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Friday 4/6 - Our girl Cardi B dropped her album today, so you know we had to talk about it. We opened up the phone lines to see if our listeners were feeling the album or not, but you know there are always some haters . Moreover, after a video was released of Conner McGregor attacking a bus of UFC fighters, Charlamagne gave him "Donkey of the Day". Speaking of fights we also had UFC Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley stop by the show and he even gave us some bars, but we will let you be the judge of that. 

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Ok, I love you rat ratchet, sit out the most prominent when you asked earlier more bluntly. Drama was able showing people whose busier bodied USA Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo Good Morning Angel De Mining desire the Charlemagne, a guy who's suitable
It is right, as it's Friday, edits, Cati beat AIDS lay cod is be hours out. Right now, drop will include both because of the invasion of privacy is out everywhere right now. What do you think it have you heard of it? I have already jet. I went to her ABBA listening Saharan but then I got there. The lake was first in Newark, dealing with some work with a man come a ran. Then I went over to Qaeda's listening biology, I didn't know in Hell. I was going to listen and party today before our committee found comes out at midnight. What how would I go to listen, avoiding even I have outlined the basin and people show my support for her doll, mocha Charlemagne. Do it out? Yes, I did what you dick is cool. I'm not mad. I think I'll call. You call in our languages of raised the production level,
Party be like of useless at an hour on her against the big music by one against the big music buying till they just like late. They raise the level of that to millcote right allow big guest appearances, who tend to represent album who's gonna? Do you for hosting it'll? Never tomorrow, I've already know who it is Fiji benevolent already widely with that the event last night. Indeed, a method, and now he produced a check their ideas on Knocker, No, madam, at all Dhaka Alison do today. My way back, I'm in Virginia last, I had to do a silent party, which was pretty Doha. Was a maying about, took I'm telling you
and created sandals lightening of the dough did, but I wasn't gonna know what to expect, but this what was crazy? Two thousand kids always headphones on Iraq in all vibe, and it was so. I was your age if its asylum pilot, I mean you're, dj and illicit and due to the tune of musical headphones or with the music. It's just not out loud. So people are just rockin tramples. If you take the headphones, all its courage is you're, not equality, things it is an absolute trash. Emily cyanide, based on employment, is equivalent of haven't listening party Bible. For outcome that ok about oil volunteer music. In my headphones able to Jim. I write like I gotta be around thousands of people, listen to music, my headphones that we're gonna they went on in the world. It was weird, but it was back those down be, they will rock and it was wag served in they were they were rocky now. It was a brass enemy buddy, whatever whatever will ask it to show cracking today, We have always done, but do today, Tyrol, inwardly,
Oh yeah, it's our only from Eu Fc Iran Woodley there was and is then at the bike lanes. Yesterday, will talk about that in front. Gonna break as bad as again, and you will get his as that animal talk about that undeclared cocaine me and also, if you dont, know Terror Woodley supposed to be training, Floyd may, whether for I have seen fight so we are told him, but all that is well and what else we talk about a front page news. You are we attain about Facebook. They are scanning your messages for abuse, no boy, all right, we'll get into all that when we come back, Keep allowed to breakfast locomotive fairly girl. Cod ii be bizarre right now, traveller cool regarding be damn, namely arrogantly git up, yet legally playing cards be every type of the hours a nuisance. Every time, but our in another clock makes is all about Cati be hearing in Russia, meat meal, Intro feel kind absolutely, but let's get front page news basket,
Oh fans, American, allow abortion was gonna come out, the east is sheer, but looks like carry urban is angel. Yes, indeed, I don't have that who could not about you only you can start was born. Both the EU nor? I won't. I don't have a very bad. It's all the budget, the story of manoeuvre, Junior Bulgaria, urbanism surgery, so he's out for the rest of the seas in the area of employment to screw. Some has to tell her that were inserted in twenty five team to repair fracture that he suffered directly MBA. Finally, that year they said there was a back terrio infection that was discovered at the side of the screws. Joker military, Colonel Macgregor, yes, Canada Gregor, has surrendered to authorities. I was looking at this footage this morning on the news now, apparently cops wanted to speak with kind of Macgregor after he threw a Donnelly into a bus that was carrying several. You have see, fighters and staffers. Multiple people were injured in that attack. One of those people was vital.
Ok, so I was hospitalized with lacerations. Through the face I hear is worth Dana White had to say proximately, when you guys, We were led into the doors by the MAC Life, guys they storm the building God onto the loading docks where the fighters we're getting on the buses and started to attack the buses. Throwing trash can- and Dolly's and things like that broke one of the windows caught Michael Kiev. Really bad. Does the most disgusting thing that has ever in the history of the company. Now Michael key asset and a re Borg were both on the bus and they both are at a commission. Now they both will now be able to fight. The you have seen two to three was gonna. Have twelve Besides, that has since been cut to nine and the way and is still about to come, so Now I have a mail. Would we're gonna call gave any given Brooklyn and deck items by that like to add. Another kind of Geiger has been cited: two accounts of misdemeanor assault on one count: a felony criminal, Miss Taylor, woman modem,
nobody know it's. Okay, Kashgar is a hell of a drug that is crazy. These days in jeopardy, but imagine now to fight it can even fight because of you artists, diligently soldier? No, he turned himself, and so National Ogilvy, terrifying to being a call, a cold tank lacryma. You imagine Sidney acquired We also have a literary and decades. Let's talk about Facebook, Myspace Facebook has confirmed. They are using automated to us. This guy messenger chats for malware links and for tat, porn images and so use can also be port checks that may violation. Emily Stand is allowed its eyes. You put your messages, would be completely private that you send people by Facebook. Just can those messages. Now they said the content of messages between people is not used for adds targeting. We do not listen to your voice and video cause, but what they are saying is that they just basically review any messages that are flagged by users or by the autumn.
Systems. So if you sending messages to Facebook, dont think TAT, privacy thousand misused Alzheimer's disease. Book. I rarely rarely rarely checked. My g d aims to every now and then NASA Cholera COM, a phone takes me. If you know me right will as front page news, get it off my chest. Eight hundred foggy five one or five one of your obsession- divinity right now, maybe at a bad night you need to vent a little bit or maybe you want to spread some positivity eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one call us up right now: breakfast locomotive. The breakfast A pounding down you're gonna, get it on the agenda on the breakfast laughing, but as they will allow what was going on about away without this might lead to let go eat whereby the about my brother,
biosecurity. Be ok, ok, you must be feeling invasion of privacy and I am dead people. What are our neighbours raw, thereby Bilbil, love and not a mad anybody thinks abacha flat with an ugly, be measured, my quality wine with legally Waggonette biggest a good added out, they thought I was gonna be way. But you got a lot of thought but I wish to say room like a couple days ago. Further. Let me know that a lot of her spoke, I speak their weight behind the lady, they're gonna, say Romania. They sharing as you like finally for church- and I guess her kid was- I take eighty five getting out of bed, but it's crazy how it went and got a taser and pays her child where are you now that a new mandate? We got a guy? You got arrived about it as we get it right. Our job to her brother, was all I got. You ring in a cool appointed, Pavia fun.
What the dismal unity that awake somebody up in dialogue on the wagon was still a shot. You are right there why, at that, it has done, and I wasn't a measure Bobby totally get up like six Evans arms and gave the boy was like. No, it is key to ask what does she He will day when you can't run away from us and anyone who live close lamented make sure your lives were lost, allows this go unnoticed. J J of each Hasbro was born. All every was gone or Charlemagne corner. You was mom runner shall request to work out a loss little my hands. I don't know what I'm asking about five put that on bless. The guy's raises. He told me yesterday norm so carefully based weeded out fire, because I was too much. I was big black and I was a quest for spanish, evaluate the only
Does the fact that our army dwelling? Why aren't you know, have or yours this year? You don't think you do. He gave five. Somebody goes you black and aggressive game. I forgot to being part now, what about the banks are no right at the ME work, like a machine load and every body van in all. Thank us. He took my physical ability. It do you also have to bear Josie, I realise how are you a floor and what you tell me that you pay said the lad had low floor situation. We got a wife across my wife, but about what that domain. Ugliness onset. I've got the oil if it came up Blast is for me. No one can have a glass of water. You cause you build a veto on the table. I would definitely check it out every it's, a Youtube. Video qualify for being a big black and excellent, just wasted today by you tell me:
forgot about now. Look like a porno. It elevates the money to flag on you. Do that foundling us Zadig sexual driving on the lead, but that such regularly black rubber. Why we big black eye excellently? That's the name of a route porno, my goodness, get it all just ADA. Five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one if you're upset you need to vent hit us up right now, it's the breakfast club good morning, The breakfast club, I got wake up ass, a man of letters we want to hear from you allows this to Mars and call upon the north dark world lists are broke it over just situation, man well, maybe like not. I must now really here. Like all mine,
again, you now is contributing doing apart. You know, just make sure embody is able to be straight at the end of the day at something now my girl stop working, but much more must have gone by and if I see lacks the motivation, the inner motivation, the Wanna get up and do something herself now that we need a jail pay. An audible seen every by making sure we all got what we need to make it through the weak. The theme I like was like this before I met her and I'm just curious as to what should I do. Go about the situation that what you tell me is that I sees not of green you like me now, great life, but she got dont, have heart job? No, what do you care Uncle AL, Ok here, drama: do you do you ever do earn dollar? Four key is like, it'll go without action has killed, he doesn't have any kids. Does she have just preacher
and they all raises three children, a tough job. I'm no row drop her why do we live in this world with somebody's not bringing no value to your life you holding on to them? You don't got no attachment to this woman. You ain't got no kids you're, not married dropper and gopher might have now become great Eliza, that long together, about nigh must now out now dear you get asylum right. I don't know, that's always necessary. Sometimes, if you read somebody you can try to help them and support them and encourage. I wish all the below him at the time for man. Man can do for women to be married and had a major innovation. I'm always willing to just pay little or no you ever. I know we have been through some stuff, but we gotta get back out here and get back was right doing the right, blah blah blah accumulation of bringing down man, never a bloody, no call when you down on you, you get low with a look at my goodness allows as the Oder grip on Colombia about airline
eight or grey was in get her off its as may be little guy every morning. Thank your supper. Barely don't you got a lot of my ears, the Atlanta last night, when you think about it all of my arm. Still views they I'd ever they were no commercial. No commercials. I think I woke up with last night. I think I kind of figured out cuz. You know the whole thing with the season is Robin Season, so I kind of figured. I figured out what what what So what about love? They robberies concern, but I would be out of which you man, a man of infringing made great for me to see the last, Those really good in the last fifteen minutes refers ever so much outlined, but other than that have been pretty made great me last. Whenever my lady retaining get a haircut. Yes, what you thought of what you think I bid you a pretty good idea, because it take on the whole Michael Jack with joy, thinking it. I know what I'm gonna do anything just right, breadth of activity about the man good, so did they remain like everything than ever go to Robin Conaway like last night, people rob that's a fact
an hour that dairies guy robbed his time any ended up. Didn't I I guess the piano. Was he Anthony signed it over to him within the police, ended up taking if he didn't get that either? I just want to spread some love and talk to you guys for a minute list of you guys everyday. During the day after the right opportunity, organist even another lady, the end is got flashes of the brilliant. Saw from seizing one, but it is doing now do innate man, just ain't Irena right, get it off my chest. Eight hundred Bobby fifty one thousand and fifty one. If you're upset you need to vent, you can hit us at any time even got rumors on the way yes find out what project Jordan Pill is working on its a docu series for Amazon, also safari. We talked about him getting robbed of almost one hundred and eighty thousand dollars worth of We will wait till you find out even more information on who's the person that robbed him all right, we'll get incident. When we come back, you blocked at the breakfast global
the breakfast with Angela Club, where we tells you are ready- and I know everybody's heard about this- about Safari, getting wrapped in two of the men that robbed him. Hepsey got caught Jonathan Rickets and Sean. Airway now here is safari. Wendy uneasy Martinez. Talking about the situation, it was just answer like enough, so we will relay don't go to police, Sir, This is a man Emma among I'm grown ass man. You you do put a gun to my page, you too I'm not doing all that nonsense. You did it not nothing. No kid street cold street rules. What that's going to do to get you get you killed! It's not going to do now.
For me, like the lost a lot more like I'm a good dude. I don't go out here. Setting people up on. Do none of that nonsense. You know I'm saying so you're the one who did it. You should have. Did it time since it was somebody. No. You do know that out that Safari and Sean Hair word were friends. Since was fourteen years old and they stop speaking after again. Safari broke up, so I don't know about all that. Is it up into the budget at the youth when they say Europe, he's been real close to you would envy, and yet I was even partially birthday party. Tell me this be no. It isn't the terrible nanomaterials terminated the terrible, nay because meet no than his pity. He took Nicky from Safari and intensify the frame took his recently. Jesus Christ vital it was actually a survey. Don't wanna know my these Amy Bradley Line on Safari got a great by our own. Robin even varies going on right now, but there's no really hurt somebody. You know set you up.
Kramer point a modern, lineups, afar. Ok, I agree with you you're a taxpayer citizen, yours civilian, you don't have a claim to be no screen duty. Free rules apply to you point about God. Damn Erin I join in pale is going to be producing alumina. Babbitt Jackie Series for Amazon is caught Laurina and it's gonna talk about their case. Remember where she caught. The government has announced penis fervour because he first he said that he raped her, and that was the reason why she did that serve understood, Esther, reasonable to death or lastly, deadbeat then she called obviously yeah. I don't love. You woke up immediately at unhoused, endlessly daddy, he might have been drunk on. My behalf had to be had been. Cheated in some way, shape or form. Well, you might want to watch this Docu series to find out exactly what happened so Jordan Philly is going to be producing. That should be pretty good. Okay, Vivica a dot fox. She was having her book signing and this without Barnes and Nobles in New York and Tribeca Becca book is everyday. I'm hustling and that's when Peter showed up because vicar loves her. First,
Here's what happened last year. You can't wait what Mickey dont compare you can complete, I'm gonna know that may be saying they can't have first to listen nobody would protest in delivering an ordeal of road heavy goods vehicle noted they were. Let me raise waving yelling stab wearing fair, so she had to know my body was pretty servers are able I'm Angela YE and that is your rumor now right? Thank you. Miss ye now we're gonna get into another cause to be joint, offer our necks out right now. This one's ring scoring Nokia is featuring colony. When we come back? Have you heard Cardi B's out? Let's talk about it, eight hundred five hundred and eighty five one thousand and fifty one we going to play it's off the out where we want to hear what you think about the outcome so for, if you ve heard it right, so he has rings to breakfast locomotive the bread
his club. That was really gotta. Be why you laughing Louise about my goodness. That was major now the nice beige I lived and nobody caught, he couldn't. The scenes. I delightedly body, this chaotic sworn mayberry chaotic, well all right molests over the phone lines. If you hurt cod, he's out eight hundred five, a five one or five one. Let's talk about it. We go play some snippets now, what's the big deal, we have ready producer say it out loud what aid best life answer I chanced to wrapper how right will is getting the best life feature. It shares the rapporteur, bees hours,
right now check it out, so preface levels go be Mick Jagger again, maybe they'll want to see me talking junk. In these thing these match giggling can lead. The devil had the last lap a law be Benumbed is keeping to myself. I'm not all competition, not compare were myself ass, large ass, a matter of course That's nice! this lies as for like that for the moment, a product to be troubled include bombs. Before Cardi B may we watch from the beginning his young lady go from a woman who was just making. People laugh on is to grant, but also drop and jewelled on the ground and becoming a full fledged star. Who is right,
woman on ESA now, tomorrow night in coal, hosting Jimmy frown on Monday come on. Can you national debt and you gotta say start all started off as a strip or two The first. I must tell you, Mr Love scribble. What I'm asking? How can you not deliver? Absolutely twenty there's, no innovation, eleven, twenty nineteen, twenty, let's get into the next snippet One is, I lie. Oh now drop one o clock pick. This would have known think about her. The whole allow more ready- and this is my favorite song off the album. Thus far. Ok, do you could change my but out right now I like it is my record Leslie. That is one thing to have twenty twond attacking and tell me: what do you think tat time he had the Molly Laurie?
the group of the party that can be quietly when this gaudy well done. Spices, Let's see you don't have that. We recognise that at the listening session yesterday, spies very highly people like that. When will you caught at the thought of what are they murdered? Let it out just make things have now does is to see what is hereby does what it is, above all a variable which of them out of government do not illegal, but as those bordering or produce asking for you not border region. Galicia, is this good man looking there have been Dan Domine border region may automatically make you border region is a border region bordering oh Mamma,
grab body. While my goodness, I will ask you to imagine this is Quality Bp Tourism. As I do, the back in Pakistan and nodded jail may not be finished hardest. Little Betsy menaced. Lessons learnt that. Could I lie to me: You know, as I do that, but to find my text to find one Oh I do well, I envy would you men, like God, Thou Michigan, don't features like colony and citizen? I do and well They cannot do you phone I'll know who that is what they saw a great that's. What makes me mad? maybe the mandate it it'll have mighty singing Hogan. Be careful what you get you one thing that hook herself because it gave him over
in a fairly new data like a villain. Have you being so mad? Is Babylon Atlantic argued that might be careful to other thought could be bigger with somebody else, but would have unless we mix or let's get to the last will win or play. This is bigger head this is COD Ii be out Mozilla right now? Now we need to do now. You move in Tunisia. Five a file. What oh firewood we gonna take. You clause will become baby what you're honest opinion which Dakota bees outlays big in it. Applause, sure distance but you can, only a lot. I rarely six mafia is being embrace so much by his generation, because race murmured sample
side by side for power slide and g easy sampled. What would work? Obama Knob were no limit and now Cati sample in Asia. Project Pat, like I love that three six Vienna embraced by generation. So much trouble include bother to six damn right will have enormous up right now. Let's talk about Cati bees out eight hundred five, a five one o firewood. Let us know what you think is yet you know I'm gonna whereby is unwilling to manage payrolls. Will you not done is in our opinion about ass God? That was no Fraser morning. Everybody is the envy Angela Ye Charlemagne ago. We are the breakfast club now Cati bees am came out today and which often about it have you heard it is trending all over social media yes, it's like three turn intolerant right now, invasion of privacy is trained in both at yellow is trend in, for whatever reason I guess, can anybody skip it s all over now? Can we heard it already ass? He said that adolescent last night's using the day- I know you- I dare say we never played a song.
It is something of her arms already go now because the boat again, I think they said adam- is already an. I think, eight qualifies too. Certify, not allowed a load, she Code Atlantic, known as the latter at the, but they also said that won't counter. First week sale, oh ok, if it is only now, is like it like that made drew from Miami driven runs on board in Miami said that is actually a sample from Tito nervous and are pronounced there right. I've been other metapontium shape, the only that's only eighty, the earlier the Avis. Yes, I like it like that of the several from his own. I, like the rapporteur, the little people think what would you think about me? You actually want to do. This offers no lay down the very like the last three or four assigns enabling is different. When you're at the party every was talking in UK the year. Allow just say you like it where bias we're on a man actually listen to the other guy. Stop a why don t you, like your life like arriving either this Sunday, I simply Sidonia Base that was iraqi within a club, really
Iraq now have to join the ambiguous. Eggs often be careful political to form a lively. We know it, you think, would you know no you're not going to like it, I think, is cool because a good We know Yoda Payroll, we know good. Yes, I am because it is a classic. No, I mean I don't know man, let's not jump out the window of my people. Why do we lack the right? We get a return on the cap. Let's go to the former allows this before a base of more what you dig out. What, I gave my little boy fond of my name or through the whole thing I like it. I like that one song get up. I think it was you not normal Sancho git up, for it will get something I don't know on the there is in our
even our names and about how to meet with you. I just listen this morning, so these latter Pharoah guarded I'm in a row and varied you might go to another line, allows this was a mere you doin. This knowledge Now I was eyebrow. Would you dig it out? I think this is not because we live came out and I'm a raided definite measures like love him hard core, slightly was paid varieties, make him a large blow out everything the two wars like his everything that you want from where you can compare the by mail, but this can be. The outcome is shaken about he said, but why ran right? Will you did? I feel in immediately? Ok, I know I'm not matter. Demagogues. The topic of a good debut vulgarity, be leg is, is it feels like coffee arrival, eight hundred
five hundred and eighty five one hundred and five on rhetoric and Cardi B's album. Have you heard it was talk about it? When we come back at the breakfast club good morning, be careful cardi B morning, everybody is DJ. The angel Ye Charlemagne guy. We are the breakfast club with talking cardy, be her out, miss out right now in asking your opinion, and I want to see all the main loves it on his own, a payroll. So he loves Mornin manic payroll, mockery, be payroll. You not love COD Ii, be of some super biased, so I really enjoyed, but I do like de facto cardy addressed to be careful and on the fact that she did Direct or from a man. Part of Infante. Part of the final aim is one of my favorite, as I have been one of my favorite artists for quite a few years now, poor Mamma Instagram stuff a lot, so I like to see them working together, Calabria and Again- and I like to see her- you know saluting partisan. Yeah I e ladder rendered him. I wanted it. That is the road there.
RO would then be an unlucky an I love. I loved the records I heard so far and allow be careful. I love Beacon, head a level matter records and am very proud of Siena. Come from Mr Club, I seen a grand seen people hate I seen a disk I seen what you got today, so I'm very happy and proud for mother used to say I used to being here saying call you for the Kulture Cardi B for President Cardi B as a star people. Since I was trolling when I get to where I can. We play cheap too bad, we ve vastly Japan too bad. We, like four years after my death traps, Ya'Ll trawling, yadda, yadda, yadda, no alibi message as we I programmes, irregular boss, Thea and her say how much I love Hyades mix eight. I remember being up here, everybody Charlemagne being being a big champion. A car to be, I remember, wasn't, videos I instagram of noisy was even I'm leavin hip, hop and people really. Bali was trolling. We bacardi up like that, like all your darlin yadda, yadda, yadda, no copy of the sky, and I'm sorry, you couldn't see again
not in utterly that cardio member country B and shot the sheriff or manage at the time drove to my crib employee me Bodeguita for single and was like this is it this is the star and I'm so happy to see them in all its success. We are proud of him. I must go to the finance hello. Is this baby at them? It was a mamma. Would you think of cottages? Am, I think I think the allied like peace movement have right. Thank you. Mamma allow this good morning without people are calling for my army. I love guy, Vp Olympic, tell you why you wanna she got into people's hearts, forced the boy you know. Yes, you do went ahead and she may people love her. That's what it's all about like Celebrate has said is the fact that, no matter what she pulls out, bang we gonna buy. We gonna listen to, especially that song, the shallow, mainly without such submitting lagging deafening silence, muttering yeah, probably in the big you think of the way.
I'll pay up. How do we ve learned the lesson to be learned to make my life? You know that lanterns down now, not knowing of knowing I do not do. No, no! No! No! No! No! Let about these big, no man, let poppies peak other people! Other people, you know somebody told Papuan. Let me tell you sheep, that great talent Nicky by night, but she doesn't have the personality like he wants water viewpoint, buildings on the top stupid, but bottle of water no, why why? Even now he bought leave off like that of whether or not there we got you properly as it were. Maybe we gotta get to the point of view. Backpacking. We don't have to mention Nicky everytime, you mention coffee, you don't have to mention comedy everytime, you Talkin about Nicky that we gotta stop, that they both got their own individual, queen, them's, ok, you're, right, you're, right, isn't. The data is our time we'll talk about making when she comes out with our new project Arap, a happy what the man with the star Pappy Poppy, you talking to me
he who them all in a story is man. Seventy percent of success in life is showing up. Cod Ii B has shown up and shone out, but a path what a five years and now we're here today at this moment, which is the you out from cod invasion of privacy Salute COD Ii B. We ice grimly prodigality be. May God bless her continued success to a dynamic, will be mummy as you heavy you gotta stop. What does Commie Angela, please Mummy Angela, you got rumours, would annual average I am not only talking about car to be when here was, he had to say about making menage in an interview she D recently, I will get into that when we come rumours unawares, the breakfast global morning, D, J, the Angela Ye Charlemagne guy, we are the breakfast club good morning, laws, traumas, less talk, Milly Bob
The report annually on the breakfast so perhaps make me will be out of jail and they are now, even though the judge in fairly Jeannie's Brinkley has denied that looks like now. It may end up going to Pennsylvania Supreme, The d A has said that he doesn't have a problem with big milby. Out on bail while his cases on appeal, but he does not want to outright dismiss his controversial drug and gun case now. The main issue that is corrupt, cut, regional grand, appears to have framed meek and, Graham, is on a list of people deems unfit to take the stand and fairly, which means every case he was involved in is in question. A jerk me glide pseudo state also to police. The guy I've been accused of corruption and call it a macabre company? No you corrupt right, I'm sure he could see.
When the old one step at a time the zebra get him out on bail, daddy. I think you cancel out the judge said that it doesn't matter because his case. He was a big corrupt, but that judge, I think, is be a group. Just my ever did the judge was saying, as they did plead guilty and admit to certain things. So that's why by we'll see what happened I write beyond say she was supposed to have about a dozen dances echo challenge at eight was he has up that number two hundred so get ready for an amazing performance. I'm sure it's gonna, be some incredible is from Bianti just what we expect from her, and she is also, of course, had some mover rehearsals too much I just do the other thing. Everything then she's doing is so private. Even a label has no idea. What's going on how you know. What's goin on and unanimous, you gonna miss my. I guess I with a hundred dancers, somebody's talking and then she's out of her rehearsals based to a bigger space. So these are from sources confronting him. The evil drop articles. Basel Bianca, Unama, think it's myth. When freedom
car right now. Let's grab Cardy beat nasty saying that she has no beef with Nicky Menage at all, she's even spoken to her face to face and here's what you had to say about why people think there is something is really answer that made of fans and people. They really want to see that happen, because it's really entertaining to super beef is, incidentally, I really had the time for that. I guess I m a view of you at my man or view not taking my money for me now. Stop me my money. The animal really give about about people just one opinion sober because its answer to me and I spoke to her before in person we have to start. We have to stop mention and Nicky. Every time we mention Cati, we gotta stop mentioning Cati. Every time we mention it ass. He goes on to talk about the modal split video and why they were not filming together. That is either. She gonna show that Danish.
People just made a lot of theories of everything and issues like why. What is a danger that the people expect for me to do or say our very soon he's an amazing art is ready to pay my respects her out at the videos before jamming through our songs. I guess I why do people expect you want me to say something bad now long. So annoy me to the fact that I say something bad and this as I am fall for that. She is right, Dunham annoying as stand them annoying as Bob's. I can post, but I bet I just posted somebody. Mug audio may have a bunch of other legally It is a bunch enigma, not stand, say a negative, like all, you want Atlantic Payroll, all your colleagues payroll. What making got to do a gaudy and vice versa. I re were we told you about cardy, be having heard. I guess Album his party last night. It was a listening sessions last release party and one thing that, u turn about was the same. Be careful because
everybody was a house: he had a goes valley was somebody s songs. You stole the song when here's what she said the heart of the drug barons guy, partisan Fontaine, that's who cause you got to be careful record from new collaborate alive, partisan, his Mamma, Mamma Every new orders had been for a few years now and I like to hear him getting a shine. I'm glad caddies a saloon They given him his recognition arrival Mozilla YE, and that is your room, a report all right. Thank you! Monsieur Charlemagne! Yes, who even a dog We need Condom Ikeda to come to the front of the congregation we like to have a word with him. There's nothing. I despise more than a successful head. I hate a person that has excessive their own.
Money it s own, but they hate nine other peoples. We need economy Gregg at a common front. Carnation we like to have a war. Would ok we'll get into that when we come back, keep a lot we get into a new car. You recall reckon we get into. Of course. We all know why. Why would we the landings payroll and we all candidates Pharoah. What's all we bought the plate, mighty bag or like does recognise the tough tone and guess what I didn't like it I would still say, like you know why why someone payroll, including naval, play our right again. It is the breakfast locomotive we have done right now. You want to start your dog, you need the here don't leave. I become donkey of the day. The breadth of club, Betsy Duty Dog you today for Friday April six goes to New Torreon.
M M, a commonly known as Conor Macgregor. I call him condom. Ikeda, ok, Connemara! is ADA. Ladies and gentlemen, simple in plain he's in jail is born of being a Haider he's charged with three council with SALT and one China criminal mischief according to the New York police and according to Charlemagne God, he is guilty of being a Haider and first degree. Do you want to know, I kind of Macgregor got arrested, we'll go to you see President Dana Whitefoot report Connor approximately when you guys barely were led him through the doors by the MAC Life, guys, who credentials here they opened the door form, they storm the building goddamn. To the loading docks where the fighters we're getting on the buses and started to attack the book destroying trash cans and Dolly's, and things like that broke. One of the windows caught Michael Piazza, really bad rose The June list's apparently was almost head. She super upset right now on her one of our employees broke one of our employees knuckles, and
Other injuries is the most disgusting thing that has ever in the history of the company, there's a worn out for Conor Macgregor Arrest has plain cannot take off. He cannot leave the state in the EU I'm assuming eventually, if they don't catch him ill turn himself in first of all, here and data White referred to a bunch of white guys. Thugs problem include bond for data white. Mom of white birds give would not give vanilla ice is their credit dammit. Canada has already turned himself in. Actually I think he had to spend the night, but don't call me on it now. What had kind of Macgregor said I'd. Tell you Economy, Gregg upset the fact that he's a Haider Kate is always said. I write com didn't, like. You have see President Dana White saying that an upcoming The match between MAX Holloway and a name I can't pronounced could be. Burma go my dove. I don't think that was right, but do you get the picture? Ok today that that met will decide. The new you have seen lightweight champion aright, with no qualify in front of a title
basically for those large USC Macgregor one, the lightweight champion championship in twenty sixteen, so he was the lightweight champion, but he stepped away from the? U S c: you know in order to train for his match? Would Floyd money may well? Ok, so he's upset that since he took time off to five money may, whether he doesn't feel like you should have been stripped of his titles. We decided to come in hate new match between MAX Holloway and could be last name I can't pronounced by bring twenty guys to ruin those young men's moment. Now I kind of make a that has been charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief. All because he's hating fact that someone else will be the new you have see light heavyweight champion. Let me tell you something: nothing is worse than a successful Haider. Ok, I repeat, nothing is worse than a successful hate, o Connor, you stepped away from you. Let's see for a moment ago, fight money may weather, and you may reported thirty million dollars for that
maybe more. Why, after all that success, the you give a damn about Eu Fc title you want. Do you ever see titled August scriptural script from Yoda bad, because you went off to make remained out dollars. Fight money may entail Dana white. You want to fight the winner, MAX Holloway in could be last name. I can't pronounce ok, simple, but don't hate you mean don't need you didn't know, you can be scripted title when you step the way to fight money, may well, and is thirty million dollars, not a great consolation prize. You can wipe your tears, will lose about one hundred dollar bills would arrest the your life. I dont understand rich hate, his brow, I literally Paul this question. The other day on Twitter was worse. I hate of doing good in life. I owed all got nothing. My sister Debbie deaths, Lou, Debbie Brown, political. Above them right, then, she gave me an answer to that question. She said com a wise, I hated it is doing well because they know better. The universe cannot stand a lack of gratitude and I agree with her corner. You were made, may you got
go to your? U S, you light everywhere belt. Would so what you waiting, maid, thirty million dollars the fight Floyd may, whether why you hate and on the next in line to receive the blessing of the? U S, see light Heavyweight Bell met, let MAX Holloway and could be last name I came for now. Have their moment. You jaws now how the fact is employment. What do you see up? Tansy ran upon you, white and President Dana White Nath misuse to fight Conor Mcgregor, and he had this thing liar, enable again assume some losses and logical that they go there. Many fan the flames of anything. The sea. His eight mass, you know he got he's gonna be quite today, till in Brooklyn, listen Connor than jail is faced with Three council assault and one of criminal mischief. They pay bond yeah me lawyers, and just like me, in a white. It is argued, sued he's, gonna have all
civil law so so called cost him money. It literally cost him night. It caused him to eight. This is true fully and probably the best price. Example of hate hurting the hate her more than the hated please allow me, might give Conor Macgregor the biggest here he. Ah he you stupid mother are you. Kind of Macao right click on Mass Conor, Mercator, right kind of became our rights. You forget doggie of the day. Now we come back last good subway. Could we still talking you see here? Let's talk to Tehran, ITALY you what s his name, all awaiting ease and aim to pronounce outlawed, wouldn't look I'll. Do it do again. He says I'm not selling something else. You are no wonder about how to miss the lad you demand name is tie RON Woodley as ITALY. Wait. I rode headline somewhere. It's our only Libra
my man. Are you an armored sprinkle when we come back, you have seen, entire rod. Woodley did I say right now. Yes, yes, already did her right. Where we come back. Email address the good morning the breakfast Club and everybody the J envy Angela YE, shall amend a guy. We are the breakfast club. We got his best guess inability. Yes, sir, our are widely was was observed. Muslim idle, thing is good and I know we want to know how you train Lloyd. I know I know you won't go away begins at the guy. You know Floyd, he going to make a choice. If you don't get nothing, I think it's the paper right in the fight against it, so nobody can turned out three four hundred million, so I think the UFC would be willing to with men upon his box in his way, different from you have see, light is different. Both every face us enough, some guys and you'll Susan Garbage Ruslan terrible Jitsu, really crazy,
I think that he can turn is on in my yes, it is, and you you and him and they find a you know who are you the different more game? The chicken the gradually wrestling out of law. I got that near budget. Young passport is not a draft sport. Now I guess go to college: you do your job ass. We see they pick you up and drive like you. Can you can lodge come off right here and go find a profile, your professional athletes? as I say, some is some garden. You of seed outages swing blood. By murder and they have a career for a long time because a willing to put on fire We would all really want to see a fight. They want to see a bloodbath where you guys don't know how to skill set. I think if we measure accordingly, he price one. If I knew
nowhere seulement it will become a big there will be. No other five will make sound right. So what kind of skills you seem codified several times? What will Floyd have to work? On? The most you add, the Pisa up in those usually Nike kid Connor's, never knock on via what a cake to my knowledge, innovation and kick anybody inside me to a cake. He throws a kick to keep you offer in. Although a kick to knock you are, he can't Russell when he tried to yes emitted and we know he can grab whistle is almost the same fight with small gloves, avowal pose. The question is: how far has doing those first love, we know you just have to buy in his fair. Is hairs get broken about that, as does the question hour there wouldn't be. If he can t wait, comes a stand up
or in the Bay area train? If you know what we're gonna do as you want to set up a game Firefox, because no point we use commoner shorn restless of. I think that he needs use revenue reverse stop to take down. If you got their ability to see upon common, you can evade apart from May so my list open infraction of a second. You can use it for work to actually stopped for mighty from guinea. Your life, if you gets Ulysses, an athlete has had great condition in and his mental I q and a boxing match the war. Not so there would be the first name defended take down. If you happen to get taken out how to help back up quick Faz give up on your feet how to not get kicked in ahead. Those first in our work. What got you in the? U S, the man! I was a wrestling college in all Ressler wrestler Reza that Dublin I never that's. How I got into wrestling I thought it was W w e my ipod drought, as long as we have all under us all leg Hale year. So I went to the press.
Is in there was a man of my wooden ropes and wise files, so I get there and us can I get the price on my walmart right here on my switch out of practice. So at that point all I knew was a football tackle. So I was just blast. Football tackle slam down in the coast like man, you should you should try to turn them in tomorrow. So I tried to tournament. I want a timer. I slam this kid boom his mouth open. He bit the of his tongue off the right that I am I gonna. Inevitably, knowledge cares scared me, and I was like Where did it I was hurt, you gotta have a certain love for fighting and pulled it just like money right. I just love campaign. I grew up fighting a real fighting every week. You know so. For me, fighting is not scary to me, so I think about to do Santa Claus, a cage with rules with a referee to jump in. If you get crazy, no guns and I can live it- don't really scare me, so I'm I'm all about the competition I want to go out there. I want to be the greatest welterweight of all time
and I want to put myself in a position. Where is no question? No by everybody? It was me, then everybody you wasn't gated ears like the wrestling. There's a lot less love it. You know deliberate. I gotta from occurring I didn't even get if arrest somewhere. I sought out these. Have no, this girl is a lot after man knew at the uniform and others years for a while and he's going to see in the culture with the are you put him on a dead out over? That's I've already diseases that don't bother. We loved you cause. You know you at a ball. Someone you drink in the tourism. Are you like now you got to me ass, a privately stayed away from twelve brothers and sisters. Imagine you Bruce Wayne Everyday, Finally, the thing call me. I grew up. You know. I know you guys heard about the rice and something Ferguson. That's my street, not around it. I lived on that street, so
grew up in an environment gang bang in the Middle school, for no reason like an idiot and we used to just fight, not neighborhood for fun. You fight him. He fight shoe bare knuckle for me fighting. It was just something that I just did. I did because I had to. I did because I walked pass never they want to fight. I did it and household. I did it for fine. It would just something that was a big part of my life, but you guys don't get paid as much as possible Crazy newsboy seems wave your day. There's no way more bloodier s, only twenty five years of yellow, think Bahama buxom and around so you Know- and this also built on a different rubric view seaside Rita you see you guys what the hell we going to do we going to pay you this nobody's going to question it now, it's to the point where we see his big money anytime. Somebody make a big hunk now and I want to make that I want to make close to the. How do I get to that point? So it's going to get today. But it's still going to be that big disparity you have somebody in octagon for twenty Grand might have somebody in a four hundred and twenty million, and that's just the facts. Are you? Are you make that big money when it's just you have
The fight of Mme fight of fighting each other consumer going dynamic that big money when able to cross the live elected. They were Macgregor may well it s desk. You gonna, take it out as allies and I know yes and no use safari ever make. That kind walked away. Wooden closer hung a million. So I don't think we'll ever see you know. Even if I did not vote in an extra ten fifteen only met it if they re machine in Octagon, one fighter can make that beer from somehow can I'll make it to gain the thing is The thing about our support is: is one thing about talking trash into an oppressed coffers conference and fight is but it's another. Then we have legitimate division like Al Gore. Nobody, my class I'll talk, What did they? Although mobility on the all one? I have any I've, got a lot to say we cannot and another one see me. So what does sampling? I have no unity, you gonna have unity to get those doubts, No. They want to talk about it, they shot a union, I will point out, but when I did that it had suitor from unions as automatic division from a job right, so I think to be able
do that has got to be willing to expose what they making that I can farewell. He making this and I beat him and I'll be the person that you beat. So I should at least make that Why does a just now, a manager just now getting to that point, but it kind of disclosed in the behind the scenes negotiations are so with that you'll get to the point with fighters will start making millions of dollars, but to get to the You know hundreds amazement. Women is also a good when you had the USA President veined you foolish I like that you know what they're real have doubled of events. We demand is targeted, irresolute thy, limiting anywhere Lapierre. Lady me I'll say about trying to find a better business thing, mediating, unaware relationship, a manager Mcqueen, I been one of the most devastating waterways on a planet. I've been sued, occasional MAR Birthday party would assign.
Did I've been a big show credits I've been to the Superbowl with him the only fighter, and then I was full of the thing is fighters and the promotion to me is different. You give me a job if I want a job imma take the do my job get paid, it's not my job to a piece of these other guys. I came from the bottom, like nobody was giving me a shot. I had to fight the former champ in the former contender a my resume speech. I don't have to prove it no more, but he's young fighters that to come up there, Buy me. I want to make the money we Talkin about. How do I make that money? If I'm bringing up somebody, that's brands below mine, I'm trying to fight the Diaz brothers, I'm trying to fight Conor, I'm trying to fight you fight me and every time I want one of those fights. It's always some excuse of why I can't get that fight, so I don't feel entitled to help him with these guys and talk about this. So I think that's what comes from because the same thing, you love me for my ability to go out there and rec somebody and be a businessman. You also lose a little bit of control. What somebody's so mindful at eight
and I want to make sure you know it is what it is all very good because of the AIDS virus. You say you want to fight the Avenue like Ireland by removing nobody said D as fully as cannot ask, and I he said the same name. I said if you, if I had to bear my house on it, I think I will happen I respect say what I want. I didn't I d say we're negotiation right now, I'm talking to Danny. Why was sitting now with clothes and making a deal? If I would have said that in our dinner would be deemed a foolish? He said, I think the best five me Asylum Willis may happen so at the fans are behind it and they want to see it. Go down this ain't, a sport, no more, time it you know humming sound, losing brok, lessening just jump over in a Euro sea, or you know we see Mahomet simplified it. We see, Guy who's lost a million times, but because he can talk him, we got a custom suit on now. He's jump the line. So when it comes to me, why am I? Why is it a different set of rules? Don't get it when we come back at the breakfast club the morning?
everybody is dj. Envy Angela Ye Charlemagne, a guy, we are the bread for his club Tyrol, would leave in the building. Now you so Tehran. When the answer there was up here, he talks about wanting to catch of body. Do you ever feel like them? Would you think about his statements unique do man use you got to come and let him go, I'm not trying to catch a body, but I'm definitely trying to hurt you to the point. With a referee for, like you got to come, save your life. Because a bible especially the way they are. You die not out there. Like this, like I'm, I'm almost wars most Gaza are fighting ass. I respect, but if I get sore point was so might talk so much. And I know, they're out about their live when we get in there. Imma make ugly in the rough regal had to take me off you so China catch your body, but I want their personal fighting rose rather have them. Palladino though you gotta have that song
a girl. You meant Amazon Times you do sometimes of presidential, because it is a competition, is so might get you delusional cool and I use wore a fight mean they destroy your gay self. Me I like what we the hearty swain, a more aggressive com is almost like. I'm hold my sword and uses land on you have got into a fight is just because people are crazy. Just try you out, the indian somebody just test you they tribal. You know what I don't. I don't go out my some all ways: work and acting of indian commentary work. I shall produce The album right now rattle year review our right now, so I got so many things in a party even focus on being out like I don't even like you to know, I live in St Louis, I go home, you hey may, following its army role of it like you need to know, I live yard. You live in his elbows drunk at their hatching feature for your debut how near the king. You think I should go with them for a single, ok
you know. I saw a freestyle in the IN college and in training camp. When I get bored- and you know you got a house full of people that are fighting out and beat each other up all day. To break the time. The negotiations you gotta freestyle curve is terrible. Curve is hot. I don't care what it is. You got to do and we did it to pass time. I did. I went into the studio to do a voiceover. Somebody wanted me to a voicemail first right and I said here I got it. I got it. I got to spend some of this bar, so you put the song on a freestyle to the whole song. Put another beer and then he said you got one more year. I did it one more time you stepped out said you know you can wrap. He said we need to be do something serious, so I said I'm down and I start doing it as therapy, because so much drama so much politics someone's voice that I have to come down something about a culture, I'm from the culture. I live in culture, the story the people talking about. I need the experience been around so I'll.
Do it uses a form of expression in a region that has been is like there be glad you are trying to do real area a nature. I go every Friday at three. An AIDS when it wouldn't want therapies, bow window. You told me to do so. I cannot say you're I know you do. Is the disan relaxing and enjoy life and be happy and also use there? You know under the slowdown, because I'm gonna play every. Single week. I'll get em all shown him see the Hollywood be down dude. I shall do Fox Jim Saint Louis, on train them, though, seminars sort of above as a sort of Hamas in issuing, saw nonstop I'm at now I might be a NASCAR and UFC Fight go home. Take my kids to school go to the studio, recording six, a dot m, thirty minutes of sleep repeat, and it just like. I feel like that. One is only open for so long and I know I need to rest, but I just feel like man, I'm not going to be hot forever. Are you scared of like CTE or head trauma
now move ahead at the way I've been. Oh, I've been a wifi. There was ugly in on this item off. Every fire got knocked out. There were in their fight hours, the ressler they just Russell, and nobody had ever see me go after, like the knocked his do now. He knocked me now I hit him in a thorough. He dropped ass, our champion of the world, not to thirty rapid President, have no staying on him and he took a brand new represent bring or am I just do like forty policies, then I found you had to go back to your breath: wrap in criminal pull one elbow, my ten hardly move out this case. Lastly, I remember why six peace came at the door member, it happened. So do you,
The outstanding o undefeated fine for World championship strife worth of thirty is, I think, a lot about you that use it ass, a fear of white girl. If you know you love me rooms, they ain't. Nobody gonna hit me now how to get my keys. The first and only time ever watched me fight was a fight. Them only been one fight, whatever makes it. The public embarrassment have been undefeated losing in a world tile not amassed before combat we're inside I'll lose their own values again, not thou bad act. When I watch it it only flag is no my day that do not run a few was all my alphabet: Alma Hollow were like an uneven Bobby Mc Gamma can wash em like people, people think they trolling mean. I sent it to me in on send it to me like indirect, like a video of all, you not obviate me obvious what you never got their Yossi go never made a payday after their fight monoxide. Thirty six seconds. You guys are required. Now you are wrapper, knew you were going to let your wrapper and are you gonna? Do that we get some beats.
We are uneasy due to our own marriages of man, you're, just what I had a choice. Right in give us a choice. We have negotiated to it as it is: ok yeah He did so. The man went to dissect my bars like a surgeon. Do but I'm a bleeding shack for the first time like aversion. Do would these laws and surgical? They look a name the opposite. Like I never heard of do. Does poorly Schubert now twenty eating his arm devising a strong chain that makes Rostock they green green residuals? Yeah, that's a play on words our play verse unfounded action? I'll play the curve are rather hang. I was new and blaze of an earlier date.
We. Both the Collie love are from Saint Louis Wooden Straight flirts incurs, does you give right now we have to buy apple will become? So I doubt whether we have always down down down really worries that day. Why are you gotta hear gotta hear my written bar that you would. I guess I got thirteen song yeah. I got a hit at once it when you do as opportunities like this. You can't really freestyle. Nobody appreciate that it can be. They got outweigh economy. We have to have the media back rooms every now that we bear not least our desire for debate has begun to be.
I believe it is the leg he gives rise biscuit. Why travel you know a grip on the risk, is our great media can never say mitigating fortune, the famous slain and ever changing just cast a crippling debate has to change things in the city and obeyed. They have it Susan Seal Ferguson. Big are amazed me The story is never over faith of a mustard seed Godzilla. Yes, indeed from St Louis, what is known to Bob and weave pay family fitness live by the G code. I had to bundle up your notice streets, cold, stepping up the bomb, sweet home, bitcoins G. I need that. Put you down first round that that's a speed bag. Put you up on cash. Could you really swag you're welcome? Thank me. She will. You can take it to the bank g. Okay, go to me
I got you all. I don't know not the note all the boys with the to reboot as they give the actual J dismal five comments even gray. Ladies and gentlemen, our love is to breakfast club combined. Mamma the breakfast club. Morning, everybody you ve been J envy age of Charlemagne Guy, we are, the breakfast clogs. Liddesdale outwardly merits thoroughly for coming down. Ojala Killin emissaries download. So do I did you started? I didn't adolescent belittle getting it. By an old whose biased, as it had been array, and everyone is added to the Monica, my comrades, who are actually went to her event. Yesterday, she's running for council women for essential ward and networks
set out in the manner Comic Iver, all all saluted, Edwin Magellan, Shannon at flat rate move into saluted him. As one pointed out, this is where you I got a reasoned, his own I will give the rumours had dug his India undermine alignment with the leaking probable. It gets her rooms. This is the women report on the breakfast club. Iraqi Palmer did an exclusive sit down with the greek islands. You talked about why she believes that mental health issues are overlooked in the black community. Here's what she had to say now the round six year, seventeen, I really started to find myself struggling with anxiety and depression. Alas, how people think it's a black and white thing? We're really is a resource and it's a class system thing. There are lots of like people they can afford to see a fair peace or the education to know mentally and physically what they need to do for themselves, but we don't get to see those people, so we into focusing more on
yes and you will give me, then what happened with the money where the money going is it? Is it really helping the people their needs to help? Is everybody able to get what they need to give I don't know what you talking reason. The money self would definitely when it comes to anxiety and things like that, I'm going to see going to see absolutely I'm going to their view. Right now, for my anxiety go every Friday at three o clock. So that's why I'll they had three. I write now now has an colleagues. There have been some issues according to reports, nazarenes police punished because she has not been honouring their child custody agreement. He has found documents he must suggest penalizing because she won't turn over there eight year old son night, and she says it's cause- a cabinet stay with her during pass over, but he said it was his weekend a whole passer within just as it makes sense. That she's been pretty difficult generally. When it comes to him getting his son nights, you want to stay with the mom of appraisal, workers or not, will celebrate used. I don't know they use. I guess my weaken legumes was again. I says effect that change reality. We
long biggest. Maybe I shouldn't. If it does, it should be any agreement like accepted his holiday. You supposed to plan that had its no brother. Would black men fighting for custody of children are trying to see that children are black Panther. Listen to this. They have broken Saudi Arabia's thirty five years since ban. Now they are gonna, be the first movie. That's gonna help open the first movie theater in thirty five years. Audio Arabia, that's gonna happen April, eighteen, one Saudi Arabia light, I never thought about Saudi Arabia. You never thought about it. I don't know what it's like like you know they like city, like you, do all desert. Why will you watch movies?
I'm sure it's different all over the Pentagon, if you're in a city or in a desert shows little but everybody, I'm sure, is kind of like Africa that exists or places that Africa, I'm sure doesn't have, is as much. But then it is places on Africa. Like South Africa has knowing what has happened here. What is the average movie seen in thirty years by the phrase movie theater, the dog had and thirty five year, so they gonna had that movie play for five days and then it's gonna be followed by a ventures. Infinity were which is gonna, be. Laying after Miss all gonna group, black cinema, like Pooty too in banks and all good stuff like that above the public will be there to some people, private in the west, things in their home, but as far as having an actual thirty to go to, they haven't had one and thirty five draw political muscle, bipeds do a thing tat we ve never seen like AIDS is the level who Irena Drake has confirmed that he does have a new album that he's finishing and that he is going to be putting out a new single sir Knight
then here's what he said. I will go on back to finish the job in along. I give you my car wish, I believe you can drive there asked. Why is it that way? Friday night. He trotted Monday, a guy, not a whole. Album is one song. Lakota weakens our I saw that is your room are important. Don't forget this. Then I live Cardy B, O Carnegie Augur is gonna, be hosts Oh and I do not have the issues before we perform a savage and brethren in Chad with Bozeman is hosting guessed right now. Is the Proba forty. So shall we Bozeman unwholesome Esther know this week with carding, be largely hey, canter, Millions Chadwick. Your name is whenever she calls you go quietly catechism bars now
coal dust. That's cool problem, but gotta be them in her arms about right now, invasion of Privacy people of actually going to set live orange. If you united people aware will a very upset that there we are supporting, it is almost this morning you know, but we have we have the newcomer, gaudy Piero, our on it. It is a first. Album, though, is how they moms large, merely tried to get to this point. To put this album out, ABC boat at yellow did very well. I deeply party a party when platinum? Also, I heard at ever. You got the people's choice mix coming right, Estonia, but it's all mad that we say Carnegie Day. Ok, I can tell you I would think about instead of playing a mix up. If we Do all cardy. You know what I was thinking. The same. Damn thing the judge at Genk little by it has a clear right. Ok, how about how about you, please fives.
Of course, these are new start your mix about getting that mass at about one step further and we have come we introduced a thongs hard law is no longer. What are you tap envy? I agree, I think that's what we should do. Our gas was gonna happen for your people's choice. Mixed there. We go find you let somebody haven't some requests in the person that has some requests. Is COD Ii B and she'd get introduce her songs or damn self? Ok, now right, revolt with yellow Monday is the breakfast locomotive, I'm Jensen carpet. I want you to listen to the new
Gas from tree for media- and I heart radio called Dunno- supports the forts Jensen cars TC, I'm a comedy writer and die hard sports was terribly missing athletes. I love so much so every episode I'm talking to the best athletes, coaches, commentators and legends from around the world to see what they are doing now that we're all second, our cap on this podcast will hear sports figures are entertained themselves and their families will find out of this thing and shape if their kids, your heckling them during home school, did they almost burn down the house trying to make their own red or they sleeping in their jerseys, and they, like, I do know just me. Alright, seven, my favorite besides have been hearing boxing Legend Chivalry Letter talk about staying in shape and drive went far better to working now, we're gonna, whatever you can do, feel much better for having J Williams, explain his crazy and be a crucifix families cruise liners our match. It ok and getting a bit sweetheart Adam report to committee. My Florentine fits that springs to me. Yeah, I don't care, listened
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