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Monday 5/22 - It is Monday so you know we had to give a listener a chance to do "Shoot Your Shot" and lets just say his shot was as if it never happened. Also, Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to a landlord who wants to wipe out someone that is "big" in hop hop. Moreover, after all the controversy of rapper Lil Uzi wearing a feminine shirt recently we opened up the phone to hear what our listeners thought about it.

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I love you Samarang Ratchet sit out become the most prominent when you asked earlier. Morbidly drama was able, showing people really was busy. Yo Yo Yo, Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo good Morning, Angela YE minded Andy Charlemagne. These data plan. It is my age Monday, back to work. We and you better energy on Monday that you have all week salute hit the ground running no need to wake up this morning. If you like is Monday, always me, no, its life be happy to have one. Ok, let's you could be dead right now, don't care that this injustice
in reality, this situation a go overboard and everybody awfully had a great weekend did, but you do Columbia, South Carolina Guzman for the eight hundred and three of the 20th anniversary of the Columbia Black Expo. You know doing what I do a lot of book trappin, so I did a moderated book event for my book, black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who create, and I did a signing and our Stephen Benjamin gave me the key to this city. Now her only delay or Sunday in early June. That fact that is a fact and open up should fully on Sunday coexisted amounts at his city. So congratulations about bag. Is it a messy Benjamin four percent? That's like I'm all day in Colombia Argument- and I are the key to this in nice now yet Congratulations! Now I was an abortion over the weekend and then just relax at home just show what the family, though, when I would the wife went on a date night without the kids, we just had a nice date, not net an expensive, just a nice little
after I did a family day yesterday. Could I never have seen. I never saw hidden treaties closing those on regular tv now lower ever so we watched hidden figures, the family as outlined in order to one Sunday now, every Sunday I watch a movie for that. I show my kid so first week was paid in full. You can't know Thank you all and what is more, as you know, a thing My son is, though time it was you wanna dated regular mom. Is your father is no doubt what she's talking we started attracted that drug dealers from Harlem gay is your phone just know that look their lifestyle? It's very fly now that that was the first week last night we wised boys in voting why the classic movies the attic, the first with let on Watch Malcolm MAX, what we're gonna do: Malcolm X Y boys and innovative or about away egg. I love boy motivated programme. Leaden modalities was poisoned adversity now, yes, yes,
No are you gotta show the minimal society almost autumn, all every moment in our group as a child watch it I'm gonna, show no matter what new Jack City where you live with me, you're, not gonna, be so. I tried to tell you in a minute: I'm showing them all knows, will oversee he's crazy darlin, the terminate a movie ease the honest wards, namely the rocky movies, but we still have not been next week is gonna be rejected. Batteries, kids! Now, as you know, to what is it, you see those movie further I don't matter, come apparently zones homey right, I'll, solemn industry. I rather watchful my kids that I know it was gate at all drug dealer movie went home, you cut it. Did the boys double? Oh, my daughter was oh, my god she was living. You tell me the truth or yesterday or today, Anyway, let's get this your Gregor from pay those. What we're talking about. We haven't had a bad down
tramp. He was an Saudi Arabia and, out of you guys, I am doing the traditional sword, dance nor that was awkward by was how you, what he s saying now. I guess he's trying to make sure he's good in the Middle EAST darker It's all that when we come back, his goose bombs is Travis got is to breakfast locomotive. is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we oughta breakfast club back to the work we did some one day. I thought Travis got here college in Insupportably, I'm talking about Tiger was norm broke China show,
fine things in life, even those who could afford. We want untidy camper, looking Travis taken at its report later gonna drop, wanna clues bond for target them mean Travis got my time. I will give a friendly knows: it's not the same thing. I never saw NBA play off now. Boss delete the calves last. They want a lever, went away the casual up by twenty four nation deathly once again as a guy's, a game and you ve got it within twenty more like a mean that acts as a Thomas was out at all. For short, it will remove any was again there was. No game is not even worth now ass. It was a good game found within play. Any came out Martha Music, like Rogersville changes of what happened here anymore today. Why haven't? They were twenty one, then all of a sudden table to the one in the third quarter? what emerges birth and he's got Fi was there that the doorway boys in particular, Europe go that's name. He is our bird elaborate pretty much. He was
my head, so crazy was pushing them. A rail was being a bully any just turn a game around any one. Would a last minute three point: seven. Gradually just to Boston. Now, let's talk Donald Trump, yet data travel, in Saudi Arabia and he was there on Sunday he's kind of changing his tune, a lad. I guess he wants to appeal to muslim people by letting them know that he is only against extremists. Here's what he had to say. America were much too how's our way of life on others, but the outstretched stretch our hands in the Spirit of cooperation and trust. I stand before you as a representative of the american people to deliver a message of friend Europe and hope and love. He has one of the Middle EAST. No damage, honourable Mr Swoboda has said, is not a battle between different faiths. Difference, x or different civilizations, he said, is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate
my life and decent people all in the name of religion, people they want to protect life and which protect their religion. This is a battle between good and evil, but urge you to generalise all Muslims in the process of which those yes, but she has historically done so they're, not completely. I've been wasted down which have been completely trusting, they said, is an attempt to set a new and more power. Devonian relations, but that, when speeds can I outweigh years of anti muslim rhetoric and policy proposal will be our job and knowledgeable even overreacting diversionary. What they do? holding with Fiji, I learned to advance that was Not all bad is really all you got hot showed what wagers Muslims in this country to go over there, you don't although you router, they go see John beyond. Lastly, Notre Dame student walk out. Yes, they actually was out because a vice president, my pants where's, giving their. Graduation ceremony commencement address, and there was a group that was
organised. There was protests in our lot of kids that were protesting. so they were rainbow colored accessories and salad, remotely analogy BT, Q, politics, but of course they will be were there who were floating, they actually Buddha people ever protesting, but it was peaceful all right well as front page news. Now get it off my chest. Eight hundred the five one or five or maybe you had a bad weaken. You upset you wanna very low bid, or maybe it was about There we can maybe at a great we can. Maybe everything was- was irey, eight hundred five. five one o five one if you're upset need even call us if you are having a great day, called us up Maoist rebels locomotive the breakfast? Is your job to get it off your Jas, whether your man, what we want to hear from you on the breadth of allowing this rigour, they were running around here,
maybe he's on the movie right now. There are no movement, I'm not letting you know. That's a fifteen year old daughter, lots of Monterrey unite now make no help at all from the real world not do away with it, and it does not. The real world is depictions of the eighties, and what are you talking to parliamentary about you? Ve been voted through a door every Sunday. I watch movies with my daughter in the past two weeks. Will my Sunday to pick the movies and I picked paid in full. employees and those in tomorrow's guide, you got a growing was around now right now you got J ball when I'm not your negro on, you can always doin autobiography Mako Mags family life is a good thing that the draft of a nation will get those we dared. Only we are born in all we will get. It owes an entire there. You there's a glass eels, a class. I would gladly have been growth in Europe opera allows is high. Allie. How are you are morning in the morning you mad this morning I M bad,
That would mean the guy who now baby I'll bet you a few cry I have found to be right. beginning with you, I wrote a book review by privilege, and you have my word just anyone here. My dear me, it I d, if you add either I used to go. There would be no dm. I wanted. You are now well hauling be when he will be available to have a one on one discussing with. Maybe we reiterated our review our union to date, and I appreciate that I don't wanna one Georgia when you will give us one or whenever you want to be ok, my region reach out to the people. Oh my g and will make it happens. I'm you spoke to me on radio on ivy. Yes, will you from? I am actually
ok, I know, but I live in New York, now broken God. You bullion almost argument. If you would have I no way. Thank you very much don't have a go more, any user. Tell him. Are you mad or tell a boy you blessed? Eight hundred five, a five one phone call us right now is to breakfast club the morning. Breakfast is your job to get it off your chest, whether your man, what we want to hear from you wanna bread allows, is love. There was ok mom and why you management mad, because I had a long and war because I'm tired amidst Charlemagne in Colombia about them. about embarrassing about bad, though we are glad like buying my way through the gate, the black along here, and it was no good. It was nothing like last year about man about that. We left there. We went to a mere arm and thought
right now, so it was a great. So I will do it mattered. So my voice, and though after the show must be the one time need em and all that, but we did not above the two about with the ban and the poor. funds are not on the well ruby. The birth rate has got to be one, you look like going on about waiting for route rovard, whoever guy you go up. I saw your boyfriend I'd like to help you now go on back them up whereby forgot embarrassed. I walked out the bus, as far as our common, but they are faster to Ireland. Does she have second there? How much of that year, Wasn't there? No, you did not, because you live and anti paid less than half an hour ago. Listening ok thought, while my boyfriend's, what you can to focus on above any less than on power, hoping
around the blood and either I forgot you in your purse. Here has value that opened the door opened the door. Please open its talk of land and now remember ever, but none of us will you felt sorry for me open the door, a daddy in I'm. Ok, I'm gonna be day. He began an uncertain him. I come when you come back at me, a random boys out now I gotta go and senator Matt? This is a man, it isn't grazes design and I do love him about that Although the environment now gone about glowworm about her and bumper happen at the moment, there were to blame me: will you shall we Well, I don't know what to do with his all over again, whose buzz wasn't propaganda.
the family, nor does it make dear mother, did their show. How do you mind now you gotta? Look, I'm not like you can! Robert ran out and the family, get it all ban. How old is he forty six, oh yeah, being William did as your big dear mister Mc Gowan remain at all I thought you were the White Marty in Colombia. There was then conclude, my guy Chris. They would be able to talk about you deadly to all young people, to a buzz, Mama, went on their return. My blame you, don't you ain't gonna get off that was left a report that was an though I didn't you then went on. I want better, oh god, I don't know about mom and everything at all on my family, that right,
thought he could occur. I'm meeting the equipment for use, even the bushes I did not gay- starts to do more Agnes Ebusiness towards is no single integrity, remodelled Zaga fat on a better man than I don't know. Maybe I don't know draw grace is good news. We raised The golden river rules, Buddha Mugen, allow me route at me, Jesus crazy. We get rooms coming up. Well, yeah. I guess we do we're gonna be talking about the billboard away, as that was happening last night, that was in Vegas We make our economy that guy you Vegas. Are you a Vegas? I didn't realize the billboard. Words were in Vegas and I will be talking about your daddy as well another time to say they even have a some issues with his home according to pass it on
God? It's all that when we come back, keep a lot is to breakfast club. The moment the breakfast. This is the with Angela close, listen about music or words were last night and Drake broke all kinds of records he made history. He actually won thirteen awards now, prior to that, the most of words in one night, a dash out west from Adele, who went well away back in two thousand twelve, so this year, Drake when thirteen. Now, what did I mean about rigged endogenous anymore? Why hasn't been doing them and quite some time? But I guess this when he felt like he needed to be looms, wouldn't dare tell you gonna give me thirteen I'll show and gotta go now. Ten of them actually before they show, is televise in any one three during the actual televised part of the show. Here's what you said when you went to accept his avoid we're all your on earth for a limited amount of time and we gotta show law. While we hear so tonight. I want to say that whenever Huggins Europe incredible tonight, I want to say ludicrous. I know we have always seen eye, but I've always been a big Vanier man. I've got a lot of love, ya, gonna! Let you not our face to face! Well, I'm telling you! I want to say that even I am so glad we found our way back, because I love you and I could never have. I ever see it and I want to say that a way if it wasn't for refuge, none of us will be here tonight and I want to pay my dad got on a public purpose. Shoes draggled already followed Vanessa then liked her pitcher. By the way he knew smash a guy. I ve makes it so public, though I gave you, give your shot, analyse these drugs. You and legs you can you still get. Somebody will still given have a whole lot more from the billboard musical worth about this morning. We have the clear what would lose set about Drake when he was on the breakfast club to worry we'll drink. You said that you feel any such a name and then how, by now, he said you landed musical attributable to the argument. You know I don't know how you know was crazy, as I think it is a little bit of a true story behind his girl at the time, with all due respect was probably doing a little bit more than that. But there is a true story and I think that's why I said it in against IRAN. So in at the time I didn't even know that she was. You know. I guess you know here who are no longer allowed to grow man. My goodness is partly the now at no absolute. We did not know. I would like you to put any movie smash mugger over. My now read is London meeting the armory care that this point back any date, I'm sure a media, the waffle coming Negro likelier could hold onto the pettiness. Well, congratulations to Drake insulin, damper formed. It was it's funny than of every of tight Kanak. Also some people, the clang, so that happen and Jedi went on stage. It would have been big ease birthday, so here is awaited biggest forty fit birthday, bad away so prevalent on stage and here's what he had to say they change day may about the ever bigger was the best read by ever had a chance to work. We were served in a worse journeys way. What is the reason? Why am I here tonight, because tonight intraday is vigorous forty birthday about your biggest puffy set on line after that they showed a document he said on line and not on the widest lines by me, somewhat visa,
I don't want. The crisis would have looked like the phantom. I want a phantom and I don't even want either one of those cause, but does that not all the definitive sounded good? We said it's not like you know any the work ten times our data and share by the way. I think that the I kind of, like you, know, she's. Seventy one years old she is at all. She turns semi way. Is that all over the world again, she said- and I can do a five minute plank of sharing the tall with the black along. I got you Babe Sonia, so I thought you was older organ boss. I share the women's my she looks great by the way incredible but Mozilla year. That is your room reports. How do the other one o o lady Betty? Wasn't me? Many were very well by almost nineteen o. Almost pouring everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We oughta breakfast club was given some front page news, the last
in the Employ of Boston, beat the calves one eleven one o eight. Never calves will up by twenty one in the third quarter to deaf. We should once again last night most and came back more similar. Good. I didn't have as a time as they were in threes, Boston, plead hard and therefore, of course, I'm Angola saluted him because this really pointless to play hard because they macklewain affairs fairly desire deeply hard because they want to congratulate, settles, got out anything I want to say we see the, but they played out, don't think they're gonna win, you there's not as, and I think that's a pretty showed that body that's a nice attentively, nine o clock. The worries for dispersal will see what happens with that game. There was talk about the driving times square. He s a dive in times square. Twenty six Ro has told the new posts in an interview while he was in jail on Saturday as no memory of what he did that killed in eighteen, oh tourism, only twenty other people even only six year old Navy that- and he said he basically just
What did you see the video footage? You didn't even believe? No man could be him. He said he had been trying to get mental helped said. He asked me how before him, he said he had tried to mimic help in the days before the deadly crash happened. He went to a veteran centre. He spoke with a mental health counselor. He they told him they would. He would call Monday and somebody Monday, goodness gracious, you know he was arraigned Friday and charges, including second degree murder, he's being held without bail. Now they said he had glassy eyes, slurred speech and he was unsteady on his feet. He told police he had smoked marijuana laced with PCP for later on. In this interview he said he had no recollection of any of those statements. He said he does. That is why it was late with something and they are doing it s a they will have those results within the next few days. Whether naturally jars doesn't appear. If you remember depends on. If we remember, we remember ok, but so you need to have the same energy when you hit gas that you have before you give says, if you want to have a place to get mental, to get some help. Mental health, whatever was a veteran yeah.
Say come back on Monday, that on a crazy. No I'm coming for help that them having problems that might, I might go a little crazy and then you say: ok come back Monday for them, We probably need a weasel users should get off her now, as her motion man's speaking out about any saying that he's a Navy veteran who had a tough time after a service, he came back with a drinking problem. His friend said: don't make em out to be a terrorist is something he served his country, and when he came back, nobody helped him the order. As always sad. I hate the fact that you know veterans go off the worn and you come back. The American, a homeless and stuff like that, but the remain committed, a crime, I already had problems, he probably never get he's not gonna, be commendable. Murder he's not gonna get connected. America he'll probably go to a crazy housing. They'll do some time, a couple years now, baby, don't call it a crazy national institutions need have no fear that a is not fair. the family is now affair, but he tried to get help. He served his country an easier, pretty fuckin head. He needs help needed help. India, equipment
and still getting cancelling the lack of rigour, I would also draw me down a chump was in Saudi Arabia over the weak, or you show me him there's an all Margaret. I put it on sweated soon. If you want to see what it looked like, a traditional swear dance, but he had some things to say because he's always had a really tough stance, then has had some really negative things to say about Muslims and the latter anti muslim rhetoric and propose. In China Mesa? No Muslims could enter the country at one point. He had proposed that and he still trying to get this travel ban. ass. I re well here is part of his speech. America were much too pose our way of life. On others, but the out stretch our hands in the Spirit of cooperation and trust. I stand before you as a representative of the american people to deliver a message of French.
and hope and love to daisies I represent nearly all american. He will give you never let me in number two. I really think that the whole thing was Photoshop and I think that with the greens green is easier than ITALY. No, I refuse to believe tat. It was really well yes described as one of the world's greatest faith, any club for tolerance and respect for each other, he's headed Jerusalem. Today, this diamond, you may remember what he said about Muslims the same when I got remembering what run argument adequate like That's the guy. Just try to implement the muslim men. I've been trying to implement a monument was going on it best front page news when we come back shoot your shot. That would give you an opportunity of this somebody you want to holler at maybe somebody you work with. Maybe somebody you just see me: you want to give him a chance. You wouldn't give her a shot whatever it. Maybe we'll help you out. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one or you can His email is breakfast club, a Gmail com,
it's time to shoot. You shall issue to the breakfast. Want change, don't mess? It up method of mess it up method. A well was gonna broke a now you about the future shags planes to people. Why you want to shoot you shot with a young lady, so I met this my girl, my boys wedding. The USA fly. Many forty plus I'm sure and obligatory. It's ok yeah. My boy just got married wasted and like one just from his bride side in one of her friends,
She's really fly. We headed off, which talk about how I fly. The new tribe, album was normality. Ideas at the angle, nice Oji conversation right right, right rights. Were it not for doing a dance, easy, I'm sorry, we were told. Why do I know why I love it? I love it join our thing, and I said so we shall I go stay connected with, will keep in touch, but it's been like couple weeks like I'm Strada get back what to wear them. all so. Basically, ya had a nice, though situation at the wedding reception and you haven't spoke to her sense. I feel like like right now, two times just go for forced to wake loud and try to reach out their cholera. Anything before this
about busied arms. There were more like how do you know she they call you back. Your wife was trash me. If you want might have been transfer, you know my whilst I then you got a kiss a nothing which is dancing in good conversation about me, was warlike peaty thirteenth issued out. Let me gotta, you gotta, give us more details. Was Fiji? Thirteen I shall let you touch her breasts illegal work, putting up a little bit like you know about it all my body, I hurried dance in having good conversation. Is she let you just touch a boy you're gay, for it just wanted to want to put that Cairo less clear for the first time, and I am disappointed in you that this is your first time reaching out. If you had such a great time out of it it's on meat aplomb trials by DR salvage. You have thereby back. We don't call
I got up how long ago was problem on everybody's dj envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we oughta breakfast club or in a memo, shoot you shot. We have will all of food and he's about to call a nigger. hello, hello, Gimme Hoover yeah. Well, I'm a member made as well, where we met my boy, Jason's wedding, Jason endeavours. We're talking to each other, you would do in the wild Johnny Job, a little bit better Oh yeah, how you doing I'm trying to remember the wedding. Honestly I was probably was at one time. I drank wait two months. What's up, how might look
I just want to follow up and be like Miss Turner, hollowing himself like what's up with you like. Maybe we could now. need a rendezvous a little bit about a year I see I'm an unrelated and I'm a little mobile phones are meagre with breathless club. These are you obviously yes, Yellow mean God man may will was talking about. Our ya was vibe into tribe call quiet any kind of hand. I abide in everything we know it is whether this was a drunk all curve is this, is this? Is daylight done right? I did you have any type of failing to ideas remain. Only remember him, honestly. I think I would, if I told you, you won't lose track of your out a memorable laugh
sooner remembered. You hear that may arise explained that it gives little app is though I was like Demille rocketing seventies. Ladies night is our right. Maybe nineties, Kay and if you had a good wipe, it was a good maiden call, but clearly his wife was tragic, didn't attract any member of the opposite sex specifically. Make us a you in a serious, serious relationship boy, you disdain ere, they live there, I'm a man for four years as you weapon with somebody else, He wasn't there Numa robot our wedding by yourself. Do you now Actually, I've come out, you feel is come out used. I wonder when it can be your day, we'll digitize gas natural should remember Don't know, I'm gonna go now right. Now, if you don't remember going beyond as you wildly trash cardinal you good morning, the way you got a nigger this morning to try to kick. Dora was trash like this.
Saint Matthew, billboards, angrily and write it. Like Google dangling I used are: what are you terrible wake? I gotta go on more Attica, don't wait! What was going on down like you and released if so, why were you like doin it back at me? I knew you'd, just love and gas. Nobody in the second- you don't remember you don't remember your name, we're sorry. We bother juicy mourning for being able to try that you ve been a leader of a trial conquer. Did you play in our games? You naked Tsar guy, we'll have a black day good next time. No, the girl named we'll get a knock knock Erika body, whereas up another door dog. Don't I gotta go. I think my boy, I ve, got a tattoo interbank doc.
My eyes Charlemagne be quiet. Let's keep going. We got through his own way. To move with the breath is global warming. Everybody's dj every age will ye Charlemagne God we are the breakfast club national You told me about a new showed us all stars, physical. What is the new show based off a book? I read a long time ago, called american guy, don't really like too many fictional books, but the book got recommended to me by somebody, so I read it like a few years ago: by Neil Gaming, got. American God is getting on a tv show me. How did they get tv so go live up to the book, but the tv show that athelings start that our father besought Dhaka. You watch I'll check it out over the weekend. I'm sure you watch the gay scene when the guy has sex with the God is like. I don't know if the guy that put your God or demon gay and it's hilarious to me. I laughed I did and dad left the battles for me. Ok, Well, let's gives it a rule. Is the throat body
the Reul report, Libretto Club Nathan, revealing elaborated things about his staff, in particular just recently this made the news he talked about. Why she doesn't like opera led Daniels enter parry eyes, he tells the whole backstory of what happened. With her and oh Brad check it out for pushing. Alchemy conversation about how we dealt with our families, how our families will try to bribe and take action. It was awful every get me and my mother were not only good terms. I say to that: right now, there's really bad, I'm going through it. She sat understand she. Now says anywhere in bed conversation Martinique, I'm going to have your mother on the show, I'm going to have your father when the shell, sir, that's great, I guess he feels eggs
Oprah used her molestation to create, shall content, and there really device the family! Well, since you said these things openly about Oprah apparently Daniels. She said she has spoken to one of them here's what you had to say- and I am saying with your first calibrated glum and I'm gonna- get there by the credit with credit, is: do we data guy last night and we all want to be the folks say. This is why I want to say you know: four brothers sisters debited pick up the phone and we did have a conversation. I say brother, you know that the leaden no better go, and yet we going to solid very better than me and among allow a mega much saying this is an emission of guilt, seems like his emission ago because of somebody Land is me because they say I did something wrong planet autumn, and I know I didn't do anything wrong in them and what the middle finger to tat. They laugh you, but if you actually did
some of that person menu You gotta be like hey barrier ride it take a down, presents limit. They do something wrong sometimes too, and instead of just holding a grudge against somebody, calling you out on it in an open uncle yeah, I'm pretty sure she's not now more liberties. Homes have been robbed, Michael, be joined in his house guy broken into a few weeks ago. they had. They said he still hasn't revealed all the things that have been taken from his home. So they can't say what number one number of that Money or how many items have been stolen, confuse what I did when I have cameras and alarm systems. I mean some people do it. Michael Jordan has the gun, and after some seeing a window. Nobody was home at the time. Is it it seems to be pretty random nest, dizzy. Tom was also burglarized and they said the house was partially ransacked as well and that's all because he was out of town I guess people knew he was celebrating his thirty fourth birthday in Vegas great time to break into somebody's house.
Broke into a rare door and deputies did respond? but he was home at that time. I owe you attention seeking God or social media now, the time to make video smell them Some recent faded to broken and Michael Jordan has any these boxes how would you that what you think I would like with them for a while, you gotta love to get attention from Stu, provided that this is a good one. and actually moment. I about little. With the very end little yeah audience is basically the way that they dress because they ve been getting a lot of flak. We ve seen how little the various been dressing little gaddi as well, while tank says that he is utterly disgusted. He said I ve met seen so many grown black men speak out against young black hair fighting to earn a living and is already difficult world. Yes, there are different was so was MJ. Imprints ya still celebrate, though, men highly with no thought to their differences. The crazy part is that these kids They represent positivity, so you think just cause they don't fit in They just differently is no reason for us to.
So why don't you act like they didn't clown friends back into the inner margin Bedad clown in France? Yes, you never be. Will clown Andre tee thou than I view? Would they always did? That is nothing new nets. We have actually have audio Lucy talking about the shirt he will you get along bag. Last somebody word infamously four hundred sir. You didn't response today. It will take us feminine. You know what it is like. Another saudis fabrics before was sustained. Of love race to well. I was raised to be out so yeah like science. they are about. Such revision is history when it comes to the authorities to do sketches about point in clown in four walkin around is ass, cheeks out? Ok, when you to wait on page where you do, I wonder what will you do to be allowed to operate so? Is it ok, we're about as I'm asking everything's? Ok whenever you don T have enough time and energy to be worried about what the next person, wherever possible, you era, when all possible o forever
doing the Chanel campaign and supposedly women's bags and he's promoting those. Young dog has my purse of infringing. of the bridges positively to ask it. Is it ok, I say now you have to I don't get your personal inside an individual, you do whatever you want with you. One thing I like about them: young boys Saguenay Paint, youth, damning forty and you still sat on your red draw out. Otto said Matvey Adult they wait. A size is fitted. Hang in there s a cry, I will I and that's your room, a report or a big. Missy buds stamp signal. My ass make me feel now, but you walking around the room sang and all day, I'm day human resources be until they maleagans manga. Ten gave me still out there with public, thereby you have ten cases really what it away. I don't think he's either dogma that we give it dont. Do it, because only
there were many identity is close to Why don't you dog you today lack avoid young man named gas? Scott workable? ok here, the landlord in Brooklyn. We need to talk to him. I was born and donkey gavel day for Monday May. Twenty second goes the Samuel Berkowitz. Now you all know Samuel Berkowitz Easy, the landlord in Brooklyn, ok, one of his properties of Brooklyn, building on Bedford, Avenue and Quincy Street now What makes this building so special? Well, inside of this building is a moral of a man who would have celebrated his forty five birthday yesterday, Christopher Wireless.
Aid in the Tories. Biagi Travelin clues bombs would react. If I have to explain to you in the Tories, Biagi, Asia to Young in a story is not for you, but those of us who are of age and grew up on Biagi and understand his greatness, and you will understand why the landlord slowly getting donkey here day will first of all his moral was created by Rocco, on our Lou saw brother via campaigners, dynamic, compromise, nothing and Skype Zimmermann Creators of the king of N Y see moral and they put a poster, is too grandstand every year on year old. What am I saying? Moral? Ok, ya know what I mean is affixed terrain. Is that a guy? It's ok and they put opposed on its grand saying over the past year they have been. working real hard achieved is what does it mean? Miro New best selling off a drop one of clues bombs to me, dammit, okay, with the landlord Samuel Broker, which has other plans he the landlord always calls.
N Y see inside their neighbours are complaining about. It mural yes in the crowded, attracts okay according to spread out and why see Samuel Burgos told them four months ago. He will be doing Russia now be damaging the mere era and are you will be opening windows on a war to increase writ profit by five hundred dollar? Also and spread out in my city of five thousand dollars. Was they plan to gather from the community and fans not open the windows, but that awful the client in a court spread out N Y, see Samuel Berkowitz cannot offered by thing. You want twelve. Fifty a month to keep the mere up ok. Now, Samuel Burgos doesn't care what I think. In fact he asked. Why should I keep it at all even see the point of the discussion I could the miles to building. If I wanted to, I don't need no permission from anyone except the deal be Samuel. Hu, it is absolutely right, is his property. If you want the picture, Biggie up,
take it down, but when you ask why should you keep it up, and I fully understand that you don't know don't show in don't give a damn about the culture? Okay, so. its piggy It's always be. I in its Brooklyn, Ok Biggie Small Brooklyn aright. And that means is that too many things more brookland ambiguous, more Brooklyn, Biggie, more broken and I think that they have not always that many things vacation goes too far. Who is gone? the cultural translated at Tell Samuel Burgos, the importance of Biggie small. The tell tale sign saying that shouldn't just remove this mural rough era, okay, it's because of the large crowd that gathered to see it. That alone should let you know hey. Maybe this guy meant something to the borough, but I don't really mean something to borrow. You meant something to a whole culture of people all across the world. I know people are thinking one thousand two hundred and fifty a month, paid at these eating paid at you know.
you're right. We just saw him. Are you know, as one into one form of this day guided? But here the thing they shouldn't have to pay a right said should simply be keeping is up because it's the right thing into Europe, and Lord landlord should do is best for the community in tenets of the building of the community. Loves it keep it up. The community is allowing you to peacefully existed, so let the Merle They write Miro mural peacefully against ok, not dimension Glenn has become the land gentrification agreed. You see me to keep elements of the old Brooklyn up around you they they pay homage to a less healthy, a moment. In time. Samuel Berkowitz, think about the biggest music, a movie star. You love multiple that by a hundred and that's how much beg you mean the Brooklyn? That's why you should keep it up Samuel! Ok, do you want to go down in history as a landlord that ruin Brooklyn be the landlord? I decided to do the right thing for the culture. If you to go today. Well, you have to give you
these sweet Sound Hamilton's, that's why they went away and when I think one thing- and I just want to say it will be one thing: if you wanted to add these windows and how to get rid of it, but he saying he could keep it there if you pay, no it's not even that he wants to add these windows. It's just then he went some more money to burn gives them workers, Sweet sounded hammered out with you. You know ah ha the petition or changed at all to do to save the big mural and the bricklayer opposed it, something if you go in there instagram. They can tell you how you also competition and where I'm getting this mirror to stay here. We want to make it a landmark. Would you is and would you should be in would be
can be better than ever want to get too often. Dm off point is the principal ok, directly I give it I dont get a day. We have some other great big in euros in Brooklyn to an already bass. It too has a nice one. Now, we come back. Eight hundred five, eight five one thousand five one in the room is early. We were talking about little lil. There was a give him online people were going crazy about now he was allegedly wearing a blouse. legibly northern allows almost as it allows us to learn. Affrighted is worded in me. I don't know what a pleasant sweater it's. What, then, is what it was. A blouse aim is pictures of young thug he's wearing a Chanel bag is actually performing on stayed with the Chanel bag. The women, Add the girl, your bag as well. Go you up by one year, ochre so were asked eighty five, eighty five one o five one is. Is that ok? Oh you guys. Ok, with wit, you know your baby rap is wearing blouses and pack looks so we just that judging these kids into say, okay, this is just an. the era of how young people
Yes, now, young man, they're gonna, make you look. If you look at it, you ll, aggregated generation, dress like girls right ray knowledge. Innovation pride as dress like books. My as does the truth to the There is used to wear, make up and we're really tight leather pans with their shirts open right, and do all of that. So I ask an eight hundred five. A one off. Ok you call with with your friends, rapid wherein heels blouses impact books. Call us up right now is to breakfast Logan. The breakfast club. Everybody is the J Envy Angel ye shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club now we're taking your calls. Eight hundred five five one o five one coming out of the room was we were talking about. Little owes you ve people were talking about a blouse that he was wearing right and we will also talking about young fergie, recently perform nor stage wearing a pocketbook anywhere dresses
a war dresses and pass away asking you call with. Is it ok what you guys? I don't care what, though young boys do they accuse I'm a groat as madame messing around, invest in time and energy to what they? Where do I like to see men looking feminine, no but our mind my business? I will say this though there has never been an era, have part well pocket of hypocrisy. Didn't look, Did you look feminine nodded honoured the thousand used to gauge for his love. People would ask if he was gay, see low war. Damn web address gold Any old video from United in terminal brothers. Didn't look ridiculous, this air to genes to take the nineties the clothes to big? I saw a picture from the ninety the other day. I think it might happen all desert storm picture. You, Joe Biden, fabulous coup. Am I what would I hide an aging he had made for no real ass? I would alter the six pack for no reason. No freedom come on. Let me ask you questions the agri, which rattle carried away. What you wanna, where you want to feel free, feel free mill, free, be free, be free, banality, actual question right: you have a son you're, not
so you had us not. I was the theme isn't what I know is that I don't want my Sondra than like. That's how I look like I don't care what anybody else with, but now my son comes home and he said that I want to get their new possible guilt. Ok, I like the way rapid. Like others, I dont like men. Look unfeminine unfounded minded is presently listen. If you're gay and natural thing- and you decide you want our your across dresser as you cool, but have you claim to be a great man? you know you from an island yourself that then- and I greatly evoking Latvia appellation people get away with a pretty well, like you know, tank mention prince deafening. Used aware loud my dad used to buy. You know it's funny when I was growing up, they didn't
I never even thought about that. I just love glancing about a prince wherein he'll never thought about it is about. Our laws are still print, is doubly music produced a cloud eleven color would make sketch the prayers zadig those big here- bands and how these have the big he's. A lady s brain have make us line role. I re getting about go! Look at all your pop videos. Remind you, go look at all tat, video in and after what the hell is wrong with them right all right. I mean what a great whether with their hair allowed, it would wear a shade. Would one lines in aid like you, we everybody, I crazy, fastens David. The goal Fang agree on what you do. What you want to do now fashioning a lot more sense, but it must not come on we're in a blouse oilseed Gaea, hey Mommy. Can I borrow your blausser heels out. I know what I want you to become permanent the same size one sooner and he was addressing energy issues, direct willow, stupid
we're gonna, run a blouse, a walking around a bullet proof vest everywhere you go, one of Dahmer blouse. Now. What do I rather the blast? The bullet proof that you liberate people want to kill you right, look much free and a blouse joy. I would rather where blouse, though, we have a low this rocket. Rocky. How do you feel about these rapid we're blouses pocketbooks women's clothes, they become view of man. I mean. Let's talk about, you know back in the day, people when you know he'll do not what you're not over costumes at that time, these kids, So, where are you making excuses? We are delighted to have their eyes days performing you know, young lady, I personally was performing little uzi. Very just got off stays in that outfit. You make it. Is you re air? What makes you think that day was in costume
The guy now are below this personal data, what do you think favorite rap is wearing blouses impassable sister. It now ok, Oh man, leeway and blood is impossible. I think it is one area toppled. The older generation can serve as an example and whether you have your Bavaria has show them. How do we do about addressed when they go? Look at all produce it wasn't? We had all sides, forty eight genes, and we will sized already for the waste. What years did the white man that, like they really did not weigh bloated and driven away those big deal like Jane, reload, big white, seven dealing with light brilliancy shirts? Don't you I have a five one. Oh five. What we're talking about your favorite rap is little owes you were young. There were impossible, as they will gladly much man. What do you think call us up now is to breakfast locomotive morning. Everybody is the J envy. Angela ye shall remain the guy. We are the breakfast club. Nephews join us. We were talking,
it will also vote in young men little over Looking about him. The last week he's he's wearing a blouse, and people are making fun of his blouse and say in its going a little too far. Young tha recently performed on stage where national pocketbook so were asking That's. Ok, you call with it ass. It was, I don't care what the young, while ignoring the young, nil outgrow it in it all, looks down money either way, if only you can only get away with this. If you are young, you can beat all was only. However, this document was young, go back and look at the way we use to dress, not twenties whether you trying to drive like above. Are you look inseminate ya, look ridiculous! I mean,
You gotta care about the youth. If you have kids, because you know I don't care, what any any kid does you oughta be free, be free member judge you just let your daughter, wife, Paden Food is we can shut the hell up she's only of tea. That's history! All right, don't ask! History is ok! That's what you want to start driven like a drug dealer from eighties. You will recall that no, but it must not come as a way to parliament. Leyla certainly does not one of your one of your son go to school, Aconite recall from paid in full amateur them. That's not it's yours! You without your God. You turn to monitor, not did not turn him. Oh, did you hear what baby for days and underlining call if Logan's that acting like a lot on the watch? It has more material that he's atoms programme lively, like o dog that would be incredibly low. There is the procedure when I was a man? What do you think about these kids when blouses implacable grow Emma I'm not waiting? Now? What did it all like alternative? you know back in day, we didn't red light
No, they might have made those performance clothes, but we weren't long called for an available to us in the market they paying with like Godaddy and base when they come out they flash suitable glitter all along. We can go back and repeat that different now, it will in the market and they do not have not brought young bear a you know. Anyone who likes to be like that in a european path at a european and they ve been dragged them permanently here in Europe for years have been for decades and I've never been American culture has never been a if I've culture any big out, but now they have been avenue where I can get. You guys got then dropped like this. It completely killer. right away. If you wanted to catch you Yeah, you page you couldn't did their backing away, went about Amazon cameras to walk around in pink. Thank far
we'll call it. I was reserved for women, but, above all, I believe that reserve women- everybody were pig, no after candidate. No very hey always want to champion got away by God. I like it was weird camera was way and pink effort. Can it was it's better? Did you think you're making excuses for yeah era and at a time when care more? Thank you, look crazy people for girls, Louis for boys Hallows is I don't do that patient? what do you think about you pay? The rap is wearing pocketbooks Houses live in aid to very young and trends. with every error men used to wear crop that chinese bill bottom paid a chain, letters what they went away and when they didn't know odor or where. I think that, although we have both been thing, let them be put right. Now, I'm looking at a parisian anew, Kosovars performer Friday, mercury and he is wearing a unit tired, while he's
days performing with the whole package and we say best, not hoopla, but I gave you, but we will always inclined to be of I've got enough about an hour after that, ways: a rock star, hello, this war closure boy. We for noise, gay men, born array, you ain't, blouses and president neighbour ale. Now, We think it I'll say how now lie. We await a baby. You know that on board, then what do you think about it? Politely, come on now than the mail it was too much. You know what I mean. thirty about Yankees, wherein it though it does it have you bodily. God cares not. I got his lot. Building already banned, I got all that. Don't got a problem because not burn down looked up one day Not only will you re doing your job at the farther end of your kid. Looking up, are you gotta? We offer you gonna, be ok, first, infinite, absolutely and ass. A thing
I think a lot of father, you gotta, be you kids, verse influence they gotta, be they gotta. Look. What they want to be? Like my daddy, I mean it they got the media. There was applied this weekend and it was a girl's party. My daughter into it, and it was one boy: did you not a girl's. Opponent are putting and mom put the boy when it's all too, and I was like I want, we wanted to tell a lie. Maybe you shouldn't do they want for many a business, it's none of my business right, I'm not for the feminist nation of the male in America, but kids are young and Stu change and I will tell ya: go look at any night. Oh look, I'm method the pay video and he's that would you have gotten on a on entering call of the wild hooligan. Looking ass dudes with the white contact lenses in it. Looking like that, all your eyeballs white and their hair braided, all crazy, would you have all right what smallest, furthermore, let em all the more.
story is where would you want? Ok, I got like forget the rules, if you like it, where it could guess what you don't look back out here, what young dog All them go gone back twenty years from now and say: damn we look ridiculous. I guarantee How do you do when you look at it? All pages absent, allow! Okay, so do I we all. Do we twenty of naval look back of a damn? Look ridiculous! I'm glad you like it s, fun, doing exactly right, you with our rooms, runaway yes, be taken about Venus and Serena Williams? Donating one million dollars would tell you to what organization? gyro rule being investigated now by the FBI. Oh boy, I will
into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast global, more Angela, his club, where people seem to feel their Nicky menage, whereas going at Cardiff be on her song. Swish swish were really Katy. Perry song Swiss wish now here is the verse that everyone is talking about. Camels lighters won't give me much wisdom. The another one draws no not was not about some make him feel like this. I hated them said I make them our right to do. There will do this work and we will correct you talkin about current B, where
could you may be the people a region up? You will just make of stuff on Social me in everybody, runs Winograd initiated this is actually about visas. Make me just get me my tax. My life is a movie. I'm never I've sent me a Miami goes no not offset by then. I think the railways and people also thought that was because KGB them posted this. Shortly after the sun came out. He is so vague. Your idols debt has become rivals and also where, because they, whether you gotta, be like dammit, I bids are used to look up. You are doing everybody started. Sweden cards will encourage ambiguous, dishonor call. You would disagree Himmler, because that was not deceive. Gotta come on right. So who knows, but in the examining human that has been donating money to help in India Building infrastructure, so she's been helping this village he said for for a year, and this is the kind of thing that makes me feel the most proud. The money, I've sensitive village in India for the last couple of years, via my pastor, has gotten them
you just answer Tailoring Institute a reading programme and to water wells. We complain about the most ridiculous little things. some people don't even have clean water blessing India, I work is far from done. I tell you guys more about my charity work in the near future. In case you like to be a part of it, love. Drop, one includes bomb making, and I have a good thing. I right now Venuses Serena Williams. I don't eating one million dollars to the eighty. Eight, the American Tennis Association, neither This even exists was because a century ago, the- U S, line Tennis Association, had a policy that bans african american players, so when the Americans in association was born, is about to celebrate its one hundredth anniversary and Venus answer, they're playing a major role in helping them cement their legacy. They want to make sure that african american african american kids get every opportunity to thrive and Hennis, so they gonna do a brand new location, their relocating to South Florida to Miramar and there,
They're gonna have a national training centre for young african american players. In the past five years they ve done events every year and more than three thousand amateur and junior tennis players and their families took part. So a lot of people really really credit. The success to african american kids playing tennis too Williams family, as well as to how much how significant was the rise in black, whose plant in his because of its history- and I love you- I got a hundred percent because they are definitely role. Not to allow these young surgeon out an air as some kids who might have never What about maintaining thermonuclear have ever thought of damn sure role, but I'd like to know how much you know me is having to tell exactly but how about betoken a program. So many programmes attic reinstall from tennis and when I was a kid it wasn't one tennis programme cooperates and, as is the case that we had to go into long island, which is, moreover, caucasian wide area to play. Tennis gladly tenants an ice goodwill, but we had to ask why SAM S, who examines private school, we do in Brooklyn sound. I right Jack
rule and Billy Macfarlane. The founders of the fire festival are now facing an FBI investigation, and that is for simple male wire and securities furrowed. According to the New York Times. It was supposed to be aid, who began long, music event and according to reports, obviously it was cancelled, the first day though millennials did not get the Instagram perfect Festival that was promised to them all. Employees haven't been paid or local restaurant owners says that Oh two hundred and thirty, four thousand dollars and all kinds of law. so now. There are one hundred million dollar federal class action, lawsuit, there's p people there are saying they didn't get their loans paid back. That's another three million dollar law suit. All kinds of issues so will see what happens with this FBI investigation as well she's, I write well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room. A report
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