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Thursday 1/5- Today political commentator from CNN Angela Rye stopped in and gave her thoughts about the controversy she had with TSA workers and the violence in Chicago, and what a coincidence because Charlamagne gave Donkey of the Day to four people who committed a violent act in Chicago. He also awarded a cop who slammed a 15 year old girl in school. Also, Angela Yee helped out some listeners with their issues for Ask Yee, one caller dealing with someone on the down low and another who can possibly be the baby daddy.

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MRS you'll make a whole day. Job envy, Angela Charlemagne Guy on the planet, is why respect issue, because this is a voice, is decisive in a day, the coveted more so than the culture. We don T want to hear that the world's most dangerous modest
you you're just Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go go morning, age of a year, my needs is Andy. Charlemagne rested a planet. Is this Thursday? This is a short work. We get. It feels good boy. Madam said the show work we get off me. Neither is even set up asylum mean it is at all. Take magnification did not one that allows back. I missed was I was made to come back to work. The absolute army are needed that extra dated decompression now when you scuba diving right when, go away way down. When you come back up, you gotta come back of slow. We added decompress. I liked decompress decompress widow.
Are we going up the thing you know you know, I don't know it. You may know that when you don't need to notice, when did you put it accident? Take money back now, inevitable. But I tell you what I did do I d go swimming in these cases cancer manner, life ass, they closed and no days, even those, no Ok now so like a gas station, now is actually like a cave and you go swimming inside of this cave. They have bats inside and everything else they would be in Mexico, enemy Vieira. My is beautiful, scuba, diving, distorted per accident. Take you back. You go down on how many feet, but you go wait out. You can see the first official right up next to you again I was and is an outdated. Is cap is in areas fish everywhere or congratulations. You fishermen, I was. I was delighted by my will kind of crazy dogs and I like to watch the amendment with the crew over You know my daughter was like the kitchen table doing homework about mine. You haven't seen Anonymous NBC aim of farms when you know when she's in there, but last night was kind of rough. Why?
showed a video of this was obviously slamming the young lady. I sell a terrible, and you know when you submitted in South Carolina right. The fact that there was no time on you Sidney what age old and you know you have can. Why would somebody do that? What he said You really don't have their everyday busy, some people just evil. You know- and you know she's in time on those actually kick the guy in the face of a kind of like what is going on in the world in the situation in Chicago pop, the born, my god he's our highlighted so terrible illustrate what a fool guys kidnapped, kidnapped, have to with scream and have tried now like to turn to tv. Eliciting was mentally ill luck that guy right Okay? What do you want? I just know that you know hate it hate. You know what you want that in front page news this morning, we'll be discussing that in case you haven't had a chance about their or is he that Alice,
Who are these people in this world? Are human beings don't treat other human beings like that, and I just ass. I had determined to turn the black it because I'm a good night, I tried to explain a school resources into care. Let her see this and try to explain it to switch to finish. Our work was what was washed blackish more Jill Iraq will be joining us. This morning, she's a CNN commentator Loya host other things to be talking politics and a bunch of things this morning with her now up against, we need to tell the people that we talk to Angela arrived before the situation has got right what we talk so yesterday. Yes, yes, so we can get that on this one and end of We mention front page news. Let's get to show cracking morning, everybody is dj, envy is surely the God we are. The breakfast lot away is too, does seventeen we still planned Bryce until exchange, and we still play online same time every hour thought out there.
We don't even know who the real hard, not what he did pointed that out right away and elaborate s now, the picking, the music part o moleskin some front page news. Now, let's talk about Facebook law. This was so disgusting where there was a thirty minute. Video on Facebook live and their video shows man tied up his mouth is covered, he's the leading and then his attack is laughing and yelling ever damage f. Why people their kicking him their punting him somebody cut into his scalp with a knife debtor countries, ITALY, there's a ball patch on him, an eighteen year old kid. They did this to he's special needs they found him wandering around the Chicago Stewed after the incident officers found him. He was in crisis. They said he was so traumatize that its have most of the night for him to even calm down enough to answer questions about what happened to him. The victim did know at least one of his tail. There is from school and they are saying that he may have gotten in that Van voluntarily because he knew one of them, but please are still considering kidnapping, try
in their also littering whether or not there should be a hate crime, whether those charges are appropriate word has. It was to men and women that attacked him. Oliver, Eighteen years old, I was confusing. We live on watching the news. Of course it was a hate crime. There was Saint F Donald Trump deals have way. He will I why they met a definite headed. Absolutely by a crime, and you can't turn out to be what you claim the hate you can claim. The hate racism in Haiti the tree when, in turn around into a raised his egg, like that those KGB lacked outcome on and for at least once again. I don't help nowhere engineering at my old enough to know that the idea of aging toilet. What do I owe the enough you don't find unified, firefly, Firefly Wood Fire extinguisher an inside? What about those languages spoke alive ass? She don't provide tension, stops another, be Elam kidnap into like us very irresponsible, like those of justice, is not an isolated incident as far as I'm concerned analysing what those for individuals have to do would be
Mary Black Present is not down with the black landmass. Cohesion and guess what? If they are, the elements disown him? How do you know how they could be? an interim females watch that I could barely watch. You don't Adventists a paint, and you know you cut that man's here. What a night you cut his scalp, you make him drink, told worry a joke in your laughing. He shouted out your sister face, lab with rican disgust. We don't even you can't even get treated social media incrimination, yet I still don't understand why people think crime should go digital content they that part of the game. I would never understand empire game on just two old understand, as the latter is a lot of things I like to put on periscope and Facebook live. Somebody should now and told you would not be wanted. Him now has a far right. Now is looking two thousand. Could you imagine of that your son, your daughter, if I can get married again kidnapped? I thought about it, What we have learned that he and his parents has spoken out about it, as that has to be the most difficult thing in the world.
Revenge familiar Madame larger, dumb, ass dot on Facebook. Facebook live in. Being smoking, a black man, they would have the coming at our whoop. Her ass, until until I couldn't anymore applies that their that point she'd. She has chosen as a system at that point, then his courage, and indeed and sacrificed your freedom, Mobile Brittany, Brittany hearing. I think I made one second life. All your freedom now lets them out front page news: let's take that Macy's there actually gonna be closing. Sixty eight stores, that's gonna, take ten. Thousand job Asia's closer most mazes is closing. Sixty eight hours is a lot of jobs will be lost, ourselves spheres is gonna, be closing dozens of stories as well as came I used to fears came my closing. Seventy eight store series is closing twenty six locations, Well you just a lot of people losing jobs, lotta people losing jobs. Who did that, whatever a glaring form was they like to meet us? Not a black or white thing is just simply are right or wrong
a good and evil thing. That's by period humans, don't treat other human being like tat, you re not allowed. I think this is really just dead simple and we should not turn out to be what we claim to hate and added for eighteen year old. Where did this? Not one of them was egg. Hey guys. I stop. This is too far like your are participating I think that's cool and I guarantee you everything I wanted to maintain. Yours is grooming of tramping, but none. It involves a pitch One of them went out and voted for vat just solution, did not voting now brought last night. Men in his work, as in the military believe in God. But you will be believed that day by the luck to cuddled down will as front page news. I now it can be tough on CNN commentator, Angela Rye next thousand,
bilateral political involving large net it, but I am I mad. Eight hundred five, eight five one five one of your obsession debate call us right now for large wide open within a let you get things off. He checked, so you can have a great day at work again. Eight hundred five, five one, five one tell me why you mad to breakfast locomotive the breakfast While we got is wrong because it was a little bit, I'm late and play me: do you think you may one eight hundred vibrate five when all five? What is clear is that what was the more the morning was mantilla MECCA downward. So still like. Do you get it I'll get? How much do you like it? You didn't come and say we re almost Dante views. China, kidnap people make light. I came out nobody, but you know
It is the same. Let you get to be with Don T know a thing ever in my life, I would try to fix the open with doktor mean even have to be alone Edison acquire Cellarway member. I am, will upset about this Chicago wasted. It talks about a main issues discussed in agony of his country, and we will go to a lot, but all I mean we have to take a stand against. Like all sides go I'm could we got ignorance, color from all French. I agree I mean just piss me off I mean the golden rule is to think you do. Two other than we had under new absolute hey. You ve got a Cuba is not a black Why, then, is right or wrong thing? A good or evil thing period? You don't turn out to be what you pretend eight allow this. Ninety three Mary, the more intolerable ninety three White Guy United, treating as would the EU boy. My warm, I beg you, don't eat. I guess I'm back in alarm,
gas. Ninety three, I think we thank you we as the EU delegations Emma and eventually this morning about the position that I believe Mama there was that we revise Many women get another position or their own. I don't know that a good dinner with the person, maybe mother, a governor. Why? I don't think, there's your position. I have also addressed the next person. I've met you bill is below the staff on the measures you pick up with your power or present just people with every day. And he fell all gonna with you. Ninety three, besides, I guess you don't want the Wifi Amazonia, be specific identity. What happened with you as clear? now what I think not at all,
email. You know you other woman, he almost incredible Darwinism, universe, backfire on other nobody's, dig advice from a drug. Do his alternative is six six seventeen on these closer and more well? What role does well, you are, or you was broke, your land is no time I ever found courage. I can't tell you that they were time you gotta, leave you sell it. You just escaped from somewhere. Got it. I never really just causes, as this would sound, I'm not I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna see black about moving slowly but ya, know of your nor represent body count. Workers were mega. How much for all your normal role, nobody large our work is done
yeah, neither Jason Amy, I lay we label mingling, never pop wildly. Dusk Orwell unite us, no ninety, they know Deaf rowing Amartya again, oh body count, anal, kill very easily arrange, haven't you were now, but thank you for calling eight hundred five five one in five women tell em like that guy yesterday they called there and tell them what you meant. Maybe he was a young. I gotta go see envy and other. Would you coming to see me to fight me at a party the Hacienda Party Party, when we as they move beyond. Don't you look, I'm up alleys now The name of John DOE damages dogmatism. Please not have I was a woman named John no anymore. I need to know your real name that some anonymous, Alias. Ok, God knows what you call me You know not area, nay, Emily like a naive blonde, argued, got by dividing or die right new low, but they have become a blue oblique booting talk about John DOE, rightly argues name is John DOE. Why
Rather, I guess, there's lay down Don T. Look at his idea said John DOE raining built, what should be, though they may yet names these amby. You know what is in amazement, Amy Charlemagne, aghast John DOE, the great naval Arabin. Nobody knows all the John DOE. I'm share his musical come right at big. Well, then, what the ceremonies party, when we last night I show our aid on Friday. I will go far beyond the breakfast locomotive breakfast,
the report annually on the breakfast club, where yesterday soldier boy did apologize to Chris Brown as well as some other people, including a little yadda united soldier big soldier, don't apologize, it'd apologize. I just want to send an apology over the past couple of months, I'm acting now, while the now and at the end of the day is not about start the beasts Isabel who, in their BC, affirm that, to my mind, in the hospital doctors told me everything should be a right, no amount of money, no amount of cars, no amount of fame will make me you're right. We know my mom sick or anything happened to my mom. I love my mother. I know she's not proud of my actions and what I've been doing recently. I want to make music with Chris Brown Yachty quavo- everybody,
all the media to all the blogs. To all my homies from the hood to feel. Like I've been up some hot boys, I apologize I'm back to died. Faggot his mother than has been almost you could quite possibly being has been over she sick of our sun soldiers. Were fifty cent did not help the situation because this, when it look like everything, was back to normal. He actually said this aid is able to give us cause to avoid celebrated as it does Obviously, there are those who would use unfold girl, grocer diesel, new funding, take my return. He would stop powder ere. I sell eight
They want to have an official fight briskly, led him to drink. We do come breeze past fifty cents. Rumour report like when I don't- I don't get it at yet. Let me get outta, we didn't get to that part. Yet now it is that he's gonna put a hundred thousand on Chris Brown and employed to put a hundred thousand and soldier boy. Then he said Beth Lloyd, I guess increase bound, have met some of the same sex figure a nice little bit. Gossip well, not surprising. If my words, but they should fight, should fall, but if these data away in any event, we didn't tell Floyd hey who do you want to put you on a Europe wide in your money? I felt a boy, I'm putting my money on Chris Brown. My money would definitely are beyond Chris Christiana may we know GRID Brandon thing would drugs instead to, but he is a little bit more athletic and solely wages. Here is our boy the Earl of him working on training social world for the sum of all pregnant mother, drawn a worker in the values have they had brought back and he is trying to
background seminars Mozilla, you ve, never been out an infant wait all drugs, the signal Prospero boxes, though he boxes the box before I will invite me without you. Boys is now wagonette and taxing air boxing, and all that you really do have the know how to box to be sold. What are you doing less about fifteen twenty? Twenty five figure? He will be patent like a mother of you will pay deadened mouth, so I've thought about yourselves by talking about their upcoming. Right. So maybe the most go here. Why don't you just alibis. Do I bodies that he was sorry guys they, let me just say of Mamma. Was there Now, let's be clear, though this is something that is going to be in the ring, so is different. Now it's not like I'm a see you in the street. I got guns essential, crazier right work has now it's a fight. Now it's an official back. There
talking to each other. Now little Brown argued his whipped cream brown in the iron any put up. It's been amazing to see how many people soon into negativity. Now that we have your undivided attention back, match, set legally man to man. No, my dissing and no more be asked me as a black man. The back of my actions, ass, closure, radio, and what I thought of myself is this now you're gonna only when a vision of how the genome I'm taking responsibility for my ignorance, he shouted out Adrian Brown Erflow may, whether produce any said we in the ring. Would it take your bets now challenge accepted and by the way it is clear that a lot of people to until then they should put their many happy the black youngster lesson collar blackouts in your goddamn money beside the boys to yeah I'm not more money on Chris Brown Soda Worldwide Glasgow using first fight all my time. Twenty thousand so the boy you guys are sacred Brown goes wrong. It is not even going be close, all
both of them just pass out after the first rank of too much drug use. They got the flier and everything I read. A great round is: go whip soldier boys, just inequality or when he performs he dances and jumps rail crazy. I ask even a gambling. Madam, I put some money on now and I ain't gonna get you back a lot of money as it adds apparently stag too heavily Chris and they should be. Death is safe, but I went to her like a dollar and so do I in some countries is already miraculous. Now working away till Georgie Boy, you too, that is good care without in any way you had a little back to him ass to the US We shall imported. I got an actual fighter right. I was it ever three rounds. Because for round was handing is no joke, like Bosnia is not fighting. Fires laughed about thirty five. Forty seconds looks at you. Three minutes at a time. Come on man, you had your damn, I say: well, I'm usually yea and that's your room. A report is different shape.
In shape and back in fact of, say they have bought away, could run offered by our boxes. Even wonder when I'm still put my money on Chris Brok direct that was black beetles taunting everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yea Charlemagne Guy, we oughta breakfast club. We have a special guests in the building she's a huge trip support is AIDS in Iraq. More good morning example. Angela arise for the donor Eddie Rise daughter. I happened to be political commentator on CNN and also in pr political analysts, political advocacy, firemen DC. So, in short, I love all things. Politics in tandem have the great opportunity to run my mouth about. Those things are renowned it and you have a platform as a
woke woman. I think, though I think so. We definitely cannot sleep now, especially as we get a little closer January twenty. It there's a lot on the lines, though personally in every couldn't be more wrong. You actually cry when Donald Trump became for them I laid, on the floor in my room and cried and they woke up the next morning. It was like this can't be life Imagine no what what went wrong. So many things I think, went wrong? I think that we were how I was saying first, as a duty, we got hang in there, when I kind of realized, would have now like all we got hacked by white? People,
my man and way women why women, who over wellmeaning turn their back on one of their own? What I can say is, I was really frustrated by the narrative that black and brown people in some way were to blame for this election. Black and brown people turned out on par with everyone else, I'm so it was an honour. I think the bigger issue is. The republican party for years has been building this narrative that the White Working class is somewhat different. Then black and brown and asian working class books and the differences aren't really there. We haven't done a good job of connecting the dots and telling people there were more similar than we are absolutely pause. Poor. That's where the peer reviewed all have a dollar you dont have about food so for centuries, and people seem to think that underneath burrito bomb as presidency, we I'm actually suffered a lot more. When that's not really the case. No, it's not the case. I think that folks suffered again right when they saw this black man walking to the White House in two thousand and eight and then win again in twenty twelve.
You know I can't help but think about the moment during the state of the union address where you know somebody these clapping in the middle of a point he was raising about winning and he talked about the election. He was like no, because I one both of em and just shut them. On the on the house floor, and so I think the reality of it is yeah much. There should greedy one twice now. What do we do? Moving for because, obviously now inauguration coming up on its went in and everybody's like, ok is over for us, but we have to still move forward and see where we had to do enough is well, as you say, are something that we have to do and do you think you're even make it the four years as far as not getting him, store and I'm sorry this mark when you asked me if I think, you're getting peace. Admittedly knowledge, it is only AIDS, it's it's as it so alarming that this man, with all the conflict of interests he has with his you know, immature rant on Twitter is amazing to me that he's been able to get this far. Can you imagine
Morocco, Saint Obama, tried to do any of the things in a hundred forty character that this guy's, then I don't know, but what We'll tell you is this: we have overcome so much more in this country, then just losing to someone who is a big it for decades for censure. That has been our reality and so what we do know who fight against bigotry and hatred a whole existence is black people in America absolutely, and so we there. We are a resilient people and when times get tough, we rise to the occasion. I am not at all concerned about our ability to withstand this. We will, you know wasted so much more, and I continue to just think about the fact in a little bit, at least at it looks like I'm having areas eminently thou. It builds on the right on that measure. What what brought out the emotions were bought at the tear that, oh, my god, I would more data. I think they'll believe this.
Leave. There is this, this man, who really was the echo chamber and the Chiefs Box spokesmen for the birth or movement or the person thing that our president wasn't a? U S, citizen, because he with other right, because he was black one so that the very antithesis of everything that we stood for with hope and change. Just it it. It was like our dreams, snatched not dreams deferred, but totally remove stripped and stolen from Miami disappointed, and who are these people that live in the United States, one only forty six million of them and counting you know it insults him at that time in county. So to me, I'm goin walking on street. Like did you overtime, I'm trying to figure out of our Grognon Sulky Learning, where I grew up in a rural area. You know those people exist, they would just waiting for a champion it we're waiting for some to come and be their voice. Lady. What would you live now or you see his troops all in Vanessa, low different in Germany, Nasser Richness and Anna
in this house with that is. I grew up in Seattle, Washington, and so you would think that, because his crunchy granola progressive know there are white folks in Washington state that also voted for Donald Trump, That is all so scary to me because they're, you know, I'm used to covert racism and wasn't used to dealing with overt racism, and I didn't think I'd be dealing with it as much in twenty. Sixteen. I think that we were all you know really disheartening by the amount of police violence that we saw on our folks over the last few years, but then it see it kind of just get. You know it in smacked into the White House in twenty? Sixteen, I think, was a low much for me. A bad loser, bigger love. You were crazy when I say you know from the South have never experienced over reason. I'm sure big bird covertly remove experienced overtly Y know to say that I never have. I didn't expect to experience it in that way
we can go and live at one thousand. Six hundred Pennsylvania Avenue like this is the guy. We talked about it all the time on air who called her the death penalty of the central park. Five, you know it was, and that is just an example We saw the most visible example of black and brown boys being targeted for something they didn't do and so to me that is alarm. It wasn't when he called out Barack Obama he's been a big it entire adult life in an instant and to me we ve seen examples of that again over and over and over again- and I wish I wouldn't go as far as to say I didn't experience overt racism, but I didn't I experienced over far more in the in the Pacific. Northwest suitably white devils advocate even with the centre for five, and this was on yesterday on Foxy, without missile conversation about to make American
not really faggot the making Amerika great again slogan and he was having this whole discussion about racism in what is racism do take that he called for essential point five execution, because they were black and brown just because he felt like they were able. I think that when you are black and brown in this country, whether in twenty sixteen or I was in the eighties- are the early ninetys you are deemed. Harold violent criminal year, presumed guilty amity absolutely and whether it was racist, anti it or races impact it doesn't matter. The impact is the same right, and so I am not saying that down
troubles like all because their black and brown and automatically did it. I'm saying the implicit bias which Hillary Clinton was dashed for bringing up in a debate is real and that something that he's never had to deal with, because he could pay it off with a remark about the Department of Justice settlements with housing, discrimination issues or whatever is always have this. Look at his snow white cabinet plus being arson whose only qualification for running heard is gonna, be there. He lived in public housing, a mean, that's kind of bigoted. The fact that he could say that we walk down the street and try to go by a loaf of bread and get shot in our neighbourhood. I'll know where he thinks I live. You know, that's not my reality. I'm night off look at all the Lee Charlemagne girl. We oughta breakfast club. Now we have seen and commentator angel awry inability to us this morning, Charlemagne Yet a trauma tat in these various recently with the T S, a pretty tubby would have another yeah it was. It was, is better
that's your larrea? Let's finish, it was painful to experience for me. I fly multiple times a week and I paid for pre check and operate paid for clear both of these. In all things- and I went to those two when you re Jack and I was lagged for additional screening, which is annoying but is whatever I had, I might turn people they do it well. I no one would like me left in the Detroit Europe or leaving its beginning age. May so I'm going through. I get buy like whenever this is ridiculous and you guys I look like a bag. Lady I had eyes Barkley of Boots, Racine deviate. Raptors, you can see the boots the workers, but it did he ever address which at least most women no the clinging is clinging dress is not like. You know, really hide my ip rising, and so I go through, and I heard about your version. Maybe by its it
I worked on the committee on Homeland Security, which is I house, a? U S, house of Representatives, the congressional heads any charge with overseeing all of the homeland security Apartment, including tee. I say I give you that for a reason go through the machine. They there are boxes were its flag from doing the nominee gets ring. You have to go through the secondary screening. There are three boxes overlaid on my vagina on this thing, so I say: you're, not Adam. I like that. It's not gonna happen and underline go yet, as I guinea guiche supervisor cause. This has not happened. Where do they get supervisor and I was out of the way they did. I came up with us. No, she was the original ts, our transport security officer book, I ve supervisor, comes out, I'd go back for him. He they cause. Manager, who is irate that even had to be called, tells me that I can either go do with the screening or get escorted out by the police. So the police officers heated now listen to me or the police officer.
Coming to basically ask for me. I like, let me explain to you what's going on, I have to go to New York. I have three meetings in the morning I came. Is my flight I'm trying to tell him what happened. He was like why I just got my butt patted down last week is not going to be that bad, so she tells me she's going to back in pack my prayer and I'm like whatever just do it. What she does not tell me it's Gonna go up between my legs all the way up, like all the way up, I would in the video you see me like job cause. I would like some That was annoyed about the other breeze browser whatever I'm going to record it it'll be fine, I'm going to send it to my friends at homeland Security and just tell them they need to work. Now I did not expect for that to happen, and then she went up the back up. My dress all the way up and it that way in tears. I was humiliated one. I do know that was going to happen to just like. Do this really happen to people and in three my mind immediately went to I've never been sexually assaulted. I can
Imagine what a person man or woman would go through if they had been unless, like a triggering a bit for them, there is supposed to be a meeting scheduled schedule with the administrator and the deputy administrator. Am I intend to tell them? I want to periscope this for every body whose reached out to you all filed an official complaint and never heard anything I have received. I can't tell you, I get emails everyday steel of people who had incidents like this happen, We don't need, they were not find anything they. They actually put out a statement saying well around the same time. Several years ago, the underwear bomber, you know damn well and I'll have an underwear bomb on honor me and they were then there's other women there are like well, if you have on depends or a tampon or idols like is not that's. How many months now, where depends like is losing ground in another way through your Ma Amselle, where I met my is Gm Nora
I think that if you like leakage younger, if you're all carried away, is very uncomfortable for men to go to the funny because we making jokes abided for like two you can. We will find a lot and we go through and is always the one guy. We believe we can do this because I have to do it right, I'm going to probably has outlined in the back on the Z S, love of disability or indeed to three times a week, and it happens all the time my you'd attend and relax. This egg is banned. Now is not their web is using we're about or whatever is it whatever you, your belt is William pants. What is it the buttons newly ring off? So we have to do this when I see it the first, my first reaction was like this happens. All the time yeah like all the time, and they got any always tell you I have to patch in front of me the back of my has written in use. It is so respectable. Megatons like his mouth
I didn t know, did you see them go have do they are rather navigators? I think that they have made me. Do they level grabs equivalent, like the equivalent, as is vulgar, is that he has just been have led the butter Ben, very sensual with it. Would it was this boy, but think about other people, that this happens to them when they don't ever learn or don't have that they haven't had any one listened to them or the one who, Mme just yesterday, saying that she just broke down and cry from watching my video because it trigger sexual assault memory but I gave you the butcher incidents, where I give you at a certain clubs, and usually they do to save the into club. They try to go up. You lake and I've gotten into certain incidents when a security guard try to go crop is to us. Is that only the commons club yeah? I got my money or video mouth, but eventually every the guidance of the gun to walk in the cloak little did nothing to search snitch and at that long term about I was twenty years ago but anyway,
but anyway, if I add argument million, if anybody any ban, what's index of forest here say in what they can do, because it is disrespectful. So my thing now is, I think, It is time for them has been a little bit more money on. Dear research and development to find technology that actually works. Re epistle part of the reason, is your back: hampered down, doesn't work, this doesn't work, your groping doesn't work and your screen and machines, or your folks were screening. It doesnt work view. Vagina was ring it off. It was. It was a man. Damn check out with random check the good about over jiving like no no rights is my, but there were there were overlaid boxes. I dont know what they were checking for their ones nets. It was my underwear, my dress so mildly point as if its triggering false alarms the technologies Roquat clip funding in there, so we can actually stop terrorist is that it is grave info.
By their broadly Mart where I was very well with six seven nine morning everybody is dj. Envy angel ye shall remain a guy. We are the breakfast club. Now we have Angela Raw in the building, of course, seen and commentator lawyer attorney and more. She talk politics, but less talk. Tommy Lord! Here we go Why don't you tell me how to use her time to talk about how I have a question for you to tell me Lord Solomon, those pictures of Charlemagne Atomic Black twitted, a black community healed domain for as they did. Why did you bring your name ass? He came up in that discussion are good. I mean I was familiar. Would Angelou arrived would like they really started talking about you alive when I was talking about, women were platform. What do you think about Charlemagne, taking pictures with urban and talking to her outside
the platform- I don't think there is anything wrong with again. I just there is having conversations with people with different views. How are we ever gets a point where we find common ground or we move forward? If we don't have conversations, I just I don't understand that I will say I understood the criticism of use of the folks who I was that with you say, you know where their welcome with these platforms. I did not take your point that way, and I said that on twitter I thought that the point was not that don't have platforms are there's not anybody is that we have not elevated folks and supported them so that I think that's the bigger point there may be. You know contingent of folks who have supported votes in some ways, but is not enough to be it Tommy, Laurens level so in other words, they are these women out year by where the people that are supporting these women is more of a point you. I think that if one guy- maybe these women, said to have these platform that that was your point, I will speak to overcome We want my point and I feel that we empowered Tommy with hate, because we consistently talk.
Tommy and a negative way so like? Why not consistently talk about one of all people in a positive way? whether we like it or not? You will be of a voice for the young conservatives for at least the next four years. Ireland, familiar with her? I got more familiar with her after what you said, and, after several Noah's interview right wheel in our eyes, No, I didn't. I gladly who are always in my mentions, like I wanted italian, as the debate as I know about its own towards it, but that's why we need through because if we were Watson is doubly would in all these folks were coming from the library sit by a business as a mere light and the unease you, like I told you, I mean I was evil, I would impose a pitcher joking around with her like I was. Very serious issues and things as she says, are disgusting. Who allowed it all. We know that, for example, the Victoria in output put it in black and white. Not put do you see color together, she on Trevor Noah. I thought that was clever, honestly Then it was a good elsewhere.
Mainly an embargo on. I got more questionable on the bus interest, chucks humor, said America can afford to have a twitter presidency. Will you think about it? Well, congratulations, function. We have one we have someone who is not only a twitter president, but someone who regularly has typos in a hundred forty characters and biggest. What I think is could cause something language really really crazy. To have a only because people are really paying. As I got he's like a twitter before is you haven't? I was twice matters. Money has done a trustworthy in says nuclear bombing, four p M New York City There are many, but he had used where he doesn't like. You know, like he's regularly standing that our true you know so yeah. We welcome to the twitter presidency. I feel so bad for Jack and Twitter, because it is,
given twitter about rat are really big, is cumbersome, Orson, Welles WAR, the world's type stuff that happens during his friend, and I hope that now he has tried to address, you can go and other issues inching Hannah. Did he? May I wouldn't give any solution for all measures that, while on the other, you with it, but but by stepping into way. National guard, something that National guided Chicago. You think I will help. Maybe one up, I think avenue people that kill less lag dominating the violence in Chicago Ed. But what I will say is I have a really good friend who told me about this platform where there's data on basically All of the violence that have the Chicago the number of people who are engaged in and they can really they a narrow it down. I have data. Does there I want to know what the police department is doing with that aside, shooting black men in Tibet. Translate the police clearly are doing their job there. Anybody thoughts or somebody
may I somebody needed on a governor needs to ask for federal helped to go into Gaza. I have no problem with that. I think that I think it depends on what that looks like if he's talking about line order, how black folks have traditionally spurious lie in order in the country, I think as dangerous. I think that I am more discouraging for kids in adding things even. Whereas what do you do not like Zimbabwe? They may need to rebuild their neighborhood because I've been in Chicago and I've been since their neighborhood. Where I look around- and unlike this this will imagine measure that feels as a kid grown up into. Hardly a neighbor who lives of crazy and they don't care about. And they were doing online. I gotta get things off the street, the guy, the goods or even if they are delighted that is not an undertaking that work in these cases be doing. Besides being our industry, game banging part of this is too weak. We continue to deal with the symptoms. Not the root cause of these. The root cause of these things is still slavery. Oppression prejudice, you no discrimination: economic apart
in this country, and until we deal with the root cause of that, what's causing violence in Chicago is a lack of opportunity was causing. Violence in Chicago is the fact that we have tradition We been disenfranchised they're, not putting enough money into our schools raw manual, setting down public goose just within the last couple of years. All of those things are problematic and in end and have everything to do with how folks are crying out. That's anger does frustration that is there operation and solve sending in the federal or the National Guard thinning, and you know that the federal government doesn't necessarily saw for that, and so I think we need to have some conversations. Not I'm not just talking about family talk as far beyond that it is a national crisis. Now to say what actually solve a problem like this. We haven't dealt with one So what do you say to root causes me no root cause. We ve known root causes years. Are going, but we know that we are dealing with a community of people at least again. Forty six million of them vote even acknowledged that this fact
just telling us that we need to get over it and when you have experienced that even mass media and talk about the mass incarceration peace, when you have been told that you to get over it and you don't have the means to get over it. You literate. Dont have the economic means to get over. You don't have any viable solutions that doesn't work. So an acknowledged, then what I guess I'd like you to go out and vote on it, but you have the technology, then what I think that it its results in strategic. Economic development opportunities it in TAT way. You have to deal with oak self esteem and self worth and value. Come from us, though it impartial anonymously. Each other. But how are we gonna say? Oh you matter, and I care about you. And you're gonna make it, but I still on equip you with the tools that you need to make it like it is, The opportunities gay people exactness is jobs. More advantages. Give them after school programmes give them better education.
I don't know a model that the best thing that things can come out of. A Trump presidency is the fact that I think there were gonna start learning how to empower each other more. I think it's out on us the left, each other about being a nine wasn't a community who are making money moves. Adamant in Vienna that have been yard is open their job to provide jobs for people in the community. I think we have to start relying on each other. I think we leave a little bit too much on government deposit J thing, a Morocco bottles, They made me think now only just opening our business, but I really have other things it I'm planning to do and everybody we haven't and a people that live in our community so and, as you know, it's a juice bar is great for the community's educational Beautiful people coming here to hang out is free wifi, the tvs and and learning about being more being healthier die with that with them to me. There was a goal and I have some more things, but it did even with this all down attempting is like
I got to figure out some things that I can do and I want to get back to the point you just raised about us, relying on the federal government a little bit too much. I think. That's also admit that we kind of have to dispel. We are not we disproportionately lean on government. Because you don't have enough, but we are not out numbering whitefoot, although I believe her morning were in and they call us I'm different. We live on all those are my snapped. Benefits is ass, good, ass dams. You know, like that, they'll say something different. I think that we have to be honest about where we are, but now that we are, we can overcome it, but we do have to get a lot more strategic, and I hope that is the one thing that comes out of this presidency too, that we know the powers in our hands and we are way more powerful. If were united, we appreciate you for joy. You know all the manual arrive at a common reference club come was talking. Politics amplify yo.
Why do we need some help? We definitely call you couldn't I'm shooting at all without a job so money at me. I lag why everyone works eating we'll get tired and is working in a minute for their car. We needed the morning? Let me know if that bringing these educated by people on low. Why not think, as I am concerned, as you like, an enemy cousin had they been vowed, sharp his checking for me, I leave my yet further I used my area, LINEAR Angelo raw tobacco club the morning the breakfast we are the breakfast club of yes, indeed.
Let's get a room of the sort. Mariah carries Ex husband the Reul report libretto, what's animates, although we all know him as the executive, their lines. Maria carries career with the sound vision of love back in nineteen ninety to get married in ninety ninety three for Fort for five years. He has now speaking out about Mariah carry especially after her here's a performance and by the way they are saying that Maria Carry has fired her long time, creative director after that performance, that's how bad it was largely vote does not fond of her voice for notice. You, too sharply appreciated check that Indonesia to sail was good. Is it and have our eyes the air peace fellow they all? I should have been what about our noise, too?
permit no way I created directorate to our choreographer dancer everything waterways. She boon fallen on vocally for a while now come on. Let's have it. Montalais is saying that you need to have more seasons and respected professionals around her to guide her career. He said that she is arguably the greatest pathways to come along. In the last three decades. He has had more number one heads than any providers in history she's a global. I can't he's a treasure with incredible talent. What happened on New year's Eve could have happened to anyone. Yes, her technical people should have helped pay more tensions or all of it, so there was no chance of that happening. He said that she has to hire different people around her to help her and guide her career. He said I would have never encouraged her or guided her to do something like a reality. Television show What about all of the time that she's saying love recently in her voice? Had been up the boy, he sang genius, a higher more people around it.
Maybe I am that we are holding entire career cause, he's ass, a thing that reality shows a terrible idea. He said that does absolutely nothing for her integrity, her credibility or her massive talent. She should take a step back, think carefully and figure out what to do next in the other day also go to order so that those performances he was like most Addis. They actually take performance in an arena so when they actually perform the any arena, you really don't know that there really lip sinking cause. It sounds like they in the arena them most begot astute it right. What's happening, that's how they went on to say it's never about the far it's all about the recovery. Ok, Mariah carries manager. Say really, Tommy is a relic. Did he give you that statement from a rotary phone network is producing a bronze tell on Broadway
I want to see by the way, by way of Marguerite voices. One key point that out array we I heard about this fight- that happens a comedian, Ricky Heresies funeral that somehow involve snoop dog. Now I first heard about it because Sherry Shepherd had a video where she was. Seeing or what happened here, she is Maria by illegal at a bugle around my gosh disrespectful GOSH, there's we're at Ricky, Harris's, funeral and and we're about to go, see the body and somebody in the funeral home when towards Snoop and Ensues bodyguard tackled it, and then it was just a big. I was so this risk I thought I re well, she run in the periscope with it. I don't know, but I really why right there are people.
Going on in well. Here's what snoop had to say about the incident would happen is according to reports, it was Ricky Harris his cousin who stepped a snoop and called him a bit ass inward and that's where my guide jazz Anna. A member as news crew actually step down, and I took the cousin down new score to him out. They dragged him out of the church, assault, Bora Snoop said beautiful servers to bear oh yeah, the devil is a mother. Last year we had a greater a grey service wreck. Your spare lives on baby I'll, be ceasefire is rigorous. Rest in Paradise Why do we have used up somebody funeral? You are great a number we ever you can see the footage Number two he deserved the giraffe kicked out is that I will not add to unify these
Is it going to be so greatly issued a router? I write. Azalea banks is suspended from Facebook now, after some comments that she made about Brazil. So basically she was saying that the people in Brazil- hats eat Pharaoh FA. They said that's like crumbs and Brazil. She said this portuguese use the upside down. Question mark like Spanish. I can as far off or I can has, moreover, which one so that's when Brazilian started speaking out against EU banks instead insulting them even more- and she said I didn't know they had internet enough avail us when all of these third world freaks going to stop spamming, my painted broken English over things. They know nothing about mobile governments, Gotham pumping members will you must go to rule over the well, you should know the proposal pages. They suspended her account and, let's not forget, he also says that she sacrifices chicken are seen everywhere and posted a closet filled with three years of dried blood and feathers. Allegedly though I don't know even
search of Satan then denounced her guest member. That all understand the problem with it. Isn't that will carefully in charge of chicken and papa than all due to like our own language will not create alluded at their cream? What did he do? You and collars aggravated chickens are eating that same thing for her. Yes, I do. What are you talking about? They do the same thing. They plug the feathers to bleed, make believe he then they serve not the leaving would have seen as a bank, soon saving sacrificing chicken Jes away or of independent. Oh you doctor. We talk to the vigour that there is always the chickens right. Am I shouted? What's the difference as regards the chicken industry killings boys, you know what you think of that particular life crimes might broiling my becomes even my guerrilla. We don't know we'd all now,
well, we do not have been rabotchaya getting you, gentlemen, signified we don't like Zebra club full of further than seeking blend of judge. Gonna. Tell me look, I went please tell me, tell me up there with the utmost model. Now. What would you do with integrity? See we sacrifice in them, but what does that mean? That means that basically, a kind of have a religious, some ritual air ritual heresy. Don't do no ritual, let alone chickens grew killed him for the best that that's a ritual. You know it was two different, though the a wasted be regardless right, we're anyway,
That is your room, a report I'm Angela YE, allow you save sandwich donkey, camel dont you today for thirty January. Fifty thousand seventeen have to deliver a double donkey this morning, because last night, These situations made it hard for me to decompress and multi situations. Call me the utmost confusion. Last night and I hate when I'm confused, because the only thing that cause confusion is the devil in both these situations, ain't, nothing but the devil. Ok, first officer, Reuben Data, Santos, a school research North Carolina, who slammed a fifteen year old girl named Jasmine Darwin to the ground. Let's go to them, I rose you're North Carolina put report Darwin being slow.
To the ground by Rosville police officer later identified as Reuben Daily Santos Darwin says she was trying to break up a fight between her sister and another student when she was from behind. Even realising happened like I was in short, no matter what comes from the Investigate in Darwins Mother Desert here is says the officers actions were excessive, went on look at this video, unlike oh, my god. This cannot be happening into my child. That's not how you handle a child she's only a hundred pounds. We do know that the officer daylight Santos has been on the force for about five years. He is now in place on admit. Strangely Nancy may Watson is love. My oh, my darlin. I love here in case reaction at things because they are so pure snow buys, is just a simple limbs of right and wrong, and altogether asked me was why would he do that to her? She was just trying to help her sister. Why would you slap her like that, and I told him because some people on this planet, evil periods are really had no other explanation, because they ignore the explanation. Some people's moral compass just off there are more,
nor I q is low. So you don't have a problem is standing on out Anna situations that, due to mishandled, done alarm self when you all of you self is easy for you to do hateful acts to other people, and I don't give a damn school resource officer you need to be fired and pointed to the full, as is done in a law, and then, when you know long on a fourth and absolute Berlin can protect you that younger, daughter uncles, a big brother need the whip. Yo ass. Ok, human beings don't treat other human beings in that manner, hurry you treated that do you we did a little girl who mishandled. Imagine if right imagine if that was your mother, wife, daughter, wife, what needs assistance! Somebody did added to your pupils, Reuben Santos, I'm pretty sure you would want to see some physical harm done to them. So don't act surprised if somebody attempt to do physical harm to you, I'm really starting to believe people are forgetting out of universe works. You do dirt. You get dirt in Maine
we come back to you immediately, but it always come back. Ok paid a ministry of leave what his guy, the joke, I understand is the process for these kind of things in the state. Borough of investigation is reviewing the tape, but please don't get this call wrong Fire officer ruins Santos and don't allow me to work in a school district ever again, he can't be across, and God Hall monitor nothing ass. He might be dead, the all school districts after this now at a concussion, she did have a concussion, not a SEC. Doggie today goes to Brittany Herring in the three other idiots all
ten years old were arrested after kidnapping, kidnapping and torturing a white trumps support on a facebook alive scream. Yes, I said, kidnapped in tortured, okay and in posted on Facebook s head and those for disturbing Facebook live video of a deck tat. Man tortured in a West sigh apartment. Now, in the video the victims, clothes were cut, it was peppered with cigarette ashes and then his hair was cut with a knife until his scalp bled, several people can be seen laughing and eighty on the attack is taking place. Please tell us the man, has special needs and was a high risk missing person from the Far north suburbs or people are now in custody granted it. The UK presidency, world word. The auditors
in answer to this problem, because I just finished talking to my eight old daughter but the school resource off the slamming JAM Darwin and when this popped up number one, I didn't want to see it in and number two. I had no answer for the happened, because this is isn't what does does a tad bit? to comprehend number one saying these guys are members of black loud man. That's not true and is dangerous to other but be Alamo who wouldn't remotely think of doing anything like this. Don't let those for that apples ruin everything the black loud metal organization is built. Vietnam is about broadening the common asian around state violence. They are about. You know a talking about the ways in which black deprived of our basic human rights and dignity. Nothing. India Limbs mission statement, says kidnapping, torture, white people so stop saying as members of the black last matter. Movement. Second, to me, This isn't a black or white thing. This is about good verses, Eagle, right, verses There is no human being with any moral values, integrity, high, emotional intelligence. You can watch the video and think that's ok, create trust me. I fully understand.
Wanting to do harm to those who do harm us point who did dislocate home. You kidnap with special needs kid. They got your anger on Trump in white people against him, because color is given not only that cowardly is wrong, you don't do that. You can't turn into what you claim to hate. Prejudice is just going to get more prejudice hated just going to get more hate, you don't fuck fight by wood fire, you fight by what a fire stinguished. Ok, now you a damn fool. If you didn't see does come, you know us radio months ago. Police keep chilling young black men a hundred miles bow in these great eventually is cumbersome region. Aviation in the election and Donald Trump in making any better, but now this is not the way. This is wrong on on on all types of levels. Ok, on top of everything we have the faith the next four years. The last thing we need is a civil race war amongst each other. Ok, unwarranted, Martin Luther King Jr Darkness cannot drive our darkness arraigned only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that. Does it.
Every raised on this planet needed embrace. If not, we will have to worry about Donald Trump. Being Endeavour was because we too people will be the death of each other. Please give officer when Santos Brittany Herring in the three other people got arrested for kidnapping, torturing that special need boy, the biggest he hardly if we do so sad Elizabeth. The new episode obliging malevolent zone are needed that, after what you see in it- and I thank you for a dollar a day of nexus- ask ye eight hundred five, eight five one five one. If you gotta course, if ye call right now to help you would all your problem, so you situations and you can email me. I thought I'd help me ye a gmail that can ok to number. It is eight hundred five, eight five on offer wonderful miles? Wide open is to breakfast locomotive the breakfast club the envy,
Angela Ye Charlemagne. The girl we oughta breakfast club, hello- this is crazy, was gone. The sombre wish, of course, if we ve got a kind of crazy requests of the elderly. Ok, I'm good relations with somebody there come on. I want the unaccountable, but he don't know. Ok, so he hasn't come out yet ok, vanished available will allow new industries. You do anything you like a celebrity where no like every ok around telling the unlimited added dealt with each other
oh oftener, ten year, but alas, for really silly ok, what do you feel like his family kind of already knows, and people already know or easy to burn down like automated families that they know me therefore Amber Cloud only my I'm over well, you know you can ever out somebody until they ready to do a cassette, very sanitizing for them, and I can understand how difficult it must be for him, but I cannot understand how difficult it is for you to have to hide amount to sneak around in this relationship that you guys have right now and I were out there
I write. I think you need to give him an ultimatum, a tribe from his wife. You saw what I want to try and when you have to give an automated, because you didn't give him out because we are still dealing with him. I think you know what they were like. I introduce you to. My group is not be more March: written family girl. Second, you have a girlfriend to sell you the site. I am proud that I found what you guys, what you are doing this in right now your position. He has a whole relationship in a whole persona that he is presenting to the world you desire guy on your google, but you I don't remember that guy for ten years, often on. Why would you do anything any differently if you ve been accepting this all this time? But when I look back,
I will not elaborate a they draw. You were being aside. I, where his bills pay. The NASA leaped forward right now, two thousand and seventeen I'm not dealing with that right now. This is a decision that you've made with your life. If you said okay as long as my bills are getting paid for- and I don't want for nothing- I'm cool with this- then but it is now if you're gonna say I one why, for myself, I want to be in a really take a walk down. Issue in her hands were family knows who we I knows about us you gonna go, went benefit, yes, avenant damage, you gonna, cut him off. I promise you he'll come running back to you. Ok, you somewhat over with their beloved values that appreciates uber. Will you I'm is proud of you and can show you off the procedural rights as eight hundred five a far what oh five one, if unique relationship advice, call her right near me so caught up in getting a bill pay for now. When for nothing, and I ain't never, never
I have a real relationship that was Tory Lanez with love morning. Everybody is dj. Envy Angela Yee Charlamagne, tha god we are the breakfast club in the middle of asked. If you need relationship advice, call right now, eight hundred five, eight five one off one allows there's this Kory Kory was requested for ye are causing a though I do. My wonderful very well, basically is another woman out that is already water up. NFL trap, oh my god, so now you're a victim poor. You wrap now even away you're telling a story, Now so wrong already, that's not what happened. Somebody was at You entertained it anywhere, for it is because he betrayed replied. The boy Well, now liquids, you don't get yourself nerve burglar, so you don't know
a sure where it is yet though it basically do you know for sure, she's pregnant preparing a boy of the shop is now so she's the youth, you know, she's they go at the people. Are you just assume knows you talk to Mario an issue gonna tell your girlfriend So, basically you gotta get ahead of it. You say your girlfriend, those already so now where's your girlfriend's. I basically cheat an amateur you I read it could sell. Despite my beginning of this conversation, you're not taking responsibility for what it is that you did. Your agile, you are a victim. This woman was out to get you. She guides you poor, you, you felt for her trap. You need to take possibility. You mess that are so dear to you were my woman. What are you gonna be were, and I think that everyone will take. Mistakes were due to stick around
You don't have to be with their take. If you don't want to bet, you love your woman, you made a big mistake. There could end up being a lifetime mistake for you and your woman has every right to leave you if see so chooses now. If she decides to try to work it out, you are gonna. Have a lot of work to do. Are you up for that already through recovery bar critical approach? Also, I may lead to say the least you still talking to you about a bottle suits you better do any and everything that she says it to do, and you better never ever ever mess up again and you better hope does not your baby. You gotta be rebuilt for fear. Of course, whenever she does have a choice chess me she does have its. Could she could go ahead and fairness of another man who will also be with her and be faithful to her and be a natural life you're array by? I just want to say that you need to take responsibility. You need to be so You need to make some decision on what it is. It took an issue which alive and ignored
they you mess that pleasure, Erin, faster where's when a guide seeds and get somebody else pregnant Actually, I guess cried seeding, as still won't just admit. I was wrong. I messed up. Let me once you get a girl pregnant and I are you get a sandy from a girl and give it to you another. Is a rat? Is dj envy Angela Ye Charlemagne? God we oughta breakfast club, but let's get aromas. We talk and soldier boy. If I may well with an killing his club in just a couple of minutes ago. So dear boy posted, a video of him employ may whether he put me in my trainers. Last big brother flow may wetted T empty its official his, whereas they said together check
The most is the biggest biases, where twenty seven same bank. Why don't you get money where the money see? We haven't you. I'm glad and may whether proposes is getting involved there? May this fight will probably actually happen, but it Floyd is train is sold. Boy? I don't care could run, is still bullwhips. Auto boys ass. The one is an inhabitant of the environment is an overall Gm March were glad, and I don't need your black history motu thine eye ass has been davenant, be aside, but let's talk about that, you have seen by a second manned and Nunez recently sat down. What's he empty and you know she be round arousing of forty eight seconds you washed wrought around forty. Eight there was now proposing is over her round arousing now cause. There was talk about her joint debate. BP, Attica, joy, but with a bad, it seems an out of date. She's gonna have to we have her whole entire image now and to get it back together. Has people just don't have in her now lower level. Have no fear of her anymore see if you can, but you can be run around now. Here is where a man and Nunez had to say about her.
Would you think it was going to be this easy to beat the way you beater? I dont know how run around you went to following these division. I know, since my first finally see I can beat run arousing, was it actually easier than you thought it was going to be careful measured? They joined Hi anymore, hiding been dreaming around arouse lamp omitted, so people see run arouses the greatest feeling fighter of all time is run around overrated as a fighter. The eyes were sure, but I know I can beat run around since I saw her by poor under rather whenever by law under rather guitars heavy. There was scared of unable seeking, beat Floyd may well. He s message: you can beat some men now dislike Rhonda, who, like as I mentioned, we million dollars, but have by no means enough about aware in others. You will try to kill yourself over the last weeks or marginal. She feels Roma same exact,
Abner about second time around she couldn't barely handle, get no ass. He glanced times Oji deadly made on me. Now they blame and train allowed. They say in any he had bad advice on how to put her face up in sugar. Just don't let it up as I have said we are not about to ban, does needs parched imposed upon us go up in a soldier. I have found a very good advice. I have you got up in his own way before me whether go being drawn to tee, so you were out of do all that. Amazing differently does but Floyd's gifted soldier boys not but less transition to back sing. Now Mohammed alleys well has been finalized and, according to the merit, is kind of issue within the family, they said that the widow Lonnie Ali is going to get double what his children are going to get from his eighty million dollar estate. They said that the kids is seven daughters and two sons will get six million dollars each and his only brother, named Rockman will get nothing so right.
They are playing nice and setting up to the widow who, allegedly they don't really like that, might because they went to get whatever they can get out of it and other siblings argued with each had a cause. They're all accusing each other of suck Up to learn, every single Mohammed Ali charge would be a soldier. Boys cornet need still get it. What became Chris Round and my dad Is- wanted continued about that out there. Ok, I right where I'm Angela YE, and that is your room, a report. How right thank you miss I shall to revolt? Everybody watches us on revolt, we'll see you guys are going to get. There may well mean Chris Brown sodium wifi on revolt, Abbe spot. It would be having any paper view. Would then nobody? I still see the way there our agreed for revolt, everybody up next to peoples choice, leading a body, a Cathy's house. They wanted a little garden in the Hague.
Alright people chose mixes up an exit me on a grandma twitter. Let me know what you want to hear. Mr breakfast vulgar morning:
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