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Monday 1/16- Today it was the "Best of The Breakfast Club" and we did a rewind of calls of how Barack Obama inspired our listeners followed by the Vivica Fox interview that got her in quite a bit of trouble. Also, the Donkey of the Day went to Kodak Black, followed by an interview with Tamika Mallory who informed us on the "Women's March on Washington."

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Order of business or for some other very really care about is only one domain was revealed a YO yo. The body does not really matter ass day. Last angry ass day ass, they passed all the while. You was bloodless. Gulp of my bed got up your work. Wilder and taken? I swear. Had we were from about fifty six hours a week, the other thirty eight forty. Can you do some freelance work that people who many well there's outside away? You were like a sharp like we make a break them. Percent live, whereas I we hope you get out of there. I Baghdad.
And I will never mind you know I'm trying to help the brother allows this Tell him what you mad you're wearing got the better. I want to give my little girl. They tell me, give her pale, yellow corps poor, unicorn way, whether I'll pay you gonna wanna give her. Although one myself bears they give or take you on a corner where no man, I wanna, give one we're gonna a she's, my world. Girls Lula, Unicorns Dover. Well. Well, I got all my other course. You, like one that will give us. Money alone. Is there because what I've ball attitude? I dropped it then, at one another, why and the weak right I drop that people were working class and popular you, familiar. I don't. I don't play football because you bleed illegal fumbles mean careless, Bertha
although this area are you don't steal from Miami Beach, material five was happening while you, my brother, Meyer, my girlfriend she's she's and she's pregnant. What now and I was on to timber and keys the daughter of a passport, and What's that got to do anything that is the path is, got proposal drawn up right now, but a little boy she lived in California. What are you talking about you, girls and clearly, Nazi Grandmama by somebody else. You not thinking about you she's thinking about her family, her child and our future baby daddy. You let me oh, it's not now I brung organ. Which a girl that girl that adds guys delusion av labour law? Man doesn't no hi,
you know what makes you mad with fulfilled, but can't have that's why you may want to break with you tell him I bamborough YO. I thought we were. You know how Jericho, as though all got, no, they credit fillet. You know they are like how to the cracking and his manner Martha like how do you, like the other? He had a nice. Don't Alan and nobody listened to wait in the wake of the body in his isn't really don't blame me. How do you put at our last year because I do. You ve been letting us another by. Listen is no absolute hello. This is to work. While I remember a mad, because I've been fight distasteful year. They paulie in the end. I have always evidence to prove it. I can't get no help from the Department of Justice, Human Council relations, Lou Tam, O seven. Can you afford a lawyer? I gotta,
boy, he wouldn't put estate state. So do you want attention it? You want to get your case drop above all my case. I'm not about Ebeneezer get video evidence against an grows belong to and I got bored signatures from one in the detective before digital signatures, nasty opinion, help nowhere now he wants to get attention so in order to discourage yet to get his case job, because I can't you we're, not gonna evidence to prove my innocence in finally takes almost a year animal. How unhappy I re Facebook post about it and entreated to me, and I we too, if we do you, but I ve been on Facebook grounded in it. I thought lawyers were what makes you guilty or innocent data point earlier decisions. I lie that, apparently I gotta tell you later: he wouldn't put a state that they are better
some time to try to make it a plague. They don't even feel like going to travel. Will you wrong lawyer, but you have to pay to Lloyd I've, given the judge oral sex? When everybody looked ass against the law, hello, this for everyone, Phone SAM was brought a young man who could have this sort of a birthday last night. You may why? I'm your birthday party, I have no damn birthday party latin emigrating, vows, you number they June. Twenty ninth others into the wrong person All you do is a dj. I sincerely name Charlemagne ever to pronounce limit Charlemagne. As you know there s another, certainly at the role that the figures have. We been around for a long time now. You want to gather data. How solid riper
all right? Gentlemen, humor, eight hundred five, five one or five? What have you upset? You need event. Call us now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast back. You go. Morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne. God we are the breakfast club. Now Rock Obama gave his farewell speech very sad, varied senseless play, a clip of quick audio speech in some girl on the far side for the past twenty five years. You have not only been my wife, a mother of my children? You admit my best when you took on a role you didn't ask me: and you made your own- grace and with grit on the style and good humor, so asking eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. How did Barack Obama's presidency inspire you
so you mine, I got two young black boys would affect the bait and grow up in seal. President in really believe that they can possibly become president means. The world to me, what about you eat, I think I am otherwise, President Barack Obama, that's probably one way that I was inspired the most even seeing his wife go out and do this whole campaign on fighting basically I am being held the air and making sure that everybody has health care, and that was a big deal for him, and I agree with that. Also. So that's part what inspired me to even get involved opening a juice bar. Matthew Job for me mad at that you would be the title of Barack Obama's book. The audacity of hope we note a great thing Barack Obama day would provide help, and if the hope is important. Ask yourself why you don't have any right now? Ok, he was a great symbol things have gotten a lot better in America, because a black is president. You know we notice is a country that was built on. You know sister racism in, Susan alive depression. So the fact that a black man, became president. It provided a lot o
It also just as a main good and if you don't like Barack Obama's politics, even use your leg, he didn't do anything for you. You didn't do anything for black. We, whatever just ass the man, you have to admit he's one of the most decent man walk in the face of the earth, because, if day had something on Barack Obama that they could smear his name and slander him, they would have used it by now. The fact he never had no say children, no side, women. You never heard about him, saying anything derogatory about anyone, just the fact of him, in such a decent man. Via the Lahti inspiration rival. Let's go to the fore lines hello. This is my Michel. Had rock Obama inspired you at all
is far more of my fine the needs and because I have a blog but of course, and I'm not about one up goin on here by their black, though I never thought that it was a black further community law for my phone appearing fifteen about this amazing only thing that was me. Explaining why dont accomplished by the dazzling, yeah yeah really kind of misconstruing, this thing he abridge me for we're. Gonna lads, Barack Obama would die like grab Obama its It's a common will to build that foundation, but not a job. I have nothing but as a kid you ever think you'll see a black president nodded we'll see one asked it, but to say did you can be. One is different. It takes a lot of work to be deferred. Like present,
but it can be done in echo's everywhere, young black boy tat you can working, it could be done. A lot of our would damage offers. A better case of optimism. Downturn has a lot of brandy in it. I say, with a billion even become president, because he had a lot of brain Hillary Clinton moment in her campaign denying became popular because the latter were it not for. Evidently, the latter reasons libraries wasting biggest because he's a million billion avowed cave or the billion are represented a time rough Roth row he'd have been president without money. That amendment allows is needed. Emma Thou was ever lad in one art. Thou know about maybe the black and white bread, then we will get a wise. I grant. You know, maybe tat DNA, don't let them allocated brother, though you know we're doing. By what does by about it, but the fact that he had a black and black little children in their way out. There was a good look to see tat the lad legally peculiar values. I found black families and a good.
This hundred five eight hundred five five one thousand and were asking as before. Obama's presidency inspired. You call us up right now is to breakfast locomotive breakfast pouring everybody has the jury envy Angela YE solemnly look out. We are the breakfast club nor taken because right now, eight hundred five five one father were asking rock Obama's his presidency. Has it inspired you now that people are commenting on Twitter Instagram and can climb he's had a made me stay in army? I can tell my grandkids. I served under a black president. Thank you. President Obama, alright allows this Deanna Cleveland, Ohio, eggs, you wanna go Moyne morning area are pretty good now we're talking Barack Obama. Has his presidency is by your mama? Oh yeah,
not only but actually my ten year old daughter with, inspires me cuz. Now he wants to go to Harvard, and maybe first black woman, Now, don't tell me, through my daughter, to an end of it I took my daughter to Harvard Business School when I spoke there. She was really inspired by the end of that Barack daughter is going to her, but she talked about all the time. While hello is this, There was a broad talking. Barack Obama is pretty about EU janius by me that that overall, the job of the pot debate but a whole country into the good of you know he came to work. Any I've been near the bed, good ain't, never gonna, fellatio an oval office exactly when they buy why does everyone all day, every black Matthew advantage that a replica look nearly ready then, as I think, as soon as I think it so discussing evidently represent, would allow community I'll any black. I'm not gonna become tools for labelling.
I totally not his kids consortia. Madame, not a marine gay. You re gay whatever they know how to do both right and I am glad you're kidding I'll. Do you like it or not of movement that as it may, the latter moraine, gay and innovative South and in the UK will I e that the Labour day, oh, they might not be latino hello there, his they have all done the mountains thing about bread and butter Obama pay em, is respect and call them branded. Think of his daily. At the moment, there is the fact that the most perfect said a wave and has never been out and about what to do rather have inspired. Can you hold out about noon when we now see that would more than an album, Bobby ways and never would have to read out what what did you back in the bank? What waves
I hope they will this MIKE Mike the morning the morning did Barack Obama's you. He really did you know I've been being a young black boy. I'm a theatre has got out, make my golden light either everyday. And they know it keep pushing hard and whatever they pay. You can't do you can do. Could you know I don't like to see a seed sometimes, but we gotta fight do whatever they do turns out better than they do it. I'm gonna remember there and by the way I need you grow, minister, referring yourself black boys, you, young black men, Sir allows is it is your job. A japanese round will have it is, by Europe is finally mercy. Do we really know few in saying that you will manage to say Show me a black I was wrong what you re wherever they get after I go my bad man,
This ban is your answer: is this in the novel way alive manning ahead? to me off at the side, but in vain, but not wearing a deal is aiming for a start I feel like I could do anything right now. You know what he's tasty would damage in prison and I feel like I really could do anything wrong with charges and everything. So I feel like, everything possible. They are going to learn a lot about dollar job is the greatest chase of optimism for anybody in America. If Donald Trump can become the president of the United States, I can do anything. Ok, dogma damage Moroccans, especial human being our here. They don't make em like Morocco, the moral of the story, the story is hope. You know. Sometimes I saw you have when you have nothing else. If you haven't, you have everything, and I mean that's one thing- that Barack Obama provided worth demotions by One thing that I got from his speech was accountability at NASA, be your a for between seventeen accountability that we must to change? You want to see in the world and we have to be accountable for ourselves and our own success unhappiness conch?
probably can't nobody do. Therefore, you warning everybody's these envy and how ass, though down, I think they actually introduce despite We visited the lining. Everybody array is actually that data envy Obadiah Charlemagne is insignificant, though right now, because we have vicar a fund
in the good man alive. I penetrating MP yeah biblical lack match. What are all much you were like our nay the names of the boys do so you go to split Adjuration light weight is going well. You ve got me like that. What we have is a presidency that you're doing, because I did he chuckled sitting. Yes, so I know that was the idea for vehicle vicars MAGIC came out. It was my brain child on when I was working with the director, Jean Claude Le Maire, I was like YO, you gotta go mine here we could do a reality. Show it to a tour because, right by now Strip was waning You know, I'm saying my wanna make rain so is kind of like you know. I wanted to do something for the girls. Are our goal was to create the ultimate girls night out that every Wednesday that
they can trust that you know, I guess so much craziness going on in the world for come and get with does have a time has some drinks and the gentleman will reap the benefits Rivers, woman, is women's groups like men here now there was no way of getting a job. What's a statement that it gave vows now that you dare not read out, he said a voice on my show. No now Michel, I'm a guy you this as men, don't want their women to go through these show today that you put that room, I dare say, but it is good that pose a mind Rio's before and I must say the first time I did it. I am from a mechanism in the list of war was, two and a half the hosting overview show, and my friends were very,
like our nobody to touch me by the family got in and they are assembling throughout my friends at a penis dumped on her head and they had agreed on Bulgaria graphic blot on the Middle EAST days going crazy because Magala at the mill review shows these guys have allowed a talent, how'd you get in young people and you need to know if my ex girlfriend emulate to be honest. We had a few sessions that night, you know she's, like you know you about a perfect name for you, and I was like mistake now is the trade rules. Have I got a lot of you right now? You're gonna turn clone goads, Mr Club and Dave Females. They are so well now. You have not been to a magic city in Atlanta. When I started doing the show. I went there because guess what this strip gloves,
and I have turned into the club, a man and his wife that not only riding on the one hand, is having a good time. It used to be so taboo to say Oh, my gosh, I'm going to a strict club, narrow, buys, I was had knew where you goin they and having a good time the music is. Oh good, an end. That's what I'm I you gotta be aid. I try to be congratulated that was workin and also for my sister's I'll get tired of you, gotta Vegas. You only got thunder from down under a chip and nails were dead. One brother over in a corner- and I was I I really even magic minded your homeward you were there, has now reached the edge of the gang had to be agent, gave the well if you leave it and why wouldn't be theirs recruitment, because there's no need to say that they did
of the way out is the ultimate girls might out for around you go out there. What happens if men has happened since the couple often couple guys a kind there? You know I mean, but but you know, in return for guys to me. Women, because you go to the women in their failings, is all women. So if you happen to be I and the audience. I think the best thing to do is have a mere review show and then have a party after exactly that has ever been sorted out. Between we love to exactly love more than about some of the things you guys have to do to prep tipper form, because I know you have to make sure that you will get your get a job before young. If you hadn't J, I reckon I heard you have to like tion here I can't dance like I dance too hard to be dancing with blood, and you know in my thing thing you know I got to.
I tried it once and almost pass that allows, because you know you tied around it everyday life. Only I'll do it I'll play will nothing. I mean nothing worked right. That's right, you doing he mean Sancho but the day on which work away It depends how long the show is goes like. This is shown one fifty minutes viewing that's all you always know,
we're gonna, get gangrene a couple days ago was injuries birthday, so she really would like a day as before. You ghastly quickly got us all right that we did, we say, be birthday swinging on from there, because we lack knowledge are respected. The good guys do this kind of stuff, all of course, so good to see a woman taken charge. You know whether from somebody meant when approving, would you let me beauty of the show, is as being ahead chicken charge and then you get to see. I have a show runner
producer, that's also females, Eureka and Keanu, and What we did is that we have a nationwide search guys from all over America Audition for the show and we picked, and and what it is. It is our journey of getting a residency in LAS Vegas when we did go to LAS Vegas, we met Billy Cross from underground from down under they ve been on this last August trip for closer twenty years. They are both internationally and domestically year round road here all day Hey that's what women bachelor replied! Exotic dwells! That's what I thought for the sisters that you know. We need bachelor parties divorce part.
Just because, as well as they parties ray you now just cause Cuba lab. We got more with vigour, a fox coming up there. We might try to give ye another Latvia, as you know, a birthday with the other day, people after breakfast locomotive everybody's dj envy angel ye. Charlemagne ago we oughta breakfast club. We have advocate a fox in the building Charlemagne. You call a male exotic. Yes, I do I mean I just out of respect, I'm an artist in one, be like airstrip a number one too. You know like they become my friend. Let you add that many, like men and Mr Clegg, yes
a change regime that wind vane command that they're waiting too rarely augment I'll. Give you darling you you have to check out every should become the USA. Megaton, who has asked me to do is doubly landscape. Ok, not I mean you know that they like it to be Swoboda Zosimus is, is the only body adds mismanagement, but you know my god. We make sure that there is a great shame that they work out, which is good and, like I said you know, for all the guys like lecture Ladys washed ashore is trust me you're, going to reap the benefits after a lot of the birth of the bill exotic within this move, I noted the white yet that has been brought up. There have been thousands of like that. Oh that's! Why You know when the show came out. We came out on Wednesday night trending in and everyone's like? Thank you something, finally, something for us and there we go there.
So, it is hard to find a male review show like even here is like a not very frequent thing, as I guess in the case, in a hole in the mid term review, or did they have called before you was gone and then, as I know, that an exotic there under the writer Bam now you go but one grateful to lifetime. They gave us eight episodes. That was the first page that I went out there with the propagate. Haven't I once they literally bought eight episodes. It was the first that I did and that's rare I've been in Hollywood for years, and we it shows its rare that they buy just that quick and a year later. Here we are all now There's a personal question: do you still get? Doesn't it make that of crazy Bernie? The three men now could receive all the time. I was sure, like a minister put so much in nothing, to read It is not just me every day these girls, who now a days don't turn your luxuriance of very straight woman strictly decreed over here, but I don't want to disturb glove and girls. Don't you examples like wow
We have used up one of these emails group and maybe even have brought out without these guys, like almost our different waiting. You know the girls are learning to do near routines like none of it. Impressions are working. Do you know that you didn't know how you pay no more important now nobody appeals and bills Group Global Europe lie down. You can see how they could take a girl and put it on the one hand and spin around Bessie you guys, but right now I don't know. I guess I drive a day is not about you. I've been in a sector that has hit women at they flip em around. They drew up on its banks, they re grid. I guess your excessive ire
I think more mature, green, oh, come on you guys get day off right. Left right is in doubt ripping weight. Is this? Why don't you deny tat can be carried out by the mere reviews away? Thank you,
being a willing partner that easy, no one's white, so that you do not have the right to provide no name and we become and we'll be once you work, we got back next time I'll be right. You guys have any piercing Why? My dear less body now I know, and what am I going to the military Junta, he had a piercing on his penis doubt and I used to have a belly ring and I did a movie and our greatest ripped out Mouselike. Ok, that's ended a piercing leagues
we'll keep alive. We got em all advocate a fox, don't go anywhere is to breakfast club morning. I was morning, everybody's dj, envy Angel Ye Charlemagne guy, we oughta breakfast Club Biblical, a fox is still in a building with us Charlemagne, Have you been doing away with the currently have cable tv like with black asian Atlantean empire, is at issue the ninety back as someone who was an error to you. Do you feel that we ask? How do you know? It's been a long time coming for things to for us to feel like When you turn on the tv, you see good good club products. Do I mean specially for women with scandal, empire how to get away with murder Chonta rhymes, all of her shows
it's been a long time. Come because assume my per minute. They kind of forgot about do you know what I lay it's kinda like what happened in politics, how they feel like always forget about those who now we go, go crazy NGO, Almighty, Whitey, but that's all right, you, but now we're back on tv and things are good. What do you think it was a lapse, though denial of carbon reality happen to be honest with you yeah yeah reality. Tv definitely changed a lot for actors and actresses, because you know they can pay. People shopping hunted Alison, do anything if that and so that over and then you got your reality. Stars to ground social media all that it wishes. It was a different time for that Now that's kind of like fading away, and now actors are coming back that people finally got him to the fact that all that script and in a way,
do it's not it's not! You know what I mean it because its historic line and they give people story minds when they acted out now. So I think now they really want to see actors. Do they say? No, because you always paid off road is effective. While ok, it all mine June, is bad I use my body was. I saw because you know he's not where we go out. Let me think what you write. What can you believe? It's been twenty years because a kill time. Everybody dies. I want one babies you with all the only way to think I was a classic man have Gary grade that he could. You know right now: they're, making remake suburban areas of aid, and I just command of Gary Gray that he was like you know, I'm not there.
We are going to be then do that what we want. We had no idea that it was going to be that huge and it, like you, said it. It plays all the time and people just absolutely love. Missis Goodenough appreciate the support, those who lose their Gus loved. Should I love ask Mama, but we did but once again I commend the directive very great, because what we originally got the script on the characters work. Almost come a laughable. It was these stereotypes of african American so every day that we will come to rehearsals after a gray, we were just talking about pages he's like we have got X. Y Y, you guys backs are against the wall. Why did you decide If there is no motivation for the journey that we're not gonna. Believe, and we did all shootin runnin- I mean we film for six weeks at night. Down those girls, will always have a special place? Your nose, your quietly when you're recorded we gotta, go What about it? As we was put in a town like we, my table was I day I'll, never cry like this, and you know it this has sees that were got wrenching. Then it was great that locked
fine j and ask the US that we all knew each other so was we was. I would make this work and a temper was doing living single album At the same time I mean like some days. She would be an the makeup church, asleep, She never showed up with an ego. Drama. It was like we all wanted it to be good behaviour. Enthusiasms, coming back to El J, so desire on the blacks are coming back. We shall see the characters and we don't have. The blacks are coming back. Both you know and another show that took my career. To another level, because when I did the show he to make sure that we stripped away Vivica Fox. He was I I want you to come in I want no glamour. I want you to be just raw. I want people to know that you can just really funny and when you came- and they just gave me like a little synopsis gotta get what we scrap, though we see no Wendy, but I'm glad you question leaves in everything and aid problem that discomfort and we need to do now is a good thing, but it was real. Petty. I'm here
funny, but I'm the Meda funding is now and, crazy because that when they are like us, it always have love warm and I hated that it had to go left. But you know that, for me, is that you know when he was attack on my empire family. You know, I gotta know me, I'm always real fasting and they had to stand up for my family advice you get into because you look like you will push up. We can at last a media. I won't anymore because I get sued aka about back in the day, though you know you know the pretty girl trotted. Thank you wait, but it was time squash tat. We had to be grown ups. Will you have a bit of it They put it. I did it, but I'll take follow me, and I knew that we know that was drawn up.
Today? What did you do to put chocolate honeymoon workers regular after we're out? There was no ass it in that went on. There was a that was a story that he that he came up with that we know what is interesting to anybody: say anything and people believe is to them. That wasn't crazy I mean it's really not that crazy, but I would really is what it is really would have been ignored, am mill. Exotic dancer always got lay in his head in his aid. When you first came out doubly her body budget is always the women known. You may try to put a load neglected goodwill Try to use it against you did you graduate always? Maybe you want about enough all right. My lads, we were
you ve come. You are so welcome, though she did not like. Then you very much and I we otherwise black Badger, Raza put their where back there. You are we moving out. Two thousand. Seventy us go have some living would know. That was something that always said. I wonder where their average and I don't need it of you sound like my name's value. Don't do it is difficult to have received the love. You have a blasted, thousands have anti. We shake the love you I don't beat his morning everybody's dj, envy Angel Ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club, our we're, taking your cause right now or some things every book, a fox it. We asked her if washed her, for she has a new show commoner with emotional. You phlegmatic they because black mandate, which she has these troopers, is like the ultimate females night out my and we asked if Austria would be ass. A man came in. She said how low and people got upset about this and what happened because it at you,
her partner exit. Producer has cut ties right but he still executive producer on the shelf, so we're asking eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one of people being too sensitive. I don't think you could being so sensitive. I think that you can't tell people how to react. If people want to react to her and they're upset at her, they have that right to be upset all right. Therefore, let us allow this Tiffany Euro, a vehicle fox? I? What do you think I am wrong? I think they're trying to push the damn thing I believe, and I don't believe in it. I think I felt a married to a man and a woman is to bring all anything out is not acceptable, but NASA juice. Eighty goods, that's it mandible. So I guess,
Oh you don't get. You know they will tell you to keep it from you, they're probably hate you resent you and you can sell their father if, after Papa we feed them, you know we shall about America, but when a man and a woman- and you can make me don't believe, therefore, that you are people do I don't believe me, you don't believe in it not enough there all. Would you raise in your kid that way? If that's the way you feel like you need to raise your kids, the problem is we everybody, mine and each other business, an ordinary that raising and can you raise new kids dilemma is, if I may, like the man is unacceptable. If I'm apparent, I can t get anything. I won't do not only have a limited right. Only problem is you dont want to kiss to look at other people. Judge them based on their lifestyle choices, and you don't want your kids to come to you and say hey in and when it comes to visit their mind. A lotta people repress their feelings, because he's scared to talk to the apparent once again is boils down to a matter of choice. I have their choice to say what I want and people
the choice to react, how they want that lady has the power to each other choice to teach our kids whatever she wants to teach them not to leave. Hello, there is little guys who from hunger a lot of guys would talk it. Some kind of files down he's got my girls damages reader right. Maybe all done almost black leather myself, though you notice come upon the community. I feel, like you know what you say, Were you know in the town? She there might not be a, but the issues that the day not very look. I gotta figure Gaza. She met DEC. Not offended law might off, but you're, not a gay person imposition about a that. Can stop martial. Why do people power one day they density of gold sensitive? Maybe
maybe they're letting them has been allowed to hammering illegally Agnes you're, losing your lovely law monolith. Now I've been law all think differently. What you are saying ass, he hasn't have your opinion. Does? How are you you arrive? Marketing, wanted a gay do their work on the shore. Why do you keep coming and gay do? I said one of the gay do that works on the show, who may be a european issue who may be in control that issue Dame enough fuel. I work on the Junta. More, that's fine, you never know you gonna thing when you say certain banks I know we were just ass. If a people's opinions of the story is you just don't know, people react with things, Perry right and as fast Just gave her Adam
Dont use a day. Democrats have been a little bit of a mess like adults had been called a lot of my twenty three years. Then dont here today is a new white dog. You today for the young Kodak Black. I have no problems with the young man Kodak Blackboard here today, does not discriminate and visited teachable moment. Okay, if you don't know who called I Black easy, the young haitian wrapper from Florida sat path my Asians idea. Laboulaye you hit it. Boil up immediate asian envy, spanish but you can never scream outside pathway and not yet a marble lay back allocated thing where you can never say: raindrop drops out in exactly now a code I black of poverty in these Greece. He just got out of jail recently. Any pick picked right where he left off.
God you see, he's the best rapport alive, and I have no problem with that. If you rat, you should feel like that in fact forget rap ever you do. You should feel like you're the best added. If you dont want the pointed. No one You gonna say to yourself on the most decent rabble alive, animal average robber alive on the most pretty good rabble alive. Now the breath rabble hour period. Sometimes you have to plan things in people's minds. This big things for which we all thought has happened for little way back in the day, waned stepped up lyrically on the dedication make tapes, daughter, Fanny. He was the best rabble alive and peoples the into it. I know without even weather agreed? I disagreed with it better. I will allow claimed that matter if you feel that way say, but you must able to back it up with bars. Rap ok, little ways that he was the best Rambo alive and he showed improved that he was one of the best rob was alive by wrapping it ass off with bring me. The Jangada Black Sea Kodak seems to want to challenge little waiting for the best wrapper alive moniker. Now,
claimed to be the best rapporteur life. Rob had a title, then I would think that way to prove omnibus rabble alive is by wrappings, but no, not Kodak Black with immediately turn away quietly. That is the plan that debate Would they, since those workers, rather when it aren't we're trying to how do you brought me where the Adra brought people away? what Lemme waylaid appears rabbi, air narcotic, listen to me, young Roma. I'm not. I agree to weaken the dispensary. What I do know just because you possibly could be lithuanian a fight. Does him you can read bed in a little way. It is means you can fight met in. I don't Gorlias to beat a bank robber alive. You have the rat better than other wrappers. Contrary to allow Eu New, Negro popular belief in other matter who most guns the other man who had the most money doesn't matter who have the most and degree,
follow another matter. We can fight better. If you say yet best rabble alive, you have to prove it would bars in music. My brother, I am all for the young and challenging the throne, but if you go unchallenged thrown a very rapid alive wrath. Ok, how's. It we're rap not by fighting about away a little way, didn't know you before you we know you now and for all the wrong reasons: o Kodak Black, that's the guy was that he's the best rabble alive when he, rather fight me to prove it then actually rap. If a boy, With that he's the best Babo alive. He asked to cut here. Every shelf says he's the best ever live here good. If a woman says you have the bread poolroom alive than she has the part that wet Whitefoot goon improve it. Say you Jabez Rabble alive, I hate to be redundant, but you have to rap. As alive prove it. Bars, not fist. Please give young code, I black, of those moves down inhabitants with you.
You ok alright erosion, you not to tell anybody that borrower said. The common sense is that so come. What did you say Don't you today, certain everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club because Espresso guess it to build and I'm gonna F your name of subsequently at its immediate. How can you have a calm and not to make Mallory Common Perez Linda Saucer disorder had let our coordinator nine aim. We felt like the core women too much on Washington? What is it and what is it about, while the women's macho last
ten was announced right after the election the day after the elections. A woman in Hawaii, grandmother, retired grandmother, who sent an invitation to forty of her friends, saying that she It's a march and ten thousand people responded to her invitation. By the time we received the call, because the event, was basically all announced by white women and by the time they call dust ass women of color to get involved and help really set the tone and agenda for this effort. It was up to about a hundred thousand people at this point where at about two hundred and forty five thousand people who are interested in coming or registered at someplace, or some of you know some of form and sold. Purpose of the March is really to ensure that this incoming administration, as well as our Senate, our Congress Everyone else knows that women's rights are human rights and they won't be roll back me we're going to Washington to really deal with they racism, sexism, massage any and all the different issues.
The isms that of oppressed people for a long time before Donald Trump, we even became a thing. And so many will gather, but it's not just women is families the entire families. As you know, the woman holds the entire family on other bodies. Painted other inside Trump demonstration, because people are not necessarily sophisticated. Give me a political understanding. I mean we particularly you had us here. When we march from New York City to Washington, DC's we've been protesting a long time. We would have been going to Washington Trump, no Trump, Hillary Clinton, it didn't matter to us. Oh you know a lot of people just like people should be concerned about Donald Trump. He is an issue of land but theres many. There are their people and other elements that need to be addressed, and there is also a saying in king in on balance in the ideology of doktor king, that says, attack the forces of evil, not people doing evil, and so it's beyond Trump right. It's the fact that in this country, in the fabric of this country, there's racism their sexism, and so we need to look. On Trump, obviously addressed him. Let him know that were watching him, but also no,
that we have to deal with the systemic racism and all the stuff that comes with it and Trump is a narcissist right. But the brother wants us to say is about him and it ain't about him, and I think what we're trying to do this homework for people is that this ain't always about what were against were always against. Racism were always against police brutality will always again segregation by where we're trying to tell people time to say which afore, which, when you stand or would it be funny evaluate? What do you stand for? What are the solution? What what kind of world do you in vision? Verses were always try. Survive, but as time that we start talking about how we five in this country and that's what we're hoping the tone that we said it s at the inauguration day. Gallagher MAX day, the first day in my eyes, on my birthday early boy, are you are you? Are you afraid for either the wayward? But you concerned that is today. Like I'm sure, you'll find on raising the issue, will be a lot of transport is still in DC, and now I mean we, we don't get tired. We don't get afraid. I mean you know whether my Son Linen March, what s from New York City
Send him DC and on the road you could eat all. There was all kinds of them have a k k, K Yelena is blowing smoke back in a phase in cars, call on us all types of air words, and where have you will you, sit out. We deal with this all the time that there are some people who are really concern. Is the company security. Do we get bike rags, eager porter, out of her may all those things that we are making sure that this event is properly secured as interesting, because we were talking behind the scenes about overt racism and have you ever experienced that and I, I said I had, I mean you said you ve, never really experience is surely spurs covertly would only where the women commune victim of food to the right bank. We, get to the point where here and it's them say it about some one else means is only right that we feel it and that's what this is about. This is about the fact that we have to respect one another's justices so for some people in Europe with Reproductive justice right, but for others
racial justice and we're going to Washington DC in solidarity with women. Lot of them have never marched anywhere before new laws, and if you read our Facebook page you'll see all these When talking about. I didn't even know that racism exists. I follow garden path in a row, we believe this, but they are now beginning to see that there are some serious issues and I'm I'm excited that this particular convening is. Opening the eyes of folks who have never ever paid attention to these issues and its historic or it's the first time and any president's history or this type of mass mobilization tappin on their first day maybe I'll? Let you mentioned a k, K, K with low and smoke and people throwing things. Are you guys response to that when you're, no mortal amalgam, let's it's a combination,
ok device known to learn that the issue is now may not know what is new about the myth that the more and with soft right was radical and is the reason why he was assassinated right. I was moving towards us the poor man was poor people handling and on the other, Certainly, the way in which we respond is that we show something different ray. I obviously you see us here. We are three women of color, representing them the targets of Donald Trump right, I'm Mexican American Linda sore is palestinian from Brooklyn and obviously in ought to make us he's she's, african, american and so like we go out and we see our liberation down in one another, and so we're going to fight for that. No matter what and we're going to show people that they can do the same and create entry points, and so, when we say that there are women here who have never been
I've never March or have never participant protests, there's an opportunity here and that's what we're trying to do is give them direction. So it's not really necessarily about giant twenty four twenty first, yes, we, people there. We need them there. We need to show critical resistance through numbers, but we also want people to go. Back to their communities and to organise and to tap into communities and to actually do some, So we're trying to ignite a spark that will continue beyond Jane and twenty four We have more meagre Mallory com of Red and Linda Saucer. Coming next on breakfast club piece, it a planet dj envy and jealousy I go by the name is Charlamagne THA God, with the world's most dangerous morning, show the breakfast club we have Tamika Mallory, who hasn't Linda Sarsour in the building, is a big woman's March on Washington. Coming up this Saturday, are you shocked, receiving some pushed back. Are you saw a woman right a modicum of beginning with our camp
I really would like she could tell me something, but she said that the marshes already failed because of the exercise and search will cause and officials who failed to do in urban areas are more readable and if they were to go, I mean that the issue is, and we ve had critic sent me. That's. Why that's what happens? If you will have critics you not doing the right thing. People gotta be in the organizing to know who the people are that are behind us, they are people who we ve got arrested and civil disobedience. We understand intersection reality our Muslim to your point. About discrimination there are people in our country will get attacked on the streets of their own community just for the virtual who they are. We deplore thousand immigrants every single day in this country, so people are what kind of you That's what we're doing mass mobilization. We are people with full time jobs who, having dedicated every extra hour in our lives. Some of us got kids that we gotta take care of and we're out here. Talking about protecting our communities. We say I hear sane and sending a strong message that nobody's gonna ignore when you the amount of people out there that we're watching you but we're all I'm to defend our committees by any means necessary. So I dont understand where people come up with these
there's some time people wonder right. Our coattails, like you woman's, on Washington, there's a lot of media out there, so you want to get trending, you wanna say some of them are actually having even reached out to us like us, really want to have a conversation about fuel the exercise and you think that's what it is less have a conversation. Our EU males are public. I phone numbers are public need our couple of people. We are on Twitter. We are Facebook so it bothers me sometimes that people are are our crew. Eating these opinions without actually having the real conversation, then the courageous conversation that we need to have it, as how do you find you believe, because of me, you said it costs money to do this, the people who can be a demarche. How can I support the calls for it and so on
had a fundraiser gotta put the arab and Muslim had a fine raising above this cost money free domain free in this country of you wanna it. If you want to fight for your rights in this country, you gotta pay and in you pay now are you gonna pay later? It is now can be pretty you go to the woman's march dot com and who donate their. You have to understand again. Once again, we have full time jobs. Here we got families and we are putting everything that, Can you make sure people feel safe when they get their handicap accessible, poured a parties stage you, if you and If you twelve blocks down you gotta here, what's happened at the rally. There's no point in you'd. Come all the way out there. Jumbotron like secure insurance like this. Is a mass opera mass operations or direction you need? Will you need money? We need to raise money and we ve been fortunate that people have supported us, so we ve been working with organisations that have come through for us, including plan Pat Plan parenthood and our DC.
The Climate justice organization. We ve had individual donors, woman, let alone diner is, are you be a labour has come through for us a woman's march Calm, donate to us believe in us and believe in our vision and to know that we are censuring the most marginalized communities and you are in thing in the leadership of not just women, but women of color, like the time is now for us to get our due credit, but the work and the the the shoulders of the giants that we stand on, whether or not the first people to do a march lie. We know that we
carrying on a legacy, and we want. We hope people see this because it is a historic would like. We know we're making history like asked. Why were invested centre as an Austrian? I am impossible, regardless of who won the election was illyrian food of animal. But when I click on that many women- and I am as IRAN and and and you know what we absolutely would have had to now with these same women have been involved, not sure we would have been ass, thou hast. Sometimes I will take what is bad and make a good, and so when we look at Donald Trump, that is like a mean for for some people with such a shock for us, it's the the reality that we live in any Heisman all the time, but it is probably in is probably a good thing for some folks that this is actually weaken them up in enforcing them to come to the table, because they are afraid and- and everyone has a different entry point. We ve been asking white women. Where have you been? Where were you when Sandra Bland was kill? Where were you for travel more and where were you and the list goes on Aragon, all the names
we are glad that you are here now and now you actually means a kind of be quiet and listen and learn, and if not, then I have an easy Tom dealing with, but there are some who are willing to be like real allies, the at the table They really really want to be engaged, but it's not just them for the purpose of this show Our own people need to get up off of our asses last year. We also cuz. We have to be in the front about issues if we want. The people to be pushing us one behind different a white women's rights, verses women of color. Is that, while I mean certainly that has been the topic of com. Face in why, within his own by them, and now I'm in as an honor. You know when we look at reproductive rights. You know that's a big issue which black women care about. Reproductive rights as well, but we're like ok, I have a referendum rights issue and an hour, so can't get a job and they might my husband is mass incarcerated and all it s offer them.
Dealing with many of the symptoms of sort of the cancer, the sickness that we're dealing with every day they got like the arm hurting. You know they got a headache more with dealing with life. The whole body is nine and so fair. The intersection algae pieces important again having everyone come together to respect one another's just is what it is that we are fighting for what this whole it also to draw up for one another. I write like a lot of US I know Linden myself short for black lives matter, I'm also palestinian rights and my family's personally impacted by cars asian self. For me, that's what I've dedicated the last twenty years in and so to actually be part of this arch, out of my own armies, answerable for partnerships and so a lot of the people that I would hope that fallen, offer right. I'm responsible for partnerships for this margins on speaking to people that I haven't necessarily build with, and so it's it's a learning opportune.
I'm. Talking to you know how are we really been intentional above the intersection all because we can't cover every issue onstage his rival. Nor can it be able to know about work to your point about the issues, but this is an education process. We are pushing a conversation that people dont want to have some people say all pay equity we gotta get paid out of the same man ran quality paint in USA, Pay ACT here, but no I say pay equity, but that they are what we say equality, but what we say to them is that that's true women on their pay, the same as member less look about. Let's look at how much black woman hispanic where it is even less than right, women, even reproductive rights. Let's say they closed down and parenthood right. A white woman can, they'll find a way to pay and go get an abortion somewhere in a private clinic by low income. Women, immigrant women, if they don't got a plan, parenthood type situations, they're not gonna, be able to get the access of the healthcare that they need and who are pushing the colonization of her. Also, you know about to be deported. You aren't really thinking about all that others again like when it compares comparative women and women of color there,
so many layers to our struggle rang, and there is something so profound. I work for Harry Buffon, taste that we stand the shoulders of giants, and he said A white women live in their prey. You were women of color survive in there and thou, as has often times you know when I'm like in these spaces weather. Slight planning, a March from New York City to DC or you're, trying to build Two generations relationship I go back to him like I need some guidance, and so he breaks down For me, where I don't even think about it, could sometimes we could get caught. In our eager, but this this march. For me, we prepared for this moment. All of us have quick, years of experience in movement building criminal justice. Panathenaea several billion test assist Hell yeah, but it's preparedness for this has actually Lee in this space, again like the fact that we also our that are supporting us in in this space. Mister Balfour,
being a part of the original March on Washington. Cultivating the leader of young women to actually lead in this moment is huge that his legacy, that is the passing of the baton and so we also have other honorary cultures like glorious Dinah and the Lotus West website just came on board yesterday. But again you know this is a moment that were trying to ensure that we give people. We are more words: meagre Mallory come of a rather Linda Saucer Comin up next on the breakfast club. The breakfast he better call That was an entire, but more than that, everybody idea is to work, dangerous morning. Show the breakfast club Charlamagne THA God here we got Tamika Mallory for Red and Linda Sarsour in the building, is a big woman's March on Washington. Coming up this Saturday. Now you
we're going to the millionaire March and feeling like he was really powerful. Do you feel like manna supporting all? Oh yeah actually have the whole family come now. I mean we ve been get I've been receiving emails everyday, whereas, like my great grandmother, money there? Mother, my husband, my sign and newborn babies are all going to the women's March on Washington's, though, aren't you the whole family is upon me, and I mean you know we have. Men were involve, our attorneys are both men just so how militating mightily one man in yellow with security? So we have a lot of men were involved in helping us, and we appreciate
while bringing us on this platform, because some of the information as out the as you said, is not the right. Information is not correct, as the latter is not anti trump is not anti tromp and we need to get a message across now. I'm antitrust me as very recently, I might add that Martin nigh ass large is but to your point. You know I've been doing this work for twenty years I ve been separated from my family since I was young. My family lives in southern California went to use Ie Santa Cruz left out a sister. Buried on my birthday, so my birthday doing this march is huge and distractions I could actually celebrate, but I gotta Far from my older brother, whose bringing his family and they ve never end, it's not a knock on my family. As you know, they don't really know what you do. Criminal justice drawn into prisons, you're going to El Salvador DE support a peace process We gang members like what do you do right and so, when I go the cod. I was unable to go home for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Because of this Marge by you. Like I'm coming to you in Umbria
a family and that's a me- is world like the fact milder brother, again. They don't understand what you do. I don't think any of our family members they just nowhere. God we're always gone. We don't have time but men are showing up and they ve been showing up and so like. When you see people like my son, setting things up like this, for us is the support and love that he has for us, but the fact that you know a lot of A lot of question is this: also in an time met man, yet we shot we shy, and now this is not that this is not like typical traditional, like white feminism, like bra burning, like rain and like you, I have met in our lives. We got partners, we got you, we got sons like we're, we're not allowing this. That's about a black feminism and she gonna feminism is that we were ugly with our brother right, where, in fact, white women had access to white man? There were husband or wife, fathers or white show their white signs where we were like you are we trying to get
same bone which, like we're, still try to gain things which we gotta alibi. Juke. As we know, you're gonna pull us up to now. We have the Support is, but I had five emails in. There was as one brother that road I ignored up wrote a husband imposed. Peace. Talk about you, gotta change, the name of the march from the women's March on Washington, the people's marginal white man in these other for guy that look them up on social media that he wanted stereotype. But of course they wore white guys to and now now, you gotta be ok with a woman led March life. Have you ain't? Ok with that, and you have not invited like I'm, not change in the name of the March, for you like fascist happening, does it blew up you? Will you do that when you a brief your struggle, let your pretty stupid. You are like a black eye sharp to blame. You know to a black lives matter protest or I'm in a mood Ma Ma like please. Please make that all eyes matters I could feel comfortable in is going down. Lack lag, is able and willing to go to. The woman was wiped out a cock again at the end of the day. You know we we got deal which are issues anyway. Like is I we just go into washed in talk about issues there.
Leads us a mighty who has a vagina. We also are dealing with like my seventeen year. Old black sign is issues when he leaves the house on national, and yet, if we renew your boy, how do I look serving aim is to reaffirm now the author and I dont know if he's Monkey Shap our re re or police office, so I'm dealing with that as well. When I go to Washington, I want to know why they are not more resources galling to anti violence. Groups like Eric afford Maisie Mitchell, those who are working in the belly, other hood and then I also want to know why police officers are not being held accountable for killing black men and young. I need time to stamp both issues and I can whole both those things at the same time go the fact that no the ladder the governess legacy knows your three they say is one women. Above all, we think a description of feeding, six twelve are really fling. That's where I write not us problematic in flesh and blood in the room.
The New Authority, the necessary power, does not work and get this procedure for the ecological. I win area as legal Laguna, real downplays right now already to be together, like good interview, a good derided, easy. But we also have a co chair, another code, there's four of us that our cultures, one is the founder Bob Land, she's, a white women and so she's. You know also working with we have a national committee, National Organizing committee, that's made up of all different, none rounds, and so you know I just gotta give shouted to my partner, Paolo Mendoza Audio, and I have land my executive assistance in Singapore. So, like you know, we have people that are just supporting from everywhere, but some people had it can get involved. They wanna give twice more.
Stay calm, women's March on Washington on Facebook woman's March on Twitter. You know our our emailed are all our first names that woman's Marston combat. We may be easy, like you got. An all reasons. Do not know how to be involved in this march in our social media is every dates, updated, there's posts we give reading list, we giving recommended readings like we really have been super intentional our organizing, and how we can get involved again, woman's march dot com, if you gotta US coming your letter registered Ibiscus Ewing and have parking when you get to Washington. Deceive you don't tell us, you gotta bus, ass man, important ass, like the drama road like I don't know how you are able roused. That's like a blast. It says a lot at the end of the board of governors of the drought,
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