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Tuesday 8/14 - Today on the show we were joined by Latham Thomas who spoke about birth, Doulas & Owning Your Glow. Also we had to open up the phone lines to see if their is any truth about "Big D** Energy" , after asking Issa when she was here who had the most between Daniel and Lawrence. Also Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to a nun who was busted for smuggling cocaine in her high heels. 

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My name is Sir Pearl wealth. For the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself does nation were office's, did everything they could to help him and then there's the true. Listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie or wherever you get your party.
Morning, ok, I love you more than words rather sit out come the most prominent when you asked earlier more bluntly, drama was young people's choice, people whose busier good body do as a Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Yo Morning, Angela YE did Andy Charlotte.
The guy who's, the planet is to raise its Tuesday. Listen. I want to give some of these from yesterday. Ok, when at ok number one, the disagreement about blocking people thought that, due to the young man with a Montague Tony Blair, sign of Mamma. For some reason. No, look I'm your jets. Ok, the dragoon opposed by the Tokyo just from grand husbands. I guess he was very confused about reality that I was confused. Ones are realised that he will mobilise China's monk, ok, but she brought a prodigal illegal. Ninety babies was mooted Army Tokyo Jack. Just as my partner gets honey, just going back, yesterday she did immersion when you said it, I was able to talk in my view. They should not a celebrity general personally, I'll go alone. Yunker modular. She got a biologist
let us never ceased laughing and then say: Dron we'll talk, you don't hear you gotta, do it you gotta doing drunk it becomes a letter, so gay biogas gotta make them altogether. Jewish also Amy Sugar on block me onto it Oh she, finally, that, yes, it is a very, very excited about an answer me of yesterday. I you don't know why she hadn't blood and shares them as well. He has his assistant rendered would agree to make no sense. Could you followed me on the ground, but Jimmy bloody? But the fact is not funny Mcgovern's there when our standards doesn't work on, and that's why I was thinking Now you ain't, we will get up. There was still a career and livelihood music. I gotta go. I guess that nobody tell em. He was aware dj, you think he's gonna follow them. We ve been hearing over twenty years, starting yet we have it.
Anti blast, bookish obvious that she says you re blocked you because she she really doesn't like you do now. Replied me, I'm not blood. From recent attack that you have been a yesterday. I had a very very eventful day. I went to Gussie Tiana Taylor perform. Carry that she is incredible. Danny lays out there with opening up for her she's, also endeavour to him. She did a great job also, and then I went to go, see element perform. It was all over. Yesterday, a little flat fresh arm be thing is I guess I was support, not a lady's out last night I realize I been and that the biggest as at present, but I went to on the run over the weekend and then am I to go, see Yonder Taylor. Danny lay and then I went to go, see, element and the very active these as you know, just don't like people how much we know too much as way too much those who live there is nonetheless here somebody perform live to really see the industrial. What an incredible I know,
We see that integration be goin crazy from one another. They went away remark and how did it go and I got it means you any last night and there is an anti on its Heller. My daughter in person small super cute allow was there ok imposed. Everybody was about. I had a good and you know I loved you gonna tell us you superstar me. I would like to talk about this morning. I later terms will be joining us this morning, glow maven yeah, both experts, So if you seem so, she actually help deliver Khalid his baby and his wife, Nicole, and also, as with me, in Elisa Keys baby, he has a books. I wish it talks about your glow and loathing. So you don't go to the hospital. Do you still do go to ask, but I'm a measure able I do go to the hospital, you can bring a value and you, and sometimes what they do is there's a lot of things that are unnecessary, that they might tell you you you to do and they kind of push back against those things has somebody there is the z speak for you and how to have them
I'm a man over my shoulder to delays, because, while we have common in this, one is, as you can tell you what to do list, but I do this conversation is very timely. For me and my wife, it is affecting our third child next month and I did the level you need to do the delivery of the thing those young she scheduled to have a c section, but on a wooden criminal ma, baby again occasionally sexual second won't do that will be the tat. A person will be there to make sure that if that doesn't have to happen, unless is like absolutely necessary how to make sure it doesnt have not going to tell you that it has the you have to have several of you have won by the time you have to have an epidural to tell you about it when Emily speak. A dj self at a low banditti so got into her, but you want to call it a speck spat when they call it that. Mr argument back and forth without Nicky manoeuvres that yesterday I was busy or social media trying to talk about mental health. Can it Roger behind new foundation and other my new book and in us all in our last smoke. I do- to later in Europe.
The obligation to let any one way round about came home and more than eight. Only archives kinds of hell broke loose theirs. Nicky manoeuvres and easy cellphone back of war, for each other will get into that a little bit later, as well, will provisions that we talk about how we are going to talk about Yet another taping morose had taped another call window attempt, so you can imagine she has a ladder teeth were they will get us out of here behind the scenes we'll get it so that when we come back, keep a lot. Is the breakfast locomotive the J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the Breakfast Club Watkins in front page news. A wreath of frankly was going. With the recent years, and at that yesterday we told you that he was in a hospital and training. She was gravely ill will. Now they are saying season has his care at her home. That's what source is close to read the Franklin Saying: I'm she was the first woman to be indicted. For the record, how the fame back and nineteen eighty seven I was a year before the Beatles were infected and in ninety ninety, for it
It's pretty to see was the youngest at that time to receive a Kennedy centre on, or so we are praying for every the frame Forty four Grammy nominations. Eighteen win us yes good. They were to be at all right and that, instead of in hospital, I am now landowners in surroundings uses more comfortable that way. You're, just woke eligible level are now over you, about Amro? So we told you yesterday about the White House teeth with chief of staff, John Kelly. She was on a morose. It was I meet the present you play Audio of John Kelly firing her here's a recap. And understand it? If we make this a friendly departure, we can all be below. You can look at it. Look at your time here in the White House is a year of service to the nation? You can go on without any type of difficult in the future road safety reputation, but now she has a phone call that record it where the Donald Trump and this is the day after she was fired Here- is more legal holiday
I'll be here. Is this recording the witch aired on embassies today tomorrow? So what's going on what happened in Jenin, Kelly General telling came to me and said that you guys want me to leave nobody Don't worry about it. You know there are big operation, but I didn't know it. I didn't know that dammit, I don't love you leaving at all had a part in that firing he's. The present I'm jealous of Amr rose from my guy, I'm jealous of Amr Roses book promo, because all is it is book promo not dimension. Ten to twelve years ago tat we ve been a great story. Laugh a celebrity apprenticeship badly needs to act like he had no idea. It is happy that youth, it he's, got this cell phone. You do realize twelve years ago. These words, who saw the celebrity apprentice rate, is anybody game. Petitions is, America is really the greatest country in the world because we can, you can really be any.
Do you want to be in America? But the indication for this now is the wondering: what are the tapes are there that exist? Are there other staff members who actually recorded things without the knowledge they have I think we are not allowed to bring even your phone in when you have these meetings in the White House and it's an honor system, so they don't check you buddy, whom they do not bringing any of these devices and with you sign of that would change moving forward. You bet. It has more tapes and who knows who else hasn T Amr roses and opportune is her loyalty laws with whoever provide her opportunity at the time to do so much all video of her life, four Donald Trump in saying diamond trumps has never said and where it s not true he's not erases. When as you know, in the White House, no more he's all those things, she's, truly only low to herself and she's audio, promoting the hell out of her book. I can't wait to see where humble clause on the New York Times bedfellows look at our milk. Romo is incredible, nay, down attenuated out wacky. I'm arose the who got fired three times on the apprentice now get fired for the last time she never made it. Never. Will she begged me for a job
in her eyes, I said: ok, people in the white has hated her. She was vicious, but not smart. I would really see her, but It really bad things natty to people and constantly miss meetings and work I'm only black woman in America that other baby will not come to the defence. For a white man is landowner. Only one the only black woman in America dash. Oh yeah, you re my bed when you he's right, envy, Nancy, dashi right, only lag women in America that nobody will comes into defence for nor the black people when eggins landed by Weymouth, my right, where that is front page news far. I get it futures, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one. If you need to vent, hit us up right now, if you need to maybe get pissed off, you had a bad night or if you feel listen! You want to spread some positivity either or eight hundred five, a five one off I wanted to breakfast logo.
The breakfast club is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man wore black, but at the same time we want to hear from you wanna bread, but allows as dominated mild, make it off. I don't want to bring led to a situation of their nuclear situation, although we all know about it in school, ass, a young black men and Pennsylvania, I guess he began to assume. Where does that leave now familiar? What I've got my love as much help as little brother and the situation in the race I'm trying to get as much support as possible to give the man this? Is a lawyer pay dollar five now, so we can scarcely story Clara Nuclear, no a or why the alive you have you, the love! You stop working He ended up return of biomedical stage ruthless. Ah,
as the situation where they made him. Take us a bride. He tests in residents will you gotta gas can play around with the gas carefully thou wouldst thou pronoun trial, because you know they do a part four billion and that didn't meet the criteria that are dealt with and enact inaccessible? Ok, supply Betty. Should the police officers that a police officer geisha cosy, Firelight five six have aroused, I wasn't sure if anybody Aisha one once they was, was what we were critical conversion to. Other states will review the lobbies well, but if a lot of body play with it with this way, mouser, which I didn't much exposure and try to do so before the magazine, it'll don't their. How was he was to sell my lot? A light left now has twenty two years we are no longer undergoing we gonna dig into his allows. Is that money
when I get it off each other. While you sound so angry to small, has even more in about a real love every job ass, a bay weaker today I hated my leg. We gladly give. Today I have so we re you sit down or their work. What do you do make or wine? I d make part or make policy for our side here yet oh god, you that sound, a good job on a good night high paying job. It is then I gave the down arrow. They will not be the body of a bag. Your birth life you're losing your business like a baby. Our right. Thank you Mamma. I love you
act like living your bed. Levers of biogas gives a you live in your bed. Life say that pre absolutely get it off my chest. Eight hundred five, a five one or five one. If you need event is up now, is to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast club. Is it your time to get it off? Your chair of the young man from Luanda breakfast on your law allows as it is crucial to the actual daddy christian ravages. Chris, I already got hating get off my chest: men, others woke up, and I saw you into other colleagues I got. Nothing else will die tat forward. Ok, there's people got they want to get updates s next call. I love you allows this the grand along
I think you are the ball. Did you bring forward? You don't care what it buddy, you're gonna gather people like that when you tell us all about future we're doing mine with following two hundred rather favor, all these two hundred I'd rather die than anyone else. Love you guys low! You back allows. Is she wanted? from one's going to time, once upon a pole, I manage Charlemagne, what morning and has a very long line. The line to love me as much shorter alone, but I manage to alleged Skype or back in January, I gave an I gave windowpane my opinion upon about came up with part in Africa about a year ago. Put all
I think the right address lucky thing out who spoke, and I got a couple more long of dragging a match amputate homes when you Mamma, it will you want. You want to address the citizens of Yasser Arafat, invasions how plaster your brain, then Sangfroid organs in line with organizational city told you know you just saw you got upon a pirate, He said, and I tell you what is that? What did they do, what they do with a shout and Chicago, we have two whole ground ever really by will involve above the panting entry. So I go about roundish cargo areas in here now, the family by me out. I don't see you don't realize that you just gotta shut out the eighty plus markets
not of saying that would cost a lot of money if you had to run it through to sail the comment that uses that ILO Marianna Breadth and used to lay a retweet a not alone loves you so foul solemnly. He saw me Mamma Mamma put you or I will put your hotel. Seven thirty and dynamic, give you to address the males who stuff doesn't Magnus. Damn. I already know somebody go give it address right now allows is goin off. It was gone all every morning, Angela Gomorrah Charlemagne Mania brought a girl. You are you guys were just talking about how the two words Black Limited America, with Stacy Dash in in alma road. No, we did. We do say dollar, two black women in america- that no other We will come to the defence now when they get slanted by away man. Ok, I wanted it. Away with the morning there too, who ravens among river.
The more he was now Maisie dazzling, not at all, but they will call it a day I'll get it off. You just eight hundred feet. A five one, o five one of you need divinities up now, even it was on the way I may should we get it right into Nicky Menage. This morning's is this just as with happening you got, you got dreams of bail Enigma, not saving. Gay. Writing. I said you argue right into her. First that I have been making a nice day. Let's do it all right we'll get into that when we come back keep alive, the breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast morning: everybody's Charlemagne, a guy named the rise club, thought. You show me, I don't know, I'm asking myself, therefore at least twenty five years. At least
Well, let's get cities almost assault, making an ash with Angela close by him, and I sat down with DJ clue yesterday and he talked about her album. As you all know, the song bar dreams was in the rounds who heard discussing different people check it out the honeymoon with fine but don't be crying It will be in my dreams. I haven't used to break the job or do take me with you, my baby here, taking a pretty fuckin Linda only when they go to hell with a young guy in a track record of my trust, among still need better had used. Against the left hand, you want the key figure accident
I write with, as is their recap where you were here is what you had to say. The clue about the guy's itchy name dropped you can see. It acknowledges that. Not only must we only the ribbon is that of the gas market like. How can you be a big man, and I understand, has problems who thought that, though the desert do, people I really thought about it. They know nobody doubts. That was it ready, amputating bad, when Biggie shouted amount will they will people? Man rare, but Biggie Wood said said things like he'd rather sexual report and those ugly ass escape growth, so yeah yeah gave me a couple it will be an icy around the members of escape I'd be very upset over the matter. I write what you just had to clarify that I was very regiment in northern Iraq or, but that didn't happen. I write was yes, you talked about a new boyfriend that she has
I'm happy say it all you're. Obviously, in order to Chanel bags and gives satellite real boy get Minos in a bad way, No boy, I've just been bad enough. Money needs to know about one gaining any articles and weakening my career. I was like so much I looked about. Why was dating and everything which is better off my back the minute. You start talking about that that other shadows, everything else. You know I just decided in about no more public stuff. About a lie about. It is that I will support all the smoke yourself I'll get about all areas that will support the smoke. You went to get right on all the small out to be the on those aren't gonna catch up, I'm handling by two have been making monastic social media and started talking about dj subsidies. Mac, as I refuse to give him a drop or a hug. He was just up there this in the best they can. That would make me after him Romeo jokes anew once again dummy pass up on your mail ticket. Now you get crumbs,
the table. You are a reality. Tv HO used to be a risk dj whose arrows Milton who do you think that's what you're talkin about and then she so where my hug face as and where this in another female wrapper won't make me like you? You have no way in this city. Amur, look at your raster adieu, clue, show and Without their look like a sad kid asking for Drop China get ahead I'll, give you a job you're, not Fiji, Ho Gaga PTSD. Don't do it now. It goes on that is a while you wait till I leave. I got some hungry m, whereas whip me bit Abbe back tomorrow without a threat as a threat. He was directly on her. You will arms glitter and broke looking for scraps at the age. When you love my album into said, how is the best thing ever You how's way to emotional. I'm glad. I give ya, know dry, but no hug say to a real and where face oh shit, I tell people what you told me about her. You want me to spread their room, you're bitter and it shows suck the and go get that Crummy Ba
one check tomorrow, you can repeat any real ones. This allows conflicts with. No don't would avenue at myself had to say you. He said Babo haven't I never asked for a hug or a drop to this. I said hi, she said hi back never knew He had an issue with me, so we only speak whence he has a project dropping so vital, by that. I know what my relation is with her clue asked her to do a drop for dj sobs. He declined, which I wasn't in the room by was she not? I have no clue cause, I'm friend with Safari or dreams I'll. Who knows I'm just trying to move the culture here in New York if you're, not with that way? Please stay away from me. That's very kind to me to have issue. The person who you have no relationship with into beef with me the reality how the same we get album draft have told me that nuclear reactor like that on twitter because he said cardiac, was buried in issues of any truth in it. I
I d- I guess we're here to me as well as us, both the solvent and he said ass, exactly what happened city seen, he said hello. She said hello back and he did not. It was altogether in any set out in the dry ass hello though it was a dream hello, any said after you know he thought you know she did a drop she didn't drop in when he was on air. They the morning whose aim is better Nicky monopolies in coffee beans, and he said Cati bees and he said allegedly to ask where she thought it. Wild item on toward argue the believing that you would react like garbage herself had caught his arm was buried in her that have to be more than a la dreamed. I posted Emma come Clean Karen Civil Club Self Waffle
based on things. That is the reason why liable no drag you sitting right there, people just run into the ring, withdrew to combat and care and civil said. Full blown live children into nothing like that with him, I mean don't use me or my name to feel any. Where was I love? My royal rebels have the knowledge and would reduce it. I'm a real and genuine Mariah magistrate what the Barbarian called smoke and she added Nicky Menage. What's up a whole time, are you on this aspect and a man who has helped so many people to advance and elevated career, but I can't think of one single person, as you have I've heard stories from supply bananas he from, w a real live, horny ass, bitch probably not goin in entertainment, Dammit Reservoir, debated, avoided, form and like all drawn on at ass. Our lied about that long ago. In its end, its aim and artists are not. Let me see you go down without land. This is one of my rumbling include bombs, Maria Linen Dream of ivory young money. I found a tag. A low toys. Were you wear a stout waiting
where low toys arise. I just don't take smoke serious whenever people are improbable, I need you gotta now marshy, promoting queen radio, for that's how I think he has always been handsome. Like men asked with a rule TAT Queen Radio Gandhi steam, There is now we notice in all alone, is God young storyline everybody to promote and show that on never nip hats. Neither cell south not only more self, not on issue how you react? we have all Maria anyway, you guys I wake. I knew about this. What happens. Era when I'm Angela Yea- and that is your room, a report. This is too much, Well, we got from pay those criminal always on the front page news or less likely another man who a crash the plane, would tell you about this guy who stole the plane crash into his own house. So audio thrown up. Why is it that easy Philip way don't worry about. It
a key in Michigan, you you at the start of plain language, can literally major up and go out of my work. It's all right, business. When we come back at the breakfast locomotive morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club on a monumental front, page tonight, managers and border to draw conclusions from other jobs the in Israel. It's us early marries birthday about away and Jackie January, sixty two north or looking some front page news that somebody else stole a plain forty, seven year old, Dwayne, you'd actually stall the plane. He was just a rapid and released on bail for allegedly assaulting his wife and that's when he went stolen, crash it into his own home, where his wife was staying now, fortunately, for his wife, she managed to escape. She is in the house, and so was a boy at the time of the crash, but his by
logical, tell him we're not in the home of the time the crass before he saw the plane. He told them to leave House, where he later crashed into until them the go stay at the other house, tat night, which they did do so major advantages. Radios in Sperience pilot. He had access to the jet because he flew for the company that owned it anyway. The only one in the aircraft when a crass he died, but his wife and a boy escaped I think that we need to make a club for aeroplanes Those aim of aiming at the club for the steering wheel for car out clearly need to put some tablecloth on an airplane I had also yellow. Does he was allowed to fly it so he had access to it with his plane is. Are you got access to apply Probably the pilot. I rain now hear something to know. Google tracks you, even if you are not putting on your location, Commissioner location privacy settings are enables you and privacy. You don't want them to check your location. There still
can you anyway, so this privacy breeze effects over two billion using devices? So even if you think you turned up your locations, they still know where you are. Pay attention. When you noted own, you leave and a half on your phone and it'll tell you like several miles our time to your destination, and you ain't even put it in its you you're going, work until you're going to the gym, that's scary, and I always I get to work faster than what they tell me on. Google. When I get in the car- and I say, take me twenty two minutes, but it really takes me. Fifteen minutes to get I don't think they have me going the right way. I write. So that is your front page news. All right now. Let's talk big de energy, eight hundred feet. When we talk about Wanna, say some EU man, you know, is three people in this room: one's name. Dj everyone's name is Charlemagne Guide. One's name is actually Annalisa woman. I think that you know when
That's a big issue to my private lineage, less Tita went up right now. I don't wanna talk about it to a loner Israeli, see each other than now listen now. Nobody, I think you should go. I've got to go now I welcome you and agitated validation, big de energy, and I said I don't get big e energy for Charlemagne. I don't that'll, get them with was I yet when it comes to Asian happen What are you talking about right now? You is it We know that the conversation about Bob Edith, I know- and now this is important- of course, the dancing, a small energy from both of you right now, but they do men out and about Ethan. I were talking about big, the energy and we were talking about people who lack that and you can now when people actually do have it ass. She had seen it about, and one woman said that he's always been able to predict the size of a man's penis.
It's done. That energy motion has never been wrong. Is like a media. Would you call him Peter out just appear rather easier. Re was illnesses are talking about it, you guys is walking you like. You know you want. With the same company known have like guys guys in the real thing for women. We could tell decided by the way that you carry yourself really true. You could tell you, don't have that will I don't believe in profile and on a low profile migration like racial profiling and if my profile in people's, I don't think that a thing that women should be known, as it is the same kind of confidence. Men have when they know that or you anyway Charlemagne. What's the question great providing five one or fire. What is the question you I want to download your original dj, namely where the question data
we need in Europe in the house it was, it was dj sure as big big, the energy, a real thing, ladys collars happen. Let us now You guys ya think you haven't homage to be here for this one. Eight hundred the five one o five one is big de energy, a thing I'm ladys all suddenly thrown right. Now, eight hundred, the five one of our not already know tv. Well, what tiny? Did that? I'm glad you said it all. I don't get in No, my call us up right now, eight hundred five, a five one or five one- is the breakfast locomotive. Warning his dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club good morning now, if you just go
Does the same mistake that I've told you not demand. Instead, it is like a lady it up, and you let me do. It outweigh its second about big, the energy and exactly what that is. That, basically, am you know people there have men who have a certain type of competence about them because of the size of their manhood image, you reckon I'd be! No. I guess that's something as possible. Radar. Now you Don T radar, no, no! I don't buy in his room it it. I don't! I don't pick it up. Is I feel like small? What do you mean? are you saying that they call you d, J Shrimp for reason? Let you know have beady is what you say now your eyes. I M saying when new come around, I don't feel big the energy but even in your right, I've told ya many times in his room that have a very average sized penis, I'm seven inches moral for eight eight during the season.
The summer time in about three ages ago. If I would call an average rate, you know is circulating on social media. That year, Frankie Davidson has big Vienna Z Yes, I've heard that before the whole of Europe, you wanna goods, more drop uncle. Among my guy pity data we find a mighty, no definitely her death from quite a few. Ladies Lange Annapolis Ma Am, I mean you know, maybe you exact why you worlds working behind the scenes about your best friend king ignored? When you know a man have beady eager like women come to me, you know crying about PETE. Your people and no one wants to be me- would have whatever and inadequate they'll say to me like I'm, but our biggest Venus. I'ma tell you how you know you don't have big the energy if your message but a girl and she won't- you come to her apartment and, as you have sex in the That's not true. I haven't shadowy.
You don't mean that he knows that you, you know, are a smile and she just Martin you out sometimes, as might mean out too, that we had an early deaths are due to allow me that she just smarten me out. Sometimes women, some white men out who, in it's ok, I'm fine. We know you saw aerial jarred other night when Molly was in the kitchen door was given. Congo, Lingus and Minos. She trotted he tried to leave her head up and she pushed his head back you'll get Baghdad neighbour, Lizaveta many apartment does attitude How bout you know well well well, well! Well! Well, anyway, let's go to the whole night. You just have I won't. Let you the child from Miami up everybody doin privately, explains that you how that big could be energy work.
It is not what you guys go during gotta leave women to drink. I dont believe by couple when I pulling down loom and women feed, I dont think of that sort, simmering into waits lying bigger than today, This guy has such good energy started, b b it, but he importing alike, like the ally lads that survives eulogy trembling in there and then she keeps me walking. Of course, I look how'd? You do not look at me. I'm fencing them twisting hoping tat, she's gonna stay all why one picture to hit he's spot. They agreed to have any lady Julia Eyes imaging see. Yes, baby all can explain something to you saw the butter dancing, mommy, z yourself. If you said yourself, while he does that good I imagine how he touches with me when I gave her. You guys are there, because I got a better my coming up and down
No, I don't think there's gotta be a penis idea. The idea that have a nice day hey in Heaven, myself, medical whip, closely whip. We are seeing them is dabs, like I already know, is not alone. Good morning a jointly a woman to talk about big de energy on a reference clubs like what, now I can explain how you can sell to the guys could very they're not ending the more or less, Finally, I would like a little bit like their attitude or whatever I can offer, how good they are paid up a bit like the way to carry them out, on how grab a gonna write, intimidating budget. They don't like a butcher. Woman may happen. They have as your question really based off. Based on what you hear me on the right,
would you say, Charlemagne God has now Are you listening to you through the Wifi mpg our way Williams hour by hour by coming up with a compromise like who is this guy lethal? I built a bit with dignity but it is only a previously had led- was really live a little more like a little bit I didn't get a lot of, because in writing. The key words here right Abrogating Ireland gave it all for make do with what we usually being like decent. It does now that you're talking like the peanut other fragrance Linda, this same penis. You know eight hundred five, eighty five point: five one, lady Do you sense be de energy when you're around somebody, or is it just
Charlemagne. He has merely will when the room, how Riyadh? Maybe you know I like them here and we can predict penis eyes together there. Ray young girls can acknowledge Granada periods of time. You know All right is the breakfast club community bodies dj envy annually and little bit. What do we do with the widow Whoopi big Charlemagne? average thy Venus. I've been waiting for a during the summer time. Some good right, not three ages ago, now eliminate those inside him have you any more than I do. I know I'm trying to pull it out. We want I'm way. There was the question: will that be? yeah, because it there it is
going on his morning array we had taken about big. The energy can you play did when a man has a rather large penis. By his competence, not I don't want anything that we did for this out of thin air. Ok came from the conversation easier ain't annually was having last week. Ok, can you play a cleverly police arises walking you like you know you walk with this company mon have like forgotten guy in the real thing for women we could sell this either good or by the way that you carry yourself really true. Yes, we can. In conclusion, I shall remain as a widow with what Tommy why my penis, knowing your minds, are less open of the former was eight hundred I have a firewall or five one allows this destiny aid Anthony. How are you about humble as blackmail.
They were now your name is destined insane. You will have to be able to predict something's. I mean I'm a better predictor of little shrimp energy like guys who relaxing the pan deprived areas they over carpet the other area belies the early extremely coffee. A delight they have Epsom salts in a way to let people know of I'm better than you. I have these capabilities, but I think it's because they do still about a second upon him. He and his hind legs. Ok, so listen! Lovely destiny. In this room who have the as the small, the energy items Indeed, I might come. Come on your body to family Solomon and I'm a normal happy. It was God didn't as the Charlemagne I really I love you. I do a little bit. You have not answered the question concerning the subdivision more. You is clearly how glad I am that death. I'm not if anything, I'm not even will respond led come a little bit. Envy carry them.
Remind me a lot of my fiance about the idea that lacking in the past What do we do with those who say? Definitely I knew what you said. You were gonna respected. Thank you very much. Does nobody is entitled to our opinion? Ok, I'm going now my penis around We know in both the Urban AIDS history, man, I living in years to come in from the rear about Adam. You reckon I'd really, rather doubt you will pass your morning commodity, Adam and my Arab, like dollar may, indeed, they ever equal member
Paypal, blackmail commanding officer is a gate a community. Yet, but before I work, you know the last thing up that with Almah was it might do with small enough begging up, because I came with the confidence that you know. I've never had a female before dumbing down. My day was big enough, though, who say? No, if you like, when you, when you were you with ITALY. There would be no do not then they'll tell you light. That's not big enough that no one is gonna say: that's not big enough. I've got some problematic Roma problem ass, a serious question we just go: go now Charlemagne beauty a bit the energy from gentlemen, I'm hanging, God bless you Adam. I'm sorry, if we had an hour before you whose moon walking out it is not, what is the added value, but they live had to say about big DNA data between earlier Charlemagne visitors because the matter back we're gonna, go it's what I will do it the pole
then, who has more Vd Charlemagne, are dealing with eyes away. I've never claimed to have a big problem. Is I'm tellin you two measurements, Martinez, Rona, seven inches three or four eight his warm out there. Pictures of garnet trying to set it up in case you lose in the pool. When I was young, I used to think about things like a big penis out. What is Magna RX pills out of your back in a double x magazine. I took the Magna RX pills: I was doing a little exercises. We rabbie penis one is flat sitting you scratch it out. I was Doin all anyhow riotous aim when he was going up, don't care about that. I was the world s story lower. Nor is it the more that when it comes to repeat his size, you have to remember the serenity, pray God. It is a reality. They said things. I cannot change Kurds guy remedies I'd say I've been urged to say two things I came, and the wizard and noted difference is nothing you can do about your penis eyes is no surgeries. We can do nothing. It is what it is,
longer, like a guy without BT It was on the way he as we are going to talk about will. I am found out how he lost twenty pounds, but he did also Kendrick Lemme Yogi added to see him at maiden. America would tell you, I know right we'll get its level. We come back. He believes the breathless locomotive morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club good morning. Learning rightly disputes at his rooms are so glad you about the report annually on the breakfast club, where Ladys that he's gonna be suing American airlines. He said: Ep American Airlines racist acts and am sober ya, races, F, ya at american AIR. Here's what he had to say on his hands on his instagram murder laws. All blood should resolve the planet's, although all wrong
over and above raises who what was going on, but when he was on the breakfast club he did say he needs to go to rehab dogma. Those geopolitical things can be tracked. Inez situation, I don't think so. How do they know? You was drunk with the egg and religion on the plane as other I have no idea. He didn't look in that clip like he was out of it nine drunk or anything like that, but I have no idea exactly what happened before he started filming. So I don't know, but he said he's gonna be suing them. I don't know what happened and get you kicked off. The airline like I write ISA Ray is gonna, be hosting Leon is diamond ball and child. This Gambino is going to perform so as always, big event. Have you guys, Aragon of course know why not? that, of course, and I met on that level to be no diamond boys, you, I have you a ticket, it's a charity! was it I think they started to two hundred and fifty dollars, but its maturity,
and you gave us a little more. Another was more than their, though as the leading aspartame under a lot of money. For tonight, they like I'd, be in a room with a bunch of people. Alma do talk about, and they say you're gonna see anywhere, but No, that not I'm. You know what I'm not a hundred essential where they said. I googled it. That's what I said in a way a graphic teacher from target there? No endeavouring uncle, but they do have an auction and just on the auction portion of the event, charity rose eight hundred and forty thousand. Dollars will drop. One called love reminded us all. Its attempted thirteenth is in New York City, so there you go and am what it does, but it is their Clara, Lionel Foundation and it supports and funds groundbreaking, ineffective, education, health, an emergency response programmes around the world, gusto aright tomorrow is gonna, be playing at Jay made in America now. All we know right now is that it's gonna be a very special set, You know what that means, but that's all we now serve you I'm going to made in America. Conjugal admire will be their alongside the given knives posts. Milan
meek, male dep, loud Cassie, Pussy, T Miguel De La Monet, Alessi, a car that Daniel see their black belly tied Alzheimer's ticket is gonna, be crazy juice, whirl black boy, J B be will be there. So we d, While we are you guys going those guys. Nor do I gotta know He could not always already on you know you be asking me going with you a random. We go to something I didn't write rang with Limited America last year. I actually had a really good time, so I would recommend data if you are able to go now I will. I am thirty last twenty pounds and how do you do that he cut out meat now we ve been talking about this up here and he said that he re revamped is eating habits any actually has. Sleeping more. He said I was eighty bad sleeping bag. No regimen, I said I was going to sleep, Five in the morning, I would argue with people like all. I need is like two hours a day and that's a cat nappy said and then I'm just ready to go, but he had all kinds disorders. He says, starting with high blood pressure, has cholesterol acid reflex nasal drip
all kinds of diseases and things that are happening to him so and he went to his doctor and he said: hey your high blood pressure is like your sixty and your cholesterol. Where heart disease I beatings, runs in your family used to take control of ass. A now he's doing a plant based diaries had changed his life, his Lester all is down. He has more energy and his sleep regiment is awesome, true, Vestal, yes or no more processed foods, no more sugar really important things that take care of. When it comes to your body ripe, I write to rally behind, in speaking it taking care of your body. She has created a foundation to honour her late father, who battled mental health issues. So now she has launched the bars Lawrence, hence in foundation, and it's gonna provide scholarships to african american students who are majoring. A mental health offer mental health services to youth and urban schools and work to lower their recidivism rates of african american men and women will draw political love garage because- and this is what I would last night, all my social media could I thought that was very rare dog with us. All I want to talk about nowadays is meant to health, mental health, mental
Four came. It was very important, you're, not good at every every day, at three o clock every Friday rather you read her memoirs around the way girl. She talks about her relationship with her father. There was up and down to set my dad button, the b it no more for our country return, broken and receive little to no physical and emotional support. I stand now in his absence committed to offering support to african Americans, trauma daily, simply because they are. That is why I am so happy to God tat my heart and told me to make my second book all about anxiety and pity I d and mental health. You did ass, probably going to therapy to deal with a mob. Gotta show like that. Energy is right to have these conversations and I cannot have beady emails above knock it off. Exactly why article is Watts on four main guiding everywhere about things like this without.
And we ve got all automobile. Don't have these conversations about mental health, so I salute the rajah begins. If what you do in travelling imposed by the tragedy it and want to get in any way that you know, I can help to reduce foundation, I'm all it then I mean Lee, and that is your room. A report are, I think, miss. Ye shall obey yes, who you given a dog. Do you know how thing I've ever given donkey today to a nine o and I've seen this none, but the first time for everything was a nice name. Denise arm was Denise last name the knees wardrobe Geneva, colored affronted. I guess we like to have a world or police far right. It is that when we come back, keep a locked, the breakfast locomotive,
don't do that. Knowledge is man to doubt and blow was made available. Charlemagne tapping I've got to make a judgment, was gonna, be on the donkey other day. Page shows you the breakfast club. It's used argue the data they target Dave what they August. Fourteen goes to a nice named Denise Marie I dreamed know you're saying yourselves: Charlemagne you're gonna have given a nun donkey in a day or two How to know your uncle Charles is smarter. I would not be seeking those mobile, a woman in a cloth unless I had a valid reason now, Denise fifty one years only she's a nun from Missouri. She has a sister of the doors of the blood of Christ and she met. Special someone online. Now I don't think I've ever met a nine in real but I didn't know, none could be online.
Game my know, you don't get involved. Worldly things like social media invading websites, and I damn show in thing: none would be online seeking the date when it would make sense for it. To be back up. What does not? it does not belong, but on whatever side she was gone. She met a man named Hendrick Cornelius, Let me give you a little more backstory on his new need, Denise She was coming out of a failed marriage. She had major problems that led the crippling bill, so she is ripe for the picking. If some man wanted to pray on her misery, it is a lot of men out there who specialize in women who are going through things like Denise. Ok, women were insecurity. Vulnerable, a main will swell vein pray on her need to believe in something to get her to do his bidding and that's what Cornelius did his point. I now I'm one of those weird people who still believe in God so a certain things, not doing, and even if I was still in a game and not a member of the faithful Blackmail Association, I don't they
nebulae to night. I would be to get what God RAF would look like for plan with a woman at the club, that but andred Cornelius don't have that kind of conscience. This man is soulless, ok, see! and you can the words of the nieces lawyer groomed her to provide financial gain. I ve never met each other with season. For she had faith as would pay for his faith in the belief that you do not see in Denise did not Z Cornelius. What she's still would take some things. Can you promise you will never leave me. You are my only in first true family. I thought your none sisters would be you only in first true fan and if you believe in God, what you believe in Cornelius, you would never have to ask God to promise, never leave you, but who reminded Judge let me tell you how to double work, see in January the knees plague. Guilt is a nine mind. You she fled guilty to him. Courting a commercial quantity of a border control, drug ignored their drug was way Denise on nine smile,
Oh, two pounds of cocaine into our euralia. You her high heels. I mean talk to ignite immediately, because I'm confused now what I thought none life was about. Is this none life into the eighteen, where you can be online, eaten dates. Guessing high heels in drug smugglers, hills I their high and in defence of the hills they might have. You saw them not assume they more, like even smiling, already now like sexy added. I know we have not. Even you can see the issues actually go. He adds that girl chunky here well worthwhile, stuffing two pounds of cocaine to you: he'll devil, you make your heels high and how big it he's hills, and you could start to article came into them. If you want to revolt tv, you can answer that question for yourself right, but the reasons and he's gonna knock. You today is not because she got duped, aright had to know that was going to happen because she was submitting her will to the devil and not God, but the reason she's getting donkey today, because her lies are terrible and I would expect the nuns live to be terrible, but she told police
She had no idea, she was smuggling cocaine. She thought she was smuggling artifacts led. Yes, I've Denise stop it. What did you think these white powder ISA? and was manner you know it. Man is right. The substance Malacca miraculously supplied is food to the Israelites into It is in the Bible matter. Even I am positive she liked. About knowing she was smuggling call game, because when she got that by its airport, security, in the hills and her bag tested positive for cocaine flights. There was how much did you find? I repeat the need was told. The Hilton private for cocaine and she replied. How much did you find me? She was Agnes. Dont, you two days out himself. Please leave the knees. Wilderness we'd sounded a Hamilton
you all about e g, yea yes, doesn't you are not a matter of chance as a matter of choice and thank you for it? doc. You today sometimes stupid things happen you just because you may poor choices united in oh god. Not a plan of everything. I'm showed us the nieces thinking right now, God has nothing to do. It is to meet all our right, all the devil. Now are we come back Let them terms will be joining us call me man, Thomas's ease, yes, as he has a bug out owning your glow and sees Adieu Le Amber You can go to Mama glow Dotcom. That's her website is named Wanna Ogress Super soul, one hundred as she's tugging, but the black maternal health crisis, and she actually can help you get your. Do lead training as well. So women, all over the- U S and six continent,
do left for your birth and, if you don't want to go is going to learn all about that as we talk to. Let them and I was glad ass. She came to my innermost. My wife is expecting our third child next month in she added value then give me to deliver to be met. If you set up some time and she had a c section- one second child may and she had a schedule c section next moment what an couldn't my baby opening anytime, I did this five times lacking Well, we want here we need a dual and not a fool to join us, he's no elsie or something You have not you, you can't talk. You can't help me with this right. Well when we come back we'll be kicking to at least in terms of jobs, breakfast locomotive. The breakfast club, everybody is D, J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We had a special guess in a building later Thomas,
the morning. Thank you so much for having me you all I listen to you every morning. I am so grateful to be here and have too little discussion with you. So beg you. Some are you a doctor? I am not at all I M a jeweler time, a women's wellness expert and an author. My will focus is to help women reclaim their bodies is sacred and telling their glow. So a party that is on through the work that I do with delivering babies, which is as a emotional support at Adela, really and physical support for people, so is now with the doktor but you know the doktor comes into like catch the baby, but I do everything else leading up to that sounds like a producer for your birth, there were Dj Charolais, my lad, with born yes on Snapchat, which the call by the way did not what's right. So
that was a little bit like frustrating to happen, navigate that. But I think it was a beautiful lesson for the world, as many people do not have it ever seen a birth, and so there was a first experience for a lot of people to see a beautiful birth like that unfold, and I think that's a powerful teaching lesson No, so it was there was. You know absurd for that. Now, the woman, no wouldn't you took out a galley design about you were arrayed, make things come to move in the car as possible? Yes, but I think you know he had been talking about it, that he was going do that for a long time, so I think you know- and I think now they ve softened into like that's part of your life. You know, as you will be very irritated, everytime you, but the camera her yes, she's realising that is part of being
Martin who they are so uncomfortable for lady. You lay. May God you egg obey the very nature of vague, but you know we are in the throes of labour and is, as you probably know you not having experienced with your wife, you not as folk ass. You go into his own, uniting these units really considering with happening in the room around you at that point, as at a certain point, birth becomes meditation drank, so you have shut out all the things that are happening around you and so like nobody's thinking about like, is earned in turn in the room. Are there like nurses, walking in and out in enemy at that point, but I think leading up to that. You will have to set the tone for women to feel safety, security, innocence of real belonging and if we are able to create that, which is what I do, then she can kind of get into that space of you know being really connected to her body and out of her. Head. So to speak, like you always ask for epidural right there, but I don't wanna get epidural, but then there is so much pain centimes him, ok, give it to me. That's what I'm saying
What are their benefits? The bathroom job very ass so is interesting because epidural, we think about, we think about paying their so many aspects of our lives. We experienced pain and where we tolerate it right for beauty for all kinds of things right will tolerate painted, and we don't ever think about, did the idea of experience it experiencing it in going through it for four childbirth and it's actually like a right, a passage right and also the pain and forms a body of what's happening, and so there is a there's. A
of feedback is happening with the mother and the baby with with sensation ray and so the way that we can lower the intensity of pain is keeping a mother comfortable, keeping her out of fear steak or something called of your attention pain cycle. So, if you feel tension, that's gonna spark fear and then create more pain in the body. So, if you can start to, like you start off making them feel safe, secure like she's, you know in a bubble of love. You know she should have a lower a lower sensation, a pain, but even if she's experiencing that there's so many measures that we can do with her to keep her comfortable as we use all of an actual things that we can and then epidural is there as an option, but it's not like the first line of defence like something that we use and we try to use it way further out, because yea does pass. You know that the draw any
on that, you experience in the labour do cross a bloodless until barrier, which means that the baby does get contact with them. She went to minimize that's how they got you able to work as you didn't have to get an epidemic, and I had assumed your groggy for a long time. Yes- and you also like because of what happens, it's like a numbing right so goes in, set aside the epidural shaft and aspire. So what happens is like your whole? Lower body feels numb. So can you imagine like that? You can get the bad like. It makes an uncomfortable because you, a move around and labour ray. It's like you want to move your body like a lot of women's. I wanted toward my baby out with it. So let me hear you can't do that. You know I'd. Look as though you can walk round yes, so it is much easier you now to have access to like the water, it, sir, to movement, a lot of women to the eye. Ass women's, a pack of operators, because you pain and pleasure run concurrently. By yes, and so, if you can like have among going about internalize out
have her vibrator, where you yes about. How does that helps to mitigate the pain to amazing? why are black mothers in the? U S dying during childbirth more than three times iterative? Why one? So this is I'm so glad you asked that and is a really were in a crisis. Actually, CDC has said that black women are in a state of emergency, We don't think about there's like a lab, invisible factors that come into play. There's things like on Pre, a clumsy of which is a high blood pressure which happens of no last week, or I think it was a week before omby Amby say had announced in her vogue article that she had prior Clamps year and ended up with her, less pressure had to have an emergency c section of her twins. Serena Williams had talked about having nodules. Was on her unheard longs or something like that, like lots and stuff, and so she ended up having a c section, but it led to her getting the clocks and so
these are two powerful power for women who have all the money and resources in the world. You would think that they will be protected and they weren't right. And then we have women who don't have the money and access that are victims of systemic racism, of being in a system whereby you, no doctors. If you go to a hospitals already steeped in the culture of supremacy rights, already like we're better than you do, they mean, and even though there is beautiful doctors who were very well with us and with their clients there still. The culture is one of like. We know everything. Let us handle it right, and so in many cases black women aren't getting the care that they should and they're, not getting even in their appointments and make it a shorter period of appointments, with a doctor's aren't with connecting with them. So there's a cultural barrier and
there is also this incidents of not identifying somebody's illnesses that people have instilled a baby comes and then, when those things happen, sometimes the mother might not die during childbirth, but within the first year opposed partum. That still counts is maternal mortality, just like in the first year of life it does count or infant mortality. So we look at That as well as win a mother get so she so injured by the process that she can't live a normal life afterwards, and that also counts. So we we need to really reformist system and have adequate support for when there, which is why do those were so important because they help as like soldiers on the front lines, protect these women and hope. They also know how to navigate the process and at an advocate the heartbeat, setting an that's really important for women, and especially for women of color, who, if you speak, a different language, if you're you know under resourced, if you have a certain insurance, because the first thing they
she. When you call writer wishing to wash your assurance and making categorize you of how they want to treat you sometimes and its importance as questions to a lot of times. We go to the doktor and listen to what they say and don't question things like a lot of times access. I tell you to get a hysterectomy right enough It has happened on so many different names for women who have fibroids or they feel like they might have cervical cancer. And then the doctor recommends that you get a hysterectomy and they actually really try to push that when you don't really have to write, and once you get a hysterectomy, you can't have kids anymore after that, we'll think about the benefit for them right, like a surgery, having a surgical procedure is more money for them, like insurance company, you know like that's, that's where the racket is. If they could say to you, owe me modify your dire. You could cut out Dearie, you could do a lot more things, financial stress if we looked at that first and had people look at their diet and lifestyle then like, if the hospitals wouldn't be in business in that way right. I think that the like the first thing you come in there saying to you
Let's like says uterus, nobody ever a man he comes in he's like I don't have a problem unless they have your testicles. Nobody, nobody is going to say you know, has also the uterus is a very powerful player in pleasure for women. So when you think about its not just a useless organ, if it's I have, if it doesn't, you know, hold a baby. It's also powerful for our pleasure for orgasm. So you, You have to take it lets. Take it because it's like there's a medical reason to do so, not because, like its inconvenient, I we are more would lead. Sometimes when we come back He delivered the baby's of colleagues. Also me she keys to keep alive the breakfast club, Everybody is being J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have believed them, Thomas in the building she delivered, the baby's unleash keys was beads cow. And more show me. At an early hour now another a child's having another girl yeah, I want a boy, but it's not worth it to me, because I see those mortality rates of Ali black women dying or job of in my wife lads brings issue
There was called certain diabetes, just sensational, Debbie Leah, about now an emergency section. Above early now we have asked Lucy section for the next out, only is not worth it to me. Like you know, I would rather stay away from it all again see that's the thing. That is me right, because people then say like I feel like. I don't have hope this entire. If we can think about the list
escape that were in you know. When we arrived on these shores and like a sixty hundreds of first black rainy midwives, arrived and bay carried with them in their hair seed from the mother land that ended up in the soils here, so that we will have our medicine here they delivered not only their babies, they delivered the masters. Babies even took care the master when there was no doctor around, and these were women who birth, Vincent higher nation, whose breastfed and wet nurses, entire nation and visa. This is a legacy that we come from, so we know intuitively how to give birth. We know also had to take care of our bodies. We just have to reconnect with with our medicines, are or ancestral traditions, and we also have to know that, like we deserve support during childbirth, like nobody should be walking around thinking. Like. Oh, my guy, something that is going
happen. We should actually have the support that we can work through this trauma through the fear and as part of the work that I do. Let us, too is to make sure that we address any triggers any fears and anxieties so that you can overcome and work through that so that, when you get to the no time like the labour that you feel like you did this with an elite baby, I D say shouts. I was yeah exactly right, though, when you get it out, though, that you feel at ease, you know in and that you there's a lot of things that we can use that are mindfulness tools like in r and D yoga, unlike connect with a body, and all of these tools by the way are like belong to us like we think, like I see people but like all well, you know that's for why people asked for this. No, it's for all of us, in fact, like even would acupuncture that's a huge part of what we you know have more mothers do.
Acupuncture was really introduce in the U S by the black panthers. You know like how how even though, like it's a Chinese, know medicine they brought here and made it like accessible to the people. So we have to start using these tools to kind of help us manage stress in the anxiety and also the fear that we have around what we see happening around us and know that it's possible to have a different outcome in most of the time. It is right that we have. You know beautiful birds and they go the way we want, but there is a staggering information that shows us that, like if we don't have a support, if we don't address like this critical issue nation wine that we are going to see a hell trajectory. That does not look good. So if we can right now, concentrate our energy on getting our politicians on bore with this really making sure that our communities and also with our doctors and find out like what are you doing to protect black women in birth? You know like ask the practitioners, because
You can know right away. If these are people who you wanna be deliver your baby, what you know That's what you mean what you say you you wanna help women reclaim chamber. I want women to reclaim their bodies are sacred because everything in culture turns away from our bodies like tells us not to listen to our bodies like you could take. You know appeal to modulate every function in your body. So to me as like we're talking, I feel, which is why, like when you haven't epidural, that's you know it's disconnecting from feeling. But you know birth is like a right up acid, and so you know yes, I'm banks or that we have a general in in an emergency situation or when it in a situation where a compassionate choice for a mother, but in many cases it's like, oh, you don't have to go through this. It's like no. This is a process. And on the other side of that I know that mothers feel a certain satisfaction when they come on the other side of anybody who goes through something that's like heroic. On the other side of it, you have something that you can have when you started and so to me
like the blessing is too to go through and the only way out is to go in, and so, if we go through that process and not to say like you know, it should deny yourself if you need something but to see like to push the threshold and see how far you can go and then, if you need it, it's fine, it's there, but you but many cases, women. Don't they just really need support in that and exists in our culture like we also poor women right in it, I mean that sometimes we will be like I'm gonna epidural. I don't care, they don't even know if they're going to need it didn't even other in pain. You know like I've. Had I've had women who didn't realize that they were at the like at the very end like they were like always I'm that dilated, like a push, soon began to deliver her baby right in the member her any man to get
as you know, exactly in the top right at home. So yes, or sometimes you don't even realize, but I think again if we could shift the culture around pain and start to think about like no. This is like every contraction is me getting closer to me, my baby, like each time I body contracts, like I'm, also pushing you, know fluid ever babies, lungs, pumping the long so that the baby can breathe when it gets here, like there's all kinds of ways we can really envision and there's too, we have these mindfulness tools so that we can transcend pain also, than to backtrack for a second, you talked about your ancestors and seeing them. While you were giving birth, can you just velvet a little more with that experience was like, oh, my god, I have here so what it was. Like was so. It was a bad place. Elizabeth eaten, like I said, right on fourteen and my water broke. Actually, this is the most exciting part with it. My water broke at twelve. Thirty at night is and leg. I think, like an eye hours later so yet, like around nine, a m we rolled up.
The shower, like a six in the morning to stay by myself and then around nine or like a couldn't, talk like he was just taking over my body, and so then we got, here I got in the room, it was dark. There was a, I was in a tub, and so there at the very end, though my son's cord was wrecked, ran his shoulder like a backpack and so as he was coming down, his his heart rate was decelerating. And so they asked me to get out of the Tobin in getting the bed unlike squat amount or whatever, and that's when I felt this like horse shoes shape around me and I looked up and then I saw alike, and this has before black the other. By the way I saw like this looking down on me like bees, ancestors cloaked, I recognize of aces, but there was like the sole recognition. Are you from the Brooks I am not an abrupt located mega. Exe
but it was his like these and I and I and I looked up ass if I were to be up there and I felt myself a send out of my body and I could see the whole process- some holding avoidable it happy, and so then buddy was, I was saying things going to like looking around like what is she talking about because she can't possibly see this from where she is, and so all I have to say is like that periods and people are in the room. Remember it so alone to me was leg wow you have is out about exert and is also connected with new chemicals like DM tea, which is called the God Chemical and you Can still have like an amazing birth messing that everybody has it not use drugs or whatever. What I'm saying, though, is that there is something that people are denying us when they just say: oh, you don't have to go through this, like you, don't have to put yourself to the pain, there's something on the other side of that if we cannot be supported and if we could
safe and the main things that women need to give birth or of a feeling of safety security and not being watched not being observed, because we consider that, in those such while pregnant helps law, blood pressure and how should the sleeper yeah sex, while pregnant is amazing that we cannot even pregnant. Nor am I regret that, while programme in the movie brought into have often of yes as health benefits, it also, you know, can prosper, gland ends which are in seamen, naturally ripened cervix, which means it helps to initiate labour. So when it's time to initiate labour seamen, deposits against service will soften right. On up to that debate, and come down significant gun. You guys are being afraid too has six years in the Arabian. Yes, not like this, not an issue for the baby, Maybe maybe feels rocking and movement all the time, so there is nothing. So it's fine that it sets the baby matter. Please guys wish knows that. That is not an automatic, but yeah. It's definitely healthy for that it helps
lower the blood pressure, but also like relaxation redress management, which is so important for women, feel like no stress re, select, yes, definitely Saxon. If she doesn't want to You know penetration because a lot of women donors certain time like that, you know what a movement in the body changes so much. So you notice anything can do mankind at all, cunning, Charlemagne, youth of labour to google own glow. What is it about pregnancy that gives women aglow especially run an ape evolve so again as hormones that you know helped to create. Basically, like a natural me got for women, progesterone, Amsterdam, mostly progesterone, and arm and he also softens up. The ligaments makes a body more on. You know soften and supple and open receptive right and that the same as the same thing as for the other skin array his late them Thomas, the book only a glow, but to look at our right now that you ve become thank you so much. I haven't we,
absolutely breakfast morning, everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club nurse get to city, the winning in this pole between Emmi a shambles support, or you re telling people what the Poles, who has my big de Energy Charlemagne are envy kimono see no staff good igloo, glimpsed across my town, life was whether the stats for delaying the you tell me today, we have a vow of humble ordinary Campbell. But I was not here when we have our was that it would certainly less money with somebody posted stats. For me, please, I know that's all right. I guess it ended. A rumor is now right, we'll ask its rules, a soccer shot, I believe that this is the rumour report annually on the breakfast club as add one month to hand over his medical records and all the information about his doctors, treatment and ensuring information. Why
Why why all you gotta do this? there's an anonymous man who says it s your exposing the herpes during a sexual encounter at a spa, so that man was to use this information as part of his for their trial and all eyes are being sued by two women. One of them is contagious, sharpen our does who says it Escher expose it a herpes after they had sex following his content in Atlantic City, now losing cases suppose they're afraid the child is starting in February lovers. War would have you know, uh sure, gay right, no way for him to be added, Then I guess his business. Why? Why why? Why there's gotta be public? Allow cause it if you gave him Herpes in this kind of Euro fault is. The third problem goes above us you can't picking believe it brought. You know these are nobody objects, my group, and I believe that I don't know what I believe any more than I do. You not believe it. I don't just tell you believe it
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't believe it find out if medical records show that he's had no idea that he had it or that he doesn't have it then. That's all the major medical record is a thing. Nobody cares about the true from allied Moyne. Attaining is way more entertaining to say, also got her views was entertaining about. That was somebody in this room. Has it it is the two states out of Nevada Gal. I get a lot of euro. Listen to the show, have it's ok, they resorted. I lie what they wanted, and people wanted three one two three year, appointed a dark hair? Many way Mably his head in the sand, people, but you do have to let people know, does the whole thing listen up a whole new fair, but you can tap into is tens of millions of people in America when our bees, Taipei and I'll be ok, you can mega you. Can you can cater that there be a win right. I mean we people would abide
I knew that? Bear you gonna these cards or people with Bob's yeah. I right: ok, Agora, YO, also hosting really do you call your toilet outbreak b we make letter burn would drop lagoon mom, I'm Tellin, you nothing agent rights as I right now. Let's talk about given ass, you design, Stephen Co Bare and she did of free stuff for by between check it out. I might stay then, after the show, a long combat for wild when a magical glow. But when you see us please don't stare. Just impress me as queen, Nicky called There are right, our re energy, as it had this to say about. Perhaps you know as you dating anyone. Are you? What are you married? Why? Why? Yes, yes, I married shot out somewhere else,
don t you darling alive? but what about self? Not in a record? No more I write well Women has indeed a self yesterday. They had some issues with each other. I don't know exactly what happened. We weren't air, but Nicky Menage. Tweeted he's MAC. As I refused to give him a drop or a hug, he was its up their distant bids, thinking that would make I put him Ella, Mayo, jokes on you once again dummy pass up on your mail, sick and now you get crumbs table yet reality tv, how used to be a respected, DJ who's the busy this an hour people call women to be worth lousy dogma I listen. I have no idea what has been who's. The meal. Who try to solve the. When are you I thought I was counted as possible or self and iron overcame our self too. I did just had a baby. This leave her self told me Nicky sped on him you say, caught his arm was voted out would sell to write and they had. Actually
on any posted where manhood face as and where did in another female rapid won't make me like you. You oh no way in a city and we're look a child rasta at a clue showing that they look like a thick kid asking for job China get ahead? I will give you a jack, your daddy, daddy, you Jane How was he may arise, as you mean going in its aim, erect gotten anything around awash abominable gwynn, unlike Goin, unknown guy hidden, but then she said why you wait till I leave our guy somehow grand, whereas women me Abbe back tomorrow. Uses was just Ella. Well, you will remain better and broke. Look at the scraps of vh1 when you that my album and just say the best thing ever you how's waits, who emotional met. I M glad I give ya how ass no drappin no hug nor to threaten their medicine. The only body, lurid red dragon Mickey you got some hungry ass to thrash out like a threat. You got a good I'll write making a good hour, malignity them Catherine DJ.
You'll, stop playing. You recognize, DJ self respond it. He said. Well, there you have it and they asked for hug for a job, too, is as a high. She fell back to lose Similarly, I never knew she had issue and me we only speak when she has a price job, and by that I know where my relations with her clue ass. It do a job dj, so she declared without whether in a room? I wish you not. I have no clue What is more, I only have what does Mariah, Linda both shake up to say about all these still ocean. Starve them. A violin violin term, rather merry play with small, can use their carbon. Your hairs on waste distracting Berlin Acceptance angel phone, for, after all, others being hosted make even now. What's up a whole time, you one crazy how you disrespect. When was help so many people to advance and elevate their career, but I can't think of one single person that you have I've heard stories from Safari, but now I see for myself
real life corneas, bit the same way you said of Josie, say get both self, don't even got to say that I am always are for him glinting? Who knows you didn't egg winning the girl like combat what I love O Reilly right, because you gotta get some threats and see posted them were island. Yes, people share detained a number people like every tardy. Without this you call, I got a nose yuck. All I got millions, so you want to talk reckless said this will crack due to eleven hip habitual? Did you know that this guy's Millward all his last night. Man, I didn't see, minded attitude. Is more glass may well you're learning a nice play by play. I didn't like the threat lay like you know. You know Nicky cabin opinion. Self self could have his opinion on Nick you, but when you say I got
We and worse has not come up they're, not as that. All in all it ass. The prior all details go for my board trying to stop playing a record on watch on absolutely amazing. Opposition also have a conversation with everyone thought you haven't: eaten daisy over always opinion now, if itself Some fell and disrespectful than years all good, but not always opinion. If his opinion is this now all of a sudden, you will see somebody to come see him now, but I may have a convict. Well, today. Hope and Nicky didn't mean it that way and in no Nicky I don't think she meant that way, but if she met that way, you damn right in every dj. Honesty should establish. You'll come a little commitment to my own up, but you will come soon because of his opinion is something else than ye. I gave him that his opinion now right. Well, let's make a sound
see about me with Ngos and others want to salute MAGIC Johnson today, because today's his birthday having read the mountainous areas and people of dimension him. The great of we would all like to talk about him in one of the greatest MBA players of our time, and you know, he's got nine m, Finally, one five at him and he played one or one against HIV and be dead too so dramatically bud added Mattel yet anonymous. I ride with. Thank you. That's your room report is one of the genome, brick to an occasion. Britain is undervalued, Charlemagne instruments aimed at the other one internet, negative note said it you know my magic of all other. I don't. I don't think that ITALY will go to her way. What day is that a threat in Europe in an alibi for sulphur levels yourself, your subway feel differently. If you feel the political one and Dj D station Any decision that I'm all our just encourage artist anagram can replace the music
we get our people's choice. Michel revolt will see to more. People shows mixes up next, and people want to hear our market. And I would invite you to listen to a new podcast from the Dodo and animal save my life, the dough, there is the most watch, animal storyteller on social and now it's bringing those stories to life in audio. Since I was a kid I, to rescue some of the most vulnerable animals now we're going about animals who have gone above and beyond to return the favor to the people they love on this podcast. You're about animals who have pulled people away from immediate danger or from the throes of addiction. One of my favorite episodes is a Pga and his dog clue when they met they were both recovering from trauma. Where they found each other. They also found the strength to face anything. It is fear of leaving the house and showing my after a real world, and here we are sending on his mountain just celebrating life here about a dog whose untrained
detects her moms cancer. Sooner than a machine can and a people who put herself in between her mom and an oncoming too. Listen to an animal saved. My life on our radio, app on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your day started. Trying to accomplish everything. You need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories and music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead, get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us. It's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world on the Iheart Radio, APP.
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