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Wednesday 8/22 - Today on the show we had actress Bresha Webb stop by, or really should say Tiny Harris, because her impersonation of Tiny you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Also. Charlamagne gave "Donkey of the Day" to Dr. Scott Baker for wrongly removing a kidney during a botched procedure and Angela helped some listeners out during "Ask Yee", with one listener having his insecurities catching up to him after giving his girlfriend a hall pass. 

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ass advantage, pay a morass gavel, camper host of the trend reporter a new path has from I heart radio. You may know me from tv where I cover any and everything as a fourth time, Emmi warping journalist in my new pod pass the trend reporter I'm putting by reporting skills to work in the world of beauty and wellness. I'm talking to fashion style is make of artists, influencers health experts and more to find out everything you want to know about the trends you should know,
The trend reporter on the ice, radio, Ab Apple pie cast or wherever you get your pride cast them rights rather sit out the most prominent you some girl with a mortal blow data. We would be able to join the principal busiest good morning: USA, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah around. I was up you without any good
Molly knew yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we're gonna lie. I am exhausted to really use out about Laszlo rather than about all day. You know he is a problem early morning stuff. What is at a meeting in the middle of the day in the city I live in Brooklyn. So I home I just stay here, went to my meeting gonna I to go out last night, so, instead of going home after that it did, it may sense to me to go and come back sizes state in a city all day. Burly, yes, and then and by the time I went home last night, we had some photos. You we have to do today have to catch a flight after that have to stay up pat together logo loans, to grant him still writing absolutely espresso.
Not normally do as I am like jittery thingy jittery meet me as well. I was out all night now how to take care of a lot of things. I I'm on my way to Chicago after showed dagger directly, Martin of it. No one spoke last night now to ice cube, because I called I do big doing it. A big three as this fraud is our call cuban I ask for some take. My son loves the big three. They love to see somebody players in its really up close and personal. So it's not like a game where you so far back like the victory is almost like you're right dear, but you can actually see you could actually here to please talk to each other, and my son loves that he loves the mountain And it's a quick gay, it's a quick pace gained whereas three on three. Absolutely so is this fraud at the Barclays. I will comment on a bomb. Some tickets, Itobad ambassador, but Hey man, you got me, he said I got your desire, a guy's right, though, why is it that you have money to buy tickets new? I must support and they have to beef
I'm a crazy, so one of my friends is a stylist and I asked him I said: listen I bought these t shirts. I would love for you to like cut them up and make them look stylish, and I was like I'll pay you to do it and he said you don't have to pay me like. I said you know what imma pay you cuz. If you were my friend and if you were a strange, I will pay you. Why do people not want to pay their friends for things that they would pay somebody they no when the absolute right. I will never asked me to do something for me. I never asked a mighty do something for free, I'm not going ass made. You might make a free. You ought to do my hair free pay something, but if you wanted now think oriented hierarchy of you're, not in reality, this cannot take it all day. Long legged opposed it ourselves. Immediate Margaret had never expect anybody'd say just do something for free cassettes, because livelihood you're right you're right. So I will be at the bottom
this Friday now by some tickets occur there you go right now may not be under flow. Remind everyone of law might be loafer back, I'm about a cheap tickets, but I'll be the Bulgarians you ever will be unemployed. How no way you guys it a game and he's not the floor. You know it. Logan will be the night you like why we While we all die, we ended thereof. You stupid aubrietia. Where will be joining us this morning? Yes, she's hilarious regimes where you weena Risa web from The new night school movie, but she's also on the show Marlins bail out a different thing: she's, a comedian Dockers. So looking with Russia in a lonely. Enemy got front, page news that we talk about what anybody was taken now, yes and a poor man. If I found guilty on a council also Michael COM, please guilty on this. Bout, Donald Trump and they might be turning Donald Trump. Doesn't look like an irony that look like Donald Trump might be about. Eu baffled is look alike, the angel arrive. Where I have my Michael my because that he was a bullet for them Until now, no more aids will arrive up. How are we close? The region not answer my question. Angela right right is to breakfast
what information is the next morning everybody is being J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we are the breakfast club solemnly runaway you'll, be in a second bill, is getting some front page news for we talk about you, for this is about Michael comment that was president's out items former personal attorney. And he was very loyal to download some for a period of time. He said he would take a bullet for him. One now he's pleading guilty to a criminal counts, admitting that he actually adds to keep information that would have been a harmful to the candidates. This is when Donald Trump was running for president and the campaign from becoming public during the twenty sixteen election psycho. Those counts include: tax fraud, false statements to a bank and campaign finance violation. Tied to his work for Trump and other words. You have orchestrate payments to these women who were saying that they actually had affairs with Donald Trump sexual counters appoints darnay, stiffening definition. But we all know her as Stormy Daniels and a format
They boy model, Name Kara, Mr Gardiner down from has denied those claims, but, according to Michael Cohen, he arranged a non disclosure agreement for which he paid one person. He paid Stephanie Clifford a hunted Thirty thousand dollars! I'm confused when you visit the attorney right is a personal letter and eternal can't make deals based on your on well anyway, whereby of campaigns, and I reimbursed for paying money from damage from you're not allowed to do the alcohol right now and then try to gather up things will now these women are coming forward in talking about what happened. But yes, you can't do that doctor. I right now poor man of war as well as President Santer Transformer campaign chairman has been found guilty on account of financial crimes, and this is all for an investigation by rather Mullins Special Council. Now jurors were unable to reach a verdict on ten charges, but he was found guilty of five tax. Were charges winter,
dividing foreign bank accounts and two counts of being Fridays facing a maximum of eighty years in prison. Eighty years, the assessing collected, sixty five million there is a risk of bank accounts from two thousand and twenty fourteen has been more than fifteen million dollars in luxury purchases. In that same period, like some design, o clock they became kind of stuff. You wear any real estate, landscaping and other big ticket items jewish. So eighty years, not paying taxes, Goodness Grammy was that's what I'd just name that paying your taxes as a lot of money, but even now. What is it going to an ant hazards? Everything that manifest conviction is a disgrace and he felt sad about the conviction of men for it, but he is not coming. Hang on Michael COIN and Michael Cohen's guilty for hours. Return on the present loading or turn on the president in office. Do you turn on the president, and we even president about it, is that Europe is seems like no matter where damn attempt is now getting about here,
and numerous amounts of things is down no matter how many times lighted them wherever. So we shall see it's just my things against them. If there was this, was Obama's he'd been out here all right and shouted Victor crews. Yesterday, Victor Cruiser hired. He did did retie. He announced his retirement corrodes because they are gonna, be Shell and he can come now is that there has not been watching clause. I haven't. We want Clause. But there's no doubt already is, is gonna, be a team He comment to become a data on he has paid at nice, so occurs is a nice guy out of it the cruising graduations. Of course he placed Mundo your gibes it a lot from my giants of appreciate brought up and I look forward to lower its designs. Is here? Yes, via my son, is a big fan and I'm gonna, be taken like AIDS, my son to the game as long as I'm gonna pay for them, I pay for my tickets. I'm just asking pavement tickets: our right of chess, eight hundred five, eight five, one o five. One of your obsession debate.
It's up right now. Maybe you had a bad night a bad morning or maybe feel blessed. You want to spread some positivity, whatever it. Maybe eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one get it off your chest. Is the breakfast club come on you're gonna get a garbage asked whether you man one, but we want to hear from you wanna bread is our best Bob. Was that regular features, what Alberto envy? First of all a yard? what movies did you stop? It excited child gets a peace that great great at a pace in all jumped at a teacher was cool because you got my head was evil that Yes, it is true, but I did want to marry a man. I just feel like those too much issues on so many people and is a racist, so as my pants work on my tears when we get to my peers, biscuit the first, whenever you over my present, even less than twelve Brody Worthwhile raises,
It always is anyone's about women's rights. Are what are you two more one at a time, but thank you for calling allows this region I dont Andy was abrogated in town Oh you mean, and yet not yet. You know God you got done a good job and how glad I am meet all the family get moving. November last year and everything's going good brain out looking around a nice ring to open our doors to turn a three year, though today of gratitude and haven't you got too has done from the grand have met ass, dull yeah, you are now mama graduate work. My way through one of these radio stations here and now, but Does he know family birth, Dago? Well, congratulations! Rubber! level when it was already hello. This is an income of a barber was brought into being of chess married them up.
Let them at all? I had that both of them. Men enjoy man, it seems like it happened so fast man enjoy it appreciate. Our girl item allows this neoliberal mama, get it off it just because a boyfriend I bade mandate of all three or five times a day. You tell me about the baby, but I call him at world order focusing our kid. They argued about the baby at over the boy you're gonna, Wilson, the apple
you're gonna. Love of one thing I want is a baby, a baby s country. Nor did she retorted six times a day, as it does a lot exactly the same way about eating argued about the baby there that I must go. I don't believe that is the way out. Is the baby, sick or anything, but maybe you think it's not your war. What it was she got out. What would our goals in her life she calls for? Then we have to help these people are all the fine where this can happen in a damper on things for you, this lobby to carefully a boy and I would even call my baby father that watch for nothing at all. I remember seeing you need to check my mama amnesiac away. I think so. I looked back on the technical battle believe are you in the baby mom cool? We was cool, but then one day she just stopped talking to me out of nowhere and started blowing his phone up constantly constantly like that's why,
I'm gonna be a thing soy relegating one last time right, Mama will check and takes very Future has eight hundred five five one o five. One of you need event is up now was to breakfast locomotive breakfast. Is it your time to get it off your gesture? The young man from Luanda breakfast on your mind is the more dawn was sadly was broken it over just this one, and can we allow work that we have one? I am my kid that I like job on it, that we are now working on that
got a job. Don't you got some income coming in London on arrival, mornin allows is MAC, Magna, regular features were ok, I've been trying to get a hold of Charlotte may apply to name gram our ear and shall remain with Serbia some abroad. In the mornin good morning, my nearby
joining good, Graham our complete before, where he's on online, making jokes about how the players do ass. I had the growth that is absolutely disgraceful. Her fan at their self absorbed. Everything is terrible and is due to those on your daddy Philby, never heard em. I know you have a man. I think it is worth noting that somebody level need to be checked for, but I gotta Monterrey, author. Thank you. Man allows is my name at TAT time unless regular features. Why, when I say first of all, to help countries try by became still work and am also carried on tolerate that ok, yeah green paper colored. Somehow we call color like treated differently, but I don't wanna, go I'm dying
where's. Your own experience, one comment again and you know how we like the tree. Try there you know completely different. If your life implement again white the minute get. We all believe that were black they'll want to shed some light on that I would diminish in the room and untrue on failure remain, who began vague among young people You already know every the minute bank, you Mamma you even differently, because Are you all? I don't know I d really goodies. Bade me right black and have been heavily gladly color televisions about exactly what do her. No more Nicosia Dominican of my by Mama, while allows it once you have your mama whether pages
a three year. Everybody gonna pay, and are you all the time we ain't? They went to get that trap, treatment, river resources, travel treatments only need move. Would only that tribe treat me. No luggage was already the entire union. Yes, sir, while I guess you don't ya need not be weighted Aguilar were you. I'm realizing or realising a to kind of Bob is Bob that is Bob than a ball and above that broke the ball and Bob they go out near by Nicki's. Album they buy her concert. Did the broke, Bob not do nothing but slander, people, our data. They can afford to do not enough seats. Ok, let's by you tat, while I am neither the dead body there in any event, in his government,
Bobby Peru soldier and tell you anything about my goodness gracious to and is in the eating, and it involves Zyobite in May. We got another lightly or the like the guy and showed him all the brain. We made it working gettin spicy what happened at right angles to his bargains right about one thing: the GDP community really don't like to play with. Men will, I hope- and I say so really say: small. The guy's jogging knowledge land that is now dead when my community, what he saw oil by oil, biogas plants we use governor, probably great, and when trying to think of a city he's gonna reference. He said a city of man: oh yeah thing happened, housing finances now, most people, body, leaning against the icon, do at any rate, are now at the by a man,
You didn't go about it. They found Megatherium hope now a lot of you by linking baby we're going over the GPA. Show off on matters they repeated by transgendered, but he was making a joke about how to prepare better, be retained. Early utopia the queue joke. Ok, we're gonna! Do you hear me, would you don't you I will have the girl in the directive that take their little job without their internet. When I was a boy We cannot deny people. Thank you draw. The voice. Will you come from a community as best we ve over five hundred? Don't off my tribe, It is small and embedded had taught them. Now. I got the loud anybody. Anything tat. Is it clear. Why did you go booted language? No one's meat is modest trap at airports.
The eight Joe Biden enable you haven't. We didn t mean you grab accommodate, What are you by gambling arose? Small garbutt. These conversations EU comes into Pakistan observers who solemnly traveled so low means. If you wish, you can talk about a right. Not a sound like Amazon painful. I never understood the talking thing to be honest with you That is why you do a girl you, what you are going to bring development all right right, legal within alone and abides by jeez Yanks, our I get it off. Each has eight hundred five five one or fire. One of you need event. You beat him up at any time now we got rooms and away. Yes, this area were artists, as he turned down its way. Two million dollar offer also find out who talks about having different heart attacks. You won't believe how many hard it's actually said. He had it. Amazing that he's still alive, but all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast global. More
the breakfast club morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club was get to the Robeson talk Rita. This is the Weber report annually on the breakfast club, where sacking me enough, Repair Franklin has died without leaving behind a will now the same, that's very surprising, giving her circumstances, but that does mean that the four children that she has was shared equally in her estate. According to me, get law. So there's no bed in a lot of you will know. My gavel will because no one except you're gonna die, and you know maybe she didn't like anybody vow like you're, not leaving you know, maybe no automatically is gonna, go NBC includes various and you feel I guess no need to do that. You're, a monument to delegate only to say you get this
He, then you get bigger than allocated can be in fine. Everybody does get an equal share gave a moment to make something about. It is that if you do have a well things, get moving a lot quicker, so it doesn't have like a period of time that you have to wait and get things better. So it is kind of ex expertize that present, what should have been blown up he's probably with the Jews, were attorney said that he was after for a number of years to do a trust. Because of that- and is he just didn't she wanted to keep things and also when you have a really keep things private too? So all your step is exposed. How much money you worth and all of that. So those are the reasons why, Someone in her position would have a well personally. Will you do not know how to handle unease, though I've fights over his name, if he would have, it would have been a lot easier to something to think about our right now. Our family also is not Madame Madonna for that VM attributed everybody was mad about whether her nephews actually said the family was not upset. They said that a red there would have been upset either so
Our reason for people to add take shots at Madonna anymore. I now Medina Herself address for smaller the would be of some kind of river. The to hear that somebody models of determined by day should be very upset, a museum. There are no mandate were according to Madonna. She said I was asked to present video of the thereby MTV and they and they asked me to share any anecdotes I had in my career, connected Tarifa Franklin. I showed a part of my journey and think the four inspiring me along the way I did not intend to do a tribute to her. That would be impossible in two minutes: all the noise and since eleven award show. I could never do her justice in this context or environment. Unfortunately, most people have short attention span and are so quick to judge Lover with a central register at yesterday's Madonna taught the border. So seventy two
times until the butter either Franklin for TAT. So you didn't plan on doing a little or either Franklin Tribute in dont. Come out avenue, Duenna read the frankly my tied and have a red the Franklin backdrop behind you, and maybe she didn't know any, namely that are now how Billy I don't know what was happening behind the scenes to be made now. Lamar Odom talks about his situation when he was in a common. How he's m miracle, because he could have been dead, he's talking to Kevin heart? on Cavan, Hearts Youtube called his ball show and here's what he said in autumn, over the addiction other make you feel great every day, Do you really to be alive? Concern all turn, and two percent do not realise, of course, that you weren't you Don t you see me somewhat twelve, strokes and six. What is it
Jesus curtains look at below America. Now his folly sober he says and he's over his addiction. So congratulations to Lamar Odom, that's not a small feet at all, but every day process I write deaf jam and the New York jets. They have announced a partnership deal for the upcoming NFL season. They're gonna be partnering up so that this was our revealed on the jets website. So what that means now is deaf to AMS Gonna give you need contact content from its artists help with the jets fans in game experience, so they're gonna be doing music, the jets team, anthem, that's gonna, be heard at all their home games as they take to the field, and they also will have a video series containing highlights a various elements about death, GM and from the jets throughout this year. Do not give a damn about common cabinet banana and avail protester. Oh, like that you look at it? They that support the plays at all playing buses is majority african american plays in the lead us to support the family.
You're an artist who decided that you are not supporting the NFL. It is able sign a deaf. You will need to abandon it. Maybe you don't you I hardly know anticipating and may be just like the Un Authority might make they play is due detailing the do. Still that make you do it I write. Well, you don't have to sign a deal as young doff is not doing right now. He recently the bad turning down a deal. Here's what he had to say man! I got myself in a situation where a less six months we have wanted to me about the current debate. Nor should I do to deal well. I should not take its one to me. He said after twenty respecting away two kinds are helping to cool bombs. Were young dove young dog may be making less money, but he probably has more freedom. We a vein. I am more creative freedom more freely,
just do what you do that you want to do so. Obviously it every work for twenty two mood I was gonna show between some individual beside a long. They will get a percentage you stuff as well as the load, but it's a every individual decision. He decided not to do it. Some people might be like I'll, have a team right click in place to do other things that I record label can do for me and I but it seems like he's doing quite well. Independent out revenue, independent abuse leaves the wreck little grey by some people have somebody that could do marketing. Some people want to have a pr personal, nothing at all That would be a big eyes off. It was onto a label, but they can be away, but it takes people into the next level. You just died suddenly individually. People's situation now do that. If no one of useless, I write well, I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you may see where we can recognise front page news when we talk about, Oh man, we're gonna, take about your guy. Donald Trump was going on in the White House. What's going on with him in his personal, but former personal attorney will give you that information. Could I know you ve been watching it on a new
Norway will get into that when we come back, keep a locked to breakfast cloak morning. Warning everybody is the jury envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We all the breakfast club was cancel front. Page news Marie far manner for it he's President Donald Transformer Campaign chairman. He has now been found guilty on account of financial crimes, so generous, couldn't richer verdict on ten charges, but he was found guilty of five tax where a charge is one tides of hiding farm bank accounts and two counts of bank fridays facing a maximum of eighty years in prison. He also is scheduled to face a SEC. Try next month in Washington, that centred on allegations of lying to the FBI, money laundering and foreign lobbying. So if they do have even more evidence was they are saying they do, then he could actually face an additional twenty years and federal prison. Now down a chump spoke out about his former campaign chairman, and he says that he feel sad about the camp.
Jenny said: poor man affords a good man. He was with Ronald Reagan. He was with a lot of different people over the years and I feel very sad about that. It doesn't know me, but I still feel it's a very sad thing that happened so again, predominant me like this is a witch. Don't turn on a moving is one will indeed from some hopeless, but when I give here be will say that Boon Donald Trump gives in peace, then what was God turn it back on my pace and we're we're gonna tax have happened. I guess all as all say I write well. One per they're down a not commenting on is his former personal attorney. Who formerly said he would take a bullet for Donald Trump, Michael Collar, Makko Cohen, has pleaded guilty and federal court, so eight criminal counts admitting that at the direction of a candidate for federal offices is back without it
was running for president. He acted to keep information that would have been a harmful to the candidate and the campaign from becoming public during the twenty sixteen election cycle. So now the counts against him included tax word false statements. To a bank and campaign finance violations, tides who has worked for Donald Trump because he did help orchestrate payments that were designed to silence women, who said they had affairs, would damage champ. Who was at that time just a candidate. Those women are, of course, Stephanie Clifford Acre a stormy Daniels and a former playboy model name carry Macdougall. He did a range of non disclosure agreement for which he paid her one hundred thirty thousand dollars and that actually came from down a chump campaign. Trop Pardon Paul model for him. Go here. You're born bovine him, though they would really have no reason to turn on him. Cavallo jump Batman gonna clear. If you will pardon of things get really really sketch, why don't you call a map of coin anymore? I sought enough. He would went supplier to him anyway,
but, as Mr Monti got information than we were taught me because you want to tell you have some of your get along in that looks like he's already, please, guilty. So now I mean why would he pardon somebody who's already plead guilty? You didn't Joey Mega MIKE calling me in trying to move around the key legs. Michael calling at all any more, but I mean what's gonna actually happen to damage have anyway, doesn't matter seems like you could only mean cared so he pay these, I mean TAT, he had an affair with. It seems like nothing matters, so we shall see a right where that is your family No sir, I thank you may see now where we come back. Brisco web will be joining us she's
we must show more. Let alone was only those lights going on all night school last week have Norton Tiffany had age so we'll get you would have when we come back to the movies. To breakfast club of everybody is the J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy? We are the breakfast club. We got a special gas in the building breeze your web browser. Good morning Grisha. How are you feeling I'm feeling great? You know you know when I lay time so this is up, I think, is very important. Lebanon, or did you just didn't arrive on the scene and all my work? I did my time taken the stance when you start yet be stopped. At this stage. Is that you don't know you do now. We say what do you do when they did like wine? Anything really by righted tiny says in you know that went crazy and I'm glad I did it, but you know I started running are not resolve that girl. You know I went to college degree
before us call me. I was a doctor on r and am I was mostly in dramatic, and that was on, and then I d, like a high school musical movie and started being really goofy in. I felt like people really worth seeing the funny side of me, I'm so yeah. I just started doing stuff on my own and then I got on love that girl in started doing stand up and men, everybody and yeah. You haven't written out from the bad girl, yes being rates because you ass, he got upgraded yeah on our, so he got his good. You don't believe in God. Wanna take their lane look ago. There were, I think I heard they want you to do a sexy, need and want to do. Oh, oh, you poor, guess I e r e r e r I just cause- I just finished doing like this kid's movie and, as you know, an implicit early in my career. I don't think I need to see tee get out of here.
One of my time to get to them is shows who must, though, but that does don't even you know my mom and dad Deacon indigenous Gabrielle woman and where, in all you know, God is good. I just wanna if I could just pause on the teeth, but all the good move, we'd open, ended up getting a role because they said that that was like. So much like the character to stand up and defend herself, and I would like to look good. It was to make everything worked up or even always are now have a little brother, Mugger Guerin and you know, ease these in Baltimore can get his live together, but we are planned for you up for you he and his greedy. You know, we don't know where he is going on with you on his journey lesson. I don't want him to be my security. You know he wanted to do their bit and all the girl that we like protect me now ass, you, the time I'm Marlin also yeah? I guess you and I know that you did a new season of Marlon coming off. Yes, we did our second season and beginning of June and if you see put those out but now Netflix is picking a backup, and so it's going to be there August 22nd. So if
love net Marlene or you missed. Our second see then Netflix employing two areas on August twenty seconds. So now convinced that those on the show you read of a golden in real life. Have you ever known Amandas for money? You know I I'm trying to get there, I'm trying to get there. I've done my time with these negroes but job, and I really think I need to do better, but God my vagina goaded with you, because to fully the evidence, your mom says the problem, I'm making money enough guy doing Europe. Yet I know, is art thou here well with road and rail potential. I've done my time, done it. You I've done my time. I have so many a seed into various. You know what a male potential. Why did we began darling? I guess you know the worst. Experience is really seeing the fruits of what you thought was gonna become something and then it doesn't it just fiddles out, and so you just
but all this money out there and you're just like we're doin this together, then his leg now we're not it was made for this enlargement. Listen, I've done that there have been many a singer. So you re invited them. German anger, no you'll, never know. I just bought a house. Okay, Comrade always number were very much did about without praise that women do not count as laid down in the heavens before you a potential and look what I've done a lower. You didn't breaches the type of Christian. I rather doubt that's all right. You see ranches Rex as it yeah. You have a good eye for talent, meaning that there was someone
say that you was helping and then it did blow up this didn't take you, along with you, know what they didn't believe in themselves to blow up. You know what I mean, I think, that's I think that's most of it. I think a lot of people have potential to be great. Someone else can like lead you to the water, because you have the talent and the gift to get to the water, but you got to be able to drink it and if you can't drink and swallow it that honey you ain't going to make it drinking and swallow our guys that somebody who knows you looking forward have probably you equal. They can be a low extra, the amount really really December's yeah. That's a problem! That's why I'm single get tired. I mean a lot of my friends that are in the business and successful women have to deal with as a main everybody's about sharing right now,
All these man is like on that says, a tip. You know you know my man, we can all share each other the weekend and all that Edna I, what is mine is mine, don't touch, and you stay here with me. Our member to favour blackmail as theirs there's a few heirs of theirs as few and they're all taken, but I d give here and they go to Firefox. Have a good journey was a process the way you know, but you ve been with your wife for years for married for being together for twenty, in which he thought of it. I memorized immunity for how long exactly where We know what our consumers and of all of them are free from EAST Timor's would now like done on land. Still, I'm done find a man had died in the next three years, so I can make some children and build this life.
You want I'll give you a lot of women in the balloon naughty like no bombardment career. Now, are they may now, when you re now near I dont want to right. Now I mean, if I got pregnant, believe hopes. You know I'll make a really proud. Whoops, I'm not doing it right now, but I would like to have kids, I think that's a part of my dream, one s eyes, which were also derive personally. I want to open with the white personalized actually has his own job property yet loves Jesus. You see, I'm as blue. Ribbon has to pay entails forever offered is still I gotcha now. I know why you goes out my paper work. Do you drink of apologize for curbing you know? I don't know, I don't know I alone, and there was no universal video you as other video. I went viral ambiguous, dab,
of a deal, but they have the negro boy dance like re time. I know you called me beyond, like that. I'd like to correct it. I would love to defuse bagful anxious to pursue offline. Like I was a roach. I thought I d like ok that already the well here is music walk knife a would be nice for what you know. I like drakes music, I think he's really brilliant but affected. The way I hear is music. We know that Russia do love me with a little in a low pungent. On the b, I felt a bee in there. Me. I would like to know whether there are other names that you could have said. You know, even if you're talking about someone else, it was our brain like every time I hear it. Just comes up must bind and life like being the only breach in there's a Russia round. I get it but Risa boy he shot like. I felt that being in their images, pisses me off so am I had. I was thinking there, perhaps with the care Amazon he was banned.
Success is, I don't know like maybe he'd invent something was dancing with every bad way words. He was having a great time as well thought you know you could use Color risen thing would other girl. Ladies in white, Well, I'm not going, they would go with you and the members there, everybody the dance. I need a as you know like that, but you don T dance in Jake. Let's dance, you know really me, I just love having a good time, and I was having a good time and you know the greatest role. Many. The aims that away, I know only be crazy one in the leg, all as you already ages abstain about in single now, I'm enjoy myself, but I do see that there is this wave of dating there. I just don't lie
we come back. We got more would breach the webs using a new flake night school. We Kevin Houghton Tiffany had his so bold as to breakfast locomotive everybody's d, J envy Angela YE shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. We have reached a web in a bill that she didn't know flick night school, we care and Tiffany had his gentlemen. You gotta lotta relate really similar. You Tiffany had inventory. I do so. I guess you know what we look alike. You know and we would see each other on. You know at additions and after a while, I wish his leg. It would just be a mean her up for all those I came over Cisco hang out rang out, so it is dead we headed off or both Torres is in love, as we are that we are at a lover, so yeah nudes over me. Save I've known through stand up, and so she was Doin stand up and I she actually inspired me to do stand as it was like I've, never seen a pretty woman, you know just being
loud and crazy. Like myself on stage in all community came before you are now now I don't mean to say that by the way I bear loud and gray the Abbe day they were as well by you know, like approachable, you know like most of the female comedians. I still look up to like less You know like they were over the airline. You dont go video, you re only show with them and let them live over. They re. Seventy was personable and we became friends and yeah. What about a stand up special firm you? Oh yes, I just! I just did my one woman special, the that was an item singing in telling jokes about you know all of my situations with negroes with potential and p hey a exactly? Others live from somebody's negroes mechanism and a guy that dated bridges and why
didn't work. I was there when nobody would only Brigida due to admit it. What is it about? Judah, oh yeah, but let me know because it's always interesting to hear someone else's out of this story through someone areas have been you an example that give enemies eyeballs, something like a while. You you and somebody Ok, we would be I'm anyway, you much. I mean I get there, so many like the moment. Can I not say by dull, say than to say that I mean I guess one in Mine- would be he just wouldn't get off the black in out our gas bilateral. Do the low level of low level the views on a black is not like he's when I really really great. Yet all he was on a black Ali was doing something on the water. You and your career while he was gonna blow, I was in college. I was starting out and I am I right.
Damn bottom was thirty years ago the black. When I was entirely too, I was like the words jug delay would be like just and they can just enough money to answer my another like by something was still far beyond Valmont. Let it get me a bears nigger, and what will you let me where he is chain ochre and then he maiden of money to buy me my own chain and then took that joint by what means- and it was a little girls here when I graduated analogy bought me attain and Emily broke up. He asked where back I guess I'll be the lady. Was it all we got shot I'll do here? Maybe you don't be so might be by did all hanging love is allowed by these old maids worthy Irma
I know now he's Arnold. He called the leg from on black, like from a large number, every new user judicial authority. Nor yet when I m landmines rely equation, girl, like you know, I mean we're friends, we learned, we grew up together. You know by in on avoiding maybe moments. You know, I don't ask those questions Ag Daniel. You didn't ask what then? No? No? No, not then by Adam now I know as those question was it worth it. What do you look for if you had to say ok, this is like how important our certain things you, you look for physical up here and said: ah does that matter? Ah, yes, you now want to be in all want to wake up to some one that I'm attracted to you know my grandma always said you know as a lot easier to get over. You know an argument when there right. So there were many one: zero, zero new acute valley is okay, tat S just make out what about? Why guys, I'm in four? Why guys? You know it depends they gotta, be woe.
And you know I'm a ban, but you know you gotta, love, Jesus, ok, that you're gonna love Jesus and have a job the criteria. Yet what did happen career beheld were rare in out Now, why do than black loud meditations approach? Related man, hey Ally, curly, hair described your personality is very big and very flawed. Yes, we think somewhat of flaws. That I say in praise, God alone is wrong or not, but you know for some people they rely on me. As you know, I guess I'm just block, because I tell the truth. I may my flaws. I don't know I mean, do you know you're flaws year? You do ya know some of them the back and just think about letter previous plan right number, even on Brandenburg, Healthy right now, and I love following you as a result, we shall be putting me up like so many people need to talk about their mental health
and just where they are walking, both my parents work and that their profession so room kudos to you Oh, you are even one when you me to help you I mean can't drying like I just started. Therapy may be two years ago, an actually Tatyana Ali, convince me to do it cuz I thought that was so caucasian and then I started going and then I was like YO. This is don't you know, because you can pray about things, but then you know you know what meditating all these kind of things, but until you start to actually make those changes and really liked rationalize like why you did this. And how can I bring about change in my mental and you know it every way possible to go forward. You was going to be in the same place, so it's good to like top listen. I beg the buzzword, they use their real unpack. The beg of you got too much baggage gang can't. Take unpack summit is an emphatic as you can be carrying stuff from like when you at seventeen realitas by you still, there
out there. You don't even know your man you got there was exactly did you are being replaced by the other alyosha when savory, please she got a job right. Then I just open dawn and I'm unique just said: oh god, oh god, you replacing you there is as yet the unwanted, thereby now you sliding now that there are now, let's see where you are of law. Are you are you know when you put your blog? I know I think that the moral Catholic dude I know, but you do, you- do involve angel how can positively and then you get to mess of Roger Righteous get listen. I love that budget. Where do we get to see or one woman You know what I'm producing it right now work shopping, Marlins, really interested. I have so many people interested in putting it out. I want to take it to Netflix as the EU more money from Netflix? Hey, hey, hey, I'm not here! For this, I'm not here for them. That is not my business.
I do not get in other people's business. I you know hey Monet from Baltimore, hey you boy, bats, but now in people's business. I want you to turn over a row row upon you. She does They don't do day. She see far away wants you dead, wheat, the blacks and, I will know, excited to me her ass. She was in his excited gummy. She was, she saw. Sweetie is really love our in, and I mean I've been there from you no escape. You know what a baggy genes and all it as though I really have a love for her, so when I saw you know the the grand hustle show I was like. Oh my god like this is really who she is and then my friends would like. Oh, my goodness, be sure you do the best impersonation of her and that's where tiny says came from,
yeah environment when she was, I Ellen, Duke, sadly, all your order. They don't do that. You like there must not just like tat anything. Maybe do it in the movie now that you're about to get me pike but tiny? You know India Tailor. Our director was like due to time say a backdoor, say it like time. I would like to do so. Would you obviously bugbear you'd everything that she said you? Will they stop talking like they? Never life alchemy pay back and the boy s image like that by elevates what's up- you know. It's deal bought me a reed. Had I love talk,
like to do it around how's the who fell like I'm belike, thereby virtually hurrying. I do love you like theirs by encouraging boys like you, can do anything to condition the electorate. Please mileage Alexa place now beach, while the levy giving in to see dominant load. I know what I mean is that we love you Don T, love me Yes, go follow average whereby Instagram outwitted regime have to re Israel, Easy Edinburgh DM, she said, You guys you now. I know now some real problem: ass, bad, no ashy prospects, yeah, no she's come to five ass. Well, ass. You please Oh no more though my turn, my term is Brazil. Where was the bourbons globally? gum, thank the breakfast. Somebody at breakfast club knows comfortable or Europe
go back there. I would like to say to you guys and brought back home to me to just so current, and they mean so much to my life always make king lover along with that start with Michael movements. Ricky bill running Oh baby, Diedre chronicles above him. They ve been able to deal with our eyes. Ok, but what one person who's never been here? Who was the architect of that new edition thing? a brick and ned pretty learn any new edition. Bony she's King Bobby Brown drop rose You guys you do. I may I should not have nobody would like you to know I'm the man makes ready for tomorrow. If I do women body browser, we had about David, mad Bobby Beaches excited their body. Brown mail is getting,
Just don't make him and I applaud the Reul report was glad when Nicky Menage, where does he have to say on her queen radio, show find out who did he give tee how Edward of the weak award to well? Here's which he had to say Jonah's Scott winds of the week by a landslide and its because Travis God is out you're selling, enclose and godchild think any stomach music. He and his label decided to have Kiley and babies stormy he put up a tore pass. A lot of your favorite artists wouldn't even be trotting right now. Had I not spoke up about streaming, he
an hour ago imposed and say: hey man, stormy can't wait to see ya. How are you selling something that does not have anything to do with your album, but its being counted on billboard as album sales on Togo, rewarded correct me if I'm wrong with didn't Nicky do bundles to let a man that every bandwagon brought the gas genius. Forty eight hours she saw five dollar bundled there came a queen posts in a minute free trial, a title, and why not most as you did they put together like a package magazine Thirdly, myself merchandise and whatever, with their tickets, should emerge very annoyed to defer conferred like I'm like this. I have to get really creative now, with the marketing will actually went to get physical copies of Yahoo. My baby is highly and she has no means of followers and about the yes, please post about my Malaysia to impose an embargo, Nicky associations rake in
where's Burma. A low to wish list was that our area, a grand, a posted it most you did she didn't know so opposed to do to cash Ebay, posted it. No application no good or correct me if I don't know anything about whose regional Oriana granted, as you just said, I know I know she did. I you know, could actively looked at the level of payments. Are you gonna get you don't? Have you blacked out right now when now years, whereas land wasn t data, but now I think I married her right right now years, whereas the given that had to say about Travis, got on Queen radio and not on the conference cool with my out with Morocco Company, and they asked me Nicky how important it, for you to have the number one album. I thought I'd give a fuck, and so having said that, none of this is some serious.
But right is right and what is wrong now billboard claims that they now have to change the rules. Well, when you have changed the rules because everybody start selling tore passes, do you go and give me my while deserve number one tab on material. But I'm the number one am. I can now tell it's. Ok to hear so traded share them how to carry out their road abundant like Jane you, gotta, girls have bundle alone, should have you recourse to Monsieur approach our right now, let's discuss what Nanette had to say about Charlemagne, as we thought he was gonna get the progress of the yes, the sea sucker of the day wore here's. What you had to say about shallow me. I was gonna, give the saga of the day awards Charlemagne and then, when I listened to what he said, I said you know what I'm not
and then do that because I've felt what he said was very true. I was very real. Anybody who knows me knows that if it's one thing I am, as I'm grateful, never get confused when ya see me playing around on the internet or when ya see me ya. Think I'm having a breakdown, William, kick my feet, a beam of the eight following the reason I am where I am as because of my gratitude. You said she didn't have a problem of while of one hour. I want number two and I'm glad you said that it's because of how it went number two. Well, I'm disappointed. Good, I wanted you to win. A war was added the almost got it lama. They wanted it of more people, listen to be included in the world to be a better place, we never know, usually know what I'm talking about rice, that's easy. I guess you do too. I think so because he still is he's a great job at it you so she got her feet of your looks. Nicky Menage also said: there's six nine wasn't about upon perform with her at the MTV video music awards.
But though it did for some reason she did invite him or whatever it wasn't that they just didn't. Allow it at the last minute, and she had this to say about pushing back her torque as I was another big story for her. I hears what she said about her in future too, future, and I will now start the european leg of odds for first and the: U S leg of the tour, I will now start in May with future schedule. I may have to take another co headliner or I may just do it like. I did the penguins, or I probably will just have like three or four opening acts, and this is all happening because I push my alarm back two months and I just finished, writing and recording hours before the album.
Came out. I just simply don't have the time to a horse and beyond the road in time to give you guys level of a shawl. I needs again now going into pay six. They say that her toward ticket sales are not doing well it all, and these big arenas without the twenty thousand capacities, are doing good sales for opening nine baltimores two thousand tickets. At least thirty? Four hundred New Orleans is a thousand Chicago's thirty, nine hundred, even these huge arenas, universal and also its yes. According to an island nation source, every get off now thousands of one of the worst thing we could do better than thou once it has one out. Of course you can, but one of the worst things about being in the industry. As you can see how all the food is made. You know we in the kitchen envy told me. Last week, Nick you told gettin came at last
thousand takings told me that all that in cancer could have low taken fails. You said not a thousand. We need at last week now you and it s only thousands. It gives him a car showed like none that more than a thousand take. Is that thing someone s allows you? Would I realise that this is an issue for making? Do you suppose the deuce who gave us a good thing is somewhat above is just broke. Can't afford to buy and scream and by concert tickets to brought Bob's is the ones who slander us online, everyday in defensive Nicky because they can afford to do not now all the bomb money too busy bind take them by now. It is important to get a camel. We say it. I re will listen whenever passionate by report is over a law.
Mezzaluna, Lucio Bob and you mentioned slander, knew just reply. Bag broke, but only to our job. Only two broke Bob got time to be slander and people. Ok, gaily ordered, like you guys for your assistance in a written report, very ginger. We given a donkey to me, doctor Skype, Vigorous South Dakota NEWS coming from the congregation we like to have a world it will give. Its aim will become bad people. The breakfast locomotive, died but dont the other day, job Democrats for being here today, a little bit of a mess like adults,
I've been called a lot of my point. Really I don T have a bay is a new wife, yes dog you today, for when the August, twenty second go, this Doktor Scott Baker of South Dakota doctors, guide, big, is getting sued by woman. Indeed been a nap, I drop include. I don't know, I don't know you at all, but I hope you get every damn dime. You can get out of these people because it's only two places in the world that shouldn't get your order wrong and it's the surgeon's office and chick fil, a those are the two places I expect top level service. Or can you supposed to walk in and get exactly what you ordered? Okay to surgeon's office, especially if not a place where we can even play the game of what I ordered vs? What I got That is exactly what happened. The demon, Nancy Dena went to discharges office and ordered the removal of an adrenal glass and a mass on the glass. What she got was something else entirely. Let's go to
it will television report leaf. Then I will woman is taking her doctor and a surgical institute to court. After she says they took out her kidney when they weren't supposed to dynamic, went to Doktor Scott Baker and the surgical into you'd have South Dakota to have an adrenal gland and a mass removed. The surgeon had come up into my patient room and was explaining to me, and that at the time of the procedure when he was removing me a drink. Gland and the mass that, incidentally, the kidney had come out along with kimono the removal of a drain on land and a mass on a glad, and you took out a whole. Kidney now will be out of a job. Why bill my adrenal is. Nor do I know what a man on the glass is, but I know what a kidney is now unless the dog
does this mean and he should make their poor choice now. Of course, Dena started having health complicated, so she went back to get a second opinion and the doktor lied to her three days after she got out of the hospital. More upsetting news: according to the law suit, the doktor told nap part of the adrenal gland was still in sign of her and that another surgery would be needed nap reached out to male clinic. For a second opinion. She says what she learned contradict what she was previously told. They actually verify that the full adrenal gland, as was the mass, was still intact and still inside, but that the Kenny itself alone is what was removed. Not discard big Clearly, a professional Vanessa, the full adrenal gland en masse was still Indiana, but the whole Kenya was removed from the Doktor Scott didn't even take out what I needed to get taken out, what you ought adverted what you get that does got bigger too.
And it was some adrenal gland left. It was a mass on the adrenal land left, but he lie. It was all left in her. Only that you took out with the kidney- and this is a prime example the prime example of when you tell one lie, you have to keep telling more and more like the cover of deference life that it was actually verified at the full adrenal gland is one of the mass was still intact. In still inside of data put just the kidney alone was removed. This is like gone it fully ordering the number one would she lodge fries and eliminate and then, when you look in your bag is ice, cream, corn and a super foods, but that will never happen because chip fillet work is measured twice or the only have to cut and that this guy big clearly didn't measure at all. He just cutting now poor dean, a nap as days three chronic diseases or of the other guinea which she did and of having the second surgeries. Hopefully she's. Fine and all this happened because Doktor Scott Baker doesn't have what it takes to work achieved fully ass. The moral of the story done he's got bigger, doesn't how would it take the work achieved fully because cheerfully gives you exactly what you ordered
in the pleased with what you got. Please give that has got big. It is we Amazon, gay all right you for a donkey today up nexus, ask IE eight hundred five. Fifty one thousand and fifty one. If you need relationship, advice or any type of advice, you can call me right now. Eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one hit breakfast locomotive, the breakfast club dj Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are, the breakfast club is as key hello is this. We are lazy arrow. I love your new record level. Up is dope.
Love level at the level of level at global level and tell me what I see that was because of you live every morning a plain people love. They thought I'd really love. You got. You got that. I'm Charlemagne get though Ernie Alma toilet do you like them, for you is a minute longer related and where they have a lot of issues by complication UK him like a fat. I do it before and after I get upward, and I also have a full time job so may make an offer him had like difficult by Philip make it a priority to make him feel like he's, not being neglected fire on him and feel that way and will not bring these concerns. I am he always put on me and makes it makes a thing like that: airports,
and that I don't I don't know how to communicate. So I just need your advice on what you think. I should do. Yes, girl, I'm in a long distance relationship too. So I know it's not that easy, but it takes a lot of extra effort on both parts. It takes a lot of you know: y'all, don't get to see each other I said you can't be arguing when you're not even together as much as you should be. You know, Sometimes the stress of you not seeing each other can cause those arguments, and it doesn't seem fair to me that you bring in these concerns to him that he should feel like were less figure out how we can work together to make things work better. Instead, he's Blaming you do you feel like he's doing something else, or do you trust him know? I trust him. One hundred percent, like you know, we talk all the time, but it's like me is if it's more than just talkin, it's like okay, I'm going to send you a video work. You picture Romanes our semi several hours as something unexpected and the mayor. A card in the male is always nice, like really simple, things, and I think sometimes a lot of guys are good.
Add doing a little gesture. Is that we're so good at? And you do those things for him? I do all the time like I will make time in my day before I go to work, you know, take a little cute video and send or a picture or something like that? I love no or whatever, and then he'll with five like those like dry like we do and then, when I tell them anything you like, while you have to jump to conclusions, you don't act like I do, ask you and then, when I bring it up, is like always an issue. So you know, I think you should do is just give him some things that you give him some direction right. Maybe these it's specific on like the things that would mean a lot to you and instead of saying you don't do this, you don't do that be like you know. It would mean a lot to me if you did something like this or you know things like this are really sweet. Imma, try to make it more of an effort on my part, but
so much appreciate it. If you did the same, I know we're in a long distance relationship, and I know it's not easy, but things like that is really make me smile and just aid and a path give way, instead of saying what he doesn't do. Let him know what he's he could do. That would make you smile and make you happy and when he does do those things is amplify is so much any little thing that he dies just below it out. Leg is the best things may want to keep making you feel that way or should guide us both gray eyes, because yesterday we d like a really right, we gotta broke up, and I want it to end because of backing micaceous make as a connection is both strong and half the like people were in law. This is a relationship they have. Such a storm by then. You, doping, with each other every day you end up having those long conversations a whole lot more and communicating in different ways. By will say, sometimes we focus on what somebody's not doing when we should be focusing on every little great thing that they do and then just give him some gentle direction in a positive way. Ok, I regret
gotta. Be I work it out. Thank you. You do. I love you buy. We got more as you when we come back, he breakfast locomotive, everybody is dead. J Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the girl we are the breakfast club in the middle of as key hello was this failure. Exuviae kimono wish, of course, to free who so desire email. Man was what was going on basically element Girlfriend do so this dude or whatever, and now I'm had a solid, What do you mean you? Let her know them basically, like I gave an approval like an oak and ok to do some would do not sexually were just
no hang out whatever go out on its own can view. I can't I gave my girlfriend ok to kick. It would another dude and sexually. So they could do whatever they do. You know tat. I wanna be a cover both now, I'm have alike like not like a panic attacks, but I cannot stress an over it like when they work led nor go with this. Do I gave you, I got an asset to clarify when you say letting her go. Is it somebody that she's just friends with you that it was a non sexual situation. What was you, what were you letting her do just go out and get something to eat like what was it? Basically, it wasn't date, but I guess they know each other, ok and other water. Story right talking or whatever and went out like it in the middle of whatever she had gone on before me. So is there have land or somebody she was dating noise. I guess it's her friend is helped by this mathematics retaining its her friend. So what
problems. You as a friend they were hanging out was the issue. If it was a, Now, when have haven't, if how you look at it, then I guess there's no issue. I just wanted to know because I'm having insecurity on having and secure she's right now employ Azeri reason that you think she likes him or something boy not fan. I mean that's his boys and girls. They like each other. That's basically say you're, saying that you don't believe you can have a botanic relationship when she has a guy that she's just friends when I mean if she couldn t, go to her boots on firm. Do you have female friends exhibitor applicable? friends. Are you imagine, hang out with them ever? I can handle with them forward too, but I should not too, because I know that you can go for wealth. Ok, I have a lot of guys friends that I have no issue being friends with now. The question is you told her? It was ok. She was open and honest with you about what she was doing right. Ok, did you speak to her there?
then I urge you to disappear. We talk after so so what do you think happens? Aren't they learn What are you panicking about it? That's just her friend, ok world! Thank you! That's why I'm calling I don't want to, I don't want to over panic. I don't want to overthink. I don't want to overdo anything, I'm just at these scenarios in your head. Ok, now you have in it you and you have anything to be concerned about address them with her, but she didn't give you any reason to not trust there. You can't do that. Ok, thank you I just emailed saying I don't want to. I don't want to mess up this relationship that I have with her, and I don't want to. I don't cuz, I'm the type of dude that would just let's let my girl do whatever she want cuz. I don't want to cover. You know what I'm saying if you are so insecure that you're having panic attacks if she goes out with somebody else, that's an issue that you guys have to address. You have to learn how to trust your girl, and if
don't want her to go out with somebody. Don't tell her it's okay, because you said it was okay, so you guys need to have those conversations, but just calm down. She didn't do anything you spoke to her later you trust a you. Don't even think anything happened Angela. How are we have a low crusher, you really bag Savior, my goodness, all right, you ve got room was on her way home a guy's. Yes, that's give it up for Tiffany. Had it was how you wear her latest accomplishment is also pose some alone. Oh my gosh. I can't believe that people were
I wish that he died, will tell you what happened or I will get into all that when we come back, he belongs to breakfast global. Like Curly Simpson, I recently bought me a tasty. Do they also equally one agree busily out model all too easily men had such a word is left now, like you, pig is nothing. I guess it's time to me still less human contact with adults, but no poor lad meeting to appeal.
Somebody. Let him pay, as happened last year, is going to end up with a view to die, gave way we dream was mine was due to the lack of caused, but I hope to be able to begin to do
when he saw me next year. This isn't guess you like them now now you ve got him. Nor did you tell me what you're mine is. Japan was the poor disease and whom I have worked with me still won't be missed. For this study had random stopping you feel even know your words.
You'd say: lobby was bag, lengthened men, crazier you'll, forget you think I'm gonna get them ever gonna blow, because Europe is back the money. I don't hate. You pointed out, we were rebels, start is made on me. Like you met someone else. These tenders come now being at seven p m. We gave way. Every dream was mine, still goes down due to lack of time will be heard
when he saw me neck a package me, the breakfast club Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago, we oughta breakfast club. Let's get cities, rumours less talk, Drake Leubronn, K, deed away, what they all have in common with Angela his club that people are invested in digital media startup, Mars, real. They just closed their four point: seven million dollar initial funding round with those investments from Drake from doing way, item media also Lebron James.
De Rant, Nuys actor Sedgwick Steward are all investors as well map regard as an investment who is Lebruns business partner and what this company does is its for distributing and producing original short form high school hoops highlights across all internet platforms like Instagram Facebook Youtube toward her and snapchat. So basically, they also do a video diary that highlights the daily lives of up and coming basketball stars and life on Mars, which is a document of serious profiling. Atley to overcome impassable adds to accomplish their dreams. Now the great thing in something that they are all interested in summing sense as big an athlete guess who is on the type of Forbes list for higher earning female athletes, sermon one for the third year in a row, serene whims yeah, sorry to Williams, even though she has in play com should employ competitively for fourteen months
after revealing in January twenty seventeen that she was pregnant with her first child fourteen months after that she too has played. She still made eighteen point: one million dollars last year basically and endorsement riddle meters, whose number to view of new the top preview more often almost serene, and I couldn't think of any body out. There's nobody goes beyond this top ten list, eight of them a tennis players from Russian says so you know so Venus volumes as number six on the list. By the way I write Tiffany had it has done a Netflix deal. Forest stand up special, congratulations to her. They gonna film early next year and they expect a worldwide premier later next year as well. So congratulations Tiffany had it it's not! It's there's no title yet for that stand with special, but she has other deals with an apple
so ready, which includes her voice role for the animated series took her end, birdie drama clues, Bozrah Tiffany had she got way more demoniac. She has as its be ok factories, hard unsubscribe, Teddy Person, and I, the possessor of shows you got. We wanted more meagre, saw how you know. Again due to the US: you don't get it get we Morton, yeah we more than when it was offered our I post mulatter. Remove it's been a. It was a tough right for him because his jet actually have to have an emergency landing now said he doesn't like flying at all to begin with years, but ass, he had to say postman. We might applauded Tiresome Baxter.
But we like to get back. Ok, sir inevitable that we all heard just the person. You are weighed down hours of fuel and we have been sold on board what you're going to be so sixteen people we met dead by tat. He saw something in his Arap moi. Post MILAN was handed to London after taking off antiviral airport in New Jersey, and that's when the pilot had to flatter Massachusetts to burn more fuel for a safer passable crash landing ass Gary is that he has proposed Maloney to say had say after the landing bargain. Then you know, I don't even say man shook. Are you know I've been God? Did he leaned his safely brows watching tv, we learned the rapporteur was, I thought it had no wheels leg. It still had wheels, it led in nice and easy, but I don't have no wheeled like that there was no tie is that it would have displayed a full Mona on an honor,
runways wicked line, I did it. I had a little off daring to take off in they had to do that emergency landing. I tweeted island, a guy's. Thank you for your prayers, can't believe how many people with death me on this website, a few, but not today, people are really miserable amount of animals from old music, but I want to die now. My pulse Malone dying is not go make your life any better. You don't have an insurance policy on poles known if you die, all his money famous success would not magically be transferred. Ie, isn't that nice awaited death and said that he was wrong, which are now Judge Joe Brown Versus says. How could this who owe them get into it? Well, during an interview, a british Evoke says he said that an energy is dominant, whether you throw it on a line up or not, as she said, would only meant to survive or be valid functioning members of society.
Men are representing themselves in a new grown up demographic, that's, probably quite threatening to what we ve, always known as she was basically talking about. The lack of female performers. M music festivals will judge jury. Joe Brown responded on twitter. This is a selfish and foolish Brett, while a few females like her, are unable to cope with men. The human race, children in a well adjusted a real women do need men, just like real men need women says, and that his response, but I guess you had to put it in context in which he was talking about you I mean uses. Use is talking about. The stage is on the right, perform an ear. Fema performance as you'll enjoy the angel broad looking at it from like a real world perspective. Yes, we gotta get out of just the festivals and women. Performing a festival to meaning in life in general. Patronage was is a specific when she made us they middle well. I guess he manages read the headline of it and that regulations are frequently moonstone. Yes, she said
in an energy is dominant, whether you throw it on a line up or not so she's, all along the line at a festival. Yes, that's pretty specific of which he she meant. I re well I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report shouted. Revolt will see tomorrow. Everybody else people choice mixes up next to over my african, broader. While I owe you after rather we afghan, we aren't you ever. Do you guys? You just did your ancestors carefully? we must always. While I was born on guinea, but sow sad to see era, remained ass. You know em whales to carry out well, let's get the people choice, makes it the breakfast locomotive, my name issue pearl. Well, for the past four years, I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year, old son Courtney, wound up with a bullet in his back I D Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news that Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station were office's, did everything they could to help him and then
there's the true listen to somebody on the heart, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your party look man they're. All I see while look over. There is culture guys, Moscow journeys does do died. Last Algeria's does call MRS, not Rogers, and this is Valid Yang and you might know us from shared credits, including ass, an hour Asia, shrill nor from claims and broad city, so yeah. What those credits you can tell these people must know what they are talking about and here's the thing we do. If you listen to this pop culture podcast and we say an opinion about culture, it is henceforth law every episode we get into the format of culture that meet our guest say, culture was for them. Well, if that sounds interesting, do you and you want to keep it in the eye her radio family? Listen to last luxurious. Tells me I radio, app apple, podcast or wherever you get her podcast,
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