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Bridget Kelly On Leaving Roc Nation and Why She's Ok With Underage Dating

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Real, celebrity real subjoined existed there morning. Everybody is dj. Envy angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breadth of his club Addison. Guess in Belgium is british. How you big man- I've been I've been around, but I missed you guys. I don't like that. I haven't been around us is this has been a long time at my british colleague the time for I know we'd be out about in the same in the same seen some. Would you go towards more democracy in Trieste, overboard language? You too, you said just now woody streets, this? Don't love, always strain it strange, greater drink, I'll, kill you right now that, yes, nowadays, we already have a drink apparent. I know where it's no, it's we learn from right am I thought you would go deserve blooming, No, it was regular, exposes the Suno Ochre be streets, don't love you do you imagine and in a cloth and they never,
That's all. You know what I think it is when you, through the main way, more dramatic. Looking like an always just listening to the thoughts and as the words of the worthy stuck out God, you do you not a rug national. No I'm gone. I may not be left. My may my departure. Honestly. We just we weren't. We were on the same page Williams. They vision you through the give your squad count for title that work, I really honestly. I was on the label for six years with an incredible experience, but it just you know we we reach the platter there was there was there was no further, no further room for me to grow. I remember when I first saw you perform outlines Hemingway SL these machination as she's gonna, be a stag. Was the man I'm still on my way? You're gonna happen issues Stena differently different circumstances. Jaycees dedicated to imply a state of mind only leaves no, no, I'm actually really happy, because now I bade still, I mean if I'm out somewhere and I recognise the sun comes ANA. People can look at me like you, don't think that might be. Oh, no
but I mean all the relationships are still intact. Thank God like it wasn't like a bad. You know go here. Will you what art is leaving a label. It's gonna get divorced, but nobody was really you know about that. We now every anything bad about Bridget Kelly. Thank God. You know, I don't know. How do you? Do you like? I don't know, but I think you ll be left, will again be lookin. Perhaps it will say: ok, great however, according to think they will give you a nice twist to loudly for their when it happens, you like all well, then they have we're busy. I would definitely be lay. This sounds right and I think that when we had an attack like what did you really hit this girl in the club like, I would actually like, I will get ideas and we're gonna acknowledging the girl, and you know why I got into a fight in the club and well now was a few years ago. A few years ago, YAP some random. What girl and her friend was pushing me and I was ignored, really drunk and it was really bad, and so I had too much heard only guarantee me alone in her wish friend he had her friend like China.
Came down the stairs like barreling down. It's always the mean on the big friend has become disabled, ran and She came down and you know she's soccer punch me, so I have a little to peace in the face and I got body by security. So that was the end of that in grand loathing, so you have a new european. I do not desire to butter were. Do you? Yes, it's really on its nostalgic for me. Isn't really methodologies. It's a good college in a store. Guy man, discarded summer of Kiley, would again so we're blame him. No obey equally. I mean I feel, like I'm seventeen all over again. I don't know what it is. I'm twenty nine now, but I feel like I'm, you know reliving my seventh either. Seventeen and everybody was pressing for college and China being a dull and everybody's, like as eighty prep and we gotta be adults. We gotta be responsible, on twenty nine everybody's. Like we have to get married. We have that babies. We got it frees our exit case, we're not barrier, and it's like I'm so just trying to make
They make a lot of money and then than pot bottles are much Papa baby. For what do you want women workers? I'm at seventeen years. Seventy, when you were seventeen, what was the other guy David, would you twenty or twenty one you have a sex is That's really know Deborah golly. Seventy incited twenty board funny guy, I'm not listen, it's not burn out there, but this is not my business we ve been. I got me a check or or asking me to be somewhere. I don't care wires over to you. Do you know them I bet it in the seventeen yielded. No, we're just. He was taller than everybody else. Numb like he was like six three six four, and he just was you know he had a deeper voice. He was more mainly, although guys I knowed. Seventeen. We're like me now appears to have a problem with that, though old do now, though they no Mamma knew she'd. If she was a negative,
Twenty twenty one I was seventeen. He was only one girl. What Europe rather than a year it wasn't she never. We can't think that high school he was gradually Alex yeah. He may must move on. Did you. I mean ears, a thing I was not trying to be in a serious relationship. I was just trying to have a good time when I'm like, if I'm gonna, where heels and try to act like I'm a grown up. At least I can do what a man it's a little soul in the mail, and you know you of pursuing a musical. We are wrong I was in the Guardia. Yes and I wasn't. I was impressed. I really just one to make music and have one very boring. You book no echoed muzzled guy. They like to turn younger, allow by doing that. I've never have you feel like you embedded at age? No, I don't know what the hell. I was going to tell you that, Do it no clue? Listen did you blown, No. Actually, I think part of me to do everything in Lisbon. Imagine a man what I want to be like. If I needed to that, is having room all these rules. You moved only be other. I did
really great time between junior and senior year was a blast. It was worth the feeling you turned eighteen to show. Your problem was Leona, feel different to eighty million legal gaining where that is right. I was already gonna. I was already algae as though I wasn't thinking about you. Not I mean it ain't seen it was kind of like ok thick now I can, you know, get a little responded club exit now, but he wasn't. I beg of you now with women, especially with you go into this performing arts highschool, very competitive yeah. You guys were you know and so it will not bring it on the musical version. I mean it wasn't that bad, but I think it was you know when you, when you trying to get a solo or you're. Trying to you know addition or land a gig outside of school people are paying attention, you gonna mean, and it still I mean in Turin, Highschool somebody's and secure rise, caddy, everybody's, petty, and so you know. Sometimes it was a board you and sometimes they dont of them. There don't mind you, but again, you know. A lot of famous people went, there says, is running down,
So we know some people that Philip Whitehead, so we know what happens now. Mickey were there in making when there is a bank police to name a few New York music- and I imagine any you friends of any, but no, I don't really know anybody like that. You know you they were like. He was right but now she graduated before I got there here at fix you guys, with a year before I got there, you gotta have again alumni programme when you can reach out to people graduated, you know what no, I would even go to my high school reunion. I had no interest in even going to my eyes, Greenland, I don't know think it was just because they know the guy You know what I want to check if anyone anywhere now it will. Allow me seventeen again you trying to do becket. It grew union. Oh that's what it is, Nor does it was it was last year I didn't go, I decided Phil last. It was a blush. It was a weird you for me: I've I've left the label.
A whole new management team. I just started from the bottom, so are you catch alignment of the wages we plateau? Do we just didn't? Have the same? We didn't. We didn't see that we didn't see eye to eye on what was then what the next step was to be. What do you think the next at is supposed to be that people are seeing eye to eye with I'm I'm really. I didn't want to be put in the though, like Quintessential classic arm B. MAX I'm never felt like that was who I was. I definitely wanted to be a sort of in that Middle Lane, where what was more musical and more about the content rather than ok. Well, she's open for marriage obliged? So this is what is going to be like. It was very much like okay. This is this is your lane. This is your box. You only have this amount of room to room to move in and I just feel like mean almost silly. I wanted to branch,
new television. I want at noon on and am I was able to do it the last last year, so hosting or fusion of each one. So it's been a good. They were trying to make bridge Aetolian artist ass. She was ethically outlays appreciated how Rhine edgier music was it wasn't like Michael. You know, our NBA was very. I don't even know how to say it is a blight Ian. Even I think, because I'm from New York, the assumption is automatically like Alice. You got an army, she's she's, New York she's got a raspy voice in what you say like Merrick yeah, wouldn't that high boots- and you know I mean I wasn't- I was a man they got. You owe you D Mary, and that is that the difference is that everything is the girls, the boy you're not obey, unmarried Macedonia, where it is best to dance found. Nothing
That is now I say we do never. Let me know how long did I don't mean that there is not much that is over this from the essence versus like lightning, never rhythm, Mary Guy rhythm, United, so and are the ones who want to move ahead.
Really was the signal to see that we gave you I'd like a full sidekick, though every move Marian drunk at the party mad now she's, the one regarding young girls want to be my great. We like I'm gonna, get my car or what you look like you know like goes wrong. I see that a nice long career that really evolve from whence you, lady, is now you fish or she's, always remain true to her audience, to which I think is really important. It's tough, I feel, like I didn't, have the chance to really do that. I got thrown on such a grand stage, though in place of somebody else. So I wasn't like you know it wasn't like my inroads are the world was here, is my music? Listen to this? It was like casings other girls, but real quick in Is anybody that our mirror audiences girl would like to hear from like the APOLLO, whoever she's had not yet as the ruling I love it, S got a whole new that too I do have here is where I chopped is others like no more bangs just gonna go of wet year, you'll be working out there.
You find anyone HANS. I have really hard absent when an umbrella by new underneath the bridge Are you going to run in with you know? What has happened to you when you were seventeen at you decided to make a whole heap he about. I felt like I didn't want to be. I don't I don't want to have to succumb to all of the standards of what everybody else but I should be doing. I don't know if I wanted to go to college. I didn't know you no five what kind of necessarily what kind of music at the time I really wanted to do. I don't really know who I was, and I felt like that that should have been acceptable like I should have an ok at seventeen village. Kids now even harder to decide social media is, you know, portraying all these images constantly is over saturation in his like? That's all they have to look to for us it. My my generation at least it was like
we gonna have with each other, and no one relieve knew there ass from their humble, so everybody just trying to figure it out. You don't mean crashing and burn in and I felt like I want, and I want to do that on my own. I wanted done Wanna dance to bemoan room, so even if its offer them fail due to Mary Mary, I'm just feels the city jail or too, because seventy views were told you yet now the whole I mean if they differ from seventeen? It's not really catering to necessarily seventeen year olds. It's just it's more. So these state of mines are really I'm not taking myself. Is that seriously? I don't think it's if I, get married at thirty, I'm not upset. You know it's gonna be ok, you know I just did so about you know, exploring the possibility that someone assaults on here about love and it's about falling over heels and what that feels like for the first time it's like to fall in love again is, is you know it's a beautiful too beautiful they, even though a lower this seventy emu will show, you don't know it. I think I think I think he puts you
feel is so strong, though, that new statute, that you think it is love, and so some I mean, I think that even as an adult they have as you you get and you get wrapped up in a situation in before No. What you like all I have is, is amazing and then, rather than it doesn't work your way and you like then, with similar, legally doesn t just servants low for it, you have a secular twenty one yeah it all. Peat is bigger, causes go foolish girl like we're talking about love, not paint as though Aigner immediately. She said. When she was empty. She didn't know if he would gladly idea I've honestly, twenty one year old, guys donor what they do in all their short all, but here's the thing I'm twenty nine. On twenty nine and I feel like in certain aspects of life, not thy definite items. Individuality outside of that, like there's still things I don't have a clue, like us little no relationships, I suck it relationships like I, either give too much. Gives you little legumes alone. Last time I saw you I wires. Oh yeah he's gone yeah use of reward temperatures
his engrais save them. I use them for the wider weren't how to calling word all we know, does it really? We went on a break, and then I was just I was over it. I was only gonna break, whose idea was that it was mine. I wasn't happy with it she last year was right after I left the label. I was like array Anita, useful rheostat. I haven't got a nominal everything I really I went through its arms like I gotta just clean slate, but you know and then not without legends hands. It is true as high when, if you're not happy with your career, you're, not happy all management unit, it makes you not happy with is clean house they started. But there is also a new I wanted to data the people cause. I was kind of like I was looking to feel anything that was gonna, give me positive feedback and validation and attention, and I knew that serve as I. If I'm gonna do, that, I can be in his relations with poor. Doing allows a? U was pushing away. The positive we back now. I was saying I'm saying that when you go into all that everything is kind of like buckling down on you at once years.
James you're searching to feel any kind of like good attention, anything so to me it was like. I could only feel myself drifted out of the relationship because it was like one. Now. This has gone on for me and I'm not I'm not like them stayed home girl. That's gonna be happy just with her man on the couch. Every night like I want to be working on. Wanna be doing stuff so that a situation where he was telling you things, I got a good, you know. Do Then we can stay home now and cooking clean. Now it was Jesse's. Now it was a. He was really support if he was actually he's actually to be really fair to him. He was probably the greatest man that I've ever met hands out, but I just a at the right time. For me, my main rate at an old book. I checked out my brain checked out more exact Vila. May they wasn't it wasn't that I mean that in a manner as why should she stay within a relationship if she's not here as values, but you know what, though I can admit that I've I felt myself drift
drifting off drifting away. There was already somebody else they had caught my attention. That was given me the kind of attention that I wanted a needed. So the right thing to do is they re got light. This isn't it maybe he could be a great guy evades wasn't of timing. Would of timing was hired, which you know I didn't break up with him for another guy. I, when we broke up, we were on a break and it was like you know what lamone an ominous us towards underground. You guys do they broke into a special get outta. This amendment is over. It was because I think that what happens I mean that happens. It happens all the time what China, those all after about it miss you wanted a sacred another Gaza. She went on a break, people have sex with. You did little abandons eating my instruments that achieving better than she they take you out you all eleven bowed low. Her mind is kind of like a seventeen year old boy that is the kind of every summer and seventy you and you have only one guess appears Macleod is on the yes, yes, you have, I guess I'm supercool
Am I really like busy Kelly's music? A member, like I told you before the first time I saw you performers. I gotta go download this when I get and I was Angelo, came up to me at some point. We have some party, it might actually mean in Charlotte during see, I believe, like two or three years ago, our rules in a party. Yet we do data, reuse and Europe's globally as one of a group. It is they party ever every other way. Is the mole Aren't you can be in a short amount of time. It is really the daring during the day and by night remember you I'd like you came up, so you will like it. I'm really excited for your project. Whenever you pointed out. Let me know if I want to show love, and I will always remember that, so I presume for now you sure love you absolutely. I now know it's not like that. That was valid likely. That was like a year after Boldwood Melbourne I had and allowing her career every year in the meeting now so I was excited, it is easy to come, and I already heard in anything no gotcha where you been oh yeah come late? What in hell it? I sure they are but here's the thing I've.
More money and more connections and gained more confidence in all of that. In the last, like ten months that I than I had in like six years was so to me it's incredible like and, if not to say that I'm ends. I lay but I'd champion now being an independent artists and find yourself in that whirlwind, China make make moves on your energy, do decide to make a decision. I think it's great to be independent, improve which can do yourself. You get a lot more bring more to the table, but you also know yourself as an artist. I think that's the biggest problem now is nobody gets developed. Everybody gets is it has to be a full package deal when they get side and then, if they're not and they get Lawson than they get lost in the shuffle, so you should be available in time. I think it already is somebody, somebody tell me in it and they said it was on title as Ireland be cute. Ok, as illicit, of course, by all means, asked we ask away. So do you like to be better than none o Connell you'll like it better than music, would do like tv ousting I love hosting. I didn't think I would. I thought I was. I thought it was gonna come off a little corny
obviously the all the attributes of my personality that I used to get like caress for and made fun of about actually turned out and out whether my management deviate. They love ass. They re Rafferty such a nice girl. But is about it's like. I talk a lot of almost too nice people, it's like initially I got sign it was like you'll keep. You have to keep this mystique about. You you're an artist, and you have to have this air, and I was like that. Then why? What goes on and talk with six I've was. That was kick it and that's. Why didn't? We argue we put issues it's about words about the energy you off, I'm more approachable, and so for me, that works in my favor when I'm doing interviews with artist that I've. All that I knew off to off of television is amended. We then minutes it's more conversational, so great is that it's gonna be somebody you not be used in like being robotic and asking the typical questions like ok. Well, what's Goin on human health, everything logic it like you can moderation them or covered, as artists are uncomfortable like for the most part, most artists are socially awkward. I don't have a clue
who had a like really into rattled and be on a personal. Yours was that they, because so many people, not speaking to artists like their regular people, why not a may make they did talk artist? Instead, it is having a conversation. It's like we can take a picture, but you can totally be like hey. I should hang on. Must What are you doing like you? Can you can keep a casual without it being like? Do you mind if we actually the corn around, as has been said before it out of a border renown. I was already known, as you did it, That is why I also don't wanna put anybody else, and that means an awkward question. I wouldn't start the conversation that way started, but somewhere along the line, you justice, the brig guys on Cambodia. Ok I'll keep at it is popular. Now, though, only I gave you a bootleg groceries them, but you know what I feel like: that's. Why I'm? Definitely
I don't know why you really know I believe people are doing it. I don't think that's like make rather deal breaker if found up. Would you know? No girl feel like no grow feels like that in her right mind, that's not the deal break a kind of legal tools, Russell when the guy, I feel special, but here's the thing it's not a prerequisite. It doesnt, if not a mandatory criteria like it's, not my like girl. I can't be with him right which measures are multi absolutely not. More that. Luckily I now are. You need a web nor the Bucharest, after that's ok, We re all the while we use you just needlessly anyway. I want it throws where'd, you give her a high five together. You know when it takes on civil rights, some be near me pick it up. We ve been able to reach a call. You curios into new working, really that's a little. That's a little. Disrespectful
This is because I, like Sierra Beyond, say so. I would rather not be put him afforded plague. I don't wanna, be I'm not a hater like I'm, not as an item that you do not know where to God is shot me. We don't we but seriously. This is the first time I've come in here and you have not offer me a drink, I'm so supply we lose why does it might adopt somebody get Brigida coupled with a mighty get me a cup? It's gotta be a long day. Yes, by a show it s obvious again, August one, the thirteen! Let's get, I really we need to get. We need to do. Have a whole like family reunion kind of thing. I need only out to be beyond the measures which we are called I'll drink. This fastened on would learn. The carbon remedies. Mather move all right, we'll let the breakfast club is Miss Bridget. You ve, given up its. Oh god. Oh here may undermine uncommon fancy. Right bridges can be ANA Gomes, and yet we have to figure that out is the breakfast longobardi.
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