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Friday 2/16 - Today on the show we had legend actor Bokeem Woodbine stop by, and spoke about his new project Unsolved Murders: Tupac and Biggie, black renaissance in Hollywood, the time Dj Envy was in a movie with him and more. We opened up the phone lines to give our listeners a chance to give someone "Donkey of the Day". After Charlamagne opened up about making too much noise in the bedroom in the Jeff Johnson interview and it is freaky Friday, we opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners were anything like Charlamagne in the bedroom when it comes to moaning and groaning loudly. 

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Here's something good is a new show from Seneca women and I heart radio. It's a great way to start your day on the positive side of life. In times like these, we may find ourselves worrying that even the simplest tasks will have a negative consequence, but here something good. We spoke to marry Johnson scientists from tied a detergent. We relied on four seventy five years in this episode. She shares valuable tips for how to do laundry in the time of corona. One last thing to worry about four: more tips and a coupon from tied go to tide, dot, com slush podcast. It seems like it should be easy, but it's not just getting out of bed and getting your days darted trying to accomplish everything. You need to do in your day that to do list as a lot easier when you're getting news stories in music to lift your mood and preparing for the day ahead, get connected to the things that make you laugh and make you think or make you want to reach out and share with a friend every morning with us, it's Elvis Joanne in the morning show listen to us on cue, one or two or anywhere in the world. Only I hurt radio app.
I gotta get back like a mega. Physiologist took all we got. No point has praised round. I will personally join a breakfast club, say some muddle bodied USA, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, it's right good morning, age, Lee Money, these anti! Yes, it is Friday. Data may detects yesterday that is my fourteen day detachment with the detox now. How goes it was refused
Nay? I was a really hungry, but I realise a lad activities. I do centre around eating right. I got to go me my friend I can, and I was like what are we gonna. Do is not why I can't eat or drink when God petty cures, but just throughout the day I was welcome. Pass a lot of food. Is that an even anything and as a man, you and your mail friend in particular, I can see the woman, I don't guess- and you know Akim Laudable- anyways I did that yesterday and then people definitely look like food as they walk past. When person turn into a chicken Laird Worley, you will get hungry by this day to MIT tax. So,
first first three days, they use it tough as an end. It gets a little easier Louise, but the first couple days is always rough and is now I got Jews clans, any it's. A real defects that I can have is cocoanut whatever snivelling dizzy and light headed, but it's gotta be pure organic, cocoanut, water and then I'm taking this distilled water in taking these herbal supplements under my tongue. Nah be, if you pass out we'll bosom real food in your mouth. Legal gate gives one a m envy. Why don't you do that? What who I saw any happy Chinese New year today is chinese new year as well. It is a year The dog guy does more harm than good zadig in going vital, ok forget it, but it is. The added happy Chinese new, happy Chinese, New year's Napster Latin allay all start. We can kicked off really yesterday, This is where he it got. A little crazy saw yesterday shouted Amigos damn egos party, they had a party at the capitol building and allay and then after a flow would sue
all alert. They had like a charity event at world of wheels, which is a real estate rings than we did that, and then I close it out with an event would, more in an a deed, is next topic stage. Next autumn performing it was caught adult next autumn. Those old lady Baden necessarily do well I mean they didn't do I don't think they rope. They didn't write pony right now, I'll tell you why I know, but they performed it. Ok, it's a big thing. As you know the day before, just in gazed out, get home to night. They before there s no time to turn those jobs Those are resident testing here today, a bunch of all those that I face any decent covers, yes, which was weird, but do based on Iraq is a shout. The next thing gonna kimono shows us it sure, so that was that day one of all, the crazy all start of anti last. There was also the global spin award new dynamic it. I was nominated six
this stuff that they did on air was tape. No DJ networks, Anastasia one! So not me myself now clueless I was the only way we will get many stations too, while New York station, I should say no, Dj is one I think, Callin one to award as United nominated six times in didn't win gazing at the grand Mozilla. You were going to say that refugees yet murmurs, but this with this in mind and also maybe I'll win in that, but I didn't go sir. I didn't feel as bad, but I know self didn't win a no coward. One too think Camillo shot him. He won one charisma out and allay she one one, and as long as you didn't go, not what you think here. I think that you are now really there. Because usually area is the illegal behaviour will be in the analyses kind of disrespectful support support. Your fellow dj chose to argue,
ok they're gonna make it is money continues to comment that I will ask it to show crack in front page news when we talk about we're gonna, give you an update. I know what happened and impact of Florida at Marjorie Stomach Douglas Highschool will give you some updates on. What actually happened behind the scenes from eyewitnesses and also rest in peace, they have identified many of the people who have been killed in also bulky woodbine will be joining us this morning. Now he he coast, in a movie with me years ago, in our view a little doubt that well yeah, I was still on the table. And I was the star. Yes, I was co star. Are you sure, Maybe maybe I just last week- and I like you in and out the Erasmus only partner pot opposed to get thrown histogram that was, was it. After that I wasn't on agriculture, starring role, I felt like a ghost. I thought I did a pretty good job. You had a role that you were not coastal, go out. We can avoid by might have been starring in a movie or where do a little kid you we have been
later in front page news is next people. Life is breakfast morning as far envy Angela Ye Charlemagne God we are, the breakfast club was gained some front page news. Fellas talk about. With UNESCO and out down Florida right after the day. Lee shooting. Anyway, seventeen people were killed and Parkland Florida. We are to see what is Donald Trump Gonna say or do about this, because gun control is certainly an issue because the color, Nineteen euro. Nickel is crews was able to get his our fifteen legally last year, so what, we're doing about gun control laws, while Donald Trump did address the deadly massacre, but he did not talk about gun control. Here's what he said. We are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health,
right so judgments are health is what he addressed now. One of the women Laurie I had never. Fourteen year old daughter, Alyssa was one of the seventeen people killed during that schools. Shooting had this to say, you say what you guys, you got a rather vague, days. I am glad that I believe to get done a mean. These kids shouldn't be able to buy weapons like that that easy, especially at a young age, because he still emotional, I mean grown ass. Many still emotional, and they have that much power, an assault rifle that can shoot forty five rounds per minute and just
Raising he had been reported to the FBI had been flagged. For you to come is that he made his social media. They were allowed opposed that he was putting on their about killing people gotta be enough for you to now be able to obtain a weapon they're, not gonna get. It was an avid gun owner like our own. Bunch of guns, but it is no way in Hell. Anybody should I often delight you're, not gonna shoot Doc, you not gonna shoot dear beer is nothing that you need to shoot. That's a military weapon that should be kept for military. You don't need that weapon. Yes, I have one, but I just have a cause I like, but I should need nobody's. You have that weapon and one of the people that will kill one of the seventeen people was a football coach Aaron face. He in the hero is protecting others at the high school. When that farmers do allegedly open fire, they said he was a beloved football coach. He was well known in the coming in the local community and he was there. I should bring kids into the classroom and he ended up as he was saving those children's lives. Getting
and there was another student seventeen year old, Junior ROTC student that help shield dozens of students actually coat and hat had training, and he was able to I share about sixty to seventy kids into a classroom and hide them behind a sheet behind a salad objects, and that was all because of his training that he has said that it could slow any both stone. So fortunately, they are made it out. I write a Manzella YE, and that is your front page news, nor I get it off you just eight hundred farms, five one o five. One of your obsession debate hit us up right now. Maybe had a bad night bad morning. You just need to vent or if you want to present positivity eight hundred five, five one, five one. You can get it off each as you could tell us why you bless full adds a wide openness to breakfast Logan the breakfast club. A pounding down. You're gonna, get it on the agenda,
you wanna breakfast, but, as is the case for a bit of work, must not broken off. He just outside is eleven artist net married to talk about anything better protected at each end, up in a poor thing here, therefore our back and urban community law, a vehicle with war, bad bad, guys mad. We dollars arbitrary, that life is a very rational air flat out there. We therefore plays a people needing a visa, the control not being a right for nothing, but I needed to keep with immense. Well, you know your. He cried run around
apart from what we feel in air period. No first of all, I remember our mental health is not really is white is black. Is Asia has nothing to do with skin color and also of you know, but he lost his parents. He was adopted and then these adapt appears die. So I mean yes, I do I go where neither origin bad it brought around while hearts braving gala pray. Don T prepared thought everything in our everywhere On that note were re like that. Burma is about where you re too, from the gate go missing, no matter. Where is a tragic situation that needs to be addressed and they have to figure out what to do to protect our casement, their school honour them and you re. We did have little detectors and in some of the schools, Pussy Norbert Community, Andrew Jackson, which was muslim School in Queens, have the first metal detectives, but we need to make sure our our kids or secure in high school in colleges goes just doesn't happen. A middle school, absent middle cohabiting, high schools and colleges
We just got to protect him better fellows. There is simply no one's gonna. Listen! I broke it reaches. Madam. I happy that a day for a man to make all sharing of mental health thing, and they were again is that Latin America thing all that Basle, no not receiving out a kind of a boy patches,
Linda body when they were going about. It really is being charged with seventeen council. Murder met with a deeply on the restitution of the mob flew out of it. I need not remind you of the GSM, bull gravity, the kid got a gun and he killed all these people. I mean, and I don't even if you look at it, sounds to me like as imposing things from a social media. They said that he is a racist, professional school shooter, so you know that is there and I think part of that disaster them. Looking into the background of things that he's been posting, there should have been red flags, for everybody absolutely our future as eight hundred foggy five one or five one. If you're upset you need event hit us up right now is to breakfast club, bemoaning the breakfast.
I got wake up or black. We want to hear from. You come this programme at the local level. I think, I'm gonna get her features were adequate data about what you said about the girl. You could you old friend, you also all operating throughout the ages. There, nobody thrown a girl, oh added. I found a crazy. No, I said I'm avid gun owner and our own a fifteen year old girl. I don't. I don't think anybody shouting and I think they are fifteen- should be banned. That's what I am. We feel why do you own it? I've gone you'll, be absolutely if they ban, and I absolutely will the reason I own. It is because other people owning I gotta, be able to protect myself. If anything ever happens, anybody everyone's miles, but if I know nobody, has that a or fifteen, not only out of you, like guns, should be better to make a personal will prefer to work and pay a pistol will protect me. I got a couple it also.
Ok abandoned the girl for people to get a few people. You can check that and drive and everyday drank it and drive all I wanna be items I just want to ban or semi automatic weapons, but what what do we need? A fifteen for everyone and entertaining lives are uneasy. Civilian doesn't need that able women. I really think it should be highlighted for people to be able to get guns. Any way to get licences to be able to obtain guns period knows very easily. Gonna have is again, we read in and no violent anything on your records and you could one which is crazy. Allows this money with Peter think he should get it off. Each have asked a question and trial of a comment with, but the leaden get bad and the above, pleasure, though I think their annual. I should have enough brought life over than you made a comment that you do have one Africa Cannon contradictory. Ok, let me explain. This explains regard before you. Approach is the age of fifteen. When I found out that when I see
the only shootings were happening and I purchase want to protect myself. That's why I purchase when do I think they should be ban absolutely if they ban it I'll give you the money tomorrow, but the way these kids and eighteen year old can have an AR fifteen and run up in my house. I have to be able to protect myself, and I can't protect myself with a BB gun have to be able to protect myself with the same type of weapon that they use in to possibly Rodney possibly hurt
family, a possibly anything. So yes, I have wondered, protect my family, but I do think that they should be banks. I don't think any civilian Asia, fifty bad that without either river. You are, I think it hit me than totally, but they try to get an has either lad combat. With the lack of clarity, I make another issue. I was a baby, rather limited degree should be banned, but if people are allowed to have him in somebody rodent runs up in my crib, I gotta be able protect myself with the same type of weapon it they use it against me all right, we'll get it off features eight hundred five, a five one, o five one of your obsession debate. You gave us up any time you we are rumours runaway. Yes, we are going to talk about Leubronn. He was debate you gave us of any term you we are always on away. Yes, we are going to about knowing why his money does it matter when it comes to his ways right, we'll get you On that, when we come back, he act is to breakfast locomotive. The breakfast. Everybody is the
J envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club, less control muslim talk, Lebron James. The reul report was glad. Now they ran was I carry championship running with a champion it with him in Kathmandu ran and he talked about that incident. When his house was the face back and twenty seventeen in Brentwood somebody's. AG his has with the end word. While he was away with his family, here's what he had to say, I'm a blackmail, a bunch of money and haven't a craven Brentwood avenue word. Nippers spray painter over my colleagues You know I too far removed no matter how far money or access Ah you become a life as african american man female there. Always shouted forgot away to. Let you know that you steal beneath him. You either
hey we answer that notion or uses chalk it up to say you know What I'm a pain over to guide them gaping, make it all right. Now it s a great attitude ripe. I right now, let's discuss the roots picnic that is going to actually take. It I say today, starting at noon, but that's gonna be happening June. Second, in addition, mortem musician suited to applaud care, suitable budget things, or if ever pack has days, they have a lifestyle stays with mad at an MBA to Cape Horn, him it just old fashion. I panels olive that they have a market but the headliners, the routes are gonna, be having their jam session, be hosted by day Chapelle with special guess and if you ever been to our roots. Jams You know you never know what might come through. Also on the music stay. There is little woozy birth dirty projected diplomats to change black division brain black die J period, fab and data case rhapsodies amidst the kid it's gonna be pretty awesome. Gold medal, he'd caprice, gonna, be there dj drama gangster grills, so get ready for all of that there can be no Yazzi.
My love I mean. I'm drinking is gonna, be there too, as well, so that you be fun, Congratulations to Melanie Fiona, her boyfriend, Woozy S, child with also actually propose on Valentine's day now he posted a picture, himself on one needs, as she said. Yes and she said that time you and can planned a whole fake family photos shoot as a disguise to capture my forever and making. So I guess you plan to Photoshop at them, like the real thing was that he was about to propose to her, and he did so. They had pictures capturing all dope, beautiful right, So an and Russia Wilson have posted pictures of their nine month old, baby, Sienna Princess the pictures were taken by him by Russia, Wilson any posted on their fan app. They have a fan, APP called trace me. So supercool pictures of. Their baby and George arraigned at Michael Black sins eggs she's. In an open letter, she says you found out that her
Wavering, Michael Blacks and seated on her with multiple women, and now she is talking to herself and other women? She says she will bounced back better than ever. She said is the last time I will address my ex. Let this be a lesson to ah last Valentine's day, I was engaged to a man. I've been with publicly but to an app, was three years or it was almost or was it almost four happiest girl in the world wrong later to find out that all of the DMZ vague acts leaving comments about him. Cheating were true not just with three or four, but with multiple women. Thanks to messianic blogs for export, in his de online and changed my life for the worse. So I thought then she goes on to say so as you can never do enough or be enough for a man when he's not mentally strong enough and has never experience a woman of your pedigree. So he said Beth she's a bit, I'm coming back like Sierra, tonight, I'm celebrating what my girls happy Valentine's day- love ya. Yes, I cast out on the ring Joker. There you go open letter from George Array, Michael Black since X, I made.
A year, and that is your rumour report. All right. Thank you miss ye. Now, when we come back, we go kick, it would act, a bulky team would by Eurostat. In a movie with him there You said it yourself, yeah toast, in a movie with him and I'm sure we'll talk about that so keep alive Okemo by when we come back at the breakfast locomotive. One in every body is the envy Angelo Ye Charlemagne girl. We are the breakfast club. We got a special guess in a building at the bouquet Woodbine and every seventy cents of video club of him in a movie with you alone of eleven years, no longer, maybe about a decade. I've heard him tell us about being in a movie. Would you like a hundred times? You hang can go about in a movie non, you didn't. I mean it was the row row row. Right now, you're you held his own. No, no idea! show bad acting. Do me a feel for me was a lot of heavy
I was an oil was come along different new nominated Anita, some bread sidle. I was not related settle down on my luck on these some red real fast that lies behind it, that it is true that the reason you got an act and because you wanted to pay for a tattoo indeed, indeed arm. I wanted to give Africa on which I was successful in doing and catching director passing director Jackie Brown Carmen, She was instrumental in bringing a lot of people want to do in real life, as it were an arm in all. She saw something in me. I guess she said you know lemme get information after a little extra job, and I gave him a math and then she call me a year and a half later solves nineteen in all still live in at the crab moms, not really pull my weight was. I was a bomb basically at home. You know she caught me at a at a good time and she asked me for once come down open call to tokens like one.
You down there. When I get back home. That was like all the money I had in the world, and I mean, and so I have to train the core even in an arm in all, went all the way down here and I met with as a block, a long story short after a month ago, and back and forth. I ended up plan in the gig now's. My first job, and it was the movie juice now strap juice was the US can juice afford youth yeah. That was due to a new managing director at youth and packaging and strapped cover our stance open over, like a million times, Besides, I do not know if they were talking about, he would lie ahead ever get lucky whereby it is here now the arrow. Remember you and youth you didn't see me economic gazelles, like Right now give you in a way they talk about it was that might be going. I remember when I was treads who stand back in the day I have read and for whatever reason is, I'm afraid favor them, so they
the current level be like rats was a block ahead, was that they were like you want to stand in form and I must get paid. No, like any of you pay more or less. Do you get paid more little paper as it then you got the tattoo Yehudi right away. I can you get your own place. In my view, to drag you know those with those who know what are the two thirty five hours and almost painful truth? Twenty five
I figured? I wasn t going to fund movie. They make you like, as you actually applies to gag, like even being a stand and onto an ngo in distress. Those pretty fun sets to beyond no question about it on the juice was, though, are not a chance to say was so to acquaint lottery for in all she. She was definitely down to earth and cool took like a couple of seconds to chat would mean or said, and as far as working on strap. You know the whole time was pretty much we're fragile or arm or forest fires directed it in order to a cat, so that was wonderful experience. A lady will further thy back o S big brought together right here. You know, you don't take it. You ve never really noticed tat until someone pointed it out like years late, MIDI the another noticed at why, but I heard it was looking at the condition. I was not like something it bore with
I'm not, even though I am not even one. I just are literally need even PETE that, and I worked with him the whole time and then somebody pointed out was like you know, I think one of his eyes. Lady still lives. Regulator me said: did you into that become friends on Jews and then cut AIDS has are known. Owner was really. It was really bizarre because on one when I standing on juice. I fell. Somebody like, like Poland, Army right like trillion, army and navy there will I your tramp tramp shouldn't when naughty by nature was not yet in two thousand and no ideal threats was soon somebody's porn on such arose and went, and it was. It was part of Eu Anti Language rights. You haven't been able to return to his type. You know he, you must have thought licences, whereas gear. I guess I look like
we all laughed about their story years later. Very bright tragedy is funny. Like one low movie, I didn't want you active funny stuff. You know you was in part. I imagine media anti in the outer doubted yards What gives further conference with that moment when he porn on you know. Well that was just like a we're bizarre coincidence. Cause years later, I guess tat would be about three or four years later there was a premiere four cases lyric an arm. I know several of us were at the premiere me snoop. You know park couple other cats whatever and it started to play for in the middle of dance floor, and you know anybody was passing the blunt you know whatever. And, for whatever reason, never got around a park like he was always a hay and they would go round again into play and it would go around again so swollen struggling with that slots at the blow over him, and you know it broke up the rotation.
Yeah broke up, the rotation did I did. I did in the everybody was a little vexed about it, but I felt bad for him, but it says what kind of like you know my premiere for my movie, whatever nobody can really. Anything whatever. So I don't know I like to think there may be remembered that you know not long after that, I got the call that he wanted me to arm. You know show up to his music videos, said Anna being a video, so on here s. How now? Where is it to be an unsolved and maybe the to pack in an Italian? The idea being that you personally knew him to be also in Cyprus is some, I think, is just the way supposed to be honest, we feel honestly, like it feels natural. Its is odd, like if I really think about it clearly is its is bizarre coincidence, but at the same time, on the inside, it just feels normal, unnatural. Like this, the wasteful
so there you feel too close to it. I think that was a challenge for me is that I was alive donors times, the memories and I had an hour with build with part work with are different from the memories debt. The cat that I was playing, so we No everybody was alive at the same time and I was on the West Coast at that point already up been out there since ninety four- and you know-
I understand what it was like to be in all in California and ninety four. Ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven in everything are the climate was different. Energy was different, the music was definitely differing. There was a lot of things that are different, but I was not in the shoes of offers, a daring to pre. I was just bulky, so there were times when I was doing my homework. It will get a little convoluted and I will have to really structure the difference between my memories and the captain I was playing, I we are more what became whereby, when we come back, he belongs to breakfast club bemoaning the breakfast point: everybody is d J. Envy. Angela Ye Charlemagne ago we are the breakfast club. We have acted, became woodbine in the building Charlemagne you from So how was it for? I knew your guy in ninety four,
what the one welcomes it was while it was well are definitely on how to get a pass in. I Adele. How to get a pass, but luckily started re slew, magic, Johnson, Yo Yo. These are people who pretty much should be a pass. You know cause I don't have given us Knowledge is dead. You show me love in any kind of like that. They respect their people. Gonna level, snow. Listen, he doesn't really understand politics, Nuno upon pardon him. If he, you know, steps on your shoe or whatever you do. I mean because of our colleagues. I re labour precisely exactly indubitably so, they can't. They cannot put like a little shield. You know what I mean in overtime. I started to understand semantics in the politics of get down up there. You know
You hung out with the latter. Art is too kind I felt like you were in the music business. I know it's true, I had a stigma around like you know today said that people almost kind of thought. I was they thought I was any day the thought I was in annex like the fifth member onyx, suddenly came, gotta sneaky, Rob coming out of me in any state use caustic. That's my evil twin brother shut out. The sticky thing is, you know we were. Why don't you say, I'm the fifth member, I'm gonna call myself Smiley upset. Belarus is not really now little he's at EU. You know I see eye to eye- is a toy with the idea of on a MIKE one day, but I realise at my leisure to just positive man, you know people want to hear you say that
You to read in one of your grandmother. Data was I'd, go mad, they repaired and got half my web YO yo. If we had worked outbreak as Dave, that's that's my boy, but we hadn't worked out when he was slim everything's goods, because the he came up with this. He was figure, look like both came, evoking crack, but now that Oh don't like people are really confused that night darling but the nineties for second contained in a week we were in a new, would you say we're in a new black renaissance in Hollywood? Raina, yes, with with black Panther Commoner, show like unsolved domino. Secure their land. They imply less empire black. His groaning share on China. Iran stuff, I will say, would definitely have just recently achieved that the feel like was brought up, and I remember all that even black coffee Mary TV world, but usually job may have.
That is why they made group of the meat I, what may screaming the ogre question? No Otto personally feel, like I think, tat, no ground work has to be laid in, a british have to be paved an arm stages have to be set, you know, and there were so many people I came before is that really really put put the work into two even make it possible for us to make it to this place on mainstream caught up to us and Sometimes this is how goes so yours, Norway's I'm in no regrets it was just a natural progression and on a really village for the people had alike like in a late early twenties You know the men and women out there. It there have aspirations are getting into business, is gonna, be a lot easier phenomena. So I think this, I think, is the way
was to be with the hard back and look at me. You were in all the great black classic dead president's proclaim. Panther. I'll grab a lot. I beg you to say. No doubt I ve got a cub little would not. I will. I will say that it was easy from ninety two up until two thousand and one and from two thousand and one to two thousand and sixteen fifteen. Sixteen I was I was in a slump like almost team, you never devils. Two thousand nine thousand now allows again. Wait I like it always on cable it. What I like about them will be that I was entertain even though most of it was in the elevator. You know so I about like. Ok, okay, probably be that they may movie, mostly in the elevator. There wasn't a lot ass. I sat so was probably something that didn't have to have like a huge budget. But There was something that you is that there was a big. Oh, my god, I don't know who did it, though you did a great job. That was a good movie.
Don't. I was told that was like in the middle of my slump and was one of those things is almost like a teeth like I was like. Ok while we gotta of feature comin out after. I don't know how long it came out in and nothing happens. I mean it didn't push needle at all. Similarly in two thousand three doin doin a challenging years. As I call em, I got opportunity work on a great project on call I'm Bob, a musician Rachel, absolutely an arm! You not afflict came out. I think it was wonderful flick. You know was really like instrumental and jumping off home some people's careers in and were accolades distributed in was a lot of it nor was nominated for best picture for whatever reason it didn't arm translate into any progression of momentum for me personally. I was one of those one arose, incidences there really almost me,
Second guess whether or not I was on a right career need they dead? How are you purposely called the door on on black blackness form, and, to be honest with you, I thought about it all the time I think he's had something to do with commissar push being elected then only reason I say that is because adjusted the knowledge to my own experiences. Two thousand one. He got into office right and in euros and those were somebody as she is from me, two thousand nine in overwrought comes in office and all of a sudden, I guess Another feature like a hooligan other aimed as one but So I don't know if that has something to do with it, but I don't think that that the mere coincidence you know what I mean cuz I mean I couldn't I couldn't get hired to to cross the street. I mean I was, I would still
I was still, you know, get a rosy and there, but it was just like stuff that you shoot in Eastern Europe and you see a tuna morning. Cinema action in all said: SARA Builders, who paid on blessed in that regard I mean, but it wasn't no regression in no momentum in this business, particularly for black, acted if you is treading water. You know you probably drowned pretty soon. You nonsense, the last big role before you so called fell off ah ass. One then I think that was anything of any kind of merit was out of four par guess. Argon consider angels and then I was in a picture call. Now every does amounts to grace land The action joint, whatever I think that was about it right around at farm everything distorted drying up full stop ringing,
though I may do not give up my what made you always be ready for rose like re devil, and eventually we gonna get to forego burden. What made you be ready for that? For me, I think a slight is I'm proud of you, but I have a spirit of vengeance. I'm like it's the way I am we want of my characterises. I need to work on in his lifetime, but revenge is. It is a motivator and just me straight up, so I felt ass though I had to get some pay back you know I mean like gum and any other thing. On a practical note, I don't have a plan b you know, I mean it's not like. I went to university and I can just be like okay, I'm going to go back into architecture, this action things not working out. This is this is all I got so I couldn't give up because there's nothing for me to fall back on and I wouldn't give up, because you know I
I want to reverse. We got more were after became whereby we come back more than everybody is the J envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a girl we are the breakfast club we have acted, became woodbine in a building Charlemagne. Not when you a note the slump right, haven't all success you had in the nineties, who'd you reach out get out of there being a radio in you can find nobody avenue. Cod get outta you rejected You know why I'm lucky, I support group, you know all shot out. Teresa shouted a big brother Wesley snipe. She knows and I got I have like elders that you know you know that's family, so always reach out to them, and they always has some encouraging words in you know eight Damien sweated they were like look. This is nothing happens to people. You know I've seen you going. Do it so I was lucky a net. You know my woman, who even osiers understand a business. She she believed me so much that, like in all she she convinced me.
I mean like, even when I was doubting myself, she candlelight put the little brown washing army was like you know, you know you'd, you. Definitely you all you. Thank you. Are you know no sane and sometimes circumstances try to make you forget who you are, but you know who you are you not enemies? So she would remind me so out of this support. Are you developments as religion? We were freed up there like everyone, one interview and I never have any other. I would love to do anything March. Was the man go back. Probably like twenty three is now saw. Just just popped into my party. The new year's. Ninety five and now you know, single guy back then I was dead. Wood is just credibly, beautiful, a woman all of a sudden. The catacombs always like your west was reached. I think what like it was nice to meet you.
I didn't know how to bank, because I wanted to make of you don't want. You might be there when I come back re her meat doc. You know so I said I The choice is a good through an agreement with Georgia and young people of the area and be indeed now did you learn anything from inside that you didn't know prior to
coming here s. What I learned from working on unsolved is just how committed some of the cops and detectives on the case were because, as I said before, I remember distinctly hearing about the assassinations and then it seem like there was a media black out like a silent. There was really no coverage, no follow up coverage, and so I had no idea that there were people behind the scenes really working hard to try to crack the case. So I was really that was really informative for me. Why didn't you gave your track
I think it did, but it's not what you know it's what you can prove, and I think that I would go give such an in depth. Examination moment by moment beat by beat infinite by incident that by the time you get to the episode ten, the end of episode, ten, I think the only things going to know exactly what happened, but just because we know what happened. Doesn't that feeling mean? Do so do you fear like so now you feel that you know what happened. Did you know before, nor until you found this summer, are gonna maybe get some information. We all did it now, because I think most people have no real deal.
What happens when you know? There's a lot of conjecture, lotta room alone, innuendo alot of assumptions, but this is the first time for the majority of the views. Like ninety nine point, nine percent of people are watching. The show is gonna, be the first time that they really see what happened. Laden pack actually speak to you once about these calls was calls you yet How can I had the opportunity on chop up about that and one of the things that he told me there really are bothered him and in all Ye Aegis light, went off on a ran about how the operator, but he was that there were record labels out there. And and executives who had no real life experience any virus we come from, and yet they were profiting off of this ill suited to an extent manufactured though manufactured to an extent by the labels themselves
food and an innate there were people were actually losing their life. You know and above them that you know in order with folks who were dying as a result of this manufactured due to an extent, an arm- a really really a bogdan, an arm What his plan was was to you: don't cut them off at the knees by creating peace, hope you have peace and there's no beef. You can't drop it off the bee, and so he wanted to bring everybody together. One record an inn: blow to wreck it up and you squash everything whether in the works of happening, he was just an idea. It was. It was an idea, but I think he has started to reach out to some folks already was in a process of get ready to reach out to people towards it. And he was so busy he had. He was always in only always at another flick to do now, and
It was always a time crunch. I mean whenever I hung out with him. It was always like you know, man, you know he's always looking at his watch like it was. Is the time if you know what I mean, so I don't think I don't think he had the time to really flush that out. But I remember clearly- and you know, vote in his plan to me an hour Why does a great idea out that will stop every who you wanted on the record in everything. Yea wanted not mob deep, big himself. I think our laws to an arm. He wanted to make like a big like also Abolition, reckoned Britain only Scrub Sienna, we all yet again, some like Edward Put, instead of just one track, you wanted a whole out so everybody could kill. You know, do the thing had the individual, Tom and and you know all respect due to everybody's individual, honest and then a couple attracts were everybody's honest, track. It was. It was a great idea. I can't really describe it as well as as he did, but that was on that was his plan
You're very skilled in hand to hand combat you box a little bit little kung fu I mean I could always get better. I could always get better, you know what I mean. I have a ways to go, but I've definitely come a long way to so. You know, I think, I'm getting better Let me put animals among ah well, over a year you, I hypothetical identically. Ok, so hypothetically is probably been about. Like I was, I was at the any Annapolis funded Indianapolis somebody on started running my wife whatever and I know yeah I had to lay them out. It wasn't nothing. I wanted to do it's not something I would encourage. You know people Maybe there was a better way I could have dealt with it, but it is what it is so have you been fair warning? You just walk the EU not supposed to do that to any bodies- woman, a women's nana by itself near you not supposed to do that. I didn't he deserved, deserve to you,
no times a whale you while you, but you know, glee in all his friends. They kept it. This is because you know I was ready for France and an arm aid fading, one or portuguese saw stopped just that one little philosophy, Flash knock out quickly left right now, just to let this lesson the police officer. So he can't hear what is our biggest document have to get it would be. At one time. He met a dog a thousand together into one, but I think he was in a bad mood and are even We have plenty of space to to to walk around or whatever I was at a bad boy party somewhere and arm in the city This is a logo. Your movements, in turn in his big man, is always just as I was started, slaughter
like all my due to an army, green fatigue in Brooklyn, wolves, just came out and be careful that you moved Well, unsolved come learn. What do they? Tuesdays became Vietnam in February twenty seven check it out Ok, I beg you become a may. We really appreciate. I haven't you much. We appreciate you will have the lowly rapid club the breakfast wandered everybody is the Jerry Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club that all forget Charlemagne is out today. So if you want to give somebody donkey of the day, eight hundred families one o five will analyse, gets it aromas, assault new tv shows
with Angela, his club. Listen, you are now being away than she was up here and the breakfast club before she is the producers. Rider actors is best known for her role as Denise on Master of non by right now, she's best know for the shy for riding on the shy. That's her show. Well, she has gotten a new show, not only as a shy gotten a second season which is her, so she is also going to write, create an executive produce, a single camera comedy is called twenties and that's all based on her own Youtube Series, as he already has. She said I wrote twenties, in two thousand nine. I always wanted to tell a story where a queer black woman was the protagonists, and I am so grateful if he be asked for giving me a platform to tell the story. Queer black characters had been the psychic for long enough. It's time for us,
finally take the lead, I'm excited about that. I really like Lena wave a love. What she does she just a good person, positive energy, a lover area where you gonna watch a new com in vibration. Now apple is also developing a series based on cabin Durrant and that is going to be called swagger it's inside, by his youth basketball experience. It is all about the a: U basketball, the lives of the players, families and coaches and it'll be produced by Ryan Grazer and ran how its imagined television allowing Kevin's IRAN's thirty five, a media. So congratulations to them. That's a dope love! You ever have kids or, if you out. And your kids play a. U you realise how difficult and how crazy and how political that a U circuit is its is no joke. You travel everywhere, it's all about. In a whose sponsor and his team what kid was to play on his team, it is right- and I know you'll be wise in that
talk about two crises: six, nine now and the year, and allay right now. It's all there are weak in everybody's coming out. Their am nowadays a different set of rules when you're on the West Coast. Well, here is where one of the oh geez had to say too sick to tack to catch you, six nine shopping watching the only place you solid is in a mother, pc tank, and I'm going to tell you like this. Any time that I fly out of the country go out to stay always shaking with the natives, with the ones that hold it down so well means only the council will show smaller promptly for you know they pull up. I mean how big is this morning to it and I hate to determine checking, but it is checking leggy. You standing or somebody else's soil in somebody else's hood and you just want to make sure, You, okay, and I mean when I'm in LA. I make sure I speak to the right people. They know I'm in town and make sure I'm good and when I go to different
but I'm going to try to check in with trick trick trick trick knows I'm good when I'm in Miami I check with my soul, sock passe like In short, it I'm good. I got a blog carriage was shown into the room, a report of a right not to cause you six. Nine in the meantime responded to this because it shows got cancelled. Now he wrote the second scary West Coast Cloud chasing Map is when a cancer shows I'm still come and no shows, and all I must tell you how gangsters move Ella West cause. I love you you're just got bid, as an words in your city, I can't even ban ya from the EAST coast, because it you ve got a name or fan base to come out here who hears? What does he had to say? I was everybody saw you that I woke on, but I do not check in anywhere I go and it's going to stay like that. You know I'm saying tums help you got to check in all right. If you get nasty full and I hope it does- anybody could get ugly now. Yes, I want you to know that he did not cancelled no shows and allay even other shows got. Cancer was still gonna, be an allay. My brother, just came
two hundred and ten now he free, but we going to be in FMLA if y'all want to act like bitches, will cut no fly zone in the EAST coast and where F you talking about and where to be quiet, when you're in the F in EAST Coast could you very dearly I mean I only present noted. Never checks in order does. Is all things really fifty but ass, because fifty comes to allay with fifty two hundred people, but other than that which is not even a czech niches? A courtesy call hay was of a mental. That's all it is seen. I ll give you deal with gangsters real people with. Yet, if I was among which I would now do I e to taking action- damn it I mean now. Would you don't carried tons of jewelry on you, the idea and one road. I'd say that should get to know or not at all. You know about it as an item. I guy tat dog by the way he boy tickets for nearly went out. And kids from three different neighbourhoods and a wide area, housing projects to go to see black Panther this week I found taking about a thousand years or so ago. Just really do
right, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you, miss you. Now I shall meet us out. So if you want to give donkey today to somebody eight hundred five, five, one o five one- it is our right now, a list crocodiles opportunity. The shine, though, is getting so we ve been plainest record every hour. An hour is call cocky is a sat rocky feature Gucci in twenty one. Savage is to boost locomotive donkey overdue Democrats have been granted a day a little bit of a mess adult club, Britain. I've been called a lot of my twenty three years been donkey. Other bay is a new white allows. This little Tabitha HIV seem just off. We won't you dog into the small amount of our once again donkey and day to my son, bad me. Last week I was Lothar Bird like
five years got out with LA out for like a dream right back m o my god? and I get an urban Don T other data now. You now learn from his mistakes, and now I can't miss indefinitely. What would you like to wit me? Nor do I really shouldn't Nobody knows you I was drugs. Is a gun was dragged, now wait a mouse. Now now we haven't been together for five years over five years. I've had it with tat. He had maybe allows is this: if the member states that legalizing weave a misconceived alike. As apparent, I have the fearful my children every day, because no control or control, I won a home school, my children, but I can't because by manually it is impossible,
I won a home school, my children, but I can't because by manually added them, have more problems that up to do that by Vienna, single parent. Anyone about myself there are no cars by a life. Nice work like no girl. I really should have more option. I'm sorry, I'm sorry about what are you gonna do with you? the unemployed, the Sequoia as your guy get the donkey the day to day in the war alone, about my mom yesterday. Why even have book, but there was an abandoned. And how could you do that? Where no face they will talk in mad trash about life like yours? Are you gonna about it? So you told your mom, my boma mom every day they aren't you no MA. Am I mad at you?
Let me now my mom alright donkey of the day, eight hundred foggy five one o five one. Now when we come back, it is free gave you know me, I don't know what, How do you know as far as you know what that means? As banking gangrene, Marian Harkin obey your eyes off also wealth, the frigate freaky freaky fraud, a course in is less talk. Moaning into bed room. Yes, we had to have Johnson up here for cave and apparently Charlemagne moans extremely loud annoying of a woman's too loud cause. It could be like tumor, like ok, you're, acting now me my job, you you? Can we not loud immediately when her ability to be authentic anemone is important. They got modem was to be with you, my bigger more to sell you ain't. I use a DNS gros a head. I gotta ask You do you like when your partner is, allow Mona and do you mon really loud, alright April jig, foggy
What, oh five one! Do you like when your partner, mode men. Do you own we'll talk about it when we come in? you said solemnly leads on a summit which you could ever it was the visual. There was a my hair when he said it was the breakfast locomotive breakfast, everybody is e g envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy. We are the breakfast club it's Friday, so you know what that means. At Saint gay prank apron gave is wreaking freaky freaky Friday. In today's question we are talking moaning. Now waste is coming for me yet SAM Johnson, from man was up here and they had a conversation. Apparently, Charlemagne is a loud Mona would mean like email is very low. In the bedroom. Ok right, I'm not allowed modern. Add I don't believe you know, like Amida, compliment my wife's black how here, but what about your way? is gear. Allow boner sometimes depends on you know what I'm doing anything like a whence you loud better.
Now, you know why? Because when she moves it turns me on more and then I have to like pink or other things. So I don't So you don't like it better. I mean out yet in his eight allows me or more, but I don't like it because it makes it my performance is that has great, because it turned out maybe maybe use mon ladder and editor her, I'm more. I just don't feel like, I'm a guide. Oh, I don't feel like. I should be moaning, it is what what about you, I just as the American, if our bad now, ok, the deserts, Exeter, you no matter what about your modem and that I am, but I'm not really really loud, a mine, I got talk to the you know you are already Saxo Blake Report next, who had to be? You are what you say and care give you privy to their information by met they whatever but he s ass. You say over the bedroom. I wanna hear your best. Moans hello is this.
Three a real, your Mona in a bedroom. All my guy air, my yes curbing the gray light avian, I'm on him of that happening. Lemming areas that real. Mrs, like a right. Oh my goodness me anything here. The deal is like. I get it both ways like my due to the motor Emma Jane the motor like something like that. I watched the boy let them go out it anyway. Why leather, my younger uses, This is a national level. I think you figure freely right while members. Let me ask you a question: how does your man moved like it's? It's like it's like animal waste, deep snarl lying dead by. I can't even Do you always tried even like I'm, not even a man like rewriting grass, actually try. You gotta put us in a try. Now
There is no, I literally don't have enough that fact, Robert I, like others, ITALY has had the privacy that guy isn't. He grows at her like a brow like a flight from earth like it comes from the bottom of your body, unfair, like you I give my dear like raw away it's hard to waive their real. If all the way we do, I love it. We now look to you all. I am now array managing call your men in order to have a good time is free. Give rigorously defrauded eg you Mamma, allows this labour, hey LISA or your modem, I am a poker, a momentary screamer. Yes, let us here we're gonna, you, the USA, and let me Mon baby I love but tell me what it built right through a man living inside of me? Oh wow, ok, arriving any, tells you how you like guys in time,
and I believe that one of these rights pop I do some banker is a squeeze forthwith and, of course, is something else. The combat them on whole, no Canada, Norway, ok, now the name that is your man, a motorway, does among them all. Like word, like ladders, Hamley was the man at the embassy. There had Mon immunities guy, he relied already lit out, That was when all right, thank you Mamma. Do you remember how you gonna call somebody asthma, wag rob me: do you know there was any way: energy, forty, five one and five? What are you a motor out there? We want to hear you call us now is freaky freaky freaking fridays breathless level more morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club now we're talking only noticed TAT became from yesterday. Let's hear clip of what happened and I the woman's too loud cause. It could be like too much like, ok, you're acting.
Me no, my job, you you! Can we not loud and react immediately by her ability to be authentic. Anemone is important, I think We must be honest with you. I think I ought to tell you that I shall make good it S. Gross eight hundred five, a firewall or five Are you a moment in the bed room? I hello. This is Diana good morning is freaky freaky, freaky Friday, we're talking about moaning or your motive. I see it. Phone, and I love when I man moans when he gets into it. So I heard the top big and I said, let me call I love you guys. You guys give me life in the morning. I'm always cracking up and I will said, there's a great topic because I like a no more name ban in others, not passion, ivory, getting employed. I love you
moon and especially you know when I'm into it and I moan it's the best, nothing worse than quiet sex and but does it ever feel like you doing too much like you ever laughed during that, like what am I saying and doing when it's don't worry, you now implement more men and your enjoying an a fourth ma. Am I gonna live there are times in order to be able to normal life and that during a moaning, Libya, surprise in three years Can we hear you modems carers? Are you Malta is getting off today under Rebecca at the moment, I can learn how to do it. Lebanon is made of all may arise in these women. All right, I'm sorry! Well, let me hear you nor forget it all. I thank you for calling Mama era. We have some guys on alone. We guy had been on. The lie was Anthony along the morning.
Now as freaky, freaky freaky Friday. I can't ask it is core to some other ye. Ask you. Let's talk about your moaning in the bedroom. I you loud about me yes No parent hearing you, you called me the white woman, everyone again, let me my life the play. Now I do now I'm like apple shadow. It is Moana and like that you where they lag is asked to hear and over ninety allow gag Anthony. Can I mom, please I know not what am I to do a little now. Will you reality, we'll wheeler,
Like you, I shall be very glad to be we're. Ok, I acknowledge that we gangs and on the lie with Abidjan Squealer. So let me hear your thoughts on moaning. I, u AM owner of definitely on the whole. So let me hear young mon. Oh boy now know about that. No moment just try. I love you I would like more just now garage audible, go lobbying. While Are you moaning out of the loan and low bit a low but doesn't load like daddy, annoyed and now with somebody. Do they Unita girl. The more loudly allows, those ever you keep them out. There wasn't me hello this. I know you will
travel, your modem. How do you know this? that alone against bad. I would person is moaning and growing We don't lay serpent up and sit there, now travel in that bag. He asked the moment I gotta get hurt. A lobby is just not on a slide right in easy. Don't do most don't be act like you and put like like you want or something I don't know anymore My dog, you don't call me daddy May I ask you to daddy issue? They dont hasn't man you're. Not so he did it all. Your mood at all. You know like moan, and even if it feels good like all over a pot, Mona do don't be over the cot. Was the act like you did it at video. Then you don't move that ought not to have to our two porn site right in an era when I put them out there, but after video annex X, wildly
boy you boys to what may anyway trap. I wanted all right, ass Guatemala goodbye always argue single. Now. Yes, surely m ok, so I was to hear you, you wanna be his those typees, no man. I don't play Memorial the day. He like TAT, my goodness I was tomorrow that distort the market. Is there Is everyone to have a mega nice couple and job you got about whether you can move like that? You bet is shut up with the ball of stories. If you enjoy more, let it out scream yell enjoy. It feels good, they say amount envy, This sounds like a haunted house without away. Yes, we are going to talk about the day candid, another Paris, but this guy he is definitely securing the bag. Would tell you what you he just sign, all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast locomotive.
The breakfast club, let's get aromas, assault low per barrel. The report annually eat breakfast got arrested on Wednesday night now, seventeen years old, he was a juvenile court. He has an income there on now and that is for firing a handgun answer, the door of his home in Samara. And a valley, NATO caps, intruders, had fired from the outside, but calves realize it was the apple. Little pump was the shooter and that he actually fired from the inside through the outside. They said they were no intruders now, according to them comes manager. Three men were Jimmy Changas front door trying to get into his home around four p m and that's when the suspects fired a gun.
The door, the manager wasn't there, but he told him a little pump told him so they found a bullet hole in the front door, but they said they were no suspects on the scene and they said a little pump have been smoking weed and after talking to him, they just don't believe historic. Here's what little pump had to say recently the boy you're, the best boys in applying it was reported to the police. That traders fired in your house is essence. Is that your memory? What happened this answer? ass, her ass, I re Zella he's on house harassing. I thought that's what you said before somebody said that you know intruders came to the door any shot through the door to try to get them away may be had amassed Rapporteur regional, that's what he's Gary lies, but there please. I say: that's not what happened. There were no, tutors, he Yazzi fired into the door, there was no one there from the inside and outside when they looked at the trajectory of the bulletin. Everything that's the way when Sir, I'm sure they still investigating. Maybe they asked him surveillance video, but then, when they got there they said
he had marijuana one in the house as well, and his mom was at home. I don't know it only. It's easier, though less notice it is clear, as everywhere Saddam should have figured out. I D J College San has gone a deal with Jordan brand. First, ever that Jordan has done a kids collaborate, there, a parasite congratulations to a sad posted on his is the grand ok world. Here I come. I kids put lacquer at Ricky, USA, Japan twenty to be the best music. So congratulations thus valid for getting this limited vision, a sad Khalid and Jordan collection. Viewed, you really don't he's. Gonna seven, the best life ever by the way, absolutely era Matt Barons. He was on out of bounds and he was talking about a lot of different things. One thing that each has done was Blake Griffin. Now we told you yesterday that Blake refunds, Former fiance is suing him for pallor Mony, and that is because he dumped her won a week before the wedding, because she wouldn't sign a pre up and then is jetted off a candle Jenner.
Now here is where MAD Barnes had to say on out of bounds. Out their relationship with approval, before her he'll be a superstar? After her I mean to me, there's nothing worse than a woman scorned. So when you leave the mother of your children and your rumored to be with that a superstar you're going to ask me to come after you like, I said what, but with a woman scorned, is not going to come out, but she had nothing to do with our relationship. That relationship was from the beginning. I was there in on. It is that they, but it had, but they made it worse because of they realize it was about a bigger process. I write, so that was his wing. I guess he has his own experience is usually does aright Charles Barkley, with they make him alive and he talked about one time play basketball and not remembering anything everybody had to say I get a call from my agent and he says you're going to the Lakers, and I was so excited for me and my boys went out of Stella Baby, so I get drunk and They call me back about three hours later. Is that a six will pull out the deal and we got a game that
I don't remember anything about that. Game preserves so pissed, but also drawn I wonder how we, their game if we drop thirty or if he only job for one hour we did not need is that he has now dear what happens during that game. So I don't know, but everybody says they used to drink a lot. So I'm sure it never has really bothering me in his career yeah, very good. Is it better if he wasn't drunk play basketball? I write well, I Mozilla YE and is your room or reports all right. Thank you. Miss ye know, everybody else will see us was he shall derivable revolted unwanted it, but people shows mixes up next. I know what you want to hear: eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get your request in again. I'm out here. Ellie. So if you see me out and about say, was a bible two people shows mixes up nephew to request in at the breakfast locomotive.
Here's something good is a new shell from the Seneca women Podcast network, and I heart radio. It's a great way to start your day on the positive side of life. Our partner Bank of America just committed one billion dollars over four years to help communities advance racial equality, an economic opportunity there providing help for its needed most healthcare, housing jobs and support for small businesses, thanks to Bank of America, for their efforts and for supporting here,
good? I'm came as a really listen to hear something good on the radio app Apple podcast forever. You listen to your favorite chose, embarrassing. They Thurston and I feel like we're. Having a moment when officer Derek Shovin killed, George Floyd, something in America broke, I'm going to try to explain from the Corbett connection to what defined the police actually meet when Donald Trump encourages cops, not to choke people. You know something different, listen to we're. Having a moment when the iron radial asked Apple Pack asked and wherever you get your pocket.
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