonists do they go to a place? There's been existing that way for thousands of years and of their scene it for that
time? They think they ve discovered. So the great thing about the smartphone has been that now it is undeniable. When it happens, there is evidence sometimes playing for us in real time. As we know, it is odd. He owed his vision and it is highlighting a need to reform the criminal justice system about around, recognising that we need to do a better job of training police officers around bias around use of force around the necessity to de escalate the situation instead of using force as the first option as though it is the only option and more people are now involved in this discussion than ever before, because it is not just us was experiencing now, everyone is experiencing it, at least as in terms of seeing it happened, and I think this is that this is part of what has has led to the reforms that are starting to take place. But this dilemma
on the Panthers. Remember one of the biggest our contributions that the path is made, their breakfast programme of food or feed in the community and protecting the community. In that way, we are more was said at a couple hours when we come back don't over to breakfast locomotive. I found my desk One morning, every body is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we are the breakfast club. We have come a Harris in the building. Let's talk about these schools, shooting I mean it's scary. Well, first of all you know, We have many many communities where are six and seven year olds are going to sleep at night hearing gunfire absence they are experiencing they such trauma that is undiagnosed.
untreated babies of our community who have regularly attended funerals of somebody who was killed as a result of gun violence having family members, it may have even happened in front of them, so we have enough trauma in our community that we need to deal with without expecting that. Our second greater is gonna, now go to school and look up in the front of the class at their teacher, she's strap in a gun or that don't make any sense when we're talking about school safety. There are things that we need to address that include thinking about. Why is this an issue and part of it is that we have not passed meaningful smart guns, safety laws in this country. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about how the inner re has grab
by that there, the african continent, where little mental and physical and an enhanced, as has caused people to have a lack of courage to address the fact again, another false twice. I'm in favour of the second amendment- and I also monk, must mark on safety laws. Assault weapons can be walk in the streets of a civilised country. Under way. Should have universal background, as it makes sense is just practical that you might want to know before someone can. gun that they ve been found by a court to be meant landscape.
You just might want to know that that's smart, the missing ingredient to get something done is for Congress to have the courage to act bottom line and that's where I would say: okay, so then what can we as people who want to encourage Congress to act? Do what can we do? Let's focus on the twenty eighteen elections, let's focus on electing people, will have the courage and getting rid of people who don't what you know. You know that's it. You know when, when we everybody saw the police shootings happening, Bronco Bhamo was in office I didn t have the courage to act to implement something the where police morsel gun. Oh well, I think that it is one of his big regrets that he was not able to get smart on safety laws passed in terms of the reforms. Listen Eric holder, who was appointed by Barack Obama to be the? U S attorney general and end, and the United States parameter
justice under Brok Bomber did some really good work. They started opening pattern in practice. Investigations investigating various police departments around the country who had a pattern and practice of racial discrimination and excessive force, and you know what's going on now under this guy Jefferson's even reserves, one ear here, an underhand they're, closing those pattern in practice. Investigations under the previous administration, there were consent, decrease were, there have been a finding of misconduct. The court kicked in and said you have to act a certain way and we're going to watch that they're shutting down all of those there reviving the war on drugs. There diving, mandatory minimum sentences- and you know again that's why we have got to be vigilant at this moment in time, because we are looking at at the administration that is rolling back the clock and a profile. and profound way why just sessions doin elbow legacy,
Is it really just from trying to arrange everything, rug Obama Data that what they really really want, like they wanna take, take us back what sort of being less than I think this has been an Jeff sessions agenda for a very long time. Don't forget credits, Scott King spoke out against Jeff session and when he was up years and years and years ago for an appointment, this is part of who he is. This is his history. This is his mission. He is silently and maybe not so silently carrying it out right before us. Why aren't you afraid to speak out against them? I do speak, not allow me the mother wanted or art for outlining, because we have to speak truth. Now, gentlemen, we have to speak truth. You know when, This is a moment in time is actually requiring all of us to check ourselves about whether we have the courage to to speak and to speak truth, no matter how uncomfortable at me
Some people feel no matter how much it may visit upon us criticism or expose us to attacks on. We ve got to speak truth. We ve got to speak truth about what is happening with this administration. Also because, as leaders the people know they know they know in their hearts. They know intuitively instinctively that things are wrong and we need to put the label on it when we see what is actually happening from the inside, and so that's part of why I do it, because I believe that people have a right to know what their government is doing for them and to them, and you know, come what may signs of any response. How do we get our country back? In order? Do it just seems like ever since Trump came in office? It just seems like it's just been a house for the racism going on and it seems like it. It's hurting our kids morning
we also do so. I travel around the country and I will tell you that I'm not buying the suggestion that we are divided as a country this wise say that you know when you wake up in the middle of the night. With that thought this been weighing on, you may be seen as some people caught the witching hour three clock in the morning when you wake up in a closed slept with that thing, that's been worrying. It is never through the lens of the party with what you're registered to vote- or you know the demographic opposed to put you in and for the vast majority of us. That thought has to do with one of just a very few things are personal health. The health of our children are our parents, and I get a job. Keep a job pay the bills by the end of the month. So many of our students can I pay off your student. Can I pay off the student loan? The vast majority of us have so much more in common than what separates us and we've got to hold on
that in this fight right now and then look to twenty eight team frankly and the elections that are coming up in almost two hundred days as an opportunity to act. What I love about this moment with this administration and power is people are acting, look back to the women March, you look it to the March far lie the march for science has also there's administration is putting forward policies. That basically say. Science should not be the very basis of public policy, which is ridiculous, but people are taken to the streets in a way they never have, and in that way our democracy is working. Now we just gotta, take to the streets and then walked those streets too
the polling, place and vote they used to say we couldn't vote legally. We weren't allowed to vote now. They say we want. We need to get vote because voting us voting is connected to every one of the other issues, as voting is connected to who's gonna be in office and how they think about criminal justice policy, who's gonna be office and pay attention to something like that. Though. The right of black babies and infant mortality. Who's gonna pay attention to the fact that young black men, art art, are still at the bottom of it. Economic ladder in terms of opportunity, much less success in economic health whose in office is going to make a difference We are more was said in a couple hours and we come back. Don't move to breakfast club component breakfast
and I know I'm five until you were holding everybody- is DJ. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club. We have Senator Kamala Harris still in the building Charlemagne, and I know you. You did me too, in terms of your big supported the data which also too short fat. Yes, I anticipate What are its that they would not do to show me from oak kid you can you can you can you can like both right, whereas I love music and I call you the female Barack Obama. That's what I've seen when not don't my name by
there are you. Are you considering into, or do you see yourself? Possibly one of president is that in your right now, just focused almost in front of me in, I am seem too many people focus on that thing out there and they trip over the thing right in front of a source of running tweeting. Twenty eight- and I was just in Detroit last weekend campaigning and talking to folks about the need to get out vow I'll, be all of this. The all over many states, someone being Chicago I'm gonna, be in Wisconsin I'll, be in Florida, probably got a fairly. We really have to turn out look what happened in Alabama. Everybody should really see and remit but what happened just in a recent election where Doug Jones a White Democrat, the math, is that a white Democrat one in the south because of black women so arm. Oh really, matters get out. Was over ninety percent obliged me to eat. We came up to scan. That's right! That's right! That's exactly right! Now! He's
You are debating the car. I went out them. love you and your line of work. First of all thought you had a to come back from an argument. You know if it teaches you how to stand in front of a room of people and express your point and then, and then when did your plan is being attacked to come back and respond. That teaches you how to think quickly, and it gives you confidence in the fact that you can stand in front of people to stay the position and defend it. Sometimes for so many of us were the only one was like us in a room and when you're the only one like you in a room, there is a natural tendency to want to just kind of bland in. But wait you learn during debate or what you learn. Odin H Bc, you or if you have the blessing, of having a family or a community that teaches you
You you learn instead, that when you're in that room you gotta speak up and you ve got to acquire the skills to know how to do that and to have the confidence to do it in I meant, or allowed people and I'll tell them your entire life. You will have many experiences. Were you the only one like you, and there were only one looks like you are the one who said experiences you ve had. You sit in that room. You have to remember. We are all in that room with you there with my Angelo quote. I'm not alone that, as there were ten, since the windows. This funding- as I put my kids in debate last because it s baby. You they're worth to fight back in that have to you the hands and that's just the same, and you gotta actually see. Both sides can also enter your point. Also that the great thing about learning debate that you learn their rules of debate in oak has also to your point when you argue some people would suggest that pure
emotion, and that if you giving in an argument with somebody, you just emotional and unreasonable what debate teaches you know it's actually quite civilized to stand up and disagree with some one- and there are rules about how you do it, because that is is done among thinking people you do debate, I mean you can go back to history, indifferent forms a debate that lessons may pursued that was debated as until you didn't like what they said. He and you just wait right, but that that was debate question. You know you you mention. Of course he went to age BC, use. How important is the age pc you can we got away from it? Couple Years ago, I'm looking at a lot of the college's in attendance in enrollment is Llosa. How important as hp see you too you and in specially black families. I may tell you
I am who I am today for two reasons because of my mother and the family. I was raised in an Howard University, an HP, see what you and I know when we walked onto that camp is for the first time we were surrounded by people that look like us all everywhere. Every body you walk onto and I'll do speak about Howard, but I know Hampton is the same walk onto their camp. Is you can look over one area and you will see a bunch of young African Americans were students who are in the business school walkin around brief cases. You look over at another area and there I can run a leotard guarantee that the first school of fine arts, the football captain and star in the homecoming queen and the debate team, and there are sororities and fraternity and You learn at an age BC. You you do not have to fit into somebody's limited perspective on what it means to be young, gifted and black,
can be all those things when I was at Howard, I pledged sorority. I was on the debate team. I was the chair of the economic society and I went to my share parties to and you didn't have to choose. You could be fully analyze and there was such beauty to that, because this country still such a limited view of what it means for a person to be young and smart and black, and so at those years when you're learning your identity to be in that environment. We're basically everybody just says to you- can be whatever you want to be in by the way, and if you don't is because you need to work harder right, cuz, that's the other thing that happens.
You can't walk with all his cousin, my skin color, the riding. Get that no, no, that's not it. So it's a wonderful, it's a wonderful place to learn who you are and to be proud of who you are and to leave them with the confidence of walking into the world. Also, knowing one other thing in a people from time to time will come up to you and those who owe you a special year unique, and I tell people dont, let down my name by tell you that as there is, there is something about being told that that also suggest you're, the only one like you, which means you're alone, and what an hp c c reminds us now. We come with people, we got people their lot of us, we're not alone right, we'll meet you wanna go to issue with a different world. Now I've only members, I wonder how ogre wanted to learn what she asked. Yes goes. Only will last
Oh my god! Yes are you talking about a corporate donations? Yeah and you said, you'd independent depends whether you would take them, and I think that the money has had such an outside influence on politics and especially with the Supreme Court in determining citizens united, but basically means that big corporations can spend unlimited while some money influencing a campaign right were almost seven equal vote, but money has now really tip the balance between an individual having equal power in election to a corporation. So I've actually made a decision since I had their composition and I'm not gonna except corporate pact checks, or am I just of not? Are you worried? Modification raises the well. You know I've I've raised so far this year, three million dollars for my colleagues with twenty eighteen election cycle
and most of that money has been like an eighteen dollar. Twenty dollar increments people a turn in the website. You go to Camelot, Harris DOT, Org and you will find it and I M a Harris S, eight of life? If you decide to run for president when it's when you will do a fundraiser for European Radio, nobody deftly where we need one last year, but a funding organization change their lands. We can. We can get you. A million of Turkey has decided that ever been a dream, yours, but it was thought about it as so many dreams, as so many to it, as I do that, I really did. I do see the beauty of everything they
raised in terms them. They did the reaction in the other side of the tragedy of what's happening, and that gives me a great sense of of optimism about our future and in the history of our people. We march, we shall we saying we dance, right, look at who just got the Pulitzer prize. Mr Kinnock, Lamar Ryan, you had a monopoly, was too young on the other. But look at that we look at the outset She did a hotel. I right it is always been as part of our history that our artists, everybody, is part of the movement. Everyone understands that it's about the expression of feeling and- and we can do that with joy, and with with conviction and with purpose great, I think, godsend of world women of Color President twenty Twond waiting. I think that is an attack on our hairs out. Then she loves you to president away, and I hope she, oh god, puts it
and on her and says you know what I want you to do this our add, also as God flame put down when you play with two, but thank you for joint. Thank you, guys are going to be with you, ve become and our right to breakfast locomotive. Everybody is D, J, Envy Angela YE shall I mean ago we are the breakfast club, it's for your positive, no gimme, some past. positive nobody beautiful Christmas day. Man is always to remember that the best of all give surrounding a Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family. All wrapped up in each other. Bread was busied clinical yoga being partner with the black affect network is not only expand and black voices and listeners they get that we have had on this challenges. My views on so many things we both foreseen at listening and being heard, can lead to change Dnc knows all about this too. They start listening to their customers, who spoke out that they were getting a fair deal now they giving every customer both new and existed the same great deals. So listen
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